Justin's Angel-124

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Marco smiled,  the front doorbell ringing.
"That's Emile. I'll be going. Thanks, Mike, and you too Justin."
Both men got up, a child attached to them.
They walked out of the living room, Marco opening the front door.
Emile stood there, a wide smile on his face, his eyes taking in Marco's stunning looks.
"Wow, you dress all up. I feel so below standards."
Emile stood on the doorstep wearing blue jeans and a baby blue polo shirt.
"Hey, this is just a fun night. And I'm just as casually dressed as you." Marco said smiling.
"Yeah but on you it looks fantastic." Emile said smiling, Marco blushing.
Marco hugged Michael and Justin, Emile saying goodbye to both of them.
The two men stood watching Marco climb into Emile's Jeep.
They drove away, the two men waving goodbye.
Shauna looked up at her Papa.
"Marco happy now?"
Michael smiled down at her.
"Yep. Marco's going to be very happy."
Justin looked at him, staring into his golden eyes.
"And what does that mean exactly?"
Michael stared out at the disappearing vehicle as it went through the gates.
"It means that Emile is the man I saw in my vision."
Justin stared in surprise.
"You mean....."
Michael smiled.
"Marco's with his soulmate."

Chapter 124

Marco was smiling with happiness.
The game was almost finished, both men having had a wonderful time.
The evening had been wonderful in its almost natural feeling.
Both men felt totally comfortable with each other.
All through the game they'd quietly watched each other, respecting their personal boundaries.
Small talk had opened to more lengthy conversations, both men discussing their quiet lives.
Marco had been absorbed in Emile's descriptions of his movie roles, while Emile had become lost in Marco's homeland.
Emile had slipped off to the bathroom, Marco waiting for his return.
Marco looked around, seeing the full arena, most eyes on the finishing minutes of the game.
He noticed a large muscular man a few rows over by the exit quietly watching him.
He'd seen the man observing both of them earlier.
He'd almost asked Emile if he knew him, but he'd refrained from it.
Marco turned his gaze, seeing Emile walking in through that entrance.
Emile stopped a few seats from the man, staring at him.
The man stood up, Emile looking at him.
The distance between them shortened, the man beginning to talk to Emile.
From Marco's viewpoint, the men seemed to be having a heated discussion.
Marco quietly watched, seeing Emile's face changing to anger and unhappiness.
The man leaned in, putting his hand on Emile's shoulder, Emile shrugging it off.
A few minutes more of discussion continued, Marco seeing Emile sighing and lowering his head, then nodding.
The man started pushing Emile towards the doorway he'd come through, Emile walking back through it with him.
Marco didn't like the look on Emile's face, the look of defeat and sadness.
Marco felt something wasn't right.
He waited a few minutes, still seeing no sight of Emile's return.
Worry made Marco decide to go find him.
Marco left the seating, walking through the hallway, looking around.
He saw concessions stands, a few people milling around, the end of the game coming soon.
He saw no sight of Emile or the other man.
He walked to the end of the hallway, still no sight of either man.
Would Emile have left without him?
Marco couldn't see Emile ditching him here. It just didn't seem like him.
The only other place left was the washroom.
It was situated halfway down the hallway, Marco quietly walking into it.
He stopped, hearing raised voices, and a little fear in one voice.
That voice he immediately recognized as Emile's.
Marco looked around the corner, seeing Emile and the man at the end of the sinks, the man had Emile cornered against the wall.
"Please, John. Let me go."
"I'm not leaving until you decide what's right."
"What's right? What about what's right for me? You hurt me, you bastard! And now you expect me to forget all of it?"
Marco quietly listened, his eyes glued to the man.
He was tall, blond hair, and muscular. Emile almost dwarfed him, the man a good two hundred pounds of solid muscle.
"I apologized, what more can I say? He was just a quick fuck, a one time thing. It'll never happen again."
Emile looked hurt, Marco's brow furrowing.
