Justin's Angel-106

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Everyone heard the front door open, Justin racing out of the living room, the others following.
Justin stopped in the hallway, seeing Michael standing at the door, another man standing beside him.
Who the other man was surprised him.
"Hello, Mr. Timberlake."
"Hello, Detective Walters. What are you doing with Michael?"
"It's okay, Jus. He gave me a ride home."
Michael staggered a little bit, Justin realizing that Michael was hurt.
Justin was beside him in a flash.
"My God, babe! Are you alright?" Justin said, concern and worry written on his face.
He put his arm around Michael, Michael flinching.
"Be careful, babe. It's my ribs and back. They're really bruised."
Justin gently helped Michael toward the living room, everyone watching them with concern.
The detective followed, saying hello to everyone.
Paulo shook his hand, remembering him from his interviewing Justin and Michael after Paul's botched attack at this house.
He introduced the policeman to everyone.
Justin gently helped Michael sit down on a couch, Michael sucking in air, gasping.
"What in God's name has happened, Michael?" Nick said, Trevor standing beside him.
Michael looked up at Trevor.
"Trevor, Detective Walters wants to interview you about Keith and his friends. He's aware of your background."
Trevor looked nervous, Nick putting his arm around him.
"It's okay, Trev. Keith can't hurt you anymore." Michael said, staring at Justin.
"What do you mean, love?" Justin said, running his hand along Michael's face, Michael tearing up.
Michael looked up into Trevor's green eyes.
"Keith's dead, Trev! And I'm the one who killed him!"

Chapter 106

The room was in dead silence, everyone staring at Michael's tearing face.
No one moved, absorbing the finality in Michael's words.
The detective looked at Michael, his memory flooding back in time.
"That's not true, Michael. And you know it. He's dead because of his own final desperation. You are in no way to blame for what he did." Detective Walters said, staring at him.
Michael lowered his eyes, Justin hugging him gently.
"What's going on, Mico? What happened to Keith?" Justin said, lifting Michael head up gently.
Michael had tears in his eyes, looking into Justin's soulful blue eyes, seeing the love in them.
"I had to stop him, Jus. I had to stop him from hurting that child."
Everyone looked at each other, the detective nodding.
"You're a hero again, Michael. In so many ways. You saved Mitch from a lifetime of pain, and you saved my life. Three times."
Everyone stared in shock at those words, everyone sitting down.
Lance stared at Michael, not understanding what was going on.
"Can you tell us what happened, Mikey? Or do you need some rest? You look exhausted." Lance said, Michael smiling at him weakly.
"I'll tell you all what happened. Then I need to sleep, and to heal myself."
Everyone nodded, Justin lifting Michael's feet gently onto the coffee table, making him comfortable.
"That better, babe?"
"Yes, thanks Jus." Michael said smiling at him.
Justin smiled at him, looking into his painful golden eyes.
Michael felt his worry.
"It's okay, Jus. I just need some rest."
Justin nodded, taking his hand.
Michael turned staring over at Trevor, who was now sitting beside Nick, Nick with his arm around him.
"Something I sensed made me decide that I had to seek Keith out, Trev."
Trevor looked confused, Michael continuing.
"I left here determined to find that man. To stop him from hurting you again, Trev. And to stop him from hurting others. I sensed that Keith was working on something new, a new gruesome venture. I found out what that was when I touched the scar on your side. I instantly connected with Keith, and I realized what that venture was.  Because I saw the crying child and what they were going to do to him."
Michael sat up slowly, Justin right beside him.
"I had to stop him before it was too late. I remembered Detective Walters and hoped he would help me."
Detective Walters smiled at Michael, sitting down, wincing in pain himself.
"Are you alright Detective?" Josh asked, showing concern.
"I'm fine. A little knocked up, but breathing, thanks to wonderman over there. And the name's Don."
Josh smiled, looking over at a blushing Michael.
"Please Michael, tell them the whole story." Don said, encouraging him.
Michael sighed, his mind going back to a few hours ago, the words pouring forth.

Earlier That Day

Michael drove onward, his troubled mind on one thing.
What's he'd seen when he'd touched Trevor's body.
He'd instantly connected with Keith, through his brutal contact with Trevor.
A transference of evil.
Michael had seen a horrific vision.
A vision of Keith, another man, and a terrified young boy tied to a hotel bed.
He'd heard all their discussion, all their devious plots and plans for the boy and many others.
Michael knew in his heart that he had to stop them. But he needed help.
Michael drove to the LAPD headquarters, parking and entering the building.
Ten minutes later he was shown into Detective Walters' office.
He sat for a few moments, his foot anxiously tapping.
Detective Walters walked in, smiling at Michael.
"Hello, Mr. Tavarro. What brings you into my office today? I hope nothing's wrong?"
Michael stood, staring at  the older man.
Detective Walters was about thirty five, blond hair, moustache, tall, sleek and trim.
"Something is very wrong. We have to save a terrified child. He's in grave danger. As are others."
Detective Walters looked surprised, staring at Michael.
"Please tell me what's going on."
Michael walked to the office door, shutting it.
The detective arched his eyebrow, Michael turning to look at him.
"I'll tell you, but you need to keep an open mind."
The detective nodded, sitting on the edge of his desk.
"Okay, let's talk."
Michael told him everything. All about Trevor, all about Keith. And what Michael had learned from the vision.
The detective looked skeptical, staring at Michael.
"So you're basing all this on a premonition, a feeling?"
Michael stood up, staring at the man.
Michael's eyes glowed, the man looking in shock.
The detective's body began to rise off the desk, the man turning white, Michael dropping him back down.
"Do you believe me now, Detective?"
The man gulped, staring at Michael.
"Yes. . .I do. Holy shit!!  What was that?"
"That was my gifts, Don. That is what I live with everyday. We need to move, and we need to move now! That child needs to be saved!"
Don Walters nodded, grabbing the phone off his desk.

