Justin's Angel-114

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Everyone looked toward the quiet voice.
Michael held his hands out, the black leather portfolio in them.
Justin walked back toward his lover, taking the leather case from him, opening it up.
Josh was at his side, as Justin opened it.
They perused its contents, then looked up at Michael in deep shock.
"There are over thirty songs in that portfolio."
Everyone stared at him, lost in their shock.
"Since the first day that your music filled my soul, so long ago, my heart soared with inspiration. Each of those songs was written in love and hope. Every note, every lyric is an extension of my heart. Of my hope. It is what I believed you said to my soul. Your music lifted my soul to its greatest heights. I wanted to return that love, in these songs."
Everyone was in tears, Josh picking up the first sheet of paper.
He looked at the notes, at the words, the music filling his mind's eye.
Justin read the music also, lost in its deep sense of love.
"My God, Michael! This song is amazing! I can hear it in my mind! This is perfect harmony, Lance's deep bass voice would send this to the outer limits."
Lance, Chris and Joey got up, looking over their shoulders at the sheet.
Lance looked into Michael's tearing eyes.
"It's time NSync sang again. It's time the world had its musical soul back."
The five friends looked at each other, staring into each other's heart and soul.
They turned looking at Michael.
"Does anyone know where NSync can get a tour bus?" Joey said, smiling.
Michael sobbed, as five men encircled him in a group hug.

Chapter 114

Everyone else stared at the group of friends hugging Michael.
Paulo and Lonnie were smiling widely, Kelly and Vicky quietly talking. Trevor stood in awe of what he might possibly be seeing unfold right in front of him.
The reunion of *NSync.
Justin broke the hug, Michael wiped his wet face. Then his emotional voice filled the room.
"You have to do this! All of you. Not for me, not for the fans, but for yourselves. I've heard the deepness of your voices together, it always was more than just singing. It was your love for each other, your love for music, life and happiness. Don't deny each other that happiness."
Justin smiled, hearing the truth and love in Michael's emotional words.
"I didn't write these songs for myself, never for myself. I wrote them all for you five. The harmony, vocal truths and melodic soul of all of them is you. Please give the world that specialness again. Please!"
Justin hugged Michael again, seeing what this meant to his soul. Feeling what indeed it meant to himself.
"Michael's right, guys. Our music was and still is the heart of our lives. We owe it to ourselves to do this. Will you guys join me?" Justin said, smiling at them all.
"Yes." Joey said smiling as Kelly smiled at him.
She'd always felt Joey's loneliness at losing his singing soul.
"Yes, definitely." Josh and Lance said almost simultaneously, looking into each other's smiling face.
"Yes. But no teeny-boppers. We're sophisticated, urbane, young men now." Chris said calmly with an aloof look on his face.
"Yeah, and you're a dinosaur to anyone under fifteen, Chris." Joey said, holding in a laugh when he saw Chris' face change.
"What's that supposed to mean, Fat One?" He replied, Joey's eyebrows furrowing at that old name.
"Chris is right, guys. We're older now, more mature. And I think this music will show that. Mikey's taken care of that in this moving music." Josh said smiling, the portfolio in his hand.
All five smiled, turning to look at Michael, seeing his face covered in a wide smile.
Michael had seen their answer on all their faces. On all those faces covered in a renewed happiness.
"Let's go upstairs to our room guys. You've all got a lot to discuss."
Michael took Justin's hand in his, walking towards the door.

Three hours later, the group was laughing, smiling and just relaxing in Justin's suite.
"So it's agreed. Once Justin's tour is over–and Josh's album is released–we'll do this." Lance said smiling at Josh.
"Yes, I'm fine with that plan. " Josh said smiling at Lance.
"The press will get wind of it. Last night's performance will start the media hype." Chris said.
"Yes, and we'll come up with a plan for that all too. We need to talk to Johnny fast. Once he gets wind of last night, we'll be in his sights." Justin said, smiling.
"There will be a lot of legal jargon and such to muddle through, but it should be okay." Lance said, Josh smiling at him.
Both men felt a happiness they'd not felt in quite a while.
Michael had quietly watched all of them, watching the sparkle shine in their eyes. The sparkle of a new adventure.
He sensed in his heart the new *NSync would be unbelievable.
In Justin he felt a new happiness also. No jealous or hidden desires, only true happiness at singing with his friends again.
Josh stood up walking over to Michael, who'd been sitting quietly on a couch.
In his hand, he held the portfolio, his hands treating it with deep respect.
"Would you play for us the song you think is the most beautiful, Mikey?" Josh said handing him the portfolio.
"They will all be beautiful, Josh. With your voices and your heart and soul being sung."
Michael looked at Josh, seeing the wonder in his eyes.
Music to Josh was an elixir, that fed his soul.
"Sure, Joshy. I'll play the one that means the most to me." He said, opening the book. He perused through the pages, finding one about ten pages from the back.
He pulled it out, smiling.
"I wrote this song right after your proposal, Justin. It just seemed so easy to write. It's called 'A New Beginning'."
Justin smiled, Michael rising up and walking over to the piano.
He put the music sheets in front of him, smiling.
Within a few moments, the room was filled with a wondrous tempo of music and melodic beauty.
The song was a ballad, a ballad of love.
Everyone became lost in the rich music, Josh sitting on the couch, tears running down his face as he listened to Michael's voice fill the quiet room.
Lance sat down beside him, his eyes just as wet.

