Jolan's Path - Chapter 92


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 92


Jolan felt a softness on his face, his eyes slowly opened, greeted by a small hand in front of his face.

"Morning, Hay. How's my boy?" he smiled, the boy leaning forward and kissing his nose.

'Me's good, Daddy! Poppa brings me in when me wakes up!"

Jolan smiled, looking to his left, the bed empty of his Justin.

"And where is Poppa?"
The boy grinned, snuggling on his father's naked chest.

"He be backs, gots surprise!"

Jolan smiled, his arms going around the small boy.

"What are my boys cooking up?"

Hayden grinned, lifting his head.

"We wants you happys today! We gives you wuv!"
Jolan smiled, looking at the nightstand, the clock reading seven o'clock.

It was Friday, the day of Jolan's interview with Ellen.

"Daddy's always happy when he's with his boys. Your love makes me happy."
The boy smiled, Jolan's fingers going to his ribs, the boy laughing, rolling off his father, Jolan moving and still tickling him gently.

"My boy's ticklish, and a fish!"
The boy laughed, Jolan smiling down at him, then leaning down and pulling up his son's pajama shirt, giving him a raspberry, the boy giggling.

The bedroom door opened, Jolan turning and smiling at his Justin walking into the room.

The man wore a t-shirt and shorts, smiling at his lover.

In his hands was a large tray filled with food and beverages, as well as a newspaper.

"Breakfast in bed for our soon-to-be star!" he beamed, Jolan's face covered in a wide smile.

"I'm not going to be a star, Jus. I'm just your Jolan."
Justin grinned, leaning down and kissing Jolan's upturned lips.

"You're the star of our hearts." he said, placing the tray on the bed beside Jolan.

"Oh wow, Jus. You cooked all of this? That's so thoughtful."
Justin beamed, then blushed.

"Jennie helped." Justin said, sitting down beside his lover.
Jolan smiled, Hayden crawling into Justin's lap, the man kissing his forehead.

"Well, my boys. Dig in! There's lots."
Hayden grinned, Justin making up a plate for him, extra plates on the tray.

The tray held scrambled eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausages, and toast.

Hayden took a pancake in his hand, chewing on it.

Jolan smiled at him, filling his plate.

Justin took a slice of toast and poured himself a glass of orange juice.

He smiled at Jolan, taking the newspaper off the tray.

"There's something I need to read to you while you eat, Jo." Justin said, unfolding the paper, looking at Jolan quietly.

Jolan smiled, biting into a piece of toast, looking at Justin.

Justin sighed, looking down at the paper, his voice filling the room.


"Hello faithful readers. Have I got a scoop for you!

Today's Ellen Degeneres Show is devoted to a new rising star of fiction, our wandering seeker of fame, Jolan Dragos.

You must remember him?

Justin Timberlake's new clingy friend.

Apparently Dragos' new book is hitting the shelves tomorrow.

Or should I say his re-released book, formerly claimed by Richard Thornton, now apparently claimed as his own.

You all know the tale of murder, hatred and ominous doings surrounding our writer of the moment.

I was present at that trial of shadowy truths.

And now the sinister Richard Thornton has flown the coop, another shadowy visage surrounding our little Jolan.

And now it seems our wandering scribe is seeking another moment in the sun.

How can the celebrities of our City of Angels be so oblivious to the underhanded way this man has walked into their lives?

Word down the vine is that Chace Crawford and Britney Spears are now part of his entourage.

Seems our wandering vulture has his talons in all the youthful stars.

Today's show will guarantee a gallon of sugary goodness to sweeten this man in the world's eyes.

Don't be fooled by the beauty and the supposed love.
Behind those strange grey eyes, I believe, lurks a man of reputed design.

What he's cooking up is anyone's guess.

This reporter will be watching, his eyes on the prize.

That prize will be Dragos' true self shown."


Justin's eyes went to Jolan's, his lover staring at him.

"Tim Baxter?"
Justin nodded, showing Jolan the article.

"He has a weekly column in the Times." Justin said, staring at the paper.

"The man certainly doesn't give up. He now thinks of me as a prize." Jolan said, Justin looking at him.

"I'm talking to Ally and Johnny today, Jo. This is slander. We'll go after him."
Jolan smiled, kissing Justin's lips, Hayden smiling up at the two.

"My protective hero."
Justin smiled, Jolan rubbing his cheek.

"You're not going to worry about this, Jo. Not today. I won't let him hurt you ever again. Half truths don't stand a chance against the real truth. The real truth that people will see today when you're on that stage."
Jolan nodded, seeing the protective love in Justin's blue eyes.

He looked again at the article, the column banner reading L.A. Buzz.

"I must remember to pick up a flyswatter."
Justin looked confused, Jolan pointing at the column name.

"This insect needs to be squashed."

Justin saw the connection, bursting into laughter.

Hayden giggled, looking up at his Poppa.

Jolan smiled, throwing the newspaper down on the bed, looking at Hayden.

"Still hungry, Hay?"
The boy smiled nodding, pointing at the bacon, Jolan handing him another pancake and a strip of bacon, his grey eyes meeting Justin's blue.

"You're right, Jus. I'm not going to worry about this right now. I've got enough to focus on today. I'll deal with Baxter soon enough."

Justin nodded, smiling at Jolan.

"All set for the big day, my love?"
Jolan smiled, cutting up his eggs.

"As ready as I'll ever be."
Justin put his hand on Jolan's naked shoulder.

"Don't focus on the place you're in, focus on Ellen's warm smile."
Jolan smiled, hearing Justin's advising words.

"Thanks, Jus. I'll try to remember that."
Justin smiled, sipping his orange juice and taking a slice of bacon off the tray, the two focusing on breakfast and their son.

"Me's go, Poppa? Me wants be there for Daddy!"

Jolan smiled, he and Justin looking at each other.

"There will be a lot of people there, Hay. I don't want you to feel scared." Jolan said, wiping his boy's face with a napkin.

"Me's be with Aunt Jennie and Poppa. Me's be wuved."

Both men smiled, Justin looking at Jolan.

"We'll all be there for you, Jo."
Jolan smiled, nodding.


After breakfast, the family of three took a long steamy shower, Justin washing both of his men, both smiling at his tender care.

Justin dried the three of them off, Jolan sighing at Justin's loving touches.

