Justin's Angel-121

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Marco stared at him, feeling a sense of wonder in Michael.
"Who are you?" Marco said, staring at him.
Michael looked around the table, staring at everyone.
He focused last on Marco.
"I am the Messenger. I am the Warrior. And I am so much more."
Michael smiled, standing up.
"I have accepted who I am and what I must do. From this moment forward, I focus on all of it. Have faith in me. In what I must do. It's going to be unbelievable."
Everyone smiled at him, Justin feeling Michael's calm heart.
"Hi Josh." Michael said, everyone looking around, seeing no one.
A few moments later, Josh walked out onto the patio, Michael smiling at him, Josh walking toward him.
Everyone exchanged looks, staring at each other.
One man sat staring at his cousin.
Marco looked at Michael, seeing the love radiating off this quiet man.
"Oh God! What can I do??" He said to himself, tears forming in his eyes.

Chapter 121

Fredrick Tavarro sat in his study, pouring over the old books thrown open on his desk.
Gustav Storasca, his scavenger, had found him these latest treasures.
In them, Fredrick had found a few interesting facts, but nothing concrete.
His search had become long and tedious.
But his determination and lust for power drove him onward.
He had to find the secret to Michael's downfall. The one thing to bring him to his knees.
To bring the Messenger to bay.
Fredrick had kept a resourceful eye on all Michael's transgressions.
He'd learned of his contact with the Devoted.
All that Michael had endured.
He rolled the ring on his left finger, the bright red stone glowing.
It was now second nature when he was troubled about something to twirl the ring.
It calmed him to do his best thinking.
He threw the book down that he'd just read, looking into the last remaining box.
One old book remained in it, laying on the bottom.
Fredrick sighed, pulling it out, not seeing a name written anywhere on it.
He looked it over, its dark red leather binding intoxicating in its musky beauty.
Fredrick breathed it in, smelling the stench of history, and something else.
He furrowed his brow, opening the book.
His breath caught in his throat.
Emblazoned on the first page was old Roman text.
Ancient Roman words.
Fredrick knew the language, the man fluent in over thirty languages and old dialects.
The title leapt out at his murderous soul.

The Final Commitment

Fredrick smiled, his heart pumping adrenaline.
He began reading, each page lifting his soul, raising his spirits.
For six hours he read, finally coming to the last chapter.
That chapter's first sentence filled Fredrick's soul with an excitement he'd not felt in a long time.
The giddy calmness of being triumphant.
He stared at the ancient words again.

"To destroy the messenger, you must make him choose between them or he. To remove his power you must make him give it freely."

He smiled, now reading the last chapter.
He closed the book, his laughter filling the small room, it soon degenerating into total hysteria.
It took a few moments for Fredrick to calm down, staring down at the book.
He picked it up, walking to the fireplace.
He threw the book on top of the smouldering embers, the book igniting in red fire.
He smiled, watching it burn into a clump of ashes.
"Garmot!" Fredrick shouted, the door opening.
The giant henchman walked into the room, nodding silently to his master.
"Bring me two young men tonight. I feel celebratory. Make them very young. And no worries of being seen by them. They won't be leaving. I'm going to take all of them."
The giant nodded, walking out of the room.
Fredrick laughed, staring down at the ring he wore.
He stared at it, remembering the day he'd found it.
He'd been nineteen, walking through the ruins of the old Roman forts in Rome. His father had sent him on an archeological dig.
He found the ring under some broken pottery, slipping it into his pocket, sensing its value.
When he'd closed himself up in his room that night, he'd put it on.
And in that one moment of clarity he'd felt himself come alive.
His mind had cleared and he'd seen the truth.
The truth of who he could be. And of what he could possess.
Once he'd gotten rid of those who stood in his way.
His brother, then sisters. And now his troublesome nephew.
Yes, he knew now how to handle Michael. The boy would be his.
He smiled, twirling the ring, the red diamond not on top.
He stared into it, smiling at its glowing brightness.
"Your heart is now guaranteed, Michael! It will stop beating in my own hands!"

Paulo stepped out of the shower, his lover's hands around his waist.
"Stop it, Jewel! We've got to get dressed! Haven't you had enough?"
Jake pulled him back, Paulo feeling his hardness against his butt.
"I can never get enough of my Polo!"
Paulo smiled, turning and pulling him against him.
They kissed deeply, the two lost in each other's touch.
"Mmmm, now I've missed that!" Paulo murmured, Jake running his hands down Paulo's naked back.
"We have to get going, love." Paulo said, grabbing a towel off the rack.
Jake scanned down Paulo's muscular body, taking in all his beauty.
"Have I told you how much I love you, Polo?"
Paulo leaned in, kissing him as he towel-dried his body.
"Every five minutes since I popped in two hours ago. And I love you too, Jewel."
Jake smiled, Paulo starting to dry him off.
"Mmmm, watch where you're drying, don't want to excite me again." Jake said, Paulo smiling.
"It doesn't take much, my love."
Jake smiled, the two walking out of the bathroom into their bedroom.
Paulo and Jake flirted and fooled around a little while getting dressed.
Within a few minutes, both men were ready to go; but they still clung to each other, exchanging tender kisses.
"We should run away somewhere, Polo! I'm off all next week, let's hide somewhere in bed all day!"
Paulo smiled, loving that idea.
"I'll talk to Mikey. Maybe I can take a day off or something."
Jake smiled, picking up his keys off the dresser, looking into Paulo's green eyes.
"I so love you, my Jewel." Paulo said, kissing his neck.
"Mmmm, I love you too. What's say we call Lance and beg off this dinner?"
Paulo smiled, kissing Jake's moist lips.
"And miss out on a chance of seeing my new niece and nephew? I think not!"
Jake smiled, knowing Paulo's love for the two little angels.
"You'd make a great father, Polo."
Paulo smiled, pulling Jake to him.
"Yeah, and so would you. I want kids, Jake. I love them."
Jake nodded, putting his arms around his lover.
"Is that an offer, Mr. Garcia?"
Paulo smiled, kissing him tenderly.
"But  I want our own. Not adoption. I want a real little Jake or a real little me to love and cherish."
Jake nodded, lost in Paulo's green eyes.
"I'd like that too. They're doing a lot of good things with artificial insemination and stuff. It's very possible."
"But first my man has to make me legitimate." Paulo said, looking at the ring on his finger.
Jake took the hand in his, kissing each finger.
"I'm meeting my parents tomorrow afternoon, Polo. I want you to be with me. It's time I told them the truth."
Paulo nodded, looking into Jake's blue eyes.
"I'll be by your side, my love. My love will flow through you. Together we will get through this and our lives will be open now."
Jake smiled, kissing him again.
"Let's go have some fun with the kids. Justin loves to play."
Paulo laughed, Jake smiling.
They walked out of the condo, hopping into Jake's Jeep.