I've found love, for once in my life.
For once in my life, I have love.
My soul reaches out,  into the cold night.
For my angel. given from above

The day dawns
On a new beginning
A beginning of love
Two heart united
In deep happiness
A beginning of love

Take my hand, My angel.
Your blue eyes see into my soul.
Our heart united, the future our one goal.
Take my body, it rest against your heart.
Take me forever, this day is just the start.

The day dawns
On a new beginning
A beginning of love
Two heart united
In deep happiness
A beginning of love

This is our new beginning
The two of us do share
This is our new beginning
Smile, our love is finally there

Welcome to our new beginning

Michael looked up, seeing all the moist eyes staring back at him.
"This song yearns for your voice, Josh. For the beauty of all your voices. I can't do it justice."
Justin got up, walking to the piano.
"It is us who won't be able to do you justice, Mico."
Michael smiled shyly, Justin sitting down beside him on the bench.
"Michael, what you've given us here today, this music, this beautiful music! Are you sure? It all feels like part of your heart."
Michael kissed his cheek, looking into his blue pools of deep love.
"Yes, my Jus. I'm sure. This music comes from my heart. And this music will be the heart of all of you together. It can't be anything else."
Justin teared up, his four friends circling around the piano.
"Now how about the real singers take a shot at it." Michael said smiling.
Everyone smiled, seeing the deep happiness in Michael's golden eyes.
He began playing the music again.
The others sat back, listening to five young men begin to sing again. A new dynamic of trusted friendship, of bonded love, could be heard in their voices. And in the center of them, a young man with golden eyes played his music of love, for his loving friends.

The day had been consumed with discussions–happy, excited discussions.
Justin had called Johnny, his manager flabbergasted.
He couldn't believe what Justin was saying.
All five talked to him, a consensus of respect and calmness uniting the five friends.
It was finished.
*NSync would sing again.
Meetings were scheduled, contracts put in motion.
Their seven friends left to let Michael and Justin get ready for their dinner engagement.
They now were now headed across the city in a limousine.
Justin looked over at Michael, seeing something in his golden eyes he hadn't seen in a while.
"Relax, love. I feel and see your nervousness. I guarantee you'll love this surprise."
"I hope you're right, Jus."
Justin snuggled against Michael.
"Thanks for what you did today, Michael. Letting me see what I need from my friends. Their love and their needing me."
Michael smiled, kissing Justin back.
"I've sensed for quite a while your regrets and feelings towards them. And lately, I sensed your wanting them to forgive you. And your loneliness from not having them close.  But through it all, I sensed your love and their love for you. It just seemed like the right time to open up the dialogue among all of you. And I'm happy with the outcome."
Justin stared at him.
"Happy with the outcome? My God, Mico! You've just reunited one of the most famous boybands of the nineties! You've done what people have been hoping would be done for quite a while! And we're going to make sure the world knows!"
"No, Justin. I didn't do this for glory, for fame or recognition. I did this for you. Because I love you and I knew this is what you needed again in your life. You needed the love of your friends, and you needed to sing with them to fill your heart with their love again."
Justin teared up, leaning in again, taking Michael into his arms.
"I love you so much for always taking care of my happiness."
"It's become a full-time job." Michael said, running his hand under Justin's silk shirt, tweaking his right nipple.
Justin shuddered, feeling his desires growing.
"Ever made love in the backseat of a limo?"
"Jus, control yourself. We're almost there." Michael smirked, rubbing the hardening nipple in his fingers.
"Hard to do when you're attached to my center." Justin said pushing Michael back against the seat.
Their lips met, both lost in their desires.
But the limousine immediately stopped, Michael pushing Justin back.
"I do believe we're here, love. Calm down, tiger."
Justin smiled, winking at Michael.
The door opened, the two climbing out of the limo.
They stood in front of a large sprawling apartment building in Holland Park.
"The condo is the whole top floor. It's huge." Justin said, Michael sighing.
"Wow. I suddenly feel so out of my league."
Justin smiled, intertwining his fingers through Michael's.
"You're about to see the glamour of success. It's not my cup of tea, either. Our small home is all I ever want."
Michael teared up, smiling at Justin, also wondering just who they were about to meet.
The two walked into the building.