He wore a calm smile when they walked out of the bathroom, Justin heading to the closet, Jolan dumping Hayden onto the bed, the boy giggling as his father tussled his hair.

Justin pulled out a garment bag from the closet, handing it to Jolan.

"Your attire for the day, Mr. Dragos."
Jolan's brow raised, Justin grinning.

"I did a little surprise shopping. Open it." Justin said, smiling at him.

Jolan stared at him while he opened the bag, his eyes focusing on what he pulled out of it.

"Oh, Jus! This is so. . .it's too extravagant."
Justin smiled, putting his arm around him, kissing his cheek.

"I want my man of beauty to take their breath away."

In Jolan's hands was a black Armani suit, a grey silk shirt underneath it.

"There are new shoes and a belt in the bottom of the bag. Get dressed, my sexy beauty. I'll go grab Hay's clothes." Justin said, smiling at the naked boy sitting on the bed.

His eyes took in Jolan's naked form as well, a seductive smile on Justin's face.

"I like this outfit better."
Jolan smiled widely, Justin walking out of the room.

Twenty minutes later, the three walked down the stairs, Jennie smiling up at them from the foyer.

"Wow! Looking hot, bro!" she said, Jolan smiling at her.

The suit was fit to his masculine muscular body, its blackness making his silvery eyes sparkle.

Justin was smiling behind him, Hayden in his arms, the boy dressed in a navy blue short set.

Justin wore a baby blue dress shirt, black pants and a black vest covering the shirt, a leather tie completing the ensemble.

"Your boys look sharp as well." she said, Justin and Hayden smiling at her.

Hayden extended his arms when they reached the bottom of the stairs, Jennie taking him from Justin.

"Lonnie's on his way over. He said he's going to be all over us today." Jennie smiled, Jolan smiling at her.

"You don't have to go, Jennie."
Jennie shook her head, rubbing her brother's cheek.

"Fat chance I'll miss my brother shining in the spotlight!"
Jolan smiled, Jennie and Justin exchanging glances.

"I'll be right back, my love. Have to make a call. Lonnie should be here shortly."
Jolan nodded, Jennie smiling at him.

"That suit makes you look so debonair, Jolan. So sophisticated!"
"I'm still just me, Jennie. A cloak of superficiality will never hide my love. Underneath all these flashy duds I'm just your brother."
Jennie chuckled, Jolan smiling at her.

"Don't let Justin hear you say that, Jolan. He was so happy when he picked out this suit. He said it would radiate your beauty. I see now he was right."

Jolan blushed, then smiled.

"He just likes to see me looking sharp. It turns him on."
Jennie laughed, Jolan grinning.

"That it does, my beauty." Justin said, Jolan's grey eyes going to his blue as the man walked out of the living room.

They heard a horn beeping, Justin smiling.

"Onward to your spotlight, my angel."
Jolan smiled, looking at the three people he loved most in life.

"I'm in my spotlight, Jus. It's here in the center of all your love."

The four smiled, walking out of the house.


Jolan sat in relative silence, the woman applying his makeup.

He was seated in a dressing room, sitting back in a chair.

"This deep rouge will cut down the glare from the overhead lights, your skin won't look patchy then." she smiled, Jolan smiling.

"So I'll look more like a clown? Where's the red nose?"

The woman laughed, Jennie and Justin smiling from the couch they sat on, Hayden in Justin's lap.

Lonnie stood beside the door, his arms folded, a wide grin on his face.

"They save that for just when you go on stage, Jo. That, plus the little car."
Jolan laughed, the makeup woman chuckling at Lonnie's remarks.

"There, all done. And you've got thirty minutes to spare." she said, smiling and closing up her case.

"Thank you very much." Jolan said, the woman nodding with a smile, Lonnie opening the door for her, then closing it when she walked out.

Jolan stood up, looking at himself in the full length mirror on one wall.

"I look like a pasty undertaker. Or one of his clients."
Justin, Jennie and Lonnie all burst into laughter, Hayden giggling in Justin's lap.

"It really does take the glare off, Jo. Plus, it will show that handsome face so much better." Justin said, looking at him.
Jolan smiled, winking at Justin.

The two both knew that their loving closeness was not obtainable today, the surroundings nixing that.

A knock came to the door, Lonnie opening it and smiling.

Ellen walked into the room, smiling at everyone.

"Hello, everyone. Hi Hay!" she said, the little boy grinning at her.

"Hi, Ellen!"
Justin stood, Hayden in his arms, Ellen kissing the boy's cheek.

"All ready to see Daddy on TV?"
"Yeps! Me going to claps!"

Jolan smiled, Ellen smiling at Justin and Jennie, then at him.

"All set, Mr. Author?"

Jolan blushed, Ellen smiling.

"Relax, just think of it as two old friends chatting. Yes, we'll be surrounded by people and noise, but on that stage it's just you and me." she said, her eyes going to Justin.

"I'll try, Ellen." Jolan smiled, Ellen smiling back.

"Let me give you a tour of the set, that will relax you. The audience doesn't come in for another twenty minutes." she smiled, Jolan nodding, his eyes going to Justin.

"Go ahead, Jo. We'll meet you back here in a few minutes."
Jolan smiled, following Ellen out of the room.

Jennie looked at Justin, the man smiling at her.

"He's fine, Jus. I don't feel any worry or fear in him, and he's very calm."
Justin smiled, nodding at Lonnie.

Lonnie pulled out his cell phone, hitting some numbers.

"Hey. Ellen's got him corralled. You can come down."


Fifteen minutes later, Jolan walked back into the dressing room with Ellen, the young man stopping when he walked in.

"Mom? Dad and Lisa?" he said, the three smiling at him, Jonathan and Stevie smiling up at him from the couch, Jonathan's arm around Jennie.

"Well, you didn't think we'd miss our boy's moment in the sun, do ya?" Lynn said, pulling Jolan into a hug, Ellen smiling at the touching scene.

Lynn broke the hug, hugging Ellen, Lisa and Randall hugging Jolan.

"This is such a surprise! Justin didn't mention your coming." Jolan said, looking at Justin, his lover beaming.

"Hence it being a surprise!"

Everyone laughed, Jolan blushing.

"I'm glad you're all here. This is so nice!" he said, everyone smiling at him, Jolan hugging Jonathan and Stevie when they got up from the couch.

"The family's all here, Jo. They all wanted to be here for you." Jennie said, smiling at Jonathan.
Jolan teared up, another knock coming to the door.

