Jolan's Path - Chapter 94


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 94


Justin froze, staring at the man now walking out into the store, the man heading for Jolan.

"Justin, what's Marky Mark doing here? And where does he know you from?" Joey said, staring at the man, his friends staring as well, all save Lance.

His eyes were on Justin, seeing the look of clouded fear on his face, his face having whitened.

Lance's hand went to his shoulder, Justin's eyes meeting his.

"Calm down, Justin."
Everyone's eyes went to Justin, seeing his troubled face, Josh looking at him.

"Is everything okay, Jus?"

Justin didn't answer him, sitting down in a chair, his head lowering.

Josh's eyes stared at him, then went to Lance's quietly staring green eyes.

"What's wrong, Lance? Justin looks worried."
Lance stared at him, then at everyone else.

"It's something that shouldn't be discussed here."
Everyone now knew that something was up, their eyes going back out to Jolan.

Jolan was just finishing up, having stood and shaken the hand of the fan in front of him, the store having ended the autograph session.

Jolan had thanked everyone else who stood waiting, their returned smiles a guarantee of no hard feelings for not having received an autograph.

Malcolm was standing with Leo, the two talking to Jolan, when Mark walked up to them.

Jolan's grey eyes looked in the two hazel orbs staring at him, Jolan taking in his rugged, masculine face.

The man's face changed into a wide smile, Jolan smiling back at him as he extended his hand.

"Hello, Jolan. Sorry I missed the autograph session. I've been dying to meet you." the man smiled, Jolan extending his hand, the man shaking his with incredible strength and masculinity.

"Hello, Mr. Wahlberg." Jolan said, smiling at him.

"Ah, you know me?"
Jolan softly blushed, the man staring at him.

"I haven't been gone that long. I do remember your music and photo ads for Calvin Klein."
The man smiled, his hazel eyes staring deeply into Jolan's.

"I've branched out since then, Jolan. I'm a talented, famous actor now."
Jolan nodded, his grey eyes continuing to stare at the man.

"I've been wanting to meet you. We have a mutual friend. Justin and I go way back." Mark said, Jolan's head turning towards Justin and his friends, Jolan seeing Justin sitting down, his head lowered.

"This is Malcolm Fillmore the store owner, and Leo Beaumont, my agent."

Mark nodded, ignoring the two men, his eyes still on Jolan.

Leo stared at the man as well, a feeling of confusion running through him.

He saw the remaining customers watching them and decided to move this elsewhere.

"We should return to your friends, Jolan. It's a little bit open here." he said, Jolan nodding.

"Please come backstage with us, Mr. Wahlberg. I'm sure Justin would like to see you again."
The man smiled widely, staring at Jolan.

"I'm sure he would." he smiled, the four men moving towards Jolan's friends.

Jolan and Mark talked as they walked towards the curtained area, Leo walking behind them.

"So, where do you know Justin from? A film set or a celebrity event?"
The man smiled, looking towards the staring men.

"Justin and I were good friends once. I'm sure he mentioned me?"
"No, he never mentioned you." Jolan said, his eyes going forward, looking towards Justin.

"That's surprising. I always thought he'd be the type to brag." the man smiled, his eyes scanning over Jolan.

Jolan stopped, staring at the man.

"What do you mean?"
The man smiled, looking at Jolan, Jolan seeing an intense desire flood the man's eyes.

"I wanted to congratulate you on getting Timberlake to show his true side. Kudos on snagging him. I'm sure you'll be quite happy with him. He's been well-seasoned."

The man pulled something out of his pocket, putting it in Jolan's hand.

"That's my private number. Why don't you call me sometime and we'll talk? I'd really like to get to know you."

Jolan stared at the man.

"Unfortunately I can't stay, a previous engagement. Call me, and we'll meet for a coffee or something." the man smiled, his hand going to Jolan's shoulder.

Jolan stared into his hazel eyes, the man smiling at him.

"Um. . .okay, Mr. Wahlberg."
"It's just Mark. Ask Justin about me, I think you'll be interested. I await your call."
The man released his hold of Jolan, smiling and leaving the young man staring after him as he walked out of the store, a lot of customers smiling and pointing at him as the man donned his sunglasses and slipped out the door.

"That was weird. What's a guy like him doing here?" Leo said, Jolan staring after the man.

"I'm not sure. He seemed really interested in me though." Jolan softly said, continuing towards his friends.


Jolan received hugs from everyone, the young man smiling widely.

Lance hugged him tight, Jolan hugging back.

"Awesome day, Jo! You were a big hit!"
Everyone voiced the same sentiments, Justin now standing again, smiling at Jolan.

"Thanks, guys. I feel so totally synched. It was greater than I'd expected."
Jolan smiled, his eyes going to Justin, his lover staring at him.

Justin smiled, seeing the happiness on Jolan's face, his eyes scanning behind him, seeing no sign of Mark Wahlberg.

"I had your love out there with me, Jus. I'm so happy." Jolan said, Justin's eyes returning to his Jo.
Justin smiled, pulling Jolan into his arms.

He hugged him tight, everyone looking at the two.

"You were fantastic, Jo. They were totally blown away by you."
Jolan smiled, Justin kissing him on the lips softly, everyone smiling.

"I finally feel like an author, Justin. I felt the worth of my words from their souls."
Justin smiled, his eyes going back out into the store, Jolan looking at him.

