Justin's Angel-102

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


They walked into the bedroom, Kevin seeing Paul now fucking Nick deep.
Ryan and Kevin Zegers looked up from the bed, Kevin's mouth coming off Ryan's hard dick.
"Another tasty morsel for you boys! Paul's already had a taste, why don't you two have a snack?" Nicholas laughed, pushing Kevin toward the bed.
Ryan and Kevin Zegers got up.
They both clung to Kevin, kissing him, pulling his clothes off.
Within minutes, Kevin was laying beside Nick, Nicholas tying his hands on the bed frame above his head.
Ryan's mouth was on Kevin's cock, Kevin Zegers cock was sinking into Kevin's ass.
Kevin turned, looking into Nick Carter's eyes, seeing the look again.
He felt Nick's nightmare, the nightmare that was his own life.
The two men felt so alone, lost in their own tragic lives.
Nicholas took hold of Nick's head, guiding his cock into Nick's mouth.
Nicholas closed his eyes, feeling Nick's talented tongue begin its work.
"Oh God, Michael! I'm going to make love to you for hours! Then I'm going to fuck your boyfriend! After Nick and Kevin have fucked him good!"
Nicholas' smile beamed, Kevin staring up at him.
Kevin's soul felt destroyed.

Chapter 102

Monday morning saw their family and friends leaving.
Michael and Justin said goodbye to everyone, both seeing everyone off.
Seth, Tomas, Kevin and Father Derrick were returning to San Francisco.
Michael promised to come up some time soon to see the progress on the orphanage.
Seth's flower show was at the end of the month, his prized Tavarro Timberlake roses entered.
Michael didn't want to miss Seth's success.
Christina and Zach were returning to Chicago; Nana and Silas going there with them.
Nana was going to spend some time with her granddaughter.
Michael smiled at that news. He wanted Christina to get to know her. He felt their love growing.
Christina, Zach and Becky all hugged Justin, Justin in tears seeing his little angel leaving. The last two weeks had been the happiest of both their lives.
"I'll call you and send you colored pictures, Uncle Justin. Don't cry."
Justin hugged the little girl, Michael rubbing his back.
"Well, my brother, this is goodbye, for now. I'm happy for this short time we've had together."
Michael looked into her blue eyes, smiling.
"It's the start of many more times, my sister. Stay well, be happy."
Christina hugged him tightly, everyone emotional.
"I love you, Michael. And you, Justin." she said, Zach putting his arm around her, Becky jumping into Michael's arms.
Both men smiled at her, Becky kissing Michael's cheek.
"See ya, Uncle Mikey! You keep Uncle Justin smiling!"
Michael laughed, Justin wiping his eyes, the three walking to their waiting car.
Nana stood in the doorway, everyone waiting by the car, having already said their goodbyes.
"Goodbye, my angels." She said, her voice deep with emotion.
Justin hugged her, she kissing his cheek.
"You take care of my Mico, Justin. Love him, and be his strength."
"I will, Nana. I'll love him always."
She smiled, looking at her grandson.
Michael smiled, pulling her into his arms.
"I love you, Michael. There hasn't been a day that I haven't loved you."
Michael hugged her tight, kissing her cheek.
"You are, and always will be my Nana. I love you, my special lady."
Nana smiled, hearing the words that filled her heart with joy.
"Take care, Mico. Be happy."
Michael smiled, looking into her golden eyes. In them, he saw contented happiness.
"I am happy, Nana. Justin is my happiness."
She smiled, looking at both men.
"Yes, he truly is. I love you both. Goodbye my boys."
They both hugged her again, Nana walking to the car.
She turned smiling at them both.
Michael felt Justin wrap his arm around him.
Yes, Michael felt truly happy.
Alberto hugged them both, leaving with Jake and Paulo. He was going to spend the day with Paulo, before his flight back to Spain the next day.
"It's been magical seeing you again, Grandfather." Michael said, tears in his eyes.
"Your love feeds my soul, Michael. You take care of your man, his love feeds yours.  And remember, that love is the strongest  in both of you.  Nothing will ever change that.  Love conquers all."
Michael looked at his grandfather and a brief shock crossed his face.  Thankfully, no one else noticed.
Michael then smiled, hugging his grandfather tightly.
"I'll see you both in a few months. I'll organize a welcome befitting the returning grandson. All the family will bask in your warmth and giving heart."
Justin smiled, feeling Alberto's deep love for Michael.
"I can't wait, Grandfather. I love you."
Alberto smiled, Paulo helping him into their car.
Justin's family were the last to leave, Justin feeling emotional.
"We'll see you two soon." Lynn said, kissing Michael, and her son.
"Yes, Mom. We'll try and get down to Florida next month. We're only in England for two weeks." Justin said, Lynn smiling.
"It's been wonderful fun, Michael." Randall said, hugging his sons.
"It's been a blast, Dad." Michael smiled, helping Randall put their bags in the car.
Justin was attacked by his brothers, the three hugging each other tight.
Michael smiled when both young men jumped him, giving him just as big hugs.
Everyone waved goodbye, the cars pulling out and leaving their home.

With their family now gone, the two men were alone in their home.
"The house feels quiet, love." Justin said, the two snuggling on the couch.
"Yes, it does. But I have you, so it's still right where I want to be."
Justin smiled, snuggling closer.
"So what's the plan for this week?"
Justin sat up pulling open their daily planner.
"Well, I've got those photo shoots tomorrow. You have your interview with The Advocate Thursday. And that's it.
Just you and me together all week. Oh, and we're invited to a party Friday night. We don't have to go if you don't want to."
"What's the party for?"
"It's just a party at Nick Carter's."
"Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys!" Michael said in surprise.
Justin smiled.
"Yeah. Are you a closet BSB lover!"
"I liked their music,  but I didn't have crushes on the members. I'm not a boyband groupie."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael's lips.
"What about *Nsync?"
"Well who couldn't fall in love with those guys. That Josh is so dreamy!" Michael swooned, batting his eyelashes.
Justin laughed, climbing on top of Michael.
"Oh, you horndog! So you've got the hots for Joshy!!"
Michael smiled, pulling Justin's lips down to his, kissing him deeply.
"Nah, I always had the hots for the blond curly haired one. What was his name?"
Justin smirked, feeling Michael's hardness against his.
"Justin Timberlake?"
"Yeah that was it. I've heard he's a sex machine. I'd give anything to spend a day in bed with him. He is so damn hot."
"Hey, I know him. Maybe I could arrange it."
Michael smiled, his hands working downward, rubbing against Justin's center.
"That would be wonderful. I'm sure he's a wonderful lover."
Justin looked into Michael's eyes with lust, and deep love.
"He's only as good as the one he's with."
Justin moaned, feeling Michael's hand opening his pants, his left hand wrapping around his hardened member.
"Oh God, Mico! Make love to me, please!"
Michael smiled, his hands moving around to rest on Justin's warm smooth buns.
Michael rolled off the couch, the two falling to the floor, Michael's lips returning to Justin's.
Their kiss was deep and erotic, Michael's hands pulling Justin's pants down.
Justin's hardness was now exposed, Michael's hand wrapping around it again.
Justin pulled Michael's shirt off, Michael removing his pants, his gaze never leaving Justin's blue eyes.
Within moments the two were joined together, Michael's passion inside Justin, Justin lost in their center of love.
Their bodies trembled, their desires overflowing, both gasping when the passion became too much.

