Justin's Angel-129

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The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


The darkness of the room he was in gave him no relief.
The pain in his head was mind-numbing.
Since yesterday his henchmen lived in fear.
Fear of his wrath.
Fredrick crawled out of his bed, struggling to his feet.
He staggered over to the washbasin, dunking his head into the recently filled cool water.
He shuddered, feeling the instant relief from the fire that burned in him.
He'd screamed for hours, half in anger, half in pain.
Anger at Michael destroying his plans for the Stavros clan.
Pain for what Michael had given him in return.
Fredrick pulled his head out of the basin, water dripping everywhere.
He stared at himself in the gloomy darkness, a mirror hanging in front of him.
"I'll have your soul, you bastard! Your heart and soul!"
Fredrick stared into the mirror, the vision staring back at him making his anger remain.
Gamot walked into the room, bowing to his master.
Light filtered into the room from the hallway behind him.
"Victor called, sire. The man is in Spain. He is going to Villa Tavarro."
Fredrick threw the basin across the room, hitting the wall beside Gamot, water splashing all over him.
Fredrick rushed across the room, taking the man by the throat.
"Our spy is in place?"
Gamot struggled, gasping for air, nodding slowly.
Fredrick released him.
"Get out of here! Bring me food! And three bottles of whisky! I need to dull my mind. I plan on being drunk every moment that man is in that house."
Gamot put his hand to his throat bowing to him quickly.
"As you wish my lord." He struggled to say, opening the door wider.
The light grew brighter, the man seeing Fredrick's face clearly now.
What he saw chilled him to the bone.
Two fiery eyes of red, and a white cross burned into his forehead.

Chapter 129

Everyone walked up the marble steps at the front of the mansion.
An older man opened the front door, bowing to Alberto, everyone following him inside.
"This is Garrison, he's my personal manservant, and dear friend of twenty years."
Garrison smiled, welcoming everyone.
Michael looked around the beautiful foyer, with its high ceiling, from which hung a crystal chandelier.
A large staircase stood in the center of the foyer, carpeted stairs going upward.
Everyone stood in amazement at the lush marble floors and rich tapestries hanging on the walls in this wide, open room.
Garrison removed Alberto's coat, Alberto guiding his family down the left side of the room, where two doors stood closed.
"Come into the resting room, my friends. Garrison will bring us cool drinks."
Everyone smiled, Garrison walking in another direction.
Paulo and Marco opened the double doors, everyone's eyes going wide.
The room was large and spacious.
A grand piano sat in one corner, white and gleaming.
A large stone fireplace stood in the center of the room. Two large stone lions stood at each end of it, sitting in a ready-to-pounce stance.
Many chairs, couches and settees were positioned around the room, along with smaller tables and antiques.
Michael walked up to the stone fireplace, staring up at a large portrait of a man.
The man was standing with his arm leaning on a stone column.
His piercing golden eyes gleaming in determination.
"Hello, Adrian.  I am here at last." Michael said, Justin putting his arm around him.
"So that is Adrian. He's so beautiful." Justin said, looking at Michael.
"He looks similar to you, Mico. A little longer face, and taller, but the resemblance is there."
Michael smiled, Alberto now standing beside them.
"That is a true likeness, painted by his own grandson, Octavius. It's hung there for over two thousand years. Adrian himself built this fireplace. The lions are a symbol of his strength and kingship."
Michael looked over at the stone lion on his left, seeing the deep golden jewels embedded in its eyes.
He looked at the right one, seeing blue crystal eyes.
"They guard him in all ways." Michael said quietly, Shauna looking at them.
Michael smiled, kissing her cheek.
"No sweetie, they're lions. Big pussy cats."
Shauna giggled, Michael smiling and sitting down on a couch behind him.
Everyone sat down, Alberto sitting beside Michael and Justin.
Garrison walked into the room carrying a large tray, glasses of lemonade on it.
Everyone took a glass, Garrison standing back smiling.
"How long have you worked here, Garrison?" Michael asked, smiling at him.
"He's been my faithful servant for over twenty years, Michael. He came to my aid after my accident." Alberto said smiling at his servant.
Michael smiled at the older man, Garrison smiling back.
"I find it more of a happiness than a job, Alberto."
Alberto smiled, Garrison walking back out of the room.
"It's so good to have you here finally, my boy. I've dreamed of this moment. That you, our divine hope would walk one day in these old halls."
Michael smiled, putting his arm around his grandfather, Shauna now sitting in Alberto's lap.
"We had a few days free, Poppa. And I wanted to come here, to see all this. Polo and Marco love this place so much."
Both young men smiled, drinking their drinks.
Alberto smiled, kissing his grandson's cheek.
Michael's eyes looked up at the portrait, looking in deep thought.
He looked back at his grandfather, Alberto seeing a sudden sadness in his golden eyes.
"I want to see him, grandfather."
Alberto remained silent, Justin quietly watching Michael.
"I entombed him in a special place, Michael. In the middle of all his flowers."
Michael put his arm around his grandfather again, seeing the tears in his golden eyes.
"My father would have loved that. I remember our walks through all the parks back home, him pointing out all the different flowers. From that, came my love of nature's beauty. He deserved to be buried in a spot of nature's beauty."
Alberto sobbed, Rachel picking up Shauna, Michael taking his grandfather into his arms, Alberto sobbing against his chest.
"My Ramon, my innocent loving son! Oh how I miss him!" Alberto sobbed, Michael rubbing his back.
"I'm sorry grandfather, for bringing up your pain on this wonderful day." Michael said, his own eyes wet now.
"It's alright, Michael. You have every right to see him, to feel his love and see his work. All the gardens here were designed by him, his love is in all the beauty of this place."
"We'll walk around later, Poppa. Once you've had a rest. Come, let's all have a rest." Michael said, getting up.
"I'll show everyone their rooms, Poppa. The west wing, I take it?" Paulo said, Jake standing beside him.
"Yes, Polo. The rooms are all ready. Please everyone, relax and take a breather. Lunch will be in about an hour."
Michael hugged his grandfather, he and everyone else following Paulo and Jake out of the room.
Alberto sighed, walking up to the fireplace, resting his hand on the mantle, looking up at Adrian's portrait.
"He's home, grandfather. Our messenger has come home. Praise be in God's faith that he does what must be done."
A noise by the door made Alberto turn.
Garrison stood there smiling.
"Time for a rest, sire."
Alberto nodded, leaving the room, his manservant giving him his arm.

