Justin's Angel-120

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


"Oh God, Mico!!!" Justin started to scream.  Michael's hand moved from Justin's nipple to his mouth to muffle the screaming, not wanting it to wake the kids. Justin kept bucking against Michael, his body convulsing.
Michael felt the wetness on his hand instantly, gushes of liquid flowing over his fingers.
He raised his wet hand to Justin's face, Justin greedily sucking the fingers into his mouth.
That was all he needed, plunging one final time deep into Justin, his own juices erupting now.
Michael fell forward, taking Justin with him, Michael gasping and trembling.
It took them a few minutes to calm down, Michael slipping out of Justin when he felt him trembling, knowing his emotions were letting go.
Michael lay back, pulling him into his arms, holding him as Justin fought with his emotions.
"Oh, Mico! It was so beautiful! It's always so beautiful!"
Michael kissed his forehead, running his hand over his back.
"It's always beautiful because it's done with love."
Justin looked up into those golden eyes that showed so much love for him.
"I love you, Michael. Always."
Michael smiled, kissing him tenderly.
"We should take a quick shower, love. Then we need to sleep. Our angels will need us in the morning."
Justin smiled, Michael pulling him tenderly up out of their love nest, both men heading towards the bathroom.

Chapter 120

The next few days went by with much happiness and activity.
Justin's family and Zach and Christina were staying all week, leaving on Sunday.
Michael was kind of happy with that, their help with the kids greatly appreciated.
Justin was on cloud nine all week, playing with his treasures, and buying them toys galore.
Michael knew he was going overboard, but he couldn't find it in his heart to admonish him.
Justin had discovered his second childhood.
And Shauna and Darian couldn't have been happier.
In their Dada, they found a big kid, who was happiest with them in his arms.
The press still kept their vigil, following Justin when he went shopping, Justin politely ignoring them.
Michael remained at home, caring for their children.
Terry called mid-week, Michael smiling at her good news.
She'd found only one living relative of the twins.
She'd found Serena's mother, the woman slamming the door in her face when Terry went to see her. The woman apparently wanting no contact with the twins.
In all legal ways, Justin and Michael had been given complete guardianship to the toddlers.
And Terry had some news of her own.
She told Michael that she was taking two weeks off, going on a cruise to Hawaii, Michael quietly smiling to himself.
"That's great, Terry. You need a rest. Enjoy yourself, and don't be afraid to have fun. Her blond hair and winning smile will be all you need."
"What are you talking about, Michael?" She had asked, Michael telling her nothing.
He knew that fate and destiny were now at work, and love would be the outcome.
"Have fun, girlfriend!"
Terry laughed, the two parting as good friends.
Justin came home with a complete camera set for each of them the next day. He'd bought the top of the line models.
"For our angels. I plan on starting scrapbooks for both of them." Justin beamed, Michael smiling.
Justin and Michael took pictures of the kids all week, as well as their friends and family.
The most loving one for Michael happened on Thursday evening.
That evening  Lynn had called Michael into the living room from his office, telling him to bring his camera.
Michael walked into the living room to a sight that touched his heart.
Justin was laying on the floor, his head propped up against the couch cushions.
His arms were wrapped around Stevie and Becky.
Becky was snuggled against his left side, Stevie against his right.
On his chest lay his two little angels, both cuddled together.
All five were sound asleep.
Michael smiled, taking pictures of this beautiful site.
"Isn't that beyond precious?" Lisa said, smiling, with Randall's arms around her.
"It truly is. Our son wrapped around his kids." Lynn said, Paul kissing her cheek.
"I see five angels wrapped in each other's love." Michael said, everyone smiling.