"Something wrong, Jus? Did you know Mark Wahlberg was out there? Did he talk to you? He said he and you were old friends. I was totally surprised by his appearance."
Justin's face changed, a soft look of worry crossing it.

"We were acquainted a long time ago, Jo. We went our separate ways." he softly said, his eyes focusing on Jolan, a smile returning to his face.

"That's not important, Jo. Your day of success is what we need to focus on! Let's head home everyone, I've got a surprise set up!"
Jolan smiled, Justin kissing his cheek, the others smiling.

Jolan didn't see their eyes go to Lance, his friend staring at Justin.

"We'll all meet you there, Jus and Jo!" Josh said, Jolan looking at him.

"You're not riding back with us?"
"No, Lance and I have some stuff to talk over." Josh said, smiling.

The two nodded, Justin looking at Lance, Malcolm walking up to Jolan.

"Thank you for a fantastic day, Jolan. We've sold out of your books, and the place is abuzz with happiness!"
Jolan smiled, shaking the man's hand.

"Thank you for having me, Malcolm. It's been a pleasure indeed."
The man smiled, shaking Justin's hand, Leo hugging both, saying he'd see them at the house.

Justin and Jolan followed Lonnie out through the back door, everyone else following.


"Alright, Lance. Spill it!"

Lance sat beside Joey, the two in the front of Joey's Rover.

Josh, Chace, Chris and Britney sat in the back seats, all four staring at Lance.

Joey's hand went in Lance's, Lance seeing his love and support.

Joey had parked on a secluded street after leaving the throng of reporters that still surrounded the bookstore when they ventured out, Joey sensing they needed a quiet place to talk.

Josh had spoken, his words to Lance filled with concern.

"Justin once told me this in the strictest confidence. But, I sense now it needs to be known. For Justin's--and especially Jolan's--sake I believe all of you should know this. Just so we can keep this man from tearing them apart."
Everyone looked concerned, Joey kissing Lance's cheek.

"Please, Lance. You have our undivided attention. What's going on here with Justin and Wahlberg?"
Lance looked at his friends, Josh staring at Lance with worry.

"Mark and Justin were lovers once."
Everyone looked surprised.

"Mark Wahlberg is gay?!!" Britney said, her voice filled with surprise.

"I think he's married, sweetie. He might be bi." Chris said to Britney, his arm around her, Lance looking at them.

"I believe, like Chris said, he's bisexual. But he's also a vindictive, focused and aggressive man. I said that he and Justin were lovers. I meant it in only the smallest sense of the word. There was no love between them."

Everyone looked confused, not sure what Lance was talking about.

"You're not making sense, love. You mean it was only a one night stand?" Joey said, Lance looking at him.

"No, Joe. It went on for over six months."
"They secretly were dating? Is that what you're saying? I never heard Justin ever mention Mark."
Lance's green eyes met Josh's blue, Josh having spoken.

"No, Joshy. They weren't dating."
Joey looked into Lance's green eyes when he looked at him.

"If they weren't dating, or in love, why the hell were they together for six months?" Josh said, Lance sighing.

He looked around at his friends, all their eyes looking at him, his sigh sounding heart-aching.

"Justin was with Mark for only one reason."

Josh stared at Lance, seeing the tears developing in his green eyes.

"Justin was forced into it. Mark Wahlberg was blackmailing him."


Lonnie pulled through the gates, the vehicle surrounded by paparazzi, the car slowly going onto Justin's private property.

The reporters gradually pulled back when the gates started closing, Lonnie gunning the vehicle up the driveway, parking at the door.

Jolan and Justin climbed out, their hands together.

Lonnie smiled, opening the passenger door for Ally, the two following their friends into the house.

Down at the gates wide-angle lenses were taking pictures of the two men walking hand-in-hand into the home.

Jolan smiled when he walked into his home, greeted at the door by his sister and Jonathan, as well as Justin's family.

"How'd it go, Jo?" Randall said smiling at him.

"It was awesome, Dad! I'm so happy!"
Randall smiled, as did everyone else, Jennie's arms wrapped around her brother.

"Tell us all about it, Jolan!" she said, smiling widely at him, Jolan kissing her cheek.

"I shall, Sis. Let's all go into the living room. I'll fill you in while we wait for the guys." Jolan said, Justin smiling at him, hearing the happiness in his voice.

Lynn winked at her son, Justin smiling at her.

"I'm just going to use the washroom, Jo. Be right back." he said, Jolan kissing his cheek, smiling at him.

"Hurry back, love. I need my inspiration."
Justin softly smiled, the group heading into the living room, Jennie and Jonathan wrapped in Jolan's two arms.

"Where's Hay?"
"Napping, Jo." Lisa smiled, Justin watching them all cross the hall.

Justin walked up the staircase, heading upstairs, walking into his bedroom, then into the bathroom.

He closed the door behind him, slowly sinking to the floor, his head now in his knees.

He sighed, holding his knees, thoughts flowing through his head.

Why now, Mark?!
Why walk back into my life now?!!

Lance saved me from you, why now are you after me again?

Please leave me alone.

And please leave my Jo alone.

I won't let you hurt him like you hurt me.
Justin's eyes were filling with tears, his body shaking.

He slowly gained control of his emotions, wiping his eyes and standing up.

He washed his face, wiping it and staring into the mirror.

"I love you, Jo. Please never stop loving me."

Justin trembled a bit, walking out of the bathroom, heading downstairs.


Justin walked into the living room, everyone smiling at him.

