Justin's Angel-128

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Everyone cheered, Michael remaining quiet.
They all knelt again when Michael joined Barlow, with Julius walking at his side.
"I and my family pledge our souls to you, Michael." Julius said, looking down at his own son, the young man smiling up at Michael, seeing his acceptance of Michael's truths.
Michael smiled down at the young flower bearer.
Michael bid them all rise.
When everyone was again standing, Michael's calm voice echoed off the walls.
"The Stavros prophecy has come to pass. I am your Warrior. A golden-eyed child of faith sacrificed all for me. And I have returned him to our loving heart. The evil still remains strong. A path of hardship lays ahead. But I will walk with all of you, and together faith and love shall triumph."
Everyone cheered, Michael walking down to his new family, people greeting him, Michael smiling at them all, shaking their hands, receiving their love.
Michael looked upwards, seeing Justin smiling down at him.
Someone tapped Michael on the shoulder, Michael turning.
Gregory stood in front of him, Kevin's arm around him.
"I pledge my life to you, Michael." He said, tears in his eyes.
Michael hugged him, everyone around them tearing.
"You already have, my cousin. And your family sees now your greatness."
Gregory smiled, Michael returning to his welcoming family.

Chapter 128

Michael sat down in their hotel suite, resting his tired feet.
For three hours he'd remained at the church, meeting all of his extensive Greek family.
What awed most of them was that he called each of them by their names. Every last single one of them.
The hidden power of the gift, the new gift.
Shauna crawled up into his lap, Darian as well.
Justin smiled down at him, seeing the contented look of happiness that now shone on his lover's face.
"How are my angels?"
"We OK, Papa. We play all day with Rach. And had doggies!"
Michael smiled, kissing each of his child's cheeks.
"You happy, Papa. We like that."
Michael smiled, looking up at Justin and their friends.
Everyone smiled at him, Michael feeling the awe in their staring looks.
"Okay, Mikey. You knew that was all going to happen, didn't you?" Kevin asked, his arm still around Gregory.
Michael felt their stronger bond, their love now cemented in their souls.
Loss has a way of doing that for lovers.
Michael's face changed, everyone seeing the underlying sadness.
Gregory walked over to him, sitting down beside him.
Gregory hugged him gently, the two kids smiling up at him, Darian climbing into his lap, Shauna climbing into Justin's, who had just sat down on the other side of Michael.
"Thank you, Michael. You were there for me, as Nana had once been." Gregory said, smiling at him.
Michael smiled, looking around at everyone, knowing they all wanted to know everything.
They'd all returned to the hotel, Barlow, Julius and his now introduced young son Samuel returning with them.
They all sat around the room now, waiting for Michael to shed some light on the wonders they'd seen.
He looked down at the two rings on his left hand, the two joined now together.
"I knew what was happening, what was to happen the day I met my grandfather Augustus."
Julius and Barlow stared in shock. Silas looked totally stunned.
"Augustus came to me in a dream or vision, telling me what was in store for me. How I had to unveil what would be. What was inside the Rock of Truth. What the sacrifice would be, and who would make that sacrifice."
Gregory smiled at Michael, Michael kissing his cheek.
"I didn't sense Fredrick until it was almost too late. One word gave him away."
Barlow lowered his eyes, Michael getting up, putting his hand on his shoulder, standing beside his chair.
"You called me Micky, Barlow. Only one man ever called me that. That's how I knew."
"I don't know how I let this happen. How could I have let him in?"
"No one here or in our family blames you, my friend. Fredrick's powers are strong, no one can stand against them. I fault you not for this. Fredrick used you to stir unrest in the Stavros family, to lead it to open war. Thus he'd accomplish his plan, to put your family out of commission. So you could not join with me for the unveiling of the truth."
Barlow nodded, Julius putting his arm around his brother.
"I love you, my brother. I'm glad your loving heart is back with us."
Barlow smiled, Michael smiling at him.
"All those taken with evil are cleansed. I sent Fredrick back to his hiding place, but this time he's paid dearly. I have marked him for eternity as the vile creature he is. There will be no more interference from him for a while, maybe even until the end. You are all now devoted to me, I am with all of you in your minds. He cannot touch any of you ever again."
Julius and Barlow stared at him with a quiet respectful awe.
"With everyone Michael?" Nick asked, surprised at that remark.
"Yes, my friend. With everyone. My power is much larger now, since I wear his love."
Everyone's eyes zeroed in on the two rings on Michael's left hand.
"I have joined with my mother's family. Next is the family of my father. Therein lies the greater challenge. For evil is rampant in it."
Paulo looked at Michael as did Marco both bowing their head, feeling their failure.
Michael walked over to them, his hands going to their shoulders, both feeling his love.
"How did you know the cross opened the Rock? " Silas said, Michael smiling.
"Nana told me. In her letter to me. That love and faith would open it. And I've carried that around my neck since the day Justin gave it to me."
Justin smiled at his lover, Michael's loving smile returned.
"You have a great power now, Michael. I cannot see anyone winning against the power of God and faith." Julius said, Samuel smiling up at his father.
Michael walked over to the three Stavros men, smiling at all three.
"God's love is our greatest weapon. It will defeat any foe."