"Bullshit, John. I know about the others, Jay told me. The surfer, the ball player. You've been fucking everyone, including Jay, behind my back. I trusted you."
John's face changed to anger, his arms on Emile's shoulders now.
"Jay shouldn't have opened his big mouth. Okay, so I've had some fun. That doesn't mean you and I can't have more. I know you were hot for me when I took your virginity. How about another go?"
Marco saw the tears in Emile's eyes.
"You only wanted me because I was new. You dumped me as soon as I told you I loved you. Now you just want sex. I'm not looking for that, I'm looking for something more."
John pressed up against him, staring at him.
"You'll give me what I want! Now get into that stall!" John grabbed Emile's shirt, starting to move him towards the stalls.
Emile looked terrified.
"He'll do no such thing."
Both men turned, staring at Marco who'd walked into the room, now standing a few feet away.
Emile's eyes were wide, Marco staring into his.
"Well, well! Who the fuck are you anyway? This your new man, Emile? Don't he look like a hot fuck!  Wanna join us, stud?"
"I want you to take your hands off Emile! Right now!"
Emile saw the calm determination in Marco's face, seeing his fists balling.
John's face changed, his hands letting go of Emile's collar.
"Hey, relax kid. It's all just fun. You've had him, you know he loves it."
Marco remained still, staring at the man.
"Emile wants you gone, so leave. You have thirty seconds before your ass is mine."
"Well, aren't we a hero? But hey, I don't need this shit." The man said, starting to leave, walking around Marco.
Marco's eyes remained on him, then Emile began to talk.
"Thanks, Marco."
As soon as Marco turned to look at Emile, John lunged at him.
Marco caught the movement at the last moment, putting up his arm.
John's fist hit Marco's arm, Marco's body going into motion.
Emile stared in shock at what he was witnessing.
Marco was catlike, his whole body turning, his fist connecting with John's stomach, his other arm pushing forward.
John doubled over, Marco's fist hitting him squarely in the face.
John went down onto his knees, Marco's fists flying forward.
He hit him twice more, the man dazed.
John landed on his face, his large form hitting the ceramic tiles.
He stayed still, gasping for air.
Marco pulled him up, the man staggering, Marco throwing him against the wall.
"I warned you! You get out of here right now! Emile wants nothing to do with you! Stay away from him or I won't be so gentle next time!"
The man stared at Marco, not believing what had just happened.
Marco and Emile saw the fear in his eyes.
The man staggered, half running for the exit, disappearing out the doorway.
Marco turned, looking at Emile.
"Are you okay, Emile?"
Emile was in tears now, Marco slowly walking up to him.
"Give me your keys, Emile. I'll drive you home."
The young man nodded, fishing them out of his pocket, handing them over to Marco.
Marco took them, smiling at Emile.
"Come on, let's go."
Marco put his arm around Emile, Emile wiping his eyes.
"Thank you, Marco. I was so scared."
"Shh, we'll discuss this after we get you home."
Marco walked him quietly out of the bathroom, heading for the parking lot.

Half an hour later, the two men sat quietly in Emile's living room.
They both sat on the couch, untouched drinks sitting in front of them.
Marco sat a couple of feet away from him, sensing Emile needed space.
Emile stole several glances at Marco, the young man quietly giving him space until Emile felt ready to talk.
"Thank you again, Marco. You shouldn't have done that."
"You were in trouble, Emile. I always help my friends."
Emile smiled, seeing the caring smile on Marco's beautiful face.
God, he looks so beautiful, thought Emile.
"I know it's none of my business, but maybe you'd feel better if you talked this all out. I'm a good listener."
Emile nodded, looking at Marco, seeing his calm reassuring smile.
"I guess you've figured out by what happened that John and I were once together."
Marco nodded, remaining quiet.
