Justin's Angel-104

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Justin stared at him, lost in Michael's golden eyes. He now saw hope in those eyes.
"You are my love, Mico. Nothing has changed in my eyes. I love you, now and always."
Michael sobbed, Justin pulling him close.
"Oh, Jus! I've been so lost without your love, without you! I've been walking around lost!"
"You're not lost anymore, Mico. My love and I are here for you always."
Michael looked up at Justin, staring into his blue pools of love.
"I love you, Jus. I'll always love you."
Justin leaned down, their lips meeting.
And in their minds, the walls came down.
Justin felt Michael's pain evaporate; overflowing love extinguishing the fires of pain, hurt and doubt.
Justin's love flowed into Michael, healing his soul, filling his heart with happiness.
And Justin felt Michael's love inside him, filling his heart with joy.
"Oh God, Mico! You're back! You're back in my heart and soul!"
"And I'm never leaving again. I love you, Timby."
Justin smiled, Michael seeing and feeling the joy in his lover's heart.
They held each other, feeling the happiness back in their lives.
"So, sweetie, care to fill me in on Trevor?"

Chapter 104

Michael stared at Justin, Justin putting his arms around him.
"Have you found another troubled waif, lover?"
Michael smiled, telling Justin everything that had happened last night.
Justin's face changed when Michael told him about Nicholas.
"He wanted me Jus. He tried to tell me I should get back at you. Make you feel what I felt. He was so good at getting what he wanted. But at the last moment, I stopped. Because a vision came into my mind."
"What was it?" Justin said, lowering his head.
Michael lifted Justin's head, looking into his blue eyes.
"It was that day in my old apartment. The day I first told you those three little words. I remembered what that moment did to you, how it made you sob. I realize now that man, that beautiful man would never cheat on me."
Justin had tears in his eyes.
"I never will, Mico. You are all that I want."
"And I will never need anyone but you, Timby."
The two kissed, deeply and passionately, both feeling their love united.

Lance, Josh, Jake, Paulo, Lonnie and Trevor waited outside the living room door.
The doors opened, Michael and Justin walking out.
Their hands were together, both smiling.
Everyone smiled widely.
No words needed saying, the truth shining in Justin's face.
Lance and Josh hugged them both, Lance crying.
"It's okay, Lancy. We're back to our old selves." Michael said, rubbing his back.
Lonnie took Michael into a bear hug, lifting him off the floor.
"Glad to have ya back, Mikey!"
"Glad to be back home, Afro Sally!"
Lonnie's loud laugh boomed in the hallway, everyone laughing.
Trevor stood apart from Michael's friends, smiling shyly.
Justin walked up to him, smiling.
Trevor stuck out his hand, Justin pushing it aside, pulling the man into a hug.
Trevor was in shock, being hugged by one of the sexiest men in the world.
"Thank you, Trevor. For all you did for Michael last night. For being his friend when he needed one."
Trevor teared up, speechless.
Justin smiled at him, hugging him again.
"Let's all go onto the patio and relax, Lance and I will get lunch ready." Josh said, smiling.
Justin smiled at Michael, the two taking each other's hands again.
Everyone walked down the hallway, Michael stopping Paulo.
Paulo turned looking at him, Jake waiting at the end of the hallway.
Michael hugged him tightly, tears in his eyes.
"Thank you, brother. For believing in us, in our love. Without you, none of this would have come to light. Thank you, Polo."
Paulo hugged his brother, Justin in tears.
"You both are my brothers. I would move heaven and earth to keep the two of you together."
Justin hugged him, Michael feeling Justin's love for Paulo.
Jake watched the touching scene, feeling his brothers' deep love for his man.
"Let's go have some lunch." Paulo said, wiping his eyes.
Justin took Michael's hand in his, both looking into each other's eyes.
They walked down the hallway, heading to be with their friends, everything again right in their world of love.