Justin watched Michael chatting with Trevor and Nick.
He'd been quietly thinking, his fingers stroking the pendant around his neck.
Darian and Shauna were playing on the grass with Becky and Stevie, Zach and Christina sitting with all of them.
Justin turned his gaze, looking at Marco, who sat with Alberto, the two chatting with Lynn and Paul.
Something about the young man troubled Justin.
He felt Marco's deep love for his grandfather, and his budding love for Michael.
But something just didn't seem right.
And Justin felt that Michael sensed it too.
Josh sat down beside Justin, putting his arm around him.
"You okay, Jus? You look deep in thought."
Justin looked into Josh's blue eyes, smiling.
"Yeah, just thinking. Where's Lancy?"
"He's inside with Chris and Joe. They're getting all the meat ready." Josh said looking around. His gaze fell on Marco also.
"Man, Mikey's cousin Marco is damn fine." Josh said, Justin looking at him.
"Smitten are we?"
Josh blushed, Justin looking over at the young Spaniard.
"Who wouldn't be? Look at those blue eyes, and that face. Man, is everyone in that family blessed with good looks?" Josh said, looking towards Michael.
Justin was also now looking at his lover.
"Michael's are the most beautiful. He does it for me." Justin said, Josh smiling.
"I'm sure he'd love to hear you say that."
Justin smiled, hugging his friend.
"Thanks, Joshy."
Justin stood up, walking over to Michael, putting his arm around him.
"Hey, lover. Hi ya, Nick and Trev." Justin said, smiling a contented smile.
Both men smiled at him, Justin looking at Trevor.
"So, did Mico tell you I've convinced him to give up this sabbatical hogwash?"
Trevor smiled, nodding.
"Yeah, Justin. And I'm damn happy about that. Michael needs to continue publicity dates. He's at the top. We want to keep him there, right?"
"At the top?" Michael said, looking at Trevor.
"Yep. Your second book is number one as of this morning, Mikey!!"
Michael's smile widened, Justin feeling his happiness instantly.
"Oh, sweetie!! That's fantastic!!" Justin said, kissing him deeply.
The other two men smiled, watching this display of love. Nick's hand went into Trev's, Trev smiling at him.
Across the yard, a young man watched the two men kissing, a tear in his eye.
Marco stared at his cousin, lost in his own emotions.
He felt deep in his heart his inner pain.
The pain of what had been done to him.

