Justin's Angel-110

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Justin and Michael found themselves alone now, alone with Michael's sleeping family.
"We have to go, love." Justin said tenderly, Michael's head laying on his chest, Michael's golden eyes looking around the room.
"They're together again, Jus. My family's united. And they've left me."
Justin hugged him tighter.
"They haven't left you, Mico. They'll be with you every step that you walk in life. They'll be beside you, as Daniel is, their love following you everywhere. I truly believe that. I can almost feel them here. They're surrounding us with their love."
Michael looked up into Justin's blue eyes, the eyes that showed such love, such faith.
"I know, Jus. I know they're with me. Let's leave them to their reunited love."
Justin smiled, the two slowly beginning to leave.
Michael stopped at the doorway, turning back for one last final look. Seeing three people that meant the world to him.
His grandfather, that he'd never met, a faithful follower of God.
His grandmother, the architect of his loving soul.
His mother, a beacon of life and love.
All three finally at peace.
"Goodbye, my family. Until our next meeting. My love is with you forever."
Michael sobbed against his Justin, the two lovers walking out into the bright sunshine.

Chapter 110

Revelations and Acceptance

Michael lay against Justin's chest, inside the car driving back to Nana's home.
Justin felt his tiredness and his quietness, their family looking at both of them.
It had taken Justin a few minutes to calm Michael down again, before they'd reappeared outside.
His family and friends had all been waiting there for him, Michael enclosed in a circle of love.
Lynn, Silas, Christina, Becky and Zach were now in the car with them.
Lynn had felt that Michael needed her close, having seen his family now reunited.
Justin watched his Mom being there for Michael.
"They're together, they're together forever." Michael said quietly, Lynn rubbing his back.
"Yes, Michael. I can see why your Nana did that from her heart. She now has her daughter and husband with her. They're a family again."
Justin smiled, seeing Michael smiling a small smile.
"That makes me happy. That they're all together now." Michael said, sitting up, Lynn smiling at him, Michael kissing her cheek.
Zach and Christina both smiled at him, Silas wiping his red eyes.
"She loved her daughter and husband very much, son. It's only fitting that they be together for eternity." Silas said, Michael touching his knee.
"I agree, Unky." Michael said quietly, looking at him.
"How are you doing, son?" Silas asked, seeing the tired look on Michael's face.
"I'm okay. I'm okay, everyone."
Silas nodded, looking into Michael's golden eyes.
"Harry wants to met with us tomorrow, for the reading of her will." Silas said quietly.
Harry Stenson was Nana's lawyer. He'd been his grandfather's lawyer as well. Michael remembered the handsome extinguished older gentleman. He'd paid his respects yesterday at the public viewing.
"Alright, uncle. When do we have to leave, Jus?"
Justin put his arm around Michael.
"Whenever you're ready, Mico. There's no rush. I can change the tour dates. I have lots of leeway room."
"No, Jus. I won't let you do that." Michael said, Justin feeling his thoughts.
"We'll talk about this later, my love. Right now, I think you need some rest." Justin said, pulling Michael down against him.
Justin's European leg of his tour was scheduled to begin on Wednesday, five days away.
"I won't let you change what you've worked so hard for." Michael said, closing his eyes.
Everyone looked at the two lovers, seeing Justin's concerned look.
The limousine pulled up in front of Nana's home, the yard full of cars.
"You don't have to see everyone, love. Not if you're too tired." Justin said, Michael opening his eyes.
"It's our friends and family, Jus. I want–and need–to see them all."
Lynn smiled, seeing and feeling Michael's love for everyone.
Everyone had returned to Nana's home, to be with Michael.
They all sensed the toll this day had taken on his heart. They wanted to be there for him in whatever way possible.
The small group walked into the house, Nora and Zach's Mom meeting them at the door taking their coats.
Both hugged Michael, kissing his cheek.
"Everything was beautiful, Michael. She would have loved it all." Sharon said, Nora smiling, wiping her eyes with a handkerchief.
Michael smiled, kissing her cheek.
"Thank you, Sharon."
She smiled, leading everyone into the living room.
Everyone was there, greeting Michael and Justin, both being hugged gently by all their friends.