Mitch Anderson was crying.
He was tied up on a large bed, two men staring down at him.
One man was shirtless, the other man rubbing his exposed left nipple. The man's other hand was rubbing the rising mound of the shirtless guy's pants.
"What do you think, Garry?" Keith said smiling at the young boy.
"He looks good enough to eat." Garry said, leering at the naked child.
"You're to break him in. Get him used to a large one. Then he's being shipped to Buffalo. Steve's got a vacancy."
Garry licked his lips, Keith's hand going into Garry's pants, stroking his hardness.
"You going to join us, Keith?"
"Later, stud. I've got to call Steve. Enjoy him, Garry. And then both your asses are mine." Keith smirked, pulling Garry's pants down.
Mitch's eyes widened seeing the naked man's large cock.
Mitch realized he himself was naked. And that he was in a mess of serious trouble.
At ten he was big for his age, but compared to the two men standing above him, Mitch felt dwarfed.
Mitch's mouth was covered with tape. He felt totally helpless.
He knew in his heart what these two men were going to do with him.
He'd been totally duped by the one called Keith.
He'd met him at an arcade, the guy promising him tickets to a local concert Mitch had been dying to see.
Keith had taken him to a hotdog stand, buying him a dog and a coke.
They'd chatted by his car, Mitch gulping down the food and drinking the drink.
"I'll have to check with my Dad, see if he's okay with me taking tickets from you. He's strict when it comes to protecting me from being taken advantage of."
"Sound like a good father. You're lucky."
Mitch smiled, drinking the last of the drink.
He suddenly felt light headed, Keith putting his arm around him, opening the back door of his car.
What he hadn't known was Keith had laced the drink with drugs.
Mitch felt his world spinning, Keith pushing him into the backseat.
"Time for your new life, slut." Keith said, laughing.
Mitch had woken up in this bed, only moments ago.
Keith smirked, walking over to the young man.
"Enjoy it. Garry's a horndog, he'll open you up good."
Keith removed the tape, the boy gasping.
"Please don't hurt me, please." Mitch sobbed, Keith laughing, pinching one of his exposed nipples.
Mitch shrieked, Keith slapping him across the face.
"You'll shut up and enjoy it! There are a lot of men who're going to be paying good money to fuck you, boy! So get used to it! Any backtalk or attitude and you'll find your heart cut out of you! Got it? This is your new life, boy! Enjoy it! And if you don't, who gives a fuck! There are a thousand others out there just like you, to replace your dead corpse!"
Mitch sobbed, Keith smiling at Garry.
"I'll leave you two to get acquainted."
Keith smiled, then heard someone knocking on the hotel room door in the next room.
"Keep him quiet, but enjoy your fun."
Garry smiled, stroking his hard-on. Keith reaching out and tugging at it, Garry moaning.
"Be right back, stud."
Detective Walters, Michael and another uniformed cop arrived at the hotel, talking quickly to the receptionist.
Within minutes they were getting off the elevator, walking towards the designated room.
They stopped outside, Don looking at Michael.
"You keep out of it, Michael. Let me handle this, understand?"
Michael nodded, zoning in on his gifts, ready for anything.
Detective Walters knocked on the door.
The door opened wide, a young man standing there looking at them.
"We're paid till Thursday, so fuck off." Keith said, starting to shut the door again.
"I'm Detective Walters, and I need to ask you some questions. Are you Keith Harper?"
Keith froze, his hand still on the door. His other hand concealed behind him.
The small confining room was shattered by a loud scream.
What happened next happened in a slow moment of time.
On hearing the scream, Detective Walters advanced into the room.
Keith reacted in a heartbeat, pulling the knife from behind his back.
Michael's reaction time was faster.
The knife was going right for the detective's throat, Michael's hands going out immediately. Keith was thrown back across the room, tossed like a rag doll, the knife falling in front of Don.
Don and Jack, the police officer, froze in shock, but for only a moment.
The three men advanced quickly into the room, Don and Michael heading for the bedroom.
Jack had his gun drawn on Keith, who was moaning, laying on the floor.

