Justin's Angel-101

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Michael handed the photo to Paulo, who'd been sitting by the fireplace.
He looked at it, passing it along to his grandfather, Alberto staring at Michael.
"She didn't tell me the truth, Nana. Only because she wanted to forget. To bury her pain deep within her heart. To block it out forever. I know that feeling, that hurtfulness. I carried the same pain for so long."
Michael looked down into his hands, at the two letters.
One letter burned its hatred into his  heart, the other gave him a deeper love now.
"But as buried pain happens, it always comes back to the surface. Tragically for her, it came back in a real form."
Michael looked at Justin, Justin feeling his lover's acceptance of something.
"But she had told me and I just didn't understand the meaning of the words, until now."
Justin got up, seeing the tears in Michael's eyes, walking up to him, putting his hand on his shoulder.
Michael felt the deep love, the strength he always felt from his man.
Michael looked up into Justin's bluest pools of love, smiling.
"I know the truth now, Jus. What she lived with in her heart. The realization of the truth. How it crushed her loving soul. And how it ended her life."
Justin stared at his lover, feeling Michael's soul fill with a new love.
Michael lifted the two letters, Nana and everyone staring at them.
"In her final words she spoke the truth, Nana. My mother tried to show me. I know now who destroyed my mother. And I now know who the missing child is."
Nana took a deep breath, her world spinning.
"That child is right here, in this room. That lost child is right here with us."
Nana fainted.

Chapter 101

Silas had Nana in his arms, Lynn rushing to her side.
"Is she alright, Silas?" Lynn said, Justin holding Michael who had rushed up to the sofa.
Everyone had stood up, worry on a lot of faces.
"She just fainted, give her air." Silas said, gently tapping her cheek.
"Helena? Wake up, my love."
Nana slowly opened her eyes, everyone letting out their breath.
Zach was kneeling beside her, looking at her.
"Everything's okay, Nana. Just remain still."
He checked her pulse and her heart, Nana remaining still.
"How do you feel?" Zach asked, worry on his face.
"I'm okay. Where's Michael?"
Michael knelt beside Nana, the woman looking up into his eyes.
"Oh, Michael, how could you possibly know that?" She said, searching his golden eyes.
Michael kissed her cheek, Nana slowly sitting up, Silas still holding her gently.
"I'm alright, Silas. I'm alright."
Zach watched her, Nana smiling at him.
"I'll sit here quietly, Zach. I just need to hear Michael explain himself."
Zach looked at Michael, Michael standing up.
Michael stood up, walking over to Lonnie, who had his picture in his hand.
Everyone gradually sat back down, Nana quietly sitting, waiting for Michael to continue.
"I'm sorry, Nana. I didn't mean to shock you. I just needed to say it out loud. To make it real."
Michael took the picture back from Lonnie, who had been the last to look at it, Lonnie smiling at him.
Michael set it back on the mantlepiece, smiling at his mother's photograph.
"Your daughter had immense courage, Nana. The same courage I've always seen in you."
Nana smiled, her grandson's words soothing her troubled soul.
Michael held up the letters again, everyone sensing some deep truth hidden in their folded pages.
"These two letters are representations of two different aspects of my life. One represents hatred and evil, the other represents hope and love."
Justin stared at the letters, sensing one had brought Michael great pain. He could almost feel the hatred emanating off it.
"This one was written by my supposed father, who turned out to be my uncle Fredrick. It is the letter he'd written to me from prison, the one my Mother had found." Michael quietly said, holding up one letter, setting the other on the mantle.
Alberto froze, his gaze never leaving Michael's stern, serious face.
Justin also watched his Mico, seeing the truth in his eyes, feeling something inside him about to be revealed.
Justin knew of the hatred contained in that evil writing, and what it had done to a young Michael. How it had destroyed his world, taking his mother from him.
"I've kept it all these years. I just could never bring myself to destroy it. To destroy its hatred. I won't read it to you, all his filth and disgusting imagery. You don't need to know of his hatred for me. But I need to read you one section. One part that I couldn't understand until now."
Michael opened the letter, Justin putting his arm around him.
Michael felt his love, felt its strength against this evil.
His calm voice spoke the words quietly.

"And so it's come full circle. She was so easy to destroy, and now again my evil has her. From that volcanic moment on that grassy ground she became mine. The wolf has its sheep. She is mine. In body and mind. A sweet young morsel that fed my youthful need, my need for destruction. I almost had you too, little slut, but no worries. I can wait. I shall destroy you. She feared the man in the wolf's mask. Little did she realize the truth before her, until it was too late. The wolf has her again."

