Justin's Angel-125

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Michael and Josh stared at each other.
Josh finally lowered his eyes, not being able to handle any more of Michael's judgmental gaze.
"How DARE you!!"
Josh heard the edge of hurt in Michael's voice.
"Do you know what you just did to him??? To my Justin???"
"I'm sorry Michael. But I can't change how I feel."
Michael walked up to him, turning him to face him.
"So you take it out on him?? You cut him to his very soul! Your best friend who's stood behind you in everything you've done! How dare you!!"
Josh felt his own heart break, realizing what he'd really said to Justin. To his best friend.
"I... I'm .."
Michael pulled Josh towards him by his shirt, staring into his face.
"I've put up with a lot of shit throughout my life, but I never thought I'd have to put up with this from you. Good God, Josh! He's your best friend and you just lashed out at him, hurting him with the one thing he loves most. His music."
"What have I done?" Josh said quietly, the reality sinking in now.
"I'll tell you what you've done. You just hurt your best friend's soul, Josh. Music is everything to my Jus. And you just basically told him he didn't deserve his career."
Josh sat down, waiting for Michael's anger to unleash. He now knew he deserved all of it.
"Every note--every beautiful note--of his music comes from his deep, loving heart. And you stand there and tell him it wasn't good! When all he's ever done is worshiped you, idolized your voice and your love for music! He once told me he strives so hard in his music because he wants it to be worthy of your praise. That young man thinks the world of you Josh! And you just cut his heart out!!"
Josh was crying now, his arms folding around himself.
Michael sat down beside him on the couch.
"Oh God, Michael!! What have I done? Why did I do that?"

Chapter 125

Michael quietly looked at Josh, Josh afraid to look into his angry eyes.
"Look at me, Josh."
Josh looked up, seeing the golden eyes of Michael's love.
"What's going on, Josh? What is the deep feeling behind all this?"
Josh began crying, Michael remaining quiet, waiting for Josh to talk.
"It's me, Michael. It's myself and my music. I'm angry with myself for not being good enough. I don't hate Justin for his music, I love his music. I guess I just needed a scapegoat to look away from myself. I'm the untalented man here, not Justin. I love him so much and I just hurt him so much. I'm so stupid!"
Michael put his arm around Josh, Josh sobbing into his chest.
"Oh, Josh! You're not untalented! Justin and I both know that. Lance knows that most of all. He's talked to me of his love for your voice. Of him sitting for hours listening to you rehearse and record. And I'll tell you something. *NSync would never have been what it was, and will be, without you. I envy the talent you have. Justin is right. You are worthy of praise. That's why I chose you."
Josh looked confused, as he wiped his eyes, pulling away slowly from Michael's warm embrace.
"Chose me?"
"I need to tell you something, Josh."
Josh nodded, looking quietly at Michael.
Michael picked up the leather portfolio off the coffee table, opening it, searching through the papers.
He pulled one out, from the bottom, Josh looking at it.
"You were questioning this song, weren't you? That you didn't feel that it was right for the group."
Josh nodded, seeing the song that Michael held in his hands.
"It was never meant for the group."
Josh looked surprised.
"Then why is it in there?"
"Because it had to be, so that you could find it. That you alone could feel the passion and truth behind it's words. You have felt it haven't you?"
Josh nodded, looking at him.
"Yes, the words and music are so totally meaningful. It's like God's voice of hope."
Michael smiled, setting the paper down again.
Josh looked into Michael's golden eyes, seeing something new.
Nervous apprehension, and sadness.
"Why is this song so important?"
"This song is your song, Joshua. I wrote it for you alone."
Josh never moved, staring into those sad eyes.
"Why for me, Michael?"
Michael lowered his head, then looked back.
"Because to me, your voice is from God's heavenly choir. I wrote this song for you to sing, to sing only once. No other voice on earth could do this song justice."
Josh looked shocked, feeling the depth of Michael's truthful words.
"Only me?" Josh felt a fear settling into his heart.
"Yes, Joshua. I've been told to tell you that you are the Singer of Truth."
Josh froze, that last title sinking into his soul.
"When must I sing this?"
Michael took his hands in his.
"When the end is at hand. When the confrontation is over. You must sing this to give the world hope. You will know when it needs to be sung."
"I don't like this, Mikey. I don't like what you're saying. It sounds like something unbelievable."
Michael kissed Josh's cheek.
"When you sing that song, the world will hear God's voice on earth. That's the talent you possess, Joshua. So all this talk, this anger you hold, if for naught. You have a talent that God himself gave you. Don't ever let anyone, or any circumstance stop you from that talent. "
Josh smiled, hearing the deep conviction in Michael's voice.
"You've had a setback, only that. Another label will scoop you up, and your album will amaze a lot of people. As will the five of you when you sing together again. And this song will astound the world. "
Josh actually smiled, hearing the deep truth in Michael's words.
"That will really happen?"
"Have I ever lied to you?"
Josh smiled, Michael standing up.
Josh stood up, Michael staring at him.
"Will you be the Singer of Truth?"
Josh stared at him, slowly nodding.
Michael kissed him gently on the lips, Josh feeling the surge of love flow into him.
"There is only one thing that I ask of you, Josh."
Josh looked at him quietly.
"There's a man out there hurting, because he's lost faith in you. I want you to walk out there and make this right. I'll let this pass only once. If you ever hurt him like that again, then our friendship is finished."
Josh choked up, hearing the finality in Michael's words.
Michael face softened, his arm going around Josh.
"But I know in my heart I never need worry of that."
Josh smiled, the two walking to the door, Josh stopping.
"What do I say, Michael? How do I make this right?"
Michael kissed his cheek.
"By being the man he always loved. By being honest and truthful."
Josh smiled, walking out of the room with Michael.