Ten minutes later they were standing in front of a large double set of mahogany doors, having been let in from the lobby.
Justin slowly opened one of the doors, having been told by the lobby clerk that they were expected and to go right in.
Michael suddenly heard music coming from the room ahead of them.
Michael eyes bulged as he looked at Justin, Justin smiling a wide smile.
"Go ahead in Michael. He's waiting for you."
"You don't mean. . .?  That's not who I think it is. . .is it??"
"Well, there's only one way to find out!"
Michael walked forward, opening a set of double french doors.
Michael looked around in amazement at the stunning decor.
The room was covered in rich tapestries, garish chairs and couches.
Rich golden accents on all the furnishings.
Michael thought it looked like a stately room in a palace.
His eyes then focused on the two people in the room, shocked at what his golden eyes were seeing.
"Didn't I tell you you'd love this surprise??" Justin whispered in his ear.
An older distinguished man noticed them enter and walked up to them smiling at both of them.
"Justin, please come in. And this must be the extraordinary Michael!" The man smiled.
Michael immediately recognized him as David Furnish.
Michael shook his hand, smiling at him, still in shock.
"Good evening, Mr. Furnish. It's a pleasure meeting you." Michael said smiling.
"Please, it's just David. " The man said, smiling.
Justin looked at David, the two smiling at each other.
Michael then turned his attention to the center of the room where there was a large, white grand piano.
Elton John sat at the piano, his fingers creating the beautiful music that filled the air.
Michael knew the song by heart, its meaning lost deep in his soul.  Emotion at hearing the song taking over his shock.
Elton smiled towards the opened door, looking at Michael's golden eyes.
Elton's voice filled the room's air with its soft touch.

Daniel is traveling tonight on a plane,
I can see the read tail lights, heading for Spain,
Oh and I can see Daniel waving goodbye.
God, it looks like Daniel must be the clouds in my eyes.

They say Spain is pretty, though I've never seen.
Well, Daniel says it's the best place he's ever seen,

Oh, and he should know, he's been there enough.
Lord I miss Daniel, Oh I miss him so much.

Oh, Daniel my brother,
You are older than me,
Do you still feel the pain,
Of the scars that won't heal?
Your eyes have died, but you see more than I.
Daniel, you're the star in the face of the sky.

Daniel is traveling tonight on a plane,
I can see the read tail lights, heading for Spain,
Oh and I can see Daniel waving goodbye.
God, it looks like Daniel must be the clouds in my eyes.

Oh, Daniel my brother,
You are older than me,
Do you still feel the pain,
Of the scars that won't heal?
Your eyes have died, but you see more than I.
Daniel, you're the star in the face of the sky.

God, it looks like Daniel must be the clouds in my eyes.

