Justin's Angel-126

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Everyone saw the single tear fall from Michael's eyes, Justin feeling his sudden sadness.
"Excuse me everyone."
Michael stood up, walking quietly out of the room.
Everyone saw Justin's gaze following Michael.
"Is he okay, Jus?" Lonnie asked, his face covered in concern.
"He's Michael, Lon. He's carrying so much on his shoulders, and It's just wearing at his soul. He's bothered by what he's about to do."
"Do you know what's going to happen, Jus?" Trevor said, Justin looking around at everyone.
"He's told me some of what's to happen, but part he holds alone. I won't pressure him, I trust him to tell me what I need to know. Excuse me everyone, I'm going to see if he's okay."
Justin got up kissing his two angels, both kids smiling at him.
He found Michael in the office, staring into his mother's mirror.
Justin thought he saw a faint glow around the mirror, a white haze.
Justin put his arms around him, Michael looking at him in the reflection.
"Everything okay, Mico?"  Justin said, staring into the reflection seeing the man he loved more than life.
"I hate having to hurt people to make goodness happen."
Justin held him as Michael laid his head on his chest.
"Anything I should know about, my love?"
Michael raised his head, looking into Justin's eyes.
"It's Gregory, Jus. This may cost him his life."

Chapter 126

Justin felt a shudder go down his spine.
He turned Michael's face to his.
"His life, Michael? Is there that much danger?"
Michael felt Justin's fear, hugging him close.
"There is no danger to you, my love. Or our loved ones. I won't allow that. This danger is precise. It's just the outcome that is uncertain. It all comes down to me. Gregory's existence is in my hands."
Justin's eyes remained glued to Michael's, staring into Michael's golden orbs.
He still saw the sadness, but the steel determination and calmness were still there.
"You know what's going to happen, don't you?"
"Yes, Jus. I know all of it. And I now know what's expected of me. I need to tell you something, Jus."
Justin looked into his eyes, seeing the deep unending love, the love that filled his soul.
"Within the Rock of Truth lies a part of me. A part of my gift. When I release it, I will be even more powerful. Because I will have the heart of my family inside myself. My devotion, the one I have now, will increase immensely. I will be connected to an entire family. My gifts will double in strength. It will consume me, if I'm not careful."
Justin looked worried, Michael kissing him quickly.
"The answer to that threat is you, Jus."
"Me, Mico?"
"Yes, Jus. It's your love. As long as I have your love inside me, I will be protected. Your love will help control my powers. I needed to tell you that so that you're prepared. You'll feel it, Jus. You'll feel the overwhelming power. It will take all of my love and all of yours to control it."
Justin pulled him into his arms tightly, kissing him deeply.
"I will give all of myself to help you, Mico."
"I think this is why you were given part of my gift, Jus. Because it will take both of us now to carry this. I'm so sorry, Jus! I never wanted this!"
Michael began to cry, falling against his lover.
Justin held him, rubbing his back.
"Oh, my love.!We are two parts of the same soul. It was destiny that we'd share everything together, including your gifts. I hold no fear of that, because I know I will be part of you. We'll be together in everything. We'll get through this together."
Michael smiled, kissing him tenderly.
"I love you, Jus. Everyday and every way."
Justin smiled, returning the kiss.
Michael looked into his blue eyes, feeling the gift that lived inside him.
"One day I will need all of the gift that will be inside you, Jus. On that day I will take it all into me."
Justin looked worried.
"To do that could kill you, my love."
"It is a risk that must happen. But I have faith in God that he'll somehow protect me. I have faith in what I must do."
Justin nodded, hugging Michael closer.
"If you have faith, then my faith will be joined with you. I love you, Mico. In all ways."
Michael smiled, kissing his cheek.
"Let's get going, Jus. My destiny awaits."

Michael smiled watching Shauna and Darian playing with Lonnie, Justin laying in Michael's lap.
The large man was a big teddy bear.
Both kids were climbing all over him, Rachel laughing beside him.
They'd been airborne for almost five hours, the jet streaking across the morning sky.
On board were also Nick, Trevor, Paulo, Jake, Marco and Emile.
Nick and Trevor were on a mini vacation, wanting to see Greece after tomorrow's events.
Marco and Emile were going to Spain after Greece, to spend a few days with Alberto.
Marco was anxious to show Emile the beauty of his home.
Michael smiled, seeing the closeness that had developed between the twosome.
And also the closeness among the brotherly foursome.
Paulo and Jake both showed the two younger men deep love and beauty.
Michael stroked Justin's hair, looking around at his friends.
Trevor and Emile were chatting on a sofa, Marco sitting between Emile's legs, his head resting on his thigh.
Michael sensed that Marco had found an inner peace with the young man above him. And that love now filled his heart.
He sensed that Marco was at a crossroads. His physical needs were blossoming.
Michael knew that would be a big step for him.
He smiled knowing what that would entail. Love, a deep surprising love.
Justin looked up, seeing Michael smiling.
"Penny for your thoughts, my Mico?"
Michael looked down, seeing his Justin's loving face.
"I was just thinking about love. A special love."
"Our love?"
Michael smiled, leaning down, kissing Justin's upturned lips.
"I always think of that. No, sweetie. This is a different love. A love of need and acceptance."
Justin sat up, snuggling against him.
"And who needs an accepting love?"
Michael smiled.
"Four of our friends."
Justin looked around, looking at all their friends.
He saw Emile and Marco lovingly sitting together talking with Trevor. Nick was asleep in another chair, Trevor's eyes going to him occasionally.