Justin stood on the balcony of their bedroom, looking out at all the lush vegetation and flowery displays on the west grounds.
Michael and the kids sat on a wicker chaise on the balcony.
"This place is beyond belief, Mico. It's like a palace."
Michael smiled, seeing the awe and reverence in Justin's gazing eyes.
"It is a house drenched in history, Jus. Built by a righteous man, dedicated to his family's shining faith. Through the years of hardship and faithful perseverence his grandchildren built upon it, making it a beacon to all the faithful. It is a shrine to the name of Tavarro. But it's not my home."
Justin sat down beside his lover, feeling Michael's thoughtful mood.
"You're not taken in by any of this are you, Mico? It's as if you're not surprised by the grandeur of your family's heritage."
"This isn't me, Jus. This decadence, this wealthiness. It's just not me. And it never will be. To my grandfather, it's just home; he's kind of blocked out the garishness of it all. He's hardly mentioned the house, he's only talked of the gardens. To him, nature is the beauty of his eye."
Justin smiled, kissing his cheek.
"You have such a way with simplifying everything, Mico. It makes me so happy when you simplify it for me."
Michael smiled, Shauna playing now on the floor with her brother.
"Sweet Justin. You are not a simple-minded man. I've told you that many times."
Justin's face lit up with a wide smile, kissing Michael's cheek. Then his smile lowered, wrapping his arm around Michael.
"I'd forgotten about your father, Mico. About him resting here in peace. I'm sorry if it's brought back painful memories."
Michael kissed Justin on the lips, Justin feeling his love and a sense of sadness.
"I've always known I'd have to come and see him, Jus. To see where he is. To make sure he's in a nice place."
"It sounds like your grandfather has done that for him, Mico."
"Yes, Jus. But he's still gone. Nothing can change that."
Justin hugged him close, the two kids looking up at them.
"Papa okay?" Darian said standing up, trying to climb up on his lap.
Michael reached down, picking up his little boy, Justin lifting Shauna up, both climbing into Michael's lap, hugging him close.
"Papa's okay. He's just a bit sad."
"We wuv you, Papa."
Justin smiled, seeing that the two children had sensed Michael's mood. That they knew he needed them to show him their love.
"Papa loves his two angels." Michael said, smiling down at them.
They both smiled, Justin kissing him again.
"How about we go have lunch? My three babes are hungry."
All three smiled; the four getting up and heading downstairs.

After a rich, delicious lunch in the large opulent dining room, Paulo took everyone on a tour of the house and grounds.
They walked all through the house, Paulo pointing out significant historic items and paintings.
Michael and Justin walked with the kids, the children running all around, climbing up on different furniture.
They tired quickly; their parents then carrying them on their shoulders.
"Big house, Papa! Me get lost!"
Michael smiled up at Darian on Justin's shoulders.
"Dada's got you sweetie, he'll never let you get lost. He'll never let any of us get lost."
Justin smiled, Darian patting his father's head.
"Tanks Dada!"
"Anytime, little man."
Michael smiled, walking beside Marco.
"I've run these halls for years and played in all these rooms, Mikey. It was like a gigantic playground. Paulo was my constant playmate."
"See these marks, Justin?" Paulo pointed at long scratches in the marble columns.
"Yes, they're deep."
"Marco and I did those with our first hunting knives. Grandfather nearly skinned us alive."
Everyone smiled, seeing the memories flooding the two young Spaniards.
"I'm sure he would. They're beautiful pillars." Lonnie said, rubbing the smooth surface.
"No. He was mad at us for dulling our blades."
Michael laughed, Justin holding his laugh inward, everyone staring at Michael, Paulo and Marco smiling.
"Our adventurous grandfather. His believing in the important things."
Paulo laughed also, Marco joining him.
Michael saw everyone else looking at him with confused expressions.
"Let me explain what I mean. All this glamour and intoxicating beauty mean nothing to my grandfather. As it would to my ancestor Adrian. They both are men of the soil, adventurous men of faith and love. What lays outside, and what lays in the hearts of their family, always held more to their heart than all this gaudiness."
Everyone smiled, seeing Michael's meaning.
"Come, let's join Poppa in the gardens." Michael said, walking down the hallway, Shauna laughing on his shoulders.