Samuel stood up, looking into Michael's golden eyes.
He knelt down in front of him, his father looking at him with surprise.
"I give my life to you, Warrior. I will fight by your side."
Michael smiled down at the young man, gently lifting him up.
"You are an exceptional young man. But that is not the place for someone so young. A great danger lays ahead, of that I am certain. You are too young to be embroiled in this. But I accept your devotion to my love, Samuel."
Samuel nodded, smiling at Michael's loving face.
Julius and Barlow looked at Michael smiling at the young man.
"Our family is now united, and free of evil. It will stay that way. No one can penetrate that veil of protection I have now wrapped you in. You are protected with my love."
Both men teared up, Samuel looking up at Michael.
"Are you an angel, Michael?"
Michael looked deeply into Samuel's brown eyes, seeing innocence and a refreshing light of happiness.
"I am the Messenger of God, Samuel. I bring God's message."
Julius and Barlow exchanged looks, Samuel smiling still.
"What does God want to say?" The teenager asked.
"That will be known very soon, my little man." Michael said smiling.
Michael looked around at everyone, seeing all eyes focused on him.
"To the Stavros family I am the Warrior of God. To the Tavarro family I am the Messenger of God. But to both sides I am something more. I am here for all of you in any way I need to be. My door, my heart and my soul are open to all of you."
Julius and Barlow stood up, Samuel looking at his father.
They began to kneel again, Michael's hands going up.
"Brothers of faith, please do not kneel to me. I am just a man, and a friend. Faith, life and destiny have brought me to you. God is the only one we should kneel to. He is in our hearts and our souls. In my own, he burns brighter, because he must."
Julius and Barlow were tearing, Michael putting a hand in each man's hand.
"You now know the truth, I trust you to spread the word. The time draws near. Our faith will be solidified in the coming of his message."
Michael smiled, ruffling Samuel's hair.
"Your son is an exceptional young man, Julius. In him, I see great things."
Samuel smiled, Julius smiled widely, putting his arm around him.
"He is the pride of our family, Michael."
"He will be the next generation of faith."
Samuel smiled, Michael beckoning Gregory join them.
Gregory got up, walking to the four men.
"You are the leader of the Stavros family, Gregory. Today, you showed your courageous heart and your loving soul. No one here shall ever forget your sacrifice and your return to us. In you, we see what's good with the world. Your example will lead all of us. Nana once saved you because she saw in you someone worth saving. Today you've returned to us because God saw someone even more beautiful. You are the heart of this family. And I am so proud to be a part of this courageous family."
Gregory was in tears, Michael hugging him tightly.
Michael then hugged the other three men, each one overcome with emotion.
He gently kissed Samuel's forehead, the young man in tears.
"Today is a day of great happiness for all of you. For my family. Let's celebrate that happiness. I need to rest for a bit, but later let's all gather and feast on our happiness."
"We'll let you rest, Michael. Let me take care of the feast in your honor." Barlow said, Michael smiling.
"Thank you, brother."
Barlow smiled, Julius smiling at his happiness. He had his loving brother back.
Michael sat back down on the couch beside Justin, Justin feeling his tiredness.
"I need to rest so much, Jus." Michael said closing his tired eyes.
Everyone quietly left, leaving Justin and Michael alone with the two children.
Darian crawled up into Michael's lap, snuggling against him, Michael opening his golden eyes.
"How's my little boy?"
"I'm happy Papa. You did good."
Michael smiled, kissing the little boy's forehead.
Justin quietly held Shauna, watching Michael.
He felt the tiredness and fatigue deeply entrenched in Michael.
"That took a lot out of you Mico. I feel your fatigue."
"I am tired, my love. Do you feel the greatness of what we now carry, Jus?"
Justin nodded, feeling the renewed gifts the two held.
"It's unbelievable how strong this feels, Jus. It's like holding onto a  live wire. It's pulsing through me." Michael said, looking at him with his tired eyes.
"It feels so overpowering in me, Jus. I just now have a volatile control. Touch my hand."
Justin took Michael's hand in his, Michael's eyes glowing brightly.
Justin was overcome with the power flooding his mind.
Michael pulled back, Justin feeling it leave him.
"Wow, Mico! That felt unbelievable! How are you taming that? It felt so wild and uncontrollable."
"It's taking everything, Jus. Your love, which lays in my soul, has surrounded it. Your love is helping control it. Thank God for you."
Michael sighed, leaning against Justin, laying his head on his chest.
Shauna and Darian smiled up at them.
"We wuv you too, Papa. We wanna help."
Michael smiled, both kids climbing up to Michael's face, both kissing him gently.
Michael looked into both little sets of blue eyes, staring into their blueness.
He thought he saw a soft glow in their eyes.
Instantly, he felt the power inside him calming down, his control more centered.
Michael felt their love joined with Justin's, that gift controlling the power so easily.
He smiled at his three angels, Justin also looking deeply at him.
"We wuv you Papa." Shauna and Darian said as one.
Michael teared up, kissing all three.
He lay back, Justin hugging him gently, Michael closing his eyes.
The two little angels snuggled against Justin and Michael, closing their eyes as well.
Ten minutes later, Rachel walked quietly into the room, seeing the four sound asleep.
Lonnie standing beside her smiled.
"There's a beautiful sight. A family of love." She said quietly, Lonnie's arm going around her.
He kissed her cheek, the two walking back out onto the balcony.

