Justin's Angel-116

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


In another part of town, a small apartment lay in darkness.
A young woman lay in her bed, a shudder running down her spine.
Her body trembled with fear, and her mind sensed out for them.
He hadn't hurt them: yet.
But he'd said he would if she didn't do what he'd asked.
So she'd given into him, to save them pain.
She felt his arm wrapped around her waist.
She was trapped.
Trapped again with him.
She'd hoped against all odds that he wouldn't return.
But he had.
And he'd been so brutal.
She felt the pain in her thighs and the wetness in her middle, the wetness of his brutal attack.
She felt the blood had dried on her chest where he'd bitten her in his passion.
But she was terrified of something more.
Of what she'd seen in his eyes. The eyes of evil.
And she sensed he was going to do something to them.
For some unknown reason he wanted to hurt them.
He'd tried before, but she'd fought him.
Deep inside she felt she would have to do more.
To save them.
In her mind she felt a voice talking to her. A gentle voice of hope.
They will be safe, wrapped in their new love. Never fear for them, their lives will be filled with love.
Never fear for yourself, for God shall hold you in his arms of love.
She looked to the window, seeing the dawning light of the new day entering the darkness.
She knew in her heart this could be her last day.

Chapter 116

The Uniting Paths of Love

Justin opened his blue eyes, seeing the sun shining brightly through the open window.
He smiled, turning to his left, finding the bed empty.
He looked up, seeing Michael's clothes gone from the chair beside the dresser.
He leaned back, yawning and stretching his young body, working out the kinks of sleep.
Michael had been so passionate last night, his new happiness sending Justin on a roller coaster ride of emotions.
Love, passion, desire and ecstasy.
It had been beyond magical.
Justin felt his desires still alive in his center, his erection large and engorged.
He smiled thinking of Michael's heat last night, his raging heat of passion.
"Where is the light of my life, my Mico?"
"Morning, love. Love ya, Timby. I'm sitting out in Seth's beautiful garden."
Justin smiled, rubbing his center, wishing Michael were here to relieve this renewed passion.
"Come back to bed, my angel. Timby needs more of your pleasure."
Justin felt Michael's heart fill with happiness.
"Haven't I quenched that tiger's thirst?"
"Never, lovecakes. I'm lost in your passion."
Michael smiled, Justin suddenly sensing the quietness of his soul.
"Everything okay, my love?"
"Yes, Jus. I'm just sitting out here thinking. Your passion last night fills my soul. Now can you relax my mind?"
"I'll be right out, my love."
Michael smiled, returning to his thoughts.
Justin looked at the clock radio on the dresser, reading seven thirty.
He climbed out of bed, putting his shorts on and a t-shirt, foregoing the underwear.
He walked down the hallway, smiling, hearing Lonnie snoring on the couch.
He saw Paulo in the kitchen, working on breakfast.
"Morning, Jus. Mikey's outside in the garden. I think he's been there for a while. He looks deep in thought. I didn't want to disturb him."
Justin hugged Paulo good morning, kissing his cheek.
"I know, Paulo. I've been chatting with him since I awoke."
Paulo smiled, loving the way his brothers communicated.
"I'll leave you two alone then."
Justin smiled, patting Paulo's butt, Paulo laughing as Justin walked through the patio doors.
Justin saw Michael sitting on the bench in the center of the garden, his back slightly away from him, looking down at the flower beds.
He walked quietly up to him, standing still, just watching him.
Michael looked deep in thought.
Justin sat looking at the man who ignited his soul.
A light breeze gently moved the black soft hair on Michael's head, Justin seeing it back to its normal length.
Last night, he'd spent a long time just running his fingers through that soft flowing hair.
Everything about this beautiful man made Justin's heart leap to his throat, Justin feeling in that heart the incredibility of him loving him.
Justin saw Michael smile.
"Morning, lover."
Justin smiled, walking up to him, encircling him from behind in his arms.
"Morning my flower of love. The most beautiful flower in this garden."
Michael laughed lightly, kissing Justin's searching lips.
"Don't let Seth hear you say that, he's worked too hard on all of this."
"I'm sure he'd wholeheartedly agree with me."
Michael smiled, pulling Justin around into his lap.
"There's another flower in this garden that looks even more beautiful to me. The Timberlake Rose, the rose of my garden."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael deeply.
"We're prize-winning beauties, Mico. Not every day you're immortalized in a flower."
"You'll be remembered forever in this heart, but only as the flower of my existence."
Justin sighed, feeling the warming love of Michael's tender embrace.
They stayed together, exchanging light kisses, Justin sensing the returning quietness in Michael.
"Something wrong, my love?"
"No, not really. I just had one of my feelings again."
"Oh, and what is your heart telling you?"
Michael looked into Justin's blue loving eyes.
"It's telling me that this day may be a day of surprises."
Justin looked quietly at Michael, sensing only calmness in him. There was no sign of worry or concern.
"Sounds interesting. And just what surprises will be in store?"
Michael looked down at the flowerbed, remaining quiet for a few moments.
"A giving heart will double your love. That line is running through my mind again."
Justin lay his head gently on Michael's shoulder, his arms tightening in their love.
"I think our flowers are going to bloom." Justin said deep in thought.
Justin watched Michael's eyes meet his, seeing the goldenness of them shining a little brighter. The new look of complete love still shone brightly in them.
"They will be magnificent in their beauty, my love. You won't believe their brightness." Justin said, Michael looking at him with a little shock registering in his face.
"What's going on with us, love? Sometimes I feel like you're taking over my soul, like my gifts are leaving me to go to you. It's like I'm losing control of them. Like someone else is in control of them. It's starting to make me feel weird."
Justin kissed Michael deeply.
"I've felt some of your gifts, Mico. It's like I'm becoming a part of you, or you're becoming a part of me. Like there's no boundaries between us anymore."
Michael smiled.
"Wow. Total togetherness. I'm all for that."
Justin stared into his golden eyes, then smiled.
"So am I, my beautiful flower."
"Care to water that flower? To make him grow?"
Justin smiled widely, sensing the meaning of his words, Michael running his hands over Justin's hairy muscular calves.
"I'm going commando this morning, my love."
Michael eyes widened in lust, his hand sneaking up under Justin's shorts.
Justin moaned when Michael's warm hand found his soft erection.
Michael's fingers wrapped around it, tugging gently on it, feeling its widening girth.
"I think the tiger's stirring."
"Let's go back to our bed, my love. It's still early. The tiger needs to run free."
Michael smiled, continuing his ministrations, Justin moaning louder.
"Oh God, Mico. Please?"
Michael smiled, loving this teasing aspect of their passion.
"Is my tiger purring enough? Is his heart stirring with passion and desire?"
"I want you, Michael. I want you now!"
Michael attached his lips to Justin's bottom lip, sucking on it with lust.
"Then come and get me."
Michael stood up, Justin falling to the ground on his ass.
Michael laughed, taking off toward the house, Justin smiling widely.
"Your ass is mine, Tavarro, you're such a tease!"
Michael laughed, sticking his butt out.
"Come and get it, Tigger."
Justin was on his feet in a flash, chasing after Michael, a wide lustful smile on his face.