"How are you doing, Mikey?" Josh asked, kissing his cheek.
"I wish everyone would stop asking me that." Michael said quietly, but smiled at Josh.
"Okay, Mikey." Josh said with a genuine smile on his face.
"Thanks, Joshy."
Lance hugged Michael tightly, Michael feeling his emotional love.
"Thanks, Lance. That poem you read was beautiful. Your moving voice adding much to it."
"You're welcome, Mikey. I thought it would help."
Michael smiled, kissing his cheek.
"It did. Thanks, Lancy."
Lance smiled, Michael smiling back.
Michael and Justin talked to all of their friends, and family; love being shown to Michael most of all.
But everyone could sense his quietness, knowing this day had been hard on him.
Food had been set up, a buffet table laid out.
Nora and Sharon directed everyone to the food, a line forming.
Michael begged off, not feeling hungry. That worried Justin, but he remained quiet.
Joey went to get Justin a plate for both of them.
The two sat down on a sofa, everyone quietly watching them.
Joey came back with a plate of sandwiches, Michael pushing it away.
"You looked exhausted, Mikey. I think you need some rest." Joey said, with concern and love on his face.
"It's okay, Joe. I want to be here, with all my loving friends."
Justin nodded, looking at Joey, his friend nodding.
Paulo sat down beside Michael, kissing his cheek.
"Everything was beautiful, Mikey."
"Yes it was, Polo. It had to be. It was for her." Michael said, a tear falling down his cheek.
Paulo put his arm around him, Michael laying his head against Paulo's chest.
"I'll miss her so much." Michael said, Justin rubbing his back, Paulo hugging him a bit tighter.
Jake wiped his eyes, seeing the love Paulo was showing his brother.
Everyone quietly talked amongst themselves, Michael and Justin remaining together.
Justin didn't stray far from Michael, wanting to be close to him.
Gradually Michael talked with people, everyone smiling at him.
Trevor sat down beside Michael, Nick by his side.
"I'm staying here with you, Michael. So we can plan what's ahead for your signing tour in Europe." Trevor said, Michael smiling.
"What about you, Nick?" Michael asked, looking at the two men.
"I'm staying, if Trevor wants me to."
Trevor practically radiated.
Michael smiled, feeling the love blossoming between the two.
"There's plenty of room here, guys. But you two may have to double up." He said.
Both men looked at each other and smiled, with a bit of blushing.
"Thank you, Michael. We'd like that. This house is so filled with love." Trevor said smiling.
Michael looked around, nodding.
"It always was."
Justin stood a few feet away, quietly watching.
A few minutes later, Michael noticed Seth sitting by himself in the corner, Tomas talking with Kevin a few feet away from him.
Michael got up, walking over, sitting down beside Seth.
"Hello, Sethy. How are you doing?" Michael asked, Seth looking at him.
"I miss her, Michael. I only knew her for a short time, but I loved her so much. I miss my Mom too."
Michael put his arm around the young man, Seth tearing up.
"I know, Seth. I miss my Mom also. But we now know that they're both at peace, with their loved ones, wrapped in God's love. I can feel a little better knowing that."
Seth smiled, kissing Michael's cheek.
"How are you and Tommy doing?"
Seth beamed, looking at Tomas.
"We're in love, Mikey. Totally in love. I'm so happy having him as part of my life."
"Then that's what you need to focus on. Life is for the living, and the two of you will live a life of happiness."
Seth smiled, Tomas walking up to them.
Michael stood, Tomas hugging him tightly.
"I love you, Mike. We both do. You're the older brother I never had." The young man said, tears in his brown eyes.
"I'm here as a brother for both of you, whenever you need me." Michael said, Justin watching from a short distance away.
Michael's other brothers of love watched quietly, seeing their circle of brotherhood now increased by two.
The four had now become six.
Michael guided Tomas down onto the seat beside Seth.
Michael smiled, then winked.
"It's a secluded corner, a little passion is needed I think." He said, smiling, then walking away, to Justin's waiting arms.
Tomas stared after him, turning then to look at Seth.
Before he could say anything Seth's lips were on his, a kiss of deep passion taking hold of his soul.
"Mmm, babe. That was fantastic, what was that for?" Tomas said, once Seth had pulled back.
"That's for being you, my love. I love you."
The two smiled, snuggling together.
Justin and Michael smiled, watching young love blossoming.

