Justin's Angel-132

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


They drove down to the airport, Alberto and Father Nicholas going to send them off.
Everyone walked onto the jet, Michael the last one to leave.
He hugged Nico tightly, the priest's eyes full of tears.
"Take care, cousin. Work with God in all ways, Nico. The time of judgement is at hand. God's love will show you such wonders."
The priest smiled, wiping his eyes.
Michael smiled at him, then turned looking into his grandfather's golden tired eyes.
"You be safe, Michael. And bask in Justin's love."
Michael's eyes were full of tears as he ran and hugged the old man one last time.
"I love you, Poppa. I give you this with my loving soul. Be happy and healthy. See you soon."
Alberto let Michael go, watching his smiling face as it disappeared into the airplane.
Nico stood by his side as the jet taxied out of the hangar, then headed down the runway, becoming airborne moments later.
Nico put his arm through Alberto's, smiling at him.
"Let me help you to the car, grandfather."
"I need no help, my grandson. His love has healed me."
Alberto threw his canes down, walking quietly towards the car.
Nico stared in shock, seeing his grandfather walking with pride, his body erect, his head held high.

Chapter 132

Michael opened the front door, walking into the house, his arms full of grocery bags, Paulo following with more.
They'd arrived home earlier that day to an empty fridge, Michael and Paulo heading for the market a few hours later.
Rachel grabbed a bag from Michael's arm, Michael laying the rest on the kitchen table.
"Where are the three kids?" Michael asked, smiling.
"They're all outside, Justin is playing baseball with Darry and Shauny." Rachel smiled, looking in the bags.
"I've got everything for my special spaghetti sauce. I'm cooking dinner." Michael smiled.
"I don't think so, Michael. It's been a long day for you. I'm earning my keep here. Give me the recipe and I'll do it."
Michael folded his arms, looking intently at her.
"This is my own special recipe, girlfriend! No one but I can cook it!"
Rachel folded her arms, staring back at him.
Paulo watched back and forth between the two of them.
He saw a standoff in the making.
"Hey guys, relax. It's just spaghetti sauce."
Michael and Rachel looked at Paulo, Paulo seeing their determined gazes.
Then they both looked back at each other.
Rachel sighed, looking at Michael, a small smile on her lips.
"Paulo's right, Mikey. It's just dinner."
Michael smiled, looking back at her with an even wider smile.
Michael walked up, smiling at Paulo.
"Thanks, Paulo."
Paulo smiled, hugging his brother.
"So get cracking, Spanish angel. You're cooking dinner."
Rachel laughed, Michael smiling with a smirk on his face.
"Yep, you're our compromise. Right, Rach?"
"Yes, Mikey. He came between us, he played the peacemaker. Paulo's stuck with the spoils of victory!"
Michael laughed, heading out through the patio doors.

