Justin's Angel-117

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Michael sat down gently on the loveseat beside Justin, looking down at the two sets of blue eyes that had followed his every move from the moment he'd walked into the room.
"Hello, little sweeties."
Both children smiled at him, Darian moving in Justin's arms.
He climbed over into Michael's lap, smiling up at him.
"Hi." The small boy said, Michael becoming lost in those soulful blue eyes.
"Hello, Darian." Michael said, emotion in his quiet voice.
Darian snuggled against Michael's chest, Michael wrapping his arms fully around the small boy.
Justin sat beside him smiling at the loving way Michael held the boy.
Shauna snuggled further into Justin's chest, his own arms wrapping around the bundle of love he held.
Justin began to hum softly, both small children looking at him with their small blue eyes.
Michael recognized Justin's humming as Brahm's lullaby.
Two small sets of eyes closed, both men feeling their contented souls slipping into slumber.
Justin continued to hum, Michael quietly leaning over, kissing his lover's moist lips.
They remained there together for another half hour, then both of them rose, carrying the two children to their bed.
Michael and Justin tenderly laid the two back onto the bed, Justin pulling up the blankets around them.
Michael wrapped his arms around Justin, both men looking down into the crib.
"A giving heart will double your love. Thank you, Serena. For giving us their love."
Justin looked into Michael's tearing eyes, feeling the deep meaning in Michael's words.
They held each other, looking with love at their new son and daughter.

Chapter 117

Justin and Michael sat down together on the loveseat, after having watched the two small sleeping bundles for over ten minutes.
They snuggled together, Michael's head in its usual place, both men feeling a contented happiness.
Justin continually drew his eyes towards the bed, Michael feeling his soul.
"Is this what it's like, Mico? Is this what being a parent is like? I can't keep my eyes off them. They've captured my soul."
Michael smiled, kissing Justin's bare chest through his open-necked shirt.
He saw the chain hanging around his neck, and the pendant laying against it.
Michael smiled, hugging his Justin tighter.
"Two sets of blue eyes have captured both of our souls, my Jus. We'll never be able to stop watching them. They're part of us now."
Justin smiled, Michael raising his head, looking into Justin's blue pools of heaven.
"We need to talk, Jus."
Justin nodded, sensing in Michael his need to lay everything before them.
The truthfulness of Michael's honest soul.
Michael sat up, Justin looking intently at him.
"Do you know why I agreed to a date for our wedding?"
Justin smiled, looking lovingly at Michael, taking both of his hands in his.
"Because you finally realized I am a great catch?"
Michael chuckled, smiling with some blush in his cheeks.
"No, Justin. I always knew that."
Justin smiled, blushing himself, waiting for Michael to finish.
"I stood at the flower show watching you watching Seth accept his awards. And in your face I saw something new. I saw total happiness. The happiness that my love has given you. Total happiness. I make you happy with my love. It finally came to me that you are totally in love with me. And that I am totally in love with you. That's why, Jus. Because it's now you and me forever."
Justin teared up pulling Michael to him, kissing his lips, both men lost in the moment.
"When you looked down at me in our bed last night, Mico, I saw a new look in your eyes as well. I  saw a look I've only seen one other place. In that photograph of you with your parents, when you were seven. You were innocent then, free of hurt and pain, free of your tortured soul. You have that look back, Mico. You have a soul of complete happiness, and total love. I've healed you totally, Michael."
Michael nodded, looking into Justin's loving eyes.
"And now we are a total soul. Now divided into four parts. You, myself and those two little angels. They're in our soul, Jus. I can feel them there. That's how quickly they've entered our happiness."
"I know Mico. I know. I feel it too. It's the most wonderful feeling. The feeling of family love."
Michael sighed, looking at his lover.
"Lonnie and Kev told me all that the police told them. You need to know what really happened, or what it looks like would have happened."
Justin nodded, Michael telling him all that had transpired.
Justin's emotions came through when Michael told him what Steve's plans were in regards to Shauna and Darian.
"How can someone be such a monster?" Justin sobbed, Michael holding him.
"That is the tragedy of life, Jus. Some people forget love. That monster will be put away for a long time. I'll make certain of that."
Justin felt Michael's love flow through him, Justin smiling again.
"Our love is so beautiful, Mico. Shauna and Darian will always feel it."
Michael smiled, then his face took on a serious look, Justin feeling a statement of truth coming on.
"Jus, we now are about to become parents. And with that duty comes enormous responsibility."
Justin nodded, knowing of what Michael was trying to say.
"You want me to grow up. Don't you, Mico?"
Justin turned his head, looking at the two sleeping angels.
Michael felt a sadness envelope his lover. The sadness of having to be mature.
"Never, Jus. I love you as you are now. Your childlike innocence is a special part of you. A part of the you that I've fallen in love with. It's what drew me so quickly to you. Your ability to treat children with the same level of care as adults. You make me love you with your innocence. Those two angels are going to have another wonderful child to play with. You, my special Tigger."
Justin beamed, seeing Michael's true love laid bare.
"What I wanted to say is that I can't do this alone. I need you there beside me. We are a couple, in all ways. That means that you can't always play the part of the big kid to them. You have to be a parent also. I know it's going to be hard for you, very hard. But never doubt that I am there with you and for you. We both walk this road together."
Justin nodded, finally seeing what Michael was trying to say.
"I understand, Mico. We both have a responsibility now. To those two angels. I won't ever let you or them down."
Michael laid back against Justin's chest, Justin putting his arm around him, feeling the meaning of Michael's spoken words.
Michael had always been able to show Justin the true meaning of things.
"Those two little lives now depend on us, Jus. On our loving them, on our being there for them. Both of us. I plan on being there in every way."
Justin teared up, feeling Michael's deep love for all three of them.
"I plan on the same, Mico. I'm with all of you, forever."
Michael leaned up, kissing Justin deeply.
They both snuggled more, both silently watching the bed, and their two sleeping angels.

