Jolan's Path - Chapter 93


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 93


Jolan's eyes scanned the backyard, taking in all the people surrounding him.

Justin stood at the barbecue cooking hamburgers and hotdogs, Lance standing beside him, a glass of wine in his hand.

Jolan was seated at the patio table, surrounded by his friends, the backyard a friendly gathering of supporters.

He smiled, his eyes on Hayden, the boy running around the backyard with his friends Sean and Jayden, Jennie and Jonathan--as well as Stevie--chasing them.

He looked around the patio seeing all the extra chairs filled, the deck covered with familiar--and some new--faces.

He'd seen all these unknown people surrounding Lynn in the studio, their smiling faces showing a familiarity with the Timberlake clan.

It wasn't till after the show that Jolan had been introduced to his friends' families.

They'd all attended the show, his friends calling their families before the divulged truth hit the stage.

They'd all flown in for their child's moment of freedom and truth, Jolan seeing their loving support surrounding them all.

Lance had introduced him to his mother Diane and his father Jim, as well as his sister Stacy.

It had been Lance's mother that Lynn had been chatting with when Jolan had spotted her in the audience before that moment of truth.

Josh's parents both surrounded him, Jolan introduced to them as well as to Chace's parents.

He saw all their love shining for their children.

Ellen had closed off the show quickly after Justin's proclamation, stating her support for all of them and their courage at showing true love so openly.

She'd thanked Jolan for coming on her show, Jolan smiling, his thanks returned.

After the cameras turned off the group on the stage had been surrounded by their families and friends, the clapping still resounding off the stage walls.
Ellen had hugged all of them, Jolan seeing her happiness at their happiness.

They'd been gradually directed off stage by Ben, their happiness needing some more private surroundings, the audience gradually silencing and beginning to exit their seats.

The group had joined together in the backstage area, the introductions made to the Dragos family.

Jennie had been hugged by all the mothers, her innocence and beauty drawing all of them to her.

Jolan had smiled, seeing her happiness at being singled out.

Jonathan had stood beside her, he blushing at their pinching his cheeks, Jennie smiling at him.

Jolan had been hugged by his grandfather and sister, as well as his smiling uncles.

"Free love surrounds you now, Jolan. I wish you and your Justin a lifetime of happiness." Simus had said, Jolan smiling at his uncle.

"It will be matched only to your happiness, Uncle." Jolan had smiled, looking at Cory standing beside Simus.

Both men had smiled, their hands going together.

Jolan had smiled and chatted with all the new people, all of them smiling or staring at him with a quiet awe.

He felt in all of them a sense of awed respect and soft concern for him.

Justin had stood back chatting with his friends, his eyes going often to Jolan's smiling face.

His need finally got the best of him again, his hand going into Jolan's, the young man looking into his blue eyes.

Jolan smiled at him, but Justin sensed an underlying quietness surrounding his lover.

Lonnie walked up to Johnny, whispering in his ear, the man standing with Jolan, Justin and Josh.

"The vehicles are ready, let's head to them. Justin invited everyone to his place for the afternoon, to watch the televised show and to have fun." Johnny said, smiling around at everyone.

Hayden ran up to his father, Lynn following him smiling.

Jolan picked up the small boy, Hayden smiling at him.

"Me's go homes to play with Sean and Jay?"

Jolan smiled, nodding.

Ben walked up to the three, Jolan smiling at him.

"A pleasure meeting you, Mr. Dragos. I see your life is now rich with love." Ben said, smiling at Hayden then Justin, Justin smiling at the young man.

"And your life is on its path, Ben. I'm glad I had some small part in righting its journey." Jolan said with a smile.
The young man smiled, nodding his head, walking off to talk with Ellen.

Justin looked at Jolan, his grey eyes staring after the young man.

He then smiled at Justin; Lonnie and Chace walking up to both of them.

"Chace and I will go with you three." Josh smiled, Jolan quietly nodding, he and his son following Lonnie.

Josh and Justin exchanged looks, their eyes following Jolan, Justin talking with Josh.


When they'd exited the studio they'd walked into a free-for-all outside.

They walked right into the middle of the waiting audience, that audience surrounded by reporters.

The men had all smiled as they signed autographs, ignoring the shouting reporters, Lonnie gradually guiding them all to the waiting SUVs.

Jolan had remained silent, Hayden wrapped in his protective arms, the group disappearing into the first vehicle.

"Wow, they've caught the scent of blood! We're all going to be inundated with interview requests when that show hits the airwaves this afternoon." Chace said, looking out at the surrounding mob.

Josh's hand went in his, Chace smiling and kissing his cheek.

Justin smiled at them, seeing their now open love, his eyes going to his Jo.

Jolan sat in silence, looking out the window, Hayden in his lap.

The drive home was a quiet ride, Josh and Justin looking at each other quietly.

Here now it was late afternoon, the group now relaxing on the patio after having watched the show in the living room at four o'clock.

Jolan had sat in relative silence during the show, Justin cuddled up beside him on the couch, Jolan's arm around him, Hayden sitting with Sean and Jayden on the floor in front of them playing.

Jolan had softly smiled at everyone's compliments on his calmness and narrative skills during the show.

Justin had smiled, seeing his lover at the center of all their praise.

Jolan had relived it all again, seeing every moment of magical wonder, right up to the moment Justin had enveloped him in his arms in the center of everyone.

He stared at the television, that moment sinking into his soul.

