Jolan's Path - Chapter 99


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 99


Justin smiled, watching his lover laying in the midday sunshine.

It was Saturday afternoon, the previously scheduled day of Jolan's second book signing.

That signing had now been moved to January, awaiting Jolan's recovery.

Justin smiled, standing on the patio, staring out at his lover, the man laying quietly.

Josh's arm went around Justin's naked torso, his own chest bare and bronzed.

"Your man's happy, Jus. His recovered strength is damn near unbelievable."

Justin nodded, looking into Josh's blue eyes.

"That it is, Josh. He's been getting better each day."
It was now three days after Jolan's homecoming, his strength increasing daily.

He was now walking around with a soft limp, no other signs of pain showing.

He still carried a deep sense of tiredness within him, Justin sensing his using that healing magic had greatly taxed him, Justin's love and caring making the young man rest.

Josh smiled, looking out at his Chace, the young man climbing out of the pool, sitting down beside Jolan.

"The bruising has completely disappeared, we saw that when Jolan pulled off his shirt."

"Yes, his body's back to its original beauty, that making my heart soar." Justin said, Josh smiling at his friend's tender gaze towards his Jolan.

The four men were alone together, Lonnie having driven Hay--along with Jennie--over to see his mother, Sandra having planned a day of fun with him and Jennie.

Jolan had suggested it, seeing his Jennie was looking a little bored.

Justin's family had left Thursday morning, flying back to Miami, returning on the next Tuesday for the flight to England.

Jolan seeing the signs of Jennie's missing Jonathan.

Jolan's grandfather had returned to New York, his uncles and Cory heading from there to England, awaiting the clan coming next week.

Calen had said he had a lot of preparing to do, Jolan seeing the joy on his face at having his newfound family together for Christmas.

Justin sighed, Josh's arm tightening around him, looking into his blue eyes.

"Anything wrong, Jus?"
Justin smiled, Josh staring at him.

"No, it's just I'm so happy, Joshy."
Josh smiled, nodding.

"His love has returned to me. And I feel it's even greater than it was before. It's just, well. . .he's still getting well, and I just. . .well I just miss the tenderness of his loving."

Josh smiled, hearing the depth of love in his friend's soul.

"That would be a difficult loss, Jus. I feel for your need."
Justin smiled, looking at his friend.

"Our passion is truly a moving experience, Josh. He sends me to a place of pure happiness."
Josh smiled, his eyes on his Chace.

"I know the feeling, Jus."
Justin smiled, looking at the beauty of Chace's rugged handsomeness.

"I'm sure you do, Joshy. Chace is beautiful, in so many ways."

Josh smiled widely, Justin smiling at his friend's happiness.
Josh smiled, two heads moving, both looking towards them.

"You guys ignoring us?" Chace said, loudly.

The two men smiled, walking off the patio.


"Hey, Jo. Do you get the feeling they're talking about us?"
Jolan smiled, looking into Chace's blue eyes, the man sitting on a lounge chair beside him, facing him.

Jolan took in the beauty of the man's body, taking in each inch of Chace's smooth muscular frame.

"They're plotting, Chace."
"Plotting, Jo?"
"Yep. They're trying to think up new ways to increase their love in our souls."
Chace smiled, chuckling.

"I don't know if I can hold any more of Josh's love within me. It's starting to overcome me."
Jolan smiled, patting Chace's knee, the man smiling at him.

"Don't worry, Chace. Justin and I will take some off your hands."
Chace smiled, staring into Jolan's grey eyes for a moment, his gaze lowering.

Jolan's hand went to Chace's knee again, staying there.

Chace felt Jolan's loving touch, his blue eyes raising again.

"Don't be afraid, Chace. I sense your worry in regards to my love. And to Justin's love as well."
Chace stared at Jolan, his eyes moving towards his Josh, seeing him and Justin walking towards them.

"I love Josh, Jo. I love him so much. But there's. . .there's this feeling inside me. . .it's got me so confused."

Jolan sat up, swinging his legs around, the man now sitting in front of Chace, the two staring at each other.

"It's a feeling we all have, Chace. We all carry the same feeling of gathering love."
Chace stared at Jolan, Chace suddenly feeling a man's arm wrap around him.

His head turned, staring into Justin's blue eyes, the man having sat down on the lounge chair with him.

Josh stood beside them, his blue eyes staring at all three.

Jolan patted the spot beside him, Josh sitting down, facing Justin and Chace.

"I think it's time the four of us had a long needed talk." Jolan said, looking into the eyes of all three.

The four men sat together, staring towards their soulmate seated in front of them.

"What's going on here, Jo? What is this feeling I have, and I sense Josh and Chace have as well?" Justin said, opening up the discussion among the four of them.

'What do you feel, Justin?" Jolan said, looking at his lover.

Justin's eyes went to Josh seated in front of him, then he looked at Chace, seated beside him.

"I feel so much love for both of them. I've always felt a deep love for Joshy, he was and still is my best friend. But I now feel an equal love for Chace."

Josh smiled at Justin, the same deep feeling of loving friendship within his soul, and something more.


Chace looked at Jolan, then at his Joshua.

"I fell in love with Josh so easily. His love, his beauty and his soul overwhelm me. The last few weeks of our reunited love have doubled my love for him. But now, when I look at you, Jolan, and your loving Justin, I have this feeling inside of me,  this feeling of needing your love as well."

