Justin's Angel-115

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Jake got down on one knee in front of Paulo, Paulo staring in shock into Jake's blue pools of love.
Jake pulled a small velvet box out of his pocket opening it in front of Paulo.
"This ring symbolizes my love for Paulo Garcia. A man of deep love, courage and giving hope. I've found all I need in your soul, your heart and your love. Will you take this ring as a symbol of my love?"
Paulo was practically sobbing, looking into Jake's tearing blue eyes.
"Will you marry me, Paulo?"
Justin froze, holding his breath, as did Lonnie.
Michael quietly remained calm, knowing in his heart what Paulo's answer would be.
A single tear ran down Michael's cheek, Justin feeling the sudden burst of happiness flood their joined soul.
Paulo pulled Jake into his arms, kissing him deeply, Jake feeling his flowing love shudder through his body.
"Oh yes, my Jake! A thousand times yes! I'll marry you and love you forever!"
Jake sobbed, pulling his Paulo against him tightly.
Their kiss of love radiated into God's heavens.
Michael smiled, feeling a tender kiss on his own lips.
He stared into Justin's tearing blue eyes.
"Love spreads like wildfire around you, my love."
Michael smiled.
"What can I say, my love? It's what I am."

Chapter 115

Michael smiled, watching Jake's reaction to Paulo's answer.
The light and love on Jake's face was breathtaking.
The two men hugged tightly, their lips together in a kiss of tender happiness.
Justin put his arm around Michael, staring into his golden eyes.
"I love you, my angel." Justin said kissing Michael deeply.
Justin felt the quiet happiness in Michael's soul.
They broke their kiss as Jake and Paulo stood up, smiling at their brothers and friend.
"I'm getting married!" Paulo said, staring into Michael's golden orbs.
"Yes, my brother. To a wonderful, loving man. Congratulations, Polo." Michael said in tears.
Paulo grabbed his brother into his arms, both men lost in their happiness.
Justin and Jake hugged tightly, looking at their men together.
"I feel the deep love and happiness in both of you, Polo. I feel it all." Michael said when he'd regained his composure, Paulo still fighting to control his.
Michael smiled, looking into Jake's blue eyes.
"Welcome to the family, Jake. I love you now as a part of his soul, Paulo's soulmate."
Jake teared up, Michael hugging him tightly, Justin brushing his own tears away, as he hugged Paulo.
Once the four had parted, Lonnie hugged both, the large man crying openly.
"Congrats, guys. Two hearts now are together. Your love will shine brightly in all our eyes."
Both men smiled, thanking Lonnie.
They all talked quickly, reliving the emotional moment all over again.
Paulo couldn't believe that Jake had done this. He'd sung to him of his love, then taken that love to a new level.
A level of commitment and destiny.

"So what's up next, my brothers?" Michael asked, smiling at the two men snuggled together now on the couch.
"Well, I guess it's time I came out to my family, and eventually the world." Jake said, his face showing calmness and determination.
"Are you sure, love? I don't want you risking everything for me." Paulo said, looking into his lover's blue pools of happiness.
"I would risk my life and my soul for your love, my Polo."
Paulo teared up, Jake kissing his lips gently.
"I'm tired, Paulo. Tired of living in secret, of denying who I am, and who I love. I see the freedom that Justin has now, the uninhibited freedom to love his Mico openly. I want that so much. You are my greatest love, I want everyone to know that."
Paulo smiled, hearing the love and tenderness in Jake's emotional voice.
"I'll be with you until our final days, my Jewel. You won't ever be alone. I'll always stand with my man."
Jake smiled, Michael watching both of them.
"To risk all is to have all." Michael said quietly, both men looking at him.
Justin felt something give in Michael's soul, like a hidden secret letting go.
He felt it in his mind's center, then just as quickly it disappeared.
Whatever it was, it now was gone.
Michael on the other hand felt it the moment it burst from his soul.
The hidden truth of his deepest hidden secret.
He pulled it back before it was unleashed, burying it deep again in his soul.
His own mind afraid of what it truly was.
He looked into Justin's blue eyes, seeing the deep love flowing.
"Are you alright, Mico? I thought I felt something new inside us."
Michael stared for a moment, his golden eyes looking confused.
"I'm fine, Jus. Just disregard it. It was just a lost memory."
Justin nodded, still unsure of what Michael spoke of.
Michael smiled, Justin smiling back.
"I just meant that the risk outweighs the reality. I see the deep love in both of you, your soulful love. Against that, no career, or self-worth can stack up. Follow your hearts and your love will be unbelievable."
Both men smiled again, the moment of strangeness forgotten by all.
All except Michael.

