Jolan's Path - Chapter 98


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 98


Jolan smiled at his son, Hayden seated in Justin's lap in the chair beside his bed.

The little boy was deep in discussions with his Poppa about the car he had locked in his small hands.

The day had ventured into evening, Jolan having dozed on and off all day while his friends and family surrounded him.

He sighed, just having finished dinner, Justin gently feeding him while Jennie and Jonathan had fed Hayden, Josh sneaking out for hamburgers for everyone.

Jolan's meal had consisted of a soft boiled egg, soggy toast and a small quiche.

Justin had seen the disgust in Jolan's eyes when he'd finished the small fare, Justin giving his lover a few fries and a small piece of hamburger as well.

Jolan had smiled at him, seeing Justin's caring love.

Justin's parents had gone back to his place for dinner, Hayden not wanting to leave his father just yet.

They'd easily given in to his small smiling face, the boy remaining in Justin's lap.

It was now after eight, Josh, Chace, Jennie, Jonathan, Hayden and Justin the only ones remaining.

Jolan's eyes had often gone to Justin and his son, seeing their joined happiness, their eyes often going to him.

Jolan had lain back in silence, listening to the group chat and talk quietly around him.

They'd talked about his recovery, his and Justin's love, as well as the upcoming holidays.

"Wow! Christmas in England. So snowy and Dickensian." Chace said, Josh smiling at him, the two snuggled together on the other empty bed in the room.

Jonathan and Jennie were snuggled on the couch, Justin smiling over at them.

"I always love Christmas, and this time of year." he said, Jolan softly smiling at him.

"We's haves tree, Daddy?" Hayden asked, yawning in Justin's lap.

"For sure, Hay. Uncle Calen's guaranteeing all the traditional decorations." Jolan said, the boy grinning at him.

"Me like my Poppa! Me likes Kismas too!"

Jennie and Jonathan chuckled, the boy grinning at them.

"Awesome, little buddy! And Santa's going to bring you lots of toys." Justin said, Jolan softly shaking his head.
The boy's eyes widened, looking up at Justin.

"Me no have much last Kismas. Mommy not able to buy me stuff."
Jolan quietly looked at his son, his thoughts on his son's happiness.

"Every Christmas from now on will be a time of great happiness for you, my son. Poppa and I will make sure of it. You'll always be wrapped in our love."
The boy smiled widely, his hands going out to his father.

Justin smiled, getting up, setting the small boy down beside his father.

The boy wrapped his arms around his father's neck, kissing his bandaged cheek.

"Me gonna wites story for you, Daddy. Story abouts my wuv for yous. For you and Poppa."

Both men smiled, Jolan looking up at Justin, his blue eyes filled with love.

"That would be wonderful, Hay."
The boy smiled, laying his head on his father's chest, a soft yawn escaping his mouth.

"Our boy's tired, Jus. I think you should take him home. I'm feeling the tiredness as well seeping in again. I think we should all call it a night. I'll be okay here, I'm just going to sleep."
Justin leaned down, kissing Jolan's soft lips.

"You're sure, my love? Jennie can take Hay home, I can stay for a while longer."

Jolan smiled, his finger stroking Justin's cheek.

"Remember what our son said, Jumpy. He wants to sleep with his Poppa tonight."

Justin smiled and nodded, the small boy raising his head, looking up at Justin.

"Daddy right, Poppa. You's need sweeps just like me's."

Justin chuckled, picking up the small boy, Hayden snuggling against his chest.

Josh got up for the other bed, Chace sitting up.

"I've volunteered to stay tonight with you, Jo." Josh said, walking up beside Justin and Hayden.

Jolan smiled, looking into his friend's blue eyes.

"Do I really need a babysitter?"

Justin laughed, Josh softly blushing, Jolan smiling at him, Josh smiling back then.

"How about just a friend who loves you?"
Jolan nodded, smiling at him.

"That's even better, Joshy."

Chace smiled, getting up from the bed, his arms going around his Josh.

"I've got a rehearsal first thing in the morning, Jo. Or I'd stay as well. My man's forcing me to get a good night's sleep."
Josh smiled, kissing Chace's lips.

"Though how I'll get a good night's sleep without you in my arms is beyond me."
Josh's eyes brightened with his total love for this beautiful man.

Justin smiled, Hayden yawning again.

"On our son's note, we should go. I love you, Jo." Justin said, Jolan smiling up at him.

"I love you, Jus."
Chace smiled, taking Hayden from Justin, Justin leaning down and kissing his lover tenderly.

Hayden leaned over kissing Josh's cheek, then kissing Chace's.

"Wuvs you Uncle Chace and Uncle Josh!"
Both men smiled, Justin rising again, Jolan smiling at all four.

"See you in the morning, Jus. Goodnight, my son."
"Night, Daddy." Hayden said, again in Justin's arms, Justin leaning the small boy down, Hayden kissing his father's lips.

Jennie and Jonathan had risen up from the couch, now on the other side of Jolan's bed.