Josh's face was covered in tears, hearing the deep love in Chace's voice for him.
Jolan smiled, patting Chace's knee again.

Jolan turned looking at Joshua.

"I think it's time you bared the deepest secret of your soul, Joshua. Justin--and I know your Chace--will understand."

Josh looked at Jolan, Jolan leaning over and kissing his cheek.

Josh lowered his head, Jolan rubbing his nude back.

Josh raised his head, his blue eyes staring into Justin's blue eyes.

"I once was deeply in love with you, Justin. A love of great need and desire. I wanted you to love me as you now love Jolan."

Justin looked totally surprised, his eyes going to Jolan, then back to Joshua.

"It was when you were with Lance, Justin. I've always been gay, as you well know. My first crush was on you, Justin. I wanted you to love me as much as I then loved you."
Justin's hand went out, touching Josh's knee.

"Why didn't you say something?" he said, Josh staring at him.

"I never had the courage to voice my love for you, Justin. You fell out of love with Lance, then you began seeing Britney. I sensed in my soul that you and I were never destined to be one. But a greater beauty came out of that situation. The beauty of your friendship. You and I became the best of friends. I never sensed the need to tell you those old lost feelings. Until now."
Justin had tears in his eyes, pulling the man into his arms, the two standing up.

Chace looked up at Josh, standing up slowly.

"That friendship is the core of our happiness, Joshy. I've always loved you as that deep friend."

Josh looked into his blue eyes, seeing that friendship unchanged.

Josh's eyes went to his lover, Chace smiling at him .

"I'm sorry, Chace. I always wanted to tell you, but I was afraid. Afraid that you might become jealous of my deep love for Justin."

Chace's hands went to Josh's shoulder, and Justin's.

The two men looked at the young man, Chace continuing to smile.

"I've always sensed the deep love you have for Justin, Joshua. I've never felt it was a threat to our love. And today I sense it never will be. For I have in my heart now just as great a love for him as you've always had. I love you as well, Jus."

Justin teared up, looking at his best friend, and then at Chace.

"I'm so happy to have both of you."

Both men smiled, Justin smiling widely.
Jolan still remained seated, staring up at the three.

Justin's eyes met Josh's again.

"Do you still want me, Joshua?"

Josh looked into Justin's blue eyes, his eyes moving slowly downward, scanning Justin's tight muscular body.

His eyes then moved, connecting with Chace's blue eyes of deep love.

Josh smiled, his eyes returning to Justin's.

'I want only your love and friendship, Justin. As I always have. You are so beautiful. But you are not my Chace. In you, my love, I find all that I need, all that I want. Physically and spiritually."
Chace teared up, Josh's arms pulling him against him, the two deeply kissing.

Jolan stood up, Justin's eyes meeting his.

Chace and Josh broke the kiss, both men looking at Jolan.

"Jolan. . .I. . .I just. . ." Justin softly said, Jolan's hand going to his shoulder.

"You just needed to know Josh's feelings, Jus. I totally understand."

Justin teared up, Jolan moving forward, kissing Justin's cheek, his arm going around him.

"You forget that my magic feels your soul, Jus. I feel your unchanged love for Josh, Chace and myself. I know I shall always be the only one you need and want."
Justin smiled, Jolan looking towards the other two men.

"Before us lay two couples of reflecting love. Josh and Chace, lovers of deep faith and trust. Justin and I, lovers of the same deep faith and trust. Justin is my soulmate. Chace is yours, Joshua. Both remain true to only us. But the four of us together share a more unique pact of love. It's a love that was destined to materialize. For it's a love I need most of all."
The three men stared at Jolan, the man smiling at them.

"We four are now united in love and friendship. A tighter friendship than we have for our other friends. For this love is a love of necessity. Necessary for me to succeed in my destiny. I need all of your love."

"Is this a bond of magic?" Josh said, Jolan smiling at him.

"Yes, Josh. It is a bond of the magic of love."

Josh smiled, as did Chace, Justin smiling at Jolan as well.

"We do love you, Jolan. Chace and I love you deeply."
Jolan smiled, the two men hugging Jolan together, Justin smiling at all three.

"We four share a new love. A love of deep respect, friendship and trust. It is not the physical love we need, we get that from our soulmate. We are now bonded brothers of love. As my own father once had with his three brothers."
The four looked into each other's eyes, sensing the truth in Jolan's words.

"We four shall be here for each other in any way necessary. To talk to, to hold, to laugh with, or just to be with. Our love flows now easily between all four of us. We are one together. One of love and friendship."
The four smiled at each other, Jolan sensing they understood.

"Today begins our Brotherhood of Vindica."


Josh stared at Jolan, the young man smiling at him.

"The same brotherhood your father once belonged to?"
Jolan smiled at the intelligence of his dear friend.

"Very good, Josh. You paid attention. My four uncles called themselves the Compadres of Vindica."
Josh smiled, Jolan patting his shoulder.

"Ours is the same brotherhood  but it is not completely the same. It's something more."

"What is the Brotherhood of Vindica?" Chace said, Jolan smiling at him.

Jolan sat down again, the other three sitting down around him, Josh sitting beside Jolan, his arm going around him.

"It is an ancient pact of brotherhood. Of joining together and uniting as one common soul of purpose. My uncles and my father once joined in that pact, becoming united and indestructible. But they faltered, their pact disintegrating when one was lost."