And hour and a half later Justin woke up, finding Michael gone.
The two kids lay sleeping against him, Justin gently laying them down on the couch.
Rachel walked into the room, smiling at him.
"Where's Mico?"
"He's taking a shower. He just woke up about ten minutes ago, said he wanted to get refreshed for the feast." Rachel said, smiling.
Justin smiled, stretching, Rachel sitting down beside the kids.
"I think I need the same. Be right back." Justin said, Rachel nodding.
Justin walked into the bedroom, quietly closing the door.
He heard the shower, Justin quickly pulling his own clothes off, walking into the steaming bathroom.
He smiled hearing Michael humming in the shower.
Justin opened the door, climbing into the shower as Michael turned, smiling at him.
"Hello lover, want to wash my back?"
Justin smiled, pulling Michael against him, kissing him deeply.
"Mmmm, now that's what I need." Michael said, his hands running down Justin's back.
Justin felt Michael's growing hardness against his leg, Michael kissing his neck.
"My babe's all excited. He needs some lovin!"
Michael's hands found Justin's round globes, squeezing tightly, Justin moaning.
"I need you, Jus. I need your beauty and your love so much."
Justin kissed him deeply, Michael gently turning him around.
Within a heartbeat, Justin felt Michael's hardness filling his center, slowly sinking into him.
Michael's strong arms wrapped around Justin's chest, his fingers rubbing his nipples.
"Oh God, I'm deep inside you lover! You're mine, I possess your love now!"
Justin moaned hearing the deep lust in Michael's voice.
"It's yours always, Mico. Use me for your desires, take all of my love."
Michael began an urgent rhythm, Justin feeling his unleashed passion.
He felt Michael was totally lost, his hardness sinking again and again into him.
Justin's own passion was gone, Michael's hand wrapping around his hardened cock.
They both erupted at the same moment, Michael screaming out Justin's name, Justin lost in the intensity of Michael's orgasm.
They trembled against each other, Michael slipping out of Justin, Justin turning around and taking Michael into his arms.
Justin looked into his golden eyes, seeing the tears flowing.
Michael sobbed against him, Justin holding him tightly.
Michael cried and cried, Justin holding him, not sure why he was crying.
Michael finally stopped, looking up into Justin's blue eyes.
"I love you so much, Justin! Please don't leave me! I don't want to lose you!"
Justin pulled him close, Michael's head resting on his wet chest.
Justin shut off the water, guiding Michael out of the shower, quietly drying off both of their bodies.
He guided him into the bedroom, Michael sitting down on the bed where Justin directed him.
Justin sat down beside him, putting his arm around him.
"I'm not going anywhere love. What's brought this on?"
"I let Gregory die, Jus! As if I'd stabbed him myself! I knew he was going to die and I didn't stop it!"
Justin now saw where Michael's emotions of death were coming from.
"It was destiny, Michael. You knew that it couldn't be changed. You couldn't change that path. But you brought him back. Your gifts brought him back. Don't feel that it was your fault, it wasn't."
Michael golden eyes stared at him.
"I can't carry this weight, Jus. I can't carry this responsibility of life and death.  I almost lost you once, risking my own life to save you. I don't want to see down the road that it may happen again. I hate this not knowing if you'll be safe."
Justin stared into his tearful golden eyes.
"Life is about not knowing, Mico. People walk through their lives not knowing when that final moment will be. It's called life, Mico. To worry about death every moment isn't living life. I'm here now, with you in love and happiness. Don't worry about the future, live in the present."
Michael wiped his eyes, Justin kissing his lips tenderly.
"I just hate the thought of you leaving me."
Justin sighed, looking into Michael's golden eyes.
"There is only one sure way of you knowing, Mico. The Hallway of Truth." Justin said quietly.
Michael stared at him, seeing what Justin meant.
"We're not far from Spain, and we have a few days free. Marco and Emile are going there. Why don't we  also go to your grandfather's? I'd really like to see your ancestral home. Alberto says it's so beautiful."
"Justin, I can't find the hallway. I don't even know where it is. Grandfather Augustus said I would find it when the time was  right. When I needed to find it."
Justin hugged him close.
"Maybe now is the time you need to find it, maybe it's not. All I know is that I think you need a few days of relaxation, Mico. Why not Spain?"
Michael smiled, seeing what Justin was trying to do for him, to ease his worry.
"Okay, love. I'm sorry for getting so emotional. Just seeing Gregory die, it brought out my insecurities and my fears."
Justin kissed him again.
"It's perfectly alright, love. I had the same feelings when I saw it happen. It shows how much we love and need each other."
Michael smiled, kissing Justin deeply.
"So, how about we get dressed and go enjoy that feast?" Justin said standing up in front of Michael, Michael scanning his nude body.
"Why not stay here? I know what I hunger for. Such a dish needs to be consumed slowly."
Justin laughed, Michael smiling, standing up, the two walking to their closet.