Lonnie smiled, opening it, Jolan's eyes widening.

Into the now crowding room walked more of his friends and family.

His uncles and Cory smiled at him as Domo, Daphne and Rachel all hugged him, the Dragosans waiting their turn.

Josh, Lance, Chris, Joey, Chace, Britney, Sandra, Jessica and Ally all stood back smiling at Jolan.

"Wow, what a free-for-all outside! The paparazzi is in full force." Chace said, smiling at Justin.

Jolan had himself been surprised by the clamoring media staked outside the show's studio when they'd driven in, security barely able to contain them.

The news had indeed leaked, Jolan's day warranting their interference.

"We all wanted to be here for your big moment, Jo." Joey said smiling, Jolan's eyes glistening.

"Aw, thanks guys!" he said, hugs exchanged with everyone, everyone greeting Ellen.

"Trace and Cindy, as well as Shelly and Henry, send you their best wishes. They couldn't get away, but you're in their hearts. Trace said they'd call later today." Domo said, smiling at his grandson.

Ellen smiled, seeing the large group surrounding Jolan.

"Well you've got your family here, Jolan. We'll call you when we're ready to start."
Jolan nodded, Ellen smiling at everyone, her eyes going to Justin, the man giving her a thumbs up.

She walked out of the room smiling, Jolan looking at Justin.

"A good luck sign, my love."
Jolan smiled, Josh kissing his cheek, his blue eyes on Justin.

"All set, Jo?" he said, smiling at his friend now.
Jolan nodded, his friend's hand on his shoulder.

"We all saw the article this morning, Jo. I'm going to cut that man a new one!" Joey said, Lance's arm going around his man, Joey calming down.

"We'll start proceedings for slander, Jo. I'll do some investigating on this man. First he attacks you then he tries this stunt. We're going to--as Joey stated--cut him a new one!" Ally said, Jolan looking at her, then around at everyone.

"He was denied what he wanted, now he's trying to get back at me for that denial. I'll deal with him in my own way." Jolan said, Justin quietly looking at him.

Everyone remained silent, Hayden smiling at his father from Randall's arms, Jolan smiling at him.

Josh squeezed Jolan's shoulder, Jolan smiling at his friend.

"It's almost time, my friend. We all want to wish you good luck."
Jolan smiled, Josh's blue eyes staring at him.

"Thanks, Josh. And thank you all. I will be fine out there because all of you will be with me. Your love is in my heart."

Everyone smiled, Josh kissing Jolan's cheek.

"Your love is in all of our hearts, my dear friend. We all have so much to be thankful for. And it all started with your giving love."

"I give to those I love, Joshua. And that's all of you."
Everyone smiled, a knock coming to the door.

One of Ellen's assistants walked in, smiling at Jolan.

"We're ready for you, Mr. Dragos."

Jolan smiled, looking at Justin, Justin smiling at him.

"Good luck, Jo."
"Thanks, Justin. See you soon."
He walked up to Randall, kissing Hayden's cheek, the boy smiling at him.

"Wuv you, Daddy."

"See you soon, my big boy!" he said, the boy smiling at him.

Justin smiled at Jolan, Jolan smiling and walking out the door.

Everyone watched him leave, all their eyes focusing on Justin.

A few moments later, Ellen walked back into the room.

"Alright everyone. It's about to start. Time to get this all organized." she said, closing the door with a smile.


Jolan sat on a chair on the edge of the show's stage, his body hidden behind a curtained wall.

"Ellen is momentarily delayed, Mr. Dragos. It won't be long." the assistant said, Jolan looking at his name plate.

"It's okay, Ben. I'm fine here."

The young man smiled, his eyes staring at Jolan.

"I. . .I wanted to thank you, sir."
Jolan looked surprised.

The young man smiled at him.

"Your book gave me the courage to change my life."
Jolan looked shocked, the young man continuing.

"I came from an abusive family. Your written words of love and courage gave me the strength to walk away from that pain. I moved out here to Los Angeles and began a new life. You set me on the path of life's discovery."

Jolan looked at the young man.

The two talked for a few minutes, Jolan feeling the man's happiness, his truth sinking into his soul.

"Thank you for showing me the right path, Mr. Dragos." the young man said smiling, extending his hand.

Jolan shook it, smiling at the young man.

"You. . .you're welcome, Ben."

The young man smiled, his eyes moving.

Ellen walked up to the two men smiling.

"It's a go, Ben. Hank's given the cue. All set, Jolan?"
Jolan smiled, looking at the young man.

"Yes, I'm ready."
The two smiled, Ellen walking through the curtain as music began to play.


The audience was on their feet, screaming and clapping filling the closed in set.

Ellen waved, dancing her way across the stage, audience members dancing as well.

The crowd continued to clap, Jolan watching Ellen from a monitor above him.

She danced, waved and gradually slowed down, the audience calming down, returning to their seats.

"Good afternoon everyone. It's Friday and today we've got a rather wonderful show planned."
People clapped, Ellen smiling.

"You're clapping and I haven't told you what I've planned."
Laughter was heard, Ellen smiling.

"Wow, I must be big! You're clapping when I do nothing."
Everyone laughed, Ellen smiling at everyone.

Jolan laughed himself, seeing her warm personality radiating out to the audience.

"As I was saying--before I was so wonderfully interrupted--this show will be one of my best, I truly believe. And it's going to be different in some surprising ways. For today we're focusing on a wonderful young man who's taken the celebrity world--and about to take the literary world--by storm. He's had a life of hardship, turmoil and unfortunate, hurtful horror. But through it all he went on, his dramatic life now opening to us. I've met a lot of famous people--and wonderful regular people--but I've never met a man with such a giving soul.

What he's done for his lost sister, his home town, and other wonderful people is simply amazing. Well, you'll find out all about that today. Our hour is totally devoted to him, and I think you'll all love it. Let's watch the monitor."
The screen changed, Jolan watching clips and interviews of himself: his interview at the hospital after the police raid, his interview in Cutter's Bluff and other shots of Jennie and he with Justin and others.

"The man's beauty, and touching soul I feel will surprise all of you. Tomorrow marks the release of his best-selling novel, and today marks his introduction into the world's eye. So it gives me great pleasure to welcome him into all of your hearts. Let's give it up for Jolan Dragos!"
The crowd erupted into applause, Ben opening the curtain for Jolan.

