Justin's Angel-107

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The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Lance and Justin had just finished the trays when they heard the heart stopping scream from outside.
It sounded like someone's soul had been ripped apart.
Lance dropped his tray, the vegetables flying everywhere. Justin threw his on the table.
Lance stared at Justin and saw the pain and hurt in his tearing eyes.
Justin ran out of the room, Lance at his heels.
They ran through the patio doors, seeing a heart wrenching sight in front of them.
All the patio chairs were thrown around, furniture scattered everywhere.
Everyone was standing together, Josh rushing up to Justin, tears in his eyes.
"It's Michael, he's totally flipped out. We couldn't stop him. He doesn't see or know us."
Justin's eyes were on Michael who was in the middle of the back yard, the badminton net ripped apart, laying on the ground in front of him.
Michael's hands went out, a large tree shattering into flying pieces.
Michael's face was a mask of deep anguish, tears flowing, Michael sobbing.
Joey and Kelly held each other, Chris holding Vicky. They were all terrified.
Paulo was laying on the ground in front of Michael, pleading with him to stop.
"What's wrong, Mikey? Please stop. Please stop." Paulo sobbed.
Justin rushed out onto the grass, Lance yelling for him to stop.
Justin was in front of Michael, grabbing him tightly.
Michael screamed, Justin holding on for dear life, Michael's arms flying out.
Half the water in the pool flew out, drenching the back yard.
Two trees by the house were knocked down flat.
Michael fell to the ground sobbing uncontrollably.
Justin held him in his arms, feeling the total grief rolling through Michael's mind and soul.
Everyone came running off the patio, Paulo crawling to his feet, at his brother's side in a flash.
They'd never seen Michael in such a state of total grief.
Michael was sobbing, his body trembling, Justin holding onto him for dear life.
"What's wrong, Jus? What's wrong with Michael?" Lance said in tears.
Justin looked up, his face a mask of deep sorrow. Tears flowed down his face.
Then four words came out of his mouth, four words that tore at all their souls.
"It's Nana. She's dead."

Chapter 107

Homecoming of Sorrows

Justin sat quietly in bed, Michael laying against him.
His eyes were closed, Michael having finally succumbed to exhaustion.
He'd cried for a long time, Justin holding him tight.
Paulo sat on the end of the bed, staring at his brothers.
"What are we going to do, Jus? Michael's devastated."
Justin looked at Paulo, Paulo seeing the sorrow and sadness on Justin's face.
"I'm going to be his rock, Polo. I'm not leaving him for anything. We'll get through this."
Paulo had helped Justin carry a distraught Michael into the house.
Everyone had followed, eyes full of tears.
And his friends and brothers all felt his pain and sorrow.
Josh had called Michael's grandmother's home only to find a stranger answering the phone.
It was their neighbor who'd taught Michael to skate.
Silas had called her when he'd found Helena.
He'd found Helena in the drawing room, sitting in her chair where he'd left her.
She was gone, having slipped peacefully away in her sleep.
The neighbor was now with him, Josh talking to her quietly for a few minutes.
Josh was glad Silas wasn't alone.
The ambulance and police had been called, the formalities observed.
Silas was sitting in the drawing room with Nana, being there with her as he'd always been.
Lance looked up at Josh when he'd hung up the phone, seeing the tears in Josh's eyes, knowing now that it was true.
Lance walked up to him, Josh putting his arms around his lover.
Everyone was staring at him, seeing his tears flowing.
"Silas found her in the drawing room, she'd died in her sleep while sitting in her favorite chair. It couldn't have been less than a half hour ago."
"Michael felt it instantly. Through his devotion. That's how he knew." Lance said, wiping his teary eyes.
"Yes, it had to have been that way. And that's how Justin knew, through their sharing gifts." Vicky said.
Josh looked at Lance, feeling his deep love for Michael.
"She was a special lady. I think we should all say a prayer for her." Lance said.
Everyone stood, joining their hands in a circle.
Lance spoke the quiet words.
"It's us, Lord. Your children of love. One special lady has come home to you today, a special angel loved by all of us. In your light and love, she will be eternally happy. Our deepest concern now is for Michael, our friend and brother. For today he has lost a part of his heart, his Nana. Watch over him, Lord. Keep his heart full of love, keep his soul free from grief. We love him with all our hearts. As we loved sweet Nana. You've got a special person with you now, you will feel her love and joy as we'd all felt it. We'll walk in your love until we meet her again. For with your love we'll go on. Amen."
"Amen." Everyone replied teary-eyed, Lance laying his head on Josh's chest.
"How will Michael get through this? She was everything to him." Vicky said, Chris hugging her tight.
Paulo walked into the room, having come down from Michael's room. Jake walking up to him.
"Josh called Nana's place. It's true, Silas found her. She'd passed away in her sleep." Jake said, looking at Paulo.
Paulo hugged Jake, kissing his cheek.
"I've called Grandfather, and Justin's parents. Everyone's making plans. Everyone will be there for Michael." Paulo said, wiping his wet face.
Jake put his arm around Paulo.
"How's Michael doing, Polo?"
Paulo sobbed, Jake holding him tighter.
"He's devastated. He couldn't even talk. Justin's been holding onto him for dear life. He's finally fallen asleep."
"He'll need Justin--and all of us--to get through this." Jake said, Paulo nodding.
"The Tavarro jet's been scheduled, we're flying out around midnight." Paulo said, Lonnie handing him a cup of coffee.
"We're all going to get organized and fly out first thing in the morning, Paulo." Josh said.
Paulo nodded, knowing he wasn't leaving Michael's side for anything.
"How's Justin holding up?" Josh said, Paulo smiling.
"He's by Michael's side. His love is there for Michael. I see his total devotion to Michael's well-being. He wants to see you both, Josh and Lance." Paulo said, Josh looking at his lover.
The two men excused themselves, walking out of the room.
Jake guided Paulo to a couch, the two sitting down beside Vicky. Chris sat on the armrest beside her.
Vicky put her arm around Paulo.
"We'll all be here for him." She said quietly, kissing his cheek.
"I can't believe she's gone. She was so full of life, such a loving, special lady." Paulo said, Jake holding his hand.
"I'll call Christina and Zach." Vicky said, getting up.
She walked over to the phone, finding Michael's address book beside the phone.
She found their number, hitting the numbers on the cordless phone.
Zach answered, Vicky thankful for that.
"It's Vicky, Zach. I have to tell you some tragic news."

