Justin's Angel-119

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Michael looked toward the patio, seeing Justin standing quietly watching them, their two children in his arms.
His eyes were full of tears, Michael knowing he's heard his mother's words.
All three sets of blue eyes were on the two people sitting on a bench in the middle of a flowery paradise.
"You have nothing to be forgiven for. I've waited a long time for you to say that, it means the world to me. That I have your love now. I love you too, Mom. And you're wrong. You gave Justin all your love, he's walked with it in his heart. I saw it the first moment I looked into his eyes. He was raised in love, in your love. Thank you for giving me the man I fell in love with. He's that man because of you."
Lynn smiled, hugging him tightly.
"I'll always be here for you Michael. I know you miss Nana greatly, but I'd like to feel that if you need a mom, I'd like to try and fill that void."
Michael teared up, Lynn wiping his face.
"I'd like that, Mom."
Lynn smiled, seeing a happy smile on his face again.
"Right now, I think your grandkids need their grandmother."
Lynn turned, seeing Justin smiling at both of them, tears in his eyes.
He felt in Michael's soul the love his mother was giving him.
Lynn smiled, Michael and her standing up, walking towards their three loving kids.

Chapter 119

The next morning was a day of beautiful sunshine, and busy activity.
Seth and Tomas left early, heading for their shop.
Michael, who was up first as usual, promised they'd all stop by before leaving town.
Seth and Tomas both smiled widely, loving that idea.
Justin and the kids walked in just as they were getting ready to leave.
The two young men kissed the little angels goodbye, both men feeling their presence now in their hearts.
They'd be loving Uncles forever.
Michael cooked breakfast for everyone, Justin playing with both kids.
They'd all slept together in the spare room, the two kids nestled between the two of them.
Everyone soon was up, sitting down to breakfast, laughter and happiness abounding.
Father Derrick showed up just as everyone started, giving Jus and Mico their paperwork.
"It's all been notarized. Terry says she'll call you in a few days, to set up a review date."
Both men smiled, both having a deep affection for the young woman.
"You did good yesterday, Mico. Bringing her out of her loneliness." Father Derrick said, smiling.
"My Mico can make anyone's blue mood disappear." Justin said.
Michael smiled, kissing him on the cheek.
"I did more than that, Jus. I helped her on the road to happiness."
Everyone looked at him, seeing a smile pass his lips.
"Okay, sweetie. Spill." Justin said, Michael smiling.
"I had a vision."
Justin grinned, everyone looking at him with wonder.
"I saw her on a beach, in a bright Hawaiian dress. She was sitting beside another young woman, the two with their arms wrapped around each other. They kissed, Jus."
Justin smiled, kissing his cheek.
"So that's why you suggested the Hawaiian cruise."
"She needed a push in the right direction, what can I say?"
Everyone laughed, marveling at Michael's passion for helping people fall in love.
"Life is about taking chances, Jus. Hell, where would I be if I hadn't let you fall in love with me?"
Justin smirked, looking into Michael's mischievous eyes.
"Oh. You let me?"
"Well , okay, I wanted you to fall in love with me. How's that?"
Justin leaned in kissing him tenderly.
"Much better."
Everyone smiled at the tender moment.
The calmness was shattered by Darian banging his spoon on his plate.
"Our boy's hungry, Jus."
Justin grinned, grabbing some food to fill his son's little tummy.
Michael fed Shauna, the little girl just as hungry.
"We're going to be eaten out of house and home, love." Jus said, Michael smiling.
"Home. Our home. I can't wait to get back. We've got a lot of shopping to do."
Justin smiled, his eyes widening.
"Oh God. He's got that look, Mikey!!" Paulo said, everyone laughing.
Michael smiled at his lover, shaking his head.
"I don't want them spoiled, Tigger."
"I'm just going to get them what they need."
Michael smiled, knowing Justin would make sure they wanted for nothing.
"We'll have to set up a room, get some new furniture, stuff for them. I"m thinking the room across from our bedroom. I want them close." Michael said smiling at the two kids eating.
Justin felt Michael's love for the two of them, and his need to have them close.
"I was thinking the same thing, love. " Justin said, giving Darian a juice cup of milk.
They smiled at each other, everyone seeing their togetherness.
"Oh, before I forget, I picked up all the newspapers. Let's have a look how things are shaping up." Father Derrick said, opening a bag he'd carried in.
He handed out the papers to everyone, all of them scanning them.
They all perused the papers seeing Justin and Michael's pictures from the press conference and other photographs.
Some of the headlines were less than flattering.