The week flew by, Justin playing with the kids, Michael trying to do everything else.
Saturday finally came, Michael up early as usual.
This was going to be a special day.
The day of a wonderful surprise.
He spent all morning with the kids, and also trying to do housework.
Lynn picked up on his slightly frayed look, quietly talking to Justin after breakfast.
Just before lunch, Justin walked into the kitchen, finding Michael pulling plates down out of the cupboard.
Justin saw all the food on the counter, kissing Michael's cheek as he headed toward the table.
"Everything looks fantastic, love. But you need to rest. You must be exhausted."
Michael smiled as he finished setting the table.
After that was done, he stretched his arms, Justin wrapping his arms around Michael's waist.
"What time were you up this morning, Mico?"
"I was up around six. I had a lot to do."
Justin kissed his cheek, Michael leaning his head against his chest.
"Mico, my Mom had a chat with me this morning. I'm sorry, Michael."
Michael turned, looking into Justin's blue eyes.
"Sorry? For what?"
"For not seeing what was happening. I've watched you all morning and I see it plainly now."
Michael quietly looked away, Justin turning his head back.
"You are so giving, Michael. So wanting to do everything yourself. And it's beginning to take its toll."
Michael sat down in a chair, looking up as Justin sat down beside him.
"I never realized what you've been doing all week. My Mom, and Lisa, showed me. You've been doing everything. The housework, the stuff with the kids, bathing them, cleaning up after them. All I've been doing is playing with them. I feel like I'm letting you down. I'd promised you that I would be here for you and I haven't been. I'm sorry, Mico."
Michael leaned forward kissing his lips, Justin staring into his golden eyes.
"It's okay, Jus. Your heart has been with me all along."
"When was the last time you did anything with your book?"
Michael lowered his eyes, Justin waiting for an answer.
"I've got other things to take care of,  Jus. I'll do my writing when I have time."
"Trevor called me three days ago. He told me you told him that you were taking a sabbatical. Michael, you're in the middle of a book tour."
"That isn't important to me right now, Jus. Shauna and Darian, and you are."
Justin shook his head, folding his arms.
"I'm canceling my tour, Michael. I've decided that I'm staying home with the kids."
Michael looked totally shocked, then stood up, glaring down at Justin.
"There's no goddamn way that you're doing that, Justin! No damn way!! Music is your life, I won't let you do that!!"
Justin smiled, standing up, looking at him intensely.
"You just answered your own doubts right there, Michael."
Michael looked confused, Justin putting his arms around him.
"You won't allow me to quit, damned if I'm going to allow you."
Michael nodded, Justin kissing his cheek.
"I want you to answer one question for me, Michael."
Michael nodded, hesitantly.
"Do you love writing?"
Michael smiled, nodding his head slowly.
"Then what's going on?"
Michael sat down again, Justin sitting as well, putting his arm around him.
"Oh, Jus! I do miss writing. But I love our kids so much. I do all this for them. It's time I sacrificed my happiness for theirs. They need constant care, and love."
Justin kissed him tenderly on the lips.
"And I feel the same way, Michael. I love music, and I love our angels. My Mom gave me a suggestion. Something that may help both of us, you especially."
"What was that, Jus?"
"That we hire a live-in nanny. Someone to help us take care of them. And help with all the things around here. That would free you up to do some writing , and me to concentrate on my career."
"Do we really want a stranger looking after our kids, Jus?"
"We will be here, Mico. We have the say in what she does. Our children will still have us here, it's just we'll be doing our own things as well. I want you to continue writing, Michael. It's a part of your soul. The same as you want me to continue singing. And we'll still be here to give our love to our angels. I'm touring in a few weeks, and you'll be touring too. I'd like to know someone was there looking after them."
Michael nodding, kissing Justin's cheek.
"I'll think about it, Jus. It is a big step. We need to discuss it with Darian and Shauna too. I don't want them thinking we're neglecting them."
Justin leaned in, kissing him tenderly again.
"Of course, Mico. The happiness of our two angels is the most important concern for both of us."
Michael smiled, getting up again.
Justin rose up, Michael hugging him close.
"Thank you for caring about me, Jus."
"Your happiness is first in my soul, Mico."
They kissed tenderly, Lynn walking into the room, seeing the touching scene.
They broke the kiss, Michael smiling at her.
"Thanks for talking to him. Thanks for caring."
Lynn smiled, taking her two boys into her arms.
"I care for both of you. I want both of you to be happy. And the same goes for my grandkids."
"Ok, grandma. " Michael smiled, Lynn slapping his butt.
"Sorry." He blushed, Lynn laughing.
"It's okay, Michael. I'm warming to it."
Both men smiled, kissing their Mom.

After lunch, Paulo told Michael that he would be gone for the afternoon, Lonnie needing him for some work at the downtown offices.
Michael smiled, nodding.
He told Paulo they'd meet him and Jake at Lance's at seven for their small dinner date.
Everyone quietly watched Paulo leaving, the car pulling out of the driveway.
"Okay, everyone. Time to get moving. We got some loving to organize!" Justin said, beaming.
Everyone smiled, grabbing their stuff.
Justin got the kids dressed, Michael giving all three farewell kisses and hugs.
They all were heading for Lance and Josh's, to help set up things.
All except Michael.
Michael had his own mission.
Everyone left in two vehicles, Michael waving at them all as they pulled out of the front gate.
Michael hopped into Justin's Hummer, driving out, heading in the opposite direction.
He ignored the surrounding paparazzi, cameras going off.
Thirty minutes later, he sat quietly leaning against the vehicle, in a private hangar at the airport.
A few minutes later, a long, white, sleek jet taxied into the hangar, gradually coming to a full stop about thirty feet from Michael's vehicle.
The door opened, the stairs being lowered.
Michael watched as a young man walked out of the plane.
Michael stared at him, lost in the vision of masculinity standing on the top step.
He was young, blond hair blowing gently back, his piercing blue eyes staring right at Michael.
In that gaze, Michael saw quiet awe.
His face was perfectly smooth, blemish free. His chin chiseled and firm.
He was tall, muscular and a vision of breathtaking beauty.
The young man turned, watching another man step out the doorway.
Michael's smile widened seeing the elder man staring at him.
Michael walked to the stairs, the older man descending, the younger one at his side, his arm around him.
They touched down on the tarmac, the two staring at Michael.
"Hello, Michael." The older man said, smiling.
Michael smiled, hugging him tightly, tears in his eyes.
"Hello again, Poppa." Michael said, wiping his eyes.
Alberto smiled, putting his hand on Michael's shoulder.
"It's good to see you again, grandson."
Michael smiled, turning to look at the younger man who was staring at him intensely.
His ocean blue eyes, like two pools of water, gazed at him.
"And this must be Marco. Welcome to America, Marco. Welcome to our home."
Marco smiled, the smile making his face take on a radiance of love.
Then his smiled changed, Marco bowing his head.
He knelt in front of Michael, Michael surprised.
"I serve you, my cousin. I serve the Messenger. Praise be to you." The young man said, Michael feeling the emotion in his voice and soul.
Michael leaned down, pulling the man upwards until he was standing.
"The most important words in what you just said were "my cousin". For that is what I am. First and foremost I am family."
Marco stared at him, seeing the beautiful smile on Michael's face. And the deep golden eyes which seemed to be staring into his soul.
"Alright, Michael." Marco said shyly, a little blush in his cheeks.
Michael smiled, grabbing his grandfather's suitcase.
"Come on guys. Let's get going. We've got a surprise for our Polo to set up."
The two men smiled, Marco taking his grandfather's arm.
He helped Alberto get into the back seat, then put the suitcase in the back. Then he climbed into the front seat with Michael.