Gregory walked into the room a few minutes later, followed by an older gentleman.
Michael saw them enter, standing up from his seat beside Vicky.
Gregory hugged Michael gently, the older man quietly watching.
"Thank you for all you've done the last couple of days, Gregory. You truly helped a lot."
"It was my duty, and my honor, Michael."
Michael smiled, Justin quietly watching them both, standing beside Michael.
"This is my uncle, Barlow Stavros. He just arrived this morning from Chicago."
"Welcome to our home, Mr. Stavros." Michael said, bowing.
The man stared at him, not moving.
"My condolences on your grandmother's passing. The cycle of piety and faithfulness is now at an end. It's time for reality."
Michael stared at him with surprise, Justin sensing dislike flowing through the man staring at Michael.
"Uncle, please." Gregory said quietly.
"Thank you, Mr. Stavros. For honoring the Lady of Devotion with your hatred." Michael said, staring at the man with determination.
Barlow stared back, then looked nervously around.
"Okay, Gregory. I've seen him. Now I'm leaving."
Gregory's face showed anger, his body tensing up.
The older man turned, walking out of the room.
Gregory stared after him, then turned back to look at Michael. Gregory lowered his head.
"Forgive him, Michael. He's shown disrespect and much more toward you. That is not the true way of the Devoted."
Michael lifted Gregory's chin, the man staring into Michael's golden eyes.
"You and I have much to discuss, Gregory. We'll talk later about all that you're troubled about."
Gregory stared into those golden eyes, seeing tiredness and something more.
"Thank you, Michael. I would like that."
Silas stared at the young man, Justin feeling his concern.
"To be Devoted is to give your soul to her faith." Michael said, staring at him.
Gregory looked shocked, then quickly recovered.
"I sense a lot of greatness and knowledge in you, Michael. I hope we can become great friends."
Michael smiled, kissing the man's cheek.
"We already are."
Gregory smiled, then turned, his eyes scanning the room.
"You are surrounded by family and friends. On this day, that is most wonderful to see."
"Please join us, you too are a friend." Justin said, Michael smiling at his lover trying to welcome the young man.
"I would like that, thank you, Justin." Gregory smiled, Justin introducing him to others.
Michael felt someone walk up behind him, turning to see Kevin beside him.
Kevin was staring straight ahead at Gregory.
"I've noticed him all day. Who exactly is he, Michael?"
"He's my cousin, on my grandfather's side of the family, Kevin. Would you like to know more about him?"
Kevin fidgeted a little, Michael picking up on something, but remaining quiet.
"Maybe later. How are you doing, Michael?"
"I'm fine, Kevin. Just fine." Michael said, sighing.
Kevin smiled, Michael sitting down again.