"Shall our brotherhood be any stronger?"

"Yes, Chace. It shall. For our pact is one of friendship and love. There are no souls of bravado within us. We shall stand together as one, the same purpose flows through each of us. It is the strength of love."

Josh and Chace smiled, Jolan staring at them.

"Our foursome is different in another way as well."
"How so, Jo?" Chace asked, Justin and Josh looking at Jolan as well.

"The difference is you, Joshua. You shall be my familiar."
Josh looked confused, Justin looking at him.

"Familiar? What is that?" Josh asked, staring at him.

Jolan looked into his blue eyes, seeing so much love.

"A familiar is a wizard or magician's apprentice."
"But I have no magic, Jolan. I cannot be of any aid to you." Josh said, Jolan smiling at him.

"It is not magic I seek from you, Joshua. It is deep friendship, love and trust. I've found all I need in you, my dearest friend."

"What is it you ask of me, Jolan? I love you and I do trust you."
Jolan smiled, looking into his blue eyes.

"I need you to be my friend. To stand by me, to listen to me, and to respond to me. You have an intelligent mind, Joshua. I want you to help me understand things. You shall be my closest confidant. In you I shall trust with many secrets."

"I'll help you in any way I can, Jolan. I love you."
Jolan smiled, leaning over and kissing Josh on the lips.

"Justin is my soulmate. Chace is my loving friend. And you are my right hand of truth and friendship, Joshua. I have all I need now to walk into destiny. It begins when we go forward to England."
Josh's arm tightened around Jolan, Jolan feeling his caring love.

"What awaits you in England, Jolan? I sense you feel a beginning there. A beginning of the truth. The truth that shall end this."
Jolan smiled, Justin smiling as well at Josh's caring love.

"I chose well. You are intelligent."
Josh remained beside him, waiting for Jolan's answer.

"Bloodstone Manor holds a secret. A secret of necessity. I just have to figure out what it is."

Justin looked at Jolan with worry, Chace showing the same look upon his face.

"Do not worry, my loves. It is not evil or dangerous. It is a secret left for me."
Jolan stood up; Josh, Chace and Justin joining him.

"Let's leave England to next week. Right now I just want to bask in the love of my brothers."
Chace smiled, leaning forward and kissing Jolan on the lips.
"I'm tired, I think I need a nap." Jolan said, Chace smiling at him.
Chace's arm went around Jolan; Josh and Justin looking at each other.

"It's a big bed, Jo. Let's start this brotherhood with our togetherness." Josh said, his arm going around Justin.

Jolan smiled, the four walking into the house.


Jolan's eyes opened, his body sensing a warmth around him.

His eyes moved to the left, staring into a beautiful face of youthful beauty.

Chace lay sound asleep, his arm laying across Jolan's chest, his body against Jolan's left side.

Jolan's eyes moved to the right, his Justin's sleeping beauty laying against him, his arm across Jolan's chest as well, his hand on Chace's shoulder.

Jolan saw another arm wrapped around Justin, knowing Josh was on Justin's other side, his body snuggled against Justin's back.

Josh's hand was on Jolan's right shoulder.

Jolan smiled, feeling the love surrounding him.

His friends and soulmate weren't naked, in fact the four had donned shirts before Jolan had lain down, the three climbing into bed as well.

Justin had softly began humming, his beautiful voice sending the other three into dreamland.

Jolan smiled, sensing what now lay within their souls.

A joined love of oneness.

The last thing that had happened before this meeting of love was Josh and Chace's acceptance of this new love.

Both had voiced their agreement to the new brotherhood they shared.

All four had kissed each other, sealing that pact.

Jolan smiled, an idea coming to his mind.

He'd make dinner for his three loves.

He slowly moved, Justin releasing him, Chace a little harder to break free from.

The young man snuggled more into Jolan, his arms wrapping around him.

Jolan felt his body's center against him, Jolan smiling at the man's heated beauty.

He eventually broke free, the young man moving once Jolan pulled himself up off the bed.

Chace moved forward, his arms going around Justin and Joshua, Jolan staring down at the three laying together.

Justin lay in the center, wrapped in the arms of his two friends.

Jolan smiled, walking quietly out of the room.


Jolan stood at the stove, bending over and opening the oven door.

He pulled out the roast he'd been cooking, setting the pan on the kitchen counter.

He smiled, taking in the aroma wafting off the roast when he lifted the lid.

"Perfect. And so moist."
"Just like your kisses."
Jolan turned upon hearing his Justin's voice.

Justin stood in the doorway, a wide smile on his face.

Jolan smiled back, Justin walking up to him and wrapping his arms around him, kissing him tenderly.

"I was right. Moist and delicious." he said, Jolan smiling.

"Why aren't you resting, my love?"

"I thought I'd cook my men a nice dinner."
Justin smiled, kissing Jolan's lips again.

"You need rest, my angel."
Jolan sighed, Justin looking into his grey eyes.

"I've rested for almost a week, Jumpy. I need to do something active. I'm feeling much better."

Justin smiled, seeing the need in Jolan's grey eyes.

"Alright, my love. But I don't want you taxing yourself. If you feel tired, you stop. Okay?"
Jolan smiled, nodding.

Justin walked over and sat down at the table, watching Jolan.