Don and Michael rushed into the other room, Michael shocked at what he saw. It registered in his mind, a vision of his past.
A large naked man was hovering over a terrified small naked boy, spreading the boy's legs wide, about to assault the defenseless young boy. The boy was sobbing, begging for his innocence.
Garry looked up at the intrusion, thinking it was Keith, only to be tackled by a running Don.
Don knocked him off the bed, Michael surprised by his quick reflexes.
Don and Garry rolled off the bed onto the floor, Michael on the bed in a heartbeat, untying the child.
The boy sobbed, looking up into Michael's golden eyes, his soothing, loving golden eyes.
"It's okay, Mitch. It's going to be okay." Michael said, taking the small boy in his arms gently.
The boy sobbed against him, Michael laying his small head against his chest, Michael putting his hand on the boy's forehead.
Instantly the boy was sleeping, Michael inducing a calming sleep into the child's mind. And a calming love also.
Don had Garry finally subdued, handcuffing his hands behind his back.
Don got up breathing hard, looking at Michael, who'd gently laid the child down, covering him with a blanket.
"Is he okay?"
"He's traumatized but not physically hurt. We stopped them just in time."
Don felt a sense of relief, looking down at the subdued naked man.
"Those bastards! What they could have done to that child!"
Michael saw the anger on Don's face.
"Mitch will sleep now. Let's get these guys together and see what we can uncover. I think it's going to be unbelievable."
Don nodded, pulling the man to his feet.
"Come on stallion. Let's see how your prison friends find you, child lover."
Don pushed Garry out of the room roughly, the other cop looking up at the large naked man in front of the detective.
"Call an ambulance, Jack. There's a comatose boy in the other room, needing attention."
The uniformed cop nodded, turning away from Keith.
That was all the time Keith needed.
Out of his right jean leg he pulled another knife, burying it into the cop's back, grabbing the gun from his trembling hand.
The cop gasped, falling forward, Keith aiming the gun at Don.
Michael reacted in a heartbeat, pulling Don down forcefully. Don hit the floor hard, dazed by Michael's brute force.
Garry fell forward hitting his head on the coffee table, knocked unconscious, laying naked on the floor.
The gun went off, the shot sounded deafening in the confining space, the bullet shattering the mirror that had stood behind where Don's head had been moments before.
Keith was on his feet in a flash, heading for the open door.
Michael's hands went out, the blast hitting Keith in the back, propelling him forward.
He slammed into the door frame, the gun falling from his hand, slipping out of reach, Keith landing on the floor again.
Don got up off his knees, Keith up just as quickly.
Keith took off through the open doorway, running for his life. He took the stairwell, not realizing he was heading upwards.
He didn't know what Michael was doing to him, he just wanted to get to hell out of there.
Don took off on his feet, reaching the doorway, seeing the man heading up the stairs as the stairwell door closed. Don turned, looking back at Michael, who now was at Jack's side.
Don saw that Michael had removed the knife from Jack's back. Don stood in awe seeing the blue glow around his officer and around Michael's hands.
"What are you doing, Michael?"
"I'm healing him. I've stopped the bleeding, he'll live now."
Don stared in shock, then came back to his senses.
"Take care of Jack, I'm going after him. He's heading for the roof. That bastard's not getting away.'`
Michael saw the pure determination in Don's eyes.
"Be careful, Don. He's running in terror."
Don nodded, taking off down the hallway, his gun drawn.

Moments later people ran into the hotel room: the manager, his assistant and two uniformed security guards.
They stared in awe at the wounded officer laying on the floor, Michael by his side, holding a towel against the man's back.
And at the totally naked man laying by the bedroom door.
"Take care of him, sir. I'll take your security and lead them to where Detective Walker went after the assailant. There's a young boy in the other room, he needs medical attention."
The manager nodded, heading into the other room, his assistant taking over for Michael.
"We've called an ambulance and the police."
Michael could hear the sirens off in the distance.
Michael rose up, the two guards following him out of the room.
Michael headed for the stairwell, the guards expecting to go downstairs.
Michael headed upwards, the guards looking at each other.
They climbed the stairs two at a time, Michael's gifts on high alert.
They reached the top floor, nine stories up.
Michael quietly opened the door to the roof, coming out into the late afternoon sunshine.
What awaited him, didn't surprise him, but it totally shocked the two guards.
"Make another move and I'll blow his fucking head off!!"
Keith stood on the far side of the rooftop, against a brick wall.
In front of him stood a disheveled-looking Don.
Don's gun was pressed against his own forehead, Keith totally in control.
Keith had somehow ambushed Don.
"No one wants to hurt you, please let that man go. We're just here to talk."
Keith looked insane, staring at Michael.
"No fucking way! Are you the fucking devil? Are you Satan? How did you fucking hurt me like that?"
Michael stared at him, calmly looking at him.
"I am who I am. The messenger. Sent to talk to you, Keith."
"No you're not! Your some kind of freak or something!"
"I'm here with a message, Keith. From your father."
Keith froze, looking totally shocked.
"That's fucking impossible!!!"
"Put down the gun, Keithy. Walk into my arms, my son." Michael said, his voice different, looking intently at Keith, his eyes glowing. Don felt Michael's voice enter his mind.
"I'm lulling him into confusion, Don. Once the gun lowers, drop to your knees quickly." Don heard in his mind, his eyes blinking at Michael.
Keith stared at Michael, not seeing him. Instead he saw his father and heard his rich voice, calling him by his childhood name. His father was walking toward him, his arms outstretched.
"Dad? Is that you?" Keith said, lowering the gun.
Don went down like a bag of cement.
Michael was moving like lightning, the two guards standing still, in shock at his speed.
Michael flew over Don, Keith suddenly realizing what was about to happen, bringing the gun up again.
He was too late.
Michael's feet hit Keith directly in the upper chest, propelling Keith back against the brick wall, Keith gasping in pain, his head hitting the brick.
Don turned around, hitting the man across the knees.
Keith went down, groaning in pain, Michael on his feet again, hitting him again.
Keith lay motionless on the ground.
Don looked at Michael, seeing the anger in his eyes, Don grabbing him by the arm. Michael continued to kick the fallen man with his foot.
"Stop, Michael. He's comatose."
Michael stopped, staring back at Don.
In those golden eyes, Don saw fear and terror. As if Michael was reliving some kind of past horror.
"Are you alright, Michael?"
Michael's eyes were tearing.
"I won't let him touch me again. I won't let him cut me again."
Don put his arm around Michael, sensing some deep hurt in Michael.
"It's alright son. He won't hurt anyone again."
Michael's eyes focused again, staring back at Don.
"I'm alright. Let's get him downstairs. And let's find out where to find Steve."
"Who's Steve?" Don asked, confused.
"He's Keith's friend in Buffalo who has more children captive. It's a ring of child prostitutes. Kidnapped children to force them into the sex trade. Mitch was their latest victim."
Don looked shocked, realizing what's they'd saved Mitch from.
"Good God, Michael!"
"Yes, but God has nothing to do with this evil." Michael said quietly, reaching down toward Keith.
Michael searched his body, finding no other weapons, Don taking back his fallen gun.
Michael began slapping his face, Keith starting to come to.
"Get up, you bastard. It's time for justice to be done."
Keith opened his eyes, staring into Michael's golden ones.
"Get away from me, you freak!"
Michael backed up a bit, Don grabbing the man's arm.
"Come on you asshole."
Don pulled the disoriented man up to his feet, Keith's forehead bleeding a bit.
Don pulled his hands behind his back, putting handcuffs on him.
The two guards now rushed up, standing on both sides of him.
"Guide this man downstairs to his friend." Don said, looking at Michael.
They began walking across the roof with Keith staggering between them.
"You sure you're okay, Michael?"
Michael stared after them, then looked at Don.
"Let's get down from here. I need to go home."
Don smiled, clapping Michael on the back.
"Ya did good, son. Ya did good."
Michael smiled a small smile, the two walking after the other three.