Timberlake and Boytoy Save Kiddies

Famous Gay Twosome Drawn Into Murder

Kids Saved By Singer and Gay Boyfriend

Justin Timberlake and Michael Tavarro Save Children From Sex Pervert

Famed Gay Duo Raising Kids of Murdered Teenager

Timberlake and Tavarro Heroes in Children's Eyes

"I like that last one. The rest are pathetic." Justin said, his brow furrowing a bit.
"The freedom of the press." Michael said quietly, throwing the paper in his hand down.
Michael kissed his cheek, Justin smiling again.
"Don't let it bother you sweetie. They mean nothing against what we have here with us."
Justin looked down at their two angels, both smiling up at him.
"It doesn't bother me, love. All I care about is them."
Justin smiled, Michael picking up Shauna from Lynn's lap.
"We need to get packed, love. Then let's head home."
Justin smiled widely, Darian clapping his hands together.
A half hour later, Lonnie and Paulo had all the bags in the back of the SUV.
Michael had called Lance, letting him know they'd be home in a few hours.
They'd decided to drive there, foregoing any press contact at the airports.
A quiet drive, even though a few hours, would ensure their privacy.
"All loaded and ready, Mikey." Lonnie said smiling.
Michael smiled, Justin putting the kids' jackets on, Lynn and Lisa grabbing their own coats.
Michael looked at Kevin, smiling.
"Thanks for the Avery hospitality, Kev."
Kevin smiled, hugging him tightly.
"Was no prob, Mikey. Was a pleasure in fact."
Justin smiled, kissing Kevin's cheek.
"You be happy. And take care of my cousin. Have fun in Boston." Michael said, smiling at him.
"Will do, Mikey. We'll both see you soon." Kevin said smirking, Michael winking at him.
Father Derrick smiled, opening the door for all of them.
They were stopping at his orphanage, as well as the flower shop, on their way out of town.
Michael and Justin wanted to see the progress being made on the orphanage.
In their rush to find the twins they hadn't had time.
Kevin waved goodbye to them all, standing in his front yard.
Within ten minutes they were at the orphanage, Justin and Michael carrying a child each.
They walked into Father Derrick's office, Sister Margaret smiling widely.
"And here are the two treasures! Don't they look happy!"
"Yes, we are. Thanks." Justin said, smiling widely.
Sister Margaret laughed, pointing to the children.
The two kids smiled shyly, Justin and Michael both saying warm hellos to the nun.
"Your phone's been going nonstop, Father. The reporters just won't let up. This is big news, for all of us."
Michael looked at his uncle, Father Derrick smiling quietly.
"Our involvement in this has created a stir around here. I've refused all interviews, stating it wasn't our position to make statements on your lives."
Michael smiled, hearing the protective love in his uncle's voice.
"Thank you, Uncle."
"So, let's see how things are coming." Father Derrick said, smiling.
Everyone followed him, the priest showing them the new site.
It was progressing nicely. The large three story building was erected, although the insides were still under construction.
Forty eight rooms would house at least two hundred children.
"Once this building is in use, the other can be demolished and the new school, auditorium and church can be built." Michael said quietly.
Father Derrick looked at him, putting his arm around him and Justin.
"I can't believe the giving hearts you two have! To do all this for these children! You must come to the dedication ceremony, you have to be here."
Michael smiled at Justin.
"Wouldn't miss it for the world, Father." Justin said, the priest smiling.
They took a tour of everything, the priest bubbling with happiness.
An hour later they were standing beside the SUV, Father Derrick hugging everyone goodbye.
He kissed the two small toddlers in Justin's arms, then turned looking into his nephew's golden eyes.
"I never would have imagined the love and happiness I see on your face, Michael. The love this man and these beautiful children now give you. My heart swells with happiness for you, my son. Be happy, be loved and most of all, be you."
Michael teared up, hugging the man tightly.
"I love you, Uncle."
"Love you too, my Michael."
The two parted, everyone getting into the vehicle.

Ten minutes later they were knocking on the front door of The Broken Branch.
The shop was now free of paper in the windows and the door.
Seth opened the door, his smile wide and large.
"Awesome, you all came!!"
"And how could we not? Two workers of beauty deserve a break." Michael said, smiling, a large bottle of Coke in his hand.
Seth smiled, Tomas climbing down off a ladder, his chest bare, a layer of glistening sweat on his chest.
He'd been up on the ladder painting the ceiling.
"Last bit of painting to do." Tomas smiled, Michael smiling back.
"I'd hug you but you're all sweaty." Justin said, wrinkling his nose.
Everyone laughed, Tomas blushing.
Michael didn't hesitate, pulling his cousin into his arms, Tomas smiling widely.
Michael looked down at the eagle tatoo on Tomas' shoulder, his eyes fixed to it.
"For the Carrier shall soar to new heights."
Justin looked at Michael, just catching his word.
"What did you say, Mikey?" Seth said, Michael looking at him.
"Nothing important. So how goes the setup?"
Seth smiled, showing everyone around.
Coolers lined one wall, as did display cases and other counters.
"All the cases are ready, should be only a couple of days till we're all set up. We want to show you something. We hope it's okay?" Tomas said, pulling Michael by the arm, Shauna giggling at Tomas from Lynn's arms.
Everyone followed to the area where a register was set up.
"Look at this." Seth said, smiling at everyone .
Michael looked at the middle of the back wall, seeing a large covered picture frame above a wooden case, which also was covered.
Seth pulled on the coverings, the picture and case now revealed.
The picture was of Michael and Justin, holding the Timberlake and Tavarro roses.
Below the picture was a glass case, housing the three trophies that Seth had won for the roses.
A plaque was just below the picture.
Tomas pulled a cloth off the plaque revealing it.