Michael stood in tears, his body trembling, Justin beside him in a flash.
Elton rose up from the piano, walking over to his guests.
"Are you okay, Michael?" Elton said, looking at him with worry.
Michael buried his head against Justin's chest, Justin rubbing his back.
It took Michael a few minutes to regain control of his emotions, Elton and David quietly waiting.
"I'm okay. It's just, that song. It was always one of Daniel's favorites."
Elton smiled, looking at David.
"I wanted to surprise you. I too had a Daniel in my life."
"I know." Michael said quietly, Elton looking surprised.
"Hi, I'm Michael." Michael said smiling, extending his hand.
"None of that formality, a sweeping bow shall do."
Michael looked surprised, Elton laughing.
"I'm not the Queen, although I behave like her at times. It's a pleasure meeting you, Michael. Please sit down."
Michael smiled, David guiding him over to a couch, Elton hugging Justin in welcome.
Michael looked all around, staring in awe at the lavish decor.
David laughed seeing his reaction to his surroundings.
"Don't let the gaudiness of your surroundings fool you, it's still a home."
Michael smiled, Elton offering him and Justin a seat together on one of the richly covered couches.
"Can I offer you a refreshment?" David said smiling.
"Ice water would be fine for me and Michael likes a nice glass of wine." Justin said, smiling at David.
"Excellent, be right back."
David returned in a few moments, handing them their drinks.
"We've been dying to meet you, Michael. We've read both of your books and seen all of your interviews. We're big fans." David said smiling.
Michael blushed deeply, Justin smirking.
"Michael's a bit shy when it comes to praise. It's his most endearing quality."
"What did you get out of the books?" Michael asked, Justin smiling at his need to know.
"I got the message that life is rough, hard and sometimes cruel. But life is living. We can't live life without taking the chance."
Michael smiled, glad that David had picked up on the message.
"I got the message that life is a continual circle of love, hope and courage." Elton said smiling.
"Thank you, I'm glad you liked them."
The door from the kitchen pushed opened, a small dog running into the room, jumping right into David's lap.
"There's my Arthur! Daddy's missed you."
The dog was ecstatic, jumping around on his lap, then it caught sight of Justin.
It leaped off David's lap right at Justin.
Justin caught the small dog in his arms, the dog licking his face frantically.
"He's so hyper when meeting people, I just don't know what to do with him." Elton said, standing beside David smiling.
Michael smiled at him, their eyes meeting.
"Ah, the timid author. Finally, some wisdom and culture has entered our abode."
"Arthur! Bad dog. Let go of Justin." Elton said, the dog leaping down onto the carpet, running circles around Elton. Its small sharp bark was loud in the large room.
"My word he's on a tear!" David said.
Michael whistled loudly, the dog stopping dead in its tracks.
It stared at Michael, seeing him for the first time.
It ran right at him, leaping into his lap.
Michael positioned its face level with his, stopping it from licking his face.
He stared into its eyes, the dog immediately stopping.
The small dog's movements slowed completely, it getting off Michael's lap and sitting quietly down between Justin and Michael.
Michael scratched it behind its ear, the dog lowering its head onto the couch.
The small dog sat there in total silence, a contented look on its face.
Elton and David both looked on in total shock.
"How, in all that's glorious in this country, did you do that?" Elton said in amazement.
"I have a way with animals. Look how well-behaved Justin is." Michael said quietly, Elton bursting out in laughter.
Justin blushed deeply, Michael smiling at him.
"I like him immensely, Justin!" Elton said, smiling at a beaming Justin.
"Welcome again to our home, Justin."
"Nice to see you again, Elton. It's been too long." Justin said, smiling at him.
"Yes it has. And I've seen a lot's happened to you since our last meeting. You'll have to tell me all about it over dinner. I'll be in the kitchen, setting things right. Care to join me, Michael?" Elton said, Michael smiling.
"It would be my pleasure, Mr. John."
"Good God! It's Elton. I'm just a middle aged man entertaining friends in his home. None of that star worshiping is necessary."
"Alright, Elton. But if you want me to be a friend, I should tell you that sixty isn't middle age." Michael said looking calmly at him.
Elton looked totally shocked, David, then Justin bursting into laughter.
Elton regained his composure, smiling at Michael.
"Well-played, my friend. Very well-played. You and I are going to get along smashingly!"
Michael smiled, walking with him towards the kitchen.

