Jolan's Path - Chapter 91


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 91


Jolan smiled, adjusting the floral arrangement in the center of the dining room table.

The table was set, Jolan checking over every detail.

It was late Saturday afternoon, the preparations finished for their dinner guests.

The meal was mostly prepared, a few final touches waiting till dinner time.

He smiled, feeling two arms wrap around him, soft lips kissing his neck.

"When did you get here, Chace?"

Justin butted his body against Jolan's backside, the younger man smiling.

"You banging all my friends now?"

Jolan smiled, turning and looking into Justin's beautiful face.

"What can I say? Our friends are all damn fine! But you're the finest!"

Justin smiled widely, Jolan's love surrounding him.

"You've outdone yourself, my love. The table looks awesome."
Jolan smiled, Justin kissing his cheek.

"Well it is our first dinner party, my pet. Our first of many in our home."
Justin smiled, loving Jolan's acceptance of his house as their home.

"I love you, Jo."
Jolan smiled, looking his man's body up and down.

"Speaking of damn fine! You look so hot dressed up."
Justin smiled, his eyes going over his lover's slim body.

"I think you look better naked."
Jolan smiled, hearing Justin's need and loving desire in those words.

Both men were dressed in long-sleeved shirts, Justin's a silky blue, Jolan's a grey oxford style.

Both wore dress pants, Jolan in black, Justin in grey.

Justin wore a navy blue leather tie, Jolan's shirt open at the throat.

Both smiled, taking in the masculine beauty of the other's attire.

"We're both looking fine, my Wolfy."
Jolan smiled, lightly kissing his man's soft lips, Justin sighing.

"An evening without kissing and holding you in my arms, I don't know if I can make it through that."
Jolan smiled, touched by Justin's loving honesty.

"We could steal away to the washroom when the need gets too overpowering."
Justin beamed, their flirtatious moment broken by the sound of running feet.

The two men smiled, Hayden running into the room, followed by Jennie.

Justin went to his knees, the boy flying into his arms.

"Don't you look awesome, little buddy!" he said, Hayden smiling widely.

Justin smiled, seeing his son dressed in a pair of black jeans and a grey polo shirt.

"Black and grey like your father. My men are so beautiful!"
Jolan and Hayden both smiled, Justin kissing both of their cheeks.

"Me's likes dressing ups!"

Both men smiled, Jolan's eyes going to Jennie standing in the dining room doorway.

"Wow, Sis! You look so beautiful."
Jennie smiled, Jolan's eyes scanning her beauty.

She wore a short dress of pale blue, the color softening her blue eyes, her black hair cascading over her shoulders.

"Thank you, Jolan." she smiled, Justin smiling at her.

"Awesome color, Jennie. You look beautiful." he said, Jennie practically glowing.

"Jessica picked it out. She said it made me look mature."
Jolan smiled, Jessica and Sandra having taken the young woman out shopping for a dress yesterday.

"She was right, Jennica."

Jennie smiled, her blue eyes looking at both of them.

"I'd like to be called Jennica tonight. It seems more mature."

Jolan walked up to her, Hayden smiling at her.

"Then Jennica it shall be." Jolan said, kissing his sister's blushing cheek.

"My little sis really is growing up. You look stunning, Jennica."
She smiled widely, looking towards the table.

"Wow, Jolan! You've outdone yourself. It looks beautiful."
He smiled, the phone ringing, Justin handing Hayden to Jolan, smiling and walking into the living room.

Jennie's hand went to Jolan's shoulder, feeling his sudden nervousness.

"Relax, Jolan. Tonight we'll have fun. I understand the delicacy of the night. I'll keep an eye on Hayden, you enjoy yourself." she said, Jolan nodding.

Justin walked into the room, smiling.

"They're here. I just let them in through the gate."
Jolan nodded, Jennie smiling at him.

"Onward on the path, Jolan."

Jolan smiled at his sister, Hayden looking up at his father.

"We's have funs, Daddy. Me be very good."
Jolan smiled, as did Justin.

"You're always good, my son."
Hayden smiled, looking at Justin.

"We be just fwiends tonights, Justin. Me no's call you Poppa."

Justin looked surprised, his eyes meeting Jolan's.

"I didn't say a word to him, Justin."
The boy smiled, snuggling into his father's chest.

The front doorbell rang, Justin smiling.

"You guys go into the living room, I'll bring them in."
Jolan nodded, walking through the doorway, Hayden in his arms, Jennie following him.

Justin looked after the three, a sigh coming out of him, his thoughts focusing.

For your love and your happiness I'll never deny my love for all of you.

He smiled, walking towards the front door.


Justin opened the door, smiling at two people standing together, their hands linked.

"Justin! So wonderful to see you again!" Ellen Degeneres said, releasing the other woman's hand, her arms wrapping around Justin.

"You as well, Ellen. Hello, Portia." Justin said, hugging Ellen, smiling at the other woman.

