Justin's Angel-111

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


In the downstairs office a single man sat, staring up at a portrait.
Silas looked at his old friend's face, seeing the wisdom and love in those painted eyes.
"She's with you now, Auggie. Your Helena is with you again, forever."
Tears fell from his eyes, Silas wiping them away.
In his hand he held a letter, a letter written in love.
"I will do as you ask, my love. I will give our Michael this. This letter of truth. It now will all begin. God guide all of us. The age of God's Messenger now begins."
Silas stood up, slipping the letter into his cardigan pocket, turning off the reading lamp.
He walked out of the room, closing the door of the office.
The darkened room was lit by moonlight beaming in from the large window.
The moonlight fell on the portrait of Augustus Stavros, Lord of Devotion.
The cross around his neck seemed to glow in the light, his right arm extended to the globe on his desk.
His hand rested upon it, his index finger resting on a single country.
A country destined in history, seeped in religious and historical significance.
His finger pointing to the families destiny.
Zamorra, Spain.
To the heart of the final confrontation.

Chapter 111

Justin smiled, looking around the clearing.
He was in a dream again, this he knew for certain.
He looked around, not seeing Daniel anywhere.
"Daniel?" He spoke, his voice the only sound filling the air.
Justin sat down on the boulder, wondering why he was here alone.
He sat in silence, looking out on the beautiful view of the lake.
"I never much liked this view. Not flowery enough for my tastes.  Augustus always loved it."
Justin turned, his heart filling with happiness.
Across from him stood Nana.
He rushed into her arms, Nana smiling at him as she held him.
"Hello, my angel."
Justin was in tears, smiling and crying at the same time.
"It's really you?"
"Yes, Justin. It's really me."
Justin hugged her, feeling the warmth of her love.
"How is my other angel doing, Jus?"
Justin's face changed, Nana patting his shoulder.
"He's learned the truth of the Devoted, their need for him. He's so confused, so worried. He fell asleep in turmoil."
"I know, Jus. I know." Nana said, walking over to the cliff's edge, looking down to the jagged rocks below.
"We all sleep with secrets in our souls, Justin. Some of us do not know they are even there."
Justin looked confused, staring at her.
"What do you mean, Nana?"
Nana turned looking into Justin's blue eyes.
"I never realized the depth of your love for my grandson, Justin. The depth of your one united soul. It's the most moving, beautiful thing in heaven's center. Even God is deeply moved by it."
Justin tears fell, hearing those moving words from Nana.
"I love him with everything I have inside me."
"I know, Justin."
Nana walked over to him, sitting down on the boulder, Justin sitting beside her, Nana wrapping her arm around him.
"Tomorrow is a day of new beginnings, my angel. Tomorrow, Michael will learn the truth. The truth of his family."
"What do you mean, Nana?"
"I left him a letter, Justin. And in that letter I reveal my own secrets. But even I didn't know the full truth of what those secrets meant. I do now, Justin. And I need to tell you all of them."
"Why me?"
"Because you are his rock, Justin. You are his guiding light. In you, he'll find love, faith, trust and courage."
"The four cornerstones of the Devoted?"
Nana smiled, kissing his cheek.
"The four cornerstones of Michael. Michael is the heart of the Devoted. And the heart of the Chosen."
Justin looked at her, Nana sighing.
"There is much for me to tell you, Justin. Let's get to it."
Justin sat in silence, Nana talking quietly, Justin's face changing to shock and disbelief.
She told him of everything, all of what she'd written, and all of what she'd learned.
At the end Justin sat in silence, Nana kissing his cheek.
"So you see, Justin, you are the uniting factor here. Your love for him will be needed so much. It's up to you to show all of them the truth, to unite all of them for the coming events."
Justin stared out at the lake, looking at all the beauty.
"You have my word that I'll let them all know the truth. Because it needs to be known."
Nana smiled, taking his hand in hers.
"I've always known you loved him, Justin. From the moment I first looked into your eyes I saw that love. And I didn't need any gift to tell me that. Thank you for loving him."
Justin smiled, hugging her gently.
"It started with your love, it will end with mine. I'll make him happy for all his long life."
Nana teared up, hugging this special young man to her.
"It's time for me to leave, Justin. Tell him I will always be with him. My love for him will never diminish."
Justin teared up, kissing her cheek, feeling her warmth and love fading away from against him.