The happy friends all sat around the patio table, eating quietly.
Lance and Josh had thrown together some sandwiches and salads, everyone diving in.
Michael and Justin sat beside each other, their gaze continually catching each other's eyes.
Everyone picked up on it, knowing that love was back in their lives.
Trevor was staring at Michael, a look of quiet awe on his face.
Michael smiled at him.
"I take it you want to ask me something, Trev?"
Trevor lowered his head, then looked up again at Michael.
"How did you do all that, Michael? All that throwing people and stuff?"
Everyone quietly looked at Michael, Michael sighing.
"Mico is a special man, Trevor. He's a one of a kind treasure." Justin said, his eyes looking with love at Michael.
Michael felt Justin's familiar pride and love in him. That made Michael happy.
"I'm what you would call gifted, Trevor. I've had these special gifts since I was a child. I don't really know why I was given them."
"Because God saw the specialness in you, Mikey." Lance said, Michael smiling at his friend.
"You really are someone special, Michael, I sensed that last night." Trevor said, smiling.
"So where did you disappear to all night, Mikey? And how did Trevor and you meet?" Lance asked, Michael looking at him quietly.
"When I left the party, and after I had exploded outside, Nicholas literally picked me up and took me back to his place."
Everyone looked stunned, all looking immediately at Justin.
Justin smiled quietly, Michael taking his hand in his.
"Nicholas had it all planned out. He took me to his apartment to seduce me, trying his best to drive me into his arms and his bed. He suggested I sleep with him to teach Justin a lesson. He didn't realize that my love for Justin, regardless of how I felt about him at that moment, could never make me cheat on him. That Justin was the only one I want in that way."
Justin teared up, Michael lightly kissing his lips.
"He kept making advances. I had to forcibly stop him. He just wouldn't take no for an answer."
Everyone remained quiet, all listening to Michael's soft-spoken words. They all sensed Michael's deep love for Justin.
"Then I left him, wandering the streets for a few hours, finally ending up down by the harbour."
Trevor felt a tremor go through him, nervous about what Michael might now say.
Michael smiled at him, Trevor feeling so much friendship in that smile.
"That's where I met Trevor."
Everyone smiled, all now gazing at him.
Trevor felt the nerves coming back again, hating to being in the spotlight, especially around all these talented, famous men.
At that moment a light breeze blew across the patio, the wind making the wind chimes hanging from the corner of the patio tingle and chime.
Trevor looked at the chimes, hearing the small brass bells ringing.
He burst out into laughter, his mind focusing on one special moment.
Everyone looked at him confused, Michael smiling at him.
"Everything ok, Trev?"
Trevor looked at him, trying to be serious.
"Teacher says: 'Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings.'"
Michael immediately clued into what had set Trevor off, his loud laughter joining Trevor's.
Everyone else stared at them, still confused.
Michael patted Trevor's back, Trevor wiping his eyes.
"You're priceless, bud! Simply priceless!" Michael said, looking around at everyone, seeing their confused faces, that starting him laughing again.
Justin smiled, seeing his Mico full of laughter and happiness.
"Care to let us in on the joke, Mico?" Justin said, smiling at his fiancee.
Michael smiled, hearing that name and its meaning of deep love.
"If you'll all remember, that line is from 'It's a Wonderful Life'. The first moment Trevor and I met was in the water of the harbour. He thought I was an angel, like Clarence from the movie. jumping in to help him. His guardian angel."
Everyone now got what was going on, smiles breaking out.
"What were you doing in the water, Trevor?" Lonnie asked, Michael looking quickly at Trevor.
"He slipped and fell in, right Trev?"
Trevor looked at Michael, seeing him protecting his privacy.
"No, that's not what happened. Thanks for taking my feelings into account, Michael. But I can't lie to your friends or myself. I jumped into the water, because I couldn't go on with my life. Michael jumped in to save me from drowning myself."
Everyone showed shock on their faces, Trevor feeling uncomfortable.
"Go ahead, Trev. Tell them you're story. We're all friends here." Michael said, his eyes giving him courage.
Trevor smiled, feeling Michael's friendship giving him strength.
He took a deep breath telling them everything.
Twenty minutes later, among tears and sobs, Trevor was finished, Lance having put his arm around him.
"You never deserved that kind of treatment, Trevor. We all see your gentle manner and warm disposition. You are a wonderful young man. It's Keith's loss for not seeing that." Lance said, Trevor smiling at him.
"Thank you, Mr. Bass."
"Trevor, it's Lance. We're all friends here, okay?"
"Okay, Lance." Trevor said, smiling, looking around at everyone, at Michael the last.
"I told you that you had courage. It took courage to open up about all that, Trev." Michael said smiling.
"Thanks, Michael."
"Hey it's Mikey or Mike. All my good friends call me that."
Trevor smiled widely, everyone seeing how that smile changed his face.
"So I take it that's where you got the different clothes?" Justin asked, looking at Michael's attire.
Michael still wore the sweatpants and sweatshirt Trevor had given him.
"Yes, my clothes were still soaking wet this morning when we got up. Trevor lent me some of his to come here. The pants are a little short."
"I like my man in anything." Justin smiled, Michael blushing.
"Calm down horndog."
Everyone chuckled, Justin blushing, looking at Michael with love.
"I should change and give these back to you, Trevor." Michael smiled, getting up.
"I'll be back shortly." Michael said, walking back into the house.
Justin watched him walking into the house, wiping his eyes when Michael had disappeared.
Josh put his hand on Justin's arm, looking at his friend.
"You okay, Justy?"
"Yeah, I just can't believe he's back! He came back to me!" Justin said in tears.
"You were all he talked about last night. All that had happened hurt him deeply. But from the start, he said he had to talk to you, to find out the truth. He was scared what that truth might be, but still, he needed to see you." Trevor said.
"I know, Trevor. I can't imagine the pain he was in, the pain of his believing I had hurt him. Damn those guys! Why did they have to do that?"
Josh put his arm around his friend.
"You have him back, Jus. Michael came back on his own, like we all knew he would. The truth was revealed and he's back where he belongs. We all see the love he has for you, it hasn't changed."
Justin smiled at Josh's words, looking at everyone.
"I feel him again. He's in my heart and soul again. And I'm never letting him go."
Everyone smiled, Justin getting up.
"If you'll all excuse me, I need to talk to Mico."
Everyone nodded, watching Justin walk quickly into the house.
"Love conquers all." Trevor said quietly, everyone looking at him smiling.

Michael pulled on the black golf shirt, already having changed his pants, having put Trevor's clothes on the chair, neatly folded.
He turned seeing the unmade bed, where Justin had slept alone last night.
He sat down on it, smelling the aroma of Justin still clinging to the sheets.
He drank it in, lost in the scent of his lover.
Michael closed his eyes, his thoughts on his lover.
Then his mind opened to a vision.