Lonnie sat at the patio table, watching Justin and Lance.
He'd arrived a few minutes ago, Lance telling him what had happened.
Lonnie was worried for Justin, he'd never seen him looking so hurt.
He looked towards the house, wondering how Michael was doing with Josh.
He turned back watching Justin sitting on the lounger by the pool.
Lance sat beside him, his arm around him.
Justin had been quietly crying against Lance's chest since they'd walked out here.
Justin moved away from his friend a little.
"How could he say that, Lance? How could Josh hate me so?"
Lance hugged him tighter.
"He doesn't hate you, Jus. He's just mad at himself. He lashed out at you because he's upset with himself. He loves you, Jus. You're his best friend."
"His music is so beautiful. But mine is just as beautiful. And he hates me for it."
Justin wiped his eyes, Lance feeling his sorrow and hurt.
"I love him so much, he's so important to me."
Michael and Josh stood in the patio doorway listening to the two men.
Josh's eyes were full of tears, hearing Justin's words.
"I'm sorry, Jus."
Lance, Lonnie and Justin all turned, staring at the two men standing at the door.
Lance stood up, Justin turning away from everyone.
Josh and Michael walked out to them, Lonnie standing up now.
Lance put his hand on Josh's shoulder, seeing a new light in his eyes.
"Are you okay, Josh?"
"Yes, love. I'm alright."
Lance smiled, Josh kissing his cheek.
"Can I talk to you Jus?" Josh said quietly, looking down at his friend.
Justin looked up at him, Josh seeing the tears in his eyes.
"Why? Do you have more hateful things to say to me?" Justin said, Josh feeling the hurtful edge in his voice.
Michael put his hand on Justin's shoulder, Justin feeling his love.
"Talk to him, Jus. Let him explain this in his own words. Come on Lance, let's leave them to talk."
Lance nodded, taking one last look at Josh, Josh nodding.
Josh looked at Michael, Michael nodding.
Lance, Lonnie and Michael quietly walked into the house.
Josh looked down at Justin, his head lowered.
"I'm sorry, Jus. Sorry for taking my own anger out on you. I didn't mean what I said. I was angry at myself for not being good enough for them to want me."
Justin looked up, staring at his friend.
"Do you hate me, Josh? Do you hate me for my success?"
Josh sat down beside him, Justin seeing the bare emotions on his face.
"Oh God, Jus, no! I'd never hate you! I love you like a brother! I love you with all my heart! Next to Lance you're the most important man in my life!"
Justin wiped his eyes, putting his arm around Josh.
"Then what's going on, Josh? Why did you say those things about me?"
Josh lowered his head, Justin tightening his hold on him.
"Because I'm jealous, Jus. I'm jealous that you have the talent and the drive to accomplish all of your dreams. And you have done that. With your wonderful voice, your dedication, and your hard work. I'm blown away by the immense talent you've become, Jus."
Justin smiled hearing the deep truth in Josh's words.
"Now look at me. I'm a second-rate singer with a mediocre career. I've lost that drive and dedication, Jus. I felt lost and alone. That's why I lashed out at you. Because I saw in you all that I wanted to be. I'm so sorry for doing that, Jus. Please forgive me, I can't stand the thought of losing you."
Josh was crying now, Justin putting both arms around him.
"You will never lose me, Joshy. I'm your brother of love. And you're wrong on so many levels. You aren't second-rate. You are one of the best singers I know. And your career will only be mediocre if you let it be.  Jive isn't the only producer out there. We'll find another label that will launch your album. And mark my words, you'll be surprised by how acclaimed it will be."
Josh smiled, wiping his eyes.
"You have that much faith in me?"
Justin smiled, kissing Josh on the lips, Josh feeling his love flow through him.
Josh returned the kiss, the two lost in their love.
Justin smiled again when he broke the kiss.
"I have all the faith in the world in you."
Josh smiled, looking towards the house.
"Michael seems to think the same."
Justin smiled, knowing Michael's love was giving again.
"Michael's heart always speaks the truth." Justin said smiling.
Josh smiled back, looking at his friend.
"I'm sorry, Jus. For all that I said."
"I forgive you, on one condition."
Josh nodded.
"I want you to promise me that you will never give up. Your voice is too beautiful not to be heard.  Don't deny the world the privilege of listening to it."
Josh smiled, hugging Justin tightly.
"My voice will sing always, Jus."
Justin smiled, the two friends walking towards the house.
As they stepped off the patio, they saw Michael standing in the doorway.
He had tears in his eyes, both men looking at him.
Justin pulled him into his arms, Michael hugging him.
"Thank you, Mico. For doing this."
Michael looked into his lover's eyes.
"There's nothing I won't do to make you happy, Jus. And nothing I won't do for my brothers of love."
Josh teared up, looking at Lance standing behind Michael.
Lance smiled at him, Josh seeing his shining love.