They spent the day alone together, quietly talking, kissing and making love when the touches, kisses and desires became too much.
It seemed like the first full day they'd been alone together in a long time.
At the end of the day, the two lay together in their bed, satisfied after hours of slow lovemaking.
"What a wonderful day, Justy! It's been like a slice of heaven! I feel so contented!"
Justin smiled, loving Michael's comparison to heaven.
"It's been heaven for me too, my angel."
"You're okay now, Jus? We okay? I hope we've talked everything through now?"
Justin snuggled up against him.
"Yeah, Mico. I'm glad we talked everything through."
They'd talked for hours, going over everything.
Michael's happiness at winning the Pulitzer, Justin's pride in him.
Their joined happiness for Josh and Lance, and the new dynamic the six friends shared.
They'd talked for quite a while on that, on what it might mean to both of  them. And to their other four friends.
They both agreed to be there for all four, as friends, brothers, and a shoulder to lean on in times of strife, and a voice of praise in times of happiness.
They weren't afraid of what that meant.
They knew their love for each other couldn't be compromised by their dear friends.
They also talked of Michael's concerns for Justin's safety, of Justin's possession of his gift and what it could mean.
Justin's still had feelings of Michael being bothered about something.
He suspected at first it had been about Christina and her reaction to his news.
"I'm so happy Cricket is your sister!" Justin smiled, Michael laughing a little.
"You're just happy Becky's going to really be your neice."
Justin blushed, Michael kissing him.
"I'm glad too, Jus. I love her and Cricket, and my Zach. They're all now really family. I have a sister."
Michael smiled, Justin feeling his happiness.
But still he felt that small closed off part of Michael, some deep worry.
Justin sat up, Michael looking up at him.
"Okay, Michael. I want the truth. I want to know what's bothering you. I feel something deep inside you, some small doubt or worry."
Michael sighed, sitting up, Justin putting his arm around his naked shoulders.
"Please, Mico. You know I'm here for you, in all ways."
Michael felt Justin's love, his strength and calm determination.
"I'm worried, Jus."
Justin looked surprised, but remained quiet.
"I'm worried something may happen to destroy our love. I've this feeling of some kind of test coming up, or event that may pull us apart."
Justin turned Michael's face to him, staring into his golden eyes.
He now saw the fear buried deep in those golden waters, feeling Michael's doubt.
"I love you, Michael. That's all I can say."
"I love you too, Jus."
"Then that's all that matters."
"No it's not, Jus. I need to ask you something."
Justin nodded.
"Have you wondered what it would be like to make love to other men? You've only been with me. How do you know someone might not be better?"
Justin's eyes lowered a little, Michael feeling his doubts.
"So you have?"
"Michael, I love you. And I love what you do to me, how fantastic it is to be loved by you! I won't lie and say those thoughts haven't crossed my mind. I'm only human. As are you. My God, our four best friends are beyond beautiful!"
"So you've had those feelings for them?"
"Michael, I think they're so beautiful."
Michael lowered his head, Justin not feeling any change in Michael's feelings.
"I've had the same thoughts, Jus. I've only been with you. You are unbelievable, but you're right. Our brothers are beautiful. As are a lot of other men out there. But not even our brothers have what I need from you. "
Justin smiled, looking into Michael's eyes.
"And they don't have what I receive from you."
Both men smiled, kissing deeply.
"I need your love, Justin. Your love feeds my soul. Without it, I think I'd die. It's the truth, I know that in my heart, and in my soul."
Michael stared into Justin's blue eyes, Justin feeling the truth behind Michael's words.
"Then my love will always be here for you, Mico. And so will I."
They kissed deeply, both lost in their flowing love.
Justin lay back down, Michael laying his head on top of his chest.
"Our love is strong, Jus. If we have to give it to our brothers we'll give it together."
"I love you, Michael."
"I love you, Justin."
No more words were said, the two contented with their love.