All afternoon people stayed close to Michael, just being there for him.
Around four o'clock, Justin sensed that Michael had had enough closeness, that he needed some time alone.
"Come on, babe. You need to rest. Let's go upstairs for a little while." Justin said tenderly, Lonnie smiling, Michael having just finished talking to him.
"Yeah, Mike. You look exhausted. Get off your feet for a time." Lonnie said, Michael nodding.
"Okay, Afro Sally."
Lonnie hugged him, Justin guiding him out of the room, toward the stairs.
Lynn and Randall watched their son take Michael upstairs.
"I'm surprised he's lasted this long. He looked totally exhausted." Randall said, Lynn smiling at her former husband.
"Justin's love has been keeping him going. And Justin's love is now making him rest."
Randall smiled, putting his arm around Lisa, who'd walked up to him.
"Michael will be fine, he has Justin to look after him and love him." Lynn said, a tear falling down her cheek.

Michael lay on his bed, Justin laying beside him.
Justin's fingers were stroking Michael's arm, Michael staring up at the ceiling.
"Care to tell me what's bothering you, love?" Justin said quietly, Michael turning to look into his blue eyes.
"It's starting, Jus. What I've long hoped would never happen is starting."
Justin lifted his body a little, staring down at Michael.
"What's going on, Mico? Does it have to do with the Devoted? Or is it the prophecy?"
"It's both sides of my family, Jus. I'm stuck in the middle of some kind of destined confrontation. They all need me, me who doesn't want to be needed. But I have to let it happen. I have to let it all happen."
Justin felt Michael's worry and concern, Justin staring at him.
"You know what's going on, don't you? What all this Devoted stuff is, and what's going to happen?"
Michael sat up, pulling Justin to him, Michael laying his head on Justin's chest.
"I wish she was here, Jus. She always was able to help me talk things through. Her insight and wisdom meant so much to me."
Justin hugged his lover tighter, feeling Michael's continuing sorrow.
Justin knew that the grief was gone, but the sorrow would take a lot longer to disappear.
"I want to sleep for a thousand years, Jus. To hide from what must be. Oh God, Jus. Why does it have to be me? Why does it all have to come down to myself and my decisions?"
Justin wrapped his arms around his lover, sensing Michael's tiredness, and his sorrow.
"It's been a long day, my love, and you need some sleep. Close your eyes."
Michael closed his eyes, Justin humming softly.
Justin rocked him in his arms, feeling Michael begin to relax.
Lance popped his head into the room a few moments later, Justin shaking his head at him.
Lance sat down in a chair, quietly watching Justin with Michael in his arms.
Fifteen minutes later, Justin gently laid Michael down, Michael's soft breathing filling the room's silence.
Justin quietly got up, walking over and sitting beside Lance in another chair.
"Finally, he's sleeping."
"I sensed he was upset, so I came up to make sure he was alright." Lance said quietly, Justin looking at him.
He knew Michael and Lance shared some special kind of bond, both having been through abusive love.
"He's worried about all this Devoted stuff. And so am I."
"Who are they, Jus? Why do they look toward Michael? Doesn't he have enough worry, what with all this prophecy stuff?"
"I know, Lance. Michael says it's in some way all connected together."
"He's the center of all this, Jus. Somehow it's all been destined to lead to him."
"I know Lance, and that's what scares me. Why does it have to be him?"
"I believe it's because Michael is the most special of men. The most loving."
Lance put his arm around Justin, both men seeing Michael move a little on the bed, as if he sensed Justin's concern.
"Let's go back downstairs. He needs peace and quiet."
The two men quietly got up, going downstairs.
They walked into the kitchen, seeing that most of the others had departed, only those staying at Nana's remained.
Chris and Vicky sat at the kitchen table, Joey, Kelly, Jake and Paulo were working in the kitchen, cleaning dishes.
Josh, Silas, Alberto, Seth and Tomas were all sitting around the table as well.
"Hi guys, where's everyone else?" Lance said, sitting in Josh's lap.
"All Justin's parents went for a walk to Zach's parents' place with Zach and Christina. Father Derrick has gone with Father Gabriel to help with some stuff at the church.  Lonnie, Trevor and Nick are with the kids in the back yard. Gregory's around somewhere." Josh said, kissing Lance's neck.
Justin looked out the kitchen window seeing the two young men playing with his younger brothers and Becky.
Paulo wrapped his arm around Justin, kissing his cheek.
"How are you doing bud?"
Justin looked at him, then walked over sitting down at the table beside Silas.
"I need to know what's going on, Silas."
Silas lowered his eyes, remaining quiet.
"Please tell me, I need to know."
"I can't Justin. It's not my place to explain it."
"What do you mean it's not your place?"
Silas didn't answer him, remaining silent.
"He means he's not the head of the order."
Justin looked up, seeing Gregory standing in the doorway.
"The head of the order? What are you people? Some kind of religious cult? Or just fanatics?" Justin said, his voice serious and on edge.
Gregory lowered his eyes, not moving.
"We're not fanatics, Justin. We are loving, devoted people. Who believe in the faith and love of God."
"What do you want from my Mico?" Justin said standing up now, everyone hearing the seriousness in his voice.
"It's not what you think, Justin. We aren't here to hurt him. We'd never do that."
"Then what in God's name do you want from him?"
"We want to follow him."
Everyone looked surprised, Justin most of all.
"Follow him? To where?" Justin said.
Gregory looked nervous, then another voice filled the quiet room.
"To the truth."
Everyone turned seeing Michael standing in the other doorway.
Gregory stared at him for a moment, lowering his eyes from Michael's golden gaze.
"You should still be resting, love." Justin said, walking across the room, looking at Michael.
"Why? So you can all talk freely without me in the room?"
Justin looked surprised, hearing the edge in Michael's voice.
"No, that's not it at all, love. We're not talking behind your back." Justin said, Michael gradually relaxing.
Everyone could see he was worried about something.
"I'm sorry, Jus. I didn't mean to be curt. I'm just so damn tired of all the hidden truths. It's time this was all hashed out. I want everyone to hear this. Everyone, when you're ready, please come into the living room."
"Michael, this can wait till tomorrow." Silas said, looking at him with deep concern.
"No, Uncle. It can't. I have to sleep with a truthful soul."
Michael walked out of the room, everyone looking at Justin.
Justin was staring at Gregory, Gregory quietly walked out of the room.