Josh and Lance walked into Justin and Michael's bedroom, seeing Justin sitting on the bed, Michael asleep beside him.
Justin's arms were wrapped around him.
"Hey, Jus. How's he doing?" Josh said quietly.
Justin slowly separated from Michael, gently getting out of the bed. Michael moved a bit, moaning.
Josh and Lance both hugged him, seeing the sadness in Justin's eyes.
"He's sleeping, a fitful sleep. He's called out Nana's name a couple of times." Justin said, looking down on Michael's sleeping form.
"I called Nana's, Jus. Silas found her in the drawing room. She'd fallen asleep in her chair. She died peacefully in her sleep."
Justin held back a sob, Josh hugging him against him.
"I felt it all, Joshy. I felt the moment she died, Lance. I felt it in Michael's soul. I felt the moment fill his soul. How do I stop the grief that's consuming him?" Justin sobbed into Josh's chest, Lance rubbing his back.
"By being strong for him, Jus. By being there for him in any way he needs you. We all know of your deep love for him. Your love is what he needs most right now." Lance said, rubbing Justin's back.
Justin calmed down, raising his head, wiping his eyes.
"My love will be with him every moment. I'm not leaving him for anything. Even if it means cancelling next week's European tour."
"You'll worry about that when the time comes. Right now Paulo's scheduled the jet, it leaves at midnight. That's three hours from now." Josh said, Justin nodding.
"We'll help you pack, buddy." Lance said, Justin smiling.
"Thanks, guys."
Both men smiled, hugging Justin again.
Justin turned seeing Michael awake on the bed, sitting up.
Jus was beside him in a flash, Josh and Lance taking each other's hands, looking down at their friends.
"I'm right here, love."
"She's gone, isn't she?" Michael said quietly, looking down into his hands.
"Yes, my love. She's gone to God's house." Justin said, kissing his cheek.
"I don't want her to go, she said she'd always be here for me."
Michael was in tears again, looking up at Josh and Lance.
Their hearts cracked seeing the deep grief and sadness in those golden eyes.
"I loved her so much. She was my grandmother, my Mom, and my friend." Michael sobbed, Justin holding him tighter.
Lance sat down on the bed, Michael reaching out for him.
Lance took him in his arms, holding him as he cried on his chest.
"She was a special lady, Mikey. She loved you so much. But God needs her now, for some special reason. You can't be mad, Mikey. She's in His house now, she'll be happy forever."
"But I need her, I need her so much."
Justin was in tears, rubbing his lover's back.
"I know, Mico. She'll always be in your heart."
Michael parted from Lance, Josh sitting down now, hugging Michael.
"We all loved her, Mike. And we all love you. We're all here for you in every way possible."
Michael nodded, feeling the love flowing from Lance and Josh.
He parted from Josh, looking at Justin.
"I need to go home, Jus. I need to make sure Uncle Silas is okay. And I need to see her."
Justin nodded, Michael laying his head on Justin's chest.
"Paulo's getting us all set to go, we're leaving in a couple of hours. Lance and Josh are going to pack our clothes. We'll be back at Nana's in the early morning." Justin said, Michael nodding.
"How about you taking a shower, Mico?  Then we'll get changed and go downstairs. Everyone's still here."
Michael nodded, Justin slowly pulling the two of them out of bed.
Justin led Michael to the bathroom.
"Please, Jus. Don't leave me. I don't want to be alone."
Justin looked at Josh and Lance, both nodding.
"I'm not going anywhere, Mico. I'll help you clean up." Justin said, walking into the bathroom with him, closing the door quietly.
Lance sat down on the bed, Josh sitting beside him.
"I'm worried, Josh." Lance said quietly.
Josh put his arm around him.
"What's worrying you, Lance?"
"I'm worried that Michael's loving heart may never recover from this."
"He has something that will heal his heart, Lance."
Lance looked at Josh, seeing the love in his deep blue eyes.
"He has Justin's love. That love will conquer all."

