Justin's Angel-131

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Michael smiled, hugging his lover tightly.
"Thank you, Jus. Thank you for believing in the real me."
Justin smiled, Michael looking at his grandfather.
"I'm sorry everyone. I'm turning into a real basket case. Forgive me."
Alberto smiled, nodding at his grandson.
"You're under an immense weight of responsibility, Michael. No one faults you for anything."
Michael smiled, sighing.
"The prophecy in the church is not complete, grandfather. Two lines are missing."
"You're sure, Michael?" Father Nico asked.
"Yes. I am positive."
"Why are they missing?"
"They're missing because they are the lines of truth that will destroy the evil of our lives."
"Yes, Fredrick. And the Guardian of Truth will see that done."
"The Guardian of Truth? Why not you?" Paulo asked, looking at Michael.
Michael stood up, running his hand over the lion's head beside him.
He looked at Justin, and then at everyone else slowly.
"Because I believe that I'll be dead."

Chapter 131

The Path of Truth

The room fell into dead silence for only a few moments.
Then Justin was on his feet, looking down at his two little ones.
"Rach, take the kids up to bed. Now."
Rachel got up, taking the two little ones into her arms, quietly looking at Lonnie who held the door open for her.
Justin kissed them both goodnight, as did Michael when Rachel walked up to him.
Once the kids were out of the room, Justin walked up to Michael, staring into his golden eyes.
"You've always known, haven't you?"
Michael's eyes went downward, his hand resting on top of the blue-eyed lion.
"You only have to read the prophecy to know that I am only a sacrifice, Jus."
Justin lifted Michael's head, staring into his beautiful eyes.
"I can't believe that God would let you die, Mico. You are the personification of his love. And you're mine. I will fight anything and everything to save you, my love. As will all those here."
Everyone voiced their answer, Michael looking around the room at all his family and friends.
"What's going on, Mico? What's got you talking of death?" Justin said, his arms now around his waist.
"It's all this, Jus. All this not knowing what's ahead. And all this death that I feel surrounding this house. Somewhere in this labyrinth of my past lays the room of my future. The room of truths."
"The Hallway of Truth?" Paulo asked, Michael nodding.
"I know where its entrance lays, I just don't know if I have the courage to walk that final path."
Justin tightened his grip on Michael's waist, staring into his golden teary eyes.
"I see the need in your soul to find out the truth. In regards to yourself and me. Mico, I love you. That's the only truth that matters."
Michael smiled, kissing Justin's lips, everyone seeing Justin's calming affect on Michael's mood.
"I'm sorry Jus. I keep forgetting that simple truth. I love you too."
Justin smiled as Michael laid his head on Justin's chest in its familiar spot.
"I'm so tired, Jus. Tired of not knowing. Even he won't tell me."
"He?" Justin quietly said.
"The voice of my soul. My Friend of Truth."
Michael lifted his head, looking at Justin.
"That's what he calls himself."
Justin looked around at everyone, seeing their concerned looks.
Michael was looking around also.
"You all think I'm losing it. Voices in my head?"
Everyone stood up, walking around the two young men.
"We think no such thing, Mikey." Jake said, his hand on Michael's shoulder.
"If you say he's there, then he's there." Marco said, Emile nodding his head as well.
"Thank you all for believing in me."
Everyone smiled, Michael wrapped in a big group hug.
Michael sat back down on the couch, Justin beside him.
"The hidden part of the prophecy must remain hidden. So Fredrick will walk blindly into the final trap."
Nico's brow furrowed, not liking that implication.
"He will be at the Feast of Redemption?"
Michael looked up, staring into his wondering, concerned eyes.
"Yes, Nico. As will a lot of other people. Four courageous men shall trap him for his judgement."
"Four men? Who are they, Mico?" Alberto said, this all new to him as well as everyone else. All except Justin.
"The four corners of the truth. The Guardian, the Carrier, the Singer, and the Commander of Truth."
Everyone remained quiet, Michael talking.
"These four men will be proclaimed by me in a special way. And united they will trap the evil of our lives. And then the truth will be revealed."
"What is the truth, Michael?" Nico asked quietly, looking at him with faithful eyes.
"I know not what that final truth is. To walk the Hallway is to learn that. And walk it I must."
Michael closed his eyes, hearing the voice inside him now.
"Michael, your heart is heavy with worry and love. Release the turmoil in your soul. It is time. For the walk must now happen. Trust in them and their love. It will walk with you."
Michael smiled, Justin looking at him.
"It is time, Jus. Time for me to walk it alone."
The room was quiet, suddenly being filled with a soft laughter.
It seemed to seep out of the walls, a quiet youthful laughter.
"Matty?" Alberto said, standing up.
They all heard the gaiety in the voice now speaking.
"Poppa. Mikey play with me now?"
Everyone listened in shock, all their eyes looking at Michael.
Michael stood up, his head lifting upward, looking around.
"Yes, Matty. I want to play with you. You have something to show me, right?"
The laughter intensified, more giggling now.
"Yep. We have fun."
Michael smiled, hearing the innocence and mirthful glee in the little voice.
"Alright, I'm coming, Matthew."
Everyone looked in silence at Michael's smiling face, his golden eyes turning to Alberto.