A few minutes later they all walked into the living room,  Michael and Gregory sitting on different couches, staring at each other.
Justin's parents had returned with Zach and Christina just as the others came out of the kitchen.
Jonathan took Stevie and Becky upstairs to play, at his mother's request, all the adults walking into the living room.
Justin sat down beside Michael, Michael looking quietly at him.
Everyone else took seats all around them, Michael sighing.
Gregory sat alone, everyone giving him space.
In Gregory's hand was the book he'd had at the funeral home, the book with the inlaid cross.
Around his neck he wore the cross of his family.
Michael stared at him, everyone feeling the two measuring each other up.
Michael looked at his cousin, feeling his inner feelings, his being in the center of uncertainty. His feeling of being alone.
Michael stood up, walking to his cousin.
He stared down at him for a moment, then he sat down beside him, putting his arm around him.
"You are my family, Gregory. In that you hold a sacred bond with me. I sense fear and worry in you. Do not fear me. I am who I am, nothing more."
"That's where you're wrong, Michael. You are so much more."
Michael sighed, looking into his brown eyes.
"I am who you seek, Gregory. I am thy Warrior of God. Only I'm not the warrior you think I am."
Gregory gasped, dropping the book from his hands.
Michael leaned down, picking up the book with his right hand.
"The Stavros prophecy is in this book, is it not, Gregory?"
If anyone looked more shocked, it had to be Gregory.
"How do you know of this?" Gregory said staring over at Silas.
"I did not tell him, son." Silas said, his eyes just as shocked, staring at both of them.
"I have known of it for a long time, Gregory. As I had known of the other."
Gregory looked confused.
"The other?"
Michael put his hand on Gregory's shoulder.
"Tell us your story of faith, my friend."
Gregory looked around at everyone quietly, then down at the book Michael held in his hand.
He saw the ring on Michael's finger as it lay against the book.
"You are right, Michael. There is  a prophecy given to the Devoted, to the Stavros family. It was given by Saint Peter to the first Lady of Devotion. The Lord of Devotion is not the most important faithful servant of God to us. To us, it has always been the Lady of Devotion."
Michael remained quiet, his thoughts on his grandmother.
"For centuries, since the birth of Christianity, our family has been faithful followers of Christ. We found that faith through the teachings of one man. The first father of our family."
Michael took Gregory's hand in his, staring into his brown eyes.
"Simon called Peter. Saint Peter, Jesus' apostle."
Gregory sobbed, going to his knees, kneeling at Michael's feet.
"You know! You know the holy truth! It is true, we are his faithful descendants!"
Everyone was staring in disbelief at what's they'd just heard, Justin staring at Michael.
Could Michael be a descendant of Saint Peter?
Could he be that important of faith?
Michael touched Gregory's shoulder, the young man looking up into his golden loving eyes.
"Yes, my friend. I, as well as you, we are descendants of that first Lady of Devotion. But I must tell you the truth. It may hurt you to your soul, to the foundations of your belief. But I cannot lie to anyone. We are not descendants of Saint Peter."
Gregory looked in shock, his body trembling.
Michael lifted him up, sitting him again on the couch, seeing the shock on Gregory's white face.
"That can't be, Michael. It's what our faith and devotion is based on. We are the children of Peter."
Michael put his arm around Gregory, feeling his deep sorrow, seeing the man's emotions laid bare.
"I'm sorry, Gregory. We are not descended from Peter. We are descended from Aurelia Petronilla."
"She was the daughter of Peter. It's a well believed fact." Gregory said, his trembling voice showing the faintest hope in his soul.
"No, Gregory. She was a Greek woman, saved by Saint Peter. He healed her of a disease that ravished her body.
She found God through Peter's devotion. She is the mother of our dynasty. You can take heart in knowing that she was loved by Peter. She was devoted to him. As we all are."
Gregory was sobbing, Michael holding him. Michael stared at Justin, Justin feeling Michael's love, and Michael telling him in his mind what he was about to say.
"How do you know all this, Michael?" Gregory sobbed.
"I know of it, because I learned it from the true source. From Saint Peter himself."
Everyone looked totally shocked, Gregory's head flying up. The room was in dead silence.
Michael remained calm, his quiet demeanor unnerving everyone.
Michael stood up, walking to the front window, looking out on the dying darkness of the day.
"What did you say, Michael?" Lance said, Josh putting his arm around him.
Michael turned, looking at his Justin, then looking around at everyone in the room. All eyes were on him.
"I died, Lance. I went to heaven to be with my parents. It happened when I was shot saving Justin in that hospital garden. I was not suppose to survive. And in that holiest of places I met the favored apostle. The guardian of heaven. It was he that gave me the final choice."
Michael stared at Justin, seeing the tears in his blue loving eyes.
"The choice, Michael?" Lynn said, tears in her own eyes.
"The choice between living in heaven or returning to earth. Between God's love and Justin's. I chose Justin's. Without his love, heaven wouldn't have been heaven for me."
Everyone stared at Justin, the smile on his face proof that he already knew.
Alberto stared at his grandson, lost in the truth of Michael's staring golden eyes.
In this man was the salvation of the world. The faith of God ran through him.
Lance stared at Michael, tears rolling down his cheeks.
"That is the most unbelievable thing I've ever heard! To give up heaven for love!" Lance said, Josh hugging him tightly.
Michael smiled, still looking into Justin's blue pools of love.
"I had a life with no love. Then I have it flowing through my soul. First from my loving grandmother. Then Justin's deep love. And now all of your love. How could I walk away from all that love? I need it so much."
Justin walked over to his lover, wrapping him in his arms.
Everyone was deeply moved by Michael's confession, his sacrifice to regain their love.
"You saw Saint Peter?" Gregory said, in awe, the tears wetting his cheeks.
"Yes, Gregory. He told me the story of Aurelia, of her devotion to his faith. We can be thankful that we are descended from such faith. St. Peter knew of her love for God, and so he trusted in her the prophecy of our faith. He gave her the prophecy, knowing that one day both families would join, revealing the one who was foretold."
"You are that one, Michael." Gregory said, Michael looking at Justin.
"I am the connection between the two prophecies. I am he that both sides long for. For the Chosen I am the Messenger of God. For the Devoted I am the Warrior of God."
"The Chosen?" Gregory said.
Michael sighed, Paulo standing now, his voice loud and calm. He told Gregory of his family, of the significance of Adrian, and what he'd done. Of his being at Jesus' final days on earth.
Gregory stared at Alberto, looking into his golden eyes.
"Then we are not the Chosen, we are the protectors." Gregory said, Michael putting his hand on Gregory's shoulder.
"Tell them all the prophecy, Gregory."
Gregory lowered his head, reciting it from his heart.