Michael stretched out on the grass, watching Justin standing with Darian, his arms around the boy as he held the plastic bat.
Shauna was standing a few feet away, a ball in her hand.
"Okay, sweetie. Throw the ball to Darry and he'll hit it back to you."
Shauna grinned, throwing the ball overhand.
Darian swung at it, missing completely.
"Good try, little man. Just keep your eye on the ball and you'll hit it."
Justin lightly threw the ball back to Shauna, Shauna running after it as it fell from her hands.
Michael smiled, watching intently from his position.
Shauna smiled and got ready again.
This time she threw it higher, Darian hitting it, sending it over her head.
"Yay!!! Darry hit it!!! Run Darry!!" Justin shouted.
The little boy was screaming with glee running after his sister, Shauna laughing as she ran for the ball.
Justin smiled, chasing after them, spotting Michael sitting now on the grass.
Shauna picked up the ball, Darian hugging her to him.
"Ya hit da ball!"
"Yes, Shauny. You threw good!"
Justin smiled, seeing their happiness at each other's success.
He knew in his heart the two would always play well together, both loving each other very much.
Justin looked over at Michael, then leaned down, whispering into the two little ones' ears.
The two children had wide smiles on their faces.
Justin took off like a shot right at Michael, the little ones chasing after him.
Michael looked surprised as Justin landed on top of him, knocking him flat on his back, Justin rolling off, laying now beside him.
The two little ones were screaming with laughter as they climbed up on Michael's stomach.
"We got Papa down!" Darian said, Michael smiling widely.
"We tacky Papa!" Shauna screamed, Justin laughing.
"You teaching them baseball or football, Jus? Letting my angels tackle me?"
Justin continued laughing, the two little ones laughing as well.
Michael began tickling them, the two screaming with laughter.
Justin smiled, leaning over and kissing Michael deeply.
The two little ones stopped laughing, quietly watching the two men kiss.
"Papa and Dada kissing again." Shauna said, Darian smiling.
"They's loving." Darian said, Justin laughing as he kissed Michael.
Michael broke the kiss, looking at the two on top of his chest.
"Yep, Papa and Dada loving."
"We happy Papa's happy! Matty said you'd be happy."
Michael smiled, kissing them both on their cheeks.
"Matty was right."
Justin smiled, looking quietly at Michael.
Michael hadn't talked at all about what had happened down in that room, Justin sensing his not wanting to.
But whatever had happened, it seemed to revitalize Michael's mood.
He was the picture of perfect happiness.
Justin sensed he'd found what he'd wanted to know on that walk of truth.
Justin stood up, helping Michael stand up once the kids had slid off his chest.
"Paulo's making dinner, so we can all relax."
Justin smiled, walking with him towards the patio.
They both snuggled down on a chaise lounge, the two kids sitting on the floor, playing with toys that Justin had hauled out onto the patio.
Michael smiled, watching the two playing.
"How ya feeling, Mico? Still tired from last night?"
"No, Jus. That four hour nap on the plane helped."
Michael had slept once they'd become airborne.
Justin had slept as well, their two little angels snuggled up with them.
Michael looked around the backyard, smiling.
"It's so good to be home. I've missed this."
Justin smiled, snuggling closer to him.
Justin's cell went off in his pocket, Michael rolling his eyes.
"So much for peace and quiet."
Justin blushed, answering the phone.
He talked for a few minutes, Michael remaining quiet.
Justin closed off the phone, throwing it on the table by their seats.
"That was Johnny. It's all set up for tomorrow night, Mico. Larry's crew will be here around six, to set up and do exterior shots."
Michael nodded, looking down at their two angels.
"If the kids act up, I'm pulling the plug on this all, Jus. I won't let them get upset by this."
Justin smiled, hugging closer to Michael.
"You have my complete backing on that."
Michael smiled, Justin toying with the cross on Michael's chest.
"You haven't asked about it, Jus. About how I have it again."
Justin nodded, feeling a warmth off the gold cross.
"After I walked the path of truth, there were two boxes at the end of the path. This cross was in one of them along with something else. I have your faith back against my chest and God's faith in my heart, Jus."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael tenderly.
"What was in the other thing with the cross, Mico?"
"An old ancient rolled parchment."
"The true prophecy?"
Michael smiled, seeing Justin's astute reasoning.
"Yes, Jus. The true prophecy. I've hidden it. It will be given to the man who has to read it."
"And in the other box?"
Michael looked into Justin's blue eyes of love.
"Some things I'll need to give my friends. When the time comes."
Justin sighed, looking down as the two little ones looked up at him.
"You know everything now, don't you Michael?"
Michael looked into Justin's blue eyes, seeing his worry and uncertainness.
"Yes, Jus. I know all that will come to pass. And finally I'm not afraid anymore. I'm totally ready for this now. For all that lays ahead."
Justin nodded, the two little ones getting up and running up to them.
Both men picked up a child, the two smiling their small faces up at them.
"Dada and Papa marry?"
Justin smiled, kissing Shauna's cheek.
"Yes, sweetie. We're getting married in a few weeks. And we'll be a true family. Once we adopt you." Justin said, the two smiling and clapping their hands.
Michael quietly looked at Justin, remaining quiet.
Michael turned when he heard someone walk out onto the patio.
"Where are our two angels?"
Shauna and Darian both screamed with glee, Lance and Josh smiling as they walked over to them.
Both little ones stretched out their arms, Lance picking Darian up, Shauna in Josh's arms immediately.
"Uncle Lance, we go Spain and fly in planes!" Darian said with wonder in his eyes, Lance grinning.
"Awesome, little buddy!"
Michael smiled, seeing Lance's deep love for his little boy.
"And did Shauny get lots of toys in Spain?" Josh asked, his eyes wide with love for the little girl.
Shauna laughed, kissing his cheek, Josh kissing her back.
"Me no need new toys. Me have Darry to play with."
Everyone laughed, Darian included, Shauna smiling.
"How ya doing, guys?" Michael said, standing up now, kissing them both on the cheek.
Lance and Josh exchanged looks, Josh smiling widely.
"We're doing great, Mikey." Lance said, sitting down at a patio table, Darian in his lap.
Justin smiled at Josh, seeing him smiling back at him, Justin standing and kissing him, Michael smiling at seeing that.
"You look extremely happy, Joshy. What's going on?" Justin asked, Josh smiling at him.
"Capital Records is releasing my album. It's out in four weeks."
Michael screamed, picking Josh up off his feet, twirling him around, Shauna laughing in his arms.
Justin was beaming with happiness, hugging both of them.
"That's fantastic, Joshy!! I told you!!" Justin said, smiling at Josh.
"Yes, Jus. It's fantastic. And I'm glad my friends had faith in me. I feel I can do anything with the backing of those that love me." Josh said, looking at a smiling Lance.
Everyone smiled, sitting down at the patio table.
"So tell us everything." Justin said, Michael smiling at his happiness for his best friend.
"I've started shooting the video for the first single. It will be out in two weeks. There's a album launch party at our place on June thirtieth. You're all invited." Josh said smiling, Lance smiling as well.
"Wouldn't miss it, Joshy." Michael said, seeing Josh's happiness.
They sat as four friends, Josh telling them everything.
"Oh, Mikey. I ran into someone who knows you. Steven Sheppard. He's a vice president of Capital Records. He told me you two went to college together."
"Oh yeah, Stevie Sheppard. Man, haven't seen him in about three years. How's he doing?"
"Great. He'd read of all your success and celebrity status. He wanted me to tell you hi."
"Thanks for telling me, Josh. He was a nice guy. We had a lot of classes together. Glad to see he's doing good. I always knew he'd make it in business. He had a shrewd mind."
Everyone smiled, Justin quietly looking at Michael.
"So what's going on with you two? How was Spain?" Lance asked, Justin and Michael exchanging looks.
"Let's just say it was eye-opening." Michael said, smiling at his two friends.

Everyone sat around the patio table, Michael and Justin filling them in on all that had happened to them.
Lance and Josh sat in stunned silence at all that had happened to their friends.
They both looked at Michael with quiet awe.
"You walk with God's love in your heart, Michael." Lance said quietly, Michael looking at him.
"We all have God's love in our hearts, Lance. You have more than most."
Lance smiled, Josh smiling at him.
"Don't I know it." Josh said smiling more.
Lance blushed, Justin smiling, looking at Michael.
"So, we've updated the wedding plans. It's going to be in Spain. You won't believe the beauty of Michael's ancestral home. The flowers and beautiful scenery. It just felt like the right place." Justin said, remembering the intoxicating beauty.
"That's fantastic, guys. I've never been to Spain." Lance said, Michael smiling.
"You'll love it, Lancy."
"And the honeymoon?" Josh asked, Shauna playing with his necklace, which was a string of ivory beads.
"That's a surprise." Justin quipped, Michael looking at him with a raised eyebrow.
"A surprise, sweetie?" Michael said, Josh and Lance holding in their mirthful laughter.
"I've decided that I want to surprise you. Please, Mico. Let me handle that part."
Michael smiled, the other two men smiling as well.
"Ok, Timby. You and your surprises."
Justin beamed, the others laughing.
Rachel popped her head out of the patio doors.
"Dinner is served. Paulo's spaghetti surprise is ready."
Michael laughed, everyone seeing his wonderful happiness.
Lance hung back as they walked into the house, touching Justin on the shoulder.
"He's so happy, Jus. It's like he's a new man."
Justin smiled, putting his arm around Lance.
"He's showing the Michael I always saw, Lance. The real Michael."