Justin awoke, sitting up in bed.
He was alone.
He fell back down, closing his eyes.
He remembered all Nana had told him, a tear falling from his eye.
He looked at the clock seeing six thirty.
"Where are you, my love? I love you." Justin said in his mind, Michael's voice answering him after a few moments.
"I'm outside, in the backyard. I love you too, my angel."
Justin felt the tiredness still in Michael.
He got up, pulling on his t-shirt and jeans, walking to the bathroom.
Ten minutes later, he was walking out the back door, seeing Michael sitting on the bench under the elm tree.
Justin walked over, sitting down beside him.
"How long have you been up, love? I saw the coffee brewing and all the food in the kitchen and the stuff in the oven warming."
"Since about four thirty, love. I couldn't sleep, so I made breakfast for everyone."
Justin put his arm around Michael, Michael laying his head on Justin's shoulder.
"This is really bothering you, isn't it, love?"
"I don't know what to do, Jus. I'm at a crossroads. If I go forward, it's to the end. I'll see it through completely. And if I choose to not go forward, then who knows what will happen."
"I think you should go forward, Michael. This is your destiny, of that I'm certain."
Michael looked at Justin, sensing something different in his eyes. It felt like more than acceptance.
"I sense a newness of purpose in you, my love. Care to share your feelings?" Michael said, his golden eyes focused on Justin's face.
Justin kissed his cheek, Michael quietly looking at him.
"Do you believe in my wanting to do what's best for you, Mico?"
"Yes, Jus. You've always cared about me, always did what you thought best for my welfare. I've always trusted you in that regard."
Justin smiled, Michael smiling his love for him.
"Then I believe you have to see this through. They all need you, love. They need your courage, your strength, and most of all your love."
"I'm not a heroic person, Jus. I'm not a Spartacus or a Caesar. I'm just one small man."
Justin wrapped his arm around him, hugging him tightly.
"You are a hero, Michael. In all that you've accomplished, in all that you've survived. Great men aren't born, they grow into their greatness."
Michael nodded, Justin sensing his mood had changed.
"So you're saying that I have to meet this destiny? What if it tears us apart?"
Justin kissed Michael deeply, Michael feeling the passion and deep love in that single kiss.
"Nothing, of this earth or beyond will tear us apart, my love. We're together forever."
Michael smiled, snuggling against Justin, his mood lightening.
They sat together, just being close, their silence eventually broken by the back door opening.
Out into the early morning sunshine walked Tomas.
"Morning guys, it's so beautiful out here."
Tomas smiled as Michael and Justin smiled back at him.
"You're up early, Tomas. Where's your better half? " Michael said, Tomas sitting down beside him, Michael kissing his cheek.
"He's still sleeping. Have you seen Kevin?"
"No, not since last night."
"He's not in his room. The bed's all made, and he's nowhere downstairs."
Michael smiled, Justin looking at his smiling face.
"Care to share your thoughts, love?"
Michael looked at both men, smiling.
"I think I know where he is. But it's up to him to talk to you about it, Tomas."
Tomas looked at Justin, Justin just shrugging his shoulders.
"You and your secrets, Mico."
Michael laughed, kissing Justin's cheek.
"How about some breakie, boys?"
Both men grinned, all three going inside.

They met Lance and Josh pouring coffee at the kitchen counter, greetings exchanged.
"Morning, Mikey. How did you sleep?"
Michael blushed, hearing the concern in Lance's voice.
"I'm okay. But I didn't sleep much. I did a lot of thinking. Loverboy here helped me the most, though."
Justin beamed, Michael kissing him, his arm going around him, his hand slipping down the back of his pants, rubbing his smooth butt.
"Mico, we're in public."
"I don't care who knows how much I love and want my man."
Everyone smiled, seeing Michael's mood had lightened a bit.
"So what's on the agenda for today, Mikey?" Josh said, everyone sitting around the table, drinking coffee, Michael busy in the kitchen.
"Well, I've got the meeting with Harry Stenson, my grandparents' lawyer. Then the rest of the day is free. When are you guys heading back home?"
"Lance and I are heading to his parents' home for a couple of days later this evening. Our parents send their love and condolences, Michael. We'll stay if you need us here?"
"Thank your parents for me guys. But it's okay. You were here when I needed you the most." Michael said, both men tearing up, Michael kissing both their cheeks.
"Seth and I are both heading home tomorrow morning, with Father Derrick and Kevin. We have school Monday."
Michael smiled, rubbing Tomas' arm.
"We'll be heading for Europe, right Jus? Or will we be heading home first?"
"We can stay here for a few days, and head straight to London on Monday night, love. Timba and the gang are all heading out tomorrow to do the setup. I'm not required until late Tuesday for sound checks."
Michael nodded, Justin rubbing his shoulder.
"I want to have a meeting with everyone after your meeting with the lawyer, Mico. There are a few things that need to be talked through." Justin said, Michael looking at him quietly.
"Alright, Jus."
Lance and Josh looked at each other, but remained quiet.
Chris and Vicky walked into the kitchen followed by Lynn and Paul.
"I see breakfast is all taken care of. And who do we have to thank for that?" Lynn said, Michael blushing.
"I couldn't sleep. I put my hands to good use." He said, getting up and kissing Lynn's cheek and hugging Paul and Vicky. Chris high-fived him.
"You should put your hands to use on your man, Mikey. He looks a little love starved. How long's it been since you got your rocks off, Justy?" Chris said smirking, Vicky rolling her eyes, Lynn shaking her head.
Justin was blushing, that getting Chris laughing louder.
Michael folded his arms staring at Chris, Chris knowing that look.
"Sorry, Mikey. I'll be good."
"I'm sure that's what you tell Vicky, too. But she looks even more love starved."
Chris turned three shades of red, everyone laughing.
Vicky just shook her head laughing.
"Snookums, you always do this to yourself. You know he'll always top you."
"Not even on the horniest of days, Chris." Michael said, shuddering.
Josh and Justin burst out laughing, Joey shooting milk out his nose, that setting Lance off even louder.
Chris turned beet red, Vicky holding in her laughter with little success.
Vicky kissed Chris' cheek, looking at Michael.
"Kudos, pencil dick. Leave my Snookums alone, please. You know he's a novice."
Michael smiled a large smile; Justin smiling at seeing that shining beauty.
"Don't ever change, pig lover." Michael said to Vicky, kissing her cheek, Vicky smiling.
Chris looked shocked, Michael laughing.
"Well, breakie's ready. Grab a seat everyone. I'll grab the grub."
Everyone sat down, the rest of the houseguests entering the kitchen.
Michael hugged everyone, Father Derrick helping Alberto take a seat.
Within twenty minutes, everyone was eating; laughter and talk filling the large room.
Kevin walked into the room, followed by Seth.
Michael looked at Kevin, but remained quiet.
"Here comes the Avery men. You're late, boys."
"Sorry, Mikey. Slept in. " Kevin said, Tomas staring at him with surprise, just as Seth kissed him.
"You weren't in your room an hour ago, Kevin." Tomas said, a puzzled look on Seth's face.
Kevin blushed, Gregory walking into the room at that moment.
"Morning everyone." He said, a large smile on his face.
Kevin's face lit up as he looked at him.
Michael smiled, no one else noticing.
"Come on guys, sit down. Joey's packing the food away. I don't want you to miss out."
Joey gave Michael a good-natured one-finger salute, Michael laughing.
Michael filled the table with more food, heading back into the kitchen.
Everyone dove in, the food warm and inviting.
Justin sat back, watching everyone, his gaze turning to his Mico in the kitchen.
Michael was at the kitchen counter, staring at a spot on the counter, where two shakers had once sat.
Justin got up quietly, Lance watching him walk up to Michael.
He wrapped his arms around Michael, Michael laying his head on his chest.
"I miss her, Jus."
Justin hugged him tight, the room quieting down.
Everyone sensed the quietness of the moment.
"She's happy, Mico. I have no doubt of that." Justin said, hugging his lover closer to him, Michael nodding.
They both heard giggling, looking toward the table.
Becky sat in her father's lap, giggling.
"What's so funny, Becky?" Zach said, looking down at his daughter with a smile.
"Nana's making pies in heaven. She needed her shakers."
Justin looked surprised, Michael walking over to his little angel, kneeling down beside her.
"And how do you know about that, my little angel?" He said, staring at her smiling face.
"She told me this morning."
Everyone was now staring at the little girl, Christina and Zach looking at each other.
"You saw Nana, Rebecca?" Christina said.
"Yes, Mommy. She sat down beside me in my bed. We talked about you Uncle Mikey."
Michael teared up, Justin now at his side, his hand on Michael's shoulder.
"She said to tell you that she's baking pies for grandfather, and thanks for her shakers."
Michael sobbed, Justin pulling him up into his arms.
"How did she know, Jus? You were the only one who saw me put them in with her!"
Justin hugged Michael to him, looking down at everyone.
Everyone was staring at him, confused looks on their faces.
He quietly told everyone about the shakers.
Everyone looked at Michael, then at the smiling young child.
"Nana is happy, Uncle Mikey. She wants you to be happy now."
Michael broke from Justin, gently picking up the small child.
"She said that, Becky?"
"Yes, Uncle Mikey. She says you need to be happy."
Michael smiled, hugging the little girl.
"OK, my little angel. I will be happy. For her and for you."
Justin smiled, seeing that this had done Michael a world of good. Nana was still watching over him.
Michael handed a smiling Becky back to her father, Justin wrapping his arms around him.
"She still watching out for me, Jus. She's still with us."
Everyone smiled, Michael sitting down at the table, Justin sitting beside him.
They returned to their meal, the talk and laughter beginning again.
Silas smiled at Michael, Michael smiling back.