Justin Timberlake and Michael Tavarro
Holding the award winning
Timberlake and Tavarro Roses
Our friends in love
Who will forever have our love
May 11, 2007

Michael and Justin both looked at the two young men, Justin pulling the shirtless Tomas against him, hugging him tightly.
Michael hugged Seth, feeling his happiness.
"Thanks, guys. That's beautiful." Michael said smiling at them.
"Because of you two, we've realized our dreams. Thanks to both of you for loving us." Tomas said, tears in his eyes.
Lonnie pulled out a bottle of champagne from behind his back, Paulo holding up a bag of plastic glasses.
"Time to toast the new venture, boys." Michael said, both men smiling widely.
Justin opened the bottle, pouring out the cold champagne into the plastic glasses, Paulo handing everyone a glass.
Michael raised his, everyone smiling.
"Here's to The Broken Branch. Forged in love, opening in happiness. Bless its owners with a lifetime of happiness and prosperity. Flowers shall bloom from their hearts of love. Cheers to you, Seth and Tomas!"
Everyone cheered, the two young men smiling, their arms wrapped around each other.
They received hugs and kisses from everyone, Michael holding Shauna, quietly watching the two.
His mind was focused on a bird, tattooed on Tomas' shoulder.
The bird of his future.

An hour later, the group of travelers climbed back into their SUV, Michael and Justin sitting in the middle seat with Shauna and Darian, Lynn and Lisa in the back seats, Lonnie and Paulo in the front.
Seth and a now-shirted Tomas stood at the car's middle window, smiling in at Michael and Justin and their two bundles of joy.
"Have fun, Seth and Tomas. Wish we could be here for the opening, I'm sure it will be a resounding success." Michael said, smiling at them.
"No worries, Mikey. We know in our hearts it will. How can it not be when the Roses of love are our main selling point?" Seth said, his smile wide and happy.
Everyone in the vehicle smiled, waving goodbye.
They pulled out onto the street, Lonnie smiling as he looked ahead.
"Lonnie?" Justin said.
"Yeah, JT?"
"Head her for home."
Michael smiled, looking over at his lover, then down at his two now sleeping angels.
"Home. God, it's going to be so wonderful." He said, Justin tearing up at the happiness he felt in Michael.
"Yes my love. A family at last."

Almost four hours later, after stopping twice to let the kids stretch a bit, their vehicle pulled up onto the street of their neighbourhood.
The two little kids were looking around smiling.
"Almost home, my angels." Michael said quietly to them, Lynn and Lisa smiling from the back seat.
Justin looked ahead, his brow furrowing.
"Looks like we have company."
Michael looked ahead, seeing the vans and truck.
The paparazzi were out in full force.
"Ready for this, Mikey and Jus?" Lonnie said, he and Paulo looking ahead.
"Ready as we'll ever be. Thank goodness for tinted glass." Michael said, he and his lover sitting up more, ready to conceal the kids from the reporters.
The vehicle moved ahead.
Within a hundred yards of their front gate, they were surrounded by flashing cameras and reporters.
Lonnie drove slowly onward, through the mass of journalists.
The flashing lights were unending, Michael and Justin shielding the two toddlers from their brightness.
The front gate opened, Jim smiling at the approaching car.
Ryder, Jim and Marcus were all standing at the gate, prepared to intervene if anyone decided to move forward.
This was private property and they would defend that privacy.
Finally, and slowly, the SUV made it through the gates, Jim and Marcus closing them quickly.
The cameras continued to zoom in on the vehicle, the press dying to get that first shot of Justin and Michael with the children.
It wasn't going to happen.
As Lonnie drove up the circular driveway, everyone noticed the five cars sitting in the driveway.
"Looks like we got company, Mikey." Paulo said smiling.
They pulled up by the front door, Marcus and Ryder following the vehicle on foot.
Both men smiled at the opening doors of the vehicle, Paulo smiling at them.
"Just a moment, guys. We've got to blind them." Ryder said.
Paulo looked questioningly at them, the two guards walking over to the front door.
Ryder pulled on a large eight foot upright roll of what looked like canvas.
He and Marcus pulled on the canvas, it unrolling from the roll.
They walked around the vehicle, a sheet of canvas following them.
Paulo smiled realizing what was happening.
The entrance to the house and the vehicle was now covered in canvas, no one being able to see anyone going from the vehicle to the front door.
"Awesome idea, guys!" Paulo said, Justin and Michael stepping out of the vehicle as Ryder and Marcus came around the front of the SUV.
"It was Chris' idea actually."
Everyone smiled, Justin and Michael lifting out their children.
"Welcome home, angels." Justin said, the two kids smiling as they looked at the cocoon they were in.
Justin carried Darian, Michael carrying Shauna.
Paulo walked ahead of them, smiling.
He reached the front door first, stopping in front of it.
He turned smiling at his two brothers.
"Welcome home, brothers. To a home of love and happiness. Welcome two angels of love to your new home."
Michael and Justin smiled at him, the two kids smiling as well.
Paulo opened the front door wide.
Justin and Michael walked in, totally shocked.
Standing in their front hallway was all their family.
Randall, Paul, Jonathan, Stevie, Vicky and Chris.
Joey, Brianne and Kelly, Lance and Josh.
Zach, Christina and Becky, and Jake.
They were all clapping excitedly, Justin and Michael tearing up.
Above them was a larger banner, hanging from the ceiling.


