Justin's Angel-130

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The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Michael shook his head, looking with determination at the man.
"You will rot in prison, Garrison."
"No, I won't, demon. I take care of all eventualities."
In a flash he put his hand into his coat pocket, putting it up to his mouth, Paulo trying to stop him, but too late.
The man smiled, biting on something in his mouth, his body instantly convulsing, sinking to the floor.
The man fell to the floor, his body ceasing to shake.
Paulo knelt down beside him.
He looked up at Michael and his grandfather.
"Cyanide! He had it in his pocket! He's dead!"
Alberto sat down again, his hands going to his face.
Michael felt Justin's arm go around him, feeling Justin's concerned love.
"I'm sorry, love. That it had to end this way."
"He paid for his crimes with his life, Jus. God will deliver the final judgement."
Michael walked over to his grandfather, Alberto looking up into his golden eyes.
"In my own house, Michael. Will I ever be rid of this evil?"
Michael took him into his arms, hugging him tightly.
"Don't worry grandfather. you will be."
Michael held him, everyone surrounding the two men, Michael's eyes staring at the stone lion with the blue eyes.

Chapter 130

Michael woke up with Justin's arms wrapped around him.
He felt his warmth against him, Justin's hot breath on his ear.
Michael smiled, remembering Justin's loving presence last night.
All evening after the police had arrived, Justin had been right beside Michael, only leaving once to check on the kids when Michael asked him to.
His love was wrapped around him, knowing Michael's feelings about what had happened.
Michael was mad at himself for not sensing Fredrick's hand in this earlier.
It had almost cost him his grandfather's life.
And Justin had felt Michael's feelings threatening to erupt.
He knew that Michael would let it out when they were alone.
And he did. Justin held him in their bed, as Michael unburdened his mind and heart, his emotions raw and very real.
Justin held him, kissing him tenderly then talking to him honestly, and with deep love.
Michael felt a lot better when he finally fell asleep, Justin quietly watching him for a long time after.
And here they now were, wrapped together, Justin's love enshrined around him.
Michael slowly turned his body, Justin murmuring.
Michael remained still, just looking into his lover's face.
Michael never tired of watching Justin sleep, his lips open a little, his dark eyelashes long and curled.
Michael ran his finger along Justin's cheek, feeling a little stubble, Justin moving.
His two beautiful blue eyes opened, Michael smiling.
"Good morning, ray of shining love. I love you." Michael said, leaning forward, kissing those moist open lips.
"Morning, Mico. I love ya more. You okay this morning?"
Michael smiled, pulling himself of top of Justin, kissing him again.
"You tell me."
Justin felt Michael's hardness against his own, and Michael's deep desires on the edge of his senses.
"Someone's wanting lovin' this morning!" Justin smirked, Michael's lips on his again.
"Mmmm, Mico! You taste divine this morning!"
Michael's hands went lower, grasping Justin's enlarged manhood.
"I want to see how Timby tastes this morning."
Michael lowered his head, taking all of Justin into his mouth, Justin gasping.
Michael was purring loudly, Justin shaking in desire.
Within minutes Justin exploded, Michael swallowing all of his intoxicating essence.
"Oh God, Mico! You are fantastic!"
Michael smiled, moving back up, wrapping his arms around Justin.
"And you are like a delicious meal after a hard day's work. So filling."
Justin smiled, now moving on top of Michael.
"I think it's time I had my snack!"
Justin began to go lower, Michael pulling him back, staring into his blue eyes.
"I love you so much, Jus. Please take me to our center, I need your love so much right now."
Justin saw Michael's eyes full of tears, Justin pulling him to him, Michael's lips against him.
"I will take you to heaven and beyond." Justin quietly said, his voice full of lust and love.
Michael spread his legs, Justin's cock hardening again, seeking out its need.
Justin sank into him, Michael pulling Justin against him.
"Oh, God, yes! That's it, that's what I need! Oh, God, yes, Jus!"
Justin felt Michael's primeval desires taking over, his hands latched onto Justin's buttocks, pushing Justin forward, all of him sinking deep into Michael.
Justin groaned, feeling his own desires breaking down.
Michael was on fire, his head thrashing about, Justin taking it in his hands, Michael staring up at him.
Justin looked into his eyes and saw something that totally awed him.
Michael's eyes were changing color.
One moment they'd be golden, then they'd be blue, then deep hazel. They were glowing slightly, Justin feeling all of Michael's body trembling.
Michael pulled him to him, their lips meeting.
Justin felt the passion in Michael, the burning need.
Justin's own passion let go, Michael's right behind him.
They both moaned, their bodies exploding with passion.
Justin fell against Michael, Michael wrapping his arms around him.
"Oh, sweet God, Mico! That was utterly unbelievable!"
Michael sighed, gently kissing Justin repeatedly, Justin looking into his golden eyes.
"I actually saw your eyes changing colors Mico. Different colors."
Michael looked at him, smiling quietly.
"It was the shades of your love, Jus. Different degrees of intensity. Our colours of love."
Justin smiled, the two snuggling together.
"We should get cleaned up, love. The kiddies will be up shortly."
Michael nodded, looking at the clock, seeing six thirty.
"Race ya to the shower, love." Justin said, climbing out of bed.
Michael smiled, watching his man's backside move across the room.
Michael quietly got up, walking behind him, his eyes glowing softly.