An hour later, a tall elderly gentleman walked into the living room with Uncle Silas; Michael and Justin sitting on a couch, playing with Becky and her dolls.
"Hello, Michael. It's nice to see you again. This time in a more agreeable setting."
Michael smiled, standing up and shaking the man's hand.
"Hello, Mr. Stenson. Please have a seat."
"Thank you, Michael. I've come with your grandmother's will. Whenever you're ready we can walk through it."
"Would you like some coffee, Harry?" Silas said, Harry Stenson nodding.
A few minutes later, everyone had quietly walked into the room, Michael knowing they were all curious.
Michael introduced everyone to the older gentleman.
"This is all my extended family, Mr. Stenson."
"Your family has indeed grown, as Helena had informed me. It's fine that they all remain. However, how about we go into the office, it's where Helena wanted this to be read."
Michael's brows furrowed in thought, Justin watching him.
"Alright, Mr. Stenson."
Everyone got up, Michael and Justin following Silas and Harry out of the room, everyone else following behind.
Within a few minutes everyone was sitting and standing quietly in the large office, Michael and Justin sitting together with Uncle Silas on the leather couch in front of his grandfather's desk.
Harry Stenson sat behind the desk, a folder laying in front of him.
"Alright, Michael. First off, I want to offer you my condolences. Your grandmother, and your grandfather were more than clients to me. They were dear people, and loving friends. I will miss them both greatly, Michael. Helena was an extraordinary woman. So full of life and love."
"Yes she was, Mr. Stenson. Thank you for feeling that way."
Harry smiled.
"Please, Michael. Call me Harry."
"Alright, Harry."
The man smiled, opening the folder in front of him.
"In front of me is the last will and testament of Helena Stavros. This will was updated recently, all the legal and legitimate clauses successfully executed. As executor of her estate I am charged with reading this said document. I will read it in its entirety, and then I'll try and answer any questions for those involved."
Michael and Silas both nodded, Justin remaining quiet, watching Michael.

"I, Helena Carmelia Cardova-Stavros, being of sound body and mind, do hereby legitimize this as my last will and testament, this tenth day of April, in the year of our lord two thousand and seven."

Justin looked at Michael, realizing this will had been updated less than a week ago.
Michael's face showed concern, and worry, Justin squeezing his hand.

"As being such said person heretofore mentioned, I bequeath the following in their entirety to the herein mentioned.

To Silas Warner, faithful friend and companion. Your love, your faithfulness and your devotion have guided me through years of loneliness and heartache. Without you, I don't know how I'd have made it through.
To you my friend, I leave the sum of ten million dollars. And the deed to the house where you now reside. The Stavros family home. This was as much your home as it was mine and Augustus'.
Michael lives in happiness now with his Justin. He has his own home now.
Live here in happiness the remainder of your life, old friend. This is a gift from Augustus and I both."

Silas was in tears, Michael hugging him tightly.
Everyone else was in shock, hearing the amount that Helena had left Silas.
Harry waited until Silas nodded to continue.

"To my lost granddaughter, Christina Warren.
In you, I found a new hope for our family's future. In you, I found happiness and love, something that my dear Michael will need from his loving sister.
I can't change the past, but I have righted the present. I love you dear child. In you I see your mother's beauty and your mother's heart.
To you I bequeath the sum of five million dollars.
And to her loving husband, Zach, my grandson's loving friend.
You were always a special child, Zachary. You showed it in your love, your smile and your calming nature.
In all truth you were like another grandchild to me, Zach.
I loved you for loving him, for loving my angel. And I loved you for just being you.
To you, my adopted grandson, I also leave the sum of five million dollars.