Jolan smiled at him, walking through the curtains.


Jolan's eyes went to the audience, the whole group on their feet, their applause deafening.

He smiled out at all of them, walking across the stage, Ellen smiling at him.

The two met in the center, Ellen pulling him into a deep hug, Jolan kissing her cheek.

The applause seemed to heighten, Jolan and Ellen breaking their hug, Ellen's hand still in his, guiding him over to her couch and chairs set.

Ellen guided him over to one of the chairs, she sitting in hers beside him, the couch on Jolan's right empty.

Jolan sat down, smiling out at the crowd.

The crowd gradually calmed down, returning to their seats.

"Welcome to the show, Jolan." Ellen said when the clapping died down.
"It's a pleasure to be here, Ellen. Thank you for inviting me."

"You're welcome, Jolan. Such wonderful manners. Didn't I tell all of you that he was wonderful!"
Everyone clapped, Jolan smiling shyly.

"And a blusher! That's so fabulous!" she said smiling, people in the audience laughing and clapping, Jolan's cheeks reddening.

"And on top of that you're one strikingly handsome man, Jolan. Up close you're gorgeous! Those grey eyes!"

The camera zoomed in on Jolan's face, Jolan softly smiling.
Jolan himself laughed, hearing whoops and catcalls from the audience, as well as seeing most of the feminine eyes on him.

"I'm just myself. I don't think of myself as a piece of meat on display in the butcher shop. If I was, I'd be a sale item."
Ellen laughed, as did most of the audience, Jolan smiling out at them.

"Well, I'm sure all the ladies--and a few of the men--would buy you up fast." Ellen said, clapping and cheering starting again.

Jolan smiled, relaxing in the chair he sat in.

Ellen smiled, seeing him relax, humor calming him.

"So you've come full circle, Jolan. From your youth you wrote a wonderful novel, only to have it taken from you, along with your life. And now you have both back again."
Jolan nodded, Ellen patting his hand.

She picked up a book off the coffee table in front of them, facing the book to the camera, the cameraman zooming in on it.

"This is finally Jolan's novel, Path of Life. It's finally yours, Jolan."

Jolan nodded, the audience clapping and on their feet again.

The loudness died down, the audience returning to their seats.

"You didn't change the title?" Ellen smiled, Jolan nodding.

"No, Ellen. I'd originally written it as Walking in Shadows. I decided to keep his title, as a reminder to myself of my own changed path of life. And how he had tried to destroy that path. I walked in shadows because of him, and now I walk on the path of my life surrounded by the love he tried to deny me. He didn't destroy me or my love."

The crowd was on its feet again, Jolan smiling at their enthusiastic applause.

Ellen smiled at him, looking at the book, then looking into Jolan's grey calm eyes, speaking again when the crowd had sat down again.

"We've all read the articles from the trial and the aftermath. If it's not too emotional, would you like to tell us the story of that life? I'm sure everyone would like to hear its courageous path."

Jolan smiled, feeling Ellen's genuine calming friendship.

"My life is an open book, Ellen. I'm comfortable with that truth."
Ellen smiled, Jolan picking up his novel.

"This book represents my soul, Ellen. The soul I lost so long ago."
Jolan looked out at the audience, his calm voice echoing throughout the quieting room.


Justin stood against the wall, his eyes on the monitor everyone was huddled around, all their eyes on Jolan seated on the stage.

"Man, he's not holding anything back." Chace said, Josh seated beside him nodding.

"He's our Jo. He gives everything." Josh said, Justin smiling behind him.

Justin's eyes were on his lover's beautiful face on the television, his beauty seemingly enhanced by the bright lights.

Lynn walked up to her son, her arm going around him.

"He looks totally at ease, Justin. And his giving heart is pulling a lot of people into his circle of love."
Justin smiled, staring at the television.

"He looks so perfect, so beautiful." he softly said, Lynn smiling.

"You're looking at him with eyes of love, Justin. That image before you will always be beautiful, regardless of time or circumstance."
Justin smiled, his mother kissing his cheek.

"I'm proud of you, Justin. I don't say it often enough, but today I wanted you to hear that. I love you, my son. And I love Jolan. For what he's given you, and his son and all surrounding him. And yes, even cuddly old me. He's so giving with his love. I'm happy that he's now in our lives."
Justin teared up, his mother kissing his cheek again.

'Thanks, Mom. Thanks for the love you've always given me."
Lynn teared up, a small hand tugging at her pant leg.

She smiled, leaning down and picking up Hayden, who'd walked over to them from Jennie's side.

"Daddy's gweat! He's rewaxed!"

Justin smiled, Hayden smiling at him.

"Me ready, Poppa!"

Justin smiled, Hayden climbing into his arms.

"Alright, Hay. Let's go see Daddy."


Ellen's hand was in Jolan's, the man finishing his story.

The audience had been totally silent, every word of Jolan's past sinking into their souls.

He told them of his awakening from that coma, of slowly discovering his past life.

Of finding his sister, and of her heroic soul in standing against her aggressors.

Of Jolan returning to his home town to face tribulation, and in doing so finding the truth of his own horrific past.

He'd told them every horrific moment of that remembered night of hurt and pain, and of his bringing those monsters to justice.

That revelation had brought many tears to the audience.

They saw before them a young man who'd survived a horrific night of pain, and had shown so much courage in facing those who'd hurt him.

"And here now I sit on the cusp of my literary career. The path I've walked has been strewn with peril and hurt, but I still go on."
"What makes you go on, Jo?" Ellen said, Jolan seeing glistening tears in her eyes.

"Love, Ellen. I feel I have so much love to experience. So much more to do with my life, so much more to give others. I'll always walk the path ahead knowing I can make a difference. Richard Thornton could not stop the path of my life."

Ellen smiled, clapping beginning again, the audience on its feet again.

Jolan nodded towards them, calmly sitting in silence.

The clapping gradually receded, the audience sitting down again.

"How is your sister Jennica?" Ellen asked, smiling at him.

"You know the truth of that, Ellen. You've met her. She's happy, she's going on with her life."

Ellen smiled, looking out at the audience.

"I've got a surprise for you, Jolan. I think it's time the audience--and the world--met a truly courageous young woman. She asked me herself for this moment, Jolan. Everyone, let's welcome Jennica Dragos!"