Rachel and Lonnie sat on the carpeted floor, their angels playing with them.
Jake and Paulo were snuggled on another couch, Jake's arms wrapped around his lover.
Justin noticed Paulo's gaze, his watchful focus on Marco and Emile.
Jake was looking between his lover and Marco and Emile.
Justin sat up suddenly.
"Holy shit!!" He uttered, everyone looking at him.
Michael almost laughed at Justin's sudden reaction.
"Language, love."
Justin blushed, his two little angels smiling up at him.
"Sorry everyone." Justin said quietly, getting up, pulling Michael to his feet.
"We need some privacy, love." Justin said, pulling him towards the back of the plane.
"Hey, no hanky panky in the john!" Emile laughed as the two walked past them, Marco smirking.
"We're already members of the Mile High Club, Emile. Justin's a card-carrying member." Michael countered, Lonnie laughing loudly.
Emile blushed, Michael ruffling his hair.
"Back shortly, everyone." Michael said, the two men walking into the large bathroom, Justin quickly shutting the door.
Justin stared at Michael, folding his arms, Michael seeing the determined look in his blue eyes.
"Okay. How long have you known about this?"
Michael blushed, lowering his eyes. He still felt Justin's watchful stare.
"Since the morning after the party."
Justin lifted Michael's head, staring into his golden eyes.
"Why didn't you tell me?"
Michael smiled.
"I think your reaction out there is a good inclination of why."
Justin blushed, Michael running his hand along his chin.
"What does this mean, Mico? I just don't understand what I just saw."
Michael put his arm around Justin, Justin laying his head on Michael's chest.
"What you just saw was a special kind of love, Jus. I'll try and explain it."
Justin nodded, Michael smiling.
"Marco and Paulo share a special bond. It's a bond forged in years of loving each other, of being there for each other. Most people would think of that as a bond of brotherly love. It's developed into something more special. Paulo fell in love with Marco, with his beauty, his love and his soul. He's wrestled a long time with those feelings. And then he met Jake. Jake completes him, as his soulmate and his true love. But Paulo's heart is big. There's still room for Marco's love. And now Emile's."
Justin looked up at Michael.
"I swore out there because I got a flash of a vision, Michael."
Michael smiled, kissing his lips tenderly.
"You saw the four of them together."
Justin looked surprised, quietly nodding.
"They were... they were...."
"Showing love with each other?"
Justin nodded, Michael hugging him close.
"Yes, Jus. The four are destined to be one. Paulo and Jake are soulmates. As are Marco and Emile. But Marco is a lost young man, beaten down by his lost innocence. He needs a special kind of love. Given freely from three men who love him dearly. There will be no jealousies or hidden meanings in that special love. And from it will come the greatest gift: true love."
Justin shyly smiled, seeing the meaning in Michael's words.
"Mico, have you thought of finding that with others? Of needing your own special kind of love?"
Michael saw the questioning doubt in Justin's eyes.
Michael held him gently, running his hands down Justin's back.
"The only love–physical or emotional–I need is yours, Jus. You and you alone will have mine."
Justin teared up, holding in his arms the man who completed him.
"They're all so beautiful, Jus. All our friends and brothers. But you alone have the greatest beauty. The beauty of your heart and soul. It's all I ever need or want."
Justin smiled, feeling the deep bond they both shared.
The bond of one soul.
"Then I'm happy for them, Mico. That they can find that special love with each other."
Michael smiled.
"In each other they will find all they need. We're not here to judge them, only to love them." Michael said, Justin looking into his golden eyes.
"They are and always will be our friends and brothers." Justin said, kissing his Mico deeply.
"Let's get back to them, Jus. And let's watch that special love unfold."
Justin smiled, the two returning to their friends.

Gregory sighed, rubbing his temples.
He'd been sitting here, cooped up in this hall for over four hours, listening to the family arguments.
Uncle Barlow had the floor, his baritone voice echoing off the stone walls.
He'd been going on incessantly about the family's affairs and obligations.
All he spoke of was wealth and power, greed and avarice.
Where were the words of love, destiny and hope?
Barlow's faction was after only one thing.
And Gregory was going to fight to his last breath to deny them that control.
He'd need it until Michael revealed himself.
Gregory smiled, looking at his watch.
One hour until he stepped upon Greek soil.
Until the Warrior of God returned to Greece. And his soul took control of the family's destiny.
"In conclusion, I ask only that we think of our family's importance in the world's affairs. Too long have we sat in the darkness of religious pageantry and fluff. It's time for the drama of our lives to ignite the Stavros soul."
Barlow sat down, his brown eyes glaring at Gregory.
Gregory sighed, looking around at the faces of the elders of the Stavros dynasty.
His other uncle, Julius, stared at him, then stood up.
Julius was Barlow's brother.
But Julius' heart lay with Gregory.
In his uncle, Gregory had found much wisdom and love.
"Thank you brother, for those meaningful words. But life is more than words. It also is lead by actions. What you see as religious pageantry, and so called fluff, is the heart and soul of this story, this story that is our family's destiny. So take heed this warning. The Stavros family lives by its faith, its destiny and its obligation. We follow the prophecy to its letter."
Barlow glared, his eyes focused on the man now standing in front of him.
"Shortly our last Lady of Devotion's grandson, Michael Tavarro, arrives here. Tomorrow the final meeting of the family commences. I think we'll be greatly surprised by what he wishes to reveal."