They walked behind the two guards, Keith held between them.
Keith saw the door ahead, the three of them walking along the roof's bordered edge.
A three foot wall ran along the roof's edge, a border against falling.
He felt Michael behind him, his golden eyes boring into his skull.
Keith was walking in terror.
Behind him, he felt, was some kind of monster.
He'd somehow turned into his father, luring him into his clutches.
Keith believed with all his heart that if he went downstairs that monster would destroy him.
He'd send him to prison, like his father. And there he'd die, or even worse.
There Keith would become the victim, living out his own terrifying brutal life.
Keith had only one hope. One chance of escape.
He looked over the edge, seeing his salvation.
Eight stories down was a canopy, covering the front entrance to the hotel.
If he landed on it, it was then only an eight foot drop to freedom.
He smiled a maniacal grin, turning around, staring at Michael.
"You think you've won. You think I'm beaten."
Michael stared at him, his eyes glaring at him.
"Trevor's free from you, as now is Mitch. And as those children will soon be free from Steve. Your salvation doesn't lie where you think. Only in God's forgiveness can you be saved. And God's not about to forgive you. All this was your doing. You'll pay for your own evilness."
Keith's face went white, staring at Michael, who stood beside Don, Michael was standing about a foot away from the roof's three-foot walled edge.
"I'll take my chances with flying." Keith said, kicking at the guard on his left, the man stumbling.
Keith burst forward, plowing into Michael, Michael grabbing onto him, the two plummeting over the walled edge.
Don rushed forward, too late to stop the falling twosome.
Michael felt himself falling, looking down at the approaching ground, closing his eyes, waiting for the impact and death.
Then Michael heard the voice inside him, telling him to push outward with his hands.
Michael did as commanded.
He felt himself push against Keith, who was falling with him.
The action pushed Michael and Keith in different directions.
Keith stared downward, knowing he'd misjudged the landing.
His death scream filled the closing day's sky.
Michael hit something solid, the air knocked out of him. Then he felt himself sliding, and falling again.
This was a short fall, Michael landing on something soft.
He opened his eyes, looking up at a canopy above him, covering the front entrance. He'd landed on the only piece of soft ground around him.
A flowerbed, showcasing many roses.
That were now all flattened.