An hour later, Kevin walked into the kitchen, seeing Paulo setting the table.
"Morning, Kev. Where's the other two flowers of love?"
"Morning, Paulo. Seth and Tomas are still in bed, I heard laughter from their bedroom. Where's Mikey and Justin?"
Paulo laughed.
"Justin chased Michael into their room a while ago. They both looked heated, so I think I know what they're up to."
Kevin grinned, lifting his eyebrows.
"A little morning pleasure?"
Paulo laughed, Lonnie walking into the room.
"Man, you should hear the noise back there! I came out of the bathroom a little while ago and it sounded like someone's skinning a cat!"
Paulo and Kevin lost it, both bursting out in loud laughter.
"What's so funny?"
Paulo wrapped his arm around the large black man, smiling and still laughing.
"I think Mikey's on a tiger hunt!"
Kevin was on the floor now, rolling in laughter, Lonnie now cluing in to what was going on, his laughter now booming in the room.
"Well, if he catches him, I say we neuter him."
Paulo doubled over in laughter, Lonnie and Kevin's laughter joining him.
"No one touches that tiger's private parts."
Lonnie looked up, seeing Michael standing in the doorway, Justin's arms wrapped around him, his chin on Michael's shoulder.
Justin was beaming with pride at his lover's deep, protective love.
Everyone looked on with red faces, having been caught in their joke.
"Besides, I mounted and stuffed that tiger a long time ago."
The room exploded in laughter, Michael's joining the fray.
Justin stood with his mouth hanging open, his face turning bright red.
Michael smiled at his blushing lover, kissing his red cheek.
"It's okay, my tiger. It was a wonderful hunt and the prize was breathtaking."
Michael leaned in, kissing Justin's stunned face, his face changing to happiness, seeing the love in Michael's golden eyes.
They hugged tightly, the others smiling at the calming love showing from the two.
Michael turned, smiling at Paulo.
"Bring on the breakie! My tiger's hungry after his friskiness."
Paulo smiled, heading for the stove.

They all sat around eating a rich hearty breakfast, Seth and Tomas joining them, Kevin retelling the moments before breakfast, Justin still blushing a bit.
Seth and Tomas laughed, then smiled at the sweet moments of love.
Michael pecked his lover's cheek.
"My tiger's love is well worth the hunt. I love going on safari."
Justin beamed, taking Michael's hand in his.
"I love being captured. Captured by your love."
Everyone was fake crying, Michael and Justin both laughing.
Justin stared into Michael's eyes, Michael seeing the giddy excitement take over his lover's eyes.
"Go ahead, Jus."
Justin grinned looking around at everyone.
"We've set a date! Mico and I are getting married July fourteenth!"
Paulo's face changed into a large smile, standing up.
Everyone was on the move, the two lovers grabbed into loving hugs.
"Awesome, bros!!" Paulo said, tears now wetting his eyes.
Michael smiled, hugging his brother again.
"I want my four brothers to stand for me. My Paulo, Tomas and Zach. And Lance as my best man."
Paulo and Tomas smiled, their faces wet with tears, both hugging Michael with their answers of happy acceptance.
"And I'm having my three other bandmates. And our Sethy. Josh as my best man."
Seth was in tears, hugging both of them, Michael seeing what this meant to him.
Kevin and Lonnie looked on, seeing the happiness on all their faces.
They all sat down, the talk lively and happy.
Justin kissed Michael's cheek often, feeling his happiness.
"Who's leg does one have to hump to get a refill around here?" Michael said, winking at his brother.
Paulo laughed, getting up, returning with the coffee pot, filling Michael's cup.
Michael smiled up at him, his face suddenly changing.
He took on a blank look, staring into space.
"Something wrong, Mikey?" Paulo asked seeing his brother's blank face.
Michael stood up, looking towards the hallway.
Justin turned looking at Michael's frozen face. He put his hand on Michael's shoulder.
"Excuse me, Jus. I need to use the phone."
Everyone looked at each other, Justin standing up beside Paulo as Michael walked out of the room.
"What's going on, Justin?" Paulo said, worry on his face.
"I don't know, Polo. Come on everyone."
They all got up, walking out of the room towards the living room.