He saw before him the total happiness on his lover's face just before he'd kissed him.

Jolan sat in silence, his mind filled with thought and enigmatic wonder.

Justin leaned forward, kissing his lover's cheek.

"Penny for your thoughts, my love." he said, turning Jolan's eyes to his.

Jolan stared at him for a moment, then lowered his head.

Justin would have none of it.

His fingers raised Jolan's face, Justin seeing the confusion in those grey eyes of love.

The room was silent, Lonnie having shut the television off.

Everyone's eyes were now on Jolan and Justin, the two seated together, staring at each other.

They all sensed something bothering Jolan.

"Why did all of you do that? Why did you expose your love on national television? Was it because of me? Am I to blame for all of this happening? You saw that mob out there, Jus. That's only the beginning of this. You've thrown yourselves into the spotlight because of me. I'm sorry, I never wanted that. I never wanted you to do something you should only have done when you were ready. Not just for me. I'm sorry!"

Jolan stood up, starting to leave the room, Justin right behind him.

Jolan didn't make it out of the room, Josh standing in front of him.

"No, Jolan. You need to understand something. We didn't do what we did today for you."

Jolan stared at his friend, Josh's hand going to Jolan's shoulder.

"We did it for us, Jolan. You had only one involvement in this. And that was your surrounding love."
Jolan looked a little surprised, Josh smiling at him.

"A few days ago we held a private meeting at my place. It was a meeting to discuss you."

Jolan's head turned, Justin smiling at him.

"It was that day I was supposed to be doing your song with Britney. We never did get to it."
Jolan stared at him, then turned back to Josh.

Joey, Lance, Chace, Chris and Britney all stood up, walking to Josh's sides, Jolan staring at his friends.

Sandra, Jessica, Lonnie and Ally all stood as well, smiling at the young man.

"It was a meeting with one purpose, Jolan. It was a meeting to voice our love for you. For your walking into our lives."
Jolan softly smiled, Lance walking up to him, putting his hand on his shoulder now.

"You walked into all of our lives in such a moving, loving way. You guided me to my Joey, as you guided Chris to Britney, Lonnie to Ally and Jessica to Sandra. And you destroyed the hurt and pain surrounding Josh and Chace, uniting them with a stronger bond of love. Your love was the beacon that lit the way to our soulmates. How could we ever thank you for that?" Lance said, smiling at him.
"By being my friends, Lance. That's all I've ever wanted from all of you. I love you all. You are my friends."
They all smiled, Josh looking into his grey eyes.

"That was the first thing voiced, my friend. Your loving friendship. We all feel that in our souls. Your love for me--and for my Chace--drew myself to the realization that it was time I voiced my love for my Chace openly. You gave me a second chance at total love, Jo. And that's a love I now refuse to hide. I love my Chace. It was time to have that freedom."
Chace's hand went in Josh's, their parents smiling at the two loving men.

"I felt the same way, Jo. You guided me to my loving Lance. His love overwhelms me. It's so beautiful, so sensual and so giving. His love, I finally realized, is the love I want to have the rest of my life. And now that I have that I, too, refuse to hide it. I love Lance and I wanted to love him freely. So, he and I decided both together that it was time for us to begin our life of open love. Your love guided us to that happiness." Joey said, smiling at Jolan, Jolan tearing up.

Josh smiled, seeing Jolan had calmed down, their truths calming him.

"Justin walked into the middle of that meeting, we uniting to tell him what we wanted to do." Chris said, Britney's arm around him.
Justin's hand went into Jolan's, Jolan turning and looking at his man.

"I saw their open love, their need to seek their total freedom for love. I saw your love as the adhesive that bound them all together, creating their unified souls of love. That's when I realized that I am just like them, Jo. I love you, and it was time I stopped hiding that love from the world. It was time I did what I wanted to do for myself."
Justin moved forward, his arms going around his Jolan.

"I wanted to hold you in my arms in the center of the world, showing all and everyone the man I love. And how his love fills my soul."
Jolan teared up, Justin kissing his soft lips tenderly.

"Your love is my love, Jolan. The world now sees what everyone here sees. I'm in love, and I'm happy. I've found my soulmate."
Jolan teared up, everyone smiling at him.

"We agreed on the idea that if we did it all together then perhaps the media frenzy wouldn't be so singular in its relentless needs. What better place and time to do it than when the world was focusing on you, Jolan?" Chris said, Britney smiling at Jolan as well.

"Your love united all of us, Jo. Where better than in that center of love to open our lives?" Britney smiled, Jolan smiling at her.

"Two heteros in a field of pansies. You must have felt so out of place!"

Everyone burst into laughter, Jolan's humor destroying the emotional atmosphere.

Jolan smiled, looking around, his eyes going to Britney again.

"But, Britney. Why bring a walrus?"

Joey exploded into laughter, Chris staring at Jolan with a surprised look on his face.

Jolan smiled at him, his eyes going to Justin.

"Well my song was a mirror into the future. I stood in that field of pansies and picked me a fantastic posy!"
Leo and Cory burst into laughter, everyone seated around them laughing, Justin smiling widely, Jolan's arms going around him.

"I love you, Justin. That you'd stand on that stage and proclaim your love for me, Jennie and Hayden, it just totally overwhelmed me. As did all of you stating your free love. I just thought it was so moving, so entrenched with love. It was a moment of love I thought I'd never have."
Justin's arms tightened around his Jo, Jolan staring into his blue eyes.