The week flew by, Justin doing his photo shoot on Tuesday, while Michael sat down to do his interview on thursday.
All through the week, they felt their love for each other in their togetherness.
The reporter had come right to their home, Justin and Michael both there.
He was a young man of about twenty five, average looking, but pleasant.
"Hi, I'm Jack Porter. It's a pleasure meeting both of you. I hadn't realized you'd be here, Mr. Timberlake. This is indeed a pleasure."
"Please, Mr. Timberlake is my grandfather. I'm Justin."
The reporter smiled, Michael holding in his thoughts.
It sometimes made him a little uneasy seeing men staring with lust at his Justin.
Justin always picked up on it, a little touch easing Michael's thoughts.
"Well, love, I'm going to work in the office for a bit, you two have fun." Justin said, smiling, kissing Michael and then leaving.
Michael watched the man watching Justin walk away, his eyes glued to Justin's perfect butt, covered in tight denim.
"It's a wonder, isn't it?" Michael said, the man blushing.
"Ah, okay. Where would you like to talk?" The reporter said nervously.
"Please come into the livingroom." Michael said, smiling.
The two sat down, the reporter pulling out his notepad and tape recorder, as well as sitting his camera down on the coffee table.
The two began quietly talking, Michael talking all about his life, his youthful hardships, his rape and his finding love with Justin.
They discussed his novels, his writing and his winning the Pulitzer Prize.
"Congratulations on that. That's an exceptional honor." Jack said smiling.
"Yes, I was totally floored by the nomination and the award."
They talked for a while about other things, mundane career details.
Michael sensed they were about to go in another direction of questioning.
"Michael, as you know this magazine is a gay publication. Our readers are gay. I'd like to ask you some personal questions about your beliefs, your own feelings about gay society."
Michael nodded, seeing Justin walk into the room.
Justin had felt Michael's concern with the interview.
"Don't mind me, I'm just going to listen." Justin said, sitting down beside Michael, Jack's eyes following Justin's every move.
"Go ahead, Jack." Michael said.
"Well, we've polled our readers and they've submitted questions and topics they'd like you to answer."
"Fine, shoot." Michael said.
"Okay. What's it like being loved by one of the most famous popstars of the decade?"
Michael smiled, Justin squeezing his hand.
"It's like being loved by anyone else. To me Justin isn't a popstar, he's just my Justin. He's a man who loves me for me, as I love him for him. Here, in this home, we're Justin and Michael. No one else. There are no egos or self-righteous divas. We're two men who love each other. It just so happens we're well-known."
Justin smiled at Michael's acceptance of his own fame now. The prize had verified to Michael his own success.
"What's your sex life like? Is passion a contributing factor to your relationship? Are you in an open relationship?"
Justin laughed, Michael holding his own laugh in.
"Going for the gusto, are you?" Michael said, staring at him.
"My readers are curious. You're both famous, beautiful men. They want to know what it's like to make love to someone as beautiful as Justin." Jack said staring boldly at Justin.
"You mean you want to know." Michael said, glaring at him now.
Jack realized what he'd been doing, blushing.
"I've seen you staring at him since you came in. Put your dick back in your trousers, bud! Justin's mine! I'm his! Deal with that!"
Michael got up to leave, Justin holding onto his hand.
"Please, love, sit down."
Michael sat down, Justin feeling his simmering anger.
"Jack, I don't know what you think I am, or what you want me to be, but I'll lay it out for you. I'm a singer, who's famous. I've done some amazing things. And yes, I'm handsome and good looking. To me that's unimportant. What's important to me is that this man loves me. I've found complete happiness with my Mico. So you can sit there and stare and ogle what you can't have. It doesn't affect me in the least. But I won't let it affect Michael! So either you put your professionalism back into this interview, or you can leave!"
Jack blushed, bowing his head.
"I'm sorry. Please forgive my indecency. I should have retained my work ethics. If you'll allow me, I'd like to start over."
Michael nodded, still staring at him, Jack trying to smile.
Justin smiled, getting up again, Michael looking at him with a smile.
"I'll leave you to it."
The two men continued their interview, Michael relaxing again. Jack behaved himself, this time his questions more professional.
All in all, the interview concluded with both men respecting each other.
After he left, Michael found Justin in the office, playing on his keyboard.
Michael wrapped his arms around him.
"All done, babe?"
"Yep. And thanks."
"Twern't nothin, partner." Justin said in a twangy voice.
"Yes it was, cowboy. You defended me and you defended yourself. I was mad, and you diffused my anger and, I hate to admit it, my jealousy."
"You had nothing to be jealous of, love. Men and women have stared and ogled at me for a long time. I choose to ignore it. But not when it makes you uncomfortable. Just remember, I'm yours. No one can destroy that."
Michael smiled, surprised at Justin's maturity, and deep convictions.
"I remember that each time I look into your blue eyes, my love."
Justin smiled, Michael kissing him deeply.
"Wanna fool around, cowboy? I know a filly that loves to be ridden!" Michael said, licking his lips.
Justin laughed, Michael tickling him, the two now laughing.
They stopped, looking into each other's eyes.
Michael stood up, pulling his shirt off, Justin staring at his sculpted chest in the bright sunshine beaming through their well-lit office.
Michael's pants and briefs found his shirt on the floor.
He stood naked in front of the man that set his soul on fire.
Justin ogled every tight smooth inch of Michael's masculine form.
His erection was at full mass, Justin hungrily needing it.
Michael walked over to the couch, kneeling on it, his ass and back in full view.
"I need you, Jus. Take me deep, take me hard. Show me that I'm yours alone."
Justin stood up, his clothes leaving his body as he walked across the room, naked when he reached Michael.
Justin sank to his knees, Michael's ass at face level.
Michael gasped when he felt Justin's tongue taste his center.
Justin dove in, relishing the heated taste of Michael's need.
Justin pulled his shaft between his legs, devouring the head, Michael shuddering, his body visibly trembling.
Michael became lost in the sensation of Justin's experienced technique, his juices brewing, his edge shattering.
Justin drank all that escaped, tasting and devouring it all, lost in the sweetness of Michael's love juices.
Michael collapsed, his ass still facing Justin.
"Now, Jus! Now I need you! Release your own desire deep inside me! Connect to our love.!"
Justin stood up, moving forward, sinking deep into Michael's body, Michael gasping, Justin feeling his own body explode in ecstasy. He didn't last long, his love bursting forth, his mind exploding with Michael's flowing love.
They collapsed together, Justin's arms around Michael's chest, feeling the furriness of his muscular chest.
"Oh God, Mico! That was fantastic as always!"
"Yeah, my Tigger brings out the passion. We better clean up. I'm cooking my man a beautiful supper."
Justin smiled, standing up, helping Michael up, the two picking up their clothes, walking out of the room.
Justin followed behind Michael, watching his perfect butt move up and down at they walked up the stairs.
"You know, it's yours to do with as you desire. If you can catch it, lover."
Justin smiled, chasing Michael up the stairs.