Justin walked into the room first, followed by everyone else. They saw a different Michael pacing around the room, the portable phone against his ear.
Justin saw the concern and worry etched on his face.
"Damn it, Uncle. Please! You have to tell me. It's really important!"
Michael's loud voice sending a surprising chill through all the watching men.
Justin walked up to him, placing his hand on his lover's shoulder again, Michael looking into his blue eyes.
Michael immediately calmed down, taking a deep sighing breath.
"Please, Father. I need to know where they are. Yes, okay, I'll be there in a few minutes."
Michael hung up the phone throwing it across the room onto the couch.
He looked at everyone.
"Let's go. Now!!!" He said, his voice emotionless but a finality expressed in his words.
Justin stopped him, staring into his eyes, Michael looking at him again.
Everyone sensed the two talking together in their special way, Justin turning around quickly.
"You heard him, let's go."
The two headed out of the room, everyone looking at each other, then quickly following. Kevin quickly locked the front door.
They all climbed into the large SUV, Justin driving again.
He pulled out, hitting the gas, the vehicle shooting down the street.
Lonnie looked at Paulo, then Kevin. Seth and Tomas sat in the back of the vehicle looking towards Michael.
"Okay. Would someone please tell us what's going on?"
Justin looked at Michael, then looked back to the road.
Michael turned and looked back at his friends.
They all saw an expression of deep emotion on Michael's tearing face.
"I think something is tragically wrong with our little angels."

Serena Jacobs trembled against the kitchen counter, clutching the letter in her hand.
She heard the bacon sizzling on the stove, turning her head towards the hallway.
He was in the shower, she could hear him singing loudly.
A song she'd always hated.
My Way.
The words sank into her soul, for she felt their true meaning.

And now, the end is near;
And so I face the final curtain.
My friend, I'll say it clear,
I'll state my case, of which I'm certain.

I've lived a life that's full.
I've traveled each and every highway;
And more, much more than this,
I did her my way.

She shook in her spot, feeling the meaning of those final words.
He'd been brutal again when he'd woken up, taking her again.
He'd hit her, telling her to make him breakfast, for his busy day ahead.
And then he'd walked into the shower, starting to sing that song.
He'd sung through it now twice, the words changed the second time.
She knew the meaning of his words.
What he meant by them.
Her life was hanging in the balance. All their lives.
She looked down at the letter in her hand. She dropped it on the counter.
Then she looked at another closed door across the room, leading into another bedroom.
She slowly, trembling, walked across the room, her body aching.
She quietly opened the doorway, seeing her two angels peacefully sleeping.
She leaned against the doorway, lost in their beauty. In their angelic faces.
Tears ran down her cheeks.
"My angels. My little drops of sunshine. I'm sorry."
She closed the door, looking back across the room.
She saw the letter laying on the counter. And to its right stood the knife block.
She staggered across the room, pulling the frying pan off the stove, shutting it off. She moved down the counter to the wooden block, pulling out the large butcher knife, staring at its gleaming edge.
"For my angels. For their lives."
She turned, walking determinedly towards the hallway, hearing him starting the song a third time.
She turned the bathroom doorknob, walking into the steaming heart of death.

Justin walked with Michael into Father Derrick's office, the priest rising from his chair.
"Are you okay, Mikey? I've never heard that kind of concern in your voice."
"Where are they, Father? Please, I need their address."
Father Derrick looked at Justin, Lonnie looking at Michael.
"Who are you looking for, Mikey?"
Michael sighed, Justin putting his hand on his Mico's shoulder.
"For our angels, the little angels of our love."
Everyone looked confused.
"It's Shauna and Darian. Those two little twins we met here, Lon. They're in danger. I feel it in my devoted connection with them. Please, Uncle, we have to save them."
Lonnie looked shocked, as did Paulo.
"You mean you've felt them, since that day?" Paulo asked, looking totally stunned.
"Yes, Paulo. I've kept a close watch of them. For some reason I knew I had to. And now I see why. I have to save them."
"From what, Michael?" Father Derrick asked, seeing a deep determination in his grandnephew's golden staring eyes.
"From someone who means to hurt all of them."
Michael stared at his uncle, Father Derrick shaking his head.
"Are you asking me to take this on faith, on a feeling you have, Michael?"
"Yes, Father. I'm asking you to believe in me."
Father Derrick stared into Michael's pleading eyes.
In them he saw a light of deep loving need.
Father Derrick put his hand on Michael's shoulder.
"I've always believed in you, Michael. Let's go. I've got their address here in my files."
Father Derrick rushed over to a three-drawer filing cabinet, bristling through files, pulling one out.
"This is their last address, I know they were there about three weeks ago. Sister Maria went with their social worker for a visit. It's about ten minutes from here. Everything seemed fine then."
"Her ex-boyfriend is back, and he's going psychotic. Call the police on your cell, Lon. Hopefully they'll get there when we do." Justin said, everyone rushing out of the room.
They all hopped into the SUV, Justin taking the wheel.
"Are you sure you should drive, Jus? You're not in the best state of mind." Lonnie said, staring at his friend.
"I'm driving, Lon." Justin said, determination in his eyes.
Lonnie nodded, opening the back door.
Everyone else piled in the back seats, Michael sitting beside Justin in the passenger seat.
The vehicle took off, Justin flooring it.
Michael stared ahead, his mind sinking into his gift.
He felt the crisis rising.