Justin moved on the couch, opening his eyes.
He hadn't realized he'd fallen asleep.
Michael stood beside the crib, changing Darian's diaper. The small boy was sucking on a bottle.
Justin yawned, then smiled, listening to Michael talking to the child.
"That's a good boy, Darry. All clean. All happy and smelling wonderful."
Darian beamed up at him, the bottle tightly in his grasp.
Michael put his navy pants back on him, buttoning them up.
He turned looking at Shauna, her blue hypnotic eyes staring intently at him. Her finished bottle lay discarded beside her.
"Mommy gone?"
Justin's breath caught in his throat, fearing this one moment.
Darian moved his head, looking at his sister, then up at Michael.
A tear ran down Michael's cheek, Justin feeling his emotions.
"Yes, Shauny. Mommy's gone to be with the angels."
She looked up at him questioningly.
"Mommy said we were angels."
Michael smiled a quiet smile, wiping his eyes.
"Yes you are. The two littlest angels."
Darian smiled.
Michael leaned down and picked up Shauna as she reached for him.
Darian sat up, Justin getting up and walking over to the crib.
He picked up Darian, Michael smiling at Justin.
They both walked over, sitting again on the loveseat.
"Mommy loved both of you, her little angels. But Mommy was tired. She needed to be with God, to be forever young."
"Did Uncle Steve take her away?" Darian asked.
"No, God came and carried her to his loving house. And Uncle Steve is gone. For good. You'll never see him again." Justin said, smiling down at him.
"Good. I not like him." Darian said in a serious voice.
"No." Shauna said firmly.
Justin looked at Michael, Michael putting his hand on her cheek.
Michael had gently lain his hands on both of them earlier, while they had slept. He erased the memories of hurt and pain from their innocent little minds.
"We have to go back to the orfumage?" Darian asked, Justin smiling again at his mirthful innocence.
"No, we hope not. You have another choice." Michael said.
Both little faces turned up, looking into his golden eyes.
"You can come and live with Justin and me."
Shauna and Darian's eyes both seemed to widen.
"With yous, Michael?" Shauna said, the two men hearing something new in her voice.
"Yes, if you want that. I should tell you that your Mommy wanted us to look after you because she couldn't stay with you. For us to care for you, and to love you. We'd like it so much. If you would like it?" Justin said, smiling down at both of them.
Darian looked thoughtfully for a moment, Michael holding in a smile.
Darian looked at Shauna, she staring back at him.
Justin smiled, but Michael's brow furrowed a little.
He stared quietly at the two children.
Shauna giggled a little, Darian smiling back.
"Are you going to be our Uncles?" Darian asked quietly.
"No, sweetie. Justin and I want to be more. We will be your guardians. In fact,  we want to be your dads."
Darian nodded, looking up at Justin.
"Can Justin be my big brother too?"
Michael laughed now, seeing the innocence in Darian's question.
"Yep, he can be that and so much more. And so can I. To both of you."
Both kids smiled.
"Okay, Justin. I want to be with yous." Darian said, smiling, the smile bringing Justin to tears.
Michael patted his shoulder, Shauna staring up at Michael, then looking deeply at Justin.
Justin stared into her blue deep shining eyes.
She smiled quietly.
"I want you to be my Dada."
Michael froze, then a sob left Justin's lips, Michael lifting the child up into his arms, holding her gently, her hand moving, resting on Justin's cheek.
Justin stared at her, feeling the emotions in his soul. In their souls.
"I'd like that, Shauny. I'd like that so much."
Michael put his arm around all three of them, Darian smiling.
Darian climbed up Justin's chest, Justin raising him up.
"Let's play, Dada."
Justin smiled widely, standing up, sailing Darian through the air like an airplane, the small child laughing.
The two of them sat down in front of a large toy box, Justin pulling out some toys.
Darian grabbed a ball, Shauna climbing out of Michael's arms, Michael letting her down, watching her as she ran over to Justin and Darian.
Michael looked at Justin seeing the look of total happiness again.
Justin started talking to him in their mind.
"I hope that didn't upset you, Michael. Her calling me that."
"No, Jus. I'm happy for you. You're going to make a great Dada."
Michael smiled, looking at Justin's smiling face.
"And you're going to make an even better one. They'll call you daddy soon enough."
Justin winked at him, Michael smiling back. Justin turned, focusing on helping Darian roll the ball to Shauna.

