Justin's Angel-112

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. It's all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Justin folded the letter up, setting it on the desk, looking into Michael's tearing eyes.
Michael stood up, walking up to him, Justin taking him into his arms, Michael burying his face into Justin's chest.
"She loved you so much, Mico. And she's right. It's time for you to go forward, to whatever must be."
Michael pulled back, wiping his eyes.
"It's time for me to walk the path of my destiny, Jus. For the Chosen and for the Devoted. Thank you, Justin. For seeing what I couldn't see clearly. Life is about choices, about faith and fate. You were right. Fate has led me to this point in time. It's time I walked forward to that destiny. I have a deep faith in God's love that I will be protected. As I've always had a deep faith that you and I will love each other forever."
Justin teared up, Michael hugging him again.
Everyone stood up, all of them now hugging Michael and Justin.
They all chatted and talked quietly, Michael staring up at his grandfather's portrait.
Suddenly a beautiful smile crossed Michael's face, Justin and Gregory awed by its beauty.
Gregory walked up to him, Michael smiling as he hugged his cousin.
"Where do you go from here, Michael?"
"The first thing I need to do is find the Rock of Truth."
"I wish I could help you, Michael. Even I, the head of the family, don't know where Augustus has concealed it."
Michael looked at Alberto who was quietly watching him.
"We all have a cross to bear in this world. My ancestor Adrian bore the most sacred of crosses.  It is time for me to carry mine."  Michael said, everyone looking at him.
Justin put his hand in Michael's, Michael squeezing it gently, feeling his constant love.
Michael smiled that beautiful smile again, looking into Gregory's brown eyes.
"I know exactly where the Rock of Truth is."