"In this business it's hard to be gay and open. I've kept this all under wraps. I have my career to worry about. I met John at a shoot, he was a stagehand. He seemed so nice, so kind and gentle. I was so captivated by him. But it all went wrong. He was only after me because I was fresh meat. I just didn't see that. I fell in love with him. And he just used me, until he found something better. I was in love with him and he didn't even care."
Emile was in tears, Marco moving closer, Emile looking at him with his wet eyes.
"I was such a fool. Such a stupid fool."
Marco took him in his arms, Emile sobbing against his chest, Marco quietly holding him, rubbing his back.
Emile suddenly felt so safe, so loved in this beautiful man's embrace.
"You weren't a fool, Emile. You were a young, impressionable man who someone took advantage of. I'm sorry your first experience with sex had to be with such an asshole. I know how you feel."
Emile looked up at him, looking into his light blue eyes.
He saw pain in Marco's eyes, the pain of his own remembrances.
"Marco, is something wrong?"
Marco's eyes were filling with tears, Emile wiping his own wet cheek.
"At least you weren't raped, Emile."
Emile stared in shock, Marco lowering his head.
Emile lifted his head, staring into Marco's eyes.
"What happened, my friend?"
Marco started talking, everything coming out from his soul, Emile listening in disbelief.
He told him all about his uncle, what had been done to him, and how his family now surrounded him with their love.
Emile now held him, feeling the cleansing tears flow from Marco.
"Oh, Marco! Oh God, how could you have endured that? I'm so sorry! That man is a monster!"
Marco wiped his eyes, reluctantly looking at Emile.
He expected to see uncertainty and distaste in his face and eyes.
He found neither.
He saw something else.
Sympathy, friendship and support. And maybe something more.
Emile stared back at him, seeing a man that he was quickly falling in love with.
"I'd almost given up on life, wanting to run away from my problems. Michael and Justin helped me see that  I can come back from this, that I can go on with my life."
Emile smiled, knowing Michael's own similarity to Marco's incident.
"Your cousin is a strong, courageous man. I believe it runs in the family. I see it in you also."
Marco shyly smiled, Emile smiling more.
"I guess we're both a couple of broken lost souls." Emile said quietly.
Marco took a deep sighing breath, looking at him now.
"I'm gay, Emile. I've always known that, even before this had happened. That doesn't stop me from wanting to find that someone special. I just want that man to know that I have a  lot of issues to deal with. That it's going to take me some time to find my happiness again with him."
Emile nodded, smiling at him.
"That man will be very lucky to have you. You have a caring, loving soul, Marco."
Marco nodded, standing up.
He walked over to the window, looking out at the passing traffic.
Emile lived in a high-scale condo community.
"I'm scared, Emile."
Emile got up, walked over to him, and put his hand on his shoulder.
"What are you scared of, Marco?"
Marco turned, looking into his blue eyes.
"I'm scared that you'll hate me, Emile. Because it's you that I want to be that man."
Emile froze in his place, staring into those ocean blue eyes.
Emile remained silent, lost in his own feelings.
"Say something, Emile. Please!"
Emile took Marco's hand in his, feeling the warmth of Marco's Spanish blood.
"Do you believe in love at first sight, Marco?"
Marco couldn't believe what Emile had just said.
"From the moment I looked into your blue eyes, I've felt lost. Lost in my need for you, my wanting you to need me. I've never felt like this, Marco."
Marco's eyes began to fill with tears, tears of hope.
"I know you've been hurt, deeply. But I'm willing to hang in there and make you feel that I can give you all you need, Marco. I'm in no rush. I want us to grow to love each other deeply. Will you take a chance with me? I know I'm not perfect, look at what happened today. But I do have a caring, loving soul, that just wants to find someone to share that love with. I want that man to be you, Marco."
Marco pulled Emile to him, enveloping him in a tight hug, the smaller man wrapping his arms around him.
They stayed that way for a few moments, just holding each other.
Then Marco broke the hug, smiling at him.
"I think we both want the same thing, Emile. Love."
Emile smiled a wide beautiful smile, matched only by Marco's now glowing one.