"Sleep well, my brother. I love you."
Jolan smiled as she kissed his cheek, Jolan receiving the same kiss from Jonathan.

"Goodnight, Jo." he said, Jolan ruffling his blond mop.

Jonathan smiled, Jolan smiling back.

"Goodnight, bro."

Justin smiled, his eyes going to Jolan's grey.

"Love you, Jo. I'll be here first thing in the morning."
Jolan nodded, everyone quietly leaving, Justin the last to go before the door closed.

Josh smiled at Jolan, sitting down on the edge of the bed.

"Comfy, Jo?"

Jolan nodded, smiling at his friend.

"Yes, Joshua."
Josh smiled, Jolan using that full name always sending a touch of happiness down into his heart.

"Could you hand me the Tome, Josh? I might read a little bit before I fall asleep."

Josh nodded, leaning over Jolan's chest, stretching his arm across the bed, picking up the old book which lay on the nightstand beside Jolan's bed.

When Josh began to pull back Jolan's hand went upwards, resting on Josh's neck, Josh stopping, his face right in front of Jolan.

Josh stared down into his grey loving eyes, Jolan staring up into his blue orbs of love.

"I love you, Joshua. Thank you for staying here with me."

Josh stared at Jolan, the man's silvery gaze having a deep affect on him.

Josh lowered his eyes, a soft tremble going through him.

"Do not be afraid of my love, Joshua. Do not be worried by what it means."

Josh's eyes met Jolan's again.

"I've seen the glow of your loving soul, Joshua. It radiates almost as brightly as my loving Justin's."
Josh stared at Jolan, seeing so much love in his glowing eyes.

"I. . .I love you so much, Jo. I don't know what's coming over me."
Jolan's other hand raised, wiping a now shown tear off Josh's cheek.

"What's coming over you is your giving love, my Josh. You love Chace with all of your heart, as I love my Justin. But you also feel another love within your heart. I already have that same love in my heart for you. I love you, Joshua."

Josh's body relaxed, Jolan's love calming him so easily.

"What does this mean, Jo? I do love my Chace completely. But there's a need within me to have your love, and Justin's as well."
Jolan smiled, his finger still gently rubbing Josh's cheek.

His other hand gently rubbed Josh's neck and shoulder, Josh feeling the calmness of his touch.

"That same feeling of need rests in all four of our souls, Joshua. Chace doesn't show his need as of yet, but it's still there nonetheless. We all need each other, Joshy. We need our friendship, love and trust. The four of us are seeking from each other only love. The love of a quartet of need. A quartet of singular purpose."
"And what is that purpose?"

Jolan smiled, Josh smiling back at him.

"Love, Joshua. It is, and will always be, the truth of us."

Josh smiled, all of Jolan's words sinking into his soul.

Their eyes met again, Josh leaning forward, his lips touching Jolan's, the kiss steeped in love.

Josh leaned back, Jolan staring with love at him.

"I think I'll like this newness of love." he said, Josh smiling wider.

Jolan patted his shoulder, Josh looking at him.

"When I'm out of here, we four shall talk. Our love begins, Joshua. Our lives will be so blessed."
Josh smiled, handing Jolan the book he still held in his hand.

Jolan took it, Josh getting up and sitting down in the chair beside the bed.

Jolan lay the book down beside him, his grey eyes softly staring at Josh again.

"The tiredness creeps in. I think I'll forgo the reading."

Josh nodded, his hand going forward, Jolan's slipping into his, the book laying abandoned.

"Close your eyes, Jo. My love's here for you."
Jolan smiled, closing his eyes, Josh's blue orbs staring at his friend.


Several hours later, Jolan's eyes opened.

The room was darkened, the only light coming from a soft light over his head.

His head turned to his right, a soft smile crossing his face.

Josh lay on the other empty bed, the bed moved a little closer to his, only a few feet separating both.

His friend was sound asleep, fully clothed, Jolan staring at Josh's beautiful face.

He saw so much beauty in that smooth, blemish-free, Adonis-like face.

His friend was a man of exquisite, masculine beauty.

Jolan looked at him in silence, his mind filled with so many thoughts of love.

Sleep well, my brother of love.

Your soulmate sleeps in silent slumber in your bed at home, his heart joined here with yours, regardless of the distance.

You are both together in your dreams and your souls.

I feel my Jus' love as well, my Jus asleep in happiness, my son laying in his arms.

There was no need to stay here tonight, Joshua.

But I thank you just the same for this vision of beauty.

I would feel your three souls of love no matter where you were.

What does that mean now for us?

For our joined soul?

Jolan teared up, still staring at the man asleep beside him.

Why have I been blessed with this sudden blanket of love?
I feel so blessed, so filled with your love.
I hunger for you three with a renewed passion.

I need all three of you so much, my Jus the most.

Why do I deserve all this?
Jolan sighed, his head turning, his eyes staring upwards at the ceiling.

His mind remained filled with thoughts, its deepness suddenly clearing in silence.