"Matthew remains here as the guardian of hope. He's walked these halls for many years, waiting for me. And seeing your loving heart always, grandfather. He loves you with all his heart. Being here with you was the joy of his heart. And now, he's waiting for me. It's time for me to meet him, and walk that long path."
Alberto was in tears looking around the room.
Justin was on his feet, his arm around Michael.
"I'm going too. I'll not leave you to walk this alone."
Michael kissed his cheek, looking into his blue eyes.
"I won't be alone, Jus. I'll have you–and everyone–in my heart. Along with the voice in my mind, and Matty, I'll be safe."
Justin nodded, still not liking what this meant.
"Michael, I'm scared. I'm afraid of what you'll learn. What it might do to you."
Michael's hand went to Justin's cheek, wiping a falling tear.
"I'll learn what needs to be learned. But nothing will destroy our love for each other. I love you, Jus."
Justin smiled, Michael kissing him tenderly.
Michael walked up to everyone, all of them hugging him tightly.
"I love all of you. And I'll have all your love in me."
They all smiled, Michael walking back to Justin.
"I'm ready."
Justin nodded.
"So where is the entrance to this room?" Justin asked.
Michael smiled.
"It's right here. The entrance is right here."
Everyone looked around, Michael smiling.
"You and I have seen the colours of our love in many things, Jus. In our hearts, our souls and in special signs of our one soul. Blue and gold. They are the signs of our love. Look at the lions. Blue and golden eyes. They guard the entrance to Adrian's chamber."
Alberto looked shocked, everyone looking now at the fireplace, seeing what Michael had so easily seen.
"To open the entrance I will need your love and faith, Jus. Just as I need you in all things."
Justin looked into Michael's golden eyes.
"Augustus, my grandfather, told me that I could gain access to the room in only one way. Through the mouth of the lion. That I would need faith to do it. You are my faith, Justin."
Justin nodded looking at the two stone lions.
"We both wear the rings of faith that we have given each other. I have your faith and love, Justin. That is all I need to gain access. Will you open the entrance with me?"
Justin nodded, smiling at his lover.
Michael walked up, looking at both lions.
"Put your hand in the mouth of the blue eyed lion, Jus. Mine goes in the golden one. Our faith and love will open its secret. Stand back everyone."
Everyone stood back, Rachel walking now into the room.
Lonnie put his arm around her, whispering in her ear.
Justin stood in front of the stone lion, his hand trembling, Michael standing in front of the other.
Justin put his right hand forward, it going between the jaws of the stone lion.
It fit into something that felt like a glove. It fit perfectly.
Michael smiled at him, his own hand going into the golden-eyed lion's mouth.
His fit perfectly too.
The eyes of both lions seemed to immediately glow.
A soft rumble could be heard within the stone fireplace.
Suddenly the mantle on the fireplace moved, the stone front moving to reveal a indentation in its surface.
"Pull out your hand, Jus."
Justin did as asked, Michael removing his as well.
"Remove your ring, my love." Michael said, quietly.
Justin removed his silver faith ring, Michael removing his as well.
Michael moved to the revealed indentation, seeing a cylinder-like piece of marble.
"Give me your ring, Justin."
Justin handed over his ring, Michael smiling at him.
Michael took the two rings, placing them both over the marble cylinder, the two rings sliding down it, sitting on top of each other.
The instant they connected together, the cylinder moved, an audible clink sounding as it sank into the fireplace wall.
Both lions eyes pulsated.
"My God, it only operates with your rings? Your faith in each other is the answer!" Alberto said in awe.
Instantly everyone heard the sounds of ancient stone moving.
The two lions actually sounded like they were roaring, then they started moving away from each other.
Everyone stared in awe as the fireplace started to separate in two, revealing an opening in the floor.
In that opening, they all saw stone steps descending into the darkness below.
Momentarily the lions stopped their movement.
Between them now was an opening of darkness, steps sinking into it.
Michael and Justin both looked at each other, then stared down into the darkness.
"That is the lair of the lions. The entrance to Adrian's secrets."
Everyone moved forward, staring down into the darkness.
"It's so dark down there." Rachel said, Lonnie tightening his hold on her.
"Do you have a lantern, grandfather?" Michael asked, Alberto nodding at Marco.
Marco left, returning shortly with a glass and brass lantern.
Michael took it from him, lighting it.
"Okay, I'm ready."
"Are you sure you need to do this alone, love?" Justin asked one more time, Michael feeling his soul.
"Yes, Jus. But alone I will not be."
Michael walked along the stone edge, until he stood in front of the first stone step.
He looked down seeing writing written across it in Spanish.

"The first step to truth and faith."

He looked around at everyone, smiling.
"No matter what you hear, no matter what happens, do not come down there. I believe I will be alright in his arms."
Alberto and Justin exchanged looks, Michael beginning his descent.
Just before he disappeared into the darkness, he looked up into Justin's blue eyes.
"I love you, Jus."
Justin smiled, saying the same words back.
Michael disappeared into the darkness, his surrounding  light diminishing.