"Hello, Justin. We haven't seen each other since the New York fashion shows." Portia De Rossi smiled, Justin releasing Ellen and lightly hugging the other woman, kissing her cheek.

"Please come in. Mi casa su casa!"
Both women smiled, their hands joining again, Justin moving aside and letting them enter, closing the door behind them.

They stood in the foyer, Justin smiling at both.

"Has Mr. Dragos and his sister arrived yet?" Ellen said, smiling at Justin.

Justin chuckled, Ellen looking confused.

"They're both staying here with me, Ellen. They're already here. I was sure you knew that."

Ellen blushed, and smiled.

"Sorry, Justin. I hadn't realized that. You really have taken them under your wing."
Justin smiled widely, both women returning the smile.

"They're two of my best friends now. I so want you to meet them."
Ellen smiled widely.

"I've been dying to meet both of them. Is his sister okay, Justin? I mean, we're not going to upset her with any talk of what happened to her, are we?" Ellen said, Justin seeing the deep concern on her face.

"Jennica's perfectly alright, and happy. You'll see that instantly. No talk of the past upsets her now. Her brother's love has totally healed her."
Both women smiled, Justin extending his hand towards the living room, the three walking together across the foyer.


The three walked into the living room, Ellen smiling at the man seated on a couch on the other side of the room.

He was a vision of young, masculine beauty, his grey eyes appearing to sparkle.

The real Jolan before her seemed so more entrancing that the Jolan she'd seen on television.

A beautiful young woman sat beside him, a small boy seated in her lap.

Jolan stood up, smiling at the two women across the room from him standing beside Justin.

He walked across the room, extending his hand.

"It's a great pleasure to meet you, Miss Degeneres. And your friend as well." Jolan said, smiling.

Ellen smiled, seeing the deep, mesmerizing, focused beauty of the man's face.

His eyes were like grey stones of warmth and love.

Jolan took her hand in his, gently kissing it as he bowed before her.

"Thank you, Mr. Dragos. And it's just Ellen. This is my wife, Portia."

Jolan smiled, releasing Ellen's hand, and then taking Portia's.

"Hello, Portia." he said, kissing her hand as well and bowing.

Justin smiled, seeing Jolan's refined heritage coming out.

"Hello, Mr. Dragos." the woman said, touched by his refined manners.
"Please, no formalities. I'm much too young for that. It's just Jolan."

Both women smiled, Jennie now standing beside Jolan, Hayden climbing into Jolan's arms.

"And this is my sister, Jennica."
Jennie smiled, looking at both women.

"Good evening to both of you. Would you like some refreshments?" Jennie said, Ellen smiling at her, taken in by her smiling, beautiful face.

"Yes, that would be wonderful." Portia said, smiling at Jennie as well.

"We have pretty much anything you'd like. Justin's bar is well stocked."

Both women smiled, Ellen looking at Portia.

"I'll take a glass of mineral water, Portia likes red wine."
Jennie smiled, looking at Justin and then Jolan.

"A glass of white for Justin and I'll just have a mineral water as well."
Jennie nodded, winking at Hayden.

"I'll bring you your juice box, Hay."
The boy smiled, nodding.

"Tanks you!"

Jennie smiled, walking out of the room.

Ellen's eyes followed her, then returned to Jolan's grey eyes.

"She seems so calm and happy. That's wonderful to see after her ordeal."
Jolan smiled, hearing the sincerity in her voice.

"My sister's life has now given over to happiness. I've made sure of that."
Ellen nodded, seeing the determined look in Jolan's grey mesmerizing eyes.

"And who's this little angel?" Portia said, looking at the boy in Jolan's arms, Hayden smiling softly, snuggling against Jolan's chest.

Jolan smiled widely, Hayden's blue eyes going up to his.

"This is my son, Hayden."

Both women looked totally surprised, Jolan smiling at both of them.

"Your son. . .you mean Teresa Brannigan's child?" Ellen said in total disbelief.

"Yes, Ellen. Our son created by love in the middle of pain."
Justin watched both women, seeing the look of total awe on both of their faces.

"Please ladies, sit down." Justin said, Ellen and Portia walking slowly to the couch where Justin guided them, sitting down together.

Jolan, Hayden and Justin both sat down on the other couch facing them, the four smiling at each other, Hayden smiling at Ellen from Jolan's lap.

"Hi!" he said to both women, both smiling at him.

"Hello, Hayden." Ellen said, smiling at the cheerful boy.

"You's fwiends with Justin?" he said, looking up at Justin.

"Yes, Hayden. We're friends of Justin's." Ellen said, the boy smiling at her.

"Goods! You calls me Hay! We's friends now." he said, climbing down out of his father's lap, walking over to the women, wanting up into Ellen's lap.

Jolan smiled, seeing the boy's open friendship towards the two ladies.