Jolan's eyes widened in surprise, Jennie walking through the curtain where Jolan had entered.

Jolan stood up, the audience and Ellen standing as well, Jennie smiling out at all of them, walking across the set towards her brother.

In his mind Jennie was talking to him, Jolan's eyes shedding tears.

The two united at the couch, Jennie's arms going around her brother, the audience clapping and tearfully smiling.

Jennie kissed Jolan's cheek, smiling at him.

"I love you, my brother." she said clearly, everyone hearing it.

Jennie smiled, releasing Jolan, Ellen hugging her.

"Hello, Jennica. A joy to see you again. Please sit down with your brother."
Jennie smiled, sitting in Jolan's vacated seat, Jolan sitting down on the couch beside Jennie, Jennie's hand going in his.
"My brother's a little upset that I'm out here today, Ellen. This comes as a surprise to him, but not to myself. I have the most loving brother, so protective, he is my knight on the shiny steed. He is my hero."
Everyone smiled, hearing Jennie's love for her brother in her beautiful voice.

"Since he found me again he's sought to keep me shielded from the world, to keep me safe. But I have a life I have to live. I have to face life in all aspects and in all situations."
Everyone teared up, hearing the courageous voice of the young woman.

"I had to come out here today, to tell you of the love and happiness my brother's put back into my soul. I had a horrific last few years, his finding me the one moment of true happiness I thought I'd never be given. Each moment since has been so beautiful. I have my brother back, and I have myself back."
Jolan hugged his sister, the two embracing.

Ellen stood up clapping, everyone else standing as well.

The clapping lessened, Ellen sitting down again, Jolan and Jennie parting, smiles on both of their faces.

Jennie's loving words in Jolan's mind had calmed him again.

"It's so wonderful to see you here, Jennica. To see you out in the open after your ordeal."
Jennie smiled, looking out at the audience, her face a calmed face of happiness.

"Life is good. So many loving people are making it so special."
"And how special is your life now, Jennica?" Ellen asked, Jennie smiling.

"I'm blossoming into a regular teenager. I have a boyfriend."

Jolan smiled, Ellen laughing.

"Now I know why you're happy."

Jennie smiled and blushed, Jolan chuckling, a lot of awws coming from the audience.

"Care to tell us who the lucky boy is, Jennica? Or is that too personal?" Ellen smiled, Jennie looking at Jolan, Jolan smiling and nodding.

"His name is Jonathan. He's so wonderful."
Ellen's eyes widened a bit, Jolan smiling.

She hadn't seen the two together.

"You mean. . .Jonathan Timberlake?"
Jennie smiled, nodding.

"Wow! That's so nice, Jennie. He's a charming young man. If the audience hasn't already figured that out, Jonathan is Justin Timberlake's younger stepbrother."

The audience clapped, talking amongst themselves.

Ellen looked at Jolan, smiling.

"Justin Timberlake's become a big part of your life, hasn't he, Jolan and Jennica?"
Jolan's smile was matched by Jennie's.

"He's another big brother to me. He's so giving and loving. I love him so much." Jennie said, Jolan smiling at Ellen.

"He's done so much for her, and for myself, Ellen. He's truly my best friend. I love the guy."
The audience clapped, Ellen smiling at Jolan.

"Tell us how that friendship came about, Jolan. And where it now stands."
Jolan smiled, his voice talking of his Justin.


Ellen smiled, her eyes going to the audience.

"Celebrities rarely show their true selves often. You've painted Justin as a true rarity."
"He is, Ellen. The man's nothing if not giving, loving and strong. I don't know where Jennica and I would be today if it hadn't have been for his generosity, strength, support and friendship. I here now want to publicly thank him for all he's given my Jennica, and myself."
Ellen smiled, looking at Jennie, the two smiling.

Another voice suddenly entered the conversation.

"Why thank you very much Jolan.  And you are quite welcome."

If the crowd hadn't been enthusiastic before, it was now thunderous when Justin walked out onto the stage.

Jolan's eyes were drawn to him in shock, his lover walking across the stage, waving at everyone, his eyes on Jolan.

The audience was screaming, women waving and clapping, Justin smiling at them all, walking towards Ellen.

Ellen hugged him, Justin kissing her cheek, she drawing him towards Jennie and Jolan.

Justin wrapped his arms around Jennie, hugging her tight, the clapping intensifying, seeing his love for the young woman.

Their hug was one of friendship and brotherly love.

The two parted, Justin smiling at Jolan, pulling him into a tight manly embrace.

Jolan felt his lover's love, his own surprised stature calming.

The two parted, Justin smiled at Ellen.

"Hello, Justin! It's been a while. What have you been up to?" Ellen said, smiling at Jolan and Jennie.

Justin laughed, sitting down in the chair, Jennie and Jolan now both sitting together on the couch, Jolan's arm around her.

"I've been supporting and loving my two best friends." he said, smiling at Jolan and Jennie.

"Yes, so Jolan's been telling us. He's lucky to have such a giving, loving friend." Ellen said, smiling at Jolan.

"I'm the lucky one, Ellen. I've stood by and watched two young lost people join together again as a family. I've seen them reclaim their lost past, and in doing so, they regained their own bond of love. I've never met two more courageous hearts. Their parents would be so proud of them."

Jolan and Jennie both teared up, Justin smiling at them.

"So what do you think of them, everyone?" Justin said out to the audience, the audience clapping loudly again.

Jolan and Jennie both waved shyly, Justin smiling at both of them.

"The three of you seem so happy together." Ellen said, all three smiling.

"We are happy, Ellen. We consider ourselves now a family." Justin said, Jolan surprised that Justin would state that.

"Jolan and Jennie are both staying with me. I've opened my heart, my soul and my house to both of them. They'll have my love always."
Everyone in the audience awwed again, Justin smiling.

"That's a generous thing to do, Justin. They've made that much of an impression on you?"

Justin smiled at Ellen, his eyes turning to Jolan.

"That's Jolan's giving love. He gives so much love out to others. And we, his friends and family, are blessed by it. Take Theresa for example."
Jolan's eyes widened.

"If you'll all remember, Theresa Brannigan was the woman who leveled the charges against Jolan, forcing the trial in Cutter's Bluff. From that trial we learned the horrific past she and Jolan both endured. As Jolan's already said in his story earlier, he forgave her for the part she was forced to play in his night of terror. And his giving love helped her find an inner peace."

