Justin's Angel-105

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Michael led Justin to the bed, the two quietly removing their clothes.
They stared at each other, at the beauty of each other's body and soul.
Michael took Justin's hand in his.
"It's time, my love. Time to find that center of our love."
Justin smiled, Michael leading him under the covers, the two melting into each other.
And in the darkness of that room of love, three souls stood together, tears falling from their glistening eyes.
They didn't watch the act of love before them, that sacred moment shared by two souls alone.
But they felt the love and faith shining from their auras.
From their newly golden auras.
"Love conquers all." Daniel said, smiling at the golden light shining.
"Yes, it truly does." Ramon said, his love for his son and his lover flowing on heaven's winds.
"It's time we became the second foursome." Diana said, smiling.
The other two smiled, staring at the golden brightness.
"And his strength will now be tested."
They faded into the night air, Justin and Michael falling asleep, locked in the embrace of their center of love.

Chapter 105

Sunday became a day of quiet love for the reunited couple.
Spent together in each other's arms, alone and uninterrupted.
All their friends sensed their need for togetherness, for quiet solitude.
And so they gave it to them.
The two spent the day together, just being in love.
All their other friends and family weren't aware of the drama that had played out over the last few days.
Justin and Michael both had agreed that they need not know.
All that mattered was that they were still in love, still as one.
The only others who found out were Chris and Vicky.
Lance having told Vicky Sunday morning.
She'd gone ballistic, as had Chris.
They'd gone over to Lance and Josh's later, Josh filling them in on all the details.
Michael had asked Vicky not to come over, they not wanting to rehash all of it.
To Michael and Justin, it was a part of their past. All that mattered was their future together.
The future of their love.
And so the twosome spent the day alone, just being close, just being in love.
The day brought passion, romance, and much love.
They swam together, they ate together, they loved together.
And as all days of happiness go, it ended quietly and touchingly.
The two lovers sat on their balcony, in each other's arms, watching the sun set over their home of love.

Monday morning brought a young man to their door.
A newfound friend and employee.
Trevor Bolton.
Trevor was greeted by two smiling faces, the faces of friends.
"Good morning, Trevor." Michael said, a large smile of his face.
It was only matched by Justin's.
Trevor saw their love and happiness flowing from those two faces.
"Let's go to the office, Trev. We can work in there." Michael said, Trevor following.
Justin kissed Michael, heading toward the patio.
"I'm going to swim some laps, love. Then I have to run to Josh's for some stuff. I'll cook us some early lunch."
"Sounds good, love. See you soon."
Trevor sat down with Michael, Michael opening up his laptop.
"So what do you want me to do, Michael?" Trevor asked, Michael smiling.
"Well first thing I need from you is your organizational skills. I need my schedule, my itinerary and my personal life organized. Think you can handle all that?"
Trevor smiled, nodding.
"Cool. Let's go through it all."
The two men talked, Michael showing him his schedule, interview requests and other things.
"The foundation has just been certified. I need someone to handle the inflow of donations, requests and details."
Trevor looked over the details, wondering at the foundation's name.
"You've named it after the character in your book?"
"Daniel was real, Trevor. So very real."
Michael told Trevor all about the real Daniel, Trevor sitting back in awe.
"Wow! He sounded like a really wonderful, giving, loving man."
"He was Trevor, and he was so much more." Michael said, a tear rolling down his cheek.
Trevor put his hand on Michael's shoulder.
"His friend, I believe is something special also, to leave this monument to Daniel's love."
Michael smiled, feeling Trevor's warmth and friendship.
"So, the Daniel's Children Foundation is now created. Let's hope we can do some good in this world." Michael said, smiling.
"I'm sure it will be a great success." Trevor said with conviction.
"Here's the number of donations so far." Michael said, Trevor looking over the numbers.
He stared in shock.
"Good God, Michael! This is staggering!"
Michael smiled.
"There is a lot of giving in the world. And in my friends. All of them contributed. The public donations are just starting. Think you can organize all this into a foundation?"
"You bet, Michael! I'll organize it and you can take a look at what I've done."
"Sounds great. Let's go over the other details in my life, and my upcoming cycle of torture."
Trevor laughed, Michael showing him the next novel he was writing and also the screenplay for his first novel.
"Wow! I didn't realize Daniel's Mission was being made into a movie."
"It's not. The funding fell through. I was half way through and just decided to continue. Justin thinks it will be only a matter of time before it's made."
Trevor smiled.
"There's a lot of work to do here, Mikey. Thanks for having faith in me to give me a chance."
"I sense greatness in you, Trev. The greatness of organization and dependability. We're going to get along fabulously."
Trevor smiled, looking down at all Michael's notes and pages.
"Looks like I should organize all this first."
"Cool. Ryan's dropping by in about two hours."
"Who's Ryan?"
"My agent. You'll be his best friend, mark my words. He's always riding me to do this, or do that. Now I have a buffer."
Trevor frowned.
"Feels like I'm going to be stepping into the fire."
Michael laughed, tussling Trevor's hair.
"Relax. Ryan is a really nice guy. He's been with me from the start. He's always looked out for my best interests. I love the guy."
Trevor relaxed, smiling again.
The two settled in, looking over all Michael's condensed life's work.
As they went through everything, Michael felt a change come over Trevor. Michael felt his deep intelligence. And his quick picking up on minute details. Trevor relished business, relished working on something new.
Justin popped his head into the room an hour later, smiling, then walking in.
"Mikey ordering you around yet, Trevor? My man can be like a drill sergeant." Justin said smiling, then chuckling.
Michael smiled, sticking his tongue out while sorting through some papers.
Justin plopped down on the sofa beside Michael, putting his bare leg across Michael's legs.
Justin was wearing board shorts and a yellow wife beater.
Michael rubbed his hairy leg, feeling the taut muscles under the warm flesh.
Trevor smiled, seeing their love so openly displayed.
"Actually, Jus. If I wouldn't know better, I think Trevor is going to be the drill sergeant."
Trevor smiled, winking at Michael.
"I want to go over all these contracts with Ryan, Michael. There's some interesting omissions in some of them. He needs to be more detailed in handling these."
Michael and Justin both smiled, Michael impressed with Trevor's astute knowledge of contracts.
"Can Mikey come out and play, Mr. Trevor?" Justin said, his famous pout on his beautiful face.
Michael held in a laugh.
"Sorry, Jus. There's too much to go over here. When Ryan comes, I'll give him his freedom. Ryan is my next victim."
Justin laughed, Michael blushed.
"Oh God, Jus! I think I've unleashed the tiger!"
Trevor blushed, Justin laughed, tussling Trevor's hair.
"Guys, leave the hair alone." Trevor said, brushing back his wavy hair.
"Awe, Trev's got such beautiful hair. Who can't help not wanting to run their fingers through it? I bet Nick loves it."
Justin smirked, then laughed.
Trevor's face changed, his eyes lowering. Justin didn't pick up on it, but Michael did.
"Love, quit teasing Trevor. I thought you were going to Josh's?"
"Just heading out, babe. Wanted to say goodbye, and get some sugar to sustain me." Justin smiled, leaning into Michael, Michael kissing his lips deeply.
Trevor blushed, remaining quiet.
The two lovers parted, Justin looking a bit sheepish and lost.
"Mmmm, that'll hold me. Back in a hour or so, love."
"Hurry back, sweetie. But keep the foot off the gas."
Justin laughed and winked, walking out of the room, blowing a farewell kiss.
Trevor looked at Michael, Michael smiling.
"Taking a ride with Jus is like hanging onto the devil's horns."
Trevor laughed, Michael quietly looking at him.
"So, how about a break?  I'll brew us some tea."
Trevor smiled, agreeing.