Michael looked around, everyone stunned into silence.
Alberto stared at Michael, the words sinking into his soul.
"No, Michael. It can't be!" he said, his voice cracking.
"Yes, Grandfather. It was him, my Uncle Fredrick. When she was seventeen a younger Fredrick raped her. Uncle Fredrick was the man in the wolf's mask. The man who took her innocence."
Nana was crying, Silas holding her, tears in his eyes as well.
Michael looked around at everyone, seeing them all digesting his words with shock.
"I remember that night, when I walked into her bedroom. He was raping her again. I now remember the look in her eyes. It wasn't fear I saw, it was realization. She realized who was with her.  That it wasn't my father. The wolf was again with her."
Justin pulled Michael against him, Michael feeling his deep worry, and seeing the tears falling from his blue eyes.
Michael pulled back, looking at the other letter on the mantle.
"I have something else to read to all of you. I never told anyone of this. I've kept this close to my own heart. I feel now is the time to show you."
Michael picked up the letter, throwing the other hateful one down into the burning logs of the fireplace.
The letter ignited, a ball of red flame erupting as the letter disappeared.
Paulo held his grandfather, the elder Tavarro weeping.
Justin put his hand on Michael's shoulder, watching the letter vanish.
"Good riddance to bad rubbish." Justin said quietly, Michael nodding.
He walked over to his grandmother, sitting down beside her, taking her hand in his. Justin followed, sitting on the sofa beside Michael. He somehow sensed Michael's need for him close.
Everyone picked up on his being there totally for Michael.
"My son is the vilest of creatures. He is not a Tavarro." Albert sobbed, Paulo holding his grandfather.
Michael looked at him, his grandfather seeing so much love in his grandson's golden eyes.
"He ceased to be a Tavarro when he walked away from God. If he ever had him in his heart." Michael said quietly.
Nana looked at the letter in his hands, not being able to imagine what it was.
Michael looked into her golden brown eyes, Nana seeing a single tear fall down his cheek.
"She left me this letter, Nana. That night when I awoke, I found it in her cold hand. It was addressed to me."
Nana gasped in shock, looking at the letter in Michael's hand.
"I've hidden this letter for my own reasons, for my own pain and hurt . I just never imagined what truly was hidden in her final words."
Justin's tears were flowing again, feeling Michael's deep faith in what he'd discovered.
"In this letter, she tried to tell me the truth. I just didn't see what the real truth was. Until now."
Justin moved closer beside Michael, the four sitting together, everyone surrounding them.
"I'd like to read this, if you'll allow me." Michael looked into his grandmother's wet eyes.
Nana nodded, her tears flowing, Silas and Justin putting their arms around their loved ones.
Michael opened the letter, the room again in complete silence.
Father Derrick looked at Michael, seeing the small child again, the boy he'd met one tragic day.
Michael's emotional voice filled the quiet room.

Michael, my child.

I'm lost, little one.
I'm lost in the sea of my own terror.
Too late I've realized the truth, the truth of who he is.
The monster from that night of beauty that turned into horror, so long ago.
He took my heart that night, now he's taken my soul.
I wasn't able to escape him.
He knew always that I would be his. He followed me here to take me again. To destroy me completely.
And now I'm his. He's inside me, he's always inside me.
No distance can separate me from him, he'll always know where I am.
This has to be the only way out.
He robbed me of my child, now he wants to rob me of you.
I'm sorry, little ones. I'm sorry for what one day you'll know.
One day, I hope you find each other, my two lost ones.
Don't hate me, don't love me.
Perhaps I deserve nothing.

Forgive me, for not seeing the truth.
Michael, find the lost child. You both need each other.
Together a truth can be righted.
I can't say what you need and hope to hear.
I'm sorry.
You never deserved this.


Nana was sobbing, Silas holding her tightly.
Michael held the letter in his hands, his eyes full of tears.
He looked into Alberto's tearing eyes, calmly beginning to talk.
"I've pieced it all together. Fredrick raped my mother when she was young, he violated her. And a few years later, his brother returned home to Spain, to that village where my mother had once visited during festival time. Zamorra.
He came home so proud, showing all his family a picture of his new bride and son. Fredrick immediately identified her as the innocent girl he'd molested. And he recognized me for what I was. Then he killed his own siblings, murdering my father. He returned here, replacing my father. My mother not realizing who he really was. Not until that final moment.
The wolf was at her door again.
But she soon realized who he was, staring into those red eyes that terrifying night. He raped her again, this time doing so much more. She said it herself. He's inside me, he's always inside me. He took her mind and her body. I now know he was controlling her mind. That how she always seemed so submissive after, he was controlling her. I could never understand why she let him hurt me. I now realize she couldn't stop him. She was as helpless as I was.
Too late, she realized what he was doing. She was a victim, like I was. She'd lost both of her children.
Her child taken away from her, her son too scared and tortured to help her.
She was at the end of her terror.
I sensed she felt he was beginning to control her again, even from prison.
She only had one choice, one means to free herself from him. Before he used her to kill me."
Everyone looked shocked, Michael lost in his own feelings.
"She killed herself to escape him, not to escape me. She killed herself to stop him from killing me. I had it all wrong. She loved me too much to live. She gave her life to save me from dying at her hands, hands controlled by him."
Michael was crying, Justin holding onto him, Silas holding onto Nana. Alberto got up, Paulo following him across the room.
Alberto sank to his knees in front of Michael.
"I'm sorry, my grandson! I'm sorry I didn't stop him!"
Michael put his hand on his grandfather's shoulder, kissing his cheek.
"You in no way are to blame for this! Fredrick's soul is his own! He walked away from your love!"
Nana broke from Silas, taking her grandchild into her arms.
"Oh, my Mico! What that man did to her! Oh God! What he did to both of you!"
Michael looked at his grandparents, seeing their love shining.
"This is the truth. I now know it always has been him. He took my family from me, not you, not I."
Nana nodded, looking at Alberto.
"You were right, Michael. The lost child is in this room. Silas did some research, and we've finally found that child."
Michael smiled, wiping his eyes, standing up.
He looked around the room, stopping to look at one person.
"You don't have to tell me who it is. I've always known. Deep in my heart I've always known you were something more than a friend. That our meeting was destiny. You needed me to help you, as a brother would. And we grew to love each other."
Michael walked across the room, kneeling in front of her chair, looking into her blue eyes.
"I love you, Christina. My lost sister."

A few minutes before, Christina had been watching the whole scene unfold, not believing all she'd heard from Michael.
And all through his deeply moving words she'd felt something inside her growing.
It fed her soul, it filled her heart with joy.
And then she felt something happen.
Her vision changed, she felt some kind of tremor flow through her.
She began to see blue light glowing around people.
She'd felt something like this once before, long ago. That time she'd brushed it off as tiredness, overworked and tired.
This time she couldn't dismiss it.
She realized suddenly what it was.
It was the gift.
The vision shimmered then disappeared, her eyes focusing again on Michael.
Michael was standing up again, looking right at her.
And in that gaze she felt the truth.
Who Michael really was, who she really was.
He crossed the room, kneeling in front of her, his golden eyes staring up at her, full of tears of joy.
And then he spoke the words that sent her soul soaring.
"I love you, Christina. My lost sister."