"Jolan's day was a success, Jus. Just like we knew it would be!" Jennie beamed, Justin smiling at her.

"Doubt never entered our minds." he said, sitting down beside Jolan, his lover's arm going around him.

They heard the front doorbell, Lonnie getting up and heading out of the room.

"That's probably the guys. The gang should all be here now." Lynn smiled, Paul seated with her on a couch.

Justin's head went up, looking towards the doorway, his friends walking into the room, Leo and Auntie Gee following.

Josh and Chace both stared at Justin, the man staring at them.

Jolan stood up smiling, Josh hugging him.

"Sorry we fell behind. Joey drives like an old woman." Chace smiled, his eyes looking at Jolan.

"Hey, you know the Rover's been acting up. I'm driving my baby slow. I've had it in the shop three times in the last two weeks." Joey said, his arm around Lance.

"He cares more about that vehicle than me sometimes." Lance smiled, Joey kissing his cheeks.

"Never my love. Your ride is smooth!"

Everyone laughed, Lance blushing.

Justin smiled, his eyes going around quickly to his friends, seeing their loving eyes meeting his.

"Okay, Jo!" Justin said, standing up, his arm going around him.

"Okay what, Justin?"
Justin kissed his cheek, smiling.

"Time for my surprise!"
Jolan smiled, looking at his lover.

Justin's eyes wore an expression of deep love and happiness.

Jolan sensed a further look of worry embedded behind that frontal mask, Justin kissing his cheek.

"What have you got cooked up now?"
Everyone chuckled, Daphne winking at Justin.

"Close your eyes, my love. And follow me."
Jolan raised an eyebrow, Justin smiling.

That face of beauty always melted Jolan's heart.

"Alright, my devious angel. Lead me on!"
Everyone smiled, Jolan closing his eyes, Justin slowly leading him out of the room, everyone following.


"There we are, my love. Keep your eyes closed for a couple of seconds, Jo." Jolan heard Justin say in the darkness of his mind.

From the direction and the gentle breeze Jolan sensed that Justin had led him outside onto the patio, Jolan hearing noises around him.

"Someone's got something to say to you, my angel. Open your eyes."
Jolan slowly opened his eyes, staring into the smiling face of his son Hayden, the boy in Justin's arms before him.

His son and his Justin stood in front of him, both wearing deep smiles of love.

"We wuvs you, Daddy! You's da writer of our hearts!" the small boy said, Jolan smiling at his son, his eyes going around him.

The patio was filled with people, Jolan staring in shocked surprise.

A banner hung on the far side of the patio, Jolan smiling at the words shown.



                Congratulations Jolan - Writer, Friend and Loving Soul



Jolan smiled widely, seeing all his friends, family and a few guests smiling at him.

Ellen was there, Portia standing beside her, smiling at him.

His family--uncles, sisters and grandfather--were all smiling at him, Jolan seeing everyone who mattered to him around him.

Jessica and Sandra both smiled at him, Jolan smiling back.

"Aw guys, thank you so much!" he said, smiling as their applause erupted across the patio.

Leo walked up to him, smiling at him.

"Your man wanted us all here to share in your happiness, Jolan. In the happiness on this day of success and joy. I always knew you'd be a famous writer. Your heart is too filled with love for it not to come out in moving ways. This book shall be the first of many moments of written love."
Jolan teared up, Leo pulling him into a tight hug.

Everyone smiled, seeing the emotional happiness on Jolan's face.

"And now for the piece-de-resistance, my love." Justin said, Daphne and Rachel smiling and wheeling a large cart over in front of Jolan.

Jolan's eyes widened in happiness, seeing a large cake before him.

He smiled through his tearing eyes at the words written upon it.




                                      Jolan Dragos

                            America's Newest Writer


                               Words written in Love

                                      Etched in Life



Jolan smiled, the last two lines taken from his novel.

He beamed, looking around at his friends and family.

"That's so beautiful. Thank you all so much! This is such a surprise! I. . .I don't know what to say!"

"Just say here's a piece of cake, Joey!" Joey said, everyone laughing, Jolan grinning.

Justin's arm went around Jolan, Hayden climbing into Jolan's arms.

"You surpwised, Daddy?"

"Yes, my son. Dad's very surprised, and happy. Thank you everyone. This day ends with all those that matter in my life. A happy ending I could only dream of. Thank you all."
Everyone clapped, Jolan surrounded by everyone.


Justin stood at the kitchen sink, filling the coffeemaker with fresh water.

The meal and dessert was over, Jolan dishing out the cake to everyone, Joey first in line, the man laughing when Jolan cut him a thick slab.

Jolan now sat on the patio, chatting away with everyone.

Justin sat the filter down, pulling out a can of coffee from the cupboard, beginning to fill the filter.

He felt a hand on his shoulder, his blue eyes meeting two other blue orbs of friendship.

Josh leaned against the counter, looking at his friend.

"Why didn't you tell me, Jus?"

Justin's head lowered, his eyes focusing on the coffeemaker.

"What's to tell, Josh? I screwed up and almost ruined my life. I was so young and foolish that I couldn't see how stupid I was. Lance saved me from my own stupidity and carelessness."

"Lance saved you from a man with no regard for your feelings. You weren't to blame for what happened."
"Lance shouldn't have told you, Josh. I know you now must think less of me." Justin said, Josh seeing the beginnings of tears in his best friend's eyes.

