Jolan's Path - Chapter 97


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 97


Justin's face had a look of total happiness on it when he walked into the waiting room.

"He's awake! My Jo's back!" he said, Josh pulling him into his arms.

Everyone stood up in shocked wonder, staring at Justin's beaming face.

"Really, Jus? He's awake?!!" Josh said, his eyes filling with tears of surprise as a wide smile covered his face.

"Yes, Joshy! My love woke him up! Era was right! Hayden's and my love woke him up!"

Everyone surrounded Justin, Randall standing beside his son.

"It's true! And it was unbelievable! Justin kissed him and they both were suddenly surrounded in blue light. Jolan then opened his eyes when Hayden--then Justin again--kissed him. He's sleeping now but he was awake. He talked!" Randall said, tears in his eyes evident.

"That's so unbelievable, Justy!" Lance said, Joey's arm around him.

"So is Jolan's love, Lance. He came back to me." Justin grinned, Lance seeing the total happiness in Justin's eyes.

"Lynn's gone to find Dr. Daniels, Jennie's staying with Jo. Hayden's asleep in his arms." Randall said, wiping his eyes as Lonnie patted his shoulder, Ally in tears as well.
Everyone smiled, Chace kissing Justin's cheek.

"Randall told us about Hayden wanting to come here. It seemed so remarkable! He somehow knew his love and yours was the answer."
Justin smiled, looking around at everyone.

"He's a part of Jolan. Their love is back, and I'm never letting either go."

Everyone smiled, Lynn walking into the room.

"Dr. Daniels is in with Jolan now, Justin. He wants to see you."

Justin nodded, smiling at everyone.

"I'll get all of you in to see him, once the doctor's looked him over. He knows you're all here."

Everyone smiled, Britney hugging Justin.

"Tell him we all love him, Jus. Tell him we're all here for him."
Justin smiled, nodding his head.

"He knows, Britney. He knows."
Josh smiled, Chace putting his arm around Josh, Chace's blue eyes meeting Justin's.

Justin smiled, walking out of the room again with Lynn.


Justin walked into the hospital room, holding the door open for his mother, the two seeing Dr. Daniels standing beside Jolan's bed.

Jennie sat in the chair, a sleeping Hayden in her arms.

"That boy sleeps soundly. I hated moving him but he slept right through." the doctor said, smiling at Justin.

"How is he, Doctor?"

The doctor smiled, pulling a sphygmomanometer off Jolan's left arm, having taken his blood pressure.

"His signs are strengthening. Blood pressure is strong, as is his heartbeat. His pupils are normal and he's breathing at a normal rate. His brain wave patterns have stabilized, but are still high, as is his cerebral cortex cell counts. But I think perhaps that's normal for him. I think he's coming out of it. Jennie said he spoke, and was awake?"

Justin was about to speak when another soft labored voice filled the quiet room.
"Yes I was, Doctor."

The doctor's eyes moved, staring into Jolan's grey opened eyes.

He stepped back in surprise, Jolan showing a soft smile.

"Well, that's. . .remarkable! How are you feeling, son?" the doctor said, regaining his professionalism.

Jolan's eyes moved, making contact with Justin's.

"I have a horrendous headache, and my body feels like someone has taken a hammer to it."

"You sustained head trauma and severe muscle bruising on your upper torso as well as your back. Your left leg was jammed against the driver's door as well. Nothing's broken, but you've got a lot of muscle damage due to severe impact. The airbag didn't deploy right away. You're going to be sore for a while. Physiotherapy might help with that. I'll give you some painkillers for the pain."

"My face. . .I see bandages."
Justin looked at the doctor, walking up beside Jolan and taking his hand.

"Your face smashed a window, Jo. You had lacerations which have been treated. You'll have no scars, once they heal. Your face is bruised from the impact. You're going to get well, my love. You're going to take it easy and get well."
Jolan smiled at him, Jolan seeing the happiness showing on Justin's face.

"I. . .I. . .no one was hurt?"

"No, Jolan. No one was hurt except you."

Jolan relaxed back against the pillows, looking towards the doctor.

"I have. . .book signing. . .New York." he softly said, the doctor looking at Justin, Justin patting Jolan's chest softly.

"We'll re-schedule that, my love. You're going to take it easy and regain your strength."
Jolan softly nodded, closing his eyes for a moment, then opening them.

"Rover. . .no brakes. . .man was following. . ."
The doctor looked surprised, Justin looking at him, looking back at Jolan.

"The police have been informed. We figured it out, Jo."
Jolan sighed, the room door opening, a young nurse walking into the room.

She smiled at Justin, Justin smiling back, the doctor looking at the tray she carried.

He took a needle off the tray, injecting it into the IV running out of Jolan's left arm.

"The pain killer I told you of. It will ease the pain, and also make you drowsy."
Justin looked up at the doctor, the nurse smiling at him.

"His friends have all been waiting here all afternoon and evening. They all want to see him."
The doctor nodded, smiling.

"I understand, Mr. Timberlake. Nurse Helman, can you guide them up here?"
"Oh yes, Dr. Daniels. It would be my pleasure." she said, smiling widely.

She quickly walked out of the room, the doctor lightly chuckling.

"She's a big fan of you and your friends, Mr. Timberlake. If she gets out of hand please let me know."
Justin smiled, looking at the doctor.