"I love you too, Michael! My brother!" Christina said sobbing.
The two were in each other's arms, hugging tightly, both sobbing.
Justin felt all the joy in Michael's soul, all the happiness of finding this lost child. His older sister, Christina.
Everyone in the room was now standing, shock on their faces.
Paulo helped his grandfather to his feet, Alberto looking at his grandchildren.
Zach sat stunned, staring at his best friend, and his wife.
"It can't be! That's impossible!" He said, his voice full of emotion.
Silas stood up, everyone looking at him, Nana remained sitting.
Michael and Christina parted, both smiling at each other.
"It's true, everyone. I did the research, tracing back from Nana's given information. I found the records of Christina's adoption, her being raised for six weeks in a orphanage, then being adopted by Nancy and Jack Carpenter. Christina is the child of Diana Stavros, given up for adoption thirty two years ago." Silas said, tears in his eyes, the satchel containing the records in his hand.
Christina smiled, looking again at Michael.
"Somehow I always sensed something more behind our meeting, Michael. That God had a purpose in bringing you to me. I just never realized the truth. I love you, my brother!"
Michael hugged her again, crying tears of happiness.
Becky stood beside her, in her father's arms, smiling up at Michael when he broke their hug again.
"You really are my uncle?" She said smiling at him.
"Yes, little angel. I really am."
She smiled widely, running across the room to Justin, Justin kneeling and taking her in his arms.
"That means you are going to be my real uncle too when you marry Uncle Mikey."
Justin beamed widely, a few people laughing at her innocence.
"Yep, Becky! And that makes me so happy!"
Michael stood up smiling widely, Christina standing also.
Michael looked at Zach standing beside her, hugging him tightly.
"We now really are brothers, Zach. Brothers in marriage."
Zach was crying also, the two friends now feeling a deeper bond.

Nana had been quietly watching the reunion of her two lost grandchildren.
Her own feelings were a mixture of happiness and worry.
Christina now knew the truth of who she was, and of what Helena had been obligated to do to her.
Nana feared that realization, that fear of Christina hating her.
She'd come to like the young woman very much, seeing a lot of her mother's traits flowing in her.
It hadn't been hard for Helena to see the truth of her heritage in her.
Nana remembered the birthmark on the small child that night, the same mark on Christina's shoulder.
Nana looked at her grandson holding his sister again, tears of joy in his eyes.
Yes, it had been worth it. For Michael's happiness, any price had been worth it.

Michael smiled, looking around the room, his eyes resting on his grandmother, who remained seated.
She looked forgotten, alone and somehow lost.
Michael looked again at his sister, hugging her, whispering something into her ear.
Christina smiled, nodding her head.
She walked across the room, walking up to Alberto.
"I guess this makes you my grandfather."
Alberto sobbed, Christina kissing his cheek. Paulo held onto his grandfather, smiling at Christina.
"Hello, cousin." He said, Christina smiling at him.
She walked over to the sofa, kneeling in front of Nana, taking her hands in hers. Nana lowered her head, not wanting to be judged by those blue eyes.
"It took a lot of courage for you to do this today, Nana. For you to unburden your soul. To tell Michael and me the truth. Please look at me, Nana."
Nana looked up slowly, looking into Christina's blue eyes.
Nana realized something she hadn't before.
"Your eyes are so blue. They are the bluest I've seen since my Augustus'."
Christina smiled, kissing her grandmother's cheek.
"I have my grandfather's eyes. And I have my grandmother's heart."
Nana choked back a sob, Christina still smiling.
"I love you, Nana. I don't hate you for what you had to do. I had no say in that. I just want you to know that I've had a life of happiness, of joy and love. My adoptive parents raised me in love. In them, I never wanted for anything. I wish I had known my real mother. It gives me comfort to know she wanted to keep me, that she did love me."
"She did, my child. She did love you. I'm sorry for denying you and her that love."
"Don't be, ever. You did what you had to do. I'm so happy that you are my grandmother. You raised Michael in love, we all see that love in him. I'm looking forward to being loved by you."
"I already love you, Christina. It was so easy to do."
Christina hugged her tightly, the two women finding a peace in each other's arms.
Michael smiled, Justin now wrapped around him.
"I have my family again, Jus. My sister, my grandparents, Paulo, my Uncle Silas and you. My family is all here."
Nana and Christina looked up at Michael, both standing.
Nana felt his love, and hers. They both loved her deeply.
The six people hugged together, everyone smiling.
Lance and Josh stood arm in arm, Lance`s head resting on Josh`s chest.
"Can you feel the magic, the sense of God's hand?" Lance said softly, Josh kissing his forehead.
"Yes, my love. It's the hand of God's love."
"Looks like we have a sister now, Polo." Jake said, Paulo wrapped around him.
"Yes, Michael's love keeps spreading."
Everyone smiled at Paulo's moving words.

