Justin's Angel-127

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Marco and Emile became lost in a moment of time.
Their love exploded into themselves, their bodies shuddering with emotions.
Paulo and Jake watched them, seeing their tearful faces, feeling their joined love.
Jake pulled Paulo down, kissing him deeply.
"I love you, Jewel. My soulmate, my love."
"I love you, my Spanish prince."
Within minutes the four exploded, their built-up passions overflowing.
The two Spaniards collapsed on top of their lovers, the two lower men wrapped in their soulmate's love.
"I love you, Blue!"
"I love you, Emmy! Oh God, so much!"
Jake and Paulo smiled, kissing each other gently.
The two younger men turned looking at their friends.
"Love now is in your souls. We love you, our angels." Jake said, Marco and Emile tearing up, Paulo kissing both of them.
The two then kissed Jake, the two couples snuggling together, their bodies beside each other.
And in the darkness of Marco's troubled soul, the bright light of love shone vividly.
Two rooms away, a loving man lay quietly in bed, his eyes brimming with tears.
His heart was filled with a contented happiness.
"I love you my brothers. And you'll love each other forever."
Michael cried quietly, snuggling against his soulmate, his golden wet eyes closing.

Chapter 127

Moment of Destiny

Michael woke up to the sensation of someone rubbing his cheek.
He opened one eye, a small face smiling at him.
"Morning, Papa!" Darian said, kissing his cheek.
"Good morning, my angel." Michael said, kissing his forehead, the little boy giggling.
Michael opened both eyes seeing Justin dressed, sitting on the bed, Shauna in his lap.
Michael glanced at the clock, seeing eight o'clock.
"Morning, Mico. Love ya." Justin said, leaning over, kissing his lips as Michael sat up.
"Our angels are up early." Justin smiled, Shauna giggling when Michael kissed her nose.
"Big day, Dada!" Shauna said, Michael looking at Justin.
"The biggest." Michael quietly said, stretching, Darian climbing into Justin's lap beside his sister.
"They've bathed already, Rach's laid out all their clothes. They've been up since seven."
Michael smiled, climbing out of bed, Justin scanning his beautiful body.
"I'm going to pop in for a shower, then grab some breakie. It's going to be a long day."
There was a light rap at the door, Michael grabbing his robe, putting it on.
"Come in." He said , the door opening.
Trevor walked in, followed by Nick.
"Morning guys. I'm just heading for the shower. Have to wash this Timberlake stink off me."
Nick laughed, Justin shaking his head.
"Morning, Mikey. All sticky are you?" Nick smirked.
Michael raised an eyebrow, Trevor blushing.
"We're in the room next door, Mikey. We heard the passion last night."
Michael smiled seeing Justin blush.
"What can I say? The tiger was roaring last night! And I'm one contented prey!"
Justin beamed, Nick and Trevor both blushing.
"And don't think I didn't hear some other wildlife last night, too." Michael smiled, Nick smiling widely.
"Yep, this tiger was hunting too. And he caught a wild one."
Trevor's face was red, Nick kissing his cheek.
Justin got up, wearing a t-shirt and shorts, the two kids in his arms.
"Before this gets too detailed, I'm going to take the kids out to Rach so they can get dressed."
Michael smiled, Justin kissing him as he left the room.
"Something I can do for you guys? If not, I need to shower."
Trevor looked at Nick, Nick looking at Michael.
"We just wanted to offer you our support and love, Mike. We know how important this day is to you. We're here for you in any way we can be." Nick said, Michael hearing the deep friendship in Nick's voice.
"Thanks guys. But this is a family problem. One I'm going to rectify today."
Both men heard the deep conviction in Michael's words.
"We'd like to be there for you, if that's okay?" Trevor said, Michael smiling at him.
"I'm not sure what the protocol is. If non family members are allowed. I may have to go this alone."
Trevor put his hand on Michael's shoulder.
"You are not alone, Michael. You've got all our love and faith in you."
Michael smiled, feeling their loving thoughts.
"Thanks, guys. Go relax in the living room, I'll just be a few minutes."
They both smiled, walking back out of the room.
Michael popped into the shower, the warm water waking him up greatly.
He walked back out into the bedroom, seeing Justin laying on their unmade bed.
Michael dropped his robe, Justin watching him with wide eyes.
"See anything you like?" Michael said, Justin smiling as Michael leaned down kissing him.
"I like it all. It's damn near fantastic." Justin sighed, running his hand across Michael's chest, Michael smiling as he pulled on his briefs.
"I was hoping for a little jump in the sack." Justin pouted, Michael laughing, running his hands through Justin's short hair.
"Another time my love. Let's get dressed and grab some food. Gregory here yet?"
"Yes, he just came in with Kev. Lonnie's here also. The other four are nowhere to be seen."
Michael smiled, Justin watching him quietly.
"They'll meet us downstairs at the restaurant. They're just getting up."
Justin kissed Michael's cheek, pulling off his t-shirt, Michael scanning his smooth torso.
Michael helped Justin pick out his outfit, Michael picking his own.
Justin sensed Michael's choices were a reflection of his mood.
Michael wore all black. Black silk shirt and black dress pants.
"You always say I look good in black, Timby."
"But is it appropriate for this day, Mico? Won't they see you as a sinister person? The man in black!"
"I could walk in there covered in white, Jus, and they'd still be against what I stand for."
Justin put his arms around Michael.
"What's going on, Mico? I sense a sadness about you."
Michael sighed, looking in the mirror.
His hair was now back to its original length, wavy and lustrous, Justin running his fingers through it.
"Now that this day is here, I'm sad, Jus. I'm sad that this now will be real. That I'll be what I've always not wanted to be. I'll be the one."
"The one?"
"The one they all need, the one they all long for. The one to save them. What about me, Jus? When do I get to be just me?"
Justin kissed his cheek, Michael looking into his blue eyes.
"You are you every moment you're here with me. With our children, with our friends and family. This won't change that, Michael. No matter what's revealed or what happens, you will always be you. The you I love, the you that loves me."
Michael smiled, feeling Justin's love sink into his soul.
"Thanks, Timby. For being you."
Justin smiled, kissing him tenderly.
Michael smiled, looking back down on the dresser.
He picked up his rings which he'd removed while showering. The silver faith ring, a symbol of his faith in Justin's love.  And the golden engagement ring, a symbol of Justin's bond with him. He put them on, Justin smiling.
"One more thing I need."
Michael opened the jewelry box, pulling out the gold cross that Justin had given him, Justin clasping it around Michael's neck.
Michael hung it outside his shirt, the gold cross gleaming.
"Now I'm ready for this." He said, smiling.