And in thy time of the last Lady,
He shall make himself known
The Warrior, our leader of faith

My ring shall adorn him,
My faith shall lead him,
His tortured heart will heal us
His giving soul shall cleanse us

Faith, Trust, Love and Courage
Four sides to his house of Devotion
Within the sacred stone shall justice be found
Thy cross shall unleash it

Through him shall the lines be joined
And the kinship of the generations united
Another golden eyed servant shall make his sacrifice
And all will be as ordained

Only time and blood shall cleanse our sins
Only then shall we kneel again at his feet
Rejoicing in his love
For eternal salvation

Gregory looked down at Michael's hand, lifting it up.
"This ring, this ring was given in love to you from your love, your Justin. Do you know of whence it came?"
Justin looked at the ring.
"The jeweler said it came from France. I saw it and immediately knew in my heart that it was meant for my love."
Michael smiled, kissing Justin's lips.
"It is much more than that." Gregory said, opening the leather bound book.
He found the page, holding the book up for everyone to see.
They stared at a picture of St. Peter, standing on a hillside, his hands folded in prayer.
On his right hand was the same ring that Michael wore.
"That ring you wear once was St. Peter's. It was given to him by Aurelia Petronilla. He wore it until his death. When he was crucified upside down in Rome. She was with him when he met martyrdom."
Justin looked down at the ring in shock.
"It was given to him in love, as you yourself gave it to Michael, Justin.  
My ring shall adorn him.
Thus said the prophecy. You are our Warrior of God, Michael. This proves it."
Michael looked into Gregory's eyes, then looked towards his grandfather.
"Why does the world expect me to give all of my soul? Why do I have to be your saviour? I never wanted this."
Michael stood up, Justin and Gregory looking up at him.
"I can't be what you want me to be, Gregory. I am not a warrior. I love and care too much to want to hurt anyone. Why do I have to bare this burden also?"
Michael pulled off the ring, staring at it, Justin looking into his tearing eyes.
"You gave me this in love, Justin. It's your pact with me. Our pact of love. Is it all real? Or was this all pre?ordained. Does our love really matter in all of this? Is our love real?"
Justin stood up, walking up to his lover.
"Don't ever question my love for you, Michael! It's as real as I am! I love you, completely! Nothing that any of these prophecies or any of these families can say or do will ever change that! I love you, Michael!"
Michael sobbed, Justin pulling him against him.
"I'm sorry, Jus. I'm sorry. I will never doubt that. It's just this is all coming down on top of me. Why do I have to be what they want me to be? I'm me. I'm little Mikey Tavarro. Abused, forgotten, unloved. Now I have all this wonderful love, all this happiness. Why do I feel like I'm going to lose all of that? Is this the start? My losing my Nana? Is this only the beginning? Am I going to lose all of you? Am I going to lose you, my love?"
Michael sobbed against Justin, the man wrapping his loving arms around him.
Everyone stood up, hearing the pain and heartache in Michael's voice.
They all surrounded him, Michael feeling all of them around him.
Even Gregory stood beside him, seeing all the love all these people felt for him.
"We are surrounded by love, Mico. All of us love you. All of us will never leave you."
Michael sobbed against Justin, everyone putting their hands on his shoulders and back, as well as on Justin.
"I think this is too much, Michael. You're visibly upset. You need rest." Justin said, Michael silently nodding.
Justin took the ring from Michael's hand, slipping it back onto his finger.
Michael looked up into Justin's loving blue eyes.
"I love you, Jus. So much."
"And I love you with all my heart, Michael."
Michael smiled, laying his head on Justin's chest again.
"Time for bed, my love."
"We'll see you tomorrow, Jus and Mikey." Lance said, touching Michael's shoulder.
Justin nodded, quietly walking Michael out of the room.
Everyone stood watching the two leave, Gregory feeling Alberto put his hand on his shoulder.
"Let me tell you of our family, Gregory. We have so much in common. And we'd like to hear more of yours."
Gregory looked around, seeing smiling faces. He felt their friendship and their warmth.
Everyone sat down, Paulo silently looking towards the door his brothers had walked through.
"Help him find peace, Jus. Help my brother accept his fate."

Several hours later the house quieted down, everyone settling in for the night.
Justin lay in bed with Michael, both lovers sleeping in their favorite pose.
Justin held Michael, his love surrounding his soul, keeping Michael grounded.
Justin woke several times, feeling Michael's soul troubled, his love returning Michael to a deep untroubled sleep.
From their room a wave of destined love echoed through the old house.
All the rooms were now filled with loving people, and people deeply in love.
Our focus turns to four rooms, four rooms overflowing with love. Unrequited, unashamed love.
If we were to walk that hallway we would hear and feel the love flowing from each room.

