Justin's Angel-123

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Michael sighed, looking into Justin's staring eyes.
"I've had a vision also, Jus. A vision of Marco."
Justin sat up, pulling Michael up with him.
"Care to talk about it. I sense a little unsureness in you."
Michael leaned against Justin's chest, absentmindedly rubbing Justin's nipple.
"He'll be healed, Jus. Through Paulo and Jake, Marco will see what true love can really be like. Then shortly someone will enter his life that will heal his tortured soul."
"That's wonderful, Mico. Who is it?"
"That's unknown to me, Jus. I only saw someone holding him, telling him that they'd have each other's love forever. I didn't recognize his face, although he was handsome."
Justin smiled, Michael's caring showing through his words.
"Then what is bothering you?"
"I sense that Marco one day will be very important in all of this. In all that must inevitably happen. And that concerns me."
"He'll be important in what way?"
"That I don't know of yet, Jus. But I sense it has something to do with the naming of the Commander of Truth. I'll learn that truth on the Hallway of Truth."
Justin tightened his hold on Michael, Michael sensing Justin's feelings.
"What I learn on that walk is fate, Justin. My own fate."
Justin kissed him gently, Michael looking into his eyes.
"No matter what that fate is, Michael, I'll love you for eternity."
Michael teared up, kissing his lover deeply.
"I think our inner circle of love is growing again, Jus."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael tenderly.
"Let's get some sleep, babe."
They lay back down, Michael returning to his place of love, against Justin.
"I love you, Mico."
"I love you always, Jus."
Justin closed his eyes, feeling Michael against him.
Michael remained awake, staring out into the night through the open balcony doorway.
His thoughts were on one man, the chosen Commander of Truth.
And the eventual choice that man would have to make.

Chapter 123

Monday dawned with a new feeling of family togetherness.
Justin was up first, letting Michael sleep in.
He cleaned and bathed both kids, the three having a blast in the large tub.
After bath time he carried the two toddlers into the living room, Lynn taking Shauna into her arms, Randall grabbing Darian.
"Breakfast is in the works, Zach and Christina are cooking." Paul said, playing with Shauna.
"Morning, Uncle Justin." Becky said, sitting on the couch playing with her doll..
"Morning, my princess." He said, kissing her on top of the head, Shauna giggling.
Justin walked out of the room into the kitchen seeing Zach and Christina working away with breakfast. "You guys are up early." Justin said, smiling.
"We wanted to make breakfast for everyone. It's our last day here." Christina said, Justin giving her a hug.
"Mico's going to miss you all. You've all been a big help this past week."
"You'll have Rachel, she's going to be great. And knowing Mikey, he's more than up to the challenges of parenthood. Man, I don't envy him looking after three kids." Zach said, smiling at Justin.
Zach looked at him, seeing the quiet look on Justin' s face.
"I'm sorry, Justin. It was just a joke."
"No, its true, Zach. I'm just a big kid. I forget sometimes that I need to be more responsible. I have Mikey to help me continue to see that."
Christina smiled, seeing Justin's love for Michael and for his two children.
"Mikey's told me that that's what made him fall in love with you, Justin. Your childlike specialness. He won't ever let you lose that. And we all know that you can be mature when it's needed."
Justin smiled, kissing her cheek.
"Thanks, Cricket."
Zach smiled, hugging him tightly.
"Hey! Get your hands off my Tigger!"
Justin smiled, seeing Michael standing in the doorway, his arms folded, staring at both of them.
"Warren, you're getting too damn cozy with my man! Justin's been telling me how you've been flirting with him! And get your hands off his ass!"
Zach quickly let go of Justin, Christina holding in her laugher.
"Tavarro, there's no way in hell my hands were on his ass!"
Michael winked at Justin, walking into the room, standing right in front of both of them.
"And why not? It's such a cute hot ass! I can't keep my hands off it!" Michael said, his right hand slipping into Justin's back pocket.
Zach shook his head, his cheeks flushed.
"It's yours to enjoy, Mikey."
"Oh, you don't know how much I've enjoyed it!" Michael said, licking his lips, his hand kneading Justin's left butt cheek.
Justin felt the mirthful glee in Michael.
"That's too much info, Mikey! We don't need to hear about  your twisted sex life!" Zach said, covering his ears.
"Oh it's twisted alright. You wouldn't believe the positions Lovecakes puts me in." Justin said, wiggling his eyes.
"Ugh! Your as bad as him, Justin." Zach said, backing away from them.
"Ya got it wrong, Zacky. I'm as good as him, if not better." Justin said pursing his lips in a mock kiss.
Michael laughed loudly, Christina joining him.
Zach was blushing red, looking at his wife.
"Sorry, babe. I'm just lost in the images."
Zach furrowed his brow, folding his arms.
"You're picturing them naked, aren't you?"
Christina blushed now, Michael and Justin both laughing now.