Twenty minutes later everyone sat in the restaurant, coffee having been served.
Michael looked up seeing four men walking across the room.
Four faces shone brightly, all wearing large smiles as they looked at the table.
The widest smile Michael saw was on Marco's beautiful face.
"Morning everyone. Sorry we're late." Paulo smiled, Justin looking up at him while he wiped Shauna's face.
"No prob, boys. We're just waiting for our breakfast." Rachel smiled, the four sitting down.
All four stared at Michael, seeing the black outfit he wore, the golden cross on display.
Marco smiled at Michael, Michael smiling back.
Emile sat beside Marco, Justin picking up on his calm happy mood.
"So how was your night, guys?" Michael said, looking at all four.
They all exchanged looks, Jake smiling.
"It was great, Mike. Best night's sleep I've ever had."
"Excellent. Love has a way of relaxing you." Michael said, Paulo's eyes glued to him.
"Yes it does, Mikey. Yes it does." Marco said smiling.
"Enough said, my four loving friends. Where's my eggs? I'm famished!" Michael said, ticking Darian, who sat in his lap.
The little boy giggled, Michael smiling down at him, handing him his juice cup.
Paulo and Marco exchanged looks, Justin smiling to himself.
Michael heard his voice in his mind.
"They were together last night, weren't they?"
"They spent the night wrapped in love, Justin. That's all that matters."
Justin smiled, Paulo looking at him, leaning next to Jake, quietly whispering.
"I think Jus and Mike are talking to each other in private. I think Mikey knows."
Jake smiled, looking at Michael.
"And that surprises you?"
Paulo chuckled, Jake smiling.
"No, I guess not, Jewel."
The waitresses came with trays of food, everyone settling in for a delicious breakfast.

"That was fantastic!" Lonnie said, dropping his napkin on his plate.
Rachel smiled beside him, the two exchanging glances.
Michael smiled, everyone drinking coffee after the meal.
He looked at Gregory, who was chatting with Kevin.
"So what time should I be there, Gregory?"
Gregory looked at him, Michael seeing the tiredness evident under his eyes. Gregory had been up late.
"The conference begins at noon. You will be introduced at two. So one-thirty should be plenty of time."
"And my friends and family?"
"I'm sorry, Michael. You must be presented alone as a Stavros. Everyone else can watch your meeting from the balcony on the second level. The floor area is reserved for family only."
"I understand, Gregory. I will abide by that for now. I alone am he that was foretold. I will meet my family alone."
Everyone looked at Michael, Justin putting his hand in his.
"You aren't alone, my love."
"I know, Jus. My heart is filled with all of you."
Everyone smiled at Michael, feeling his calming presence.
"So how will this go down?" Justin asked, staring at Gregory.
"I will introduce Michael, he will enter the hall, walking to the dais. I will speak, then Michael will be allowed to speak. You must be introduced and your relation to us solidified. It must be established right away that you are a true Stavros."
"I will let them know who I am. And who they are."
Gregory stared at him, seeing him all dressed in black, nodding his head.
"There will be an uproar, Michael. What you have to say will not go unchallenged."
"I fully expect that.  But I will show what needs to be shown. The Rock of Truth is there?"
"Yes, Michael. It sits on a marble shrine in the center of the altar, to the right of the dais. In its sacred place."
Michael nodded, looking around at everyone.
"No one must interfere with this. This is my show. I want you all to be prepared. For today will be a day of wonders. For today begins my trial."
Justin looked into Michael's golden eyes, Michael lowering his head.
"Trial, Michael?" Nick asked, Michael raising his head.
"Yes, Nick. From this day forward I will be judged by all my actions."
"Judged? By who?" Kevin asked, Michael's golden gaze falling on him.
"By God." Michael quietly said.
Everyone looked at him, Michael averting their gazes.
"Come on, Jus. We have time for a quiet walk with the kids. It's a beautiful day out."
Justin nodded, picking up Shauna. Michael rose with Darian, smiling at everyone.
"We'll be back later. Please stay and finish your coffee. Lon, charge it all to our room."
Lonnie nodded, everyone watching them leave.
Gregory watched them disappear through the front doors, everyone looking at him.
"What's going to happen today, Gregory?" Paulo asked, the man staring at everyone.
"I think today is going to be a day of change. And a day of discovery." The young Greek man said, a tear falling down his cheek, Kevin's hand in his.