"I think you're right."
Both men stared at each other, Marco leaning in.
Their lips met, both immediately feeling the connection flow through them.
The kiss was tender, touching, with a hint of longing.
Both men broke apart, looking at each other.
"That was wonderful." Emile said, Marco smiling.
"I was thinking more like fantastic."
Emile laughed, Marco chuckling.
They both walked back to the couch, sitting down.
Emile snuggled against Marco, the young man putting his arm around him.
"So where do we go from here, Emile? I'm leaving in a few weeks. I really want to get to know you better."
Emile smiled, snuggling more into Marco's chest.
He relished the smell of Marco, the blend of cologne and something else. The essence of Marco.
"Well then, I guess you're going to have a second shadow for the next few weeks. And I can always visit you in Spain, and we can chat online. I want this to work, too, Marco. I can't believe what I feel about you. I'm so wanting this to work!"
Marco smiled, kissing his forehead.
"Thank you for wanting that, Emile."
They sat together, finding a comforting peace with each other.

Michael smiled, looking down at Justin who lay in his lap, his body spread across the couch.
The kids were in bed, Rachel upstairs in her room.
Justin looked up at Michael, smiling as well.
"I think our Marco's heart just filled with hope and love. " Michael said, Justin smiling more.
"I felt it in our connection, Mico. I'm happy for both of them. Emile's a really nice guy. I'm just surprised he's gay. It had never entered my mind when we acted together. He just didn't seem the type."
"Oh, and what about you? I'm sure a lot thought the same of you."
Justin blushed seeing Michael's point.
"Sorry, love."
Michael smiled, running his fingers along Justin's cheek.
"It's okay, love. I know what you mean. The stereotypical gay male. Why won't they just let him die?"
Justin smiled, running his hand up Michael's hairy forearm.
"So what had Lance said when he'd called?"
Michael looked down at Justin, stroking his forehead now.
Lance had called an hour earlier, Michael talking to him for over twenty minutes.
"I've got some bad news, Jus."
Justin sat up slowly, snuggling against Michael.
"I had sensed something. What is it, love?"
"It's Josh. Jive's postponed his release date again. Lance said Josh wasn't too happy."
Justin's brow furrowed, Michael feeling his sadness.
"That's so not fair. Josh's new songs are awesome. I know this will totally hurt him. Man, what can we do? I'll talk to them but I know it will do no good. Even I don't have that kind of sway. Man, Josh's going to be so pissed off."
Michael kissed Justin's cheek, feeling his deep love for his best friend.
"That's why Lance called. Even he can't seem to lighten Josh's mood. I told him to bring Josh over in the morning, and you and I will talk to him. He wants to discuss the songs for the group anyway. And I need to talk to him personally."
Justin smiled, snuggling into Michael's lap.
"My babe's going to spread his love."
Michael smiled, kissing Justin's neck.
"How can I not when I've so many loving friends?"
Justin leaned in kissing him passionately, Michael lost in the desire he felt flowing out of Justin.
"I do believe the tiger wants to hunt."
Justin's hands slunk under Michael's shirt, rubbing his left nipple.
Michael moaned, Justin standing up, pulling Michael up with him.
"Time for bed, lovecakes." Justin said, kissing him deeply again.
Michael pulled back, batting his eyes.
"But I'm not sleepy."
"Who said anything about sleep? The tiger's on the prowl!" Justin said, his voice full of deep lust.
Michael's gaze fell lower, seeing the large tent formed in Justin's low cut jeans.
Michael ran his hand down Justin's chest, it rubbing forcefully against that hidden hardness.
"Well this prey has to be caught first." Michael smiled, pushing Justin backwards, Justin landing on the couch.
Michael took off running, Justin surprised by this  act.
Justin was on his feet in a flash, laughing and chasing after Michael.
Michael took the stairs two at a time, Justin right on his heels.
Michael wasn't really being elusive, he had full intentions of letting Justin catch him.