Emile's compact, slim body stirred, turning over in his bed.
He felt a body against him, opening his eyes.
Two blue eyes were staring back at him.
Marco's smiling face gazed at the young man.
"Good morning, Marco."
"Good morning, Emile."
Both men smiled, scanning each other's face.
Emile stretched, sitting up in bed.
Marco looked at his toned body as he stretched.
The young man was thin and trim.
Emile noticed Marco's watchful gaze, blushing crimson.
"I can't believe I slept with such a vision of beauty last night." Marco said, his own cheeks blushing slightly.
"I feel the same way." Emile said, scanning Marco's naked torso.
They'd talked long and quietly together for a long time last night, both learning so much about each other.
Neither had noticed the time until Emile commented on the darkening night outside.
Marco had looked at his watch seeing three o'clock.
Emile then had asked Marco to stay, Marco sensing no hidden meaning behind his offer.
They both had been tenderly touching each other all evening, gentle kisses and caresses given between them.
Marco had accepted with no qualms, not wanting to leave this young man.
Both men felt the budding romance and desires within each other.
So Marco and Emile retired to the bedroom, stripping down quietly and climbing into Emile's bed.
Emile felt Marco beside him, feeling the warmth of his new love.
Within minutes, Marco had slipped against him, Emile wrapping his arm around him.
The two found a comfort zone, a place where both felt safe.
It was in each other's arms.
They'd fallen asleep with no apprehension or nervousness.
Now here they were, staring into each other's morning smiles.
"Thank you for staying last night, Marco." Emile said, Marco feeling the happiness in his voice.
"You're welcome. And thank you for wanting me to."
Marco and Emile looked into each other's eyes. Marco didn't hesitate,  pulling Emile down to him.
They kissed deeply, both men tasting the other's lips and tongue.
"Mmm, heaven, my love." Marco said when he'd broken the kiss.
"My love?" Emile said staring into the blue ocean pools.
"Yes, Emile. You are my love. I've finally accepted that. If you'll have me?" Marco said, his eyes lowering.
Emile pulled him close, Marco laying his head against his warm chest.
"Yes, my love! I'll have you! Forever if you want!"
Marco smiled, a tear running down his cheek, landing on Emile's smooth chest.
"I can't believe this! Two days ago, I felt my world was over, that I had nothing to live for! Now, I have new brothers and most of all I have you! I feel so alive!"
Emile smiled, kissing his forehead.
"It's like the brightness of a new day after a night of darkness! I feel the same, Marco! And it's all because of you!"
Marco shifted his body, laying now on top of Emile, staring into his blue eyes.
They both felt their desires against each other, the hardness of their needs and wants.
Marco leaned down, kissing Emile tenderly, Emile wrapping his arms around him, their bodies pressing against each other more.
Marco felt Emile's hardness against his stomach, the young man's heat and desires.
Marco broke the close contact, pulling away from him.
"I'm sorry, Emile. I'm just not ready for this to go further. You're so beautiful and unbelievably handsome, I just have to control my own fears right now. I'm sorry."
Emile sat up, putting his arm around Marco's shoulder.
"That was unbelievable in its beauty and erotic feeling. But I want you to be comfortable, Blue. I want you to want me, I want you to need me. Then I'll give you all you desire. Then I'll be yours forever. Whenever you feel ready, Blue."
Marco smiled, seeing the tenderness and respect in Emile's eyes.
Emile smiled, kissing his cheek.
"It's those beautiful blue eyes of yours. I'm lost in them. I hope you like my pet name for you. It's for you alone, Blue."
Marco smiled, kissing him gently again.
"I love it, my Emile. I'll have to think of one for you."
Emile smiled, kissing his cheek again.
They held each other for a few moments, Marco looking at the clock on the nightstand.
It read eleven thirty.
"Oh shit! Michael and Justin will be wondering where I am! I should head back. Can I take a quick shower?"
"Sure thing, Blue." Emile said, watching Marco get out of bed. He stood up, his lean muscular body on full display. He wore only white boxer briefs. Emile couldn't remember ever seeing a more beautiful sculptured body on anyone.
"You are stunning, Blue. I can't believe you're attracted to skinny old me."
Marco looked down at Emile, seeing him lowering his eyes.
Marco leaned down, taking Emile's hand, pulling him up and out of bed.
Emile stood in front of him, Marco looking down his body.
"To these Spanish eyes of desire you are so beautiful."
Emile teared up, Marco kissing him, pulling him against him.
They kissed and lightly caressed each other for a few moments, Marco smiling at Emile.
"Now how about that shower?"
Emile smiled, taking Marco's hand, walking him towards the bathroom.
He walked him in, pulling towels out of a cabinet, Marco opening the shower door.
Emile handed him a towel, Marco smiling as he took it.
"I'll go see what I can rustle up for a quick brunch." Emile said, turning to walk out of the room.
Marco's hand  went onto his shoulder, Emile stopping.
He turned back, looking into Marco's blue eyes.
"It's a big shower, why don't you join me?"
Emile stared at him, not believing what Marco had just offered.
Marco smiled, pulling his briefs down, putting them onto the closed toilet lid beside the shower stall.
Emile's eyes scanned the naked man in front of him, seeing the large phallus hanging in front of him.
Marco turned walking into the shower stall, Emile's eyes glued to the perfectly round buns that bounced as Marco walked forward.
Marco started the shower, water beginning to fall over his head.
Emile shucked his own briefs, following Marco inside.
Marco turned, scanning Emile's compact slim body as he climbed into the stall.
Marco smiled, Emile smiling at him.
Marco shut the door, pulling Emile against him, the water cascading over both of them.
They kissed gently, Marco's hands running down Emile's back, feeling the smoothness of his skin.
Marco gazed into his eyes, Emile smiling at him.
"This isn't about sex, Emile. It's about us needing to be with each other, our love for each other."
Emile nodding, his own hands now on Marco's smooth chest.
Marco picked up the sponge off the shelf, handing it to him.
"I love you, Emmy."
Emile smiled, the new name sounding just so wonderful.
"I love you Blue."
Emile started washing Marco, Marco sighing with happiness.