An hour later Paulo walked into the room, followed by Lonnie and Kevin.
Michael and Justin were sitting on the loveseat, their arms wrapped around each other.
Shauna and Darian were playing on the floor with some toys.
On seeing the three men, both children got up and ran to Michael and Justin, both men scooping them up.
The two children clung to both men, Michael surprised, Justin calmly rubbing Shauna's back.
"It's okay, it's just our friends. They're going to be your friends too."
Shauna looked back to them, still holding onto Justin's shirt.
The three men smiled, seeing the children in their arms, seeing their need for Justin and Michael.
"Hello, Shauna and Darian. I'm Paulo. I'm Michael's brother." Paulo said quietly, smiling at both of them.
They both smiled back, although shyly.
"Are you going to be our Uncle?" Darian asked, Justin smiling.
"Well, yes, I guess I am. Would you like that?" Paulo said, smiling, now on his knees in front of them.
"Okay, Uncle Porlo."
Justin laughed, Paulo blushing at the small boy.
"It's Paulo, Darian." Justin said smiling at the boy in Michael's lap.
"Pawwo?" Shauna said.
"Say Paulo." Michael said to them both.
Everyone in the room laughed, Paulo blushing.
Michael smiled, looking down at the boy and girl again, after looking into Paulo's green eyes.
Something special popped into his mind.
"Say Polo, sweeties."
Darian looked up, then looked at Paulo.
Shauna looked at him for a moment, then said:
"Hi, Uncle Polo."
Paulo's heart melted, in his new love for these two children.
"I guess history repeats itself, right Polo?" Justin said, remembering Paulo's story about his mother.
Paulo teared up, nodding.
"Yes, Justin. It really does."
Michael smiled, feeling the memories flood Paulo's soul.
"This is Lonnie and Kevin, sweeties." Justin said, the other two men smiling at them.
Darian smiled at both of them, Shauna staring at only Lonnie.
Shauna stared up at Lonnie with wide eyes, never seeing anyone so big.
"You're big!" She said, Lonnie laughing.
"Yep. A big ole teddy bear." Lonnie said, plopping down on the floor in front of them.
The two kids laughed, Justin smiling.
Darian climbed down, giggling.
Lonnie lay flat on his back, wiggling. Shauna climbed down, the two kids climbing on top of Lonnie, Lonnie making small sounds.
Their laughter filled the room.
Kevin sat down beside Michael smiling.
"They seem so happy, Mikey. No bad dreams or anything?"
"No, Kevin. No bad dreams. It's all forgotten by them. And that's the main thing."
Kevin looked at Justin, Justin smiling.
"Damn straight, Mikey." Kevin said finally.
"Here's some extra clothes, we pulled them from your cases." Kevin said, Michael taking the bag.
"Thanks, Kev. Where are Uncle Seth and Uncle Tomas?"
Kevin smiled.
"At the shop, working."
Michael laughed, knowing that shop would become their life. And their happiness.
"Lonnie and I will go out and grab you some food." Kevin said, smiling as he got up.
"Thanks, guys. Justin is looking a little thin."
Justin slapped Michael's shoulder, picking up Darian off Lonnie's chest.
Lonnie lifted Shauna up, the small girl leaping back into Michael's arms.
"Back in a few." Lonnie smiled, Paulo nodding after them.
Paulo sat down beside the four of them, watching them all.
Justin stood up, taking a yawning Darian back to his crib, Darian laying down.
"Me tired too." Shauna said, climbing into Paulo's lap, Paulo surprised.
He wrapped his muscular arms gently around the warm bundle of happiness, standing up and walking to Justin. Justin took her out of Paulo's arms, lowering her down into the crib.
Shauna lay down in the crib, snuggling beside Darian, Darian's eyes already closed.
Paulo and Justin looked on, Shauna yawning a small yawn, then closing her eyes.
Michael smiled, seeing the two men enthralled with the two children.
He leaned back in his seat, thinking about something else.