Ten minutes later, the two men were sitting at the kitchen table, sipping on their cups of tea.
"So, you didn't tell me, how was your day off relaxing yesterday? Do anything fun?"
Trevor blushed a little, not saying anything.
"Sorry, Trev. It's none of my business."
"It's okay, Michael. Nick and I spent the day together. It was wonderful."
Michael quietly watched him, sensing that it wasn't as wonderful as Trevor said.
"Care to talk about what's bothering you, my friend?"
"Not right now, Mike. Let's get back to work."
Trevor got up, Michael grabbing his hand.
"Running away from your problems or your fears doesn't help, Trev. Leaning on your friends and letting them help is a good start."
Trevor looked down at Michael, sitting back down again.
"I don't know if I can talk about this, Mike. I don't know if even you can help."
Michael put his hand on Trevor's shoulder.
"I can't try to help if you don't tell me."
Trevor looked up at Michael, both hearing the front door bell.
"That will be Ryan. I want us to continue with this later, bud. I'm here as more than your employer. First and foremost, I'm your friend." Michael said, standing up.
Trevor got up, hugging Michael.
"Thanks, Michael. For everything."
Michael smiled, heading down the hallway.
Trevor sat back down, waiting.
He looked down at his hands, one hand going under his shirt. He felt the scar, the pain locked in his memory.
He looked up, Michael walking into the room with a middle-aged man, who was smiling, looking towards Trevor.
"And you must be Trevor! Michael called me last night, informing me of your credentials. He seems to think you're some kind of an organizational genius."
Trevor smiled, shaking the man's extended hand.
"I'm Trevor Bolton, Mr. Parsons."
"Hey, it's Ryan. Michael sees high value in your opinions, Trevor. Let's see how good you really are." Ryan said smiling.
Trevor bowed, leading the way into the office.