Jolan looked surprised, looking at Justin.

"But I think we should let her tell that truth, Justin. And I believe she has a surprise with her. Come on out Theresa!" Ellen said, standing up, Justin joining her.

Jolan turned, his eyes widening.

Through the curtain walked Sandra, her hand in Hayden's smaller one.

The audience stood clapping, fingers pointing at the small, curly-haired boy walking with her.

He didn't walk long.

Hayden's face changed into a wide smile, his eyes finding his father, the boy running across the stage, right into a kneeling Jolan's arms.

The audience stared in surprise, watching the two together, Jolan kissing his son's forehead.

Sandra smiled, walking up to the couch, Ellen gently hugging her, the other three hugging her as well, Jolan the last, Sandra kissing his cheek and her son's.

"Please, sit down, Miss Brannigan."

Sandra smiled, sitting down in Justin's offered chair, sitting beside Ellen.

Justin sat down on the couch beside Jennie, Jolan seated on the couch beside Sandra's chair.

"Actually my name is Sandra Arlington."

Ellen looked surprised, Sandra looking at Jolan.

"Another giving gift from my heroic savior." she said, her blue eyes looking at Jolan, Hayden snuggled in his lap.

"Your savior?" Ellen said, intrigued.

"Yes, in all parts--in all moments of life--Jolan Dragos saved me. He saved me from a life of horrific hurt, and he gave me my greatest treasure. And he gave me love."
Jolan smiled, Sandra beginning to speak.

She told Ellen and the audience of her forgotten, lost past. Of that night and what she was forced to do to Jolan.

And the resulting gift that Jolan gave her in the end.

The beautiful, smiling boy seated in Jolan's lap.

"My son, this wonderful angelic child, is the greatest treasure I'd ever hoped to have. He was my focus the last four years. This child of love is an extension of Jolan's love. He is his father's son."
The audience clapped when Jolan's hand went to Sandra's shoulder, their son looking up at both of them.

"He is a part of both of us, Sandra. He has his mother's loving soul as well." Jolan said, Ellen smiling at him.

"We all see that you've allowed Jolan to be in your son's life. That truly shows that loving soul, Sandra." Ellen said, Sandra smiling at Jolan.

"I could never keep Hayden from Jolan's love. I want my son to always feel his father's love. That's why he's now living with Jolan."
The audience looked surprised, Ellen looking out at them, knowing that moment of truth would surprise everyone.

"Hayden is living with his father at Justin's home?"

Sandra nodded, Hayden smiling at his mother.

"Hayden's happiness was and is my greatest concern. What happened to myself over the last four years took a great part of my soul, my physical endurance and my heart. I needed time to heal, to gather my strength again. I asked Jolan to look after our son. He agreed, his love for the boy and for me given easily."
Everyone's eyes were on Jolan, the man smiling at Sandra, Hayden snuggling more into his chest.

"I see now, as we all do Jolan's love for our son. I know in my heart that he'll always love him." Sandra said, her eyes wet with tears.

"He's my son. I'll devote the rest of my life to making his life happy." Jolan said, the audience clapping again.

Ellen smiled, as did Justin, seeing the young man totally relaxed, and totally happy with his son in his lap.

"You're a giving soul, Jolan." Ellen said, smiling at him.

"He's love, Ellen. He's love personified." Sandra said, Jolan softly smiling at her.

"I'm beginning to believe that, Sandra. You're so unbelievable in your giving heart and loving soul." Ellen said, moving and picking up a newspaper off the coffee table.

"That's why this article this morning in the L.A. Times has gotten me a little stirred up, Jolan." Ellen said, looking out at the audience.

"If you all haven't read it, I'll read it for you." she said, proceeding to read the short article, the audience murmuring at the total fabricated strangeness of the reporter's words.

"I don't believe any of this! This is so slanderous, Jolan. You are nothing as stated here. The reporter here is trying to paint you as a conniving, scheming monster. We, and I'm sure the audience agrees, think none of this about you after today."
The audience was on its feet again, those on the stage smiling at their support for Jolan.

"Do you know this man, Jolan?" Ellen said, Jolan looking at her.

His eyes moved to Justin, Justin smiling at him with love.

"Again I am being played in the media as a monster. Firstly at my trial, by lawyers and the enquiring media. And now here by a vindictive man."
"Vindictive? What has Tim Baxter got against you?" Ellen said, looking at Justin.

Jolan sighed, Jennie's hand going to his shoulder.

Justin saw her love and support for her brother, Jolan looking at Ellen.

"This man has followed me since my leaving New York after Jennie's ordeal. He has been seeking renown at my expense. I've denied him interviews, through his publishers and his media channels. A couple of weeks back I met this man again in a restaurant washroom while out with family and friends. He made lewd advances towards me. I had to protect myself from an attack by him. Let's just say it ended with him on the bathroom floor nursing some sore wounds. I'll never let anyone attack me like that again."
Sandra's hand went to Jolan's shoulder, Ellen looking at him with deep concern, as was the audience.

"I'm sorry, Jolan. I didn't know." Ellen said, Jolan softly smiling at her.

His eyes went to Justin, the man smiling at him.

"Justin told me that the reason for people wanting to do that to me is that I have a drawing masculinity, a loving beauty. That my looks will always draw people to me. Good, and unfortunately, sometimes ruthless people. All I can do is be myself and walk my path of life as I must. I'm strong enough to deal with any advances against myself. And equally strong enough to deal with any attacks upon those I love."

Jolan took the newspaper from Ellen, looking at it and throwing it on the coffee table.

"This is that reporter's only way of getting back at me for emasculating him. And I won't put up with it either."

The audience clapped their support with Jolan.

"Courageous words, Jolan. It's nice to see you stand up for yourself. You really are courageous. And Justin's words are genuine and true. You are a masculine, beautiful man."
Jolan blushed, Ellen smiling and laughing.

"I know, I know! On sale in the butcher's window!"

Everyone laughed, Jolan smiling.

Ellen smiled, looking out at the audience.

"We'll be back with Jolan after this short break. Up next a circle of friends. And their voicing love for Jolan."

The cameraman cued Ellen, the camera light going off.

Jolan stared at Ellen, the woman looking towards her assistant, Ben, as he walked up to her.