Paulo and Jake pulled into Lance and Josh's driveway, seeing several cars parked out front.
"Man, how many did Lance invite? I thought it was only going to be the eight of us. Jus and Mikey and the kids, and Lance and Josh."  Jake said raising an eyebrow.
Paulo recognized Chris' car as well as Joey's.
"I think it's a boybander reunion. Chris and Joey's cars are here."
"I told you we should have begged off! We feel so out of place around their music." Jake said, Paulo taking Jake's hand in his.
"Oh, I don't know about that. I remember a man singing of Spanish eyes that made mine moist."
Jake beamed, kissing Paulo's moist lips.
"Thank you, love. I had inspiration." Jake said, Paulo tearing up.
The two men got out of the Jeep, walking up to the front door, hand in hand.
Paulo was about to hit the buzzer when the door opened.
They both looked surprised, seeing Michael standing there in a black Hawaiian shirt and shorts, wearing a lei.
"Welcome, my brothers of love. Follow me."
Both men looked at each other, Michael turning and walking away.
Jake shut the door, Paulo watching Michael walk up the stairs.
"Come along brothers." He said, Jake and Paulo following with curious looks on their faces.
They followed Michael upstairs, Michael leading them into a bedroom.
Sitting on the bed was Justin, dressed in a yellow-flowered Hawaiian outfit. He also wore a lei.
He stood up, smiling at the two men.
Once all three were inside the room, Michael closed the door, pulling two garment bags off the hook on the back of the door.
"Your attire for this evening."
Both men looked at him with confusion, Michael smiling.
Justin and he opened the two bags, pulling out identical white Hawaiian outfits.
"It's a night of Hawaiian style. A tropical night of magic and love. Please change into these."
Jake blushed a little, seeing that Michael and Justin weren't leaving.
"Relax brothers, we've seen you naked, remember. I need to say something while you change."
Justin picked up a leather portfolio which had been sitting on the bed, quietly waiting.
Paulo shrugged his shoulders, removing his shirt. Jake soon followed, Michael smiling at their being comfortable with this.
Both men soon stood in their boxer briefs, Michael and Justin handing them the shirts and shorts.
Justin's eyes were all over their compact muscular chests.
Their shirts were identical, both all white, with green and blue flowers everywhere. To symbolize their eyes.
Michael smiled at both of them, seeing their beautiful chests on display.
"First off, I want to say that we love both of you as our brothers. It was a happy moment for us when we watched you propose to Polo, Jake. I saw in both of your eyes deep love and happiness. And now you two are walking on the path of discovery. Of discovering each other's wants, needs and desires. We couldn't have wished for two more deserving people to walk that path together. In both of you, we see deep love, a love for each other. We offer you our brotherly love, in every way."
Both men were staring at Michael, lost in his moving words.
Michael walked forward, leaning in and kissing Jake on the lips.
Jake responded, kissing him back, the kiss tender and loving.
Michael pulled back, smiling.
He turned to Paulo then, kissing him just as tenderly and lovingly.
They broke the kiss, Paulo lost in the feeling of deep love he'd received from Michael.
Both men stood in only their Hawaiian shorts, their chests on full view.
"I love both of you. As does my Jus."
Justin walked forward, doing the same as Michael had done, kissing both men deeply.
They both felt all of Justin's love in his tender kiss.
Justin walked back to Michael, kissing him tenderly.
The two men turned, seeing their brothers standing half-naked.
They both could see the signs of their tenderness evident in Jake's and Paulo's shorts.
Both men had sizable tents in the front of their shorts.
Justin smiled at Michael, Michael nodding.
"Michael and I love both of you, our brothers of love. We wanted to do something for you. Something special. "
Justin handed the leather portfolio toward them, Jake taking it from him.
Jake opened it up, surprised to see airline tickets and brochures.
"We've booked both of you on a flight leaving Monday morning to Hawaii. Seven days and nights in the sun and fun. You both need to be together, in each other's arms, alone and loved. It's one of our engagement gifts to you." Justin said, smiling.
Paulo looked at the tickets, both men smiling.
"You'll be on a private island, your own cottage. It sounds so beautiful." Michael said, Justin quietly looking at him.
"Thank you, Michael and Justin! This is amazing! I was just telling Polo we should sneak away somewhere." Jake said, tears in his eyes.
Paulo smiled, kissing his lips. He turned looking at his brothers.
"Thank you, Michael and Justin! This is so wonderful!"
Both men smiled, Michael walking towards the door.
"Come, my brothers, our friends are waiting."
Both men put on their shirts, Michael smiling at their identical attire.
They all walked downstairs, walking through the kitchen, Michael and Justin stopping at the patio doors.
"Welcome, our brothers. To a night in tropical paradise!"
Justin pulled open the patio door, Jake and Paulo walking out, followed by their brothers.
Both men jumped back, seeing everyone standing together, clapping and whistling.
The back yard had been turned into a tropical paradise.
Lanterns hung everywhere, Tiki torches burning all over the place.
Everyone was wearing Hawaiian shirts, leis around their necks.
Michael and Justin walked in front of them, hanging leis over their necks.
"Welcome to your engagement party, my brothers."
Both men were in tears, looking up at the banner, seeing the names.
"Oh, guys! Thank you so much! This is a total surprise!" Paulo said, Jake smiling as well with teary eyes.
Everyone hugged them, and kissed them.
Eventually the two men finally stood together again.
"Hello, my grandson."
Paulo looked to his left, Michael moving aside.
Paulo looked into Alberto's golden eyes, his grandfather walking up to him, Paulo beginning to cry.
"Congratulations, Polo. I wish you so much happiness." The older man said, his eyes full of tears.
Paulo was wrapped in his grandfather's arms, crying into his chest.
Jake smiled through tearing eyes, seeing Paulo's love for his grandfather.
Paulo calmed down, Alberto pulling Jake to him.
"Welcome to the family, Jake." The older man said, kissing his cheek.
Alberto hugged Jake, Paulo smiling.
Michael walked up to them, smiling.
All three men looking into his golden eyes, seeing them so full of love.
"Thank you for bringing Poppa here, Michael. This means so much to me." Paulo said, hugging his cousin again.
Michael smiled, parting from him.
"The surprise isn't over yet, my brother. I wanted to bring someone else, someone who means a lot to you."
Paulo raised his eyebrows, not knowing who he meant.
Paulo saw everyone eyes moving to one spot.
Paulo turned around, staring in shock.
In front of the opened patio doors stood his cousin Marco.
Paulo felt his world come together.
"Marco? Is that really you?"
Marco smiled walking towards him.
Jake stared at the vision of manly beauty that was walking toward them.
He was Paulo's height and size, but his features were even more stunning.
Marco had Paulo in his arms in a heartbeat, the two wrapped tightly together.
And they all heard Paulo's sobs against Marco's chest.
"My little brother! My little cousin! Oh, how I've missed you!"
Marco was crying as well, the two locked together.
Shauna was now in Michael's arms, she looking at the two men hugging.
"Uncle Polo sad?" She asked, Michael smiling at her, as he felt Justin put his arm around him, Darian in his arms.