In the first room, two engaged lovers lay together in closeness and love.
"It's been an emotional day, love. I feel so much love in this home. Nana's love still lingers here." Josh said, Lance laying against him.
"It has been that, my love. I still can't believe what we heard tonight. Of Michael's history and family. It's beyond belief." Lance said, stroking Josh's smooth chest.
"I sense something troubling you, my love." Josh said, pulling Lance a little closer.
"I'm worried about Michael, Josh. His heart is so giving, so loving. Why does he have to be the center of all this?"
"I sense a lot of faith and God's hand in all this, Lance. We'll just have to let it all play out. All I know is that all of us will be here for him. With our love, and with Justin's love, Michael will be alright."
Lance looked into Josh's blue eyes, seeing his truthful soul shining bright.
"Have I told you I love you today?" Lance said, his lips touching Josh's moist lips.
"First thing this morning, and three times today."
Lance blushed, Josh kissing him tenderly.
"I'll always remember every time you tell me that, my Lance. Because I fall in love with you again each time."
Lance teared up, pressing his body against Josh's.
"I love you so much, Josh. Make love to me. I need to feel your love flow through me. I need you."
Josh gently pushed Lance onto his back, staring down into his loving, emerald eyes.
"I love you with all my heart, my love."
Lance pulled Josh down, their lips uniting their passion and love.

In the second room, Paulo sat on the edge of their bed, staring out into the darkness of the night.
Jake lay on the bed, under the covers, staring at his lover.
"A kiss for your thoughts, my love?"
Paulo turned looking at Jake, his emerald eyes tearing.
Jake sat up, crawling down the bed, wrapping his arms around him.
"What's wrong, Polo?"
"Oh, Jewel. I'm so worried for Michael. Why does this all have to lay in his lap? I've never met anyone so loving, and so kind. I love him so much. Why does he have to carry this burden?"
Jake kissed Paulo's cheek, turning his head, looking into his emerald eyes.
"God, in his infinite wisdom, believes in Michael's destiny. I can't believe that he doesn't have a reason for all this. Whatever that is, Michael will have all of us there with him. His brothers, his lover, his friends and family. His soul will be filled with all our love. And with that loving soul Michael will be able to handle anything.  All we can do is be there for him. I sense your deep love for him, it's almost as strong as your love for me."
Paulo leaned forward, kissing Jake deeply, their arms wrapping around each other.
"No one will ever feel more loved by me than you, Jewel. I love you so much."
Jake teared up, Paulo kissing him again, Jake falling backwards, Paulo on top of him, looking into his blue eyes.
"Make love to me, Jewel. Take me to our soul of love. I need you so much."
"I love you, Polo. You are my everything. I give you all my love, in every form."
Jake pushed Paulo over, settling his body against him.
"I love you, my Spanish angel."
Paulo pulled him down, their lips igniting the fire of love burning in their hearts.

In the third room, Seth moaned, staring down at his lover, Tomas trembling.
"Oh God, Sethy! Oh God, that feels so good!"
Their young bodies were united, their passion running wild through their bodies and souls.
Seth gasped, feeling his emotions letting go, his body trembling as he went over the edge, the waterfall of their love descending over both of them.
Both men exploded together, Seth deep inside Tomas' body.
They lay together, both trembling, Seth pulling back, laying now against his lover.
"I love you, Tommy." Seth said, kissing his lover's trembling lips.
His hand stroked the eagle tattoo on his shoulder.
"My eagle of love soared high tonight, it was beautiful."
"I love my rose of beauty, you my Sethy."
Tomas wrapped his arms around Seth, kissing him again.
"Something's bothering you, love. I feel it in your soul."
"I'm just worried for Michael. We learned so much tonight, about his destiny. I'm scared we're going to lose him."
Tomas tightened his hold on Seth's body, Seth snuggling into his chest.
"Michael is a special man, Sethy. I feel that in my heart. He'll be alright because he has God watching out for him. I can't believe that God would let anything happen to Justin's angel."
Seth smiled, hearing the conviction and truth in Tomas' words.
"I wish him only happiness and love."
"He has that, with Justin." Tomas said, the two kissing again.
"And I have it with you, Tomas Santiago."
Tomas teared up, Seth closing his eyes and laying again against his smooth chest.
Tomas stared into the darkness, his brown eyes full of tears.
He felt Seth's breathing relax, his lover falling into slumber.
Tomas' mind was full of thoughts, and of worry.
His brown eyes stared into the darkness until they, too, eventually closed.
Just before they closed, a faint glow of golden hue shone in their centers.