Gregory walked out of the shower, drying his nude body.
He walked into the bedroom in a bathrobe, seeing Kevin sitting on his bed, staring at him.
"That felt wonderful, very refreshing."
Kevin stared at him, Gregory seeing the beginnings of tears in his blue eyes.
He walked over, sitting down beside him, putting his arm around him.
"What's wrong, my love?"
Kevin began sobbing, Gregory holding him close.
"I lost you, Greg! I lost you and my world fell apart!"
Gregory held him, kissing his forehead, letting Kevin cry himself out.
"You haven't lost me, I'm right here, my love. I've come back to you."
"I know, I know. And I thank God you have! Oh God, I'm so happy Michael brought you back!"
Gregory smiled, his own eyes full of tears.
"I love you so much, Gregory. I need you in my life. I just realized how much."
Gregory leaned in, kissing Kevin deeply.
"I love you too, Kevin. I'm happy I have this chance to tell you that. And I'll tell you it everyday for the rest of our lives."
Kevin smiled, kissing him deeply.
Gregory felt the passion and love in Kevin's lips, standing up.
He opened his robe, letting it fall to the floor.
"Show me how much you love me, Kev. I need your love."
Kevin ran his hands over Gregory's hips, down his legs, feeling the muscular smooth body.
He pulled Gregory down, into his arms of love.
They kissed deeply and passionately, both men feeling their heated love.
Gregory broke the kiss, staring into Kevin's blue eyes.
"My heart and soul are yours, my Kev. Michael has given me a second chance, and I need you there beside me always."
"I'm not going anywhere, I am yours forever."
Both men teared up, lost in the love that overfilled their hearts.
"Show me your love, Greg. I need you so much."
Gregory smiled, lowering himself against Kevin's willing body, the two beginning their love.

Paulo stood on the balcony, looking out into the warm sunshine.
He felt an arm go around his waist, and moist lips on his neck.
He turned, seeing Emile's smiling face.
"Penny for your thoughts, Polo?" The young man said, Paulo looking into his blue eyes.
Jake and Marco stood in the doorway, both watching the other two.
"My mind is on life and death."
Jake had felt Paulo's mood, telling the other two. Emile had immediately headed out to see him. Jake heard Paulo's words, also walking out to him, Marco following.
Paulo sighed, sitting down on a settee, Jake sitting beside him.
Emile stood behind them, Marco sitting on the armrest, their hands going to Paulo's shoulders.
"What's wrong, my love?" Jake asked, staring into his green eyes.
"Seeing Gregory dying like that scared me so much. It made me see the fragility of life. One moment you're here, the next you're gone."
Jake took Paulo's hand in his, looking quietly at the other two men.
Paulo's eyes were filling with tears, the other three seeing his pain.
"I'm scare of losing your love, Jake. Or losing you, Emile and Marco. Or what if I'm killed?"
Jake kissed Paulo's lips, Emile kissing his cheek, Marco kissing his neck.
"You can't go through life worrying about dying, Polo. You have to live life. Each day is a new adventure, a day of discovery. All three of us will love you every day, myself the most. I learned this lesson from Mikey, Polo. He's lived every day as a new life. You should do the same."
"But I'm so scared of losing one of you." Paulo said, Jake hugging him to him, the other two lovers rubbing his back and shoulders.
"You'll never lose us, Polo. We'll be with you always." Marco said, kissing his cheek.
Paulo smiled a small smile, the other three smiling at him.
"I know I'm acting like a baby." he said, Jake lifting his head, kissing his lips.
"You are showing us your love, my sweet. You show us how much we mean to you. We all love you, Polo. We're not going anywhere. And even if God decides that we must, our love will always be with you. We four are eternally bound together. A foursome of true love."
Paulo smiled more, loving that phrase.
"I can't believe I have you three in my life. I love you all so much."
Each one kissed him tenderly, Jake's lingering a little more.
"Let's get ready for Michael's feast." Marco said, Emile kissing him tenderly.
Paulo and Jake smiled, seeing their friends lost in love.
"We have a little while, and it's a big shower." Jake said, Paulo smiling.
Emile and Marco grinned, Marco pulling off his shirt, the other three staring at his beautiful chest.
"First one there gets to wash the others." Marco grinned, taking off.
The other three laughed, rushing after him.