"Relax, Zacky. Christina has only eyes for one hot man. Her big Zacky Wacky." Michael said, batting his eyelashes, putting his hands up about a foot apart.
"You're one of a kind, Mikey." Zach said smiling, Christina wrapping her arm around Zach.
"Yep. The best kind." Christina said, Michael lightly blushing.
Justin's parents and brothers walked into the kitchen, all the kids in tow, everyone exchanging good mornings.
They all sat down to breakfast, everyone eating heartily.
Jonathan kept glancing over at Justin, Michael picking up on it.
"Something on your mind, Jonnie?" Michael asked, smiling at the young man,.
Michael smiled at his daughter, Shauna munching on cereal.
Justin looked up, his focus had been on Darian's hands, which were in his eggs.
Justin looked at his brother while cleaning the little boy's hands.
Jonathan looked at both of them, taking a long breath.
"I just can't believe Justy's a dad."
Justin and Michael exchanged glances, Michael smiling.
"Yep, Jonnie. Your big brother's all grown up. He's a family man now. Who'da thunk it?" Michael said, Jonathan smiling quietly, Stevie smiling also.
Michael sensed a touch of sadness in Jonathan.
"I'm happy for both of you guys. It's just...."
Justin reached out his hand, patting his brother's arm.
"It's just you feel that I'm going to be even busier now, leaving no time for us to be bros."
Jonathan lowered his head, nodding. Stevie looked down in the same way.
"I'm a dad now, with that comes responsibilities. But I'm always be your brother.  There will never be a time when either of you will not be welcomed in my home. I love you two. You're my bros. Anytime you're lonely or need my love you're welcome here for as long as you need. And believe me, both your niece and nephew love their uncles so much."
Both young men were smiling now, seeing their brother's deep love for them.
Michael smiled, seeing Justin being there for his brothers.
"How does the week before the wedding sound? Us three Timberlake bros can hang out together." Justin said smiling, Michael agreeing.
All three Timberlake brothers beamed, Lisa looking at all of them.
"Do you think that's okay, Michael? That will be a really busy week for you. Plus with the kiddies now, these boys may be in the way."
Jonathan looked crestfallen, Lisa looking at Michael, seeing him doing Justin's pouty look.
Lisa couldn't help but laugh, everyone looking at Michael.
Jonathan smiled, seeing Michael was there for them.
"It's no bother, Mom. We love spending time with our bros. " Justin said, Jonathan smiling at him.
"You're sure about that, sons?" Randall asked, Justin looking at his father.
"I want to spend some time with my brothers. Besides, Mikey said we can. He said we could hang out." Justin said, now the famous pouty look on his face.
Michael smirked.
Randall smiled, knowing his son's love for his stepbrothers.
"Well I think it's a great idea." Lisa said, Randall agreeing.
Jonathan and Stevie smiled widely, hugging their parents.
Jonathan smiled at Justin and Michael.
"Thanks guys."
Both men smiled.
"You won't be thanking us when Mico has you cleaning the gutters." Justin said.
Michael laughed at the expression on Jonathan's face.
"Don't worry, Jonnie. It's a holiday for you both. I won't have you guys doing that."
Jonathan smiled, sticking his tongue out at his brother.
"Cleaning the toilets with a toothbrush should be fine." Michael said, a serious look on his face.
Everyone burst into laughter, the two younger Timberlakes looking stunned.
Michael erupted into laughter, reaching across the table and ruffling Stevie and Jonathan's hair.
"Just joking, bros. We'll have fun."
Jonathan and Stevie smiled.
Ten minutes later, the front doorbell rang, Michael getting up.
"That must be Rachel. She's early." Michael smiled, walking out of the room.
He opened the front door, Rachel standing with Jonas, who was carrying two large bags.
"Moving in, are we?" Michael said, smirking.
Rachel smiled, seeing the mirthful grin on Michael's face.
"If you'll have me?"
"Why, I do believe we will. Come on in, friends."
Michael took a bag from Jonas, setting them down in the hallway.
"Everyone's in the kitchen. Come on in for a coffee."
"I can't, Mikey. I'm heading to school. Catch ya later, Sis. Have fun." Jonas said, kissing her cheek, and then hugging Michael.
"Later, Jonas."
"Later, Mikey." The young man said, walking out the door.
Michael smiled, chatting with Rachel as they headed into the kitchen.

An hour and a half later, Rachel heard a knock on her new bedroom door.
She opened it, Justin standing there.
"So how do you like it?"
"It's a beautiful room, Justin. It's twice the size of my own."
Justin smiled, Rachel inviting him into the room.
She'd been unpacking, Justin looking around the room.
"We're ordering you some more furniture, a televison, stereo and stuff. We want this to be comfortable for you."
Rachel smiled, seeing the genuine care in Justin's face.
"Thank you, but don't go to too much trouble. I can get by on very little."
"It's no trouble, it's all we can do to thank you for saying yes."
Rachel smiled, Justin sitting down in a chair.