"No, sweetie. Uncle Polo is crying tears of happiness."
The little girl smiled again.
Paulo broke from his cousin, kissing his cheeks, smiling at him.
"I had to come, Polo. I had to be here for this wonderful moment." Marco said, wiping his eyes.
"I'm so glad! I'm so happy you did!" Paulo said smiling.
"So, where's this man who's captured your heart?"
Paulo beamed, taking Jake's hand in his.
"Marco, this is my Jake. Jake, this is my little brother Marco."
Marco and Jake looked at each other, Marco staring in shock.
Jake was staring with another emotion. In deep wonder and awe.
The young man was beyond beautiful.
"You're Jake Gyllenhaal!!!"
Jake smiled, Marco shaking his head.
"Oh my God! My cousin's marrying a beautiful actor."
Jake smiled at him, looking into those deep blue eyes.
Paulo smiled, kissing Jake's cheek.
"Yep, and he's all mine."
Marco smiled back, Michael quietly watching all three men.
Justin smiled at the three men together.
"Looks like your surprise was a big hit, Mico."
"Yep, but there's one more surprise left."
Justin looked questioningly, Michael's cell phone going off.
"Hello, Mike here." Michael said, Justin quietly listening.
"That's great, I'll be right there."
Michael hung up his phone, asking Justin to take Shauna for a minute.
Justin nodded, taking her into his arms with Darian, Michael quietly walking back into the house.
Justin wondered what was going on, Michael hadn't told him of anything else.
A few minutes later, Michael walked back out onto the patio, smiling at Jake and Paulo, winking at Justin.
Everyone was standing around, chatting and laughing.
Michael smiled again at Jake and Paulo.
"If I could have everyone's attention, I'd like the couple of the moment to step up here in front of me."
Jake and Paulo smiled, Marco smiling at Michael.
The two men stood in front of Michael, Michael turning them slightly, their backs to the house.
"Jake, my friend and brother. I've done something that maybe I shouldn't have. But I want you to know that it was done with love. Paulo's family is all here, sharing his joy and love. I thought it only fitting that you have the same joy and love . Please forgive me if this isn't what you want."
Michael looked behind the two men, as did everyone else.
Paulo and Jake turned, Jake gasping.
Standing in the doorway of the patio were Jake's parents, and his sister Maggie.
They all wore Hawaiian shirts and shorts.
Jake froze staring at his family.
"Mom? Dad? Maggie? What are you doing here?"
Jake's mother walked across the patio, smiling at him.
"We're here to give you our love, son. And this must be your Paulo."
Paulo regained his shock, smiling at her.
"Hello Mrs. Gyllenhaal."
She laughed, smiling at him.
"Please, just call me Naomi."
Paulo smiled nervously.
Naomi looked back at her son, smiling with tears now in her eyes.
Her husband and daughter had walked up behind her, Maggie smiling at her brother.
"So, my loving son. Is there something you would like to tell us?" She said, Jake feeling the love in her soft voice.
Jake looked at Paulo, Paulo taking his hand in his.
Jake's eyes were full of tears, his mother wiping them with a gentle finger.
"Mom, Dad and Maggie. I'm gay. I fought a long time with these feelings, coming to this final realization when I met my Polo. I've fallen hopelessly in love with this man. I love him with all my heart, with all my soul. We're engaged, and we're going to be married."
Paulo's smile widened, his fingers tightening in Jake's hand.
Naomi smiled, her husband Stephen putting his hand on his son's shoulder.
"Your mother and I love you, Jake. If Paulo makes you happy, if he loves you, then that's all we want for you. Congratulations, my son."
Jake was in tears, his father hugging him, Jake crying on his chest.
"Oh, Dad! That means so much to me! And he does love me! And I love him!"
Jake's mother hugged him close, Jake still crying.
"I love you my son. I'm happy you've found love. You will never change my love for you."
Jake smiled, wiping his eyes, Maggie now hugging him.
"Way to go, bro! He's gorgeous!"
Paulo blushed, Jake smiling widely.
"That he is! And he's all mine."
Naomi smiled, hugging Paulo, Paulo surprised but hugging back.
Jake's father shook his hand, then hugged him.
"Welcome to the family, Paulo."
Maggie kissed Paulo's cheek, then hugged him.
Jake couldn't believe what had just happened.
"How did all this happen? How did you know I'd be here?" Jake asked, his mother smiling.
"Let's just say an angel told me."
Jake and Paulo turned, looking at Michael.
Michael stood quietly, his golden eyes were full of tears.
"Michael? Is this all your work?" Jake said.
Justin, as well as everyone else was now staring at Michael.
Michael walked up to Jake, Naomi smiling at him.
"Hello again, Michael." She said, hugging him.
"Again?" Jake asked, looking at his brother.
"Naomi came to my door about two weeks ago, Jake. Just after we had returned from London. She was looking for answers." Michael said, Naomi continuing the conversation now.
"I'd seen you on television and in magazines with Michael, Jake. He seemed to be in your inner circle. I went to him to find out the truth."
"And you told her, Michael?" Jake said, staring at him, in his heart not believing that Michael would do that.
"No, Jake. He didn't. I figured it all out for myself. There were a lot of subtle clues. Remember when I'd been over at your condo, a few weeks ago? I found two different razors in your medicine chest, different sized clothing in your closet. It wasn't that hard to piece it together. Then I began to see you with Paulo, in different photographs. He was always listed as a close friend. I began to sense it was more than that. So I went to see Michael, this loving angel. I told him of my suspicions. He told me to talk to my son, that it wasn't his place to talk about his brothers' lives and loves. That clued me into you being close to him and Justin. I went back to your condo to talk to you, and I saw the truth right before my eyes."
Jake looked at her confused.
"You don't hide your love very well, Jake. I saw you and Paulo walking into the condo, hand in hand, you kissing him just before you went into the house."
Jake blushed, Paulo putting his arm around him.
Naomi smiled at Michael.
"After that revelation, I went back to see Michael. I needed someone to talk to. He's an unbelievably good listener. And his advice is amazing."
Michael smiled, Justin now at his side, taking his hand in his.
"Michael sat me down and told me the story of his mother. It was heart-wrenching and eye-opening. He told me that life was about living, and letting each person live the life he or she chooses. It made me see that no matter who you were, who you loved, you would always be my son. My son whom I love."
Jake was in tears, his mother hugging him again.
Jake turned, looking into Michael's wet eyes.
"I'm sorry if this isn't what you wanted, Jake. I shouldn't have intruded in your life, in the life you have with your parents. I just thought that maybe you deserved an open happiness, a life free of doubt. Forgive me if I've overstepped my bounds."
Jake began sobbing, pulling Michael into his arms.
"Oh, my brother! Thank you for loving me enough to do this for me! To make my family accept me for who I am, and for who I love! Thank you so much!"
Michael's own eyes were watering now, hugging his brother against him.
"You're welcome, Jake. I'd do anything for you and my Polo."
Paulo teared up, Michael now hugging him too.
"Let's get this party going! My eyes can't take any more wetness!" Michael said, everyone smiling, wiping their own eyes.