He saw all that had happened that morning.
Justin waking up alone, his sad looking face, knowing he had a headache.
He watched Lance and Josh beside him, Josh telling him what had happened.
He saw Justin's emotional state, his sobbing and crying.
He felt all of Justin's fears and deeply emotional feelings.
He saw Josh and Lance being there for their brother, their caring love for him.
Their being there for him when Justin's world had come crashing down.
Michael sensed all that Justin had felt at that moment, at the moment he'd realized that Michael had walked away from him.
He felt his deep loving soul so full of pain.
Justin had been in as much pain as Michael had been.
Michael watched Lance and Josh holding his man, their love trying to console him.
He saw them showering with him, making Justin feel not so alone.
He remembered Justin doing the same thing for him on that first night they'd met.
He saw the love they all felt for each other.

Michael opened his eyes, looking up at Justin standing in the bedroom doorway.
Justin saw the single tear falling down Michael's cheek.
Michael opened his arms, Justin breeching the distance between them, sitting down on the bed, taking Michael into his arms.
Michael leaned his head on Justin's chest, crying against him.
"Oh, Jus! I felt it all, I saw it all! All the pain you felt, all the deep hurt you felt, waking up in this bed and finding me gone!"
Justin tightened his hold on Michael, kissing his forehead.
"I felt so alone, as if my world had been destroyed!"
"I'm sorry, Jus! I'm sorry for walking away from you!"
Justin kissed him again, this time on Michael's upturned lips.
"Don't be, love. None of this was your fault. We were deceived. I'm just glad we learned the truth, and that you came back."
"I needed to know, I needed to find out the truth. The truth of what happened. I hoped beyond all hope that it was all a dream, that you still loved me."
"I do, Mico. I never stopped loving you."
Michael smiled among his tears, looking into his blue eyes.
"I know, Jus. I should have sensed that. But I just couldn't let you in, I was afraid of what I'd sense. I was afraid I'd find that you didn't love me anymore!"
Justin hugged him close.
"Michael, you are my everything. No matter what happens in our lives, I want you to know that. Our love, our faith and trust in each other is complete. No one--or thing--shall destroy that. I love you, Mico."
Michael pulled Justin down on the bed, laying on top of him, looking into his blue eyes.
"You are my everything too, Jus. Without you, I will cease to exist. I can't live without your love. I love you, Jus."
Justin teared up, Michael leaning down, kissing him deeply.
They felt their souls fill with the feelings that drove their hearts, that fed their beings.
"I want you to make love to me, Mico. I need to erase all the visions of hurt you've seen. We need to find our center of love again."
Michael ran his finger along Justin's cheek, smiling at him.
"Later, my love. Later we will be one."
Michael sat up, looking at Justin's now pouting face.
"God, you're so beautiful." Michael said, Justin seeing the love and lust in his lover's golden eyes.
"No one is more breathtaking that you, my Spanish-Greek beauty."
Michael smiled at the touching words.
"We should get back to our friends, love."
Justin smiled, sitting up again beside Michael, putting his arm around him.
"So, Jus. What do you think of Trevor?"
Justin smiled.
"He's a wonderful man. And cute as a button. What's with you always finding gorgeous men?"
Michael smiled.
"I guess it's my beauty. It just brings them to me."
Justin smiled, kissing his cheek.
"Got that right! It's nice to hear you complimenting yourself, Mico!"
Michael blushed, Justin laughing.
Michael lowered his head, then turned looking into Justin's eyes.
"I slept with him last night, Jus. He was so upset, so lost in his feelings, and he said he was scared to sleep alone. So I slept with him. I wanted to be the friend he needed. And we held each other all night, both of us needing someone just to hold us."
Justin kissed Michael's cheek again.
"I'm glad you weren't alone, Mico. I'm glad you had a friend to hold you."
Michael stared into Justin's blue eyes, seeing his love for him undiminished.
"And you had Lance and Josh here, for you to hold."
Justin smiled, then blushed.
"It's okay Jus. I saw the shower, and their being there for you. Our brothers were here for you."
Justin smiled, looking into Michael's beautiful golden eyes. Eyes filled with love.
"When I woke up this morning against him, I thought he was you. I thought that it had all been a dream. But it was him. Not the man I loved."
Justin teared up, Michael kissing him now, gently.
"I never want to wake up against anyone else, ever again, Jus. I only want to wake up in your arms, in your strong arms of love. It's where I belong. Promise me that you'll always hold me through the night, that you'll always be there for me. It's you that I need, no one else. It's you that feeds my soul, it's you that I long for. Only you. I love you, Jus."
Justin was crying, tears falling down his cheeks.
" I promise you that I'll always be there for you, to hold you, my love.I woke up in this bed alone, this morning. I never felt so empty, so alone, as I did then. Because your love was gone. I promised myself then that if you walked back into my life, I'd never let you go. I meant it, Mico. I am yours alone. No one, not even our brothers, can give me what I need from you. I need you, Mico. I need your love, your happiness, your laughter. You feed my soul. I love you."
Both men kissed each other deeply, lost in their united love, lost in their happiness.
They stayed that way until they heard a tapping on their open door.
They parted looking up at Josh.
"Hey guys, sorry for intruding. Trevor says he's got to get going, he wanted to say goodbye."
Michael smiled, getting up, Justin rising also.
"Thanks, Josh. Let's go, my love." Justin said, Michael taking his hand, Josh smiling.
Michael picked up the clothes off the chair, the three walking out of the bedroom.
They all walked downstairs seeing Trevor standing in the hallway, the guys all around him.
Michael walked up to him handing him his clothes.