Trevor and Nick drove towards Lance's home, Nick driving his cherry red Miata.
Trevor looked over at him, Nick smiling back.
"How ya doing, sexy?" Nick asked, Trevor smiling shyly, his hand resting on top of Nick's which was on the gearshift.
"I'm doing fantastic, beautiful." Trevor said, staring into his blue eyes.
Nick smiled his million dollar smile, Trevor smiling an even more worthy one.
They'd been having the time of their lives.
The two men had found in each other a need and a longing they hadn't believed they possessed.
Their relationship had progressed to a new level.
Nick thought quietly back to the evening before.

He'd arrived at Trevor's apartment early: almost an hour and a half early.
They had planned to have a quiet dinner, then maybe see a movie.
Nick had finished a taping of an appearance on The Tonight Show, finishing early.
He headed right for Trevor's, wanting to spend as much time with him as he could.
Nick had fallen hopelessly, head over heels, in love with Trevor.
And he hoped Trevor felt just as deeply.
Upon arriving he quietly waited, a bouquet of red roses in his hands, for Trevor to open the door.
When Trevor had opened the door Nick knew in his heart that something was wrong.
He saw it in Trevor's eyes.
Trevor looked surprised to see him, his eyes averting Nick's stare, and to where Nick was looking.
Trevor wore only a black silk robe, it covering his body tightly.
"Nick, you're early. I'm not quite ready yet." He quietly said, moving aside to let Nick in.
He saw a reddish blush on Nick's cheeks, Nick's eyes scanning his compact body.
"I finished early, so I decided to come over early. I want to spend as much time with you as I can."
Upon hearing that Trevor's own cheeks blushed.
"Please make yourself at home. I'm just going to get dressed." Trevor said, Nick handing him the bouquet.
"Flowers for the flower of my heart."
Trevor looked into Nick's eyes, seeing love shining back.
"Thank you, Nicholas." Trevor said taking the flowers.
Nick smiled, loving when Trevor called him that.
Nick leaned in, gently kissing him on the lips, Trevor responding.
Nick wrapped his arms around him, feeling Trevor's almost naked body against him.
The kiss turned more passionate, Nick's hands moving downward, cupping Trevor's ass.
Trevor pushed him gently back, Nick looking into his eyes.
"No need to get dressed, I like what you're wearing. Very sexy." Nick said, scanning downward.
He saw the tent in the front of Trevor's robe, knowing he'd produced that effect.
Trevor blushed, backing up a bit.
"I'll change. And thank you for the roses. I'll put them in water."
Nick watched him walk down to the kitchen, Nick pulling off his jacket, hanging it on the hooks by the door.
Nick sat down on the couch quietly waiting for Trevor to return.
He still felt something wrong, some sadness in Trevor's demeanor.
A few minutes later, Trevor walked back into the living room wearing a robin blue sweater and navy chinos.
Nick thought he looked stunning.
Trevor sat down in the chair opposite Nick, Nick's eyebrows raising.
"You look beautiful my angel. But why are you so far away? Come sit beside me."
Trevor got up slowly, sitting down beside Nick, remaining still.
"How was your day, Nick?"
"It was a day. I'm looking more forward to my night. My night with my angel." Nick said, running his hand along Trevor's cheek.
Trevor smiled shyly, Nick looking into his eyes.
"OK, what's wrong? I sense a sadness in you, my sweet." Nick said, turning Trevor's face to his.
Trevor tried to avert Nick's gaze, Nick having none of it.
"Talk to me sweetie. If something's bothering you, I need to know. So I can make it better."
Trevor's eyes now glistened with tears.
"I've  been thinking about us, Nick. About where this is going."
Nick nodded, waiting for him to continue.
"What are your feelings, your real feelings for me?"
Nick smiled, taking his hands in his.
"I love you, Trev. I'm hopelessly, completely in love with you."
"But why, Nick? I'm nothing special. I'm not famous, talented, beautiful."
Nick's brow furrowed, staring at Trevor.
"Are you kidding me? You, my love, are beyond special. So beautiful and loving. And mark my words, Michael would tell you how talented you are. He's told me how he can't believe your talent."
Trevor shyly smiled, Nick staring at him.
"But my talent is nothing compared to you, Nick. You deserve so much more."
Nick pulled him closer to him, the two men facing each other.