Everyone walked out into the bright, warm afternoon sunshine; Marco guiding everyone along the west side of the grounds.
They saw large spacious gardens abundant with  flowers, stone fountains and beautiful hedges and trees.
Olive trees grew in abundance throughout as well as apple, pear and walnut trees.
"It's all so beautiful and picturesque. The colours blend together so well and so easily." Rachel said, Lonnie walking with her, the two holding each other's hand.
"The garden of lovers." Michael said, smiling at them.
Everyone walked around, sitting on stone benches and looking into the fountains.
"It really is beautiful." Emile said, Marco with his arm around him.
"Wait till you see the pool. Come on everyone." Marco said, Emile walking with him as Marco quickened his pace, Paulo chuckling at his cousin's enthusiasm, everyone following.
The walked down a hedged-in pathway, out onto a breathtaking scene.
In front of them was a large walled-in stone pool decorated with marble statues and mosaics, the center of the pool holding a large marble-based statue.
It was of a young man, carved in white alabaster marble.
He was bare chested, his chest muscular and well-formed.
In his right hand he held a cross, and in his left was a sword held high.
Everyone froze staring at the statue.
"Good God, Mico! It's you!"
Justin and everyone else were now staring at Michael.
Michael's eyes were full of tears.
"And so you have come full circle."
Michael turned, staring into his grandfather's golden eyes.
Alberto stood beside them all, Garrison holding onto his arm.
Alberto's eyes were full of tears.
"For sixty years, I have looked at that statue, never knowing what or who it was supposed to represent. It has stood there for over two thousand years, since the day Octavius moved it from Adrian's original garden. And now I see what and who it is."
Alberto put his hand on Michael's shoulder.
"It represents the Messenger and Warrior of God, together in one man. You, my grandson. For destiny now shows us the truth. Adrian himself knew what you would look like, he carved you in stone for all to proclaim. You were always supposed to be real, Michael. It was always going to be you."
Alberto sobbed, Michael handing Shauna to Rachel, taking his grandfather into his arms. Michael still stared up at the statue, seeing himself in carved glory.
"Am I real, grandfather? Or is this all a dream?"
Michael broke from his grandfather, walking toward the pool, now standing directly in front of the statue, looking up into his own face.
"He knew that one day I'd be here, this is his acknowledgment of who I was. And what I would one day have to be. You have all won, grandfather. I am what you want me to be."
Justin felt Michael's feelings, his now total acceptance of who he was. Who he was always destined to be.
Darian and Shauna looked toward their father, feeling it as well.
Paulo walked up to his brother, putting his hand on his shoulder.
"My brother, Michael. Since I was a child, this has always been my favorite place. I spent hours out here just looking up at that beautiful face. That beautiful face made me realize that I desired men. That one day I would find a man as beautiful to love. And here standing today, looking into that face of flesh, I can say that you are real, Michael. A more loving, beautiful, caring soul I've never met, or will ever meet. You are real, Michael. And you are more beautiful of soul and heart than that statue could ever show."
Michael turned, smiling into his brother's tearing eyes.
"So you had the hots for me?"
Paulo laughed, as did everyone else.
Michael's unwavering humor shattering the seriousness of the moment.
Michael ruffled his brother's hair, Paulo smiling widely.
Michael walked back over to his grandfather, Alberto smiling at him.
"I love you, grandfather. And all my family. And these beautiful gardens. I see my father's touches in all the natural beauty of the Tavarro estate. It's time I saw his resting place."
Alberto nodded quietly, Justin's hand going in Michael's, Michael looking into his loving blue eyes.
Michael took his grandfather's arm, Garrison smiling at him.
The two Tavarro men and Justin walked quietly through an opening in the hedge, everyone else remaining behind.
They all sensed Michael's need for privacy, the emotion behind this moment.
"Go with love, Michael." Paulo said, wrapping his arm around Jake, Jake smiling at him.

Alberto led Michael through the back gardens, guiding him down a narrow pathway.
"This is the path to the garden of solitude. Forward lies your grandmother and your father, Michael. I put them in a spot of exquisite beauty, in nature's shining heart. I hope it's what you wanted."
Michael stopped, looking into his grandfather's golden eyes. Justin stood by their side.
"They rest in a spot of love, grandfather, close to your love."
Alberto smiled, Michael seeing a rose bush a few feet ahead of them.
He went to it, pulling off three roses.
He smiled, walking forward, Alberto taking Justin's arm now.
"He needs to see this on his own, Justin. Let's give him a moment."
Justin smiled, the two slowing down, letting Michael walk ahead alone.
"Why three roses, grandfather?"
Alberto looked into Justin's eyes.
"I don't know, Jus. I can't see how he knows."
Justin stared at him, not knowing what he meant.