Serena saw him through the clear shower curtain, raising the knife.
Her soul was on a mission, a mission of protective love.
She lunged, the knife slicing through the sheer vinyl curtain, her boyfriend Steve screaming.
Her aim was off, the knife just slashing his chest, not entering it.
"Fuck!!! You bitch!!" He screamed, whipping the shower curtain back, lunging at her.
He grabbed her by the throat, his other hand smashing into her face.
She went down on one knee, struggling to get away from him.
He jumped out of the shower, naked and screaming with rage.
He pulled the knife from her hand, slapping her across the face.
"You bitch! You trying to kill me? And here I was thinking about loving you again. You have a tasty pussy, too bad the rest is shit. Get up!"
Serena struggled to her feet, Steve wrapping his wet bloody arms around her, the blood from his chest soaking into her dress.
"So here's the plan. I'm cleaning this bloody shit up. Then I'm bailin' and your two little brats are going wit me. I have a friend who wants to play with 'em both. He'll break dem in real nice. They'll have just as much fun as you've had."
Steve laughed, flinging the bathroom door open, pulling her out of the steamy room, dragging her back into the bedroom.
He threw her down on the bed, sneering down at her.
"Please, my little angels! Please don't hurt them! They're so innocent, please!!"
She got up on her knees on the bed, begging in front of the naked man, seeing his hardness growing again.
"Make love to me, here, now please. Take me again, please." She, in her heart, trying to dissuade him from his mission.
She pulled off her dress, her bruised naked body on full display to him.
He leered at her, walking over to the bed, smiling down at her.
"Thanks love. Been there, done that."
She didn't see it coming at all.
She felt the knife slide into her chest, no pain apparent, just a sudden intake of her own breath. Then a heaviness near her heart.
The knife lay embedded in her chest, right next to her heart.
She staggered a bit, falling back on the bed, staring up at him, seeing the laughing smile on his face.
"So long, toots." He said, grabbing his shirt and pants, pulling them on.
Serena Jacobs lay almost motionless on her bed, feeling the darkness coming in on the edges of her vision.
"Take care of them, please. My little angels." She whispered, seeing four smiling faces in her mind's eye.
In her dying moments she felt their beauty and love.

Michael froze in his seat, Justin sensing his distress immediately.
Everyone stared at him.
"She's gone, Jus. She couldn't stop him. Oh, God!!"
Justin looked at his lover, seeing the deep sadness etched on his face.
"Where are the kids? Do you sense them?"
Michael closed his tearing golden eyes, taking a deep breath.
He felt the connection immediately.
He felt the two small children's fear immediately.
And he sensed they weren't alone.
Then he heard the little girl scream.
"Oh, God! Step on it, Justin!! He's got them!"
Justin increased their speed, flying through an intersection.
Michael's eyes burned with a golden shining glow.

They turned the last corner, Father Derrick having given Justin directions the whole way there.
"It's down at the end of the street." The priest said, staring at his young friend, having seen the golden  glow in his eyes when Michael had turned around a few moments ago.
Lonnie put his hand on the priest's shoulder.
"He's got his gifts on now. He's doing God's work now."
The priest looked at Michael. Kevin, Seth, and Tomas staring just as widely.
"It's unbelievable." Father Derrick said quietly, Michael turning to stare at them all.
They all now saw the deep glowing light of faith and love in his golden eyes.
"Not when you have faith." He said, a tear rolling down his cheek.
A tear for a lost soul, gone to her glory.
Michael turned back to Justin, staring into his blue eyes.
"I love you, Jus."
"I love you, Michael. Let's get that bastard!"
Justin hit the gas.

Steve slammed the trunk lid, smiling to himself.
He walked around his old, beat-up Buick, climbing in.
He hit the radio, hearing the loud rock music fill the empty car.
He looked into the rear view mirror, smiling to himself.
"You're in the money, kiddo!" He said laughing.
"These two will bring a good price, even if one's a bit damaged." He thought to himself, smiling.
"Maybe Harry will let me have some fun with her."
He laughed turning his car onto the street, not seeing the large black SUV that was heading straight for him.
He looked up at the last second, seeing the vehicle charging right at him.
He swerved to avoid a collision, running up onto the curb, slamming into a concrete structure.