"I would never think less of you than I always have, Justin. You are now, and will always be, my best friend. You were taken advantage of when you were at your most vulnerable. No one can fault you for the innocent and trusting soul you had then and still do. Least of all your Jolan."
Justin's head raised, staring at Josh, Josh seeing a look of panic and fear in his friend's eyes.

"Jolan must never know of this, Josh! I will not allow him to know! Understand?"

Josh's hand went to Justin's shoulder, Justin trembling.

"Jus, Jolan loves you. He needs to know all of your past to pave the way to your future. You can't keep this from him."
"So what do you want me to do? Tell him. . .tell him that I'm not who he thinks I am?"
"Justin that's ridiculous. You're the same man you've always been. The man he fell in love with."

"I'm not, Josh. Something happened to me after that. From then on I was so scared to trust anyone, I've carried that with me since then. Only now with my Jolan do I feel complete trust and love. I can't risk that by showing him how truly fragile I am." Justin said, tears welling in his eyes.

"Justin, he loves you. That will never change. He loves all of you, regardless of how fragile or dramatic your life once was. The man standing here today is the man he fell in love with. The real Jus, not the flashy Justin Timberlake. I now see why you created that image. The all-together guy, who can do no wrong. I'm sorry I didn't know of this sooner, I would have done anything to right it back then. I'm glad Lance was there for you when I wasn't."
Justin teared up, pulling Josh into his arms, the two friends hugging deeply.

"You've always been there for me, Joshy. I just couldn't face all of you knowing back then. I was just so young and scared."
Josh hugged his friend against him, hearing a movement behind them, his blue eyes staring into two other blue orbs.

Chace stood in the kitchen doorway, staring at his lover and Justin.

"You okay, Jus? Josh?"

"We're fine, Chace. Thanks." Justin said, returning to the coffeemaker, Chace's blue eyes meeting Josh's.

"Alright, Jus. Jolan's been looking for you." he smiled, Justin looking back at him.

"Thanks, Chace. I'll go see what he needs." he smiled, walking out through the patio doors.

Chace walked up to Josh, pulling his man against him.

"Any luck, my love?"
"Not much, Chace. Justin is hell bent on protecting Jolan from what he feels is his own shortcomings. I think it's time he saw where Jolan's heart truly lies. I hope he can forgive me for overstepping our bonds of friendship."
Chace looked into Josh's blue eyes, seeing the turmoil there.

"Your heart's in the right place, Joshua. Your love for both of them is reason enough."
Josh smiled, Chace tenderly kissing him.

"It's not as great as my love for you."
Chace smiled, Josh seeing the love in his blue eyes.

"I think all three hold a deep place in your heart, Joshua. I'm glad I'm part of it, and of their love."
The two hugged each other close, Josh's eyes looking towards the patio doors.

"Come on Chace, let's get this organized."


Jolan enjoyed himself immensely, the love and happiness he felt spreading to his friends and family.

They all saw a deep happiness in his beaming face, and in the face of his Justin and Hayden.

Three souls united in happiness.

The evening was a joyous affair, everyone laughing and talking, Jolan drawn into the center of all of it, his love radiating outward.

Ellen talked with him, Jolan and she deep in discussion of his book and future ideas.

Justin smiled seeing his man calm, happy and relaxed.

His thoughts were his own, the day's earlier drama slowly washing away.

It still lay in his mind, Justin hoping it would eventually disappear.

The hours waned on, the group gradually breaking up, farewells said with happiness.

By eleven most of the guests had left, only Jolan and Justin's inner circle remaining.

Justin's parents said their goodnights--Randall, Lynn and Lisa carrying three little sleeping angels to their beds.

Hayden was going to dreamland with his two friends, Chris and Britney staying over again.

The remaining group had started a card game in the kitchen, the table filled with their friendship and love.

Chris, Britney, Josh, Chace, Lance and Joey all sat around the table with Jolan and Justin, happiness and laughter filling the room.

Josh's eyes went around to his friends, soft looks exchanged while Jolan and Justin concentrated on the cards and on each other.

The card game was won by Britney and Chace, Chris kissing her in triumph, Jolan smiling at their tenderness.

"Congrats Brit and Chace." he smiled, Chace smiling at him, his eyes glancing towards Josh.

"Now that the festivities are over, I think it's time we dealt with the hidden feelings simmering among my friends. Who'd like to start?" Jolan said, his arm around Justin.

Jolan felt Justin's body tighten up.

He looked around, seeing the surprised looks on all his friends' faces.

"Perhaps it's with you we should start, my love. I feel all of their feelings directed at you. I think it's time I was let in on the discussions I've seen going on here today. What's going on, Jus?"

Justin's head lowered, Josh and Lance staring at their friend, Jolan's eyes taking in their looks.

Jolan's arm moved, his hand going to Justin's shoulder.

"Something's been bothering me all day, Justin. Something Mark said."
Justin's head flew up, his blue eyes staring into Jolan's grey.

"He said he wanted to congratulate me for getting you to show your true side. He said he was sure I'd be quite happy with you. He said you'd been well-seasoned."

Justin visibly trembled, Jolan looking at him.

"What did he mean by that, Jus?"

Justin's eyes lowered, Jolan looking towards Lance and Josh, his eyes returning to Justin.

Justin raised his head, looking into Jolan's grey eyes.

"Forget about Mark, Jolan. He was the past, you are my future."

Jolan stared at Justin for a moment, then looked around the table.