"I love you, Jolan. I stated my love because you are my love. We're free to express that love openly. This is the first day of the rest of our lives of open love."
Jolan smiled, as did everyone surrounding them.

"It's a wonderful day, Jumpy. Be prepared. I'm going to kiss you everywhere."
Chris laughed, Jolan and Justin both smiling at him.

"Look out world! The level of tawdriness just went up!"

Jolan laughed, Chris smiling at him.

"We'll keep it clean, Chris! As long as Britney doesn't preen her walrus in public."
Everyone laughed, Justin pulling Jolan against him, kissing him deeply.

The laughter died down, everyone watching the two kiss.

Karen Chasez put her hand on Lynn's shoulder.

"Your son's never looked so happy."
Lynn smiled, looking at the two.

"And I've never been more happy that he's happy."

Everyone smiled, the two surrounded by all of them.


Here now Jolan sat at the patio table, surrounded by everyone chatting and laughing.

Josh sat down beside him, Jolan smiling at him.

"Thanks for the words spoken inside, Joshy. I now see the reasoning behind what you all did."

Josh smiled, looking at Jolan.

"We are all happy now, Jo. Our love is free and open. My Chace and I don't have to hide our love anymore."
Jolan smiled, Josh smiling back.

"You never hid that from me, Josh. I've seen it since the first day I met you."
Josh smiled, looking towards his Chace, the man talking with Josh's father and mother, Karen's arm wrapped around him.

"My parents have welcomed him so easily. It was truly amazing the day we told them."
"They love their son. They'd always welcome the person who loved him as well."
Josh teared up, Jolan kissing his cheek.

Josh told him of their meeting both sets of parents, all four welcoming them.

Parents who knew the love their sons now had.

"Can I ask you a question, Jo?"
Jolan nodded, Josh looking at him.

"What was that about with Ben? About righting his path?"
Jolan smiled, telling Josh about his talking with the man before walking onto Ellen's stage.

"See! Your book does affect people, Jo! He's living proof of that."
Jolan nodded, smiling at Josh.

"Yes, I now see that. I'm happy I made a difference in his a life. A difference for the better."
Josh nodded, looking at his Chace.

"You've made a difference in a lot of lives, Jolan. Today was a celebration of that."
Jolan smiled, looking at his Justin.

"Yes, Josh. It truly was that. And there's so much more to come."
Josh nodded, looking at Jolan quietly.

Soon it was dinner time, Justin having finished the barbecuing, Rachel and Daphne providing the salads, potatoes and other dishes.

Domo had prepared a few of his delicious recipes as well, the three patio tables set up filled with lots of food.

Everyone sat down, Jolan smiling and standing up when everyone was seated.

"If you'll allow me I'd like to say grace."

Everyone smiled, bowing their heads.

"Hello, Lord. It is us, your children of love again. We give thanks to you for what here today surrounds us--friendship, family, love and happiness. The bounties of your love enriching our lives. We join here today under your love, surrounded by that which feeds our souls--good food, good friendship and guiding joy. Let us feast on all that needs to sustain us. Life, love and happiness. Thank you for giving us all open hearts of love. That love surrounding us will walk with us on the path of life. My own path of open love begins. I thank you for all I now have. It's more than I ever imagined. My life is good. I, and all of us, walk with your love in our hearts. Amen."

Justin was in tears looking up at his man, Jolan smiling at him as he sat down.

Hayden climbed into Jolan's lap from Randall's, Justin's father seated beside Jolan.

"Me hungy, Daddy!"

Jolan smiled, the boy picking up a fork.

"Then let's get my little man fed!"
Justin grinned, everyone diving into the food.


Justin walked into the bedroom, seeing the room empty, the bed still made.

It was after midnight, everyone having gone to bed or gone home.

He, Jennie and Jonathan had watched a movie, Jolan having retired about an hour ago.

The house had been filled all evening with a lot of happy, joyous individuals.

Justin smiled, remembering his man had been the most happy.

After dinner he'd walked around, meeting and talking more with all of his friends' parents.

Justin had always thought of them as adoptive second parents, the mothers gaining a group of loving sons.

He smiled, seeing they'd included Jolan and Jennie in that group, the two young people smiling with happiness.

Jolan and Justin had said goodnight to everyone as they'd left, the two men seeing the reporters behind the front gates of their home.

He walked in and back out of their bathroom, Jolan not there either.

He smiled, walking out the bedroom door, quietly walking across the hall.

He peeked into Hayden's room, the boy sound asleep in his car bed, snuggled in his blankets.

Justin looked surprised, almost certain that that would be where he'd find Jolan.

He quietly closed the door, walking downstairs.

His parents and Jonathan were staying tonight, all now in their rooms.

He walked downstairs, the house silent and cloaked in darkness.

He checked everywhere, then walked into the kitchen, walking across the room and looking out through the patio doors.

He smiled, seeing Jolan sitting on the patio steps on the far side of the darkened patio, his back turned to Justin.

Justin gently opened the sliding door, walking out onto the patio.

He sat down beside his lover, his arm going around him, Jolan staring out into the darkness.

"Couldn't sleep, my love?"
Jolan's head turned, Justin staring into two grey eyes filled with tears, Jolan's face covered in them.

Jolan sank into Justin's chest, Justin wrapping both arms around him.

"What's wrong, Jolan?" he said, Jolan tightening his hold on Justin.