"It's alright, Dr. Daniels. And it's just Justin."
The doctor smiled, looking at Jolan.

"You rest, and I'll be back in in the morning to check on you again. I've made arrangements for you to stay tonight if you wish, Mr. Timber. . .I mean, Justin."
"Thank you, Dr. Daniels. I will be staying."
Jolan's hand went out, Justin taking it.

"You need rest, too, my love."
"I'm not letting you out of my sight, my Jo."

Jolan softly smiled, Justin smiling at him with love.

"Goodnight, to both of you. And you as well, Jennie." the doctor smiled, nodding and walking out of the room.

"Where's Hay?" Jolan softly said, Jennie getting up out of the chair, laying the small boy down in the bed again beside Jolan, his head resting on Jolan's chest, Justin's hand going to his forehead.

"A happy family once again." Jennie said smiling, leaning down and kissing her brother's forehead, a soft sob coming out of her.

Justin's hand went to her back, gently patting it.

"I'm going to be okay, Jennica. I'm going to be okay. I have all I need to get well right here."
Jennie raised her head, wiping her eyes, a wide smile across her face.

"We lost you, Jolly. You. . .you disappeared."
Jolan smiled, lightly brushing the tears from her eyes, Jennie seeing the tiredness in his.

"I never was far away. . .I was near the love."

Jennie and Justin both smiled, Jolan smiling back, sighing softly.

"Close your eyes, my love."
Jolan smiled, looking into Justin's blue.

"You know I won't be able to sleep with all the love soon to come."
Justin teared up, Jennie smiling.


The room door opened a few minutes later, Justin smiling as his friends quietly walked into the room, the young nurse leading them.

"I'll leave all of you to visit. Please make sure Mr. Dragos doesn't get too over exerted." she said, her eyes glued to Chace's handsome face.

Josh smirked, his hand going in Chace's, the nurse seeing it and sighing.

She smiled at everyone, slowly walking out of the room.

"Someone's got a new girlfriend." Joey said, Chace staring at him, Chris then laughing.

Chace smiled, Josh kissing his cheek.

Justin got up off the bed, walking up to his friends, their eyes going to the man laying in the bed, seeing Jolan's eyes closed.

"Oh God, Jus." Josh said, the smile now gone from his face, his blue eyes on Jolan's bruised face, a tear falling down one cheek.

Justin's arm went around Josh, slowly guiding him over to the bed, everyone else following.

Lance's arm was around his Joe, Joey's eyes on Jolan's bruised face as well.

"How's he doing, Jus?" Chace said, his eyes glistening as well.

"I'm doing okay, everyone." Jolan's tired, soft voice filling the quietness, his bruised eyes slowly opening.

His grey tired eyes met Josh's wet blue ones, his friend beginning to cry.
"Oh, Jo! You're alright! You're alive!" he began to cry, Chace's arm going around him.

Jolan's hand lifted up, touching Josh's face.

"It's okay. . .Joshy. I. . .I couldn't leave all  your love. . .it. . .it drew me back."

Josh nodded, Jolan softly brushing his cheek.

"We. . .I. . .we love you, Jo."
"I know, Joshy. . .I know."

Jolan's head turned, looking around at everyone, the last eyes he met being Joey's.

"Jo. .I. . .I don't know how to. . .to say. . ."
Jolan softly smiled at his friend, Joey's eyes filled with tears.

"You here, well and unharmed. . .all that. . .matters." Jolan softly said, his eyes closing again.

"I'm. . .I'm so tired."

"Sleep, my love. Just relax and sleep." Justin said, everyone stepping back from the bed, Justin remaining at Jolan's side, Hayden still sleeping against Jolan.

Everyone smiled, Britney's arm going around Justin.

"He has all he needs, Justy--you, Jennie and Hayden."

Justin and Jennie smiled, Britney hugging Jennie to her.

"I'm staying tonight. Jennie's going to take Hayden back home."
Everyone nodded, Josh walking up to Justin.

"I'll stay with you, Jus. Jolan will sleep right through. I don't want you to be alone."
Justin smiled, Josh feeling Chace's arm going around him.

"Josh is right, Jus. Jolan needs his best friends here as well tonight."

Josh and Chace looked at each other, Chace kissing Josh's cheek.

"Together never to part. We've got to get used to that."
Josh smiled, Justin chuckling.

Everyone smiled, gently hugging Justin and lightly touching Jolan, sending him their love as they left.

Jennie gently picked up Hayden, the boy softly snoring in her arms, not waking.

"He sleeps like you, Justin. Right out of it." Lynn said, Randall smiling.

"Like father, like grandfather."
Everyone lightly laughed, Jolan murmuring from his bed.

They quietly kissed Justin goodbye, the three men watching them leave.


The hospital door opened a few minutes later, Josh and Chace standing up from the couch they sat on, Justin sitting on the bed beside Jolan.

Nurse Helman walked in, smiling, two orderlies behind her pushing another bed into the room.

"Dr. Daniels said you'd be staying tonight, Mr. Timberlake." she said, smiling at Chace again, the young man smiling back.

"Thank you, Nurse Helman." Justin said, smiling as the men moved the bed against the wall, a few feet from Jolan's, then walking back out of the room, closing the door behind them.