Chapter 112

Gregory stared in disbelief at Michael smiling face.
"You know where the Rock of Truth is, Michael?"
"Yes, Gregory, I do."
"But how, Mico?" Justin said, staring into his smiling face.
Everyone looked at him, Michael turning his gaze to his grandfather's portrait.
"By seeing what needed to be seen. By hearing what needed to be heard."
Everyone looked at each other, lost in Michael's calm manner.
"My grandmother and my grandfather told me of its location. In their visions and their words."
Michael laughed, Justin smiling at his obvious happiness.
"The sly old foxes." Michael said, smiling.
Everyone looked confused, staring at Michael.
"I've read between the lines. Nana said that everyone had a cross to bear in this world. And my grandfather Augustus said that to find the Rock of Truth you must be deep in faith and love and have a guiding hand. Look at the painting everyone."
Everyone looked up at the painting not seeing anything peculiar about it. It showed a man of determination and faith.
"Now think about what they said."
Justin stared at the painting, still not seeing what Michael had realized.
"Everyone has a "cross" to bear in this "world". You need a "guiding hand" ? "
Justin saw it immediately, as did everyone else. The cross hanging around Augustus' neck. And the globe sitting on his desk, Augustus' right hand extended to it, touching it.
"I believe in my heart that the Rock of Truth lays inside that globe."
Michael walked over to the desk, laying his hands on the globe. He felt a coldness settle into his heart. It was about twelve inches in diameter, embedded on a wooden base, a brass ring around it.
Michael moved it around, looking for a catch or release button. He found nothing.
"Gregory, would you mind getting the Stavros cross for me?" Michael said looking at his cousin, Gregory nodding, walking out of the room.
"Why don't we just break it open?" Randall said, Michael smiling at him.
"Inside lays a treasure of faith, Dad. I think this secret deserved respect." Michael said, Randall smiling.
"Understood, son."
Gregory walked back into the room, carrying in his hand the Stavros cross, hanging on its golden chain.
"Could I please have it, Gregory?" Michael said, extending his hand, looking into his concerned brown eyes.
Gregory hesitated in handing Michael the cross.
"This cross is sacred to our family, Michael. It's only meant to be worn by the head of the family."
"I will tell you now that I respect your faith, your traditions. But I am thy Warrior, I circumvent all traditions. Do not worry, Gregory. I in no way will overrule your position as head of the Stavros family."
Gregory nodded, still showing concern.
Michael looked at Justin, then smiled at Gregory.
"Let me show you my faith. Here is something that is sacred to me."
Michael pulled the chain out from under his shirt, revealing the small golden cross that Justin had given him.
It seemed to shine a little more than usual.
"This cross represents my faith in Justin's love. It was given to me by him as a symbol of our faith in God's love. It is also a conduit of my inner gifts. I will let you hold it as a sign of my faith in you."
Gregory nodded, looking at the cross with wide gazing eyes.
Michael handed it to him, Gregory instantly feeling its warmth in his hand.
He felt a power flow through him, a power of surprising wonder.
Paulo stared at him, Paulo remembering what he'd felt when he'd worn that cross.
"It feels so soothing, so warm and touching. What is that feeling I feel?"
Michael looked at Justin.
"It is my love for Justin."
Justin teared up, smiling.
Gregory smiled, handing Michael the Stavros cross.
Michael took it in his hand feeling its weight, and then he felt something else entirely.
His eyes immediately glowed brightly, a bright golden brown, everyone looking surprised.
Within seconds the bright glow disappeared, Michael staggering a bit, Justin beside him instantly.
"Are you alright, Mico?"
"Yes, I'm okay, Jus." Michael said, with a tear in his eye, looking up at the portrait.
"What a man of faith! I can't believe how loving he was!"
Silas stared at Michael, concern on his face.
Michael looked down at the cross, tears falling from his eyes.
"Thank you, grandfather. For leaving me your love."
Justin looked worried not knowing what Michael was talking about.
Michael looked up, wiping his eyes, smiling at everyone.
"My grandfather Augustus was an intelligent, faithful, man. A man of immense love. Look at the portrait and look at the globe. Look to where his finger rests on the globe."
Silas walked up close to the painting, looking at the globe closely.
"It looks to be Europe, either Spain or Portugal is covered with his finger."
"It is Spain. It has always been Spain." Michael said, staring at the globe.
"That country is the birthplace of my ancestors. Where Adrian returned to live in faith and love. All of this points back to Spain. He honors him by picking that place."
Alberto walked up to his grandson, putting his hand on his shoulder.
"The confrontation at the Feast of Redemption?"
"Yes, grandfather. God has chosen his place of trial. Where good will face evil. All of you play a part in this, the Chosen and the Devoted. In you, I shall prove the worth of man."
Michael took the cross that lay in his hand, placing the chain around his neck, the cross laying against his chest. It took on an eerie glow, deep in its luster.
Michael walked up to the desk, looking down at the globe.
"To find the Rock of Truth you must be deep in faith. I hold in myself the deepest faith." Michael said, smiling at Justin.
Michael turned the globe slowly, finding Spain.
He looked back up at the portrait, smiling.
Everyone sensed that something amazing and faithful was about to happen.
He took the cross in his left hand, and extended his right hand, his finger touching the globe on Spain.
The identical position that Augustus stood in, in the portrait.
Immediately everyone jumped back, seeing the globe glow a soft white, the brass ring beginning to turn. They all heard the audible click, the globe separating in two.
Inside the hollowed globe lay a wooden box.
Michael picked the box up gently, setting it down on the desk.
Everyone moved in closer for a better look.
Michael opened the box, revealing a small black marble square, about five inches cubed. Emblazoned on the top was an inlaid golden cross.
"Behold the Devoted's Rock of Truth."
Everyone watched at Michael lifted it out of the box, examining it. It appeared to be totally smooth, no visible lines or catches. A perfect square of marble.
Michael set the cube back in the box, Gregory's eyes wide with wonder.
"I'd like my cross back, Gregory."
Gregory nodded, handing Michael the cross.
Michael removed the Stavros cross handing it back to Gregory. He took Justin's cross, putting it back around his neck.
"Here, everyone, you can look at it and touch it. It feels very cold to the touch."
Michael picked up the marble cube feeling its icy coldness, extending it to Gregory.
"You can touch it first, as head of the family."
Gregory looked in awe as Michael set it gently in his hand. Gregory immediately felt its warmth.
"It doesn't feel cold, Michael. It feels warm and comforting."
Gregory handing it to Alberto, the older man also feeling its warmth.
"It is warm, Michael. You're mistaken about that."
Michael nodded, remaining quiet. Everyone felt and looked the small cube over, Justin the last to examine it.
"It's so perfectly shaped. So smooth and it feels so warm and soothing."
"Do you know how to open it, Michael? Do you have any idea what it contains?" Gregory said, staring at his cousin.
"I know what lays in its heart. And I know how to unlock its treasure."
Everyone looked surprised, Michael setting the cube back gently into the wooden box, closing its lid.
"But now is not the time to release that treasure. I know when that must be done."
Michael lifted the box, turning to face Gregory.
"You are the head of the Devoted, the head of the Stavros family, Gregory Augustus Stavros. This is the Rock of Truth. In it lays the hope and destiny of all of your family. I entrust this treasure to you, my cousin. Will you keep it safe and will you honor its worth with your own life?"
"I will, Michael. I will place it in the center of our church in Greece."
Michael nodded setting the box into Gregory's hands.
"On June the first, I want a meeting of the clan of Stavros at that holy church. That is seven weeks away. On that day I shall make myself known. And the Rock of Truth shall reveal its treasure. Have faith in all that I am, Gregory. Have faith in all that I must do."
Gregory nodded, looking like he was about to kneel. Michael stopped him.
"Now is not the time for worship. And I, least of all, deserve that respect. Leave that for another day."
Justin sensed the tiredness enveloping Michael again, walking up to him.
"I think we should end all this now. You're tired again, Mico."
Michael nodded, looking around the room, smiling.
"Today has been a wonderful day. My family has grown larger, my heart is happier, and I now know where I'm headed. Thanks to your and my Nana's love, Jus. Come everyone, let's have some lunch."
Everyone smiled, Michael taking Justin's hand in his.
"We'll join you shortly. I just have to talk to Justin alone for a moment, upstairs."
Everyone nodded, knowing the two needed some time alone.
Everyone tenderly hugged both men, walking out of the room together.
Michael smiled as Trevor kissed his cheek, Nick patting his shoulder.
"Lunch will be ready in about half an hour, Michael. " Lynn said, she and Lisa heading for the kitchen.
Everyone went in different directions,  the house filling with chatter.
Michael and Justin went upstairs to their room.
Once the door was shut, Michael pulled Justin into his arms.
He kissed him deeply, lost in the love and passion flowing through him.
After a few moments, Michael pulled back staring into his blue eyes.
"Thank you, Jus. For guiding me to my own self. For showing me what I needed to see."
Justin smiled, kissing him lightly again.
"There's something else I need to say, Mico."
Michael nodded, sitting down on the bed, Justin sitting beside him.
"Nana wanted me to tell you that she'll always be with you. That her love will never diminish. She loves you, Mico. Always."
Michael teared up, Justin putting his arm around him, Michael laying his head in its familiar spot.
"Thank you, Justin. That means so much to me. I can go on now knowing she'll always be with me. I love her. And I love you, my angel."
Michael looked up, pulling Justin to him, their lips meeting in passion.
Michael pushed Justin back on the bed, laying on top of him.
They both felt their old feelings of love and passion flow through them.
Justin's hands slipped under Michael's shirt, feeling the warmth of his hairy chest.
"Oh God, Mico! I've missed your pleasure, your erotic tenderness!"
Michael kissed him deeply, his own hands slinking to Justin's center.
He felt the hardness there.
"And I have missed our center of love. Now isn't the time, my love. But later, I will surrender my soul to your touch, your heat and your love. I need it so much."
Justin kissed him deeply, rolling him over, now on top of his lover.
"I will take you there with a heightened sense of purpose and love. Because you deserve to be worshiped, my Mico."
Michael looked into Justin's blue eyes, remembering what he himself had said to Gregory.
"I heard your words, my love. If anyone deserved to be worshiped in love and family, it is you. And I as your lover, your soulmate, and your Justin, will give you that from our soul of love."
Michael teared up, Justin kissing him again.
The two spoke no more words, just becoming lost in their embrace of love. They snuggled together, tasting each other's lips and skin, smelling each other's scent and just being in love.
A light knock was heard on the door about fifteen minutes later.
"Come in, Kevin." Michael said quietly, Justin looking surprised.
The door opened, Kevin's head popping around the opening door, his face showing surprise as well.
"How did you know it was me?" He said, Michael smiling.
"Call it a hunch."
Kevin smiled, looking a little nervous.
"You wanted to talk to me, Kev?" Michael said, looking at him with a warm smile.
"Yeah, Mike, I need someone to talk to."
Justin sensed in his soul that Michael wanted to talk to Kevin in private.
"I'll go and check on lunch, babe. You two have a chat." Justin said, climbing off Michael's chest, standing up.
"You don't have to leave, on my account, Jus." Kevin said, Justin smiling.
"Mikey has a way of making a person open up. I'll leave you to bask in his warmth. Be back shortly, love. Love ya."
Michael smiled, nodding at Justin, kissing his lips one last time.
"Love ya more, tiger."
Justin beamed, hugging Kevin then closing the door behind him.
"I didn't want to intrude, Mike."
"Sit down, Kevin. Tell me what's wrong?"
Kevin looked surprised, slowly sitting down on the bed.
"How did you know that something is wrong?"
Michael put his arm around him, smiling at him.
"You forget, my friend. I can feel when you're troubled. You're part of my family, my family of love. I sense all of you and your feelings through our devotion. So, my friend. It's time you let me into your heart. I'm your friend, Kev. I'm here to help."
Kevin sighed, looking into Michael's staring golden eyes.
"I'm a selfish person, Michael. And I may have done something foolish last night."
Michael remained quiet, letting Kevin talk.
"I came downstairs last night, and found Gregory in the living room. He was deep in thought, worry on his brow. He looked so lost. Like he needed someone to be there for him. So I talked with him. He said he needed to be loved. I held him and tried to be what he needed. I .... I .."
"You kissed him."
Kevin looked shocked, Michael smiling.
"I see it in your eyes, Kevin. I see the look of happiness and love."
Kevin teared up, Michael tightening his hold on him.
"Yes, Michael. I kissed him. We stayed together last night, Michael. He said he needed me, he needed someone to love him. So I stayed with him. We didn't have sex, we just lay together in each other's arms. I held him all night long."
Michael smiled, looking quietly at Kevin.
"And how does that make you feel?"
"That's what's so strange, Michael. It felt so wonderful. It felt so right. I haven't had anyone in my life since before my parents died.  But now when I see Tomas' and Seth's love, I also feel selfish. I want that kind of love, but Seth needs me. Seth was and is my life. His happiness is my responsibility. As was his education and growth. I am his big brother, I have to focus on him. I have to be there for him when and if he needs me."
"But he has Tomas now, Kev. And I feel the loneliness in you." Michael said, Kevin looking at him.
"Yes, Michael.  I've never seen him so happy. And I've never felt so lonely. But I'm his brother. I have to be there for him. His needs  are the most important. I made a promise to my parents that I would always be there for him. And I feel like I'm letting Seth down."
Michael kissed Kevin on the cheek.
"Seth is so lucky, Kevin. He has a brother with an immense giving heart."
Kevin blushed, Michael smiling.
"Seth has found his heart and happiness, Kevin. He'll want you to have the same. Talk to him, my friend. Tell him what's going on. You'll be surprised by his reaction."
"I know what his reaction will be. He'll feel I'm no longer there for him. That I've let him down. That his selfish brother is only interested in his own life. That he's selfish beyond belief."
Kevin lowered his head, Michael shaking his.
"Come with me, Kevin. Now."
Michael got up, walking out of the room, leaving the door open.
Kevin followed, his face looking worried.