"You should go back to our friends, Jus."
Justin smiled, looking at Jolan.

"Their love is beautiful, Wolfy. I awoke wrapped in their arms. But your love was missing."

Jolan smiled, covering the roast, turning the oven down to warm, putting the roast back in.

He walked over to the table, sitting down in Justin's lap, his lover kissing his neck.

"So what do you think of this new arrangement of love, Jus?"
Justin smiled, continuing to kiss Jolan's neck, Jolan feeling his love.

"Well, let's see. I fell asleep in the middle of a foursome, then awoke in the middle of a threesome. And there was no sex involved. I only felt our love. We could have easily let our desires go, but that wasn't on our minds. I think we're all going to be happy with our joined love. It's anchored by friendship, trust, and destined love."
Jolan smiled, seeing that Justin felt the same as he did.

He sensed Josh and Chace felt the same.

"And just think of all the hot man flesh we'll see!" Justin smiled, Jolan laughing.

"Baby, you can hardly handle mine."

Justin laughed, staring into Jolan's grey eyes.

"I know, Jus. It's been a while. I'm feeling stronger every day. Soon, my love. I can't go too long without my Jumpy's passion."
Justin kissed his lover's lips, Jolan feeling his deep love.

"Whenever you're completely healed, my angel. Your Jumpy will be here for you."
Jolan smiled, hearing Justin's caring love in his voice.

"Our joined love will be beautiful as always, Jumpy."
Justin smiled, kissing Jolan deeply.

Justin heard the front door opening, hearing running footsteps heading towards the kitchen.

Jolan smiled, breaking the kiss, getting up from Justin's lap.

Jolan went to his knees, a flying bundle of happiness sailing into the kitchen, jumping into his lap.

"Hi, Daddy! Me's back!" Hayden said with a wide smile, Jolan kissing his cheek.

"How's my boy? Have fun with Mom?"
"We had lots of fun, Daddy! Jessica's got a big backyard! Auntie Jennie and me plays in it with Mommy!"
Jolan smiled, Jennie walking into the kitchen, followed by Lonnie, Josh and Chace.

"Dinner's almost ready, guys." Jolan said, Lonnie smiling at him.

"Thanks Jo, but I'm heading to Ally's. She's cooking dinner for me."

"And you're bringing dessert."
Everyone laughed, Lonnie smiling at Jolan.

"Yep! Chocolate ice cream."
Jolan laughed, Lonnie joining him.

"I'll be there if you guys decide to go out tomorrow." Lonnie said, Jolan nodding.

Josh and Jennie sat down at the table, Jolan handing Hayden to Justin, the boy climbing into his Poppa's lap.

"I'll help you, Jo." Chace said, his arm going around Jolan.

Jennie smiled at all four men, her eyes meeting Jolan's.

"I'm going to run upstairs and call Jon. Give me a shout when the food's ready." she said, Jolan nodding.

"Sure thing, Jennica."
Jennie smiled, looking again at the four.

"Later, brothers of love." she said, kissing Chace's cheek, the four watching her leave.

"She knows?" Chace said, Jolan kissing his cheek as well.

"Yes, through our connection. And Josh doesn't help."

"Me, Jo?" Josh said, looking at Jolan, the young man smiling and then looking at Chace.

"Well, Joshy doesn't hide it very well. His eyes were glued to my ass."

Everyone laughed, Josh the most.

Chace smiled, walking to the counter with Jolan.


The next few days were days of happiness for Jolan and Justin.

Justin went out on Sunday with Jennie, the two hitting the malls with Josh and Chace.

Christmas was less than a week away, presents in need of buying.

Justin insisted that Jolan stay home and rest, Jolan giving in to his demands.

He and Justin had talked, a list of toys and stuff for Hayden--as well as Jennie--in Justin's pocket.

They'd both agreed on gifts for Justin and Jolan's families, some already bought, others Justin offering to pick up.

Josh, Chace and Jolan had talked as well, a list in Josh's pocket for gifts from Jolan for Justin.

One other gift Jolan had already picked up weeks earlier, that treasure hidden in secret.

Jennie had her own list, tucked in her pocket as well.

Jolan sat around that day, reading the Tome, his history flooding his mind.

His thoughts turned to the week ahead, and their going to England.

He smiled, so wanting to feel the warmth and truth of his grandfather's historic home.

He sensed in his heart that Bloodstone Manor would be drenched in that.

He also couldn't wait to meet his three cousins.

The three sons of Calen Dragos.

Jolan sensed in his heart their uniqueness would flood his soul with love.

He turned to a page in the Tome, freshly shown a few weeks earlier.

He read again of the truths of the Children of Archania.


Calen stood back, staring up at the boughs of green spruce now hanging above his head, two young men--one on each side of it--smiling down at their father.

"A little more to the right, Athos." his father said, the young man smiling at him, his violet eyes beaming with happiness.

"I told you it wasn't centered, Athy!" his brother Mathias said, his hands on the other end.

"You always have a keener sense of balance, Matty!" Athos said, his brother laughing.

Calen smiled up at them, a hand going to his shoulder.

"Looks good, Father. I've finished the tree as you asked." his third son said, Calen smiling into Isaiah's shining face.

Calen turned around, staring across the foyer, taking in the beauty of the large spruce tree standing in the central viewing room.