Everyone sat around on the patio relaxing after a wonderful lunch.
"That was fantastic, Rach." Josh said, Lance agreeing.
Michael and Justin smiled at her, the two kids in their laps.
"Thanks, glad you liked it all." She said smiling, Lonnie smiling at her.
"I'll help you clear this." Lonnie said picking up some dishes.
Michael smiled, watching the two together.
Lonnie followed her into the house, his arms full of dishes.
"Why, I do believe the Lonster is smitten!" Josh said, Lance looking at him surprised.
"Sweetie, it's obvious that Lonnie's taken a shine to Rach."
Justin and Michael smiled at their friends, Lance looking at them.
"Is it true? I've never seen Lonnie look at anyone."
Michael smiled at Lance's smiling face.
"Yes, Lancy, it's true. And Rach is feeling the same."
Both men now sat up smiling.
"A little Michael magic?" Josh said, smiling.
Michael looked at Justin who was helping Darian drive a small truck.
"Not this time. This is all Timby's doing."
Justin looked up at the mention of his pet name, smiling.
Josh and Lance both looked at Justin with surprise.
"I had a vision that day at Disneyland. I saw Rach with Lonnie." He said, a wide smile on his face now.
"You're having visions?" Josh said in shock.
Justin smiled, Michael lowering his head a bit.
"Yes, Josh. It part of the gift inside me. Michael's not completely happy about it, but I'm fine with it."
Michael didn't say anything, Lance quietly watching Michael.
"That's unbelievable, Justy!" Josh said, smiling at him.
Things were back to normal between the two friends, Michael and Lance seeing that happily.
"Please don't mention it to either of them. Mico and I want this to happen like it's supposed to."
Both men nodded, Michael smiling at them.
Lonnie and Rachel came walking out of the house, smiling.
Everyone smiled at them, Rachel taking Darian from Justin.
"Time for a little nap, sweeties." she said, Shauna stretching out her hands.
Michael let Rachel take her as well.
Lonnie followed her walking into the house, holding the door open for her, then closing it behind her.
He walked back to the table smiling.
"Jus and Mike? Can I talk to you for a minute?" He asked when he sat down, Josh and Lance looking at each other.
They both sensed Lonnie was a little nervous and wanting privacy.
"We have to fly anyway. Thanks for lunch, guys." Lance said as he stood up, Josh rising as well.
"I'll pop over tomorrow, Josh. We can go over the songs then." Michael said hugging him as Justin hugged Lance.
Justin grabbed Josh in a tight hug, Josh surprised by its tenderness.
"Love ya, Joshy."
Josh teared up, smiling.
"Love ya too, Justy."
Lance and Michael smiled at each other, Lonnie smiling at what he saw.
Two friends together again in all ways.
Lance and Josh left, Michael and Justin sitting back down, Lonnie looking at both of them.
He pulled an envelope out of his pocket, handing it to Justin nervously.
Justin looked at him, then stared at the envelope.
"What's this, Lonnie?"
"I'm sorry, Just. That's my letter of resignation."
Justin and Michael both looked shocked.
"What? You're quitting?" Justin said, his voice trembling.
"Yes, Justin. It's time I left."
"Why, Lonnie?" Michael said, his voice calm, but still surprised.
"Because I'm about to create a conflict of interest."
Michael thought for a moment.
Then he smiled widely and outright started laughing.
Lonnie and Justin both looked at him with confused faces.
"There's nothing funny about this, Michael. I have to leave." Lonnie said, his voice serious.
Michael took the letter from Justin's hands, ripping it to shreds.
"Like hell you are! There's no way in hell Justin and I are letting you go!" Michael said smiling widely.
Lonnie stood up, staring down at him.
"I have to leave, Michael." He said turning to go.
"I've never heard of anyone quitting their job because they're in love."
Lonnie stopped, turning back around, his face in shock.
He sat back down staring at his friends.
"You know?"
Michael smiled, getting up, Justin now smiling as well.
Michael walked over, putting his arm around the big man.
"Yes, Lon. Justin and I both see what's happening. Now tell us what's going on in the giving, loving mind of yours."
Lonnie looked at Justin, Justin putting his hand on top of his arm.
"I've known you for a long time, Lon. You're a part of my family. Tell me what this is about."
Lonnie sighed, looking at Justin.
"I've fallen in love with Rachel. I've never met anyone like her. She's so sweet and gentle, and funny and beautiful."
Michael smiled, sitting down beside him.
"And I'm creating a conflict by doing that. She's an employee as well as I. It's not fair to you Justin that we get involved. So this is the best solution. I can now be free to tell her the truth."
"You just did."
Everyone turned seeing Rachel standing on the patio.
Lonnie stared at her, Rachel smiling at him.
She walked up to the table, putting her hand on his broad shoulder.
"But this isn't fair to you, Lonnie. I'm new here. If anyone should quit, it should be me." she said, Michael furrowing his brow.
"God dammit! No one's quitting! Rachel sit down please!" Michael said, Justin hearing the familiar determination in his voice.
Rachel sat down beside Lonnie.
"Okay, let's get this all in the open. Lonnie, you like Rachel. Right?"
"But...." He started saying, Michael put his hand up.
"Just answer my question."
Lonnie looked at Rachel, looking deeply into her brown eyes.
"Yes, I like her very much."
Rachel smiled.
"Rachel, you like Lonnie. Am I correct?"
Rachel blushed a little, looking at Lonnie.
"Yes I do. Since the first moment I met him."
Lonnie looked shocked, Justin smiling at Michael, Michael winking.
"Okay, so we have two people here who like each other a lot. But their foolish pride is getting in the way."
Both looked at each other, blushing lightly.
"Rachel. What did I tell you the first day you started this job? About what you would mean to us?"
She smiled at Michael.
"You said that I would be first and foremost a friend."
"Correct. And Lonnie. What has Justin always considered you? What do I now hold you in my heart as?"
"A friend." Lonnie said, a tear visible in his eye.
Justin smiled, seeing where Michael was leading.
"Very good, both of you."
Michael walked around the table, Justin standing up, Michael taking his hand.
"Before us sit two friends. Two wonderful friends who mean the world to us. Not employees. You two are our friends, that we love dearly. And now the two of you have realized a greater connection with each other. A hope of something more between you."
Justin smiled, hearing Michael's deep love.
"Michael is right. You both are attracted to each other. We're not blind, we both see that. And we couldn't be happier by that realization. So we want both of you to know that we are more than fine with this. No one needs to leave or do the honorable thing."
Michael kissed Justin's cheek.
"The honorable thing for both of you to do is talk to each other. Tell each other the truth. Come on, Jus.  Let's leave our friends to have a talk."
Lonnie and Rachel were both teary eyed as Michael and Justin walked into the house.