The six people separated, Nana looking at Michael.
"How did you know it was Christina, Michael?" Nana asked, everyone now looking at him, Michael blushing.
"I have you to thank for that, Nana. It was your Love Cake recipe. I saw everyone's auras again. Christina's has changed, it's gold now."
Everyone looked at Michael, Christina somewhat surprised.
"It was blue when we did the Christmas Tree tradition." She said, Michael nodding.
"You never told us what the golden aura meant, Mikey. At Christmas Paulo and Alberto's were golden." Zach said, Justin looking also at Michael.
Michael sighed, Paulo walking up to him.
"It's alright, Michael. Please tell me."
Michael felt Paulo's arm go around him, Justin smiling at Paulo's deep love for Michael.
Michael looked into his green emerald eyes, feeling his brother's love.
Alberto also looked at him, smiling a grandfather's smile.
"The golden auras are a sign from God. It marks the chosen ones. It marks the Tavarro clan. That's how I figured out who Christina was. As I had Paulo and Alberto.  Her golden aura marked her as a Tavarro."
Christina smiled, Michael looking at her intently.
"My uncle brought you into this world, Cricket. I believe in my heart he does not know of your existence. My mother would have never divulged that secret. She wouldn't have let him hurt you. I sensed all of your soul when we hugged. There is no evil in your soul or you. You are not now or never will be your father's daughter. You are a real Tavarro, born under the protection of God. As is Paulo and my grandfather. When you go to Spain you shall all see the golden auras of The Chosen Ones. And God's judgement will be revealed."
He took Christina's and Paulo's hands in his, looking at both of them. They both saw a hesitation in Michael's eyes.
"The changing from a blue to a golden aura is a sign of Los Talentosos."
Alberto gasped, looking at someone else in the room.
Father Derrick watched who Alberto was looking at, remaining quiet.
"Who are they, Michael?" Justin asked, Michael looking quietly around the room.
For a moment he focused on someone, then looked again at Justin.
"They are special people, given special gifts from God. They are the gifted ones."
Paulo and Christina looked at Michael, their eyes remaining focused.
"You have the gift, Cricket. I'm sorry but it's true."
Christina and Paulo both looked at each other, then at Michael.
"When I was listening to your talking today, I felt a tremor go through me, and my vision changed. I saw all the blue auras." Christina said, looking into Michael's golden eyes.
"You have the gift, Christina. I sense it in you."
"And I, Michael?" Paulo said, looking at Jake for a moment, then lowering his eyes.
Jake walked up beside Paulo, taking his hand in his.
"It's okay, my love. You are you, regardless of gifts or not."
Michael smiled, seeing their love whole, Jake accepting Paulo for himself. Jake no longer afraid of the gift's potential.
"I sense no gift in you Paulo. That I find very strange."
Alberto looked surprised, Jake putting his arm around him.
Paulo looked at Michael, Michael putting his hand on his shoulder.
"In you, I thought I felt greatness, brother. A special greatness. I'm not giving up on it. "
Paulo smiled, Michael kissing his cheek.
"We now have a sister, brother."
Christina smiled, Paulo hugging her, Jake and Alberto smiling.
"It's a special day, Mikey! A very special day for the Tavarro family!"
Everyone smiled, Michael and Christina now being hugged by everyone.
Lance hugged Michael tightly, Michael feeling his emotions.
"You never cease to amaze me, Michael."
"You haven't seen anything yet, Lancy." Michael said, his face serious.
Lance and Josh looked at him in wonder.
Michael smiled, winking, then pulling Justin close.
"Let's get dinner cracking. We've got a big family to feed. Come on Cricket, the Tavarro children are cooking Easter dinner."
Christina beamed, Michael, Paulo and she heading to the kitchen.
Alberto sat down beside Nana, the two grandparents hugging each other.

Lance, Josh and their families left an hour later, going back to Josh's to have their family dinner.
They left amid hugs and kisses, Michael smiling with Justin beside him, seeing their friends off.
Michael returned to the kitchen, helping Christina with dinner. Paulo concentrated on making a salad.
Justin stood in the doorway watching the new siblings work together, smiling at their happiness.
He came up behind them, kissing Michael on the neck, Michael smiling.
"How goes the bonding?"
Christina smiled, Michael winking.
"We're discussing you, love. Cricket thinks I'm too good for you. Paulo thinks you're too good for me."
Justin smiled, wrapping his arms around Michael.
"And so who's correct?"
Michael turned around, kissing Justin deeply, Justin trembling at the passion in Michael's soul.
"They're both wrong. You and I are perfect for each other. We are two halves of the same soul."
Justin teared up, Michael kissing his lips gently.
"I'm so happy we're all here together today, Mico. That all our family is here."
Michael smiled, looking at Christina.
"So am I love, so am I."
Everyone went back to work, Justin helping Michael baste the turkey, both smelling Nana's aromatic stuffing.

An hour later, dinner was ready.
Everyone sat down together at the dining room table, the kitchen table moved into the room for the kids.
Nana said grace, at Michael's loving request.
Everyone bowed their heads, smiling.
"It's us again, Lord, your loving children. We're gathered together as a family to feast on the richness of our family's love. Blessed are we to have each other, and to welcome newness into our family's heart. Christina has joined our family, in her we will find happiness and love. We sit here about to partake of a wonderful meal, cooked in love. Today marks the resurrection of your son; in his love and truth, we live each day.  Take care of us all, Lord. Let all of us find happiness and love with each other.  Amen."
Everyone smiled, Justin looking into Michael's golden eyes.
Michael stood up, smiling at everyone.
"Before we dine on this wonderful food, I'd like to propose a toast."
Everyone smiled, Paulo filling wine glasses.
Michael smiled at him, then smiled at Christina.
"Here's to family. To our love for each other. The Tavarro, Timberlake and Stavros families have joined as one. Each of you are a part of this family. That includes all you dear friends here today. Lonnie, Jake, Joe and Kelly, Chris and Vicky, Seth, Kevin, Tomas and Father Derrick. And Lance and Josh who are dining with their own families. You all are my family. And today I feel truly blessed. I have my sister in my life, and my brother also. In our closeness, we'll find love and trust. I love all of you. So raise your glasses, to love and family. Together, we're unbeatable."  Michael said, his eyes full of tears, Justin rubbing his back.
Everyone raised their glasses, voicing their sentiment.
"Now, let's dive in! Dad, would you do the honors of carving the turkey."
Randall smiled, nodding his head.
Michael went into the kitchen, returning with a large platter, a large succulent turkey laying on it.
He set it down at the head of the table, Justin handing the carving knife to his father.
"I'm honored. Thank you, my sons." Randall said, tears in his eyes.
Justin and Michael smiled, sitting down.
"So who want's dark meat?" Randall said, smiling.