"Is there something on your mind, Justin?"
Justin blushed a little, seeing she could read him easily.
"I need to talk to you about Michael."
Rachel sat down on the edge of the bed, smiling.
"Is there something I should know?"
Justin smiled.
"Michael is a very special man. He's so giving, so loving and kind. He does so much for so many."
Rachel nodded, seeing Justin's love for the man openly displayed.
"I should let you know that Michael was leery at first about all this. He's always been independent, always wanting to do things himself. I just want to warn you that he may be a little territorial at first, you just have to have a firm hand with him. He'll come around, just give him a chance."
"I understand what you're saying, Justin. It is a big change for him. Hell, it's big for all of us. I'm here to make his life and yours easier. I'll take care of the housework, cleaning, cooking and the children's needs. It's what I do."
"Um, Michael has a thing about people in his kitchen. It's his domain."
Rachel smiled, folding her arms.
"Well, it's time Michael surrendered that domain. Or at least shared it."
Justin smiled, liking the woman a lot.
"I think you and I are going to be great friends." He said, Rachel agreeing.
Justin hugged her, she patting his back.
Justin sat back again, Rachel sensing he wanted to say something more.
"Is there something else, Justin?"
Justin looked intently at her, Rachel seeing a young man with a giving heart.
"Michael is special in many ways. Some of them might come as a surprise to you. I hope you'll judge him on his giving heart, and loving soul. Not on the strangeness of what he's capable of."
Rachel smiled, looking at him with a warm smile.
"That day in Disneyland, when he sat me down and listened to my story, he showed that loving soul. I sensed right then that there is something magical about him."
Justin smiled, nodding.
"Something magical indeed."
Rachel wondered what he meant by that, Justin now getting up.
She rose up also smiling at him.
"So, what's up first?"
"First we should go see Mico. He'll give you his thoughts and expectations."
They both smiled at each other, walking out of the room.
Rachel's room was right beside the nursery, two doors down from Michael's and Justin's, across the hall from Paulo's old room.
They found Michael in the living room with Jonathan, the kids playing on the floor with Becky and Stevie.
"The room's beautiful, Michael. Thank you so much for this opportunity."
"Please sit down, let's talk." Michael said, smiling at her, Justin plopping down in Michael's lap.
She smiled, sitting down on the other half of their couch.
"Tell us all about yourself." Justin said, Michael rubbing his back.
"Well, I'm originally from Memphis, myself and Jonas the only children. You know of my father and what happened there. I'm alone, and having no aspirations of marriage any time soon. So I'll be available for quite some time. I'll see these angels grow."
Justin smiled, Michael quietly looking at her.
"You never know what life will bring. The future always holds surprises." Michael said, Rachel looking at him.
"I think you need to know what you're getting into here, Rachel." Michael said, smiling at her now.
"Okay, Michael. Give me the whole rundown."
"Well to start with, this is a home, not a house. Everyone who lives here lives here in love. You will mean more to us than just a nanny or maid. You will be a friend, first and foremost."
Rachel smiled, seeing their genuine liking of her.
"I'm Mike or Mikey, this is Justin. No formalities or decorum. We like people that speak their mind, and share their hearts."
Rachel nodded, fascinated by their genuine normalcy.
"I like to be called Rach."
"Great, Rach." Justin said smiling.
Michael looked at Justin, smiling.
"We are two men in love. A deep, open love. There are times when we show that love openly and passionately. Word of warning, my Timby can get very amourous."
Justin raised an eyebrow, Rachel chuckling.
"I'll learn to look the other way. And I've got earplugs for those special nights."
Both men smiled widely, liking her immensely.
"They are quite often and long. I suggest thick earplugs. He's a tiger and loves to roar."
Rachel laughed, Justin blushing, Michael kissing him tenderly.
"That being said, we both want to welcome you to our home."
"Thank you, Michael. Now I'd love a tour again." She said smiling, Justin getting out of Michael's lap.
"I'll stay with the kiddies, Mico. You two have fun."
Michael smiled, slapping Justin's butt, winking at him.
"I can't have real fun without my Tigger."
Rachel smirked, Justin blushing again.
"Get used to red, Rach. Justin's a born blusher."
Justin kissed his cheek, Michael walking out with Rachel.

A half hour later Justin walked into the office, seeing Rachel and Michael quietly talking.
"Everyone's all ready to leave, Mico. They want to say goodbye." Justin said, the two getting up from their seats.
"Rach and I have gone over all the salary stuff and paperwork. She's a part of the Tavarro-Timberlake team now."
Rachel smiled, Justin grinning widely.
"Awesome! First duty is saying goodbye to our families."
Rachel smiled following the two out of the office.
Everyone stood in the hallway, Michael and Justin hugging everyone.
Lonnie stood quietly smiling at everyone, including Rachel.
He was driving everyone to the airport, making one stop to pick up Alberto. Jake and Paulo were already gone on their flight, Marco having driven them early to the airport. He would be coming back here with Lonnie, once everyone was seen off.