In the last room, we find two people staring at each other. Two people on the threshold of experiencing true love for the first time.
Trevor shyly looked at Nick, both blushing and trembling.
They'd lain on the bed for hours, just talking to each other.
The subjects had been diverse: Michael, his family, Justin, their own worries and concerns, and words about themselves.
They'd held each other and tenderly kissed each other.
Nick in his heart knew that Trevor was fragile, his healing heart and soul still vulnerable.
Nick's love for him would guarantee his patience and loving care.
Now they were at the end of their talk, tiredness taking hold of both of them.
They now stood in front of each other, waiting to remove their clothes to get into bed together.
Nick felt Trevor's nervousness, leaning forward and kissing his lips gently.
"I'm not going to hurt you, Trev. Nothing is going to happen here. We're just going to be here for each other, to hold and to guide us into slumber."
Trevor smiled, hearing the love in Nick's gentle voice.
Trevor pulled his shirt off, Nick staring at his smooth defined chest.
Nick smiled, removing his own.
Trevor couldn't help but stare at the adonis standing in front of him, his sculpted smooth torso looking so beautiful.
Nick's eyes were feasting on the beauty in front of him.
To Nick, Trevor's body was beyond beautiful.
Both men smiled, removing their pants, standing now in their briefs alone.
Nick wore white Hilfiger briefs, Trevor seeing the large package in front.
Trevor's own black boxer briefs sporting a sizable package of their own.
Nick pulled down the blankets, hopping into the bed quietly, giving Trevor a nice view of his sculpted butt.
Nick got comfortable, watching Trevor climb into the bed, the two now laying beside each other.
Nick remained quiet, letting Trevor decide what he wanted.
"Yeah, Trev?"
"Hold me."
"Come here, my love."
Nick opened his arms, Trevor sliding against him, Nick's powerful arms wrapping around him.
Trevor lay his head against Nick's smooth chest, feeling its warmth and smelling the intoxicating aroma of Nick.
Nick smiled, feeling the warmth against him, lost in the feeling of deep love he felt for this special man.
"This is enough for now, Nicky."
"That's fine with me, Trev. I love you, and I can wait until you're ready for more."
Trevor teared up, lifting his head and kissing his lips.
Nick felt the fire burning in his soul, the need for this beautiful god.
But Nick remained still, Trevor returning to lay against him.
"Goodnight, Trev. Love ya."
"Goodnight, Nicky. I love you."
They both smiled, closing their eyes in love.

And so four rooms, as well as the whole house, are filled with love.
Lovers falling asleep in each other's arms.
Downstairs, a young man sits alone, quietly reading an old book. A book inlaid with a golden cross.
Gregory has read this book a thousand times. As have his forefathers.
He's troubled by what he's learned tonight.
Their history isn't what it was believed to be.
Michael has revealed the truth of their Lady of Devotion.
Will the family believe him?
Gregory's thoughts turn to his troublesome uncle.
His uncle with the lost faith.
Barlow was a maverick, trying to divide the family into two camps.
His very existence threatened Gregory's control on the Devoted.
Gregory hoped in his heart that he could hold them together until Michael took the leadership.
Until they all followed him, as the prophecy foretold.
Gregory heard a small sound, looking up from his book.
A young man stood in the doorway to the room, staring at him.
He wore a robe, the robe showing off his smooth sculpted form.
Gregory was lost in the beauty of this man's blue eyes staring back at him.
"You're up late. I came down for a glass of water and saw the light."
Gregory smiled, blushing a little.
"Couldn't sleep. Have a lot on my mind."
"I can understand that. It's not everyday that your world turns upside down. Could I join you?"
"Sure, please sit down."
The man smiled, sitting down beside the Greek man.
"I brought you some water, I sensed you might be thirsty."
Gregory smiled.
"Thank you, I am actually."
The young man held out the glass, Gregory taking it.
Their fingers touched briefly, both me feeling a spark fly through them.
Both smiled at each other, looking into each other's lost, lonely eyes.
"Care to talk to a friend?" He said, putting his hand on the young man's shoulder.
"Yes, I need to unburden my soul."
"Then let me in, let me be what you need." The beautiful young man said, his eyes showing their friendship to Gregory.
"I need to be loved." Gregory sobbed, the man taking him into his arms.
The two held each other, both now crying.
Kevin felt his soul lift in happiness.
In his arms, he felt his life.

In the downstairs office a single man sat, staring up at a portrait.
Silas looked at his old friend's face, seeing the wisdom and love in those painted eyes.
"She's with you now, Auggie. Your Helena is with you again, forever."
Tears fell from his eyes, Silas wiping them away.
In his hand he held a letter, a letter written in love.
"I will do as you ask, my love. I will give our Michael this. This letter of truth. It now will all begin. God guide all of us. The age of God's Messenger now begins."
Silas stood up, slipping the letter into his cardigan pocket, turning off the reading lamp.
He walked out of the room, closing the door of the office.
The darkened room was lit by moonlight beaming in from the large window.
The moonlight fell on the portrait of Augustus Stravros, Lord of Devotion.
The cross around his neck seemed to glow in the light, his right arm extended to the globe on his desk.
His hand rested upon it, his index finger resting on a single country.
A country destined in history, seeped in religious and historical significance.
His finger pointing to the families' destiny.
Zamora, Spain.
To the heart of the final confrontation.

End of Chapter 110

And so the next part of our story now begins.
The final leg of this journey of faith and love.
The joining of two families, the guiding of all of them to their destiny, by one man.
Michael Augustus Tavarro.
Still so many unanswered questions, and ominous tidings.
Walk with me, we shall take this journey together.
A lot of paths still yet to tread, to the final clearing on the path of life.

Keep the faith, keep the love.

Your guide, Angel.

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