They had a wonderful meal, Paulo beaming, Jake smiling at his lover's prideful happiness.
Michael was floored by Paulo's meal.
"Polo, this is my recipe! Almost to a tee. Where did you learn to cook this?"
Paulo beamed, smiling widely.
"It's our grandfather's recipe, Mikey. Who taught it to you?"
Michael looked down, his thoughts on the past.
"My Dad."
Justin put his hand in his, everyone quietly looking at him.
"Everything okay, Mikey?" Josh said, Michael feeling his love.
"Yes, Josh. The last week has me thinking about him a lot. I saw where he now rests, beside his brother and my grandmother. You won't believe the peacefulness of the place."
Lance quietly looked at Michael, a sense of quiet wonder on his mind.
"And soon the peacefulness of his love will shine from us all." Lance said quietly.
Everyone looked at him, Michael staring into his emerald eyes.
"Yes, Lance. Soon."
Michael smiled, slapping Paulo on the back.
"Kudos on making it to perfection. Poppa would be proud."
Paulo smiled, kissing Michael's cheek.
"Where are the other twosome of this foursome of love?" Michael asked, after they'd finished dinner, relaxing on the patio.
Lance and Josh exchanged looks, Jake smiling at Paulo.
"Lance, Josh, Lonnie and Rach. We have something to tell you." Jake said, looking at his friends.
Michael smiled at the two men, Paulo's face a beacon of love.
"Marco's so happy now. He's found love. In Emile, Paulo and myself." Jake said, his voice full of deep emotion.
Josh and Lance exchanged looks, Lance smiling at his two friends.
"That's wonderful, Jake and Paulo. But exactly what does that mean?"
Michael smiled, putting his arm around his best friend.
"It means that the four of them have found in each other deep love, Lance. Marco was hurt very deeply by what my uncle did to him. In these three, he found a special love. A brotherhood, of faith, hope, love and courage. All four are now as one. No jealousies or hidden meaning in that. They love each other. Physically, emotionally and completely. Jake and Paulo are soulmates. As are Emile and Marco. Nothing will change that. In a sense, the four have a unique love. The love of soul and heart melding into four beautiful souls. It transcends all of their own desires, wants and needs. I am so happy for all four of them. I'm richer for seeing that love blossom and now shine."
Everyone stared at Michael in quiet awe, lost in his beautiful voice, his words meaning so much.
"I see perfectly what you mean, Mikey. Congratulations to all four of you." Lance said, smiling at Jake and Paulo.
"Thanks, Lance."
Lance turned, seeing Marco and Emile standing in the patio doorway.
The two walked in, Lance and Josh standing now, hugging them both.
Both young men smiled, walking up to Jake and Paulo who had just stood up.
Marco kissed Jake on the lips, Emile kissing Paulo.
Michael smiled, seeing their love on display.
"Sit down guys, our inner circle is now complete." Justin said, Michael smiling.

They talked and laughed for a few hours, the night dwindling down.
Justin talked to everyone about tomorrow's interview, everyone giving them their support.
Michael and Justin put their two angels to sleep around ten, everyone else leaving shortly thereafter.
Lance walked to the car, deep in discussion with Justin, Michael hugging Josh goodnight.
"I'm happy for ya, Joshy. I always had faith that my singer of truth would shine bright."
Josh smiled, looking into Michael's golden eyes.
"I can't believe seeing the foursome of love tonight. Who would have imagined??"
Michael smiled, kissing Josh's cheek.
"You had a hand in this, didn't you, Mikey?"
Michael smiled.
"I have a hand in all things of love."
Josh smiled, looking over at Lance and Justin.
Michael put his hand on Josh's shoulder.
"In you and Lance, Jus and I have our own foursome. A foursome of love and faith."
Josh smiled, kissing Michael on the lips.
"So a four-way is still hopeful?" Josh said, raising his eyebrows.
Michael's laughter filled the driveway, Justin smiling as he and Lance looked on.
"Josh, you can barely handle Lance."
Josh laughed, Michael ruffling his hair, Josh smiling widely.
"Yes, Mikey. Lance's love is beyond control."
Michael smiled, the four exchanging hugs and kisses, Justin and Michael's hands entwined as their friends drove away, through the gates.
They locked up the house, quietly going to bed.
Once in bed, the twosome were in each other's arms, their hearts and souls on fire for each other's desires.
A heated hour later, Justin lay in Michael's arms, his body glowing in the aftermath of their sensual lovemaking.
"It's good to be home, Mico."
"It's good to be anywhere as long as you are in my arms, my tiger of love."
Justin smiled, snuggling closer to Michael.
"Thank you for doing that for him, Michael."
Michael looked down at Justin, his lover looking up at him with his blue eyes shining with tears.
"Giving him a chance with Capital. You called your friend Steven, didn't you?"
Michael blushed, looking down at Justin.
"After Josh's outburst that day, I called Steve to talk to him. I knew he was in the record industry, I just didn't realize how high up. When he heard what had happened to Josh, he was eager to see what they could do for him. It wasn't me, Jus. They heard his music and felt it deserved this. Josh doesn't need to know about this. He'll think I fixed this for him. I didn't. His talent did this, nothing else. His success is of his own doing, not mine."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael deeply.
"You amaze me with your giving heart, Mico. You went to bat for a friend. That says it all right there. You love him and Lance."
"With all my heart, Jus. They're our best friends."
Justin smiled, rolling over, letting Michael now find his spot of love.
Michael sighed, his head on Justin's smooth warm chest.
"Josh and Lance were surprised by our foursome's love." Justin said, quietly.
"Yes, and I saw them both looking at us." Michael said quietly, Justin looking down at him.
"Is there something there, Mico? Do you have those kind of feelings for them?"
"Do you, Jus?"
Michael felt Justin's body tremble, Michael raising his head.
Michael sat up, looking down at Justin, seeing his cloudy eyes.
"Justin, my love. No one, not even those two visions of beauty will ever give me what I have from you. They are our friends. I love them with all my heart. But you alone possess my soul. And your body is all that excites me. I love you and you alone, my Jus. No one else needs ever share this bed to make me feel complete. Only you, Justin. Only you. My love and my life."
Justin was in tears, pulling Michael down to him, kissing him deeply.
Michael felt their gifts immediately join, as did Justin.
And in that joining, Justin's mind flooded with the truth.
The truth of Michael's singular love.
Michael and he loved each other in all ways.
They parted, Justin seeing the golden glow in Michael's eyes.
"You and you alone are my Vision of Truth."