Zach and Christina, as well as Justin's family all hugged both men one last time, and Rachel too.
"You take care of our grandkids, Rach." Lynn said, hugging her.
"Will do, Lynn. See you all soon."
Michael and Justin smiled at their welcoming the young woman into their hearts.
"See you two soon, sons." Lynn said, kissing them goodbye.
"I'll call you about the arrangements this week, Mom." Justin said, smiling.
The wedding arrangements were in full gear.
They'd been discussed all week, Justin and Michael completely in charge of what they wanted.
Their families left, the two men waving goodbye, their kids in their arms, the two little cherubs smiling and waving goodbye.
"We play more, Dada?" Darian said, Justin smiling at him.
"For my angels anything." He said, putting Darian down, Michael setting Shauna down as well.
The two toddlers ran toward the living room, Justin following.
"I'll start lunch, Mike." Rachel said, Michael smiling.
"Thanks, Rach. Trevor's coming over shortly for a schedule meeting."
"Great. I'll put coffee on." She said, heading down the hall.
Michael walked into the living room, seeing Justin and the kids playing with blocks on the floor.
"Rach is starting lunch." Michael said, sitting down on the floor beside Justin.
Justin smiled with a little surprise on his face.
"You let her in the kitchen? That's so unlike you, Mico."
Michael smiled, taking some blocks that Darian was handing him.
"She's family now. Family has free reign."
Justin smiled, the two men gently kissing.

Trevor showed up about twenty minutes later, Michael introducing him to Rachel in the kitchen.
"Man, Mikey! This is great! You can focus on your writing again!"
"Yes, Trev. But my number one focus will always be Justin and our treasures. Got it?"
Trevor and Rachel both smiled, nodding.
The two men went into the office, going over schedule details.
Michael's tour--as in Justin's case--was taking a breather, starting up again when Justin's tour began in two weeks.
"Ryan's in town. He's popping over this afternoon to go over some contractual obligations with us."
"Cool. So what's the vibe from publishing?"
"It's all good, Mikey. Both novels are flying off the shelves. The latest drama surrounding you and Justin had fueled more selling. I know you're not happy with that prospect, but at least a lot of people are reading your deeply moving words."
Michael nodded, never feeling their personal lives should affect his writing or Justin's singing. They'd pretty well remained quiet with the press in all aspects of their personal lives. Their children kept out of the spotlight completely.
"You're both still getting a lot of requests for personal interviews. The toddlers are big news. Any thoughts of some kind of family interview?"
"Justin and I both want Darian and Shauna kept out of that spotlight, Trev. They're too young and defenseless to be thrown into that chaos. Look at Anna Nicole Smith's daughter. We'll not allow that kind of terrifying scene to come anywhere near them."
Trevor agreed, feeling Michael's deep protective love for the kids.
"The publishers are wondering about book number three. How's it going?"
"It's almost finished, Trev."
Trevor nodded, looking quietly at him.
"You're still firm with the delivery date?"
"Yes, Trevor. Not until September. After all this plays out. I'm not budging from that."
Trevor smiled, feeling something behind that decision.
"What's going to happen, Mikey?"
Michael's gaze had deep meaning behind it.
"What happens will happen. A lot of people will find a new hope in the world. And my life is given to making that happen."
Trevor remained quiet, a knock coming to the door.
"Lunch is ready, guys." Rach said, popping her head into the room.
Both men smiled, Michael getting up.
"Great, I'm starved. Let's take a break, Trev."
Trevor got up, smiling quietly.

Michael smiled, pushing away from the table.
"That was great, Rach. You're one fantastic cook."
She smiled, wiping off the kitchen counter.
"It's only chicken salad, Mikey. Even Justin could make that."
Michael chuckled, Justin staring at her.
"Thanks for the vote of confidence, Rach." He said, Rachel laughing.
"Hey, Mike and me take care of the food, Justin. You cook in another room." She said, everyone laughing now.
Justin blushed red, Michael kissing his cheek.
"She's got that right. And in there you're beyond fantastic."
Justin smiled widely, everyone seeing his beautiful smile.
Lonnie and Marco had arrived back at the house, everyone else now gone home.
They sat at the table with everyone else.
"So, Marco. Plans for this week?"
"Well, Paulo gave me his keys. I'm looking after their place."
"But you're staying here. Paulo's room is yours." Justin said, Michael smiling.
"Thanks, Jus. I'd like that."
Rachel poured Lonnie another glass of ice water, Lonnie smiling up at her.
"Thanks, Rach."
She smiled back, Michael and Justin looking at each other.
The house phone went off, Rachel answering it.
"Tavarro-Timberlake residence, Rachel speaking."
Michael and Justin both smiled.
"It's for you, Michael." Rachel said, smiling.
Michael got up, taking the phone.
"Hello, Mike here."