They walked into their children's room half an hour later, having been called for by their angels, the two kids sitting up smiling at them.
"Morning Papa and Dada!!" Shauna said, Darian saying the same, Justin tickling him.
Darian's high-pitched laughter filled the room.
Rachel walked into the room, having heard the laughter.
"Morning guys. How are you? Lonnie told me a few minutes ago about last night."
Justin looked at Michael, Michael smiling at Rachel.
"We're fine, Rach. Evil was stopped, and everyone's okay."
Rachel smiled, seeing Michael's calm mood.
"Okay, Mike. I'll leave you two to spending time with your angels."
Justin smiled, picking Darian up, heading toward the bathroom door, Michael following with Shauna.
They bathed and dressed the two little ones, all four filled with a sense of happiness.
They were a family, together in all ways.
After the kids were clean and clothed, they all sat on their bed, Darian looking up at his fathers.
"Papa okay now, Dada?" Darian asked, his blue eyes staring at Michael.
"Yes, Darry. Papa's okay." Justin said, Shauna hugging against Michael.
"Yes, sweeties. Dada and Papa are happy, mostly because of you two angels."
Both of the little ones smiled, looking at each other briefly.
"Blue eyes make you look happy, Papa." Shauna said, both adults looking at each other.
Justin froze staring in shock.
Michael's eyes were blue, then they changed to their usual golden.
"What is it Jus?"
"It's your eyes, Mico. They're changing again from blue to gold!"
Michael got up from the bed, looking in the mirror hanging on the wall.
He looked into his own eyes, seeing only their usual golden hue.
He watched for a little while, turning a few times to look at Justin.
"I don't see any change, Jus." Michael had just said when they turned blue as he looked at himself.
He stepped back surprised.
"What's going on, Mico?"
"I don't know, Jus. Haven't got a clue." Michael said staring at himself.
Justin felt inside himself that maybe Michael was scared of something.
"What's going on, Michael? I sense a hidden fear in you."
Michael turned, looking into Justin's blue eyes.
"I think I know where the Hallway of Truth is, Jus."
Justin got up, the two little ones looking at both of them.
"Where, Mico?"
Michael walked up to him, feeling his apprehension.
"That's not important, Jus. I have to go there myself."
Justin's brow furrowed.
"You know I have to walk this first time alone."
Justin nodded, still looking worried.
"It's destiny, Jus."
A noise made both of them turn toward the bed.
Both Darian and Shauna were giggling.
"What's so funny, my laughing angels?" Justin said, sitting down beside them.
"Papa's going to be happy!!" Darian said, smiling.
Michael quickly looked at Justin, Michael picking up Darian.
"And how do you know I'm going to be happy? And what's going to make me happy?"
"You're going to find your past, he said." Shauna said.
"Who said, sweetie?" Justin asked, Shauna climbing into his lap.
"The little boy!" Darian said, as if he felt they were being silly.
Michael froze, staring at Justin.
"What little boy, Darry?"
"The little boy who played with us this morning before you came."
Both men looked shocked, Justin rubbing his son's back.
"Did he tell you his name?" Justin asked, Michael hearing the trembling in his voice.
"Yep. It's Matty!"

They walked into the dining room a half hour later, everyone sitting around the table, Alberto at its head.
Michael walked up to his grandfather, kissing his cheek, and hugging him tightly.
"Morning, Poppa. Did you sleep will? How do you feel?"
Alberto felt the love flowing from Michael, hugging his grandson again.
"I'm alright, grandson. You've made sure of that."
Michael smiled, looking around at everyone, then back at his grandfather.
Alberto smiled, looking into Michael's golden eyes.
They instantly changed to blue.
Alberto looked in awe, everyone looking up at the two men.
"Your eyes are blue, Michael!" Alberto said, trembling in his voice.
"I know grandfather. They keep changing colours."
Alberto collapsed in his chair, staring up at him.
"Paulo. Bring me the book."
Paulo got up, walking out of the room, returning shortly with a leather-bound book.
"Here it is, grandfather." Paulo quietly said, staring into Michael's eyes, then sitting the book down in front of his grandfather.
Michael and Justin sat down at the table on both sides of Alberto's chair, the kids in their laps.
Alberto opened the book, searching for a certain page.
"This is a copy of the Book of Devotion, which lays on the altar of The Stone of Vengeance. In it, is the holy prophecy of the Tavarros. Also written there are minor notes, arguments and debates on the meaning of the prophecy. As well as old family letters and important papers. This one part might explain what's going on, my grandson."
Michael nodded, his grandfather putting on his glasses.
"It was written by Adrian's youngest son, Raphael. Let me read it."
Everyone quieted down, Alberto's voice filling the quieted room

"Dearest father is gone now to peace, his body entombed in its sacred place, hidden from worship and piety as per his request. He lies in rest for the coming moment.
He left us with the prophecy, written herein.
And he left us with hope.
His final words to me,  his son, were confusing.
I repeat them here now as he said them, in the tiredness of his final moments.

