Justin's Angel-118

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Michael moved down the bed, now laying beside Darian.
He gently picked up the small boy, laying him on top of his own chest, now snuggling his own body against Justin, laying his head beside Justin's.
They both stared into each other's eyes, their happiness flooding each other's soul.
"Have I told you today that I love you?" Michael said, lost in the blueness of his Jus' eyes.
"Yes, my love. But I like hearing it always."
Michael smiled, gently leaning forward, kissing him deeply.
"I love you, Jus."
"I love you, Mico. Close your eyes, let's take a nap, our arms wrapped around our angels."
Michael smiled, closing his eyes, as did Justin.
An hour later, Lynn peeked into the room, smiling at what she saw.
Lisa stood behind her, both women looking into the room.
Justin and Michael lay together, sleeping, with their arms each wrapped around a small child.
"I don't think I've ever seen such a loving sight before." Lynn said, tears in her eyes.
"They look like a real family, don't they?" Lisa quietly said, putting her hand on Lynn's shoulder.
"They will be a family. In the truest sense of the word." Lynn said, looking at her son.
She quietly closed the door.

Chapter 118

An hour later, Justin awoke with a start, feeling something heavy on his chest.
He opened his eyes seeing three sets of eyes staring at him, complete with smiles.
"Wake up, Dada." Darian said, running his small hands across Justin's face.
Justin made to bite at his fingers, Darian laughing.
"What a wonderful way to wake up, blinded by smiling sunshine."
Michael smiled, leaning forward, kissing Justin lightly.
Darian and Shauna both smiled, Shauna tugging at Michael's hair.
"I want kiss." She said, Michael smiling and kissing her gently.
"Me too, Papa." Darian said, Michael kissing him as well.
"I'll always have kissies for my angels."
All three grinned, Michael sitting up.
"How long have I been asleep, love?" Justin said, smiling back at him.
"About two hours. I just got up half an hour ago myself. It's almost time for lunch, Jus. You should get up and get refreshed."
Justin nodded, lifting the two toddlers off  his chest, then playfully dumping them onto the bed, both laughing lightly.
Justin stood up, Michael playing with the children on their bed.
"Lynn and Lisa have lunch all prepared, and Seth and Tomas are here for lunch as well. I'll get the kids started on lunch. We're meeting with Ms. Matthews in an hour and a half."
Justin nodded, heading out of the room.
Ten minutes later he walked into the kitchen, Michael sitting at the table, the kids sitting in his and Lynn's laps. Seth and Tomas both gave Justin a hug, Kevin smiling at him.
"Something smells wonderful. Do I smell Lisa's chili dogs!!!" Justin smiled, Lisa pecking his cheek.
"That nose would find a flower in the dark." She laughed, Justin smiling.
"I knows whats I likes!!!" He said, Lisa lovingly slapping his ass.
Justin sat down beside Michael, Darian extending his hands from Lynn's lap.
Justin took the child, smiling at him.
"You all full, buddy?"
"Yeah, me have doggie." Darian smiled. Justin seeing ketchup on his chin, wiping it off.
"Awesome. Gramma Lisa makes the best dogs in the world."
Lonnie smirked, Lisa giving him a glare.
"Sorry, Gramma Lisa." Lonnie laughed, Lisa smacking him on the head.
"No problem. Longford!!."
Lonnie's face changed, his eyes looking downward.
"Longford? Oh man!" Paulo chirped, Justin holding in a laugh.
"It's a cool name, Lonnie." Michael smiled at him, Lonnie smiling shyly.
"My Mom named me after her father. What can I say?"
Lonnie smiled, Michael smiling back.
"So kiddies, what do you think of your Uncles Seth and Tomas?" Justin said, smiling at his little angels.
"They so cool. They smell like flowers." Shauna said looking at the two men.
Michael burst out laughing, Seth and Tomas blushing.
"Should have showered, boys." Michael said, smiling widely.
Both stuck their tongues out at him, the two kids laughing.
Everyone saw the happiness on the two tots' faces.
And it showed even more widely on Justin and Michael's.
"I can't believe how beautiful and large their blue eyes are." Seth said, looking at Shauna, the small child smiling quietly at him.
Justin agreed, putting three dogs on his plate, Michael adding salad.
"Dada hungy?" Darian said, looking at all the food Justin had.
"Dada's always hungry." Michael said playfully.
Justin smiled, picking up one of the dogs and taking a large bite.
Darian smiled watching, Justin eating.
They all chatted happily, Lynn quietly watching her two boys.
Her mind was on something, her eyes zeroing in on Michael.
She sighed, looking downward.

After lunch, Michael and Justin relaxed outside in the backyard with the kids, Lynn and Lisa cleaning up in the kitchen.
Justin ran around the backyard with Darian, Shauna and Seth, the little children giggling and laughing as Seth chased them.
Michael sat with Paulo, Lonnie, Kevin and Tomas, watching all the kids playing.
"Those are three special darlings you have, Mikey." Tomas said, smiling at Michael.
"Yes, they're beyond belief. I feel so lucky they've entered my soul." Michael said, smiling quietly, his eyes never moving far from them.
Justin fell to the ground, the two small kids laughing and climbing on top of them.
Seth laughed, rolling around also, Darian climbing now on top of him.