Barlow stood up, his followers watching his every move.
"To put your faith in one man is folly, brother! Don't you see that he isn't a Stavros? That he never was a Stavros? He's disillusioned our Gregory's mind with his sly words! No one man can unite this family with bedtime stories of God and faith! This family needs to be united with power, wealth and respect! I'll see that done before I see foolishness destroy its heart!"
Barlow turned, Gregory watching him storm out of the room.
The remaining elders talked amongst themselves, Julius staring at his nephew with worried eyes.
Gregory remained quiet, thinking to himself.
Oh God, Michael! Be careful with what you mean to do! It could unleash the evil of our souls!

An hour later, Michael walked off the Tavarro jet, seeing his cousin standing on the tarmac.
Beside him was Kevin, the twosome's hands locked together.
Michael smiled, Justin and he carrying their children, everyone else smiling at the two young men.
"Hello, cousin! Welcome to Athens, the city of our forefathers." Gregory said, a tear rolling down his cheek.
Rachel took Darian from Michael, Gregory and Michael hugging tightly.
"Thank you, cousin. It's good to be here finally, in the heart of our family."
Gregory smiled, Michael kissing him tenderly on the lips.
Gregory instantly felt a deep love flow through him.
They parted, both smiling at each other.
In Michael's golden eyes, Gregory thought he saw a deep sadness, but it flashed only briefly.
"Let me acquaint you with our newest friends." Michael smiled, introducing him and Kevin to Rachel, Emile and Marco. Kevin took Darian into his arms, the small boy smiling up at him.
"Hi Uncle Kevin!" He gleefully said, Kevin smiling widely.
"Hi Darian and Shauna. I'm happy to see your smiling faces again."
The little boy laughed when Kevin kissed Justin's cheek, the little girl smiling in Justin's arms.
The two small children smiled up at Gregory, the man lost in their beautiful smiles.
"They're both so beautiful. Little angels of love." He said smiling at both, Shauna extending her arms.
Gregory smiled surprisedly, taking the little child into his arms, Shauna resting her head against his heart.
"Love you, Unky Greg."
Michael and Justin both looked surprised, Gregory floored by this touching moment.
"I... I love you too, angel." he said, Kevin smiling at him, both men with a small child in their arms.
Lonnie leaned over, whispering in Rachel's ear, Michael hearing him.
"It's like those angels feel love and are drawn to it."
Michael smiled, Lonnie blushing a bit.
"So true, Lon. So very true." he quietly said, Justin smiling at him, having also heard.
After a few minutes, Rachel and Justin took the kids back, Kevin and Gregory guiding them to waiting cars.
Within twenty minutes they were at a lavish hotel, being guided to their waiting rooms.
"Is everything okay, Gregory?" Michael said, sitting down on a couch in their beautiful suite.
"It hasn't changed much, Michael. The family is still divided, Barlow's faction is gaining influence every day. I've been fighting so hard to keep control, to keep this from unraveling. I don't know how long I can control it. Uncle Julius is very worried that Barlow may forcibly take control. It could be all out war."
Michael hugged him, Kevin looking at him, Michael seeing the concern written on his face.
"It won't be much longer, Gregory. The tide is about to crest. Tomorrow will be the final moment of that uncertainty." Michael quietly said, Justin looking at him.
"What's going to happen, Michael? I should be prepared for all eventualities." Gregory said, standing up now, looking down at him with a determined look.
Michael stood up, staring at him.
"Many years ago, my Nana saved you. She saved your life. Do you know why?"
Gregory teared up, seeing the deep love in Michael's quiet stare.
"No, Michael. I've always wondered why. She only told me that in me she saw something special."
Michael smiled, putting his hand on Gregory's shoulder.
"She did, Gregory. And I see it as well. She saw the depth of your loving soul. Tomorrow, we will all see it. In your one act of love you shall shine brightest."
Gregory looked at him, confused.
"What do you mean, Michael?"
Michael smiled, staring into his brown eyes.
"Trust in yourself, trust in life. Your family will see the truth. It's the moments of truth that feed our hearts."
Gregory nodded, Michael smiling.
"Now, how about all of us going out for dinner? I'm damn near famished. Justin likes me slim, he's always starving me." Michael said, Justin smacking his butt.
"You're so wrong, lover. I like a little meat on that fine form. More cushion for the pushin!"
Everyone laughed, including Gregory and Michael, Justin smiling widely.
Gregory took them all to a local restaurant, the group dining on rich Greek food.
After dinner, Michael and Justin begged off sightseeing, wanting to relax with the kids.
Everyone else left with Gregory, the young man wanting to show them the city.
Justin and Michael had a quiet evening, just being with their two angels.
They tucked them into bed around eight thirty, the two falling asleep together.
The rest of the evening was spent in each other's arms, a night of peaceful, slow, passionate love.
Justin fell asleep against his lover, Michael's strong arms wrapped around him.
Michael's golden eyes gazed out into the dark Greek night, a single tear of contented happiness rolling down his cheek.
"Out of love comes faith. Out of faith comes truth." Michael quietly said, closing his eyes.

Marco felt the hands on him, the weight of the man on top of him.
The man's hardness burning into his soul.
He opened his eyes, staring into the red eyes. The red eyes of evil.
Marco woke up screaming, his body glistening with sweat.
Emile sat up quickly his arm going around Marco, Marco fighting him, the screams continuing.
"Leave me alone! Don't touch me! Get your hands off me!" Marco screamed pushing Emile away with brute force.