Hours later, after toasts, happy conversation and emotional exhibitions of love and happiness, Michael and Justin were again laying in bed together.
They'd made love, feverishly, passionately, both men totally satisfied.
The love they'd witnessed had ignited their own passion greatly.
Justin had cried at the end, Michael's love having its usual effect on him.
Justin now lay sleeping against his Mico, Michael's head laying on Justin's nude chest.
Michael traced his finger lightly around Justin's right nipple, his mind on other things.
He smiled thinking of his brothers' newfound happiness.
And of all he's seen and done in the last week.
Justin showing him his deep love, in his surprises.
Justin's love was so important to him, to his very existence.
Tonight, Justin had given himself completely to him again, quenching the roaring thirst in Michael's passionate soul.
It seemed more beautiful and magnificent that usual.
Michael now lay contented and at peace.
But though his body was contented, his mind was in a jumble of turmoil.
He'd sensed the brief charge of electrified truth that had burst out from his soul.
He hadn't been able to grasp its full truth, but what he'd felt had terrified him.
Whatever it was, this hidden truth was the very meaning of his existence.
The truth of who he was.
Michael felt terrified about learning that truth.
And most of all, he felt terrified of Justin learning that truth.
Why, he didn't know. He just felt it.
And that was the reason Michael pushed it back down into his bottomless soul, burying it again under walls of steel.
Justin moved a little, as if he somehow sensed Michael's worry.
Michael closed off his mind from those thoughts, lest he wake his beautiful lover.
Michael smiled in the moonlight, looking down at his lover's nude body.
"Thank you, my Jus. Thank you for loving me." He said quietly, Justin's face changing into a small smile.
Michael smiled, closing his eyes.