An hour later Justin came back, walking out onto the patio, seeing Michael relaxing on a deck chair by the pool.
"The warden's let you out to exercise, lovecheeks?" Justin asked, kissing his lover as he sat down on his lap.
"Yep, he's got a new prisoner. Ryan and he are running through all the contracts and stuff. I never saw Ryan so shocked. Trevor showed him some fascinating things. Ryan's practically drooling." Michael said, laughing.
"Nice. So Trevor's good?"
"Trevor's excellent, Jus! He's fantastic! And we've got a few hours to ourselves. They'll be deep in discussions."
Justin beamed, his hands running across Michael's clothed chest.
"Care to take a dip, love?" Justin smiled, scanning Michael's body.
"Someone's a horndog today! Didn't I satisfy my man this morning?"
They'd made love upon waking up, both intoxicated by the newness of their desires, missing their bodies, their love somehow more passionate.
"I can't help it, when I look in your eyes, I want you so much."
Michael stared at Justin, seeing the passion in his blue eyes.
Michael pushed Justin up, pulling his shirt over his head, Justin taking in the sight of his hairy muscular torso.
"Then let's cool off our passion, Tigger." Michael said, diving into the pool.
Justin smiled, pulling his wife beater off, diving in after Michael.
Justin came up out of the water, into Michael's waiting arms.
They joined in a kiss of heated passion, their wet bodies against each other.
"Oh God, Mico! You're so intoxicating! So delicious when your wet!" Justin said, licking down Michael's chest, sucking on his left nipple, Michael shuddering.
"Love, we're not alone, remember? Let's keep it reasonably clean."
Justin pouted, Michael kissing his lips tenderly.
"How're Josh and Lance?"
"They're doing great. Josh is a little unraveled though. His album's done, he's finished putting the final touches on it."
"Ah, cool . I'd love to hear it. His voice is beautiful. It reminds me of your heavenly voice."
Justin smiled, happy to be compared to Josh. To Justin, Josh's voice ranked right up there with Michael's.
"I'm sure he'd let you. I'll ask him. I know he values your opinion on everything."
Michael smiled, the two floating now, side by side, their hands joined.
"This is wonderful, Jus. Simply wonderful."
They swam for a while, then climbed out, laying together in the midday sun, drying off.
Justin's phone went off, Justin leaning over Michael to answer it, remaining on top of him, Michael happy.
"Hey, Jus here. Oh, hi, Nick. Yeah I'm at home. Yes, Mico's here. He and Trevor are working. Well actually Trevor's working with Michael's agent Ryan, Mikey and I are relaxing around the pool. Yeah sure, come on over. Sure, I'll get him."
Justin smiled, with a kind of puzzled look on his face.
"It's Nick Lachey, he wants to talk with you quickly."
Michael smiled, taking the phone.
"Hey, Nick. How are ya bud?"
"I need to talk to you, Michael. I want to know what's going on?"
"What do you mean, Nick?"
"Have you talked to Trevor about me?"
"No, Nick. He hasn't said a thing."
"Can I come over?"
"Sure, Nick."
"I'll be there in five. I'm calling from my car."
The line went dead, Michael looking up at Justin.
"What's going on, babe?"
"I think there's trouble in paradise. And it's all going to come down to me."
Michael kissed Justin, Justin still mulling Michael's words over in his head.
"What did you bring for lunch, Jus?"
"I brought everything for tacos and enchiladas, Mico."
"Super! I'll start that while you set the patio table."
"Sure thing, love."

Five minutes later, Justin answered the front door, stopping in his tracks.
Standing on their front step was a Nick Lachey that Justin hardly recognized.
"Mico, come here quick!" Justin said, putting his arm around a sobbing Nick.
Michael rushed down the hallway, seeing Justin holding Nick up.
Michael was beside them both in a flash.
Nick was crying, Michael seeing one eye was black with a nasty bruise.
"What happened to you, Nick?" Justin asked, Michael guiding both of them out to the patio, Michael not wanting Trevor to know Nick was here yet.
Michael sat Nick down in a chair, running into the house to get a towel and a glass of cold water for him.
He came back out handing Nick the towel and glass.
Nick downed the glass of water, wiping his face with the towel.
"Thanks, Mike. Thanks, Jus."
Justin smiled, rubbing his shoulder.
"Care to talk, bud?" Justin said, sitting down beside him.
"Just a moment, Nick. I'm going to check on Trevor and Ryan."
Nick looked up at the mention of Trevor.
Michael walked into the house walking to the office door.
He opened it, looking in on Trevor and Ryan.
"How's it going, guys?" Michael smiled, looking at both.
"Going real well, Mike. Trevor's a wonder! We've found some amazing things. We've got about another half hour or so to finish."
"Take your time. Lunch will be ready in about an hour. I'll call you two when it's ready."
"Sounds like a plan, Michael." Trevor smiled, Michael smiling back.
Michael closed the door, sighing.
"Time to free some souls." Michael said, walking to the patio.

Justin looked up at Michael, seeing a look of deep compassion on his face.
Michael sat down beside Nick, putting his hand on Nick's strong shoulder.
"Care to lean on some friends, Nick?" Michael said, Justin picking up on the tenderness in his voice.
Nick looked up at Michael.
"I've fucked it all up, Michael. By being a big macho man I've fucked it all up."
"What have you done, Nick?" Justin asked, Nick looking at him.
He looked at Michael also.
"We're friends, Nick. We won't judge you, or laugh at you. And you can trust us to be discreet."
Nick sighed, looking down at his hands.
"I've been wrestling within myself for a long time, guys. I've had feeling for guys and girls. I'd guess you'd call me bisexual. But two days ago, that fell all by the wayside. I've fallen in love with a special person. With someone who's stolen my soul."
"Trevor?" Michael said quietly.
Nick looked up at him, surprise written on his face.
"Hiding love is a hard thing to do, Nick. It's so evident in your eyes, and where they were looking." Justin said, Nick looking at him.
"You both know? Trevor told you, didn't he?"
"No, Nick. Trevor didn't tell us. You told us, in your eyes right now."
Nick blushed.
"He's so beautiful, so handsome and smart, so funny."
Both men smiled, hearing the deep emotion in Nick's voice.
"I thought he'd like me. I thought he'd want to be my friend. Then I went and fucked it all up."
Michael put his arm around him.
"Tell us what happened, Nick."
Nick sighed, closing his eyes, his mind reflecting on yesterday.
On a day that started out so wonderful, and fell apart so dramatically.
Nick opened his eyes, seeing his two friends staring back at him.
Nick began to talk.