A couple of miles away, Josh felt his body letting go.
Lance exploded inside him, the two lost in their mutual orgasms.
Lance fell on top of him, Josh panting.
They lay on the living room floor, their clothes laying beside them.
Upon coming home, they'd just thrown their keys on the coffee table, looking into each other's eyes as they'd sat down on the couch, their bodies together.
Within moments they'd become two desirous animals of passion, rolling off the couch onto their carpeted floor.
Lance sighed, Josh wrapping his arms around him, Lance slipping out of Josh.
"That was unbelievable, Josh. My beast of love thrilled me greatly."
Josh smiled, Lance kissing his lips tenderly.
"And my emerald beauty sent me to heaven."
Lance's fingers stroked Josh's cheek, staring into his blue eyes.
"So, care to tell me what brought this fire of passion on?"
Josh looked into those shining eyes of emerald love.
"Seeing that foursome of love made me think of you and me, Lance."
Lance sat up, looking down at his naked lover.
Lance's head lowered, his eyes looking away from Josh.
"You want others, Josh? I am not enough?"
Josh was next to him in a flash.
"Oh, my Lance! No! Never!"
Josh raised Lance's head, seeing his eyes full of tears.
"Get those thoughts out of your head, Lance! You and you alone are all that I want. I need only you."
"Then why did seeing those four get you so excited? Was it the thought of four naked men together?"
Josh smiled, kissing his Lance's moist lips.
"I'm sure the four of those intoxicating beauties together would be a vision of lustful beauty. But they can't hold a candle to your beauty."
Lance blushed, Josh staring at him.
"I'll tell you what I saw, Lance."
Lance heard the seriousness in Josh's voice, and the deep love.
"I saw one man, lost in hurt and pain. Saved and healed from that pain by three others that love him now deeply. I saw love, hope, courage and faith destroy that young man's pain. I feel so happy for Marco. He has now the same thing you now have. He has love. The same love you receive from me, Lance."
Lance looked stunned.
"I saw a mirror image of you, Lance, in Marco. His innocence was taken, your trusting love was taken. He's found a love that's healed his soul. So have you. So that's what I saw. Looking at those four made me see what I have. I have you, Lance. I have your love, your trust, your faith and your soul. I love you, and you alone. You complete me. Only you. No one else need apply. This twosome is, and always will be, only the two of us. Myself and my soulmate."
Lance was in tears, Josh wiping them from his face.
"So I came back here tonight, my heart filled with the desire for only one. Never for others. The same feelings I will have for every day of my life. I love only you, my emerald love. In our center of love, there will only ever be you and I. I hope you feel the same way."
Lance pulled Josh to him, the two united in their love for each other.
"I had a life of hurt and pain balled up into two years with one hateful man. It nearly destroyed me. And one day, at the end of my despair, when I was on the edge of the abyss, two golden eyes stared into mine and gave me hope. Those golden eyes guided me to two blue eyes, that shined from that moment until now with love, his love for me."
Josh was now in tears, Lance kissing him again.
"That first night, at my parents', when you didn't take me like everyone else had, I felt a stirring in my soul. My soul began to fill that night with your love. It's now full, Josh. My soul is now filled with the only love I need. The love I've searched my whole life for. The love of soul and heart. Your love, Joshy. It's all I need."
Josh kissed him deeply, Lance laying back down, pulling Josh on top of him, Josh feeling Lance's rekindling desires.
"In our center of love, there will only ever be you and I, Josh. Take me there now. I need you now. And always."
Josh teared, lifting Lance's legs, sinking deeply into him, the two connected now in their center of love.
The colors and lights of passion flooding their minds and souls.
A couple of miles away, two golden eyes stared into the darkness, a tear falling down his cheek.