Lynn and Lisa walked out smiling,  Lynn sitting down beside Michael.
"Yes, your drops of sunshine are beautiful, Michael.:" She said, having heard Tomas' words.
Michael smiled at her, his eyes full of happiness.
Michael's cell phone went off, Michael pulling it out of his pocket.
"Hi, Michael here."
"Mikey!!! How are the new daddies??"
Michael's face beamed, Lynn smiling at him.
"Lancy!! The new dads are both fantastic! How's my blond cutie?"
Lance laughed, Michael feeling his happy mood.
"I'm doing good. At home with Josh. We both want you guys to know that we love you so much, and we're so happy that you've found two new souls to love. We can't wait to meet them. Their new uncles are going to shower them with presents."
Michael smiled, a tear in his eye.
"Thanks, Lance. I know they'll love their new Unkies. What's not to love?"
Lance teared up, Josh who was sitting beside him, rubbing his back.
"Josh wants to say hi, Mikey." Lance said, handing the phone to Josh, wiping his eyes.
Josh kissed his lover, Lance laying against him.
"Hey, Mikey!! What's this I hear about you smitten with two drops of liquid love?"
"That's what they are Josh. You won't believe how beautiful they are! It's like I've found two small Justins!"
Lynn smiled, Tomas and Lonnie  laughing.
"I'm so happy for you, bud! When are you coming home?"
"We don't know, Josh. It all depends on our meeting this afternoon with Social Services. We're hoping tomorrow or the next day at the latest. We want the kids to get adjusted to their new home as soon as possible."
"Awesome, Mikey! We'll watch the place, and have it ready for you."
"Thanks, Joshy."
"Lance wants to talk to you again. See you soon, Mikey."
"OK, Josh. Love ya."
"Love ya more, Mikey. Tell Justin I love him."
"Will do, Josh."
Josh handed the phone back to Lance, smiling at him.
"Hi, Mike. The reason I called was to tell you everything's a go for Saturday's surprise."
"Fantastic, Lance! Sorry I didn't call you sooner, been kinda busy. Thanks so much for doing everything."
"My pleasure, Mike. It's the least we could do for them and you, after what you did for us."
Michael smiled.
"You're both special men, my friends. Give Josh a hug for me. You can give him your own kisses."
Lance laughed, Michael feeling his happy mood.
"Talk to you later, Lancy."
"Love ya, Mike."
"Love ya back, Lance."

Lance hung up the phone, Josh pulling him into his arms.
"What's with my love giving his love away to everyone? When's his Joshy getting his?" Josh said, kissing Lance's neck, Lance smiling widely.
"I thought I gave my Joshy all my love this morning?"
Josh moaned, pushing Lance back on the couch, Josh's body now on top of him.
He stared into those deep green eyes that he'd so come to love.
"Your love is unending, my sexy blond angel." Josh said, kissing Lance deeply.
Lance broke the kiss looking into Josh's blue eyes, then Josh laid his head on Lance's chest.
"I'm so happy for Jus and Mikey." Josh said, running his fingers lightly over Lance's chest, slipping them under his open-necked shirt.
"Sweetie? I have an idea." Lance said, Josh looking up at him.
"How about we do something for them? Give them a big surprise. I have a wonderful idea."
Josh smiled, feeling Lance's giving heart.
"And what would that be, my blond angel?"
Lance smiled, telling Josh his idea.
"Oh, sweetie, that's fantastic!" Josh said, Lance smiling at seeing the happy look on Josh's face.
"Cool! How about we call Zach, Chris and Vicky, and Joey. I'm sure they'd all want to pitch in. We've got  at least a day to get organized."
"Awesome idea, love!"
Lance grinned, moving to get up, Josh pushing him back down.
"Such a wonderful, giving man deserves to be rewarded." Josh said, smiling down at his lover.
Lance looked up at him, Josh leaning down and kissing him passionately, Lance feeling Josh's blossoming desires.
Lance moaned lightly, lost in the intoxicating aroma as his lover's scent filled his nose.
Josh sat back up again, staring down at Lance.
In one movement Josh pulled his shirt over his head, Lance looking at his smooth, muscular chest.
He never tired of looking at his beauty.
Josh's chest was compact and muscular, two small nipples now standing erect.
A light dusting of hair shone in the light between his nipples, a darker patch running below his belly button to the top of his jeans.
Josh took Lance's right hand, guiding it to his chest. He so loved when Lance touched him.
Lance ran his hand over Josh's hard firm chest, feeling the heat radiating against his hand.
Lance's left hand sought out Josh's center, Josh moaning when Lance rubbed his growing hardness through his jeans.
"My baby's excited!" Lance said, staring up into Josh's lustful face.
"My baby's driving me wild!"
"Then maybe it's time I tamed that beast!" Lance said, pulling Josh down on top of him, moving his hands down, both finding a butt cheek to latch on to.
Their mouths connected again, both lost in their growing passion.
Josh's fingers expertly opened Lance's shirt, Josh's tongue licking downward.
He licked around Lance's erect nipples, a shudder running through Lance's body.
"Oh, Josh!" Lance moaned, Josh smiling, hearing the lust in Lance's trembling voice.
But Josh had a heated desire, a longing need.
He needed Lance inside him.