Rachel and Lonnie looked at each other.
"They're quite the pair of meddlers aren't they?" Rachel said, smiling.
"Yep. Two matchmakers. And two great friends."
Rachel nodded, Lonnie smiling at her.
"Rach, Mikey got it wrong. What I feel is more than liking. I think it's becoming love."
Rachel stared into his brown eyes, lost in the beauty of his heart.
Within a heartbeat she leaned forward.
She kissed him gently, Lonnie feeling his heart fill with something wonderful.
They kissed for a few moments, Rachel breaking the kiss.
They both sighed, Lonnie running his finger along her cheekbone.
"I'm feeling the same feelings, Lonnie. I've never met anyone like you. And I'd like to know all about you, learn all there is to know about you.  I, too, think this may be love."
Lonnie smiled, taking her hand in his large hand.
"How about we go out to dinner Saturday night?"
She smiled nodding, laying her head on his shoulder.
He wrapped his arm around her, smiling widely.
Inside the patio doors, two young men stood together smiling.
"Another one for the ages, my love." Michael said, looking into Justin's tearing eyes.
"Isn't love beautiful, Mico?"
Michael pulled him against him.
"Yes, my Jus. Love is beautiful. And you did good."
Justin smiled, Michael kissing him deeply.

Justin and Michael sat in the living room hearing the front door opening.
Marco and Emile walked into the room, their hands together.
Justin smiled widely as Michael stood up.
"Well! The marauding Tavarro returns with his booty!"
Emile and Marco both blushed, Justin covering a laugh that had threatened to leave his mouth.
Michael walked up to both of them, hugging both.
"And what a treasure you have found. His eyes are like sapphires."
Emile smiled shyly, Michael smiling at Marco.
"No words need saying, cousin. I see the love in your eyes."
Michael smiled, walking out of the room, heading upstairs.
Justin stood up, both men staring after Michael.
Justin walked up to them smiling.
"You both knew, didn't you?" Marco said, looking into Justin' blue eyes.
Justin smiled at both of them.
Emile stood still, staring at his friend with surprise.
"Michael has the gift of seeing love. He's known since you both looked into each other's eyes."
Marco and Emile both smiled at each other.
"Welcome to the family, Emile." Justin said kissing his cheek.
"We're going swimming, you're both welcome to join us."
Marco smiled, pulling Emile towards the stairs.
Justin followed them up, finding Michael in the nursery.
"Dada, we go swim!" Darian said smiling, already in his swim trunks.
"Yep, little man. Come on with Dada."
Darian climbed into Justin's arms, Michael finishing dressing Shauna, the little girl giggling.
"What's so funny my precious?" Michael said as he picked her up.
"Dada and Papa making people love." Darian said, giggling too.
Justin and Michael looked at each other.
"And how do our angels know that?" Michael said, fixing her hair barrettes.
Shauna looked into Michael's golden eyes.
"We feel the new love."
Justin smiled, Michael smiling as well.
"Well, isn't that wonderful."
Shauna smiled.
"But Dada and Papa have best love."
Justin teared up, Michael kissing his cheek.
"Yes, Shauny. We have the best love. All four of us."
Everyone smiled, the two men carrying their children out of the room.

And so the rest of the week went by, the family adjusting to its new dynamic.
Michael and Josh spent a day together working on the music for *NSync..
Michael played the other special song he'd written, after Lance had left on some errands.
After he's finished singing it, Josh was in tears, Michael holding him close.
"Oh, Michael! The music and the words! The meaning, it's so moving, so full of love!"
"Yes, Josh. And it will sound even more moving when sung with your beautiful voice."
Josh looked into his golden eyes, seeing love shining back.
"Why can't you sing this, Michael? It sounded so beautiful with your voice."
Michael kissed his cheek.
"Because it is your song, Josh. A song given to you by love."
Josh nodded, not liking the implications of what it might mean.
"I  love you, Michael."
Michael smiled, kissing him gently on the lips.
"I know, Josh. I know of your love for my Jus and Lance as well."
Josh smiled, Michael's hand gently rubbing his cheek.
"We are bonded by a deep love and respect for each other, Josh. Nothing will ever destroy that bond. Or our faith in each other. I know you'll do this song justice. I have complete faith in that, my Singer of Truth."
Josh smiled, the two hugging tightly.
They parted that day as great friends, Lance marveling at the wonderful mood Josh was now in.
"You seem happy now, my love." Lance said after Michael had left.
"Mikey's given me so much beautiful music. You won't believe its beauty!"
Lance smiled, Josh wrapping his arms around him.
"I'm sorry for the last few days, for my mood."
Lance kissed him deeply, Josh kissing back with heated desire.
"My old Joshy's back! I'll have to thank Mikey!"
"You'll be thanking me in a couple of hours, lover." Josh said pulling his shirt off.
Josh pulled Lance to him, kissing him deeply.
Lance was lost in the passion, feeling his Josh's love.

Emile and Marco spent all week together, everyone seeing their blossoming love.
Michael quietly watched, feeling in both of them their true feelings.
Saturday night Lonnie and Rachel went out to dinner, Michael and Justin hugging both goodbye.
Lonnie had had long conversations with both Justin and Michael during the week, both men giving him advice and just listening.
They both saw the deep love inside the quiet man, and that most of that love was directed at Rachel.
Sunday morning saw a smiling Rachel in the kitchen, both men smiling quietly.
"Someone's in a great mood." Justin said, batting his eyes, Rachel blushing.
Michael slapped him gently on the ass, Justin smirking.
"Too late for foreplay, love."
Michael laughed, hugging Rachel.
"I take it last night was wonderful?" he said, Rachel nodding.
"Enough said." Michael smiled, focusing on the kids' breakfasts.
Lonnie came in a few minutes later, hugging everyone, including Rachel.
To her he gave a gentle kiss.
Justin and Michael smiled, no words needing to be said.

