Justin's Angel-113

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Justin remained quiet, Michael looking over at him.
"Gregory told me what you said to him, Jus. About you accepting my possible fate, and your acceptance of my love as being eternal. I love you, Jus."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael's cheek.
"I know everything, Michael. What's to come, what's to happen. What your love means to them."
Michael pulled the vehicle over to the side of the road, staring into Justin's blue eyes.
"You know?"
"Yes, Michael. Your gift, that part of you that you fight to control, that inner voice has told me everything. I'm sorry, but we're joined together in so many ways. You couldn't keep this from me, it just wouldn't let you."
Michael lowered his head.
"I wanted to tell you, Jus. I just couldn't bring myself to hurt you."
"Then tell me all of it now, my love. Open your soul and your mind to me. It's time we were a complete soul. No secrets between us anymore. Okay?"
Michael looked into the burning pair of deep blue eyes that stared into his soul.
"Alright, my love. It's time you knew the whole truth."
Justin kissed Michael on the lips, Michael feeling a newness in Justin's touch.
A newness of total love. A need for total truth.
Michael found his voice beginning, Justin listening intently.
"It began so long ago.............."

Chapter 113

Michael sat out on the balcony, watching the falling rain.
This was Justin's third concert night in London.
It had ended like the other two, a wild applauding thunderstorm of screaming fans.
Michael had returned to the hotel, Justin having photo-ops and interviews.
They'd been in London for almost a week.
Michael stared out into the darkness, Paulo walking out onto the balcony.
"You'll catch a chill out here, Mikey." Paulo said handing him a hot cup of coffee.
Michael took the cup, smiling at his brother.
"I love the sound of rain falling, it's so soothing on the soul."
Paulo looked at his brother, feeling his quietness.
Since coming to London, Michael had seemed so quiet.
Paulo chocked it up to post-traumatic sorrow. And being in a different place.
Paulo knew Michael missed Nana greatly, the signs had quietly shown.
Michael would break into tears at the drop of a hat.
He'd be talking about something, and some unknown thought would set him off.
Justin would hug him close, Michael quickly returning to his old self.
Leaving Nana's home had been hard on Michael, and on Silas.
The two had parted ways with a lot of crying and hugging.
Even Paulo and Justin had broken into tears at the touching farewell.
And now here they were in London.
"How are you doing, brother?"
"I'm okay, Paulo. I'll just be happier with my Justin in my arms."
Paulo smiled, feeling Michael's love.
"The show was awesome as always."
"Yes, my man shines in the spotlight, always."
"Are you okay with what happened after the concert? I don't think Justin was too happy."
Michael and Justin had been ambushed by paparazzi heading off the stage towards the dressing rooms.
The London press had been on them since they'd walked off their plane.
A lot of the questioning was directed at Michael, and his role in Justin's new open lifestyle.
The British press were ruthless in their open frank questions, some questions coming as shocking to Paulo.
A lot of them were of sexual nature, and of private surroundings.
Justin had looked totally pissed off.
Michael had calmed him down easily enough, his tender words and loving gazes calming him. Paulo also knew the two had talked long and hard in their minds.
"Yes, Justin wasn't happy. But we talked it all through. We have to understand that this country is different. The moral codes are more liberal. We've just decided to totally ignore that line of questioning. Justin is here for his music, not our love life."
Paulo smiled, seeing Michael's loving smile.
"Good way to handle it."
Michael nodded, the balcony door opening.
Justin and Lonnie walked out into the late night air.
"God, Mico! It's freezing out here!"
"Let me warm you, my love." Michael said, wrapping his arms around Justin.
They kissed, Lonnie and Paulo looking at each other, both men quietly walking back inside.
"How did the interviews go, Jus? I wasn't too happy about leaving you there alone."
"We both agreed that it would be better with you out of the picture, Mico. I wouldn't answer their personal questions. I think I handled it all pretty well."
Michael snuggled against him, Justin laying his head on Michael's chest.
"And how about you, Mico? I sense your blue soul. Everything okay?"
"Yes love, just feeling blue, is all. Only time will cure that."
"I miss her too, love."
Michael smiled, kissing Justin's forehead.
"You must be exhausted, Jus. How about we have a nice warm bath then head for bed?"
Justin smiled, kissing him tenderly.
Michael guided Justin into the suite, the two hugging Lonnie and Paulo goodnight.
Michael filled their large Jacuzzi bathtub with sudsy warm water, as Justin walked into the bathroom with a bottle of wine.
He poured two glasses, Michael turning the faucets off.
Justin pulled off his shirt, Michael standing back, looking at his sculpted form.
"I never tire of looking at your beauty, my Jus."
Justin smiled, discarding his pants and briefs, standing naked in front of Michael.
"Thank you, my sweet. The same goes for me. So show me some skin, toots."
Michael chuckled, his shirt and pants discarded even more quickly.
Justin stared in lust at the beauty that was his.
"Fantastic as always, my Spanish angel."
Justin climbed into the warm water, Michael climbing in after.
Michael sat between Justin's legs, laying his back against Justin's wet chest.
Justin wrapped his strong hairy arms around his Mico, Michael sighing in comfort.
"Mmm, this is so nice, the water is so soothing."
"As is your love, my angel." Justin said handing Michael his glass of wine.
Michael felt Justin's lips on the back of his neck, that sending a tremor through his body.
"Mmmm, love, you're sending my heart racing."
Justin smiled, continuing with his gentle kisses.
"How are you, my Mico? I sense something more behind the sadness."
Michael tensed a little bit, Justin's arms tightening even more around him.
"Talk to me, Mico."
"I've just been going through my mind all that we talked about the other night."
Justin kissed Michael's neck a little more intensely, Michael moaning a bit now.
"We agreed that all that was now settled, love. We've opened our souls to the complete truth. I now know what must be, will be. There's no going anywhere but forward."
"But Jus. This is so unfair to you."
"No it's not, Mico. I gain everything in this. I gain your love. For eternity. Nothing else matters to me. Not the final outcome, not anything. I love you, Mico. With my body, my soul, and all of my heart. What must be will be. We can't change that. All we can do is love each other forever. Agreed?"
"But I feel like you are being denied something."
Justin turned Michael around, kissing him deeply on his warm lips.
"I have you. I have your love, your body and your soul. There's nothing more I want or need. And I'll have it always."
Michael teared up, kissing Justin even more deeply.
"I love you so much, my Jus."
"You said it right there, Mico. You love me. That's all I need."
Michael smiled, Justin's hands going below the water.
"Of course this doesn't hurt either." Justin smiled, his hands cupping Michael's center.
Michael smiled, staring into the blue eyes of love.
"Only if we get too wild."
Justin laughed, Michael pulling him against him.
Justin raised his legs, his butt now on top of Michael's hardness, their lips together in the igniting kiss of their passion.
"I am yours tonight, my love." Justin said, sinking down onto Michael's hardness.
"I am yours always, my Jus." Michael moaned, feeling his hardness entering his lover.