Christina was sobbing, not believing what she'd just heard.
Zach held her, in shock himself, never thinking she would do something like that for him.
Rebecca looked up at her parents' emotional faces.
Michael quietly watched them, not believing himself what he'd just heard either.

"And finally, to Michael Augustus Tavarro. My loving, special grandson.
You were my life, my love and my happiness.
To you my precious angel I leave the balance of the Stavros fortune.
All of Augustus' vast wealth, property and my own accrued investments.
You and you alone were the soul of my existence, the light of my life.
In you, I tried to right my own wrongs. I tried to change the past.
Forgive me for not loving you enough, for not protecting you from your pain.
I loved you my beautiful child.
And I will always.

Signed this tenth day of April, two thousand and seven."

Michael remained quiet, tears flowing down his cheeks, Justin holding him.
Everyone saw the pained loss in Michael's eyes.
"She has nothing to be forgiven for. She loved me more than enough. She loved me with all her heart."
Silas put his arm around Michael, kissing his cheek.
"You are now a wealthy man, Michael." Harry said, looking into his golden eyes.
"At last tabulation, less than three days ago, your grandfather's estate, combined with your grandmother's shrewd investing, totaled in excess of six hundred and seventy three million dollars."
Everyone gasped, staring at Michael.
Michael himself was frozen in shock.
"That's impossible!!!!!" He said, his body now trembling.
"No, it's not, Michael. Your grandfather made millions in lumber and steel, investing that money in a lot of diverse companies. Fifteen years ago, your grandmother sold all those companies, re-investing that money into new technologies and new industries. She quadrupled that investment easily. She was a sharp, shrewd businesswoman, Michael." Harry said, everyone hearing the admiration and love in his voice for her.
"It is true, Michael. She was a wealthy, intelligent, resourceful  woman." Silas said quietly, Michael looking at him.
"Why didn't she show it? Why didn't she tell me?"
Silas took Michael's hand in his, staring at him with his loving grey eyes.
"Remember when she offered you the money to help Zach? Remember when she offered you the money for your own education? She was willing to offer you everything, Michael. And you took nothing. Because you wanted to do it on your own. That spoke volumes to her heart. She saw in you someone with a kind heart, not a greedy one. She saw love, not greed in your soul. So she didn't flaunt it, for your sake. But she did use her wealth to help others. You spoke of that yourself yesterday. She was involved in over two hundred different charities. Harry has all the information, all of her investment reports. She left it all to you. Because in you she saw the same faith, the same need to do good. She knew, as all of us do, that you will use this to do good, as she'd always done."
Michael cried, Silas and Justin both hugging him.
Harry got up, walking around the desk.
"I know this has been a big shock to you, Michael. I'll meet with you tomorrow. We'll go over everything."
Michael nodded, shaking the man's hand.
Silas escorted him out of the room.
Everyone watched Michael, not believing his newfound wealth.
"I never knew, Jus. She never told me.  I always knew that grandfather had left her well cared for, but I never imagined that kind of wealth."
"It is remarkable, love. But I sense, not too surprising in regards to her. She seemed like that type of lady, Mico. Giving, loving and helping. To think of all the good she's done. I can only imagine what she's done. She was a beautiful person, Michael."
"She was Nana, Jus. She was my Nana." Michael said, standing up.
He walked up to the desk, looking at the painting of his grandfather.
"He was her love. Her heart and soul. She once told me that in him she found her soul of giving love. He must have been even more giving than her."
"He was, Michael."
Michael turned looking at his Uncle Silas, who'd returned to the room.
In his hand he held a white envelope.
"Your grandfather was a saint, Michael. It's the only word to describe him. He taught all of us about love, giving, and the reward of faith."
Silas walked up to him, hugging him tight. He set the envelope down on the desk, looking into Michael's golden eyes.
"I want to tell you how I met him, Michael. Please sit down, my boy."
Michael sat down next to Justin, Silas leaning against the desk.
Everyone remained quiet, Alberto looking at Silas with troubled eyes. One part of that will reading had disturbed him.
Paulo sensed his grandfather's troubled mind, patting his shoulder.
Alberto looked into his emerald eyes, smiling.
He then turned looking at someone else. The man didn't see him looking at him, Alberto's mind full of deep thoughts.
Silas' gaze was on Michael's golden eyes.
"Your grandfather saved me, Michael. In every sense and meaning of that word. I was a criminal, Michael. I was going to be hanged."
Everyone gasped, Michael staring at him in disbelief.
"I was fourteen when it happened.  I had fallen into a spell of bad luck. My family had disowned me, so I lived on the streets. I was arrested several times for vagrancy, and minor theft. I'd stolen food to survive. Where I'd reached the end of my rope was when I and three other young toughs decided to rob a gas station.  And during that robbery the attendant was savagely stabbed to death by one of those desperate men. The murdered man was a family man, his wife having just given birth to twins. The community was outraged, they wanted our heads. All of us. Regardless if we had done the killing ourselves. Because I was there, I was deemed just as guilty. They tried all four of us as adults, demanding the chair for all of us. I, being the youngest was given the least experienced lawyer. That lawyer was your grandfather, Augustus Stavros. He was only twenty two and it was his first real case as a lawyer."
Silas knelt down in front of Michael, tears in his eyes.
"That gift of beautiful writing, of moving words, that you possess, Michael. It was inherited from your grandfather. When he took the floor at my trial, when he spoke to the jury, I believe God himself must have wept at the eloquence and heart-wrenching, moving oration he gave. Not a dry eye was left in that courtroom. Your grandfather saved my life with his heartfelt, spoken words."
Michael put his hand on Silas' shoulder, looking into his tearing grey eyes.
"He talked of love, of my being denied that. Of my life of hardship and lost youth. Of society denying me my life. He said it was time society gave me back that life. In the end they stayed my execution, giving me nine years in prison. The other three young men were sentenced to death. Your grandfather saved my life, Michael. I served five years in the state penitentiary, released early for good behavior. And on the day I was released, your grandfather was waiting at the gate for me."
Silas stood back up, walking to the portrait, staring up into those piercing eyes of Augustus'.
"He met me at the gate, smiling that beautiful loving smile. I was shocked, believing that no one cared about me. But he cared. I asked him what he was doing there? He told me that he was there as my friend. As my salvation. He offered me the salvation of his love.  And I walked with him from that day forth, Michael. He saved me in every true sense of the word. I lived with him, I worked with him, and I loved him. And I loved your grandmother. She was standing right beside him on that first day of my freedom. They had been married three weeks before my release. In them I found friendship, love, trust and courage. And I've carried their love with me since that day."
Michael walked up to him, hugging him tightly.
"You are a remarkable courageous man, my Uncle. No one here faults you for your being caught in a terrible situation. You had the courage to walk forth into a better life after paying for your mistakes.  I can see why they loved you. As I see why you loved them."
Silas held him, tears flowing from his grey eyes.
"I promised your grandmother that I would do anything she asked of me. I now have to fulfill that obligation, my son."
Silas walked over to the desk, picking up the envelope he'd set down.
His hands trembled, his eyes looking into Michael's golden orbs.
"Your grandmother left you this letter, Michael. She asked me to hold onto it until after the will was read. In it are some startling truths. I loved her Michael. I do this now because she asked me to. I love you as well."
Michael took the letter slowly from his uncle staring down at the white envelope.