"Doing good, Ellen. The pace is right on mark. Still twenty-five minutes to fill and tape." Ben said, smiling at Jolan.
Jolan quietly sat with Hayden in his lap, watching the two talking, his eyes then going to Jennie and Justin seated on the couch beside him, they talking as well to each other.
Justin's eyes met Jolan's, seeing the look of love in them and confusion.

"Why did you guys come out here? You didn't have to do that." he softly said, Sandra catching his words, still seated beside Ellen.

Ben walked off the set, Ellen looking at Jolan.

"We love you, Jo. We decided to show the world our support of that love." Justin said, Jolan staring at him.

His eyes moved back to Ellen, the woman smiling at him.

"It was Jennie's idea to come out, Jolan. And Justin and Sandra decided on their coming out as well."
Jolan looked between all four.

"So you all planned this out? You didn't bother to let me in on it?" Jolan said, lowering his head.
Justin sighed, hearing the softened hurt in Jolan's voice, so wanting to just stand up and pull him up into his arms.

Sandra's hand moved, going in Jolan's.

"We love you, Jo. And we'll always be drawn to your love. That's what this is, Jolan.  You are seated here, showing the world your soul. And the love within that soul is drawing all of us to you, as it has since we've known you."
Jolan softly smiled, Sandra's words softening his concern.

His head raised, looking at Ellen.

"Circle of friends voicing their love? What does that mean?"
Ellen smiled, standing up and walking to the center of the stage, Ben meeting her there for a moment, the two talking.

"We're almost ready, Ellen." Hank, the stage manager said, Ellen standing on her mark, where she'd stood at the start of the show.

Ben returned, placing a stool beside Ellen, the woman winking at him, the young man leaving the stage.

The cameraman cued her, Ellen smiling back towards Jolan and the others seated behind her.

Ellen sat down on the stool.

"Two, one, live!" the cameraman cued, Ellen smiling at the audience.


"Welcome back, everyone. We've spent the afternoon listening to a young man's courageous story. A story of love, courage, strength and hope. His friends and sister joined him here today to voice their love for him, and for what he's done for them. And through it all I've watched that young man sit in relative calmness, smiling at those surrounding him and loving all of them. One man seated here today has something profound he wants to say. Justin, the stage is yours."
Justin smiled, getting up from his seat, walking up to Ellen as she stood up, the two smiling at each other, exchanging a hug of friendship.

Jolan sat on the couch, his eyes following Justin in shocked confusion.

"Thank you, Ellen." Justin said, as he took a microphone from her, smiling out at the audience, his eyes looking over at Jolan.

Ellen returned to her seat beside Sandra, smiling at Jolan.

Justin smiled at Jolan, his eyes returning to the audience before him.
"You've all heard the courageous story of my dear friend. And of the life of tragedy and hurt he and his beautiful sister were forced to endure. It was a time of hurt, pain and lost hope. I had the fortune of meeting this young man at a pivotal time in my own life. I was in a way lost myself. Lost in a world of celebrity fakeness, with no privacy or hope of sustainable love. Looking into that man's grey eyes I saw a man filled with infinite friendship, trust and love. Since that day he's always seen only the real me. The friend I wanted to be, and the friend I have become. Our friendship became something more. In the past month I've witnessed the giving love of a man of infinite giving love. He's poured it out to the hearts of his family, our friends, and even strangers. Every day his love has grown in the hearts of all that know him. I'm sure today it's grown in all of your hearts as well."

Justin smiled out at the audience, clapping heard again.

"Please come over here, Jolan."
Jolan looked at Justin, the man smiling at him, his hand beckoning him over.

Ellen smiled at him, Jolan slowly standing and walking over to Justin.

Ellen, Sandra and Jennie--with Hayden now in her arms--got up, walking behind him.

"Sit here please, Jolan." Justin said, guiding his Jolan to the stool, Jolan sitting down on it.

Jolan softly smiled, looking out into the audience.

His eyes focused on the front rows, that were now filled with his family and friends.

Domo, Daphne and Rachel all smiled at him, his uncles and Cory smiling as well.

Justin's father and mother, stepmother and his stepbrothers, were seated in the front row.

He saw Lonnie, Ally, Johnny Wright, and also Leo, Kelly, Briahna and Auntie Gee all seated behind them as well.

He saw Lynn talking to another woman seated beside her, Jolan not knowing her.

He saw others behind her that seemed to know Lynn and Randall, but were unknown to Jolan.

Justin smiled out at the audience, his handsome face drawing all of the feminine looks.

"You see seated here before you a man of giving love. He's given it to myself, his family, and all our friends. Today a group of those friends want to give that love back. And they all want to open their hearts in a special way. Come on out, guys!" Justin said, looking towards the stage right.

The curtain opened, Jolan staring with surprise at his friends as they walked out onto the stage.

Joey, Lance, Josh, Chace, Britney, Chris and Jessica all walked out towards him.

The audience was on their feet, clapping loudly, fingers pointing at the people who now were surrounding Jolan.

Jolan was enveloped in hugs by all of them, Justin standing beside him, his friends hugging him as well as Jennie, and Ellen.

Sandra smiled at everyone, receiving kisses from all of them.

Jessica's arms went around Justin, the audience staring in surprised confusion, their broken relationship already known, but the two now hugging with love.

Justin smiled, kissing her cheek, Jessica smiling out at everyone, walking over beside Sandra.

All his friends surrounded him, Jolan seated in silent shock.

"This is for you, Jolan. For the love you've given all of us. It's time that love was open and true." Justin said, smiling around at his friends.

"To give love is to be loved. If those words are true, then you must be the most loved. For you've given all of us that love. And you've guided all those encircling you to their own hearts of love and soul. Britney, why don't you start." Justin said, smiling at his former sweetheart.

Britney smiled, walking up to Jolan, Justin handing her the mike, Britney kissing his cheek.

"Thanks, Jus. Jolan, from my heart, and from my soul, I thank you for what you've guided me to. To true love and happiness. The love I've found in my Chris."
Chris smiled, walking up to the two, his arm going around Britney, the audience erupting in applause and cheers.

The two kissed each other, Jolan staring at both of them.

Their love was now in the open, free and alive.

The two broke their kiss, smiling and both hugging Jolan.

Jolan was in tears, seeing their love before him.

The two smiled out at the audience, the applause still going on.

They walked to their left, standing together beside Ellen, the woman smiling at them.