Josh's hands went to Lance's center, opening his tight cargos in one fast motion.
Within moments, the pants were pulled off him, Josh throwing them over his shoulder, his lips and tongue returning to Lance's body.
Lance gasped when Josh's fingers went into his boxers, Josh's hand wrapping around Lance's enlarged heated cock.
"Oh, God!" Lance moaned, licking his lips.
Josh pulled at the fabric, Lance lifting his ass, the boxers sliding down his muscled legs.
He lay naked now, Josh looking down at the vision of beauty before him.
"You just keep getting more beautiful, my angel." Josh said with heated emotion.
Lance looked into his eyes, seeing them burning with love.
"Then show me what that beauty does to you."
Within a heartbeat, Josh stood up beside the couch, his pants and briefs laying on the floor in seconds.
Lance looked at the vision of intense male physical beauty.
Josh's body was gleaning with a light dusting of sweat, every muscle bulging with anticipation.
His cock was at full mast, liquid leaking out the head.
Josh climbed back on top of Lance, their heated flesh pressing together.
"Your body sets my soul on fire. Your center takes my soul to a place of love." Josh said, lightly brushing his lips against Lance's.
Josh's body moved forward, Lance's lips attaching to his left nipple.
Josh moaned, but for only a moment.
Lance felt Josh's hand  move behind Josh, it guiding Lance's  throbbing cock towards Josh's ass,  Josh sighing.
In one backward thrust, Josh impaled himself on Lance's erect weapon.
It sank deep inside him, Josh's soul exploding with ecstasy.
"Oh God, my lance of love!" Josh screamed, Lance shocked with the sudden feeling that ripped through him.
In that one instant connection, their souls opened wide; both men feeling the love bursting forth.
Lance pulled Josh against him, Josh falling backwards, Lance moving forwards.
Now Lance lay on top of Josh, their souls and bodies joined.
Josh wrapped his legs around Lance's back, staring up into his green eyes.
Both men became lost in their souls, their vision blurring.
"Oh God, Lance! This is the best! Make me yours forever! Ram that lance of love deep into my soul! I'll be yours forever, if you just make love to me!"
Lance was lost in the pleading desire he felt emanating off Josh.
Lance leaned forward, kissing his lover deeply, their tongues seeking each other out.
Then Lance pulled back.
Almost all of him slipped out of Josh; at the last possible moment, Lance thrust forward again, sinking deeply into Josh.
Josh gasped, his head thrashing around.
Lance put both hands on each side of Josh's face, Josh opening his eyes.
Josh stared into his lover's eyes, seeing only love shining back at him.
"You are mine, forever." Lance said, his words filling Josh's mind with happiness.
Lance began a slowly increasing rhythm, sinking into Josh, body and soul.
This heated lovemaking was sending them on a roller coaster of emotions.
Both men felt their centers out of control, driven by passion.
In one final burst of ecstasy, Lance sank deep. His love erupted inside Josh, Josh exploding on his own. Both men lost in the heights of passion, falling together.
Their bodies gleaned with sweat, their passion sated from their bodies.
"Oh God, Lance! That was unbelievable!"
Josh kissed Lance's wet hair, wrapping his arms around him, Lance still inside Josh.
Lance kissed his chest, licking the sweat off his lover's nipple.
"Nothing's too good for my sexy beast!"
Josh smiled, Lance slowly pulling out of him, Josh feeling the emptiness and the wetness.
He contentedly smiled, Lance snuggling against him.
"I'll never tire of loving you, my angel." Josh said, Lance smiling up at him.
"Got that right, Mr. Stamina." Lance said, kissing his lips gently.
"Let's hit the shower love. Then we'll send that giving heart of yours soaring."
Lance smiled, pulling his lover up off the couch.

Back at the Avery home, the front doorbell rang, Kevin answering it.
He greeted Father Derrick and a younger woman, whom Father Derrick introduced as Teresa Matthews.
Kevin lead them to the patio, everyone still relaxing outside.
Paulo stood up, smiling at the priest.
"Hello Father." Paulo said, hugging him gently.
"Hello, my boy. Paulo, this is Teresa Matthews. Teresa, this is Paulo Garcia, Michael's cousin."
Teresa smiled, shaking his hand.
Paulo smiled, offering her a chair, introducing her to everyone.
She shook everyone's hand, Father Derrick looking around.
"Where's Michael and Justin?"
"They're in the bedroom changing the kids. They'll be out momentarily. Would you like a refreshment?" Paulo said smiling.
"A nice glass of water would be nice." Teresa said, Father Derrick agreeing, smiling back.
Paulo disappeared inside, returning shortly with two glasses of ice water.
Teresa and Father Derrick both thanked him.
Everyone quietly chatted, Teresa asking them all small questions about Michael and Justin.
A few minutes later, Justin walked out onto the patio, carrying Darian in his arms.
He smiled at everyone, walking to the table.
Father Derrick and Teresa stood up.
"Hello, Uncle." Justin said, Father Derrick smiling at the name, hugging him gently.
"Hello, my boy.  Hi, Darian. Justin, this is Teresa Matthews. Teresa, this is Justin Timberlake."
Teresa smiled, shaking his hand.
"It's a pleasure meeting you Mr. Timberlake. I've been a fan of your music for years." She said smiling, Justin beaming.