Justin had aimed right at the car, Michael in his mind screaming for him to stop the car from leaving.
He saw the car strike against a cement barrier.
Justin slammed on the brakes, their vehicle coming to a screeching stop.
The Buick was stopped dead, Steve thrown against the steering wheel, then rolling down onto the seat.
They all heard the loud rock music blaring from the idling car.
Michael was out of their vehicle in a flash, running toward the crashed car.
Justin climbed out next, running after Michael.
Michael reached the car first, pulling open the door.
The loudness of the music was almost deafening.
Michael turned the ignition, the car now in a deadly silence.
Steve looked up at him, seeing two glowing eyes staring back at him.
Then a hand grabbed his shirt, pulling him out of the car in one sudden jerk.
Michael threw him up against the vehicle, staring into his terrified eyes.
"Where are they?" Michael shouted, his face a mask of anger.
"Who the fuck are you? Get your hands off me you freak!!"
Justin ran up to Michael, putting his hand on his shoulder, staring at the frightened man.
Michael stared into the trembling man's eyes, seeing the truth in them.
"You bastard!"
Michael's fist flew in one flash of speed, hitting the man squarely in the face, the  man going down in a heap.
Justin put his arm around Michael, holding onto him with all his strength, Michael staring down at the man sprawled on the pavement.
Then Michael closing his eyes.
Everyone ran over, staring down at the fallen man.
Michael's mind was focused on one thing. Finding Darian and Shauna.
He felt Darian's fear, talking gently to him. Darian calmed down a little, talking back.
Michael's eyes flew open, their glowing gold staring back into Steve's opening eyes.
Steve stared up at this man, his own mind filling with fear.
"Oh, God! They're in the trunk!"
Michael was moving fast, running to the back of the vehicle, Justin following with Paulo.
Lonnie pulled the injured man up to his feet, holding onto him with his steel grip.
"What the fuck did you do, you scumbag?" Lonnie said, his eyes staring into the man's eyes.
Michael found the trunk locked, Justin yelling back to everyone.
"Check for the keys, the trunk's locked."
Seth dove into the car, finding the keys still in the ignition, pulling the keys out.
Michael didn't wait.
His eyes stared at the trunk's keyhole, their brightness intensifying.
The lock seemed to melt together, Justin hearing a loud click, the trunk popping open.
Michael lifted it up quickly, staring down at two large, black duffle bags.
Justin's breath caught in his throat
Everyone except Lonnie ran around the car, Lonnie holding onto Steve in his deadly grip. Lonnie's eyes were now focused on everyone standing around the trunk. Everyone stood beside Paulo, staring into the trunk.
They all saw one duffle bag move.
Justin reached down, slowly pulling on the large black zipper that ran its length.
A small blond head came into view, two small blue eyes staring up at Justin.
In those eyes, Justin saw terror and hurt, and hope. And so much love.
Justin ripped the back open, gently lifting the small child up into his arms.
The small boy clung to Justin, crying against his body.
Justin immediately felt his love flow into the child, the child gradually calming down in his arms.
Justin turned, his eyes full of tears, staring into Michael's golden eyes.
Michael's head turned, looking down at the one remaining bag.
It wasn't moving.
Michael leaned in, pulling down the zipper.
Shauna's blond head came into view, but her eyes were closed.
Michael saw red marks on her forehead and arm.
Michael gently lifted the whole bag into his arms. He gently moved over off the street, laying her down on a bus stop bench.
He opened the duffel bag completely, kneeling down beside her. Justin stood above him with Darian in his arms.
Their friends gathered around them, all deeply worried for the small girl.
Michael saw the reddening bruise on her forehead, and lightly touched her body.
He felt the pain immediately, feeling in his mind all her pain and injuries.
Her left arm was broken, and she had head injuries.
Michael closed his eyes immediately, resting his hands on the small child's forehead and body.
He searched his mind, for the gift he needed most.
His gift of healing love.