Justin smiled at them, his eyes going to Jessica.

"Jessica, you're next."
Jessica Biel smiled, walking to Jolan, Jolan smiling at her, his eyes glancing at Sandra.

"Thank you, Jolan. For guiding me to my happiness. A happiness I couldn't face alone. Your love showed me the truth of my soul. And the path to my happiness, however short it may be. Thank you for guiding me to Sandra's love."
Sandra walked over to her, Jessica taking her in her arms, the two kissing deeply.

The audience stood in stunned shock, and then they began to clap.

Jolan's eyes went to Justin, his man standing quietly, smiling at the two kissing before him.

The two parted, their hands remaining together, walking to the left and joining Chris and Britney.

The audience was still clapping, the two women smiling out at them.

"Revealing love is still true love." Justin said, the audience smiling at him.

Justin's eyes moved, smiling at Lance.

"You're next, Lancy."
Lance smiled, walking forward, his hand going to Jolan's shoulder.

"We became friends of destiny, Jolan. Friends of love and openness. My life is more open than others, but my love is no less real. And you, my loving friend, you brought myself and my soulmate together. Our hidden love we carried for so long, you opening that love before us. I love you, Jo."

Jolan teared up, Lance hugging him, the audience smiling at the two, thinking they were now a couple.

But Lance's next words destroyed that illusion.

"I love my own Joe so much more. Thank you for showing me his love."
Joey smiled, his eyes filled with tears, walking up to his man.

"It's a love I'll always treasure, my Lance." Joey said, Lance tearing up.

The audience stood in complete shock now, staring at Joey Fatone pulling Lance Bass into his arms.

The two men were drawn together, a kiss of love shown to the world.

Jolan sat behind them, his eyes filled with tears.

Tears of happiness for his two now openly free friends.

The two broke their kiss, their hands going together, walking to Jolan's right, the audience staring and clapping at them.

Lance smiled at his Joey, Joey's face a face filled with happiness.

His wife and daughter sat in the audience, their faces covered in loving smiles.

The clapping died down, Justin smiling at them.

"Two friends of my heart have found the love we all saw so easily." he said, Lance and Joey smiling at him.

Justin's eyes returned to the audience, smiling.

"It's time, Josh."
The audience looked at J.C. Chasez, the man smiling widely, and walking up to his old friend and Jolan, his and Jolan's eyes meeting.

Josh's hand went to Jolan's shoulder.

"I love you, Jo. For what you've given me and continue to give me each day--your friendship and love. No one shall ever know the depth of that friendship and what you've done for me. You didn't even know me and took it upon yourself to give me what I needed and thought I'd lost. You brought love back into my heart, Jolan. You made me whole again."
Jolan was in tears, Josh moving and kissing his cheek.

"I'll never stop loving you, for your friendship and love. Thank you for giving me Chace's love back."
Chace walked up to Jolan, his arms wrapping around his man.

"Thank you, Jolan. For loving both of us, and forging our love together for always."
Josh smiled widely, Chace pulling him into a kiss.

The audience was on its feet again, staring at the two kissing men.

Another true sign of love shown before them, two men baring their now free souls to the world.

Josh and Chace broke their kiss, both hugging Jolan, the audience clapping loudly.

Jolan was in tears, the two kissing his cheeks, moving and walking to Justin's right side, standing beside Lance and Joey.

Justin smiled, looking at them and then around at everyone else.

Ellen smiled, walking up to Jolan, she standing on his left, Justin standing on his right.

"You truly are a giving soul, Jolan. All these people have deep love in their joined hearts because of you." Ellen smiled, the audience clapping, staring at all the revealed love.

"I sense love and try to enrich it. They all joined that love by themselves." he said, tears showing in his eyes.

"Your guiding love joined all of them, Jo." Justin said, his hand going to Jolan's shoulder.

Jolan smiled, nodding at Justin.

Ellen smiled, looking up at the audience, smiling.

"A show of love centered around one man. One giving man of life, happiness and love. I'll let three others finish this show on a note of true love."
She smiled, walking back to Sandra and Jessica, standing beside them, all the people on the stage looking towards Jolan.

"Jennie, please join us." Justin said, Jennie smiling and walking up to Jolan.

She stood on Jolan's left, Hayden in her arms, the boy smiling at his father, Justin standing on Jolan's right, his hand still on his shoulder.

Jolan looked up into Justin's blue eyes, seeing a deep truth there.

And in his heart he sensed what Justin was about to do.

Justin smiled at him, his blue eyes turning back to the audience, all of their friends standing around them.

"I said earlier that I thought of Jolan and Jennie as now my family. I include our little Hayden in that circle as well. In my circle of love."
Hayden and Jennie smiled, Jolan's eyes on Justin's.

"You've just seen the truths of love opened before you. Our friends showing their love openly to give them the happiness and love they deeply deserve. And they all have your love in their hearts as well, Jolan. But no one deserves more of your love than we three do, Jolan."
Jolan's eyes were glued to Justin's, the man's face a reflection of love and happiness.

"You've given me three beautiful parts to my soul, Jo."
Justin's eyes went to Jennie.

"A new sister of love, a sister of giving love."
Jennie smiled widely, her eyes on Justin.

Justin smiled, his eyes going to Hayden's blue eyes, the boy smiling widely at Justin.

"And a small angel of happiness, a beautiful child I can call my own. Our son, Hayden."
The room was in total silence, Justin's last three words forming a reality in all their minds.

"And most of all, in the center of my world now, there's a love that I've been so blessed to receive. It's your love, my Jolan."
Justin took Jolan's hand in his, pulling his lover off the stool, his arms going around him.

Justin's blue eyes looked into his Jolan's grey, a truthful smile of happiness on his handsome face.

"I love you, Jolan. Thank you for giving me love, a family and happiness."
Jolan stared into Justin's blue eyes, seeing the total love shining back.

"I love you, Justin." he said, feeling his own soul suddenly focus.

Justin smiled widely, his lips meeting Jolan's.

Around them their friends stood with wide smiles, their hands in their soulmates'.

And the audience was on their feet, the clapping thunderous.



End of Chapter 92




Well, well, well!

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The revelations of all that Jolan's done.
Of all the love he's united.

And our Justin's statement of openness.

All our loving soulmates can now live a life of open love.


How will the media and the world react to this show of love?
I thought it would be a novel idea to reveal all their secret love together.

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