Throughout the next hour, Justin felt Michael's calmness returning, his nervousness completely evaporated.
Michael and Elton spent time together quietly talking, Justin sensing a friendship emerging from their hearts.
An hour and a half later, the four men were just finishing their dinner.
"Excellent as always, love." David said, pecking Elton's cheek.
"Thanks, sweets." Elton replied.
"But half the praise should be directed at Michael. It's his sauce that's made the beef edible. And his rolls are to die for."
Michael had offered to help with the cooking, and he'd made a batch of his rolls.
"Yes they're heavenly, Michael."
"Got that right, David." Justin beamed, proud of his man wowing them.
"Let's have coffee and tea in the living room. The dishes we can leave for now." Elton said.
The four adjourned to the living room, Justin contentedly snuggling up against Michael on the couch, the other two men seeing their love for each other.
"It came as a complete surprise to me Justin, that you'd find all you need in this remarkable man." Elton remarked.
"It did to me too, Elton. From the first moment I looked into those golden beauties, I've been lost in his love. And all I had to do was knock him flat on his ass to achieve it!"
Michael laughed, smiling at Elton.
"Sounds like an interesting story, do tell Justin." Elton said, taking his cup of tea, sitting down beside David, David snuggling against him.
They all quietly listened to Justin's telling them of all that had transpired between him and Michael.
David put his arm around Elton when Elton's emotions began to unravel.
"I'd heard you on the telly and read of your life, but to hear it from your Justin makes it more moving. You're a remarkable man, Michael." David said, smiling at him genuinely.
"David's correct, Michael. To go through that kind of hell, and to find love again, it truly says something about your loving heart." Elton said, wiping his eyes.
"I agree completely." Justin said, smiling at his Mico.
Michael smiled, blushing a bit, both men seeing his reluctancy to accept their praise.
"I've also read your novels, Michael. Deeply moving and genuinely heartbreaking. But the underlining message mirrors your own life. Life is about never giving up. To go forward no matter what life throws at you. Daniel did it, just as you have." Elton said, looking into Michael's shining golden eyes.
He'd never encountered such glowing golden eyes. They seemed to search deep into your soul.
Michael smiled, asking Elton about his music.
Justin knew he was changing the subject, the others picking up on it as well.
They all discussed music, Justin telling Elton about Michael's surprise that morning.
"You're a musician as well? Is there nothing our Mikey can't do?" Elton said smiling.
Justin burst forth in pride, his voice excitingly telling them of Michael's beautiful music and talents.
"Well, Mikey. Let's hear some of that talent then." Elton said smiling, Michael blushing deeply.
"I couldn't do that, Elton . Against your beautiful music, I'd never measure up. Justin just hears with his heart."
Justin shook his head, tired of Michael's reluctance to accept his abilities.
"Michael, you are just as good, if not even better than Elton. No offence, Elton." Justin said, the men hearing Justin's determination in his voice.
"None taken, Justin. And now I have to hear this!!" Elton said, staring at Michael.
"Please, Mico?" Justin said, his face changing.
Justin put on his pouty face, Elton and David mimicking him.
"God, you guys aren't playing fair! How can I refuse those looks??"
Justin grinned widely, pulling Michael up to his feet.
He walked him over to Elton's white grand piano, Michael sitting down in awe.
"This is beautiful! It's so beautiful!"
"Play my song, Mikey. Justin's Song." Justin beamed, Michael looking at him with love.
"Alright, but don't say I didn't warn you."
Elton and David smiled, sitting down on a couch in front of the piano, Justin sitting beside Michael on the piano bench.
Michael shyly smiled, Justin putting his arm around him.
Michael began playing the piano, the beautiful music filling the warm room.
Elton stared in shock, as Michael's rich voice filled the room.
David and he became lost in the beautiful song, the words showing so much love and caring.
Justin stared at his lover, lost as always in his beautiful voice.
Michael played and sang it all, his fingers flowing with beauty on the ivory keys.
The song finished, Michael looking at Justin, seeing the deep love in his eyes.
He turned looking toward Elton and David.
The two were in each other's arms, teary eyes showing.
Elton stood up, walking to the piano, staring down at Michael.
"I am in your debt, Michael. To not have heard that would have been the greatest loss of my life. That was beyond beautiful. I am nothing when measured against that. Simply unbelievable. Thank you for sharing that with us."
Michael looked in shock, then blushed deeply, Justin kissing his cheek.
"You should record that, Michael. I've never heard a song more deeply filled with love." David said, smiling at him.
"No, David. I sing that song for my Justin only. It's his song. It's my love in music, my love for him."
Justin smiled, hugging his lover tight.
"Michael's right. How can I let the world have his love, when I need it the most?"
Elton and David smiled, their hands entwining together.

Justin looked at Michael, who lay against his chest in the limo.
The evening had been a resounding success.
Elton and David were enamoured of Michael.
He'd won their hearts with his openness and loving soul.
And Justin felt Michael's happiness at meeting them, especially Elton.
Michael in his remarkable calming way, had drawn out of Elton the story of his Daniel.
When Elton was a teenager he'd fallen in love with a younger man, named Kenneth.
But he'd never told Kenneth of his feelings, the times not frowning well upon that revelation.
Kenneth had died in a bar fight at a local pub, having been defending a friend against hooligans.
Elton had kept his memory in his heart, his love for the young man coming out in his earlier music, including the song Daniel.
Elton had quietly broken down, Michael holding him till he regained his composure, then guiding him into David's arms.
They'd all parted as genuine friends, Elton giving Michael his personal cell phone number.
Michael had walked away from their home on cloud nine.
Now, here they were in the limo heading back to their hotel.
Michael's cell went off, Michael lifting his head.
"Hello, Michael here."
"Mikey, how ya doing? Are you alone?"
"Paulo's not here, Jake. Justin only. Please speak freely."
Justin leaned in against Michael's ear.
"Do you think you guys can help me?"
"Yes, Jake, we can help. Or at least I can. Justin's busy, and I'll have Lonnie keep Paulo distracted."
"Awesome, Mikey! I'm not sure I can do this, but I want to try."
Michael smiled, looking into Justin's smiling face.
"Love makes us capable of doing some extraordinary things, my friend. I think you'll do fine."
"With your loving help, I can't see why not."
Michael smiled again.
"For my brother of love, anytime and anything."
"Love ya, Mikey and Jus! See you soon!"
Michael closed off his phone smiling.
"Do you think we can keep Paulo in the dark?"
"My little tiger is good at keeping secrets." Michael smirked, Justin blushing.
"I wanted it to be a surprise. Elton wanted to sing it for you. He felt you'd relate to the words."
"I always have, Jus. I always have. Thank you, for tonight, and for last night. You keep filling me with so much love. I love you so much."
Justin teared up, Michael pushing him back against the seat.
Michael stared into his eyes.
"I'm all up for trying what you suggested!"
"What I suggested?" Justin said, mirthful confusion on his face.
"You know, making out in a limo."
Justin smiled widely, Michael pulling him into his arms.