"Since you want me to be honest, I will be. Everyone, all my life, has told me that I have the talent and drive to get whatever I want. That nothing can stand in my way. And I've driven myself to be that kind of man. But do you know what I really want? What I really need?"
Trevor saw Nick's eyes beginning to water, a serious look on his face.
"No, Nick. What is it you need and want?"
"I need love, Trev. I need someone to want me. So many times I've searched for that, trying so hard to find that. Hell, I married in the hopes of finding it.  And it's always slipped through my fingers. Until now."
Nick took Trevor's face in his hands, staring into his eyes.
"I've walked around lost for so long, feeling so alone. My heart has carried a burden of loneliness and heartache. I'd almost given up on finding what I needed. Until that day I looked into your beautiful eyes for the first time. In those eyes I saw all that I needed, all that I wanted. It's your love, Trevor. In you, I have found all I need and want. I don't care if you work in a ditch, or wash dishes. It's not your career I need, it's your love. And you have so much of that. I feel it deep in your soul, and in your heart. I've fallen in love with you Trevor. And nothing, or no one will ever stop me from loving you."
Nick was now crying, as was Trevor.
"Oh, Nick! Do you really mean that?"
"Yes, Trev! With all my heart and soul! Please let me love you, please?"
Trevor took Nick into his arms, the strong loving man, sobbing against his chest.
"Oh, Nick, my darling! To hear you say those words! It fills my heart with a happiness I've never experienced!"
Nick wiped his eyes, looking into Trevor's.
"And how do you feel, Trev? What are your feelings?"
Trevor stood up, Nick watching him.
Trevor looked down at him, staring into those blue eyes of love.
Trevor sobbed, falling to his knees in front of Nick, Nick putting his hands on Trevor's shoulders, Trevor's head falling into Nick's lap.
"Oh, Nick! I love you with all of my heart! I've fallen totally in love with you! I'm lost in a world of crazy emotions, and terrifying feelings!" Trevor said, his eyes full of tears, his body trembling.
Nick ran his fingers gently through Trevor's soft hair, the feeling soothing to Nick.
"What are you terrified of, my Trev?"
Trevor lifted his head, staring up into Nick's eyes.
"I'm terrified of my not being enough for you. Of my not being able to keep your love."
"Oh my Trev! Never!" Nick said, pulling him up, Trevor now sitting in his lap.
Nick kissed him deeply, the two lost in their feelings, the feelings of true love.
They parted, Nick wiping the tears from Trevor's eyes.
"I love you, Trev. You are all I need. Always. And I'll always love you, and keep your love in my heart. So get used to me being around. I'm yours now."
Trevor smiled, a large wide smile; Nick smiling at its beauty.
"I love you, Nick."
Nick smiled widely, kissing him tenderly again.
They parted, Trevor snuggling against him, Nick wrapping his arms around him.
The two stayed together, snuggling and just lightly kissing.
Trevor looked into his eyes, seeing now the love Nick held in his heart for him.
"Nicholas, I'm ready."
Nick looked into his eyes, seeing love shining.
"Ready? For what? To make your man a fantastic dinner?"
Trevor chuckled, running his fingers along Nick's chin.
"I'm ready to show you all of my love. To give you all of myself."
Nick stared into his eyes, lost in the love he saw there.
"I haven't been with anyone since I left Keith. That was over two years ago. And with him, it was always brutal, one-sided passion. I need to tell you the truth. That day I turned you away, the day Keith hit you, he brutally took me again. I didn't have the courage to stop him."
Nick teared up, pulling him tighter to him.
"I love you, Trev. I feel so bad for not knowing what was going on. If I'd have known I'd never have let him near you! You must believe that!" Nick's eyes full of tears of regret.
Trevor kissed his tender lips, smiling.
"I do believe you Nick. And I love you so much for saying that."
Nick smiled, gently rubbing Trevor's cheek.
"I want to destroy those memories of him, Nick. I need your love to erase those painful memories."
Nick kissed him gently, Trevor returning the kiss.
"Will you show me true love, Nick? Will you show me what it feels like to be really loved?"
"Yes, my Trev. My love is your true love. And my body is yours."
Trevor teared up, standing up.
He extended his hand, Nick taking it, standing up.
Trevor walked toward his bedroom, Nick walking with him.