Michael opened his eyes, knowing immediately where he was.
The room hadn't changed, in all the times he'd been in it.
The room of his visions.
He saw the same furniture, the same painting on the walls.
He looked toward the platform, seeing the table in the same spot.
And he also now saw the Book of Truth open, laying again on the table.
Someone stood behind the table, his rugged strong hands resting on top of the opened pages.
The man's head was bowed, but Michael sensed in his heart who it was.
The head raised, Michael looking into two of the most beautiful blue eyes he'd ever seen.
Justin's eyes were the bluest shade of happiness. This man's eyes were the bluest shade of love.
The painting hadn't done them justice.
"Hello, grandfather." Michael said, smiling at him.
Augustus Stavros smiled down at the young man standing in front of him.
"Hello, Michael. My grandson."
The man's hands raised up, closing the book gently. Augustus walked around the table, down the two steps of the platform until he stood in front of Michael.
Michael stared at the handsome Greek male, his features those of a handsome elderly noble.
A tear ran down Augustus' cheek, the man staring at his young grandson.
He saw the face of Michael's father in Michael's handsome features.
Within a heartbeat the elder Stavros was kneeling before his own grandson.
"Forgive me, my grandson. For being an old fool. For not seeing what God wanted me to see. I spent my lifetime waiting for you, only to turn you aside. Forgive me."
The man was visibly sobbing, Michael kneeling in front of him, taking the man into his arms.
"There is nothing to forgive, my grandfather. All you lost was my love. And you can have that now."
The man looked into the golden eyes of his grandson, seeing the deep love there.
"She was so right, my Helena. You are love."
Michael smiled, wiping the tears from his grandfather's blue eyes.
"How is she? Can I see her?"
Augustus smiled, seeing the love in Michael's eyes for his grandmother.
"She's doing God's work, Michael, as I am now. Her heart of love follows you on every step of your journey. My God, Michael, I've waited so long to meet you! To guide you here today to what needed to be shown."
Michael stood up, helping his grandfather stand again.
"Is it time for all to be known?"
"No, my grandson. I am here only to show you where you can find the truth. Even I know not what that truth is in regards to you. That is for you alone."
Michael nodded, his grandfather guiding him over to a couch.
The two men sat down together, looking at each other.
"I have great respect and love for you, Michael. My only regret was that I never got to meet you until now. But I have watched you all your life, through all your hard life. I only wish I could have helped in some way."
Michael took his hand in his.
"You have helped grandfather. In showing Nana so much love, in letting her give that love to me. I've always had your love inside me. It was given to me by her. And she gave me your car. When I drove it, I felt you were there with me. I've known your love, your spirit and your happiness."
Augustus teared up looking at this kind, beautiful young man.
He looked up above him, Michael sensing he was talking in silence to someone.
Augustus smiled.
"She's so proud of you, Michael. And I am also. Your parents have forgiven me, this old fool, for all that I should have corrected, if I'd let my stubborn pride relax. I ask now for that same forgiveness from you."
Michael lifted his grandfather's hand, kissing it gently.
"I love you grandfather, there is nothing to forgive. I want to thank you for being you."
Augustus smiled, looking into Michael's golden eyes again.
"Such strength, such hope and courage. And such deep love. You are the one foretold."
Michael nodded, looking around the room, Augustus seeing his shyness at being praised.
"Where is this room, grandfather?"
Augustus looked around, smiling.
"This room is the center of the truth. The beginnings of the faith. It lays deep in the heart of the Tavarro home. You can only gain entrance to it through the mouth of the lion. One day soon you will need to return here, to this true room, not the room of dreams."
Michael nodded, holding in a small laugh.
"More riddles. I swear it's like a game."
Augustus laughed loudly, Michael smiling at his rich baritone laugh.
"Yes, my boy, we're all part of a game. A game of God's love."
Michael smiled, his smiled stopping.
"I don't want Justin hurt, in any way."
Augustus looked at him, seeing the deep love in Michael's eyes.
"He is your one and only love, Michael. God would never hurt that."
Michael smiled, watching Augustus stand up.
"There's something I need to show you. It is God's wish that you see it."
Michael rose up, walking with Augustus to the far end of the room.
Two stone statues stood facing each other, a stone wall between them.
The left one was a statue of Adrian Tavarro, its face and body worn with the passage of time.
The right one was a statue of a regal woman, her face showing much love and tenderness.
On the stone wall between them stood the mirror. The mirror of visions.
"Another vision?"
"In a sense, but so much more." Augustus said.
"Look into the mirror, then touch its center."
Michael looked at himself in the mirror, seeing his young face shining back, alone. His grandfather wasn't in the reflection.
Michael turned to look at him.
"I am from God's house, Michael. I cast no reflection in that mirror."
Michael turned back to the mirror, seeing only himself again.
He touched the mirror in its center, right where his heart appeared to be.
He heard a faint rumble, the wall with the mirror on it rising.
He watched it rise, revealing a long hallway behind it, darkened, but shallowly lit by torches burning in holders.
Michael thought he saw pictures hanging on one side of the wall.
"This is the Hallway of Truth." Augustus said, standing beside Michael.
"What is it?"
"It is a portal to the truth. The truth of God. And your own truth. Or the truth of anyone who walks its path. As you walk it, you see your past, your present and your future unfold in the pictures lining its surface. But it is a heartening truth. Nothing seen there can be altered or changed. To walk it to its end is to have a courageous heart. For to see the end is to see the end of one's future, meaning one's ending. Do you have that courage?"
Michael turned looking into his grandfather's tearing eyes.
"Has anyone walked it, grandfather? To its end?"
"No, my grandson. Only one man has walked it. Your ancestor, Adrian. And he only to one point."
"I don't know if I want to see my future, grandfather. To see the final truth."
"That is the tragedy of all this, Michael. I must tell you that you alone have no choice. You are the one that must walk to the end. Why, I know not. Only that God requires this of you."
Michael looked into his grandfather's wet eyes, seeing the deep sorrow for having to tell Michael this.
"You are a faithful servant of God, Augustus. In your telling me this, I see your deep love for God."
"I have as deep a love for you, Michael."
Michael smiled, hugging his grandfather.
"I know, grandfather. I know."
Augustus trembled against his grandson, Michael looking back into the darkened hallway.
"When must I walk the Hallway of Truth?"
"When you return to Spain. This room lies in the heart of the Tavarro family home. No one knows of its existence, not even Fredrick. You will seek it out and do what must be done. And you will guide the Guardian there also. He must walk the hallway with you a second time, bearing the cross of love. But only to a certain point.   So that he may carry the truth forward."
"The Guardian?"
"You know who he is. You've felt his faithfulness, and his love. You know his importance to the outcome of all this."
"Yes, I've sensed what he means to this. I only hope the others, including my Jus will see that."
"He will show them that final truth, after you have shown them the truth of God's love."
Michael nodded, hearing the wall beginning to ascend again, stepping back.
The wall closed, the mirror again in the center of it.
Michael turned looking at his grandfather.
"There is much we still need to talk of, my grandson."
Michael nodded, looking into the mirror again.
Michael's reflection showed again, standing in the room alone.
A single tear ran down his cheek.
He thought of the man Augustus called the Guardian.
"Forgive me, my friend. For what I fear I must show you."