The three men sat down together talking quietly, about all that had happened.
"I've called everyone, Mikey. Everyone's totally in shock. Your Moms are both on their way here, Jus."
Justin smiled, knowing what this would mean to them. They'd have their first grandchildren.
"Looks like the motherly instincts run deep." Michael said smiling.
"Josh and Lance send all their love. Lance wants you to call him when you get a chance, Mikey."
Michael nodded, knowing what Lance was calling about.
"Everyone else said the same. When you're ready, give them all a call."
"The press is in full swing. There's a large contingency downstairs. It's been on all the news channels. Celebrities save small kids!"
"Looks like we're in the fire again, love." Justin said quietly.
"Yep, but it's not us that's going to get burned." Michael said, smiling.
Justin smiled, knowing Michael's meaning.
"No one is getting near these kids. They're going to have a normal life. If I have any say in it." Michael said, looking quietly toward them.
Both men nodded, Justin looking over at the crib, Paulo picking up on it.
"Looks like Justin's going to make a great Dad."
Justin smiled, looking at his brother of love.
"And Mikey's going to be a fantastic father."
Michael felt Paulo's hug, smiling.
"It's going to be a big change." Michael said looking at his lover.
"But we're just the men to do it."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael's cheek.
"Any word from Uncle Derrick?"
"He called about ten minutes ago. He's on his way over." Justin said quietly.
Michael sensed Justin's worry that something might go wrong with their plans.
The door of the room opened, Lonnie and Kevin walking in, bags in their hands. Behind them walked Father Derrick.
"Look what you get free now with a Big Mac! Have a burger and be saved!!!" Kevin said, Father Derrick laughing.
All three got up, Father Derrick greeting them all, Justin opening the bags of food.
"Man, it's a zoo down there. The press has the front doors surrounded. We had to sneak in through emergency." Father Derrick said.
"Looks like the tiger's hungry." Lonnie said, watching Justin take three burgers, Justin blushing.
"Being a parent takes energy." Justin beamed.
Everyone laughed, Father Derrick looking at both young men.
"On that note, we need to talk boys."
Michael and Justin nodded, sitting back down on the loveseat beside Paulo, Father Derrick pulling up a chair.
"I spent a couple of hours talking with Teresa. She wants to meet both of you. She needs to talk to you about some important things."
Justin's brow furrowed, Michael sensing his deep worry.
"About what things?"
Father Derrick looked up into Justin's searching, worried eyes.
"You know, about what to do in an emergency. What to feed your kids. Stuff like that?"
Michael froze, Justin quietly nodding, bowing his head. Then Justin stopped suddenly, his head whipping up.
"O-Our k-kids?" He said in a stutter.
Father Derrick smiled, looking at both of them.
"Yes, Justin. Teresa agrees with Serena's decision. You have every right to raise them as yours. Serena's given you that opportunity."
Justin's smile was unbelievable, his face turning to Michael's.
Michael's face was covered in tears.
Everyone in the room saw the beauty and happiness flooding that face.
"They're going to be ours, Jus! We're going to have them to love!"
Justin took Michael in his arms, holding him close.
"Yes, my love. Our new son and daughter."
Derrick smiled quietly, looking at Michael's smiling face.
"However, there are a lot of things to discuss. Legal stuff as well as Teresa meeting you both and watching the kids interaction with you two. She's agreed to you both taking the kids home to Kevin's tomorrow, and she'll meet you both there. After that it will be her decision what happens."
Michael and Justin both nodded, looking towards the two sleeping children.
"Can we legally adopt them?"
"Yes Justin, you can. But it's a long legal process, and costly."
"I don't care about that. All I care about is my son and daughter." Justin said, getting up and walking over to the crib.
Everyone now saw the total acceptance in Justin's words of what these two children now meant to him.
Michael stood up, walking beside him.
"Darian and Shauna Timberlake. Has a nice ring to it."
Justin looked into his golden eyes.
Michael saw that look of contented happiness.
"Darian and Shauna Tavarro-Timberlake it will be." Justin said, Michael's eyes tearing.
Michael wrapped his arms around his lover, Justin laying his head on Michael's chest.
"Come on, Tigger. Your dinner's getting cold."

Three hours later everyone had left, Justin and Michael settling in with the two kids for the night.
A single bed had been wheeled into the large room, Justin and Michael agreeing to take turns caring for the toddlers.
The two kids awoke shortly after everyone had left, Justin and Michael feeding them both, Michael watching Justin change Shauna.
It all seemed second nature to Justin.
"How did you learn all this, Jus?"
"You forget, I had Stevie."
Michael smiled, remembering Justin's love for his younger brother. Lisa obviously would have shown Justin all it took to look after him.
"Great. You're on diaper detail."
Justin laughed, holding his nose.
Michael laughed, kissing his cheek, Shauna giggling.
"It's a partnership, love. We're both doing all of it." Justin said smiling.
"Aye, aye, Dada."
Justin beamed, picking up Shauna, Darian already in Michael's arms.
They all sat on the floor, playing together.
They soon realized the two kids were really quite happy playing together quietly.
Michael and Justin watched both of them, Michael picking up on something again.
Something he'd seen earlier.
A look between the two toddlers.
He talked to Justin in his mind.
"Jus, do you see anything out of the ordinary?"
Justin thought for a moment, shaking his head.
"We've been sitting here for over a half hour and neither of them have spoken to each other. But they're playing together."
Justin watched them now, seeing Darian hand Shauna two blocks, Shauna putting them on top of her stack.
Shauna smiled, handing Darian a toy car.
Darian put the car down, driving it up to the plastic garage he was playing with.
"How do they know what the other wants?" Michael asked in silence.
"Oh my God! You don't think they're talking to each other in their minds?" Justin asked in shock.
Michael looked at his lover, then stared down at the two small playing children.
Michael's mind focused, Michael speaking three words in his mind.
"Darry and Shauny?"
The kids heads both raised up, looking at Michael.
"Ya, Michael?" Michael and Justin both heard in their minds.
"You can hear me, sweeties?"
"Yes, Michael. We hear you." Shauna said, looking up at him.
Justin and Michael both froze, looking down in shock.
"You can hear me and Michael talking to each other?" Justin asked.
"We hear you all day."
"Why didn't you say something to us?" Michael said, smiling now at her.
"We just listen. To see what you want." She said quietly.
"And what do we want?" Justin hesitantly asked.
Shauna stood up, crawling into Michael's arms. Darian climbed up Justin's knees until he sat in his lap, Justin putting his left arm around him.
"You want to love us." Shauna said, looking into Michael's golden eyes.
Justin sobbed, Michael fighting his own trembling emotions.
"Yes, Shauny and Darry. We both want to love you forever."
Both children smiled wide smiles, Justin hugging Darian tightly, but gently.
The two siblings smiled at each other.
Michael smiled at them, also looking at Justin.
"How long have you been able to do this, sweeties?"
"Forever." Darian said, looking up at him, his blue eyes wide and hypnotic.
"Mommy always talked to us." Shauna said yawning.
Michael and Justin exchanged looks, Michael snuggling the child more into his body.
"Your mommy talked to you like this?"
"Uh huh." Darian said, also yawning, his big blue eyes half-closing.
"Time for bed, kiddies." Michael said, the two little angels giggling.
The two men stood up, laying the two down into their crib, tucking them in under their covers.
Both sets of blue eyes looked up at them, smiling.
"Night, Dada."
Justin kissed both of them on their cheeks.
Michael smiled, looking on at the touching scene.
Shauna now looked up into his golden eyes.
In her beautiful blue sparkling pools of innocence, Michael saw such determination and hope, mixed with love.
"Night, Papa." She said, smiling.
Michael's soul flooded with emotional shock.
Justin looked just as shocked, putting his hand in Michael's.
"Night, Papa." Darian said, smiling also.
Michael fought his emotions, not succeeding very well, Justin squeezing his hand.
"Goodnight, my angels." Michael said, tears now on the verge of falling.
Two small sets of blue eyes closed, the two children snuggling together, their arms going around each other.
Michael and Justin looked into each other's eyes, Michael beginning to cry.
Justin pulled him into his arms, sitting down on the single bed.
He pulled Michael down with him, the two now laying together beside the sleeping kids.
Justin lay behind Michael, his arms wrapped around his lover, his body spooned against him.
"Oh, Jus! That name! That name means so much to me!"
"I know, Mico. I know the feeling."
Justin held him as he felt Michael's happiness. The happiness of having these two angels in his life.
"Looks like we have two gifted children in our lives now."
Michael turned, looking up into Justin's blue eyes.
"I think we're all gifted. Gifted with each other's love."
Justin teared up, Michael kissing him deeply.
"You get some sleep, Mico. I'll take the first watch."
Michael nodded, Justin's arms wrapping him in his love.
Justin stared down at his lover's closed eyes, then looked over at the other two people in his new family.
Yes, his life was complete now. Completed with gifted love.