"Please, it's Gina. I'm always on a first name basis with my patients." she said, smiling at Justin as she checked Jolan's heart monitor, brain scanner and IV.

"Thank you, Gina. And I'm just Justin. This is Chace and J.C. They're staying tonight as well. They're Jolan's best friends."

"It's a pleasure meeting all three of you. Well, all four of you. I'm a big fan of Jolan's as well." she said, her eyes on Chace again.

She softly blushed when Chace smiled at her again, she stepping back from the bed.

"I'll go and see if I can round up a couple more pillows. That couch can be uncomfortable." she said, her blush deepening.

"Thank you, Gina. For all your caring concern." Chace said with a wide smile, the young woman practically radiating with his praise as she quickly walked out of the room.

"You'll have her eating out of your hand soon, my love." Josh said, pecking Chace's cheek.

"I perfected the seduction on you, my pet."
Josh smiled, Chace kissing him deeply.

The two parted, Josh's eyes going to Justin.

Justin sat on the edge of the bed, his hand in Jolan's, his blue eyes staring at Jolan's sleeping face.

Chace and Josh looked at each other, quietly walking over to Jolan's bedside.

Josh put his hand on Justin's shoulder, Justin turning and looking into his blue eyes.

"I almost lost him, Joshy. I almost lost my love!" he began to sob, Josh pulling him against him, Justin crying into his chest.

Chace helped Josh guide Justin over to the couch, the hospital door opening again, Gina stepping into the room, seeing the two men seated on the couch, and Justin's state of emotions.

Chace walked up to her, smiling and taking the pillows and a blanket from her hands.

"Thank you, Gina. It's been an emotional day for Justin. He's a little overcome."
She nodded, her eyes filled with sympathy.

"I understand, Chace. I won't disturb you again tonight. If you need anything just hit Jolan's buzzer by his head."
"Thank you, Gina." Chace said, with sincere thanks, Gina smiling at him, quietly walking out of the room.

Chace walked back over to the couch, Josh's arms around Justin, the man seated between the two as Chace sat down.

"It's going to be alright, Justin. Jolan's going to get well, and life's going to be like it was."
Justin smiled, Josh smiling at him, kissing his cheek.

Chace leaned in, kissing his other cheek.
"Right now you're exhausted, Jus. You need to climb into that bed and get some sleep as well. Josh and I are both here to watch out for both of you."
"But what if he awakens and needs me?"

Chace saw the concern in Justin's blue, tired eyes.

"Sit right there, Jus. Come here for a sec, Josh." Chace said, Josh looking at his lover.

The two men walked over to the empty bed, Chace whispering in Josh's ear, Justin watching both of them.

Josh raised his head, smiling.

Both men moved, going to each end of the empty bed, moving it forward.

Justin watched as they carefully positioned the bed into place.

Justin smiled, seeing what they'd now done.

He stood up, walking over to the empty bed.

"Climb in, Jus. You're now where you need to be." Josh said, smiling.

Justin smiled, pulling off his shoes, climbing into the white covered bed, his hand going forward and taking Jolan's.

The two men were now side by side, the two beds pushed together.

"You'll both sleep better beside each other, as you always have. And you're both surrounded by our love, Justin. We're both here for you, and for Jolan." Chace said, Justin smiling at him.

"Thanks, to both of you. You don't know what that means to both of us."

Chace put his arm around Josh, both men smiling at Justin.

"We know, Jus. We know."

Justin smiled, curling up on his side, facing Jolan, closing his eyes.

After a few minutes, Josh and Chace both heard Justin's soft snore, both men walking back to the couch, Chace spreading out the blanket, and placing the pillows at one end.

Chace lay down, Josh joining him, snuggling in front of him on the surprisingly wide couch.

"Nice and cozy, my love." Chace said, kissing Josh's neck, wrapping his arms around his man.

Josh smiled, feeling the strength of love surrounding him.

"You close your eyes, Josh. I'll stay awake and watch them."

Josh smiled, looking at Justin and Jolan asleep in the beds.

"I love you, Chace."

"I love you, Josh. I love all of you."
Josh smiled, closing his eyes.


Jolan's eyes slowly opened, two blue pools of love staring at him.

"Morning, Jo. Feeling better?"

Jolan softly smiled, Josh's beautiful smile smiling down at him.

"I don't feel so tired, Josh." Jolan said, feeling someone holding onto his right hand.

He slowly turned his head, staring at Justin's sleeping face.

Jolan softly smiled again, seeing his lover in another bed right beside him.

"Chace and I thought he'd sleep better next to you. Your love always sends him to rest."

Jolan smiled, his left hand going up, Josh taking it in his.

"Our friends' love surrounded him as well."
Josh smiled, Jolan seeing the beginning of tears forming in his blue eyes.

"I'm going to be alright, Josh. I'm not going anywhere."

Josh lowered his head, Jolan squeezing his hand.

"I thought. . .yesterday, I. . .you were hurt. . .and you might. . ."
Jolan squeezed again, Josh raising his head, staring into his grey soulful eyes.

"Did you still feel my love, Joshua?"
Josh nodded, Jolan smiling again.

"As long as you feel my love, I'll always be here."
Josh moved forward, gently wrapping his arms around Jolan, Jolan softly patting his back.

Justin stirred beside him, his blue eyes opening, Josh's tearful blue eyes looking at him.