They stood in front of each other, Nick looking into his boyfriend's tearful eyes.
"I love you, Trev."
"Show my how much, Nicholas." Trevor said, his voice trembling with emotion.
Nick leaned in, kissing him deeply, slowly wrapping his arms around him.
The kiss turned into passion, both lost in the desires they felt flowing through them.
Nick broke the kiss, gently leaving smaller kisses on Trevor's lips, chin and throat.
He moved a little to the right, his lips attaching to Trevor's ear lobe, sucking it gently.
Trevor moaned, Nick whispering soft I love you's into his ear.
Nick's fingers found their way under Trevor's sweater, running lightly across the smooth skin they felt.
Nick stepped back a little, Trevor opening his closed eyes, watching Nick pull his turtleneck over his head.
Trevor scanned Nick's smooth, muscular chest, lost in its beauty.
Two large hard nipples stood naked to Trevor's watching gaze.
Nick took Trevor's hand, guiding it to his chest, Trevor feeling the heat radiating off him.
"Touch me, Trevor. Please?"
Trevor heard the desire and need in Nick's trembling voice, Trevor running his hands over Nick's smooth, firm chest.
Nick moaned when Trevor gently rubbed his nipples, Trevor smiling at the affect it had on Nick.
Trevor leaned in, licking the left one, Nick gasping, this leading Trevor on.
He sucked it into his mouth, latching onto it.
Nick shook with emotion, Trevor lost in the flavour of Nick's skin.
Nick guided Trevor's hand downward, his fingers finding Nick's belt.
Trevor continued his nipple sucking, his hands opening the belt, his fingers popping the one button, the zipper pulled downward.
Nick's pants slid down his legs, Nick struggling out of them.
Trevor pulled away from the Nick's nipple, looking downward.
He started chuckling, then downright laughing.
Nick's face took on a look of confusion.
Then he looked down.
He'd forgot what he'd put on in his rush to get to the interview.
Nick looked down at the bright royal blue boxer briefs he was wearing.
A large smiley face was dead center, covering his basket,  a red tongue hanging out of it.
Above the face were the words Mr. Happy.
Trevor sat on the bed, laughing out loud, Nick starting to chuckle as well.
Then Nick started laughing, sitting down beside him.
"Okay. They were a gift from Drew. I was in a hurry today, I just grabbed the first thing I could get my hands on." Nick said, his laughter making Trevor smile.
"I'll have to thank Drew." Trevor said, looking into Nick's blue eyes.
Nick's laughter died down, Trevor leaning in, pushing Nick onto his back.
Trevor kissed him deeply, his hands running over Nick's smooth torso.
Trevor broke the kiss, Nick panting.
"I think it's time I met Mr. Happy."
Nick smiled, Trevor licking down his chest, Nick trembling.
Trevor ran his tongue down between Nick's smooth pecs, over his belly button, tonguing the hole.
Then Trevor felt a ridge of hair, which disappeared under the blue boxer briefs.
Trevor's hand wandered over the rising mound, feeling the hardness laying underneath the cloth.
He raised his head, looking up into Nick's hazy blue eyes.
Trevor's fingers found the waistband, tugging at it, Nick lifting his ass.
Trevor pulled the briefs down, Trevor's eyes widening when the large erection plopped down on Nick's stomach.
It had to be at least eight inches. Long and thick, a cut head, fluid leaking onto Nick's stomach.
"Well hello, Mr. Happy." Trevor said, his voice thick with lust.
Nick looked down, seeing Trevor's hand encircle his cock, Trevor stroking him, his gaze lost in his staring at it.
Then Nick saw Trevor's head bend forward.
Trevor engulfed the organ, half of it disappearing down his throat.
Nick's mind exploded with sensations, his soul and heart filling with something he'd never experienced.
Full unbridled passion, mind-numbing desire. And deep, satisfying love.
He bucked and trembled, Trevor starting a steady rhythm.
Nick felt close to the edge, his mind almost letting go of its control.
Nick's hands went down his body, pulling Trevor from his cock.
Trevor looked lost, staring up at Nick, so wanting to continue what he'd become lost in.
The heated desire to please Nick.
"It's my turn, my love." Nick said, pulling Trevor on top of him.
Their lips met, a heated kiss of passion.
Nick pulled at Trevor's sweater, Trevor pulling it off.
Trevor looked down at him, hesitation in his eyes.
"Oh God, Trev! You're so beautiful!" Nick said, staring at the naked chest above him.
Trevor's body was compact, muscular and smooth.
A little hair grew between his pecs, Nick's hand touching there.
Trevor moaned, a small sound escaping him.
Nick smiled, shifting his weight, pushing Trevor over onto his back.
Nick gently lay on top of him, staring into his blue eyes.
"I love you Trev. Let me show you my wonderful love."
Trevor pulled him down, kissing him deeply.
Nick broke the kiss, his lips making their way down Trevor's taut chest.
He licked and sucked each small nipple, Trevor groaning.
Nick moved his head upwards, several times. Each time, he kissed Trevor again, giving him his love.
Trevor felt total trust in Nick, his love calming Trevor's soul.
"I need to be against you, Nick. Please? Take my pants off."
Nick heard the desire and need in Trevor's trembling voice, Nick's hands running down to his waist, his fingers pulling on the belt.
Within moments, Nick was pulling Trevor's pants off his muscular hairy legs.
Nick returned to his gazing at Trevor's body.
Trevor wore white boxer briefs, a large mound showing.
To Nick's seeking eyes he beheld a vision of beauty.
"Oh God, Trev! You really are so beautiful!"
Trevor smiled at Nick's beautiful words, Trevor removing his own briefs, throwing them on the floor.
"It's all yours, Nicholas."
Nick joined with Trevor, their bodies together, their flesh against each other.
Both men were lost within their desires.
Hands, fingers and tongues sought out every inch of each other's body.
Each of their hearts overflowed with new sensations: love, lust, desire, need, want.
And Nick sensed Trevor's joy, his happiness at Nick loving him.
Nick now knew what Trevor needed. What would show to him the depth of Nick's trust and love.
Nick moved onto his back, pulling Trevor on top of him.
Trevor kissed Nick, staring into his blue eyes.
"I love you, Trev. Please be my first."
Trevor looked in shock, Nick kissing him again.
"Yes, Trev. I've never let a man take me. I want you to be that man, because in you I have total faith and love."
Trevor teared up, Nick kissing him again.
"Oh, Nick!"
Nick smiled, a smile of love and deep sexual need.
Nick moved, letting Trevor begin.
Trevor gently made Nick ready, his fingers moving with love. Many kisses he gave Nick as the moment approached.
Nick felt Trevor positioning himself, Trevor staring down at Nick.
Their eyes met, Nick seeing tears in Trevor's.
"I love you Nick." Trevor said, Nick pulling him down to his lips.
The kiss covered any initial discomfort, Trevor sinking into Nick.
Within moments they were together, both men feeling the sudden change in their hearts.
Love flowed between them, the connection complete.
Trevor stared at him, beginning his rhythm of love.
Their passion increased, both men lost in its intoxicating embrace.
They both succumbed at the same moment, their bodies trembling and shaking.
They clung together, Trevor gently kissing Nick's chin and cheek.
Nick began to cry, Trevor hugging him tightly.
"Was I okay, Trev? Was I alright?"
Trevor smiled, hearing the need in Nick's voice. The need to know how Trevor felt.
"You were the best, Nick! The best!"
Nick smiled, Trevor wiping his tears.
"I want to be yours forever, Trev!"
Trevor teared up, kissing him deeply.
"I want that too, Nicholas! I love you, completely!"
The two smiled, cuddling together, both feeling loved.