Michael walked down a long dark tunnel, devoid of any markings, or anything. Only four walls of stone. He heard his own footsteps and nothing else.
The light from the lantern gave off an eerie glow in the darkness.
Finally in the gloom of that single light Michael saw what looked to be doors ahead.
He finally reached them, finding two old doors of ancient wood, golden handles on both of them.
He pulled one, the door opening easily, although Michael knew no one had entered here since Adrian's time.
Then Michael walked into the room of his visions.
Everything was as it had always been in his dreams.
The same chairs, couches and pictures hanging on the walls.
He looked to his left, seeing the platform, with the same table standing there.
There was no book laying open upon it.
Only a thick layer of dust.
Michael walked around, seeing the layers of old dust on everything.
Yes. No one had been in this room for centuries.
He saw two torches hanging from the wall, taking them off, and lighting them with his lantern.
Once lit, the room was now bathed in bright light.
Michael walked around looking at the paintings, all of old scenes that meant nothing to him.
That was until he saw one standing alone, just to the left of the table.
He hadn't noticed it before, now looking at it.
It was a portrait of Adrian, standing in the resting room upstairs in front of the fireplace. A woman sat on the couch to his left, the two looked deeply in discussion.
Michael recognized the woman immediately.
Aurielia, Peter's faithful follower.
Michael smiled, realizing the truth now.
Adrian had indeed met the woman, she being here in his own home.
What that meant Michael didn't know.
Michael was brought out of his thoughts by gentle laughter.
He turned, his reaction a surprising gasp.
On the couch where he'd once sat with Augustus, sat a small boy, who smiled up at him widely.
He was dressed in a white shirt, and black shorts. His little legs were white and smooth.
He had the face of a cherub, black curly hair that shone with a luster of shining beauty.
"Hi, Mikey!!"
The little boy giggled, Michael quietly smiling at him.
"Yes, I'm Matty."
The little boy patted the spot beside him, Michael hesitantly sitting down beside him.
Beside him sat the ghost of his father's younger brother.
"Why are you here, Matty?"
The small boy laughed loudly, followed by giggling.
"You are Rammy's boy alright. You're just like him."
Michael smiled, hearing the deep love in the little boy's talking of Michael's father.
"That was my nickname for him. Only I called him that."
"He loved you deeply, Matty. He told me all about you. As did the voice in my head. It's you isn't it?"
Matthew smiled shyly, standing up, looking down at Michael.
"I loved Rammy. He treated me so much like a friend and not a little kid. He loved me so much. Then he took me away from Rammy."
The little boy's face took on a look of deep hurt.
He raised his head, his eyes full of tears.
Michael opened his arms, the little boy falling into them, crying deeply.
Michael felt an instant warmth envelope him, a warmth of a forgotten love.
"Who took you away, Matty?"
"Freddy. He killed me, Mikey. He drowned me in the pool because of what I saw."
Michael's body tensed, not believing what he had just heard.
"Fredrick did that to you? To a little child? To his own little brother? He would have been only a child of seventeen himself."
Michael's arms tightened around the little boy, Matthew feeling his deep love.
"What did you see, Matty? What did you see that made him do that?"
Matthew raised his head, his eyes full of tears.
"I saw him turn to evil."
Michael stared into his blue eyes, their colour a flashing pool of love.
"What do you mean, Matthew?"
Matthew lay his head on Michael's chest, Michael running his fingers through his black curly hair.
"I saw Freddy with the ring. And what it did to him."
Michael remained still, thinking of the red ring he'd seen on Fredrick's finger.
"What did it do, Matty?"
"It made him do bad things.  I seen him do a lot. He didn't know I was watching. He killed Benny our stable boy. I saw him hurting him naked down by the pool. He caught me seeing him do something else. That night he carried me out to the pool. I woke up under water."
Michael held the boy in his arms, giving him his loving heart.
"I woke up in here after that, with the gentle man. He told me I was to watch everything, as I'd done before. That I'd be the eyes of truth. And to wait for you."
The little boy sat up smiling at Michael.
"I've watched, Mikey. I've seen it all. Poppa's pain, his heartache at losing everyone. He loved us all so much. We all loved him. I miss them all. But I did what I was supposed to. Now you're here. "
The little boy's smile was simply beautiful.
"Yes, Matty. I'm here. Just why, I don't know."
The little boy laughed, Michael smiling.
"You're here to walk the path. Don't be scared, Mikey. I was scared when I saw Freddy hurting me but now I know what he is. You're here to make him stop. That makes me happy. Then I can go with them."
"With them?"
"With my family. Momma, the girls and Rammy. I was promised."
Michael nodded, looking into the small blue eyes.
"Your kids are great, Mikey. So smart and happy. They love you too. As does Justin. He's nice."
Michael smiled, hearing the innocence in the small voice.
"I had fun playing with them. I missed playing. It's been so quiet here."
Michael put his arm around the little boy, seeing his contented but lonely face.
"Want to play a game, Matty?"
The little boy's eyes widened with glee.
"Oh yes, Mikey!! What shall we play?"
"How about hide and seek? I'll close my eyes and find you."
The little boy clapped his hands laughing, Michael closing his eyes.