Justin was more turned on than Michael, and his pace had quickened.
Michael just made it to the top of the stairs when he felt Justin's strong arms encircle his chest,
Michael stumbled, falling forward onto the carpeted hallway floor at the top of the stairs.
Justin was attached to him, on top of him, Michael feeling his hardness against his backside.
"The hunter has claimed his prey. Time to devour his treasure." Justin said into Michael's ear, his hot  breath blowing into Michael's ear, Michael feeling desire flood his soul.
Michael turned his body, Justin now on top of him, staring into his eyes.
Michael wrapped his legs around Justin's lower back, Justin laying against him.
In those blue eyes Michael saw so much need, desire and love.
"Oh God, Timby! I'm yours always!"
Michael pulled Justin's face downward, their lips feverishly devouring each other's.
They both felt the hardened desires between them.
The kiss was long, deep and passionate, both men lost in the moment.
Lost, until they heard a sound.
Justin broke the kiss, looking upwards, seeing a smiling face.
Michael looked up, seeing an upside down smiling face.
"I hope everything's okay?" Rachel said, holding in a smirk.
Justin smiled, his cheeks reddening.
"Everything's just about damn near fantastic." Michael said, Rachel now smiling widely.
"Great  to hear, Mike. As you were, gentlemen."
Rachel walked out of the bathroom door, back into her bedroom, closing her door.
Justin looked back down at Michael, seeing his loving gaze.
"You heard her, Timby. As we were."
Justin smiled, lowering his head down, his lips attaching to Michael's.
The kiss now was a slow melding of two souls, two loving souls of utter contentment.
This kiss was broken by a soft voice they both heard in their minds.
They both parted, Michael looking towards the children's closed door.
"Yes, my angel?"
"Me lonely."
Justin smiled, pulling up from Michael, Michael smiling up at him.
"Papa and Dada are coming, Shauny." Justin said in his mind.
They both felt the smile on the little girl's face.
Justin stood up, helping Michael up to his feet, Michael gently kissing his lips.
"We'll get right back to where we were, lover."
Justin smiled, both men walking to the nursery door.
Inside Shauna was sitting up in bed, her new doll clasped in her hands.
She smiled up at the two men as they entered the room.
Darian was totally asleep, his body curled up around his teddy bear.
Shauna stretched out her arms, Michael picking her up, Shauna snuggling against him.
"What's wrong my angel?: He said quietly.
Justin put his arm around Michael, smiling down at the little child.
"Me no know. me just lonely."
Michael smiled, and walked slowly over to the rocker.
Justin remained standing by the crib, smiling at both of them.
Michael sat down, the little girl snuggled in his arms.
Michael began to rock, lightly humming, Shauna's head now on his chest, her doll against her.
"You have no reason to be lonely, sweetie. You have Darian, Dada and me here always. And now there's Rachel. We all love you."
"I know Papa. I wuv all you."
Justin smiled, watching Michael's tender love displayed for the child.
Michael ran his fingers gently through her blond curls, the little girl smiling.
"I love you Papa. It be okay."
"What will be okay, angel?"
"What gonna happen. Nana said you be with us always."
Michael eyes teared, Justin's own glistening.
Justin watched as she closed her eyes, Michael now humming again.
Michael held her in his arms, his golden eyes looking up at Justin.
They looked into each other's souls, both realizing that something heavenly was surrounding their house of love.
Nana was here, watching over all of them.
Ten minutes later Michael gently lowered his little angel back into the crib, Shauna snuggling up to Darian.
Justin put his arm around Michael, the two looking down at their sleeping angels.
"Goodnight my precious angels." Michael said, Justin repeating it.
Just before they left the room, Michael looked back.
"Watch over them, Nana. Let them be surrounded by your love, as I always was."
Justin smiled, the two men silently walking out of the room.

Justin woke up the next morning to the sounds of giggling.
He opened his eyes half way, seeing his two angels sitting on the bed, smiling at him.