"I hope it's been enjoyable."
"Always." She said smiling. She saw his smiling face, seeing his eyes sparkling. She also thought she felt nervousness in that gaze.
"Please relax Mr. Timberlake. I'm not here to crucify you."
Justin blushed, then chuckled, Darian smiling at Teresa.
"Hi, Terry!!" Darian said smiling as she kissed his cheek.
"Hi, Darian. How's my big boy doing?."
"I'm doing great. Dada's fun."
Justin smiled, Teresa looking surprised at the name.
"Yes. He and Shauna started calling me that. It makes me so happy."
Teresa smiled.
"Where's the other half of this quartet, Justin?" Father Derrick smiled.
"Mico and Shauna will be right out. He's just getting juice for them." Justin said, sitting down at the table, Teresa smiling at his tender caring for the child in his arms.
Darian snuggled against Justin, playing with a car in his hand.
"So I guess a lot's happened in the last day or so." Teresa said smiling.
"Yes, two angels walked into my life. It's been so magical." Justin said, staring down at the smiling boy in his lap.
Everyone around the table smiled, including Teresa.
"He seems to be quite taken with you. I remember how shy he was the last time I saw him." She said, sitting her portfolio down on the table.
"Anyone would be happy sitting in Justin's lap."
Teresa looked up, seeing Michael standing at the patio doors, Shauna resting in his arms.
"And this must be the legendary Michael." Teresa said, smiling and standing up.
Michael smiled, walking over to the table.
"I wouldn't say legendary. Maybe phenomenal, but never legendary."
Everyone laughed, Teresa laughing as well, extending her hand.
Michael handed Justin two juice boxes, Justin taking them from him.
Michael shook her hand smiling into her blue eyes.
"A pleasure to meet you, Mr. Tavarro."
"Likewise, Teresa. And it's Michael."
"Alright, Michael."
"And I'm just Justin." Justin smiled, Michael sitting beside him, Shauna in his lap, Justin handing her her juice box which he'd opened.
Darian was already drinking his.
"As I was telling Justin, the kids have really taken a shine to both of you, as I can now see."
Michael smiled, running his fingers through Shauna's curly blond hair.
"It seemed to happen immediately. We just felt so comfortable around each other." He quietly said, Justin putting his arm on Michael's shoulder.
Teresa quietly watched the two men, smiling.
"I was telling Justin how shy they were the last time I saw them, about two weeks ago. They just clung to their mother."
Michael nodded, feeling Justin's warm contact.
"How are you doing, Shauna?" Teresa asked the little girl.
"I'm okay. Papa and Dada are lots of fun and I love them." She said smiling.
"Me too." Darian said, his small hands wrapped around the juice box.
Teresa smiled, surprised by their obvious happiness.
"Do you miss your mommy?" She said tenderly, Michael's brow furrowing.
"Papa says she with the angels. So I happy mommy's happy."
Teresa teared up a little, hearing the calmness in the little one's voice.
"Mommy said Papa and Dada would look after us. That makes me happy. They so kind."
Teresa smiled. The little girl then smiled, sucking now on the straw in her juice box.
"They seem calm and happy. I'm glad of that. Hopefully, they didn't experience anything too lasting from this tragedy." Teresa said.
"They won't have any repercussions from what's happened. Our love will now be all they will feel." Michael said, Teresa hearing the determination in his soft voice.
Teresa leaned back in her chair, looking quietly at both men.
"Father Derrick told me the whole story. I've read Serena's letter, her wanting you to take custody of  her children. Before that happens, we need to have a discussion."
Lynn and the others started to get up, Michael asking them to stay.
"This is our family. They can hear all that needs to be heard." Michael said, smiling at all of them.
Teresa smiled, looking at all of them.
"It's perfectly all right for them to stay."
Everyone sat back down, remaining quiet.
"You must have made quite an impression on Serena for her to leave you her children."
Michael smiled, liking this woman's directness.
"Yes, it surprised both of us. I wish I could have met her. For her to do something like this means that she had a caring soul. Justin and I both feel a sadness that she didn't have a chance to live life. But life changes, and these two angels now have a chance at a better life."
"Exactly, Michael." Justin said, Michael smiling at him.
Teresa looked at Justin, then Michael.
"Yours is a unique situation. I've never run across this type of dilemma."
"Dilemma? What do you mean? Do you not think we can do it?" Justin said, Michael immediately picking up on his feelings.
Michael put his hand now on Justin's shoulder. Justin immediately calmed.
"Can I ask you a question, Justin?" Teresa said, staring at him.
Justin nodded, Michael feeling nervousness in him.
"What's in all this for you?"
Justin looked totally surprised by her question.
As was Michael.
Then Justin started laughing. Everyone now looking at him with surprise.
Michael looked at his lover, then smiled.
He felt Justin's calmness now, and his happiness.
Justin smiled at Teresa, Teresa seeing the new look of happiness on his face.
"What an easy question! I thought you were going to ask me something difficult. "
"And what is your answer?" She said, looking at him with piqued interest.
Justin beamed at his own reply.
"That's what's in it for me. When I look into these two sets of blue eyes, and that gorgeous set of golden eyes, I find love. Unending love. I want that so much. I need that so much. These two little angels have given me their love, so easily. It's a wonderful gift. I can't get enough of it. It's now my life's driving force. I will spend the rest of my life loving them, in every possible way."