An hour later, Justin and Michael walked into their living room, everyone still waiting.
They all got up, Vicky the first to take Michael into her arms.
"Oh, Mikey! I love you so much! I'm so sorry she's gone! I loved her like my own granny!"
Michael cried, holding her close.
"Thank you, Vicky. She loved you too."
Chris, Joey, Kelly and Jake all hugged Michael, Paulo putting his arms around both Justin and Michael.
"She's never gone as long as we keep her in our hearts, Mikey." He said, Michael looking into his green eyes.
"I don't want her in my heart, or in my mind, Polo! I want her here, alive, with us! How do I go on without her love and her happiness? She was everything to me! She saved me, I owe her my happiness and my life! How can I have happiness without her?"
Michael sobbed, Justin holding him tight, everyone surrounding them in a group hug.
Michael cried, Justin gradually calming him down.
"I'm sorry, Paulo,I just can't get my mind around this. Why did she have to leave me?" Michael said, shaking his head, Paulo hugging him.
No one answered him, they just couldn't give him the answer he needed.
The room fell into silence,  Josh and Lance coming back into the room.
"We've packed your bags, Jus. Everything's ready to go."
Justin nodded, Michael looking up at them.
Michael go up, walking over to the piano, Justin following him.
Michael sat down at the piano, taking a picture off the top of it.
Justin looked at it, seeing it was a picture of Michael and Nana.
"She was always there for me, Jus. She gave me inspiration and hope. How do I say goodbye to her?" Michael said, staring at the picture in his hand.
"Life sometimes gives us sorrowful goodbyes, Michael. We all have to face them at one time or another in our lives. All we can do is remember the love and happiness that we gained from knowing that special person. And she'll always be in your heart, in all of our hearts."
Michael looked up at Justin, seeing the love in his blue tearing eyes.
Michael set the picture down, still looking at his grandmother's face.
He began playing the piano, soft soulful music filling the room.
The music itself was hauntingly beautiful, no one recognizing the melody.
The somber music filled their hearts and minds with a deep sadness, the music a tearful melody of loss.
Michael played for almost ten minutes, everyone lost in its haunting soulfulness.
Michael ended the song, the room in silence.
"That was so moving, Michael! Who composed that melody? I've never heard it before." Josh said, his knowledge of music well-known.
"It's the first time I've played it, Josh. I just wrote it in my mind. I played it from my mind to my hands. I played it for only her. It's my feelings for her in music. My feelings of love and loss."
Josh, Lance and the others were sobbing, Justin crying beside Michael.
"I'm sure she heard it Mikey. It will be heard in heaven's ballroom today." Lance said, in tears.
Michael smiled a small smile, moved by Lance's loving words.
"It's time for me to go home, Jus. To see her for the last time. I have to say my final goodbye."
Justin hugged him, everyone standing.
They all hugged Michael, promising to see him later tomorrow, Justin helping Michael on with his coat.
Within minutes they were heading out of the driveway, Justin still seeing reporters and vehicles outside the gate.
"The press may follow us, Justin. They're still hounding Michael about yesterday's heroic feat." Paulo said, staring out the window.
"I won't let them near him, Polo. Not at this emotional time."
"We'll think of something." Jake said, patting Justin's shoulder.
Within an hour and a half the two lovers were on the sleek white jet, flying towards New York state.
Paulo and Jake were on the plane also, Paulo being true to his word.
He wasn't leaving Michael for anything.
Justin sat with Michael on a large loveseat, the two facing Paulo and Jake on another.
Michael stared out the window, not really looking at anything.
Justin watched him, occasionally looking at Paulo and Jake.
Justin felt Michael's soul, his inner feelings.
The grief was still there, like a burning center in Michael's soul.
Justin's love surrounded it, but didn't penetrate it.
Justin knew only time would heal that wound, time and his unending love.
He took Michael's hand in his, Michael turning his head, looking into his blue eyes.
Michael snuggled up against him, closing his teary eyes, Justin holding him.
Paulo felt Jake do the same against him.
"I love you, Mikey. We all do." Paulo thought, closing his tired eyes.