The two little toddlers in their arms shyly clung to their dads.
They looked around with wide eyes at all the people.
Justin kissed Darian's cheek, smiling through tears.
"This is your family, Darry and Shauny. All our brothers and sisters."
Everyone smiled, Lance walking up to his friends.
"Welcome home, guys! And welcome to your happiness, Darian and Shauna! Aren't you so beautiful?"
They both smiled, Darian reaching out his hands.
Lance looked shocked, taking the small boy into his arms, Justin smiling.
"Hi." Darian said, smiling up at him, mesmerized by Lance's green eyes.
"Hello little man. I'm your Uncle Lance."
"Hi, Unky Lance."
Lance grinned widely, falling in love with this small angel.
Everyone walked up, hugging and kissing the two men, smiling at the little angels.
"They're so beautiful, Mikey!" Vicky said through tears, kissing his cheek, looking at Shauna.
"Hi." Shauna said smiling.
She stretched out her hands, Vicky taking her gently into her arms.
"Aren't you the most precious angel?" She said, tears in her eyes, Chris smiling beside her.
"Thanks for the canvas idea, Chris. Kudos!" Michael said smiling.
"Well, I didn't think the world was ready for your ugly puss with an angel beside it."
Michael laughed, Chris smiling.
"God, it's good to be home." He said, everyone seeing the happiness on his face.
Everyone walked into the living room, Michael and Justin taking the kids back, sitting down on the couch.
The little toddlers looked around, in awe.
"This is big, Dada." Darian said, everyone smiling.
"Dada?" Josh said amazed.
"I'm Dada, Mico's Papa. Their choices." Justin said, smiling widely.
Everyone smiled, Becky walking up, standing in front of them.
"Hi I'm Becky. I'm going to be your big sister!!"
Everyone laughed, the two little toddlers smiling.
Stevie walked up beside Becky, smiling.
"I'm Stevie. I'm your big brother. Justin's my big brother."
Justin teared up, Michael quietly smiling at him.
"Hi Becky." Shauna said giggling.
"Hi Stevie." Darian laughed, Justin laughing.
Stevie and Becky sat down smiling at the toddlers, Justin and Michael giving them room.
Shauna played with Becky's hair, the little girl giggling.
"See Becky. I told you they'd love you." Justin said, smiling down at his little princess.
"I love them too, Uncle Justin."
Justin smiled, leaning down, kissing her cheek.
"Wow, Jus! Your kids are cool!" Stevie said.
Michael laughed.
"Sorry, Mikey. Your kids too." Stevie said, blushing.
Michael smiled, ruffling his hair.
"Shauny and Darry, you are so lucky. You have a new brother and sister. As well as lots of loving uncles and aunts, and special grandparents." Justin said, tears in his eyes.
Darian smiled, climbing down out of Justin's lap, Shauna doing the same.
Becky and Stevie got up, sitting down on the floor with them, Justin and Michael smiling.
The four kids giggled and laughed, Becky showing them her doll.
"They're perfect little angels, boys." Randall said, Justin smiling up at his Dad.
"Thanks, granddad."
Randall blushed then laughed.
Justin and Michael told them everything that had happened, everyone wrapped up in silence.
"Amazing, Jus. Just simply amazing. Someone is watching out for those angels." Kelly said, Joey smiling.
Joey had sat down with the kids, the two toddlers now climbing all over him.
They had another teddy bear to play with.
"Yes, and I believe with all my heart it's my Nana." Michael said, Lynn smiling at him.
Everyone smiled, Lance sitting down beside Michael.
He looked around at everyone, everyone nodding.
"Michael and Justin, I've been elected to be the spokesman for all of us."
Justin and Michael looked at each other, smiling, wondering what was going on.
"We, your family, friends and loved ones, want to express to you our deep happiness in your finding these two angels to love. This is a result of God's love. God's wanting you two to spread your giving hearts to these two loving souls. We couldn't be happier for you. We, all of us, will be here for you in every way. In any way you need. We all love you deeply. Welcome home. To your new family home."
Michael and Justin were in tears, Michael hugging Lance tightly.
Everyone else stepped forward, the two men hugging all of them, their little angels smiling up at the loving embracing going on above them.
"I want kissies." Shauna said, her arms extended upwards, Darian following her example.
Josh leaned down, lifting the little girl, Randall picking up his grandson.
Both men kissed the little child in their arms, each smiling widely.
Justin and Michael smiled at their angels accepting everyone so easily.
They pointed out everyone, naming them all off to the two children, both shyly smiling at each person.
"I like you Unky Josh." Shauna said, looking into his blue eyes.
He smiled, kissing her cheek again, tears showing in his eyes.
"I like you Shauny."
"You sing like Dada?"
Josh laughed, wondering how she knew that.
"Yes, angel. I sing like Dada."
Justin smiled widely, the two kids looking around quietly.
"Chris, Joey and Unky Lance sing too." Darian said, smiling at his sister.
Everyone looked surprised, then looked at Justin and Michael.
They both took a child back into their arms, looking around at everyone.
"Don't ask us how it is, but we both believe that they may be gifted."