Jolan felt a sudden weight against his wrist, his eyes lowering.

Beside his hand lay the Tome of Alveena.

Jolan moved his hand, picking up the old leather-bound book.

He stared at it, feeling its lightness, its weight deceiving.

Why had he felt a greater weight against his wrist, when the book appeared to be not that heavy?

Plus it hadn't been right beside his hand, of that he was sure.

He stared at the book, sensing perhaps the truth.

The book moved there on its own.

And the book made itself known to him.

Jolan's other hand moved, grabbing the remote for his bed, the front section rising upward as Jolan hit the button.

Jolan lay almost sitting up, the book now in his lap.

He gasped a small gasp as he tried to move, Josh murmuring in the bed beside him.

Jolan calmed down, the pain lessening, opening the ancient book, perusing the pages.

He stopped when he found something surprising.

He stared at the two newly formed pages, surprised at their strangeness.

He'd found the pages easily by their glowing design.

The pages had actually held a soft silvery glow to them.

Jolan stared at the pages, his eyes going to the title etched on the first page.


                            Revitalization Truths


Jolan stared at the pages, his eyes taking in the words written within.

Within a few minutes he'd read all the written text, Jolan lowering the book and closing it.

His eyes went to Josh asleep beside him, their silver irises beginning to softly glow.

"Thank you, Joshua. For the answer to my need." he softy said, laying his head back.

His silvery eyes intensified their glowing light, Josh rolling onto his back beside Jolan.

A soft silvery glow appeared above Josh's chest, then disappeared downward into Josh.

Jolan in the bed beside him suddenly trembled, his eyes slowly closing.


Justin awoke feeling a heaviness on his chest.

His blue eyes opened, staring down at a head of curly hair, a smile crossing his face.

Hayden lay asleep on top of him, his small arms wrapped around his Poppa's chest.

Justin stared down at him, his heart filled with a love he'd never had before.

The love of a parent for his child.

His fingers went to the soft curls, identical to his Jolan's.

Like father, like son.

Justin believed this child would be as beautiful as--if not more so than--his father when he grew into a man.

His thoughts went to Jolan's long remembered vision.

Hayden would be gay, an infant child becoming his soulmate.

Little Benjamin Defalco.

Justin smiled, knowing in his heart he'd love this child as his own.

Justin was deep in those thoughts when the small boy's head raised up, Justin staring into the boy's blue eyes.

"Hi, Poppa. My wuv makes you sleep good?"
Justin smiled, the boy moving up his naked chest, his small lips kissing his.

"Yes, Hay. Your love sent me to dreamland. I love you." he said when the boy smiled at him.

"Goods! We makes Daddy happys, don'ts we?"

"Yes, my son. You and I make Daddy very happy."
The boy smiled, his hand going to Justin's face.

"Daddy be okays, Poppa. He's gots more wuv now."

Justin nodded, staring at the small child.

The boy giggled, Justin unable to not smile.

The boy seemed so happy.

"You're a bundle of happiness this morning, Hay."
The boy nodded, playing with the chain around Justin's neck.

"Daddy's ups, Poppa. We goes sees him?"

Justin nodded, unsure how the boy knew that.

"It okay, Poppa. Me's and Auntie Jennie's with him always."
Justin's eyes widened, a knock coming to the door of his room.

"Come in." he said, Jennie and Jonathan walked into the room, Justin smiling at both of them.

Jennie walked over to the bed, sitting down on its edge, Hayden climbing into her lap, snuggling against her chest.

Jonathan stood at the bed's edge, looking at his brother.

"Good morning, Jus. I'll get Hay all cleaned up, Lynn has breakfast ready." Jennie said, smiling at Justin as he nodded.

"Morning, Jennie. That would be great. We'll meet you downstairs." Justin said, the young woman smiling at him, leaning over his chest and kissing his cheek.

She stood up, carrying the smiling child out of the room.

Justin sat up, swinging his legs out of bed, Jonathan sitting down beside him.

"Morning, Jon." Justin said, his brother hugging him.

"Morning, Justin. Jennie's so happy. She knocked on my door this morning and kissed me with so much love. She's so happy."
Justin smiled, looking towards the closed door.

"Hay's in the same frame of mind. I think something may be going on."
Jonathan nodded, looking into Justin's blue eyes.

"I think it's something wonderful, Jus. She seems so happy."
Justin nodded, his brother kissing his cheek.

Justin smiled, Jonathan smiling at him.

"You love her deeply, Jon. I see that so easily in your eyes."
He nodded with a large smile, Justin smiling again.

"Aren't we so lucky, Jus? We have so much love."
Justin smiled, pulling his brother into his arms, hugging him tightly.

"We are, Jon. We really are."

Jonathan smiled widely, Justin breaking the hug, then standing up.

Jonathan smiled at his brother, Justin standing in boxer briefs only.

"Let me get dressed, then we'll tackle breakfast. Then we're off to see my Jo. I need to make sure he's okay."
Jonathan nodded, Justin smiling as he walked into the bathroom.