Michael met Justin coming up the stairs.
"Where is Seth, Jus?"
"He and Tomas are in the back yard I believe. What's going on, Mico?" Justin said, seeing the determined look on Michael's face, and the troubled look on Kevin's.
"Nothing that a little cleansing of souls won't fix." Michael said, kissing Justin's cheek.
Michael walked through the house, an intrigued Justin and a reluctant Kevin following him.
They met Lynn walking out of the kitchen.
"Lunch is ready, Michael. I was just going to call everyone."
"Can you wait a few minutes, Mom? I have something to discuss with my friend Seth."
Lynn nodded, seeing the determined gaze Michael had in his golden eyes.
She quietly walked back into the kitchen, giving her son a concerned look.
Michael walked into the backyard seeing his cousin and his boyfriend sitting on the bench under the elm tree.
Tomas' head was laying in Seth's lap, his eyes focused on the man above him.
To Michael it looked like a scene of beauty.
Michael walked up to the two lovers, Seth looking up at him.
"Hey, Mikey. Lunch ready?" Seth asked, then seeing Kevin's worried face behind Michael's.
"Someone needs to have a talk with you , Seth."
Tomas sat up, staring at Kevin and Michael.
"Could you stand up, Tomas? Kevin needs to talk with his brother."
Tomas stood up, Michael guiding Kevin down onto the seat beside Seth.
"What's going on, Kev?" Seth said, looking into his brother's worried blue eyes.
Michael stood in front of them, waiting for Kevin to say something.
"Michael thinks I need to talk to you, Seth."
Michael folded his arms staring at Kevin, his eyes staring into his soul.
"Okay, okay. I do need to talk to you, Seth. I have to tell you something."
Michael smiled, Justin walking up beside him, linking his hand with his, Tomas staring at the two men on the bench.
"What's wrong, Kevin?"
"I'm so proud of you, Seth. Of how your love has come back into your heart. How you've let Tomas into your life, and how he's given you the love you've needed. I see your happiness and your life now on its true path."
Seth smiled, putting his arm around his brother.
"I am happy, Kev. Tomas is so loving, so kind. He makes me smile, and he makes my heart soar. It's full of his love."
Tomas teared, Michael kissing his cheek.
"That makes my heart soar, Sethy. But I've never felt so alone."
Seth looked stunned.
"You don't need me anymore, Seth." Kevin said, lowering his gaze.
Everyone now saw what Michael had felt, Kevin's deep loneliness.
Seth eyes filled with tears, hearing the heartache in Kevin's voice.
"My God, Kev! I'll always need my brother. You're my bro. You've been there always for me. And I'll always need you."
Seth hugged his older brother tight, kissing his cheek.
Kevin clung to his younger brother hearing the words he longed to hear, that filled his soul with love.
"Oh God, Seth! I'm so glad you said that. You're my brother and I love you so much."
Seth looked up at Michael, seeing so much love and understanding in his golden eyes.
"What's got you so worried and upset, Kevy? You should have realized I will always love you."
Kevin looked up at Michael also, Michael showing so much courage in his eyes.
"I have to tell you something, Seth."
Seth nodded, hugging his brother tighter.
"Since Mom and Dad left, I've always felt that your happiness, your life, was my greatest responsibility. I devoted my life to your happiness. To seeing you happy. I became your Mom and Dad. And I've never regretted that. And now I see you're totally happy. That in Tomas you've found love and desire. And now, I think that maybe I'd like to find my own happiness."
Seth smiled widely.
"You've met someone to love, Kevy?"
Kevin looked into his brother's smiling face.
"Yes, Seth. I think I am falling in love. And that's what's got me all torn up inside."
Seth looked confused, looking up at Michael.
Kevin remained quiet.
"Tell him, Kevin." Michael said, staring at him with determination.
Kevin looked away, his eyes full of tears.
Justin felt the love in Michael.
Michael sighed, his voice filling the yard.
"Your brother is scared, and I believe, totally wrong, Seth. He feels that he's being selfish by following his heart. He feels that he's let you down because he can't focus on you. Like he's always done. He believes that you are more important than his own happiness. He's willing to sacrifice his own happiness rather than let you down."
Seth looked stunned, staring at Kevin.
"And I won't let him do that."
Everyone turned seeing Gregory standing a few feet away.
Kevin looked up into Gregory's brown eyes, seeing what he had seen there last night.
Gregory smiled at Kevin, Seth staring at both of them.
"I'm the one he wants to open his heart to, Seth."
Seth looked totally surprised.
"You're gay, Kevy?"
Kevin looked into his eyes, tears in his.
"Yes, Seth. I've been gay since I was fifteen. Mom and Dad knew. They just felt you shouldn't know until you were a little older. So I respected that. Then when they were taken away so suddenly, I put that part of my life aside, to focus on you."
Seth looked totally shaken.
"All that's mattered to me these last few years has been you, my brother."
Seth teared up, taking his brother's hand in his.
"Oh, Kevy! I love you for doing that! For being there for me. And I'll always love you for being my world. But now I have love in my heart, I have my Tomas to make me happy. And with all my heart, I know you deserve the same. I think Gregory is an exceptional, loving man. And he's perfect for you."
Gregory smiled, Kevin staring at his brother.
"I love you Seth. You are my family." Kevin said, tears flowing down his cheeks.
Seth smiled, kissing his brother's cheek.
"And you are mine, Kev. And I love you, always. And I hope Gregory can be part of our family too."
Kevin smiled, immense relief and happiness showing on his face. He stood up, Gregory smiling at him.
Gregory took his hand in his, kissing Kevin on the lips, Seth smiling.
Seth looked at the two men, then focused his eyes on Michael.
"Somehow I sense you had a hand in all this, Mikey."
Michael looked into Seth's loving eyes.
"I have a hand in all things dealing with love."
The five men looked at him, seeing his smiling face.
Michael hugged Justin to him, kissing his cheek.
"Love, in all forms, in all ways, spreads like wildfire. Seeing love, one can't help but be taken in by its beauty. Kevin's heart longed for love after seeing his brother's beautiful love for Tomas. Gregory's heart longed for someone to love after seeing mine and Justin's deep love. And here today I see two couples, united in their souls of love. And that love has entered my heart, as it has all of us. Jus, let's leave that love to its own devices."
Michael smiled, walking with Justin back into the house.
Kevin, Gregory, Seth and Tomas all watched the two leave, then looked into their mate's eyes.
"I think Mikey's right. Our love is beauty." Gregory said, taking Kevin into his arms again, Tomas and Seth smiling.