"Wake up Dada!" Darian said giggling.
Shauna climbed on top of his naked chest, patting his smooth skin.
"Dada, wake up." She said, giggling also.
Justin's eyes popped open, laughing.
Both kids screamed, then laughed loudly.
Justin gently tickled Shauna, her laughter bringing joy to his heart.
Darian was laughing as well, the little boy now climbing on top of Justin also.
"Papa said we wake you. You sleep too much!" Darian said, Justin nibbling at his fingers, the boy laughing.
"Morning my gumdrops. Where's Papa?"
"He on phone. Rach cooking breakfast." Shauna said, Justin smiling at her.
"Okay. You sweeties have your bath yet?"
"No Dada. We wait for you. We like bath with you! You fun!" Darian said, Justin chuckling to himself.
"Papa says the same thing."
Both kids smiled, Justin dumping them onto the bed.
They both laughed as Justin gently tickled them.
Justin got up slowly, stretching.
He picked up the two little toddlers, walking naked into the bathroom.
Michael found the three there a few minutes later, all sitting in the bathtub.
"Well look at all the wet frogs." He said smiling.
The kids giggled, both sitting in front of Justin, between his legs.
"Papa make a joke. We're not frogs."
"No, Papa. We are angels." Darian said smiling.
Michael laughed, splashing water at him.
"Morning, babe." Justin said, leaning forward and kissing him.
"Morning, Tigger. Love ya."
"Love ya more, lovecakes."
Michael smiled, remembering the tender passion they'd continued last night when they'd returned to their bedroom. Hours later they had fallen asleep in each other arms, fully satisfied.
"What time did Marco come home?"
Michael smiled, looking into his lover's blue eyes.
"He never came home, love."
Justin smiled, Michael smiling as well.
They both felt in their hearts what that meant.
Two young men being together all night talking.
"So who was on the phone?"
"Lancy. He and Josh are on their way over."
Justin's happy face lowered a bit, Michael kissing him again.
"Our friend needs us today, Jus. Let's give him all our love."
Justin smiled again, kissing Michael back.
"Yes, Mikey. All of it."
Michael smiled.
"Okay, I think these two are turning pink. Time to pull them out."
"Awww." Shauna said.
"We'll go swimming later today, angels."
Both kids smiled, Michael lifting Darian out, Justin standing up with Shauna in his arms.
Michael smiled, seeing Justin's nakedness. It always made him smile.
Within ten minutes all three of his kids were dressed, all four walking into the kitchen.
"Morning, Justin." Rachel said, smiling at him.
"Morning, Rach. Something smells great."
"That would be my blueberry waffles. Homemade with strawberry syrup."
Justin's eyes widened, his smile wide also.
"Fantastic! You're going to make someone a hell of a wife."
Rachel blushed, Justin looking at Michael with a wink.
The four sat down at the table, Rachel putting the food out, going back into the kitchen, working around the counter.
"Please sit down with us,  Rach."
She smiled, putting the coffee pot down, sitting with them all.
"Great. We're a family now. You're welcomed here just like all of us. You're a part of this family." Michael said, smiling.
Rachel smiled, pouring Michael a coffee.
"Can I ask you both a question?" She said, Michael and Justin both picking up on a nervousness in her voice.
"Sure, Rach. Anything." Justin said, smiling at her.
She looked around at both of them, then focused on the two small toddlers.
"I've only been around here for a couple of days and I've sensed something different about this house. About you, Michael, and your two angels."
Michael looked at Justin for a moment, then his gaze focused on Rachel.
"And what do you feel is different?"
Rachel's hand went to a small silver cross that hung from her neck on a silver chain.
"I sense God in this house. A feeling of being close to God. And I sense it greatly in you."
Michael smiled, patting her hand.
"There's a very good reason for that feeling, Rach. And I think it's time you knew the whole truth. the truth of what my life has been, and what my future holds. I just hope you can find it in your heart to not judge me too harshly."