Nick's Sunday

Nick woke up, smiling to himself as he stretched.
He'd had the most wonderful dream about a beautiful man.
He got out of bed, naked, his muscular toned body moving with grace and beauty.
He hit the shower, letting the warm water soothe his body, waking it up to face the day ahead.
He closed his eyes, thinking of the young man he'd met last night.
The young, sexy, beautiful, shy man.
Nick remembered the beautiful green eyes, that seemed to stare into his soul.
Nick let himself imagine how beautiful Trevor was underneath those clothes.
Nick's manhood began to rise, Nick soaping himself up, moaning softly.
He had to stop this, he had to get ready for today.
Nick washed himself off quickly, drying off and going back into his bedroom.
He walked to his closet, looking over his wardrobe.
His cell phone went off on the nightstand, Nick rushing to answer it.
"Hi, Nicholas here."
"Hi, Nick. It's Trevor."
Nick's face lit up, a smile immediately forming.
"Good morning, Trevor! Did you sleep well last night? How are you this morning?" Nick said, thinking he was beginning to babble.
"I'm well, and yes I slept good last night. Thanks for asking."
Nick smiled, sitting down on his bed, in only boxer briefs.
"What are you up to, Nick?"
"Well, I just got out of the shower, and am getting dressed. Yourself?"
"I've been up for about two hours. Listen, would you like to come over for breakfast?"
Nick looked at his clock, smirking.
"Bud, it's almost eleven. Breakfast is long gone."
"Okay, how about we call it brunch then?"
Nick laughed, feeling the light heartedness in Trevor's voice.
"I don't care what we call it, I'm famished! Give me directions and you'll have me at your door in twenty."
Trevor laughed, Nick loving his high-pitched laugh.
"Well, I can't keep the man starving! Come on over!" Trevor said, giving Nick his address and directions.
"See you shortly, cutie."
Trevor blushed on his end, then smiled.
"Can't wait, hunk."
Nick smiled, saying goodbye.