At five in the morning, the plane landed in New York City first.
Three passengers were being picked up for the short trip to Little Falls, Michael's hometown.
The jet landed, slipping into a private hangar.
Michael was sleeping against Justin, Paulo getting up.
"We'll just board them and then be off again." Paulo said, Justin nodding.
Paulo opened the exit door, staring at the three people standing on the tarmac.
Zach, Christina and little Becky.
Paulo walked off the plane, hugging Christina tightly.
"I'm so sorry, Christina. She was so wonderful." Paulo said, his voice full of emotion.
Christina hugged her cousin, Zach rubbing Paulo's back.
"Thank you, Paulo. Where's Michael?"
"He's asleep, it's been a rough night for him."
Christina didn't say anything else, walking toward the plane, Becky climbing into Paulo's arms.
"Where's Uncle Justin and Uncle Mikey? Mommy said we were going to see them again." Becky said, kissing Paulo's cheek.
"They're on the plane. Come on, little angel."
Zach picked up their bags, following Paulo and Becky.
Christina walked onto the plane, Jake hugging her.
They quietly talked, Justin looking over at Christina.
Justin gently got up, not disturbing Michael, walking toward her.
Michael stirred a little, but didn't wake up.
Justin saw the tears in her eyes, the two rushing into each other's arms.
Christina sobbed into Justin's chest, Justin holding her tightly.
"I just found her, now I've lost her!"
Justin held her, rubbing her back, Zach was in tears standing behind them.
Becky got out of Paulo's arms, running over to Justin, grabbing him by the leg.
"Why's Mommy crying, Uncle Justin?"
Justin and Christina parted, Justin bending down, taking his little angel into his arms.
Becky kissed his cheek, Justin smiling at her.
"Mommy's sad because grandma Nana has gone to see the angels."
"Nana's gone away?" Becky said, looking up at her mother.
"Yes, sweetie. She's gone to heaven."
Becky looked over at Michael who still was sleeping.
She climbed out of Justin's arms walking over and climbing up on the seat with Michael.
She laid beside his sleeping form, kissing his cheek.
"I love you, Uncle Michael." She said, Justin and Christina staring at her. Justin was crying openly, Christina rubbing his shoulder.
Zach walked up to Justin, hugging him.
Paulo pulled up the doorway, he and Jake sitting down.
"We're going to be airborne again, everyone should sit down." Paulo said quietly.
Justin sat down with Christina and Zach, across from Becky and Michael.
The plane was airborne in a few minutes.
Becky snuggled up against Michael, falling asleep almost immediately.
Justin and Christina quietly talked, Zach listening in.
"He's in an emotional state, Cricket. This has hurt his soul so much. He's so lost."
"Your love will heal him, Jus. Of that I'm certain."
"How are you holding up?" Justin asked, taking her hand.
"I just found her, Jus. Why couldn't she have stayed a little longer? The last week with her was so special. She was such a loving, kind person."
"Yes she was. She was my special angel. She was my Nana."
Justin looked over at Michael, seeing he was now awake, staring back at Christina and Justin.
"Hello, Christina." Michael said quietly, looking down at the small child sleeping beside him.
Michael ran his finger along Becky's cheek, a tear falling down his cheek.
Christina moved into the seat beside Michael, Justin lifting Becky off of Michael, sitting down again with her in his arms.
Christina hugged Michael, as did Zach, Michael tearing up again.
"Michael, we love you so much. We loved her so much. She was a grandmother to me as well. I'll always love her in my heart." Zach said, hugging his friend.
Michael cried, looking at Christina.
"I only got to know her for a short time, Michael. But in that time I saw her goodness, her love and her happiness. And you were her pride and joy. You were her reason for happiness."
Michael sobbed, Zach hugging him tight, Justin looking on with tears in his eyes.
Becky awoke in his arms, rubbing her eyes.
She smiled at Michael, Michael looking over at the small child.
"Hi,  Uncle Michael. I love you."
Michael smiled a small smile, wiping his eyes.
"Uncle Michael loves his little angel."
Becky climbed down, running over and jumping up into Michael's outstretched arms.
Christina and Zach smiled, seeing their daughter's love for her uncle.
Justin smiled, Michael looking at him with love.
"How ya doing, love?"
"I'm a little better, Jus. Are we almost there?"
"Yes, Mikey. In about fifteen minutes." Paulo said, smiling at him.
Michael nodded, hugging Becky closer to him.
Zach looked at Justin, Justin looking back at him and Christina.
The next fifteen minutes were quiet, Michael just holding Becky, Becky cuddling against him.
Justin thought that somehow she knew Michael needed her love.