The next day saw the Timberlake-Tavarro household in topsy-turvy turmoil.
The television crew showed up early, the living room turned into a studio set.
Rachel remained upstairs with the children, Michael wanting them out of the spotlight until their required moment.
Justin saw Michael's involvement in everything.
Michael walked around, asking questions, talking with all the LKL personnel.
Justin marveled at his personal warmth with everyone. But in Michael's eyes, Justin saw the determined man he loved deeply.
Michael wasn't leaving anything to chance.
His protective love was wrapped around everyone.
Larry arrived at seven, Justin giving him a tour of the house, Larry meeting Michael and the kids upstairs with Rachel.
The two kids smiled at him shyly, Larry smiling back.
"They're angels, guys. Loving angels."
"You nice, sir." Darian said, Larry chuckling.
"Thanks, little man."
Darian smiled at his fathers, Justin winking at him.
"Dada say you nice man." Shauna said, Larry laughing.
"Dada's pretty nice himself. As is Papa."
"Yep. They's great." Darian smiled, Michael running his fingers through his blond curls.
Larry smiled, seeing Michael's deep love for the two children.
"OK, Michael and Justin. How do you want to do this?" Larry said smiling, sitting down in a wing chair, the two younger men sitting on the bed with their angels.
They talked for fifteen minutes, Larry nodding at their intriguing ideas.
"Sounds good. I'm okay with all of it. After all, this is your show."
Michael smiled, seeing Larry's acceptance of that.
"Thank you, Lar."
Larry smiled, shaking Michael's hand.
"Great. You four relax, I'll get things all set up. We go live in about an hour."
Larry said his goodbyes, walking out of the room.
Justin smiled at Michael, Rachel watching from the other chair.
"I like the way you think, Mico."
Michael smiled, kissing Justin tenderly.
"We do this for our fans, love. They'll see the family that we are."
Rachel smiled, remaining quiet.

Forty minutes later, Justin was sitting in a makeup chair, the final touches being done.
Michael was in the kitchen, going over things with the lighting crew.
Larry smiled, sitting beside Justin.
"For twenty minutes, I've watched your man, Justin. I've seen all he's capable of. He's exceptional in his need to know and care about everyone."
Justin smiled, thanking the makeup lady.
"Mico's heart shines always. And it's so protective."
Larry nodded, knowing what Justin was trying to tell him.
"No worries, Jus. Those angels will be protected with your love."
"There's something else I want to happen, Larry. Let me tell you."
Larry listened, his eyes going wide.
"That's unbelievable, Justin!" He said, in quiet awe.
Justin smiled, the two talking quietly.
Michael walked in a few minutes later, smiling at Justin and Larry.
"Almost time to bring out the Timberlake image!"
Justin laughed, Larry smiling.
"That man's history, love. It's just Justin now."
Michael nodded, the two looking into each other's eyes.
The director walked into the room, nodding at Larry.
"Time for you to go outside, Larry."
Larry smiled, putting on his leather jacket.
"I'll see you shortly, Justin."
Justin smiled, Michael sitting in Larry's vacated chair.
"You all set, Mico?"
"Yes, Jus. I'm ready. This will be the easy part. What comes after is what's important."
Justin nodded, but thought Michael was talking about something else.
A few minutes later, Justin was guided out to the foyer, Michael taking a deep breath, zoning in on his own thoughts.