"Behold the Principe los Dotados. In his changing eyes their souls will rejoice. Youth, love, and faith will be combined. And he will show it all."

Alberto slowly closed the book, looking at everyone.
"The rest is Raphael's own thoughts on his father's life and prophecy. What's important is what I've just read.
The Principe los Dotados means the Prince of the Gifted Ones.
In essence the greatest of the Gifted. It's you Michael. What's happened here shows us that."
"Yes, grandfather, but what does it mean?" Michael said, Justin feeling his confusion.
"Time and God's way will reveal that, my son. Trust in his wisdom."
Michael nodded, putting his hand on top of his grandfather's.
Alberto looked into Michael's now golden eyes.
"I need to feel safe, Michael. Yesterday's revelations showed me how careless I've been. Will you show me that I am safe now? Will you sense out all that live here, all that work here? I need to feel safe."
Michael smiled, nodding his head.
"I already have, Poppa. There is no more sense of evil in this place. And I have put a protective blanket over this whole house. The slightest intrusion of evil and I will know. You are safe, grandfather."
Alberto teared, looking around at everyone.
"Safety lays in one's loving family. We are all blessed to be with those we love."
Michael nodded, looking quietly at Justin.
Justin nodded back.
"Grandfather, we have to tell you something. I don't want this to upset you, but I feel you need to know."
Alberto nodded, everyone listening with interest.
"Shauna and Darian had a playmate this morning. Someone played with them in their room."
"Who, Mikey? I didn't see anyone?" Rachel said, arching her eyebrow, her eyes looking worried that she had let someone get close to them.
"Relax, Rach. I don't think you could have stopped this playmate." Justin said, smiling at her.
"Who was it, Michael?" Alberto asked, looking into his grandson's golden eyes.
"I believe it was Matthew, Poppa. Did you ever call him Matty?"
Alberto's face went white, Michael and Paulo by his side in a heartbeat.
"I'm alright. I just can't believe it!"
"Here, drink some water, Poppa." Paulo said with love, Alberto taking a long swig from the glass Paulo gave him.
He put the glass down, staring at his great grandchildren.
"Matthew was always my Matty. His mother and I called him that always. I just don't believe it. Why, after all these years, has he come back?" Alberto said, his eyes full of tears.
"I don't know, grandfather. But I sense it has something to do with me. With all of this." Michael said, Justin quietly looking at him.
Alberto looked at Shauna, the little girl smiling at him.
"Matty's fun! He loves laughing."
Alberto smiled widely, the little girl smiling back.
The quietness of the moment was suddenly broken by the faint sound of gentle laughter.
Everyone looked around, all hearing its youthful sound.
"Matty?" Alberto said, standing up.
Giggling could be faintly heard, then the sound of a soft voice.
"Poppa love me?" Was heard softly, the voice so gentle and soft.
Alberto was crying, Michael's arms around him.
"Always, my Matty."
As quickly as it came, the voice was gone, its soft laughter slowly fading away.
Everyone sat in awed silence, staring at Alberto and Michael.
"My boy's still with me! He's here with me always!" Alberto said, his face showing a wide smile.
"Who could leave you, Poppa?" Marco said, his teary eyes quietly watching his grandfather.
Alberto smiled, sitting back down.
"I'm famished. Let's all eat. And then we'll take that  tour of the city. Nico will be here soon." Alberto said, Michael and Paulo sitting back down again.
They all saw the joy on Alberto's happy face.
Everyone started eating the large breakfast that had been laid out.
Justin fed Darian, but his eyes continued their quiet scrutiny of Michael.
Justin saw that Michael was in deep thought, even though he was helping Shauna eat.