"I'm so in love with you, Jus! What you did today. . .what you did!" he cried, Justin holding him in his arms.

"I'm deeply in love with you, Jo. I did what my heart longed to do.  I showed the world my love for you. A love I'll show you every day for the rest of our lives."
Jolan raised his head, his grey tearful eyes looking at him.

"I can't believe you've risked everything for me, Justin. I can't believe in such a short time you've become the world to me. And that you love me that much to do that. . .it's so. . .it's. . ."
Justin smiled, kissing Jolan on the lips, silencing him.

Jolan sat in silence, his lover's lips attached to his, his arms around him.

Justin broke the kiss slowly, softly kissing him several quick times, their eyes opening into each other's soul.

"Believe it all, Jolan. I love you, and you are my world as well. We're free, Jolan. We're free to love each other as we have since the day we met. Now we're free to do it openly and without fear. I love you, Jo. And now I can say it anywhere, and show it anywhere."
Jolan smiled, Justin smiling back.

"Justin, everything you've risked. The media, Jus? They'll be relentless."
Justin smiled at Jolan, Jolan staring into his blue eyes.

"We'll handle all of that together, Jolan. Yes, my being famous--and you on the edge of fame--will draw them to us like vultures. But they'll see before them two people in love. There's nothing they can drudge through the papers that we won't now show openly. The fuss will die down, and then we'll be happy together with Hay."

Jolan smiled, looking at his man.

"I love you, Jus."
Justin smiled, Jolan leaning against his chest again, staring out into the darkness.

"I know it was a day of surprises for you, Jo. You always told me that when I was ready I'd know. I knew when I saw you with Hayden in your arms. I knew I'd found my soulmate and the child I was destined to love and raise, together with you."
Jolan teared up, Justin smiling at him.

"Fame, celebrity renown, and glamour hold no strength against the love I have for you and Hay, Jo. I'm fully prepared for whatever lays ahead. I know it will be good because the two of you will be with me."
Jolan pulled Justin against him, their lips meeting again.

"I love you, Justin."
Justin smiled, kissing him softly on the lips, his finger brushing his cheek.

"And I love you, my famous writer."
Jolan softly smiled, Justin smiling back at him.

"Ready for tomorrow, my love? Your moment of literary greatness is soon at hand, your fans about to bask in your beauty."
Jolan blushed, Justin chuckling.

"Always, my Jo. So beautiful and bashful. I'm going to be so happy standing beside your beauty throughout life."
Jolan stared at Justin, his grey eyes filled with love.

"My beauty is yours alone, Jumpy. All I have I give to only you."
Justin smiled an intoxicating smile of desire.

"Well, I think I should get the first autograph from the famous Jolan Dragos. I've got a pen upstairs in our bedroom."
Jolan smiled, seeing the loving desire in Justin's eyes.

"And I know just where to sign. Right between the abs of my Adonis."
Justin laughed, standing up and pulling Jolan up with him.

Jolan smiled, taking Justin's hand in his.

The two walked back into the house, their love guiding them to their bed.


Jolan felt a movement around him, two small hands patting his head.

"One more hour, Jus. Please!"

He heard giggling, his own face buried in the soft pillow in front of him.

He felt someone small climb on top of his back, those small hands patting his head again.

"Me no Poppa! Me your Hay! Wakes up, Daddy!"

Jolan moved with lightning speed, his arms encircling the falling child behind him, Hayden roaring with laughter as his father began to tickle him, Jolan smiling at his son in his arms.

"My little boy's a great alarm clock!"
Hayden laughed, Jolan hearing other laughter around him as well.

He turned his head away from his smiling son, Josh's smiling face beaming at him.

"That he is, Jo."

Jolan smiled, Josh sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Morning, Joshy."
"Morning, Jo. Justin asked me to wake you. Hayden wanted to do it, so I walked him up. Justin's in the kitchen with everyone else."
Jolan smiled, Hayden giggling as he climbed into Josh's lap.

"Poppa cooking breakwast, Daddy!"

Jolan smiled, Josh smiling as well.

"Wonderful, Hay. I know you love his pancakes!"
The boy grinned, a tapping coming to the door.

"Come in, Jennie." Jolan smiled, his sister walking into the room.

"Morning, Jo. Time to get dressed, Hay!"
The boy smiled, Josh gently letting him down off the bed, the boy running to Jennie, still wearing his pajamas.

"Take your time, Jo. Justin's got breakfast well in hand. Jonathan's helping him."
Jolan smiled, looking at Josh.

"Who'd have thought that we'd luck out and get two great Timberlake slaves, right Jennie?"
Jennie laughed, Josh smiling.

Hayden waved goodbye to his father, Jolan smiling after him.

Josh smiled as Jennie shut the door.

"The big day, Jo."
Jolan smiled, Josh staring at his naked chest, Jolan sitting up in bed, the covers covering his lower section.

"Yesterday was the big day, Josh. I don't think I can take any more surprises."
Josh laughed, Jolan smiling at him.

"So where's your better half?"
"Chace had a rehearsal this morning. He's promised to swing by before we leave."
"Oh, you guys are coming then?"
Josh smiled, leaning in and kissing Jolan's cheek.

"You're one of my dearest friends, Jo. I wouldn't be anywhere else than with you on an important day like today. Our Jo's going to be in the spotlight, mesmerizing his fans."
Jolan smiled softly, Josh putting his arm around him.

"Still nervous, Jo?" he said, Jolan hearing the caring in his voice.