Half an hour later, Nick pulled up in front of Trevor's building.
He hit the buzzer downstairs, Trevor buzzing him in.
Nick walked up the stairs to the second floor, knocking on the third apartment door in the hallway.
The door opened, Nick staring at the beautiful man standing in front of him.
The man who set Nick's heart on fire.
Trevor wore a khaki golf shirt, its lightness setting off his toned chest.
Nick could see the outline of Trevor's abs and his nipples.
The khaki dress shorts he wore showed his lean, muscular, hairy legs.
"You look hot, Trevor. Setting to destroy some hearts today, are you?" Nick said quietly, still staring at him.
Trevor blushed, looking into Nick's blue eyes.
"I could say the same for you, Nick. You look fantastic."
Nick smiled, blushing now.
"Come on in, brunch is ready."
Nick walked into the small apartment, amazed at how cozy and homey it felt.
And it was spotless. Nothing out of place.
"What a nice apartment, Trevor."
Trevor beamed with pride.
"Thanks, Nick. It's home."
Nick smiled, wishing it was his home, in fact, their home.
Trevor walked him into the kitchen, Nick's eyes going wide, seeing all the food waiting on the table.
"Wow! You did all this?"
"Yes, I love to cook."
Nick smiled, Trevor pulling out a chair for him, Nick sitting down.
The two dove into the warm food, Trevor handing Nick each dish, wanting him to try all of it.
In a few moments Nick's plate was full, Nick sampling his first bite.
"Mmm, this is delicious! How did you know that the way to my heart is through my stomach?"
Trevor laughed, smiling at him, staring into his blue eyes.
"You just seemed like the type that enjoys a wonderful meal."
Nick raised an eyebrow.
"Oh, so you're saying I'm fat?"
Trevor blushed, then his face took on a sad look.
"I'm so sorry, Nick. I didn't mean it that way at all. You are in no way fat."
Nick laughed, smiling at Trevor.
"Just teasing ya, Trev."
Trevor smiled, loving when Nick called him that.
The two men sat quietly eating their food together.
The looked at each other with small glances, and small smiles.
"So you're going to be working for Michael?"
"Yes, as his personal assistant. What that entails, I'll find out tomorrow. I just can't believe he wants me. And that I've met so many celebrities, including you."
Nick smiled, patting Trevor's hand.
"I'm just me, Trevor. Just think of me as that. A normal guy who likes you."
Trevor blushed, looking at him shyly.
"You like me?"
"Yes, Trevor, I like you. I want to know all about wonderful you. Please let me be your friend."
Trevor smiled, Nick loving that look on his face.
"I'd like that too, Nick."
Nick smiled, finishing his food.
After twenty minutes, the two sat on Trevor's couch, a few feet apart.
Nick was rubbing his stomach, smiling.
"That was delicious, bud. You're a fantastic cook."
"Thanks, Nick. I'm glad you enjoyed it."
Trevor handed him a cup of coffee off the tray he'd carried in.
Nick took it from him, their fingers touching.
Both felt the spark flow through them.
"So tell me about yourself, Nick. What's your life been like, being a big pop star?"
Nick laughed, Trevor smiling.
"It's not all glamour and fun times, Trev. There's a lot of hard work and dedication involved."
Trevor sat back, facing Nick, listening as he told him all about his life: his youth, his family and his career.
Trevor listened in awe, finding out so much about the man.
An hour later, Nick smiled at Trevor, looking into his green eyes.
"So that's me in a nutshell. Nick Lachey, the story!"
Trevor smiled, loving the man's humor and smiling eyes.
"Nice. You've led a wonderful life so far."
"Yes, I've no complaints. And I'm hoping it will get even better." Nick said, staring into Trevor's green eyes.
Trevor averted that gaze, feeling his face flush.
"So, Mr. Bolton. How about you confess your life's story? Tell me what it's like being Trevor."
Trevor's face changed, Nick sensing some nervousness in him, and some sadness.
Nick inched closer to him, putting his hand on his shoulder.
"You okay, bud? I won't pry if you're uncomfortable."
Trevor looked into Nick's eyes, seeing the concern and friendship there.
"No, Nick. I won't hide my past from you."
Trevor took a deep breath, beginning his story.
He left nothing out, telling Nick everything. All about his parents, their throwing him out for being gay. All about Keith, and what had happened Friday night. How Michael had saved him.
Nick was in tears, as was Trevor.
When Trevor finished, he didn't look at Nick.
He felt him close, then felt him put his arm around him.
"Trevor. Look at me." Nick said, Trevor hearing Nick's voice full of emotion.
Trevor looked up, into Nick's tearing blue eyes.
"Michael is right, Trev. You have a deep courage inside you. And a strong, loving heart."
Trevor wiped his eyes, still looking into Nick's.
"I want to do something, Trev." Nick said, staring at him.
Trevor nodded, not sure of what Nick was talking about.
Quickly he found out.
Nick took him into his strong arms, hugging Trevor tightly.
Trevor slowly wrapped his arms around Nick's waist, feeling the muscles of his firm body and smelling Nick's intoxicating scent. It was his cologne and something else, Nick's own scent.
Trevor thought he'd never smelled anything so wonderful.
"You are a special person, Trev. I'm blessed to know you."
Trevor's tears started again, Nick feeling him tremble against him.
Nick separated from him, staring into his green eyes.
And then it happened.
Nick leaned forward, his lips touching Trevor's, the two united.
Trevor froze not believing what was happening.
Nick Lachey was kissing him. Nick was kissing him.
They both closed their eyes, their minds lost.
Nick didn't stop, the kiss now turning into a real kiss, their lips moving.
Trevor and Nick both became lost in it, their bodies trembling, their souls seeking each other out.
Trevor was the first to break the kiss, opening his eyes.
Nick's blue ones stared back at him.
"I'm not sorry that happened, Trev. I've been wanting to do that since the first moment I saw you. I've never met anyone like you."
Trevor stared at him, lost in Nick's beautiful words.
"Nick, this can't be happening. You're not gay!"
Nick ran his finger along Trevor's cheek, wiping away a forgotten tear.
"It's true, Trev. I've always thought of myself as bi. I've only been with two guys, and a lot of women. But I've never felt anything like what I'm feeling with you. Not even from Jessica. I think it may be true love."
Trevor backed up, staring at him.
"That's not true, Nick. I'm nothing special. I'm not what you need. You need someone beautiful, someone  talented and masculine. I'm nothing like that."
Nick's brows furrowed.
"Stop that right now! You're totally wrong! You are beautiful, talented, kind, loving and all around fantastic! Let me be the judge of what I see and know. And right now, I believe it's you that has stolen my heart!"
Trevor's eyes teared up, Nick pulling him close again.
"Never in my wildest dreams did I think this was possible! That you'd feel for me like this!" Trevor said, Nick hugging him close.
"Well your dreams have come true, Trev. I'm here, and I'm real. And I'm falling in love with you."
Trevor trembled, looking up into his face again.
They kissed again, this time more tenderly, searching out their own needs.
Nick moved backward, Trevor now laying on top of him.
Nick wrapped his arms around Trevor, Trevor breaking the kiss, laying his head on Nick's rising chest.
"So does this mean you want to spend time with me? I'm not into one-night stands, Trev. I want to get to know you completely, and to open myself up to your love."
Trevor listened to Nick's heart beating against his cheek, running his fingers along Nick's hairy, muscular arm.
"I want to get to know you, Nick. I want to be able to say those words to you. It's just I've been hurt so much, I need to go slow. I need to find trust again."
"I understand, Trev. I can be patient. We can learn to love together."
Trevor smiled, Nick moving a little, Trevor snuggling into Nick's body, it feeling so perfect against him.
"This is nice, holding someone special, no hurry or agenda. Two people just being close." Nick said, smiling, kissing Trevor's forehead.
They lay in silence, lightly touching each other, becoming comfortable with each other.
Tender light kisses were traded, both men happy.
Their happiness was broken by the ringing of Nick's cell phone on the coffee table.
Trevor leaned over, grabbing it, giving it to Nick.
Nick answered it, frowning.
He talked to someone, Trevor sensing it was Drew.
Nick hung up, looking into Trevor's green eyes.
"That was Drew. An interview has been changed from tomorrow to today. I have to go, Trevor. I can't get it changed. Sorry, sweetie."
Trevor smiled at that term of endearment.
"It's okay, Nick. Things happen." Trevor said, sitting up, adjusting himself. He stared down at Nick's center, seeing Nick's own desires showing.
Trevor blushed, as did Nick.
'It's only for a few hours. Could I come back later, say around four? I'd like to take you out to dinner. Our first official date."
Trevor smiled, staring at Nick adjusting himself.
Nick smiled, leaning in and lightly kissing Trevor.
"I'd like that, Nicholas."
Nick smiled, loving Trevor calling him that.
"My mom's the only one who calls me that. But coming from you, it seems so sweet."
Trevor shyly smiled, getting up, giving Nick his hand.
Nick stood up, wrapping his arm around Trevor's waist.
They walked to the front door, Nick taking him into his arms.
They now kissed deeply, both lost in their newfound love.
"I'll see you shortly, Trev." Nick said, opening the door.
Trevor smiled, leaning against the door frame, watching Nick walk down the corridor, opening the door to the stairwell.
Nick turned waving goodbye, blowing him a kiss.
Trevor blew one back, the door closing just as Nick caught it.
Trevor smiled, closing his door.