The group walked off the elevator, Justin at its head, Hayden in his arms, Jennie just behind Justin.

The group walked down the hospital hallway, Justin seeing Nurse Helman walking towards them, having come out of Jolan's room.

He smiled as the young woman approached them.

"Good morning, Gina. How's Jolan?"

The woman wore a look of total shock on her face, walking right past Justin, Lynn stopping her.

"What's going on, Gina? Is something wrong?" Lynn said, the young woman slowly coming out of her trance.
Justin didn't wait for an answer, his pace quickening towards Jolan's room.

Just before he got there the room's door opened, Josh stepping out into the hall, the door closing behind him.

Justin stopped, staring at his friend; his parents, as well as Jennie and Jonathan, catching up to them.

They all saw a look of emotional distress on Josh's face, tears covering his cheeks.

"What's wrong, Joshy? What's wrong with my Jo?" Justin said, his face changing to concern.

Randall took Hayden out of Justin's arms, Justin focusing on Josh's face.

Josh's hands went to Justin's shoulders, staring at him.

"He's. . .he's. . .oh, Jus!" Josh stammered, his voice filled with emotion.
Justin moved, pushing the room's door open, walking into the room.

Everyone followed him in, all of them stopping, taking in the vision before them.

On the floor in front of Jolan's bed a small tray lay turned upside down, several pills strewn across the floor, as well as an empty water glass, a small puddle on the floor.

Jolan sat on the bed, his legs hanging over the bed's side, his head turned away from them, looking out of the window.

"Jo?" Justin said, staring at his lover now sitting up unaided.

"A beautiful morning, Jus. Another day shining on our love."

Jolan's head turned, everyone gasping.

Jolan smiled widely, his face of masculine, unblemished beauty staring at all of them.

He intoxicating silvery eyes were focused on his Justin.

Justin moved slowly forward, staring at his Jo's returned beauty, all of the bandages gone from his face.

Justin now spotted their remnants laying on the table beside the bed.

He now stood in front of his Jo, Jolan staring up at him.

"Your face. . .the scars. . .oh, Jo!" he softly said, Jolan's hand going out, taking his.

"My life is mine, Justin. I shall always heal myself with your love. With all of your love."

Justin began to sob, Jolan pulling him down beside him, his lover wrapping his arms around him.

Jolan softly moaned, Justin gently moving back.

"I'm still recovering from my muscle trauma, but I'll be better soon. My pain has lessened."
Justin was crying, Jolan's arm now going around him, Justin's head now against his chest.

"Love, enriched with truth, fills me with energy. Good morning, everyone."
Everyone was in tears, surrounding Jolan's bed.

Jolan smiled up at his son, the boy still in Randall's arms.

"Hi, Daddy. Wuvs you."
Jolan smiled, the boy smiling back.

"Love you too, Hay."
Jennie walked forward, sitting down on Jolan's other side, his arm going around her.

"A joy to see you sitting up, Jolan."
Jolan smiled, kissing her cheek.

"They can't keep a good man down, my sister. I have a destiny to fulfill."
She nodded, looking into his silvery eyes.

"The path continues. Love guides it."
Jolan smiled, Justin raising his head, his blue eyes staring into Jolan's.

"Oh, Jo. Your face, it's so beautiful again."
Jolan smiled, leaning forward and kissing Justin's soft lips.

"It shines for you, my love."

Justin smiled widely, Jolan looking around at everyone, his eyes meeting Josh's.

"Sorry for shocking you and Gina, Joshy."
Josh nodded, his blue eyes taking in Jolan's returned beauty.

Justin looked up at his friend, Josh's eyes meeting his.

"I was sound asleep, Gina's scream woke me up immediately. That's when I saw you, Jo."
Jolan smiled, looking around at everyone.

"She dropped her tray when she walked into the room and when her eyes met mine. I hope she's okay?"

"She'll be fine, Jolan. She was just a bit shocked. As we all are." Lynn said, Jolan smiling up at her.

"As was I, Jo. You. . .it was such a surprise." Josh said, Jolan nodding, Justin's fingers going to Jolan's chin, turning his face again to his.

"What's happened, Jo? How did this. . .?"

Jolan smiled, moving back in the bed, a soft moan escaping him again as he settled back against the pillows, Jennie and Justin standing again, giving him room.

Jolan's right hand moved forward, resting on top of the Tome, everyone's eyes going to it.

"The book of truth guided me to my revitalization. It showed me the healing way."
Justin gently sat down on the bed again, taking Jolan's left hand in his.

"You read how to heal yourself?" he said, Jolan nodding softly.

"It showed me the truth of my own self. For it showed me that I have my mother's and Queen Alveena's healing magic."

Everyone stared in astonished silence, Jolan looking around at all of them.

"That magic works best with a bond of love. A mother able to heal her children, a lover to heal their soulmate's soul. My greater magic gives me the possession of total truth. I can heal myself."

Justin's eyes were glistening with tears again, Jolan smiling at him.