"It's alright. You can pick him up. He only goes to people he likes." Jolan said, Ellen smiling at him, picking the small boy up, Hayden sitting in her lap.

"Me's here with Daddy now. Mommy goes away to be happy."

Ellen's eyes met Jolan's, the man smiling at her.

"Theresa left Hayden in my care while she took a needed rest." Jolan said, Portia nodding.

"It's so wonderful that you'd agree to that, Jolan. After all the two of you went through together. From what we've heard and read, anyway."

"Theresa and I were both hurt. I fault her no ill will for what we went through together. It was never of our choosing. Our Hayden's being here was the only beauty among all of that ugliness. My son will always have my love."
Hayden smiled, playing with the necklace Ellen wore around her neck.

"He's so happy, so calm and gentle." Ellen said, looking down at the boy in her lap, Portia gently rubbing the boy's back, smiling at him.

"He's happy now. He has my love, and Justin's friendship."
Justin smiled, looking at Hayden.

"The boy has my love as well." he said, Ellen smiling at Justin.

Jennie walked back into the room smiling, carrying a tray of refreshments.

Hayden climbed down from Ellen's lap, Jennie setting the tray down on the coffee table between the two couches.

Hayden grinned, grabbing his juice box off the tray, walking around the table, Justin lifting him back up onto their couch, the boy snuggling against Justin's side.

"Hi, Justin!" he said, Justin's arm going around the boy's body.

"Hi, Hay!"
The boy smiled, sucking on the straw stuck in the juice box.

Jennie smiled, handing both women their drinks, then Justin and Jolan theirs, taking her own glass of ice water and sitting down on the couch beside Ellen.

"Hayden's love wraps around you easily. He's so like his father. My nephew is a bundle of love."
Hayden smiled, looking at his aunt.

"I just find it so amazing that he's here with you, Jolan. It's such a moving end to your story."
Jolan smiled, looking at his son between him and Justin.

"It's only the beginning." he softly said, both women seeing the love on his face for his son.

Jennie smiled, looking at her brother and his son.

Her eyes focused on Ellen, the woman now looking at her.

"Let me tell you the real story of my brother's giving love. And what it means to me and my nephew."


Almost an hour later, the two women sat together on the couch, Ellen's arm around Portia.

The woman had broken down, hearing of the heartache and tragedy of the Dragos siblings' life of hardship.

Ellen's eyes had filled with tears as well, the tragic story so more real coming from this child.

Ellen's eyes had gone often between Jolan and Jennie's calm eyes, Jolan now sitting beside his sister, the two together now in all ways.

She saw easily the bonded love the two siblings now shared.

"We survived, my friends. We survived to find each other again. My Jolan's love I have back. That makes the future so attainable." Jennie said, smiling at her brother.

Ellen's arm let go of Portia, her arm going around Jennie.

"Such strength from such a remarkable girl. You are your brother's sister."
Jennie smiled, Jolan smiling as well.

"On that note, I need to see that dinner's set. Be right back." he said, standing up, walking out of the room.

Ellen smiled at her old friend, Justin smiling back.

"Didn't I tell you you'd love meeting them? Isn't he remarkable?" Justin beamed, Ellen smiling, seeing her friend's joy at Jolan's friendship.

"Yes, Justin. Both are remarkable." Ellen said, Jennie smiling at her.

"Yes, they really are." Justin said, Jennie beaming at him.

"Daddy's wuv." Hayden said, Justin smiling down at him, the boy smiling up.

"Yep he is, little man." Justin said, gently tickling the small boy, Hayden laughing, laying back on the couch.

Ellen and Portia smiled at Justin's tenderness with the child, Jennie watching them.

"Hayden's got a big playmate in Justin. His love pulls you in."
Ellen smiled, looking at Justin, then at Jennie.

"You're remarkable, Jennie. I'd love to have you on the show as well. I think the world needs to see both of you, just to see your brother's protective love. You're a big part of his story as well."
Jennie blushed, Ellen's arm still around her.

"Me on television? I'm just a kid."
Ellen smiled, seeing her blushing cheeks.

"You're a young woman who's been given a second chance at happiness. The world will love you."

Jennie smiled, Jolan walking back into the room.

"I'd like to keep her out of that spotlight, Ellen. My Jennica's life needs to be normal."
Justin looked at Jolan, Jolan blushing.

"I'm sorry, Justin. And to you as well, ladies. I didn't mean to imply that your lives are abnormal."
All three smiled, no ill will taken from Jolan's words.

They all saw his protective love for his sister.

"I just want her to have a life of happiness and love."
Both women smiled, nodding their heads.

"On that note, we should go in to dinner. Everything's ready."
Everyone stood up, Ellen's arm still around Jennie.

"I want to hear all about your blossoming happiness, Jennica." she said smiling, Portia smiling at her as well.

The group walked into the dining room, Justin carrying Hayden.