The rest of the week flew by, Justin's tour traveling to Manchester, then Liverpool. They were coming back to London for two days, before heading home.
Jake was to meet Paulo in London on the last day. The two going ahead to Spain for a few days to see Alberto.
Justin and Michael were returning to Los Angeles.
When they landed in London again, Michael and Justin disappeared for a few hours, Paulo asking Lonnie where they'd gone, Paulo taking his job seriously.
"They were invited by Elton John for tea this afternoon. Relax, they took a limo there and a limo back. Elton has top-notch security."
"Okay, Lon." Paulo said relaxing, returning to the soccer game he'd been watching.
Three hours later, Justin walked into the room, smiling.
"Hey boys, how's it shakin?" He said, jumping into Paulo's lap.
"You're getting heavy, Timberlake." Paulo said, dumping Justin onto the floor.
Justin laughed, Lonnie chuckling as he helped him up.
"Just for that , I'm not inviting you to dinner then." Justin said rubbing his ass.
"Aww, why don't you get Mikey to make it all better, he's got the answer to that pain."
Justin laughed, sitting down on the couch.
"Speaking of which, where is the angel of Justy's eye?" Lonnie remarked.
"He and Elton are shopping in Soho."
"You should have called me, Jus! I don't like Mikey walking around unprotected." Paulo said, concern written on his face.
"Relax, he's with Elton John. Elton's got half of Scotland Yard around him. Michael's perfectly safe." Justin smiled, winking at Lonnie.
Paulo nodded, relaxing again.

An hour later Michael walked into the room, smiling at the guys watching the television.
"All shopped out, Mikey?" Paulo asked.
"What do you mean, Paulo?" Michael asked, hearing Justin's voice in his head.
"You went shopping with Elton?"
"Nah, didn't buy a thing. He on the other hand owns half of Soho now."
Everyone laughed, Michael smiling at Justin.
Michael sat down beside his brother, smiling.
"So Paulo, all excited about seeing your sweet Jake tomorrow?"
Paulo blushed deeply, then shyly smiled.
"I miss him so much."
"A few more hours, brother. A few more hours and your soul will be complete again." Michael said, smiling at him and Justin.
Justin winked, Michael shaking his head.
Michael rushed Lonnie and Paulo out of their suite, telling them to come back around seven, and they'd all go to dinner.
Lonnie winked at Michael, his instructions having already been given out.
Justin smiled when Michael closed the door.
"Everything ready?"
"It's on its way up."
Justin smiled pulling his lover into his arms.
"God, isn't love wonderful?"
"Yes, my love. It's beyond imaginable."
Justin smiled, the two men answering the knock on the door.

Paulo walked out of his bedroom, seeing Lonnie sitting ready on the suite's living room couch.
Lonnie was dressed in a black tuxedo, the blackness bringing out his massive body frame.
"Why do we have to wear these monkey suits? Did Michael say?" Paulo asked, adjusting his black silk tie.
The tuxedos had arrived an hour earlier.
"Only that it was a formal restaurant we were going to. " Lonnie quietly replied.
"God, I hate looking like a penguin."
"Now I'm sure you wouldn't mind dressing for your Jake like this." Lonnie smirked.
"Yeah, for him, it would be no chore." Paulo smiled.
"He'll be here soon, Paulo . Soon."
Paulo smiled, patting Lonnie on the shoulder.
"I think we're going to stay in bed all day."
"Too much info!!" Lonnie said, covering his ears, Paulo laughing.
Lonnie's cell went off, Lonnie answering.
"Okay, Jus. Will do." He said, hanging up.
"We're to meet them at their suite. Come on, let's go." Lonnie said, smiling.
Paulo caught a hint of excitement in Lonnie's voice, shrugging it off.
They left their suite heading to the other suite three doors down the hall.