Father Nicholas walked into the resting room finding everyone relaxing after their breakfast.
"Coffee, Father?" Rachel asked, Nico nodding his thanks.
"Well everyone. We're the talk of the town again. It's spread like wildfire about what happened last night. You'll be inundated with callers today, Poppa."
Alberto nodded, quietly playing with Shauna who sat in his lap, showing him her doll.
"The police have no clue where Fredrick is hiding. There's been no sign of him anywhere."
"He's close, cousin. Very close."
"Do you know where, Michael?" Nico asked, Michael shaking his head no.
"I sense him, just on the edge of my power, like he's hiding behind some kind of wall."
Justin put his arm around Michael, Michael smiling at him.
"Nico, I'd like to visit the church." Michael said, smiling at his priestly cousin.
"Mass is over, there's a church meeting, but the church will be empty in about two hours. It's best that you go in quietly and unobserved. I've talked to the Pastor, he's eager to meet you. He's a strong believer in the Tavarro legacy."
Alberto smiled, the elderly priest one of his dearest friends.
"That's good. I look forward to meeting him. And seeing what I think may be there." Michael said, his face showing quietness.
"What you think is there? What are you looking for, Michael?" Father Nicholas said, looking at his cousin.
"I am looking for our salvation, Nico. For the truth of what lays ahead."
Michael stood up, walking to the fireplace, laying his hand on the head of the guarding lion.
"Michael, you are a man of complex mystery. I sense you know exactly what you're looking for."
Michael turned looking at the priest.
"I know only what I've been shown. But I think I'm beginning to see what's going on."
Michael patted the lion's head, smiling quietly.
"How about a swim before we leave, Jus? I'm dying to try out that Olympic-sized pool. Anyone else game?"
Marco and Emile stood up, nodding, as did Jake and then Paulo.
"You youngsters go swim, we'll let you know when it's time." Alberto smiled, Shauna stretching out her hands to her father.
"Me swim, Dada?"
"Yes, sweetie, Dada's taking you swimming." Justin said, picking up his daughter.
"Yay!!!" Darian said, Michael picking him up, the little boy laughing.

Michael quietly stared up at the statue, standing at the pool's edge.
He sensed everyone watching him, comparing him to the marbled beauty.
Justin sat at the shallow end of the pool, his two little angels splashing in the pool beside him. He looked toward his lover.
"A greater vision of beauty these eyes have never seen."
Michael looked over at him.
"Yes, Adrian's sculptor was indeed talented."
"I was referring to you, my sculpted beauty."
Michael smiled, diving into the clear blue water.
He came up at the base of the statue, Paulo, Jake and Emile swimming over to him.
"This place is so beautiful, Mikey." Emile said smiling at him.
"Yes, it is indeed, my friends. It's a vision of graceful beauty."
Emile looked towards the lounge chairs seeing Marco removing his shirt.
His smooth muscular chest coming into view, his skin a tanned olive brown.
"Yes it is." Emile said quietly, his eyes not moving from the vision he was gazing at.
Michael saw where his eyes were looking, as to where Jake and Paulo were now looking also.
"So how is Marco doing? He seems so happy now. I sense it's because of the gentle caring of his three lovers."
All three heads swung toward Michael, Michael looking at them all quietly.
"You know, Mikey?"
Michael smiled at Paulo. He looked over, seeing Marco chatting with Lonnie and Rachel.
"One only needs to look at where the three of you were just looking. I sense Marco is now wrapped in a special love. A love he was destined to have."
All three lowered their eyes, Michael smiling.
"I am not here to judge you, I never would. I love all of you. And I couldn't be happier for all four of you. In each other you will find a special love, a love of togetherness."
All three smiled, a few tears in their young eyes. They all looked toward Marco who was now smiling at them, just as he dove into the water.
"I wish all of you the happiness I've always longed for. The happiness I now have. The happiness of love."
Michael smiled, turning and swimming towards Justin and his two splashing angels.
Marco swam to his three friends, all three smiling at him.
"Hey guys. I saw Michael talking to the three of you. Is everything okay?"
Emile smiled, kissing his lover tenderly.
"Everything's wonderful, Blue. And Michael does indeed know about us."
Marco looked surprised looking over towards his cousin.
"And he's okay with it?"
Paulo smiled, as he and Jake swam now beside the other two young men.
Jake kissed Marco's cheek, Marco looking into his blue eyes.
"He's perfectly okay with it, Blue. And now I see why. Look at him. He's in his own foursome of love."
All four now looked at Michael, sitting beside Justin, Justin's arm around him in the water, their two children sitting in their laps, all four smiling and totally happy.
All four young men smiled, seeing the truth, Marco smiling the most.