They landed on the airfield just outside of Little Falls.
The plane came to a stop, Paulo opening the doorway.
Everyone walked off, Justin and Michael last.
Michael looked across the tarmac seeing his uncle standing alone, waiting for them.
Everyone stopped, Michael letting go of Justin's hand.
Michael walked forward, then ran.
Silas opened his arms, Michael falling into them sobbing.
Silas had tears running down his cheeks, holding tightly onto Michael, his young friend crying into his chest.
Everyone stood quietly watching the two grieving men console each other.
Michael needed the greatest consoling, his emotions laid bare.
"It's okay, Michael. It's okay. She's at peace now." Silas said, holding him in his arms.
Michael sobbed, Justin walking up to them.
Silas looked into Justin's tearing eyes, Justin wrapping his arm around Silas' shoulder.
"How are you holding up, Uncle Silas?" He said with love.
"I'm hanging in there, Jus. I'm keeping it together."
Michael looked up into Silas' grey eyes, seeing the sadness there.
"I felt her, Unky. I felt her leave me."
Silas teared up, knowing the bond Michael held with her.
"She loved you deeply, Michael. She talked yesterday about you, and how happy she was you and Christina had found each other."
Christina teared up, Zach holding her.
Christina walked up, hugging Silas, as did Zach, Paulo and Jake.
Justin held Michael as everyone gave Silas their love and condolences.
"Let's go home, everyone. Nora's got breakfast ready."
Nora Swanson had come over again, early. She knew Michael and his friends would need breakfast after flying all night.
Michael wrapped his arms around Silas, the two heading towards a white van.
"It'll be a tight squeeze, but there's room for everyone. I borrowed Bill's van. The rental place isn't open yet. I'll drive ya down later to pick up a vehicle." Silas said, Paulo nodding.
Paulo and Silas got in front, Paulo driving. He knew that Silas wasn't in the best state of mind to drive.
Everyone piled into the two rows of seats in the back.
Justin sat beside a quiet Michael, Michael laying his head on Justin's chest.
The trip was a quiet one, everyone knowing the two men wanted silence.
In twenty minutes, they pulled up to Nana's home.
Michael got out, looking at the beautiful white house that had been his loving home.
Zach put his hand on Michael's shoulder, both men looking at the house.
"So many good times we had here, Mike. So many memories."
Michael nodded, remaining quiet.
Justin walked up to the house with him, following Silas.
The door opened, an older lady walking out.
She immediately hugged Michael, Michael feeling the warmth of her smile.
"Welcome home, Michael! It's been too long! I just wish it were under happier circumstances." Nora said, tears on her smiling face.
"Thank you, Mrs. Swanson. Thank you for being here for Silas."
She smiled, kissing Michael's cheek.
"Your grandmother was my dearest friend, Mikey. I couldn't be anywhere else."
Michael teared up, the woman directing everyone into the house.
"Breakfast is all ready, I'm sure you're all famished."
Everyone agreed, Silas introducing everyone to Nora.
Michael walked down the hallway, Justin watching him go.
Michael walked into the drawing room, seeing it empty.
He walked in, seeing his grandmother's knitting sitting on the coffeetable.
He picked up the half finished scarf, knowing that she'd probably been knitting it for her new great grandchild, Becky.
Michael sat down in the wing chair, feeling his grandmother's presence.
Justin walked quietly into the room, followed by Silas and Christina.
They all saw Michael in the chair, holding the knitting in his hands.
"I still feel the love in this house. But it's not the same. She's gone." Michael said, tears falling down his face.
Justin was beside him in a flash, Michael looking up at Silas.
"Why didn't you tell me, Uncle? Why did she not tell me?"
Silas looked on the verge of breaking down, Christina helping him sit down on the couch beside Michael's chair.
Christina and Justin looked at each other, not sure of what Michael was alluding to.
"She'd been ill for a long time, Michael. For almost three years. It was her failing heart."
Justin and Christina looked shocked, both looking at Michael.
Michael rose up, walking over to the fireplace, looking at himself in the mirror that hung above it.
"Why didn't she tell me? I could have saved her, I could have healed her." Michael sobbed, Justin about to stand up and go to him.
Silas stood up, putting his hand on Justin's shoulder.
Justin sat back down.
Silas walked up to Michael, putting his hand on his shoulder.
"She wouldn't have allowed you to do that, son. I asked her the same question, Michael. She told me that you weren't destined to heal her. That it was her destiny to go on to her final reward. That there was a greater purpose behind her life's ending. I don't know what she meant by that, but I trusted her reasoning completely. There's a lot about her that you don't know, Michael. But after this is over, you'll know what needs to be known."
Michael turned looking into his Uncle Silas' grey eyes.
"I could have saved her, Unky! I could have saved her!"
Michael sobbed, walking out of the room, the three looking at each other.
Justin got up walking towards the hallway, Silas stopping him.
"Let him be, Jus. He needs some time alone. I know where he's gone." Silas said, Justin stopping, Christina putting her arm around both of them.
"Let's get something to eat, Jus. Silas is right, Michael needs some time alone, I can feel it. He needs to think this through."
Justin nodded, the three walking down towards the kitchen.
Zach got up from the table, hugging his wife as they walked in.
"Where's Michael?" Paulo asked, looking at Justin.
"He needs some time alone, Polo." Justin said sitting down at the table.
Nora looked at him, seeing the deep concern on Justin's face.
She also saw the love in his blue eyes.
She smiled, thinking of the loving child she'd known for so long. Helena's special angel.
She knew that this man loved Michael completely.
"You need some food in you, Justin. Michael will be alright." Nora said, Silas sitting down. Nora poured him a cup of coffee.
Everyone quietly sat eating, Justin not really paying much attention to the food he ate.
Half an hour later, they were finished, just quietly sitting around the table.
"Everything's taken care of, Justin. Helena had everything pre-arranged. The only thing to organize is the service. She picked out some hymns she loved, I was wondering if you'd sing one for her." Silas said.
Justin looked up, nodding.
"I'd sing for her, always, Silas." Justin said, Silas putting his hand on top of his.
"Nana wanted Michael to do her eulogy, Justin. She always loved the way he had with words. I just don't know if he's emotionally up for it." Silas said, worry on his face.
"I know, Silas. I've never seen him so lost. It's as if he's lost the direction in life." Justin said.
Silas looked at him, sighing.
"You need to talk to him, Justin. If anyone can open him up, can heal him, it's you. He's out back, sitting under the elm tree. He'd always go there when he needed to think things through. Either there or down to the clearing at the lake. But I'm sure he's out back." Silas said, deep in thought.
Justin remembered Michael telling him about having long talks with Nana under that tree.
"Thank you, Uncle Silas." Justin said, hugging him and standing,  walking out of the room.