"Well, Mike. I should be bailing. I've got stuff to do." Trevor said, in a blushing way.
Everyone looked at Michael, Michael smiling.
"Trevor, Trevor, Trev. I'm so tired of this."
Michael walked up to him, putting his arm around him.
"We're your friends, all of us, now. You don't have to make excuses, or try to leave when I know you don't want to. And I know you have no stuff to do. Come on, what's going on?"
Trevor looked nervous, seeing everyone staring at him.
"I like it here, Mike. All you guys are so nice. I just can't see why you all are treating me so nice. I'm nothing special. I figured it's best if I just leave. I'm nothing compared to all of you guys."
Michael's eyes changed, everyone knowing that look. That determined look.
"Okay, that's enough! You, mister, come with me, into the living room now!" Michael said walking towards the living room, a surprised Trevor following behind him slowly.
Everyone smirked, following the two men.
"Looks like Mikey's snared another lost one." Lonnie said quietly, everyone smiling.
Michael walked into the room, sitting down on a sofa, pointing at the spot beside him, indicating he wanted Trevor there.
Trevor reluctantly sat down beside Michael, Justin sitting down beside Trevor.
Everyone else sat down, looking at the trio on the sofa.
"What's going on, Trev? Don't you like all of us?" Justin said, smiling at him.
"Oh, man! You guys are fantastic! It's not that!"
"Then what is it?" Michael asked, looking at him.
Trevor felt the deep friendship in those golden eyes.
"It's me, Mike. I've sat here all morning seeing so much love, so much love in all of you. Lance and Josh, Justin and you. And, I'm sorry to say, Paulo and Jake. It's pretty obvious guys."
Jake and Paulo blushed, then Jake wrapped his arms around Paulo.
"Yep, you're right, Trev. Paulo's my love." Jake said, Paulo smiling.
"I can see that. Don't worry, your secret's safe with me."
Both men smiled, seeing the kind young man's deep honesty.
"It's just all this love makes me think of what I've lost. What I was incapable of holding onto. Man, I've totally fucked up my life. I just need to get out of here, I don't belong here. You don't need me infecting your love."
Trevor started getting up, Michael's strong hand pushing him back down.
"Okay, bud. I want you to sit here and be quiet. It's time you focused on what's real."
Everyone remained quiet, knowing Michael was about to let his deep love shine.
"You, in no way, are at fault for anything that's happened in your life. Keith cheated on you. It was he that destroyed the love in your soul, not you. It was his father that destroyed your career. It was your best friend that hurt your trust in people. None of this was your fault. God damn it, Trevor! Can't you see that you are a courageous, loving, kind young man? Why do you think I jumped into that cold water last night?"
"Because you saw someone worth saving." Justin said, everyone looking at him, Michael smiling.
"Yes, exactly! I saw a young man who'd been pushed to the edge. And when I jumped into that water, and pulled him out, I saw someone who needed me. Who needed my friendship."
Trevor lowered his head, Michael seeing the tears in his eyes.
"You want to be my friend?" Trevor said, a tremble in his voice.
"We all want to be your friends." Justin said, everyone in the room agreeing vocally.
Trevor looked around at them all, Michael's hand turning his tearing face to him.
"Trev, you are a special man. I see much love, courage, and hope in you. Let us all in. In us, you will find friendship and in yourself you will find healing love."
Trevor cried, pulling Michael to him.
Michael hugged him, Justin rubbing his back.
"So, how about putting that stuff off for a while? We'd like to get to know the real you."
Trevor broke the hug, smiling at everyone.
"Okay, I guess that stuff can wait."
Everyone smiled.
"Okay, how about this? Let all of us tell you about ourselves. Then you can open up. I'll start." Michael said.
Michael began his story, telling Trevor everything.
Everyone was surprised at first, then relaxed, seeing Michael's deep belief in Trevor's friendship.
Trevor sat in wonder, listening to Michael's story. He talked about everything, right up until his finding his sister.
"My God, Mikey! I've never heard such an amazing story! You are someone special."
"I am me, Trev. Only me. Who I am is who I am."
Trevor hugged him, Michael surprised.
"What you are is someone wonderful! The kindest, most loving angel!" Trevor said, Justin smiling.
"I've been telling him that for months." Justin beamed, Michael blushing, everyone else smirking.
Lance and Josh told their story next, Trevor fascinated by Michael's involvement in their lives.
Paulo and Jake divulged their life's story, Trevor smiling at Michael's deep love for all his brothers.
Lonnie told him his story, which was short and to the point. Justin told him of his feelings for everyone in the room.
At the end, Trevor felt the deep love all these men had for each other. And Michael was the center of this universe of love.
"You've all had such love and happiness enter into your lives. I envy you."
"Don't give up, Trev. Your life will be magical in so many ways. Love is out there, you'll find it soon. Trust me on that."
Trevor looked at Michael, Justin also looking at him.
Why do I think there's more to Michael's meaning than that? Justin thought.
"So, Trev, care to tell us more about the man before us?" Justin said, looking at Michael.
Trevor blushed, then smiled.
"I want to tell you everything."
Michael smiled nodding, Lonnie coming back into the room with drinks for everyone. He'd slipped out while Paulo was telling his tale.
Everyone relaxed, letting Trevor unburden his soul.
"My loving parents kicked me out of our home when I was seventeen. They'd found out my secret. That I was gay. The son they'd loved didn't measure up to their standards of God-fearing people. I'd come from a very religious family, my father was a minister of the faith. I'd been so lost, so torn in my feelings. I just couldn't lie to them anymore. I thought they'd still love me, still see me as the young man I was. I was wrong."
Justin put his hand on Trevor's shoulder.