It glimmered with lights and ornaments.

"That was fast, Ish." Mathias said, standing at his brother's side now.

Calen smiled, seeing the beauty of his son's design.

"You are gifted in beauty and imagery, my son."
The young man smiled, his other brother Athos' arm going around him, the three and their father staring at the tree.

"Its beauty overtook me. I couldn't stop until it was just right."
Calen smiled at his three sons, his eyes scanning the foyer and the staircase leading upwards.

"Our family will be blessed to see such beauty. You have done wonders, my children."

Athos walked up to his father, standing before him.

"Our hearts shine bright with anticipation, Father. He comes, we ready to bask in his truth."

The man teared up, his other two sons at his side.

"He healed you, Father, returning your beauty to us."
"I know, my sons. Jolan is a child of giving love."
The three smiled, Isaiah staring at his father.

"He has our love for that alone, Father."
Calen smiled, his eyes meeting Athos', the young man bowing his head to his father.

"Ask what you would have us do, Father."

"Remain true to me, my children. Remain true to your mother's love. He comes and shall partake of your love."
The three lowered their heads for a moment, Calen then staring into their raised, tearful, beautiful faces.

"Do you think he knows, Father?"

Calen smiled with compassion at his three sons, walking over to the viewing room, his sons following him.

He walked into the large room, staring up at a portrait hanging above the fireplace to the left of the large tree.

"Jolan Dragos is a child of infinite love and understanding, my sons. I only hope he can find it in his heart to love all God's children."

The three young men lowered their heads again, Calen's lips going to each of their cheeks.

"I love all three of you, my sons. His love, I believe, is even more giving."

The three smiled, Calen looking at the portrait again.

"Take it down my sons. We do not want to reveal too much too soon. Replace it with the other I've chosen."
The three moved forward, the portrait removed in an instant, Calen slowly walking out of the room.

Athos looked at Mathias, then at his brother Isaiah.

"Do not move it far, brothers. The first few minutes of our cousin's visit I feel shall determine this portrait's fate. As well as our own."
The other two nodded, lifting the portrait and placing it behind a large couch.

Within an instant, the other portrait was in its place, the three staring up at their grandfather Vilos' likeness.

"Father said he looks like grandfather. I always thought him so beautiful." Isaiah said, his brother Mathias kissing his cheek.

"You are just as beautiful, my brother." Mathias said, Isaiah smiling at him.

"Do you think he will judge us? Must we be forced to cower to him?"

Mathias' arms went around his brother, his lips kissing his.

"Only time, truth and the depth of our cousin's forgiving soul shall decide that."

"Come, Ish and Matty. We must feast." their other brother said, the two nodding.

The two moved, disappearing out of the room in a rush of speed.

The third and eldest brother remained for a moment, staring up at his grandfather's portrait.

"I shall not cower to him, Grandfather of blood. I am an Archanian."

The young man moved, rushing out of the room.


Tuesday arrived, the Timberlake-Dragos house erupting in motion.

The day had arrived, their flights leaving that evening.

Due to the time difference, Jolan thought it best that they arrive in England in the midmorning, Wednesday given over to recovery from jet lag.

That would give them a day of rest, before Christmas Eve Thursday.

Flights had arrived, Justin's family arriving throughout the day, the house filling with laughter, happiness and love.

Jolan had a late lunch ready, the patio filled with a smorgasbord of food, Auntie Gee bringing lots as well.

The hallway had filled with suitcases, the clan organized.

All the Christmas gifts and baggage had been picked up, a van arriving that afternoon to take all of it.

All of it went on ahead of them, that leaving only their airline bags and extra stuff for the flight out that evening.

Uncle Simus had arranged that pickup, as well as a Dragosan jet to carry them all, the group therefore avoiding the press at the airport.

The paparazzi still remained outside their home, Justin and Jolan's drama still noteworthy news.

Johnny Wright had issued a statement, detailing their going abroad for Christmas, that seemingly no deterrence, the reporters keeping a constant vigil.

The group ate a large lunch, knowing it would be early morning before they'd have a chance to eat again in England.

Simus had called Jolan with all the details of their trip.

The plane would make one stop in New York, picking up Jolan's sister and grandfather, as well as Henry, Shelly, Trace, Cindy, and finally Bill and Sid.

From there it would be nonstop to London.

Transportation would be waiting at Heathrow to guide them to Bloodstone Manor.

It lay about three hours outside of London, in southern England.

It was on the outskirts of the large town of Weymouth, on the English coastline.

Simus had informed them that the estate had a full view of the Atlantic Ocean.

That seemed to enthrall everyone, all eager to get going.

After their hearty lunch everyone relaxed, discussions on their trip and other stuff flowing through the house.

The kids went for a final swim, Jolan knowing that where they were going was a wintry climate.

He smiled at the thought of a snowy Christmas.

Justin smiled beside him, his caring love keeping Jolan relaxed.

At three o'clock the group filled three vans, heading towards the airport.

On driving through the gate of their home, Jolan rolled down his van's window, the first in line.

Lonnie stopped at Jolan's request, the van immediately surrounded by paparazzi.

Jolan stared at the reporters, cameras and microphones zooming in on his face.

"I just wanted to let all of you know that Justin and I are leaving with our families for a Christmas holiday abroad. There's no point in all of you remaining here, as we shall not be returning till after the new year. You should spend time with your families, as we are. Merry Christmas to all of you." Jolan said, the window rising, Lonnie moving the van ahead, the others following.