They talked and laughed over dinner, Jolan's menu fare surprising Ellen and Portia.

Ellen and Portia were vegetarians, Jolan having known beforehand.

He'd created a wonderful salad, as well as a few vegetarian dishes.

Ellen and Portia both complimented him on his spinach soufflé, Ellen asking for the recipe.

Jolan smiled, promising it to her.

Justin smiled, seeing his lover now relaxed around the two celebrities.

They chatted about different things, the talk gradually going back several times to Jolan's life.

Jolan held nothing back, save his relationship with Justin.

Justin smiled on several occasions, seeing Jolan's delicate steering away from his involvement in his life.

"So, Jolan. I hope you're happy about coming on my show?" Ellen said, eating from her plate, Jolan smiling softly at her.

"I was nervous to begin with, but I now see that you're a relaxing, intelligent, giving person, Ellen."
Ellen smiled, her hand going on top of his.

"I want you to be calm, relaxed and happy. I want the world to see the man I've seen here tonight. To see the courage, determination and giving love of this wonderful soul."
Jolan smiled, sensing Justin staring at him.

"Thank you. It's just me."
Ellen smiled, her eyes going to Justin, Justin smiling at her.

"Yes, it's just you. A you the world will totally be enthralled with. You're going to be loved by a lot of people. A lot already love you from the first release of your book, even though it wasn't you who released it."
Jolan nodded, his eyes going to Justin.

"I heard about Richard Thornton's escape from jail, Jolan. And Samuel Conrad's death. I hope it's not too worrisome on your mind?" Ellen said, Jolan feeling her caring worry.

The news had broken yesterday, Jolan having received several phone calls from his uncles, Jordan and their friends.

Jolan had had a visit from Sandra as well, his love guiding her through her feelings about her tormentor's death.

Justin and Jessica had sat in silence, listening to the two talk their concerns through.

Justin had seen Jolan's guiding love wash away Sandra's remembered, emotional past.

She'd left filled with love and happiness, her future now her life.

"I talked with Theresa yesterday. She's now completely free from her former tormentor. And God will deal with his judgment."
Ellen nodded, her eyes going to Justin.

"I can't change the outcome of Richard Thornton's path. He will be called to judgment further along as well. And I'll protect those I love." Jolan said, his voiced filled with calmness.

Both women smiled at the man, hearing his protective love for everyone.

"You're a remarkable man, Jolan. And you're lucky, Justin. You've gained a wonderful, courageous friend." Portia said, Justin smiling at her.

"Yes, I am very lucky. And I've gained so much more."

Jolan smiled, standing up.

"Let's go into the living room for dessert." he smiled, the others rising, Hayden climbing into Ellen's arms from Justin's lap.

She smiled, carrying the child into the other room.

"Seems your boy loves my Ellen." Portia said, Justin putting his arm around her.

"He goes easily to giving hearts. The boy's a beacon of love."
Portia smiled, Justin and she walking into the living room, Jennie staying behind to help Jolan clean up.


Justin smiled at Ellen, she and Portia sitting together again, Hayden now in Portia's lap.

The two were having an animated discussion, Ellen smiling at her with the child.

"You've met a wonderful friend, Justin. Jolan's a giving, loving man. And you've helped him so much." she said, Justin smiling from the wing chair he sat in beside her.

"His love compels you to help him. I saw a lost young man that first night, a man in need of my help. And through the last month I've seen that lost man find himself. The man now here is an even greater loving, giving man. I'm lucky to have his friendship and giving love."
Ellen smiled patting his knee.

"I heard about Jessica, I'm sorry Justin. Sometimes love doesn't work out."
Justin nodded, smiling at her.

"Sometimes we just have to continue forward on the path, it may lead us to whom we search for." Portia said, Justin smiling at her.

"So true, Portia." he said, smiling towards the living room doorway.

Ellen quietly watched him, smiling to herself.

Jolan and Jennie walked into the room, Justin smiling at both, their arms laden with trays.


They all had a delicious dessert with coffee and tea, relaxing in the living room, Jolan smiling at their compliments.

"This cobbler is delicious, Jolan. The apricot sauce makes such a lovely taste." Portia said, Jolan smiling at her.

"I'll add that recipe to the pile as well." he said, Portia and Ellen both laughing.

"Was your mother a chef? Or you father?" Ellen asked finishing her dessert, Jolan's eyes lowering a bit, Ellen sensing she'd touched a sore spot.

"I'm sorry, Jolan."
He smiled, his eyes raising again.

"No apology necessary, Ellen. I'm not sure if either was a real chef. I only know they both loved to cook. We had such a happy peaceful home life before that dark night. I want that back again some day." he said, Jennie snuggling against him on the couch, Hayden in his lap.

"Still no word on their whereabouts?" Portia asked with concern and love.
"No, not an inkling. It's the one remaining lost part of my past. One day I hope to remember where they went."
Ellen and Portia exchanged looks, Ellen patting his knee.