Justin felt someone shaking his shoulder, his blue eyes opening.
He looked up into his mother's tearing eyes.
"I hear my angel's heart has doubled?" Lynn said, Justin smiling up at her.
Shauna was in Lynn's arms, smiling down at Justin.
"Hi." The little girl said, Justin's smile doubling in size.
"Morning, sweet pea."
Justin sat up, taking Shauna from his Mom.
Lynn watched him tenderly holding the little girl, Shauna snuggling against him.
Justin turned his head, seeing Michael sitting on the loveseat with Lisa, Darian sitting in Lisa's lap.
"Morning, Jus. The grandmas popped in about half an hour ago. I've caught them up to speed on everything."
Lisa and Lynn both looked at Michael with weird looks, Michael laughing.
"Well, it's true. You are technically grandmas now."
Justin smirked, knowing how that would set with his mother.
"I am much too young to be a grandmother, Michael." Lynn said folding her arms, staring at him.
Michael stared back.
"Okay, how about we call you  Mom : The Sequel."
Lynn thought for only a second, then burst into laughter, everyone laughing.
Justin looked at the angel in his arms, smiling down at her.
Lynn watched her son with the little girl, seeing the happiness etched across his young face.
In his blue eyes, she saw a contented happiness, something new that had been missing there.
Justin looked up at her, seeing tears forming in her eyes.
"What do you think of my little angels, Mom?'
Lynn sobbed, tears falling wildly now.
Michael got up from his seat, walking over to her, taking her in his arms.
She cried against his chest, Michael patting her back, looking with love at Justin.
Justin had tears forming in his eyes.
"They're so beautiful, so wonderful! My little boy's going to be a daddy." Lynn said, Michael smiling.
Lisa smiled at this touching scene, her own eyes wet with glistening tears.
She stood up, carrying Darian over to Justin, Darian climbing into his lap, smiling at his sister who was now sitting in front of Justin playing with a ball.
Lisa leaned down, kissing Justin's wet cheek.
"Congratulations, Jus. They're beyond adorable."
Michael saw Justin crying, seeing his love for his Moms' and his own happiness.
The two little children looked up at Justin, their faces bright and smiling.
"Dada okay?" Darian said, Justin smiling.
"Dada's super okay." Justin said, kissing the boy's cheek.
Lynn and Lisa showed surprise on their faces, Michael putting his arms around both of them.
"That's their new name for Jus. And they've taken to calling me Papa. "
Lisa looked into Michael's golden eyes, seeing the new look in his eyes as well, and something else. She thought it looked like complete happiness.
"You look so happy, Michael." She said, looking at Lynn.
"Yes, Lisa. I am completely happy. I have a wonderful fianceé, my soon-to-be husband. And now two little angels of love. Life doesn't get better than this."
Both women smiled, hugging Michael to them, looking down at the three on the bed.
Lynn turned suddenly, looking at Michael.
"Soon-to-be husband?"
Justin smiled, looking at his mother who was now looking at him.
"We've set the wedding date. July fourteenth."
Both faces of both women changed immediately, Lynn starting to cry again, leaning down, hugging her son. Lisa had Michael in a hug, Michael smiling.
"That's so wonderful, my boys! So wonderful!" Lynn said, turning and hugging Michael as well.
"But Jus, it's only two months away.  That's not much time." Lisa said, looking at Lynn.
"We've got to get moving . There's so much to do!!" Lynn said quickly.
Justin laughed, looking at his lover.
"And the Timberlake wedding masters have been released. Run Mikey!!!!"
Michael laughed loudly, his rich laugh making everyone smile.
"Dada and Papa  marry?" Shauna said, raising her hands towards Lynn, the woman smiling as she picked her up.
"Yes, sweetie, Dada and Papa are getting married. We're going to be a real family." Justin said, smiling at her.
"Yay!" Darian said, Justin laughing and starting to tickle him.
The little boy's laughter filled the room, Shauna starting to laugh as well, Michael smiling widely.
"Justin and Mike, I'm so happy for both of you!" Lisa said, Lynn smiling as well.
"We'll talk everything over when we get home, Mom and Lisa. Right now, these two angels are our focus. We're meeting with the social worker today once we get out of here."
Lynn's face changed, Lisa taking the child from her, Lynn looking down at Justin.
"Justin, there is media frenzy over all this. I was so shocked seeing the circus downstairs. One of you–or both of you–should make a statement."
"I'm making one this morning, Mom." Michael said, Justin looking up at him.
"No, Mico. I am."
Michael looked at Justin, the young man staring into his eyes.
"It's time I had a say in everything dealing with our lives. It's my responsibility now to do what's best for our children. Let me deal with this."
Michael looked at his lover, seeing the determination and steady calmness in Justin's blue eyes.
"Alright, Jus. But I'll be right there with you."
Justin smiled, looking down at Darian and Shauna smiling.
"My loves need to be shielded from all this. We need to get them out of here with no fuss."
"I'll take care of our treasures. You can count on that." Michael said smiling.