The party went into full swing, Chris putting music on.
Josh and Lance manned the barbecue pits, Lonnie and Joey manning the bar.
Michael and Justin sat together, their kids playing in front of them.
"Have I told you lately that I love you?" Justin said, kissing Michael's moist lips.
"Yes my love. But what's one more time? I can take it."
Justin smiled, running his fingers under Michael's black shirt.
"Calm down, Tigger. That tiger needs to stay caged."
"I can't help it, lovecakes. Seeing my Mico laying his heart open always excites me. Makes me love him more."
Michael smiled, looking into Justin's blue eyes.
"Wouldn't be all this beautiful male flesh, would it? I saw your looks with Marco and our brothers upstairs."
Justin blushed, Michael smiling.
"I know you love me Jus. And I know you love them. Hell, I saw their desires in full view. And I see the beauty of Marco. And I know that I alone possess you."
Justin nodded, Michael now kissing him.
Justin felt Michael's feelings, his feelings of ownership.
For Michael owned Justin completely. Body, heart and soul.
They smiled at each other, Darian climbing into Michael's lap.
"We go swim?" The little boy asked, Justin smirking.
"Dada said after food, Darry." Michael said, the little boy's face looking serious.
"Me want now!"
"No, sweetie. We said no."
Michael looked intently at the little boy, the boy finally smiling.
"Okay, Papa. I wait."
Michael smiled, kissing the little boy's forehead.
Justin and Michael smiled at each other, knowing their little angels would always listen to them.
Trevor came over, sitting down beside Michael.
"Hey guys."
"Hey, Trev. Where's your shadow?" Justin asked, Trevor blushing.
"Nick's gone to the washroom."
"And you didn't follow him? You're missing out on some playtime!" Michael said, Justin now laughing.
Trevor blushed redder, Darian smiling up at him.
"It's okay, Trev. We both feel what's going on. And we're both happy for you." Justin said, Michael quietly looking at Justin.
Trevor looked surprised, quickly looking towards the patio door.
"Last night was magical, once the love broke through." Michael said staring at him.
Trevor smiled, Justin kissing his cheek.
"He was so caring, so loving. It wasn't anything like I'd ever experienced."
Michael put his hand on his shoulder.
"That pain is gone, Trev. Keith is gone. It's all been replaced by Nick's love. That love you felt last night. That love you'll feel from now on. We're happy for both of you."
Trevor smiled widely, both men seeing his complete happiness.
Nick walked out of the patio doors, seeing his Trevor sitting with Justin and Michael.
He walked over, smiling at all three, plopping down on the grass beside Trevor.
Shauna got up, crawling into Nick's lap.
"Hi Unky Nick. Uncle Trev love you."
Trevor smiled, kissing the little girl's cheek.
Nick smiled at his boyfriend's happiness.
"Trevor was telling us of his wonderful, magical night." Michael said, smiling at him.
Nick looked at Trevor, Trevor smiling.
"It okay, Nicholas. They'd already guessed."
Nick looked surprised.
"We'll let you two talk." Justin said, taking Shauna from Nick's lap.
Michael got up, Darian attached to his hip.
"Try not to soil the grass, it's hard to get it to grow back." Michael said, winking.
Justin started laughing, the two men walking over to their friends on the patio.
Nick looked at Trevor, smiling.
"They know we're totally in love?"
"Yes, Nicky. They said it's showing in our eyes."
Nick smiled, kissing Trevor's cheek.
"Can't fault us for being honest, now can they?"
Trevor smiled, pulling him against him, kissing him deeply.
Michael and Justin smiled, watching the two men, as did everyone sitting around them.
"Ain't love grand?  I'm such a damn fine matchmaker." Michael said, everyone smiling.
"You're the best." Paulo said, Michael smiling at his brother.