"I'm going to be okay, Jus. It's going to take a few days to heal the muscle damage, but I shall be good as new soon. The love surrounding me heals me."
Everyone smiled as Jolan's eyes met all of their tearing eyes.

The room's door opened, Dr. Daniels walking into the room, Gina right behind him.

The doctor stopped at the end of the bed, staring in shock at Jolan for a few moments, then regaining his stature.

"Pick up that medication please, Gina. Good morning, Jolan. You seem to have. . .an element of surprise within you." the doctor said, his voice a bit staggered, his eyes staring at Jolan's now returned unblemished face.

Gina went to her knees, picking up the dropped pills and glass, putting them back on the tray.

"That's alright, Gina. You can go back to the nurse's station." Dr. Daniels said, Gina staring at Jolan, the young man softly smiling at her.

She blushed a little, quietly exiting the room again.

Dr. Daniels looked back at Jolan, a soft smile now on his face.

"You gave her quite the start there, Jolan. It's not every day she sees a miracle."
Jolan smiled, the doctor going to his bedside, Justin standing up.

"I take it you've seen your share?" Justin said, the doctor nodding at him with a smile.

"Yes, Justin. I've seen my share. But none more unbelievable than your man here. You, my boy, are simply remarkable!"
Jolan smiled, the doctor's hand going to his face, examining it.

"Yes, truly remarkable! But then again, Dominoso told me as much."

The doctor took hold of Jolan's shirt, Jolan now wearing a t-shirt and pajama bottoms.

He lifted the shirt, everyone staring at Jolan's smooth chest.

The blackened bruises had lessened greatly, more a bluish hue now.

"Your bruising is receding very quickly, your chest will be normal in a few days. The Sumsarian magic?" the doctor said, his eyes going to the book laying at Jolan's side.

"That and so much more, Peter."

The doctor looked at Jolan, seeing so much love in his grey, silvery eyes.

"What is our relation, doctor of my brethren?"

The doctor smiled, everyone looking at him.

"Dominoso and I are first cousins, Jolan. His mother and my mother were sisters. You and I are third cousins, Jolan."

Jolan smiled, looking at the doctor.

"Your heart is Sumsarian, your devotion to healing more greatly admired."
The doctor smiled, Jolan looking at Justin.

"I'd like to leave here as soon as possible, Peter."
The doctor nodded, his hand going to Jolan's arm.

"I think that would be best, Jolan. Your gifts may draw suspicion."

He gently took the IV needle out of Jolan's arm, placing a gauze over the bleeding hole, asking Justin for a bandage off the table.

Justin handed him one, the doctor covering the small wound.

"You won't be needing that now. Alright, Jolan. I've got surgery this morning, but I'll come back later this afternoon and release you. You'll be home this evening."

Jolan smiled, Justin staring at him in disbelief.

"I need to go home, my love. One heals better when surrounded by familiar surroundings."

The doctor nodded, his eyes on Jolan's smiling face.

"I didn't believe him. . .the day of Snow and Truth. . .you are. . ."

"I am the destiny of the ages. I am he foretold. But I'm also just myself. The man that loves all."
The doctor nodded, smiling around at everyone.

"Bless be this day, my heart finds renewed hope in the world."
Jolan smiled at him, the man quietly walking out of the room, the others staring after him.

"He's your cousin?" Josh said in silent awe, Jolan smiling at him.

"The path moves as it must, my friend."

Justin sat down again, Randall setting Hayden down on the bed, Jolan smiling at Randall.

"Hi, Daddy. You looks goods! And you comes home! Yay!!"

Jolan laughed, the small boy climbing up the bed, settling in Jolan's lap, Justin brushing his hair.

"Yes, Hay. Tonight Daddy will be home."
The small boy grinned widely, Justin grinning as well.

The two men kissed again, everyone smiling at them.

"I'll make some calls, Jo. They're not going to believe it!" Josh said, Jolan smiling at his friend, seeing the happiness and love in his blue eyes.

"I don't believe it myself, Joshua. And I'm the one who did it." Jolan said, looking towards the book.

Justin's lips kissed his cheek, Jolan smiling and laying back against the pillows.


"Comfy, my love?"

Jolan smiled, resting against the large pillows in their bed.

"I'm home, Jus. I already feel better." he softly said, Justin hearing his tiredness.

The day had be a stream of wondrous visitors, all their friends and family wrapping their arms around their Jolan.

Joey had been bawling, Lance rubbing his back, Jolan feeling his friend's deep happiness.

Simus, Cory and Calen, along with Dominoso had arrived from New York just after lunch, the vision before them flooring them.

Each had hugged the young man gently, Domo weeping at seeing his grandson recovering.

"A miracle! A miracle of love!" he'd said, Jolan kissing his cheek.

"Thank you for guiding Peter to me."
The man had smiled with tears, kissing Jolan's cheek.

"Ethics be damned! I knew you needed the best. Now I see it wasn't necessary."
Jolan smiled, kissing his grandfather's cheek again.