"Trying to flirt with my man, Joshy? You've got your own over there!"

Justin smiled, Josh smiling back at him.

"Just showing Jolan my love."

Justin smiled, his blue eyes looking into Jolan's grey orbs of love.

"That'll help him recover even more quickly." Justin said, sitting up, staring down into Jolan's bandaged face.

Jolan stared at him, Justin seeing his eyes were more focused, their beautiful silvery centers brighter.

"How do you feel, my love?"
Josh moved back, smiling at Jolan, Jolan smiling at Justin.

"I feel more rested, let's see how the rest of me feels." Jolan said, slowly rising upward, a sharp loud gasp coming out of him.
Justin was beside him in a flash, gently moving Jolan back against the pillows.

Chace--who'd been sleeping on the couch--bolted up at the loud sound, his eyes going to the two beds.

Jolan gasped again, struggling to calm down.

"You're not moving, my love. Your body's bruised and hurt. You're taking it easy."

Jolan nodded slowly, Justin seeing the tears in his eyes, knowing his lover was in deep pain.

"I'll get the nurse, Jo. You'll need some medicine." Chace said, now standing at the end of the bed, Josh's blue eyes looking into his blue.
Jolan softly nodded, Justin climbing out of his bed.

Josh sat down on Jolan's other side, taking Jolan's hand in his, Justin smiling at him, Chace walking out of the room quietly.

"You both stayed here last night?" Jolan softly said, looking at Josh.

"Yes, Jo. We both knew Justin needed our support, and that you needed us as well."
Jolan smiled, squeezing Josh's hand again, Justin smiling at his best friend.

"I thought we were the best men? We're supposed to be supporting you."
Josh smiled, leaning forward and kissing Jolan's cheek.

"We picked you for your unending love, Jolan. It's a love that reflects back to you."
Jolan smiled, looking up into Justin's blue eyes.

"How are you doing, Jus?"

Justin stretched, smiling at his Jolan.

"Seeing your eyes filled with brightening love makes me happy, Jo. I'm doing okay."
Josh smiled at Justin, Jolan smiling as well.

"I feel so fragile laying like this. Can you raise my back, Jus? I want to look at people eye to eye."

Josh smiled, Justin smiling at him.

Josh got up, helping Justin move the other bed away from Jolan's, Justin coming back and picking up Jolan's bed remote, the front of the bed slowly raising, Justin watching Jolan for any signs of pain.

Jolan gradually rose to almost a sitting position, his head elevated.

"Thanks, Jumpy. I can see what's going on around here now."
Justin and Jolan both smiled, the room's door opening, Chace walking in with Dr. Daniels.

"Good morning, Jolan. You taking in the view?" Dr. Daniels said, smiling at him.

"I just hate laying in bed, Doctor. Especially if I'm alone."
Justin blushed, Jolan softly smiling at him.

Justin's heart ached to hold his lover in his arms in their own bed, Jolan sensing Justin's need.

"So when can I leave?"

The doctor smiled, applying the sphygmomanometer to Jolan's arm, taking his blood pressure again.

"You've just survived a horrific accident, Jolan. You're lucky you survived without any major breakage or life-ending trauma. You need to focus on getting well. And that means plenty of rest, relaxation and staying put."
Jolan sighed, the doctor smiling.

"Unwillingness to lay around is a good sign of an energetic soul. You'll be up in no time. Dr. Henry Chambers called me late last night. He filled me in on your previous diagnostic recuperation. Walking after only hours after being in a coma? That's unheard of."
"I heal fast, Dr. Daniels. It's a family trait." Jolan said, quietly staring at Justin.

"Britney and Chris called everyone yesterday, Jo. We wanted them to know before they heard it on the news." Josh said, Jolan nodding at him.

"Henry wanted to do whatever he could to help." Justin said, Jolan smiling, the doctor smiling at him.

"Well, your pressure's normal, as is your temperature, and EKG. Your brain scanner still shows above level recordings, but I'm beginning to believe that's normal for you."
Jolan smiled at the doctor, the doctor gently lifting Jolan's dressing gown off his left arm, pulling it back.

Justin, Chace and Josh stared in shock at Jolan's chest, most of it covered in large blackening bruises.

Justin could see a long strip of black bruising running diagonally across Jolan's chest.

"That's from the seatbelt, it could have been a lot worse if he hadn't been wearing it." the doctor said, Jolan staring at his Justin, seeing the tears in Justin's eyes.

The doctor listened to Jolan's heartbeat through his stethoscope, its end resting below his left nipple.

The three men surrounding the bed stared in silence, the doctor smiling at Jolan, putting his arm gently back through his gown's armhole.

"Heartbeat's strong and sure. You're signs are stabilizing, a great sign."
"Thanks, Doctor."
Dr. Daniels smiled, standing up, hitting Jolan's buzzer on the bed's side.

"I'll get Nurse Helman in here and we'll remove these machines."
Jolan smiled, the doctor patting his shoulder.

Nurse Helman walked into the room, smiling at everyone.

"Good morning, everyone. Yes, Doctor? You rang?"
"Yes, Gina. Help me disconnect these machines. Jolan's signs have stabilized."
Gina looked surprised, then stared at Jolan.

Jolan smiled back at her, the young woman softly blushing.

"Hi, Jolan. I'm Gina, your nurse on call."
"Hi, Gina." Jolan said, still smiling at her.