Hours later, after fulfilling all their desires, Justin lay awake, Michael asleep against his chest.
Justin ran his fingers through Michael's long wavy hair.
He smiled, feeling its original length back.
He thought of all that they had discussed together.
Michael's confession of the true meaning of the prophecies.
What he would have to do to fulfill both.
Justin had already known it all, but it seemed more real coming from Michael himself.
Justin wasn't thrilled with what the final outcome might be, or what Michael sensed it would be.
All Justin could do is stand by and let it all play out.
And be there for Michael when he needed him most.
Justin wiped a tear from his eyes, gently laying Michael down on his back.
He quietly got up, looking down at his sleeping angel.
He walked over to the desk, sitting down quietly.
He stared at himself in a mirror hanging on the wall.
And he looked at his lover laying in bed in the reflection behind him.
"I love you, Mico. I feel your sorrow, your hatred of what must be. There is only one way I know of to break this sorrow that has a hold on your heart."
Justin picked up the phone.
He connected with the operator, giving her the long distance number.
A few moments later, a voice came on the line.
"Hi, it's me."
"Hey, Justin. It must be late there?"
"It is, my friend. Are you all set?"
"Yeah, we're leaving in about half an hour."
"Great, see you tomorrow night then?"
"You bet bud. Is something wrong?"
"Nothing that this won't hopefully cure."
The other person smiled, Justin smiling himself.

The next morning was a fast-paced flurry of activity.
Michael had two book signings, he and Trevor leaving around eight thirty.
Justin had two interviews and a visit with UK record execs in the afternoon.
He wouldn't see his Mico until late afternoon.
That gave him time to work it all out.
Lonnie smiled, seeing Justin happy about this surprise.
And he sensed it would make Michael happy.
Everyone had picked up on the quiet sorrow still inside Michael. And they all felt for him deeply.
That in itself was well worth any initial shock.
Justin finished his interviews and meetings, arriving back at the hotel around four thirty.
He had four messages on his call service.
He returned all four calls, smiling when all was done.