The rest of the day was spent in happiness, in love and in togetherness.
Everyone learned of the new relationship between Kevin and Gregory, hugs and kisses being received by both men.
They all saw the new happiness and contented disposition of Michael.
They all felt his acceptance of his destiny, and his love for Justin.
Lance, Josh, Joey, Kelly, Chris and Vicky all parted from them that evening, heading back to their lives. Josh and Lance heading to Lance's parents' home.
They all felt Michael's deep love in his farewell hugs.
But they all sensed his sorrow at their parting.
They'd all been there for him when he'd needed them the most.
But they took with them his immense love, they felt it in their hearts.
Hours later the remaining family retired for the night.
Within moments of closing their door, Michael and Justin were united in love.
Justin felt the need and want in Michael's removing his clothes, in his taking Justin in his arms and devouring his body.
And Justin's own needs were just as great.
He found himself lost in his lover's touches and kisses, in the way Michael held him.
They made love, a heated, desiring love. A love filled with passion and renewed tenderness.
Hours later, Justin lay in Michael's arms, his tears having just stopped.
"Oh, Mico! I've missed your loving caresses so much! Your unbridled passion and tenderness! Thank you for taking me there again, to our center of love!"
Michael smiled, his finger rubbing Justin's right nipple gently.
"My heart is filled with your love, my Timby. My soul is filled with your love."
They fell asleep, their souls united, their bodies satisfied, their hearts contented.