Emile fell out of bed, landing on his back.
The bedroom door flew open, Paulo and Jake rushing into the room, wearing only underwear.
Jake flicked on the light, the room basked in brightness.
Paulo was on the bed in a flash, his arms around his cousin.
Jake was by the bed, helping Emile regain his bearings.
Marco still fought with Paulo, Paulo trying to calm him down.
"It's okay, Marco. It's me, your Paulo."
Marco finally recognized the voice, his eyes focusing.
"Oh God, Paulo! Don't let him get me, please! Don't let him hurt me again!"
Emile was in tears, hearing the desperation in Marco's voice.
Jake had his arms around the young man, feeling his hurt and worry for Marco.
Paulo rubbed his back, the young Spaniard clinging now to his cousin.
"It was all a dream, Marco. You're here with Emile, with me and Jake. We're all here to protect you. He'll never hurt you again, my Marco. We're here to protect you and love you."
Emile saw the love Paulo was sending Marco, the love he needed.
Marco looked up into his cousin's eyes, seeing his loving green eyes showing so much love.
Paulo leaned in, kissing his cheek, Marco moving his head, their lips touching.
Marco kissed Paulo, gently but tenderly.
Emile and Jake watched, seeing the two men sharing their love.
Marco broke the kiss, Paulo's fingers caressing his cheek.
"Thank you, Paulo. Thank you for being here for me, as always." Marco said, feeling a warmth radiating off his cousin.
Paulo looked at him, smiling tenderly.
"I love you, Marco. I'll always be here when you need me."
Marco turned his head, seeing Emile wrapped in Jake's arms, the two men smiling at him.
Marco broke his hold on Paulo, Emile moving toward him.
Emile took him in his arms, Paulo and Jake standing up beside the bed.
Marco lay his head on Emile's chest, the young man holding him gently.
"It's okay, Blue. It's okay. I'm here now. I love you."
Emile looked up at Paulo and Jake, seeing their masculine beautiful forms.
The two men looked like visions of male beauty, standing in only their briefs.
Emile felt inside himself a deep love for these two men, for what they meant to Marco, and now he felt, what they meant to him.
"We're all here for you, my Blue. To love you in every way."
Paulo's eyes met Emile's, the two men sensing a new bond between them.
A bond of love and caring.
Jake watched the two men looking at each other, sensing his own feelings.
He looked at the two young men sitting on the bed, their bodies on view for them. Both were stunning visions of male beauty.
Marco defined and muscular, Emile slim and sleek. Both young and so vibrant and enticing.
Jake felt a stirring inside himself, his hand moving around behind Paulo, caressing his waist.
"Never fear, our love is here for you, Marco, always."
Marco looked up at his cousin's lover, seeing Jake's blue eyes shining with love.
He then looked at Paulo, seeing the same shining love. And he sensed something more.
"What brought this on, Marco?" Paulo said, gently sitting down beside him.
Jake sat down beside Paulo, both men quietly looking at Marco.
"It was me, wasn't it Blue? Me and my desires. I'm so sorry, Blue." Emile said, tears flowing down his cheeks.
He got up out of bed, walking to the window, staring out into the Greek night.
Marco trembled, rising out of the bed, Paulo and Jake quietly watching him.
He walked to the window putting his arm around Emile, the young man looking into his blue eyes.
"I'm sorry, Emmy. I'm sorry I reacted so badly. I just wasn't ready. And now it's come out of me in this form. In a nightmare. I'm sorry. It's not you, it's me. I just can't let this go. This feeling of pain and hurt. He hurt me so much. There's nothing that can destroy that pain. Not even your love."
Marco turned, looking at his cousin and Jake.
"I see the two of you, so deeply in love. Your physical love must be so beautiful, so loving. I want that with my Emile. I want it so much. But how can we have that when all I see is his red eyes, red haunting eyes? I'm so scared I'll see those red eyes in Emile.  I'm sorry Emmy, I'm so sorry!"
Marco walked away from him, Paulo and Jake watching him.
He walked across the room, into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him.
Emile stood in tears, Paulo rising out of the bed, taking him into his arms, Emile sobbing against his chest.
"What happened, Emile? Tell me."
Emile raised his head looking into Paulo's green eyes, seeing so much love there.
"We came back from sightseeing, it was late. We snuggled on the couch after you two went to bed. He was so happy. He talked about you two. Of seeing your  tender love, your beautiful love. How he wanted that with me. How he'd found that with me."
Paulo smiled, wiping the tears from Emile's beautiful cheeks.
"We started kissing, touching, being close. We went into this room, both of us so happy. He seemed so happy, so full of love. And then I destroyed it all by touching him in a moment of lust."
Jake rose out of the bed, putting his arm now around him.
Emile looked into his blue eyes, seeing so much love.
"We were standing in our briefs, and he looked so beautiful, so unbelievably beautiful. We kissed and my hand went to his center. He felt so warm, so wonderful. But he pushed away from me. I saw it in his eyes. His fear, his fear to go that final step. I don't have enough love to overcome that."
Emile felt two arms pull him closer, the warmth of the two men making him feel loved.
"You have more than enough love for him, Emile. Marco loves you, of that I have no doubt." Jake said, looking into Paulo's green eyes.
"And we all love him. Don't we Polo?" Jake said, Paulo feeling his gaze of love.
In that gaze, Paulo felt the truth.
Emile looked up, staring at both of them.
"Marco needs something more, Emile. Something that we all must give him. He needs all of our love." Jake said, Emile and Paulo looking at him.