Everyone pigged out, the food in great abundance.
After dinner, two small angels, who'd been dying to swim, had their wish granted.
The party shifted to its next mission: A pool party.
Justin was the first to pull off his shirt, wading into the shallow end, two small tots in his arms.
Marco stared at the singer, watching his graceful movements, mesmerized by his muscular, smooth body.
Shauna and Darian were giggling, the cool water lapping at their toes.
"It cold, Dada!" Darian giggled, Justin smiling.
"My little ducks love the wawa." Justin said, in a gentle voice.
Michael smiled, sitting on the pool's edge, watching his family.
Josh walked over, removing his shirt, climbing into the water, Shauna reaching out for him. Josh took her, gently smiling at her.
"Me swim, Unky Josh?"
"Yes sweetie, Uncle Josh will hold you."
The little girl smiled, Josh slowly lowering her into the water. She began paddling, Josh's arms around her protectively.
Michael smiled, seeing his loving care with their daughter.
Lance sat down beside Michael, others now taking their shirts off, diving into the deep end of the pool.
Nick and Trevor were in the water, the two swimming together, Michael seeing their flirtatious touches.
"No gay sex in the pool. Only hetro." Chris yelled, his arms wrapped around Vicky in the water.
"Scared you'll catch it, Chris?" Michael yelled back, Vicky shaking her head, swimming beside her man.
"If I were you Mikey, I'd be scared you might catch some real hetro love."
"Nah, that disease is curable. Look at all the men around you Chris. I'd think you're the one at risk here."
Chris looked around, seeing all the young men around him. All gay men.
"Shit, Joey. We're outnumbered."
"Hey, Chris. Leave me out of this. Mikey's got that look." Joey said, swimming away with Kelly.
Chris looked at Michael, the man smiling at him.
"I'm all wet Tavarro. There's not much you can do to me in here." Chris smirked.
Vicky again shook her head, staring hopelessly at her man.
Michael was on his feet in a flash, diving into the pool.
He came up right between Chris' legs.
In one quick jerk, Chris' shorts were gone.
Michael emerged out of the water, Chris' navy shorts in his hands.
"Hey boys!! Fresh meat in the pool."
Chris was in shock, trying to cover himself.
Within seconds he saw what was happening.
Everyone around the pool were laughing their head off, Chris turning three shades of red.
"That's not funny, Tavarro! Give me back my shorts!"
"Why Chris, we gay boys have had dinner! We want dessert now!" Michael beamed, licking his lips.
Lance dove into the pool coming up beside Michael.
"Nah, Mikey. That's too fattening." Lance said, all the guys bursting out in laughter.
"Yeah, I guess your right, Lancy." Michael said, smiling at his blond friend, Lance winking back.
"Besides, I hate picking hairs out of my teeth." Michael said, hearing Lonnie's booming laughter over everyone else.
Chris felt three inches tall.
Michael swam up to him, handing him his shorts.
"Cover yourself, Chris. I just ate." Michael smiled, swimming away.
All the lovers in the pool laughed, floating away from him, Vicky swimming beside him.
"When will you learn, sweetie? Mikey always gets the last laugh!"
Chris nodded, Vicky kissing his cheek.
"I don't care what he says, I like picking hair out of my teeth."
Chris smiled, Vicky kissing him deeply.
Michael, who'd climbed out of the pool, smiled seeing the two kissing.
Michael saw Marco sitting by himself on a chaise lounge.
Michael walked over to him.
Marco stared at the vision of beauty coming towards him.
He'd been staring at all the young men swimming. So many beautiful men.
Justin, Trevor, Nick, Paulo, Jake, Lance, Josh and Michael.
"What's up, bro? You're not swimming?" Michael said, sitting down beside him, Michael toweling his chest, Marco staring at it.
"I'm a little self-conscious. Look at all those buffed bodies out there. I'm just a skinny kid next to all those men."
Michael smiled, seeing the innocence behind the looks.
"I'll have you know, my cousin, you are just as beautiful as any of them."
Marco blushed, staring into Michael's golden eyes.
"Thanks, Michael. But you've got the greatest beauty. Your Justin."
Michael smiled, looking at Justin splashing with Darian.
"You've got that right. He's all I'll ever need."
Marco stared at his cousin, a tear in his eye.
Michael stared back at him, Marco feeling a depth of love in those golden eyes.
"It's not your fault, Marco. You had no say in it."
Marco stared in shock, staring at Michael.
"I... I don't know what you're talking about."
Michael remained quiet, looking at the young man, sensing his discomfort.
"Life is about being true with yourself. About accepting what you can't change. Look at me. Look at the life I now have because I went on living."
Marco lowered his head, Michael putting his hand on his shoulder.
"I am here if you want to talk, Marco. Whenever you feel that it's too much."
Marco nodded slowly, Michael smiling at him with love.
"Right now, you need to have a swim. Come on."
Marco smiled a little bit, Michael pulling him up.
Michael walked over to the pool, diving in.
He came up, still seeing Marco standing by the edge.
"Come on in Marco. The water's beautiful." Michael said, smiling up at him.
Marco smiled at Jake, Marco pulling off his shirt.
All the men in the pool stared at him, taking in his smooth muscular chest.
His body was that of a Spanish god.
Smooth, taut and muscular.
Jake stared at him, as did Josh and Lance, and Nick and Trevor.
Justin stared at him, for only a moment.
Then his eyes glanced at his Mico.
In that beautiful, slim, hairy body he saw all that set his heart on fire.
Justin smiled, looking back down, Darian splashing in the water, sitting on his lap.
Marco dove into the water, coming up beside Michael, Jake and Paulo.
"You're right, Michael. The water's beautiful." Marco said, smiling.
Paulo smiled, looking at his cousin.
He noticed a mark on his neck, looking healed and a few months old.
To Paulo's trained eye it looked like a bite mark.
Marco swam around, Paulo quietly watching.
Michael swam over to his three angels, wading up the shallow end of the pool.
He smiled at Josh and Shauna, the little girl splashing water at her Papa.
Michael sat down between Josh and Justin, Shauna climbing into his lap.
"Wawa's fun, Papa."
Michael smiled, looking at Josh.
"I think your man needs some lovin', Joshy."
Josh smiled, looking over at Lance who was swimming quietly, his eyes staring at Josh.
"Thanks, Mikey." Josh said, wading out towards his lover.
Michael snuggled up against Justin's wet body, Justin smiling, seeing their two angels playing with each other in the water between them.
"So, my love. What are we going to do about this?" Justin said, Michael staring into his blue eyes
"You know, Jus?"
"Yes , Michael. I've known since I shook his hand."
Michael looked at Justin, seeing the tears beginning.
"We'll have to make him tell it in his own way, Jus. And we have to keep Paulo calm. We'll wait till this is over."
Justin nodded, Michael kissing his cheek.
"I hate him, Michael. I hate him so much."
Michael nodded, looking over at Marco.
The young man was smiling, swimming with Paulo and Jake.
"I'm sorry, Marco. This has to be done." Michael thought, quietly, Justin's hand going into his.