A few hours earlier, in another room in the same house, two new seekers of love stood beside each other behind their just-closed door.
Gregory looked into Kevin's blue eyes, seeing his happiness there.
"Thank you for taking this chance with me, Kevin. For wanting to love me."
Kevin's hand went up, his fingers gently wiping the tears falling down Gregory's cheek.
"I can't believe Sethy's acceptance of my wanting to be happy! Of his wanting me to find love! And I can't believe that someone as beautiful as you wants to give me that happiness and love!"
Gregory pulled Kevin to him, staring into his eyes.
They both felt their new nervousness with each other.
Last night had been about two lost hearts seeking out someone to hold their lonely souls.
Tonight was the beginnings of new love. Of two men wanting to be what the other needed and wanted.
Gregory's lips found Kevin's, their souls filling with such warmth and love.
After a few moments of heated warmth and tingling desire, their lips parted.
"Wow." Gregory said, Kevin feeling the same feelings.
"Yeah, wow." He said, Gregory lowering his head, sitting down on the bed.
"What's wrong, Gregory?" Kevin said sitting down beside him.
"I've been so alone, Kev. I've been so wrapped up in my family responsibilities that I've just realized something."
"What, babe?" Kevin said tenderly, putting his arm around the young man.
"Michael said my family plays an important role in the destiny of God's love. And I, the head of that family, have never had the greatest love."
Kevin looked surprised.
"I'm a virgin, Kevin. I've never had a boyfriend, or a lover. I put my heart, and my life on hold to concentrate on my family."
Kevin took Gregory's face in his hands, kissing his tender lips.
"Then we are so alike, my love. We both have missed the deep love of another. Let's experience that together. I will be honest, Gregory. I have made love. I had a boyfriend when I was younger. But he left when my parents died. I forced him away with my love for my brother. I sacrificed that to give Seth my love."
Gregory kissed Kevin tenderly, smiling at him.
"You are so giving, Kev. Seth is so lucky to have you. Is there room in that giving heart for me? I want to love that giving soul. I need to have your giving love."
Kevin teared up, pulling this beautiful man into his arms.
They kissed deeper now, a kiss filled with passion and love.
Gregory stood up, standing in front of Kevin.
"Make love to me, Kevin. Give me all you can give me, fill my heart and soul with all you can give. I'll take all you want to give."
Kevin pulled Gregory's body against him, his hands running up his thighs, cupping the ass behind him.
Gregory moaned, feeling Kevin's hands against his body.
"I have so much to give you, Gregory. So much love to give you."
Kevin stood up, pulling the man against him, their lips uniting.
Gregory felt the desire in this young, virile man, the want and the need.
Kevin's lips stayed with his, their tongues seeking each other out.
And Kevin's fingers found the buttons on Gregory's shirt.
Within moments, their fingers were pulling at cloth, removing the fabric that hid their muscular bodies.
They undressed each other with a hurried but loving desire.
A few minutes later, they stood in front of each other in their remaining briefs.
Both men scanned the other's body.
Gregory had never seen such a chiseled, tight, muscular form.
Kevin's body was smooth and blemish-free, so muscular and formed.
Kevin stared at the vision of beauty before him.
Gregory's coppery brown skin–his Greek smooth skin–was so beautiful to look at.
A dense mat of black hair covered his chest, his two small nipples standing up, so needing to be sucked.
"You're so beautiful. Love in its most loving vision." Kevin said, running his fingers through that soft chest hair.
Gregory moaned, his hands running down Kevin's taut smooth chest.
They both saw the large erections hidden under the straining fabric of their briefs.
Kevin pulled back the blankets from the bed, Gregory looking into his blue eyes.
Gregory climbed into the bed, Kevin following him.
Within moments they were in each other's arms, their bodies against each other.
They gave way to their passion, their kissing intensifying.
And as if destined, as if sensed by both, Kevin gave in to Gregory's needs.
Kevin let Gregory take control.
He felt the newness of Gregory's desires. The want and need to explore the man against him.
And Kevin let Gregory explore.
Gregory's hands and lips sought out every inch of Kevin's smooth body.
His hands roamed down his smooth muscular chest, one hand sliding underneath the waistband of his confining briefs, wrapping around his hardness.
Gregory's lips found Kevin's right nipple, sucking the small hard bud into his wet mouth.
Kevin moaned as he felt Gregory's wet tongue licking his nipple, and his warm hand stroking him.
Then in a heartbeat Gregory was pulling Kevin's briefs down, sitting up as he pushed them down Kevin's long, muscular, hairy legs.
Gregory threw them to the floor, staring down at the vision in front of him.
A blond growth of hair surround the large organ laying against Kevin's stomach.
Gregory followed every chiseled inch of Kevin's beautiful body, right up to his blue eyes, which were staring lustily at him.
"You are so beautiful. And you're mine."
"Then make me yours. Take me into your soul, your heart, and your life."
Within a heartbeat, Gregory was on top of Kevin, their bodies against each other in a connection of deep passion.
They seemed to fit together perfectly.
Their lips connected, Gregory's hands running through Kevin's blond soft hair.
Kevin's hands were further down, pulling the briefs off Gregory's smooth butt, Kevin's hands returning to those two smooth uncovered globes of perfection.
Gregory moaned as he felt his hardness against Kevin's leaking hardness.
Both men pulled tighter together, feeling the heat of each other's center.
Then Gregory's lips began their trip down the body of his first and only lover, kissing and licking every smooth inch, heading to what Gregory sensed would make his life complete.
Kevin's loving center, and his liquid love.
Gregory wrapped his hand around the throbbing smoothness, looking at it.
Kevin's cock was long, at least nine inches, cut, with a large crown.
Gregory's lips went to that head, his tongue licking it.
A wave of electricity shot through both men, Gregory finding his existence in that one moment of life's destiny.
He took all of it into his mouth, Kevin screaming out his love for this beautiful man.
They both felt it instantaneously.
The locking of their souls together.