An hour later, Michael, Justin and the kids walked back into their hotel room.
Lonnie and Rach walked in off the balcony smiling at them.
"Have fun?"
"It's a beautiful city, Lon. So clean and bright. We've got to come back here again, love." Justin said, smiling.
"Yes, we should, sweetie."
The two kids climbed up onto the couch, Shauna laying down against a pillow.
"Our angels need a nap. They kept us going nonstop." Michael said, Darian smiling at him.
Michael picked the little boy up, Shauna climbing into Justin's outstretched arms.
"I think you need one too, Mico." Justin smiled, Michael nodding.
The four went into the bedroom, Michael laying down on the fresh made bed with the two kids, Justin smiling down at all three.
"Where Serena?" Shauna asked, Justin winking at her.
"I'll be right back, sweetie."
Justin disappeared back into the other room.
He shortly came back carrying the doll, smiling at what he saw.
Michael was sound asleep, Darian laying on top of his chest, the little boy also sound asleep.
Shauna was snuggled up under Michael's arm, her blue eyes staring up at Justin.
"Here you go sweetie." Justin said, handing her the doll.
She took it, wrapping her small arms around it, snuggling up against Michael's side, Michael's arm around her. She quietly closed her eyes.
"Love u, Dada." She said, not moving.
Justin smiled, leaning down, kissing all three on the cheek.
"Sleep tight, my angels." He said, smiling at all three.
Justin sat down on the bed, quietly watching the three sleeping.
In front of him was his world.
His man and his little angels.
Justin smiled, seeing Michael's face with a small smile across his lips.
Justin felt Michael's happiness, the happiness at what they had right here.
A family of love.
Justin stood up, taking one last look, quietly closing the door.

Two hours later, Justin shook Michael's shoulder, Michael opening his eyes.
"It's one o'clock, Mico. Time to get going."
Michael stretched, Justin looking at his black-clothed body.
Even in sleep Michael looked beautiful.
"I love you, Mico."
Michael smiled, pulling Justin to him, kissing him deeply.
"I love you more, Timby."
Michael looked around, seeing the kids gone.
"Rach fed them lunch, they're playing with her at the moment." Justin said, sensing what Michael was thinking.
"I'm not letting them go today, Jus. They're staying here, away from all this. I don't want them to see this."
Justin rubbed his shoulder.
"Understood, love."
Michael smiled, climbing out of bed.
"Then let's get this over with."
Justin nodded, seeing the determined look of acceptance in Michael's eyes.
Michael put on a black suit jacket, his blackness now complete, Justin helping him.
Justin kissed him tenderly, Michael sighing.
"A day of miracles, my love. Let's watch God's love unfold."
Michael walked out of the room, Justin standing alone.

Ten minutes later, they were all in the limousines, heading to the church.
Nick, Trevor, Lonnie, Jake, Paulo, Emile and Marco all were going. Rach stayed behind with the kids.
Justin's cell went off, Justin quietly talking into it for a few minutes, then hanging up.
"That was Mom. She's called to wish you luck."
Michael smiled, nodding.
Justin had told him that everyone had called while he slept. All their friends. They all knew what today was, what was about to happen.
They'd all called to give their support.
Justin and Michael would call them all again that evening, after it was over.
Justin had sensed that Michael didn't need to talk to them, he'd felt all their love.
A few minutes later, they arrived in front of the old church.
Justin marveled at its ancient stone beauty.
Kevin stood on the front steps smoking a cigarette, Uncle Silas standing beside him.
Michael was the first one out, hugging his uncle.
"Sorry, I'm late, Michael. Damn connecting flight got diverted. Just made it here this morning." He said, looking at him with concern.
"You're  here now, Uncle. That's what's important." Michael said, kissing his cheek.
Silas smiled, seeing Michael's loving eyes.
"Are you ready for this, son?"
"Yes, Uncle. I am ready. I just hope they're ready for me." He said, smiling widely.
In that smile, Silas saw determination, love, faith and hope.
Justin hugged Silas, introducing him to Marco and Emile, as well as Nick.
"Bad habit, Kev." Michael said, smiling, seeing the cigarette in his friend's hand.
"I only smoke when I'm nervous." He quietly said, stomping the cigarette out, Michael seeing his worried look.
"How's Gregory doing?"
"He's been burned at both ends, Mikey. He didn't sleep at all last night. I'm so worried. This is sucking the life out of him."
Michael hugged him, rubbing his back.
"Today will settle all this. Hopefully you'll have your loving Gregory back again, in all ways."
Kevin nodded, Michael staring at him.
"Forgive me, Kevin."
"For what, Michael?"
"For what I don't want to happen. I'll do all in my power to make it right."
Kevin looked at him, Michael hugging him again.
"I trust you, Michael. I love you."
Michael nodded, looking at Justin and Silas who had been quietly watching him.
"Let's get to it." Michael said, walking into the church.