An hour later, the large group walked into a neighbourhood Greek restaurant, Barlow meeting them at the door.
Michael wore a black Armani suit, Justin in a grey Versace suit.
"Brothers, everything has been arranged. Please follow me to a feast of honor." he said smiling, people all around them bowing as Michael followed him.
Michael remained quiet, smiling at everyone they passed, everyone showing awe on their faces.
"This restaurant has been in our family for generations. My oldest son runs it now."
Michael smiled seeing a young man of about thirty standing in front of two double doors, bowing deeply.
"An honor has been bestowed upon our meager abode. Hail to thee, Warrior."
Michael nodded, extending his hand.
The man looked shocked, nervously putting his hand out, Michael shaking it firmly.
"Thank you for allowing us this honor, Armand."
Barlow looked stunned, not having told Michael his son's name.
"It is my honor, brother." Armand said, staring into Michael's golden eyes, then bowing again.
"I see in you your father's pride. You must be an exceptional man, Armand."
Barlow and Armand smiled widely, Barlow looking at his son with deep pride.
"Come, a great Greek feast awaits all of you." Armand said, opening the doors.
The huge room was brightly lit, at least thirty large tables set up.
The room was full of people, a large contingency of the Stavros family standing present.
As one they bowed deeply when Michael walked into the room.
Everyone looked around, Michael walking forward, his hand in Justin's.
He smiled at everyone, quietly walking down the center aisle toward two large empty tables.
They all sat down, Gregory, Justin, Michael, Darian, Shauna, and Kevin sitting at one table with Silas, Julius, and Barlow.
The other empty table filled up with their remaining friends and family.
Once everyone was seated, Gregory stood to welcome everyone, his brown eyes looking at all his family.
The hall erupted into applause, Gregory remaining silent.
A look of shock registered on his face, the people all standing now cheering and clapping.
Michael got up, walking up to his cousin, Gregory's face covered in tears now.
"Welcome home, lost child of courage." Michael said–everyone hearing him–hugging him tightly.
The applause increased, Gregory weeping against Michael's chest, Michael urging Kevin over.
Kevin got up, taking Gregory in his arms, guiding him back to his seat, sitting down beside him.
Michael remained standing, the applause quieting down, Michael seeing a lot of people wiping their eyes.
"Gregory, our faithful leader, is with us again. Given back by God to lead you again. We all saw his courage today, his love and faith in all of us. A greater sacrifice we shall never witness again. Such is the courage of all of you, my brothers and sisters. I feel that in all of you. Tonight, we celebrate our coming together as one. One soul and one heart, free of evil and hatred. I am your Warrior, but more importantly I am your brother. Life and faith now are joined. Thank you for this feast given for me in honor. I take it as a sign of your faith in me. I will ask our brother Barlow to lead us in thanks for what we are about to receive. We have him back, evil no longer holds him. Welcome him back with open arms."
Barlow looked up, shocked that Michael wanted him to say the prayer of thanks.
He hesitantly got up, Armand looking at his father with pride, walking up to Michael.
Michael kissed him on both cheeks, then hugged him deeply.
"Welcome home, lost brother of faith."
Barlow was in tears, Michael smiling at him.
The crowd was cheering and clapping again.
Michael sat down again, Justin smiling at him.
"I am honored, brother, that you find me worthy of this. My soul was lost, now it soars with happiness and freedom. Given by you, our Warrior of God. My own family owes you our devotion forever."
Everyone clapped, Barlow smiling.
"Let us bow our heads in reverence."
Everyone bowed, Michael smiling down at Shauna now in his lap.
"Lord, we your humble children give thanks today for life's most beautiful moments. Family, love, faith and hope all are present here today at this special moment. A feast of life and thanks, for sending to us our sacred warrior. Michael is your love in person, a man of deep love and giving hope. We all are blessed to be here, breaking bread with your servant, your messenger. Thank you for giving us our faith. We will follow him to your waiting arms of love. Amen."
The crowd as one said Amen, Michael lifting his head, his golden eyes bright and shining.
"Come everyone, dine on our succulent fares and delicious food. Prepared in love by my son's wonderful chefs. " Barlow said smiling, doors opening and waiters carrying out large trays of rich Greek food.
Everyone smiled, seeing all the beautiful dishes being set onto the tables.
Four men carried a large silver platter, a large roasted pig on display.
"Dada, look at piggie!" Darian said, Justin laughing at his son sitting in his lap.
Everyone dove into the delicious meal, food overflowing on the tables.
Waiters filled goblets with wine.
Justin and Michael fed the little ones, Darian and Shauna loving the food.
"Looks like there's some Greek in them, Michael." Gregory said, smiling.
"It wouldn't surprise me, Gregory. Our angels are special." Justin said, Michael smiling.
"They are beyond special." Michael said quietly, Justin smiling at him.
"And so well behaved." Barlow said, sitting beside Justin.
The two little ones looked up at him, smiling.
The feast was wonderful, everyone eating their fill.
All through the meal–and afterwards when the tables were cleared–people came up to Michael, Michael talking to them quietly and personally.
They all marveled at his smiling manner and high intellect.
Justin sat beside him, smiling at Michael's calming love entering all of them.
Michael had won over an entire family, all of them now devoted to him.
Justin chatted with Barlow and Julius, finding two very fascinating men.
He could feel their deep respect for Michael, and for what he'd done for them.
After dinner, everyone began to dance, a wonderful time had by all.
Michael danced with a lot of women, Justin marveling at his smooth movement.
Justin danced with Rachel and several other ladies, the family welcoming him with open arms.
And the two together danced many times, both feeling their love and togetherness.
The kids had a ball dancing with Lonnie and Justin, as well as Samuel whom they were fascinated with. But as young ones are, they tired out quickly, both falling asleep in their parents' arms.
Michael and Justin called it an early evening around ten o'clock, taking their treasures back to the hotel.
They told everyone else to stay and have fun, Rachel and Lonnie dancing up a storm.
Everyone hugged them goodbye.
An hour later, two men lay together in bed, in each other's contented arms.
"A wonderful, surprising day Mico." Justin said, Michael laying his head on Justin's smooth chest.
"That it was, Jus. That it was."
Justin felt Michael was deep in thought about something.
"Care to share your thoughts, my angel?"
Michael smiled, rubbing Justin's right nipple, Justin's body trembling.
"I was just thinking about our two angels."
Justin smiled, snuggling a little more into the warm bed.
"They are angels, aren't they?"
Michael looked into his blue eyes.
"I think they're something more, Jus."
"I know, Mico. I feel it too. Look what happened today. I feel them calming you."
"Yes, Jus. They have a gift for seeing into us, calming our souls. I think they're greatly gifted in many ways. I feel it with my gifts. And that worries me. I don't want them to have the hard life I had. All the condemning looks and mean finger-pointing. I don't want them hurt by ignorant people."
Justin kissed Michael's lips, feeling Michael's deep protective love for their children.
"We will be their protection, my love. They have their gifted fathers to guide them. That's more than you had, Mico. You can teach them so much."
Michael smiled, rubbing Justin's chest.
"I'll always be there for them. Regardless."
Justin quietly looked at him.
"I love you, Mico. And I love our angels. I'm so lucky to have three special people who love me."
Michael smiled, kissing Justin deeply, his hands running down his body.
"I love you, my special Jus. I'm happy I have you and my angels."
Justin kissed him again, gently rolling Michael over, his body now underneath him.
"I need you, Jus. Make love to me. Show me how much you love me."
Justin looked lustfully into Michael's golden eyes, kissing him.
"I will show you all that I can give."
Michael smiled, Justin beginning his passion.