"Good evening everyone." Larry said, the camera focused on his face, moments after his cued music.
"I'm standing on the doorstep of an upscale Los Angeles  house. Inside, are two young men who've set the celebrity world on its ear, with their music, books and own life experiences. They've welcomed us into their home this evening for a personal tour and a heartfelt interview. Let's go in."
Larry was standing on the front steps, his hand hitting the buzzer.
The door opened, Justin's smiling face greeting the elder gentleman.
"Hi, Larry. Come on in everyone." Justin smiled, looking beautiful in a blue silk shirt and black jeans.
The cameraman followed, Justin welcoming Larry to their home.
"It's beautiful, Justin. You and Michael have a wonderful home." Larry said, Justin walking him through the dining room, then the kitchen and then out onto the patio.
"It's our escape from our turbulent, hectic careers. It's our home of love."
Larry smiled, Justin pointing out the pool and backyard.
"Mico's had a hand in all the decorating and personal touches throughout our home." Justin raved, Larry smiling.
"You had no say?"
Justin laughed, smiling.
"Actually, Michael and I have the same tastes. We picked out everything together, no arguments on anything."
Larry laughed, Justin blushing.
"What can I say? We're two of the same mind."
Lonnie smirked, in the background. He was staying close, always on duty.
They walked back through the house, stopping in the foyer. Larry looking up the stairs.
"That's the upstairs. Our bedroom and other bedrooms. Nothing much to see up there. It's our inner sanctuary. And it's off limits."
Larry smiled, Justin leading the way into the living room.
Michael sat at the piano, smiling up at the camera, playing a soft melody.
It was Justin's idea to have him do that.
"Hi, Larry. Hello everyone." Michael said, smiling into the camera, his golden eyes shining.
"That's a beautiful melody, Michael. I didn't know you played?" Larry said, his arms folded, smiling at him, leaning against the piano.
"Mico's awesome! This is his own composition. I've one talented beauty here. You should hear him sing!" Justin said, smiling down at him, Michael smiling back.
Michael wore a black silk shirt, and black jeans. The golden cross lay on his chest, his shirt open.
"Justin hears with his heart, you'd hear with you ears, Larry."
Larry laughed, touched by Michael's gentle humor.
"I'm sure Justin's the singer in the family. You're the writer."
Michael nodded, ending the melody.
"Please, Larry, have a seat. Welcome to our home."
Larry smiled, Justin and Michael sitting down on a couch, Larry sitting across from them, smiling.
"It's a beautiful home, guys. So inviting and warm."
"It's our escape from life, Larry. Here we are at peace, just us and our angels."
Larry smiled, seeing Michael and Justin both relaxed and calm.
"You've both been in the spotlight lately in some surprising ways. Tell us all about what's going on with you two."
Michael smiled, starting the conversation.
They both talked to Larry, telling him and the world all that had taken place.
They both talked about their tours, their successes and then on to the more dramatic details.
Michael told about his saving the child from kidnappers, Keith's death and Michael's plunge off the roof.
Then his own personal loss in Nana's passing, Justin's hand in his.
"I'm sorry, Michael. She sounds like she was a wonderful, guiding light in your life."
"She is Larry. She is the guiding force in my life, teaching me the greatness of love."
They talked about London, Michael's awe at meeting Elton John.
Then they moved to what had happened in Spain.
That had drawn media attention around the globe, because of Justin and Michael being there in the center of it.
"So an assassin was out to murder your grandfather? At the instruction of your uncle?"
"Yes, Larry. My family is deep in tradition and personal wealth.  My uncle wanted my grandfather out of the picture to cause me pain."
"That man is pure evil, Michael. No luck in the police apprehending him?"
"None, Larry. But he'll receive justice one day, of that I'm certain."
Larry nodded, moved by Michael's calmness.
"On another topic, how does it feel to be named a flower?"
Justin laughed, Michael feeling his joy.
"It's awesome, Lar." Justin said, smiling at the camera.
"If the audience doesn't know, The Tavarro-Timberlake rose was named top rose at this year's USA flower show, capturing three awards. How did your name get assigned to it?"
Justin told the story of his and Michael's helping Seth, and Tomas. And the resulting tribute to them.
"That's a moving story, and a wonderful recognition of your deep helping love, guys."
Both young men smiled, Larry looking quietly at them.
"The world knows now of your involvement with Father Derrick's orphanage and your contributing to its new buildings and site. Out of that, came your courageous saving of two small children from a murderer bent on selling them to sex traders. What came out of that?"
Michael smiled widely, looking at Justin's wide smile.
"Out of that, came our love for two little angels. Justin and I have become legal guardians of those two drops of sunshine."
Larry smiled, seeing the love in both men's eyes for those two precious angels.
"Tell us about them, and what happened."
Justin told the story of their saving the kids, and the joy of holding them in their arms that first day.
"When I held those two little angels in my arms that day, sitting out there on that bench, I felt my heart become whole. I found in their staring eyes all the love I needed. Three sets of beautiful eyes filled with love."
Michael smiled, Justin staring into his golden eyes.
"We fell in love with them immediately if not before." Michael said.
"Before?" Larry asked.
Michael told the story of visiting Father Derrick's orphanage and their first meeting with the two children.
"I'm a strong believer in destiny, Larry. I believed in my heart that day that those two angels would walk back into our lives in some way. I never believed it would be in such a dramatic fashion. The tragedy of their mother, Serena's, death was tragic and sad. But out of that came our meeting, and our falling in love with these two. God guided these two to our hearts, and there they will forever be."
Justin smiled, Larry smiling back at both of them.
"Tonight we'll get to meet those two angels. We'll be right back."
The cameraman cued them off, the three smiling at each other.
"Doing good, guys." Lance said, smiling from the doorway.
Michael looked up, staring at his friend.
"What are you doing here, Lancy?"
"Just hanging. My best friends need my support. Sides, Josh didn't want to come alone."
Josh laughed, stepping out from behind Lance, Michael smiling.
"Thanks, guys."
Larry smiled at them, greeting them by name.
"Thirty seconds, Larry." The director said, Justin and Michael relaxing again.
The director cued them.
"We're back with Justin and Michael. Sounds like the two of you have settled into fatherhood very easily."
"Well, I have a younger brother, he's five. I took care of him when I was home, loving him greatly. He taught me to be a wonderful parent." Justin said smiling, Michael smirking.
"Not to mention how to be a great kid." Michael said, Justin now blushing.
"Ah, so you've got three kids to look after, Michael." Larry said laughing.
Michael laughed, Justin turning redder.
"Yes, but the big one's a big help. Always."
Justin smiled, seeing Michael's loving eyes shining back at him.
"You both have such a relaxing, caring attitude toward each other. You both compliment each other very well." Larry said, complete honesty in his words.
"We're in sync with each other in all ways, Lar." Justin smiled, kissing Michael's cheek, Michael smiling widely.
"Our love fills this house, Larry. And our children reap that reward. "
"Well, let's meet these two beautiful angels." Larry said, smiling.
Michael nodded, looking towards the living room doorway, seeing Rachel smiling with the kids in her arms.
Michael got up, walking across the room, Larry and Justin smiling at Michael.
The camera followed Michael.
Michael took the two angels from Rachel's arms, Shauna and Darian smiling at him.
"We have fun now, Papa?" Darian asked, shyly looking around the room.
"Yes, sweeties. We talk to the nice man."
Shauna smiled at Larry as Michael walked back to the couch, sitting down beside Justin.
Darian climbed into Justin's lap, smiling up at him.
Shauna snuggled against Michael's chest, listening to his steady heartbeat.
"Relax, little angels. Dada and Papa are here." Justin quietly said, in a soothing, loving voice.
Both children smiled, Larry quietly smiling.
"Let's welcome now some special sweet, angelic guests. Hello little ones."
The camera showed the foursome quietly sitting on the couch.
The two little ones smiled at Larry.
"Hi." Darian said, rather loudly, Larry chuckling.
"Hello little man. And what's your name?"
"My name is Darian. And this is my sister Shauna." Darian said, Shauna smiling.
"And who is this with you?"
Darian laughed, Shauna giggling and then answering.
"This is Dada and Papa. You know that silly!"
Justin laughed, as did Larry, Michael smiling, his arm around his treasure.
"Yes I do. Do you like living here with Dada and Papa?" Larry asked, smiling at the two.
"Oh yes! Dada's so much fun. He plays with us all the time. And Papa loves us and keeps us happy."
Michael smiled, Justin showing glistening eyes.
"Do you know what your guardians do for a living?"
Darian looked up at Justin, then Michael.
"They kiss and hug?"
Everyone now laughed, seeing the mirthful innocence of the two little angels.
"Oh, they do, do they?" Larry said, his face wearing a mirthful smile as well.