"Ever feel like you're caught in a whirlwind, Josh? Like everything's spinning out of control?"
Josh smiled, nodding.

"Don't tell Justin, but I was a little overwhelmed yesterday."
Josh smiled more, nodding again.

"We kind of sensed you were, Jo. Our proclamations yesterday kind of took you by surprise. And I know it's not every day that a guy like Justin Timberlake declares his love for you on national television."
Jolan smiled, looking into Josh's blue eyes.

"I don't--and never will--give a damn about Justin Timberlake the image. It's my Jumpy that I love."
Josh smiled, seeing no trembling fantasy in Jolan's grey eyes.

To his soul of love Justin would always be his Jumpy.
"Those words have already brought great happiness to my best friend's soul. He told me that that was the one thing he loved most about you. You saw past the image and found the real Justin, the Jus I've always loved."

Jolan smiled, nodding.

"That inner Jus, that mirthful, childish, impish, incredibly sensitive man is the man I need, Joshua."

Josh smiled, looking into Jolan's grey eyes.

His beautiful face seemed to accentuate his revealed smooth muscular body.

Josh's eyes lowered, Jolan smiling.

"Like what you see, Josh?"
Josh blushed, Jolan grinning.

"It's okay, Joshy. You and I are friends of deep giving love. There's nothing about me that I would hide from you. That includes this skinny carcass of mine."
Josh smiled, his eyes going to Jolan's firm, smooth, chiseled chest, then to his grey silvery eyes.

"You are in no way skinny, Jo. You're tight, muscular and downright awesome."
Jolan smiled, Josh getting up off the bed.

"I'll let you get dressed, Jo. I'll see you downstairs."
Jolan smiled, rising up off the bed, the covers remaining there, his nude form now standing in front of Josh.

Josh tried to avert his gaze, his eyes scanning quickly over the muscular form showing before him.

He took in every sinewy muscle, every smooth inch of Jolan's beautiful body.

His eyes flashed on his large center, Josh's cheeks reddening as he looked elsewhere.

Jolan smiled, seeing Josh's chivalrous caring.

"We're best friends, Josh. Relax, and be natural around me. I'd be more than comfortable if you were like this."
Josh nodded, his eyes meeting Jolan's.

"You're definitely a beautiful man, Jolan."
Jolan smiled, his hand going to Josh's shoulder.

"But how do I measure against Chace?"
Josh's face changed, a look of total happiness spreading across it.

"No words need saying, Joshy. That look shows your true heart, and where it lies."
Josh smiled, Jolan turning and walking to the bathroom, Josh's eyes following his muscular butt as it moved forward.

"Tell Jus I'll be down shortly."
"Will do, Jo."
Jolan smiled, walking into the bathroom.
Josh smiled, his thoughts on his man.

You are beautiful of body and soul, Jolan.

Almost as breathtaking as my Chace.

Josh smiled, walking out of the room.


Jolan walked into the kitchen, the table surrounded by his family.

Lynn smiled up at him, Hayden seated in her lap.

"Morning, Jo." Paul said, smiling beside his wife.

"Morning, Paul. Good morning everyone."
Everyone greeted him, Jolan smiling as Justin kissed his cheek, his man coming over from the stove.

"I've taken care of breakfast, my angel. I wanted you to have something nice for the big day."
Jolan smiled, sitting down beside Jennie, Jonathan kissing his cheek and handing him a cup of orange juice.

"Thanks, Jon."
The young man smiled, his eyes going to Jennie's.

"Good night sleep, Jo?" Lisa asked, smiling at him.

His eyes went around the table, seeing soft smiles on everyone's faces.

Jolan turned looking at Justin, his man whistling at the stove, his legs moving as if he were dancing by himself.

"Our boy's in a center of happiness this morning, Jo. I think a wolf was chasing him last night." Lynn said, smiling at him.

Jolan softly blushed, a hand going onto his shoulder, the young man looking up into Justin's blue soulful eyes.

Justin beamed, setting a platter of bacon on the table.

"Yep, I was quite coy last night. The beast hunted long and skillfully."
Jolan smiled, then laughed, Justin smiling widely.

"It was a satisfying hunt. It was nice to run in the open." Justin said, Jolan smiling with love at him.

Justin returned to the stove, Lynn smiling at Jolan.

Jolan's eyes looked around at everyone, sipping his orange juice.

"So what's the good word? How bad is it?"
Lonnie looked at Jolan, the man and Ally having arrived about half an hour ago.

Lonnie had picked up all the local and international papers, Jolan having spotted the pile on a chair by the patio door.

"Word's spread fast, Jo. It's all over the radio, television, internet, and in print. It's as big as we thought it would be." Ally said, looking at Jolan.

Jolan stared at her, his eyes going to Justin.

"Was there a camera in our room last night?"

Lonnie burst into laughter, Jolan joining him, Justin beaming widely.

Everyone caught the reality of Ally's final sentence, all joining Lonnie now in his laughter.

It now clicked in Ally's mind, her cheeks blushing red now.

Jolan laughed, putting his hand on her shoulder.

"And just how big did you think it was, girlfriend?"
Ally laughed now, looking towards Justin.

"And I thought it was just a our myth." Ally said, looking at Lonnie.
Jolan lost it, Ally joining him, Justin smiling widely.

He saw the happiness on Jolan's face, his lover happy and calm.

Jolan looked around the table, everyone smiling at him.

