Jolan's Path - Chapter 96


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.




Chapter 96


Lance sat beside Joey, his arm around him.

Lance's eyes went around the waiting room, his eyes falling on Justin, his friend wrapped in Josh's arms.

They'd been waiting in this room for over two and a half hours, Justin surrounded by his friends.

Jennie sat in the corner, Jonathan and Chace surrounding her.

When Jolan hadn't returned from the store, Justin had tried to reach him on his cell phone, to no avail.

Half an hour later, Josh, Chace and Lonnie had gone out to look for him at Lance's request, Lance troubled by Jolan's lateness.

It was so unlike his character to just disappear and not let anyone know.

In Lance's mind a sense of dread began to form.

An hour later Lonnie and Chace had returned, their faces covered in deep emotion.

Chace had hugged Jennie to him, telling everyone the tragic news.

Justin had stood in stunned silence while Chace told them what had happened to his Jo.

The three had arrived at the scene of the accident, just as Jolan was being freed from the vehicle by the jaws of life.

Their friend was unconscious, half covered in melting ice cream, and bleeding from the head and face.

Josh and Chace talked with the police, the officers allowing them to get closer, once they'd identified their relationship with Jolan.

They stood by the guardrails, waiting for the rescue response team to carry Jolan up to the pavement above.

The three men stood in silence, watching their injured friend being rescued from the mangled wreck that once was Joey's Rover.

Jolan was lifted into an ambulance, his friends quietly talking with police, the officer in charge allowing Josh to go with Jolan in the ambulance, after the paramedics had okayed it.

Chace and Lonnie had rushed back to the house to bring the bad news.

Here now hours later they sat in silence in a private waiting room at the hospital, awaiting their friend's fate.

Lisa and Randall were at the house with the kids, Hayden left in his grandfather's loving arms.

Lynn had gone with her son, her soul worried for Jennie and Justin.

Justin had been emotional when he'd walked into the hospital, Josh pulling him into his arms.

For most of the last two hours that's where Justin had stayed, tears staining his face.

Britney walked into the room, holding the door for Chris, her boyfriend carrying a tray filled with beverages and snacks.

"I thought maybe you'd all need something. Here Jus, have an orange juice." she said, Justin lifting his head.

She handed him a bottle, Justin quietly taking it, Josh quietly watching him.

"He's going to be okay, Jus. I refuse to believe anything else." Chris said, Justin looking at him as Chris handed out the refreshments.

"Why did this happen now? We're just opening our lives to each other. I love him so much, I need him so much! He has to be alright, he just has to be!"

Josh's arm went around Justin again, his friend's emotions pulling at his heart.

"I don't know why, Jus. All we can do is send him our love. He knows we're all here for him, you most of all. Our Jo is a strong, courageous, loving man. He'll survive this. We'll have him back soon. I still feel his love, Jus. That's got to be a good sign."

Everyone heard the love and worry in Josh's slightly trembling voice.

"It should have been me."
Justin looked over at Joey, his friend raising his head, Justin seeing the tears in Joey's eyes.

"I offered to go, and I should have gone. He's laying in there because of me!" Joey said, a deep sob in his voice.

Lance tightened his hold on Joey, feeling the trembling hurt flowing through him.

"Life is fate, my love. You can't blame yourself for what's happened. We walked the path that we were guided onto. The path Jolan designed for us."

Joey's and everyone else's eyes met Lance's green eyes, all of them seeing a quiet calmness in those eyes.

"The path Jolan's designed? What's that supposed to mean, Lance?" Lonnie said, Ally seated beside him.

"It means, Lonnie, that what's happened was designed to happen in a certain way. Jolan brought it all into play. I believe he changed the original path."
Justin looked confused, Lance's eyes going to him.

"Our giving Jolan, as usual, gave a  greater part of his love today. He put himself in danger to save a friend."

Everyone looked confused, Lance sighing.

"I had a conversation with Jolan earlier this morning after breakfast. He said something to me that I've thought on for the past few hours. And he said that I should remember it."

"What did he say, Lance?" Lynn said, she seated on the other side of Justin.

Everyone stared at Lance, the man looking at Justin.

"He said 'Love flows from heart to heart, from love's soul to a needful soul'."

Lance's eyes met Jennie's, the young woman still seated between Jonathan and Chace.

Justin stared at Lance, Lance rising and walking over to him, kneeling in front of him.

"He knew, Jus. I feel totally in my heart that he knew that something was going to happen here today. That he would turn out to be that needful soul. And it's your loving soul that shall save him."

Justin was in tears, Josh holding him close.

"I love him, Lance. I'll risk my own life to save him. He's everything to me."

Lance nodded, looking around.

"Era's words hold a real meaning now, Jus. He said to you that Jolan would fall by a misguided step, as you told us."

"Yes, he said that I was the key to his surviving, that my love would heal him."
Lance smiled, looking into Justin's blue eyes.

"Fate will save a friend, love with free them all."

Everyone sat in silence, digesting the words that Era had spoken to Justin.