Michael stood quietly in the front chamber waiting for his entrance.
Silas sat looking up at him.
"I'm proud of you, son. Proud of what you're wanting to do here today. Your grandparents would be so proud of you."
"I do this with their love in my heart, Uncle. With the love of all my family in my heart. Both sides of the line."
Silas looked at him, seeing in front of him a different person. Not the small gangly kid he'd once taught to drive, and to fish.
"You've grown so strong and handsome, Michael. I can't believe the man you've become."
Michael smiled, looking into his uncle's grey eyes.
"Thank you Uncle. I owe part of that to you."
Silas stood, Michael hugging him.
"It's almost time."
Michael took his hand in his, Silas seeing the ring on his finger.
"Fate's dealt its hand, Uncle. Prepare to be amazed."
The large double doors opened, Michael turning, walking forward.

Justin sat down, Marco sitting beside him, Lonnie on the other side.
They looked down, seeing the large assembled crowd.
They were sitting in the balcony looking forward to the altar.
Gregory stood on the platform in front of the altar, a dais in front of him.
He was looking out upon the large crowd that was his family.
Justin estimated at least eight or nine hundred people were crammed into the building.
The Stavros family was large.
It was all adults, no children present.
Justin was thankful for that, why he knew not.
To Gregory's left sat five men, all distinguished looking, wearing dark green robes.
One was Barlow, Gregory's uncle.
The one beside him had to be his brother, their features so alike.
Gregory banged a small gavel, the crowd quieting down.
"Thus concludes our discussions on family matters and debates. The hour of thanksgiving and worship ended. There is only one task left for this conference. That is the introduction of a lost brother. The grandson of our last Lady of Devotion."
People murmured, the din growing.
Someone stood up.
"Who says she's the last? You're making decisions without our backing!"
People began discussing this remark, Gregory sighing.
Barlow smirked, staring at Gregory.
Barlow's gaze went upward, zoning in on the group sitting in the balcony, Justin staring back at him.
In those eyes Justin saw evil, a concentrated evil.
His heart beat faster, worry settling into his soul.
He so wanted to talk to Michael, but he knew that Michael was, at this moment, zoning in on his own thoughts for what lay ahead.
A voice in his mind soothed Justin's heart.
"It's okay, Jus. I will deal with what you fear. I will force evil's hand."
"I don't like what I feel, Mico."
"It's what I've suspected, my love. Bear with me love, I shall decide what has to be shown."
Justin nodded, Lonnie quietly looking at him, knowing he was talking to Michael.
"How's he doing? "
"He's surprisingly relaxed, and calm. I think it's about to happen."
Gregory's rich voice filled the quieting room.
"I am the anointed leader of this family, I decide what is good for all of us. And this man is a faithful servant of God, and much more. I've invited him here today to speak to all of you as a brother, a friend, and a guiding hand on our prolific quest. Listen to him and see the truth of our faith. See the truth of our destiny."
Barlow smugly laughed, Gregory glancing at him.
"Once you've heard his words, judge him fully then."
Justin didn't like the meaning in those directed words.
Everyone looked forward, staring at Gregory.
"Brothers and Sisters, welcome into our hearts a lost prophesied child of destiny. Welcome, Michael Tavarro, grandson of Helena Stavros, Last Lady of Devotion."
Justin heard the doors underneath them opening, everyone in the congregation standing, turning toward those opening doors.