Two hours later, Lonnie, Paulo and Kevin came walking into the room.
"Hey guys. Father Derrick's on his way up. He's talking with administration. Security's all lined up. Everything's been organized." Lonnie said, smiling when he saw Justin and Michael sitting with the kids in their laps, all ready to go.
"Thanks, Lon."Justin said, his mothers hugging all three men.
"Okay, Mico. I'll be going with Father Derrick, Lon and my Moms. You, the kids, Paulo and Kevin will be leaving through the basement."
Michael nodded quietly, staring at Justin.
Father Derrick walked in, followed by two security officers.
"Everything's prepared. Whenever you're ready, Justin."
Justin smiled, picking up Darian.
"Dada's going away for a little while, Darry. But he's going to be back very soon."
Darian nodded, wrapping his arms around Justin's neck.
He kissed Justin's cheek, Justin beginning to tear up.
Michael stood up, Shauna reaching out her arms towards Justin.
Lynn took Darian into her arms, Justin taking Shauna from Michael.
She kissed Justin on the cheek also, smiling at him.
"Bye bye Dada." She said, Justin tearing up.
He handed the little girl back to Michael, kissing her cheek one last time.
"See you soon, Mico. Love ya."
"Love ya back, Timby. See you shortly."
Justin, his mothers and Father Derrick followed Lonnie out of the room.
Michael stood quietly watching his man walk away, Shauna quietly playing with his necklace.
"Paulo, could I have Darian and Shauna's jackets? Let's get going."
Paulo nodded picking up the two small jackets they'd picked up for the children.
Both toddlers wore new clothing, Justin's Mom having quickly run out and picked up a few things.
Michael put the small jackets on both children. Michael picked up Darian, Shauna stretching out her arms towards Paulo.
Paulo smiled, picking up the little angel.
Michael smiled, seeing the kids had welcomed Paulo easily into their hearts.
The two men carried the children out of the room, Kevin following with their bags.
They took the elevator to the basement, Paulo quietly guiding them to their SUV.
Paulo had picked up two car seats for the back seat, Michael putting the toddlers into them.
Kevin and Paulo got ready to get in, Paulo looking quietly at Michael.
"Paulo, watch the kids. I'll be back as soon as I can."
"Michael? Where are you going?"
"I'm going to defend my love."

Justin looked through the doorway, seeing the amassed journalists and cameramen.
The front of the hospital was filled to capacity.
He sighed, Father Derrick putting his hand on his shoulder, his mothers watching him with worried looks on their faces.
"Have faith, my son. You have the determination to do this. Tell them the truth. They'll respect you for that."
Justin smiled, nodding.
Father Derrick walked forward, following Lt. Harper, who was in charge of the case.
Justin had just met him, the police officer quietly conferring with him.
The two older men walked out into the murmuring crowd, cameras going off immediately.
The police officer nodded out to the reporters, silence descending on the crowd.
"Good morning. My name is Lieutenant William Harper. I am in charge of this investigation. Yesterday morning, officers of the twenty seventh precinct were called to a domestic disturbance situation. Upon arriving they found one fatality. One Serena Jacobs, nineteen years of age. She had been brutally stabbed to death in her own bedroom. All appearances and investigations lead us to believe that she had been repeatedly raped, and then murdered. Her two small children, both age two and a half years were found safe, in the protective care of two men who'd arrived at the scene. The assailant apprehended at the scene has been identified as Steven Armitage, of no fixed address. The assailant was known to the victim."
Father Derrick stood beside the police officer, quietly listening.
"The two men who were found with the children, saved the lives of both small children. The assailant had kidnapped the children with full intentions of selling them to sex offenders. At this time, the San Francisco police department would like to commend the bravery and courage shown by Michael Tavarro and Justin Timberlake for saving the lives of those two children. To my left is Father Derrick O'Hara. He was involved with this family, the children having stayed in his orphanage for a time. He also is a personal friend of Michael Tavarro. Father Derrick took the two men to see the children. They walked into a dramatic rescue. Thank God for that. At this time, Justin Timberlake would like to read a statement, then, time permitting, he will answer questions. Please give him the respect he and his friend both deserve. Mr. Timberlake?"
The reporters all turned, cameras going off with bright flashes.
Justin walked through the door, Lonnie following him.  Justin's two Moms waiting at the entrance, Justin walking to the podium.
Father Derrick smiled at him, Justin hugging him, then shaking the police officer's hand.
"Thank you. I'd like to read a prepared statement and then I'll take questions."
Justin pulled out a sheet of paper, Father Derrick nodding to him.
The cameras continued to go off, video cameras all pointed directly at him.