"Hey, Mikey!!"
"Jake, you made it safely!"
"Yep, Mikey! We're all settled into the place! It's beyond beautiful! Thank you guys so much!"
"Your happiness is worth all of it, my brother. Where's Paulo? Out soaking in the rays?"
"He's here, Mikey. He wants to say hi."
Michael smiled, everyone looking at him, Justin smiling as well.
"Hey, Mikey! This place is awesome! It's so breathtaking! We just came back from a quick walk along the beach. We just had to call you and thank you both!"
Michael smiled, looking at Marco.
"No prob, bro. Marco wants to say hi." Michael said, handing the cordless phone to him.
"Hey, cousin. How are you doing?"
He and Paulo chatted for a few minutes, Michael seeing a few tears in his eyes. There was a deep spiritual bond between the two men.
"Okay, Polo. We'll let you go. You two have fun. Love ya." Marco said, everyone smiling as Marco hung up the phone.
"They both sound so happy." Michael said, Justin putting his arm around him, kissing his cheek.
"We're quite the team. We made them both happy."
Michael smiled, nodding.
"Hawaii sounds so romantic and beautiful. We'll have to go sometime, Jus." Michael said, Justin smiling.
"First chance we get, love." He said, his mind on just that.
"It's okay, Timby. Anywhere I am with you, is the most romantic place for me."
Justin teared up, Rachel smiling at the two lovers' tender way with each other.
She looked across the room, Lonnie quietly looking at her.
She smiled at him, he shyly smiled back.
Trevor caught the exchange, remaining quiet.
"Well, I'll clean up the dishes, and then I'll put the toddlers down for their nap." Rachel said, Michael helping her take plates to the sink.
"You finish in here, Jus and I will look after the angels."
She nodded, smiling.
Justin and Michael each picked up a child, the two giggling as Justin made faces.
"Come on angels, time for a little nappy." Michael said, Darian smiling, Shauna yawning.
"How about you give Rach a hand, Lonnie?" Justin said, smiling at his larger friend.
"Sure thing, Jus. I'd be more than happy to help Rach with the dishes. " Lonnie said, Michael and Trevor smiling at him.
"I'll start going over the proposals for the foundation, Michael. See you in the office when you're free." Trevor said, heading towards the office.
Marco headed towards the patio, going out for some sun.
Michael and Justin went towards the stairs, Michael stopping Justin with his hand at the end of the hall.
He nodded towards the kitchen.
Justin looked back, seeing Rachael and Lonnie quietly chatting, Lonnie drying dishes while she washed.
Michael smiled, looking into his lover's blue eyes.
"I think you've done a beautiful thing, Jus."
Justin smiled, kissing his lips, the two children in their arms smiling.
"He's my old friend, Mico. He just needed a push in the right direction."
Michael smiled, looking at the two people drying dishes, both smiling at each other.
"Another vision of love comes true."
Justin smiled, seeing the second part of his vision beginning. He smiled, the two heading towards the stairs.

Michael joined Trevor again in the office half an hour later, the kids now sleeping.
Justin took Marco shopping, the young man thrilled at spending some time with Justin.
Lonnie drove them, Rach starting with the laundry.
A half hour later Ryan showed up, Michael happy to see his old friend.
He quietly led Ryan upstairs, the man happy at seeing the little sleeping angels.
"They're beautiful, Mike. Simply beautiful. Congrats, my young friend." Ryan said, once they'd returned to the office.
"Thank you, Ry. Jus and I feel doubly blessed."
Ryan smiled seeing the joy in Michael's calm face.
"Everything's going so well for you, Mike. Another number one best-seller, the new foundation, and all this. I'm so happy for you."
Michael smiled, sitting down at his desk, looking up at his photographs.
He saw the ones of Nana and Daniel.
"God's blessed me with happiness. I've thankful for so much."
Ryan smiled, Trevor handing him the contracts Ryan had given him.
"Everything looks above board, very nice." Trevor smiled, looking at Ryan.
Ryan gave him a small glance, Michael watching both of them.
"Something you two want to ask me?"
Ryan sighed, looking directly at Michael.
"Mike, you and Justin are at the pinnacle of success right now. Everyone and his brother wants to interview you. All the heroic drama that's played out just reinforces your immense popularity. We both feel you're not capitalizing on all this. This could all help your literary success."
Michael smiled quietly, both men looking at him.
Ryan now was bringing Trevor's comments up again.
"What you're saying is I should be flaunting all this to sell books."
Ryan looked uncomfortable, but pressed on.
"I think so, yes. Michael you've done some fantastic things, all that heroic stuff. Saving lives, saving those two children from a tragic fate. The world should hear your words. See the loving family we both see. It would do wonders for both of you. Justin and you could gain great success."
"At what cost, Ry? I will not let my children be thrown into the spotlight for public scrutiny. They don't need to be fawned over, like little darlings. They are mine and Justin's. We love them too much to let them be a part of that. He and I can look after ourselves, those two angels can't. It's up to us to shield them from publicity."