The next morning saw the separating of friends.
Nick and Trevor were remaining in Greece, a mini vacation for them.
They'd be returning to America in three days.
Everyone else was heading for Spain for a couple of days.
Michael had called his grandfather, Alberto ecstatic that they were coming.
They would stay until Wednesday, their interview planned for Thursday.
Gregory and Kevin drove everyone to the airport, Julius and Barlow meeting them there.
Paulo had commandeered the family jet, which was sitting in a private hangar, waiting.
They all parted with many hugs and tender goodbyes.
Barlow and Julius gave Michael their devotion again, Michael hugging both tightly.
Silas hugged his young friend, he heading back home.
Michael and Gregory's parting was very touching.
"Goodbye, Michael. I'll talk to you soon, once the family has all returned home."
Michael took his hands in his.
"Gregory, I need to tell you something."
Gregory looked at Kevin, both men sensing some sadness in Michael.
"What is it Michael?"
Justin stood quietly watching the two men, knowing what Michael was feeling.
"I need to beg your forgiveness, Gregory and Kevin."
Both looked surprised, staring into Michael's tearing golden eyes.
"Forgiveness? For what?" Kevin said, putting his hand on Michael's shoulder.
Michael bowed his head.
"I knew that you would sacrifice your life Gregory. I knew beforehand. And I did nothing to stop it. I let you die."
Gregory and Kevin both looked stunned, Kevin remembering now Michael's asking for forgiveness outside the meeting.
"I'm sorry for allowing it to happen. I could have stopped you very easily. I'm so sorry." Michael said, sobbing now, Gregory taking him into his arms.
"Oh, Michael! I don't need your forgiveness! I know in my heart you did that for a reason. And I see it very plainly. You let me show my courage, my faith in my family. I willingly sacrificed myself for you, because I believed in you, and what you stood for. I thought that you were in danger, and I reacted. There will never be a time that I will not try and protect you. And you let it happen because you couldn't stop it, it was fate's destiny. What touched our hearts most of all was that you brought me back. You knew beforehand that you would do that, too, didn't you?"
Michael nodded against Gregory's chest.
"But I caused you pain, and hurt. And I caused Kevin's heart to break. I'm sorry for that, my brothers."
Kevin smiled, kissing Michael's cheek.
"You gave me a great gift, Mikey. You made me realize how much Gregory means to me. How much I love him. Seeing him die made his love mean more to me. For that, I am grateful. Thank you for returning him to me. We love you, Mikey."
Both men kissed him gently, everyone smiling at the touching scene.
"Thank you for not hating me."
Gregory smiled, hugging him tightly.
"To hate you would be to hate goodness and love." Gregory said, Michael smiling.
"See you soon, my brothers." Michael said, kissing both of them goodbye.
They all boarded the plane, Trevor and Nick hugging them all goodbye, standing with Silas, Gregory, Kevin, Julius and Barlow.
The plane rolled out of the hangar to goodbye waves of love.