Lance's eyes turned, meeting his lover's tearful eyes.

"It was you, my Joe. It was you Jolan saved today."


Joe looked totally stunned.

Lance stood up, walking back to him, sitting down beside him.

"I don't know the skill or experience our loving Jo had in regards to driving, but I do know that this all seems so deliberate. I believe your vehicle may have been sabotaged. I think you were the target in all this. And I believe Jolan somehow knew that. That's why he took your Rover and went out alone. I believe he sensed the trap lain for you."
Joey stared at Lance, a sudden truth rippling through him.

"You mean. . .??  I was supposed to. . .??"
Lance nodded, looking around the room, his eyes falling again on Justin.

"Our Jo today again showed his love. . .he saved my Joe." Lance said, his face now covered in tears, Joey's strong arms surrounding him.

"Nathan, it has to be him! He did this!!" Joey said, his voice suddenly filled with anger.

Lance looked up at his Joe, Joey's anger calming at seeing the loving look on his Lance's face.

"It looks that way to me also, Joe. We need to inform the police. They need to check that vehicle out." Lance said, Chace looking at him.

"If that's true Lance, then both of you are in real danger."

Lance nodded, everyone seeing a determined look cross his face.

"I never thought that man would resort to this. To trying to kill my Joe to get to me. I've had it! If I ever see him again I'll make him see the truth. He can't have me, and I don't want him. My Joey's love is all I want."
Joey teared up, Lance kissing his cheek.

"I love you, Joe. And I'll always try to protect you. I now see that our Jo felt the same."
Everyone nodded, the truth beginning to sink into their hearts.

Lance's green eyes met Justin's blue.

"Era's words were true, Jus. Jolan risked his life in my Joe's stead. He sat where my Joe was destined to sit. His love is real love."

Justin nodded, the truth already in his heart.

"He loves all of you. He would do the same for any of you, most of all for me. My Jo's protective love is giving."
Everyone teared up, sitting in silence, thinking of their injured friend.


The waiting room door opened again, a man who looked in his mid-fifties walking into the room, his attire marking him as a doctor.

"Mr. Timberlake, my name is Dr. Peter Daniels. I'm Mr. Dragos' physician."
Justin stood, everyone else rising as well, Josh's arm still around Justin.

Jennie walked up beside Lynn, Chace and Jonathan at her side, Jonathan's arm around the young woman.

"Hello, Dr. Daniels. I'm Lynn Harliss, Justin's mother. How is Jolan?" Lynn said taking charge, her arm around a silent Justin as well.

"Please everyone, sit down. I'm here to update you on his condition." the doctor said, quietly looking around at everyone.

Everyone returned to their seats, Josh pulling a silent Justin down beside him.

"There's no easy way to say this, so I'll just be truthful. Mr. Dragos is not responding to treatments. He's lapsed into a coma."

Everyone stared at the doctor, Jolan's past flying through their minds.

"He received significant facial lacerations due to his face hitting and shattering the side window as the paramedics have informed me. As well he received a severe blow to the frontal cerebral cortex, possibly due to his hitting the front dash before the airbag deployed. That  trauma in itself would induce a severe concussion with unconsciousness, but he should have regained consciousness by now. We've tried everything including drugs to induce him back. We've done scans and blood analyses and we've found some unexplainable things."
"Unexplainable things? Like what?" Lance said, his eyes on Justin.

"Mr. Dragos' blood work is unlike any I've ever seen. His cell counts are way off. His brain scan also showed glaring irregularities."
"Was there a problem with his cerebral cortex? Was it enlarged?"
The doctor looked at Justin--who'd spoken--with surprise.

"Yes, Mr. Timberlake. It's like nothing I've ever seen before. His cell counts, cerebral cortex size and other substantial changes in his brain wave patterns have us totally perplexed. We've never see any cerebral cranium reaction like this. It could explain his sudden catatonic state. No one could maintain any equilibrium with a brain mass of this size. It looks like he may have severe cranial swelling. All we can do right now is wait and see if he regains consciousness on his own. I'm aware of his previous medical conditions. Mr. Chasez informed me of Jolan's past--including his previous coma--when he arrived with him by ambulance."
Josh nodded at the doctor, his arm still around Justin.

"How long do you think he'll remain in a catatonic state, Doctor?" Chris said, the doctor looking at him and Britney.

"I have no time frame to offer you. I've been a doctor for over thirty years and I've never seen anyone showing these signs. Cranial or physical. He's a very unique man. If what I've seen shows anything, it shows that he's unlike anyone I've ever seen."
"What can you do to help him, doctor?" Britney said, her voice determined and focused.

"Well, all we can do is monitor him and keep him stabilized. If he's going to come out of this he'll have to do it on his own. And, I'm sorry to say, that's a worrisome if."
Justin stood up again, Josh releasing him with his sudden movement.

"I want to see him, Dr. Daniels. Please?"
The doctor nodded, smiling at Justin.