Everyone looked in surprised shock.
"Really, Jus?" Lynn said, looking in awe.
"Yes, Mom."
Michael silently looked at Shauna in his arms, the little girl smiling up at him.
"It just makes them more special." He said smiling, kissing her forehead, the little girl giggling.
Everyone smiled, remaining quiet.
"Okay, Jus and Mikey. We have a surprise for you. This all was Lance's idea." Josh said, smiling at his lover.
Justin and Michael looked at Lance, Lance smiling widely.
"Follow me, guys. " He said, walking out of the room.
Justin and Michael followed, everyone following smiling to themselves.
They walked up the stairs, Justin and Michael looking at each other.
Michael and Justin could hear music playing when they reached the top, looking at each other.
Lance stopped in the hallway, smiling at them.
"I had an idea of what you needed. The thought of you bringing these two angels home unprepared just didn't seem right." Lance said smiling.
He stood in the hallway between the doorway leading into Justin and Michael's bedroom and the door across the hall. It was closed.
"All of us worked all night, getting this ready for our new angels." Lance said, walking to the door across from their bedroom.
He opened it, the music now clear and loud. It was Brahm's Lullaby.
Justin and Michael walked into the room, staring in shock.
Everyone crowded into the room, standing in the doorway.
It was completely refurnished.
A large crib sat in the center of the room, a change table, dresser and other items surrounding it.
"Oh, Lancy!" Michael said, walking around the room.
A rocking chair sat in one corner, a lamp beside it.
"For those nights when they need rocking." Lance said, a tear in his eye.
The walls were covered in flowers and teddy bears, stuffed animals all over the furniture.
Michael picked up a white bear, the name Shauna embroidered on its tummy.
"That mine?" Shauna said, Michael handing her the bear.
"Yes sweetie, it says Shauna." Michael said, his eyes full of tears.
"This is so beautiful. We were just talking about this this morning. About making this room their's."
Lance beamed, glad he'd figured right.
"It is their room, Michael. It was always meant to be."
Michael started crying, Lynn taking Shauna from him, Lance hugging him tightly.
"Oh, Lancy! What a beautiful idea! Thank you so much! Thank you, all of you!"
Everyone smiled, Justin setting Darian down in the large crib, handing him his brown bear, similarly embroidered with his name.
Lance guided Michael into Justin's arms, Justin hugging him gently, his own eyes full of tears.
"You all love us so much. You show us so much love. Thank you all, we love you so much." Michael said wiping his eyes.
Josh put his hand in Lance's, kissing his cheek.
"Ya did good, sexy."
Lance smiled, kissing him back.
"We've also childproofed your home. All the plugins are covered, all the corners are padded. There's a company coming tomorrow to fence in your pool." Joey said, Michael and Justin both smiling.
"This room is connected with the intercoms in all the rooms. If the kids wake up you can hear them anywhere." Josh said, showing Justin the control panel.
Chris and Lonnie had been taking pictures the whole time, Michael smiling.
"Thanks for everything, guys. You've made us so happy." Justin said, hugging his bandmates and everyone else in turn.
Zach put his arm around Michael, kissing his cheek.
"So how does it feel to be a dad?"
Michael's smile widened considerably, everyone smiling.
"It's the best!!!"
Zach smiled, licking Michael's cheek.
"Ugh. Daddy needs a bath."
Michael laughed, pulling Zach's face against his, kissing him deeply. The cameras went off.
"And you taste divine, stud!" Michael said, everyone bursting into laughter.
Zach turned beet red, Justin heading for him.
"Gimmee some a dat stud!"
Zach put up his hands, backing away.
"Stay away from me Timberlake! I know where those lips have been!"
Justin laughed, pulling Zach into a hug.
"They've been in heaven, Zacky. In heaven."
Michael smiling, Lynn setting Shauna down into the crib.
Both tykes yawned, Michael feeling their tiredness.
"Our angels need some nappy time. Everyone out." He said, everyone beginning to file out of the room.
"Man, what a bossy dad! Glad he's not mine!" Chris smirked.
"I'd never have kids that ugly." Michael replied, not even looking at him.
Chris stopped in his tracks, Joey bursting into laughter, Vicky's laughter following right behind him.
"Sweetie, you will never learn." She said, pushing him out of the room.
Justin pulled the covers over the two tots, the two snuggling together, staring up at them.
"I like this house." Shauna said, smiling.
"That's great, sweetie. It's yours now." Justin said, kissing her cheek.
"I like them." Darian said, looking up at Michael.
"They're your family now, Darry." Michael smiled, kissing his forehead.
The two wrapped their small arms around their teddy bears, both closing their eyes.
Justin put his arm around Michael, his chin on his shoulder.
"What a beautiful room, Mico."
"It's more beautiful because it was made with love."
Justin teared up, not bothering to turn on the intercom switch.
Both men knew that when their angels awoke they'd let them know they wanted up.
Their gift was the best intercom.