Justin sat beside Jolan, their hands together, Jolan leaning back in his seat, Justin kissing his cheek.

"And to all a good night!" Josh said, Jolan laughing, Chace and he in the seat behind them.

Everyone in the van laughed, Jolan smiling at his Jus.


They'd landed in New York a few hours later, the last of their friends and family joining them.

Bill and Sid had been in awe of the jet's beauty, Jolan receiving deep hugs from them when they'd calmed down.

He felt their love and happiness at his returned health.

From there it was a six hour flight to London, the jet streaking across the dark ocean below.

Jolan slept on the plane, Hayden sleeping in his lap on a soft couch.

The large jet was top of the line, everyone awed by its sleek expensive design.

They sensed that the Dragos family was indeed very wealthy.

Others slept as well, one steward making all of them comfortable.

Food was served, drinks as well, everyone seeing the opulent luxury surrounding them.

Others talked and laughed, small groups talking of the fun ahead.

Gradually they all slept, the jet flying through the night.

Late that night--early morning in Britain--the steward shook Justin's shoulder, the man waking.

"We're about fifteen minutes from landing, Mr. Timberlake." he smiled, Justin nodding and looking at his Jo.

Jolan was sound asleep on the couch across from him, Hayden snuggled in his arms, the boy awake and smiling at his Poppa.

"Good morning, son. We're almost there." Justin softly said, Hayden smiling wider.

Justin moved over to the boy, opening Jolan's arms, the boy climbing into his lap.

"Daddy sweeps, Poppa. We wakes him?"
Justin nodded, he and the boy moving forward, both kissing Jolan's face.

Jolan sighed, opening his grey eyes, staring into two sets of loving blue.

"Morning, my beauties. Are we there?"
Justin smiled, standing up, Hayden in his arms.

"About fifteen minutes away, Jo. We should get everyone up." Justin said, looking around the large cabin.

Several people were up, Justin smiling at Josh who was stretching, laying beside Chace on a couch across from them.

"We're almost there, Joshy. Can you wake everyone?"
Josh nodded, standing up and walking around the cabin.

Jolan sat up, stretching.

"Not the most comfortable sleep, but I am rested." he said, Justin sitting down beside him, Hayden smiling up at his father."

"How do you feel, my love?"
Jolan smiled, leaning to his left, his lips joining Justin's.

"I feel really good, my love. I may even be up for some British romping later tonight."
Justin laughed, a wide smile on his face.

"Cool. I'd love to play with your tally-wanger."
Jolan laughed loudly, Justin smiling at his lover's happiness.

Hayden looked up at his father, a smile across his face.

"We's almost there, Daddy! Me cants wait till me sees all the snow!"

Jolan smiled, his son climbing into his lap.

The steward came into the cabin, smiling at everyone.

"We're almost ready for landing. Could everyone please take their seats and buckle up?"
Everyone smiled, sitting down on the couches and chairs, fixing their seatbelts.

Joey was yawning, Lance laying against his chest, his eyes closed.

"Your Lancy still asleep, Joe?" Jolan said, smiling at him.

"I'm awake, Jo. I just like to snuggle with my teddy bear first thing in the morning." Lance said, his green eyes slowly opening, Jolan and Justin smiling at him.

Joey's face wore a wide smile, his lips kissing his Lance's forehead.

Everyone relaxed, the plane beginning its descent into England.


Jolan sat in silence, his eyes taking in the passing English countryside.

They'd been on the road for over two hours, the city of London and its largeness a distant memory.

Before them was the real Britain.

The rolling hills, fields of heather and stone fences passing before their eyes.

Snow covered much of it, the day a frosty change from Los Angeles' sunny heat.

Jolan felt the chilliness sinking into his bones, the feeling reviving his energy.

Jolan, Justin, Josh, Chace and Hay were driving in a black limousine, Lonnie sitting in the front seat with their driver.

Their friends and family were following behind them in two small vans.

Hayden was in Justin's lap, the small boy sound asleep.

Justin turned looking into Jolan's grey eyes, a smile greeting him.

Jolan's eyes went to his friends, Josh and Chace snuggled together in the facing seat in front of them.

Behind them the divider was down, Lonnie smiling back at them from the front seat.

"Charles says it's about another half hour." Lonnie said, Jolan smiling towards the driver.

"How long have you been in my uncle's employ, Charles?" Jolan said, taking him for a man in his late fifties.

The man looked up into the mirror, smiling back at Jolan.

"Since I was a boy of seven, sire."
Everyone's eyes widened in surprise, Jolan looking into the man's reflective blue eyes.

"A long distinguished career, Mr. Carlington."

The older man smiled, his eyes focusing on the road.

"More of a life of happiness, sire. Your uncle's friendship always made it more than a career."

Jolan smiled, hearing the man's sincere devotion to his uncle.

"Does my uncle have a large contingency of loyal staff, Charles?"

The man's eyes took on a look of sadness.

"Not many of us left now, sire. Bloodstone Manor lost its greatness a long time ago. The surrounding communities don't look favorable upon the place. The master's had a hard time staffing the house. Too many stories of strangeness sink deep with the hearts of the local folks. The stupid fools."
Jolan laughed, Chace and Josh looking at him.