Justin felt a slight chill in the breeze, walking around the corner of the house, seeing Michael sitting on a bench under the elm tree.
He looked deep in thought.
Justin walked across the lawn, sitting down on the bench beside Michael.
"How are you doing, Mico?" Justin said, taking his hand in his.
Michael squeezed his hand, looking into Justin's blue eyes.
"Everyone keeps asking me that. What do you want to hear, Jus? That I'm fine, that I'll be okay?"
Justin felt anger in Michael's voice, Justin not backing down.
"I want to hear what's bothering you, what's gotten you so angry."
Michael stood up, looking down at Justin.
"I'm mad, Justin. I'm mad at myself. For not seeing what was going on, for not sensing her pain and illness. If I'd have known, I could have helped her."
Michael's eyes were watering again, Justin standing up and pulling him to him.
"Maybe you weren't meant to know of her pain, Michael. She didn't want you to know, for what reason I don't know."
"But why, Jus? Why didn't she let me help her? I loved her so much and now she's left me. I could have saved her."
Michael was crying again, Justin holding him tightly.
"Oh, Mico! My loving Mico! She loved you so much, she was so proud of you. Never doubt that. It was her time, Mico. God's taken her for another purpose. And I believe with all my heart that somehow it has something to do with you. That's why she didn't tell you. Always remember that she's a part of you, Mico. And always will be."
Michael put his arms around Justin, holding him as if his life depended on it.
"Please don't leave me, Justin! I can't let you go! Everyone I've loved has left me, please don't leave me!"
Michael sobbed now, Justin now seeing the underlying fear in Michael. The fear of Justin leaving him as Nana now had.
"Oh, my baby, my darling! I'm not going anywhere! I love you, and I'm staying right here beside you! Our love will never be parted! I'm here forever, Michael!"
Michael cried against his lover's chest, feeling the love flow from Justin.
Justin guided Michael back to the bench, the two sitting down again quietly, while Michael fought with his emotions.
"I'm sorry, Jus! I'm sorry I've become such a basket case!"
"You have nothing to apologize for, Mico. You've lost your loving grandmother. I'd be more concerned if you showed no emotion. I love you Michael. I'm going to help you get through all this. We'll do it together."
Michael looked into Justin's blue eyes, Justin hugging him tight.
Justin lightly hummed, the music soothing Michael's mind.
Once Michael had calmed down, Justin looked at him quietly.
He knew he had to talk about the upcoming funeral.
"Michael, I've talked with Silas. Everything's been arranged. Nana wanted you to do the eulogy, my love. She wanted you to talk about her. Are you up for that?"
Michael looked deep in thought, finally answering him.
"Yes, Jus. I want to talk all about her. I want everyone to know her loving goodness."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael's lips.
A kiss of unending love.
Justin and Michael walked back into the house, Justin guiding him into the kitchen.
Michael smiled at everyone, Justin pulling a chair out for him at the table.
"You need to eat, love." Justin said, Nora bringing a cup of coffee for him.
"I'm not very hungry, Jus."
Justin sat down beside him, putting his arm around him.
"For me, love. Just eat some for me. You need some energy in you."
"Alright, Jus." Michael said, everyone seeing Justin's way with Michael.
Nora brought a plate of eggs and bacon, Michael slowly eating.
Michael looked at Silas, Silas smiling back.
"There are a few things you should be aware of Michael."
Michael nodded, taking a sip of coffee.
Zach and Christina sat across from him, all of them now looking at Silas.
"Your grandparents were an important part of the Stavros dynasty. All of your grandfather's relations and family will want to honor her with the respect and adulation they believe she deserves."
"And what exactly does that mean, Uncle Silas?" Paulo asked, showing concern. Jake sipped his coffee, looking at his lover.
"It means that her funeral will be a moving tribute befitting to her position. She was the last Lady of Devotion."
Michael stared at Silas, Silas staring back.
"I haven't heard that name in a long time, uncle." Michael said quietly.
Justin, Zach and Christina all looked at Michael, Michael sighing.
"My grandfather was the last Lord of Devotion and also head of  the Stavros Dynasty. What that entailed, I don't know. As his wife, my grandmother was revered among the family. I remember going to only one family function, just after I came to live with Nana. She was treated almost like a saint by those people."
Silas face changed, Justin sensing some worry and sadness in that look.
"I've called the head of the Stavros family, Michael. That would be your cousin, Gregory Stavros. He's coming here today, to meet you and offer his condolences. He'll also be going over the final arrangements with you."
"What do they want to do, Uncle Silas? I won't allow my grandmother's final service to be something she didn't want. I want it to be a service of love, I want people to see what kind of person she was."
Justin had tears in his eyes, listening to Michael's feelings for Nana come out in his words.
"They will respect your wishes, Michael. They will follow you in every way." Silas said quietly.
"What do you mean, Uncle Silas?" Christina said.
"That's a discussion for another time. How about you kids go relax? I'll help Nora with the dishes." Silas said standing up.
Everyone got up, Michael heading down the hallway.
"I want to lie down for a while, Jus. I'm so tired."
"Sure thing, love. I'll go upstairs with you."
"We're going to take a walk, Michael. I'm going to go over to my Mom's." Zach said, Michael nodding.
"I talked to her last night, she and Dad sent their love. They'll be over later." Zach said, Michael hugging him.
"Tell them, thanks, Zacky."
Zach smiled, Michael and Justin walking upstairs.
Michael walked into his old bedroom, Justin looking around. The room hadn't changed since the last time they were here, a short three months ago. Justin sensed Nana was keeping this room as it always had been. Her grandson's room.
Michael sat down on the bed looking around.
"I loved this room when I was younger. It was so small and just felt so right. As if I'd always been destined to have it. It hasn't changed one bit. I think she's kept it this way, just for me."
Michael teared up, Justin sitting down beside him.
Justin leaned back, laying down, pulling Michael down with him.
Michael cuddled against him, laying his head in its familiar spot.
Justin didn't say anything, he just held Michael as he quietly cried.
Michael fell asleep against him, Justin staring up at the ceiling.
"God, these next few days are going to be so hard. I don't know how he'll get through this." Justin thought to himself.
Michael tightened his hold on Justin; Justin knowing Michael sensed his worry in his sleep.
"I've got to calm down. I need to be strong for him. I love you Mico. I'll be your rock."
Justin closed his eyes, sleep overtaking him.