Three hours later Nick, parked in front of Trevor's apartment.
He hopped out of the red convertible he was driving, hitting the car alarm.
He walked toward the building, a blue car sitting across the street.
The man in the car sat quietly watching, a smile on his face.
Nick hit the buzzer a few times.
No reply came back.
A couple walked through the front door, Nick going inside after they'd walked out, Nick holding the door open for them.
Nick knocked on Trevor's door, then knocked again.
No answer.
"Maybe he's gone out or something." Nick thought.
Nick listened, hearing someone shuffling around in the apartment.
Nick knocked loudly, this time speaking.
"Trev, I know you're in there, I hear you. What's going on? Please open up."
The door few open, Nick looking at a shocking sight.
Trevor stood in front of him, his eyes full of tears, his mouth quivering.
He had changed his clothes, wearing a sweatshirt now and baggy sweatpants.
His hair looked matted, and disheveled.
"What are you doing here, Nick? I called your cell and told you not to come back!"
"Sorry, Trev. I forgot my cell at home. What's wrong, sweetie? You look terrible."
"Please leave, Nick. I don't want you coming here again."
Nick stood in shock, staring at him.
"What are you talking about? What' wrong? Did I do something wrong?"
"No, Nick. It's not you. It's me. This is all wrong, and I've finally realized that. Please leave! Find yourself someone who can love you!" Trevor said, in tears.
Nick moved forward, pulling Trevor against him.
Trevor screamed, backing away from him.
Then Trevor pushed Nick back, out of the apartment.
Nick trembled in shock, staring back at him, holding his hands out, wanting to hug him.
"I said get out! Now!" Trevor said, slamming the door in Nick's face.
Nick leaned against the door, his face in his hands, crying.
Behind the door Trevor wasn't crying.
Trevor was sobbing, curled up in a ball on the floor.
Nick wiped his eyes, then walked down the hallway in a stupor, going down in the elevator.
He walked out of the building, leaning against his own car, lost in his thoughts.
What had happened? Why had Trevor thrown him out?
What had happened to get Trevor in such a state?
Nick stood there lost in his thoughts, not seeing the man walk across the road and stop in front of him.
"Are you Nick?"
Nick looked up staring at a young man wearing a hat and glasses.
"Yes, I'm Nick Lachey."
A fist hit him in the face, knocking Nick to the ground.
"Stay away from Trevor. I'll kill him the next time." The man said, walking away.
Nick struggled to his feet, holding his face, watching the blue car speed away.