Justin paced the room, everyone watching him.
"Sit down, Jus. Pacing isn't helping." Paulo said, smiling a reassuring smile at him.
Justin stopped, hearing the laughter again, sensing the little boy was very happy.
Alberto was smiling, listening in silence.
Justin looked at him, quietly sitting down beside him.
"How are you doing, Grandfather? This must be hard for you."
"Surprisingly, Jus, I'm happy. I hear the laughter of my son's heart. My little Matty is happy. And I sense it's Michael that's making him happy."
Justin smiled, knowing Michael's love for children.
They'd been sitting here in quietness for almost three hours.
Justin sighed, looking towards the opening.
"What are they doing down there? I can't sense Michael's feelings now at all. It's like he's disappeared."
Alberto put his arm around him, looking into his blue eyes.
"I believe he's making my son happy. And I think right now that's what Michael needs also."
As if to answer that truth everyone heard the youthful laughter again, followed by Michael's own beautiful laugh.

Michael laughed, laying on the couch, panting heavily.
Matthew lay on top of him, the little boy panting as well.
They'd both been laughing nonstop for a while, having played hide and seek twice, and then had two races down the dark tunnel.
"That was wonderful, Mikey! You're such fun!"
Michael smiled, ruffling the little boy's curly head.
Matthew raised his head, smiling at him.
Then he leaned forward, kissing Michael's cheek.
"Thank you, Mikey."
Michael smiled, feeling the deep love radiating off the small face staring at him.
"You're welcome, uncle."
Matty laughed, then sat up, then stood.
"It's time, Mikey. Time for you to see the truth."
Michael nodded, standing up now.
He felt calm, happy even.
He now realized why.
From Matthew's youthful love and playful heart, Michael had received calmness.
"Come, Mikey. My time grows short. Soon, I got to go watch again."
Michael nodded, seeing no sadness in the small face now.
Matty smiled, walking toward the mirror that held the entrance to the Hallway of Truth.
Michael looked at the two statues, now seeing the lady was Aurielia.
He looked into the mirror, seeing only himself.
He touched the mirror, again where his heart was, hearing the sliding mechanism begin.
The wall raised, the hallway coming into view.
Matthew stood at his side, Michael feeling him tug on his arm.
Michael knelt, looking into his blue eyes.
"You walk now, Mikey. But I'm right here. When you need me I'll be there to help."
Michael smiled, kissing the boy's cheek, the little boy smiling.
Michael stood again, looking forward.
He saw the torches lit, and the faint outline of the portraits lining one wall.
He took a deep breath.
And then he walked forward.

The hallway was dimly lit by the torches, Michael seeing the first picture coming into view.
It was housed in a black frame, of wood or glass Michael couldn't tell.
It was blank when Michael looked at it.
It then changed to reveal a picture of himself as a child, laying on a kitchen floor, his hand burned by a cigarette.
It was that day long ago when Fredrick had first tortured him.
Michael closed his eyes for a moment, then opened them, walking forward.
Next he saw a picture of himself with Keith's father, on the night he'd lost his innocence. Taken from a brutal stranger.
Michael felt the truth unfolding before his eyes.
The truth of his own existence. Of his own life.
And so he walked forward, each picture revealing a moment in his life.
After several, he stopped in front of another one.
This one was different.
He stared at its blackness, the surface changing.
Michael stared at this image, seeing it now moving.
It was, in essence, a vision. A vision of one moment in time.
Michael's heart caught in his throat, seeing what he now saw was his deepest secret.
That truth that lay hidden deep within his soul.
It was all playing out in front of him.
The truth of his existence.
And then Michael screamed, falling to his knees, his heart cracking.

Everyone gasped, hearing the heart-wrenching scream echoing off the walls.
Justin was on his feet running for the entrance, Jake and Paulo grabbing him.
"No, Jus! Michael said no one was to go down there!!" Jake said, struggling to hold him.
"Mico's in pain, I feel it in our soul!"
The two men looked into each other's pained eyes. But they held fast to Justin.
"No, Jus. Michael said no."
Justin sobbed, falling to his knees, Jake and Paulo holding him.
"I need to be there for him! He needs me!"
Paulo held him as he sobbed in his arms, Jake rubbing his back.
Alberto was in tears, hearing that excruciatingly long scream.
Michael had learned some horrific truth.
"Oh, my boy! Oh God, I feel your pain!"
"He's okay, Poppa."
Alberto's eyes were drawn to the stone entrance, his breath catching in his throat.
On the top step, a small boy stood, smiling at everyone.
Alberto rose to his feet, walking towards him.
"Hi, Poppa! It's me! Mikey's okay, everyone. He's seeing the truth. The truth he blocked out. He will walk forward and see the final truth. Then he'll be okay."
Alberto looked at his lost son, staring into his shimmering blue eyes.
His whole image was shimmering, as if he would fade at any moment.
Alberto remained still, his heart wanting to hold his son again, his mind see the futility in that gesture.
"I've missed you so much, Matty! My little angel!"
"I'll be right here, Poppa. Right until Michael stops it."
Alberto sank to his knees, staring at the little boy. Marco was at his side now, putting his arm around his grandfather.
"Hi, Matthew."
"Hi, Marco! You're okay now?"
Marco smiled, looking at Paulo, Jake, and Emile.
"Yes, I am loved."
The little boy smiled widely, looking down to the darkness below.
"Mikey's about to move again. He'll be done soon."
Matthew moved, walking up to Justin, who still knelt on the floor, staring into the little boy's eyes.
"Never has a greater love been felt by anyone, Justin. Michael's love is breathtaking. I felt it. A greater sacrifice he'll never make. Keep him in your heart and he'll always be real."
Justin smiled weakly, his eyes still full of tears.
"He be with you soon." Matthew said, leaning forward and kissing Justin's cheek.
The little boy laughed again, his body fading right before their eyes.