Justin looked around seeing the familiar surroundings.
In front of him Daniel sat on the boulder, smiling at him.
"Hello, Daniel. How are you?"
Daniel laughed as always, finding Justin's concern for an angel's well-being humorous.
Justin blushed, smiling.
"I did it again. Sorry."
"Don't be. I find it refreshing that you're so free-spirited, so innocent. How are you doing, Justin?" Daniel said, concern on his face.
Justin walked over to him, sitting down beside him.
Daniel put his arm around Justin's shoulder.
He leaned in, kissing Justin on the cheek.
"What was that for?" Justin said, blushing.
"That was just for being you. For being such a caring, loving person."
Justin smiled, Daniel staring at him.
In those brown eyes, Justin felt much love.
"How is she doing, Daniel? Nana, I mean."
Daniel looked at Justin, smiling.
"She's very happy, Justin. She's with her daughter and her husband. She's in no more pain, no more discomfort. She's wrapped in a cocoon of love. Awaiting what's to come."
Justin looked up at Daniel, staring into his brown eyes.
"And what is to come?"
Daniel stood up, looking out towards the lake.
"Destiny, Justin. Michael's destiny is to come."
Justin stood up, looking out at the beauty of this place.
"And what of our love?"
Daniel turned looking into Justin's blue eyes.
"Your love never was an issue with this, Jus. Think of it as an added bonus. God let you and Michael find each other. That in a sense was one of his greatest gifts. For if anyone deserved to be loved, it was Michael."
Justin stared out at the surrounding beauty.
"I'm going to lose him, aren't I?"
Daniel looked shocked, if an angel could be shocked. He remained silent.
"Your silence tells me all I need to know."
"Justin, the outcome of all this is still unknown. As the prophecy states, Michael will give the greatest sacrifice. Even we don't know what that sacrifice is. But it doesn't bode well with his surviving this intact."
Justin looked down, tears falling from his eyes.
"You're wrong, Daniel. Somehow I sense that you're wrong. My heart and soul tell me that Michael won't leave me. Even if he dies because of this, he won't leave me. He once gave me a promise that he'd be mine forever."
Justin turned, staring into Daniel's wet brown eyes. Daniel saw a fire burning in those eyes.
"I intend to hold Michael to that promise."
Daniel nodded, hugging Justin.
"Oh God, Justin! I envy you so much! To have that kind of deep love for him and from him. I can only imagine how wonderful it feels."
Justin smiled, hugging Daniel back.
"It's beyond imagining, Daniel. And never worry, Michael loves you just as much. He's happy, Daniel. And I'll make him happy forever."
Daniel smiled, looking down.
"At this moment he's in deep pain, Justin. Nana's leaving has hurt him deeply. Your love is the answer to that pain. In you, he'll find the love to release the grief that binds his soul."
"I will do all that I can to free his soul. To fill it again completely with my love."
Daniel smiled, sitting down again, Justin joining him.
"Now I need to tell you the reason for this visit. There's a change coming, Justin. Soon Michael will learn the truth about some things. You need to make him understand that this is part of his destiny. That he needs to accept what everyone expects of him."
"What are you talking about?"
"It will become  known to you. You will know of what I speak. Just remember that the cross will guide him to his destiny."
Justin looked confused, staring at Daniel.
"Why can't you just tell me? Why does it have to be in riddles?"
Daniel smiled.
"God has a sense of humour Justin. Blame him."
Justin blushed, Daniel laughing again.
"Let him know that Nana loves him, Jus. That she's proud of him. And that she's happy. That will bring great comfort to him. As will your love."
Justin smiled, Daniel already beginning to fade.
"In you we see so much love, faith, trust and courage, Justin. You'll be greatly rewarded, my friend."
Daniel faded away.