Justin awoke, finding himself alone in bed.
He looked around the room, seeing the doorway to the balcony open.
He climbed out of bed, donning his robe, walking out into the night air, seeing Michael sitting in his robe on a wicker chaise lounge staring out into the London night.
"Couldn't sleep my love?" Justin asked, sitting down beside him.
Michael turned, Justin seeing the tears in his eyes.
Michael sank into his arms, his head against his chest.
Justin held him tightly, feeling a deep feeling inside Michael.
It felt like total acceptance.
"I walked into another vision, Jus. I was in the room of visions again."
"Did your father show you another vision, my love?" Justin said, a sense of trembling worry settling in his soul.
"No, Jus. I saw my grandfather Augustus. I finally met the faith of my Greek heritage."
Justin kissed Michael's forehead, Michael looking up into his lover's worried eyes.
"He's such a loving, kind, faithful man. And he loves me so much."
Justin smiled, sensing Michael's need to say more.
Justin remained quiet.
Michael told him of all that Augustus had said and shown him.
Of the Hallway of Truth, and Michael's requirement to find it and walk it to his own future's end.
"Why would God want you to see your own life's ending, Mico?"
"I don't know, Jus. I don't know. But I have to follow God's path for me."
Justin nodded, worried about what Michael might see at the end of that hall. What the final picture would reveal.
"Who is he that you also must show?"
Michael looked into Justin's concerned blue eyes, seeing his love, faith and deep concern.
Michael rose up from his seat, standing at the balcony's railing, looking out into the darkness.
Michael turned looking deeply with love at Justin.
He spoke one name, Justin looking at him in surprise.
"He will be the Guardian of Truth. Please abide by this, it is part of the final truth."
He looked deeply into Justin's blue eyes of love, Justin's nodding his assertion.
"You're sure it is him, Mico?"
"Yes, Justin. From the first moment that I looked into his eyes, I sensed this destiny for him. But he mustn't know until the allotted time."
Justin stood up, taking Michael into his strong arms.
"Then I will abide by what he tells us, my love. Whatever he learns I know will be God's wishes. I love you so much, my Mico."
Michael looked up, kissing Justin deeply, the two standing in the chilling air, feeling only the warmth of each other's love.
Michael broke the kiss, the lingering moisture of Justin's lips tingling on his exposed lips.
"Let's go home, Timby. I want to go home."
Justin nodded, taking his lover's hand, walking back into the bedroom, closing the balcony door.

A week later found Justin and Michael home again; Justin disappearing for hours each day, to meetings with Johnny and the guys.
The future of *Nsync was being forged.
Justin came home in the late afternoons with a recharged sense of purpose.
Michael smiled, sensing Justin's happiness and calmness.
Michael had guessed right. The timing had been perfect.
The guys dropped by in the evenings, together, or individually.
Michael felt the same feelings in all of them.
The band was together again.
Josh was walking on cloud nine for days, Michael's songs casting their spell on his mind and heart.
"Mikey, these songs are beyond belief! It's like you've written the soul of our combined desires. Each one seems written for a single voice to shine forth, a single statement of love." Josh said, staring at him one evening after dinner.
Lance and Josh were there, with only Justin and Michael.
Michael stood up walking to the fireplace, looking at a picture of him and Justin, taken at Zach and Christina's wedding.
He turned looking at the three men watching him.
"That's exactly what they mean, Josh. I believe in my heart, for this to work, that each of you must sing solo chords. That a single song will showcase a single star. Each song brings out the truth, love and hope of an individual NSyncer. There will be no egos, no grandstanding. For you all will share the fame, the glory and the happiness. You are a combination of five individual voices. Each voice deserves its moment in the sun. Not just you and Jus, Josh. Lance, Chris and Joe each have a gift that deserves recognition. These individual solos will show that. Those, along with the other combined songs, will showcase the deep love, respect and happiness you find in each other."
All three men were in tears, hearing the deep conviction in Michael's meaningful words.
Lance stood up, walking up beside Michael.
"Where were you six years ago, Mikey? We should have sensed that then."
Michael smiled, hugging Lance gently.
"I'm here now. Let's work on the future, the past is the past."
Justin smiled, feeling the love Michael was showing his friends.
"Let's work on our future." Justin smiled, Lance and Josh agreeing.
Michael smiled at his lover.

A couple of days later, Justin, Michael, Paulo and Lonnie stepped out of their SUV into the warm San Francisco sunshine.
Seth ran out the door of the house, tackling Michael by surprise as he walked up to the front door of the Avery home, the two landing on the front lawn.
"You're here, finally!!" He screamed, Michael laughing with the young man now laying on top of him.
Tomas and Kevin stood on the front steps smiling widely, laughing.
"Buy me drinks first, Sethy. Either that or take you hands out from under my shirt." Michael said, Justin laughing.
Sethy blushed, not realizing he'd run his hands under Michael's t-shirt in his excitement.
He felt the soft fur on Michael's warm chest.
"Sorry, Mikey. Got a bit excited." Seth blushed more.
"Is that a rod of steel in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" Michael winked, Seth smiling widely.
"It's Tomas' rod of steel."
Michael laughed, Tomas blushing now.
Seth helped Michael up to his feet, both men now hugging each other tightly.
Michael felt a hand on his shoulder, turning to see his cousin smiling.
Tomas took Michael into his arms, hugging him tightly.
"I missed ya, cousins." Tomas said, tears in his brown eyes.
"We've missed you too, Tomas." Michael said, smiling at Tomas' happiness for being a part of Michael's large family now. The two cousins parted, Paulo now hugging Tomas, Kevin giving Michael a hug.
Justin received hugs from all three, as well as Lonnie.