Michael lay on the floor, his body curled into itself.
The sobs echoed off the stone walls, his heart and soul closed off to everyone.
He cried for a long time, the images replaying in his mind.
What he'd seen and what it meant in his own soul.
And what it might mean for the future.
He lay there for a while, until he felt a soft hand on his cheek.
He turned upward, staring into Matthew's calm, smiling face.
"Never fear the past or the future, Mikey. The present is the past of the future."
Michael wiped his eyes, the small boy smiling at him.
"You must go forward, Mikey. You promised you would."
"Why should I, when I've seen the truth? All I'll see is more heartache and pain. My whole life has been that."
Matthew's face changed, Michael seeing determination in it.
"Rammy would want you to, Mikey. He was proud of you. Don't disappoint him–or me–please."
Michael looked at him for a moment, seeing the innocence of that beautiful, youthful face.
He then climbed back up onto his feet.
"Alright, I will go on, as I promised."
Matthew smiled, then laughed.
The laughter couldn't help but bring a smile to Michael's face.
The little boy smiled, then walked back towards the entrance, his image fading into the darkness.

Michael walked onward, more pictures showing themselves.
Nana's death,*Nysnc singing on stage, Paulo and Jake's engagement party.
His whole life unfolded before him.
The next image was Michael standing in front of this hall's entrance.
So he now was up to the present.
Everything forward would be the future.
He wiped his eyes, taking a deep breath, walking a single step forward.
The hallway brightened, gleaming with a brilliant shine of light.
Michael closed his eyes, it was that bright.
He slowly adjusted to the brightness, seeing five pictures remaining on the wall.
After the last one was a stone wall, two small boxes laying on a shelf on it.
He walked up to the first picture, it a blanket of white.
The whiteness changed, Michael seeing himself, Justin and their two angels.
All four wore white, flowers pinned on their chests.
Their wedding day.
Michael's eyes brightened as did his smile.
They all looked so happy.
He stared at it until it faded into whiteness.
Then he walked to the second picture.
It changed showing Michael with someone else, walking this same hallway.
The Guardian of Truth.
Michael stared at it seeing the difference in himself in the portrait.
Of course, thought Michael.
The trueness of the prophecy.
The picture vanished, Michael walking forward.
The third was a picture taken inside the church of St. Aurielia.
And standing at the altar was Fredrick, bodies laying below him, a fiery red glow coming from his eyes.
Michael looked at the picture, memorizing every single detail.
All the people, what they were doing.
Who was alive and who was dead.
And he saw himself and what he was doing.
The final fight for truth and faith.
Then the portrait faded quickly.
Michael calmed himself, steeling himself for the remaining two.
He took a deep breath, walking up to the next one.
It's colour was golden brown, a golden blank of nothing.
And then it changed.
Michael stared at it in disbelief.
It was a portrait of him in a surprising scene.
And below him stood something unbelievable.
Michael looked at it with wonder, suddenly hearing the voice enter his head.
He listened to all the voice now said, his words now holding so much truth and love.
Michael's face changed into a smile of unbelievable beauty and life.
After a long conversation, the voice silenced, the portrait fading away.
Michael turned, looking at the last of the five pictures.
He walked up to it, seeing its blue shine, blue like Justin's eyes.
The portrait changed, Michael staring in wonder, tears flowing down his cheeks.
He sank to his knees, sobbing in joy.
In the joy of his own final truth.