Everyone looked at Michael in disbelief.
"That's unbelievable." Nick said, staring at Michael.
"It was the work of God." Lance said, Michael turning to look at him.
"Keith didn't hit the canopy. He fell to his death. My movement made him miss it, and propel me toward it. I in essence sent him to his death."
Detective Walters got up, walking over and sitting beside Michael.
"You're wrong, Michael. Keith did a risky thing. He put his hands in fate. God gave him his answer."
Michael looked at the detective, Don smiling at him.
"When I saw the two of you plummet off that roof I thought you were done for. I think God's watching out for you, Michael."
Justin smiled, his eyes now full of tears.
"He is, Don. For many reasons."
Michael turned looking at Justin, Michael's mind laying open for him again.
Justin now felt all that Michael felt, the two kissing tenderly.
Don blushed, everyone smirking.
"You're lucky, Mike. As we all are to have you back here safe." Trevor said, Michael looking at the young man.
"Keith's life is over, Trev. Your's isn't. It's time to walk free, to live a life worth living."
Michael stared at Trevor, then spoke.
"If you'll look under your shirt, my friend, you'll see my gift to you. That scar, that mark of ownership is gone. I've healed it. It's my gift to you, Trevor. Keith is now out of your life in all ways."
Trevor hesitantly pulled up his shirt, Nick watching.
He removed the bandage, seeing clear, smooth unblemished skin.
Trevor gasped, as did Nick.
"How?" Nick stuttered.
"I have the gift of healing. A gift of healing love."
Trevor teared up, Nick tightening his grip on him, both men looking into each other's tearing eyes.
Everyone looked at Trevor, then Michael.
"You're amazing, Michael. Simply amazing. You've saved a child's life today, and you've healed my Trevor." Nick said, tears in his eyes.
Trevor looked at Nick, hearing his referring to him as his Trevor. Trevor smiled.
"My God! What you did for that child, Mikey!" Lance said in wonder.
Michael's face changed, Justin feeling some deep secret letting go in Michael's mind, about to burst forth.
"I did it for myself, Lance." Michael said, his eyes again in tears.
Everyone looked stunned at those words spoken by a tearful Michael.
Justin wrapped his arms around Michael, sending him his love.
"For yourself, Michael?" Don asked, remembering that look of fear and terror in Michael's eyes on that rooftop.
"When I walked into that room, and saw that child on that bed, naked and terrified, I saw myself. All those years ago, in that apartment my supposed father had left me in. With that disgusting friend of his. What they were going to do to Mitch, that man did to me long ago. I just couldn't let it happen again."
Justin gasped, as did everyone else.
"Again, Mico?"
Michael looked up into Justin's blue eyes, Justin now seeing the truth in them.
"I lied to you Justin. I lied to all of you. That day long ago, when I was a small child, I didn't get away from that man. He got what he wanted. What my father had been paid for. He took my innocence. He raped me. I only got stabbed when I tried to kill him."
Justin felt his own feelings let go, sobbing as he held Michael in his protective arms.
"Oh, Mico! My baby! Oh God!"
Michael eyes were full of tears, pushing Justin away from him.
In his eyes, everyone saw the pain and sorrow at that remembrance.
"He raped me, Jus. I was only eight. There was no way I could fight him off. He used me all night, then fell asleep. I crawled out to the kitchen and found the knife. I walked back into that room. I was going to stab that bastard, make him pay for what he'd done to me. I crawled back into that bed, determined to kill him. But I didn't have the chance. Something woke him up, his eyes zeroing in on me. I plunged the knife but missed. We fought, I trying to escape. That's when he stabbed me. . .with the knife I'd wanted to kill him with! How's that for poetic justice?"
Michael wiped his eyes, Justin gently pulling him against him again.
"Why didn't you tell me, Mico?"
"How could I tell you such a thing?? That from the start I'd been used, that I'd lost my innocence. You were so loving that day, I didn't want to lose your love! So I let you think that I'd had the courage to fight back! When in truth I didn't! I didn't!"
Michael's tears were flowing again, Justin holding him again.
"You had the courage to survive, Mico. To survive and find me."
Everyone was in tears, feeling deep love for Michael, now that he'd revealed the truth.
"I couldn't let them do to that child what was done to me!"
Detective Walters cell phone went off, the detective getting up and answering it.
He walked over to a quiet corner to talk.
Lance got up, walking over and kneeling in front of Michael.
"Mikey, do you want to know what I believe?"
Michael nodded his head.
"I believe that God stopped you from killing that man. He awoke that man, to stop you from making a mistake. Yes you suffered for that, in your scars and your pain. But something was saved. It was your soul, Michael. And here today your giving, loving soul has reaped the reward of that heavenly intervention. Another child was saved, to have a life of happiness, not pain."
"Make that another twelve." Don said, everyone looking towards him.
"That was my lieutenant. They found Steve and his gang in Buffalo, from Garry's testimony. And they found twelve small children with them. They were all being used for the sex trade. The youngest was seven. You've saved another twelve from more pain and probable death, Michael."
Michael lay back on the couch, sobs rushing out of him.
"You all don't understand. All this in essence was my fault. It all stemmed from that day long ago. I should have killed that man that day."
Everyone looked confused, Michael staring at Justin.
"When I touched Keith, when my hands went out and pushed him away, I saw the truth."
"What is the truth, Mico?" Justin asked, tears in his eyes for Michael's pain.
"The man who raped me when I was a child was Keith's father."
Everyone stared in shock, silence echoing in the room.
"I felt Keith's pain, the pain he'd known all his life. His father had sexually abused him throughout his life. Keith was a victim of the same man as I. But Keith didn't see it that way. In his confused, twisted mind he believed his father was doing it because he loved him. Keith loved his father with all his heart. He even brought him into his own bed. Didn't he, Trevor?"
Trevor sobbed, looking at Michael.
"Yes, Michael. Keith brought him into my bed. He gave me to his father. His father was the first one, not Garry. Garry was after."
Nick put his arms around Trevor, holding him to his chest.
Michael smiled, seeing Nick's blossoming love for Trevor.
"The man who hurt me those years ago is dead. And he hurt his son, and many more. I can't change that. But somehow I feel that maybe today I've made amends for my own cowardice back then."
Justin kissed his cheek, staring into his golden eyes.
"You weren't a coward, Michael. You were a small child hurt badly by a sick man. No one thinks anything else."
Everyone agreed, Michael tearfully smiled at everyone.
Justin pulled him against him, everyone seeing Michael's emotions now in the open.
"It's over, Jus. It's finally over. All my pain is in the open. I'm free. To go forward with a free soul."
Justin held him, sending his love deep into Michael's soul. And Justin felt Michael's love flow into him.
Michael looked into Justin's blue eyes, seeing the love there.
"I'm so tired, love. I'm so tired."
Justin looked at Paulo, Paulo's eyes full of tears.
"Help me get him upstairs, Paulo."
Paulo helped Justin pick Michael up, everyone standing.
Michael was held in Justin's arms, his head resting on Justin's chest.
They all watched Justin carry Michael out of the room, Paulo walking beside him.
"Unbelievable." Don said, staring after him.
"I've never met anyone like him. So much courage and love."
Everyone smiled, Josh putting his hand on Don's shoulder.
"I think you've earned the story of Michael."
Don looked at him, Josh beginning to talk.