Everyone was in the backyard, Justin manning the barbecue.
Most of their friends were in the pool, Michael sitting at the table with Randall and Lynn.
Michael and Paulo had prepared salads and other stuff, Justin cooking the burgers and steaks.
"God, it feels so good to be home." Michael said, stretching out his legs.
"So what's up next in the world of pop music and writing?" Randall asked, smiling at his son.
"Jus' tour is off for three weeks, at the end of which we have to go to Greece. To meet the Stavros clan. Then he's going around the country for a month touring."
Michael quietly twirled the drink he held in his hand, his mind on other things.
"Sounds like this happened at the best time. You'll have a few weeks to get the kids settled in." Lynn said smiling, as Vicky and Lisa sat down at the table.
Vicky smiled at Michael. Michael quietly looked at her, his friend still staring at him.
"Okay. What?" Michael said having had enough of her staring.
"I just don't believe you. That you knew that one day these angels would bless you with their love."
Michael smiled, sitting back.
"I knew from the moment I looked into their blue eyes. That somehow God would bring us together. And I'll never let them leave."
Vicky put her hand on his, smiling with teary eyes.
"I see in your eyes total happiness now, Mikey. The happiness from Justin's love and now those two sweeties' love. I am so happy for you."
Michael teared up, hugging his best friend.
Paulo walked up, hand in hand with Jake.
"We're popping out to pick up some extra burgers for Jus. Back shortly Mikey."
"Okay, lovebirds. No parking."
Both men smiled at each other, looking back at Michael.
"Yes, Papa." Paulo said, Michael smiling widely.
The two men walked out, Lance and Josh sitting down at the table, smiling at Michael.
"They don't have a clue?" Lance said, looking at Michael.
"Nope. Not a one. Everything all set Lancy?"
"Yes, Mike. The guys are coming over Saturday to set it all up. We'll need you  to pick up your guests at the airport. Lonnie will keep Paulo busy with work-related details. Jake and he think they're both invited over for a quiet dinner."
Michael smiled, kissing Lance's cheek.
"Thanks for setting it all up, Lancy."
"Anything for our brothers in love."
Justin smiled, having heard the last of the conversation as he walked up.
"The kids are up, Mico. I'm heading in to get them."
Lance looked at Josh.
"How do you know that, Jus? I didn't hear anything on the intercom."
Justin smiled, winking at Michael, heading into the house.
Everyone looked at Michael.
"It was a beautiful gesture Lance. But we won't be needing the intercom for the kids. They'll communicate with us in their minds when they need us."
Everyone looked shocked.
"They have your special gift?"
Michael smiled, nodding. Lynn looked at him in surprise.
"Michael, it's unbelievable!"
"Yes it truly is. They've had the gift since they were born, according to Darian. I think we've received two very special angels." Michael said, tearing up.
Lance put his arm on Michael's shoulder, Michael looking into his green eyes.
"It doesn't surprise me that your children would be gifted. Not when such love surrounds them."
Michael smiled, nodding quietly.
"So you've got three weeks of quiet bliss before Justin tours again?" Josh said, smiling at him.
"Yes, Josh. And in that time, you and I will try and review the music for *NSync."
Josh grinned, smiling at him.
"Awesome, Mikey! There's one song that really speaks to me."
Michael smiled, looking into Josh's eyes.
"I thought it would. The singer feels its beauty."
Everyone looked at Michael sensing something more in his words.
Justin walked out onto the patio, Michael smiling up at him, the moment forgotten.
"There's my three angels."
Shauna and Darian were grinning from Justin's arms, looking all around the back yard.
"Wow!" Darian said, his eyes large and bright.
Justin laughed, Michael taking Shauna from his arms.
"We got a pool!" Shauna said, staring at the water.
"Yes sweeties. But you only swim with Dada and Papa. Understand?"
"Yes, Papa." They both replied, the two men carrying them towards the water.
Shauna giggled with glee, seeing Becky and Stevie playing in the shallow end with Zach and Christina.
"Me want water." Darian said, Justin smiling.
"Okay, Darry. We'll get your suits on." Michael said.
Within a few minutes the two children were laughing and splashing in the pool, both in Michael's and Justin's arms.
Everyone smiled, watching the two fathers playing with their kids.
Becky and Stevie both took turns holding the kids, both older kids smiling widely.
Shauna and Darian loved the two older kids, Michael and Justin smiling.
A half hour later, everyone sat on the patio for dinner, Justin and Michael putting the two kids in highchairs that Lance and Josh had personally given them.
Each wooden chair had the child's name carved in it.
Michael and Justin hugged their friends after receiving them.
Once the food was all set out, Michael asked Lance to say grace.
Everyone bowed their heads, Shauna and Darian looking around.
"Dear Lord, we thank you for the food we are about to receive with your blessings. Bless all of us here today and all our loved ones in other places. Today is a day of joy and happiness, two new angels brightening this home of love. May this home now be filled with family love, bringing joy and happiness to all of us here. Amen."
Michael and Justin both hugged their friend, Lance tearing .
After everyone had feasted on the succulent food, Michael and Justin asked for quiet.
Everyone smiled, the patio quieting down.
"We want to thank everyone for all they've given us today, especially our brother Lance." Justin said, smiling at him.
Lance blushed, Josh kissing his cheek.
"Our home is now completed. We have our angels to love and each other. And we have all of you. Our dear friends and family. This house will forever be a home to all of you. You will all be welcomed here in love and happiness." Michael said, everyone smiling at him.
Michael nodded to Jus.
Justin beamed, looking around, putting his arm around Michael.
"A few know, and now all of you will. My sweet Mico has asked me to marry him on July fourteenth. We've set our date of love."
Everyone got up, tears flowing, smiles showing.
The two men were hugged, and kissed.
Lance and Josh were crying.
"Hey now, our best men have to be strong. We'll need your support."
Both men grinned, hugging their best friends.
"Zach, you along with Paulo and Tomas will be my groomsmen. Lance is my Best Man."
Zach teared up, hugging his friend.
"I would be honored."
Justin put his hands on Joey and Chris' shoulders.
"You, my old friends along with Sethy shall be my men. Josh is my Best Man."
His friends grinned with wide smiles.
"We, too, feel honored." Joey said, Chris seconding his response.
Everyone settled down, the evening spent chatting and making wedding plans.
Justin and Michael took the twins upstairs around eight, tucking them in for the night.
The two snuggled together, smiling up at their dads.
"I like this place." Shauna said, smiling with sleepy eyes.
"I like famwee." Darian said, Justin and Michael smiling widely.
Darian and Shauna felt safe and loved now, everyone taking them into their hearts.
The two closed their eyes, Justin putting his arm around Michael, Michael kissing his cheek.
"This room is so beautiful, so homey and caring. They're going to be so happy here."
Justin smiled, kissing him back.
"We all are, Mico. We all are."
Michael smiled, the two quietly walking out of the room, their angels slipping into slumber.