He found it missing.
No blue aura surrounded her small body, no healing love flowed into her.
Michael opened his eyes, looking down at her.
"What's wrong?" Justin said, looking down at Michael.
"I can't find my healing power. It's gone. Oh God, Jus! It's gone!!"
Everyone looked at Michael with deep concern and shock.
Michael sobbed now, still feeling the hurt in this small beautiful child.
So wanting to stop the pain he felt in her soul. Her small soul of love.
Justin sank to his knees beside his lover, staring at him.
"Take Darian, Michael."
Michael looked into Justin's blue eyes, seeing deep love there.
He also thought he'd seen a glowing light deep in their blueness.
Michael opened his arms, the small boy climbing into them.
Michael held the little boy against his chest, Darian looking down at his sister.
Justin remained on his knees looking down at the small sleeping child.
He gently put his hands on her small frame, closing his blue eyes.
The blue glow was instantaneous, everyone staring in wonder.
Father Derrick couldn't believe what he saw now in front of him.
The healing power of God's love.
Justin focused on the small angel now attached to his mind.
Justin felt her pain, her hurt, seeking it out, destroying it all in his mind. He healed the little girl's pain and injured limbs, pulling all of it out of her small body.
Then he opened his blue eyes, staggering a bit, Michael staring at him in wonder.
Their eyes met, both searching in their joined minds for some answers.
Then they both heard a small sigh, both men looking back down, Darian smiling in Michael's arms.
Two small blue eyes looked up at both of them.
Justin bent down, lifting the small child out of the black bag, and into his arms, kissing her forehead.
She smiled at him, looking into his tearing blue eyes.
"Hello, little angel."
Shauna smiled, then turned, looking at Michael and Darian.
"Darry, okay?" She said gently. Michael and Justin both now sobbing tears of joy.
Justin rose up, sitting now on the bench, pushing the bag onto the ground.
Michael let Darian climb back into Justin's lap, cuddling beside his sister.
Darian leaned in, kissing his sister's smiling face.
Michael stared at his lover, seeing the two small children in his arms.
To his tearing eyes, Justin never looked so beautiful.
Justin's blue, wet eyes stared back at Michael, Michael nodding.
Justin's face broke into a wide smile, everyone seeing the deep happiness in that beautiful face.
Michael stood up, smiling down at his lover.
Then Justin saw Michael's head turn and his face showing an emotion that Justin had only seen once before.
At their home when Paul had hurt Justin.
Michael's eyes were focused on one man.
One man who was watching them all, clutched in Lonnie's steel embrace.
Michael started walking towards him, deep anger etched on his face.
And Justin felt in his soul Michael's wrath.
"You bastard! You hurt that little child! You took their mother from them!"
The man stared in shock, fear taking over him, now starting to struggle against Lonnie.
Paulo put his hand on Michael's shoulder trying to stop him.
Michael shrugged it off, walking towards the man.
Lonnie watched him, Michael moving his hands in front of him.
"Calm down, Michael. It's over." Lonnie said as Michael reached them, his deep voice full of worry.
Michael's eyes stared into Lonnie's, Lonnie shocked at what he saw there.
Deep anger, deep murderous anger.
Michael's hands were on the man's shirt in a flash, pulling him up off his feet, and right out of Lonnie's hands.
Then Michael released him, the man staggering on his feet.
In a flash of sudden movement, Michael's fists connected with the man's face and chest, Steve falling to the ground.
Lonnie grabbed Michael, Michael pushing him back with force, Lonnie falling onto his ass on the pavement.
Lonnie stared in shock at the force he felt from Michael.
Michael kicked the man hard, then reached down again, pulling him back up to his feet.
"Fly to hell, you bastard!"
Michael threw the man like a rag doll, Steve flying through the air, crashing into a pile of garbage cans and bags about fifty feet away, further down the street.
He flew through the garbage and landed on his back, gasping in pain.
Everyone stared in shock, not believing what they'd just witnessed.
In the growing distance, sirens could be heard, the police close.
Michael started walking towards Steve again, his fists balling.
Paulo and a now-recovered Lonnie raced after him, trying to stop him.
They both grabbed onto his arms, Michael pushing forward.
"Let me at him! I'll show him pain! The pain of my judgement! He's going to pay for this!"
Seth and Tomas, as well as Kevin now had a hold of him, Father Derrick standing in front of him.
"No, Michael! This isn't the answer. Judgement and discipline lie in God's hands."
"She's a child, Uncle!! He hurt that little angel!" Michael screamed, struggling forward.
Michael started pushing against his friends, his eyes glowing brighter now, Lonnie and Paulo deeply worried.
They all felt the hidden power flowing in Michael, they all could feel his strength increasing.
One voice of love sounded in the silent street.
"No, Michael! Stop! Please, for us!"
Michael stopped immediately.
He turned, looking at Justin standing in the street, two little angels in his arms, all three sets of deep blue eyes staring into Michael's golden eyes.
The anger disintegrated in Michael's soul.
Michael broke free from his friends, walking back towards his lover.
Lonnie walked over beside Steve, seeing him staring up at him in fear.
"That freak was going to kill me! He's a monster!"
Lonnie looked down at the man, the man shrinking back.
"He's God's retribution. And you're lucky Justin stopped him."
Michael stopped in front of Justin, seeing the deep love in his blue pools of heaven.
Shauna reached out her hands, Michael taking her in his arms.
She looked up at him, snuggling against his chest.
Michael felt something new in his heart.
A special kind of love.
"Isn't it wonderful, my love. Can you feel it?"
"Yes, Jus. I feel all of it."
Justin smiled, the two sitting down on the bench beside the car, two small children sitting in their laps.
The police cruisers pulled onto the street.
Their friends all walked up around them, watching the touching scene in front of them.
Two young men sat on a bench, two now sleeping children in their arms.
Contented smiles shone on both of their faces, Michael's head laying on Justin's chest.