"My father went ballistic, I'd never seen him so mad. He said I'd lied to him, I'd taken the devil into my soul. That he'd beat that devil out of me. And so he tried."
Michael felt the pain flowing freely now, the pain in Trevor's heart.
"He beat me badly. With his belt and with other things. For two days, he'd tied me to my bed, flogging me, beating me senseless. All the while my mother stood at the end of my bed, reading scriptures, reading the Bible. Trying to save my soul. Why couldn't they see that my soul was saved? I believed in God, I believed in his love. Why couldn't they see that God would love me, regardless of my being gay?? Why??"
Michael hugged him tightly, Justin in tears.
Trevor sobbed against Michael, everyone in tears, hearing Trevor's heart-wrenching story.
"Father was careful, never marking me with his beatings. So he could display me in church, as the sinner I was.  He made me go every day, sit at the front, on my knees, praying for forgiveness."
Lance was in tears, Josh holding him tightly.
"How can a man of the cloth inflict that kind of pain on their own child?"
Trevor looked at Lance, his eyes full of tears.
"His belief in God was his life. The Bible his book of faith. And I was his gay son. His possessed monster of evil. So he beat me and read God's words to me. Then I did the worst thing a son could do to his father in the sight of God."
Trevor remained silent, Michael breaking the silence.
"You hit him. You fought back against the hurt."
Trevor looked into Michael's eyes. Into the light of God.
"Yes. I hit my father. The ten commandments say that you should honor thy mother and father. I hit my father."
"You hit him to stop him from hurting you. You have so much courage, Trev. The courage I never had." Michael said, Justin knowing of what he spoke.
Justin's hand found Michael's shoulder, Michael feeling his touch of love.
Trevor continued with his life's story.
"I was just so hurt, so in pain, his beatings so painful. I just wanted them to stop. And they did. Only because when he regained his composure, he threw me out of the house. He told me to never return. That the devil had entered me, and that I was now lost. That I was no longer his son."
Lance felt Josh's arms wrap around him, feeling his center of love.
"I went to my Uncle Joe's home, and stayed with him. He was a bachelor, my Mom's brother. He took me in. I finished that school year, then went to work at his factory. I went to college at night, after working all day. I wanted to graduate and find a good job. I worked at an advertising firm, that's where I met Keith. And you know the rest."
Trevor remained quiet, Michael looking at him.
"We all had lives we somehow hoped would turn out better. You and I sharing a life of pain. But we have something more, something I told you about last night."
"Courage?" Trevor said, looking at Michael.
"Yes, Trev. Courage. The courage to go on. And we go on now as friends. All of us. Right, my friend?"
Trevor smiled, nodding, everyone smiling.
"So, friend. Take your shoes off, put your feet up and relax with friends. Believe me after a few weeks, you'll be tired of all of us. Especially Justin's silliness." Michael said, laughing.
Justin smirked, knocking Trevor out of the way.
"So, I'm silly, am I?"
Michael laughed, Justin starting to tickle him.
Trevor stood up, looking down at the two laughing on top of each other. He looked over at Lance and Josh.
"Tickle fight!!!!" Trevor screamed, tackling Justin.
Justin screamed, laughing his head off, Lance and Josh diving on him as well.
Michael, who was on the bottom, was also laughing and being tickled by Josh as well.
Lonnie, Paulo and Jake all sat back laughing, seeing Michael and Justin being assaulted by their friends.
Lonnie heard the front doorbell, getting up, laughing as he walked out of the room to see who was ringing the bell.
A few minutes later Lonnie walked back into the room, seeing all the guys still laughing and fooling around.
Justin was laying on the floor, Michael sitting on top of his midsection, kissing his lover.
The two men who'd walked into the room with Lonnie both smirked.
Michael looked up, smiling.
"Hi, Nick. Hi, Drew. Welcome to our home. I was wondering when you'd show up."
Both men looked at him puzzled, everyone else also looking at him.
Michael got up, helping Justin up, both men smiling at them. Then the Lachey faces changed a bit.
"How you doing, Mike and Jus? We were worried when we saw you leave last night in such a hurry. Your face looked so heartbroken." Drew said, showing concern in his eyes.
"Thanks, guys. That's very touching of you. But we're fantastic now. I'm at home with the man that I love."
Justin smiled, wrapping his arms around Michael.
"Excellent! We're happy  for that. Someone last night said you two had a big fight. That was why you were so upset." Nick said, Michael seeing genuine concern in both their faces.
"We had a misunderstanding. A deliberately staged misunderstanding." Justin said, Michael smiling.
"But we're alright now. Aren't we, Mico?"
"Yep, we're totally in love as always."
Everyone smiled, Nick and Drew smiling.
Everyone sat down, Nick looking around the room.
His eyes fell on Trevor, who was talking with Lance.
Nick stared in shock.
To Nick's eyes, the man was a vision of beauty.
Trevor turned looking right into his eyes.
The two men stared at each other, the room around them evaporating, lost in their own world, the world of only them.
Michael sat back watching this exchange, a small smile forming on his face.
No one else seemed to pick up on it, Justin laughing with Josh.
After a few moments, Nick felt someone slap his shoulder.
"Hey, Nick to earth! Wake up, dreamer!"
Nick turned looking at his brother.
"Oh sorry, Drew. Kinda zoned out there. What is it?"
"Justin asked us to stay for dinner."
Nick looked at Justin, smiling.
"We'd love to."
Michael smiled, getting up.
"OK, great. The more the merrier. I'll start preparing the food. Why don't all you guys relax, hit the pool or do something outside? Trev, you come and help me prepare some stuff."
Trevor nodded, getting up with Michael.
"Paulo, can you head to the store for me?"
"Sure thing, Mikey. Just give me a list."
Paulo, Michael and Trevor went into the kitchen, Justin leading everyone else out back.