"You're a man of giving, loving beauty. They're surrounded by love, I have no doubt."
Jolan smiled, Justin quietly watching him.

Ellen and Jolan talked for a while about the show, and how it would be structured, Justin and Portia talking about music.

Hayden had gradually fallen asleep in Jolan's lap, Jennie smiling and offering to take him upstairs to his room.

Jennie said her goodnights, she opting to go to her room for the rest of the evening.

Jolan kissed her good night, knowing she was heading upstairs to talk to Jon on the phone or cam.

Everyone hugged her with Hayden in her arms, kissing the boy's cheek, Jennie smiling as she walked out of the room.

After she'd left, the four sat quietly talking.

Jolan asked the two women for the story of their joining love, Portia smiling at Ellen, their hands going together.

"I fell in love with her the moment I met her." Ellen said, Portia smiling.

The two men smiled, listening to the two tell the story of their meeting and falling in love.

Jolan smiled, hearing the tenderness, love and hope both found in each other.

"A beautiful story, Ellen." he said, smiling at her, the woman smiling back.

"It was our love, Jolan. Our love connected and joined. We're both now so happy."
Jolan smiled, as did Justin.

They both easily saw the two's one soul of love.

"I know it's not so dramatic or filled with such wondrous mystery and love as the story of your new love is, Justin." Ellen said, Justin's eyes meeting hers.

"My new love?"
Ellen and Portia both smiled, their eyes going to Jolan.

"It's easy to see what path your heart's gone down, Justin. The path to Jolan's heart." Ellen said, smiling.

Justin stared in stunned awe, Jolan looking at the two women, Ellen smiling at him.

"You show your love too openly in your eyes, Justin. Your eyes give you away. You need to take lessons from Jolan, he hides it very well."

Justin looked over at Jolan, his lover softly smiling at him.

Justin smiled, looking at his friends.

"Yes, Ellen. I'm now on the right path of love. Jolan is the love that fills my heart. I love him completely."
Ellen smiled, getting up, Justin standing.

"I'm happy for you, Justin. He's a giving, loving man. And so are you."
Justin smiled, hugging his friend tightly, Portia smiling at Jolan.

"I think you man needs a hug and kiss. He's been staring at you all night with need."
Jolan smiled, getting up and walking up to Justin and Ellen, Ellen stepping away from Justin.

Justin smiled, taking Jolan into his arms.

"I love you, Jo."

"I love you more, Jus."
Justin smiled, the two kissing tenderly, Ellen sitting down beside Portia, the two lightly kissing.

The two men parted, both looking at the women.

"So, would someone like to tell me how all this happened?" Ellen said, Justin smiling widely, he and Jolan sitting down across from them, their hands together.

"It started that first night of our meeting, on that road of darkness. I fell in love with him the moment he was in my arms." Justin said, the three listening to Justin's story of love.


Ellen smiled, looking at the two men.

"You've both found in each other the second half of your soul. It's so obvious that it was destined to happen. You both love each other equally." she said, Jolan smiled as Justin kissed his cheek.

"He is my soulmate, my Jolan." he said, Ellen smiling.

Jolan looked at her, the woman returning his smile.

"You understand the delicacy of the situation?"
Ellen nodded, smiling at Justin.

"Fame sometimes carries a high price. Your secret is safe with us. We completely understand."
Jolan nodded, Justin looking at him.

"One day soon, I want to state my love for my Jolan openly. I'm fully prepared for that day. I love him completely. I would never intentionally hide him away. He and Hayden are my life."
Ellen smiled, seeing now why the small boy was so comfortable with Justin.

The two were his life.

"The boy's received two wonderful parents." Portia said, Ellen smiling at her.

"We both know first hand the delicacies of revealing such a statement of love, Justin. You do it when you feel it's time. Don't do it for fame, or even for Jolan. Do it for yourself. I see easily that Jolan accepts his life with you, you one day will reveal that life."
Justin smiled, looking at Jolan.

"And Jolan will be right by my side."
Jolan smiled, the two women seeing their open love.

The four now settled back, a new closeness joining their conversation.

At eleven the two women left among hugs, the four cemented now as true, understanding friends.

Justin and Jolan stood in the doorway, watching them drive away, Justin quietly closing the door, Jolan's hands going into his.

"I love you, Jus."
Justin smiled, leaning forward and kissing his lips.

"I love you, Jo. It felt so wonderful to feel the freedom of openness."
Jolan smiled, kissing him now.

"Soon, my love.  I'll wait until that moment you're ready. And love you every day until then, and every day after."
Justin smiled, his lips going to Jolan's neck, Jolan sensing his rising need.

"Clean up time first, Jumpy. Then your Wolfy goes on the hunt."
Jolan smiled widely, pulling his man towards the kitchen.


The week flew by, the two in love every moment of every day and night.