They all went inside, sitting down in the living room.
Michael noticed the boxes of plants along one wall of the room, smiling.
"You bringing the jungle into the house, Kevy?" Justin asked, looking also.
"I have the two florists to thank for those. They've run out of room in the garage and back yard. I swear it feels like a jungle around here. It won't surprise me if I wake up on a bed of roses one morning." Kevin laughed.
"It's not that bad, Kevy." Tomas said, rolling his eyes, Kevin punching his shoulder in jest.
"What are all these?" Lonnie said, looking in the boxes.
"Different plants and flowers Sethy and I have been pollinating." Tomas said, pride in his voice. Seth had his hand in his, smiling at his boyfriend.
"How goes the flower shop? I've been receiving a lot of updates from Nathan and his brother Brian." Michael said, smiling at the two.
"Brian thinks we're doing a fantastic job. He leaves us alone for days. The business is booming." Seth said with pride.
Michael smiled, chuckling to himself, the two younger men staring at him.
Justin talked to him in his mind, Justin then smiling.
"How are you and Gregory doing, Kevin?" Michael said, looking at his friend, trying to avoid Seth's and Tomas' confused stares.
"We're doing good. He was down for a few days this last week. He's gone back to Boston. I'm heading there for good in a few weeks."
Seth smiled, looking at his brother with love.
"Just in time I think. The jungle's closing in!" Kevin said, a look of horror on his face.
Everyone laughed, including Seth and Tomas, both young men tackling Kevin.
Everyone watched the three men wrestling.
"Stop the Avery jungle dance. I'm famished. Let's go out for dinner, on me." Justin said, standing up.
Everyone agreed, laughing. The seven men heading out of the house again.

Three hours later, after a relaxing meal and happy conversation, the seven were again in the SUV heading through San Francisco's downtown core.
"The place has changed so much, since I was a kid. So many new businesses." Michael said, looking out the passenger window, Justin in the driver's seat beside him.
Justin looked at him, smiling his special Michael only smile.
The two had been quietly talking between themselves all afternoon, everyone picking up on it on several occasions.
They all felt a sense of eagerness and giddy excitement in Justin the last hour or so, everyone thinking that something was going on.
Michael on the other hand seemed calm and serene.
"What's going on with you two?" Tomas finally asked, everyone looking into the front seat.
Michael looked at Justin, smiling.
"We're happy, guys. Happy for our two gardeners."
Seth and Tomas exchanged looks, wondering what they were talking about.
"Brian and Nathan called me a week or so ago, Seth and Tomas. They called me with a suggestion." Michael said, looking back at the two young men.
"What did they say?" Seth asked, concerned.
"They had a suggestion on what they wanted to do with you two. I've come up with a  better idea." Michael said, Justin pulling into a parking spot.
Everyone looked around, not seeing anything strange.
"Why are we stopping here?" Tomas asked, Michael opening his door.
"Everyone out." He said, smiling.
Everyone climbed out of the vehicle, looking at each other.
Once they were all out and standing on the sidewalk, Michael and Justin smiled at them all.
"Follow us, guys." Michael said, not waiting for a response.
The two men started walking across the street, hand in hand.
The others followed, in silence.
Kevin held back a smile, knowing what was going on.
Eventually Michael and Justin stopped in front of a large building.
The guys all looked around, staring up at a shop with windows covered in paper.
The sign above the doorway was covered with a tarp.
You couldn't see into the building's windows at all.
Michael turned looking at Seth and Tomas.
"Brian and Nathan suggested that you and Seth were ready to run a separate location on your own, for their flower shop chain."
Both men smiled widely, Justin looking at Michael.
"I told them I didn't think you were ready for that."
Seth and Tomas both looked dejected, sensing Michael didn't have faith in their abilities.
Kevin walked up in front of his two brothers, Michael winking at him.
Kevin stared at both of them, smiling.
"We believe in our hearts that the two of you are ready for something more."
Michael smiled, walking up to the front door, grabbing hold of a rope hanging just beside the door.
He pulled on it, the tarp covering the overhead sign letting go.
Everyone looked up, staring in surprise at the overhead sign.