Michael walked down the final path, walking into an open clearing.
He stopped, looking at a spot of immense beauty.
Large rose bushes were growing everywhere, different colours emblazoning the surrounding scenery.
White, red, yellow, blue, and pale shades of pink.
And in a circular arc, four stone sarcophaguses filled the tranquil beauty with a sense of serenity.
Two were positioned on the left side of a central statue, two on the right.
Michael looked at the statue, a life-size statue of Adrian, his arms stretched out in warming faith.
Several stone benches were evident in different places, Michael knowing Alberto came and sat here often.
Alberto and Justin walked into the clearing, Michael remaining still.
Justin thought it was the most quiet, tranquil, beautiful spot he'd ever seen.
He put his hand in Michael's, feeling Michael's love.
"It's such a beautiful spot. So filled with a quietness and deep protective love." Michael said, his eyes moist.
"Adrian guards them all with his love." Alberto said, sitting down on a stone bench, Michael looking at him.
"Why don't you talk of him, grandfather?"
Alberto lowered his head, Justin not sure what was going on.
Michael felt his grandfather's pain, letting the man regain his emotions.
Michael walked toward the first sarcophagus on the left, Justin walking with him.
They both looked down at it.
It stood, as they all did, about four feet high, a square tomb of polished white marble.
Engraved on the top was a name and written words of Spanish.
Michael translated them for Justin.

Alberto Fredrick Tavarro
Father of Growing Love

Michael looked at his grandfather, the older man nodding.
This was to be his eternal home when the time came.
A home among the flowering beauty of the Tavarro hand.
Michael walked to the next white tomb, Justin following.
They both looked down on the writing engraved into the stone lid.

Marisa Teresa Cardova-Tavarro
     Mother of Giving Love

Michael smiled, a tear falling down, landing on the marble surface.
"Hello, my grandmother. Faithful mother, grandmother and saintly loving soul. It's me, your unknown grandson from America. I wish I could have met you, and felt your giving heart. If it was anything like your sister's then it was a loving, caring heart, so giving of its love. Rest peacefully, and know that I love you."
Michael laid a red rose on top of the stone tomb, leaning down and kissing the surface.
Alberto teared up, hearing and seeing Michael's love for his unknown grandmother.
Justin put his arm around Michael's waist, Michael feeling his closeness and love.
They walked in front of the statue of Adrian, both stopping and looking at its beauty.
Across the base, there were Spanish words written which Michael spoke aloud.

"Amor conquista todos."

Michael looked up into Justin's blue eyes, Justin feeling deep meaning in those words.
"What does it mean, my love? I know amor is love."
Michael kissed his lips tenderly, looking into his blue eyes.

"Love conquers all."

Justin felt the overpowering meaning of why that phrase was written here.
At that moment, they both felt their love for each other, embedded in their very souls.
Michael started walking again, stopping at the next silent tomb.
He ran his hand gently over the surface, reading the etched lettering aloud.

Ramon Alesandro Tavarro
Son and Father of Courageous Love

Justin put his arm tightly around Michael, feeling his saddened soul.
Michael laid a red rose on top of the written words.
"Hello, Dad. It's me, your Micky. I'm doing okay, Dad. Jus and I are here to see you. It looks so beautiful here, so warm and loving. Lost among the flowers and beauty of your homeland.
I know you rest here with your heart and soul at peace. And I know you now are with Mom, the two of you together forever.
I just had to come and see what my grandfather's love meant to you. I see it now in what he's shown here. The beauty of love and soul."
Alberto was in tears, hearing Michael's praise and love for him.
"I miss you Dad. I wish you were here with me, to guide me for what I have to do.
I need your love and Mom's love so much now.
But my heart is filled with Justin's love, with his deep unending love. It makes me so happy. He makes me so happy."
Justin teared up hearing Michael's loving soul laid bare for his father.
"I want you to meet your grandchildren, Dad. You won't believe the love and beauty of their cherishing souls. Jus and I feel so loved, and so happy. I love them all so much, as much as you loved your child."
Justin felt Michael's sorrow letting go, tightening his hold on him, Michael feeling his love.
"I love you Dad, always. Always."
Michael was crying now, laying his head on the stone surface, kissing the warm marble.
Justin let him cry, knowing he needed to do this. Justin's hand–which wore the silver faith ring–resting on his shoulder.
Alberto rose up slowly, walking beside them, his hand also going on Michael's shoulder.
"Take your time, my son. Bask in his peaceful love. I always have: everyday that I have sat here."
Michael rose up, hugging his grandfather, laying his head against his chest.
"I miss him so much, Poppa! I need him so much!"
Justin and Alberto were in tears feeling the deep loss in Michael.
"He loved us, Michael. I never doubted that for a moment. In his words of love for you and in his actions of love for me. He gave the final gift of love for me. But you, and you alone had his greatest love. In you he felt his greatest achievement. You made his heart soar with pride and happiness. He told me that himself. He loved you, Michael."
Michael pulled back, looking into his grandfather's smiling, loving face.
He kissed him on the cheek, wiping a tear that had fallen on his cheek.
"As you loved Matthew."
Justin thought Alberto looked like he might collapse, his face showing deep shock.
The both put their arms around the older man, guiding him back to the stone bench again.
Alberto sat down, trying to get his emotions under control, not succeeding very well.
"How... how did you.."
Michael kissed his cheek, holding him until the older man calmed down.
Michael then stood up, walking over to the last stone tomb.
Justin had his arm now around Alberto, the older man watching Michael.
Michael looked down at the smooth, etched writing, feeling the love etched in the white stone.
He spoke the words, his voiced filled with a quiet love.