"Certainly, Mr. Timberlake. I have two daughters that are big fans. They've kept me up to date on your relationship with Mr. Dragos. I've listed you as his partner, so you'll have complete access to him."
Justin nodded, the doctor smiling with compassion at him.

"He's being moved into a private room from the trauma ward. Once he's there, I'll walk you up. I assume his immediate family has been informed?"
"This is his younger sister." Chace said, looking at Jennie, Jonathan's arm still around her.

Jennie's eyes were focused on the doctor.

"Please tell me the truth, Dr. Daniels. What are my brother's chances? What do you believe will happen?"
The doctor looked at Justin, then at Jennie who'd stood up again, seeing the tears in her blue eyes.

"From what I've seen, it's a serious injury you brother's sustained, Miss Dragos. His brain seems to have enlarged. And with pressure like that, it can only lead to paralysis or a stroke. The brain can't function under stressed conditions like that. Something has to happen. I'm sorry, I wish I could give you better news. All we can do is keep him comfortable and wait for the outcome. I'm sorry we can't do more."
Justin stared at the doctor, seeing the compassion and truthful honesty in his blue eyes, the older man's hand on Jennie's arm.

"Thank you for all you're trying to do for him, Dr. Daniels. I believe now he needs something more." Jennie said, Justin tearfully looking at her.
The doctor nodded, looking around at everyone.

"It's nice to see he's surrounded by so many who care for him. I'll come back and get you when he's settled, Mr. Timberlake and Miss Dragos."
Justin nodded, remaining still, the doctor saying goodbye and walking back out the door.

Jonathan guided Jennie over to Justin, Justin wrapping his arm around Jennie, the two sitting down.


The room was silent, Justin staring ahead at no one.

"I refuse to believe it, Justin. From what that doctor just said, those symptoms sound almost like when Jolan had those tests done." Joey said, looking at his friend.

"Yes, Joe. It's just like then." Justin said quietly, Josh looking at him.

"Something strange about that, Jus?"
Justin looked up at him.

"I think Nathan did something back at that hospital in New York. Remember Jolan's strange results suddenly changing to normal? I think Jolan's results never changed, he's the same now as he was back then. I think Nathan switched the original results to cover it up."

Jennie looked at Justin, Jonathan's arm around her.

"Why would he do that, Justin?" Lynn said, staring at her son.

"Because Nathan was trying to conceal Jolan's specialness." Jennie said, Justin looking at her.

"Jolan's results clued him into who Jolan was, or what he was."
"What he was, Jennie?" Lance said, the young woman's blue eyes going to him.

"Yes, Lance. You all know the specialness of his giving heart, and his magical being. I think Nathan now knows that as well. The man's one of the Fangoros."
Justin's arm tightened around Jennie, her blue eyes looking into his blue.

"Lance is right, Justin. You are the gift of life that my brother now needs. I sense the greatness of your magic."
"My magic? I have no magic, Jennie." Justin softly said, her blue eyes now staring into his.

"You have the magic of your love, Justin. That is the magical gift you can now give Jolan. He's lost, Justin. I don't sense him on the path. I can't hear him or speak to him. He needs your love to guide him back to himself. The same as you did that day he awoke from his first coma. That day your love pulled him out of the dark abyss."

Justin stared at Jennie, the young girl looking around.

"My brother is love as I've always stated. I've felt that love from the moment he brought me back unto myself. It's been growing steadily since. Lance is correct, everyone. This was no accident. The forces of evil sought to harm us. Nathan's mind is focused on you, Lance. And Joey is in the way. That's what this was--an attempt to put Joey out of the way. My brother somehow sensed all of that, what he did today his only option. For your love and the sanctity of it, my brother risked everything. I just hope he hasn't risked his life. I need him so much."
Jennie was in tears, Jonathan hugging her against him, Justin's hand rubbing her back, the two Timberlake brothers showing her their love.

"We all need him, Jennie. My love I'll give him in every way. I promise you I'll do all I can to bring him back to us."

Jennie sobbed, Justin and Jonathan both holding her, the two brothers looking into each other's blue eyes.

Everyone sat around the three, seeing their emotional love on full display.


Half an hour later, Justin and Jennie were walking beside Dr. Daniels, the man leading them into an elevator, then the three getting off on the fourth floor.

He led them down a corridor, stopping in front of a closed door.

"His face is bandaged, the lacerations treated. He shouldn't have any lasting scars once they heal. I just wanted you to be prepared for how he looks. There is a lot of bruising."
Jennie nodded, her eyes meeting Justin's.

"I'll let you have some time alone with him." the doctor said, looking at both of them.
"Thank you, Dr. Daniels." Justin said, shaking the man's hand, the man nodding and softly smiling at Jennie.

He left them, walking back down the corridor.

Justin's arm went around Jennie, her blue eyes staring into his.

"Are you ready for this, Justin? I sensed your underlying fear."
"I love him, Jennie. He's my life. What if I'm not strong enough to heal him?"
"Your love is strong enough, Justin. You have my love as well."