 The Broken Branch
Flowers From the Heart

Seth stared upwards for a moment, then he looked at Kevin, seeing tears in his blue eyes.
"Welcome to Seth and Tomas' flower shop, my two gardeners of love."
Seth and Tomas looked totally in shock.
Their friends were clapping loudly, the two young men looking into each other's eyes, then looking at Kevin.
Michael and Justin walked up to them, smiling, their eyes large and tearing.
"Kevin, Justin and I give you this gift. The gift of your future." Michael said, handing both of them two sets of keys.
Tomas and Seth both took the keys seeing the key ring made of pewter, the store's name written on it.
Both young men began crying, Kevin and Justin hugging them both.
"This is your own store, Seth. You own flower shop. We all have the faith and confidence in both of you succeeding admirably. " Kevin said, Seth in his arms sobbing.
"Oh, God, Sethy! Is this for real?" Tomas said, Justin holding him tightly.
"Yes, Tomas, it's as real as your love for each other." Justin said, Tomas smiling widely.
Kevin broke his hug with Seth, Tomas pulling his lover into his arms.
Michael put his hands on both of their shoulders.
"I agreed with Nathan and Brian. You both are more than capable of running a business. I figured, why not your own? Welcome to The Broken Branch."
Seth looked into Michael's golden eyes, knowing the meaning of the shop's name.
"From a broken branch your life began again, from a broken branch your future together begins."
Seth sobbed, hugging Michael, Michael feeling all of his soul.
"Thank you, Mikey! Oh God, thank you for this!"
Michael smiled at Tomas, seeing the budding tears in his eyes.
"Come on, welcome your friends to your new shop." Michael said, wiping his own eyes.
Seth and Tomas grinned, Tomas heading for the front door, inserting the key.
They all walked in, Justin and Michael walking in last, their hands together.
Michael looked at Justin, seeing the love in his blue eyes.
"And so their adventure begins. The world of flowers will never be the same." Michael said, smiling.

Seth and Tomas sat together, both fidgeting in their seats.
Michael and Justin smiled at them, Kevin smiling also.
They all saw the nervousness in the two young men.
Michael looked up at the stage of the auditorium, seeing the judges conferring together.
It was the next afternoon, and they were all sitting together at the State flower show.
Seth's prized Timberlake and Tavarro roses had been entered in the competition.
Justin had been walking around with his head held high, proud of the fact that a flower had been named after him.
Michael had smiled all afternoon watching him with Seth and Tomas.
They had snared him into their love for flowers.
Justin had been showing Michael different flowers all day, pointing them all out to him, as if he was a flower afficionado.
Michael smiled at his happiness, but he felt lost.
He loved roses, his grandmother's love for them entering his soul at a young age.
But here, in the center of all these flowers, he felt lost.
They were all beautiful, that was a given. They just were too numerous and too different for him to remember all of them.
So many varieties and colors. It overwhelmed him.
But to Michael, the only two that mattered were two roses, a blue and a golden one.
Michael couldn't believe how closely Seth had matched the blueness of the Timberlake rose to Justin's eye color.
They were almost identical.
Seth had taken a picture of the two flowers, Michael and Justin holding each rose.
Everyone remarked on the trueness of the colors.
Michael in his own heart felt pride. Not the pride of the blossoming roses they held, but the pride of giving Seth true happiness.
Never had he seen the young man so happy.
His lover was beside him, giving him so much love.
Michael now knew in his heart that Seth would forever be happy. As would Michael's cousin.
Both men now had each other to guide them to excellence.
And Michael sensed the future would hold many moments of blossoming love.
Flowers would bloom in moments of deep happiness.
Justin tugged Michael's shirt, Michael focusing on his surroundings.
The judges were now on center stage.
"Thank you all for attending this wonderful event. We've been blessed with so many remarkable varieties this year. It's now our pleasure to proclaim the winners of California's premier flower exhibition. We'll start with the hyacinth categories." The head judge said.
Everyone sat quietly waiting for the results for the rose categories.
Michael watched Seth quietly, seeing his nervousness increasing.
Seth turned a little in his seat, focusing on Michael's staring golden eyes.
Michael smiled at him, Seth smiling back.
Tomas' hand linked in Seth's, Seth's face relaxing.
Michael smiled seeing Tomas' loving reassurances flood Seth's face with happiness.
"And now the last category, roses." The judge spoke, Seth's head focusing on the stage.
The judges went through several rose categories, Seth's roses not being named at all.
Everyone around him felt for him, sending their love and encouragement.
It all came down to the last prize.
"And now our last awards, for the premier roses of the year."
Everyone was focused on the front stage, Michael was focused on Seth.
"The last three awards for most outstanding rose, most beautiful and newest variety, all go to a combination of two flowers. The Timberlake and Tavarro roses, created by Seth Avery."
Seth stared in shock not believing what the judge had just spoken.
One person standing behind him, screaming and clapping, brought him back to reality.
Justin Timberlake stood up behind Seth whistling, after having just screamed and clapped.
Michael smiled widely, joining his lover in praising Seth's achievement.
Tomas was crying, hugging his boyfriend as Seth stood up, Justin pushing him towards the stage.
The large audience was clapping wildly, now standing also.
Their eyes were turned toward the two young men whistling and shouting.
Seth walked onto the stage, his two roses on display in front of the world.
The smiling judges were shaking his hand, presenting him three trophies, Seth's eyes sparkling with an inner happiness.
Photos were being taken, Seth standing in the light of success, Tomas smiling tears of happiness up at him.
Michael watched both of them, seeing the light of happiness and self-worth flooding their handsome faces.
Then Michael looked at Justin, seeing something new in his face.
Happiness, his complete happiness in Seth's accomplishments.
But Michael sensed in his soul so much more.
Justin was happy with himself. With where he was today, of the point in life he'd reached.
Michael was Justin's happiness, his life and his love.
Michael sensed all that in his lover standing beside him.
Michael took Justin's hand in his, tears flowing in his own eyes.
Justin turned looking at Michael, seeing a contented happiness on his face.
He leaned in kissing Michael tenderly.
"We did good, Mico."
Michael smiled.
"Yes, Jus, we did good."
Justin smiled back at him, Seth walking off the stage toward them.
Tomas had him in his arms immediately, showering his face with small kisses, the trophies in Seth's arms between them.
All Seth's friends and his brother were clapping him on the back, congratulating him profusely.
Seth was the center of happiness, Michael smiling to himself.
"Let's hit the town, Seth's happiness needs celebrating." Justin said over the talking.
Everyone smiled, Michael's smile the largest.
His eyes were glued to the young singer smiling back at him.
To his Justin.