Michael released Silas' hand, walking forward, seeing the turned faces, his unknown family staring at him with wonder.
The congregation was shocked at who they saw walking into the room.
A young man of exquisite beauty walked down the aisle, dressed entirely in black.
A small golden cross lay against his chest, his arms at his sides.
But what took all their breaths away were the golden eyes of this young man.
They seemed to glow.
The man scanned the pews, nodding at people, bowing his head.
They all felt a radiating light coming off this man, as if he radiated life.
Behind him walked Silas Warner, his head held high, walking with pride behind this man of obvious worth.
Gregory smiled at the man walking toward him. He smiled at the obvious affect Michael was having on the people.
The room was utterly silent, no one saying a word.
In front of him was a man who walked with a calming gait, his face focused on what lay ahead of him.
And Gregory saw the golden shine in Michael's eyes.
All the tiredness left his body, Gregory's face changing into a wide smile.
Above the crowd, Kevin smiled just as widely, seeing his lover's calm smile.
He knew what this meant to Gregory, what Michael's moment of truth meant to his family.
Barlow, now standing with the other elders of the family, and his brother Julius, stared at the young man walking toward them.
Julius saw the hatred registering on Barlow's face
Michael walked to the platform, walking up the three steps, standing beside Gregory.
He turned, facing the congregation, his hands folded in front of him.
Everyone in that church could see the rings on his fingers.
They both seemed to gleam from the brightness of the stained glass windows and opened side doors.
A young man of about seventeen walked forward, handing Gregory a small floral boutonniere, the young man smiling at Michael as he returned to his front row seat.
"Welcome, Michael, lost child of innocence, devoted child of life. Welcome to the heart of the Stavros family, our mother church and sacred home. I give you this flower as a sign of your being a part of this heritage. It is a white rose, symbolizing the purity of our devoted soul. A few branches of olive trees surround it, symbolizing your Greek heritage. Blessed are all of us for finding your caring soul."
Michael smiled, Gregory pinning the small flower to his lapel.
Against all the black the white flower seemed to glow.
Everyone in the room respectfully clapped, Michael smiling at them all.
"We'd like to hear your words of welcome and anything else you wish to say, my cousin. You have the floor and our undivided attention."
Michael smiled, walking up to the dais, Gregory quietly watching him.
Justin, who was staring at his lover, was awed by what he had just witnessed.
He'd never seen Michael so in charge of himself, so focused. When he'd turned and looked out at everyone in that audience, Justin had heard the overpowering silence.
Michael had command of everyone's attention.
His obvious beauty, grace and stunning presence were drawing them into his soul of love.
Michael looked up, staring into Justin's blue eyes.
The trial was about to begin.

"Thank you, Gregory, my cousin of love. And thank all of you, my new family of blossoming love, for welcoming me here today, in this most faithful of settings.
My name is Michaelangelo Augustus Tavarro.
I am the only grandson of Augustus Stavros, the last Lord of Devotion.
His shining light of faith and duty increased the heart of all of you.
As did the kindness and love of my grandmother Helena, your last Lady of Devotion.
Their love and devotion instilled in me my own beliefs.
I am here today with a single purpose in my heart.
To tell you the truth of you own heritage, and the truth of your destiny.
For I am the Warrior of God."

The entire congregation gasped loudly.
Every set of eyes were upon Michael.
Barlow was on his feet in a flash pointing at Gregory.
"Is this some kind of sick joke, Gregory? Are you playing all of us as fools? Is this some scheme for you to hold control on us? Are you and this upstart trying to destroy our family? I will not hear this rubbish!"
"You will hear it and you will be silent!" Gregory said, Barlow's face a mask of deep anger.
"Michael has the floor, brother. Continue please, Michael." Julius said, the other elders hesitantly nodding their agreement.
Barlow sat down, his face still showing deep anger.
"I know you are all in shock, hearing that prophesied name revealed.
But it makes it no less the truth.
I am he that was foretold. The time of devotion is at hand. And it is I who seek that devotion from all of you."
Everyone murmured, people showing shock and troubled faces.
"I also know the truth of who we are, and from whom we are descended. For what I say to you will be hard words to bare, but bare them we must. Our very faith will be shaken to its foundations. But I shall rebuild that faith, in my faith for my mother's family heart."
Michael raised his left hand, the golden ring of love shining for all to see.
"Behold the sacred ring of Simon, called Peter, our lord's faithful disciple!"
Julius and the elders sat stunned, the crowd gasping.
"The prophecy has proclaimed him! He is the Warrior of God!!" A young man shouted, standing in the center of the crowd, an older man pulling him back down to his seat, others quietly talking.
Julius hesitantly rose up, walking up to the dais, looking at the ring on Michael's hand.
"It is his ring! Gregory was right! It is the ring of St. Peter! How did you come by this?"
"I came by this through love. It is my engagement ring, given to me in love. As it was originally given to St. Peter by a person who loved him deeply.
Aurelia Petronilla, the mother of our nation.
All of you believe that she was the daughter of St. Peter, that we are descendants of the first head of the Church of Christ.
Sadly we are not. Our ancestor was Aurelia, but she was not the daughter of Peter. She was only a slave."