She smiled at him, helping the doctor remove the sensors from Jolan's chest, forehead and arms.

Jolan softly gasped, both gently removing everything.

"I'll get an orderly in here to take the machines out." Gina said, her eyes going to Chace and Josh.

Both smiled at her, the young woman smiling and leaving the room.

"I hope she wasn't too much trouble last night. She's a sweet girl, and an excellent nurse." Dr. Daniels said, smiling at Justin, Chace and Josh.

 "No trouble at all, sir." Chace said, the other two men smiling at him.

"I've got rounds to do, Jolan. I'll check in on you again later this afternoon."
"Thank you, Dr. Daniels. The depth of your soul of caring shall not go unnoticed. The allotted time shall show your worth."
The doctor stared at Jolan, Jolan's hand going forward, the doctor taking it.

"Thank you, my brother of life."

The doctor stared into Jolan's grey eyes, the three men surrounding the bed staring at both of them in silent shock.

"I. . .I am a doctor, Jolan. My life I have given to caring for hurting souls."
Jolan smiled, shaking his hand.

"You shall heal them, as shall I."

The doctor's eyes seemed to gloss over with wetness, Jolan slowly releasing his hand.

The doctor stared at him for a moment longer, then smiled.

"Rest, Jolan. Rest with the love surrounding you."
Jolan smiled, the doctor looking at the other three men for a moment, then quietly walking out of the room.

Justin, Josh and Chace all turned back, staring at Jolan.

Jolan looked into Justin's eyes, seeing the deep confusion there.

"A red crown marks all of them, Jus. I easily identified him as one of my Sumsarian brethren. My grandfather's love stretches far. I'm sure Henry wasn't the only one who called Dr. Daniels last night."

Justin looked towards the door, Jolan's hand slinking into his, Justin turning back.

"My family of history surrounds me. I feel safe knowing he's a brethren of life."

Justin nodded, Jolan smiling at him.

"Where's my Hay?"
Justin smiled, leaning down and kissing Jolan.

"I love you, Jo. Dad said he'd bring Jennie and Hay here this morning."
Jolan raised his head a little, their lips joining.

"Good morning, Jumpy. I love you too."
Justin smiled, a tear showing in his eyes.

"Hey, now. I'm going to be okay. There's no reason for tears now. Can you call Dad and ask him to bring the Tome here as well?"

Justin nodded, Josh pulling out his cell phone, making the call for Justin..

"What do you need the Tome for?"
Jolan smiled, his fingers rubbing Justin's cheek.

"Well, if I'm going to be laying here all day, I might as well have something to read."
Justin nodded, unsure if that was the only reason Jolan wanted the book.

"Oh, Josh. Tell Dad to bring me some fresh clothing. I hate this gown!" Jolan said, looking at Josh, Josh nodding as he spoke on the phone.

Justin stared at Jolan, Jolan gently closing his eyes.

"I need a small rest, my love. Then I need something to eat."
Justin looked up at Chace, his friend staring at Jolan.


Jolan's eyes opened again, two blue eyes staring down at him.

"How long have I been asleep, Jumpy?"
Justin kissed his cheek, Jolan smiling at him.

"About two hours, my love. Breakfast is here. Gina dropped it off about ten minutes ago."
Jolan nodded, Justin rising up from the bed, moving a small table across Jolan's legs.

Jolan stared at a large tray, its offerings covered.

Justin smiled at him, pulling off the cover.

"Voila! A breakfast fit for a champion!" he said, smiling at Jolan.

Jolan stared at the tray, its largeness overshadowing its meager offerings.

On the tray was a bowl of mushy oatmeal, a glass of orange juice and a small bowl of what Jolan guessed was tapioca.

"Gina said you need soft liquids and food right now. Your stomach's ingested a lot of drugs and such." Justin said, picking up a spoon, sitting down on the bed's edge beside Jolan, gently feeding Jolan a spoonful of the oatmeal, Jolan slowly swallowing.

"Those champions must be over ninety."

Justin laughed, Jolan smiling at him, taking another offered spoonful of oatmeal.

"Where are our brothers of love?"
Justin smiled, feeding Jolan another spoonful.

"They've gone home to freshen up, they'll be back later."
Jolan smiled swallowing his food.

Justin stared at him, Jolan staring back.

"You feel their love, don't you Justin?"
Justin nodded, Jolan smiling at him.

"I never felt it as strong as I felt it last night, Jo. They seemed so giving."
Jolan nodded, looking into Justin's blue eyes.

"I think we've just united into a quartet of love, Jus."
Justin smiled, Jolan's words so filled with love.

"You've loved Josh all your life, Jus. And now you love me. And I love Josh as well. And Chace, his giving love has filled our souls as well. He loves Josh, and we all love each other. I think the second faction is at hand." Jolan said, leaning back against the pillows.

Justin sensed Jolan didn't want anything more to eat, picking up the glass of orange juice, slipping a straw into the glass, gently guiding the straw to Jolan's mouth.

Jolan sipped a few gulps of juice, Justin returning the glass to the tray.

"The second faction?" Justin said, staring at his lover, his grey eyes filled with love.

"My father and his three brothers were the Brothers of Vendica, a joining of four souls of love. We four, I believe, will be something more. With an even stronger bond."
Justin smiled, leaning forward and kissing Jolan's lips, tasting the juice still on them.