Ryan nodded, as did Trevor. They both knew that Michael would do everything in his power to keep those two little angels safe and protected.
"I agree with you, Michael. They don't need to be thrown into the spotlight, into a paparazzi frenzy. But your fans--and even more so Justin's--are dying to see you two with those children. Johnny Wright called me, he's even more swamped with requests. He's talked to Justin, Justin saying the same as you."
"So now Johnny's got you going after me?"
Ryan put his hand on Michael's arm.
"No, Michael. I'd never be like that towards you."
Michael put his hand on the man's shoulder, smiling at him.
"Sorry, Ry. I know that."
"All of us want what's best for the children, and you both. I'd just like you to think on it. Maybe we can do something that doesn't overwhelm all of you."
"Alright, Ry. I'll talk with Justin. But whatever we decide, that's final."
Ryan smiled, nodding.
"We're all behind you, Mike. And we're all proud of both of you."
Michael smiled, the three men continuing their business meeting.
An hour later, a knock came to the door.
"Hi, Mike. There's a young gentleman waiting for Ryan." Rachel said, smiling at them.
"That would be my nephew, Emile. He dropped me off earlier. I told him to pick me up in a few hours." Ryan said, smiling.
"I didn't know you had a nephew, Ry?" Michael said, standing up.
"Well really, he's not my nephew. His father and I have been life long friends. He's always considered me his uncle, having no real close male family."
"That's great. I'll go meet him, you and Trev finish up your contracts." Michael said, following Rachel out of the room.
Michael walked into the living room, a young man standing looking at the pictures on the fireplace mantle, his back facing him.
"Hello. Welcome to our home." Michael said, the man turning around.
Michael stopped in his tracks, staring at him.
He was young, around twenty one or two, a shorter build, but thin and handsome.
"Hi, I'm Emile. I'm here to pick up Uncle Ry."
"Nice to meet you, Emile. I'm Michael."
"Yeah, cool. Seen you on television. My uncle told me all about you. Very nice meeting you also." The young man said, walking to him, extending his hand.
Michael shook his hand, staring into his blue eyes.
"An even greater pleasure meeting you." Michael smiled, Emile staring back.
Emile was lost in those golden eyes, Michael sensing his awe.
And Michael sensed he'd seen this young man before.
"I know, I know. My eyes are intoxicating." Michael smiled, Emile blushing.
"Yes, very."
Michael chuckled, the young man smiling.
"Your uncle will be about half an hour, why don't you come with me and we'll relax on the patio."
"That would be cool. Could I trouble you for a drink of water?"
"No prob, we walk right through the kitchen."
Michael turned, the young man following him.
They walked into the kitchen, Michael pulling out two bottles of water, Rachel smiling at both of them as she worked.
"I'm  going up to check on the twins, Mikey."
"Thanks, Rach. We'll be on the patio."
They walked out onto the patio, Michael offering Emile a chair.
The two sat down, looking at each other.
"Justin isn't here?" Emile asked, looking around at the pool and backyard.
"No, he's out shopping. Are you a fan?"
"I like his music. And he's a talented actor."
Michael smiled, hearing genuine praise in his words.
"What do you do for a living, Emile? In publishing like your uncle?"
"No, actually I'm a struggling actor."
"Ah, cool. Now I see your knowledge of Justin as an actor."
Emile smiled, gazing at Michael.
"I'll talk to Justin, maybe he can help you."
The young man laughed, Michael a bit surprised.
"Yeah, thanks. I need all the help I can get."
Michael smiled, taking a sip of his water.
"This is a beautiful home."
"Thank you, that it is. It's a home for both of us."
Emile quietly watched him, deep in thought.
"I read all of your life story, Michael. You truly are a courageous man. Your book was moving as well. Both of them actually. The ending was surprising, although real."
Michael smiled.
"You sensed the realness of what happened to Daniel?"
"Yes. That even love sometimes isn't enough. That you can love someone only to have them hurt you."
Michael nodding, happy the young man had seen the underlying message.
"Thank you for seeing that. A lot of people haven't."
The young man smiled, sipping his water.

Justin walked into the house, throwing the bags he'd carried in onto the couch.
Marco dropped his, smiling.
"Thanks for all this, Justin. You didn't have to do this."
Justin smiled, draping his arm around Marco.
"You're in L.A. You need to look like a local."
Marco smiled, Lonnie laughing.
"He's Latino, with deep Spanish looks. He is a local, Justy." Lonnie said, Justin laughing.
Marco blushed, Justin ruffling his thick wavy blond hair.
They walked down the hallway, meeting Ryan and Trevor coming out of the office.
"Justin, how are you?" Ryan said, Justin hugging him.
"I'm great. Did you meet our treasures?"
"Yep, although they are sleeping. Michael's around here somewhere with my nephew."
Justin smiled, introducing Ryan to Marco.