People stood up, screaming now at Michael.
"Blasphemer! That's a lie! We are the devoted of Peter! His is our lineage!"
"Charlatan! Liar!" A woman shouted, her fist waving.
"Throw him out!" An older man screamed.
Gregory put his hands up, trying to restore order. Barlow stood up again, the crowd quieting.
"Such deceit and evil this man has! Throw him from this sacred room! His lies will destroy us!" Barlow said, advancing towards the altar.
Julius grabbed him , throwing him down into his seat again.
"Enough!! Silence, everyone! Listen to what this man has to say. I want to hear this to the end." Julius said, nodding at Michael.
Barlow stared in shock, seeing the determination on his brother's face.
"What I speak of is the truth. The truth of our lineage. We are descendants of a slave, a Greek slave, saved and loved by St. Peter himself. She dedicated her life to him and his faith. This ring was a gift of her love for that holy man.  But, sadly, Peter never wore it. He was executed a short time later, the ring remaining in Aurelia's possession. Along with what lies in the Rock of Truth."
Michael looked over at the marble shrine to the right of the altar, the black cube of Truth resting on top of it.
"Inside that marble square lies the heart of our family. I am the man to draw that heart out and wear it for the world to see."
Julius was shaking his head, lost in the words Michael had spoken, staring at the young man, seeing his golden eyes.
"I know of all I speak because I heard it from the true source. St. Peter himself."

"Good God, this man is a lunatic! Must we endure these insults to our family's honor!" Barlow shouted, standing again, the other elders now around him voicing their agreement.
Julius looked at his brother, seeing the hatred in his eyes.
Barlow walked to the dais, standing in front of Michael, looking out at the standing crowd.
"This man is a menace to all the Stavros family! We are done with his lies! Throw him out!! Throw Micky Tavarro out of here right now!"
Michael stared at Barlow, his face a mask of shock, then Michael recovered quickly.
"Barlow, sit down! He has the right to speak!" Julius said, walking to his brother, the two staring each other down.
Gregory walked between the two men, trying to calm them down.
"Please. Honor the rights of the family voice. Michael has the floor."
"I will not listen to more lies! Remove this man from our sight!"
Barlow and Julius exchanged words of anger and threats, Gregory trying to silence them.
People in the congregation were shouting, standing and screaming.
Justin and his friends stared down, seeing the unraveling madness taking hold of everyone.

Everyone's eyes were directed to a young man standing alone on the altar of their sacred church.
His loud voice had silenced everyone. His now glowing golden eyes now penetrated all their souls, save one.
"It is time for your devotion." Michael said, his voice carrying out across the room.
Every door in the large church slammed shut with a loud, thunderous bang, people stunned into silence.
Julius was white as a sheet, staring at the man standing before him.
"I am thy Warrior of God. My devotion is final. It will be in every one of your souls, or you will all perish in the evil that has walked into your souls."
Michael walked forward, standing now in front of everyone, his golden eyes scanning the crowd.
He saw fear, terror, awe and uncertainty in many faces.
"Do not fear me, I am not here to hurt you. I am here to save you."
Michael turned looking toward the two Stavros elder brothers.
"An evil has penetrated the soul of our family. I'm sorry I didn't sense it sooner. It was right here before my eyes. He's very clever now in his deceptions."
Gregory and Julius stared at Michael, fearing him. His look was one of deathly determination.
"You were warned, faithless demon! I told you to stay away! This will cost you dearly!"
Michael looked out at the staring crowd.
"You all know the prophecy. The words of our sacred prophet. Let me explain it all to you."

Michael's rich voice filled the quiet room, people staring at him with awe.

  "And in thy time of the last Lady,
   He shall make himself known
   The Warrior, our leader of faith."

" My grandmother was the last Lady of Devotion. I have revealed myself for you to see. I am the Warrior." Michael said, his voice deep and loud.

  "My ring shall adorn him,
   My faith shall lead him,
   His tortured heart will heal us
   His giving soul shall cleanse us."

"I wear the ring of St. Peter. I believe in the faith of God. I was a tortured youth of abuse, and my soul is giving now to cleanse all the evil out of your hearts."

 "Faith, Trust, Love and Courage
  Four sides to his house of Devotion
  Within the sacred stone shall justice be found
  Thy cross shall unleash it."

"I have the power and faith to draw forth what lays in the heart of stone, and the heart of my family. My cross shall reveal all."

"Through him shall the lines be joined
 And the kinship of the generations united
 Another golden-eyed servant shall make his sacrifice
 And all will be as ordained."

"Only through me shall we all be united, with a single purpose. To destroy evil and to proclaim faith. A golden-eyed friend will give his life for me, and for God."

   "Only time and blood shall cleanse our sins
    Only then shall we kneel again at his feet
    Rejoicing in his love
    For eternal salvation."

Everyone saw the deep sadness on Michael's face now after reciting the last part of the prophecy.
"I do not ask for this last part, only that love shall prevail. Evil is at hand, our destiny upon us. In me you shall find love, trust, courage, faith and hope. Accept me for who I am, not for who you need me to be."