"I love them both, Jolan. And I love you. My heart has room for all of you."
Jolan teared up, his hand going into Justin's.

"Our love is ours, Justin. But our hearts give openly. I sense a deep love emanating from Joshua. A love that's now joined with Chace's. Their love with ours will be beyond beautiful."
Justin smiled, his face suddenly changing.

Jolan felt the truth in Justin's soul.

"I had their love here with me while you were gone, Jolan. It was almost enough. But it wasn't your love."
Jolan smiled, Justin moving and laying his head on Jolan's chest, his arms gently wrapping around Jolan's torso.

"I was so scared, Jo. I thought I'd lost you." Justin said, his emotions threatening to break through, Jolan rubbing his back.

"You shall never lose my love, Justin. Our love is forever. You'll always feel it."
Justin buried his head into Jolan's chest, a soft sob coming out of him.

Jolan lay in silence, holding his man against him, his love washing away the gnawing pain.

"Where did you go, Jo?"
Jolan stared upwards, then sighed, Justin raising his head, looking into his now staring grey eyes.

"Hayden said you were with a woman? Was it your mother?" Justin said, Jolan lowering his head for a moment, Justin raising it, his lips moving forward and kissing Jolan's, Jolan feeling his love.

"No, Jus. She wasn't my Mom. It was Queen Alveena."

Justin's eyes widened in surprise, Jolan smiling at him.

"She took me on a voyage of discovery, Jus. She took me to Bolta Cerului."

"To the mountain?"
"No, Jus. Inside the mountain. Inside the palace of King Dragos."
Justin's eyes stared in awe, Jolan softly smiling at him.

"She took me there to read the etched words of destiny."
"Words of destiny?"
"Four stone tablets were laden with words of puzzlement, and words of clarity. It is my destiny to discover their meaning. We'll talk later on this, once my uncles return."
Justin nodded, Jolan staring at him.

"She thought your love was the most beautiful, Justin. We stood beside this bed and watched you with me."
Justin nodded, taking Jolan's hand again.

"I love you, Jolan. I'll always show that."
Jolan smiled, Justin leaning in and kissing him again.

Jolan moaned, then softly gasped, Justin moving back.

"Sorry, Jus. It still hurts to move around."
Justin nodded, standing up.

"Then you'll stay there and rest. There's plenty of time ahead for my showing you my love."
Jolan smiled, his smile a lot wider now, Justin seeing a returned energy in his bandaged face.

He stared at Jolan's bandaged face, so wanting to see the returned beauty hidden underneath, to bask in his loving beauty.

"Soon, my love. Your vision of need will show its love again."

Justin smiled, pushing the table away from the bed, Jolan softly sighing, resting back into the pillows.


Half an hour later Jennie walked into the room, encircled in Lynn, Lisa and Randall's protective love.
Hayden was in his grandfather's arms, his face smiling widely at his father who he looked at first.

Justin walked up to them, Hayden leaping into his arms.

"Me's back, Poppa! Misses me?"
"I sure did, my little man! Poppa's so happy you're here!" Justin said, Jolan smiling at the two together.

Hayden giggled in his Poppa's arms, Justin walking over towards the bed.

"Hi, Daddy! You's better?"

Jolan smiled, nodding up at his son.

The three older ones walked up to the bed, Lisa and Lynn tearfully gently hugging Jolan, kissing his cheeks.

"Hello, Moms. Hi, Dad." Jolan said, Randall smiling at him, patting his shoulder.

"How's our Jo?" Randall said, Jolan seeing soft tears in his eyes.

"I'm getting better, Dad. I'm going to be okay."
Everyone smiled, Jennie leaning down and gently hugging her brother.

"Hayden's been an angel, Jolan. He slept with me last night, my love surrounding him."
Jolan smiled, kissing her cheek.

"His aunt's love is a special love. He'll love you always."
The little boy smiled, wanting down out of Justin's arms, Justin laughing and dumping him on the bed, Hayden giggling.

He moved upwards, snuggling against Jolan's side, Jolan leaning forward, the boy kissing his lips.

"Missed you, Daddy. When's you's and Poppa comings home?"

"I'll be home soon, Hay. Poppa will be home tonight. You'll have his love with you."
The little boy smiled, looking up at Justin.

"Goods. Me wuvs Poppa! Me sleeps with him tonight so he's nots alone."

Justin teared up, Jolan smiling up at him.

"That's good, my son. He needs your love, as do I."
The boy smiled, his hand going forward, touching Jolan's bandaged face.

"Bad man hurts you, Daddy. You's be okay. Face gets better, then we goes to stone place."

Jolan stared up at Justin, Justin shrugging his shoulders.

"Stone place, Hay?"
The boy smiled, looking up into his father's grey eyes.

"Yes, Daddy. Grampa's home! Where it begans."

"My father's home, Hay? You know where we're going?"
The boy nodded, playing with Jolan's hospital bracelet on his wrist.

"Yes, Daddy. Place where his wuv is."

Randall looked at his son, Justin's eyes meeting his.

"Does he mean your father's home in England, Jolan?"

Jolan nodded, looking down at his son.

"You also saw me with the nice lady, Hay?"
"Yes, Daddy. Me likes her. She talks to me before. She says you be happy soon."
Jolan nodded, the boy snuggling against Jolan's chest.