Nick stared across at Trevor, seeing the contented look of his face.
Trevor smiled back at him, running his fingers along Nick's arm.
"Last night was magical, Nick. Thank you."
Nick smiled, feeling a contented happiness himself.
"You were what made it magical, Trev."
Trevor smiled, seeing the car turning on Josh's street.
"What do we do today, Nick? I so don't want to have to keep my hands off you." Trevor said, blushing a little.
"They're our friends and colleagues, Trev. We just relax and be ourselves. It's time the world saw our love."
Trevor smiled, Nick pulling the car up into Josh's driveway.

Michael drove the Hummer up Josh's driveway, parking behind Nick's Miata.
He smiled at Marco and Alberto, opening his door.
"Come on in guys. The gang's waiting."
Alberto smiled, Marco looking nervous.
Marco got out, opening the back door for his grandfather, helping him out.
Michael smiled at seeing his care for his grandfather.
He knew in his heart Marco loved his grandfather dearly.
The three men walked up to the front door, it opening just before they reached it.
Lance stood there smiling, Michael giving him a quick hug.
"How's Lance?" Michael said, Lance smiling.
"I'm fantastic, Mikey. Hello Alberto, welcome to our home."
"Hello, Lance. It's good to see you again." Alberto said after Lance had hugged him.
Lance turned looking at the young man standing beside Michael.
He stared at him, lost in his beautiful face.
"Earth to Lance. Come in!" Michael said after a few moments, patting his shoulder, Lance focusing on Michael's voice.
"Oh. Sorry, Mikey. And this must be the surprise guest."
"Lance, this is Marco, my cousin."
Marco shyly smiled, Lance's own smile wide.
"Welcome, Marco. Any cousin of Mikey and Paulo is a friend to me." Lance said, hugging him tightly.
Marco looked surprised at this display of affection, hugging the man back.
Lance took in the rich scent of Marco, a blend of aftershave and his own musky odor.
Lance parted, blushing a bit, guiding everyone inside.
They walked through the large house, Lance leading them out onto the back patio.
Everyone was working at different things, the backyard almost all set up.
Michael smiled, seeing it all laid out according to his instructions.
The theme was a Hawaiian luau party.
Patio lanterns were strung everywhere, bright colors showing.
Everyone was wearing Hawaiian shirts and shorts, Michael looking at Alberto and Marco.
"I think we're overdressed."
Lance laughed, slapping Michael's shoulder.
"Hey, it was your idea."
Michael smiled, spotting Justin with the kids, playing with some toys out on the grass.
"Hey, Timberlake! What's a guy got to do to get some sugar?" Michael yelled, Justin looking up towards the voice.
His smile beamed, Justin standing up, helping his little angels get up.
The three walked across the grass, Shauna running ahead into Michael's waiting arms.
"Hi, Papa! We having fun!" She said smiling, as he picked her up.
Michael kissed her cheek, the little girl kissing him back.
"Missed my angel. And my little Darry." He said looking down at the small boy who had his arms wrapped around his leg now.
"Hi, Papa. Dada's acting silly." Darian said as Michael picked him up, too.
Michael laughed, Alberto smiled at the two children.
"Dada's always silly. That's why we love him." Michael smiled, Justin kissing him on the lips, the two looking happily into each other's eyes.
Marco stood back watching the two men kissing.
Justin turned, hugging Alberto, kissing his cheek.
"Welcome again, grandfather. A joy to see you, as always."
Alberto smiled, kissing his cheek.
"Hello, Justin. And I see congratulations are in order. They are beautiful."
Alberto smiled at the two little toddlers, both smiling back at him.
"This is Shauna and Darian, grandfather. Say hello to your first great grandchildren."
Alberto smiled, looking into the two pairs of blue eyes.
"Hello angels."
"Hi, Poppa." Both little cherubs said, Alberto smiling widely.
Darian stretched out his arms, Alberto surprised, taking the little boy into his arms.
"You're a beautiful boy, Darian. Such a little angel."
Darian smiled at him, playing with his tie.
Justin and Michael both smiled at him, Michael catching Marco's gaze, the young man standing back a little.
"And Justin, this is Marco." Michael said, Justin turning his gaze toward the young man.
Justin stopped in his tracks staring at the young man.
Justin couldn't believe his beautiful face and intoxicating blue eyes.
If Paulo was an attractive man, Marco was so much more.
"Wow." Justin said, Michael holding in a laugh.
Justin caught his reaction, looking quickly at Michael.
"Put your tongue back in dear, he's too young for you."
Justin blushed, Michael kissing his cheek.
"Marco, this is my fianceť, Justin."
Justin smiled, extending his hand, the young man coming forward.
They shook hands, Justin sensing something.
He stared into those blue eyes, seeing a scared young man.
"Hello, Marco. It's indeed a pleasure to finally meet you. You're all our Polo talks about."
Marco blushed, his face showing that awed look again.
"I can't believe I'm meeting Justin Timberlake! I'm a big fan, Mr. Timberlake." Marco said, both Michael and Justin picking up on his nervousness.
"It's Justin. Here I'm only Mico's man. His loving man." Justin said, putting his arm around Michael, Shauna playing with his bright yellow Hawaiian shirt.
"Love the outfit, Justy." Michael smiled, looking at Justin's bright attire.
"I'm a Hawaiian beauty. What can I say? There's one waiting for you upstairs. And outfits for both you and Marco, Alberto. This is, after all, a Hawaiian engagement party."
Michael smiled, looking up at the banner than hung above them.