"Yes we do, Larry. We're in love. And we show that to our angels every day. With our kisses and hugs for ourselves and  them as well." Michael smiled, Justin smiling as well.
Darian giggled, standing up in Justin's lap, wrapping his arms around Justin's neck, kissing him on the cheek.
"I love my Dada."
"I love my Papa." Shauna said, doing the almost identical thing to Michael.
Both men were surprised at this open show of their children's love.
Larry was shocked. The two little ones seemed so relaxing in front of the cameras.
The two little ones settled back down, both now climbing into Justin's lap.
Michael smiled, looking at Larry.
"Justin's their giving love, I'm their protective love."
Larry smiled.
"They look very happy, Michael. No repercussions from their tragic ordeal?"
"No Larry. They've forgotten all of that now. Here, now, is what's important to them. Our giving and nurturing love."
Justin smiled, Michael's words holding so much truth.
"Michael is right, Larry. All that matters to them–and now to us–is that they are happy. And with us, they'll always be."
Michael smiled.
"We'll be right back, with some surprises."
The camera went off again, Michael quietly looking between Larry and Justin.
Justin blushed, Larry just smiled.
Lance came into the room, Josh right behind him.
The kids grinned up at them, the two singers waving at them.
"All four of you are doing great." Lance said, Michael smiling at him.
"Yeah, and our angels are naturals." Josh smiled.
"Is there something you want to tell me, Jus?" Michael said, quietly looking at him, ignoring Lance and Josh's obvious attempt at sidetracking him.
"Thirty seconds, Larry." The director said, smiling at Michael.
"Why do I feel like I'm the last one who knows what's going on?"
Lance and Josh blushed, stepping back, leaving the room again.
"We're back with Justin and Michael, Darian and Shauna. I must say you look like one happy, contented family."
"We are, Larry. The four of us are just that. A family. Justin and I are initiating proceedings to legally adopt Darry and Shauny. We want to be their parents, their rightful dads." Justin said, Larry hearing the determination and conviction in his heartfelt words, and seeing Michael's hand go in his.
"Wonderful idea, guys. It's obvious the two love both of you deeply."
Both kids smiled, snuggling against Justin.
"So what's next for the four of you?" Larry said, smiling.
"Well, we have some wonderful news." Justin said, Michael looking at him.
Justin smiled, Michael feeling his deep love.
"Michael and I are getting married in five weeks."
Larry didn't looked surprised, smiling at the news.
"Great to hear. Congratulations to the both of you."
Both men smiled, Michael continuing to stare at Justin.
"But it's not completely legal in this country, Justin." Larry stated, Justin nodding.
"We realize that, Larry. But that's not stopping us. This will be a commitment in front of God of our love for each other. Nothing will stop us from doing that. Our love is that solid and real."
Michael smiled, hearing Justin's truthful love in all his words.
"Warm, loving words, Justin."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael on the lips, the two little ones smiling up at them.
"Me want kissies, Dada!" Shauna said, both men kissing her cheeks, as well as Darian's, both kids smiling widely.
Larry looked on at the tenderness of the moment.
"And I heard from you Justin, that there's even more wonderful news. News that will make a lot of people happy."
Justin smiled, Michael looking at him with a questioning look.
"Yes, Lar. Some real big news. But to do this I'll need some help. Come on in guys."
The camera turned, zoning in on the living room entrance, Justin smiling.
Into the room walked Lance and Josh.
And right behind them walked Joey and Chris.
Michael sat on the couch, his face a stunned mask of confusion.
Larry stood up, shaking all four men's hands, the four leaning down and hugging and kissing the four sitting on the couch.
Lance sat on the couch's armrest beside Michael, Josh sitting beside Justin on the couch, Chris on the other armrest, Joey standing behind the couch, leaning against it.
Michael looked around at all of them, also seeing their other friends now in the room.
Vicky, Paulo, Jake, Marco, Emile, Nick and Trevor. They all stood at the living room's doorway, watching the show unfold.
"Welcome guys. It's nice to see the five of you together again." Larry said, smiling at all five.
"Yeah, Larry. It's been a while." Joey said smiling, looking down at Michael.
"We all wanted to be here for this touching moment. The moment when the world sees the love of this new family." Chris said smiling.
"And for some news of our own." Josh said, smiling at Michael.
In that smile Michael felt instantly the calmness of all five men.
"This news is the result of this wonderful man's giving heart." Lance said, putting his arm around Michael.
"And what news is this, guys? Justin?" Larry said looking at Justin, his face smiling.
"We're all here together to announce the reformation of *NSync. We're going to sing again, and record a new album. An album of songs written by my wonderful fianceé." Justin beamed, Michael staring at him in shock.
"Michael's the reason we're back together. His talent at song writing, and his heartfelt giving love for all of us is making this dream come true." Chris said, smiling at him.
Michael saw the blossoming tears in Chris' eyes.
"Wow! This is fantastic news, guys!" Larry said, the camera panning all their smiling faces.
"We have a reason to sing again, Larry. We've all rediscovered our love and respect for each other, and we have Mikey to thank for that." Josh said, Lance smiling as well.
Michael blushed, looking at everyone.
"All I did was get you guys talking to each other. Your love for each other and your music did the rest."
"No, Mikey! That's not true and you know it!" Lance said, everyone seeing his determined look.
"Larry, this man wrote over thirty beautiful songs for us, thirty songs highlighting our individual talents. And he did it because he loved all of us. As we love him. Thank you, Mikey. For being you."
Lance leaned down, hugging him tightly, Michael in shock.
All the other three took turns hugging him tightly, Michael's face red with blushing.
Justin smiled, kissing Michael's cheek, Michael weakly smiling back.
Justin felt his old feelings of timidness, of unworthiness, Justin having none of it.
"The time is right, everyone. Time for our beautiful voices to unite again. And the first thing we want to say as a group is we owe Michael our thanks."
"Thank you Michael. For your love and guiding hand." All five said, Michael staring at them all, silent in his shock.
"And it's time the world saw and heard an angel sing. Michael, will you sing for us?" Lance said, staring into his golden eyes.
Michael looked in shock, as did Larry.
"You sing, Michael?" He said, looking confused.
"Larry, to hear Michael's voice is to hear an angel's voice."
"Really, JC? This sounds wonderful. Will you sing Michael?" Larry asked.
All four singers stood, pulling Michael up onto his feet. Justin stood, his two angels in his arms.
"Will you, Mikey?" All five said in unison, Michael looking at all seven of them.
"Sing Papa!" Darian said, Shauna nodding as well, both wearing loving smiles.
"Alright." He quietly said, Larry smiling.
"We'll take a break, and our remaining segment will feature Michael Tavarro's surprising gift. Don't go away."
The camera went off, Michael looking at all five men.
"Okay, who's idea was this?"
Justin kissed Michael's cheek, Shauna climbing into Michael's arms.
"It was mine love. It was time the world knew of our newfound musical desires. And it's time the world sees and hears your beautiful voice."
"God, Justin! I'm tired of this! How many times do I have to tell you that my voice is nothing compared to you others??  The world doesn't need to hear me ruining a song!"
Josh took Darian from Justin, Michael letting Justin put his arm around him.
"My dearest love. I'm tired myself. Tired of you denying what you have. We all see and hear the beauty of your words and your music. Let it out, Mico. Let it out for everyone to see."
Michael reluctantly nodded, looking into Justin's blue eyes of love.
"Alright . Only for you and our angels, Jus. But I'm scared, Jus."
Michael looked around, everyone seeing his reluctance. One person had had enough.
Michael looked up, seeing Vicky walking up to him.
"Now you, mister, march over to that piano and sit down there! If I don't hear your pipes trumpeting in two minutes, you'll rue the day you were born! Got it, pencil dick??"
Everyone looked shocked at Vicky's approach to Michael's fear.
Michael stared for a moment, handing Shauna to Lance.
He walked over to the piano, sitting down, looking down at the keys, seeming deep in thought.
"Back in thirty seconds, Larry." The director said, everyone watching the man sitting at the piano.
Vicky walked back, standing beside Paulo, Paulo seeing her calm gaze at Michael.
The five singers and Larry walked around the piano, the cameraman cuing Larry.
"We're back with our final moments, and we're in for a surprising treat. Michael has offered to sing for us. Take it away Michael."
Michael's head raised, his golden eyes shining.
"Thank you, Larry. This song I dedicate to three special people in my life. My life wouldn't be complete without my three angels."
Justin smiled, Darian and Shauna snuggled again in his arms, Justin leaning against the piano right in front of Michael.
Michael began playing the keys, looking right at all three.
Everyone around the piano–and all over the nation–saw the raw love in Michael's face.
And his beautiful voice took their hearts away.