"He gave from his heart, his healing touch greatly needed."

Domo smiled, Dr. Daniels walking into the room at that exact moment.

The doctor smiled, Domo rushing up to him and hugging him tightly.

Everyone had smiled at their touching reunion.

"Your boy's ready to fly, Domo. Your grandson is deep with the Sumsarian magic. It's almost unheard of in a male brethren."

"He is more than Sumsarian, Peter. He is a Dragosan, and a gift of love."
The doctor smiled, patting his cousin's shoulder.

Domo introduced Peter to Simus and Calen, the doctor bowing in deep respect.

"Hello, our Dragosan brothers. I hope this day finds you rich with love and hope?"
Both men smiled, nodding their heads at the doctor, Dr. Daniels' eyes going to Domo again.

"He is the one, Dominoso. The time of Snow and Truth will be unbelievable, if this is any sign of what's to come."
Jolan smiled, the doctor walking up to him.

"You're free to leave whenever you're ready, Jolan. I've signed your release forms. Someone needs to take care of the expenses in administration, then you're out of here." the man said, Jolan taking his hand.

"I have a couple of prescriptions for mild painkillers, and some sleeping pills. I'm not sure if you'll need it, but you still are suffering muscle pain. I want you to take it easy. Don't overexert yourself. I'll come by in a few days and check on you. I'm sure I'll be in for a surprise."
"Thank you, Peter. For everything you've done. Your touch of family love and healing goodness made a big difference." Jolan said, the man smiling at him.

Justin took his hand, shaking it, the doctor giving Justin the prescriptions.

"Welcome to our family, Peter." he said, the doctor smiling at him.

"No, Justin. It's you I wish to welcome to ours. To our big family of faith and love." Peter Daniels said, Justin nodding and smiling at him.

"Take care, Jolan. Gina will bring you in a wheelchair whenever you're ready."

And so an hour later Gina had wheeled in a wheelchair, the young woman staring at Jolan.

Justin had already visited administration, the expenses and bills taken care of.

He now sat at Jolan's side, the young man smiling at the nurse.

"Here is your chair, Jolan. Hospital rules state you have to be wheeled out." she said, staring quietly at him, Jolan staring back.

"Thank you, Gina. Thank you for all your caring and kindness to me and my friends."

She softly smiled, looking at Josh and Justin, Hayden in Justin's arms now.

Everyone else had left, returning to Justin and Jolan's home.

Josh thought it might be safer if they just snuck out quietly, the press still surrounding the hospital.

The usual checkout time was early morning, now being late afternoon possibly giving them some luck.

Lonnie was in the room as well, his protective presence calming Justin somewhat.
"Lonnie's going to guide you and Hay down to the basement, Jo. Joey and Lance are waiting there. Josh and I will keep the press busy. It's time I made a statement on your behalf."
Jolan nodded, Justin leaning down and kissing his cheek.

Josh took Hayden from Justin, Justin helping Jolan into the wheelchair, Jolan softy gritting his teeth.

Gina smiled at Justin's caring touch, the man smiling at her.

"Dr. Daniels told me to tell you the press are assembled. They're waiting for you downstairs in the main entrance. Security's ready as well."
Justin nodded, Josh setting Hay down in his father's lap, Jolan's arms going around his son.

"See you shortly, Jo." he smiled, Jolan smiling at his friend.

Lonnie smiled, taking the handles of the chair, pushing Jolan out of the room, Gina holding the door for them, smiling at Josh and Justin.

"Take care, Gina. And thank you." Josh said, leaning forward and kissing her cheek, Justin doing the same.

The young woman blushed, the two men walking out of the room, heading for the lobby.


And so Justin had met the press, his best friend at his side, the two surrounded by security guards.

Lonnie had easily guided Jolan and Hay down to the basement garage, Joey and Lance gently helping Jolan into Lance's Grand Cherokee.

Lonnie had smiled, going back into the hospital, returning to Justin's side.

It had taken Justin over half an hour to answer the media's needs, he and Josh guided by Lonnie into a waiting SUV outside.

Here now it was a few hours later, Jolan now resting in his own bed.

Justin smiled at him, sitting on the edge of their bed.

"It's so good to be home, Jus. I feel so much love in this room."
Justin smiled, leaning forward and kissing his lover's soft lips.

Everyone had been waiting at the door when Joey wheeled Jolan into the house, the young man inundated with gentle hugs and kisses.

Joey had carried Jolan upstairs himself, Jolan feeling his bearish love surrounding him.

Lance, Chris and Britney had followed the two upstairs, Britney pulling back the covers of the bed as Joey sat Jolan down.

Lance had helped Jolan into a fresh t-shirt and shorts, guiding him under the covers as Justin returned home.

Hayden had run into the room followed by Stevie, his mother and Jessica, Lance lifting him up on the bed, a small book in Hayden's hands.

"Hi, Daddy. Welcome's home!" the boy said, kissing his father's cheek.