Michael and Trevor were in a limousine heading back to the hotel.
Michael's cell went off, Trevor glancing at him.
"Hello, Michael here."
"Mikey? How are you?"
"Jake, my bro. I'm great, how's my handsome actor brother?"
Jake smiled, feeling Michael's love shining.
Paulo smiled at him, Michael smiling back.
"You wanting to talk to your man?"
"Yes in a moment. Can I ask you something first?"
Michael said yes, Jake talking to him.
Michael remained calm, smiling at Paulo.
"That could just work. I'll talk to you soon."
Michael handed his phone to Paulo, Paulo smiling at him, talking into it.
Michael sat back smiling. Not at Paulo, but at what Jake had asked of him.
Michael thought it was a wonderful idea.
And he would do all in his heart to make it a reality.
Paulo talked to Jake as the car stopped in front of their hotel.
They walked out of it, entering the hotel, then the elevator.
Walking into their suite, Paulo was still chatting on the phone.
Justin looked up, smiling at his Mico, Michael sitting down in his lap, kissing him tenderly.
Justin smiled, looking at Paulo waving.
Justin looked at Michael, Michael talking to him in his mind.
Justin's eyes bulged, Michael talking quickly to him.
Justin's smile widened, kissing Michael deeply.
They both smiled at each other, Trevor looking confused at them both.
Paulo ended his call by saying I love you. He handed the phone back to Michael.
"What? No phone sex?" Michael said, Justin laughing.
Paulo blushed, Michael smiling.
"Want a moment alone in the bathroom?"
Trevor started laughing now, Michael staring at him.
"I wouldn't laugh too loudly, dear friend. There was a lot of moaning coming from your room last night. I think the palm sisters were doing good business last night. Right, Paulo?" Michael said, Justin erupting into laughter.
Trevor blushed three shades of red, Paulo now blushing deeper.
Justin laughed, Michael getting up.
"It's okay, guys. I know you both miss your man. If that's what you need to get you by, then more power to you. I'm lucky, I have horndog here to satisfy me. Which one of you want him tonight?"
Justin stopped in mid laughter, staring in shock.
Trevor and Paulo now were both smiling, leering at Justin.
"Well, Mikey. Let Trevor have him first. I'll just open him up too much, little Trevor will get lost." Paulo said, Justin blushing now.
Michael was laughing now, staring at all three.
Trevor and Paulo were booming with laughter, Justin blushing redder.
Michael sat down in his lap again, kissing his moist lips.
"Relax, lover. No one touches your goodies but me."
Justin smiled, Michael kissing him again.
Paulo and Trevor smiled, their laughter quieting.
"So how's Jake?" Michael said, smiling.
"He's in New York finishing the stand-ins on his movie. He's hoping to make it here by Monday."
"Great. I miss our sexy actor. And how's Nick, Trev? I'm sure you cammed with him last night."
"He's doing good. He's at his parents for a few days. I miss him a lot."
Michael smiled, as did Justin. They'd both felt Trevor's loneliness.
"You can go back early, if you want, my friend." Michael said.
"No, Mikey. I'm your personal assistant. I go where you go. Besides, you'd be lost without me."
Michael laughed, Justin smiling.
It was good to see Michael smile again.
"Got that right, bud. I don't know how I survived without you."
Trevor had been a godsend to Michael. He kept him on schedule and organized.
"So what time should we head to the arena, Jus?" Lonnie said, crunching an apple.
"The show goes on at eight, so seven should be about right."
Michael smiled, Justin rubbing his back.
"Oh, before I forget, we've been invited to dinner tomorrow night by a friend of mine. I hope that's OK?" Justin said.
"Well, sure it is, love.  But who invited us?"
"It's a surprise.  But, trust me, it'll be well worth the wait!"
"OK, Jus.  If you say so.".
Justin smiled widely, inwardly happy thinking how this surprise will make Michael so happy.
Hopefully the other one would make him smile even more.

Two hours later, Justin and Michael walked into the dressing rooms of Justin's last concert in London.
Pink looked up smiling at them.
"Mikey, so glad you showed up. I need a favor."
Michael smiled, sitting down beside her.
"For a glorified star like my Pinky, my services are at her disposal."
Pink smiled widely, winking at Justin.
Justin smiled, walking over to talk to Timba.
"What would you like, my dear Pink?"
"Can you come and give me some advice on my wardrobe selections? I've always said you have an awesome take on stage persona."
Michael smiled agreeing to her request.
Justin looked at him as Michael got up, walking towards the door with Pink.
"We'll be back in a while, Jus. Later, my sexy crooner."
Justin winked, then nodded at Pink.
Michael and Pink walked down the hallway.
"He has no clue?" Timba asked as soon as Lonnie closed the door.
"Not a inkling. Where is everyone?"
As if on cue, the other door opened, Justin smiled at who walked in.
"Well it's about time!" The first person said, smiling widely.
He hugged Justin tightly, wiping tears from his eyes.
"Sorry, we were running late."
"Michael's incapacitated?" Another voice said, the man sitting down.
"Yep, Pink's got him corralled." Lonnie said smiling.
"Excellent! Let's get to this. It's been a while since we did this." A third person said.
"Yes, it has been. I've missed this so much." the fourth said, tears in his eyes.
Justin smiled, looking at all of them.
"Yes, it's time. I truly believe that." Justin said, everyone smiling widely.

Michael walked back down the hallway, seeing Justin coming out of the dressing room.
Michael had stood watching Pink's performance for almost half an hour, spellbound by her exciting dance routines.
He'd helped her with a few wardrobe changes, Pink loving all of it.
Justin smiled at him, walking into his arms.
Lonnie and Paulo smiled from behind him.
"Having fun, babe?"
"Yes, Jus. Pink's show is dead on. She's blowing them all away. Up next, the star of the night. The sexy man himself!"
Justin beamed, kissing Michael tenderly.
"And your love will make me soar to new heights. I think tonight is going to be unbelievable."
"I'm sure it will be, my sexy man.  Go blow their minds."
Justin smirked, running his hands down Michael's body.
"I have only one person I want to do that to."
Michael smiled, kissing Justin deeply.
Timba smirked, Lonnie and Paulo chuckling.
"Go get em, tiger!" Michael said, watching his man head backstage.
"Come on Mikey, let's get to our seats." Paulo said, nodding at Lonnie.