In Michael's old room, at that same moment, Justin was deep inside Michael, their lovemaking at its crescendo.
Michael opened his golden eyes.
Justin opened his blue pools of love.
In their souls they both felt the new connection.
The new connection of Gregory and Kevin's loving souls.
"Love always finds a way, my love." Justin said, Michael smiling.
"And it all leads to our soul."
Justin's lips found Michael's, their love flowing through their bodies.

In the early hours of the dawning morning, Kevin and Gregory lay together, their passion and love united.
Gregory opened his tired eyes, looking down at the sleeping man beside him.
To his brown eyes, this man was a vision of total beauty.
Gregory lay there for almost an hour, just staring at him.
He felt in his body all the passion and desire they'd unleashed last night.
He'd never experienced such intensity, such total ecstasy.
Every touch, every moment of pleasure had been unbelievable.
And they gave themselves to each other, in all ways.
When Kevin had entered him, Gregory had felt that part of his soul had returned to him.
And Kevin, in his deep heart, had felt the same thing when Gregory had done the same.
Gregory leaned down, kissing the open lips of his lover.
Kevin's eyes slowly opened, their blueness igniting in a new way.
Gregory sensed what had changed their blueness.
His love for him.
"Good morning, lover."
Kevin smiled, kissing Gregory's smiling lips.
"Good morning, my Gregory."
Gregory blushed a little, Kevin lightly chuckling.
"Doesn't that sound nice?"
"Yes it does. Thank you for last night, for giving me so much of you, Kev."
"It was so easy to do, Greg."
Gregory smiled, hearing the short name that only his mother had ever called him.
"It's so wonderful to hear you call me that."
Kevin smiled, running his fingers through the soft chest hair in front of him.
"Care to sample my love again, my Greek beauty?"
Gregory smiled, pulling his man on top of him.