Nicholas adjusted the shower nozzle, soaping his body.
It was Friday afternoon, and things were going to plan.
Nick had arrived at his place alone, Nicholas spending a couple of hours in bed with the popstar, Nick actually not a willing participant.
That didn't bother Nicholas, he could control him.
Nick walked into the bathroom, looking at Nicholas in the shower.
"Why did you do that? I didn't want that."
"Fuck you, Nick! You wanted it, your ass told me!" Nicholas said, laughing.
Nick lowered his eyes, walking back out.
"Tell me when Kev's here. I want to go over this with both of you."
Ten minutes later Nick heard someone knocking, opening the door to Kevin's tired face.
"Hey, Kevy. Nicholas is almost ready. He'll be out in a minute."
Kevin looked into Nick's eyes, seeing what was there.
"He took you again, didn't he?"
Nick lowered his eyes, not looking at Kevin.
"You're a fine one to talk, at least he doesn't hit me."
Kevin's face changed, Nick regretting what he said.
"I'm sorry, Kev. Real sorry."
Kevin nodding, sitting down on the couch.
Nicholas walked out of the bedroom smiling.
"Ah, Kevin! About time you got here. I'm almost ready to go. We're going to Nick's ahead of time. I want to get the layout of the place and set it all up, understood?"
Kevin nodded, not looking at anyone.
Nicholas reached for his jacket, pulling something out of the pocket.
He tossed it to Kevin, the small packet landing in his lap.
"What's this?" Kevin asked, looking at the off-white powder.
"It's called Rohypnal. It a highly intoxicating drug. It enhances someone's desire to submit freely." Nicholas said, smiling.
"You mean it's an aphrodisiac?" Nick asked, staring at it.
"It makes someone very submissive. I want you to slip it into Justin's drink. And then both of you are to be on him like shadows. Once it takes effect, you get him upstairs. We'll pick out a room, and plan it all.
Kevin looked at Nick, then Nicholas.
"Is it dangerous? Why do we need to drug him?"
"Jesus, do I have to explain this again to you, stupid??" Nicholas said with venom, plopping down beside Kevin.
Nicholas put his hands around Kevin's neck, applying pressure.
"No, I remember what to do. Please, Nicky, you're hurting me!"
Nicholas looked at Nick, seeing his eyes burning, letting go of Kevin.
"Kevy, I love you. Please realize how important this is to me. Everything must go according to plan. Understand?" Nicholas said, rubbing his cheek.
"Yes, Nicky. I'll be good. I'll get it right."
Nick stared at the two men, his feelings a jumble of emotions. On one hand, he hated Nicholas. He knew that he was using Kevin, using him badly. But also, Nicholas in truth had done the same to him. How could he make Kevin see that when he was helpless himself. They both were lost into submission.
"Let's go, the party's in three hours, then all the fun begins."
Nicholas got up smiling, putting on his jacket, the other two men looking like lost souls being walked to the gallows.
Kevin's mind was on one thing: How could he be doing this? How could he destroy two men in love?

Justin smiled, looking at Michael walking down the stairs.
His black silk shirt glistened, his tight chest revealed for the world to worship.
"Stunning, absolutely breathtaking." Justin said, smiling at his lover, Michael's smile matching his.
"As are you my blue angel."
Justin was wearing a blue silk shirt, and cream coloured pants.
They heard the horn outside, walking out onto the front steps.
Lance and Josh waved, Paulo and Jake walking out behind Michael and Justin.
Justin locked the front door, the four climbing into Josh's SUV.
"Hey guys. Looking good." Lance said from the passenger seat.
"Thanks, Lancy. You and hotstuff are looking damn fine as well." Justin said, Josh laughing.
"So what's Nick celebrating?" Josh asked, Justin shrugging his shoulders.
"Does Nick need an excuse? It's a party."
Everyone laughed, Michael remaining quiet.
Paulo was looking at him, his own thoughts troubled.
Jake looked at his lover, feasting his eyes on Paulo's beautiful red shirt. It form fitted his smooth torso so perfectly.
"Speaking of visions of hot stuff, you are extremely delicious tonight, Polo." Jake said, Paulo coming back from his thoughts, smiling.
"Thanks, lover. As are you."
"Well hell, why do we need to party? let's just drive up and down Rodeo Drive and let the beautiful people see what real beauty is." Michael said, smiling.
Everyone laughed, Michael lifting everyone's mood, even Paulo's.
They arrived at Nick's Malibu beach house about an hour later, all of them getting out of the vehicle.
Justin took Michael's hand, Michael happy that he felt no qualms anymore about that sign of affection.
Justin winked, walking up to the front door.
Nick greeted them, hugging Justin, Lance and Josh. Jake and Nick knew each other from a dinner they'd attended.
Justin introduced Nick to Paulo, then turned him to Michael.
"And this is my Mico."
Nick stared at Michael, Michael catching a strange look in his eyes.
"Ah, yes! The famous Michael Tavarro! It's a pleasure meeting you. Your photos don't do you justice."
Michael smiled, shaking Nick's hand.
"Thank you, and thanks for inviting me."
"Well it's hard not to, when you're Justin's man now." Nick said, smiling at him widely.
Michael felt that smile had a lot of nervousness behind it.
"Please relax and enjoy my home. The bar's over at the end of the room. " Nick said, Michael smiling back.
Justin and Michael sat down on a couch, Nick Lachey walking up to Justin.
"Justin! How ya doing buddy?" Nick said, smiling at him, then at Michael.
"Don't tell me. This is Michael." Nick said, Michael standing and shaking his hand.
"Hello, Mr. Lachey. It's nice to meet you."
"Oh, please! It's Nick. And it's fantastic to finally meet you. We have a mutual friend."
Michael looked at him strangely.
"Anna Clark."
Michael smiled, then blushed.
"How did you know I had been to her?"
"I heard you talking about it in an interview a few weeks ago. I went to her as well." Nick said smiling.
"Isn't she fantastic? She's a great therapist."
"Yep, she really is. She helped me when I was going through my breakup and divorce."
Michael smiled, sitting back down, Nick sitting beside him.
"So how did you snare Justin Timberluck?"
"Hey, Lacking, keep the names civil." Justin smirked, Michael holding in his laughter.
"Don't you just love this man to death? You know they quit singing because we were becoming a threat to them." Nick said, smirking.
Michael now laughed, Justin folding his arms, staring at Nick.
"That's not true, Nick, and you know it!"
Nick laughed, his brother Drew walking up to them.
"Are you aggravating Justin again, Nick? Oh, who's the cutie?"
Michael was speechless, seeing Drew staring right at him.
Drew Lachey though he was a cutie. Wasn't he married?
"This is my Michael." Justin said, beaming with pride.
Drew smiled shaking Michael's hand.
"Ah yes, the famous writer! Kudos on the Pulitzer Prize win. Read it this morning in USA Today."
"Thanks, Mr. Lachey."
"God, you get married and all of a sudden it's Mr. this and Sir that. God I feel so old. It's just Drew, Michael."
Michael nodded, smiling. He liked these two men right off the bat.
"So how are the *Nstinkers?" Nick said, smirking.
"Josh and Lance are here tonight. Joe and Chris spent the weekend with us." Justin said, his look serious.
"Nick, I think you should stop teasing Justin. He's getting that look again."
Nick laughed, Michael looking at him.
"Yeah, Nick. We don't want to upset the mega popstar. Someone that successful shouldn't be upset by your small comments."
Justin beamed, realizing Michael was defending him in a subtle way.
Nick blushed, picking up on Michael's point immediately.
"Touché, Michael." Nick said, Michael smiling at him.
"Let's mingle, love." Justin said getting up.
"We'll talk again later, guys. Nice meeting both of  you." Michael said smiling a genuine smile, getting up with Justin.
"Yes, very nice. Talk to you after." Drew said, smiling as they left.
Drew sat down beside his brother.
"Man, what a fox." Nick said, Drew looking at him.
"He's out of your league, bro. Didn't you see the looks he gave Justin. That there is true love. Nothing can come between that." Drew said, Nick smiling.
"Yeah, I think you're right. They look perfect together." Nick said, sighing.
"Hey, bro. Relax. Enjoy the party. You'll find that right person, male or female. Just give it time."
Nick hugged his brother, looking at the two men talking with Aaron Carter.
Man, what I wouldn't give for a man like him. Why are the special ones always taken?
Nick sighed, Josh sitting down beside Drew, the two beginning to chat.