An hour later, everyone was crowded around the patio, relaxing in chairs at the many tables set up.
All the swimmers had changed their shorts, still wearing the Hawaiian shirts.
Michael walked out of the house, carrying a large cake.
A love cake.
Everyone smiled, looking at the rich dessert.
"I'm first." Joey said, Kelly slapping his shoulder.
"The happy couple are first, sweetie." She said, Joey smiling.
"Okay. Dibs on second."
Everyone laughed, Paulo and Jake looking at the writing on the cake.


They both teared up, everyone smiling.
"Isn't that the truth?" Naomi said, Stephen putting his arm around her.
They'd been watching their son all evening, seeing his deep love for Paulo.
"Will the couple do the honors?" Michael said smiling, handing Paulo the knife.
Paulo and Jake cut up the cake, Joey snatching two pieces.
Michael laughed, shaking his head.
Everyone sat around, talking happily and eating the rich dessert.
Shauna sat in Maggie's lap, Maggie feeding her a piece.
The little girl had taken well with all the new people, as had Darian, who was in Alberto's lap, eating his cake.
"I'd love to bring my daughter Ramona over to meet these angels. They're close to the same ages. They can have a play date."
Michael smiled, agreeing wholeheartedly
Maggie smiled at him, the two liking each other immensely.
Michael looked at the others around their table.
Marco, Paulo, Jake, Justin and Michael sat together with Chris.
Chris was eyeing both Paulo and Marco.
Michael was watching him quietly, sensing Chris deep in thought about something.
Then Michael saw the grin on Chris' face.
Chris got up, walking over and kneeling beside Joey. Joey started laughing. Then he got up quietly talking to Trevor and Nick.
All the guys were smiling, and chuckling, Michael staring at all of them.
The four separated, going into different directions.
Justin had also picked up on something going on.
"What's Mr. Twisted up to now?" Justin quietly asked.
Paulo and Jake looked over at Chris, their eyebrows raising.
"We'll soon see." Michael said, smiling.
Chris looked around, seeing Nick standing behind Lonnie, Trevor standing behind Randall and Lisa.
Joey had walked around, standing behind Paulo and Marco.
Chris smiled, closing his eyes.
He cupped his hands around his mouth.
Marco looked up.
Chris smiled, keeping his eyes closed..
Joey yelled from behind them.
Paulo jumped, looking behind him.
Marco jumped as well.
Neither had seen him there.
Chris smiled, walking around the tables, feeling his way.
"Yes, Chris?" Marco said again, people catching on with what was going on, starting to laugh.
"Polo!" Nick said, behind Lonnie, the large man looking up at him.
Chris changed direction heading for Nick.
Everyone was laughing, Michael smiling, realizing what Chris had figured out.
The two names were a game.
Marco and Paulo looked totally confused.
Paulo leaned into Jake asking him what was going on.
"Chris just figured out the significance of your names." Michael said quietly.
"What do you mean, Michael?" Marco asked.
Justin explained to the two Spanish men the game Chris was playing. Marco Polo.
The two men nodded, both looking embarrassed by this humorous play on their names.
Michael smiled, looking at his two cousins.
He got up, standing between the two, leaning down and whispering in their ears.
Both smiled, nodding.
Michael stood up, looking at Justin, Justin grinning.
Michael picked up a napkin off the table, walking towards Chris.
Chris called Marco's name again, Trevor answering him.
Everyone smiled seeing Michael walking towards Chris.
Vicky watched, holding in a smile.
"This should be good." she thought.
"When will you ever learn, Snookums?"
Chris had been secretly watching the table with the Spanish men, his eyes opened a slit.
He saw Michael coming right at him.
"Before you get closer, Tavarro. I just want to say: Gotcha!"
Chris laughed, opening his eyes, then he saw the napkin in Michael's hand.
Michael looked around at everyone.
"Last time I checked, you hadn't tagged anyone." Michael said, staring at him.
Chris' laughter slowed, the man staring at him.
"Watcha talking about, Mr. Tavarro?" Chris smirked, imitating Gary Coleman.
"I'm talking about the rules of the game. And you've got your eyes open. No cheating!"
Chris looked around seeing everyone grinning at him.
"Hey, it was just a joke. Making fun of Marco and Paulo's names. You got to admit it is funny that they're named after the game."
Michael stared at him.
"They were named in love by their parents. European people who had no knowledge of an American game."
Chris suddenly felt uncomfortable.
Michael walked up to him.
"So technically, you are playing a game, Chris. A game we all think you should finish. Am I right everyone?"
Everyone clapped, shouting yes.
Chris now looked nervous, Michael raising the napkin.
"But let's be fair. Marco Polo is usually played in the pool. But we've all finished swimming. So we'll continue with this wonderful version you've started. And to stop you from cheating, I'm going to blindfold you."
Everyone laughed, Chris gulping.
"But I won't be able to see shit!!"
"Watch your mouth, Disco Chrisco! And behave!"
Chris nodded, Michael wrapping the napkin around his eyes.
"Okay, Chris. Now we're going to play the real version. Start calling."
Chris sighed, quietly speaking.
"Louder, how is Polo going to hear you."
Michael nodded to Marco and Paulo, both men getting up.
"Polo." Marco said, then walking off in another direction.
Chris didn't recognize the voice.
"Polo." Paulo said, from behind Chris.
Chris turned around, walking right into a table.
Everyone laughed, Michael smiling.
Chris stepped back, Michael smirking.
Michael walked over to the pool's edge.
Vicky looked at him, shaking her head, pleading with him.
Michael just winked back at her.
Chris walked towards the voice.
Michael remained still, letting him walk right to him.
Paulo and Marco, and a now standing Justin quietly walked behind him.
Chris reached his hands out.
"Polo." Michael said right in front of him, Chris smiling.
Chris grabbed onto Michael, Michael remaining still.
"It's Mikey, isn't it?"
"Yes it is, Chris."
"Good, you're it now!!"
Michael smiled, pulling the napkin off Chris' face.
Chris looked at him, letting him go, a wide smile on his face.
"Sorry, Chris. You are and always will be IT."
Chris looked confused.
"Don't ever mess with the Tavarro men." Michael said quietly.
Chris turned, just catching a glimpse of the three men behind him.
All four sets of arms went out, Chris pushed backwards into the pool.
A large splash rained down, the four men stepping back.
All four high-fived each other, Chris coming up out of the water.
"God damnit!! Why do I always have to get wet??"
"Most fish love water, Kirkpatrick." Michael said, smiling.
Everyone was laughing their heads off, Vicky included.
Joey walked up to the pool's edge beside Michael, laughing down at Chris.
"Man, Chris. When will you ever learn?" Joey said laughing, Michael laughing at Joey.
"Yep when will they ever learn? Accomplice!"
Joey stopped laughing, just in time to see Justin's foot hit his backside, propelling Joey forward.
Joey landed right beside Chris, hitting the water hard.
Everyone laughed. Michael, Marco, Paulo and Justin heading towards Nick and Trevor, who were now standing together.
"Hey, guys. It was just a joke." Trevor said, looking nervous, trying to hide behind Nick.
"Yep, boys. And it's all wet." Michael said, lunging at Nick.
He, Paulo and Marco tackled him, lifting him off the ground carrying a laughing Nick to the pool.
"Oh well, when in Rome." Nick said, as he became airborne, landing in the pool.
The three men turned, staring at Trevor who was now wrapped in a Timberlake hug.
"Okay. Okay, Justin. I surrender."
Trevor walked toward the three men smiling at Nick in the pool.
"I surrender. But not without a final attack!!" Trevor said.
He lunged right at Michael, Michael at the last second moving with a graceful turn.
Trevor went face first into the pool.
Michael smiled, looking down at the four drowned rats floating in Josh's pool.
"And the Tavarro man are victorious! Bow to their greatness!"
Everyone clapped, Alberto walking up to the four of them.
"The Tavarro men always unite."
Michael smiled, kissing his grandfather's cheek.
"Always. Right, Marco?"
The young man smiled, looking into Michael's loving golden eyes.