Everyone left fairly early, the family who remained going to bed early, too.
Justin and Michael were left alone, snuggling on the couch.
"It's been a wonderful day, Jus." Michael said, snuggling against him.
"That it has, sweetie. Do you think Shauny and Darry like the place? That they're happy? I so want them to be happy." Justin said quietly, Michael sensing his doubts.
"Yes, my love. They really love it. And I can't get over how quickly they've taken to our family. It's like they were meant to be here."
Justin smiled, snuggling closer.
"I'm so happy they're happy. I love them so much." Justin said, Michael kissing his cheek.
Justin looked into his golden eyes.
"I don't know how I'd do this without you, my Mico. I'm so happy we are doing this together."
"So am I lover. So am I."
Michael leaned in, kissing Justin deeply, the kiss filled with a hint of desire.
"Mmmm! I've missed that! My lover!"
Michael smiled, his hand going between Justin's legs.
"And I've missed this. Tonight we have our own bed, my Jus. I'd love to fall asleep with you against me, after a heated session of passion."
Justin moaned, moving on the couch, pushing Michael backwards.
"Calm down, tiger. You head upstairs, I'll lock up. Meet you in our room of love."
Justin smiled, standing up, Michael seeing the tent that had formed in Justin's pants.
"Looks like Timby wants to come out and play."
Justin pulled Michael up, pulling him against him.
"Timby needs his lovecakes. Hurry up, lover."
Justin smiled, walking out of the room, his hips swaying seductively.
Michael followed his every move, watching him walk up the stairs.
Michael sighed a content sigh, walking around the downstairs, locking doors and windows.
He shut out the remaining lights, checking the front door, then heading up the stairs.
He felt his own desires heighten with every step he took on the stairs.
Upon reaching the top, his pants showed a tent of their own, his desire for his lover intense. He walked into their bedroom, finding the room in darkness.
He turned on the light switch, finding the room empty, the bed still made.
He walked into their bathroom, then out onto the balcony, finding no sign of Justin.
He walked through the bedroom again, out into the hallway.
He listened, hearing a soft sound coming from Darian and Shauna's room.
He smiled, knowing what it was.
He quietly walked over to the door, opening it slowly.
Justin sat in the rocking chair, Shauna in his arms.
Justin beautiful voice quietly filled the room, Justin singing softly to her.
The little girl's eyes were closed, a small smile on her face.
Justin looked up at Michael, Michael leaning against the doorframe, smiling at him, watching him.
Justin smiled a small smile, gently rocking the chair.
He kept singing, Michael listening to him quietly.
He looked down at the crib, seeing Darian soundly sleeping.
Shauna moved a little in Justin's arms, Michael sensing her still fighting with sleep.
Justin continued to sing quietly, the little girl slowly quieting.
Michael quietly talked to Justin in his mind, telling him he'd meet him in the bedroom.
Justin smiled, looking down at his angel.