Twenty minutes later, Michael sat waiting for Justin's show to start.
Paulo sat beside him, Trevor on his other side.
Trevor loved Justin's concerts.
Every night he sat through the whole concert, lost in Justin's singing and dancing.
Michael smiled, remembering the same look of wonder in his eyes.
He'd always felt the same. The edge of waiting, the first moment of seeing Justin on stage.
The beauty of his smile and dashing looks melting Michael's heart.
Michael heard the music starting, the intro to My Love.
A single spotlight  shone on two separate points on stage.
The first ignited, showing Timbaland standing.
The crowd erupted, Timbaland starting to dance.
He started his rap, the second spotlight falling on a black-suited Justin, his back to the audience.
Justin turned, his body moving to the beat.
The crowd was on its feet, the applause and screaming thunderous.
Michael sat and watched it all, as he'd done every night.
And it always seemed like the first night.
His man was shining in the sun, the sun of his worshiping fans.
The concert went on, Justin in fine form, he and Michael talking throughout the night.
Michael's words of praise and love making Justin's heart and voice soar.
Timba had been right a long time ago.
In Michael, Justin had found his inspiration.
The night wound down, the third last song finishing.
Up next would be Justin's choice song.
Tonight he told Michael it was to be Sweet Dreams.
Michael smiled remembering listening to Justin rehearsing it early that week.
He sat waiting to hear his love sing again.
Paulo and Trevor glanced at each other, Paulo nodding to a nearby security guard.
The security guards started lining up around their seats, making two lines between the stage and their seats.
In essence, clearing the space between the stage and Michael.
Michael finally noticed them moving around, looking at Paulo.
"What's going on, Paulo?"
"Don't know, Mikey. Must be some new security procedure."
"It looks like we're being closed off." Michael said, looking around.
"Yeah, interesting." Paulo quietly replied.
The arena went black, a single spotlight illuminating the stage.
Justin stood in the center of the stage, wearing a white suit.
Michael stared at him, never seeing him look so angelic, so unbelievably beautiful.
"Everyone having a good time?" Justin said, the crowd erupting in applause.
Justin smiled, looking out into the darkness.
"Hope everyone's having a great time. It's a special night in my heart."
Michael smiled watching Justin's beaming face.
"It's special to me because I have someone wonderful to share it with. He's been here with me all this tour, and he's been in my heart for even longer."
Michael teared up, hearing the crowd beginning to chant his name.
"Michael! Michael! Michael!"
"Would ya all like to meet him?"
The crowd went ballistic, the noise deafening.
Justin's smile lit up his face, Michael watching him starting to walk across the stage, heading right to where he sat.
The spotlight followed him, Justin walking right down the steps in front of Michael.
Michael suddenly realized why the security had changed its layout, Justin and Michael were together in the spotlight, security surrounding them.
The spotlight widened, Michael now on full display, Justin extending his hand to him.
"The world needs to see our love, my angel." Justin said, his amplified voice carrying across the arena.
The crowd was on its feet, the noise level at its highest peak so far tonight.
Justin pulled Michael up out of his seat, talking to him in his mind now.
"Come with me, my love. To the center of my world."
Michael stared into Justin's blue eyes, seeing the deep love there.
Michael smiled timidly, Justin and he walking back up the steps, Michael walking with his man to the center of the stage.
Two stools were in the center of the stage, Justin guiding Michael to one.
Michael sat down, Justin leaning down, kissing him deeply.
The crowd was thunderous, the applause deafening.
Justin broke the kiss, smiling with immense pride at Michael.
"Everyone, this is my Mico. Mico, say hi to everyone."
Michael blushed, smiling out at the audience.
"Hi, everyone."
The chanting started again, Michael smiling at Justin.
Once the noise had quieted down again, Justin took Michael's hand in his, looking out at the audience.
"The last few weeks have been really rough on my Mico. He lost someone special to his heart. His beloved grandmother passed away. She went to God's embrace. She was a special lady, with a special heart. She was an important part of my Mico's life."
The crowd was silent, Michael sensing their sorrow.
"Tonight, I want to dedicate this next song to her. To the love this special lady gave to Michael, the love of my life. He knows that I love him, that I'll always stand by him. And that she, his loving grandmother, loved him also. And she'll be with him always. "
Justin smiled, looking out at the smiling crowd. A lot of eyes were also tearing.
"Michael, this song was once sung by a group of young men who meant a lot to you in times of great stress. Because you have entered their hearts, as well as mine, they requested this song. Come on out guys."
JC and Lance walked out onto the stage from the left side, a spotlight on them.
Chris and Joey walked out from the right side of the stage, a spotlight following them.
The crowd erupted on seeing who was now on stage.
Five young friends were reunited in their love for Michael.
They all met in the center, the other four hugging Michael, who was speechless.
Lance kissed Michael's cheek, whispering in his ear.
"You are in the center of love, Michael. Bask in our love for you."
Michael struggled to keep his emotions in check, the audience watching in awe.
NSync was together again.
Five friends who'd moved the world with their beautiful music were about to sing again.
To sing a special song for their beloved friend.
They all surrounded Michael, Justin kissing his cheek again.
"Listen to the words of this song, my love. Let them fill your heart with the love she always gave you."
Michael smiled a teary smile, seeing what they were all going to do for him.
"And we want you to sing with us, Michael. The world is ready for your voice." Josh said, Michael looking at him in awe.
The crowd looked surprised, the clapping increasing with Josh's words.
NSync wanted him to sing with them?
This had been a dream of his since his first hearing their music.
Could it be their one song that moved his heart?
Justin smiled, nodding to his Mico.
"The words mean what your Nana meant to you, my love. Take that to your heart."
The music began to play, Michael instantly recognizing it as that song that moved his heart.
He also knew in his heart what those words now meant.
Justin smiled, his beautiful voice filling the arena, the crowd knowing the song immediately, and voicing their approval.