Two hours later, the two new lovers walked into the kitchen, expecting to find it empty, it being only seven o'clock.
They were surprised to see Michael cooking at the stove.
"Good morning, my two friends. How are you this wonderful, sunny morning?"
Both men blushed, looking into each other's eyes.
"No words need speaking, I see in your eyes the happiness of new experiences." Michael said smiling.
"And we have you to thank for that, Mikey." Kevin said, throwing his arms around the man.
"No you don't, Kevin and Gregory. You only have your own hearts to thank. They sought out each other, they found what they needed to find. Love."
Both men smiled, sitting down at the table.
"Where's your own heart of happiness?" Kevin said, smiling.
"My Jus is sleeping. I tired him out last night. He's not as young as he once was."
Kevin and Gregory laughed, Michael smiling.
"I'm the same age as you, old-timer!"
They all turned seeing Justin walking into the room, wearing only his boxer briefs.
Both sitting men stared at the vision of male beauty before them, quickly looking into each other's eyes.
They both saw their own love there, both smiling.
"Jus, don't tempt new love. Your hot body has got these two drooling."
Both men blushed, Justin laughing.
"Forgive my man, he likes to make others aware of his beauty. He's an exhibitionist at heart. And I don't blame you for staring. Who wouldn't stare at that bod?"
Justin beamed, feeling his lover's unenvious soul.
He wrapped his arms around Michael, kissing him tenderly.
Both men at the table got a full view of Justin's sculpted, tightly-clothed butt facing them.
"Isn't it beautiful? And it's all mine." Michael said, Justin beaming his widest smile.
"Got that right, my love."
"Go put some clothes on, horndog. Your business is making itself known."
Justin blushed, walking back out of the room, three sets of eyes following his every move.
"Damn, Mikey. You have one beautiful man there." Kevin said, smiling, with a bit of blushing in his cheeks.
"As do you, Kevin. As do you." Michael said.
Kevin looked at Gregory's smiling beautiful face.
"Couldn't agree with you more, Mikey." Kevin said, leaning forward and kissing Gregory's moist lips, Gregory's face taking on a large loving smile.
Michael smiled, removing the finished breakfast items from the stove.
He sat down at the table with his friends.
Justin walked back into the room, wearing a t-shirt and jeans.
"Much better for them my love, much worse for me."
Justin smiled, sitting down in Michael's lap.
"Yeah, sorry love. But what's mine will always be yours, anytime, anywhere."
Michael smiled, running his hand over Justin's bubble butt.
"I am so going to hold you to that, my tiger."
Gregory and Kevin smiled, seeing the deep love these two souls shared.
"So what now becomes of your love? You live in different cities." Michael said, smiling at his two friends.
Gregory looked at Kevin, Kevin smiling.
"Kevin is coming to stay with me. He's transferring to Boston, he wants to be with me." Gregory said, Kevin smiling.
"I'm a teacher, guys. There is need of them in Boston as well. I know Seth will be fine in Tomas' loving hands. It's time I found my happiness, in Gregory's arms."
Justin and Michael smiled, seeing the blossoming love in front of them.
"Follow your hearts, follow your souls. You'll be loved beyond your wildest dreams." Michael said, both men smiling.
"Love, as much as all this love makes me happy, it's making me hungry too." Justin said, smiling.
Michael laughed, hearing Justin's stomach grumble.
"And that's my cue to satisfy my man."
Justin beamed as Michael gently raised him up, kissing him and heading toward the stove.
The four friends sat down eating breakfast, others walking into the room while they ate.
Michael got breakfast for Paulo and Jake, and Father Derrick and Alberto, who all came in together.
Within half an hour, the rest of the family had gathered, taking their fill of Michael's wonderful cooking.

All through the morning, Michael said goodbye to his family.
He spent time with each one, feeling their love, giving his own.
Father Derrick and Alberto hugged him tightly, feeling a renewed love for this special young man.
"Life is about faith, about love and happiness. Fate brought you both together as brothers. Destiny brought you both into my heart." Michael said, both men visibly shaken by his loving words.
"I love you, my nephew." Father Derrick sobbed, Michael feeling his happiness at finding his lost family.
"I love you, my uncle. See you in a few weeks. Keep in touch."
Alberto left with his brother and his lost grandson Tomas, returning to San Francisco to spend time with them.
Michael and Justin watched Gregory and Kevin's parting moments, seeing their love cemented and true.
"I'll call you as soon as we get home, Greg." Kevin said, Gregory smiling.
"Talk to you soon, my love."
They kissed deeply, everyone seeing their love shining through.
Within half an hour, Michael and Justin were alone with Uncle Silas and Gregory.
"My flight leaves in about three hours, Mike." Gregory said, sitting down.
"That enough time for us to have a talk of history, of faith and love." Michael said, smiling.
The two cousins sat down, Justin and Silas listening in.
They learned all about Gregory's life, about his family and about their devoted faithfulness.
Justin sensed a deep love in this man's soul, and a deep faith.
An hour later, they'd learned a lot about each other, both young men feeling their love had doubled.
They both felt in themselves a new bond of family and love.
Their talk was interrupted by the arrival of Harry Stenson.
Harry and Michael adjourned to the office to discuss the financial windfall Michael had just acquired.
Justin and Gregory went for a walk outside, Silas making lunch for everyone.