That one word was written across it in Nana's beautiful writing.
Justin stood up, walking beside his lover.
"I'll take the letter, Michael. I am going to read it to you."
Michael looked up into Justin's blue pools of love.
"She asked me to read the letter to you, Michael. To all of you."
"She asked you to?" Michael said, his face showing surprise.
"She came to me in a dream last night, Mico. She met me in the clearing, in Daniel's place."
Michael looked shocked now, Justin taking the letter gently from him, guiding him back to the couch.
Silas looked shocked as well, sitting down beside Michael.
Justin looked around seeing everyone staring at him.
"Nana wrote a lot of truths in this letter. And there were a lot of truths she didn't know until she passed from this world. A truth that she regrets not knowing. For she could have loved him, as I'm sure he would have loved her. She wants me to read this, to tell the truth, and the truth not shown in here."
Michael stared up at Justin, seeing the love in his eyes.
"Alright, Jus. If that's what she's requested of you, then go ahead."
Justin leaned down, kissing Michael tenderly.
"I love you, my love. And I loved her. I do this now for her, and for you."
Justin looked around the room, seeing their family, and all their friends. All Michael's loving support.
"You all are his friends, his family and his world. Listen to the words and draw your own conclusions. I'll stop and reveal what needs to be known when it's needed."
Everyone smiled, their thoughts intrigued and curious.
Justin broke the seal on the letter, pulling out two folded sheets of paper.
The room was in dead silence as Justin unfolded the sheets.
Justin's calm, sure voice filled the quiet room.

My dearest child; my little Mico.

I need to start by saying I love you.
I've loved you from the moment I looked upon your opening eyes that day long ago in that hospital room.
I remember the moment I saw the goldenness of those two small orbs of love.
It sent a shock through my heart.
A shock that kicked my heart into full-fledged love.
And then three years later I saw those same small eyes.
This time there was a dead center in them. A center missing their forgotten love.
I took you into my arms and tried to fill those eyes again with my love.
And I don't regret a moment of that time.
But I did if for other reasons also, my child.
For reasons of my own.
Call it selfishness, call it need, but the love never was in question.
You were and always will be my grandchild.
But there is another truth, another side of my helping you.
I didn't learn until just recently the true purpose of your destiny, your life.
It was to bring all of us your faith.
It was to give all of us your unending love.
You are someone special, Michael. More special than anyone may realize.
I'm sure as this letter is being read, that you've become aware of the Devoted.
I was their last Lady of Devotion.
I achieved that title by only one act, by only one achievement.
I healed a child dying of leukemia.
I have the healing gift that you also possess. You inherited it from me, my child.
Augustus informed the Devoted of my gifts, they seeing the faith and love I possessed, naming me the last Lady.
I was more than I appeared to be, Michael.
I was born with the gifts of God, with the healing touch, among other gifts.
But no one, no member of our family, or any other family possess the gifts you hold within you.
You are he that the Stavros and the Tavarros have sought.
The chosen leader of their faith, their family and their prophesied destiny.
I know you've accepted the role that the Tavarros have planned for you.
Now comes the choice of what you need to do in regards to the Devoted.
No one can make that choice but you.
I'm sure that Gregory Stavros has told you of their history, their devotion to God's faith.
In him, you will find a friend, if not a brother.
His soul is just as giving, just as loving as mine.
I regret now that I never brought the two of you together. You both would have benefitted from each other's friendship and love.
I've always loved Gregory like another grandchild, not a distant relative of my Augustus.
But I do sense that the two of you will create a special bond of friendship and brotherhood."

Justin looked at Michael, then at Gregory.
Both men were in tears, for different reasons.
Michael for the love his grandmother's words had shown.
Gregory for the truth he felt in her words.
"She doesn't say it in this letter, but I think we all may sense the truth." Justin said.
He walked in front of Gregory, kneeling down in front of him, taking his hand in his.
"You were that child she healed, weren't you Gregory?"
Gregory sobbed, falling into Justin's embrace.
"She saved me, she saved me from death! I would have died without her healing love! I loved her with all my heart! How could I not? There was so much love and devotion in her! She was in all ways the Lady of Devotion!"
Michael got up, sitting down beside his cousin, hugging him tightly.
"She saved both of us, Gregory. We have each other to love now."
Gregory sobbed, Michael holding him.
Everyone quietly watched, tears flowing from a lot of eyes.
Father Derrick wiped his eyes, Justin quietly looking at him.
Gregory calmed down finally, smiling timidly at Michael, Michael's arm still around him.
Justin looked at Michael, Michael nodding.
Justin stood up leaning against the desk again, looking back down at the letter.