An hour and a half later, everyone piled into two vehicles, driving out of the Villa Tavarro, towards the town.
Alberto sat between Michael and Justin, Michael's hand on top of his grandfather's. Their angels sat in car seats across from them in the limousine. Father Nicolas sat beside them.
Nico looked down at Michael's hand, seeing the joined rings on his finger.
"I still can't fathom what you wear upon your hands Michael. The rings of a holy man blessed by Jesus."
Michael smiled at his cousin, sensing his deep feelings of faith.
"Faith and God's guiding hand lay in all that's come to pass. As it will in all that lays ahead."
Everyone quietly looked at Michael, Michael's eyes staring out the window.
"How old is this church, Father?" Justin asked, Father Nicholas smiling.
"Adrian commissioned its construction after he came home from Israel. We're not sure how Adrian became such a wealthy man, he'd returned penniless. But standing there now is a monument to God's love. And our faith. It's one of the most beautiful churches I've ever seen, and I've seen quite a few."
Michael smiled, looking at his cousin.
"Adrian built it as a testimony to his own faith. In his faith in surviving. And to house some very special things."
Nico's brow furrowed, the priest looking at him intently.
"That's twice you've mentioned surprises or special things, Michael. What's this all about?"
Michael stared back at him just as intently.
"I'm sorry, Father. Only time will show that truth. But rest assured, it will be one of the most moving tributes to God and his love you'll ever witness."
The priest's face relaxed, Nico feeling the deep love emanating from his cousin.
"I'm sorry, Michael. A man of your wonder and prophesied greatness should be allowed to hold his secrets close. I beg your forgiveness."
Michael smiled, patting his cousin's knee.
"Nothing needs forgiving, Nicholas."
Everyone smiled, seeing the friendship developing between these two relatives.
Ten minutes later, they pulled up in front of the church, the drivers driving their cars around to the back.
"We'll enter through the side entrance. No need in drawing attention." Alberto said, smiling at seeing an elderly priest waiting at the side door.
The cars stopped, everyone getting out.
Alberto walked to the steps, Nico helping him.
Alberto hugged the elder priest warmly, smiling at him.
"Everyone, this is Father Tarimone. He is the Pastor of our sacred church. And one of my dearest friends since childhood."
The elderly priest smiled widely, Father Nicholas introducing him to everyone as Father Jerry, leaving Michael to the last.
The elderly priest stared at the young man, looking into his golden eyes.
"And so the lost soul returns to the fold. Welcome to St. Aurielia's, Michaelangelo."
Michael looked surprised at his full name being said.
"It is Michaelangelo, am I correct?"
"Yes, Father Jericho."
Now it was time for the priest to be surprised.
"Simply amazing!"
Michael smiled at him, the priest feeling a sense of calmness he hadn't felt in a long time.
"Come, let us walk and pray in the splendor of St. Aurielia."
Everyone followed the two priests through the rectory, the two priests guiding them finally into the main church.
They were all shocked into silence by the enormous greatness of it.
The church was large, immense in its size.
Justin thought that three thousand people could fit in this room with no trouble.
Rows upon rows of pews were in full view, a long wide aisle running through the center of the church.
All the windows were of beautiful stained glass, depicting scenes from Jesus' life and times.
What surprised them the most was that the roof of the church was missing.
The two priests and the other Tavarro men smiled, seeing the surprised looks on their friends' faces.
"Remarkable, isn't it? Adrian was a great lover of the outdoors. He thought and I agree with him, that people should worship God with the greatness of his beautiful sky above them. The roof is retractable, letting the sunshine and light illuminate inside. It was the marvel of its time. What time is it, Father?" Alberto said, looking at the elderly priest.
"It's almost noon, Alberto."
"Excellent. Right on time. Please everyone sit, and let's look toward the altar. You'll see something wondrous."
Everyone sat down in the back pews, looking towards the front of the church.
It was shaded in the darkness of the roof's edge's shadow.
You could make out the altar, and something sitting in its center. A table perhaps.
Michael stood in the aisle, his hands folded in front of him, looking around.
He gazed at all the stained windows, looking at all the scenes, his eyes moving forward.
Up at the front on the left side of the church stood a large wooden cross hanging from the wall.
In the center of the front, another cross hung on the wall above the altar, Jesus' form on it.
To the right side on that wall at the front was a statue of a regal woman.
Michael eyes turned back to the center, Alberto tapping his shoulder.
"Behold the wonder of Adrian's artistic mind."
Everyone stared forward, surprised at what was happening.
They saw two bright beams of sunlight shining down onto the left and right side of the altar.
They gradually moved toward the center, slow in their movement.
"It's all done with reflective mirrors, hidden in the roof's alcoves. It only occurs at midday." Paulo said smiling.
The two beams moved into the center, heading toward the altar.
When they met, everyone looked in awe.
In the center of the altar a black square of marble sat, the sunlight brightening it like a diamond.
"Behold the Stone of Vengeance!"
Everyone stood up, looking at the square of polished marble, which seemed to glow.
"Why does it seem to glow?" Lonnie asked.
"It's the reflected light off the polished surface. It's an optical illusion." Marco said, the affect always making him feel his faith.
"It is the light of God." Father Jerry said, Marco smiling.
Michael started walking forward, everyone now following him.
He walked to the front of the altar, looking up at the square of marble sitting on the large stone table. The brightness had dimmed considerably.
On top of it was a carved image of Jesus on the cross, a man kneeling at its base.
"Adrian kneeling at the feet of Jesus. The symbol of our ancestor's blossoming faith."
Alberto and his family–along with the priests–all knelt down, everyone else following in respect.
Michael alone remained on his feet.
Michael turned his head, looking at the statue to his right.
He turned walking toward it, looking up at it.
The woman was strikingly beautiful, her dress of ancient times. In her right hand, she held a cross; in her left a ring lay in her extended palm
"Aurielia, daughter of love. Peter's loving friend."
Everyone had risen again, Shauna running up beside her father, Michael picking her up, the little girl looking up at the statue.
"She's pretty." She said, Michael smiling.
"Yes sweetie, and giving of heart."