"The media will grind this through the ringer, and we'll see it through. Justin and I are a couple in love. We'll weather it all together."
Justin smiled, wrapping his arm around Jolan from behind, kissing his neck.

"You and me, babe. Together forever."
"You got it, Cher!"

Josh laughed, Jolan smiling at him.

They all sat down, enjoying a relaxing breakfast together.


Jolan looked in the mirror, his grey eyes scanning the outfit he wore.

"I don't know when you have the time to shop, Jus. You're spoiling me."
Justin smiled, laying across the bed, his eyes on the vision of beauty before him.

Jolan wore a pair of black jeans, a white silk shirt and a black suede jacket covering it.

"You look so good in black, my wolfen beauty."
Jolan smiled, looking towards Justin.

"So you dress me to turn you on?"
Justin smiled, getting up off the bed, his arms wrapping around Jolan's waist.

"You in anything--or nothing, for that matter--just about does it for me, Jo. Your beauty in all moments sets my heart on fire."
"A heart of fire, a heart of desire."
Justin smiled, his lips kissing Jolan's neck.

"A heart of beauty, for my cutie."

Jolan laughed, Justin smiling.

"I'm so glad you're so happy, my Wolfy."
Jolan smiled, kissing Justin's chin.

"I'm happy that I have you in my life, Justin. I'm happy that today I'm going to meet my fans. Today, I'm going to find some meaning in my life's work. Hearing their stories may give my life vindication. I always wrote to free my soul. I'm hoping it's freed others."
"It has, Jo. Just look at what it did for Ben."
Jolan smiled, thinking of the young man.

"Yes, Ben. Our giving young assistant. I think he needs a little assistance himself."
Justin's eyebrow raised, Jolan smiling at him.

"What does that mean?"
"Oh, nothing at the moment. So what do you think?" Jolan said, posing in front of the mirror.

"I think I just might not let you leave. You're turning me on big time."
"Fantastic! Now to find me some hot boy toys who need a hot writer to drool over."
Justin laughed, Jolan pulling him against him.

"Nah, I think I'll just settle for the man child that burns my heart with love."
Justin smiled, Jolan kissing him deeply.

"Let's go, Jus. I'm ready for life."
Justin smiled, Jolan taking his hand, the two walking out of the bedroom.


Justin smiled, watching Jolan pace the hallway.

They were in the back offices of the West Pavilion Barnes and Noble bookstore in east L.A.

He'd been watching Jolan pace on and off for the last hour, everyone quietly watching as well.

The room was filled with Jolan's friends, Lance smiling at Jolan.

"Relax, Jo. You're going to wear a groove in those tiles if you don't settle down." he said, Jolan's eyes meeting his.

Jolan stopped, softly smiling at him and his friends, Justin putting his arm around him.

"It's almost show time, Jo. You pumped for this?" Justin said with a smile, Jolan's grey eyes meeting his.

"You mean like outside?"
Justin smiled, Jolan shaking his head.

To say there had been a media frenzy awaiting them when they'd pulled down the street of the bookstore would have been an understatement.

The whole street was lined with video trucks, vans and swarming people.

Lonnie had had to drive slowly down the street, the car surrounded with paparazzi and other people.

Jolan and Justin had both stared out the vehicle windows, flashing cameras shining through the tinted glass.

Jolan was thankful that Jennie and Hayden had stayed home with Lynn and Lisa.

Josh and Chace were in the vehicle with them as well, the four surrounded by screaming reporters.

Jolan had thought they'd eventually be overrun by the way the people were pushing against their moving vehicle.

Suddenly Jolan had glimpsed several policemen and security guards pushing their way through the media, joined soon by others.

The vehicle had stopped, the car encircled by policemen and security personnel.

"Looks like the Calvary have rode in to rescue us." Justin smiled, Jolan looking at him.

"More like Leo's on the ball." Ally said from the front seat with Lonnie.

Jolan turned and looked at her, the woman smiling.

"He told me he'd hired a large security detail to guard you. What with yesterday's revelations and all." she said, smiling at Lonnie.

"Leo's a very together guy." Chace said, Jolan smiling at him.

"Yep, my old friend's always had my back."

Josh smiled, looking at Justin.

"So when's he going to tell Joey that he's fallen in love with Kelly?"

Jolan's eyes widened, staring at Josh.

"How. . .?"

Josh and Chace both smiled, as did Justin.

"Even with all the excitement yesterday it wasn't hard to see Kelly and him staring at each other. Plus, Chace saw them with their hands together briefly." Josh smiled, Jolan smiling.

"He told me the other day. He's worried how Joey will react. Just give him some time, guys."
Everyone smiled, Justin staring at Jolan.

"Was this your doing, Jo?"
"Let's just say I let love bloom where it must."
Josh and Chace chuckled, Justin leaning forward and kissing Jolan, cameras flashing around them outside the ring of policemen.

"Open love, my angel. It's damn near fantastic!"

Jolan smiled at Justin's words, seeing the look of happiness on his face, Josh smiling at both of them.

"It really is, Jus. I'm just as happy as you are."
Justin smiled, Lonnie climbing out of the vehicle.

A line of guards and policemen formed from the rear door, Lonnie walking to the door.

He opened it, leaning in.

"A clear line of sight, Justin. Don't stop till you're inside. I'll be at your back."
Justin nodded, taking Jolan's hand in his.
"Let's go to your happiness, my love."
Jolan smiled, Justin stepping out of the car, his hand still in Jolan's.