Sandra smiled widely, Jolan smiling at his son.

"Hi, Hay. How's my boy?" Jolan said, propped up against the pillows, Hayden snuggling against his side.

"Me's great, Daddy! Me gots story I said I writes for you and Poppa. Me wants read it to you when Poppa's home!"
Jolan smiled, seeing the writing book in Hayden's hand.

He knew it was his son's prized possession, his short life written within its pages.

Sandra had told Jolan of its value to his son's heart, she or Jolan never having read the book.

They both respected the boy's privacy, letting him decide what he wanted to share with them.

"Awesome, son. I can't wait." Jolan said, looking up at Sandra.

Stevie walked up to the bed, hugging Jolan tightly.

"Hi, Jo! Glad you're okay." he said, Jolan smiling and kissing the boy's cheek.

"Hi, Stevie. Thanks, and I'm going to be fine." Jolan said, the boy smiling at him, hugging him again.

At that moment, Justin walked into the room, Josh following, his hand in Chace's.

"You made it back in one piece." Lance said, smiling at his friends.

"It was a free-for-all." Josh said, leaning down and kissing Jolan's cheek, Chace smiling at his friend, kissing him as well.

"Josh was right, Jo. You're even more beautiful." Chace said, his blue eyes taking in Jolan's smiling face.

Jolan smiled, seeing the tears in Chace's eyes.

"I'm me, Chace. The me you all love."
Chace smiled, Josh wrapping his arms around his lover, the two smiling down at Jolan.

Justin walked around the bed, sitting down beside Hay, the boy climbing up into his lap.

"Me got's my story ready, Poppa. Can me reads it?"
Justin smiled at Jolan, his lover smiling at their son.

"Awesome, little man! We'd love to hear it!" Justin said smiling, Hay grinning at him.

Lynn, Lisa, Randall, Jonathan and Jennie walked into the room followed by Domo, Calen, Simus and Cory.

Jolan smiled, seeing his family and friends surrounding him.

"You have our undivided attention, Hay. Let your family hear your loving words." Sandra said, the boy smiling up at his mother.

The boy smiled, opening the book, flipping through the pages, stopping and looking around the room.

"Dis my story of Poppa and Daddy. And their wuv!"

Everyone smiled, the boy's rich joyous voice filling the room.

Jolan listened to every word, hearing the love, soft worry, fear and joy in the words his son spoke.


"Me's happy nows! Me's filled with wuv.

Me gots a Poppa and a Daddy now.

Mommy's given me their wuv.

I was so scared before, so alones.

Me no liked the bad man.

Daddy got rid of the bad man.

Me was so scared, he scared me.

Daddy say he'll always make me feel safe now.

No one's ever hurts me again.

Poppa said he'll always make me feel wuved.

I like Poppa so much, he likes to play and laugh, and makes me laugh.

I never have anyone to play withs before.

Poppa's like a whole bunch of kids all together.

He and my big brothers Stevie and Jonnie makes me laugh and plays.

And Daddy.

Daddy's so wuving, so nice.

He hugs me, cuddles with me, makes me feel happy.

He wants to wuv me and Poppa's forever.

And I wants him too so much.

Kismas is comings and me's going to have a family arounds me.
Mommy, Daddy, Poppa and everyone else.

Me dreams of this for so longs, now me has all I ever wanted.

I wuv Daddy and Poppa.

And dey wuvs me.

Me's so lucky.

Me's got so much wuv now, from my new family!"


Jolan was crying, the small boy climbing into his lap from Justin's, Justin half sobbing, the boy's words so moving and innocent.

A few sobs were heard around the room, Chris holding Britney, Sandra holding Jessica, Paul's arm around a tearing Lynn, Lisa's head buried in Randall's chest.

Joey's arms were around Lance, both men's eyes filled with tears.

Hayden looked up at his father, seeing the tears in his eyes.

"No cries, Daddy. Me nots want to makes you cry!"

"These are tears of joy, Hay. Joy at having you in my life, my son. Poppa and I are the lucky ones, Hay. We love you so much!"

The boy smiled, his arms going around his father's neck, Jolan hugging him tightly.

Justin wiped his eyes, his and Jolan's meeting.

Justin's hand went to Hayden's back, rubbing it.

"Daddy and I love you, Hay."
Hayden smiled, moving and climbing back into Justin's lap, kissing his cheek and hugging him.

The boy's blue eyes went around the room, smiling at everyone.

"Welcome home's, Daddy. I wuv you." the boy said, Jolan smiling at him.

Everyone in the room clapped, Hayden smiling widely.

Jolan lay back, smiling at the love surrounding his son.


The evening was a showing of love and happiness around Jolan.

Everyone visited, Jolan feeling all their love.

Justin brought him supper up on a tray, everyone else dining downstairs, Justin sensing Jolan's tiredness.

Jolan ate with relish, Justin smiling at seeing his appetite returning, a sure sign that his Jo was on the mend.