Thinking how it might have been
If you had never walked into my life
I would have been nothing
Without you, where would I be

Every moment used to feel
Like living through a cold and starless night
But everything's changing
Everything is feeling right

You gave me your love, lifted me up
Now I'm looking at forever
When I never thought
I'd ever see that far
You, you're in my soul wherever I go
Now I know right from the start
Your love was written on my heart

How could I have been so blind
When you were always here, so near to me
And there is no other
Who knows me the way I feel you do

And you were waiting all the time
For me to come around and finally see
All the love I was missing
There you were, right beside me, always beside me

You gave me your love, lifted me up
Now I'm looking at forever
When I never thought
I'd ever see that far
You, you're in my soul wherever I go
Now I know right from the start
Your love was written on my heart

You made it so easy
Your love brought out the best in me, yeah
You are my light and my truth
I've found my destiny in you

You gave me your love, lifted me up
Now I'm looking at forever
When I never thought
I'd ever see that far
You, you're in my soul wherever I go
Now I know right from the start
Your love was written on my heart

Your love was written on my heart
You're forever written on my heart

The room was dead quiet when Michael ended the song, Justin and their angels sitting down beside Michael at the piano.
Larry stood in shock, staring at Michael.
"Michael, that was unbelievable! I've never heard such heartfelt words of love!"
Michael smiled at Justin, and his two smiling angels.
"They are easy words when inspired by one's true loves."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael deeply, Shauna climbing back into Michael's lap.
"Well, our time is over. I want to thank my guests, Michael Tavarro, Justin Timberlake and Josh, Lance, Chris and Joey, members of the newly formed *NSync. And two small angels of happiness, Darian and Shauna. Thank you all for watching, and good night."

Jerome Andrews stared at the television set, his hand stroking his chin.
His face wore a smile of immense satisfaction.
The phone beside his chair went off, Jerome picking it up, smiling.
"You saw? All of it? You heard her name mentioned? Doris, be quiet! We're doing this. Think of what we can achieve! It's time you got something back for his part in all this."
He listened for a few moments, hearing her doubting words.
"Shut up. It's final! Now get over here and bring food. They'll be served tonight. I don't care if their world comes crashing down!"
He set the phone back on its cradle, stopping the video recorder, rewinding the tape.
He lit a cigarette, taking a long drag of it, sighing with happiness.
He stared at the televison, hitting the play button on his video recorder.
He watched the show again, flipping through the boring parts.
On the screen were the famous twosome, and their newfound treasures.
"Get ready for a heart breaking surprise, fag boys!"
He laughed, his laughter echoing off his small apartment walls.
He heard knocking on his door, getting up and answering it.
She stood outside the door, Jerome staring at her.
"Come in, sister."
Doris walked into the room, looking around at its unkempt appearance.
"You need a wife, Jerome. This place is a pig sty."
"And you and me both need a new life. I think you know how we can get it."
Doris stared at him, Jerome pointing at the television set.
Doris' eyes looked at the picture of Justin and Michael, holding in their arms two blond, curly-haired children.
"Love them quickly, pretty boys. For those two brats have a date with destiny."
Doris stared at her brother, hearing his hateful words.
In her heart, she thought of only one thing.
"How can I destroy the love I see there?"

End of Chapter 132

Ominous tidings.
Who are Doris and Jerome?
What are they planning on doing?

And so Michael's gift for music and what he's done for *NSync are now known to the world.
How will Michael react to that and the results?
I hope you liked the interview and what it showed.

Onward to more drama and an upcoming meeting of minds.

Keep the faith, Angel.

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