Justin had more meetings and interviews, Jolan given over to his busy schedule.

He marveled at the calmness and organized detailing Justin put into all his endeavors.

His man truly was a talented man.

The two parted on Wednesday, kisses exchanged, Justin heading to Josh's place, Britney and he wanting to begin work on Jolan's song in Josh's studio.

Jolan had smiled, knowing the happiness the two would find in their joined voices.

Justin drove over to Josh's in his Porsche, a soft smile on his face.

In two days the world will see the beauty and giving love of his Jolan.

He felt Jolan's calmness now, his acceptance of his stepping onto the world stage.

Justin smiled, his thoughts on other things.

He pulled up into Josh's driveway, seeing other cars parked there.

He recognized Ally's Mercedes, Joey's Rover and Chris' Jeep.

He smiled, happy that all his friends were here at Josh's.

He climbed out of his sports car, walking up to the front door.

Chace greeted him, hugging him tightly.

"Afternoon, Jus. Everyone's in the studio." he smiled, his lips kissing Justin's cheek.

Justin smiled, seeing a sparkling happiness in Chace's blue eyes.

"You seem to be extremely happy, Chace!"
Chace smiled, his arm still wrapped around Justin's waist.

"My Josh is happy, and I'm happy. And you're happy. We're all happy."
Justin smiled, feeling the joy in Chace's heart.

Chace walked him forward, the two heading past the kitchen, towards Josh's private studio.

Chace opened the door, Justin walking in.

He smiled, seeing his other friends smiling at him, their eyes sparkling as well.

Joey was seated at the console, Lance sitting in his lap.

Britney was wrapped in Chris' arms, Chris leaning against the wall.

Lonnie and Ally were seated on a couch, Lonnie's arms around Ally.

Josh smiled, getting up from the chair he'd been sitting in in front of his keyboard.

"Hello, Jus. It's time we had a discussion."
Justin looked confused, Josh staring at him, his blue eyes staring into his soul.

"A discussion? About what?"
Josh's hand went to Justin's shoulder.

"We need to discuss Jolan."


Jolan answered the phone, smiling at who was on the line.

He hit some numbers, opening the front gate, Hayden smiling up at him from the living room floor.

He and Jolan had been playing on the floor, blocks scattered around and half a Lego boat built.

"Uncle Leo's here, Hay."
Hayden smiled up at him.

"Okay's, Daddy. Me's play by myself."
Jolan smiled, his hand brushing his son's curly hair.

Jolan walked to the front door, greeting his old friend, Leo hugging him.

The two walked into the living room, Hayden looking up at Leo.

"Hi, Uncle Leo!"
Leo smiled, bending down and kissing the boy's cheek.

"Hello, Hay! How's my boy?"
"Me's happy. Daddy been playing withs me!"

Leo smiled at Jolan, gently ruffling the small boy's curly hair, standing up.

Jennie walked into the room, smiling at Leo.

The man hugged her, kissing her cheek.

"Hello, Leo. Time for a midday snack, Hay!" she said, the boy smiling and standing up.

She smiled at Jolan, Jennie following the small running boy out of the room towards the kitchen.

"He's a running ball of joy, Jaguar."

Jolan smiled, sitting down on the couch, Leo joining him.

"He truly is. I never imagined how tiring, and wonderful having a child was."
Leo smiled, seeing the look of happiness on Jolan's face.

Jolan smiled, looking at his friend.

"I see a light of joy in your eyes as well, Leopard."
Leo blushed a bit, Jolan staring at him.

"Oh, God! Leopard's in love!"

Leo blushed even deeper, Jolan patting his knee.

"Sorry, my friend. I didn't mean to make fun of you."

Leo smiled, seeing the love in Jolan's eyes.

"It's alright, Jo. It's actually why I'm here. I need your giving love and advice."
Jolan smiled, Leo smiling at him.

"I've got a bit of a problem, Jo. I've fallen in love with someone. And someone else may not like that idea."
Jolan nodded, looking at his friend.

"I've only known him for a short time, but I know he's a man of giving love. He'll only want to see her happy."

Leo's eyes widened with surprise.

"Joey loves Kelly, Leo. And he'll see that she's happy now with your new love."

Leo looked totally stunned, Jolan patting his knee again.
"How. . .how did. . .?"

Jolan smiled, kissing his friend's cheek.

"I have eyes of watching love, Leo. I saw the look in both of your eyes here Thanksgiving weekend. I saw the moment of connecting love. You're a giving, loving man, Leopard. Kelly will be so lucky to have your love. And Briahna will find a friend in your giving heart."
The man looked downward, his eyes staring ahead.

"I've never met anyone like Kelly. She's so smart, giving and loving. She listens to me, and I listen to her. We talk and cuddle for hours. We seem so right together. It's only been a few days, but my heart's filled with her love."
Jolan smiled, patting his friend's shoulder.