Justin smiled at her, Jennie brushing a tear from his cheek.

"We're his family, Jus. Our love is strongest when we're together."
Justin nodded, quietly pushing the door open, the two walking into the room.

Justin's eyes immediately went to the single bed in the white-walled room.

Laying there in the middle of its sterile cleanliness was Justin's life.

The two walked towards it, the white covered bed surrounded by machines at its head.

A steady beeping sound emitted from a machine on his right, Justin sensing it was a heart monitor.

Justin's eyes were glued to the face laying sunken into the pillows.

Jolan's face was half covered in bandages--on his left cheek, chin, forehead and over his left eyebrow.

Both eyes were visible, both surrounded by bruised blackened skin.

Jolan's face was swollen as well, his cheeks and neck larger.

Justin walked around the right side, Jennie guided with him.

He pulled up a chair, Jennie quietly sitting in it, her hand going out to Jolan's right hand which lay out on the covers.

She took it, immediately feeling the warmth coming from it.

And the lost love she sensed within him.

Justin's blue eyes were still staring at his face, his body gently sitting down on the bed's right side, beside Jolan's hip.

He leaned forward, gently kissing Jolan's soft lips, his own chin feeling the bandage below them.

"I'm here, my love. It's your Jumpy. I'm here, Wolfy."
Jennie quietly watched Justin, seeing now the tears again returned to his smooth cheeks.

Her other hand went to his shoulder, gently squeezing it.

"I'm here also, Jolly. Your Jennie's here. Please wake up, my brother. We still have so much life to experience together."

Justin's eyes went to Jennie, her face covered in tears as well.

"Everyone's here, Jo. Everyone's safe and surrounding you. They'll be here soon to love you and feel your love. I love you, Jo. Please come back to me."

Jolan's body remained still, the only sign of life being the soft rising and falling of his chest with every breath.

"My love is here, Jo. It's here in my heart and your soul. Why won't you wake up? Please open your eyes, Jolan."
Jennie stood up, her arm going around Justin, the man beginning to break down.

His body moved, Justin's arms going around Jolan's body, his cheek gently laying against his.

"I love you, Jo. Please don't leave me alone! I need you so much!"
Jennie was crying as well, hearing the deep love and sorrow coming out of Justin's soul.

She now understood completely the total devotion, need and love Justin felt for her brother.

"He's here, Jus. I sense him vaguely. His body is here, but his soul isn't within it."
Jennie looked around the room, her eyes staring out a large window, the sky showing its darkening reality.

It was early evening, the darkness of night beginning to descend over them.

"Where are you, my brother? And how do we get you back with us?"


Jolan stood in silence, tears flowing down his cheeks, his body against the hospital room's wall.

His eyes were on himself laying in that hospital bed, and his Justin.

He stood alone in a transparent reality.

The voyage of the walker had taken hold of him again.

Earlier while laying on the emergency room table, he'd felt the darkness of the void, fighting within himself to return to his life of reality.

And then his mind flooded with the memories of that day in the other hospital.

That day when he'd been pulled out of his body to go in search of his loving sister.

Destiny had pulled him out of himself to walk to her salvation.

Today, Jolan sensed something more than destiny was taking hold of him.

Today Jolan felt that he alone had pulled his soul out of himself, to stand here now for a singular reason.

To stand in silence and listen to all the love coming from his friends.

He'd walked with Josh and Justin back to that waiting room, hearing every word of conversation, seeing every emotional sign of their love for him.

He'd seen and felt the love of his inner circle of friends, and the shining love of his soulmate.

The glowing light surrounding each had surprised him.

It had taken him a few silent moments to realize what it was.

It was the glowing light of love.

Their love for him.

He'd seen the glow softly surrounding all of his friends and family.

Its intensity varied, some showing more than others, but all showing their love.

His Justin's was the brightest, followed by Jennie's.

But almost as intense as hers was someone else's.

Jolan had stood in silence, staring at Josh.

Jolan's soul had sensed Josh's love for him, his deep love for their friendship.

But the intensity of Josh's glow brought a deeper reality to Jolan's soul.

In Josh's glowing love, Jolan suddenly sensed he'd found something more.

Jolan stood in silence hearing Lance's words of reality.

How this, in some way, was Nathan's doing.

Jolan's mind went to the man in the tow truck, sensing the man's being there had been pre-ordained.

The man had been so surprised when he'd driven by.

His eyebrows furrowed, his mind on a sudden realization.

The man had expected to see Joey in the vehicle, not Jolan.

Jolan's determination hardened, his resolve to increase his protective love widening.

Jolan had then followed Justin, Jennie and the doctor on their journey to him.

And now here he stood staring at his lover and his sister weeping for his lost soul, for his needful soul.

Jolan's mind went over those two words, Era's prophetic words coursing through his mind.

My soul is needful, Erasmus.

I need to lighten the hearts of all of them.

You have guided me onto your path of design, ancient one.

Where have you led me?