Michael had tears in his eyes, hearing the deep, honest feelings Justin was showing.
Michael leaned over, kissing him tenderly, Teresa quietly watching.
Michael looked back at her, smiling.
"Sitting here beside me is the real Justin Timberlake. The love junkie. Justin needs love so much, he hungers for it. And he gives it back threefold. To be loved by him is the greatest feeling in the world. Ask any of us. We all feel his love."
Justin beamed at Michael, feeling the deepness of his words.
Teresa sat up, folding her hands in front of her, looking directly at Michael.
"And what is in this for you, Michael? Love also?"
Michael stared at her, Teresa just realizing the specialness of his eyes.
They were so mesmerizing, as if you'd become lost in them.
But deep in them, she saw strong determination and love.
Michael gently handed Shauna to Justin, Shauna sitting in his lap beside Darian.
Justin looked into Michael's eyes, feeling the determination in his soul.
Michael smiled, looking into his blue eyes.
Michael turned back, looking again at Teresa.
"I'm sure before your coming here today that you read up on both of us. I"m sure you know of my past, and history."
Teresa nodded, patting her portfolio, Michael knowing she had.
Michael sighed, reflecting back on his own self.
"Up until yesterday, I never felt total happiness. My childhood was torturous, totally devoid of love. You know of what I speak. Through the continuing years, I discovered the love of my grandmother. The combined love of a grandparent and a mother. That's what she gave to me. That's what I want to give to them."
Michael looked over at the two small angels sitting in Justin's lap.
Both were looking at him, both smiling.
"Through the last few months, Justin's love entered my soul. He healed that tortured soul, that lost soul of forgotten love. I have so much to thank him for."
Justin smiled, a tear running down his cheek. He hugged the children a little closer, both smiling more.
Michael sat up more in his chair, everyone quietly watching him.
"The first moment that I looked into those needy blue eyes of these two angels, so many months ago, my heart was lost to them. I felt in my heart that somehow, one day, I'd meet them again. And that maybe through God's love these little angels might one day find it in their hearts to love me. Call it faith, call it destiny, I don't care. But I never gave up on that feeling. That feeling of reuniting love. I longed for that so much. I needed that so much. And here today, they have given me their hearts, and my heart is now complete. I will do everything in my heart to make sure that they never have the life that I had to lead. They were tragically destined for that life. My love for them, our love for them, has changed that course. Like my Nana's did for my life so many years ago. So I'll tell you what's in this for me. Happiness. Complete fulfilled happiness. For I know every moment that I spend with them, I will happy. I now have three hearts to love, three souls to love. And they'll have all my love returned."
Michael's cheeks were wet with tears, Teresa watching him.
Michael felt a tug on his shirt sleeve, turning his head.
Two sets of little arms were reaching out for him.
Michael took Shauna into his arms, Justin lifting Darian into his lap.
Justin put his arm around Michael, feeling the deep truth in all of Michael's shown feelings.
Everyone around the table had tears in their eyes, believing the depth of Michael's soul.
The two little children snuggled against Michael, sending him their love.
Michael wiped his eyes, Justin smiling at him.
Teresa sat back, pulling the portfolio off the table, opening it, writing down some notes, everyone remaining quiet.
She stopped writing, putting the portfolio back on the table, leaving it open.
She smiled at everyone, looking at the two small children.
"Little angels. Do you like being with Justin and Michael?"
"Yes. They're great!" Darian chirped, Michael smiling.
Teresa smiled, looking at them with their blue eyes gazing back.
They truly were two little angels, so cute and precious.
"Would you want them to look after you and take care of you?" She said, smiling at them.
"Yes, please!!" Both toddlers said, their faces wide with smiles.
Justin and Michael both teared up, everyone else looking at them with tears.
Teresa leaned back, picking up the portfolio again.
She wrote for a few minutes again.
Michael and Justin quietly waited, both calm.
Teresa stood up, picking up the papers she's been writing on.
She looked over at Father Derrick, smiling at him.
"Michael and Justin, if you would stand up here, and if I can get you to sign these forms, we'll get you going on that life of love and happiness."
Both men looked up at her, their faces wide with happiness.
"I think Darian and Shauna picked out some loving parents. I'm going to approve your legal guardianship."
Justin started crying, Paulo patting his back.
Michael stood up, hugging the two kids in his arms.
"Thank you, Terry." Michael said, Teresa seeing the happiness in his face.
Teresa smiled, pulling out her pen.
Lynn took Shauna from Michael, the little girl smiling at her.
Paulo took Darian, Justin hugging Michael, then both of them hugging Teresa.
Teresa was surprised but hugged back.
"This gives you legal guardianship. There will be an investigation of Serena's background. To see if there are any distant relatives. I know her mother kicked her out when she was seventeen. Serena said she told her to never come back. Other than that I'm not aware of any other family. Serena was all alone in the world. It truly was sad."
Michael hugged her again, Teresa smiling.
"She's in God's house, I truly believe that."
Teresa nodded, putting the forms down in front of them.
They both signed in different places, initialing several places as well.
"And now it's all done. I'll get these notarized and you'll receive a copy. Congratulations, Papa and Dada! They're yours to love!"