He saw everyone staring at him, the truth in all their faces.

"Mark and you were lovers, isn't that true, Jus?"
Justin stared at Jolan.

"It was a long time ago, Jolan. It was brief and it was intense. We both walked away from each other. That's all I want to say on that subject. Please let it die."

Jolan stared at Justin, Justin staring back, unsure of the look on Jolan's face.

Jolan looked around again, sighing softly.

"Your friends know the truth, but I'm left alone in the dark?"
Justin's hand went on top of Jolan's, the young man looking at Justin.

"I love you, Justin. I've laid my soul and my heart bare for you. You know all that is my life. Why can't you trust me enough to bare your soul to me?"

Justin looked surprised by Jolan's words, his blue eyes staring at him.

"Oh, Jo! I trust you more than I've ever trusted anyone in my life."

"But you don't trust me enough that you have to lie to me."
Justin looked stunned by Jolan's words.

"I've. . .I haven't lied to you, Jo."

Jolan stood up, staring down at him.

"Yes you have, Justin. You told me you hadn't had any lovers since Lance. Obviously Mark was just that. Am I right?"

Justin stared up at Jolan, Josh and Lance looking at both men with worried looks on their faces, the others staring as well.

Justin lowered his head, unable to look Jolan in the eyes.

"Your silence verifies that fact. I don't give a damn about your past lovers, Justin. But I do feel hurt when you can't be honest with me. What's going on here, Justin? Why is Mark Wahlberg suddenly after me? I know he is, his words and looks gave him away fast. The man's a lecherous cad."
Justin's eyes raised, Jolan staring into them.

Justin remained silent, Jolan walking towards the door.

He stopped, his hand on the door's facing, his eyes turning back to Justin.

"I thought you loved me enough to trust me Justin. I love you enough to love you for all your faults."

Jolan walked out of the room, Josh standing up.

"Justin, for Christ's sake get off your ass and go after him! Tell him the truth!"
Justin stared up at his friend, Justin rising to his feet.

"I love him so much, Josh! How can I show him the real me? The me he can't love."

Lance stood up, looking at Justin.

"He loves the real you, Justin. I think it's time you realized that fact."
Lance walked out of the room, going to find Jolan.

Josh looked at Justin, his friend walking out of the room.

Joey and Chace stood up, Chris and Britney rising as well.

"Come on guys, let's get this all out in the open." Josh said, Chace taking his hand in his, the two walking out of the room in search of their friends.


Jolan sat in the living room, a copy of his book in his hand.

Lance walked into the room, quietly looking at his friend.

"A wonderful book. I finished it yesterday."

Jolan's head raised, Lance seeing the look of worry in his soft grey eyes.

"He doesn't trust me, Lance. I thought he did. I see now why he can't."

Lance walked over, sitting down beside Jolan, his arm going around him.

"And why do you think he can't trust you?"

Jolan lowered his head for a moment, then raised it again, Lance seeing the shiny wetness within those silvery orbs.

"Because I'm not someone famous, because I'm not a together guy like Mark is. I know they had a relationship. I know I'm not anything like the man Justin wants, or deserves. But I thought in my heart that he really wants this to work. But how can it work if we can't trust each other?"

Jolan lowered his head, Lance leaning forward and kissing Jolan's cheek.

Jolan's head raised again, looking into Lance's emerald eyes.

"Justin loves you and trusts you, Jo. It's himself he doesn't have faith in."
Jolan stared at Lance, looking confused.

"You will never be the man Mark Wahlberg is, Jo. And for that I'm thankful. You're everything Justin needs and wants. I see that so easily now. Seeing Mark today made me realize it. Justin's come full circle--from being lost and confused, to being loved and needed. I think it's time he realizes what he has."
"I do, Lance."

Lance and Jolan both turned, Justin standing in the living room doorway.

"I need to talk to you, Jo."
Jolan nodded, Justin walking into the room, Lance standing up.

The two friends looked at each other, Lance smiling at Justin.

Justin moved, sitting down on the couch beside Jolan.

The two sat in silence for a moment, Lance watching their friends walk into the room now, Joey's arms going around Lance.

"I'm sorry I walked out on you, Justin. I just needed a moment to think about this."

Justin nodded, his eyes scanning his lover's face.

"Do you love me, Justin?"

Justin stared at his Jo, seeing the look of worry and confusion on his face.

"Yes, Jo. I love you."
Jolan stared at him, their friends watching the two.

"I'm feeling so confused, Jus. Am I good enough, famous enough to give you all you deserve? Or am I too common to be the man you need? Was Mark that man? How can I measure up to him?"

Justin stared into Jolan's grey eyes, seeing the doubt now bubbling to the surface.

Justin stood up, walking up to the fireplace, his hands going to the mantle, his head lowering.

"Mark wasn't or could never be that man, Jolan. I never loved him. You are the man I love. The man who totally owns my soul, my heart and my life. I just don't know if that real man is good enough for you."

Jolan looked around the room, seeing all his friends' eyes on Justin, seeing their deep love, comfort and support for him.

"I know the real Justin. I love him with all my heart."
Justin's head turned, Jolan seeing soft tears in his glistening blue eyes.

"Do you know him, Jo? There's so much I haven't shown you. So much of the real me you may not like."
Something clicked in Jolan's mind, Justin's words bringing a truth to his soul.
Jolan stood up, his eyes meeting Lance's, Jolan seeing so much compassion and love in those green eyes.