Nicholas walked in off the terrace with Kevin, spotting Justin and Michael immediately.
"There they are. Just follow me."
Kevin nodded, his mind a turmoil of emotions.
Nicholas had been seducing him on the terrace, his hands groping him excessively.
Nicholas walked up to Michael, just as he turned, almost bumping into him.
Michael saw who it was, smiling.
"We have to stop doing this!" Michael said laughing.
"Yeah, either that or buy waterproof clothes." Nicholas said smiling, his eyes scanning over Michael's black outfit.
The man looked fantastic.
"Hey, Kevin. How are you doing?" Justin said, his eyes never leaving Nicholas'.
"Doing great, Justin. How are you and Michael doing? Still deeply in love?"
Nicholas' face changed a little, his smile dropping a bit.
Paulo who was standing a few feet away talking with Jake and John Mayer, was viewing this exchange intently.
He sensed something didn't seem right. He just couldn't figure out what it was.
"I heard about the movie, Michael. That was a shame. I had hoped to get the part."
Michael smiled, looking at Justin.
"Hopefully we'll get more backing. I think you'd be perfect to play Daniel."
"I'd really like to hear more about the new novel. Maybe we could discuss it, when you have some time."
"No time like the present. You don't mind, do you Jus?"
"No, Mico. Not at all. Kevin and I will chat, you two go ahead."
Michael kissed him on the cheek, Justin smiling.
He trusted Michael completely, no jealousy now in his heart.
Michael and Nicholas sat down, Michael beginning to talk.
"They're going to be a while, how about we grab some drinks." Justin said, Kevin agreeing.
Justin felt something was bothering Kevin, maybe he could get it out of him.

Hours later, everyone was still having fun, chatting and laughing.
Paulo and Jake were sitting in a corner talking to John Mayer and another woman.
Michael looked around, smiling.
Justin was dancing with two ladies, Michael watching his smooth movements.
Lance sat down beside him, smiling.
"Enjoying yourself, Mikey?"
"Yes Lance. Everyone's being so nice. They all want to know all about me. I just spent twenty minutes talking to Nick Carter. He seemed enthralled by my life."
"That's great, Mikey! You are so awesome, everyone always loves you right off the bat."
Michael smiled, looking around the room.
Josh came up, smiling at Lance.
"Want to dance, love?"
Lance smiled at Josh's new openness. He wasn't afraid of being in public anymore. He wanted to do things with Lance openly.
Lance looked at Michael.
"Go ahead, don't worry about me."
Lance smiled, hugging him, then getting up and heading to the dance floor.
Michael looked around, his eyes catching Nicholas and Kevin together.
He saw Nicholas chatting heatedly with Kevin.
Kevin looked discouraged, his eyes downcast.
Nicholas left him, walking towards Michael, through the crowded living room.
He plopped down beside Michael, a smile on his face.
"Everything okay with Kevin?" Michael asked, Nicholas smiling.
"Yes everything's fine. He's just got some problems."
"Maybe he needs someone to talk to. I can talk to him."
"No, he's fine."
Michael looked at Nicholas, Nicholas staring into his eyes.
"Are you and Kevin together?" Michael asked, searching his face.
"We've been seeing each other, it's nothing too serious. How are you and Justin getting along?"
Michael smiled.
"Justin and I are getting along fantastic. We're very happy."
Nicholas' face changed a little, Michael thinking he saw worry there.
"Why do you ask?"
"Oh, nothing. It's just I heard Kevin mention something weird."
"What was that?"
"Oh, he said Justin was acting all touchy-feely with him a few minutes ago. Maybe it's just him overreacting."
"Probably. Justin is a hands-on kind of guy."
Nicholas smiled, his mind on his devious plan.