"Yesterday, myself and Michael walked into a living nightmare. A nightmare involving murder and child endangerment. We both had previously met the two children a few months ago. They were staying at Father Derrick's orphanage when we met them.
We were in town for a private family function this week and Michael and I wanted to check up on the small children. To see how they were doing. They'd had a rough time, their mother finding it hard to keep them due to her involvement with drugs.
They'd made a great impression on us the first day we'd met them. Through Father Derrick, we learned where they lived and decided to visit them. When we arrived at their home, we encountered a man who tried to run us down. We were able to run his car off the street. Upon opening the trunk of his car, we found the two children, concealed in duffle bags.
Our bodyguards detained the man, until police arrived. The police discovered the grisly horror inside the apartment. Through God's love and faith, those two children were saved from a tragic fate. To Michael and myself that's all that matters. I thank God for that. I'll take questions now."

The reporters were clamoring to be noticed, Justin quietly pointing at a young man in the second row.
"Mr. Timberlake. Is Michael Tavarro a hero again? Was it he who stopped this man?"
Justin smiled, clearing his throat.
"Michael will always be a hero in my heart. As for here, he did what he had to do to protect those two children. We all did."
"What exactly does that mean?"
"He subdued the assailant. He stopped him from hurting those children."
Father Derrick smiled, Justin quietly pointing at another reporter.
"What was your relationship to the mother of these children? Had you or Mr. Tavarro had any previous liaisons with this young woman?"
Justin's eyebrows furrowed, looking at the man.
"Michael and I had never met Serena Jacobs. We had no connection to her. We only knew the two children."
Cameras went off, other reporters starting to call out to him.
Justin pointed to another, the man smiling.
"How are the children doing? Do you know their condition, Mr. Timberlake?"
"I know very well their conditions. They are both doing excellent. Michael and I have been keeping a close watch on them. They are two little angels, two special angels."
Justin smiled, everyone looking at him with questioning looks.
"What does that mean exactly, Justin? You are in contact with them?"
"Yes we both are."
The reporters turned, Justin staring in surprise.
Michael walked out the doorway, heading toward the podium.

Michael walked up to the podium, Justin smiling as he heard Michael's soothing voice enter his head.
"It's alright, my Jus. I'm here now."
"Michael, you didn't have to do this."
"Yes I do, Jus. We're in this together."
Justin took Michael's hand in his, both men smiling together.
Lonnie, who'd been quietly standing behind Justin, smiled widely, winking at Michael.
Michael's quiet, forceful voice filled the silenced room.
"Justin and myself have been by their sides throughout the last twenty four hours. We both share a deep love and caring heart for these two lost little angels. They've entered our hearts."
Reporters looked at each other, the cameras continuing to flash away.
"Are you two in any way involved in this woman's tragic death? Is there a relationship between yourselves and these two children?" A reporter said, Michael's steady gaze on him.
"As Justin has already stated, he and I had never met Serena Jacobs. Her death was the tragic result of her having faith in a man who, in the end, took her life. I'm saddened to think that she never had a chance at living a happy life. But now her children have a chance at that happy life."
Michael looked at Justin, nodding.
Justin took over the conversation.
"Michael and I are making it our priority in making sure these children are taken care of. They deserve that chance at happiness, and we're going to see they get it."
Cameras continued their assault on the two men's faces, more hands waving with questions.
"Why is your mother present, Justin? Is she taking the two children into her home?" A woman standing in front asked, Justin looking towards his Mom and Lisa.
"My Moms are here to give their support to Michael and myself, as well as those two toddlers. Michael and I are working towards being named legal guardians of those two little treasures. We're hoping to raise them in our home of love and caring."
That set the crowd off in a fury of shouting and movement.
"You're going to raise children with your gay lover?" A reporter said, staring at Justin.
Michael looked into Justin's eyes seeing deep determination there, and he felt Justin's calm soul.
"A day of tragedy now gives way to hope. Our concern is focused on two small angels who need to be cared for and loved. Michael and I have that love to give. We will do everything in our hearts to make them feel loved. Thank you, that's all."
Justin and Michael walked away from the podium, the crowd shouting louder now, cameras going off.
A circle of security personnel surrounded them, Lonnie and Father Derrick at their back. A path was made forward, Justin and Michael meeting up with their Moms, Lisa and  Lynn walking with them back into the hospital.
The entrance was closed off so the reporters couldn't follow them. The small group then headed for the elevators.
Lonnie hit the button for the seventh floor, the elevator doors closing.
"We're going up, separating up there, and then you and Mikey head to the basement. Paulo's still waiting for you down there with the toddlers. We'll draw off the reporters, going back out the front door. Everyone meets up at Kevin's."
Both men nodded, Michael looking into Justin's blue eyes.
"You did good out there, Jus. I'm proud of you. It took a lot of courage to tell the truth." Lynn said, smiling at her son.
"All it took was Michael beside me." Justin said, kissing his lover's tender lips.
"I wouldn't be anywhere else." Michael said, smiling after they parted.
They held each other's hand, quietly talking in that special way, the doors opening.
Lonnie lead them through two corridors finally standing again in front of another elevator door.
"Head to the basement guys. When you get off this elevator, Paulo will be parked right there waiting for you." Lonnie said, talking into his cell phone with Paulo.
"Thanks Afro Sally." Michael said, kissing the big man's cheek.
Lonnie winked, he and the women, as well as Father Derrick, walked back in the direction they originally came.
A few moments later, Justin and Michael walked out of the elevator, seeing the SUV waiting.
They both climbed into the back seat, two sets of small blue eyes looking right at them.
"Hi, Dada! Hi Papa!" The two small children said cheerfully. Justin's face changed into a smiling happiness.
"Hello, my angels. Dada missed you so much." Justin said, kissing both  on the cheek, both smiling widely.
"Papa missed you so much." Michael said, kissing them both also, both smiling up at him.
Michael and Justin checked the car seats, seeing everything in place.
They did their own seatbelts up, Michael patting Paulo on the shoulder.
"Let's go, Polo."
Paulo smiled, the car moving forward.