Michael woke up in his bed, the softness and warmth of the bed sinking into his tired bones.
He felt a hand across his chest, feeling a warmth against him.
He opened his eyes, staring into two blue pools of love.
"Afternoon, love. Time for lunch." Justin said, kissing Michael's lips.
"Afternoon? How long have I been out?"
"About fourteen hours, babe. I was almost going to change your name to Rip Van Tavarro."
Michael laughed, remembering Vicky calling him that.
Michael stretched, feeling his body back to normal, his healing working while he slept.
"How are you feeling, love?"
"Right as rain, love. A little tired but healthy."
Justin smiled, sensing Michael's healed body, then his face changed.
"We have to talk, love."
Justin sat up, fully clothed, Michael realizing he was naked.
"Can it wait, love? I need a shower." Michael said, now getting up.
Justin stared at him as his nude body rose out of the bed.
Justin loved looking at Michael's beauty.
But now wasn't the time for love.
"No, Michael. I need to say this right now."
Michael stopped, looking back at Justin.
Michael picked up his robe off the end of the bed, donning it, then sitting down on the bed facing Justin.
He saw love, faith and trust in Justin's blue eyes. But he also saw determination and courage.
"Alright, Jus. What do you want to get off your chest?"
"I'm not mad at you, Mico. But I am disappointed in you."
Michael felt a flash of guilt cross his soul.
"You blocked me from you again, Michael. You cut me out of your life. You almost died and I didn't even know it. And you kept the pain of your childhood rape inside you. You didn't trust me enough to open yourself up entirely. Don't you love me?"
Michael looked shocked.
"Of course I love you, my Jus! Don't ever doubt that!"
"Then why didn't you trust me enough to let me know what was going on? I understand why you blocked me the night before, because you were hurt. But this time there was no reason, only your own selfish beliefs."
Justin was getting emotional, Michael's guilt growing.
"I'm sorry, Jus. I did it to save you the knowledge of the deep hurt and feelings coming from inside me. How would you have felt feeling all my pain at that remembrance, at what I now was seeing happen again?"
Justin pulled Michael in front of him.
"I would have felt it like you did, Mico. I would have felt it and you would have felt my love. I can't believe that you can't see that I'm here for you. That I would have been there for you at that moment. I love you. And I'll bear all your pain, with you. The two of us together. We are one soul, Michael. In love and in pain. Always."
Michael teared up, hearing those loving words from Justin.
"I just wanted to spare you my pain. I love you, Jus. I just wanted to spare you all that I felt."
Justin pulled Michael against him, wrapping his loving, strong arms around him.
"Oh, Mico! Being in love means sharing everything. Love, pain, hurt, and happiness. Don't block me out of yourself, Michael. I love you. I want to know all that you're feeling, all that makes you the man that I love."
Michael smiled, kissing Justin's moist lips.
"I'm sorry, Jus. I promise you that I'll never do that again. I'll be open to you in all ways."
Justin smiled, kissing him back.
The kissing became more intense, Justin pushing Michael back onto the bed, his hands pulling open the robe.
Justin's hands began to roam, Michael moaning now.
A light rapping came from the closed bedroom door, Justin lifting his head.
"Go away! No one here but two men deeply in love."
Michael smiled, pushing Justin back, getting up and closing his robe again.
"Down boy!"
Justin pouted, Michael blowing him a kiss.
Michael walked to the door, opening it.
Trevor stood on the other side, smiling at him.
"Hi, Michael. Glad to see you up."
Michael looked down to where Trevor was looking, seeing the large tent in the front of his robe.
Michael blushed, Trevor smirked.
"Hi, Trev. How's it going?"
Trevor's wide smile filled Michael's heart with happiness.
"Not as good as it seems to be going for you. Just wanted to tell you that Don's downstairs with some other people who want to see you."
Michael nodded, looking back at Justin.
"We'll be down in a few minutes. Take them all into the kitchen and give them some lunch." Michael said, Trevor smiling, walking back down the hallway.
Michael closed the door, looking at Justin.
Michael's robe fell to the floor, Justin staring at the vision of aroused beauty in front of him.
"We have time for a fast shower, my sexy boybander. Care to taste my deep love?"
Justin's hands were pulling off his t-shirt and pants, Michael walking seductively into the bathroom.
Justin ran after him, his love on full display.

Twenty minutes later, Michael and Justin walked into the kitchen, Michael surprised at who was there.
A small boy ran up to him, wrapping his arms around him.
Justin quietly stood still, looking at this touching embrace.
Michael knelt down, staring into the small blue eyes looking at him.
"Thank you, Michael! Thank you for saving me!"
Michael smiled a teary smile, Justin feeling his happiness.
"You're welcome, Mitch. And it's Mike, not Michael, okay?"
Mitch's smile lit up his face.
"Okay, Mike. Mom and Dad wanted to meet you, and I wanted to thank you."
Michael stood up, tussling the child's blond mop.
Mitch smiled, Michael looking at two people who'd risen from their chairs. Don remained seated smiling at Michael.
The woman was crying , her eyes full of tears. The man also was teary-eyed.
"Oh thank you, Mr. Tavarro! For saving my Mitchell!" The woman said, walking and pulling Michael into a tight hug.
The man walked up to him, wrapping his arm around his son, shaking Michael's hand.
"Detective Walters told us how you saved our boy, how you were there for him. We'll never be able to repay you for what you've done for us." The man said, his tears now flowing.
Michael smiled at both of the emotional parents, looking down at Mitch.
"Your son being here, with that wonderful smile on his face is enough." Michael said, introducing the reunited family to Justin.
Justin shook their hands, Mitch staring at him in awe.
"You're Justin Timberlake!!!"
Justin laughed, smiling at the boy.
"Yep! You like my music?"
"Oh yeah, you're fantastic!" The boy blushed, Michael smiling.
"He's got your posters all over his walls at home." Mitch's mother said, now more in control of her emotions.
"MOOOOOM!!!" Mitch said turning red as a tomato, embarrassed at his mother's revelation.
Justin just laughed and said "It's OK, I'm flattered."
Michael then had them all sit down, Don patting Michael on the back.
"How are you doing this fine day, Mike?" Don said, Michael telling him.
They continued to finish their lunch, Trevor smiling at everyone.
Mitch sat between Justin and Michael, his head turning back and forth between the two.
He was lost in the wonder of his hero and his idol.
Justin talked happily to the child, as did Michael.
Don smiled, seeing the boy's normalcy. Yesterday's trauma somehow erased from his young mind. Don sensed Michael in some way was responsible for that.
Don filled them in on the results of Michael's day of intervention.
Garry, Steve and four others had been charged with child prostitution, kidnapping, assaulting minors and murder.
It had come to light that other children had died, bodies having been  found on the property.
Don felt Keith had escaped justice, having fallen to his death.
But Michael knew the truth.
Keith had been served justice and he'd pay for it with his eternal soul.
"You're all over the papers again, Michael." Trevor said, Michael nodding.
"The hero does it again." Don said, smiling.
"I did what had to be done."
"Well, there are a slew of reporters outside your gates again." Don said.
"Justin and I've discussed it, Mike. You need to issue a statement." Trevor said, his professional insight on display.
"So you're my PR man now too, Trev?"
Trevor blushed, replying yes.
"Well, since Mitch is here, and so are his parents, how about an open interview? The press is waiting. What do you think, Mitch?"
Mitch looked shocked.
"You mean I get to be on TV!"
Justin smiled, seeing Michael's calm manner now in regard to his hero standing.
"Yes, we get to tell our story." Michael said, looking at his parents.
"We trust you, Michael."
Michael smiled, discussing what he wanted to do with everyone.