Nick Carter watched Michael and Nicholas chatting on the sofa.
Damn you, Nicholas! What do you want with him??
He's such a decent, loving guy.
He told me all about his life, all his hardships. How can you want to hurt him? Hurt what he has with Justin?
Can't you see they're in love?
Paul Walker walked up behind Nick, his hand rubbing his ass.
"How's my hot buns tonight?"
"Please, Paul. I'm not in the mood."
Paul smirked, looking around the room.
"So who's our fun for tonight? I feel like some new blood." Paul said scanning the room.
His eyes fell on Paulo, who was laughing with John Mayer.
"Who's that delectable morsel?" Paul asked, pointing to Paulo.
"That's Michael Tavarro's brother and bodyguard." Nick said, feeling uncomfortable.
"Mmmm. He looks very hot. Is he gay?"
"Yes, Justin told me all about him. But he's seeing someone."
"Who? Not John Mayer. John's straight."
Nick didn't want to know how Paul knew that.
"I don't know who he's seeing. Justin didn't say. Please, Paul. Leave well enough alone."
Paul's fingers pinched Nick's ass hard.
Nick jumped in pain.
"You mind your manners, Carter. I'll find us someone." Paul said walking away from him.
Nick stared after him, then drove his fist into the wall.
Kevin walked up to Nick, staring at his tearing eyes.
"You okay, Nick?"
"No, I'm not, Kev. I'm tired. Tired of all this bullshit."
Kevin put his arm around him.
Nick felt his caring and trusting friendship.
"It's almost over, Nick. I've put the powder in the last three drinks Justin's had. Let's do this then get out of here."
"I don't like this, Kev. I don't like using people, and being used."
Kevin rubbed Nick's back, kissing his cheek, making sure no one saw.
"Tomorrow's another day. We'll put our heads together then and figure out what we want to do. I want Nicholas to stop this, I want just him. Why can't he see I love only him?"
Now Nick put his arm around Kevin.
"I want out of all this. I've found someone I love deeply, and I want to be with just him." Nick said, looking into Kevin's teary eyes.
Kevin nodded, knowing the feeling.
His eyes looked around the room, seeing Justin coming off the dance floor. He looked a little glassy eyed, and staggering a bit.
"Looks like he's starting to feel it. We have to do this, Nick. For Nicholas. Come on, let's get this thing over with."
Nick sighed, both he and Kevin reluctantly walking across the room.

Justin felt a little queasy, sitting down on a chair in the corner alone.
His vision felt blurred, his eyes focusing around the room.
He also felt a high charge of sexual energy flow through him, feeling himself hardening.
"Mico, I'm so horny. Where's my lovecakes?" Justin thought in his mind.
"Jus, what are you talking about? We're at a  party! Keep it in your pants, love. I'm chatting with Nicholas. Keep dancing, and have some fun. I'll ravish you when we're at home, Tigger."
Justin smiled, loving his man so much.
"Okay, sweetie. I'm so hard for you my love."
Justin heard Michael's laugh in his head.
But Justin also felt his sexual passion brewing, his desires surfacing, and he felt his mind beginning to blur.
He tried getting up, his legs feeling like jelly.
"Hang on there, tiger! You almost fell!" A voice said, Justin feeling an arm go around his waist.
He focused his eyes for a moment seeing Kevin smiling at him, his face nervous.
Beside him stood Nick.
"I'm feeling a little unbalanced, guys." Justin said, Nick now on the other side of him.
"Maybe you need to lay down, Jus." Kevin said, Justin looking at him.
He'd never notice the beautiful lips Kevin had.
"Man you got some fine lips, Kev."
Kevin smiled nervously, Nick looking at him.
"Let's get you out of here, Jus. We'll take care of you."
Justin smiled weakly, his mind totally full of jumbled thoughts.
He felt like he was sinking into a deep pool.
And he felt his body heating up, his hardness almost hurting him.
Justin felt like he'd fuck the world.
Then he felt his mind go blank.
Nick and Kevin quietly disappeared with him up the staircase, both now guiding Justin as he couldn't walk very well.

Paulo said goodbye to John and his girlfriend, heading to the terrace where he knew Jake had gone out to get some fresh air.
A man walked in front of him, smiling.
"Hi, I'm Paul Walker, and you are?"
"Hi, I'm Paulo Garcia. I'm Michael Tavarro's brother."
"Nice meeting you. Are you here all alone? Need some company?"
Paulo looked into the man's eyes, seeing the beautiful face.
"Nice meeting you too. What do you do?"
"I'm an actor. And I'm a fantastic lover. Care to sample ecstasy?"
"Sorry, but I'm seeing someone."
"No harm in trying. But a beauty like you shouldn't be alone for long. Come on, how about we take a room upstairs? I've got a big surprise down here for you." Paul said, cupping his groin.
Paulo couldn't believe the open crassness of this man.
"No thanks, if I want a leech I'll dive into a lake."
Paul looked stunned at the comment, Paulo walking around him, leaving him standing there in shock.
Paulo walked out onto the terrace, seeing Jake sitting in a corner by himself, staring out at the ocean.
"Hey, sexy, what's a beauty like you doing all alone?" Paulo said, the words meaning something more to him than they did to Paul.
Jake smiled looking into Paulo's green eyes.
"I'm waiting for an angel to sweep me into heaven."
Paulo smiled, so wanting to kiss him, but public perception forbade it.
Paulo leaned against him, looking out into the water.
"The ocean's beautiful. But nothing's as beautiful as you."
Jake teared up, loving this man so much.
"Having fun, Polo?"
"Yeah, there are some nice people here. And some leeches."
Jake raised his eyebrows.
"Some asshole named Paul Walker came on to me. He wanted me to go upstairs with him."
Jake's brows furrowed, Paulo seeing the brewing anger on his face.
"Relax, Jake. I put him in his place. I told him if I wanted a leech I'd dive into a lake."
Jake couldn't help but laugh at Paulo's comment, Paulo smiling again.
"I think he's still standing there in shock."
Jake was laughing openly now, as was Paulo.
"You are amazing Paulo. Paul's a beautiful looking man."
Paulo stared into Jake's blue eyes.
"No one can hold a light to your beauty, my love."
Jake teared up, so wanting to kiss his lover.
"I love you Polo."
"I love you more, Jewel."