Michael helped Kevin clean up the remaining dishes, Kevin drying the last glasses.
They'd all returned to the Avery home after celebrating all evening.
"That's it, Mikey. Time for bed." Kevin said, stretching his tired arms.
Michael smiled, looking at his friend.
"No last minute call to Gregory?"
Kevin blushed, Michael smiling a bit more.
"Yeah, I always call him before I fall asleep."
Michael nodded, taking the dish rag from Kevin's hand.
"I'll finish up, you get to your happiness."
Kevin smiled, patting Michael on the back.
"Thanks for all you've done for us, Mikey. Seth's never been more happy, and Tomas is just as happy. Seeing them happy makes my leaving so much easier."
"You have your own life and happiness to attend to, Kev. Seth and Tomas will be fine."
Kevin smiled, kissing Michael's cheek, Michael blushing.
"Thank you for blessing all of us with your unending love. Our happiness stems from your giving heart."
Michael looked away, Kevin seeing the tears forming in his eyes, feeling Michael's old reluctance.
"I do what I must, for those I love."
Kevin smiled, his own eyes tearing, hugging Michael again.
"And we all love you."
Michael smiled,  Kevin walking out of the room.
Michael finished up the dishes, quietly thinking.
It had been a fun evening, Justin taking everyone out for a celebratory dinner, then hitting several clubs in the area.
Michael still felt the tiredness in his legs from dancing all evening.
Justin had been wired for fun.
Seth, Tomas, Paulo and Kevin had danced with him all night.
But Justin's moves had captured Michael's soul.
And every dance he shared with his lover was a dance of love.
They'd returned to the house, a large cake waiting for Seth, his brother having total confidence is Seth's winning.
They'd ate over half of it, the night ending with happiness and good-natured fun.
Michael shut off the light in the kitchen, heading down the hallway.
He looked back, seeing Lonnie and Paulo sleeping on the living room couches.
Justin and he were sharing the spare room.
He walked by Seth's doorway, hearing soft talking and moaning, knowing the happiness that glowed from that room.
This had been Seth's day, ending with him snuggling against Tomas.
Michael smiled, sensing the love coming from behind the closed door.
Michael saw the light on underneath Kevin's bedroom door, hearing Kevin's quiet voice.
He was talking to his love, on the other side of the country.
Michael smiled, walking forward to the last bedroom door.
He walked into the room, seeing Justin sitting cross legged on the bed, his laptop sitting between his legs.
"Everyone settled down for the night? I was just answering some e-mails." Justin said, yawning a bit.
Michael looked at the clock, seeing one thirty.
Justin closed off the laptop while Michael sat down on the bed behind him.
Justin set the computer on the nightstand, leaning back as Michael's arms surrounded him.
Justin felt the warmth of being cocooned in Michael's loving embrace, resting his back against Michael's chest.
"Mmm, right where I want to be." Justin purred, Michael kissing the back of his neck.
Michael sighed, contented in having this young man against him.
"It's right where I want to be, too."
Justin smiled a small smile, that contentedness flooding his soul as well.
"Have I told you how much I love you, Jus?"
Justin turned his body, snuggling against Michael's chest.
"Every moment of every day, my love."
Michael smiled, kissing Justin's cheek.
"I felt more today, Jus. Watching you today, seeing your contented happiness at the show. I felt that you were the happiest you've ever been. And I felt that it was all because of me."
Justin looked up into Michael's golden eyes.
"My happiness is you, Mico. You are my happiness. I can't be totally happy without your love ."
"I love you so much, Jus."
Justin leaned up, kissing Michael's moist lips, feeling the heated happiness flowing from them.
Justin pushed Michael's body backwards, turning his own so that he now lay on top of him.
Justin felt his desires as well as Michael's.
Michael looked up into the angelic blue eyes staring down at him.
"How does July fourteenth sound, Jus?"
Justin stared into Michael's golden eyes feeling so much happiness flowing through him.
"What's special about that date?"
Michael stared into Justin's blue eyes.
"I want it to be the date of our wedding. I want to marry you, my love. Before the final end of all this. I want to be joined totally with you."
Michael felt Justin's soul explode with happiness, and he saw the tears beginning to fall.
"Really, Michael? For true?" Justin said, his voice full of emotion.
"Yes, my Justin. I love you completely. I want God to bless this love."
Justin sobbed, his head falling against Michael's, Michael's own eyes watering as he held his lover in his arms.
Michael held him as Justin fought to gain control of his emotions, Michael lightly kissing him on his cheek and chin.
"My greatest wishes, my greatest desires, you've fulfilled all of them, Mico. I love you so much. You'll be mine forever."
"How does Michael Tavarro-Timberlake sound?" Michael smiled, Justin gazing into his eyes, his finger stroking Michael's wet cheek.
"It sounds like heaven." Justin said, pulling Michael's lips against his, Michael drawn into Justin's deep loving soul.
The kiss turned into passion quickly, Michael rolling Justin over onto his back.
Michael's fingers lightly fought with the buttons on Justin's cotton shirt, Justin moaning.
"Undress us, my love. I need your heat against me."
Michael let go of Justin's shoulder, both hands now opening the shirt, Michael pushing the fabric back, exposing Justin's smooth muscular torso.
He ran his hands along the smooth warm flesh, seeing Justin's small nipples hardening.
Michael's fingers rubbed both gently, more attention being given to the right one, Justin's center.
Justin moaned, his tongue running along his bottom lip, his eyes staring at Michael's warm red lips.
Michael leaned in kissing Justin deeply, their tongues joining together, the wetness engulfing their lips.
Michael drew back, licking Justin's taste from his lips, Justin staring at him.
"I am yours, my love. In all ways. Make me feel all of your love."
Michael smiled, his soul flooding with desire.
His hands went to work, removing all of the clothing from both of their feverish bodies.
In moments, Michael was staring down at a vision of breathtaking beauty.
His lover, his Justin, lay exposed to him, his body there for his desires.
"You are mine, Justin. Forever."
Justin saw a look in Michael's eyes that he thought he'd never see.
He remembered seeing a picture that sat on Michael's desk back home.
A picture of Michael with his parents, when Michael was seven.
In those young, small, gleaming golden eyes Justin had seen happiness. The contented happiness of a young man who felt loved completely. That picture was taken before all Michael's pain and horrific abuse.
That same look now shone in Michael's golden eyes.
Justin smiled widely, realizing in his soul that he had put that look back into Michael's eyes.
The look of complete love.
His love had destroyed the fear and terror in Michael's shattered soul.
His love had healed Michael.
Justin looked deeply into those golden happy eyes, Michael's lips touching his.
"Yes, my Jus. I am completely healed. I love you."
Justin began to cry as Michael entered his soul and his body.
"Cry for love, my angel. Cry for happiness. Tonight I am taking you to my soul of healed love." Michael said, Justin pulling him down on top of him.
Justin felt Michael sinking into him, and he felt the passion explode in his mind.
The blueness and goldenness of the colors flooding his mind.
He saw two roses, of blue and gold, entwined together.
And two small budding roses lay at their feet, two blue buds of love.
And Justin and Michael's combined soul filled with a new love.
The love of eternal life.
The love of forever.