Three hours later, Paulo was pacing back and forth in the room.
Kevin looked up at him, smiling quietly.
"Sit down, Paulo. You're getting on everyone's nerves."
Paulo stopped, then sat down again.
Lonnie, Paulo, Kevin, Seth and Tomas were sitting in a hospital waiting room.
"What's taking so long? The kids were okay. We all saw Justin heal her." Paulo said, everyone feeling his worry.
"They want to make sure there's no trauma or such." Kevin said, lost in his own thoughts.
The police had just left, taking statements from everyone.
Serena's body had been found in the apartment, Steve now under arrest for murder.
Michael and Justin were in the examining room with the two children, their calming factor acknowledged by all the doctors.
"I can't believe what I saw." Seth said, looking down at his hands. Tomas put his arm around him, his head against his.
"We all knew Mikey was special. But man, Justin too?" Tomas said.
Lonnie and Paulo smiled, knowing that it all stemmed from Michael's love.
Father Derrick walked into the room, smiling at everyone.
"Any word yet?"
"Not yet." Lonnie said, standing up so the priest could sit down.
Father Derrick thanked him, sitting down beside Tomas, the younger man hugging him.
"I just talked with my friend, Lt. Harper. Steve's going away for a long time. His fingerprints were everywhere in that apartment. He's been charged with first-degree murder."
Everyone nodded quietly.
"I feel so bad for those lost little children. They have no family now." Seth said, Tomas kissing his cheek.
"What's going to happen with the children now? Will they come back to the orphanage?" Tomas asked, concern for the two little children written across his face.
"No they won't."
Everyone looked up, standing up. Justin and Michael stood in the doorway.
Justin's voice seemed so determined.
Michael looked at Justin in surprise.
"What do you mean, Justin?" Paulo asked, looking at his brothers.
Justin's hand went in Michael's, both walking into the room.
Father Derrick stood, looking at the two young men.
Justin smiled.
"They're both sleeping. They're staying here for the rest of the day for observation."
Everyone relaxed, smiling.
Justin turned, taking Michael's hands in his.
"My love. This is destiny. Those two angels in there need our love. And we need their's."
Michael stared into Justin's loving blue eyes.
"I know, Justin. I've always known. And I sense you have too."
Justin smiled, nodding, then kissing his lover tenderly.
Michael turned looking at everyone's surprised looks.
"Uncle, Justin and I want to give Shauna and Darian a home. We love them so much. And they need our love, our stable home, and our giving hearts. We want them to be our family."
Father Derrick stared at both young men, everyone else looking on in shock.
Michael's Uncle Derrick sat down again, pulling a handkerchief out of his pocket, and a letter.
"How could she have known? How?" Father Derrick said to himself, everyone hearing him.
Michael looked at his uncle, walking over to him, sitting down beside him.
Justin looked at both of them, feeling something in Derrick's emotions.
"What's wrong, Father?"
Father Derrick looked into Michael's concerned eyes, a tear in his own.
"Serena left this letter on the kitchen counter, Michael. Lt. Harper gave it to me, to show you both. I have to return it to him, it's evidence in the case."
Father Derrick handed the letter to Michael, Michael looking at the words written across the envelope.

 Justin and Michael

He looked up at his lover, Justin feeling his soul.
"It's addressed to us, Justin."
Justin stared in disbelief, walking over and sitting down beside Michael.
Father Derrick watched both of them, nodding.
The room was completely silent.
Michael opened the envelope, finding a single sheet of paper.
He looked at the writing, seeing the rushed trembling in each word, as if it was written quickly. He sensed the complete honesty in the poorly, simple written words.
He looked for a moment at Justin.
"Read it, Mico." Justin said, love flowing from his eyes.
Michael's voice filled the quiet room.

Dear Mr. Timberlake and Mr. Tavarro:
If you're readin' this then the angel was right.
I'm gone.
Steve's finally won.
Or maybe he ain't won all of it.
Mayhaps somehow my angels are safe.
I sensed a voice in my sole tellin' me I was safe.
Safe in gods love.
And that you two would take care of my Shauny and Darry
I don't know yous at all, never met ya.
But Sister Maria told me about ya meeting my angels.
How you settled there troubled minds with your lovin' touches. Anyone who could love a helpless child deserves that child's love.
If ya kin find it in your hearts to love these little angels, then I leave them to you.
I have no family that I cares to leave them with.
Take care of them.
They both deserve your love and you deserve their's.
Thank you for lovin' them, if only for the briefest of moments in your busy lives.
Their very special, my two little angels.
Love them and you'll be loved.

Pray for me, and tell them I loved them.