Jake let go of the young man, walking over to the bathroom door. He gently rapped on it, waiting.
The door quietly opened, Marco walking out. His eyes showed their redness from his obvious crying.
Jake put his arm around him gently, guiding him back to the bed.
"I think it's time we talked all of this out. Our hidden secrets and thoughts need airing." Jake said gently, all three looking at him.
They saw no concern or worry in the actor's blue eyes, Jake asking them all to sit down.
Emile and Marco climbed into the bed, moving up to the head, sitting up with pillows behind their backs.
Paulo and Jake sat in front of them, their legs crossed, their bare forearms touching.
All four looked at each other, Jake smiling at the other three.
"Paulo, why don't you start? It's time we were all honest with each other."
Paulo looked at Jake feeling his unending love.
"I have to be truthful to all of you, most of all, you, Marco."
Marco looked at his cousin, seeing a look of unsureness in his green eyes.
"I've been in love with you for a long time now, Marco. I love you so much. That love stemmed from our being each other's rock when we were younger. It was more than brotherly love to me. I fell in love with you in all ways."
Marco stared in shock, Emile quietly watching Paulo.
Paulo turned looking at Jake, whose blue eyes were looking into his soul.
"And then I found you, my soulmate, my Jake. And I felt a greater love. I love you, Jake. You are my everything. But my love for you, Marco, is still there, still strong. I just don't know what to do about it. I don't want to lose you, Marco. You mean so much to me. But Jake, you mean so much more."
Jake put his arm around Paulo, Paulo in tears now.
"Thank you for being honest with me, Polo. I've felt it for a while now, this hidden feeling inside you. All I had to do was watch you watching Marco. Marco? It's your turn now to be honest with yourself and us."
Marco looked at Jake, seeing his smiling face.
"I... I'm stunned, Polo. To think that you felt that much love for me, it overwhelms me. And I feel your love so much, and yes I want it so much. To me you were always my big brother, my Polo. But now I look at you and I see a vision of beauty, of intense masculine beauty. Jake is so lucky to have you, to have you love him. The two of you are so beautiful, in body and loving soul. You both are so beautiful. I won't lie to you. I have felt  that hidden desire. Not when we were children and young adults. But now here, looking at the two of you. I feel that desire for both of you. And ever greater for my Emmy."
Emile looked at him, smiling.
"But I don't know what to do about it, to make this fear go away. I'm scared of crossing that line. That line between love and true love. Between tenderness and desire. Oh God, I'm so confused!"
Emile put his arm around him, Marco's head going onto his naked chest.
Paulo and Jake were both in tears, hearing Marco's professed love for all three of them.
Emile looked at the two older men, Jake smiling at him.
Emile sighed, looking down at Marco's upturned eyes.
"I love you, Marco. Never have I felt these feelings that I feel for you. You are so beautiful, so loving and caring. I love you so much. In you, I see all the beauty of the world. But these last few weeks, I've begun to feel something more.  I feel it every time I'm with you, or with Jake or Paulo. I've tried to figure it out.  It feels like a new dynamic in my soul. In all of our souls. You can't deny it, neither can any of us. I think we all feel it now. And I think Jake knows what it is."
All three sets of eyes focused on Jake, the man smiling.
"I guess it's my turn."
They all smiled, Jake looking at Paulo first.
"My Polo. Great is the love I have for you. You are my soulmate, my one true love. My heart and soul are yours forever. But Emile is right. There is a new dynamic to our brotherhood of love. Myself and Paulo share a brotherhood of love with Michael, Justin, Lance and Josh. A brotherhood build on trust, love and caring. But the four of us, sitting here now, we share something more. Like Emile said, I, too, have felt these feelings when I am with any of you three, but most of all when we're all together. I think it's time all four of us were truthful to each other and to ourselves. I love all three of you, my Polo most of all. But I won't deny my feelings for you Marco, or for you Emile. I love both of you. And I feel it's in all ways. Emotional, sensual and physical. There, I've said it. I'm sorry Paulo, but I sense the same in you, in all three of you. Am I correct?"
Paulo, Marco and Emile lowered their heads, Jake quietly waiting.
"Yes, Jewel, you are correct. I'm sorry Marco and Emile. I love both of you in the way Jake said. But my Jewel I love most of all."
Jake smiled, he and Paulo looking at Emile and Marco.
"I feel the same, Jake and Paulo. I'm in love with all three of you. But most of all I love you, my Blue." Emile said, looking at all three, his gaze falling lastly on Marco's beautiful face.
Marco's face was covered in tears, the young man climbing out of the bed, staring down at the other three.
"All my life I've been so alone. My sisters and brothers not understanding me. I've felt so isolated because of who and what I am. In you, Polo, I found a kindred spirit. A man I loved with all my heart. Now I realize that maybe it was always something more. That maybe I, too, desired you. And now I see Jake, a man of intense masculine strength, who's so gentle and caring. Who now shows me so much of that same love I received from you Polo. And lastly I see my wonderful Emmy. A man of gentle beauty and passionate love. I see you looking at me with so much love. A love so singular in its intensity and desire. Oh God, I love you so much, Emile! I love all three of you so much! But no one of you can wash the fear gripping my heart away."
Marco sobbed, the three men rising as one, all three surrounding the young sobbing man.
They all wrapped their arms around him, Marco feeling the warmth of their surrounding love.
Then he felt something else. It seemed to be burning deep in his heart. He felt it trying to break free.