Lonnie and Paulo walked to the suite door, Lonnie immediately standing in front of it, staring at Paulo.
"My good friend. I've known you for only a short few months, but in that time you've shown your strength, your heart, your faith and your love. This night is for you, Paulo. Given to you by those who love you."
Paulo looked surprised, Lonnie smiling a teary-eyed smile at him.
The big man grabbed Paulo into a bear hug, Paulo awed by his sudden show of deep affection.
"Let's go toward your happiness."
Lonnie turned, rapping three times on the suite door.
The door opened, Justin standing in the doorway, dressed in a black tuxedo, the garment fitting his physique with a quiet elegance.
"Welcome, Polo. Brother, friend and soulmate. Enter to your center of love." Justin said, Paulo seeing the beginnings of tears in his eyes.
Justin moved his body to let them in, Paulo seeing the room covered in baskets of red roses.
Michael stood in front of a small table, where two chairs were pulled back from.
On the table were a vase with a green and blue rose in it, and a bottle of wine and two glasses.
Michael stood smiling at his brother, wearing a completely black tuxedo.
His golden cross was on the outside of his suit, its golden beauty setting off his golden eyes.
Justin thought he looked ravishing. Black was Michael's color.
Paulo looked around hoping for his greatest hope, but seeing the room otherwise empty.
"Welcome, my brother Polo."
"Hi, Mikey. What's going on? What is this?"
"This is what it is, my Polo. It's a night of togetherness, a night of new beginnings. We, your brothers and friends, are here for you as we should be. For you and your greatest dream."
Michael smiled, Paulo smiling back, seeing the happiness and deep beautiful gaze on Michael's face.
"Hello, my love."
Paulo turned, seeing his Jake standing in the open doorway.
Jake had walked in behind him.
Paulo teared up seeing the beauty of the man in front of him.
Jake wore a black tuxedo, with a silk shirt of sparkling white.
His blue eyes shone with a bright light of rekindled love.
"Missed you, my angel."
"I missed you so much, my Jewel."
They were in each other's arms, the other three men in the room wiping tears away.
Their kiss froze them in a moment of time, the intensity and passion radiating across the room.
They finally broke their lips apart, staring into each other's eyes.
"I thought you weren't in till tomorrow?" Paulo said, Jake putting his fingers to his lips.
"I wanted to surprise you, my love. Do you know what day this is?"
Paulo shook his head.
"It's our three month anniversary. Four months to the day from our first date at the park, remember?"
Paulo frowned, having forgotten.
"I'm so sor..."
Jake silenced him with a kiss to his moist lips.
"We're here together, that in itself is all that matters. I love you Paulo. Tonight is about you and I. No one else. Our brothers and friends are offering their services tonight. To make this night our moment of love and happiness."
Paulo teared up, Jake smiling at him, guiding him towards the table.
Michael smiled, opening the bottle of wine, pouring two glasses, handing them to his brothers.
"Congratulations, my friends." He said standing back, folding his hands in front of him.
Paulo smirked, seeing Michael standing like a waiter.
Justin turned the stereo on, standing back quietly.
"This vase holds two roses, my love. A green one to match your emerald eyes. A blue one to match mine. They entwine together, as we do. Wrapped in each other's love."
Jake smiled at Paulo, taking the two roses out of the vase.
"I give you my blue one, as a sign of my love. I take your green one, because I need your love."
Paulo choked up, taking the rose from Jake.
Jake raised his glass, staring into Paulo's tearing green eyes.
"To love, happiness and the future. May we walk together through life's journeys. I love you, my Polo."
Jake clinked his glass against Paulo's.
"I love you, my Jake. Oh God, I love you so much."
They both sipped the wine, Jake kissing him heatedly again.
"Jake, our brothers are here." Paulo said blushing.
"No they're not, Polo. They are invisible, here only if we need them. And right now, I need you in my arms."
Jake took him into his arms, Paulo laying his head on Jake's chest.
Jake began dancing slowly to the music, Justin and Michael smiling at each other.
The three men quietly walked out of the room to await Jake's call.
Jake and Paulo danced quietly, lost in their longings and desires.
They were both where they wanted to be. In the arms of the man they loved.
They danced for a long time, until Jake finally parted from him.
"Michael's fixed us a delicious meal, Polo. Let's relax and enjoy it."
Paulo smiled, Jake pulling out a chair for him, Paulo sitting down.
Jake picked up a small brass bell, ringing it gently.
Justin, Michael and Lonnie walked in carrying plates of steaming food, smiling at both men, setting them down in front of them.
Paulo beamed at Michael, seeing his rich, delicious food on the plates.
"Thank you, Michael."
Michael just smiled, walking back out with the other two men.
The two young men held hands as they devoured the tasty meal Michael had prepared.
Michael returned once, to refill their plates and wine glasses, both men smiling at him.
Justin returned to light candles around the room, the music still playing.
"This is so beautiful, and romantic, Jake."
"It is only made beautiful by your face being here, my love. You are the beauty in my eyes."
Paulo smiled, kissing him tenderly.
The meal was finally finished, Lonnie removing their plates.
Justin came in a few moments later with a large sundae, setting it down between the two men.
Jake and Paulo took turns feeding each other the delicious chocolate ice cream.
They both sat back contented as the final dishes were cleared away, only their wine glasses remaining.
Justin filled them again, smiling at both men.
"Thank you, Justin."
Justin just smiled, Michael and Lonnie walking out of the other room.
The three men stood together in front of the piano.
Jake stood up, helping Paulo stand up.
"My love, I wanted to do something special for you. Something new and exciting. Michael gave me the idea actually, without realizing it. I saw this at his moment of truth. I thought of what it would be like to do this for you."
Paulo looked confused, Jake leading him to a wing chair set beside the piano.
Paulo sat down, Jake smiling at him.
Jake walked over to the three men, hugging them all, Michael being the last.
"I'm ready, Michael."
Michael smiled, walking over to the piano, Jake following.
Michael sat down on the bench, Jake standing at the piano, looking directly at Paulo.
"This, my love, is what you mean to me. What I see in you."
Paulo looked in shock, not believing what he thought he was about to see and hear.
Michael began playing the piano, and then Jake began to sing.