Matthew Alberto Tavarro
Child of Innocent Love

Alberto sobbed, Michael looking into Justin's blue concerned eyes.
"Matthew was my uncle, Jus. The youngest child of Alberto's. He died at the tender age of seven."
Justin looked shocked, seeing the effect this had on Alberto, feeling a father's deep grief.
"He was so beautiful, such a promising child of love."
Michael walked back over, sitting down beside Alberto, putting his arm around his grandfather, feeling the loss and grief etched in his soul.
"I had two sons of such loving, giving hearts. My eldest, Ramon, who I knew would be a man of great worth and loving kindness. And my youngest, the purest drop of sunshine, my innocent little Matthew. I failed them both."
Alberto sobbed, Michael holding him gently, letting him release his grief.
"You did not fail them grandfather. You loved them. That was all they needed. That was all they wanted. And they both had that every day of their short lives."
Alberto wiped his eyes, looking up into Michael's.
"I see their love in your eyes, Michael. The same love they gave me. It warms my heart that you love me."
Michael smiled, kissing his grandfather's cheek.
"It's easy to love you, Poppa. In you, I see the heart of our family. Love's center. It radiates out to all of us. We all love you."
Alberto stood up, walking to the last tomb, putting his hands on top of it.
The two younger men stood on both sides of him now, being there to support him.
"He died on the most beautiful of days. His seventh birthday. Ramon loved him so dearly. He was ten years older than him; but to him, Matthew was his big brother. Matthew had such a way of seeing life. He took a part of your father's soul when Matthew tragically died. After his death, Ramon left for America, to walk away from his pain."
"How did he die, Poppa?" Michael quietly asked, Alberto turning to look at him.
"He drowned in the pool, Michael. In your statue's pool. Ramon found him that morning. Sometime during the night he'd gone out for a swim. Why, we don't know. He'd never done that. Your father found his lifeless body that morning, carrying him into our home, laying him in my arms. Giving me my lost little boy. It destroyed your grandmother's heart, Michael. She died a short two months later. They said it was her heart, and it was. It was broken, shattered into pieces. How can one live with the sunshine of their heart gone?"
Michael put his arms more around him, Alberto feeling his love.
"You lived, grandfather."
Alberto smiled, a teary emotional smile.
"I lived because I was asked to."
Justin looked surprised, Michael looking calm.
"Adrian came to me in a dream, Michael. The night your grandmother died, he visited me. His loving words soothed my shattered soul, rebuilt it with love, giving me a purpose in life again. To find you, Michael. And so my son left, leaving me with the dead of my heart. But I never gave up hope that I would find you. And then your father came home, and more tragedy entered my heart. But I never gave up. I walked through life holding onto a faint dream of hope. Adrian said that when I found you, my heart and soul would be one again. And now I feel that happening. Your love is making me heal, Michael."
Michael smiled, Alberto looking down at his son's silent tomb.
"It always brought me some peace to think that Matthew had you there above him when he left this world. Even though it was only a statue of you."
"He must have been a courageous young child, grandfather."
Alberto smiled, kissing his grandson's cheek.
"In you, I see so much of him, and of your father. It's like your coming has given me them back."
"In a way it has, Poppa. I have their love in me, and I have yours. My father told me about Matthew, Poppa. He sat me down one day in a park and told me of his younger brother. Of the joy and love that young heart possessed. So in essence, my father gave me Matthew's love. In all his moments of remembered love. I never told anyone–not even my Mom–about Matthew. I kept his love in my heart. The love my father gave me. That's what started my heart of love. My young uncle's love, given to his brother, then that same brother giving it to his own son.  I'll be all that you want me to be, because I love you, as they did."
Alberto smiled at Michael's deep meaningful words, Justin kissing him now also.
"I'm tired, Michael. I need to rest."
The two younger men smiled, guiding him back out of the quiet clearing.
Michael turned one last time, looking at the serene beauty of the spot.
"Thanks, Dad. For giving me so much love."
Justin smiled, hearing Michael's final loving words.