Everyone looked up at the statue, smiling.
"How did Adrian know of Aurielia, Father?" Justin asked, Father Jerry looking at him quietly.
"Another mystery, Justin. No one knows. He'd never met her, he'd only met Peter."
Michael looked downward, seeing a cross etched into the floor, about three feet long.
He looked back up at the statue, then turned his gaze toward the left side of the church, where hung the large wooden cross.
He walked over to that side of the room, handing Shauna to Rachel on his way, the little girl climbing into her arms.
Michael walked forward, looking up at the wooden cross.
It was a deep dark wood, looking scuffed and weather-worn.
Carved at the lower end of it, more than halfway down was what  looked like another smaller cross. Below that was a symbol looking almost like the letter A.
A foot below that symbol, a large slice had been cut out of the wood on the cross's side.
Michael looked down on the floor below the cross, seeing another cross carved into the marble floor, identical to the one below Aurielia's statue.
Michael knelt down in front of the wooden cross, tears flowing down his cheek.
The priests and Alberto looked surprised, staring at Michael's lowered figure.
Everyone exchanged looks, Michael remaining quiet.
Then he rose again, crossing himself, then wiping his eyes, looking toward them all.
"So much faith, so much deep faith resides here. Adrian loved the greatness of God's love. And it shines in all these tributes."
Father Nicholas walked up to him, looking into his teary golden eyes.
"May I ask you a question, Michael?"
"Yes, Father."
"Why did you kneel there, and not in front of Jesus' cross above the altar? That is the usual place to show your faith."
"Because I am the Messenger of the true faith, Father. And soon all of you will be as well."
Michael walked past the stunned priest, walking up the steps onto the altar.
He stood in front of the Stone of Vengeance, looking to its left, seeing the old book opened there. The book of prophecy. To the stone's right lay a large bible, and a golden cross.
Michael looked closely at the black marble square.
It was about two feet square.
Black as night was the marble, his own face seen in its smooth surface, polished and clear.
Old ancient symbols were glossed into the marble, laying under a sheen of marble. How they were put there, Michael knew not.
Alberto walked up beside him, putting his hand on Michael's shoulder.
"It is time for you to touch the stone, Michael. To show the truth of who you are. To release its secret. Then God's gift will unite us all. To touch the stone is to feel the warmth of God's love."
Michael smiled at his grandfather, Justin now on Michael's other side.
"Is it time, Mico?"
Michael looked into his blue eyes, seeing his love and deep concern.
"I don't know, Jus. There's only one real way to find out."
Michael turned back, looking at the image sculpted into its top.
"Everyone step back off the altar. I don't know what's going to happen."
Justin and Alberto nodded, stepping back down, Michael alone in front of the table.
Michael put his hands up, on both sides of the block of marble.
"I have faith in you, God." he quietly said, placing both hands on each side.
Michael instantly felt the coldness flood his soul, the utter iciness of the contact.
And then he screamed.
In a heartbeat Michael was thrown backwards, flying down the aisle, landing halfway down the church on his back.
Justin and Paulo were beside him in a flash.
Michael was staring up at the ceiling, his eyes white.
Then they changed to blue, then hazel, and then back to their golden hue.
"Mico? Are you okay?" Justin said, deep worry in his voice.
"I guess it's not time." Michael gasped.
Everyone had surrounded them, Father Jerry on his knees beside Michael.
"Are you alright, my son?"
Michael slowly nodded, Justin feeling his body all over.
Justin lifted Michael's hands, everyone gasping.
On both of Michael's palms was burned a cross.
"God, Mico! Your hands! Does it hurt?"
"No, Jus. I don't feel anything but coldness."
Everyone could see Michael shivering as if he was freezing.
"Get a blanket from the rectory, Nico." Father Jerry said, the other priest running down the aisle.
Justin and Paulo helped Michael rise up, guiding him to the closest pew.
His body trembled, having no control on the shaking. His skin was almost white or light blue, as if he'd received a deep shock of coldness.
Nico returned with two blankets, Justin wrapping Michael in them.
Slowly Michael's skin warmed, the colour returning to his cheeks.
"Thank you, everyone. I'm okay. I'm warming up."
"I'm sorry, Michael. I was so eager to unleash its secret, I didn't think of what it might do to you. What happened, Michael?" Alberto said, sitting beside Justin.
"It's alright, Poppa. When I touched the stone it was as if my heart had frozen inside me. As if my life was gone. I've never felt such freezing cold."
Michael still trembled slightly, Justin wrapping his arms more around him.
Michael shyly smiled, feeling Justin's warmth against him.
"That's the warmth I need."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael's reddening cheek.
Father Jerry shook his head.
"But you are supposed to be the one to open the stone. How can you do that if it does this to you? If your just touching it does that?"
Michael looked up into his questioning older brown eyes.
"I will release the secret of the stone. God just informed me that it's not time yet. I'm not ready yet. The prophecy is clear on that. I should of realized that. It will open on the day of judgement. Only then. Until then, I cannot touch it."
Darian and Shauna both wanted up into Michael's lap, Rachel and Justin lifting them up gently.
"Okay, Papa?" Darian asked, snuggling against him.
"Yes, Darry. Papa's okay?"
Everyone smiled, seeing the two little ones concerned for their father.
"There's never a dull moment around you, eh Mikey?" Emile said smiling, Michael smiling back at him.
"Never, Emile. I have an electrifying personality."
Everyone chuckled, Michael's humor destroying the tension.
Michael looked around the church, at the front and both sides, nodding.
"Everything is ready. It's all in place. All save one important thing."
Alberto looked at his grandson, feeling his tiredness.
"And what is that, Michael?"
Michael quietly looked at him.
"The true prophecy, Grandfather. "
Everyone looked confused, Michael looking up into the open sunny sky.
"I've very tired, I'd so like to rest."
Rachel and Lonnie took the kids from Michael, Justin and Paulo helping Michael stand up, Michael's legs wobbling.
They guided Michael gently out of the church, the two priest and Alberto looking at each other.
"The true prophecy?" Father Nicholas said, his mind in deep thought.
"What did he mean, Alberto?" Father Jericho said, looking at his oldest friend.
"I don't know, Jerry. I don't know."
Alberto looked after his grandson, his own mind a jumble of confusion.