Rach nodded, looking into Michael's golden mesmerizing eyes.
While they quietly ate, Michael told Rachel the whole story. From the past to the present, and what the future might hold.
Through it all Justin saw her emotions cross her face, and her eyes water with tears.
When Michael was finished, he lowered his head.
He felt a warmth on his hand, looking up.
Rachel's hand was on top of his.
"The first day that I met you, I felt the presence of something in you, Michael. A divine presence. Your heart and soul are so giving. You are so giving. What you've just told me is unbelievable. But in my heart I believe all of it. You are someone unbelievable. And for me to be here, to be with you, makes me so happy."
Michael smiled, seeing her friendship still there.
Rachel looked at the two small children, both smiling at her.
"I feel the same presence in both these children, Michael. It's as if all four of you were destined to unite as a family. For in each of you the other three shall find all they need."
Justin smiled, believing everything she'd just said.
"Since we're laying our hearts and truth open to each other, is there something on your mind, Rach? Or someone?"
Rachel looked at Justin, seeing him waiting for an answer.
"Can I ask you a question, Justin?"
Justin nodded.
"Is Lonnie seeing anyone?"
Michael smiled, Justin glancing at him.
"No one that I know of. He's been single for quite a while. Why do you ask?"
Rachel smiled a little smile, Michael holding his own in, when he heard Justin's voice in his head.
"This is going to be so easy, Mico!"
"Calm down, Tigger. We need her to go at her own pace. This is her life, her decision." Michael silently replied.
Justin smiled back at him.
"I think he's an exceptionally giving, gentle man. I'd like to get to know him better." Rachel said, blushing slightly.
Michael put his hand on top of hers now.
"Is there something going on between you two, that we should know about?"
"Oh, Michael, no! I'd never let that interfere with my work! You must believe that!"
"Relax, Rach. It's none of my or Justin's business who you date or are interested in. We both love you, and we love Lonnie. If both of you want to explore that togetherness then do so. Lead your own life, Rach. Walk your own path to happiness."
Rachel smiled, seeing what Michael was saying.
"I'm not even sure if he likes me." She said quietly, both men smiling.
"All I can say is go with your heart. Talk to him. See what he feels. You'll never be sure unless you take a chance. Someone once gave me that advice. I've loved him everyday since." Michael said, Justin smiling lovingly at him.
"Thanks, guys. You've both given me a lot to think about."
Michael smiled, looking down at Justin's empty plate.
"Right now you're on a mission. My tiger's plate is empty."
Rachel laughed, getting up and heading towards the extra plate of waffles.
Justin smiled at Michael, Michael smiling back.

An hour later, the front doorbell rang, Rachel letting Josh and Lance in.
The two men walked into the living room, Michael and Justin playing on the floor with the toddlers.
Michael saw the portfolio of music in Josh's hand.
"Unky Lance!" Darian said, standing up and running over to an already kneeling Lance.
Lance took the small boy into his arms, kissing his cheek.
"How's my big boy??"
He had an animated conversation with Darian, Josh smiling down at Shauna who sat in Michael's lap.
"Morning, sunshine." Josh said quietly, both men sensing a quietness in Josh.
Shauna stretched out her arms, Josh leaning down and picking up the child.
Michael and Justin both watched him.
"Hi, Unky Josh. I love you." Shauna said, Josh tearfully smiling at her.
"I love you too, my little angel." He said, emotion in his voice, kissing her cheek.
Rachel, who'd been standing in the doorway, sensed that something was wrong.
"Okay, guys. I'll take the kiddies upstairs to play for a while. I sense you all need to talk. " Rachel said, Michael nodding.
Josh and Lance gently handed the two kids to Rachel, Rachel carrying them both upstairs.
Josh sat down on the couch, Justin getting up off the floor, sitting beside him.
Josh threw the leather portfolio on top of the coffeetable, folding his arms.
Justin put his arm around Josh, Josh tensing up.