You'll never know
What you've done for me
What your faith in me
Has done for my soul
And you'll never know
the gift you've given me
I'll carry it with me, yeah

Through all the days ahead
I think of days before
You made me hope for something better
and made me reach for something more

You taught me to run
You taught me to fly
Help me to free the me inside
Help me hear the music of my heart
Help me hear the music of my heart
You opened my eyes
You opened the door
To something I've never known before
And your love
Is the music of my heart

Justin smiled at Michael, his lover looking into his moist blue eyes.
The crowd sat in silence hearing a new, rich voice fill the stage.
Michael began singing Gloria Estefan's part of the song.
His rich voice casting its spell over the packed arena.
Justin beamed, seeing his Mico in the world's spotlight.

You were the one
Always on my side
Always standing by
Seeing me through

You were the song that always made me sing
I'm singing this for you
Everywhere I go
I think of where I've been
And of the one who knew me better
Than anyone ever will again

You taught me to run
You taught me to fly
Help me to free the me inside
Help me hear the music of my heart
Help me hear the music of my heart
You opened my eyes
You opened the door
To something I've never known before
And your love
Is the music of my heart

Michael's voice blended perfectly with his friends' rich tones, everyone smiling at Michael's calm loving  smile.
The audience was totally in awe of what they were hearing.
Justin's angel was singing with his five best friends.
A group of talented men singing one of their best-loved songs. And an angel singing with them.

What you taught me
Only your love could ever teach me
You got through when no one could reach me before
'Cause you always saw in me
All the best that I could be
It was you who set me free

You taught me to run
You taught me to fly
Help me to free the me inside
Help me hear the music of my heart
Help me hear the music of my heart
You opened my eyes
You opened the door
To something I've never known before
And your love
Is the music of my heart

Is the music of my heart

The song ended, the five men hugging Michael in a group hug, the audience on their feet, the arena full of thunderous noise.
Lonnie and Paulo–as well as Trevor–were wiping their eyes, looking around at the audience.
Everyone was on their feet, the clapping and shouting continuing.
On stage, five friends surrounded Michael, who was quietly crying.
Justin held his lover, feeling Michael's deep feelings.
Justin sensed the sorrow was now gone from his heart, that this outpouring of love had helped destroy his troubled mood.
That was the basis of why Justin had done this, to make Michael shake off his sadness.
It had worked perfectly.
Justin felt it all in Michael's soul.
Michael calmed down, the hug breaking.
The audience was still screaming and clapping, Michael and Justin smiling out at all his fans.

The stage went dark, the crowd still voicing its happiness.
Justin guided Michael offstage, Michael holding onto him tightly, tears still flowing.
Josh and Lance walked beside them, Justin rubbing his back.
"It's okay, Mico. I sense your happiness, and your love. It's okay."
They walked into a deserted hallway, Michael wiping his eyes.
"I've got to get back on stage, love. My final number still has to be sung. You going to be okay?"
Michael smiled, hugging him and kissing his cheek.
"Thank you, Jus. Thank you for making all my dreams come true."
Justin smile was the brightest, widest and most happy that any of his friends had ever seen.
In that one look, they all sensed the deep love in Justin's heart for his Mico.
"You're welcome, my angel. Back shortly."
Michael nodded, Justin rushing back to the stage.
Lance and Josh put their arms around Michael, Joey and Chris smiling at him.
"Thanks, guys. Thanks for doing that for me."
Chris put his hand on Michael's shoulder.
"We wouldn't have done it for anyone else. You, our friend, deserved it, and so much more. We love ya, Mikey."
Michael's tears erupted, Chris hugging him tightly.
Michael sobbed into his chest, all the guys seeing the tears in Chris' eyes as well.
"Looks like Snookum's got a heart after all." Joey said, Michael bursting into laughter against Chris' chest.
"Yes, and it's one of the most loving." Michael said, Chris smiling.
"Thanks, Mikey."
"You're welcome, Snookums."
Everyone laughed, Chris blushing and rolling his eyes.
They all stood back, watching Justin's final song play out on stage.
"Your man's in top form tonight, Mikey." Joey said smiling.
"Yes, he's more exciting than I've ever known."
Everyone smiled, watching his song end, the lights darkening.
The crowd was thunderous, the arena actually feeling like it was trembling.
Justin ran off stage, into his Mico's outstretched arms.
"Totally perfect, my love! You soared to new heights tonight!" Michael said, his smile wide and loving.
"I've never felt so alive! It was totally inspirational!"
"And it's not over, love." Michael said.
Justin looked confused.
Justin, as well as everyone else quieted down, listening.
It started kind of low, then continued to increase, a chant of three  words.
"We want NSync! We want NSync!"
Everyone heard it clearly now, the five men surprised and somewhat humbled.
"I think they're trying to tell you something, guys." Michael said, Lonnie, Paulo and Trevor walking up to them now.
"What do we do, Jus?" Chris said, for once uncertain.
"Let's go take a bow, guys. Let's say hi to our fans." Justin said calmly.
Michael smiled, seeing the five faces looking at each other.
"Go on, get out there!" Michael said, pushing Josh and Lance forward.
The five men walked out onto the stage, the crowd exploding in a monumental cheer.
Michael smiled, waiting a few moments, then walking out toward the stage.
Paulo and Trevor looked shocked, Lonnie was beaming.
"Go get 'em, Mikey!"