Both men beamed with happiness.
Each took a child in their arms, the little angels smiling at them.
"We go home now, Dada?" Darian asked, Justin smiling.
"Yep, little buddy, we go home!"

They all sat around the living room, the mood happy and festive.
Shauna and Darian sat on the floor, Seth sitting with them, all three playing with blocks.
Michael sat quietly beside Justin, Paulo on his other side.
Kevin had invited Teresa and Father Derrick to stay for dinner, she agreeing wholeheartedly.
Father Derrick had to beg off, duties at his orphanage pressing.
Michael and Justin chatted with Teresa, the kids playing in front of them.
"I read the reports on your life, Michael. I must say you have a lot of courage and resilience to overcome such a torturous young life."
"I went on. Part of myself always made me hope for something better, that life might improve. I just never imagined I'd be here, at this point in my life. Totally loved and happy."
Justin put his arm around him, Michael tenderly smiling at him.
Teresa smiled, seeing their love for each other shining through.
"I can't believe Justin Timberlake, pop star extraordinaire, is gay."
Justin smiled at her, Michael laying his head on Justin's shoulder.
"I'm in love with Michael. If that makes me gay in your eyes, then that's what I am."
Teresa nodded, looking now at both of them.
"What are your plans for the future? You do know that it will be difficult, and extremely expensive,  for you to legally adopt them. California law doesn't work well for gay couples. Even those as highly publicized at yourselves. But it is doable."
Justin quietly looked at her, Michael feeling his lover's feelings.
"We will adopt both of them. Shauna and Darian will be ours legally. I don't care what it costs. They will be our son and daughter." Justin said, everyone seeing the determination in his face.
Michael kissed his cheek, Justin smiling now.
"Justin and I both want that. We want Darry and Shauny to feel completely that we are their dads. Legally, morally and in the sight of God. Justin and I are getting married in two months."
Teresa smiled, congratulating them, everyone smiling.
"I wish you both happiness and a life of love. You both are remarkable in your openness. I believe you'll make a lot of people aware of gay issues and gay rights."
"We're not poster boys for gay rights. We love each other. That's what matters to us. If somehow our being open and free helps others, then that's a welcome bonus. But we're not doing this for fame or notoriety. We're doing this because we love each other and we love these two little angels." Justin said, looking down at their kids.
Teresa nodded, then smiled.
"You sound so much like someone I knew. She had a heart of deep love also. She was my life." Teresa said, her face changing with a look of sorrow.
Justin looked surprised, Michael smiling at her.
"She sounds like a special lady. I'm sorry for your loss."
Teresa nodded, her face changing slightly.
"Thank you, Michael. She was indeed that."
Michael watched her quietly, everyone sensing something between them.
"Life is about going on, Terry. About never giving up. Jasmine would have wanted you to."
Teresa's eyes widened, staring at this young man, who now was staring into her soul.
"How did you know her name?"
Michael stood up, walking over to her, sitting down beside her now.
"I felt her here, in your heart. Her love. I have a special talent for feeling people's pain. I guess maybe it's because I've felt so much pain in my own life. I guess I am a magnet for it."
Justin quietly watch Michael, feeling his soul.
"It wasn't your fault. It never was. It was fate and it was destiny. You couldn't have stopped it, no one could have."
Teresa face now changed even more, everyone seeing tears running down her cheeks.
"If I'd only done it instead of her! I was on the phone and she took the stuff in for me!"
"And what if you'd have done it? Then Jasmine would have lost you. It's fate, Terry. Fate alone robbed you of her love."
Teresa began crying, Michael putting his arm around her.
Her crying turned into sobs, Michael looking up at Lisa.
Lisa sat down on her other side, taking the young woman into her arms, Michael quietly watching, looking towards Justin. He saw Justin's loving look.
"I'm sorry. I haven't cried like this in a long time. Not since I'd lost her two years ago. And I've carried this blame around inside me since. I guess it's all come to boil."
"What happened Terry?" Justin said, smiling at her.
"She was my life and my love. We'd met in highschool. We'd fallen in love and been together for almost ten years. We had gone to lunch, having just finished. I was heading towards the bank, going in to drop off some forms for a loan. I got a call from a client, stopping to talk to her before I went in. Jasmine was beside me, taking the forms out of my briefcase, pointing towards the bank. She smiled at me and walked over into the bank. That was the last time I saw her alive."
Lisa hugged her closer, Teresa smiling.
"She walked right into the middle of a robbery. The robber took her hostage. He fled with her. They found her body two days later. He'd raped her then shot her. They found him a week later. He went to prison for life. What of my life? I'm the one who has been robbed!"
Michael looked at her tearing face, taking her hand in his.
"I'm deeply sorry for your loss. Life sometimes gives us great heartache. It's up to us to go on, to continue living life. You have, I know you have. I've seen it in your eyes. Many small children have benefitted from that. And many more will."
Teresa smiled, hugging Michael.
"That's right, Michael. It was hard but I went back to work, and it's become my life now."
"Work isn't a substitute for love. You'll always have her in your heart. But you have to live yourself. And that means having a life again. Take some time off, go on a cruise. I hear Hawaii is beautiful at this time of year."
Teresa smiled, looking around at everyone.