He smiled, handing Shauna to Justin, Lance taking Darian from Alberto.
"We'll be back in a jiffy. Where's Josh?" Michael smiled, kissing Justin's cheek.
"He, Nick and Trevor have gone to pick up the meat  for the barbecue. Everyone else has gone home to change."
Michael looked over, seeing the barbecue pits set up.
"Awesome. Come on Poppa, we'll get changed."
"Your clothes are in the third bedroom on the left, Mikey." Lance said, smiling.
Alberto smiled, Marco giving him his arm, the three Tavarro men walking back into the house.
Michael guided them upstairs into the bedroom, finding three garment bags hanging on the back of the door.
Michael opened the bags, seeing names on all of them.
Michael sat his down on the bed, pulling his shirt off, exposing his naked hairy chest.
Marco stared at him, shyly taking in the vision before him.
Michael smiled, removing his pants, pulling on the black and yellow flowered Hawaiian shorts, then pulling on his black flowered shirt, leaving it open in front.
Alberto had pulled off his shirt, Michael seeing his muscular bulky chest, grey hair covering most of it.
"Ah, so there's where I get all this chest hair. Thanks granddad." Michael smiled, Alberto laughing.
Then Michael saw the scars.
They crawled down his left side, deep old scars. And thick.
Michael stared at him, knowing where they'd come from.
From Fredrick's attempt on his life. The attack that had resulted in Michael's father's death.
Alberto saw where Michael was staring at, staring back into his grandson's tearing eyes.
"The scars of life run deep, my son. Don't let the past sink into your soul. The future is what concerns us. The past shall be redeemed."
Michael nodded, walking over, helping his grandfather sit down to remove his pants.
Michael helped him get dressed, lovingly helping him get ready.
Michael turned when he was finished, seeing Marco standing in just his blue Hawaiian shorts.
Marco's body was solid, muscular and well-defined. He was taller than Paulo and thinner. But the muscles were beautifully proportioned.
His chest was smooth, sleek and so fine.
Michael thought he was the most beautiful man he'd ever seen.
"You're breathtaking, Marco." Michael said, the young man blushing.
"Thanks, Michael." He shyly said, pulling on his blue shirt, Michael smiling at him.
His youthful innocence endeared him to Michael.
Once they were all ready, they walked back downstairs.
Everyone sat down at a patio table, Lance offering everyone drinks.
Lynn and Lisa walked out of the kitchen, both hugging Alberto, Michael introducing them to Marco.
Michael felt Marco's shyness at everyone staring at him.
Marco had always known he was good looking, to the point of it being distracting.
He just never felt comfortable with the stares.
Michael smiled at him, Marco smiling back.
Shauna sat in Alberto's lap, the young girl having an animated conversation with him.
Justin sat down in Michael's lap, smiling down at him.
"You look so damn hot in black, sweetie."
Michael smiled, kissing his lips, Justin beaming.
"And I'm sure you planned it this way." Michael said, his hand running under Justin's shirt, playing with his back.
Justin winked, Michael laughing.
Darian, who was sitting in Lynn's lap smiled at the two men.
"Dada, we go swim?" He said, Justin smiling.
"Later, little man. After everyone eats."
"Okay." Darian said, playing with the truck in Lynn's hand.
"So how does it feel to be a great grandfather, Alberto?" Lisa asked, smiling.
"It feels like being a grandfather." He smiled at her.
"Oh, that bad." She said, everyone laughing.
"With age comes knowledge, respect and wisdom." Alberto said, everyone smiling.
"I have something for my great grandchildren." Alberto said, Marco picking up the small
bag he'd carried down with him.
He pulled out two small leather cases.
He handed the two to Justin and Michael, the two men taking them.
"Go ahead, open them."
The two men smiled, opening the small cases.
Both men stared in shock.
"Michael?" Justin said, looking into his eyes.
Michael looked at him, then looked down at the case in his hand.
It held a small pendant, on a golden chain. It was identical to the one he'd given Justin.
The same blue and gold colouring. A blue onyx heart with a gold cross in its center. Both boxes were the same. Two small pendants.
"What does this symbol mean, grandfather?"