Alberto sat in a chair in the late morning sunshine, watching the plane pulling up to the tarmac.
His grandson Nico standing behind him, watched quietly.
Nico was the second oldest grandchild, at thirty two.
On the plane were his youngest brother Marco, his cousin Paulo and the stranger that was his cousin Michael.
He'd heard all the stories from his grandfather, his own mind reflecting on the wonder of the man he was about to meet.
Nico was the most faithful of the family, a parish priest.
He loved his service to God, it being his life's calling.
He was one of three priests of the old family church, situated in the heart of Zamora.
And he felt that the man who was now about to descend onto Spanish soul was even more faithful.
The prophecy was etched in Nico's heart.
He put his own meaning into the prophecy, finding a more holy sense of its purpose.
To him, Michael is someone who would cleanse his family's soul.
The plane stopped, Nico helping his grandfather stand up.
The plane's sleek doorway opened, Paulo stepping out.
He smiled seeing his grandfather and cousin, Jake stepping out next.
Emile and Marco walked out next, followed by Lonnie, Rachel, Justin and then Michael.
The kids were in Justin's arms, both smiling at their great grandfather.
They all descended the stairway, Emile smiling, seeing Marco running towards his brother.
The priest wrapped his arms around Marco, the younger man crying.
"Welcome home, Daredevil!" Nico said smiling widely.
"I've missed you Nicolas." Marco said, Nico rubbing his back.
Justin and Michael stood on the steps, smiling at the family reunion, seeing Paulo hugging Alberto as well.
Marco broke with his brother, introducing Emile to him.
"This is my friend Emile, Nicolas. He's a wonderful man."
Nico smiled, shaking Emile's hand, smiling at him.
"It's a pleasure meeting you. Marco seems taken with you. That makes you my brother also."
"Thank you, Father."
Everyone smiled, Alberto and Nico now looking towards the man stepping onto the cement floor.
Michael smiled at his grandfather, Nico staring at Michael's golden eyes.
"Hello, grandfather." Michael said, tears showing in his eyes.
Alberto walked up to him, hugging him tightly.
"Welcome home, my lost grandson. Welcome to the heart of your family."
Michael put his arms around him, hugging him gently.
"I feel like a piece of my soul has come alive. It must be the love of my family."
Alberto teared up, wiping his golden eyes.
"Michael, this is your cousin, my grandson, Father Nicholas Barosa."
Michael looked into Nicolas' eyes seeing the deep faith and love shining there.
"My heart welcomes you, cousin. Welcome to Zamora." Nico said, smiling widely.
Michael smiled, forgoing the priest's hand and pulling him into a tender hug.
"Thank you, my brother. God's light shines in my heart at finally meeting you."
Nicholas was surprised by this open display of affection.
He gently hugged the young man back, both men breaking away slowly.
Nico stared into his golden eyes.
"Yes, Nico, I am the messenger. And so much more."
Nicholas began to lower himself, Michael stopping him.
"I require no adoration, I am only your cousin."
"You are he that has been foretold! Our family will rejoice with happiness at your arrival!"
Alberto smiled, seeing the two welcoming each other tenderly.
Justin now smiled at him, Alberto kissing his two great grandchildren.
"Wonderful to see you again, Poppa." Justin smiled, Alberto kissing his cheek.
"And how are my little angels?" he said, smiling, Shauna giggling.
"Hi, Poppa!" Darian said, smiling.
"Hello, Darry. And hello Shauny. Welcome to Spain."
Everyone smiled, Alberto introducing Nico to everyone else.
"Come everyone, we'll have lunch as soon as we return to Villa Tavarro."
Michael smiled, putting his arm around Alberto, walking him slowly toward the waiting cars.
Marco put his arm around his brother, Emile walking behind them.
"How are Antonio, and my sisters?" Marco smiled.
"Gina's teaching school in Vienna, Tanisa is backpacking  in Portugal. Sandaria is at the convent. Antonio, we know not of, his last correspondence was from Russia."
"Antonio always was the free spirit. My family is far strung. It will be good for us to all be together at the upcoming festival."
"They will all be here, Marco. They know of all that's transpired. Grandfather's web extends far."
Marco smiled, Nico looking back at Emile.
"I see your heart filled with happiness, Daredevil. He's a beauty. I'm happy for you, very happy."
Marco stopped, looking at his older brother with shock.
"I love you, Marco. Your happiness is all that matters."
Marco smiled widely, Emile putting his hand in his, the three walking together now.
Paulo and Jake smiled, their arms around each other, walking behind the three.