Jolan walked up to Justin, his hand gently resting on his shoulder.

Justin turned, his blue wet eyes meeting Jolan's grey orbs of love.

"What did he do to you, Justin?"

Justin moved, pulling Jolan against him, Jolan wrapping his arms around him, Justin sinking into his chest.

"He deceived me, Jo. And then he used me!" Justin sobbed, his head burying into Jolan's chest.


Jolan held his man in his arms, his grey eyes going around the room, meeting every pair of tearful, compassionate eyes staring back at him.

He knew in his heart that they all knew of the pain within Justin, he sensing Lance knowing it most of all.

Justin gradually stopped crying, Jolan gently guiding him over to the couch, the two sitting down together, Jolan still holding onto Justin.

Their friends sat down around them, Justin regaining control of his emotions.

"I'm sorry, Jo. I'm sorry for breaking down like that. I thought I had all these emotions in check."
Jolan leaned forward, kissing Justin's cheek, the man looking at him in surprise.

"The real Justin is sitting here with me, Justin. I just realized that a few moments ago. I thought I had seen all of him, but I believe I was wrong. There's a part of you that you've hidden away from everyone. That part is on the edge of breaking out, of revealing himself. I want to apologize to you, Justin."
Justin looked confused.

"Apologize? For what?"
"For doubting our love. For questioning my own love for you. It just clicked in my mind when you spoke those words about showing me the real you. That set in my soul a reality. I want to know the real you, and I want to love the real you. That's the center of a real relationship. Knowing the man you love, and he knowing you."

Lance smiled, feeling Joey squeeze his hand.

Josh felt Chace tighten his arms around him.

Britney snuggled against Chris, everyone smiling at Jolan sitting with Justin.

"You know everything about me, Jus. And I think it's time I knew all of you. You're hiding your feelings from me. It's time you voiced those feelings. I love you enough to love the real you."
Justin teared up, Jolan's hand going to his face, gently rubbing a tear from his cheek.

"He hurt you, didn't he Jus? He did something to you that shook the foundation of your trust and love in other people. Talk to me, my Jumpy. Tell me what's happened."
Justin was in tears, seeing so much love now returned to Jolan's eyes.

"It was just supposed to be fun. I trusted him and he. . .he. . .he played me."

Jolan rubbed Justin's shoulder, Justin staring into his grey eyes.

"Let it go, Jus. Let the past wash away under my love."

Justin softly smiled, his voice filling the quiet room, his mind going back to the summer of the year two thousand.


Jolan sat in silence, listening to Justin tell the story of his and Mark's meeting.

How the two had met at a dance club while N*Sync was in New York City on a promotion tour for No Strings Attached.

Britney had been in Los Angeles, Justin feeling alone.

The two had been having ups and downs, their relationship more in the world's eyes than Justin liked.

Lance was still there for Justin, but their relationship had finally developed into a steadfast friendship.

The group had gone out clubbing, Justin enjoying himself immensely.

They'd run into Donnie Wahlberg and Jordan Knight at a trendy Manhattan club, the gang partying into the late hours, Justin having a good time.

Sometime after twelve Mark Wahlberg had walked into the club, the man zoning in on Justin sitting with Jordan in a corner booth.

Justin smiled up at the man, Mark introducing himself, sitting down beside Justin.

The man was one of Justin's secret crushes.

The man looked stunning, dressed in a Ralph Lauren polo shirt and skin tight black jeans.

The gang continued to party, Mark joining them.

Mark and Justin seemed to hit it off, the older man smiling often at him, the two talking about the music industry.

Justin enjoyed himself, drinking and dancing with a few girls who Mark pointed out to him.

Gradually Justin began to feel tired, Mark offering him a ride back to his hotel.

Justin smiled at the offer, he and the guys parting.

Justin drove with Mark in his Mercedes convertible, the two smiling at each other, Justin lost in the man's rugged good looks.

"Hey, Justin. You have any place to go tonight?"
Justin had said no, Mark smiling.

"How about crashing at my place? We could go do some stuff tomorrow. You're a together guy. I like you."
Justin smiled, seeing the man's smiling face.

"Okay, Mark. Sounds like a plan."
The man smiled, patting Justin's knee, his hand lingering there.

Justin had quietly looked at the man, Justin unable to stop yawning.

Mark smiled, driving his car towards his Manhattan apartment.


Jolan quietly looked at Justin, the man staring forward.

"He drugged you, didn't he?"

Justin's eyes turned to Jolan, Jolan seeing the truth in his blue troubled eyes.

"I woke up alone and naked in his bedroom the next morning. I didn't remember anything about what had happened that night."

Jolan's hand went to Justin's, squeezing it gently.

"Go on, my love."

Justin felt Jolan's love in that touch, Justin continuing with the story.


He'd walked out into the living room of Mark's apartment after finding a pair of sweat shorts and a t-shirt on a chair in the bedroom, finding the man laying on the couch, completely nude.

"The wonder boy's up! How do ya feel stud?"

Justin stared at Mark, the man not hiding his nudity, Justin seeing his large center half erect.

"What happened last night, Mark?"
The man grinned, his hand rubbing his thigh.

"Why, you and me had a great time, Timberlake. You must feel that in that hot ass of yours. I pumped two loads into it, it must still be dripping out."
Justin stood in stunned silence, feeling within himself the sudden feeling of intrusion.

"I. . .I don't remember doing that? I'm not. . .I'm not gay."