"There are some truths you need to know about myself, my child, as well as all those I'm certain who are around you as you hear this.
Your family, your loving young friends. All those that have felt your love, that have been drawn to your giving heart.
I know they all sit here with you now, giving you their love and support.
I'll begin with my own lost childhood.
I lived in Spain when I was a child.
I am of Spanish decent, not Greek as you've assumed, like your grandfather, Michael.
I was a happy child, living on borrowed time.
My youthful happiness was in my sister's love.
I had an older sister, who loved me so much. Who I loved with all my heart.
But she left me at an early age, I being twelve, she being eighteen.
A handsome man with golden eyes swept her off her feet, taking the love of my life from me.
But my parents wouldn't bless their relationship.
They eloped, my sister running away to be with him.
I lost all communication with her, never seeing her again.
When I turned nineteen I came to America, following my Augustus, whom I'd fallen in love with, leaving her lost to my love.
All my life I wondered if she was loved, how she was loved.
I learned a short time ago the life she had. The life of wondrous love.
From the man who'd loved my sweet Marisa. Her husband, Alberto."

Everyone was shocked, staring at the elder Tavarro, Alberto looking deeply upset.
Justin stared across the room at Alberto, seeing the tears in his eyes, the trembling in his body.
"It was you, Alberto. Marisa was your wife. Michael's grandmother. Nana's lost sister."
Alberto sobbed, Michael walking up to him, kneeling at his feet.
"Grandfather, is this true?"
"Yes, Michael. It's true. My loving wife was named Marisa. But I swear I didn't know who Nana was. She never told me!"
Alberto sobbed, Paulo rubbing his shoulder, his eyes in tears.
"I'd only seen her once or twice when she was a small child. There was no way I could have known who she was. You have to believe me!" Alberto said, as he stared into Michael's golden eyes.
"I believe you, Poppa. I believe you didn't know. I see that now."
Michael stood up, looking back at Justin.
"What does all this mean, Justin? Am I related to everyone? My grandmother's sister was also my grandmother. What does all this mean? Isn't this like incest or something? This makes my mother and father first cousins. What does that make me? More of a freak of nature than ever?"
Justin walked up to Michael seeing his emotional distress.
"No Michael. It doesn't make you a freak. And it's not quite true."
Everyone looked at Justin in confusion, Michael staring at him also.
"Sit down, Mico. I'll explain it all."
Michael sat down beside Alberto, his grandfather putting his arm around him.
Justin stared at both of them, seeing their love still strong.
"Marisa wasn't Helena's sister. In blood, I mean. They weren't born of the same parents.
Your Nana didn't find that out until she was fourteen. Let me continue with her letter."
Michael nodded at Justin, Alberto staring into his blue eyes.

"I loved Marisa so much. She was my sister.
And then my parents tried to destroy even that love in my soul.
When I was fourteen, and classed now as a woman, my mother sat me down, telling me the truth.
The truth about myself.
Who I was. Who I really was.
I was a lost child. A child of sin.
My parents weren't my real parents.
From what they'd pieced together, I had been abandoned by my mother.
She'd been a housekeeper of her village's priest.
She'd become pregnant with the priest's child.
To her faith and her community, that was a sin.
And I was a product of that sin.
She gave birth to me, and my twin brother in a desolate convent in another small town.
When we were born we were separated, the two of us going to different towns.
My present parents adopted me, giving me a loving home.
I never saw or knew who the other child was.
God and God alone knows that.
So that was my life, dear Michael.
You can rest easy, Marisa is your grandmother by marriage to Alberto.
But she isn't my sister by blood.
But she'll always remain my sister in love and soul."