"Love in any circumstance may seem fragile, may seem unbelievable. It's what that love turns into that makes the path worth the walk. Life is beautiful when it's filled with true love."
Leo's head raised, staring at Jolan.

"Are we true love?"
Jolan smiled, his friend watching him.

"I am not a broker of love. I don't sell its value regardless of its worth. That is a truth both of you shall have to discover for yourselves."
Leo nodded, Jolan smiling at him.

"Joey will come around to what the two of you have discovered. Just give him time, Leo. And let Kelly see the man I remember. That man of giving love will win her heart."
Leo smiled, hugging Jolan.

"Thanks, Jo. You're a true friend."
Jolan smiled, looking at his old friend.

"Your mother will love her and especially Briahna."
Leo smiled widely, looking towards the doorway.

"So how are you feeling about Friday's big show?"
Jolan sighed, Leo looking at him.

"I'm ready, I guess. I met Ellen on the weekend here, Justin having invited her and her partner here for dinner."
Leo nodded, Justin having told him that.

"She's a nice person, down to earth and kind. Talking with her will be like talking to a good friend." Jolan said, Leo patting his knee.

"There ya go, Jaguar! You have nothing to fear."
Jolan nodded, his eyes going to the window.

"To fear is to have a cautious soul. To love is to have a healed soul."
Leo stared at him, unsure of the meaning of Jolan's words.

Jolan turned back, his grey eyes staring at Leo.

"I'm ready for fame, Leo. The path is calling me forward."


Jolan smiled, watching his lover dive off the diving board.

Justin's smooth body disappeared under the blue water, Jolan's face smiling.

Justin had arrived back home, the man surrounded by his giving friends.

Jolan had smiled, Justin having invited them all back for a relaxing afternoon dip, and dinner.

"My man's such a taskmaster! Bringing so many people back home, forcing me to feed them all!" he'd said, Lance chuckling, Justin smiling.

"Into the kitchen, biatch!"
Everyone laughed, Jolan's the loudest.

"Yes, master."
Justin smiled, Jolan smiling back.

"Remember that tonight, sweetie. And you master loves to please his slave."

"Ooh, I'll shine up the handcuffs!"

Everyone laughed, Jolan smiling.

They'd all gathered around the pool, Jolan smiling at their relaxed familiarity.

They all took this house as a second home now, Justin and Jolan's love drawing them back often.

Jolan's eyes had gone around, sensing within them a joined happiness.

He couldn't put his finger on what it was, just a feeling that they were all contented, happy and relaxed.

He thought perhaps that the song Justin and Britney were doing somehow made all of them happy.

He'd voiced that thought to Justin, Justin staring at him.

"So how did the studio time go?" Jolan had asked, Justin looking a little surprised.

"Oh. . .um it went okay. We did a run through, Josh playing the music. We're going to focus on it again next week before we head for New York."

Jolan nodded, sensing Justin's sudden nervousness.

"What's going on, Jus?"
Justin smiled at Jolan, his eyes briefly glancing towards Josh.

"I love you, Jo. Nothing's going on except my love for you."
Jolan smiled, his eyes looking towards Josh now.

He thought to himself, then leaned over kissing Justin's lips.

"How lucky I am."

Justin smiled, Josh across from them relaxing.

Jolan remained silent, quietly looking at both.

The afternoon progressed, their friendship and love overflowing.

Jolan smiled, seeing Jennie and Chace both swimming together, his sister beaming with a wide smile.

Jolan was relaxing at the pool in a lounge chair, looking up, Josh now standing in front of him, having just climbed out of the pool.

He smiled at Jolan, his wet body glistening with water.

"Better dry off, Joshy. Otherwise the sun will deepen your beautiful tan."
Josh smiled picking up a towel, wiping his chest and legs.

"Do my back, Jo?" he said, sitting down on the lounge chair beside him.

Jolan smiled, sitting up, Josh turning his back to him, handing him the towel.

Jolan took it, his hand going to his friend's back, rubbing the smooth wet skin.

He dried all of Josh's back, the man handing him a bottle of sunscreen.

Their eyes met, as did their smiles.

Jolan squeezed out some liquid, his hands going to Josh's smooth skin.

He felt the warmth and smoothness of Josh's tanned muscular back.

"You've got a very nice toned body, Joshy. I see why Chace always wears a smile. To touch it everywhere would be a joy."
Josh smiled, his eyes turned to Jolan.

"I try to keep it smooth and toned for him. I want him to always feel attracted to me."

Jolan sighed, one hand slapping Josh's clothed ass.

Josh jumped a little, turning to look in Jolan's grey eyes.

"Now come on, Josh! Chace is into more than just your body. The man inside is even more beautiful. I don't ever want to hear you doubting his eternal love for you. It's more than superficial. He's told me that himself, and I'm certain he's told you many times."
Josh smiled, looking towards his lover swimming with Jennie and now Justin.