Michael slowly walked out of the room, back into their bedroom.
He turned the lights down low, pulling off his shirt.
He discarded all his clothing on the chair, walking out onto the balcony in only his briefs.
He looked quietly down on the backyard, watching the water ripple on the pool's surface.
A few minutes later, he felt two arms wrap around him, feeling a warm breath on his neck.
"Sorry, sweetie. I heard her when I came upstairs. She was sitting up in the crib begging for me to pick her up."
Michael smiled, leaning back against his Justin.
"Don't apologize for doing your fatherly duty, Jus. It shows how much you care for her, and how much she loves you. Is she asleep now?"
"Yes, love. They're both sleeping. Our angels are in slumberland."
Michael smiled, turning around.
He saw Justin's naked torso, Justin standing in only his briefs.
Michael wrapped his arms around him, pulling him closer.
"I love you, Jus."
Justin stared into his golden eyes, then kissed him lightly on his lips, tasting Michael's moisture.
"Then show me how much, my sweet."
Justin stepped back, walking into the bedroom, Michael following him, his eyes on Justin's brief-covered butt.
Justin walked to the bed, discarding his briefs, laying down on the bed on his stomach, turning to look at Michael, who was removing his own briefs.
Justin saw the hardness standing upright between Michael's legs as he climbed onto the bed.
Michael stared down at the vision of beauty waiting for him.
Justin's smooth back, showing its tattoos, his smooth bubble butt, flexing in anticipation, his hairy legs, muscular and strong.
Michael gently lay down on top of him, kissing his neck, Justin feeling Michael's hardness against his butt.
"Mmmm, Mico! You feel so warm! So intoxicating!"
Michael smiled, kissing down his back, the warm smooth skin exciting Michael.
He progressed further down, his lips entering the warm crack of Justin's smooth butt.
Justin moaned, raising his ass slightly, Michael taking it as an invitation to go further.
Justin spread his legs, Michael's tongue slipping further down into the center.
Michael felt the warmth of Justin's heat, the aroma of the musky scent that was Justin Timberlake.
Michael's mind was heated and his passion running wild.
His tongue sunk down, finding Justin's pucker, Justin moaning and trembling.
Michael smiled at the treasure before him.
His tongue sank deeply into it, Justin gasping, his ass pushing upward against Michael's face.
Michael began a heated rimming, his hunger for the taste of Justin urging him on.
Justin's mind was lost, lost in Michael's talented tongue.
"Oh God, Mico! That feels so good!!"
Michael continued, his hand stroking the hardness above him, Justin bucking all over the bed.
Michael lifted his head, sinking two fingers into Justin's throbbing center.
Justin moaned, feeling the intrusion, pushing against it.
"Oh, Michael! I need more than fingers, please! I need all of you!!"
Michael smiled, removing his fingers, taking one final tonguing of that hot center.
Then he sat up, guiding his hard cock towards its warm need.
"I give you what you desire, always." Michael said, sinking slowly forward.
Justin gasped, feeling Michael's hardness sinking into his soul.
Michael pulled Justin's body upwards, Justin now on his knees, his lover embedded deep inside him.
Michael wrapped his arms around him, his hands going to his nipples.
"Oh God, Timby! You feel so wonderful, so hot and needy!"
"I need it, love! I need it so bad!"
Michael sucked on his earlobe, driving his cock deep into Justin, Justin moaning.
"Oh that's it! That's what I need! That feels so good!"
Michael smiled, continuing his deep thrusts, one hand wrapping around Justin's hardness, the other rubbing his right nipple.
Michael felt Justin's emotional center beginning to let go, knowing it wouldn't be long.
That got Michael's own center going.
"Oh God, Mico!!!" Justin started to scream.  Michael's hand moved from Justin's nipple to his mouth to muffle the screaming, not wanting it to wake the kids. Justin kept bucking against Michael, his body convulsing.
Michael felt the wetness on his hand instantly, gushes of liquid flowing over his fingers.
He raised his wet hand to Justin's face, Justin greedily sucking the fingers into his mouth.
That was all he needed, plunging one final time deep into Justin, his own juices erupting now.
Michael fell forward, taking Justin with him, Michael gasping and trembling.
It took them a few minutes to calm down, Michael slipping out of Justin when he felt him trembling, knowing his emotions were letting go.
Michael lay back, pulling him into his arms, holding him as Justin fought with his emotions.
"Oh, Mico! It was so beautiful! It's always so beautiful!"
Michael kissed his forehead, running his hand over his back.
"It's always beautiful because it's done with love."
Justin looked up into those golden eyes that showed so much love for him.
"I love you, Michael. Always."
Michael smiled, kissing him tenderly.
"We should take a quick shower, love. Then we need to sleep. Our angels will need us in the morning."
Justin smiled, Michael pulling him tenderly up out of their love nest, both men heading towards the bathroom.

End of Chapter 119

And so the family is home.
Four souls now living together.
Surrounded by a family of love.

What does the eagle on Tomas' shoulder mean for Michael?
What is the implications of the twin's gifts?
And what's going on with Michael's surprise for Paulo?

More questions needing answers.
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