Why did this have to happen?
Why bring so much pain and sorrow to my friends, and my family?
And especially to my Justin, he that I love with all of my heart?

Why tear their hearts apart for the pain I'd gladly endure?
I would take all their pain unto myself before I'd let them be hurt.

I love them all.

"The pain of need is often followed by the pain of denying your own self worth."

Jolan turned, staring into two grey eyes.

Two eyes he'd never seen before.

For they were attached to a vision of immense beauty.

And her smile instantly calmed Jolan's soul.


Jolan stared at the woman standing beside him.

"Who. . .you can see me?"

The woman smiled, a smile of radiating truth.

Her eyes moved to the bed, Jolan staring at her beautiful face.

"Yes, Jolan. I can see you, but they cannot. Their love is too entrenched in their souls. Their focus on only you."

Jolan stared as the woman turned again, her beautiful eyes staring into his soul.

"Are you as I am? Are you a lost soul?"
The woman smiled, her hand going to Jolan's shoulder.

"You are not lost, Jolan Dragos. You are easily found in the hearts of many. You are here in your own path's shadow for a reason. I've waited so long to meet you, Jolan. Your reality is an even greater truth than he ever thought of creating."

"That who thought of creating?"

The woman smiled, looking again towards the bed.

"He that created this path of life, Jolan. The final path of truth. He has surprised me."
Jolan stared at the woman watching Justin and Jennie, and Jolan's comatose body.

"Will I survive? Or has the path he's led me on come to an end?"

"You need only seek the answer to that question upon your own soul, Jolan. The truth of that answer will answer many questions."

"Riddles. You must be a Shadower."
The woman smiled, her eyes focusing on Jolan again.

"I do not have their wisdom, my grandson."
Jolan's eyes widened, a sudden truth echoing through his soul.

"Queen Alveena?"

The woman smiled, staring at her descendant.

"You are marked by love and great intelligence, my great-great-grandson. And you are marked by so much more. I think you've even surprised me."

Jolan stared at the woman, so many questions suddenly flooding his mind.

"Your thoughts betray that intelligence. I believe you are wise enough to pick the one question of most importance."

His eyes went back to Justin, staring at him wrapping his arms around his near lifeless body.

"Era said that Justin was destined to save me. I've fought against his involvement in this. Why him?"

The woman suddenly laughed, her sweet intoxicating laugh filling the silent room.

Jennie's head raised, her grey eyes scanning around the room as if she'd heard the laugh.

"Very good, my child. You chose with love instead of wisdom. There is hope for all."

Jolan stared at the woman, awaiting her answer to his question.

She stared at him, Jolan seeing so much love and courage in her mesmerizing grey eyes.

"He is you, and you are he. You are together, solidified by love and acceptance."
"Acceptance? Of what?"

The woman smiled.

"The acceptance of the truth. The truth of what each means to the other."
Jolan stared towards Justin.

"I need and love him, Grandmother. He is everything to me."

The woman smiled, staring at Justin.

"He needs you even more, Jolan. And his love is equal to yours. You are his tomorrow, today, and always. His love radiates when joined with yours. The glow you saw before is nothing compared to the glow that connects to you. That is what Justin needs to realize. Love doubles when flowing together."
"Love flows from heart to heart, from a loving soul to a needful soul."

Alveena smiled, looking into Jolan's tearing grey eyes.

"The Shadower spoke truth. Only it's a truth of duality. You both are loving souls, and needful. Needful of each other. Once he realizes that he can heal you."

"What or who is Erasmus?"
"He is what he was, and what he needs to be. It took me forever to realize that. I think it won't take you as long."
The woman left Jolan's side, walking over to the bed, staring at the scene before her.

"His love is beautiful, Jolan. It shall guide you forward."

The woman turned, looking into Jolan's grey eyes of uncertainty.

"What if Justin doesn't find the secret of our truth?"
"Do not be scared of reality, do not be afraid of his love. You are more than worthy of it. Retain the truth of your existence, and the reality of what he means to you."

"And what is the truth of my existence? Why am I the one thrust upon this path? Why was I chosen?"

The woman smiled, her hand going to his shoulder.

"The time of knowledge is soon at hand. We have much to discuss."
Jolan nodded, suddenly feeling a sense of rising, the two fading from the room.


Jolan felt his vision coming back, the darkness suddenly lightening.

He felt Queen Alveena's hand in his, his eyes focusing.

They stood in a stone hallway, the place shadowed by fire lamps lining the walls.

"Where are we?"

"This is the Corridor of Reverence. The pathway to my son's ancient palace of worth. We are inside Bolta Cerului."

Jolan looked around, seeing the ancient look of the stone wall, their footsteps the only sound in the semidarkness.

"We walk forward to the central hall." Alveena said, Jolan following her.

Within a few minutes the corridor opened up into a massive hall, Jolan's eyes taking in its magnitude.

The roof of the hall had to be at least one hundred feet high, glass windows covering its ceiling.

Radiant light cascaded down into the hall, the room lit like daylight.