Sunday afternoon saw the return of Paulo and Jake, both men bronzed and looking beautiful.
They walked out onto the patio, seeing Michael and Justin playing with the kids on the slides.
Marco and Emile were swimming in the pool.
Michael looked up and gleefully screamed, running across the grass, jumping into Paulo's arms.
Justin picked up the kids, everyone smiling at Michael's happiness.
Paulo staggered with Michael's legs wrapped around him.
"Nice to see you too, cuz." Paulo laughed, Michael kissing him on the lips.
Michael climbed off Paulo, pulling Jake into just as wild a hug, with just as wonderful a kiss.
"Welcome back, my Hawaiian beauties! You both looked fantastic!"
Everyone hugged them, Justin smiling at Michael.
Marco and Emile climbed out of the pool, drying their bodies.
Paulo looked at both of them, his brow furrowing.
"Who's that with Marco, Mike?"
"That's Emile. He's a friend of Justin's. He and Marco have become inseparable." Michael said, smiling at the two young men that were walking toward them.
Marco pulled his cousin into a tight hug, Paulo wrapping his arms around his scantily-clad body.
Jake smiled at Marco, his eyes glancing over him and at the other young scantily-clad man.
"Emile Hirsch? " Jake said, recognizing him.
"Hi, Jake. I didn't know if you'd remember me." Emile said extending his hand.
"I do. I loved the promos for Into the Wild. Very good work."
The young man smiled, looking at Jake intently.
"You didn't tell me ya knew Jake, Blue?"
Marco blushed at the name, Paulo staring at him.
"Blue?" Paulo said, looking at his cousin.
"That's Emile's nickname for me."
Emile extended his hand, Paulo quietly shaking it.
"I'm Emile. Marco's told me so much about you."
Paulo smiled, looking at his cousin's tender gaze at Emile.
Emile smiled, taking Marco's hand in his, Marco smiling.
Marco looked into his cousin's green eyes.
"Emile and I have fallen in love, Polo."
Paulo looked shocked.
Jake looked surprised as well but took Marco into his arms.
"That's wonderful, Marco! I'm so happy for you buddy!"
Jake hugged Emile as well, the young man smiling.
Marco smiled wildly, happy that Jake liked Emile.
"This is surprising, Marco. After what had happened I'm surprised you've let someone into your heart so quickly." Paulo said, Marco looking at his cousin.
"Emile's special. I sensed how special as soon as I looked into his eyes."
Paulo nodded, Michael quietly watching him.
"Well guys, I think you should put some clothes on or go back to the pool. Excuse me,  I need to use the washroom." Paulo said, walking back towards the house.
Jake and Justin exchanged looks, as did Emile and Marco.
"I'll be right back guys." Michael said quietly, walking toward the patio doors.
Emile put his arm around Marco, Marco deep in thought.

Paulo splashed water on his face, wiping it with a hand towel.
He looked into the mirror, staring at his own face.
"How can Marco love someone so quickly after what he's been through?" thought Paulo.
Paulo's eyes began to tear.
"I thought he needed me." He softly whispered.
Paulo heard a light tapping on the door, he quickly wiped his eyes.
He opened the door, finding Michael leaning against the frame.
"Hey Paulo. You okay?"
"I'm fine Mikey."
"I don't think you are. Care to talk to me?"
Paulo lowered his eyes, quietly walking out of the bathroom, Michael following him down into the kitchen.
Paulo sat down at the table, Michael sitting beside him.
"I felt your feelings, Paulo. I know what's going on."
"I'm sorry, Mikey. I'm sorry I feel this way. I just can't help it. I've known him so long. He's like the brother I never had. I don't want anyone to hurt him. Not after what happened to him. I love him so much."
Michael put his hand on Paulo's shoulder.
"Marco's so lucky to have a brother who loves him so much. But he's his own self, Paulo. And he's now a man. It's time you let him choose his own path. Like you yourself have chosen."
Paulo smiled, looking into Michael's golden eyes.
"I love Jake so much, he's my everything. I want Marco to have the same. Is Emile that man, that man to make him happy?"
Michael smiled, kissing Paulo's cheek.
"Emile is that man, Polo. I had a vision of them falling in love. It's destiny, Paulo."
Paulo had tears forming in his eyes.
"It's so hard to let him, go. I need to tell you something, Michael."
"You want to tell me that you fell in love with Marco a long time ago. Something more than just family love. You wanted it to be something more."
Paulo stared into Michael's eyes, seeing only love there.
"How did you know?"
Michael smiled, running his fingers along Paulo's cheek.
"I sensed it in your soul, Paulo. But I also sense the conflict it's created. Because now you have your Jake, and the love you feel for him is now greater than the love you once felt for Marco. Jake loves you with everything he has. And Marco has found his true soulmate."
Paulo smiled, looking at Michael's smiling face.
"He really is his soulmate?"
"Yes, Paulo. He really is. Emile will make Marco happier than he's ever been."
Paulo smiled widely at that.
"But there's something more at play here. I've felt it in all of you. All four of you. Marco, Jake, Emile and you."
"What is it, Michael?"
Michael smiled.
"It is the bond of love. All four of you will love each other dearly, if not more."
Paulo nodded.
"Don't deny Emile his love for Marco. He loves him deeply. Let Marco be the man he must be. Let love enter all their hearts, and love will be forever in yours."
Paulo smiled, hugging his cousin.
"I understand what you're saying, Michael. I won't deny anyone what they need."
Michael smiled hugging him again.
"Thanks, Michael. For being you."
The two smiled at each other, getting up and walking back outside.
Everyone looked up at the two men, Marco and Emile now dressed and cuddling together on the settee.
Paulo walked over to them, both young men standing.
Paulo smiled widely, hugging Emile to him, the young man looking surprised.
Marco smiled, seeing this display of tenderness.
Paulo broke the hug, standing now in front of his cousin.
"Marco, my friend and cousin. I'm sorry for my reaction earlier. This all just came as such a surprise. I see it now for what it is–blossoming love. In your eyes, I see your love for Emile. I'm so happy that he's entered your life, to wash away all the pain, to love you. I'm happy for you Marco."
Marco teared up, hugging his cousin tightly.
"Thank you, Polo. Thank you for everything."
Jake walked up, hugging Emile, the four standing together with smiles on their faces.
Justin put his arm around Michael, kissing his cheek.
Michael smiled at him, then looked at the four men standing together.
Michael felt the feeling again, seeing the blue glow.
A vision appeared before him, Michael smiling.
The vision was of beauty, love and happiness.
Justin lightly shook Michael's shoulder, seeing his eyes faintly glowing.
Michael came back to reality, staring into Justin's blue eyes.
"You okay, love? You zoned out. Did you have a vision?"
"Yes, Jus. I did."
Justin kissed his cheek again, sensing Michael was going to keep this vision  to himself.
"Love conquers all." Michael quietly said, smiling up at the sinking sun.