Here we are in the arms of one another
And we still go on searching for each other
Knowing that hate is wrong and love is
Right for us tonight

When I look into your Spanish eyes
I know the reason why I am alive
And the world is so beautiful tonight

It's a place I've never been
And it comes from deep within
And it's telling me that I'm about to win first prize
Knowing all I have to do
Is reach out my hand to you
Anytime I want to look into your Spanish eyes

Let it be if we're nothing more than dreamers
Who believe that we see no wall between us
How can they be in my heart and in my mind
When all I could find

When I look into your Spanish eyes
I know the reason why I am alive
And the world is so beautiful tonight

It's a place I've never been
And it comes from deep within
And it's telling me that I'm about to win first prize
Knowing all I have to do
Is reach out my hand to you
Anytime I want to look into your Spanish eyes

I loved you from a distance
Thought I couldn't reach that far
I can't believe how close that we are
When I look into your Spanish eyes
And the world is so beautiful tonight

It's a place I've never been
And it comes from deep within
And it's telling me that I'm about to win first prize
Knowing all I have to do
Is reach out my hand to you
Anytime I want to look into your Spanish eyes

Paulo had sat through the whole song, his eyes watering at hearing his love express his feelings in that beautiful song.
Jake was in love with him.
In his soul and his heart.
Justin had joined him through the choruses, Michael smiling encouraging smiles to Jake throughout.
Paulo felt their love for both of them, their deep love.
And at the end, when Paulo felt his soul open completely to Jake's total love, Jake walked up to him.
He stared into Paulo's green tearing eyes, Justin and Michael joining hands behind him.
"You are my soul, my love and my life. Without you I am nothing. These last few days without you in my arms has made my love for you double. I love you completely, my Polo. There is only one way that I can show you my complete commitment to your love. I love you my Polo."
Jake got down on one knee in front of Paulo, Paulo staring in shock into Jake's blue pools of love.
Jake pulled a small velvet box out of his pocket opening it in front of Paulo.
"This ring symbolizes my love for Paulo Garcia. A man of deep love, courage and giving hope. I've found all I need in your soul, your heart and your love. Will you take this ring as a symbol of my love?"
Paulo was practically sobbing, looking into Jake's tearing blue eyes.
"Will you marry me, Paulo?"
Justin froze, holding his breath, as did Lonnie.
Michael quietly remained calm, knowing in his heart what Paulo's answer would be.
A single tear ran down Michael's cheek, Justin feeling the sudden burst of happiness flood their joined soul.
Paulo pulled Jake into his arms, kissing him deeply, Jake feeling his flowing love shudder through his body.
"Oh yes, my Jake! A thousand times yes! I'll marry you and love you forever!"
Jake sobbed, pulling his Paulo against him tightly.
Their kiss of love radiated into God's heavens.
Michael smiled, feeling a tender kiss on his own lips.
He stared into Justin's tearing blue eyes.
"Love spreads like wildfire around you, my love."
Michael smiled.
"What can I say, my love? It's what I am."

End of Chapter 114

And so another happy twosome walk forward together.
Michael's guiding love joining two other lost souls.
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I want to wish all of you the joyous tidings of love and happiness for this season of peace.
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Thank you for walking with me on this adventure.
I'll be back in the new year, to continue the voyage of love.

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