Alberto smiled, Marco looking at him.
"It is a symbol from our past. Adrian our ancestor created it to be worn by the faithful. It is a heart, to symbolize love, and a cross inside the heart to symbolize faith. They say that some who wear it feel the presence of God within them. Although we haven't heard of that in a long time."
Michael smiled, showing the pendant to Darian, Justin showing Shauna hers.
"Wear it?" Shauna said, playing with the chain.
"Yes, sweetie."
"Like Dada's." Darian said, everyone looking at Justin.
Justin blushed, pulling the chain out from under his shirt.
Alberto and Marco looked surprised, staring at it.
"Where did you get that, Justin? No one outside the family has ever worn that symbol!" Marco said, his  voice surprisingly sounding angry.
Alberto put his hand on Marco's shoulder, the young man remaining quiet.
"I gave it to him. For a more important reason." Michael said, both men looking at him.
"Where did you get it, Michael? These pendants are only made by one man for us. They are a sacred symbol of the Tavarro family." Alberto said, his voice more calm.
"Michael made it for me." Justin said, looking concerned at everyone.
"I'm sorry, Justin. But that's not true. I lied to you.  It was my father's."
Justin looked shocked, taking the pendant in his hand.
"Your father's, Mico?"
"Yes, Jus. My father's. As the rightful heir of his life, it was my right to wear it. I gave it to you because I cannot wear it."
Alberto looked on the verge of tears.
"I gave that to Ramone on his sixteenth birthday. As a symbol of my deep love and faith in his taking control of the family." He said, Michael smiling at him.
"I gave it to Justin as a symbol of my deep love and faith in him being there for me always."
Alberto's steady gaze searched Michael's eyes for the truth.
"The day I buried him, I placed that pendant around his neck. He was entombed with it for eternity. How now do you possess it, my grandson?"
Everyone turned looking at Michael.
"How it came into my hands is not important. It is what it is. If you'll look at it you'll see the small crack in the left lower corner, where a bomb fragment hit it. He was wearing it the day he was murdered. You remember that mark, grandfather?"
Justin leaned over, Alberto looking at it with immense interest.
His eyes turned back to Michael.
"It is true! It is his pendant!"
"What does this mean, Michael?" Marco said, his eyes meeting Michael's.
"It means, in the sight of God, and in front of all of you, Justin is a Tavarro. In his love for me, he now holds a place in our family. He, and these two angels, are my family. They are as much Tavarros as I."
Justin smiled, feeling the deep meaning behind Michael's words. The total love and caring Michael felt for him. Justin was his family now, as were Shauna and Darian.
"Alright, Michael. I understand what you are saying. I just don't know if the rest of the family will see it that way." Alberto said, smiling at him.
"You yourself told me that the times are changing. That the family is changing. This is one of the first changes. There is so much more to come."
Marco stared at him, feeling a sense of wonder in Michael.
"Who are you?" Marco said, staring at him.
Michael looked around the table, staring at everyone.
He focused last on Marco.
"I am the Messenger. I am the Warrior. And I am so much more."
Michael smiled, standing up.
"I have accepted who I am and what I must do. From this moment forward, I focus on all of it. Have faith in me. In what I must do. It's going to be unbelievable."
Everyone smiled at him, Justin feeling Michael's calm heart.
"Hi Josh." Michael said, everyone looking around, seeing no one.
A few moments later, Josh walked out onto the patio, Michael smiling at him, Josh walking toward him.
Everyone exchanged looks, staring at each other.
One man sat staring at his cousin.
Marco looked at Michael, seeing the love radiating off this quiet man.
"Oh God! What can I do??" He said to himself, tears forming in his eyes.

End of Chapter 120

And so Michael's party for his brothers is about to begin.
What is wrong with Marco?
Is there something going on between him and Michael?
How will Paulo and Jake react to the surprise?
What is and where did Michael get his father's pendant?

Lots more to unfold.
Stay tuned for more surprises, and touching love.


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