Justin woke up, Michael laying against him.
Justin lay there, feeling Michael's warmth, and breathing in his wonderful scent.
Michael stirred a bit, his golden eyes opening.
"What time is it, Jus?"
Justin looked at his watch. They'd slept for almost four hours.
"It's just after noon. Did you sleep well?"
Michael stretched a bit, then snuggled up against Justin.
"It was fleeting, Jus. I kept waking up. I still feel exhausted, love." Michael sighed, Justin kissing his forehead.
"It's been a rough week, Mico. First our personal trauma, then you falling off that roof. Now this happening. You need to sleep love."
"I can't Justin. I can't stop thinking about her."
Justin hugged Michael closer.
"When I fell asleep, I talked with Daniel again, Mico."
Michael lifted his head, staring into Justin's blue eyes.
"He told me to tell you that Nana loves you. That she's proud of you. And that she's happy. She's with your Mom and your grandfather, Mico. She's back with her family."
Michael teared up, his body trembling.
"But what about me, Jus? She's left me all alone!" Michael started sobbing, Justin sitting up, pulling him up against him.
"You're not alone, Michael. You have me, Paulo, Cricket, Zach and all our friends. You'll never be alone again. Nana's life is over, she's in heaven now. But the memories you have of her are inside you, in your loving heart and soul. She'll always be with you."
"I know Jus, I know that. And I am so happy that you're here, without your love I don't know how I'd survive."
"You will survive, Mico. We both will survive. I love you."
"I love you, Jus. More that you'll ever know."
Justin leaned in, kissing Michael deeply.
They both felt their hearts and souls meld together, their love strong and powerful.
"We should go downstairs, love. My parents and the guys are coming this afternoon."
Michael smiled, missing his friends.
"I'm glad of that. I miss them all."
Justin smiled, getting out of bed, giving Michael his hand.
Michael got up, following Justin downstairs.

When they returned downstairs, they found everyone in the living room.
Zach's parents were there, Sharon and Jim both hugging Michael tightly.
"We're so sorry, Michael. Helena was a special lady. And one of our dearest friends." Sharon said, tears in her eyes.
"Thank you, Sharon." Michael said smiling.
Jim told Michael that they'd look out for Silas now, making sure he wasn't forgotten.
Michael knew Silas had lots of friends around him, that Silas would be alright.
"Thank you both. Where is Uncle Silas?"
"He's gone with Paulo to pick up Justin's parents at the airport." Christina said, smiling.
Michael sat down, Justin sitting beside him.
Jim and Sharon got lunch ready, knowing their way around Nana's kitchen.
Everyone else sat in the living room quietly talking.
They heard the front doorbell ringing, Zach going to answer it.
He returned a few minutes later, looking concerned.
"Your cousin Gregory Stavros is here, Michael. He wants to see you."
Michael looked at Justin, Justin concerned.
"It's alright, Jus. Let's get this over with."
Zach left, returning quickly.
Justin stood up, walking to the middle of the room, waiting for the man.
Into the room behind Zach walked a young handsome man.
His features were of a Greek god.
Smooth olive skin, jet black hair. And smouldering brown eyes which were staring right at Justin who was standing in front of the man.
The man walked with a grace and nobility that marked him as a man of serious convictions.
"Hello everyone. I am Gregory Stavros. I am here to offer my condolences on behalf of the entire Stavros family. Would Helena's grandson Michael be here?"
Justin moved aside, Gregory looking at the man sitting on the couch.
Michael stood up, staring at Gregory.
"I am Michael Tavarro. Welcome Gregory."
Everyone saw the shocked look on Gregory's face.
"The golden eyes of forgiveness. You do have them."
Michael looked at Justin, suddenly feeling uncomfortable.
Gregory was staring at Michael, lost in his own thoughts.
It's true. He has the eyes. It's a miracle. What of the other signs? I must know.
Gregory recovered his emotions, walking up to Michael, staring into his golden eyes.
In them, he saw much love and much grief.
"Your grandmother was a phenomenal woman, Michael. She saw much truth in the world. For that our family will always be thankful."
Michael relaxed a bit, extending his hand.
Gregory took it, shaking his hand.
"It's a pleasure meeting you, Gregory."
Gregory nodded, suddenly feeling a warmth flow through his body.
He looked down at his enclosed hand, gasping.
On Michael's right hand was a blue and gold ring.
The ring given to him in love from Justin. His golden engagement ring.
Gregory sank to his knees, sobbing with deep emotion.
"I didn't believe her! I thought she was mistaken! But it is you!"
Everyone looked confused, Michael staring at Gregory.
Gregory leaned forward, kissing Michael's ring.
"You've finally come. Our prayers have been answered. I give my life to you, my sovereign. Blessed are you, our holy Warrior of God!"

End of Chapter 107
This was a hard, emotional chapter to write.
I know that many of you will be saddened with Nana's passing from this stage.
Believe me, it was even harder for me to let her go.
I share Michael's grief in losing her.
All I can say is that the story requires some sacrifices.
Nana was the most important one.
If you believe in faith and hope, then maybe she's not gone forever.
Only time will answer that question.
As for the introduction of Gregory, the next stage of Michael's destiny is about to begin.
I hope this wasn't too emotional.
Now Michael will have a final farewell to give Nana.
Let's hope that Justin's love can heal Michael's hurting soul.

Keeping faith, Angel.

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