Everyone felt the quietness from the three men all afternoon, sensing the emotional moment they'd had.
They gave them quiet space, Justin and Michael relaxing in their room with the kids.
Alberto retired for a rest.
Paulo, Marco, Jake and Emile went out exploring, the foursome of love at peace with their closeness.
Rachel and Lonnie spent the afternoon alone, walking through the beautiful gardens, just talking.
Michael and Justin lay on their bed, feeling the emotions of all their friends.
Their two little angels were asleep between them, Darian lightly snoring.
"He's got your snore down pat, Jus."
Justin blushed, Michael laughing, leaning over and kissing him tenderly.
"Aren't they so beautiful? So beautiful and innocent. Little drops of sunshine." Justin quietly said, looking down at his two children.
Michael felt Justin's blossoming tears, Michael sitting up.
He got out of bed, walking around the bed, pulling Justin up gently, seeing the wet tears in his eyes.
He guided him out onto the balcony, quietly closing the door.
They sat down on a lounger, Justin folded into Michael's strong arms, laying his head on his strong chest.
"Oh, Michael! To lose a child, it must have ripped Alberto's heart out! I'd die if we lost one of ours!"
Michael held him tight, knowing that Justin would feel that way upon hearing the story.
"I know, Jus. But I promise you that won't ever happen. Never. Those two little angels will grow up in our house of love. And they'll give us so much love in return."
Justin smiled, feeling the deep truth behind Michael's words.
"I've seen it Jus. I've seen them older and so happy. So, destroy those thoughts from your mind. We'll have our angels forever."
Justin smiled again, kissing Michael on the lips.
He looked into Michael's golden eyes.
"How did you really know, Mico? About Matthew? I sensed you weren't telling Alberto the real truth."
Michael got up, walking to the balcony's stone railing looking out at the gardens of beauty.
"What  I said was true, Jus. My father did talk to me of Matthew, and his life. But there's something more. Someone else told me all about him."
"Who, Mico? Adrian?"
"No, Jus. Remember I told you that I have a voice floating through me, how it talks to me?"
Justin stood up, walking up to him, putting his arms around him.
"Yes, Mico. That you thought the voice was real."
"It is real, Jus. And I think it's Matthew."

Victor Falisca sat in silent worry.
He hated this place with a passion. This dark, sinking hole of doom.
All his life he'd felt like an outsider, lost on the edges of success.
Meeting Ginella Tavarro had opened his eyes to the endless possibilities.
That he could have wealth, prominence and power.
And meeting her uncle had solidified those feelings.
That first night he'd met him, he'd ended up in his bed.
Fredrick Tavarro had taken his innocence, and Victor had given it freely.
For in Fredrick he'd found opportunity. And deep desire.
He'd groveled to him ever since.
Waiting for the moment, when the power would lay in reach. When he'd have everything he'd desired.
He'd held his tongue when Fredrick came into his marriage bed that first night, letting Fredrick take his wife, then him.
He'd not even shown disgust when his wife had told him the truth. That Fredrick had lain with her, his neice,  since she was nine.
That he'd been the first and only man she'd desired. That he had taken her innocence.
He felt the same.
Fredrick's brutality when making love sent Victor's heart racing.
He'd wanted it. He'd needed it.
And ever since, he'd sought that in many other brutal copulations.
Throughout the inner circles of the sexual deviant underground of Spain's wealthy families, Victor Falisca was known as a submissive slave.
Many men of power had used him for various depraved encounters.
And Victor had relished them all.
But in Fredrick's brutality he found total joy.
The door opened wide, Fredrick Tavarro walking into the room. He wore only a bathrobe, his head covered by a bandana, which ends hung over his shoulder.
"Victor, finally. Where is he now?"
"He resides at Villa Tavarro. Alberto gives him free rein. He and his family are here for three days. Alberto just showed him this afternoon the tombs."
Fredrick smiled, sitting on a gilded chair, staring at the man.
Victor was what one would call, sheepishly beautiful.
He was slim, slightly balding, but lean and masculine. At thirty five, youth had left his features, but there was a rugged beauty to his face. And Fredrick knew his ass was insatiable.
"Aww, so poor little Micky's been sobbing at his father's grave. Poor bastard."
Victor watched the man, feeling the sarcasm in his deep voice.
"Alberto is showing him the church tomorrow."
Fredrick glared at the man, Victor lowering his eyes and head.
"Kneel at my feet, dog."
Victor was on his knees, stooped in front of Fredrick.
"So Micky's going on a godly quest, is he? Walking into that church he will feel his impending doom! For within those walls he'll meet his end!"
Fredrick smiled, then laughed.
"He doesn't know anything! What this is really about! What a fool! Rise up on your knees, dog!"
Victor rose up onto his knees, seeing Fredrick's red-eyed gaze.
Fredrick lifted his naked leg, kicking Victor in the chest, the man falling backwards onto the cold cement floor.
Victor lay on his back, Fredrick rising up, standing over his chest, a foot on either side.
Victor saw the nakedness under Fredrick's robe, seeing his large phallus hanging down.
"Tell him I want Alberto dead before the end of this day. And if he's not, then I'll make him rue the day he failed me!"
"The Dracarian is ready. Alberto's life is over."
"It ends tonight" Fredrick said with finality.
"Yes, Sire."
Fredrick looked down, seeing where Victor's eyes were staring.
"But first you must worship at the temple of life."
Fredrick opened his robe, throwing it back onto the chair, standing naked over Victor.
"Lick every inch of my body, slave. Worship he who has the greatness. And he who will give you your just deserved rewards."
Victor moved, his tongue licking Fredrick's calf, his hands rubbing the hair-covered legs.
"Tonight you die, father. And part of Michael's soul dies also!"
Fredrick smiled as Victor moved higher, knowing that tonight Victor would feel great pain, and he'd relish every moment.
And Fredrick smiled widely, a maniac's grimace crossing his face, removing the bandana from his forehead.
He used it to tie Victor's hands behind his back.
Victor stared up, seeing the cross burned into his forehead.
The mark of God.
Then he felt the hand slapping his face, his mind ringing with terror.