Michael turned, now looking at the two older men, Julius now looking at him with tears in his eyes.
"Leave now Uncle, or suffer a fate of truth."
Barlow laughed, a loud menacing laugh.
"You are so clever, Micky. So very clever."
Julius gasped, hearing an unknown voice coming from his brother.
Michael stared at the man, Gregory gasping for another reason.
Barlow's eyes were glowing red.
"I warned you vile creature! I warned you to leave my family alone! And now your evil has infiltrated their heart! I will see this undone!"
Barlow laughed, his brother backing away from him, walking towards Michael, Gregory now standing beside him.
"What's going on here? What's wrong with my uncle?"
"Your uncle is infected with evil, Gregory. A concise, menacing evil. The evil of my soul. My Uncle Fredrick, the unholiest of evil men. And it's time to rid him of that evil."
Barlow pulled out a knife, Michael silently watching him.
The knife had a golden handle, embossed with silver symbols.
Barlow threw it, Michael putting up his hands too late.

The knife embedded in his chest, an inch below his throat.
People screamed, Gregory putting his hands to his chest.
Gregory had stepped right in front of Michael, stopping the knife's path.
Gregory staggered, Kevin screaming from above, Justin at his side in a heartbeat, holding him in his arms.
Julius ran to his nephew, Gregory collapsing down onto the altar.
Michael stared at Barlow, his hands now shooting outward.
Barlow flew across the altar, slamming into the right wall of the church, between two stained glass windows.
He was suspended a few feet off the ground.
The elders and other men gathered around Julius, the man holding his nephew.
Julius pulled out the dagger, it falling to the floor.
"He's dead, my own brother killed his nephew. My Gregory!!!" Julius sobbed, Gregory dead in his arms.
Kevin sobbed above them, Michael looking up.
Justin's eyes met his, seeing the fierce determination and heart-crushing sadness.
Michael walked to the right of the altar, everyone following his every move.
"This ends here, Uncle! Your hatred and evil stops here! No Stavros will let your evil in their hearts ever again!. My devotion is their protection! This man will return to us! You are leaving now! Feel now my wrath!"
Michael's hands went out in front of him, a white light hitting Barlow's face, the man screaming in heart-stopping agony.
But it wasn't Barlow that was screaming, it was Fredrick.
Everyone was now standing , awestruck at Michael's glowing light.
A large black ball of darkness floated out of Barlow, rising into the air.
The white light surrounded it, Michael turning looking out into the crowd.
"See now the evilness .The evilness that has infected your family."
The whiteness around Michael flashed brightly, everyone in the building feeling it flow through them.
People screamed, looking around at their families.
Above some people small balls of blackness hung.
The whiteness flew from Michael, surrounding these smaller balls, consuming them.
The people who wore them collapsed into the arms of their families.
There had to be at least one hundred of them.
Michael's white light of love destroyed them all.
Everyone looked at him, seeing the large blackness above him burning now with two red eyes in its center.
Michael focused on it again, the white light encircling it.
"Here now I mark you, vile monster! Marked forever as evil!"
Michael closed his eyes, touching the golden cross on his chest.
Instantly a white cross appeared in the center of the blackness, just as it was covered in the whiteness of Michael's justice.
The scream that echoed off the walls sent a chill through everyone's heart.
And then the blackness was gone, Barlow collapsing off the wall.
The whiteness disappeared, Michael walking to his fallen cousin.
Barlow staggered, Michael helping him to his feet.
"What's going on, what's happened?"
"You're alright, cousin. He's gone."
"I felt a darkness in my mind, like I wasn't walking alone."
Michael saw Kevin running down the aisle, dropping to his knees beside Gregory, taking the young man into his arms, sobbing.
Barlow looked over, seeing the heart-wrenching scene.
"Oh, God. What's happened? Our loving child, Gregory! He's dead, oh God, he's dead." Barlow sobbed.  Michael putting his arm around him and guiding his grief-stricken cousin toward his own brother, Julius staring at him.
Both men looked into each other's souls.
Barlow sobbed, Julius taking him into his arms.
They held each other, lost in their grief.