"You're all so lucky. To have this tender man in your midst. I sense a great love shines from you, I think it just touched my heart."
"If you think this is awesome, wait till you taste my spaghetti sauce."
Teresa laughed, Michael and everyone else smiling.
"You okay now?" Michael said, looking into her eyes.
"Yes, Michael. Thanks for caring."
"Anytime. My door and my heart are always open."
Justin smiled, seeing Michael's tender way of sharing his love.
"I'm heading to the kitchen, time for Mikey's menu to shine!" Michael said, hugging her again, Terry smiling.
"Can't wait, Michael!" She said, chuckling.
"It's Mike. My friends call me that."
She smiled nodding.
"Thanks, Mike."
Michael smiled, standing up, walking into the kitchen.
Lonnie leaned over to Paulo, whispering in his ear.
"Mike's love just shone again. That man has a heart of pure giving."
"Don't we all know it, Longford."
Lonnie leered at him, then laughed.

They all enjoyed a wonderful dinner, compliments of Michael.
His spaghetti sauce was a big hit as were his rolls.
Two dozen quickly disappeared, everyone loving Michael's menu of Italian food.
After dinner, Michael and Justin made phone calls to their friends and family.
They wanted everyone to be up to date on their new family.
Justin called Lance and Josh, and then Joey.
Michael called Chris and Vicky.
He spent twenty minutes on the phone talking to his former roommate.
Vicky was an emotional wreck, sobbing and crying when Michael told her the wonderful news.
"You're going to have the best babysitter ever! Me!!"
Michael teared up through the whole phone call.
After Vicky, Michael called Zach.
"Hello, Zach speaking."
"Zacky!!! How's my favorite bro?!!!
"Mikey!!! You twisted angel! How's the super daddy?"
"Justin is doing great."
Zack laughed, Michael feeling his happiness in his voice.
"Cricket and I saw the news reports, Mike. What you've done for those kids, what you're going to do for them. It's just so unbelievable!"
Michael smiled, Justin feeling his emotions.
Justin moved down the couch, snuggling against him, putting his arm around him.
"Thank you, Zach. Jus and I now have two little treasures. We couldn't be more happy."
Zach felt Michael's happiness.
"Michael, I just want you to know that I'm proud of you. The little boy I first met has grown up into a giving, loving, caring man. And now that man's becoming a Dad. You won't believe how wonderful that is! Those two angels will fill your heart with total happiness, just as my Becky has done for me. Christina and I will be here for you in every way. All you have to do is ask, and we'll be there. We love you, Michael. All of us."
Michael was in tears, Justin feeling his emotions .
"Your sister wants to talk to you, Mikey. I'll see you soon, love ya."
"Love ya, Zacky. See you soon."
Michael soul soared with happiness hearing his sister's voice come on the line.
"Michael! My loving brother! Words fail me. I'm so happy for you! I can't believe it, my brother has a family now! Justin must be beyond happy?"
"He is Cricket. He's totally happy."
Justin smiled, kissing his lover's cheek.
"Michael. I love both of you so much. I'm so happy for you. I always knew you'd spread your love to a child's heart, I just never imagined it would be two. Bless all of you. You have my love always. We'll all be there for you."
Michael was sobbing now, Justin taking the phone from him, knowing his sister had said something touching.
"Hey, Cricket."
"Hello, Justin. Is Michael okay?"
"He's just overcome with love for you. Thanks for loving him so much."
"It's so easy to do. I love you too, brother. We're all so happy for both of you. We'll be down soon to see those little treasures. Someone wants to say hi."
Justin's heart filled with happiness, hearing a small excited voice come on the line.
"Uncle Justin? Is that you?"
"Yes my little princess. It's your Uncle Justin."
Michael looked up, smiling at Justin's love for the little girl.
"Mommy says you have kiddies now!"
"Yes, Becky. Uncle Justin and Uncle Mikey have two little angels now. And you're going to be their big sister."
"Yes, Becky. They're going to love you and you're going to love them."
The little girl squealed, Justin putting the phone away from his ear, Michael hearing it as well, smiling.
"Mommy! Mommy! I'm gonna be a big sister!!!"
Justin smiled, hearing the happiness in his little princess' voice.
Cricket came back on the line.
"You just made a little girl extremely happy, Justin."
"I meant every word. She will be Darry and Shauny's big sister. I love her just as much."
Michael teared up, smiling at Justin, leaning up and kissing his lips.
"We'll let the two of you get back to your angels, Jus. We'll see you on the weekend."
Justin smiled, remembering they were coming for Michael's planned surprise.
"Okay, Cricket. Love ya."
"Bye, Jus. Love ya both."
Justin smiled, ending the call.
Michael hugged him to him, the two smiling at each other.
"I can't wait to see them. And all our family." Michael said, smiling more.
"Yep, me either."
"I've one more call to make. To Uncle Silas."
Justin smiled, handing the phone to Michael.
Michael called his Uncle, talking to him for almost a half hour.
When he finished the call, Justin put his arm around him, feeling Michael's quieted soul.
"You okay, babe?"
"Yeah, Jus. I just need a moment alone."
Justin nodded, Michael getting up, Justin seeing a tear on his cheek.
Michael quietly walked out of the room, going out the patio doors.