The five friends bowed, and waved, the crowd screaming their individual names.
Everyone was beyond thrilled at this showing of their love for them.
Justin smiled, then felt a hand on his shoulder.
He turned to see a smiling Michael beside him.
The crowd was on their feet again, screaming even louder.
Finally they began to calm down, Timba walking up to Michael and handing him a microphone.
"Thank you everyone, thank you for showing my Justin your love for his music. He's been on a high of deep happiness in all your praise for him. He loves you all. As do these other four friends here. It's been a few years since we've seen them all together on a stage like this."
Everyone cheered, the five friends smiling.
"And I don't think we should let them off without another song. What do you think, Timba?"
"Damn straight, Mikey!!!"
The crowd exploded, the five friends looking surprised at Michael's request.
Justin didn't look surprised at all.
A voice was talking to him, explaining its love for him. And what needed to be done.
"Yeah, guys. Let's sing our hearts out." Justin said, patting Josh and Lance on the back.
The five smiled, Timba heading toward the band.
Within a heartbeat music filled the room again, the crowd recognizing the song immediately.
The five friends smiled at each other, lining up in their places.
The group was back, the connection was there as always.
They hit their marks, their choreography in sync as always.
And their voices were unchanged.
Michael stood offstage watching his five friends sing their hearts out.
They did two songs, the audience erupting in rejoicing happiness.
Tearing Up My Heart, and God Must Have Spent.
Michael smiled, feeling a large hand on his shoulder.
He looked up into Lonnie's smiling, tearing face.
"You never cease to amaze me, Mikey. Your love is boundless."
"My heart and my soul is here for their happiness. For all of them."
Lonnie nodded, wiping his eyes.
"Isn't this wonderful, Michael? Hearing them sing like this. It brings back such memories."
Michael smiled, remembering his own memories of their beautiful songs.
"It's just the beginning, my friend."

Half an hour later, a group of friends sat around a dressing room, five of them practically bouncing off the walls.
"Man that was amazing. We still got it guys!" Chris said, smiling widely.
Vicky now sat beside Michael hugging him.
They'd all met again in the dressing room, Pink had been in on all of it. As had Lonnie, Paulo and Trevor.
Michael smiled at them all, seeing their deep love for him in their helping with all this.
"This was a wonderful surprise, guys. Thank you all so much. I truly was surprised."
They all smiled, each one hugging him, Justin the last.
"It's not completely over yet, my love."
Michael raised an eyebrow, looking around.
"You have the Backstreet Boys hiding here somewhere?"
Chris groaned, staring at Michael.
"Way to destroy my high, Mikey!"
Michael laughed, slapping him on the back.
"Take a few kisses from sweetie over there, and Snookums will be smiling as always."
Chris blushed. Vicky walked across the room, sitting in his lap, kissing him deeply.
"God, the heteros are mating again." Josh said, rolling his eyes.
Lance burst out laughing, Chris and Joey staring at him.
"You think that's funny, Bass? Chris, it's time these gay boys saw how real men treat their ladies."
Joey grabbed Kelly, Chris taking Vicky into his arms, both men kissing their women with deep love and passion.
"Oooh, looks like a kiss-off." Lance said, grabbing his man, kissing him deeply.
"Shall we, my love?" Justin said, slyly winking at Michael.
"No Jus, let's not lower our standards to such common kissing."
All six lovers turned their heads, staring at Michael in surprise at his words.
Michael burst into laughter, doubling over, Paulo, Lonnie and Trevor laughing as well.
"You are so dead, Mikey!" Vicky said running right at him.
She was joined by five other lovers, all of them tackling Michael.
Michael's rich laugh filled the room, Justin beaming in happiness.
The sorrow was gone, hopefully for good.
Justin pushed his friends off his lover, helping Michael to his feet.
Michael smiled, his laughter slowly dying, his eyes looking into Justin's blue pools.
"My hero."
Justin smiled, kissing him tenderly.
The kiss turned into a moment of intense love, of deep passion.
Everyone watched, Trevor lost in its beauty.
"Now that's a kiss!" He said, quietly, Paulo looking at him.
Trevor blushed, everyone smiling.
In their hearts they all agreed.