Justin lowered the letter again, staring at Michael, then looking around the room.
"Marisa and Helena were not sisters of blood. They were sisters of chance, sisters of fate. Fate tore them apart, fate brought the links of their love together. Two sisters married two men of love. And their children Diana and Ramone were brought together by fate. To bring a child of love into this world. Our loving Michael."
Everyone was in tears, Justin watching Michael stand up.
Michael walked up to him, hugging him tightly, then walking back over to his grandfather.
"I love you as I loved my grandmother, Poppa. Your Marisa must have been as loving a grandmother as my Nana had been. I only wish I'd have met her."
Alberto smiled, hugging his grandson.
"She was, Michael. She was goodness at its best."
Michael smiled, hugging his grandfather again.
Justin watched Michael and Alberto hugging, his heart filling with happiness.
Paulo was looking as well, seeing his cousin and grandfather's love still unchanged.
Michael walked back to his Justin, kissing his lips.
"There's more written, my love. More for you to hear."
Michael nodded, looking into his lover's blue eyes.
"But first another truth must be revealed. Nana learned this truth in heaven. She wants to share it with her brother."
Michael looked confused, Justin smiling.
"Your life has been a continual line of destiny and fate, my love. Destiny brought you to me, fate made us fall in love. Destiny brought all of your family together, Michael.
Alberto, Paulo, Nana, Silas and Gregory. Destiny wove its magic through all their lives, bringing them to this point in time. To be here for you when you need them the most.
But there's another man who destiny brought to you at a time when you needed him the most.
He was an orphan himself, going through countless foster homes in his youth. And he became a man of faith, believing in God's love. And he made his life about helping other lost children. Other lost children like himself, and you. And like his lost sister, of whom he didn't know."
Michael turned looking at Father Derrick.
Father Derrick sat in shock, staring at Justin and Michael.
"That's impossible!"
Justin walked over to him, kneeling in front of him.
"It's the truth, Father Derrick. You were an orphan, weren't you?"
Father Derrick's eyes were now filling with tears.
"Yes, Justin. I was an orphan. I don't remember anything of my early youth. All I ever knew was the orphanage in Spain where I grew up. I went to different homes, always returning to that place. They gave me the last name of O'Hara, why I knew not."
"Your father's name was O'Hara. He was  Father Joshua O'Hara, the priest who gave life to you and your sister Helena. Nana was your sister, Father."
Father Derrick sobbed, Justin hugging him.
Michael walked over to his old friend, sitting down beside him.
"I always knew there was something about you that spoke to me of family. You are my great-uncle, Father. That makes me so happy. I love you, Uncle Derrick."
Father Derrick looked into Michael's golden eyes, seeing the deep love there.
"I love you too, Michael. I always have. Oh God, I buried my own sister. I didn't even know who she was." Father Derrick sobbed, realizing the truth.
Michael took him into his arms, holding him tightly.
"She was an angel of love, Father. She was our angel of love."
Everyone was in tears, staring at the two men holding each other.
Lance, Josh, Joey and Chris all wiped their eyes, Vicky smiling at this touching moment.
Seth had Tomas in his arms, both young men smiling with tearing eyes.
Justin smiled seeing the happiness in Michael's golden eyes.
He knew what Father Derrick had meant to Michael in his youth, and now he'd come to mean even more. He now was family.
Justin had one more secret to reveal, one more hidden truth.
He looked around the room, focusing his eyes on two men.
Justin stood up, smiling at Michael, Michael smiling back.
"You've found another lost member of your family, Mico. And I sense this floods your soul with happiness. But there is one more truth to tell."
Michael smiled, standing up, walking to his lover.
"I know this final truth, my love. I've known it for quite some time. Since the first moment I met him. It was part of the reason I sought him out. How it came to pass, I know not. All I know is that two of my family are involved."
Michael turned looking at his grandfather, Alberto staring back at him. Michael then turned looking at Father Derrick.
"You are old friends, aren't you? The two of you have known each other all your lives."
Both men looked shocked, their mouths hanging open.
Father Derrick got up, walking to Alberto, sitting down beside him.
"It's time, my friend. Time for this secretive chapter of our lives to end."
Alberto teared up, putting his hand on Father Derrick's shoulder.
"You always were the level headed one, Derrick. A true friend and brother."
Michael smiled, walking to them, standing in front of them.
"Today is one of those special days in my troubled life. I've gained an uncle, and I've gained another cousin. Let me tell him."
Both men looked shocked, looking at each other.
Then both men looked at Michael, seeing the deep love in his smiling face.
They both nodded.
Michael looked at Paulo, smiling.
"We have another cousin, Polo. Another brother of love."
Paulo looked totally confused.
Michael turned, looking at Justin.
Justin was smiling, nodding his head.
Michael walked across the room, walking up to his group of young friends.
"Welcome to my family, my friend. My cousin, my brother." Michael said, staring at the young man in front of him.
Tomas looked totally shocked, his body trembling, Seth looking back and forth between the two men.
"What do you mean, Michael?" Tomas said, his voice full of emotion.
"You are my cousin, Tomas. You and your sister Carmen, were the children of my father's sister, Teresa. She was brutally murdered by my Uncle Fredrick. You are her only surviving child."
Tomas stared in disbelief, looking into Michael's truthful eyes.
"No, this can't be!"
Tomas walked out of Seth's arms toward Father Derrick, kneeling in front of him.
"Is this true, Father? Did you know of this?"
Father Derrick lowered his head, Alberto looking at Tomas.
"It is true, Tomas. You are my grandson." Alberto said, his eyes full of tears.
Tomas looked at both men, Michael now standing behind him, his hand going to Tomas' shoulder.
Tomas was staring at the two older men.
"Why didn't you tell me? I could have had your love! I could have been loved by someone!"
Michael sensed the anger in Tomas, Michael pulling him to his feet.
He turned him around staring into his tearing brown eyes.
"Listen to them, Tomas. Let them tell you the truth. Do it for me, my brother."
Tomas stared into Michael's golden eyes of love, knowing he could never deny him anything. Tomas nodded, Seth walking up to him, his arm going around him.
"Tell us the truth, grandfather." Michael said calmly, smiling at Alberto.
"Derrick and I have known each other since we were small children. My father and mother took him into our home when we were both ten. They became his foster parents, eventually adopting him when he was twelve. We became brothers in every trueness of the word. Like you and Paulo, Michael."
Michael smiled at Paulo, Jake and he smiling back.
"When Derrick became older, we all sensed the faith and devotion in him. We knew he'd become a priest. So my father helped him by sending him to Rome.  And one day two brothers parted. He going to America to start his calling, I staying in Spain to raise a family. I married Marisa, having a life of happiness and love with her. Derrick and I always stayed in touch, I visiting him often in San Francisco at his church and then his orphanage. His giving heart helping all those many children."
Derrick smiled at his brother, Alberto kissing his cheek.
"Then years later, the evil invaded my family. Fredrick took out his hatred on his brother and sisters. He murdered them all. Leaving only their small children. I knew in my heart that he would come after them next. For he knew of the prophecy. The golden eyed child would come to fulfill that prophecy. I didn't know that you were that child Michael. I thought it was Tomas."
Tomas stared at him in shock, Seth tightening his hold on him.
"You were only a small infant of six months when your parents were murdered, Tomas. Your eyes were of a golden brown, so intoxicating to behold. I thought that you were our chosen one. So I knew I had to get you out of Fredrick's field of vision. We caught the assassins who'd murdered your parents, and my other children, before they made it back to Fredrick.
We judged them, then we hanged them all.
But not before we fabricated a story of them murdering you and your sister as well as your parents. That way Fredrick knew nothing of your existence.
You were hidden in an orphanage in Spain for a few years, then I sensed even Spain wasn't safe. Fredrick's whereabouts were still unknown.
I sent you to America when you were five, giving you to my brother, to raise there, in safety, away from Fredrick's evil. I'm sorry, Tomas. I did what I thought was best for you. For your safety, for your benefit. You were my grandchild, I would do all in my power to save you. Forgive me."
Tomas was in tears, seeing the love in Alberto's old, tired eyes.
Tomas broke from Seth, kneeling in front of his grandfather.
"I have a grandfather! I have a family!" He said, crying as he pulled Alberto into his arms, the old man sobbing.
"I love you, Tomas. I love all my grandchildren."
Tomas cried, Seth rubbing his back.
"I love you too, grandfather."
Michael smiled, Paulo wrapping his arm around him.
"I have a new cousin." Paulo said, Tomas standing up, hugging both of them.
"Welcome to the family, my brother of love." Michael said, Tomas smiling.
Everyone got up, hugging the young man, and Michael.
Justin sat back, quietly smiling, Silas putting his hand on his shoulder.
"Truly remarkable. God does work in mysterious ways."
Justin smiled, Michael turning to look at him.
"I'll finish the letter, whenever you're ready, Mico."
Michael nodded, asking everyone to sit down again.
Everyone returned to their seats, Tomas sitting between his grandfather and his new great-uncle.
Seth sat beside Kevin, his brother hugging him.
Michael sat down beside Silas again, everyone looking at Justin.
Justin took a deep breath, focusing on the written page.