Everyone in the room sensed who Michael's mind was on.
Everyone except Teresa.
"Is everything ok with Michael?"
Paulo smiled quietly at her, talking to her about Michael.

A half hour later, Justin began to stand up to go check on Michael.
Lynn stood up, putting her hand on Justin's shoulder.
"Stay with your little angels, Jus. I'll go see how Michael's doing."
Justin smiled, sitting back down, Shauna wanting up into his lap, Justin lifting her up.
She looked up at him, Justin smiling down at her.
"Papa okay?"
"Yes, sweetie. He's just thinking of his Nana."
Shauna nodded, snuggling up against him, Justin looking back up into his mother's smiling face.
"Thanks, Mom."
She kissed his cheek, quietly walking out onto the patio.
She saw Michael sitting in the garden, the evening sun shining down on him like a heavenly mist.
She quietly walked over, watching him running his fingers through the flowers growing in front of him.
She saw the tears on his cheeks, seeing the wetness of his golden eyes.
"Is this seat taken, son?"
Michael looked up at her, moving over to let her sit down.
She sat down beside him, looking around the garden.
"It's a beautiful, lovely garden."
"Yes, Seth's magical touch did all this. It's his love showing through."
Lynn smiled, looking at the beauty that Seth had created.
Then she looked at Michael, seeing him quietly looking at the flowers.
"She would be so happy for you, Michael. Her heart would be so wrapped up in those two angels."
"Three weeks. It's only been three weeks. Why couldn't she have lived a little longer? They would have felt her love like I did for so many years. And she could have seen their loving smiles. "
Lynn wrapped her arm around him, Michael letting his head fall onto her shoulder.
"Who says she hasn't seen them, Michael? I think she's right here, with you always. Can I tell you something?"
Michael nodded, quietly listening to her.
"Justin told me all about the letter Serena had left. About an angel guiding her to do this. To give you her children to love and be loved. You said it was Daniel. I think you're wrong, Michael. I feel in my heart it was Nana."
Michael raised his head, looking into her loving face.
"Yes, Michael. I think it was she who guided that lost girl, to show her that someone else with a loving soul could make her children happy."
Michael stared at her, remembering Augustus' words in his vision. That Nana was busy doing God's work.
It all made sense now to him, what had happened.
"Oh God, it was her! She knew that I'd love these children because I'd been loved by her. She knew my giving soul would give them all they need. Like she once did for me. Thank you, Lynn for showing me the truth!"
Lynn smiled, then her face changed a little, Michael seeing a little sorrow in it.
"Are you okay, Mom?"
Lynn looked up into his loving golden eyes, seeing them searching her soul. Those deep golden eyes.
"I've carried a shame in my heart for a long time, Michael. The shame of my not believing in you."
Michael put his arms around her, seeing that she was about to unburden her soul.
"That first day, when you stood in my doorway, the sun shone behind you like a halo showing your goodness. I hated you at that moment. Because I thought you'd destroyed my son's life. How wrong I was. You entered my son's heart and gave him so much. Justin had always been moody, needy and in essence a child. You've given so much more to him. He's become this loving, giving man. I wasn't always the total mother, Michael. I focused more on his career, his life's work than on being a full mother to him. I should have given him more love, instead he's feared me, but he's always listened to me. You were the first person who made Justin stand up to me. And you did it with love."
Michael smiled, kissing her cheek, Lynn smiling.
"I'm sorry, Michael. Sorry for not seeing from the start your deep love for my son. You bared your soul to me for him, and I just couldn't believe that you did that. But sitting here now, today, I see that it was an easy thing for you to do. Because in your eyes, and most importantly in his, I see a deep eternal love. And I now look at those two small children and I know that they'll benefit all their lives from that joined soul of love. I love you Michael. Forgive me for taking so long to say that."
Michael hugged her tightly, Lynn lightly crying on his chest.
Michael looked toward the patio, seeing Justin standing quietly watching them, their two children in his arms.
His eyes were full of tears, Michael knowing he's heard his mother's words.
All three sets of blue eyes were on the two people sitting on a bench in the middle of a flowery paradise.
"You have nothing to be forgiven for. I've waited a long time for you to say that, it means the world to me. That I have your love now. I love you too, Mom. And you're wrong. You gave Justin all your love, he's walked with it in his heart. I saw it the first moment I looked into his eyes. He was raised in love, in your love. Thank you for giving me the man I fell in love with. He's that man because of you."
Lynn smiled, hugging him tightly.
"I'll always be here for you Michael. I know you miss Nana greatly, but I'd like to feel that if you need a mom, I'd like to try and fill that void."
Michael teared up, Lynn wiping his face.
"I'd like that, Mom."
Lynn smiled, seeing a happy smile on his face again.
"Right now, I think your grandkids need their grandmother."
Lynn turned, seeing Justin smiling at both of them, tears in his eyes.
He felt in Michael's soul the love his mother was giving him.
Lynn smiled, Michael and her standing up, walking towards their three loving kids.

End of Chapter 118

And so Justin and Michael have their greatest desires fulfilled.
They now have two angels to love completely.
And Michael has a new mom to love.
Onward we go on this journey of family love.
There's a big surprise waiting for them when they return home.
Thanks to their caring brother Lance.
What's the big surprise that Michael has planned?
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