Michael and Justin sat quietly staring at Nick.
They couldn't believe the ending to Nick's tale.
"Why did that man hit me? I didn't know him. And why did he threaten me with hurting Trevor?"
Justin looked at Michael, Michael deep in thought.
Justin put his arm around Nick, trying to comfort him.
"I need to see Trevor. I need to know what's going on. Please, Michael! Let me see him!" Nick pleaded, Michael rubbing his shoulder.
"You will, Nick. I promise you will. Jus, take him upstairs and help him freshen up. There's a first aid kit in the medicine chest. Put some disinfectant on that eye for him.
I'll take care of Trevor. Meet you downstairs when you`re all taken care of."
Justin nodded, helping Nick up, the two men walking back into the house, Michael following.
Michael watched them walk up the stairs while heading for the office.
He met Ryan and Trevor walking out of it.
"I've got to go, Mikey. Just got a call from your publisher. Have a meeting with him in half an hour. Unfortunately I can't stay for lunch. Trevor will fill you in on all we've discussed. He's a remarkable man, Mikey. Don't let him get away."
Michael smiled as Ryan hugged him, patting his back.
"I have no intention of letting him go anywhere."
Trevor smiled at Michael, Ryan smiling at both of them.
"I'll call you later, Mike. You two have some fun."
Both men shook his hand, Ryan seeing himself out.
Michael looked at Trevor, Trevor smiling.
"Let's go outside, Trev. We need to talk."
Trevor's smile vanished, reluctantly following Michael.
He sensed anger in Michael's voice, not heated anger, just anger.
They sat down in chairs on the patio, Trevor looking nervously around.
"Do you want to go over what Ryan and I discussed, Michael?"
"Not right now, Trevor. I want to talk to you as a friend. Something's bothering me."
Michael noticed Justin and Nick standing at the open patio door.
Trevor couldn't see them, as his back was to the doorway.
"What's wrong, Mikey?" Trevor showed concern on his face.
"I want to know why you've lied to me."
Trevor sat in shock, staring at his friend.
"What do you mean, Michael? I didn't lie to you about my credentials."
"I'm not talking about that, Trev. I'm talking about Keith."
Trevor remained quiet, Michael staring at him.
"Keith didn't leave you, did he?"
Trevor's face went white; Michael, as well as Justin and Nick, seeing him visibly shaking.
Michael put his hand on Trevor's shoulder.
"I'm not mad at you, Trev. I know you had reasons for lying."
"How do you know this at all, Mike? How can this be?"
"I'm gifted, Trev. I can sense when someone's lying to me."
Nick looked surprised, Justin a bit taken aback by this confession from Michael.
"Keith didn't leave you, you left him. Because you feared for your life. And you were tired and scared from the pain."
Trevor sobbed, Michael signaling the two men standing at the door.
"Nick told us what happened yesterday, Trev.  How you shut him out of your life after discovering his love."
Trevor looked up at Michael, staring into his golden eyes.
"How can I face him?  How can I tell him the truth? The truth of what my life was like, what it's still like. How can he love me after that?"
"By loving you for who you are, Trev."
Trevor looked up, seeing Nick standing in front of him.
Nick knelt in front of him, taking Trevor into his arms.
"Oh, Nick! I'm sorry! I'm sorry for pushing you away!"
Nick held him, feeling the wonderfulness of holding this special man in his arms.
"Why, Trev? You must know that I'm beginning to love you. Don't you feel the same feelings?"
Trevor looked into his face now, seeing the blackened eyes.
"Oh God, Nick! What happened to your eyes?"
"That's not important at this moment. What's important is that you tell us the truth, Trev. Tell us about Keith." Michael said, smiling at him with encouragement.
Trevor nodded, Nick getting up, sitting beside him.
"Go on, Trev. Let it out. You'll feel better." Nick said, smiling at him.
Trevor smiled, wiping his eyes.
Justin sat down beside Michael, putting his arm around him.
"Keith was my world at the start. I'd never met anyone like him. He was so kind and gentle, so loving. After going through the trauma of my parents' disowning me, in him I found love and happiness. Uncle Joe introduced us, he was the son of one of his friends. And after I graduated, Keith's father did give me a job, at his import company, as an assistant bookkeeper."
Everyone sat quietly listening to Trevor unburden his soul.
"Everything was going so wonderfully. Then it seemed to change overnight. Keith started coming home drunk, late at night. And then the arguments started, and the beating. He always apologized, saying it was the drink. Many days I went to work with black eyes. Keith's father just laughed at me, saying his son was hard to handle. That I needed to be nicer to him, to give him what he wanted."
Trevor stopped talking, Michael watching him.
Michael got up, sitting in the empty chair on Trevor's left.
"I know it's hard, Trev. Let it out. What did Keith want?"
Trevor looked into Nick's eyes, then sobbed, Michael rubbing his shoulders.
"He wanted sex! He wanted other men in our bed! It ripped my soul apart! I loved him so much! How could he want to share himself with other guys? All I wanted was him, him alone!"
Trevor was crying uncontrollably, Nick taking him in his arms again, holding him.
"It's okay, Trev. It's okay." Nick said, soothing his back with his hands.
"The first time was with his best friend, Garry. The two of them basically raped me. Then more men entered our bed, people I didn't even know. People from work, strangers, many different men. I basically became a whore. Someone for Keith to hand out for sex, so he could fulfill his desires. How's that for love?"
Nick held him close, Trevor trying to pull away from him.
Nick released him, Trevor standing up.
"No one can love me! no one can love me after being used! I'm tarnished! I'm damaged goods, Nick! It's best if you just walk away!"
Nick stood up, turning Trevor around.
"I'm not going anywhere, Trevor. In you, I've found what I need. I've found a man full of love, warmth and caring. I don't care what your past was, a past you had no control on. I want you to know that I would never use you like that. If I were to love you, no one else would ever matter."
Trevor sobbed, looking into his blue eyes.
"There`s more. So much more."
Nick stood beside him, looking into his pained eyes, seeing the hurt and loneliness in those green eyes.
"I sent Keith's father to prison. I'd found discrepancies in the books, missing capital. An investigation was launched, and my testimony sent his father to jail for embezzlement. His father died in prison two years later just before he was scheduled for parole.  Keith went ballistic when I testified, he wasn't aware of my involvement. He tried to make me lie, but I just couldn't. I couldn't lie, not for him or anyone."
Nick put his hands on Trevor's shoulders.
"You did what was right. No one can fault you for being honest, for living with your own self."
"Keith did, and he made me pay for it."
Trevor sat back down, wringing his hands.
"That day in the courthouse, when the verdict came down, Keith walked up to me and slapped me across the face. He told me I'd pay for what I'd done. That he'd see me pay. I was so emotionally volatile, so exhausted, that I should have left town immediately, but I didn't. I had only my uncle to turn to. He took me in, letting me stay with him. Two nights later, that's where Keith found me. I was packing, leaving the next morning for a job in Kansas, that my uncle had lined up for me. My uncle was out with friends, and Keith walked right in and grabbed me, with three other men."
Trevor wrapped his arms around himself, Michael turning his head, looking into his tearing eyes.
"I sense what happened next, Trev. You don't have to tell us."
"They raped me, Michael. They raped me for three days. Beaten, raped and tortured. It was so bad that I almost died. They threw me out of a moving car, over a bridge, tied up, into the cold, dark water. Keith meant to kill me, to hide my body. Somehow I managed to swim to shore, and that's where I was found the next morning. I don't remember anything of the next month. It took me over a month to heal, to get my life back to some resemblance of normalcy. The police moved me to a safe location. Keith had been charged, but with no witnesses the charges were eventually dropped.
I moved away, assuming a new identity, beginning a new life. That was three years ago, and twice I've moved when I sensed Keith close. He's after me, he means to kill me, after torturing me more. I can't let any of you get involved it this. I'm sorry, but I can't."
Trevor got up meaning to leave, Michael this time standing in front of him.
"Keith found you yesterday, didn't he?"
Trevor stared in wonder, not believing Michael's words.
"How did you know?"
Nick stood up.
"Because it was Keith that gave me this black eye. He was waiting outside your apartment. He sucker punched me, and then told me to stay away from you or next time he'd kill you. He was at your apartment yesterday, wasn't he Trev?"
Trevor sobbed, Nick holding him again.
"Yes, Nick. Right after you left, he knocked on my door. I was so happy, I thought you'd come back because you'd forgotten something. But, when I opened the door, I froze, staring at the man that was standing there. It was him. He'd found me again. And he hurt me again, and so much more."
Trevor sobbed, Michael pulling Trevor gently away from Nick.
Michael lifted Trevor's shirt gently, a large bandage covering his left side.
"No please, Michael, no!"
"Shhh, it's okay, Trevor. Let us see."
Trevor remained still as Michael removed the bandage.
Everyone gasped, seeing the horrible scars.
Keith had carved a large K into Trevor's left side. It was still bleeding.
Michael gently touched the scarred tissue. He stared blankly for a moment, then shuddered.
Only Justin saw the brief tremor in Michael's demeanor.
"He's marked me as his." Trevor sobbed, Nick gently holding him now.
Nick realized now why Trevor had screamed when he had hugged him just before Trevor threw him out yesterday.
Trevor had been in pain.
Nick's anger simmered, his anger at Keith.
Michael returned the bandage to its place, gently sitting Trevor back down.
Nick held Trevor in his arms, Trevor sobbing still, Nick kissing his forehead.
"You're staying here tonight, Trevor. And you also Nick. You'll both be safe here." Michael said, Justin agreeing, Michael smiling at him.
"Thanks, Mike and Justin." Nick said, smiling at him.
"Justin, you help Nick get Trevor upstairs. Put him in Paulo's room. Trevor needs to rest. His bandage needs to be changed also. I'm going out for a while. There's someone I have to see, and something I have to do."
Michael got up, walking towards the house, Justin running up beside him, stopping him.
"What are you going to do, Mico? What's going on in that mind of yours?"
Michael looked into his concerned eyes.
"It's alright, love. It's time for some payback. I'll be home soon."
Justin kissed Michael deeply, Michael returning the passion.
"Be careful, my love."
"No worries, Jus. No worries."
Michael left the house, driving away.