"And now I must turn to you, my angel. You are special, my loving Mico.
On hearing the prophecy of the Tavarros I knew that we, the Stavros were somehow connected to this prophecy.
Both prophecies spoke of a stone of hidden worth.
For the Stavros clan that stone is what we call the Rock of Truth.
It is an ancient artifact, its contents unknown.
The Lord of Devotion has kept it hidden for centuries, it being passed from one generation to another.
Hundreds have tried to open it, to crack it, to seek its contents.
No one has been able to learn its secret.
But I believe that you are the key to that secret.
You are the Warrior of God.
As you are the Messenger of God.
The two somehow are connected.
I know how hard this must be for you to understand, to accept. You were always a loving, giving child, who filled my heart with love.
I tried to keep you hidden, from their ways, from their faith.
I wanted you to be a man, to be able to make your own decisions before you were thrown into all this.
Even I learned there was no control on your destiny.
I sense in you a deep faith, an even greater courage and shrewd mind.
Augustus had hidden the Rock of Truth in this house, only telling me of its location a year after his death in a letter somewhat like this one.
His dying wish was for the Warrior of God to be revealed for who he is and for what he is.
I think you will reveal an even greater truth than they've expected.
Augustus told me that the first sign of the Warrior's true self would be his finding the stone himself.
Therefore I am not allowed to tell you where it is. I've returned it to its hiding place.
I take that secret with me to my next life.
But I have deep faith and trust in you, Michael.
If anyone can find it, you can. If anyone can free its secret, you can.
Augustus always said that to find the Rock you must have deep faith, deep love and a guiding hand.
I sense in you all of those.
We all have our cross to bear in this world, no one more than you, Michael.

It's time, my child.
Time for me to walk forward into that white light of love.
I love you, my Mico.
In you I've had years of happiness, and contented love.
Be happy, my boy.
Justin loves you deeply, a greater love I've never encountered.
I'll try and come back to see you from time to time, my angel.
Live a life of happiness and love.
It's what you've always deserved.

Love, Nana."

Justin folded the letter up, setting it on the desk, looking into Michael's tearing eyes.
Michael stood up, walking up to him, Justin taking him into his arms, Michael burying his face into Justin's chest.
"She loved you so much, Mico. And she's right. It's time for you to go forward, to whatever must be."
Michael pulled back, wiping his eyes.
"It's time for me to walk the path of my destiny, Jus. For the Chosen and for the Devoted. Thank you, Justin. For seeing what I couldn't see clearly. Life is about choices, about faith and fate. You were right. Fate has led me to this point in time. It's time I walked forward to that destiny. I have a deep faith in God's love that I will be protected. As I've always had a deep faith that you and I will love each other forever."
Justin teared up, Michael hugging him again.
Everyone stood up, all of them now hugging Michael and Justin.
They all chatted and talked quietly, Michael staring up at his grandfather's portrait.
Suddenly a beautiful smile crossed Michael's face, Justin and Gregory awed by its beauty.
Gregory walked up to him, Michael smiling as he hugged his cousin.
"Where do you go from here, Michael?"
"The first thing I need to do is find the Rock of Truth."
"I wish I could help you, Michael. Even I, the head of the family, don't know where Augustus has concealed it."
Michael looked at Alberto who was quietly watching him.
"We all have a cross to bare in this world. My ancestor Adrian bore the most sacred of crosses.  It  is time for me to carry mine."  Michael said, everyone looking at him.
Justin put his hand in Michael's, Michael squeezing it gently, feeling his constant love.
Michael smiled that beautiful smile again, looking into Gregory's brown eyes.
"I know exactly where the Rock of Truth is."

End of Chapter 111

And so the lines of family have now been revealed.
I hope it wasn't too confusing.
Nana and her adopted sister married two men of faith.
And their two children fell in love.
And the result of that love was Michael.
The biggest thing I wanted to show here was fate, and destiny.
Destiny drew all of these people to this one man.
Fate has made them all a family.
Father Derrick, Nana, Alberto, Paulo, and Tomas.
His growing family.
They were all fated to meet him, to be a part of his family.
Through different interventions and different paths of destiny.
Now Michael has his family in place.
His path is now before him.
It's a path of peril and drama.
Walk with him, and see the truth unfold.

Walking the same path with you, Angel.

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