In the center of the hall stood a gigantic statue, Jolan's eyes looking upwards.

A man stood upon a marble base, his arm stretched outward, his palm forward.

Jolan saw in the palm a rolled parchment.

In the man's other hand was a sword, his hand over his head, the sword pointing upwards.

At the base of that statue stood a golden throne, its sheen long faded, the chair covered in cobwebs.

Alveena stood beside Jolan, staring up at the statue of her lost son.

"King Dragos' view on kingship. An offered hand of treaty, or a hand of war. I call this the Temple of Egotism, my son's self flattering Chamber of Ascendancy, as he called it. "
Jolan looked at Alveena, seeing a look of sadness cross her face.

"He was your son, your majesty."
She stared upward.

"Once he was, Jolan. But the madness of magic destroyed his soul in the end. This chamber of silence is all that's left of him and his ideals."

Jolan's hand went to her shoulder, the woman turning and looking at him.

Jolan saw a single tear on her cheek, his finger lightly brushing it away.

"Your heart is that of a mother, whose son took the wrong path. I know in my heart at the end he found solace in that once remembered love."

The woman lowered her head, then raised it, her eyes clear once again.

"Your words echo truth and love, Jolan Dragos, grandson of Vilos. You also echo his looks and beauty."

Jolan smiled, Alveena smiling back.

"Can you tell me of him? I so want to know all about him! I met him once in a dream."

Alveena looked surprised, walking over to a stone bench, quietly sitting down.

Jolan walked over to her, sitting down beside her, his eyes still glued to the massive statue.

"You saw Vilos in a dream? Where?"
Jolan's eyes turned to her, she staring at him.

"Right here, Grandmother. Well, outside of here. On the far side of the river on the cliffs. I met him and my grandmother Lava Mora. Vilos said that they were the Sentinels of the Sanctuary. That they were asked to guard it from the evil searching for it."
Alveena's head rose upwards looking deep in thought.

"Pawns of truth, and sentinels of love. The she-wolf and the forged magic. He thought of everything."

Jolan looked at her, sensing an uncertainty in the woman's words.

"What's going on, Grandmother? Why is this place so important for us and for the evil surrounding us?"

Alveena stood, walking around the statue and towards the eastern wall, Jolan quietly following her.

She stood a few feet from the wall, Jolan seeing a large stone tablet hanging from the wall.

He looked around, seeing three other large stone tablets, one hanging on each of the four walls.

"These are the Beacons of Directional Truths, my grandson. What their purpose is, only the Shadowers may know. They were found hanging here in this hall only days after his downfall, by his son Segas. I believe my son put them here. I believe Segas thought that also. And they in some way scared him. For Segas sealed off this palace the day he found them here. No one except we of the shadows have entered here since."

Alveena turned, looking at Jolan, his eyes on the dust covered tablet.

"The Shadower asked of me one thing long ago at our first meeting. That one day I would lead you to this hall and show you these tablets. That you, my grandson of descendant love, would be able to unravel their meaning."
Jolan nodded, looking into her loving grey eyes.

"That Shadower was Era wasn't it?"
The woman nodded, her eyes going to the tablet before them.

"Yes, Jolan. Erasmus, the last of the Shadowers. Or so he told me."

Jolan nodded, staring at the tablet before him, hanging about three feet from the floor, its facade covered in thick dust.

"Here, Grandmother. Hold this torch while I clean it off." Jolan said, taking a torch from a holder hanging a few feet a way.

Alveena took the torch, Jolan moving forward, his hand touching the stone tablet, brushing away the dust, its granules falling to the dusty floor.

Within minutes he'd removed most of it, the etched words now showing.

Jolan stood back, the two staring at the long carved words.

"I know these words, for I have spoken them almost in their entirety." he said, staring at the words.



                            I am the candle, and he is my flame.

                             I shall need his love to fill my soul.

               When my love-filled soul is healed I shall return here

                                      Not a moment before

                    Thus the Sun Child will do what must be done



"You know the words? When did you speak them?" Alveena said, staring at her descendant.

"I spoke them as a warning to the One Council. I asked my Uncle Silas to deliver them to the Council. Justin is the flame that lights my candle."
Alveena stared at the words, a soft smile crossing her face.

"Intelligent and loving, so states the prophetic words of my own soul."
Jolan stared at her, the woman walking over to the south wall, Jolan slowly following her.

They stood in front of the next tablet, Alveena holding the torch still, shedding light upon it.

Jolan walked up to it, his hands destroying the layered dust covering it.

He stood back, these words puzzling him.

One part only stood out  for him.



                                    Life is a path of journeys

                                    Forward and backwards

                    That which we lost once more shall blossom

                                   In the sun's rays of hope

                              Love flows from heart to heart

                         From a loving soul to a needful soul

                       Those hearts beat when joined in love

                             Watch for thy child of that love

                         For he shall walk forever in the sun



Jolan turned, looking at Alveena.