An hour later, everyone was stuffed. They were laying around the living room, drinking coffee and relaxing.
Michael lay on the floor, Justin snuggled up against him.
"Oh, babe! I'm stuffed! You outdid yourself!" Justin cooed, Michael rubbing Justin's stomach.
"My man's getting a tummy!"
Zach laughed, laying on the floor as well, Becky laying on top of him.
Nana and Christina laughed, sitting on the sofa with Lynn.
Alberto sat on another sofa, quietly talking with Father Derrick.
"Will you still love me if I get fat, Mico?" Justin said, pouting.
"I'll always love my tubby little Timby. No worries, I'll just keep wearing it off you." Michael smirked.
Justin pushed Michael onto his back, laying now on top of him.
"I love my workouts with you. You keep me energized."
Justin leaned in, kissing Michael deeply.
Chris was gagging in the corner, Vicky holding in a laugh.
"Sorry, Chris. But Justin's love is nothing I'll hide or ever tire of wanting. He excites me, deal with it." Michael said, Justin smiling.
Michael pulled him back down, kissing him again, the two lost in their own world.
"Ugh! It's like being in some kind of bordello!" Chris laughed, Joey laughing with him.
Michael broke the kiss, getting up off the floor, helping Justin up.
He folded his arms, staring at Chris and Joey.
Both men were still laughing, seeing the deep look in Michael's eyes.
"Kelly, Vicky? It's time."
Kelly and Vicky got up, walking up to their men, pulling them up onto their feet.
Chris and Joey exchanged glances, not knowing what was going on.
Both women grabbed their man into their arms, kissing them passionately.
Chris and Joe became lost in the passion they felt emanating off their ladies.
When the two women broke their heated kisses, both men looked totally lost.
They stared into their mate's eyes, seeing deep love there.
"I don't think you see it as being funny now, right boys?" Michael said, both men immediately blushing.
"Sorry, Mikey. I see your point. Love shouldn't be laughed at." Joey said, feeling embarrassed, Kelly letting him wrap his arms around her.
"Yeah, Mike. We forgot our own passion. Forgive us." Chris said, looking deeply humbled. Vicky kissed his cheek, Chris smiling at her.
"Nothing more needs to be said." Michael said, smiling.
Justin kissed his cheek, Michael smiling at him.
Michael whispered into Justin's ear, Justin's face beaming.
"If you'll all excuse us, we have a few things to do. We'll be back shortly."
Everyone nodded, wondering what was up.
A half hour later, Justin raced into the room, Michael quietly walking in behind him a few minutes later.
Everyone could see the joy on Justin's face.
"Okay, everyone! Time for some fun. Where are all the kids?"
Becky's head popped up, as did Stevie's, both sitting in their fathers' lap.
"It's time for the Tavarro Easter Gift Hunt." Michael grinned, the kids' eyes going wide.
"Would everyone follow me please?" Michael said smiling.
Everyone got up, smiling at this surprise.
They all followed Michael–and an enthusiastic Justin–through the house, out into the backyard.
They all stood on the patio, Michael standing in front of all of them.
"Hello, everyone. Tonight Justin and I are going to start a tradition of our own. We've come up with this little hunt. All around the house outside are hidden little treasures. Gifts for all our friends and family. And we mean everyone."
As if knowing they were included, Lance and Josh walked out onto the patio.
"Hi everyone."
Everyone smiled at them, Lance looking at Michael.
"Hope we're not too late? You said seven, Mikey." Lance said, smiling.
"You're just in time, Lancy. As I was saying, all around our home outside are special gifts we've gotten for everyone. They are labeled for each individual. Also, spread out everywhere are lots of Easter eggs and chocolate surprises. If you find something for someone else, give that person hints of where their gift is. We want all of you to have fun finding them all."
Justin and Michael smiled at everyone, seeing joy on all their faces.
Michael stepped away from Justin, smiling at him.
"That includes you too, kiddo."
Justin looked surprised.
"I've hidden a few gifts for you too, love. My little kid loves having fun too." Michael smiled, seeing the joy cross Justin's beautiful face.
"Hooray!!" Justin screamed, Becky running up to him.
"Will you help me find my gifts, Uncle Justin?" She said smiling at him.
"For sure, little angel."
Michael smiled at Justin when he picked her up.
"I've also hidden a special gift. It's a blue and gold egg. Whoever finds it will have a wonderful surprise."
Michael started handing small baskets out to everyone.
"For the eggs and chocolate. Is everyone ready? And I mean everyone?"
Everyone grinned.
Michael smiled, standing ready. He raised his hand.
"Get set. . .go!!!!"
Everyone laughed, walking out into the yard, everyone heading in different directions.