The next week was a flurry of activity and fun.
Justin had interviews and tour meetings.
Michael had publisher meetings, and meetings with Ryan and Trevor.
The end of the week would see them flying to Greece.
The annual meeting of the Stavros clan was scheduled for Sunday.
Justin and Michael talked at length with each other about it, Justin sensing Michael's calmness and love.
"What happens, happens." was Michael's final word on it.
Justin did sense, though, that Michael was walking into this meeting confident and determined.
What the outcome would be, only time would show.
Throughout the week, Justin and Michael spent every free moment with their two angels.
Rach was indeed becoming a great asset and friend.
She cared for the toddlers and organized the house, keeping things running smoothly.
She and Lonnie became closer, freely showing their budding love for each other.
Jonas was thrilled when Rachel told him, the young man liking Lonnie greatly.
Michael and Justin talked at length about Trevor and Ryan's suggestion.
They finally agreed on one personal interview.
To their old friend Larry King they turned, giving him the honors of showing the world this loving family.
Larry was thrilled and deeply touched.
The interview would be the next Thursday, after they returned from Greece.
It would be done in their home, the world seeing them up close and personal.
All week, Michael received a lot of phone calls from his family, friends and loved ones.
Everyone knew what was coming that weekend. The first unveiling of the true Michael.
The Warrior of God.
What that encompassed, no one knew.
Gregory called him several times, with updates on smaller meetings, and the view from his position.
It wasn't good.
Gregory's Uncle Barlow was stirring up trouble, demanding full inquiries into Gregory's handling of the family.
The fight for control was threatening the whole family.
Michael quietly assured him that after Sunday the family would have a new focus, a new unity.
What Michael meant by that, Gregory wasn't sure. But he had a rising faith in Michael bringing his family together.
He just hoped that Michael's revelations wouldn't fall on deaf ears.

Marco and Emile spent almost every waking moment together, at Michael's and at Paulo and Jake's.
Jake and Paulo saw the deep, loving closeness the two young men showed.
But Jake sensed an underlying quietness in Paulo when he was around the two young men.
Emile turned out to be a wonderful, funny, intelligent young man.
Both older men began to have warm feelings for the young man.
Jake on several occasions sat quietly watching both men.
In them he saw beauty, love, happiness and intoxicating sexuality.
Emile, to his own liking, found much the same in Paulo and Jake.
Marco was in heaven.
He had a man who was totally in love with him.
And he had two close brothers who seemed to give him just as much love.
All four individuals were beginning to have personal, deep feelings for the other three.
Michael's envisioned bond of love was in full bloom.

Michael awoke to the sounds of music.
He opened his eyes seeing a smiling face looking into his golden eyes.
"Morning Papa!" Darian said, kissing his nose.
"Morning my angels. Love you all." Michael said, seeing Justin sitting with Shauna in his lap, Justin singing to her.
All three smiled at him, Darian climbing onto Michael's chest.
Shauna was staring at Justin, lost in his voice.
He was singing a nursery rhyme to the little girl.
Michael leaned up, kissing Darian's cheek.
"We go fly, Papa?"
"Yep, Darry, we're going on a big plane."
Darian clapped and squealed, Justin and Michael both laughing, Shauna smiling at her brother.
It was Saturday morning, their day of traveling.
Michael sat up, playfully dumping the little boy onto the bed.
Darian laughed, Shauna climbing out of Justin's lap.
"Morning, Papa!" she said, Michael giving her a tender kiss, the little girl snuggling against him.
Justin smiled, leaning over, kissing Michael deeply.
"The big day's here, Mico."
"Yep. The first of many days of wonder."
Justin smiled, running his fingers along Michael's chin.
"How are you doing, love?" he said tenderly, Michael smiling at him.
"I'm doing okay, Jus. I've mentally prepared myself for this. It just now has to unfold."
Justin nodded, Darian climbing into his lap, laughing.
"Play airplane, Dada!!"
Justin laughed, picking the little boy up, swinging him around lightly, Darian screaming with glee.
Michael smiled, seeing Justin's deep love for their son.
The two of them hadn't chosen favorites, but Michael knew Darian had a special place in Justin's heart. Ever since that first day that Justin had sung to him to stop his crying, the two had bonded deeply.
Justin loved Shauna with all his heart, but Michael knew it was Darian that made his man's eyes sparkle.
And Shauna had captured Michael's soul that first day also.
Her reaching out to him, needing him so much, cemented in Michael's heart his unending love for his daughter.
Justin jumped on the bed, Darian laying on top of him, both guys laughing and panting.
"My men all tuckered out?" Michael smiled, Shauna giggling.
"Darry not man. He boy."
Michael laughed, tickling her.
"Darry's our little man, and Shauny's our little woman."
Both kids smiled widely, Justin smiling as well.
A light rap came to the bedroom door, Rachel peeking into the room.
"Morning, Mikey. Time for breakfast, little angels."
Both kids clapped, Justin lifting them off the bed, the two running to Rachel, she walking out of the room smiling with them.
Justin smiled at Michael, looking into his golden eyes.
"I love you, Mico."
Michael pulled him to him, kissing him deeply.
"Thank you for last night, my Tigger. The tiger roared greatly."
Justin smiled, remembering the passion Michael showed last night.
"The prey was very enticing. Damn near untamable."
Michael laughed, Justin running his hands under the covers, knowing Michael was naked.
"As wonderful as that feels, my love, time doesn't allow it. I'm gonna pop in the shower and get cleaned up."
Justin pouted, Michael removing his hand from his center.
"Alright, Mico. Rachel's got the kids all packed, and we're all ready. We leave in about an hour and a half."
Michael nodded, climbing out of bed.
He stood looking at Justin, Justin's eyes roaming all over his body.
"Okay, Jus. Come on. We've got time for a little water fun."
Justin beamed, removing his robe.
They both ran into the bathroom, closing the door.