Michael knelt down beside Kevin, the young man's eyes full of tears.
"All he wanted was to be loved by his family. And lead them with love. My Gregory, oh my Gregory!" Kevin sobbed, Michael's tearing eyes full of deep compassion and love.
"He was loved, Kevin. And will be again."
Kevin looked pleading into his golden eyes.
"Help him, Michael! Help him come back to me!"
Michael stood, looking at Julius and Barlow.
Both men were shells of grief, their faces ashen and pale.
"Through an act of courage and faith, a young man gave his life to stop the evil that threatened his family. A leader's heart judged by love."
Michael turned looking at all the staring tearful faces, seeing the young man who'd handed Gregory the boutonniere.
"Behold life's giving love, faith's giving grace! A son of Stavros showed his quality!"
Michael turned, walking to the marble altar, to the Rock of Truth.
Everyone followed his steps, Michael picking up the square cube, its coldness sinking into his soul.
"The Rock of Truth lies in the heart of all of you. it's a symbol of all your divine faith. Behold what lays at its heart!"
Everyone stared, Michael breaking the chain that hung around his neck.
The small golden cross, given to him in faith and love by his Justin, lay in his hand.
"This rock, this vessel of faith, can be opened only by love and faith. By my love and your faith. Do you have faith in me being who I am?"
Everyone stared at him.
The young man, a mere child smiled up at him.
"I have faith in you, our Warrior."
Michael smiled, bringing the cross over the cube.
"I love all of you."
Michael set the cross down, it fitting perfectly into the beveled cross carved into its top.
The room was flooded with a blinding white light, everyone feeling a warmth flood through them.
The Rock of Truth disintegrated in Michael's hand, the golden cross disappearing completely.
What remained surprised everyone.
On a small piece of marble laying in Michael's hand sat a ring.
A ring of simple beauty.
Michael knew what it was. Carved out of an olive tree on a cool evening by a man of immense skill. For a friend of love and faith.
"Behold the ring of the fisherman, Simon called Peter. Of the fisherman of men's souls. Given to him by his lord. Carved by Jesus' own hand. A wooden ring of faith. The first ring of the holy founder of Christianity. The ring of love and faith."
Everyone stood in awe, staring at the ring Michael now held in front of all of them.
"I am your Warrior of God. I wear now the ring of Sister Aurelia, I carry with me the faith and love of our lord.  Now I must wear this as well, a gift of his love. Evil is around us, it threatens our lives, hopes and destinies. I will fight for all of you to free you of that evil."
Michael took the ring, placing it on the finger which held his golden ring.
Two people alone felt the magnitude of the power contained in the ring, now joined with the power contained in Michael.
Justin almost fell over in shock, Lonnie grabbing him.
The power was mind-numbing.
Michael and Justin both felt its greatness, Michael's love reaching out to Justin's.
And when the two connected their love, they gained control of its magnitude.
Lonnie looked at Justin, the young man regaining his balance.
When the two rings connected, everyone in that church felt an instant warmth flood them, and Michael's soothing voice in their minds.
"Fear not children of faith. I walk with you. I am your protection. I am your Warrior."
Michael watched as everyone in unison bent down, kneeling in front of him.
Michael turned, the five elders of the family of Stavros kneeling before him.
He looked past them, seeing Kevin still holding Gregory's lifeless body in his arms, his face a tearful mask of deep loss.
"Never give up on hope, never give up on faith." Michael said as if to himself.
Michael walked over, lowering his body, picking the lifeless body of Gregory Stavros up, Kevin rising up as well.
Michael carried his cousin over to the marble altar, laying him down upon it.
"Child of faith, who sacrificed his life for me. That never was part of my agreement. It cannot be allowed."
Everyone stood again, sensing something in Michael's words.
"I will not let him walk the paths of shadows. Come back to us, Gregory. Behold my loving gift."
Michael leaned down, kissing his cousin's cold lips.

Everyone gasped seeing a flash of blue light.
And then Gregory's brown eyes opened.
People sank to their knees, seeing a miracle before them. A dead man awake again.
Kevin sobbed, rushing up to him, Gregory looking up at him.
"Kev? Where am I?"
Kevin sobbed, Gregory wrapping his arm around him.
"You are in your family's heart, Gregory." Michael said quietly.
He turned looking at Julius and Barlow, seeing the tears flowing from their eyes.
They both knelt down in front of him, Michael pulling them to their feet gently.
"Evil makes us do terrible things. Love makes us forgive them."
Barlow nodded, wiping his eyes.
Barlow walked to the center of the altar, looking out on his family.
"The prophecy was true. A great one has healed our family. Behold our Warrior of Truth. I pledge my soul to his faith."
Everyone cheered, Michael remaining quiet.
They all knelt again when Michael joined Barlow, with Julius walking at his side.
"I and my family pledge our souls to you, Michael." Julius said, looking down at his own son, the young man smiling up at Michael, seeing his acceptance of Michael's truths.
Michael smiled down at the young flower bearer.
Michael bid them all rise.
When everyone was again standing, Michael's calm voice echoed off the walls.
"The Stavros prophecy has come to pass. I am your Warrior. A golden-eyed child of faith sacrificed all for me. And I have returned him to our loving heart. The evil still remains strong. A path of hardship lays ahead. But I will walk with all of you, and together faith and love shall triumph."
Everyone cheered, Michael walking down to his new family, people greeting him, Michael smiling at them all, shaking their hands, receiving their love.
Michael looked upwards, seeing Justin smiling down at him.
Someone tapped Michael on the shoulder, Michael turning.
Gregory stood in front of him, Kevin's arm around him.
"I pledge my life to you, Michael." He said, tears in his eyes.
Michael hugged him, everyone around them tearing.
"You already have, my cousin. And your family sees now your greatness."
Gregory smiled, Michael returning to his welcoming family.

End of Chapter 127

And so the Stavros family now has its Warrior of Truth.
What lays ahead for Michael?
Must he now be a leader, a voice of truth?
Will what's happened and his new gifts change him?
What is Justin's part now, his own power great?

Has Fredrick been taken care of?
Will he leave them alone?

I hope this vision of unearthly power and God's might was enjoyable.
Just think what the final Tavarro meeting's going to be like!
I hope I've kept your interest.

Keep the faith, the path widens.


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