Once outside and walking down the street, Justin looked shyly at Gregory.
"Is there something you wanted to talk about, Justin?"
"Yes, Gregory. I wanted to say that I'm sorry."
Gregory stopped, looking at Justin.
"Sorry, for what?"
"For not liking what you represented. When I first learned of your connection to Michael, I was deeply worried. I believed that what you revealed spelled danger for my Mico. That your family and Alberto's family were two parts of the same sword. The sword that would destroy my Mico."
Gregory stared in shock, never realizing what Justin had felt.
"All that talk of prophecies, of destiny, to my heart it meant the final truth. That my Mico would leave me by sacrificing himself in some way to save all of you."
Gregory teared up, now realizing that he hadn't taken Justin's part in this into consideration.
If the prophecies were true, Justin might very well lose his Michael.
"I'm so sorry, Justin. I can't imagine how all this talk makes you feel. You have the greatest stake in this. You may lose your Michael."
"No, Gregory. That's where I've gotten it all wrong. I won't lose him. Even if, God forbid, he dies from this conflict, I'll never lose him. Nana, and my own Mico have shown me that. His love, his deep love for me will never vanish. He's mine forever."
Gregory teared up, hugging his cousin's lover to him.
"I can't believe the faith and love you both have in each other. It's truly inspiring. It's as if God himself has a say in it."
"He does, Gregory. His love is in both of our hearts."
Gregory smiled, Justin smiling back at him.
"I'm glad you've walked into our lives, Gregory. I sense in you a kind soul, and that you will one day be one of my greatest friends."
Gregory smiled at Justin's deep respect for him.
"Thank you, Justin. And I'd be honored to be that friend."
"You already are, my friend."
They hugged again, both smiling, walking back towards the house.
An hour later, Harry and Michael walked out of the office, Michael looking deeply shocked.
Harry smiled at everyone, picking up his coat and hat from Silas.
"I'll see you on Thursday at the town meeting, Silas?"
"Yes, Harry. Thanks for coming."
Both men hugged each other, Harry saying his goodbyes.
Michael sat down on the couch, Justin sitting beside him.
"I never imagined the depth of her giving soul, Justin. Of all the people she helped in silent love. Harry showed me so many ways, so many things she'd done. She was so giving."
"Yes, Michael she was. She always made it her mission to keep the hope alive in the souls of those less fortunate." Silas said, wiping a tear from his grey eyes.
Michael smiled at him, Silas smiling back.
"I'm going to continue where she left off. All her charities will continue to have my support. And I've a few of my own I want to help. Starting with Uncle Derrick's orphanage. I think he needs a new school to go with that home."
Justin smiled, seeing his lover's giving soul. Justin and Silas–as well as Gregory–felt his soul would be even more giving than Nana's and her Augustus'.
Gregory left a half hour later, Michael and Justin driving him to the airport.
On the way home, Justin snuggled against Michael as he drove back.
"It's been an eye-opening few days, my love."
"Yes, Jus. It has."
Justin remained quiet, Michael looking over at him.
"Gregory told me what you said to him, Jus. About you accepting my possible fate, and your acceptance of my love as being eternal. I love you, Jus."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael's cheek.
"I know everything, Michael. What's to come, what's to happen. What your love means to them."
Michael pulled the vehicle over to the side of the road, staring into Justin's blue eyes.
"You know?"
"Yes, Michael. Your gift, that part of you that you fight to control, that inner voice has told me everything. I'm sorry, but we're joined together in so many ways. You couldn't keep this from me, it just wouldn't let you."
Michael lowered his head.
"I wanted to tell you, Jus. I just couldn't bring myself to hurt you."
"Then tell me all of it now, my love. Open your soul and your mind to me. It's time we were a complete soul. No secrets between us anymore. Okay?"
Michael looked into the burning pair of deep blue eyes that stared into his soul.
"Alright, my love. It's time you knew the whole truth."
Justin kissed Michael on the lips, Michael feeling a newness in Justin's touch.
A newness of total love. A need for total truth.
Michael found his voice beginning, Justin listening intently.
"It began so long ago.............."

End of Chapter 112

So what is the truth?
What has Michael been hiding from Justin?
Will their souls be one now completely?

I'm a romantic at heart. I couldn't leave Gregory and Kevin in loneliness.
They deserve love as much as anyone else.
Another couple united under Michael's guiding love.

What is contained in the Rock of Truth?
What will it mean to the Stavros'?

So many questions, the answers lay ahead in my imagination.
Hope this means you'll continue to flow through my mind of creativity.
The end will justify the means.

Your faithful guide, Angel.

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