Michael enjoyed himself immensely, walking around seeing everyone having fun. Justin and Becky were laughing, running around, their baskets full of chocolate rabbits and eggs.
Randall was carrying Stevie's gifts, a new football, and a couple of wrapped boxes, Stevie diving for eggs.
Jonathan had his arms full carrying his gifts.
Even the adults were laughing, gifts and chocolate in their hands.
Within half an hour everyone was back on the patio, sitting around opening their gifts.
Lance and Josh had received matching chains, with their entwined initials on them, as well as silk shirts, both men hugging Justin and Michael.
Lonnie was in tears hugging Michael, his new palm pilot in his hand.
"Thanks, Mikey! This was just what I was looking for!"
"We know, Lon, we know." Justin smiled, Lonnie hugging him.
Becky and Stevie had received lots of toys, and chocolate, both kids extremely happy.
Jonathan had been given sheet music for his guitar, a new walkman and a cell phone.
He was a brimming, smiling young man.
Justin opened his gifts, sitting in Michael's lap.
The first was a new blue silk bathrobe, and a new Rolex watch.
"Awesome babe, they're both beautiful!" Justin said, kissing him deeply.
Chris and Joey smiled, but remained quiet.
After everyone had opened their gifts, and were relaxing, Michael stood up, Justin sitting back down.
"I hope you all enjoyed this fun."
They all voiced their approval, Michael smiling.
Michael looked around at everyone.
"So who found the special golden egg?"
Everyone looked surprised, forgetting all about it.
They searched their baskets, Justin beginning to laugh.
He held up the egg in his hand.
Everyone looked at it, awed by its beauty.
Michael smiled, walking up to Justin.
"This is indeed a surprise." Michael quietly said, a look of mild shock on his face.
The egg was a deep blue, golden diamond designs painted on it, with blue heart centers.
"It's beautiful, Michael. Did you paint that?" Nana said, looking at the egg.
"Yes, I did. It's a special egg. It's painted in blue and gold, symbolizing Justin's and my love for each other. Our two colors of love."
Justin smiled, lost in Michael's beautiful words.
"This is a special egg. For inside it I've place a special gift. A small piece of my power."
Everyone looked surprised, looking at Michael.
"I had hoped one of you would find it, I wasn't counting on you, Jus."
"What's inside it, my love? What will it do?" Justin said, looking at the beautiful egg in his hand.
"It shows a beautiful moment in the holder's future."
"Wow! That would be so awesome to witness!" Josh said, Lance smiling.
Michael's eyes were on Justin.
"I didn't expect you to find it, my love. I hope it's something you want."
Justin felt Michael's nervousness, his concern with what that vision might be.
He stared at him, his stare being broken by Lance's voice.
"So how does it work, Mikey?"
"You lightly crack the egg, and the vision will appear. We'll all be able to see it. It will be like a television screen." Michael said quietly, sitting down.
Justin stood in the middle of the patio, everyone waiting in eagerness.
"It's so beautiful, I hate to break it." Justin said, looking into his lover's eyes, Michael smiling.
Justin held out his hand, the egg sitting in it.
Justin's fingers gently tapped the egg, a crack magically appearing.
The egg separated perfectly in two, a bright light bursting forth, a glowing cloud forming.
The cloud began forming a picture, a blurred image.
Everyone got up, crowding around Justin in a circle, looking at the image as it became crystal clear.

The vision was Father Derrick, standing in front of a floral gateway.
A large smile was on his face.
On one side of him stood Michael, dressed in a white tuxedo.
On his other side stood Justin, dressed the same.
They joined their hands together, both wearing golden rings.
"What this day's love has brought, let all of us bask in its beauty. You may now kiss each other, my friends." Father Derrick said with a teary smile.
Michael and Justin took each other in their arms, their kiss deep and loving.
Loud applause could be heard, the couple breaking apart.
They immediately went down to their knees, both smiling teary smiles. Two small children running into their arms.
Both men seemed totally happy, tears flowing, hugging their respective child.
The children's faces couldn't be seen, their backs to the audience.
And then the vision faded, the cloud dissipating.