Michael stood at the counter, cleaning potatoes, alone in the kitchen with Trev.
"So, Trev, what's going on?"
Trevor looked up at him from the salad he was working on.
"What are you talking about, Mike?"
"Well, I saw the look in the living room between you and Nick."
Trevor blushed, looking back down at the counter.
"I've never seen anyone so beautiful before! He's beyond gorgeous!"
Michael smiled, looking over at Trevor.
"Yes, he's beautiful. Not my type, but beautiful, nonetheless."
Trevor smiled, looking out the kitchen window.
He could see everyone out by the pool, seeing Nick and Drew sitting in deck chairs, talking with Lance and Josh.
"Yes, he's beautiful." Trevor said quietly.
"So why aren't you out there, sitting with your friend?. I'm sure you'd become fast friends with Drew and Nick. I'm pretty much done with all your help here."
Justin walked into the room, smiling at the two men.
"You going to be staying in here all day, love? I need to get cozy with my man!"
Trevor stared at Justin, who wore only a pair of blue swim trunks, his sculpted body on full view.
Justin laughed, Michael smiling.
"Yes, Trev. It's really Justin Timberlake in the near buff. Make you drool, doesn't it?"
Trevor blushed, looking away quickly, Justin still laughing, going up to him.
"Am I making you all hot and bothered, Trevvy?" Justin teased, Trevor blushing redder.
"Sweetie, that's cruel. Teasing him with something that's out of reach."
"Sorry, love. Sorry Trev. Why don't you come outside? I'll show you something that's well within reach!" Justin said, smirking.
Trevor looked at him confused.
"Well, there's a certain young man outside who I've seen staring at this house constantly. He's been staring at this kitchen window. I think he's looking for you. Looking for the one who's entered his heart. Whose eyes he became lost in a little while ago in our living room." Justin smirked.
Michael stood in shock, looking at Justin.
Justin smiled, wrapping his arm around him.
"I also saw the moment of instant connection, Mico. I guess your gifts have heightened my awareness."
Michael looked at him, shaking his head.
"Oh God! What have I created??"
Justin laughed, then looked at a staring Trevor.
Justin put his hand on Trevor's shoulder.
"So, what's going on, Trevor?"
Trevor blushed, Michael smiling.
"Why Jus, I do believe our friend is smitten!"
"Now, Mikey, don't make fun of new love. Remember when we had that look on our faces?"
Michael smiled, kissing Justin's cheek, knowing the fun was now over.
He walked up beside Trevor, leaning against the kitchen counter.
"It's okay, Trev. Jus and I were just having a bit of fun. I see in your eyes a lot of confusion."
Trevor nodded, taking a quick look out of the window, then bowing his head.
"Is what you said true, Justin?" Trevor said quietly, not looking at him.
Justin smiled walking up to him, standing on the other side of Trevor.
Trevor was now in between his two friends.
"I can't speak for him, I'm just telling you what I've been observing. And how do you feel about him?"
"He's unbelievable! He's so beautiful and masculine, and charming! But I don't even know if he's gay. He's a superstar. And he's so out of my league."
Michael's brows furrowed, Justin seeing that look again.
"Trevor! Come on! What have I told you?"
Trevor blushed, afraid to look in Michael's eyes.
"That I have courage. That I need to live life."
Michael nodded, Justin smiling.
"Then get the hell out there and live life!" Michael said, pulling Trevor towards the patio doors.
Justin stood still, shocked at Michael's forthright approach.
Michael opened the doors, pushing Trevor out onto the patio.
Then he closed them, Michael remaining inside, Trevor alone outside.
"Go on, go talk to him." Michael said, his arms folded.
Nick, Drew, Lonnie, Jake, Lance and Josh had all turned towards the patio, seeing Trevor standing alone.
Nick immediately smiled, Michael seeing that.
Justin walked up beside Michael, putting his arm around him.
"Wasn't that a little forceful, love? Do you think he's ready? We don't even know Nick's feelings or interests."
"Yes, Jus. He's ready. They're both ready. They just need to realize that."
Trevor stared back at Michael, staring into his golden eyes. In them he saw determination, friendship, encouragement, love and understanding.
All Trevor's fears and anxieties disappeared against that look.
Trevor smiled, turning toward the pool.
He walked across the backyard, smiling at everyone.
"Mikey's kicked me out of the kitchen. I just think he and Justin want to neck." Trevor said, everyone laughing.
Nick's eyes never left Trevor's face.
"I'm glad you came out, Trevor. Please sit down, I'd like to get to know you better." Nick said, Drew smiling.
Trevor smiled shyly, sitting down on the empty chair beside Nick.
Lance and Josh immediately got up, diving into the pool.
Drew, Jake and Lonnie headed over to the patio tables to play some cards.
That left Nick and Trevor alone.
Michael and Justin smiled at their friends sitting down at the table, then cast their eyes to the two young men sitting by the pool.
Both men were talking to each other, Michael smiling.
"And so it starts. The first words of love."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael's neck.
"You knew, didn't you? I remember you saying to Nick when he came in, you were wondering when they'd show up. You knew they were coming, didn't you?"
"I had a hunch, love. Last night when Trevor held me in bed, I received a vision."
Justin smiled, hugging Michael tighter.
"What was it, love?"
"You're looking at it, Jus. You're looking at it."
Justin looked out to the pool, seeing Nick and Trevor smiling at each other, both lost in each other's eyes.
Michael smiled, looking at Justin, Justin smiling and then nodding.