Dinner was a relaxing, luscious, delicious affair, in the same large dining room.
Everyone relished the rich, exotic Spanish cuisine, lots of comfortable relaxing conversation.
Alberto sat at the head of the table, Michael and Justin on both sides of him.
"That was a delicious meal, grandfather. Your chef is spectacular." Justin said with complete truth.
"Thank you, Justin. He's been with me for over thirty years. As have most of my staff."
Michael looked up smiling at Garrison who stood quietly behind his grandfather.
"Trust and love flow out of all your staff, grandfather. You are surrounded by trusting souls."
Alberto smiled, Garrison pulling out his chair as the older man stood.
"Come, let's retire to the resting room. The day grows short, and I sense all of you must be tired from all the traveling and sights."
Everyone smiled, Michael walking arm in arm with his grandfather out of the room.
They all sat around the resting room, relaxing on couches and comfortable big chairs.
Alberto talked to them of all the rich history of the family home, Justin and Michael sitting together on a couch in front of the large fireplace, Michael snuggling in Justin's arms, his head in its usual spot.
Their two kiddies playing on the floor with Rachel in front of them, Alberto sitting in his chair in front of the fireplace.
"This house is steeped in history, the history of one family."
"Your family is rich in wealth and prosperity, Alberto." Jake said, Paulo snuggled against him in the loveseat they sat upon.
Emile and Marco sat on the floor in front of them,  Paulo's hand running through Marco's blond hair.
"The Tavarro clan are very rich, Jake. We hold vast fortunes in banks all over the world. As leader, I oversee all that vast wealth. And I see to its giving distribution through charities and personal awards."
Everyone smiled, understanding his involvement with the Tavarro wealth.
"Our family helps a lot of deserving souls, a lot of faithful people. It always was the will of Adrian that his children give with generous hearts. At least that hasn't faltered. I can't say the same for their souls."
Alberto lowered his head, Michael quietly watching him, then looking at Marco and Paulo, seeing the same forlorn looks on their faces.
Michael stood up, smiling down at his children who were both yawning.
"I think it's time for someone to go beddy-bye."
Darian and Shauna reached up their arms, Michael picking Shauna up, Rachel standing up with Darian.
"Can you take them both, Rach? We Tavarro men have to talk about something."
"Certainly Michael. Goodnight, everyone."
Justin got up, he and Michael kissing the two smiling, yawning kids goodnight.
Once Rachel went out of the room, Lonnie quietly closing the door, Michael walked up to the fireplace, looking up at the portrait, his hand rubbing the head of the left-sided lion.
"I sense in the Tavarro men a deep sense of guilt because of the evil that runs rampant through our family."
Alberto looked at his grandson, seeing that determined look in his eyes.
"You are not responsible for what's happened to this family. None of you are. That fault lies at the feet of one man. Who I sense is very close."
Paulo stood up, walking up to his brother.
"You feel him? He's in Spain?"
"He's in this very city, Polo. And very close."
Michael saw the fear on his family's face, Justin looking at them all as well.
"Do not worry, he cannot enter your minds. You have my protection." Michael said, looking at Marco, seeing the fear in his blue eyes, Emile's arm around him.
"What worries me is what he'll do when he realizes that. We need to be prepared for all eventualities."
Alberto remained quiet, Michael seeing the sadness in his eyes.
Michael sat down beside him.
"You look parched, grandfather. Garrison, get my grandfather something to drink."
Alberto looked confused, Garrison smiling at both of them.
"I'll bring you in your liqueur, sire. It will settle you for the evening's slumber."
Garrison smiled at Alberto, the older man nodding.
"Thank you, Garrison. You're always one step ahead of what I need."
The servant smiled, walking out of the room.
As soon as he left, Michael stood again, sighing deeply.
He turned looking around the room.
Everyone saw his eyes glow briefly, then focus on Alberto.
"I've shrouded this room in secrecy, a cloak of silence around it. We need to talk quickly."
Michael walked back to his grandfather, kneeling down in front of him.
"I love you grandfather. And I'm going to save you."

They talked for about five minutes, Garrison then returning to the room carrying a tray with a glass on it.
Alberto looked at the drink, smiling at Garrison.
"Thank you, my friend. This should hit the spot."
Garrison smiled, Michael taking the glass from the tray and handing it to Alberto.
Alberto took the glass from Michael, downing the liqueur quickly.
"Minty, and delicious as usual."
Michael smiled at his grandfather, placing his hand on the older man's shoulder, closing his eyes for the briefest of moments.
"You're tired, my grandson. You all should get some rest."
"That I am, Poppa. That I am." Michael held in a yawn, Justin doing the same.
"Make sure their rooms are ready, Garrison. And you can retire. I'm going to read here for a while until sleep enters my soul."
Michael hugged his grandfather.
"You are right, Michael. We shall deal with Fredrick's evil first thing tomorrow."
Garrison quietly remained, waiting for all of them to leave the room.
"Goodnight, sire. See you in the morning."
"God willing, my friend. God willing."
Garrison smiled, closing the door quietly.