Justin began sobbing, Michael taking him in his arms immediately, handing the broken egg to Lance.
"It's okay, love. It's okay." Michael said, holding him tight, humming softly.
Everyone was in tears, the silence total.
"Did you see, Mico? Did you see us? It was our wedding."
"Yes, my love. It was our wedding."
"We're going to get married, Michael. The greatest moment of my life is going to happen." Justin said, tears flowing.
"Yes, my love. Our love will become forever in God's eyes."
Michael rubbed his back, Justin finally coming under control.
Lance and Josh had tears in their eyes, remembering the beauty of that magical scene.
"It was beautiful, Michael. All the whiteness and you could feel the love." Lance said, his voice full of emotion.
"Who were the two children? We couldn't see their faces. Was it Becky and Stevie?" Lynn asked, everyone thinking the same questions.
"No, Mom. It wasn't." Justin said, Michael quietly looking at him.
Everyone else looked at him also.
"I had a vision with Daniel again, Michael. At the end of the vision when Daniel left, I saw two flowers growing beside the boulder in the clearing." Justin said quietly.
"What does that have to do with this, Jus?" Michael asked.
Justin took his hands in his own.
"One flower was blue, Mico. One was golden. They symbolized us. And growing below those two flowers were two small blue flowers, just beginning to bud."
Michael stared at him.
"Don't you see what it means? This vision proves it. We are going to have two children, Mico. Two little angels of our own."
Michael was in total shock, Justin hugging him tight.
Everyone was in shock, staring at the two men.
"That's unbelievable, Justin!" Vicky said, seeing Michael's still shocked face.
Justin picked up on his look also.
"You okay, love?" Justin asked, concern now in his voice.
"I'm going to be a father? But how?" Michael said, his voice trembling.
"I don't know how, Mico. But it's going to happen. Two little angels are going to enter our lives. And it's going to be magical, because our love will double." Justin said, everyone hearing the determination in his  voice.
Michael's face changed, a small smile coming to it.
"How am I going to be able to handle three children?"
Everyone laughed, Michael's humor disintegrating the emotional moment.
Justin blushed, then laughed, taking Michael into his arms.
"I promise I'll try and grow up."
Michael smiled, kissing him tenderly.
"No, Jus. Your childlike innocence is a part of you, the you that I love."
Justin beamed, the two hugging and kissing again.
Everyone relaxed, talking amongst themselves about what they'd witnessed.
Seth and Tomas hugged the two men, kissing their cheeks.
"If anyone would be a wonderful father it would be you, Michael. Sethy and I both have benefitted from your fatherly advice."
Michael blushed, Justin smiling.
"Yep, this old man's going to be a heck of a Dad." Seth said, everyone laughing.
Michael's brows furrowed, Seth taking off running.
Michael took off after him, catching him midway across the back yard, tackling him.
Michael began tickling him, his laughter echoing into the evening sky.
Within moments, Michael was tackled from behind by Tomas, both young men now trying to get the best of Michael.
Michael wasn't having any of it.
He pinned Seth down, then flipped Tomas over onto his back, throwing Seth on top of Tomas then.
Michael sat on top of both of them.
"Seems the old man still has some strength in him."
"Let us up, Mikey, please!" Tomas pleaded, feeling Seth's beautiful body against him.
"I'd think you wouldn't mind having this young man on top of you, Tomas." Michael smirked.
Seth and Tomas both blushed, Michael laughing.
"I love both of you, my young friends." Michael said, standing up.
Seth and Tomas both smiled, getting up.
"There's a lock on my office door, why don't you two have some alone time?"
Tomas grinned, grabbing Seth's hand, pulling him toward the house.
Michael smiled, going back to everyone.
"Looks like my tiger still can roar!" Justin said laughing.
Michael roared loudly, everyone laughing.
"I'm king of the jungle! Any takers?"
Justin, Paulo, Jake, Chris and Joe all looked at each other, smirking.
All five advanced on Michael, Michael backing up.
"Word to the wise, I mean business." Michael said, smiling an evil grin.
He turned and ran, all five taking off after him, everyone else getting up and watching the upcoming show.
Halfway across the yard, Michael stopped instantly, turning around fast.
Jake was charging right at him, Michael flipping him right over his shoulder, Jake going flying.
Paulo ran right at Michael, his momentum not slowing.
Michael stuck his foot out, Paulo tripping rolling across the grass.
Chris and Joey glared, both running at him.
When they tackled him, Michael grabbed both by the arm, spinning them around quickly. Both men lost their balance, slipping and falling down.
Chris landed on his back, his breath knocked out.
Joey landed face first, his face covered in grass, spitting out grass.
Justin came flying at Michael, his back turned to him.
Justin climbed on his back, his arms wrapping around Michael's strong pumping chest.
"Is this foreplay, love?" Michael laughed, flipping Justin over him, Justin landing flat on top of Chris.
Michael stood alone, his friends and lover all on their asses.
"Well, I warned you. I meant business." Michael laughed.
Michael turned around and was totally caught off guard by two men he'd forgotten about.
Lance and Josh came at him from two different directions, bowling him over.
Michael landed on his back, Josh and Lance on top of him.
Josh was laughing his head off, Lance was just smiling.
Michael opened his eyes, staring into Lance's beautiful green eyes.
"So! I've been blindsided. By two visions of beauty."
Josh smiled, seeing his lover staring into Michael's eyes.
Within a heartbeat, Lance leaned in kissing Michael on the lips.
Michael kissed back, a tender kiss of love.
Lance smiled, Michael breaking the kiss, looking at him.
Then Michael turned his head, looking into Josh's blue eyes.
Josh leaned in, Michael giving him the same tender kiss.
Chris, who'd pushed Justin off him, was staring at the three men, his face in total shock.
"Jus, your man's kissing them!" Chris said, not believing what he was seeing.
Justin smiled, his mind connected with Michael's thoughts.
"Yes, Chris. They beat him, he's just rewarding them." Justin said, his face showing immense happiness.
"And you're not jealous?" Joey said, surprised himself.
"No, Joe. Michael loves Lance, Josh, Paulo and Jake. We've become six brothers in love. I know Michael's heart is mine. I never have anything to be jealous of."
Chris and Joey both looked at each other, the three men getting up.
Paulo and Jake were cuddling together in the grass, looking at their three brothers laying together.
"Looks like Lance and Josh just benefitted from our brother's new love."
"Yes, lucky them. But I have my man beside me, so give me some sugar."
Paulo leaned in, kissing Jake's moist lips.
"Oh, God! We're in the middle of a gay orgy!" Chris said, a water balloon hitting him on the side of the head.
Water drenched his hair, Chris turning to see Christina laughing her head off with Vicky.
Zach stood smiling at Chris.
"Compliments of my new brother, Chris. Happy Easter." Zach said, bursting into laughter.
Michael looked up, laughing his head off, Chris looking shocked. Then Chris started laughing.
Lance helped Michael get up, Michael brushing the grass off his pants, winking at him.
"Looks like you're all wet, Chris."
"Yeah, I guess I am. Who'd of thought. A man getting all wet at a gay orgy." Chris laughed, the seven men in front of him groaning.
"What?" Chris said, innocently.
"On that note, duck! Incoming!!!" Michael said, everyone stepping back, covering their heads.
Chris was assailed by water balloons, hitting him in the chest, legs and head.
Christina, Vicky, Zach , Kevin, Father Derrick and Jonathan had thrown them all.
Everyone burst out laughing, Chris looking like a drowned rat.
Michael walked up to him, smiling.
"Don't ever change, Disco Chrisco. Your big mouth gives me so much pleasure." Michael said, smiling at his friend.
Chris smiled, pulling Michael against him.
"I'll show you pleasure!"
Chris kissed Michael squarely on the lips, Michael totally shocked.
Everyone burst out laughing, Joey on the ground, Josh joining him in fits of laughter.
Michael stared at Chris. Chris grinned from ear to ear.
"So that's what it's like kissing a man? Not bad." Chris said, smirking.
"And that's what it's like kissing a dog!" Michael countered, Chris blushing red.
The laughter was loud and raucous.
Chris just shook his head, Vicky walking across the lawn.
"Christopher Kirkpatrick!! Are you trying to tell me something??"
Chris laughed.
"Yep, sweetie. I'm trying to tell you no one kisses like you. You're the best."
Michael smiled at Vicky's surprised look, Chris taking her into his arms.
"Ewww! You're all wet, Snookums."
Chris laughed, looking at Michael.
"Yep, your friend's one upped me again! Kudos, Michael!"
Michael bowed, smiling.
Justin wrapped his arms around him, kissing his cheek.
"Let's all have some dessert and coffee." Michael said, everyone walking back to the patio.