"You are right, Marco. No one of us can destroy that fear. But all three of us together can."
All three looked up into Paulo's green eyes.
"That's what I believe has happened here. All three of us are here for you, Marco. In every way. Through us you'll see what real love is, in every way."
"I'm so lost, brother. I want to know what love is. Will you show me?"
Paulo and Jake both heard the words together, their thoughts going back to their first night of love.
To a song that had magically played on the radio. An old song with deep meaning.
And now they felt in their hearts the true meaning of that song.
It was here in this room.
The four young men standing, holding each other.
They were here to show Marco what love was. For him to know what love is.
Marco wiped his eyes, Paulo leaning forward. He gently kissed Marco, the kiss filled with love. Paulo broke the kiss, Jake now kissing Marco. His kiss was just as tender, just as loving. His was followed by Emile's. This kiss had a more loving, more passionate feeling. For he was his soulmate, the soulmate of true love.
All four smiled at each other, their eyes showing their new love for each other.
All four stood nearly naked against each other.
Their eyes began to wander, taking in each other's beauty.
"Where do we go from here?" Marco said, his voice trembling a little.
Jake and Paulo looked at each other, kissing each other tenderly.
After the kiss, Paulo turned looking at Marco.
"You said that you thought my Jake's and my lovemaking must be beyond beautiful. That that was what you longed for with Emile."
Marco nodded, Emile's arm around his waist.
Paulo took his hand in Jake's, his lover staring into his soul.
"Maybe you need to see firsthand that love, to make your own heart fill with that same desire."
Jake smiled, seeing what Paulo was going to do for his cousin.
Marco stared at Paulo, feeling in his heart what Paulo was giving him.
He and Jake were going to show him what real love would feel like.
Paulo stared at both of them, Jake kissing his shoulder gently, a sign of acceptance.
Marco nodded, Emile nodding as well.
Paulo and Jake turned, facing each other, their lips meeting in a kiss of deep love.
Paulo's hands went to Jake's waist, pushing his boxers down slowly.
Jake did the same, pulling Paulo's small  briefs down his muscular legs. Now both men stood naked in front of the two younger men.
They joined again in a heated kiss, passionate in its intensity, but gentle and tender in its warmth.
Marco and Emile stood still, seeing the breathtaking vision of love unfolding in front of them.
Marco watched with intensity, seeing their hands moving gently over each other's body.
They caressed each other tenderly and gently, Marco marveling at the tenderness
Jake's and Paulo's bodies were beautiful and muscular, their large organs erect and ready for passion.
Paulo moved toward the bed, pulling Jake downward, the two sinking onto the bed.
Marco and Emile didn't move, but their hands went together.
The two lovers on the bed were lost to all that was around them, their own desires flowing freely.
Jake's mouth moved along Paulo's warm skin, moving downward to his smooth muscular chest.
His lips found his left nipple, Paulo gasping, Marco letting out a soft moan of his own, Emile looking at him, his arm going around him again.
Emile's hand let go of Marco's, his fingers going to Marco's smooth chest, touching his left nipple.
Marco shuddered, looking at Emile.
In his beautiful blue eyes he saw so much love.
The two turned again, looking at the two men lost in love on the large bed.
Their arms went around each other, Emile's hand remaining on Marco's chest.
Jake's body moved downward, tender kisses given, his hand encircling Paulo's large shaft.
Marco stared at the beauty of it, his own center thickening as he stared, his boxer briefs tenting out, Emile's gaze going to it.
Emile's hand gently moved downward, then hesitated.
Marco's gaze never moved, his own hand going on top of Emile's.
He guided Emile's hand down to his covered center, pressing Emile's hand over the tented material.
Emile moaned at the same time as Marco, both turning to look into each other's eyes.
They moved forward, watching the two lovers continue their lovemaking.
Their knees touched the edge of the bed, their eyes scanning down the naked bodies laying before them.
Jake took Paulo's large erection into his mouth, tonguing the head, Paulo gasping out Jake's name, his hands running through Jake's hair.
Paulo's eyes were closed, his senses lost in the moment of desire he was in.
Marco scanned down Paulo's naked chest, seeing the smoothness and beauty of it.
It rose and shuddered with Jake's tender administrations.
He so wanted to just reach out and touch it, to have someone touch his own.
He looked down at Jake's loving care with Paulo's organ, seeing Jake's own beautiful organ standing straight up between his legs.
It, too, was as beautiful as Paulo's.
Both men were so beautiful, so erotic in their muscular forms.
Marco felt an urge flood his heart, and body.
An urge to climb into that bed and join with those two visions of beauty.
But a trembling doubt still lingers, a doubt of his own worth.
He felt a kiss on his neck, turning his head, staring into Emile's blue eyes.
"They're so beautiful, so loving." Emile said softly.
Marco moved his head, their lips joining, the kiss now passionate and longing.
Emile's hand went down Marco's back, stopping at his butt, rubbing gently on his mid back.
Marco felt a hand gently stroking his leg, its warmth intoxicating.
He broke their passionate kiss, looking downward.
Paulo's hand was on Marco's leg, stroking it softly.
Paulo's green eyes stared up at him, filled with a longing.
Jake was looking at Marco too with the same look, his hand now stroking Paulo's erect cock, it wet with Jake's saliva.
"Let your fear go, my Marco. Give into the love."
Marco teared up, his leg moving onto the bed, his body moving forward.
His lips connected with Paulo's, the two kissing deeply, passionately.