Getting out of the hospital had been relatively easy to do.
While Lonnie drove Justin's parents through the front entrance, their dark-windowed SUV surrounded by paparazzi, the other car drove out of the basement service exit.
Twenty minutes later, they pulled up in front of the Avery home.
Kevin opened the front door, Justin and Michael carrying the two children into the home.
"Bring Darian into our bedroom, Jus. They both need to be changed." Michael said, walking down the hallway.
Justin smiled, Darian's arms wrapped around his neck, following Michael down the hallway.
The two men quietly walked into their bedroom, sitting down together on the bed, the two kids looking around.
"Is this our new home?" Shauna asked looking around.
"No, sweetie. This is Kevin's home. Our home is in Los Angeles. It's far from here."
The little girl nodded, laying back on the bed.
Michael smiled at her, removing her dress.
Justin took Darian's pants off, both men changing their respective child's diaper.
Justin removed Darian's shirt, smiling at the little boy.
"Darry's a muscle boy, isn't he? A little He-Man!"
Darian laughed, Justin letting him punch his hands.
In a few minutes both children were dressed again and sitting in Justin's lap.
"I'll go warm up two bottles, love. Be right back." Michael said, smiling at him.
Justin smiled, rocking back and forth, the two kids quietly looking up at him.
Justin began humming, the two kids mesmerized by his tune.
A few minutes later, Michael walked back in handing Justin a bottle, Michael picking up Shauna.
Both men sat together, a child in each of their arms.
Michael looked into Justin's eyes, smiling as he listened to Justin still humming.
He was humming Justin's Song.
They quietly sat together feeding the toddlers.
Shauna, as usual, was the first one finished, Darian quietly watching her, his eyelids drooping.
"Darry's sleepy." Shauna said, smiling.
"What about Shauny?" Michael said, smiling down at her.
"Shauny want to play."
Michael laughed, lifting her up in front of him.
He looked at her smiling face, putting his lips to her cheek.
He gave her a raspberry on her left cheek, the little girl giggling, then he did the other cheek.
She laughed, the feeling tickling her.
Justin sat watching Michael play with her, Michael now gently tickling her.
"Shauny, Shauny, you're so funny. Little pink love bunny." Michael rhymed, the little girl laughing wildly, clapping her hands together.
Justin looked down, seeing Darian sound asleep, the bottle hanging out of his mouth.
"Well, half the battle's won." Justin said winking at Michael, Michael smiling back.
Justin stood up, laying the little boy down on the bed, laying down beside him.
Shauna climbed up on top of Justin's chest, looking into his blue eyes.
"Me want to sleep on top of Dada." She said, Justin smiling.
Shauna lay flat on top of him, Justin gently wrapping his arm around her.
Michael smiled, sitting up beside his lover, watching him.
Shauna closed her eyes, snuggling on top of him. Darian lay beside him, his little body now snuggled up against his side, Justin's other arm around him.
Michael smiled seeing the loving vision in front of him. He stared into Justin's blue eyes, seeing deep love shining back.
"I guess I've lost my special place against you." Michael said, smiling at him.
Justin smiled, blowing him a kiss.
"There's always room for one more."
Michael moved down the bed, now laying beside Darian.
He gently picked up the small boy, laying him on top of his own chest, now snuggling his own body against Justin, laying his head beside Justin's.
They both stared into each other's eyes, their happiness flooding each other's soul.
"Have I told you today that I love you?" Michael said, lost in the blueness of his Jus' eyes.
"Yes, my love. But I like hearing it, always."
Michael smiled, gently leaning forward, kissing him deeply.
"I love you, Jus."
"I love you, Mico. Close your eyes, let's take a nap, our arms wrapped around our angels."
Michael smiled, closing his eyes, as did Justin.
An hour later, Lynn peeked into the room, smiling at what she saw.
Lisa stood behind her, both women looking into the room.
Justin and Michael lay together, sleeping, with their arms each wrapped around a small child.
"I don't think I've ever seen such a loving sight before." Lynn said, tears in her eyes.
"They look like a real family, don't they?" Lisa quietly said, putting her hand on Lynn's shoulder.
"They will be a family. In the truest sense of the word." Lynn said, looking at her son.
She quietly closed the door.

End of Chapter 117

And so two angels now have hopeful fathers.
Will the twosome become a foursome?
What is going on between the two children?
Are they gifted like Michael?
Or has Michael's powers rubbed off on them?
Justin and Michael now truly feel happy.
Will it last?
More exciting things to come.
Next chapter: Four souls learn from each other.

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