The two men stepped out into a frenzied shouting match.

Jolan had never seen so many flashing cameras and heard such an uproarious noise.
Questions were being thrown from every direction.


Are you two getting married now? Is that the next step, Justin?

How will this affect your career, Justin?
What do your parents think of your new lifestyle?
Who's the boss in this new relationship?

Is this just a stunt to sell books and revive your career, Jolan?


Jolan stopped as the last question was asked, Justin remaining focused, his eyes staring forward.

His arm went around Jolan, gently guiding him forward, the others following.

"No worries, my love. That's total bullshit and you know it."
Jolan looked at Justin, a large smile on his face.

Jolan smiled, the two walking into the bookstore.


Leo smiled, Jolan standing against the wall, Justin's arm wrapped around him.

"Thanks for the Calvary, Leopold." Jolan said, his friend smiling at him having just walked into the room, another man following him.

"I figured it would be a madhouse out there this morning. This is Malcolm Fillmore, the manager of this store, Jolan."

The other man who'd walked in with Leo smiled widely, Jolan smiling at the older gentleman.

"A great pleasure to finally meet you, Mr. Dragos! I've been a fan since I first read the book, two years ago. I am so glad it has finally been shown as the masterpiece you have written. Knowing a young man like yourself wrote it, gives the book a more authentic outlook. A young man writing of a young man's life."
Jolan smiled, the man shaking his hand, smiling at him.

Jolan took him to be about fifty-five, a warm smiling face giving him a distinguished, bookish handsomeness.

"Thank you, Mr. Fillmore. I'm touched by your kind words."

The man smiled, looking at Leo.

"It's just Malcolm, Mr. Dragos."
Jolan smiled, nodding.

"And it's just Jolan, Malcolm."
The man smiled, Leo nodding and grinning at Jolan.

"A fantastic day, Mr. Dragos. I can't believe the crowd that's assembled outside the store! If you think that mob out there is wild, you should take a look out the front windows. There has to be over a thousand people out there patiently waiting!"

Jolan's eyes widened, Justin's arm tightening around him.

"It's unbelievable, Jo! They've all lined up, and are silently waiting. The press was pestering them a bit, each one quietly waiting, giving their views on what you mean to them. I stood out there and listened. It's unbelievable. You're a guaranteed hit and the doors haven't even opened!" Leo said.

Jolan smiled, Malcolm smiling at him.

"So how does this work?" Josh said, the store manager smiling at him.

"Well, first we have an introduction, Mr. Dragos being introduced to the assembled crowd. You'll speak a few words, Jolan. Then a question and answer session dealing with your novel, then you'll be seated at a table and will sign books for the buyers."
Jolan nodded, Justin smiling at him.

"I insist on meeting everyone personally."
The manager's eyes widened, Leo smirking.

"Mr. Beaumont said you'd say that. I'm not sure we have the time for that, Jolan. It would take too long."
Jolan smiled, looking at his watch.

"I've got all day. They came to see me, I want to meet them."

The manager nodded, surprised at Jolan's calm demeanor.

"You're very together, Jolan. I'd be frazzled on a day like this." he smiled, Jolan smiling back.

"I wrote a story of life. Out there are those that identify with that life. I want to meet them and see what it's meant to them."

Everyone nodded, Leo clapping his hands together, smiling at Ally.

"Then let's get to it, Shakespeare!"

Jolan laughed, Justin smiling and walking with him out through the door into the store.


"Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to the newest literary celebrity that's now gracing our best-seller's list. He's currently at number twenty-seven on the New York Times best-seller list, and number twenty-two on the Los Angeles Times list. His turbulent life, celebrity involvement and unique passionate take on life will endear him to all of us. Just as his book has. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Jolan Dragos!"

Jolan smiled, standing on the raised platform, the young man surrounded by a loud, clapping multitude.

"Thank you all for coming." he said, Leo standing at his side, the young man smiling beside his friend after having introduced him.

Jolan smiled out at everyone, the store packed with people, a thousand a smaller estimate by Jolan's eye.

He picked up a copy of his novel, the book in his hand.

"It seems you've all come here for one singular reason. To meet the man behind the words. I am that man. But perhaps in a way I'm something more. I was truth, love, strength and courage wrapped in a capsule of forgetfulness. Today, that forgotten life is no more. Today, I have my life back. And this gem--written in the days of my youth, when life was good, when life was joyous--is a part of my soul. Today, I'd like to share that soul with you. It shall radiate out to all of you. And the words that enriched your lives shall today perhaps take on a larger meaning. Let me start with a thought. What is love without life?"
Justin and his friends stood behind a curtained wall, their eyes staring at Jolan with quiet awe.

They stood in silence watching the young man cast a spell of magical love on the audience before him, Justin seeing so many people staring up at him, hanging on every word Jolan spoke.

And Jolan spoke many words, the young man telling them of the depth of love and hope he'd written in the words contained within the book in his hand.

And the deeper meanings of those words in regards to his own solitary life.

Justin stood in silence, lost in the calmness and happiness he felt radiating from the man standing in front of him.

In his grey eyes Justin saw complete happiness.

Jolan Dragos had found the center of his universe.

And Justin felt in his heart his man was now fully healed.


Jolan smiled, sitting down at the table where he'd been guided by Malcolm.

The older man wore a smile of complete happiness, Jolan seeing the beaming pride the man was taking in how well the day had started.