Nicholas looked across the room, smiling.
He saw Kevin and Nick guiding Justin upstairs, the smile on Nicholas' face widening.
Nicholas had gone to the bar to get him and Michael a drink.
Nicholas backed into a dark corner, taking a packet out of his pocket, slipping its contents into one of the drinks.
Lance and Josh came off the dance floor sitting down beside Michael.
"How are you two doing? All tuckered out?"
"Man, that was three dances in a row, Joshy. I'm exhausted."
Michael laughed, looking around the room.
He didn't see Justin anywhere.
"Did you see Justin on the dance floor guys?"
"Yeah, he was dancing with a girl, but that was a couple of dances ago. I don't see him. Maybe he's out on the terrace."
"Maybe, I should go check on him."
Michael was beginning to worry.
"Jus, where are you?" Michael said in his mind.
All he got back was laughter. Justin was laughing.
Michael smiled, getting up, walking out onto the terrace.
He looked out, not seeing Justin.
He saw Paulo and Jake looking at him waving.
He walked up to them, smiling.
"You two cuties seen my Jus? He's disappeared." Michael said smiling.
"No, Mikey. Not for a few minutes. Last I saw he was on the dance floor." Paulo said.
"Okay, thanks. I'll let you two love birds get back to your swooning."
Both men blushed, Michael laughing.
He walked back into the house, looking and walking around.
He saw Justin nowhere. He also saw Nick and Kevin missing.
Maybe the three of them are outside.
He started heading toward the front door, Nicholas walking up to him.
"Hey, Mikey. Here's your drink, you look parched."
Michael took the drink from him, smiling.
"Have you seen Justin? He's missing. As are Kevin and Nick."
"Well, I just came from outside, getting something out of my car. They're not out there."
Michael nodded, looking down at his drink.
He raised the glass, putting it to his lips.
Lance and Josh came right up beside him.
"Mikey, John said he saw Justin going upstairs with Nick and Kevin."
Michael lowered the glass, nodding.
"He's laughing so he must be hearing some funny jokes. Come on guys, lets go find them." Michael smiled, setting his drink down, Nicholas staring at it.
"How did Michael know Justin was laughing?" Nicholas thought.
He looked at Michael's drink, anger in his mind.
"Finish your drink, Mike. Justin is okay." Nicholas said with a smile.
"I'll be right back, Nicholas. Just going to see that he's okay."
Nicholas nodded, a fake smile on his face.
Michael walked away with Josh and Lance, the three heading upstairs.
Nicholas frowned, watching them take the stairs.
"Okay, Mikey. I'll just have to take you fully alert."
Nicholas walked towards the front door.
Paulo walked into the house with Jake, seeing his brothers heading up the stairs.
His brow furrowed.
Something didn't seem right here.
He quietly whispered into Jake's ear, Jake nodding.
The two headed towards the stairs.

Michael walked down the hallway, seeing doors open, no one in the rooms.
A woman walked out of a bathroom, smiling at the three men.
"Hi, Gina." Lance said, the woman greeting him and then walking down the stairs.
"She's Nick's P.A." Lance said, Josh nodding.
All three saw the room at the end of the hallway had its door closed.
"They must be in there. Wonder why the door's closed?" Michael said, still hearing laughter coming from his lover's mind.
As they walked down the hall, they now heard the laughter for real.
"That's Justin." Michael smiled, turning the doorknob.
He wore a wide smile as he opened the door.
It fell off his face immediately
The sight before his eyes ripped his heart out.

Justin was lost.
His mind was totally lost.
He felt hands on him, he felt wetness and a little pain.
He couldn't see, or hear much.
He was totally lost.
He felt his lips moving, but couldn't hear his own voice.
What was wrong with him?
Where was he?
Then he heard a voice deep in his mind.
An unknown voice.
"Take heart, my child. Never give up on your love for him."
The voice felt soothing, felt so wonderful.
Justin felt the darkness crowding in, his last thoughts of the voice.
The voice of pure love.

A scream left Michael's lips, Lance and Josh frozen behind him.
Before them was a sight that destroyed Michael's soul.
Justin was totally naked, laying on a large bed, moaning and groaning.
Kevin Federline was fucking Justin, his cock deep inside him, Justin's legs in the air.
Nick Carter was kneeling on the bed beside Justin's head, Justin's hand on his hard cock, it wet with saliva.
Justin obviously had been sucking him.
Lance and Josh gasped hearing Michael's heart-wrenching scream.
Then the next few seconds slowed in all their minds.
Michael's hands went out, Kevin and Nick flying across the room, hitting the far wall.
Justin moaned at the emptiness from the hardness being ripped out of him.
"Don't stop, keep fucking me sweetie!" Justin moaned, his voice sounding different.
Lance sobbed hearing that coming from Justin.
It now was all real to him.
Justin was letting someone else fuck him. He wanted it. He wanted to cheat on Michael.
Michael ran to the bed, standing over Justin, staring at him.
"Don't stop, sexy. It feels so good." Justin said, not looking at Michael, his hands searching around for someone.
Michael's eyes were full of tears, his soul full of anguish.
He slapped Justin hard across the face, Justin gasping.
Lance began crying, seeing the emotions on Michael's face when he turned.
Michael turned and headed for the doorway, Josh and Lance trying to block his exit.
Michael threw his hands out, both men pushed back against the hallway wall, Michael rushing out of the room and down the hallway.
Paulo and Jake had just reached the top of the stairs, hearing the scream from the far end.
They saw Michael running toward them, his face showing deep pain and emotion, his eyes red with tears.
"Mikey, what's wrong?" Paulo said, Michael not answering.
He pushed through them, Paulo grabbing his arm to stop him.
Michael looked into his green eyes, Paulo gasping.
In those eyes he saw deep hurt, pain and total agony.
Michael pushed Paulo away roughly, knocking him down.
He turned, disappearing down the stairs.

Lance and Josh stared after Michael, then Lance looked back into the room.
Justin was still on the bed, thrashing around, moaning.
Nick and Kevin were back on their feet, pulling clothes on, both looking terrified.
Paulo and Jake reached the room, taking in the sight in front of them.
"Oh my God!" Jake said, seeing Justin's nakedness, and the other two men shirtless, pulling their shirts over their heads.
"Let's go, Kev." Nick said, his face showing nervousness and fear.
Paulo was glaring at both of them, as they walked around the bed.
"What did you sons of bitches do?" Paulo said, lunging at them.
Jake grabbed him, Lance also.
Both men fought to hold him back, Nick and Kevin slipping around him.
"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." Kevin said, his eyes full of tears.
Nick grabbed him pulling him out of the room.
Jake and Lance still held Paulo, Paulo staring after them in anger.
"What did those bastards do to Michael? And what's Justin doing naked? Oh, God, he didn't?"
Paulo turned staring at his brothers, Lance and Josh lowering their eyes. Paulo turned back seeing Justin thrashing around still.
Josh went to the bed, sitting on its edge.
"Jus, what have you done?!" Josh said sobbing.
Justin reached out grabbing Josh, pulling him down, wrapping his legs around him.
"Fuck me again, Mico. Fuck me like you just did!"
Lance, Jake and Paulo stared in shock, Josh trying to break Justin's grip on him.
He felt Justin's hardness against his stomach, Justin kissing him on the lips.
"Please fuck me again, Mico. Please!!!" Justin gasped, his eyes hazy, then they rolled back in his head.
Lance and Paulo ran to the bed, pulling Josh off Justin, all three looking in shock.
"Mico, where'd you go? Please fuck me again." Justin moaned, his eyes staring blankly at them.
Paulo reached down, opening Justin's eyes wider.
"Good God! He's been drugged! His eyes are dilated."
Lance and Josh gasped, understanding now what had happened.
Kevin and Nick had drugged their friend. To get him into bed.
They all looked at each other, sensing the truth.
And then they all realized that Michael didn't know.