Rachel came down the hall, carrying the twins, telling them Michael was out on the patio with their guest.
Justin took Darian from her, Ryan smiling at the two awake toddlers.
"Well hello, angels. I'm Ryan."
"Hi." Shauna said smiling.
Justin let Darian down, the youngster running towards the kitchen, Justin following.
A few moments later they all walked out onto the patio, with drinks in their hands.
Michael smiled up from the table, Emile's back to the approaching men.
"Hi, guys. How was shopping?"
"It was great, Mikey. Justin's such a clothes fanatic." Marco said, Michael laughing as he kissed Justin, Michael taking Darian into his arms.
"Got that right. Mr. Dressup he is."
Justin blushed, kissing Michael's cheek.
"This is Ryan's friend, Emile." Michael said, the young man rising from his chair.
He turned, a large grin on his face.
Justin's eyes bulged in their sockets.
Justin grabbed the young man, hugging him tightly, lifting him off the ground, spinning him around.
The two children were laughing, as were Ryan and Lonnie.
Michael stood quietly staring in shook.
The two men laughed at each other, hugging again.
"How ya doing, Timberlake!!"
"I'm awesome, Hirsch!!"
"Wait, is this the nephew you mentioned?" Justin asked.
"Yeah, but he's not really my nephew".  Ryan replied.
Michael then told everyone what Ryan had explained earlier.
Michael then said "But wait, you both know each other?"
Justin laughed, Emile laughing as well.
"This is Emile Hirsch, Mico. He and I starred together in Alpha Dogs."
It all clicked in Michael's mind now. Now he knew where he'd seen him before. In the movie. He was Justin's co-star.
Michael folded his arms, staring intently at the young man.
"So you're just a struggling actor? You could have told me, ya know?"
Emile blushed, Justin looking between them.
"Sorry, Michael. I was having fun with ya. I couldn't believe you didn't know who I was. You must have seen Alpha Dogs?"
It was Michael's turn to blush.
"I'm sorry, Emile. All I remember from that movie was Justin."
Justin smiled, kissing his lips, Emile quietly watching.
"It's okay, Michael. I see where your love lies." Emile said, Michael and Justin both smiling.
"This is my cousin Marco. And you must know Lonnie."
"Hey, Lon. Nice seeing you again." Emile said, smiling at the big man when he patted his shoulder.
Emile turned looking into Marco's smiling face.
They both stared at each other.
For the briefest of moments they seemed lost, staring intently into each other's eyes.
"Hi, Marco. It's nice to meet you." Emile said shaking his extended hand.
They both felt a warmth flood through themselves.

Michael and Justin sat down at the table, Darian sitting in his lap.
Justin received Shauna from Rachel, the little girl giggling when her Dada kissed her cheek.
Emile and Marco sat down, quietly looking at each other.
"What buy me, Dada?" Shauna said, Michael smirking.
Lonnie laughed heading into the house.
"Dada bought his angels something." Justin said, the little girl smiling as he kissed her cheek.
Lonnie returned with a couple of bags, one very large. Michael raising an eyebrow, Justin blushing.
"They've been so good, Mico. I wanted to reward them."
Michael smiled, nodding.
From the smaller bag Justin pulled out a beautiful doll, Shauna's eyes going wide.
"She mine?"
"Yes, sweetie. This is your baby."
Shauna took the doll into her hands, her eyes wide and her grin wider.
"She bootiful." the little girl said, hugging the doll.
"Yes, and you get to name her."
"Serena. I want to call her Serena. Like mommy."
Michael and Justin's eyes watered, everyone looking tenderly at the little girl.
"Mommy would love that, Shauny." Michael said, wiping a tear from his eye.
Justin smiled at him, Michael smiling back.
Justin pulled a large moulded plastic car out of the other large bag, Darian's eyes going large.
"Wow Dada!!! For me?"
"Yep little buddy. You can drive it too!"
Michael lifted Darian down, sitting the little boy down on top of it.
He put his hands on the steering wheel, pushing the car forward with his feet, laughing.
"I'm dwiving like Dada!!" Darian said, Justin and Michael smiling.
Everyone smiled at the little boy's joyful face.
Lonnie walked around behind him, Justin and Michael smiling.
Michael looked over at Emile, seeing him quietly watching Marco.
"So, Emile. Are you working on a movie right now?"
"No, just doing PR work for Into the Wild, my newest one."
"Ah, cool." Marco said, smiling shyly at him, Emile smiling back.
Michael smiled to himself, looking at his cousin.
"Marco's over for a holiday, staying here for a couple of weeks." Michael said, Emile looking at him.
"Ah, great. Maybe we can hang around. I can show you some of the sights. I've been here most of my life."
"Hey that would be great. But I don't want to intrude."
"No sweat. I'd like to have some fun."
Marco smiled widely, Justin now looking at him as well. Then he quietly looked at Michael.