Paulo returned from the store, Michael taking the groceries from him, Justin helping him with the remainder of the meal preparation.
Paulo joined the guys on the patio to play cards.
Nick and Trevor remained by themselves, everyone sensing their newfound friendship.
Drew sat quietly playing cards, every now and then glancing over at the two men.
Lance and Josh finished swimming, drying off and joining the guys on the patio.
Half an hour later, Justin walked out telling everyone to clean up, and clear the tables, dinner almost ready.
Justin pulled on a t-shirt, covering his muscular chest.
Everyone helped clean up and then set the tables together.
Within twenty minutes, everyone was sitting down for dinner, Michael bringing out the entrees.
Everyone dived in, relishing Michael's wonderful cooking.
After forty minutes, everyone was back in the living room relaxing.
They all agreed that after coffee everyone was going to leave.
They all knew Justin and Michael needed some time to themselves.
Michael and Justin both filled Drew and Nick in on what had happened last night.
Drew was angry, Nick was shocked.
"That's so underhanded, so despicable! How could someone be that callous and hurtful??" Drew said, shaking his head.
"There are people in this world with no regard for human decency or caring." Michael said quietly.
Justin, who was snuggled up against him, tightened his grip on Michael's waist.
He knew of whom Michael was thinking.
"I hope I never meet that man, he'll get a piece of my mind!" Nick said, Trevor looking at him.
"Don't worry, Nick. Michael took care of him." Trevor said, with pride, telling them what Michael had done.
Drew and Nick looked surprised, staring at Michael.
Michael rose up, Justin sitting up.
"I'll bring in the coffee." Michael said quietly.
Michael walked out of the room, Justin sighing.
"Even now, he still feels it, Jus?" Lance asked.
"Yes Lance. He always feels the same."
"What do you mean, Justin?" Trevor said, looking confused.
"Trevor, Michael didn't like having to do what he did to Nicholas. Michael's caring heart hates to hurt. It hurts him more that I think any of us know."
"But Nicholas deserved it, Justin. He deserved to be punished for what he did." Drew said, Nick agreeing.
"No one's questioning that, Drew. What's bothering Michael is that he had to use his gifts to hurt someone."
"Gifts?" Nick asked, Justin looking at Josh and Lance.
"You guys explain it, I'm going to go and help Michael. We'll be back shortly." Justin said.
Justin got up, disappearing through the doorway.
He found Michael in the kitchen, staring at the whistling kettle.
Justin shut the stove off, taking the kettle off the burner.
"What's wrong, babe? You're thinking about today?"
"Yes, Jus. Again I had to do it. To reach out with pain to stop hurt. I hate doing that."
Justin wrapped his arms around Michael, Michael feeling his love.
"I know, love. I know your giving heart hates doing it. But in life, there are times when pain is the only answer. To stop even greater pain."
Michael nodded, turning his gaze up into Justin's blue eyes.
"I love you, Jus. For you, I'd take all the pain in the world unto myself!"
Justin stared into Michael's golden eyes, seeing the depth of that truth.
"You already have, my love. And I would do the same."
They kissed, a tender kiss of love.
"We should get back, Mico."
Michael nodded, smiling.
"Nick and Drew know, Mico. I needed them to know, to know the real you."
Michael smiled, winking.
"God help them!"
Justin laughed, Michael slapping his butt.
Justin stopped staring into his eyes.
"Michael, tonight I am yours."
"As I am yours, my love."
"Michael, we need to play safe again. I'm going to be tested. I need to make sure that what happened last night hasn't put a risk to my health, or yours. Kevin and Nick were pretty promiscuous. We need to be sure I'm safe. I can't risk your life if I'm not."
Justin was tearing up, Michael kissing him deeply.
"You're not at risk, Jus. I've already searched all of you. You're one hundred percent safe."
Justin smiled widely, knowing that Michael's healing love was ever present in himself.
"Alright, Mico. Then I'm all yours."
Michael grinned.
"I can't wait!"
Justin laughed, Michael's hands on his covered butt cheeks.
"Our friends are waiting, love."
Michael smiled, walking into the living room, carrying the coffee tray, Justin carrying a tray of dessert.