Seven  hours later Michael woke up in his bed, the room darkened in evening shadows.
He was alone, the room quiet and warm.
He snuggled under the covers, feeling the warmth back in his tired bones.
He sighed, putting his arms behind his head, looking up at the white ceiling.
He thought about what he'd felt in the church.
He'd seen some surprising things, and felt some wondrous feelings. And then he'd felt that ice in his heart. As if it was the stabbing pain of death.
He closed his eyes, centering his mind, trying to focus on his own thoughts.
"Hello, Michael."
Michael jumped up, looking around the room.
No one was there.
He looked around, then heard the same voice again.
"It is alright, Michael. Do not fear what you cannot see."
Michael now realized where the voice was coming from.
"Who are you? Is this Matthew?"
Michael thought he heard a soft giggling in the distance beyond the room's walls.
"I am you. I am he. I am they. I am all."
The voice sounded so soft and gentle, like a silent caressing voice of love.
"I'm losing my mind." Michael quietly said to himself, rubbing his temples.
"No, Michael. You are not. I am the voice of your gift. I am you friend."
"Why now have you entered my mind so literally? I knew you were always there, why now do you talk to me openly?"
"Because I felt the pain of the stone. And I felt the pain of your heart."
"What's that suppose to mean?"
"You carry in you a deep pain, Michael. A truth buried deep within your soul. It threatened once to come out, but you buried it even deeper, the terror of your own soul afraid of what it might be. No one, most of all you, know of it. But I know. I've always known."
"What is it? Why am I afraid of it?"
"You will learn that soon, and the truth behind all this. On the walk of destiny all will be shown."
"The Hallway of Truth."
"Yes, Michael. You are exceptional of mind and strength. He chose well."
"Who chose?"
"At this time that is not of importance. In the garden, he'll reveal himself. And your innocence in all this shall give you great joy."
"What garden?"
"Never fear, Michael. All is as it should be. Keep me in your soul, Michael. I must go, your heart approaches."
The door of the room opened, Justin walking in, smiling at Michael.
"Hi ya, sleepy. All rested?"
Justin sat down, Michael pulling him into his arms, hugging him tightly.
Justin felt a desperation in Michael's holding him, Justin wrapping his arms around him.
"Everything okay, love?"
"Yes, Jus. I'm just happy to see you."
Justin smiled, Michael running his hand along Justin's cheek.
Justin took his hand gently opening it palm upward.
The cross still lay in the center of his palm.
"What are these marks supposed to mean, Mico?"
"I don't know Justin. I don't really know."
Michael kissed him gently, Justin feeling his unchanged love.
They smiled at each other, Justin kissing him again.
"Dinner is ready, love. Are you up to coming down?"
"I'm fine, Jus. Let's go see our friends and family."
Justin smiled, Michael standing up, suddenly realizing he was nude.
"I thought you'd sleep better unencumbered." Justin smiled.
Michael smiled, Justin running his hands up Michael's muscular thighs.
"You just like seeing me naked."
"What's not to like?" Justin said, his hand encircling Michael's rising shaft.
"Sweetie, I'd love to be ravished, but I'm starving. Food before pleasure."
Justin released his hold on Michael, the shaft still standing by itself.
Michael smiled, walking to the wardrobe.