"I've got tickets to the Lakers game tonight, if you'd like to go?" Emile said, Marco smiling at him.
"Great. I've never seen a hockey game."
Justin burst out laughing, everyone else chuckling.
Marco looked confused, Justin ruffling his hair.
"The Lakers are basketball, Marco!"
Marco blushed, Emile looking at him.
"Hey, you didn't know. Where are you from?"
"I'm from Spain, born and raised." Marco said, Michael smiling.
"That's so cool. You can tell me all about it. How about I pick you up around six thirty?"
"That would be great." Marco said smiling.
"Great. Then it's a date." Emile said smiling.
"We should go, Emile. I've got some calls to make." Ryan said, standing up.
"Okay, Uncle. It's been a pleasure meeting you, Michael. And especially you, Marco." Emile said extending his hand.
Marco took it, staring into those blue eyes.
"A great pleasure."
Both men smiled, Michael quietly watching.
Ryan and Emile left, Trevor packing his stuff up.
"You sure you don't want to stay for dinner, Trev?" Michael asked, walking him to the door.
"Thanks Mikey, but Nick and I are just staying in tonight, some quality time alone."
Michael smiled, seeing the look of contented happiness on Trevor's face.
"It's so wonderful isn't it, Trev? Love is so wonderful."
Trevor smiled widely.
"That it is, Mikey. That it is."
Both men smiled, hugging each other goodbye.
"Talk to Jus, Mikey. We'll all stand by your decisions."
Michael nodded quietly, Trevor leaving.

The seven stayed quietly together, having a leisurely dinner together.
Justin and Michael fed the kids, Rachel taking them upstairs for their bath after dinner.
Justin and Michael, along with Lonnie's help, cleaned up the dishes.
Marco came downstairs after dinner, modeling his new clothes for them.
Justin had superb taste.
Marco wore a pair of black jeans, and a white open-necked chamois shirt.
Michael thought that white was indeed Marco's color. It brought out his bronzed skin, accentuating his features perfectly.
"Man that looks da bomb! Everyone will have their eyes on you!" Justin said, Marco blushing.
"I don't care about that, Jus. I just hope it looks okay."
Justin smiled, giving a thumbs up, Michael doing the same.
"You are prime beef on display, Marco." Michael said, the younger man smiling as he sat down.
"Great. Thanks, cuz."
Shauna and Darian came running into the room, wearing light short pajamas.
Shauna crawled up onto Marco's lap, Marco smiling down at her.
"You look cute, Unky Marco." She said, Marco smiling.
"Thank you precious."
"You going dating?" Darian asked from Justin's lap, Justin and Michael looking at Marco.
"No, Darry. I'm just going to a basketball game with a friend."
Darian quietly looked at Shauna, the little girl then looking up at Marco.
"I think you like him."
Marco looked deeply in shock, not knowing what to say.
"I think he does too, Shauny."
Marco stared at Michael seeing the smile on his face.
"I don't even know him that well, Mike." Marco said shyly.
"Then find out about him. He wants to be your friend, of that I'm certain."
Marco smiled at Michael saying that.
"He seems so nice."
Michael got up, sitting down beside Marco, Shauna climbing into his lap.
"He is nice, Marco. Just relax and have fun. I want that for you, that sense of a new beginning. That beginning starts with new friends. And a new life with us."
Justin smiled, watching his lover's giving heart.
Marco teared up, Michael kissing his cheek.
"Thanks for being such a good friend, Mikey."
"I and Justin are more, Marco. We're family."
Marco smiled, the front doorbell ringing.
"That's Emile. I'll be going. Thanks, Mike, and you too Justin."
Both men got up, a child attached to them.
They walked out of the living room, Marco opening the front door.
Emile stood there, a wide smile on his face, his eyes taking in Marco's stunning looks.
"Wow, you dressed all up. I feel so below standards."
Emile stood on the doorstep wearing blue jeans and a baby blue polo shirt.
"Hey, this is just a fun night. And I'm just as casually dressed as you." Marco said smiling.
"Yeah but on you it looks fantastic." Emile said smiling, Marco blushing.
Marco hugged Michael and Justin, Emile saying goodbye to both of them.
The two men stood watching Marco climb into Emile's Jeep.
They drove away, the two men waving goodbye.
Shauna looked up at her Papa.
"Marco happy now?"
Michael smiled down at her.
"Yep. Marco's going to be very happy."
Justin looked at him, staring into his golden eyes.
"And what does that mean exactly?"
Michael stared out at the disappearing vehicle as it went through the gates.
"It means that Emile is the man I saw in my vision."
Justin stared in surprise.
"You mean....."
Michael smiled.
"Marco's with his soulmate."

End of Chapter 123

Well looks like love is flowing again through Justin's and Michael's gentle guidance.
Lonnie may have a special person in his life soon, if Justin has a say in it.
And Marco may have just found his healing love.
More to come, many surprises ahead.
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The Devoted, and what they will become for Michael.
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