"Please, Jus. I'm not in the mood to be hugged."
Justin silently removed his arm.
Michael stood up, Lance looking at him.
"Lance told us what happened, Joshy. We're both sorry." Michael said, looking at him.
"Right now that doesn't help a hell of a lot, Michael."
Michael folded his arms, quietly watching his friend.
'I'm so sorry, Josh. I know how deeply you felt about this new album. Some of those songs were fantastic. I wish I could do something about this. I don't know how much pull I have at Jive, but I'll try?" Justin said, his voice full of encouragement.
"Oh yeah, Jus? You'd do that for me? Wow! I have the great Justin Timberlake behind me! Thanks ever so much!" Josh said, everyone hearing the angry sarcasm and smugness in his words.
"What's that supposed to mean, Josh?" Justin said, with confusion.
Josh stood up, the anger showing on his face now.
"Don't you get it, Jus? It's always been you! You're the one they've backed all the way! The big star! I was always pushed aside, not important enough! Not special enough! It happened with your first solo album! They gave you everything on a silver platter! You! You're half the talent I am!  My first one never had a chance against your overblown hype! Now it's happened again! I'm a failure because of you!"
Justin sat on the couch in silence, Michael seeing the deep, hurtful look etched on his face. He felt even more Justin's emotional feelings.
Josh didn't look at anyone, his focus was on his anger.
"That's enough, Joshua!!"
Josh turned abruptly, staring at Michael.
He saw a look of hard judgement in his golden eyes.
"Lance, you and Justin leave! Right now!"
Justin got up, not looking at anyone, Lance looking at Michael.
Josh saw the tears in Justin's eyes as he walked past him.
"Leave, Lance. And close the doors." Michael said with finality.
Lance reluctantly walked out of the room after Justin, closing the French doors behind them.
Michael and Josh stared at each other.
Josh finally lowered his eyes, not being able to handle any more of Michael's judgmental gaze.
"How DARE you!!"
Josh heard the edge of hurt in Michael's voice.
"Do you know what you just did to him??? To my Justin???"
"I'm sorry Michael. But I can't change how I feel."
Michael walked up to him, turning him to face him.
"So you take it out on him?? You cut him to his very soul! Your best friend who's stood behind you in everything you've done! How dare you!!"
Josh felt his own heart break, realizing what he'd really said to Justin. To his best friend.
"I... I'm .."
Michael pulled Josh towards him by his shirt, staring into his face.
"I've put up with a lot of shit throughout my life, but I never thought I'd have to put up with this from you. Good God, Josh! He's your best friend and you just lashed out at him, hurting him with the one thing he loves most. His music."
"What have I done?" Josh said quietly, the reality sinking in now.
"I'll tell you what you've done. You just hurt your best friend's soul, Josh. Music is everything to my Jus. And you just basically told him he didn't deserve his career."
Josh sat down, waiting for Michael's anger to unleash. He now knew he deserved all of it.
"Every note--every beautiful note--of his music comes from his deep, loving heart. And you stand there and tell him it wasn't good! When all he's ever done is worshiped you, idolized your voice and your love for music! He once told me he strives so hard in his music because he wants it to be worthy of your praise. That young man thinks the world of you Josh! And you just cut his heart out!!"
Josh was crying now, his arms folding around himself.
Michael sat down beside him on the couch.
"Oh God, Michael!! What have I done? Why did I do that?"
Michael now felt Josh's pain, knowing he alone had the answer to those questions.

End of Chapter 124

Ominous ending.
What's wrong with Josh?
Has he hurt Justin intentionally?
Is their friendship over?
Questions that need answering.

Sorry this is a little shorter that usual, just wanted to end it with a little drama.
The next chapter will deal with the resulting conflicts.
Looks like Rach is smitten with a certain lovable teddy bear.
And Mico and Jus are the guiding force behind that.

Read on, more interesting paths to navigate.

Hugs, Angel.

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