Justin shuddered, Michael exploding inside him, falling on top of him.
Their bodies glistened with sweat, their passion satisfied.
The night had been extremely joyous, both men feeling happy cocooned in their family's love.
They'd gone to bed deeply excited, and passionate.
This was the finish of their hours of lovemaking.
Michael felt the tremble in Justin, pulling him into his arms.
Justin cried as usual, Michael holding him in his loving arms.
"This is so beautiful, this time with you.! It's so intoxicating!"
"That it truly is, Tigger!"
Justin smiled, lightly kissing Michael's furry chest.
"I love you, Mico."
"Love you more, Tigger."
They laid together, basking in the afterglow.
"So, when are you going to ask me your question?"
Justin blushed, knowing Michael had sensed his feelings.
"What was it like kissing Lance and Josh?"
Michael smiled, kissing Justin's forehead, Justin clinging tightly to his lover's warm chest.
"It was wonderful, Jus. Their lips were so tender and loving. It truly was wonderful."
"Did you feel any desire in them?"
Michael smiled, running his hand along Justin's hairy arm.
"I felt love, a deep love. Not desire, but maybe a small trace of wonder."
"Do you think Josh still has feelings for me, that way?"
"No, Jus. I haven't felt those feelings since his revealing our connection. His heart and soul are full of Lance's love."
Justin smiled, relaxing.
"Do you want him to have those feelings, Jus?"
Justin sat up, staring down at Michael.
"Josh and Lance are beautiful, Michael. An intoxicating beauty, as are Jake and Paulo. But you are breathtaking!"
Michael teared up, pulling Justin down for a passionate kiss.
"Thank you for saying that, love. It fills my heart with love."
Justin smiled, returning to his position.
"No one will excite me like you do, Mico. No one will ever come between our passion."
Michael remained quiet, his mind on something. A glimpse of a shadow of the future crossing his mind.
"I love them all, Mico. If it should turn to physical love, it will be all of us together. They all deserve our joined soul of love."
Michael smiled, the two lovers falling asleep.

Nicholas looked out into the night, staring at nothing.
He turned from the window, looking at the men laying on his bed.
Nick Carter was tied up, his hands behind his head.
He was moaning, Ryan Phillipe driving his cock deep into Nick's ass. Behind Ryan, Kevin Zegers was rimming Ryan's exposed ass.
Paul Walker was rubbing his cock along Kevin's back, then slipping it into Zegers' hungry mouth.
"Oh yeah, suck that. Suck that cock, then I'll fuck Ryan's hot ass."
Kevin gulped and licked the long shaft, Paul pushing him off it.
Paul stood behind Ryan, Ryan still pumping into Nick.
With one single thrust he lunged into Ryan, Ryan gasping, Nick feeling the weight now on him.
Kevin crawled around, devouring Nick's lips with his mouth.
Nicholas walked over to the bed, running his hands along Kevin Zegers' smooth, taut body.
"I haven't fucked you yet, Zegers. Turn that hot ass over."
Kevin complied, Nicholas fingering his eager crack.
A knock sounded on the apartment door, Nicholas smiling.
He got up off the bed, walking out of the bedroom.
He opened the front door, Kevin Federline staring at Nicholas' nude body.
"Come on in, Kevin, you're late." Nicholas said with a smug look.
"I'm sorry, Nicky, got held up."
Nicholas pulled him into the room, pushing him against the wall.
"You know I don't like it when you're late." Nicholas grabbed him by the crotch, Kevin feeling his vice grip.
"Please, Nicky, it hurts."
"My guests have been waiting for you, Kevy."
"Please, Nicky, not tonight. Can't it be just you and me?"
Nicholas slapped him across the face.
"Shut up, right now! You do as you're told! Understand?"
Kevin nodded, not wanting to make Nicholas mad.
He'd been mad at him a lot lately. Nicholas was so beautiful when he wasn't mad.
Kevin knew what he had to do to make Nicholas happy.
"One thing, Kev. The party's next week. This plan's a go. You do your part as you've been told. I'm getting what I want. Michael Tavarro's going to be in my bed. I'm going to fuck him for hours. Just like you're going to do to Justin. Got it?"
Kevin nodded, burying his doubts deep.
Nicholas didn't know Kevin's heart.
Kevin didn't want Justin, Kevin wanted Nicholas. Only Nicholas.
Nicholas kissed him gently on the lips, Kevin feeling his tenderness.
"Come on, baby. They're waiting."
Kevin turned, walking down the hallway with Nicholas.
They walked into the bedroom, Kevin seeing Paul now fucking Nick deep.
Ryan and Kevin Zegers looked up from the bed, Kevin's mouth coming off Ryan's hard dick.
"Another tasty morsel for you boys! Paul's already had a taste, why don't you two have a snack?" Nicholas laughed, pushing Kevin toward the bed.
Ryan and Kevin Zegers got up.
They both clung to Kevin, kissing him, pulling his clothes off.
Within minutes, Kevin was laying beside Nick, Nicholas tying his hands on the bed frame above his head.
Ryan's mouth was on Kevin's cock, Kevin Zegers cock was sinking into Kevin's ass.
Kevin turned, looking into Nick Carter's eyes, seeing the look again.
He felt Nick's nightmare, the nightmare that was his own life.
The two men felt so alone, lost in their own tragic lives.
Nicholas took hold of Nick's head, guiding his cock into Nick's mouth.
Nicholas closed his eyes, feeling Nick's talented tongue begin its work.
"Oh God, Michael! I'm going to make love to you for hours! Then I'm going to fuck your boyfriend! After Nick and Kevin have fucked him good!"
Nicholas' smile beamed, Kevin staring up at him.
Kevin's soul felt destroyed.

End of Chapter 101

Ominous tidings.
Will Nicholas get what he wants?
What's he planning for this party?
Will Justin and Michael thwart his plans?
Is Kevin lost?
I hope you liked the revelation about Christina?
It falls into the plot nicely.
Onward we go.
Up next, trouble in paradise.

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