The man laughed, his hand going to his shaft.

"Your cock sucking lips tell me different, cock boy. You were one hungry slut last night. Here, watch!"

Mark picked up a remote off the coffee table, flicking the television on.

Justin stood in stunned silence, staring at the picture glaring across the large screen.

He stared at himself, laying between Mark Wahlberg's legs, Mark's hardened shaft buried in his throat.

"I. . .I can't believe. . .it's not. . .you taped it??!!"
Mark smiled, standing up, walking up to Justin, grinning at him.

Justin stared at the television, seeing Mark move, flipping Justin over, Justin moaning and his knees pushed forward.

Justin eyes were glued to the television, knowing what was about to be shown.

He saw Mark move forward, his center moving with him between Justin's legs.

Justin saw himself gasp as Mark's hardness sank within him.

Mark's hand now went to Justin's face, his fingers brushing his cheek, Justin focusing back on the man standing beside him.

"You loved it, Timberlake. You've got one hot ass there, and one talented mouth." Mark said now, his hands pulling Justin against him.

"Let go of me, please!"
Mark laughed, releasing him, still remaining in front of him.

"Here's the deal, Timberlake. I taped you having sex with me last night. As you saw, my face wasn't shown. But your pretty little face was front and center. I wonder what the world would think of its golden boy being nothing more than a hungry cocksucker?"
Justin trembled, realizing what was now happening.

"You want money? You're blackmailing me?"
Mark laughed again, Justin hearing a lot of aggression in that laugh.

"What I want is you, Justin. I want you to be my bitch. That tape guarantees your compliance."

Justin trembled, backing up.

"There's no way out of this, Timberlake. I've got a copy tucked away, so it's either you do as I say or I send it to a friend of mine in the media. Understand?"
Justin shook, tears coming to his eyes.

"That would ruin me!"
Mark smiled, walking up to Justin again.

"Then I guess you better drop to your knees and take care of me."

Justin's eyes widened, Mark moving forward in a flash.

His hand went to Justin's throat.

"Don't make me tell you twice, bitch!"
Justin trembled, the man pulling him towards the bedroom.

Justin was thrown on the bed, Mark's hands going to his shorts and t-shirt.

They came off in a flash, Mark leering down at him.

"I said on your knees."
Justin slowly sat up, knowing in his heart he was trapped.

He sobbed, sinking to his knees, Mark pulling him forward.

Everyone sat in silence, Justin's eyes filled with tears.

Jolan's arm had gone around him, Justin sinking into his chest again.

"He blackmailed me, Jo. He forced me to be at his beck and call for over six months."

Jolan nodded, his arm tightening around Justin.

"It's okay, Jus. It's over now." Jolan said, his eyes staring ahead at nothing.

"He was so aggressive, so dominant. He. . .he used me."
Jolan held his man against him, nodding softly.

"You were just a young man caught in a devised trap. It was all set up, wasn't it?"
Justin sat up again, looking at Jolan.

He nodded, Lance getting up and walking over to Justin, sitting down on his other side.

"It was a setup designed by Mark. What Justin didn't find out till later was that he'd been drugged at the club, then back at Mark's. Mark had sex with him that night, taping the whole encounter. Justin was so drugged he didn't remember any of it. After that Mark set up a routine, Justin his victim each time. He blackmailed him into having sex with him. He used him, Justin forced into all of it."
Justin's head was lowered, Jolan's arm still around him, his hand rubbing his shoulder.

"How did it end, Lance? How did my Jus get away from him?"
Lance watched Justin's head raise, his blue eyes going to Jolan, Jolan's calling him 'my Jus' surprising Justin.

"It ended when Justin told me about it. I caught Mark leaving Justin's hotel room one night. I put two and two together, having heard rumors about Wahlberg being bisexual. I coaxed the truth out of Justin. It was then that I decided to act."
"To act?" Joey said, Lance staring at his lover.

"I'm not proud of what I did, but I did it for my friend. For Justin's love, and his sanity I did what needed to be done." Lance said, Jolan looking at him.

"A greater sacrifice no friend could ever give." Jolan said, Lance looking at him with surprise.

"To counter a setup one needs to create a better one." Lance said, Joey staring at him.

Lance looked around, his friends staring at him in confusion.

"There was only one way out of that blackmailer's trap. And that was to blackmail the blackmailer."

Everyone looked surprised, Lance's hand going to Justin's shoulder.

"I set it all up at my apartment. I deliberately ran into Mark at a charity event, calling his game out. I told him I knew all about Justin and him. He was surprised, until I told him I wanted in on the action. That I'd been longing to take on the famous Wahlberg stallion."
Joey stared at Lance, his lover staring at him.

"I set up a meeting at my place, Mark showing up. Justin was right. He is aggressive. I have the film to prove it. It's edited, only his face showing."
Justin's arm went around Lance, his friend hugging him tightly.

"I loved you then and still do, Justin. It was what had to be done. For your happiness I did it."
Jolan's hand went to Lance's shoulder, Lance smiling at him.

"My Jus had a loving friend with him, of that I am glad."

Lance looked around, his friends staring at him.

"It was all that I could do, and it worked. Mark traded films, once I'd let him know what I had done. We both don't trust each other, our wariness guaranteeing that. Justin destroyed his copy, unsure if Mark still has a copy. And Mark doesn't know if I have a copy of his."

Joey stood up, walking over, Lance standing up.