Half an hour later, everyone was walking down the driveway, towards the front gates.
They could see the mass of camera, video trucks and reporters waiting around a set up podium.
Jim smiled at Michael, opening the gates.
The group walked through, the cameras flashing, people zooming in on them.
Don walked up to the podium.
"My name is Detective Don Walters. I'm going to read a statement, detailing all that had happened yesterday."
Don read his statement, talking about the rescue of the small child, his and Michael's being there, the death of the assailant, the wounding of a police officer, and the resulting rescue of twelve children in Buffalo.
"Now we'll hear from Michael Tavarro, and the introduction of Mitchell Anderson, the young man freed yesterday."
Michael felt Justin's hand go in his, Justin following him to the podium. Justin's love was with him, physically and emotionally.
"On behalf of the Anderson family and myself, I'll take questions."
The reporters all started yelling, Michael pointing at one close reporter.
"What is your involvement in this, Mr. Tavarro? Are you a hero again?"
"I helped free the young man standing here. He was in trouble. I found out from a friend of mine, Trevor Bolton what type of person Keith Harper was. "
Michael talked of Trevor's involvement with Keith, Michael drawing him to the podium.
Trevor answered questions shyly, explaining his past.
The reporters all looked on with surprise, hearing the story unfold.
"I went to Detective Walters for help, in finding out what really was going on. We walked into the middle of Mitch's kidnapping and attempted attack."
Michael lead Mitch to the podium, wrapping his arm around his shoulder.
"If you want a hero, this young man is that. He had the courage to not give up, to fight as much as he could. Through God's love and our help, this amazing young man wasn't hurt. I thank God for that."
Standing there with the young man in his arms, and Don smiling beside him, Justin smiled looking at the happiness on both men's faces.
The cameras were in full gear, pictures and video captured.
Mitch's parents had tears in their eyes seeing their son happy again, in the arms of his saviour.
"Have his parents given you their thanks?" A reporter asked.
Mitch's parents walked to the podium, standing beside Michael.
"We've thanked Michael with all our hearts. Michael's said his reward is seeing our son unhurt. We can't thank him enough." Mitch's father said, his wife in tears.
"That's all that matters. Mitchell and twelve other children are now today safe, back with their families. And an evil group of men will stand in judgement. We can live with the knowledge that we've stopped something atrocious and evil from continuing. Let's pray for all those lost souls that weren't fortunate enough to survive. Thank you, that's all I have to say."
Michael left the podium, Mitch in his arms, Justin's arm wrapped around him.
The cameras went off, questions still being asked, the group going back behind the gates, walking back to the house.

Mitch and his parents left two hours later, Don leaving with them.
Trevor left, Michael inviting him and Nick back for a barbeque later that evening.
Trevor turned the request down, stating that he and Nick were going to spend some time together, to get to know each other.
Michael and Justin both smiled, knowing what that meant.
Justin and Michael relaxed, just being together for the rest of the afternoon.
Around five their friends all showed up, Justin having called all of them, at Michael's insistence.
"I want to be with friends tonight, Jus. I want to be surrounded by love."
Justin held Michael tightly, staring off into space.
"You'll always have my love around you, Mico."
Michael smiled, laying his head on Justin's chest.
Vicky, Chris, Joey and Kelly smothered Michael in their warm embraces, all having heard the truth from Lance and Josh.
"I take it our little gossipers have made the rounds." Michael said, smiling at Lance and Josh.
Lance and Josh blushed, Michael laughing.
"I'm always surrounded by your love, boys."
Everyone smiled, sensing Michael's happiness.
Vicky sat on his lap on the patio, quietly talking to him.
He told her everything, Vicky hugging him tightly.
"Justin's right, Mikey. You've kept him in the dark. It's not fair to him."
Michael nodded, looking towards Justin heading into the kitchen with Lance. They were going to pull out some vegetable trays.
"You're right, Vic. I've been denying him the truth. From now on, I'll never hide anything from him. I love him too much to hurt him like that again."
Vicky smiled, kissing his cheek.
"Hey, Joe and Chris. How about a friendly game of badminton?" Michael said, Vicky standing up.
"You're on, Mikey! But you're on my team! No way I'm losing to you again!" Chris said, Michael laughing.
"Okay, Snookums."
Chris rolled his eyes, Joey laughing.
In the kitchen, Lance and Justin were quietly talking.
"So how's he really doing?" Lance asked Justin, Justin leaning against the kitchen counter.
"He's tired, Lance. All his pain has been revealed, and he's free to be himself now. But I sense the tiredness in him. All the weight of his responsibilities are taking their toll. I think it's time for me to bear the burden for him."
Lance looked at Justin quietly, seeing a newness in Justin's resolve.
Justin Timberlake was growing up.
"I'm proud of you, Jus."
Justin smiled, Lance hugging him.
"You've matured so much since Michael walked into your life. You seem like a new person."
"I've never been happier, Lance. Michael is my everything. And I'm going to show him that every day of our lives."
Lance smiled, going back to readying the vegetable trays.