An hour later the door to the resting room opened quietly.
The man saw Alberto asleep in his chair by the fireplace, a book laying open in his hands.
He walked quietly up to him, gently shaking his shoulder.
The man looked down at him.
"Sire, time for bed."
Alberto didn't move, the book falling out of his hand, making a loud thud on the wooden floor.
Garrison smiled widely.
He opened his jacket, pulling out the long dagger that lay concealed there.
"Time to die, old man. Time for my final payment." Garrison said, raising the dagger high.
Alberto's eyes flew open, his face a mask of anger.
"Time for you to receive that payment."
In a flash, Michael stepped out from behind the stone lion behind Alberto's chair, his hands flying up.
Garrison flew across the room, slamming into the wall, the dagger falling out of his hand.
He lay against the wall, his face a mask of confusion, and underlying fear.
"You took the drink, you should be unconscious!" He said trembling.
Alberto walked up to him, as the doorway opened, Justin, Paulo and Marco rushing in, followed by Emile, Jake and Lonnie.
"Michael healed me instantly of your drugged brew. He knew you'd do it tonight."
"Very clever, Michael. Fredrick said you were a devious adversary!" Garrison said, suspended against the wall.
"You work for him!!!!" Alberto screamed, Michael putting his hand on his grandfather's shoulder, feeling his anger.
Paulo was by his grandfather's side, as was Marco.
"I let you live and work here for twenty years and this in the result of my kindness??! You work for him??!"
Garrison spit at him, it falling short of its target.
"You were only a job to me! As was your daughter!"
Alberto stood in shock.
"My daughter?"
Michael walked up to the man, staring at him, his eyes glowing golden.
He put his hands against his temple, the man screaming.
Michael removed them quickly, the man gasping.
"You forgot one assassin those many years ago, grandfather. This is the man who killed you daughter Dahlia and her husband Antonio."
Marco's eyes widened with anger, lunging toward the man.
Paulo and Michael held him back.
"You killed my parents! You bastard!"
Emile was by Marco's side, holding him tightly, feeling his emotional soul.
Michael put his hand on Marco's chest, looking into his tearing blue eyes.
Alberto staggered to a chair sitting down.
"In my own house! The wolf was in my house!"
Michael looked back at the man suspended against the wall.
"He is an assassin, hired again by Fredrick to keep a close eye on you, grandfather. His mission was always to kill you, when Fredrick deemed it necessary. He now deems that necessary because I am here. Always he wants to give me great pain. But I will never let that happen!"
Alberto looked up at the man, his old friend of twenty years.
"I was deceived by friendship, by caring love."
Michael went to his grandfather's side, putting his hand on his shoulder.
"We have to call the police, grandfather. This man is a murderer, and must face justice."
Alberto nodded, Paulo walking to the phone.
Alberto stood up, bending down and picking up the fallen dagger.
"A Dracarian dagger. Older than all of us. He is a Dracarian assassin. A sect older than Spain itself. They work for the highest bidder. How much was Fredrick offering you for my head?" Alberto said, Michael feeling his shamed anger.
"Your life was worth nothing compared to your death."
Michael walked back up to the man, staring into his face. He lowered the man, releasing him from his trap.
Marco and Paulo grabbed him, holding him tight in their grip.
"You will be brought to justice for what you've done, and for what you tried to do."
"It doesn't matter, you cannot stop the tide of Fredrick Tavarro's power! He will rule all of you!"
Alberto looked at Garrison, staring into his grinning face.
"I've been such a fool. Such an old fool."
"You will die, old man! As will you, young demon!"
Michael shook his head, looking with determination at the man.
"You will rot in prison, Garrison."
"No, I won't, demon. I take care of all eventualities."
In a flash he put his hand into his coat pocket, putting it up to his mouth, Paulo trying to stop him, but too late.
The man smiled, biting on something in his mouth, his body instantly convulsing, sinking to the floor.
The man fell to the floor, his body ceasing to shake.
Paulo knelt down beside him.
He looked up at Michael and his grandfather.
"Cyanide! He had it in his pocket! He's dead!"
Alberto sat down again, his hands going to his face.
Michael felt Justin's arm go around him, feeling Justin's concerned love.
"I'm sorry, love. That it had to end this way."
"He paid for his crimes with his life, Jus. God will deliver the final judgement."
Michael walked over to his grandfather, Alberto looking up into his golden eyes.
"In my own house, Michael. Will I ever be rid of this evil?"
Michael took him into his arms, hugging him tightly.
"Don't worry grandfather. you will be."
Michael held him, everyone surrounding the two men, Michael's eyes staring at the stone lion with the blue eyes.

End of Chapter 129

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