The party waned down, the couple happy and overjoyed.
All their friends and family showing them great love and support.
But as all good things do, they must eventually end.
Everyone left amid hugs and kisses.
Jake and Paulo both hugged his parents and sister goodbye.
They'd now accepted Paulo into their close family unit.
Marco and Alberto were invited to stay at Jake's with Paulo.
The two accepted, Michael asking if they would come back to their place first, Michael wanting to talk to them about something.
Jake and Paulo looked confused but agreed.
Michael hugged Lance and Josh goodbye, thanking them again for everything they'd done to make the night memorable.
Lance and Josh both brushed Michael's thanks off, telling him it was done with love for their brothers.
Ten minutes later, Michael and Justin pulled up in front of their home, Jake's Jeep right behind them.
Michael walked into the house carrying Darian, Justin carrying Shauna.
"We're going to put the kids to bed, be right back down. Paulo make some coffee. We'll meet you in the living room in a few minutes."
Everyone else had already arrived home, the two men meeting Jonathan at the head of the stairs.
"Night, guys. I'm going to watch some television in my room." Jonathan said, walking out of the bathroom.
"Night, Jonnie." Justin said, kissing his brother's cheek, Jonathan then kissing Michael's.
The two men put their angels into their crib, undressing them, both sound asleep.
They quietly tip toed out of the room.
Zach and Christina were just walking up the stairs.
"Party still on or is it bedtime?" Zach said smiling, Christina hugging him.
Michael saw Zach's eyes a bit glazed.
"Once you get him a coffee, Cricket, we're having a Tavarro family meeting." Michael said, quietly walking away.
Christina and Zach looked at Justin, Justin nodding.
They all followed Michael downstairs.

Ten minutes later, the eight members of the extended Tavarro family sat quietly drinking coffee in the living room.
Zach and Christina sat on a couch, Alberto sitting beside them.
Jake, Paulo and Marco sat on another couch.
Justin sat in a wing chair in the corner watching Michael.
Michael stood at the fireplace, staring down into a glowing fire he'd started there.
"The embers of evil burn in our soul."
Everyone looked at Michael, concerned.
Michael sighed, turning and scanning everyone's upturned eyes.
"I've sensed a presence in our midst. I've sensed it all day. As has my Jus."
Justin looked around at everyone, nodding.
Everyone saw Michael's eyes begin to glow brighter.
"He's here. His evil is threatening to stab at us."
"Fredrick?" Alberto said, looking at his grandson.
"Yes, grandfather. Fredrick. And this time he's hurt a soul of innocence. For that, he will pay dearly."
Michael walked over to his grandfather, leaning down and kissing his cheek.
"Forgive me, grandfather."
Michael looked into his grandfather's eyes, hating to hurt him.
"Forgive me for what I must show you."
Michael stood up in a flash, crossing the room, taking Marco by the shirt, picking him up and tossing him across the room.
Marco landed against the wall, suspending in the air, his body trapped against the wall.
Everyone was on their feet in a heartbeat, staring in disbelief.
"What in God's name are you doing??" Paulo said, starting to advance on Michael.
Michael turned, seeing Justin and Jake grab a hold of Paulo.
Michael's golden eyes burned with determination.
"I'm saving our cousin, Paulo. I'm saving him from the evil inside him."
Alberto walked up to him, looking at him with tearing eyes.
"Not my Marco!! Not my little boy!!"
"Yes, grandfather. Fredrick has taken his innocence. Fredrick has claimed his mind."
"How? When?" Paulo said, his voice cracking with emotion.
"A few months ago. He kidnapped him. And he's done so much more."
Michael turned walking towards his cousin, seeing something new.
His young cousin's eyes were glowing red.
Everyone now saw that, the red glow of Fredrick's evil.
"I know you're there, Fredrick! I see your evil! I know what you've done! But you'll not have him!! Never again!!"
Michael advanced, the others walking closer.
A deep, thick voice issued forth from Marco.
"Do you think it's so easy to stop me?? I'm always with you, Micky!"
Michael cringed at that name, his soul hardening.
"You cannot hurt that which I will not let you hurt! Release him! Be gone from his mind!"
"Never! If it's a fight you seek then come!!"
Michael's hands flew forward, attaching themselves to Marco's forehead.
Everyone stood in awe, seeing the instant white glow around Michael.
They saw the body of Marco violently shaking, then trembling, Michael's own shuddering.
Then they saw the black ball forming about them.
The black ball with red centers, that looked like searching eyes.
The white glow around Michael encircled it, the blackness seeming to intensify, then the whiteness thickening.
Then suddenly the blackness was gone, the whiteness glowing brighter, then completely fading.
Michael collapsed to the floor, Marco falling from the wall, landing on the floor, hard.
Justin was beside Michael in a flash, holding him tightly.
"Mico, are you alright?"
Alberto had his grandson Marco in his arms, slapping his smooth beautiful face gently.
Marco's ocean blue eyes opened, looking up into his grandfather's golden ones.
Marco instantly began to scream and sob, Alberto pulling him to his chest, holding onto him, feeling Paulo's arms surround both of them.
"He raped me, grandfather! He took my innocence!" Marco sobbed, His grandfather and cousin sobbing as well.
Everyone now realized the truth.
Justin held Michael in his arms, looking down at his closed eyes.
"I love you, Michael. Please wake up."
Justin couldn't feel Michael's thoughts, Michael was lost somewhere.
It would have terrified Justin's soul to realize where Michael truly was.

End of Chapter 121

And so the truth of the past springs forth.
Marco was the young innocent man whom Fredrick had raped in his secret hiding place.
Michael has now freed him from Fredrick's grasp of evil.
But at what cost?
Where is Michael?
And why would that place terrify Justin?
More disturbing questions.
Hope I'm holding your interest.
I like the whole Hawaiian party idea. Just thought it refreshing, a nice change of pace.
Poor Chris, will he ever learn??
Hope you've all laughed, cried and found some inner joy from this.
I know I have.

Onwards to the next leg of our journey.

Hugs, Angel.

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