"Me's sleepy, Daddy. Me snuggles with you."
Jolan looked down at his son, a tear falling from his cheek.

The small boy closed his eyes, Jolan leaning back into the pillows.

Justin stared at him, Jolan slowly closing his eyes.


The hospital room became a beacon of love and need for all of Jolan's friends.

Josh and Chace returned in the late morning, as did Chris and Britney, others arriving throughout the day as well.

Paul showed up twenty minutes after Justin's other parents.  Jessica and Sandra entering the room with him, Paul having volunteered to drive them over due to the ever-increasing media now staking a place outside the hospital.

All three gently hugged Jolan, Sandra smiling at her sleeping son laying against Jolan's side, Jolan softly smiling at her.

Leo and his mother visited Jolan in the early afternoon, Jolan's old friend covered in tears of happiness seeing Jolan was going to be okay.
"I'm sorry, Leopold. The book signing."
"Never mind that, Jo. That has been rescheduled until the new year. First and foremost we're going to get you well." Leo said, Auntie Gee hugging her son, smiling at Jolan.

"Thanks, Leo. You're both coming with us to England. I want all my healing, loving friends around me at Christmas."
The young man teared up, hugging Jolan, Auntie Gee accepting Jolan's invitation for both of them, rubbing his shoulder.

Justin smiled, that invitation coming from him as well.

After Leo and Auntie Gee had left, and Lonnie and Ally had arrived, Joey and Lance walked into the room.

Behind them walked Jordan.

Jolan smiled at all three, Lonnie and Ally at his bedside.

"Hello, guys." Jolan said, Jordan walking up and leaning down and gently hugging Jolan, kissing his cheek.

"Hello, cousin. Taking on the world again?" he said, Jolan smiling at him.

"Only spreading my love, Jordan." Jolan softly said, Joey staring at Jolan.

Jordan stood up again, staring around at everyone, his eyes meeting Justin's.

"I arrived this morning, Jolan. After Lance called me last night I took the first flight. I met with Lt. Sanders this morning. You remember him, the officer who arrested you?"
Jolan nodded, staring at Jordan in silence.

"He had his forensic team go over Joey's Rover late this morning. The brakes were indeed tampered with. They were set so they'd let go remotely. Someone followed you and set the trap."
"The man in the tow truck."
Jordan looked surprised, staring at Jolan.

"A man in a beat up tow truck drove by me as I came over the crest of that hill. He was staring right at me. He wore a look of total surprise. I believe he was stunned that I was driving the car. It was supposed to be Joey."
Joey walked around the bed, sitting down on Jolan's left side.

"Jolan. . .I should have gone for the ice cream. It should be me here laying in this bed! Not you! I'm sorry I let you take the pain of my destiny!" Joey said, tears flowing from his eyes, Jolan's hand going into his.

"Dearest friend of life, and love. Do not burden your heart with what ifs or should haves. I did what I had to do to save your love, the love you and Lance now have. For that I'd risk a thousand deaths. For any one of you. My love I give to all of you. I had to change that path, Joe. I couldn't risk losing you. For Lance and for myself."
Joey was in tears, his bearish arms surrounding Jolan.

Jolan softly gasped while Joey hugged him, the man overcome with love.

"I love you, Jo. I love you so much. Thank you for keeping me here with Lance. For keeping our love alive."
Jolan lay back again, Joey wiping his eyes, Jolan softly gasping.

"I'm sorry, Jo. My love overcomes me."

Jolan softly smiled, Lance's hand going to Joey's shoulder, Joey looking up at him, then back at Jolan.

"Your love will never die, Joe. It's an eternal love."
Both men smiled, Lance leaning down and kissing Jolan's cheek.

"Did you happen to get any name on the tow truck, Jolan?" Jordan said, smiling at him.

"There was a man with a red wrench over his shoulder emblazoned on the truck's side. I think the name was Parsons."
Joey's head raised in shock.

"Parson's Auto Body? That's the garage where I've been taking my Rover to."
Jordan's eyebrows raised, writing something in a pad he'd materialized out of his jacket.

"You had your vehicle serviced there? Recently?"
"About two weeks ago. I'd been having a few problems with it. No brake problems though."
Jordan turned back to Jolan.

"Can you give me a description of the guy driving the truck, Jolan?"
Jolan softly sighed, giving a detailed description to Jordan, the inspector writing everything down.


Nathan stood against the bedroom wall, watching the scene before him.

Brandon was on all fours on the mattress on the floor of the room naked.

Behind him, the mechanic Swanson was impaling his large shaft deep within the singer's ass.

Brandon was gasping, Nathan smiling to himself.

He knew the trembling of the young man's body was just a ruse.

He knew that Brandon thrived on dominance in his lovemaking.

The young man loved to be taken, to be used and abused.

Nathan's beastly self had instilled that reality into Brandon's subconscious.

And Brandon was now Nathan's willing accomplice.

Swanson had arrived an hour earlier, in near hysterics.

He'd told Nathan the truth, of someone else in the driver's seat of Joey's vehicle.

Of the crash and Swanson's inability to stop it.

Nathan had gleaned from the man's story the truth of the victim's identity.

Watching the news on the hour had verified it.

Jolan Dragos had been the victim.

Nathan sat staring at the television, this outcome running through his mind.