Everyone sat in silence, waiting for what seemed an eternity.
They all heard the slamming of a door, deep in the earth below.
Justin raised his head, looking towards the entrance.
Justin felt his angels voices in his mind.
"The kids are awake, Rach. Can you go bring them here? They want their Papa."
Rachel nodded, walking quickly out of the room.
She returned in a few minutes with the two little children, both climbing into Justin's lap.
And then they heard the echo of footsteps, growing gradually louder.
Everyone stood up, Justin standing as well.
They then heard the footsteps on the stairs, a head coming into view.
It was Michael, walking quietly up the steps, his eyes shining brightly.
He walked with a trace of joy and wonder in his steps.
He smiled at everyone, all of them staring at him in wonder.
Around his neck was a golden cross.
Identical to the one that had disintegrated on the Rock of Truth.
Justin's golden cross of love and faith.
He stared at his lover, Justin staring into his golden eyes.
In them, he saw surprising joy and happiness.
"What are our angels doing up so late?"
"We miss Papa." Darian said, extending his hands.
Michael smiled, taking the little boy into his arms, Shauna snuggling against Justin's chest.
"Are you okay, Mico?" Justin said, smiling at him.
"Yes, Jus. I am perfectly alright. In fact, I am extremely happy."
"What happened down there, Mikey?" Jake asked, everyone nodding in unison.
"I walked the path of life: my life."
"And what did you see?" Rachel asked, Lonnie's arm around her.
"I saw my past, my present and my future. An the truth of my own self."
Alberto put his hand on his grandson's shoulder.
"Matty said you'd be alright."
"I am, grandfather. I now know what lays ahead. Everything. What will happen, and what must happen. And I know the truth of Fredrick. What he really is."
Michael walked over, setting Darian down on the couch, who was now sound asleep.
Justin sat down beside him, gently laying a now sleeping Shauna down beside Darian.
"And what is he, Michael?"
"That will be learned shortly. You said Matty talked to you again."
"He came to us, Michael. Just after you screamed." Justin said, putting his hand in Michael's.
"Why did you scream, Mico?"
Michael lowered his eyes, Justin raising his head.
"I learned the truth, Jus. The deepest secret of my heart. And I'll tell you that one day, Jus. I know when I must."
"Alright, Mico. But nothing you'll tell me will every destroy my love for you. Matty was right, your love is breathtaking."
Michael smiled, then looked at his grandfather.
"Matty is an exceptional boy. And very smart, grandfather."
Alberto nodded and smiled.
"He knew all that was going on around him, all that was being done. It cost him his life."
Alberto looked in shock.
"Grandfather said it was an accident, Michael." Paulo said, looking at his cousin.
"No, Polo. It wasn't a accident. Matthew was drowned in that pool by his own brother. Fredrick murdered that innocent little child. Only because Matthew was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Matthew saw Fredrick raping and killing a young man named Benny."
Alberto looked in shock.
"Benny was the son of our stable manager. He disappeared a few days before Matthew's death. Oh God! That bastard killed my little boy!!!"
Paulo hugged his grandfather close, the man sobbing.
"Matthew woke up in limbo after that, down in that silent room. There he met Adrian, who asked him to stay here and watch. To see all that unfolded. In front and behind these closed walls. He's an exceptional boy. He told me of all he'd seen. And now he has slipped back into those walls, to watch again. He'll be your protection grandfather, informing me of all that goes on. He's here until I can free him."
"Free him, Michael?" Emile asked, Marco's arms wrapped around him.
"Free him from this place, so he can return to those he loves. His mother, and his brother and sisters. They all wait for him in heaven."
Alberto smiled, looking around the room.
"My little boy is with me again."
Gentle laughter echoed off the walls, Michael smiling.
"Talk to him in times of quiet, grandfather. He'll talk to you. His love for you has never diminished."
"Thank you, Michael. For giving me his love again."
Michael smiled, standing up.
"You can thank God for that, grandfather. I have my own reasons to thank him."
He looked to the entrance, waving his hands.
The stone lions began to move, the opening closing up again.
"Only once more shall I walk down there. That time with the Guardian. Then the end will be close at hand."
Justin stood up, taking Michael into his arms, kissing him gently.
"I sense joy and happiness in you, my love. Does the future hold joy for us?"
Michael smiled, kissing him again.
"The future holds many surprises, my Jus. You're not going to believe them. And what it means to us."
Justin smiled, Michael raising his closed hand, opening it. In it was Justin's faith ring. Michael's was already on his finger.
"I do believe you can return this to its rightful place, love."
Justin smiled, returning the ring to his finger.

Two hours later, Michael lay in bed with Justin, Justin's head laying on his chest.
They'd made love, a slow session of joined desires.
As usual, Justin had sobbed at the end, Michael's arms of love comforting him as always.
Justin played with the golden cross that lay on Michael's chest.
He'd checked it, seeing the engraving on the back.
Somehow this was the cross that he'd seen himself destroyed in Greece.
But now, here it lay as it always had on Michael's chest.
"Can you tell me what you saw, Mico?"
"It's not to be known until it happens, Jus. I'm sorry for that."
"It's okay, Michael. Just answer me one question."
Michael nodded, pretty sure of what the question would be. About his death or life.
What Justin said surprised him.
"Will our love ever end?"
Michael pulled him close, looking into his blue eyes.
"Never, Jus. Our love will go on forever. Just always look into these golden eyes and you'll see my love."
Justin smiled, Michael's answer all that he wanted and needed to hear.
They fell asleep against each other, Michael the last one to close his eyes.
"Thank you, Matthew. For giving me this second chance."