In another part of town, a small apartment lay in darkness.
A young woman lay in her bed, a shudder running down her spine.
Her body trembled with fear, and her mind sensed out for them.
He hadn't hurt them: yet.
But he'd said he would if she didn't do what he'd asked.
So she'd given into him, to save them pain.
She felt his arm wrapped around her waist.
She was trapped.
Trapped again with him.
She'd hoped against all odds that he wouldn't return.
But he had.
And he'd been so brutal.
She felt the pain in her thighs and the wetness in her middle, the wetness of his brutal attack.
She felt the blood had dried on her chest where he'd bitten her in his passion.
But she was terrified of something more.
Of what she'd seen in his eyes. The eyes of evil.
And she sensed he was going to do something to them.
For some unknown reason he wanted to hurt them.
He'd tried before, but she'd fought him.
Deep inside she felt she would have to do more.
To save them.
In her mind she felt a voice talking to her. A gentle voice of hope.

"They will be safe, wrapped in their new love. Never fear for them, their lives will be filled with love.
Never fear for yourself, for God shall hold you in his arms of love."

The voice felt so real, so loving and full of hope.
She looked to the window, seeing the dawning light of the new day entering the darkness.
She knew in her heart this could be her last day.

End of Chapter 115

A chapter of love, of happiness and joy.
Ending with a little mystery.
Michael finally meets his grandfather.
What lays ahead for him on that walk of destiny?
Has he told Justin everything?
Who is the young woman living in terror?
What has she to do with this story?
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