Thirty minutes later, Justin pulled Michael up off the couch.
"Time for the next part of my surprise, Mico."
Michael smiled, looking at everyone.
"Bringing all our friends here, making this night so magical, what more do I need? I have your love."
Justin smiled, waving at everyone.
"Time for us to leave, my Michael. We'll see them all in the morning. Breakfast at the hotel restaurant, right guys?"
"Yep, Justin. We'll all be there."
Michael smiled widely, looking like he was deep in thought.
"The perfect time." He said quietly, only Justin catching it.
Justin looked at him, Michael winking.
"You're not the only one good at keeping surprises."
Justin laughed, kissing him lightly.
"Goodnight, everyone."
Everyone hugged them, the two leaving the room, Lonnie and Paulo following.
Justin turned, smiling at them.
"Tonight it's just the two of us, guys. We can take care of ourselves."
Both men nodded, then smiled.
Justin and Michael left through a side door, into a waiting limousine.
Twenty minutes later, the limo pulled up in front of a large stone gate.
"What place is this, Jus?"
"This is our haven of love, my angel. Come on."
Michael smiled as Justin pulled his arm, pulling him out of the car.
Michael felt Justin's enthusiastic happiness.
They walked through the gate, Michael seeing a white carriage just inside the gate.
Two white horses were pulling the carriage.
"Our ride of romance, my angel."
Michael smiled, Justin extending his hand, helping Michael climb into the carriage.
The driver bowed his head, smiling at them.
Justin climbed inside, sitting beside Michael.
Michael smiled, Justin taking his hand in his.
The carriage started moving, the vehicle heading toward Hyde Park.
Justin pulled out two white roses, placing them in Michael's hand.
"Two white roses to symbolize our pure open love, my angel. We now are totally honest with each other. Our love is true, in every way."
Michael brought the roses to his nose, inhaling their rich perfume.
Tears were in his eyes.
"As it will be from this day forward. Truthful in all ways."
Justin smiled, kissing his lover deeply.
Michael sighed, laying his head on Justin's chest.
"This is so romantic, Jus. Just the two of us, alone, in love."
Justin smiled, hugging him tighter.
"It's been a while, my love. Not since we were at home."
Michael sighed, smiling.
"I miss our home. Just you and me in our sanctuary of love."
Justin nodded, the two lovers feeling the cooling breeze coming from the stands of trees along the path.
"We'll be home soon, my love. Another week and we'll be in our own bed again."
"Our bed of love."
Justin smiled, thinking of that special place.
An hour later, the carriage pulled up in front of their hotel.
Justin stepped down, helping Michael down.
They both thanked the driver, the man tipping his hat to them.
Justin took Michael's hand in his, walking into the hotel.
Five minutes later, they walked into their suite.
Michael stopped in shock.
The room was full of baskets of white roses.
Thousands of them.
Michael looked at Justin, still wearing his white suit from the evening's final musical surprise.
"The purist love in my heart is yours, Mico. The whiteness of these flowers cover the walls of my soul. The flower you once gave me has grown into a forest, just as you have growing in your soul."
Michael choked up, the tears falling from his eyes.
Justin leaned in, kissing him deeply, their arms wrapping around each other.
"Love. I have so much of your love." Michael said, Justin smiling.
"Let's show that love every moment of the rest of our lives."
Michael smiled, walking his man into their bedroom, both men smiling with their hearts.

The next morning, two lovers walked into the private room of the downstairs restaurant, everyone looking up at them.
You would have to be blind not to see the look of immense satisfied love showing on those two young adonis faces.
"Looks like someone got lucky last night!" Chris smirked, Vicky looking toward him.
"Keep our privacy just that, Snookums." Vicky quietly said, Chris smiling widely.
"Yes, dear."
Joey looked at both, then looked at his wife.
"Guess everyone got some happiness last night."
Kelly smiled, her hand going under the table, Joey's eyes widening.
Kelly smiled, looking back up at Justin and Michael sitting down.
"It was a magical night, my love showed me the deepness of his love."
"Love? Deep? He must have bottomed out by now!" Chris said, Joey unable to withhold his laughter.
Josh exploded right behind him, Lance staring at his lover in wonder.
Josh finally calmed down.
"Sorry, but you have to admit, that was damn funny."
Lance shook his head, seeing Michael and Justin laughing now.
"I don't see why it's so funny. That's a private moment between two people. It shouldn't be laughed at."
Michael smiled, kissing Lance's cheek.
"We're not laughing at the touching moment of deep love, Lance. We're laughing at the silly way of getting there. You do have to admit, it is rather funny when you think about it."
Lance smiled, now seeing what was so funny.
"Okay, I see your point. I guess it's okay when love happens in the end."
Everyone burst out laughing, Michael staring at Lance in wonder.
"I wouldn't have believed it. Lance Bass, you are amazing!!"
Lance laughed, smiling widely.
"Josh's love sank deep inside me last night."
Josh looked totally shocked, Lance now laughing loudly, kissing him tenderly.
"Close your mouth, my love. Or put it to use."
Josh laughed, surprised at Lance's happiness and smiling face.
"I know a good way to put it to use." Josh said, kissing him deeply.
"Ugh!  Do they have to do that now? We want to eat!" Chris said, rolling his eyes.
"Okay guys, you're cutting into Chris' eating time." Michael said, waving the waiter over.