They both felt their hearts fill with love, the love they'd felt for each other for the longest of times.
The kiss was tender and giving, filling Marco's heart with happiness.
Marco felt Jake's hands on his back, stroking his warm skin, and Emile's hands also.
Marco lay down on the bed now, feeling hands of love running across his body.
He broke the kiss with Paulo, moving his head to the left, Jake's lips now kissing him.
Paulo's lips found Marco's left nipple, Marco moaning into Jake's mouth as Paulo's lips licked it.
He felt Emile's lips on his back, moving upward, licking his earlobe.
"I love you, Blue." Emile softy said into his ear, Marco moaning again.
Marco's body felt alive, he felt so alive.
There was no hurt or pain here, only love and caring.
He felt the warmth of the bodies against him, Emile's on his back, Paulo's on his front.
His own clothed erection rubbed against Paulo's exposed one.
Jake's lips broke their passion with his, his tongue flicking across his chin.
"You are loved, Blue. By all of us." Jake said, his fingers rubbing his warm cheek.
"I love all of you. I need all of you." Marco moaned, all three hearing the trembling passion in his soft words.
"You need only Emile. You love all of us." Paulo said, Marco hearing the deep love in his voice, and the truth.
Paulo pushed Marco gently back, Marco now pushed onto his back, three men looking down at him.
"We all see the beauty of your body, Marco. The beauty of your love. But Emile sees the beauty of your soul. Let us show you the beauty of his body and soul." Jake said, Emile leaning forward, his lips meeting Marco's.
The two kissed deeply, a new passion in their souls.
Their love flowed together, both feeling the instant connection.
Jake moved to the left side of them, Paulo staying on the right.
Emile moved gently on top of Marco, Marco's legs spreading to allow him to lay on top of him completely.
They both felt their hardness, their need against each other.
The kiss lingered, both not wanting to pull away.
But slowly they did, both opening their eyes, staring into each other's soul.
"I love you, Blue. With all my heart and soul." Emile said.
"I love you, Emmy."
Marco looked to his right, seeing Paulo smiling at him.
Emile looked at Jake to his right.
The two older men leaned in, kissing them tenderly, both feeling their love and passion.
Their four lips broke apart, Emile returning to his lover's lips, Marco kissing him now with passion. Their hands roaming over their bodies.
Paulo and Jake looked at each other, leaning across the lovers and kissing tenderly.
"It's time, my love. Time to spread our love, to guide two souls to their center of love." Paulo said, when their kiss was broken.
Jake smiled, his hand running down Emile's back, Paulo's doing the same.
Their hands touched the waist band of his briefs together.
Both men massaged a clothed cheek, Emile moaning against Marco.
Jake's hand went under the waist band, feeling the warmth of his smooth ass.
Paulo's hands grabbed the material, Emile lifting his body.
Paulo pulled the briefs down his muscular, hairy legs, throwing them on the floor.
Emile returned to Marco's heated touch, Jake's hand never moving from his butt.
Paulo's hand returned, stroking the soft skin, his hand going between the warm buns. He felt the heat from Emile's center, Emile trembling.
Jake's lips began kissing Emile's back, the wetness sending a chill down Emile's body.
Paulo's finger found Emile's center, gently stroking it.
Emile spread his legs, the sensation driving him wild.
Emile moaned, Jake licking his earlobe, sucking on it.
Marco's hands tweaked Emile's nipples, Emile's own hands tightening on Marco's shoulders.
"Oh God, I'm in heaven!" Emile gasped, Paulo smiling up at Jake.
Paulo removed his finger, Emile feeling the loss.
Paulo and Jake both sat up, Emile still laying on top of Marco.
They both looked at his beautiful butt, so smooth and bubbly.
"A vision of beauty, so enticing." Jake said, Paulo smiling.
"Yes, and it's all Marco's."
Marco broke his kiss with Emile, staring at his cousin.
Paulo smiled, leaning down, kissing him tenderly again.
"It's time, my cousin. It's time you felt the beauty of your lover."
Jake and Paulo both gently pulled Emile up off of Marco, Emile straddling Marco's hips.
Marco saw the large, sensuous cock standing out in front of Emile's beautiful body.
It was at least eight inches long, and thick, with a circumcised head.
To Marco it looked so beautiful.
Jake and Paulo put their arms around Emile, beginning to kiss his cheeks, their hands running across his chest.
"You are so beautiful, Emile. So beautiful." Paulo said, his lips working across his chest, attaching to his left nipple.
Emile gasped, his cock visibly jumping when Paulo sucked his left nipple.
Precum leaked out the end of his cock, dripping onto Marco's chest.
Jake bent down licking the juice off Marco's chest, savouring the taste.
"Delicious!" he said, staring into Marco's lust-filled eyes.
"Please, let me taste." Marco moaned, Jake smiling.
Jake took Emile's cock into his hand stroking it, more precum forming on the end.
Jake took it onto his finger, bringing his finger to Marco's mouth, Marco sucking all of it into his mouth, relishing the sweet taste.
He sucked Jake's finger like a small cock, Jake smiling.
"It's so much better from the source, my young friend." Jake said, removing his finger.
Paulo smiled, gently pushing Emile forward from behind, Emile's cock moving towards Marco's face.
Emile was now over his chest, his large cock inches from Marco's face.
Marco looked up into Emile's blue eyes.
"I love you, Emmy." He said, leaning forward, Emile leaning forward as well.
Emile's head flew back, gasping out Marco's name as Marco took the head of his cock into his mouth.