"He loves me, Jo. He says he's hopelessly in love with me. He wants to spend the rest of his life with me."
Jolan smiled, seeing the look of total happiness on Josh's face, Josh's body now turned towards Jolan.

"He gave you a bonding ring of love, Joshua. He loves you completely. I see the same look of total love on his face."
Josh smiled, his eyes meeting Jo's.

"I do love him, Jo. He's my life."

Jolan nodded, looking towards Justin, he and Chace roughhousing in the water, Jennie laughing.

"I know, Joshy. I have the same life of total love."
Josh smiled, his blue eyes going to Justin,  staring at his old friend.

"He loves you totally, Jo. I've never seen him so happy. And I've known him since he was a gangly teenager. He always searched for someone to totally love him. I see easily he's found that person now."

Jolan's grey eyes stared at Josh, a soft smile going to his face.

"You never told him, did you?"

Josh's eyes met Jolan's, Josh seeing a look of calm love in those sparkling grey centers.

Jolan's hand went to Josh's shoulder.

"Out of that youthful desire for love, a greater friendship blossomed. You both went on the path that was meant for both of you."

Josh's eyes went back to the pool again, Jolan smiling.

"How did you know?"
Jolan leaned forward, kissing Josh's cheek.

"I see easily in your beautiful blue eyes the love entrenched in your soul for my Justin. You were in love with him once, weren't you?"

Josh lowered his head, Jolan's arm going around him, his smooth skin against him.

"I'm sorry, Jo."
Jolan smiled, feeling the deep friendship and love in his friend's soul.

"There is no necessary apology, Joshua. He must have been so beautiful when he was that young. I can imagine how easily his beauty, soul and love could overtake someone's heart. I'm glad you loved him, Josh. That love guided him to me. As did Lance's."
Josh smiled, looking out at Justin.

"I saw the two together, Lance's calmness making him smile. One night I watched the two make love, it was so beautiful. He was so beautiful. So energetic, masculine and giving. I. . .I wanted him so much to show me that love. When I saw Lance and him growing apart, and Lance finally letting him go, I thought that perhaps he could then love me. But he began dating Britney, and then going onward away from my love. My love still lay there for him, but gradually our love of friendship took over. I love him so much, Jo. I realize now that it was always friendship that would win over. You must believe me that I'd never do anything to destroy your love. He loves you, and I truly love Chace."

Jolan smiled, leaning forward, kissing Josh on the lips.

The man felt Jolan's giving love in that tenderness, the two parting.

"You are a giving man of love, Joshua Chasez. Chace has your true love, Justin and I also have a part of that beautiful love. We both trust and love you. You will always be welcomed in our arms of friendship, in our arms of love."

Josh smiled as Jolan hugged him, then released him, patting his shoulder.

"Your back's protected from the sun, your heart's covered in love."
Josh smiled, Jolan smiling back.

"What about my front?"
Jolan laughed, his greasy hand going out, rubbing Josh's left nipple.

"I'll let the man walking towards you take care of that."

Josh's head turned, staring at Chace, the man walking towards him, his muscular body dripping with water.

Justin walked behind him, his body wet as well.

"You two looked deep in discussion. What are you plotting?" Chace said smiling, sitting down beside his lover.

Josh and Jolan's eyes met, Justin smiling at both as well, the man climbing on top of Jolan, Jolan shivering when Justin's wet skin went against his.

Josh smiled, Jolan looking at him.

"We were plotting on how we could get our men to lavish love upon us. Get cracking, boys!"

The other three laughed at Jolan's mirthful words, Justin wrapping his wet arms around his man.

"The water's cold and wet, Jumpy! You're soaked!"
Justin smiled, kissing Jolan on the lips.

"Let me warm you up, sugar pie."
Josh smiled, Chace's lips going to his.

"Mmm, my man's delicious today."

"So is mine. And he's wet. Here, let me dry you off. Then we can sunscreen each other, my love."
Jolan smiled, Justin kissing his neck, Jolan's eyes on Josh and Chace.

Josh was wiping his lover down, Chace's smile wide and filled with love.

Josh's eyes met with Jolan's, Jolan seeing his total happiness.

He smiled, his thoughts on the future his own.



End of Chapter 91


Jolan's love is now centering towards two friends.

In Chace--and especially Josh--he has two loving friends to anchor him.

And Josh, at one time, was deeply in love with Justin.

Will Jolan tell Justin of those long forgotten feelings that Josh had?

Will that cause a problem between our two lovers?


What was the discussion the group had at Josh's place about?

Is something in the wind?

Are Jolan's friends worried about something?


The day of Jolan's date with the public approaches.

Will he be as calm as he's trying to appear, or will fame wash him away?

That day brightens our next chapter.

I hope I'll show it as a day of destiny.


Read on, and keep smiling.


Hugs, Angel.