It wasn't that bad of an outcome.

Perhaps Jolan would now pass from the scene, one later confrontation avoided.

Yes, Nathan thought it was a mistake he could live with.

But it still left the uncertainty of Joey Fatone's existence.

And the sloppiness that the mechanic had instilled in the situation.

Nathan had leaned into Brandon, whispering into his ear.

Brandon stared at Nathan for a few moments, then had slowly risen, standing in front of the mechanic, who was sitting on another chair staring at the television.

"Nathan is happy with this outcome. Someone of importance has been taken off the stage. I am your reward for that outcome."

The mechanic stared up at Brandon then over at Nathan.

"I reward those who make my life easier."
The mechanic's eyes went back to Brandon, the man having already removed his shirt and pants.

The man stared at the vision of beauty before him, licking his lips.

He'd ridden this man once already, a second chance sinking into his libido.

Brandon walked away from him, the man getting up and following him into the bedroom.

Here now they were, the brute taking Brandon from behind.

Brandon gasped, the man hurling insults at him.

"You like that, you whore? You like my thick dick buried in you? You like taking all my meat?" he said, thrusting deeper into Brandon.

Nathan laughed, the man turning his head.

"Ah, so you like to watch? You getting off on this?"

Nathan stared at the naked muscular beast before him.

"I like to see strong men taken. Their strength beaten out of them."
The mechanic smiled, slapping Brandon across the ass hard.

Brandon screamed, the man slapping his face, pulling his head back by his hair, his tongue sinking into Brandon's mouth as his head turned.

The man bit Brandon's lip, the man whimpering, the mechanic looking back at Nathan.

"Why don't you join us? I'd like to see how much you can take."

Nathan smiled, pulling off his shirt, the large muscular man taking in the younger man's slim, muscular body as Nathan's pants hit the floor.

Swanson kept penetrating Brandon, the young man staring back at Nathan.

"Come here, stud. Let me work on that shaft." Swanson said, seeing Nathan's erection now in full view.

Nathan walked over to the man, standing before him.

The man's hand went out, stroking Nathan's enlarging organ.

"Stick that rod in this slut's mouth."
Nathan stared at the man, smiling a smile of intense desire.

"I have an even better place for it." Nathan said, moving with a flash of speed.

Within a moment of time Nathan was behind the mechanic, his strong arms wrapping around him, his largeness aimed at one target.

"What the fuck are you doing? I ain't no bottom boy!" the larger man said, feeling Nathan's hardness rubbing against his lower back.

Nathan tightened his hold on the man, centering himself, his hardness rubbing against the man's heat.

Swanson fought against him, feeling a locked strength in the smaller built man behind him.

The mechanic struggled, trapped between Nathan and Brandon, Nathan's face enveloped in a large grin.

Swanson began to close his butt cheeks, to keep out the hard visitor about to claim him.

Nathan's hand went up, latching onto the man's left nipple, pinching it roughly.

The man screamed, his ass relaxing.

It was all the time Nathan needed.

In one fast forward motion he sank all of himself deep within the mechanic's center, the man screaming in pain.

Brandon before him felt the man's forward thrust, knowing Nathan had driven himself home.

In his pain Swanson had released Brandon from his grasp, Brandon moving forward, the man's own hardness slipping out of him.

Brandon moved away from the man, turning around and staring at him.

Brandon saw the man fall forward, Nathan behind him, his manhood sunk deep within the larger man, Nathan's eyes meeting Brandon's.

"How does that feel, Swanson? How does it feel to be taken by me, slut? Let's see how much you can take!"
The man gasped, Brandon seeing the look of immense pain on his face, Brandon knowing now that the man had never had this done to him.

"I am the master here, my ignorant slave! I'm going to show you how pleased I am at what you've done."

The man was half crying, Nathan's eyes suddenly changing as he stared at Brandon.

Brandon saw the yellowish hue burning within the man's eyes, Nathan's form beginning to change, his body riddling itself with hair.

The man below him felt the change as well, struggling against the man now taking him.

His head turned, seeing the change coming over Nathan.

"Oh, God!! What's happening? What the fuck are you? Please let me go. . .please!!"

Nathan's face changed, his wolfish beauty now taking form.

The man began to sob, Nathan pulling out of him, flipping the man over onto his back, the man staring up at the Badenwolf now staring down at him.

Nathan's head lifted, a loud animalistic howl filling the room.

Nathan lunged forward, lifting the man's legs, his now even larger phallus sinking into him.

The man screamed, the Badenwolf's jaws going to his throat, his teeth sinking deep into his jugular, cutting off the scream.

Brandon stared in silence at the scene in front of them, his face and chest instantly covering in blood as Nathan tore into the man's throat and chest, crunching tearing sounds filling the room.

Brandon lowered his gaze as the beast fed.




End of Chapter 97


Well, our hero's regained his soul.

Jolan's alive and back with us.

Was there any doubt?



It seems our mechanic has paid for his sloppy work.

And our Nathan is starting to show his horrific true self.

Is Brandon firmly in his clutches?
Or is he just biding his time until he gets what he wants?


What's going on with Josh, Justin, Chace and Jolan?
Is this quartet of love joining into an even more loving group?


As the author, I know the answers.

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On to the next chapter, let's follow Hayden and Jolan to the stone place.



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