When they had returned to the living room, Michael had received tearful hugs and kisses from Drew and Nick, they having learned all of his life's story.
"Good God, Mikey! The life you've endured! The courage you possess! It's unbelievable!" Drew said hugging him tightly. Nick patted his back.
"It's who I am, guys. It's me."
Both men smiled, looking at Justin.
"You are so damn lucky, Timberlake!" Nick said, smiling at his friend.
"I thank God every day that Mico's in my life, and that I have his love." Justin said, Michael smiling.
They all sat down, drinking coffee, eating dessert, and talking all about everything.

Two hours later, the friends parted ways.
They all stood at the door, finishing their hugs.
"So, Trevor. I expect you here Monday morning at nine sharp."
Trevor looked at Michael confused.
"Are we going to be doing something?"
"Yes, you are. You're going to be starting your new job."
Trevor looked around at everyone, seeing more confused faces.
"What new job?"
"You are going to be my new personal assistant."
Trevor looked shocked, Lance and Josh smiling.
"Excellent!" Paulo said, Trevor still looking shocked.
"I can't accept your charity, Michael." Trevor said, starting to back up.
Justin put his hand on Trevor's shoulder stopping him in his tracks.
"My friend, this is not charity. Michael's books are taking off, big time. He's starting a new foundation, dealing with abused and disadvantaged youth. He's receiving numerous interview requests. He needs a personal assistant. And we both agreed that you're qualified. It's your line of work, isn't it?"
Trevor nodded, still looking a little shocked.
"And you are a friend, Trev. In you, I can have total faith and trust. Plus total privacy."
Trevor smiled, looking at both men.
"Then all I can say is thank you. Thank you for believing in my skills, and my trust."
Michael smiled hugging him tightly.
Justin smiled also, really beginning to like this man.
"But hands off the goods. Got it?" Justin said, devilishly.
Everyone laughed, Trevor blushing.
"Justin, you have no worries in that regard." Trevor said in a serious tone.
Justin smiled, nodding.
"Beside's, it's your hot sexy body I want." Trevor said, grinning and licking his lips.
Justin stood in shock, Michael bursting out in laughter, Trevor joining him.
The look on Justin's face was priceless.
Everyone was now laughing, Justin blushing.
"You my friend, are one of a kind! I'm going to love having you here!" Michael said in between bursts of laughter.
Justin just shook his head, smiling again.
"God help me!"
Everyone laughed more, then the hugs began again.
Trevor was the last to hug them goodbye, promising to be back first thing Monday morning.
Justin and Michael stood at the door watching their friends leave.
Trevor was just getting into his car when Nick ran up to his car door. Drew sat waiting in his car.
"Trevor. It's been wonderful meeting you."
Trevor smiled, looking into Nick's beautiful blue eyes.
"It's been a real joy meeting you, Nick."
"So, um. Since you're not doing anything with Mikey tomorrow, I was wondering.... um... would you like to do something with me?" Nick said nervously.
Trevor stared at him, looking a little nervous himself.
"Wow.... um... sure, that would be great!"
Nick's smile split his face in half, the beauty of it taking Trevor's breath away.
"Here's my cell number and phone number. Give me a call in the morning and we'll plan something." Nick smiled, handing Trevor a card.
Trevor was speechless, just nodding.
Nick smiled, leaning into the car, kissing Trevor on the cheek, then running over to Drew's car, hopping in.
Trevor looked in shock, feeling his cheek, watching them leave the driveway, then he turned looking toward the front door.
Michael stood there, his hand raised in a thumbs up position. Justin's also showing the same sign.
Trevor smiled, shifting gears, driving away from his friends.

Justin and Michael walked around, locking up the house, hand in hand.
They walked upstairs, walking into their bedroom.
Justin stopped, looking around.
The room was darkened, candles lit around the room.
Rose petals were strewn across the newly-made bed.
Justin stared into Michael's golden eyes.
"When did you...?"
"It doesn't matter, Jus. What matters is that this moment is finally here."
Michael took Justin's hands in his, staring into his eyes.
"Last night and this morning has been the worst day of my life, Jus. A day without your love. And here tonight, I have your love back. I have you back. And it's turned into the best day of my life."
Justin began crying, Michael pulling him close.
"Oh, Michael! To me, it had been the worst day of my life also. And now it's like it never existed. All the pain and hurt is gone, replaced by your deep love, faith and trust. I love you so much."
The two kissed, a deep kiss of love and faith.
Michael raised his right hand, brushing Justin's tears away.
He turned it, Justin staring at the back of it.
The blemish free skin a sign that all was right in their world of love.
"Your love, faith and trust will always heal my heart and soul, Jus." Michael said, kissing him again.
Justin was in tears, seeing the smooth skin, the scar gone again.
"I love you, Mico. Please? I need you!"
"And I desire you, my love. I desire all of you."
Michael led Justin to the bed, the two quietly removing their clothes.
They stared at each other, at the beauty of each other's body and soul.
Michael took Justin's hand in his.
"It's time, my love. Time to find that center of our love."
Justin smiled, Michael leading him under the covers, the two melting into each other.
The passion was rekindled, the love flowing as it always had.
And in the darkness of that room of love, three souls stood together, tears falling from their glistening eyes.
They didn't watch the act of love before them, that sacred moment shared by two souls alone.
But they felt the love and faith shining from their auras.
From their newly golden auras.
"Love conquers all." Daniel said, smiling at the golden light shining.
"Yes, it truly does." Ramon said, his love for his son and his lover flowing on heaven's winds.
"It's time we became the second foursome." Diana said, smiling.
The other two smiled, staring at the golden brightness.
"And his strength will now be tested."
They faded into the night air, Justin and Michael falling asleep, locked in the embrace of their center of love.

End of Chapter 104

And so our lovers are now together again.
I couldn't disappoint my fans.
Or myself, for that matter.
Their love was always destined to prevail.
Let's welcome Nick and Drew, as well as Trevor.
Three more for Michael's arsenal of love.
Onward we go.
Off to other places, life's changes and new romance.
Plus another cliffhanger.

Keep the faith, Angel.

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