For Marco, it was mind-blowing.
He'd never tasted anything so delicious and loving.
He took all he could, each inch sinking deep into his throat, Marco lost in the feeling of utter happiness.
Emile groaned, Marco's hands resting on his butt cheeks, forcing Emile forward.
Jake and Paulo smiled, kissing each other deeply behind them, Jake's hand caressing Paulo's erection, which was throbbing with desire, hanging over Marco's covered center.
Jake lowered his head, taking Paulo's erection into his mouth, Paulo gasping.
Marco and Emile heard Paulo call out Jake's name knowing what Jake was doing, knowing what they were doing.
As Jake sucked him, Paulo's hand went to Emile's exposed backside, slipping underneath Marco's hands.
Paulo ran his hand along that center, Emile shuddering.
Marco felt the hardness expanding, knowing Emile was close.
Behind Emile, Paulo watched Jake remove his cock from his mouth, Jake leaning upwards, kissing Paulo deeply.
Jake guided Paulo's hand downward, Paulo's hand resting now on Marco's center.
"You have loved him forever, Polo. Show him now your love, make him ready for his true love." Jake said, kissing him tenderly.
Paulo smiled, feeling Jake's unending love.
Paulo's hands tugged at the briefs Marco wore, Marco sensing Paulo's need, lifting his ass off the bed.
The briefs slid down his legs, falling to the floor on top of Emile's.
The four now lay naked and free, wrapped in their desires for each other.
But also wrapped in the love of their soulmates.
Paulo looked down at Marco's naked body, seeing the large cock jutting up from his center. It was about seven inches, thick and straight.
He took it into his hand, feeling its warmth, gently stroking it.
Then he leaned forward, taking the hardness into his mouth.
Marco felt the instant connection, knowing it was Paulo.
"Oh God, Paulo!" He murmured, his mouth still sucking on Emile.
Jake's hands roamed all over Emile's chest, and across Marco's.
They all felt the connection of love flowing through them.
Paulo licked and sucked Marco's hardness, relishing its taste. It tasted so much like Jake's. Delicious and wonderful.
Paulo pulled off, pulling his lover toward him, kissing Jake deeply.
Jake broke the kiss, licking Paulo's ear lobe.
Paulo moved forward, whispering into Emile's ear.
"Feast on his love, Emmy. Taste his center."
Marco felt the hardness slip out of his mouth, Emile's body moving away from him.
Marco opened his eyes, seeing Emile moving downward, Paulo and Jake moving ahead.
Marco gasped as he saw Emile take his cock into his hand, his head lowering.
When Emile took him into his mouth, he felt his soul explode.
His mind filled with brightness, with a flashing display of colours.
"Oh God, it's so beautiful!"
Paulo kissed his lips tenderly, Marco trembling.
"It is the center of love, Marco. The center of Emile's love."
Jake now kissed him tenderly, both men gently stroking his chest, rubbing his hardened nipples, Emile continuing his loving work.
Marco felt his edge of passion beginning to waver, Emile pulling off him suddenly.
Emile moved forward, looking into his blue eyes.
"I need you, Blue. I need you so much. I need your love inside me. Please, my love. Please make me yours."
Paulo and Jake moved away, the two younger men kissing deeply.
Marco's body moved, rolling Emile over onto his back, Jake and Paulo now tenderly kissing each other.
Paulo moved  back, Jake now laying on his back beside Emile.
"Take me there also, my Polo. Please love me completely."
Marco and Paulo looked into each other's eyes, Marco leaning over to him, kissing him tenderly.
"It's time, Marco. Time to be one with your soulmate. Emile needs you so much. He loves you so much."
Marco was in tears, looking down now at Emile, seeing the love shining in his eyes.
His vision never wavered, Emile raising his legs, Marco guiding himself to Emile's needful center.
Paulo beside him was doing the same, staring into the tearing eyes of his soulmate.
"I love you, Polo."
"I love you, Blue."
Both Spanish men sank forward, their soulmates joining with them.
Marco and Emile became lost in a moment of time.
Their love exploded into themselves, their bodies shuddering with emotions.
Paulo and Jake watched them, seeing their tearful faces, feeling their joined love.
Jake pulled Paulo down, kissing him deeply.
"I love you, Jewel. My soulmate, my love."
"I love you, my Spanish prince."
Within minutes the four exploded, their built-up passions overflowing.
The two Spaniards collapsed on top of their lovers, the two lower men wrapped in their soulmate's love.
"I love you, Blue!"
"I love you, Emmy! Oh God, so much!"
Jake and Paulo smiled, kissing each other gently.
The two younger men turned looking at their friends.
"Love now is in your souls. We love you, our angels." Jake said, Marco and Emile tearing up, Paulo kissing both of them.
The two then kissed Jake, the two couples snuggling together, their bodies beside each other.
And in the darkness of Marco's troubled soul, the bright light of love shone vividly.
Two rooms away, a loving man lay quietly in bed, his eyes brimming with tears.
His heart was filled with a contented happiness.
"I love you my brothers. And you'll love each other forever."
Michael cried quietly, snuggling against his soulmate, his golden wet eyes closing.

End of Chapter 126

And so our foursome of love has now joined.
Paulo, Jake and Emile showing Marco the beauty of love and soul.
I thought it was a loving idea to join these four.
I hope you all agree.
The heart and soul of these four will be love, caring and respect.
Up next Michael's moment in the Stavros sun.
Let's hope he shines bright.

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