Half a world away, their early morning work had begun for the two lovers.
Seth was on the scaffold, putting the final touches to the ceiling's fourth coat of paint.
His shirt was off, Tomas below working on the placement of the final cooler.
Three more days and they would be open for business.
Tomas wore no shirt either, Seth occasionally glancing over at his gleaming chest.
Tomas' body made Seth's heart race.
They'd both given each other their heart and their centers of love.
Both now felt totally alive.
Seth smiled at last night's moments of passion.
Tomas was like a child in his energetic need for every inch of Seth's body.
And Seth had let him have it all.
He marveled at how Tomas was capable of taking all of him.
Seth knew he was very large, but that didn't stop Tomas from wanting every inch, in his center or in his throat.
Seth sighed, feeling that tingling down in his center.
He smirked, thinking a little mid-morning loving on top of a counter might be in order.
He smiled, setting down his paint brush, getting up onto his knees on the scaffold.
He moved, his body moving forward, but the boards having other ideas.
He slipped, one board cracking, a scream issuing from his lips, Seth lunging backwards on a fifteen foot drop to serious injury.

Tomas was smiling to himself, lost in his own memories of last night.
He'd prided himself on taking all of Seth's passion and hardness.
The man was gifted, and Tomas couldn't get enough of it.
He smiled widely, feeling the head in his center.
Then he heard the snap and Seth's scream.
He turned just in time to see his lover falling backwards, heading for the floor.
Tomas screamed rushing forward, his eyes glowing golden brown.
In his mind, he thought of only one thing.
Not my love!!!
In an instant of motionless time he felt himself lift off the ground, his body propelled forward.
His arms stretched outward, his lover landing in them.
Only thing was: Tomas was seven feet off the ground.
Slowly Tomas sank downward, his feet finally gently touching the floor.
Seth opened his eyes, staring into Tomas' frightened face.
"Are you alright, Sethy?" Tomas asked, gently kissing his lover's face repeatedly.
Seth felt Tomas' arms under him, the strong young man holding him in his arms.
"How did you do that? You were on the other side of the room???"
Tomas turned, looking to where he'd been standing.
It was a good twenty feet away.
"I don't know. I just remember seeing you falling and my needing to reach you. All I thought was that I needed to fly to you."
Tomas' feet moved a little, his body raising about three inches off the ground.
Both men looked in shock.
"Oh, my God! You can fly, Tommy!!!"
Tomas gently helped Seth stand up, making sure he was okay.
He closed his eyes, and thought deep into his mind.
He lifted off the ground, moving back towards where he'd originally been.
"Wow!" Seth said, Tomas gently landing on the floor.
"Oh my God, Sethy! I can fly!!"
Seth smiled, hearing the wonder and childlike mirth in Tomas' voice.
He walked across the room, smiling at him.
"My hero. My eagle of love."
Tomas smiled, then looked into Seth's blue eyes.
He pulled him against him, kissing him deeply.
Their sweaty glistening chests against each other.
"I almost lost you. I couldn't let you fall, so I just did it. You made this gift come alive. My love for you."
Seth teared up, then started crying.
Tomas took him tightly into his arms, holding him gently.
"It's okay, Sethy. I'm here to save you, to love you, and to protect you."
"I love you so much Tomas. Thank you for saving me."
Tomas smiled, kissing him tenderly.
The kiss turned into passion very quickly.
Seth broke their hug, smiling at him.
He walked over to the door, turning the lock, and pulling down the window blinds.
Tomas stared at him as Seth walked back to him.
"We got a lot of work to...." Tomas said, Seth silencing him with a deep passionate kiss.
Tomas became lost in the kiss, Seth's hands cupping his butt.
Tomas wrapped his legs around Seth's waist as Seth lifted him up, carrying him toward a table.
Seth pushed off all the papers and stuff, all of it falling to the floor.
Seth lay Tomas down on the table, their lips parting.
"My eagle has landed. Now I will make his soul soar."
Seth stood, his hands going to Tomas' jeans.
He undid the black belt, opening the zipper, his hands grabbing the faded material.
In one long thrust he pulled the jeans down to Tomas' boots.
Tomas' large organ stood at full mass, Seth's hand wrapping around the uncut shaft.
"My hero's fully charged. Time for me to show my appreciation."
Seth lowered his head, taking all of Tomas deep into his throat.
Tomas gasped, his head falling back, his smooth chest lifting off the table.
"Sethy!!! Oh God!!!"
Seth bobbed up and down, his fingers working down between his lover's spreading legs.
They found Tomas' center, entering easily, Tomas groaning.
Seth released Tomas' cock from his mouth, pulling at Tomas' boots, both hitting the floor in moments, his jeans and briefs falling on top of them.
Seth, in a flash, had his own clothes off, climbing on top of the table, lifting Tomas' legs, his large organ seeking out its hidden home of love.
"Oh Sethy! Take me there! Please! Your eagle needs to soar on our skies of love!"
Seth smiled, moving forward, all of himself sinking deep into Tomas' center, his hand wrapping again around Tomas' leaking shaft.
"Yes, Tomas! My eagle is stuffed and mounted! I'm going to make love to you for hours! I feel so alive, alive from your saving love!"
Tomas teared, Seth leaning forward, their lips uniting.
They stared into each other's eyes, Seth seeing the faint glow in Tomas' brown orbs.
Unbeknownst to either of them, another pair of eyes were glowing.