"Hayden? My son shall walk in the sun? He is the Sun Child? I shall not allow that!"
Alveena stared at Jolan, seeing the troubled look across his face.

"I do not know the truth of that statement, Jolan. But I do know that child being of you must be a special child. Take these words and think upon them. I truly believe in my heart that they were placed here for you. You have laid claim to some of them already."

Jolan nodded slowly, his thoughts on all he'd seen.

Alveena moved again, walking across the chamber to the northern wall.

Jolan repeated the cleaning process, standing back and staring at this tablet.



               Through light and darkness thy forge ahead

                        What once was can be again

                    To look forward is to look backward

                        The sun rises where it must

                  And descends, upon the waters of life

                   Thy roof of heaven holds its own



Jolan stared at the words, one line remembered

"Era told me that line of to forward is to look backward."
Alveena stared at him.

"Our Shadower has walked here, of that I'm certain." Jolan said, looking at the floor of the massive chamber.

"Shadows leave no footprints, child. And I believe you are right." Alveena said, walking towards the western wall, the last tablet before them.

"Is there a reason you showed me these tablets in this particular order?"

"No child, I was only asked to start at the east and end in the west."

"The path of the sun, east at sunrise, west at sunset. Interesting."

Alveena nodded, Jolan walking up to the last tablet bathed in the light of Alveena's torch.

Jolan stepped back when the words were revealed.



                                    The sun sets on love

                        The sun sets on death and renews life

                Thy child wipes clean the slate of deceit and evil

                            And his wolfen heart beats anew

               Through love and giving shall he prove his truth

                   And life begins again, basked in love's truth

                                    He shall come again

                                   Renewed in giving love



Jolan stared at the words, no decipherable meaning coming to him.

"And his wolfen heart beats anew? That has to mean a child of the Badenwolf. That has to be me."

"I have shown you the words that needed to be seen, my child. I hope I haven't belayed your heart with new worries."
Jolan's eyes met her grey loving eyes.

"Thank you for bringing me here, Grandmother. I know not what these four tablets of destiny mean, but I believe one day I shall. You have upheld your pact with Erasmus. You can now sleep in peace."
The woman smiled, leaning forward and kissing Jolan's cheek.

"No peace shall come to us that await destiny, Jolan. History must be rectified, truth must be found. Your path is the path of that truth. We all walk with you."
Jolan nodded, looking into her grey eyes.

"There's so much you can tell me, so much I need to know. I've read your book, but you yourself hold so many answers."
The woman smiled, taking his hand.

"You are my descendant, Jolan Dragos. Your intelligence shall guide you onward. As will his love. We must return to watch your own truth."

Jolan nodded, his vision suddenly darkening.


The door of the hospital room opened, Jennie looking towards it.

Randall stood in the doorway, Lynn at his side.

Standing in front of both of them was Hayden, two blue eyes of love staring forward.

"Daddy okay, Poppa?"

Justin's body raised from the bed, looking towards the soft small voice that had filled the room.

He stood up, going to his knees, the boy rushing across the room, climbing into Justin's arms.

Justin hugged him tightly, the boy looking towards the bed.

"Daddy's sleeping, Hay. He's in a deep sleep." Justin said his eyes going to his father and mother, the two walking up to the bed.

"He somehow knew, Justin. Back at the house he said he needed to come to his father. That his father needed his love surrounding him."

Justin looked down into the staring blue eyes looking up at him.

"Me's here now, Poppa. We's both heres for Daddy."

Jolan stood beside the bed in tears, Alveena's hand going to his shoulder, her grey eyes staring at the small boy.

The two had returned to the silent room only moments before Hayden's entrance.

"He is so beautiful, Jolan. I feel his love radiating from the blueness of his soulful eyes." she softly said, a single tear rolling down her cheek.

"He is my son, my loving son." Jolan said, tears falling on his cheeks, so wanting to hold his son in his arms.

Hayden's head moved, his blue pools of love staring right at Jolan and Alveena.

"Daddy's okay, Poppa. Me's sees him here."

Justin kissed the small boy's cheek, Hayden's eyes moving to his blue.

"He's sleeping Hay, he's sleeping."
The boy giggled, snuggling against Justin's chest.

"He nots sleeps. He's waiting for our wuv."

Justin's eyes met Jennie's, the young woman looking into Hayden's eyes.

"Waiting for your love, Hay? He already has that, little one."
Hayden smiled, his eyes glancing over at Jolan again.

"Nice wady makes him sees it. Poppa sees it soons too. Me alweady knows dat wuv."

Everyone stared at the small boy, Jolan's eyes going to Queen Alveena.

"He can see us?"
The woman's own face was showing surprise as well, staring at the small boy.

"That isn't possible, Jolan! Unless. . ." the woman said, looking at the small boy, his blue eyes staring at her.

"Hello, little one." she softly said, Hayden giggling.

"Hi, wady!"

Everyone in the room looked at each other, Hayden still snuggled against Justin's chest, Justin's blue eyes looking around.

"You see Daddy, Hay? You see him out of bed?"