Serena Jacobs

Justin was in tears, Michael putting his arm around him.
"She knew Mico! She somehow knew that we were destined to love them!"
Michael looked down at the letter, folding it closed.
"If we can find it in our hearts to love these little angels, then I leave them to you." He said quietly.
Justin looked at Michael, seeing tears now falling from those golden eyes of love.
"I love them with all my heart, as do you Justin. Shauna and Darian need us. And we need them."
Father Derrick wiped his eyes with his handkerchief again, then put his arm around his nephew.
"An angel guided her, Michael. An angel has guided those children to both of you."
Justin teared up, Michael looking at his uncle, smiling.
"An angel named Daniel, I believe."
Father Derrick smiled, as did everyone else in the room.
"And I'll make it my mission to bring all of you together as a family." The priest said.
Both men smiled, Father Derrick standing and hugging them both when they stood up.
"I'll call Teresa Matthews. She's the social worker assigned to the Jacobs children. I'll talk to her and see where we go from here. We've got a lot to discuss."
The priest hugged them both again, heading out of the room.
Everyone smiled at the two men, seeing the love in their eyes for those two children.
Paulo put his hand on both of their shoulders, looking into their loving eyes.
"Do you really think it was Daniel?"
Justin smiled, looking into Paulo's green eyes.
"Yes, Polo. Daniel showed me the flowers and the small blooming buds. He knew of their future presence. It has to be him."
Paulo nodded, Michael smiling.
"My sweet, loving Daniel. He always said he'd look out for me. Now, he's given me a family."
Justin hugged Michael to him, feeling Michael's soul suddenly flood with sorrow.
Michael sobbed against Justin's chest, everyone patting his back and shoulders.
"Oh God, Jus! I'm sorry! I'm sorry for losing it against that man! I just couldn't handle what he did to my little Shauna!"
Justin felt the deep love in those last three words.
My little Shauna.
Michael now felt her as his own child.
"I understood your anger, my love. But anger wasn't the answer. The answer was love.  And must always be love. The love we both now have for those two small angels. That's what we now have to focus on. Our Darian and our Shauna."
Michael nodded his head, smiling at his lover.
"Let's get back to them. I don't feel right, leaving them alone."
Justin smiled, Michael kissing his Justin's cheek.
"You go ahead, I'm going to talk to everyone for a few minutes. I'll be right there." Michael smiled.
Justin nodded, everyone giving him a loving hug again.
Justin kissed Michael deeply, Michael feeling all his love.
"I'll be in shortly, love. Love them both for me."
Justin smiled, walking out of the room.
Michael turned, looking at his friends.
"What did the police say, Lon?" He asked quietly, Lonnie putting his arm on his friend's shoulder.
"Let's leave that for later, Mikey. Right now you have three kids to watch over."
Michael smiled at his friend.
"I want to know what happened, Lon. So I can tell Justin myself."
Kevin looked at Lonnie, Lonnie nodding.
Kevin told Michael everything. All that had happened to Serena Jacobs. And what Steve had intended for the children.
They all saw Michael's face change when he told him that last part, then seeing the tears in Michael's golden eyes.
"My God, what Daniel saved them from! My little angels!"
Kevin put his arm around his friend, feeling Michael's feelings openly displayed.
"They're safe, Michael. Those small angels are now in your and Justin's arms. That's what's important."
Michael nodded, looking at all his friends.
"Thank you all for your loving support. Darian and Shauna are going to have a lot of wonderful uncles."
Everyone smiled, Michael wiping his eyes.
"I've got to get back. Can you call everyone, Paulo?"
"We'll take care of everything. We'll see you both back at the house." He said, hugging his brother again.
"Justin and I are staying, guys. We're not leaving them."
Paulo nodded.
"We'll be back later, Mikey. We'll bring you food and some clothes."
Michael smiled, hugging his brother tightly.
"I've got to get back. My kids need me. As Lon said, all three."
Everyone laughed, smiling at Michael's happiness.
Michael walked out of the room.

Michael walked toward a private room, smiling at a nurse who was just walking out of it.
"There are three rays of sunshine beaming in that room. Try not to wear them all out."
Michael laughed, smiling  back at the smiling older woman, casting his eyes ahead into the brightly lit room.
The afternoon sunshine beamed in through the large windows, Michael's eyes falling on a scene of  beauty.
Justin sat on a loveseat, two small visions of beauty resting in his arms.
Michael walked over, walking past  a large crib-like bed, where Darian and Shauna had been sleeping not shortly before, Justin having picked them up when they'd woken.
They'd both woken up as soon as Justin had walked into the room earlier.
Michael smiled as Justin looked up at him, his blue eyes filled with a newness.
Michael sat down gently on the loveseat beside Justin, looking down at the two sets of blue eyes that had followed his every move from the moment he walked into the room.
"Hello, little sweeties."
Both children smiled at him, Darian moving in Justin's arms.
He climbed over into Michael's lap, smiling up at him.
"Hi." The small boy said, Michael becoming lost in those soulful blue eyes.
"Hello, Darian." Michael said, emotion in his quiet voice.
Darian snuggled against Michael's chest, Michael wrapping his arms fully around the small boy.
Justin sat beside him smiling at the loving way Michael held the boy.
Shauna snuggled further into Justin's chest, his own arms wrapping around the bundle of love he held.
Justin began to hum softly, both small children looking at him with their small blue eyes.
Michael recognized Justin's humming as Brahm's lullaby.
Two small sets of eyes closed, both men feeling their contented souls slipping into slumber.
Justin continued to hum, Michael quietly leaning over, kissing his lover's moist lips.
They remained there together for another half hour, then both of them rose, carrying the two children to their bed.
Michael and Justin tenderly laid the two back onto the bed, Justin pulling up the blankets around them.
Michael wrapped his arms around Justin, both men looking down into the crib.
"A giving heart will double your love. Thank you, Serena. For giving us their love."
Justin looked into Michael's tearing eyes, feeling the deep meaning in Michael's words.
They held each other, looking with love at their new son and daughter.

End of Chapter 116

How's that for a twist of fate?
Did anyone suspect this turn of events?
Those two little angels of love have now returned.
With Daniel's guiding love uniting them.
But then again, I always knew they were destined to meet again.
I needed someone to capture their hearts.
Who better than these two small bundles of love?
But perhaps there's something more behind all this!
Only time and a path of love shall reveal those hidden secrets.
Lots of family happiness and bonded love ahead.
Let's watch a family unite, with love and happiness.

Smiling with joy, Angel.

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