Justin smiled when Jolan looked into his blue eyes.

"I like your directness, Charles. Uncle Calen needs your friendship."
The man smiled, looking into the mirror again.

"It's given easily, sire. My father, my grandfather, and our family lineage have served the hearts of the Dragosan clan, sire. I honor their memories by being that friend."

Jolan smiled, looking out the window at the snowy morning.

"Your family has served the Dragosan clan?" Josh said, his voice filled with wonder.

"Yes, sir. It is an honor we've upheld in the highest. My two brothers work there as well. The Master's privacy is honored within our souls. His and the lads'."
Jolan smiled, looking towards the man again.

"Yes, my unknown cousins. I'm anxious to meet them. I already sense their love."
The man softly smiled, his blue eyes staring into the Dragosan grey orbs staring back at him in the mirror.

"That they give greatly, sire. But a word of warning, Master Dragos. The lads can be precarious. Athos is the eldest and the most mischievous. The others follow his lead. I've heard them all week planning something. Your uncle's talked to them, but they have hearts of loving mischief. Please take it with good humor, sir. They give love, but enjoy its merriment."

Jolan laughed again, the man smiling at his twinkling grey eyes.

"I understand, Charles. And I long for its merriment."
Josh and Justin traded looks, Jolan's hand going into Justin's.

"We should wake Hay, Jus. I want him to see the beauty of the gleaming whiteness of my grandfather's estate."

Justin smiled, gently lifting the boy in his arms, shaking his shoulder.


The car slowed down, following a large wall of stone, everyone looking at the high wall that seemed to run for miles.

The car turned off the road, two large stone lions standing on each side of the cobblestone driveway they turned onto.

A tall wrought-iron gate stood before them, the immense gate opening slowly as the limousine drove forward.

"Welcome to the lands of Vilos Dragos, the home of the Dragosan heart." Charles said, pride shown in his voice, everyone looking around, a sense of wonder and eagerness coming over them.

Jolan Dragos sat in silence, his grey eyes looking out at the expanse of land surrounding them.

They were surrounded by large groves of snow covered trees, as far as the eyes could see.

Behind the obvious apple orchards were expansive fields covered in snow.

"It goes on forever." Josh said, his blue eyes sweeping the landscape.

"Ten thousand acres all in total. About fifteen square miles around the place. Fields of hay for the flocks of sheep, and the herds of cattle. This is a well run farm as well, sire. Apple orchards, as well as potato, barley and wheat fields. The estate makes its own wealth."
"Animals, Daddy? We sees animals?"

Jolan smiled, his son now sitting in his lap, looking out at the vastness of the snow covered grounds before them.

"Perhaps, Hay. Once we're settled we'll see what we can find." Justin said, Hayden turning and smiling up at him.

"Wots of snow, Poppa! Me wants build snowman!"
Justin laughed, kissing the boy's cheek, Jolan smiling at his lover.

"For sure, little man! Later when we've settled."
The boy grinned, looking out the window again.

The car moved forward, driving down the long stone driveway, cresting a small hill, Jolan looking forward.

Everyone's eyes were staring forward, before them in the distance a stone building of unbelievable magnitude coming into view.

"Wow, Jo! It's a castle!" Chace said, staring at the massive building.

"Bloodstone Manor, sires. The Heart of Life as the master calls it." Charles said, reverence in his voice, everyone staring at its ancient beauty.

The building increased in size as they neared it, its stone gables and spires topping its majesty.

"One hundred and seventy rooms, Master Dragos. You'll not want for comfort and luxury. It's old and weather worn, but inside it's a home of warmth and happiness. The Dragosan love shines in the all the rooms."

Everyone nodded, their eyes still taking all of it in.

Charles drove the car to the end of the driveway, turning onto a circular driveway, pulling the car in front of the castle.

"Welcome to Bloodstone Manor, Master Dragos and friends." he smiled, stopping the vehicle at the front door.

Jolan opened his door, stepping out of the vehicle, Hayden in his arms, Justin following.

Josh and Chace followed them, the four men staring upwards and to the sides at the immensity of the building before them.

"Your family is beyond wealthy, Jo. This is a Dickensian mansion!" Chace said, Josh's arm going around him.

The other two vehicles had pulled in behind them, Jolan watching his family and friends climb out of them, looks of wonder and awe on their faces.

"Big house, Daddy! Me nots want to gets lost." Hay said in his father's arms.

"Poppa and I will make sure of that, my son." Jolan said, Hayden climbing into Justin's arms, the two men smiling at each other.

Everyone gathered around them, their eyes taking in the majestic panorama of English architecture surrounding them.

"Are you a Prince, Jo? My God, this is a freaking palace!!" Chris said, Britney looking into her man's staring eyes of wonder.

"Your grandfather had a sense of royalty about him, Master Dragos. My grandfather said he walked like a king, and had the heart of a saint."

Jolan smiled at Charles, the older man standing on the steps, his hands folded.

"You love this place, don't you Charles?" Jolan said, the man smiling, everyone seeing the happiness on his face.

"It's my life and love, sire. My father's retired now, but he still can't leave the place. I shall be the same, I believe. It seeps into your soul."

Jolan smiled, Charles looking around at everyone.

"Welcome to England, everyone. Prepare for happiness, love and beauty." Charles said walking up the front steps of polished granite, Jolan following him, everyone moving as well.