Eight hours later, Justin was pacing in the living room.
Nick was on the couch, Trevor sitting against him.
Josh, Lance, Jake, Paulo, and Lonnie were also present, Justin having called them after three hours of worry.
They'd all sat quietly, Justin and Nick telling them everything, Trevor remaining quiet mostly.
They'd all gently hugged Trevor among tears, Trevor surprised at their still loving him.
Paulo wasn't in a happy mood. He was tapping his foot, his mind on Michael.
"Jus, pacing isn't helping. You have no idea where Michael went?" Josh said, Lance sitting beside him on the arm of the plush chair.
"No, none. And I'm really worried. It's not like him to just disappear like this. I always feel where he is. He's blocked me from knowing where he is or what's going on. He only said one sentence to me about half an hour after he left. He said not to worry. He'd try and stop this. And he talked to me about two hours ago. He said he's okay and would be home as soon as possible. And that's it."
"Is he all right?" Lonnie said, looking at Justin.
"He said he was okay, I have to believe that."
Everyone heard the front door open, Justin racing out of the living room, the others following.
Justin stopped in the hallway, seeing Michael standing at the door, another man standing beside him.
Who the other man was surprised him.
"Hello, Mr. Timberlake."
"Hello, Detective Walters. What are you doing with Michael?"
"It's okay, Jus. He gave me a ride home."
Michael staggered a little bit, Justin realizing that Michael was hurt.
Justin was beside him in a flash.
"My God, babe! Are you alright?" Justin said, concern and worry written on his face.
He put his arm around Michael, Michael flinching.
"Be careful, babe. It's my ribs and back. They're really bruised."
Justin gently helped Michael toward the living room, everyone watching them with concern.
The detective followed, saying hello to everyone.
Paulo shook his hand, remembering him from his interviewing Justin and Michael after Paul's botched attack at this house.
He introduced the policeman to everyone.
Justin gently helped Michael sit down on a couch, Michael sucking in air, gasping.
"What in God's name has happened, Michael?" Nick said, Trevor standing beside him.
Michael looked up at Trevor.
"Trevor, Detective Walters wants to interview you about Keith and his friends. He's aware of your background."
Trevor looked nervous, Nick putting his arm around him.
"It's okay, Trev. Keith can't hurt you anymore." Michael said, staring at Justin.
"What do you mean, love?" Justin said, running his hand along Michael's face, Michael tearing up.
Michael looked up into Trevor's green eyes.
"Keith's dead, Trev! And I'm the one who killed him!"

End of Chapter 105

What's happened?
Has Michael taken justice into his own hands?
What happened to Keith?
Can Trevor and Nick find love now?
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