An hour later, everyone sat around the table, the meal finished. The waiter refilled their coffee cups, exiting the private room.
The discussion finally went around to last night's impromptu reunion on stage.
"Man, last night was amazing, Justin! Your concert was unbelievable!" Josh said, smiling at his friend.
"Yes, it was. I felt right in the zone. It was my Mico's loving inspiration."
Timba smiled, patting Michael on the back.
"I knew from the start you'd be his inspiration, Mikey."
Michael smiled, looking around.
"Trevor could you do something for me?"
Trevor got up, Michael whispering in his ear.
Trevor smiled, nodding, then walking out of the room.
"Where's he going, Mikey?" Josh said.
Michael continued to sip his coffee, looking deep in thought.
Everyone quietly looked at Justin, Justin staring at Michael as well.
He then looked around, everyone seeing the confusing look in his eyes as well.
Trevor walked back into the room, carrying a black leather portfolio.
Justin didn't recognize it, having never seen it before.
Trevor handed the leather folder to Michael, sitting down in his seat again, smiling at everyone.
Michael stood up, everyone quieting down.
"Justin needs to say something, something that needs to be said."
Everyone nodded, Michael looking at Justin.
Justin nodded, smiling at him.
They all knew Michael had said something to him.
Justin stood up, Michael putting his hand in his.
"Last night my heart soared to its greatest height. It started with the four of you. My four dearest friends. When we sang on that stage, I felt a moment of deep regret. The regret of my failing all of you."
The four young men looked shocked.
"How did you fail us, Jus?" Joey said, his face showing deep concern.
Michael put his hand on Justin's shoulder.
"I walked away from you, to seek out my own fame. To seek out my own happiness."
They all looked deeply shocked, never thinking that Justin would ever have admitted that.
"I left my best friends, ending our deeply moving music. The music that came from our hearts. Michael showed all of us last night the depth of that beautiful music. We all must admit what we felt last night. The rightness of what we all heard."
They all lowered their heads, feeling in their souls what that music had done to all of them last night.
"It felt unbelievable." Joey said, everyone raising their heads.
"My heart felt alive again. Like it had been asleep. When we sang, our voices together, it came alive."
"Yeah, it felt so right. So right in the zone." Chris said, smiling.
Vicky smiled seeing the joy in his eyes.
"It felt like part of me woke up." Lance said, Josh rubbing his shoulder.
"It was a moving moment of deep satisfaction. Of a moving moment in our lives."
"It's the beginning of the next part of our lives, my friends."
Everyone looked up, seeing Justin's tearing eyes looking at all four of them.
"If you'll all have me, I'd like to sing with all of you again. It's time to do this for us."
Everyone was in tears, seeing the deep love in Justin's eyes.
"But, Justin. You're at the top of your game! You can do anything beyond imagining!" Josh said.
Justin walked around the table to his best friend, Josh standing up.
"I want to sing with my best friends. I want our love to flow into music. That's what I want. That's what I need in my heart and soul. I've missed that."
Josh teared up, hugging his friend against him.
"Oh, Justy! I've missed it, too! We all have!"
All four agreed, tears flowing from all of them.
"So how do we do this?" Josh said.
"By using these."
Everyone looked toward the quiet voice.
Michael held his hands out, the black leather portfolio in them.
Justin walked back toward his lover, taking the leather case from him, opening it up.
Josh was at his side, as Justin opened it.
They perused its contents, then looked up at Michael in deep shock.
"There are over thirty songs in that portfolio."
Everyone stared at him, lost in their shock.
"Since the first day that your music filled my soul, so long ago, my heart soared with inspiration. Each of those songs was written in love and hope. Every note, every lyric is an extension of my heart. Of my hope. It is what I believed you said to my soul. Your music lifted my soul to its greatest heights. I wanted to return that love, in these songs."
Everyone was in tears, Josh picking up the first sheet of paper.
He looked at the notes, at the words, the music filling his mind's eye.
Justin read the music also, lost in its deep sense of love.
"My God, Michael! This song is amazing! I can hear it in my mind! This is perfect harmony, Lance's deep bass voice would send this to the outer limits."
Lance, Chris and Joey got up, looking over their shoulders at the sheet.
Lance looked into Michael's tearing eyes.
"It's time *NSync sang again. It's time the world had its musical soul back."
The five friends looked at each other, staring into each other's heart and soul.
They turned looking at Michael.
"Does anyone know where *NSync can get a tour bus?" Joey said, smiling.
Michael sobbed, as five men encircled him in a group hug.

End of Chapter 113

Did anyone expect that?
I know I've wanted it.
It's a dream of mine, and I'm sure a dream of a lot of other people.
Hey, it's fantasy, we all want our dreams to come true.
I liked the idea of Michael making it happen.
His love will unite them all again.
Onward we go on this journey towards its final moment.
Up next, some more fun, and some interesting decisions.

As the festive celebrations begin, let's remember the message of this season.
Love and happiness go hand in hand with caring, giving and hope.
Let our hearts reach out to those we love, and those who need it most.

Keeping you all in my heart of hope, Angel.

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