At dinner, everyone quietly ate, Michael sensing their quiet reverence for him.
"I wish someone would talk. It's like a tomb in here."
Alberto looked at his grandson, as did Nico.
"What did you mean by that last statement, Michael? About  the true prophecy?" Alberto said, looking into his golden eyes.
Michael sighed, Justin watching him closely.
"I meant that the prophecy laid out in the book in that church isn't the whole prophecy."
Everyone looked shocked, Alberto continuing to stare at Michael.
"There is part of it missing. It was never included in the book."
"How do you know this, Michael?" Nico asked, his face a grey shade.
Michael looked at him, staring quietly.
"Because Adrian told me when he first read me the prophecy when I was seven."
Michael got up, walking out of the room.
Justin sighed, Alberto looking now at him.
"Is he alright, Justin?"
"I think he's afraid of something. What that is I don't know. He won't talk to me about it. But it's time to find out. Let's go!"
Justin got up, everyone rising as one, walking out of the room behind him.

They found Michael in the resting room, sitting on a couch, staring up at Adrian's portrait.
Justin sat down beside him, Michael's gaze not wavering.
"Okay, Mico. What's going on? I sense your fear, and your uncertainty."
Michael gaze shifted, looking into Justin's blue eyes.
Everyone else sat down in silence, watching the two.
"Have you ever felt alone, Jus? Really alone?"
Justin looked confused, shaking his head to the affirmative.
"I've never felt alone all my life. You can't imagine what that's like."
"Michael, people loved you, wanted you and needed you. Nana, Uncle Silas, Zach and others." Justin said, smiling quietly at him.
"I'm not talking about in life, Jus. I'm talking about in here." Michael said, pointing to his head.
"My mind has been a prison for me, Jus. A prison with a warden."
Everyone looked intently at Michael.
"What do you mean, Mico?" Justin said, worry on his face now.
"I'm not alone in here, Jus. Someone's in here with me."
Justin put his arm around him, Michael laying his head against his familiar spot.
"All my life, I thought it was my conscience, you know, that voice that helps you reason things out. Now I realize it's not. It's someone real, or someone who was real. I don't know. I'm so mixed up. Today it's started talking back to me. It's like I'm talking to a real person."
"Who is it, Mico?" Justin said, a look of growing wonder in his eyes.
Michael looked around the room, everyone quietly staring at him.
He looked up at the portrait, tears running down his face.
"I think it's the real me, Jus. Who I really am."
Justin turned Michael's face to his, staring into his golden eyes.
"And who are you really, Michael? If not you, then who are you?"
"I don't know, Jus. But I think that whoever it is, I've buried him so deep because I'm afraid of who he is."
"Why would you be afraid, Mico?"
Michael looked into his blue eyes of unending love.
"Because it means I'm not the me that you love. And that means I'll lose you."
Michael sobbed, clinging to Justin tightly, Justin looking around at everyone.
"Oh, Mico! I fell in love with the real you, the you I saw buried deep within you. The you that I've drawn out with my love."
Michael looked up at Justin, his lover smiling at him.
"I've told you before. Nothing and no one will ever make me not love you. No one in the real or the unreal world. I love you, Michaelangelo Augustus Tavarro. The insecure, loving, giving, crazy man that I see before me."
Michael smiled, hugging his lover tightly.
"Thank you, Jus. Thank you for believing in the real me."
Justin smiled, Michael looking at his grandfather.
"I'm sorry everyone. I'm turning into a real basket case. Forgive me."
Alberto smiled, nodding at his grandson.
"You're under an immense weight of responsibility, Michael. No one faults you for anything."
Michael smiled, sighing.
"The prophecy in the church is not complete, grandfather. Two lines are missing."
"You're sure, Michael?" Father Nico asked.
"Yes. I am positive."
"Why are they missing?"
"They're missing because they are the lines of truth that will destroy the evil of our lives."
"Yes, Fredrick. And the Guardian of Truth will see that done."
"The Guardian of Truth? Why not you?" Paulo asked, looking at Michael.
Michael stood up, running his hand over the lion's head beside him.
He looked at Justin, and then at everyone else slowly.
"Because I believe that I'll be dead."

End of Chapter 130

An ominous revelation.
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