Michael ran out of the house, a few people staring at his shocking face.
He ran out into the night air, sobbing and tripping, falling down the steps.
He got up slowly, making his way down the road, running.
He sobbed, running for his life.
Running to get away from the vision in front of his eyes.
The vision of Justin's betrayal.
He didn't know or care where he was going, he just had to get away.
Away from what his heart now told him was true.
Justin had cheated on him.
Justin had let someone else into his bed.
Was all they shared a lie?
Was all he'd promised this week lies?
Was Justin really not in love with him?
Michael closed off his mind, not wanting to hear anything from anyone, especially Justin.
He completely shut down.
His eyes began to glow, on and off.
He stopped, standing still.
Within a few moments he screamed again.
And the power was unleashed.
Two road signs blew apart, steel and wood flying everywhere.
A wire fence twisted in the hot air, flying onto the sandy beach.
All around him the grass was charred, blackness molding into the night.
Michael sank to his knees, sobbing on the edge of the paved road.
A few minutes later bright lights filled his vision, a car stopping beside him.
Someone got out, walking beside him and kneeling.
A hand lifted his face, Michael staring into Nicholas' eyes.
"Are you okay, Michael? Josh told me what happened." Nicholas said, concern written on his face.
Michael sobbed, falling into Nicholas' arms, Nicholas holding him tight.
Nicholas smiled widely, feeling the heat of the man against him.
And the aroma of his sweat, the rich smell flooding his nostrils.
He held Michael for a while, just feeling him against him.
"It's okay, Michael. It's okay. I'm here to help you. Let me take you away from here. Some place quiet, so you can forget all this."
Michael nodded, not saying anything.
Nicholas pulled him up, guiding him to the passenger seat of his Miata.
He buckled him in, Michael remaining quiet.
Nicholas hopped into his car, gunning it, driving away from the beach house.
He looked over at Michael, whose eyes were staring out of the window, lost to the crushing pain in his heart.
"Welcome to the best night of your life, Mikey. Tonight you're going to be mine." Nicholas said to himself, heading to his apartment.

Lance and Jake came back into the room, having searched everywhere for Michael.
Josh was sitting on the bed, holding Justin in his arms, he and Paulo having put his clothes back on him.
Justin was unconscious, his breathing relaxed.
Paulo stood by the bed, sniffing the glass in his hand.
"I think he's been drugged with the date rape drug. We should get him home. There's no real harm to him physically, he just needs to sleep it off. I'll stop and pick up some stuff to make him feel better when he wakes up."
"We can't find Michael anywhere, Polo. He's gone. People saw him running out of the house." Jake said, deep concern on his face.
Paulo's brow furrowed.
"Is there anyone else missing?"
"Kevin and Nick are gone, and so is Nicholas Gonzalez. He probably left with Kevin, I think they're together."
Paulo remained quiet, staring down at Justin.
"All this doesn't make sense!" Lance said, staring at his dear friends.
"Kevin was taken down by Michael. He wouldn't risk doing something like this, not after Michael's teaching him that lesson." Josh said.
"I know, Josh. I know." Paulo said, a look of deep thought on his face.
Paulo focused on his friends.
"Okay, here's what we're going to do. Jake, you and I are going to find Michael. Lance, you and Josh take Justin home. Stay with him, he shouldn't be alone."
Everyone nodded, Josh picking up Justin in his strong arms.
Justin murmured Michael's name, Josh looking down on him.
"It's okay, bro. We'll find him, and your love will be back in your arms." Josh said, tears in his eyes, holding Justin tight.
He walked out of the room, his friends following.

Michael focused his eyes, looking around him.
He was in a bedroom, where, he didn't know.
He had zoned out for a while, now remembering where he was.
Nicholas walked into the room, seeing Michael still sitting on the bed.
"How ya doing buddy?" He said sitting down beside him, putting his arm around him.
"Oh God, Nicholas! I hit him! I hit my Justin!" Tears flowing again in Michael's eyes.
"He deserved it, Michael. He was in bed with two other guys. One of them my Kevin."
Michael looked up at Nicholas, seeing his face sad.
"I'm sorry, Nicholas. Sorry for both of us. I love him so much, why would he do that to me? Why?"
"Because he was thinking with his dick instead of his heart, Mikey. He's the big popstar. He thinks he can have anyone. I didn't tell you but Kevin said Justin asked him to fuck him. Kevin's a horndog, Mike. He just gave into his desires. I know Nick's been a fuck buddy of his for a while. So I guess Justin took him on, too. I'm sorry."
Michael sobbed, Nicholas rubbing his back, smiling.
"This is going to be so easy." Nicholas thought, smiling.
"Justin never deserved you Michael. You're too good for him. You need someone like me. Someone who'd truly love you."
Michael sobbed against him.
"I love him so much. He's destroyed my heart. What can I do?"
Nicholas smiled.
"You can get back at him, Mikey. If he wants to hurt you, you hurt him back."
Michael broke their hug, looking into Nicholas' eyes, seeing lust there.
"You're beautiful, Michael, so beautiful. I want to show you real love. Make Justin pay for what he did to you."
Nicholas ran his hand along Michael's cheek, leaning in kissing his lips lightly.
Michael backed up, staring at him.
Nicholas looked so beautiful himself, so much like Daniel.
"I ... I don't know if this is right. Justin is everything to me."
"And all you are to him is a good fuck."
Michael lowered his eyes, tears falling.
Nicholas lifted his head, looking into his golden eyes.
"I can be so much more."
Nicholas pulled him to him, their lips connecting again.
Michael felt the passion in those lips, the desire.
Michael felt himself giving into that passion, his body lowering on the bed, Nicholas lowering himself on top of him.

End of Chapter 102
And so Nicholas has what he wants.
What will Justin do when he wakes up?
Is their love now broken?? Is Michael's soul destroyed??
Even the greatest love has obstacles that may destroy it.
The next chapter was hard to write. Bear with me, dear readers.
Our tears we share together.


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