They drove in two cars through the city, everyone marveling at its beauty and old architecture.
"What a wonderful old city. It's all so beautiful." Rachel said, Nico smiling at her.
"It is our home, steeped in rich history. Tomorrow I'll give you a grand tour. Not the showy tourist sites, but the real heart of Zamora."
Michael smiled at his cousin, Nico smiling back.
"Awesome. It all looks so beautiful." Justin said, Alberto chuckling.
They drove through the winding streets, everyone looking around.
Michael saw a large stone church come into view, sitting on a rise above the town.
"Behold St.Aurelia's, the heart of Zamora. Our faithful shrine of life. Built by Adrian Tavarro, our ancestor."
Everyone looked toward the left side of the car, Michael looking also.
Alberto looked at him, seeing him quietly looking at the old structure.
"The heart of the Tavarro faith. Wherein lays the Stone of Vengeance." Michael said quietly.
Justin put his hand in his, Michael smiling at him.
"I'd like to visit it later, grandfather." Michael said quietly.
"We'll come down later, Michael. It is a beautiful church, one of great splendor."
"It holds many secrets, and many surprises." Michael said, looking down at Shauna beside him in a carseat, the little girl smiling up at him.
Nico and Alberto exchanged looks, looking then at him.
"Secrets and surprises, Michael?"
"Yes, cousin."
"I have been in that church a thousand times and walked every corner, there is nothing hiding there." The man said, smiling at him.
"I never said they were hiding." Michael said, looking back out the window, both men sensing his quietness, remaining silent.
Twenty minutes later, the two cars drove through a stone entrance, onto the grounds of the Villa Tavarro.
Everyone was awed by its beautiful landscape.
Rich green gardens were in full view on both sides of the long, stone driveway.
"This home is over nineteen hundred years old. The original family home of Adrian was on this sight. Adrian built the central structure, his sons and grandsons expanding on its grandeur." Nico said, Alberto smiling.
"It's still just home to me." The older man said, Nico patting his arm.
"As to me too, grandfather."
Michael smiled, looking ahead.
They drove through an apple orchard, the house of Tavarro coming into view.
A large stone house stood in the center of all the land, immense in its size.
Justin, Lonnie and Rachel all stared in awe at the size of the place.
"Good God, Michael! This is a mansion!" Lonnie said, Rachel nodding in agreement.
Justin looked at Michael, Michael blushing.
Justin didn't say anything out loud, the two talking in their minds.
"This is beyond unbelievable, Mico. Your family must be wealthy beyond belief."
"I know the depth of their wealth, Jus. But you must remember the faith and love behind the wealth. This wealth has done a lot of good."
Justin smiled, Michael smiling back.
The cars pulled up in front of the house, stopping on the circular drive.
Everyone climbed out, Michael with Shauna in his arms, Justin with Darian.
"Big house, Dada!" Darian said, Justin looking up at the stone battlements.
"Yep, little buddy. Very big."
Alberto smiled, climbing out of the car, Michael giving him a shoulder to lean on.
"Welcome to Adrian's center. To the center of our family's dynasty. Welcome to my home."
Michael kissed his grandfather's cheek, Alberto smiling, a tear in his eye.
"I'm home, grandfather. I'm in my father's home. And that makes my heart soar."
Alberto choked up, Justin putting his arm around him too.
The two little toddlers kissed their great grandfather's cheeks.
Alberto was deeply moved by all their loving souls.
"Come, my grandchildren. Let's walk into Adrian's house of love."

The darkness of the room he was in gave him no relief.
The pain in his head was mind-numbing.
Since yesterday his henchmen lived in fear.
Fear of his wrath.
Fredrick crawled out of his bed, struggling to his feet.
He staggered over to the washbasin, dunking his head into the recently filled cool water.
He shuddered, feeling the instant relief from the fire that burned in him.
He'd screamed for hours, half in anger, half in pain.
Anger at Michael destroying his plans for the Stavros clan.
Pain for what Michael had given him in return.
Fredrick pulled his head out of the basin, water dripping everywhere.
He stared at himself in the gloomy darkness, a mirror hanging in front of him.
"I'll have your soul, you bastard! Your heart and soul!"
Fredrick stared into the mirror, the vision staring back at him making his anger remain.
Gamot walked into the room, bowing to his master.
Light filtered into the room from the hallway behind him.
"Victor called, sire. The man is in Spain. He is going to Villa Tavarro."
Fredrick threw the basin across the room, hitting the wall beside Gamot, water splashing all over him.
Fredrick rushed across the room, taking the man by the throat.
"Tell me something I don't know!!"
Gamot shuddered feeling Fredrick's angry mood.
"Our spy is in place?"
Gamot struggled, gasping for air, nodding slowly.
Fredrick released him.
"Get out of here! Bring me food! And three bottles of whisky! I need to dull my mind. I plan on being drunk every moment that man is in that house."
Gamot put his hand to his throat bowing to him quickly.
"As you wish my lord." He struggled to say, opening the door wider.
The light grew brighter, the man seeing Fredrick's face clearly now.
What he saw chilled him to the bone.
Two fiery eyes of red, and a white cross burned into his wide angry forehead.

End of Chapter 128

And so Fredrick does indeed wear Michael's mark proclaiming his evil.
The symbol of faith giving him great pain.
And Michael has now returned to his father's house.
What lays in store for him there?
Does he know where the Hallway of Truth lays?
Will he seek it out?
What was he talking of in regards to the church?
More interesting questions.
I'll try and answer all of them for you in the next two chapters.

I hope people aren't getting bored of all this?
It's a story build on my heart of fantasy.
I hold it's still intriguing my fans.


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