Michael awoke in the early dawn, a vision of a golden-eyed eagle soaring in his mind.
He smiled, moving slightly, two arms wrapping around him.
"You okay, my love?" Justin's soft voice said in the darkness.
"Yes, Timby. I just felt the Carrier of Truth's first act of wonder."
Justin lifted his head, looking down into Michael's darkened face.
"You mean you know who they all are?"
"Yes, Jus. I know who all of them now are."
Justin smiled, his white teeth standing out from his darkened face.
"It's too damn dark in here, I can't see your beauty." Michael said, Justin laughing.
Michael turned on the light, pushing Justin backwards onto his back.
Michael straddled his center, feeling Justin's awakening hardness.
"You are so beautiful, my angel."
Michael ran his hands along Justin's chest, his fingers latching onto his nipples, Justin moaning.
Justin put his arms behind his head, his armpits now exposed to Michael.
Michael smiled, moving forward, his tongue licking the hairiness of those pits.
Justin felt a tremble run through him, this feeling of deep passion again.
"Oh, Mico! You know that drives me wild!"
Michael chuckled, sucking Justin's right nipple, Justin's body jumping.
"Why do you think I do it?"
Justin smiled, Michael returning to the bud, sucking it gently in his mouth.
Justin moaned, Michael feeling his hardness against his ass.
"Someone wants to hide!" Michael said mirthfully.
Justin laughed, Michael raising his ass, his hand going behind him, grabbing hold of Justin's large, hard shaft.
"Let's play hide the timber!"
Justin was laughing loudly, then Michael leaned back, all of Justin sinking deep into him.
Justin's laughter stopped, a gasp of pure lust issuing from him.
Michael sighed, feeling Justin's largeness inside him.
His head flew back, his mind lost in Justin's center of love.
He felt Justin enter it as well, the two lost in their love.
They made love, a heated slow melding of two lovers.
And both succumbed to the passion, their bodies and souls filled with love.

They awoke around nine, meeting everyone downstairs, Rachel feeding the children at the table.
Justin and Michael kissed both angels, sitting down on each side of Alberto.
"A pleasant sleep last night, Poppa?" Michael asked, Alberto smiling.
"One of the best in years, Michael! One of the best!"
Michael smiled, diving into his large breakfast.
An hour and a half later saw the group getting ready for their departure, their flight leaving in a few hours.
Michael and Justin took a walk through the gardens with Alberto, stopping for a few moments at the pool and then the quiet garden of solitude.
They walked into the main garden, the one Alberto had nurtured for many years, Michael looking at Justin, Justin nodding.
"Grandfather, we have a favor to ask of you."
Alberto sat on his favorite bench, among the rose bushes, smiling up at the two men.
"Yes, my grandsons?"
Justin smiled at Alberto calling him that.
"We would like to be married here. We want our wedding in this garden of love."
Alberto teared up, standing, hugging his grandson to him.
"I would be honored, my son! As would your father!"
Michael smiled widely, kissing his grandfather's cheek, Alberto then hugging Justin as deeply.
They walked around for a while longer, discussing what Justin and Michael wanted to do.
Everyone met them in the resting room, Michael taking one last look around.
He heard faint laughter fill the room, Alberto smiling at Michael.
Michael looked upwards, his smiled wide and warm.
"I'll be back soon, Matty. Love ya, little angel."
Alberto looked at Justin, Justin's eyes never leaving his lover's smiling face.

They drove down to the airport, Alberto and Father Nicholas going to send them off.
Everyone walked onto the jet, Michael the last one to leave.
He hugged Nico tightly, the priest's eyes full of tears.
"Take care, cousin. Work with God in all ways, Nico. The time of judgement is at hand. God's love will show you such wonders."
The priest smiled, wiping his eyes.
Michael smiled at him, then turned looking into his grandfather's golden tired eyes.
"You be safe, Michael. And bask in Justin's love."
Michael's eyes were full of tears as he ran and hugged the old man one last time.
"I love you, Poppa. I give you this with my loving soul. Be happy and healthy. See you soon."
Alberto let Michael go, watching his smiling face as it disappeared into the airplane.
Nico stood by his side as the jet taxied out of the hangar, then headed down the runway, becoming airborne moments later.
Nico put his arm through Alberto's, smiling at him.
"Let me help you to the car, grandfather."
"I need no help now, my grandson. His love has healed me."
Alberto threw his canes down, walking quietly towards the car.
Nico stared in shock, seeing his grandfather walking with pride, his body erect, his head held high.

End of Chapter 131

And so Michael has walked the Hallway of Truth.
What made him scream and his heart break?
What made him kneel in joy?
Why is Matthew there to help him?
Many questions with no immediate answers.
Alberto now has been healed by his love.
I knew that Michael would always do that.
How can you not for such a loving family man?
Onward to the return to home life, and some more unwanted news.

Keep the faith, Angel.

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