Joey's arms went around him, Lance staring into his loving eyes.

"You showed your heart of love, Lance. You did what you had to do for a friend."
Joey leaned forward, their lips meeting, Jolan smiling up at them.

Justin stood up, staring at Lance.

"I'm sorry, Lance. I'm sorry that I forced you into that situation."
"I told you then, and I'll only say it once more. There's nothing for you to be forgiven for."
Jolan stood, his hand going to Justin's shoulder.

"Nothing? I forced you into having sex with him because I was so stupid! I wasn't mature enough to stop him from blindsiding me! I lost my trust in people because I was an idiot!"

Jolan turned Justin around, facing him, having heard enough.

"You were no such thing, Justin. You were a young innocent man who was taken advantage of by a conniving individual. You were drugged into a scenario not of your making. And then you were blackmailed into something worse. No one here, most of all myself, faults you in any of this. You were hurt by all of this, I now see. Your trust in people was destroyed. I'm sorry he did that to you, my love."
"Don't you see, Jo? He used me! I was nothing but a whore to him! The great Justin Timberlake reduced to his boytoy. I felt so used, so hurt. When Lance was able to free me from his clutches, I promised myself that I would never walk into a situation like that again. That I'd never get close to someone like that again. That I'd never trust anyone ever again!"
Jolan's arms went around Justin, Justin trembling.

"Do you trust me?"
Justin was in tears, his blue eyes looking away from Jolan.

Jolan moved his head, Justin facing him again, staring into those blue eyes.

"Do you trust me, Jus?"
"Yes, Jolan. I love you so much! You're the only person I've ever felt that I could completely trust. And that scares me!"
"Why does that scare you, Jus?"

"Because how can you love me, Jo? How can you love someone who was so easily led? I lied to you as you said. I couldn't own up to my own stupidity, my own gullibility. I'm just a naive, stupid idiot."
Jolan's eyebrows furrowed, staring at Justin.

"You are no such thing. You are a man of masculine strength, beauty, and giving heart. I've never met anyone so focused, so giving, loving, generous and compassionate. That young man faced an ordeal of hurt and pain, a greater stronger man coming out of that. The real man I fell in love with. You've voiced a lot of courage, strength, love and conviction here today, Justin. You told the truth, and you showed the real you. The real you that I love even more. This man standing before me is the man I fell in love with. The trembling, unsure, innocent, loving, strong and beautiful man that I love with all of my heart. Here standing before me is my Justin. I'll never stop loving that man."
Everyone was in tears, hearing the love and total trust Jolan was giving to Justin.

Justin himself was in tears, his arms wrapping around Jolan.

"Oh God, Jo! I was so afraid you'd hate me for what I let happen. For my being so careless."
Jolan hugged him tight, everyone now standing, looking at the two men.

"I love you, Justin. I love the real you I now know. I promise you now that we will have a life of honesty, trust and a deep commitment to each other. You are my soulmate, my love and my everything. I will never use you or ever destroy the trust you have in me. I love you, my beautiful Justin."

Justin smiled widely, Jolan brushing the tears from his cheeks.

"I love you, Jo. My Jo."
Jolan smiled, the two uniting in a deep kiss, everyone smiling.

The two broke their kiss, Justin staring into Jolan's grey eyes.

"I feel so relieved, like the past has fallen away from my mind."
Jolan smiled, looking at Lance.

"It has, Justin. It's time you let those feelings go. Life forward will be so much better. The past is also gone. It will soon be only our future now. I only have one thing left to do."

Justin stared at him, Jolan pulling something out of his pocket.

Justin saw that it was a card.

Jolan walked over to the phone, picking it up and dialing the number off the card.

He stared at Justin, then around at his friends.

"Hello, Mark? It's Jolan Dragos."
Justin froze, staring at Jolan.

"Yes, that Jolan. I'd like to say something to you."
Jolan stared at Justin.

"I've talked to my Justin, and my friend Lance. They've told me what happened between all of you. Let's cut to the chase.  I have only one thing to say to you. Don't you ever come near my Justin or myself again. If you ever come near him again I'll make it the worst day of your life."

Jolan hung up the phone, everyone staring at him in stunned silence.

They'd all seen the look of complete, determined, seriousness on his concentrated face.

Jolan walked over to Justin, kissing him on the lips, Justin feeling the deep love in his tender kiss.

"I love you, Jus. Your past is gone. My love will wash away any hurt that remains."

Justin teared up, Jolan ripping up the card in his hand.

The tattered pieces fell to the ground.

"He's gone, Justin. I meant what I said to him. I'll never let him near you again."

Justin nodded, hearing the protective love in Jolan's words.

"On that note, I think it's time we called it a night." Jolan said, taking Justin's hand in his.

Everyone hugged them, saying their goodnights.

Joey's arm went around Lance, the man smiling at Jolan.

"Your love washes away his pain, Jo."
"And your love guides both of us always, Lance."
Lance smiled, Justin and Jolan walking everyone to the front door, their friends leaving.




End of Chapter 94


A light of truth shows Justin as a man with a troubled past as well.

But Jolan's love shall be there for him.

Is Mark now out of the picture or will he disregard Jolan's words of warning?

Lance is ever the protective friend, his love for Justin always there.


Up next: Era's words to Justin threaten on the horizon.

And the clan joins for their journey to Bloodstone Manor, the ancient Dragosan homestead.

The joining of Jolan with his birthright.

I'm hoping to surprise you.


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