Helena Stavros was tired.
She and Silas had arrived home that morning, having spent the last week with Zach, Christina and Becky.
Helena smiled remembering her granddaughter's tearful goodbye, and the love shown by her great granddaughter.
Helena sighed, sitting her knitting down. She closed her eyes, feeling the tiredness flow through her.
Her thoughts turned to her Mico.
She smiled, thinking of their tender farewell.
He'd called her yesterday, telling her about Trevor. His new friend.
Michael and his growing circle of friends.
She laughed at that; remembering the shy, lost young man.
Now he was the center of her existence as well as so many others.
Silas walked into the drawing room, smiling, carrying a cup of tea to her.
"Thanks, Silas." Helena said, Silas leaning down and kissing her.
"No problem, my angel."
Helena smiled, Silas putting the cup on the end table beside her.
"I'll do up the dishes. You look like you could use a rest, my love."
"I am tired, Silas. Maybe I'll just finish this scarf and then I'll take a nap."
"Alright, my love. I'll be in the kitchen, if you need me for anything."
He kissed her cheek, looking into her golden brown eyes.
"I love you, Silas."
He smiled, Nana kissing him.
"Love ya back two fold, old girl."
She smiled, Silas standing back up.
She looked down at her knitting, as he walked out of the room.
She lay back in the wing chair, closing her eyes.
After a few moments, Helena felt a warmth around her.
She opened her eyes staring at her daughter standing in front of her.
"Diana, my sweet little angel."
Diana smiled, taking her Mother's hand in her's.
"Hello, Mama."
Helena stood up, smiling at her beautiful face.
"We've found her, Diana. Your little forgotten angel."
"I know Mama. And she and Michael are now together. Their love is united."
Helena smiled, looking at the love and happiness in her daughter's face.
"I've missed you so much, Diana."
"I've always been with you, Mama, and now we'll be together always."
Nana looked confused, then turning around.
She saw herself sitting on the wing chair, her eyes closed.
She turned back to her daughter, a tear falling down Diana's cheek.
"It's time Mama. Time for us to be one again." Diana said, turning her head.
Nana turned, looking in the direction Diana's gaze focused.
Nana's breath caught in her throat.
A man stood staring at her, a familiar smile across his face.
"Augustus? Is that really you?"
"Yes, my Helena. Come to me. Come to our family's heart."
Helena walked the short distance, falling into the arms of the man who healed her soul, who filled the ancient void of her emptiness.
Diana walked up to both of them, the three hugging together.
"We've so much to tell you, Mama. So much about our sweet Michael."
Nana's face changed, looking at her husband and daughter.
"Michael will be so hurt, so lost."
Diana smiled.
"Michael will have Justin's love. That will heal his grieving soul."
Nana smiled, Augustus kissing her cheek.
"It's time, my angel. Time for us to be together, forever."
Nana smiled, taking her daughter's and her Augustus' hands in hers.
"Then let's be getting to it."
They walked into the fading light, Nana turning back, a happy tear in her eye.
"Goodbye, my Mico. My love will always be with you."

Lance and Justin had just finished the trays when they heard the heart-stopping scream from outside.
It sounded like someone's soul had been ripped apart.
Lance dropped his tray, the vegetables flying everywhere. Justin threw his on the table.
Lance stared at Justin and saw the pain and hurt in his tearing eyes.
Justin ran out of the room, Lance at his heels.
They ran through the patio doors, seeing a heart-wrenching sight in front of them.
All the patio chairs were thrown around, furniture scattered everywhere.
Everyone was standing together, Josh rushing up to Justin, tears in his eyes.
"It's Michael, he's totally flipped out. We couldn't stop him. He doesn't see or know us."
Justin's eyes were on Michael who was in the middle of the back yard, the badminton net ripped apart, laying on the ground in front of him.
Michael's hands went out, a large tree shattering into flying pieces.
Michael's face was a mask of deep anguish, tears flowing, Michael sobbing.
Joey and Kelly held each other, Chris holding Vicky. They were all terrified.
Paulo was laying on the ground in front of Michael, pleading with him to stop.
"What's wrong, Mikey? Please stop! Please stop this madness!" Paulo sobbed.
Justin rushed out onto the grass, Lance yelling for him to stop.
Justin was in front of Michael, grabbing him tightly.
Michael screamed, Justin holding on for dear life, Michael's arms flying out.
Half the water in the pool flew out, drenching the back yard.
Two trees by the house were knocked down flat.
Michael fell to the ground sobbing uncontrollably.
Justin held him in his arms, feeling the total grief rolling through Michael's mind and soul.
Everyone came running off the patio, Paulo crawling to his feet, at his brother's side in a flash.
They'd never seen Michael in such a state of total grief.
Michael was sobbing, his body trembling, Justin holding onto him for dear life.
"What's wrong, Jus? What's wrong with Michael?" Lance said in tears.
Justin looked up, his face a mask of deep sorrow. Tears flowed down his face.
Then four words came out of his trembling mouth, four words that tore at all their souls.
"It's Nana. She's dead."

End of Chapter 106

A hard chapter to write.
For many reasons.
The whole part written from my troubled heart.
Life is about change, sometimes a change brought on by grief and sadness.
But as Nana said:
"My love will always be with you."

Tearfully we must go forward, the next chapters being a very moving goodbye to a special lady.
I hope you won't condemn me for this dramatic change.
It's important to the story as a whole.
God does work in mysterious ways.
He does things for a reason.
Always remember that.
It's gotten me through some grief of my own.

A tearful hug, Angel.

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