Jolan had received a standing ovation after his speech, Malcolm directing people to a set-up microphone.

Jolan had answered many questions, smiling through most of them.

He remained calm when more intriguing questions were asked about the book and character subplots, Justin marveling at how informative and guiding Jolan's answers were.

His man was in the center of his forté.

His intelligence and guiding friendship left quite a few smiles on fans.

Justin heard several questions asked about Jolan's personal life with him, Jolan politely shooting them down.

Justin smiled, Jolan occasionally looking his way.

The audience couldn't see them behind the curtain, Justin totally happy about that.

This was Jolan's day.

His day of triumph over tragedy.

Jolan smiled now out at the forming line of patrons, each holding a book in their hand.

A velvet rope was removed, people beginning to move forward.

Jolan took the first book, smiling at a young woman, her toothy grin smiling back.

"Hello, Mr. Dragos. I simply love your book!"
Jolan smiled, looking into her grinning face, her blue eyes sparkling.

"Thank you, miss. Whom shall I make this out to?"
She smiled, stating it was for her brother.

Jolan smiled, asking her about him, writing in the book as she talked.


For over five hours Jolan signed books, greeting his fans, no look of tiredness or boredom showing on his smiling face.

He smiled and talked to all his fans, each leaving with a feeling of genuine happiness.

Two hours after he'd started someone walked up to the table, Jolan raising his head and smiling.

"Hello again, Ben." he smiled, the young man smiling at him.

"I just had to come, Mr. Dragos. Would you mind autographing my original copy? I've always thought that it in itself guided me to come out here."
Jolan smiled taking the well-worn book from the young man, Ben softly blushing.

"I'll buy a new one as well."
"That's okay, Ben. I know the value in your heart of what this one means to you."
The young man smiled, his eyes meeting Jolan's.

Jolan smiled, lowering his head and opening the book.

He wrote on the inside page, Ben quietly watching him.

Jolan closed the book, his eyes meeting Ben's.

"Thank you for enjoying the book, Ben. I wish you only happiness and a prosperous life. But always remember the underlying message within my book. Life isn't life without love."
The young man smiled, shaking Jolan's hand, Jolan watching him leave.

Jolan smiled to himself, watching the young man stop and open the book just before walking out of the door.

He stopped, reading what Jolan had written in the front of the book.

His head turned, looking back at Jolan with a look of surprise on his face, his eyes meeting Jolan's grey.

Another man walked up to the table, Jolan's eyes moving to him, Ben looking at the page in front of him again.

He quietly walked out of the store.

A half hour later another young man walked up to the table, a new copy of Jolan's novel in his hand.

"Hello, Mr. Dragos."
Jolan smiled at the young man, their eyes meeting.

"Hello again. What brings you here?"
The man smiled, placing his book on the table.

"I'm not really sure. I saw the show yesterday and I just had to come and wish you luck. You've earned your happiness."
Jolan smiled, the young man smiling back.

"We all have moments of luck in our lives. And moments of destiny. I'd like to give you one."

The young man looked confused, Jolan taking the book from his hand, opening it and writing inside.

He closed the book, handing it back to the young man.

"Take those words to heart, my friend. Life always changes for the better."
The young man took the book, Jolan's grey eyes staring at him, a soft smile on his face.

"Thank you, Mr. Dragos."
"It's just Jolan. Walk with love in your heart, my friend."
The young man smiled, walking away from the table, Jolan watching him leave.

Jolan smiled, going back to the next person in front of him.


Jolan continued to autograph books, smiling and talking with each buyer, stories of moving truth greeting him often.

He found a comradery in all of these interesting readers, Jolan seeing the joy and significance his book held in all their hearts.

Of course there were celebrity seekers among them as well, Jolan lightly brushing off their questions and talk of Justin and Jolan's friends.

Justin and his friends remained in the closed off area, all quietly talking and watching Jolan in the center of his happiness.

"Your man's in heaven, Jus. He's totally thrilled with each fan's happiness." Lance said, Joey smiling at him.

"Remember when we were like that? When we first started out and we wanted to meet everyone who bought our music?" he said, Justin smiling.

"Never enough hours in the day, guys. But Jolan's fans are different. He's changing their lives with his words."
Chace smiled, kissing Justin's cheek.

"You did the same guys. Your music changed the world."
The four friends smiled, Chace smiling back.

"Too bad you're all has-beens."

The five turned, staring at a man staring back at them.

Justin's eyebrows furrowed, staring into two hazel eyes intently staring back at him.

"How the hell did you get in here?"

The man smiled, looking past the group, his eyes going to Jolan.

"Now how could I miss your new boyfriend's big day?"

Justin's eyes were glued to the handsome man staring at him.

"It's been a while, Timberlake. I see you've latched onto a real looker. This one looks damn near delicious."

Justin stared at the man smiling with a hungry look on his face.

Mark Wahlberg smiled, walking past the five men, heading for Jolan.




End of Chapter 93


Well, well.

A new man walks onto our stage.

A sexy bad boy that I've always found so handsome.

What's Mark doing here?

Justin doesn't seem to be happy to see him and about the fact that he's eyeing Jolan.

What's going on?


Jolan's had his big day, his career finally focusing for him.

I wanted to show it as a day of vindication for him.

I hope I succeeded.


What did he write in Ben's book, and why did it surprise him?

Who was the other young man he talked to and wrote to?


Answers are forthcoming.

You just have to keep on reading.


Hugs, Angel.