They walked up the steps, two huge wooden doors before them, the large doors opening inward.

Two men in black suits, one holding each door, bowed to Jolan.

"Good morning, Master Dragos." they said in unison.

"Good morning, sirs." Jolan said, both sweeping their arms forward, a sign of bidding welcome.

Jolan and everyone else entered the home, staring upwards and around the large massive foyer.

Chandeliers hung from the high ceiling, the front foyer bathed in bright light.

Their eyes scanned the large room, two winding marble staircases before them, each going upwards, joining at the top center.

The room was decorated in spruce boughs and holly, long garlands of greenery wrapped around the staircase's stone rails and over the doorways showing around the rounded walls.

The floor of the room was shimmering like mirrored glass, the room immaculate.

Portraits and exquisite paintings hung on the walls, everyone staring around the room.

"My name is Niles, and this is my brother Reginald, Master Dragos. We are Mr. Dragos' menservants. Throughout your stay we are at your complete disposal. There are remotes in each room, just push them and we shall be there to aid you."
Everyone smiled, still taking in the opulent room they stood in.

"This is the central hall. Your rooms are upstairs, in the east wing. The master requested you all stay together, so that you'd enjoy a familiarity within yourselves."
Jolan smiled at the man, taking him for around forty, the other man a little younger.

"They are my cousins, Master Dragos." Charles said beside him, Jolan smiling at all three.

"Wonderful, Charles. It's a pleasure to meet both of you. Are my uncles here?" Jolan said, the manservant smiling at him.

"Father is changing. He'll be down momentarily."

Jolan's and everyone's eyes scanned upwards, hearing the voice above them, all of them staring in surprised wonder.

Standing at the top of the joined staircases was a vision of shining beauty.

A young man stood there, staring down at all of them.

Behind the man, a large stained glass window cascaded colored light down upon him.

Justin thought he was looking at an angel enveloped in God's light.

The man was slim, standing tall and erect, a sense of greatness surrounding him.

His face was a vision of sensual smoothness and elongated beauty.

Long straight blond hair hung over his shoulders, two piercing blue eyes taking in all below him.

He wore a suit of shining blueness, his shirt a darker navy blue.

The garments gave him a shiny luster, his blue eyes almost glowing.

Everyone stood in silence, the young man slowly walking down the left staircase, his eyes never leaving them.

"You are early, cousin. Father so wanted to greet you in welcoming love." the young man said, reaching the bottom steps, walking forward towards everyone.

Jolan smiled at the young man, his blue eyes staring into Jolan's grey as he walked across the foyer.

He stopped in front of Justin and Jolan, Justin's blue eyes taking in the man's striking beauty.

To Justin, Jolan was beyond beautiful, but this man was like a sculpted vision.

His skin was smooth as alabaster--no blemishes, hues or scars showing.

He was as if he'd walked out of a portrait of an aristocratic nobleman.

"Welcome to Bloodstone Manor, Jolan Dragos. We've waited so long to bask in your greatness."

"Thank you, my cousin. To whom do I have the honor of meeting?"
The young man smiled, the reaction bringing even more beauty to his face.

"My name is Athos. I am your uncle Calen's son."
Jolan smiled, looking directly into the young man's eyes.

"It is a joy to meet you finally, Athos. My heart warms with your smile. I feel greater for now having known you."
The young man nodded, his eyes sweeping around to everyone.

"You honor myself, cousin. I feel something greater surrounding me."

Jolan nodded himself, their eyes taking in each other.

"That is his love, my son."
Jolan's eyes moved, staring towards the staircase again.

On the bottom steps stood both of his uncles and Cory, Calen having spoken.

Calen walked briskly across the foyer, his elder brother smiling and following with Cory.

Within moments Calen had Jolan in his arms, Jolan smiling at the warmth of the embrace his uncle now had him in.

Simus smiled at Justin, Cory hugging him.

"Welcome home, Jolan." Calen said, tears showing in his eyes.

"My heart feels his love, Uncle."
Calen smiled, greeting everyone surrounding them.

"Welcome to Bloodstone Manor, everyone. Our family welcomes you into its festive heart. Come, lunch is ready in the Queen's room. You must be famished." Simus said with a smile, just having hugged Justin and kissed Hayden's cheek.

Calen smiled at everyone, his eyes looking into his son's blue orbs staring at Jolan.

"Show everyone the way, Athos." he said, a look of puzzled surprise on his face.

The young man bowed softly, looking into his father's eyes.

"This way, everyone. The fare is bountiful." he softy smiled, his eyes meeting Jolan's.

Jolan smiled, Calen's arm wrapping around him, the group smiling and following the young man.

Jolan's eyes were on the young man, watching him walk across the foyer.

He smiled within himself, his mind focusing.

Let the merriment begin, child of love.



End of Chapter 99


And so, our Jolan is finally home.

In the stately home of his grandfather.

And he's met one of his cousins.

What does he sense around him?


I wanted to give you a sense of the greatest of the home our friends now find themselves in.

A majestic castle of ancient British lore.

If you need a peripheral vision of its exquisite beauty, perhaps this might aid you:


This is an actual stately estate deep in the heart of England.

Let its example guide your imagination.


Up next, Jolan enters the Heart of Life, and meets the other two merry cousins.


Hugs, Angel.