After supper Jolan had quiet singular visits with everyone, his tiredness showing itself again.
At ten Justin put an end to the people surrounding Jo, everyone nodding their understanding.

They all left him and Jolan with their love and hugs.

Justin sat down on the bed's edge, his hand going in Jolan's.

"Our son's asleep, my pet." Justin said, Hayden now sound asleep in his room, Randall having rocked him to sleep.

"Yes, Josh told me Randall sent him to dreamland. A grandfather's duty."

Justin smiled, knowing his father's love for the boy.

"I think Dad's reliving his second fatherhood. I hope he enjoys all of it."
Jolan squeezed Justin's hand, his man looking at him.

"His first go at fatherhood created a loving soul. The man I fell in love with."

Justin teared up, Jolan smiling, looking over at the other side of the room.
Josh was still in the room, he and Chace sitting on the loveseat in front of the fireplace.

"We should let you get some sleep, Jo." Chace said, standing up, Josh taking his hand in his, standing as well.

"Alright, guys. I am kinda tired." he said, yawning, Justin standing up.

Josh and Chace walked around the bed, the two leaning down and gently kissing Jolan on the lips.

"Goodnight, Jo." they both said together, Jolan smiling up at them.

"Goodnight, my loves."

The three men smiled, all walking out of the room.

Justin walked his friends to the door, Josh giving him a tight hug.

Chace's hand went to Justin's shoulder as well.

"He's back, Jus. Our loving Jolan's back." Chace said, tears flowing from his eyes now.

Justin pulled the man into his arms, Josh rubbing his lover's back.

"It's okay, Chace. Yes, he's back. And he's given us an even greater love." Justin said, the two other men looking into his blue eyes.

Justin leaned forward, kissing Chace's lips, the man feeling Justin's deep love.

Justin moved, kissing his best friend as well, Josh feeling his old--and new--deep love.

"Goodnight, guys. Talk to you tomorrow. Love ya."

Both men smiled, walking out the door, Justin closing it behind them.


Justin locked the front door, shutting off the lights, everyone having retired or gone to their rooms for the night.

He looked at the clock, reading eleven-thirty.

He walked up the staircase, reaching the top and walking into the bedroom.

He stopped in the doorway, leaning against the doorframe, staring towards his bed.

His Jolan lay sound asleep in the middle of the large bed, his beautiful face shining in the lamplight coming from the single lamp on the nightstand.

Justin stood in silence staring at the man he loved beyond life.

His heart was filled with so much happiness and relief that his Jolan was still in this room, still alive and getting well.

Tears fell down his cheeks, the joy in his heart so real.

He quietly moved, walking around the bed, picking up two pillows from his side, then going to the loveseat and picking up a throw from its back.

Justin quietly moved around the bed, heading for the doorway.

A soft voice stopped his path.

"And just where do you think you're going?"
Justin turned, staring into Jolan's two opened silvery eyes.

"You need complete rest, my love. Mom's set up a mattress in Jon's room for me. I was going to bunk with my bro tonight."

"Your mother has a loving soul, Jus. But I know what you need. And right now I need my Jumpy beside me."
Justin teared up, walking over to the bed, sitting down on its edge on Jolan's right side.

Jolan's hand went in Justin's, Justin feeling the immediate connection of Jolan's love.

"I love you, Justin. And for three days I've been denied my existence. I've been denied the warmth and moving love of my Jumpy's embrace. I need you, Jus. I never knew how much until these last few days. Please don't deny me your beauty or your love."

Justin was openly crying now, he head lowering, his and Jolan's lips meeting, both feeling the depth of their love for each other.

"Take off those clothes and climb into our bed, Jus. Return to my loving arms."

Justin wiped his eyes, standing up, Jolan watching in silence as Justin shed his clothing, his naked body covered by only his briefs.

He climbed into bed, lifting the covers, sliding under them, laying beside his Jolan.

Jolan moved, his head going to Justin's chest, a soft moan escaping his lips.

"Everything okay, my love?"
Jolan smiled, kissing Justin's right nipple.

"Everything's perfect, my Jumpy. Your Wolfy's home."

Justin smiled a wide tearful smile, his arm going around his Jolan, the two men closing their eyes, their warmth and love sending them into slumber.




End of Chapter 98


And so our Jo's shown his magical healing touch.

There never was any doubt in my mind that our hero would return to his former self.

Perhaps he's returned with a bit more within him.

I thought Dr. Daniels being a brethren soul was a nice idea.

Another family soul to help Jolan on the path ahead.


Our hero's returned home; his son and lover overjoyed at that realization.

Seems Justin, Josh and Chace are accepting Jolan's new quartet of love.

What does that have in store for the four men of love?

Will it be a total quartet of love?
Spiritual and physical?
I'm still musing over that one.


I hope you liked Hayden's words of love.

I wanted to show that the boy's totally happy and loved now.


Up next: Our group of loving souls head across the pond for the holidays, and Jolan's past.

I'm sure I'll try and pique your interest with a few surprising moments.


Hugs, Angel.