"Yes, Poppa. Me sees him with nice wady. De's over there!" he said, pointing right at Jolan and Queen Alveena.

The woman backed up, pulling Jolan back.

"It is not possible! No child has the Vision of Truth!" she said, her eyes wide with amazement.

Jolan stared at his son, the small boy smiling right at him.

"He is my son. He sees my love in all ways." he said, Hayden giggling.

"Wuvs you, Daddy."

Randall walked up beside his son, his hand going to Justin's shoulder.

"What's going on here, Justin? Who is he talking to?"
Justin's eyes met everyone's, his eyes then going to the empty side of the room Hayden was staring at.

"I think Jolan's soul is here. I think he's still in this room. Hayden sees his father's love."

The boy giggled, looking up at Justin.

"Your father's love will never hide from you, Hay. And I think I understand what's going on here."

Justin moved, walking to the empty side of the room, Hayden and he only a few feet from Jolan.

"Your love is here, Jo. Hayden sees it and senses it. Why can't I?"

Jolan was in tears, Justin's blue eyes filled with tears.

"I love you, Jo. I've never loved anyone the way I love you. You are my everything." Justin said, a soft smile crossing his face.

Jolan stared at the man who loved him like no one ever had.

Here now in the open Justin was revealing his soul.

"Of course! That's it!."

Justin moved, walking over to the bed, Hayden climbing into Jennie's arms.

Justin sat down on the bed, Randall and Lynn standing at the end of it, watching their son take Jolan's lifeless hand.

"Hayden sees your love because he is your son. Your son of love and beauty. I am your soulmate, Jolan. I love you with every fiber of my being, my love. We must be together in all ways for our joined love to work. I love you, and I need you. We are the loving and needful souls that Era spoke of. Our love is the essence of our being. Our love for each other. Our need for each other. I finally see the truth. You are my everything, my one and only. I offer you today my soul, my heart and my love. Let it heal the pain within you, and let it surround you with love. I love you totally."
Justin leaned forward, his lips meeting Jolan's.

The room suddenly filled with a blue glow, its beauty washing over both men.

Queen Alveena's grey eyes went to Jolan's identical orbs of love.

"He calls you back to his love, Jolan. It is time we parted. Remember the words that now rest in your soul. Life lived is always lived with love."
The woman faded away in an instant, Jolan's own body becoming transparent.

Jolan felt himself flowing towards his Justin.

And in his mind a sudden reality washed over him.

He disappeared instantly.


Justin tasted the warmth of Jolan's lips, and then suddenly felt a wave of euphoria wash over him.

He saw the blue light surrounding both of them, sensing the warmth of the love now filling him.

"Please wake up, my Jolan. Please come back to my love."
Hayden moved in Jennie's arms, wanting down.

Jennie gently set the boy down on the bed, Hayden crawling up to his fathers.

"Me's heres, Daddy. Poppa and me's heres to wuv you."

Justin looked into the boy's small blue intense eyes, seeing so much love.

Hayden placed his hand on Jolan's forehead, leaning forward and kissing his father's lips.

"Wuv us, Daddy. We wuvs you. Wakies!"
Justin smiled at their son, leaning forward and kissing Jolan again.

When Justin pulled back, he saw those lips move a little.

In the silent room a soft whispery voice brought smiles to all those surrounding the bed.

"Jus. . .Hay? I. . .I love you."

Two bruised eyes slowly opened, Justin staring into the grey eyes of his love.

"Oh, my Jo! You've come back!" he sobbed, his arms surrounding his man, his face burrowing into Jolan's chest.

Hayden smiled, leaning forward and kissing Jolan's head.

"Backs, Daddy. Wuvs you."
Jolan managed a soft smile, his arm moving and surrounding his son.

Hayden snuggled against his father's side, Justin's head raising, staring into his lover's grey eyes.

"Life begins again, basked in love's truth."

Justin smiled, lightly kissing Jolan's soft lips, careful now of his bandages.

"Welcome back, my love. I love you."
Jolan smiled, his eyes staring into Justin's blue.

"I love you, Jus."

"Sleep my love, sleep surrounded by our love."
Jolan softly smiled, closing his eyes.

Justin looked at Hayden, the small boy sound asleep now beside his father, a soft smile on his face as well.

Justin stood up, his arms going around Jennie.

"He's back, Jus. Our lives go forward with his love."
Justin smiled, his parents wrapping both of them in their arms, all their faces covered in tears.





End of Chapter 96


And so it seems our Jolan has returned from the darkness.

With a lot more filling his mind.


Is what Lance suggested true?
Is Nathan capable of murder to get him?
What can their friends do to protect Joey and Lance?

What will Jolan do?


What do the quotations etched in the stone tablets mean?
Will Jolan decipher their meanings?

What secrets does Bolta Cerului hold?

Will Jolan find the Dragosan Treasure that so many seek?


Questions, questions, questions.

What a great way to start a new year!


Only one way to find out--read on my friends.



Hugs and Happy New Year to all!!