About twenty minutes later, the two walked into the kitchen hand in hand, everyone smiling at them.
Lonnie, Paulo, Jake, Marco, Emile, Nick and Trevor were all sitting eating breakfast.
Trevor started laughing, Michael looking at him.
"What?" Justin asked.
"Looks like Mikey's got some repair work to do." Lonnie said, pointing at Justin.
Michael looked to where Lonnie was pointing, smirking himself.
Justin neck was red and swollen.
Justin's hand went up, feeling the telltale mark.
He blushed widely, Michael putting his arm around him.
"Everyone, meet my lover. I've marked him as Tavarro meat. Anyone touches him has me to kick their ass. The man's mine!"
Everyone laughed, Justin smiling widely.
"I like that. I'm Tavarro meat?"
"Yep, prime grade, one hundred percent delicious."
Justin laughed, Michael putting his hand against Justin's neck.
The familiar blue glow appeared, the mark disappearing.
Rachel, Trevor, Nick, Marco and Emile all stared in shock, their mouths hanging open.
Rachel dropped the plate of toast she was carrying.
Michael bent down, picking up the plate and toast for her, Rachel still staring at Justin's neck.
Michael smiled at them all, sitting down at the table.
"Michael, the mark's gone!" Emile said staring at Justin in awe as he sat down beside Michael.
"Yes, Emile. I have the ability to heal." Michael said, looking at him with calmness.
"Unbelievable!" Nick said, smiling at him.
"That's my man. Unbelievable in his giving, loving soul. What you just saw is just the tip of the iceberg. His gifts are amazing." Justin said with pride, Michael kissing his cheek.
Emile stared at him, Michael feeling his wonder.
"We've got time, let me tell you about myself."
Through breakfast Michael talked to everyone, all of them listening.
Jake, Lonnie and Paulo had heard the whole story, but it still made them feel awed.
Justin felt a deeper acceptance in Michael's narration, as if he now had come to terms with his gifts, and with his tragic past.
Rachel was in tears, hearing of Michael's past, of his life of hardship.
She hugged his as she got up to bring more toast.
Michael felt her caring touch, knowing she wasn't judging him.
"God works through all of us, Mike. And through you I sense he works even more."
Michael smiled, Justin rubbing his shoulder.
"So now comes the first meeting, the first part of this. The acceptance of the Devoted. I only ask that all of you not interfere. What I must do, must be done."
"What will be achieved by this meeting, Michael?" Paulo asked, Michael sensing his concern in regards to the Tavarro clan.
"I will free my family's heart."
Everyone looked confused, Justin as well.
"What do you mean, Mico?"
Michael looked around seeing everyone watching him with wonder.
"My family has been lost for a long time. Through the ingestion of evil they have lost their way."
Paulo lowered his head, Michael feeling his sadness.
"I speak not only of the Tavarros, I also speak of the Stavros. For both are linked through me. Both sides of my bloodline are steeped in faith and destiny. And both sides are lost through the same evil.  I need to free the heart and soul of my families . When both are joined together, my family will be healed."
Justin put his arm around Michael, feeling his determination.
"What saddens me the most is that the Stravros' do no know the evil is there. Gregory leads a family that has been deceived. And tomorrow that evil shall show its face. And I must do what I must do."
Everyone saw the single tear fall from Michael's eyes, Justin feeling his sudden sadness.
"Excuse me everyone."
Michael stood up, walking quietly out of the room.
Everyone saw Justin's gaze following Michael.
"Is he okay, Jus?" Lonnie asked, his face covered in concern.
"He's Michael, Lon. He's carrying so much on his shoulders, and it's just wearing at his soul. He's bothered by what he's about to do."
"Do you know what's going to happen, Jus?" Trevor said, Justin looking around at everyone.
"He's told me some of what's to happen, but part he holds alone. I won't pressure him, I trust him to tell me what I need to know. Excuse me everyone, I'm going to see if he's okay."
Justin got up kissing his two angels, both kids smiling at him.
He found Michael in the office, staring into his mother's mirror.
Justin thought he saw a faint glow around the mirror, a white haze.
Justin put his arms around him, Michael looking at him in the reflection.
"Everything okay, Mico?"  Justin said, staring into the reflection seeing the man he loved more than life.
"I hate having to hurt people to make goodness happen."
Justin held him as Michael laid his head on his chest.
"Anything I should know about, my love?"
Michael raised his head, looking into Justin's eyes.
"It's Gregory, Jus. This may cost him his life."

End of Chapter 125

Ominous tidings?
What's in store for Gregory?
Michael seems determined and sure of what lays ahead.
Blossoming love was the heart of this chapter.
Lonnie's new love for Rach.
Emile and Marco's soul bonding love.
Paulo's hidden truths of love and desire.
Read on my friends.
We head to a new destination filled with wonder and drama.
Greece, the home of the Stavro dynasty.
And the center of Michael's new destiny.

Walking in faith, Angel.

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