Justin's Angel-133

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Jerome Andrews stared at the television set, his hand stroking his chin.
His face wore a smile of immense satisfaction.
The phone beside his chair went off, Jerome picking it up, smiling.
"You saw? All of it? You heard her name mentioned? Doris, be quiet! We're doing this. Think of what we can achieve! It's time you got something back for his part in all this."
He listened for a few moments, hearing her doubting words.
"Shut up. It's final! Now get over here and bring food. They'll be served tonight. I don't care if their world comes crashing down!"
He set the phone back on its cradle, stopping the video recorder, rewinding the tape.
He lit a cigarette, taking a long drag of it, sighing with happiness.
He stared at the televison, hitting the play button on his video recorder.
He watched the show again, flipping through the boring parts.
On the screen were the famous twosome, and their newfound treasures.
"Get ready for a heart breaking surprise, fag boys!"
He laughed, his laughter echoing off his small apartment walls.
He heard knocking on his door, getting up and answering it.
She stood outside the door, Jerome staring at her.
"Come in, sister."
Doris walked into the room, looking around at its unkempt appearance.
"You need a wife, Jerome. This place is a pig sty."
"And you and me both need a new life. I think you know how we can get it."
Doris stared at him, Jerome pointing at the television set.
Doris' eyes looked at the picture of Justin and Michael, holding in their arms two blond, curly-haired children.
"Love them quickly, pretty boys. For those two brats have a date with destiny."
Doris stared at her brother, hearing his hateful words.
In her heart, she thought of only one thing.
"How can I destroy the love I see there?"

Chapter 133

The camera shut off, everyone smiling at the foursome sitting on the piano bench.
All their friends crowded around the four, Larry still standing beside the piano.
"Remarkable. That's all I can say." Larry said, staring at Michael.
Michael smiled, looking towards Vicky, who was smiling.
"Hey, you don't know how terrifying that wild woman can be!!! I never flirt with disaster!"
Everyone erupted in laughter, Vicky blushing.
Michael's humour diffusing the awkwardness of the moment.
"You got that right, Mikey! And she's all mine. I love a wild ride!" Chris said, his arm around her.
Michael smiled, looking at his old friend.
"Thanks, Victoria."
Vicky smiled, leaning over, kissing his cheek.
"Anytime, pencil dick."
Michael nodded, everyone seeing his quieting mood.
Larry shook his head, still staring at Michael.
"You, son, are a man of many surprises." Larry said, Michael nodding again.
"You don't know the half of it, Larry." Josh said, Justin smiling.
"If everyone's finished congratulating me, how about you all go out onto the patio?" Michael said, giving Shauna to Rachel, kissing her cheek.
Michael got up, walking quietly out of the room, heading upstairs.
Everyone looked at Justin, Justin smiling, but they all saw the quietness in his eyes.
"Lonnie, take everyone out into the back yard. Rachel has sandwiches and food ready in the kitchen. Michael wants everyone to enjoy our hospitality. I'll be right back."
Everyone nodded, moving out of the room, the crew beginning to dismantle everything.
Lance put his hand on Justin's shoulder, looking into his eyes.
"Is he okay, Jus?"
"I think so, Lance. I don't feel any hurt or emotional backlash. We'll be out shortly."
Lance nodded, Josh taking his hand, looking at his best friend.
"Tell him we're all proud of him, Justy."
Justin smiled at Josh.
"He already knows that, Joshy."
Both men smiled, Justin walking upstairs.

Justin found Michael in their bedroom, laying on their bed.
"Everyone's waiting outside, love."
Michael looked up into Justin's eyes, Justin immediately seeing the worry in his eyes.
He was sitting on the bed in a heartbeat, Michael leaning against him in silence.
"What's wrong my love?"
"I felt something."
Justin's arms were around him, holding him tight.
"Felt what? Your chance at stardom?"
Michael looked into Justin's eyes.
"It has nothing to do with my singing, Jus. I don't give a damn about that! It's the kids!"
Justin looked surprised, and confused.
"What are you talking about, Mico?"
"I felt a presence, like a intruding thought or ominous warning."
"Was it Fredrick?"
Justin's face had changed to intense worry.
"No, Jus. It has nothing to do with the Tavarro or Stavros clans. It's something to do with our angels. And their past."
Michael hugged against Justin, Justin feeling his worry.
"You have no idea what it is? Have the kids sensed it?"
"No, Jus. They haven't, and I won't let them. Whatever it is, I'm here to stop it, or keep it away from them. I feel that."
Justin hugged him close.
"Let's get everyone out of here. And then let's talk this out."
"They're our friends, Jus. Maybe they can help."
Justin nodded, Michael getting up with him, kissing his cheek.
Michael put his arm around Justin, the two walking back downstairs.

Justin and Michael walked onto the patio.
Everyone waved and yelled, the two smiling quietly at everyone.
Larry was sitting, talking to Chris, looking up at the two of them.
"Here's the stars of our show. How are you doing guys?"
"I've been better, Larry." Michael said quietly.
"Don't let that sudden thrust onto the stage worry you Michael. I sense you're not comfortable in that spotlight. You're too decent to want that hectic life." Larry said, the other singers looking at him with raised eyebrows.
"On that note, I have to be going. I sense I might be in the middle of a boyband attack any moment. It's been a pleasure as always, my young friends." Larry said, smirking and standing up.
"Thank you for agreeing to this." Justin said, smiling at him.
"I wouldn't have missed it for the world. You both are lucky parents, boys. Those two are angels."
Michael's face changed a little, Vicky picking up on it immediately.
"Thanks, Larry. They truly are." Michael said, shaking his hand, Lonnie guiding him back out to the front door.
The crew had left, Larry's limo waiting outside, he the last to leave.
Michael sat down at the table, Justin sitting down beside him.
"Ok, Mikey. Spill it! What's going on?" Vicky said the minute they'd sat down.
Everyone was looking at her, and then at their two friends.
"I think something's about to happen. Something ominous. And it's in regards to our angels."
Everyone looked shocked.
"How do you know?" Lance asked, looking at Justin.
"I've had one of my feelings. One of my worrisome feelings." Michael said quietly.
"Was it a vison?"
"No, not a vision. Just a itch in my mind. Like something's not right."
Justin's cell went off, Justin pulling it out.
He answered it, talking quietly, Michael not really listening, Paulo quietly talking to him.
Justin hug up, looking at Michael.
"That was Terry. She's on her way over."
Michael's face changed, everyone seeing the sadness written there.
"It could be anything, Mico. Don't get worried until there's something to worry about."
Michael nodded, Justin rubbing his back.

A short ten minutes later, Rachel guided Terry out to the back patio, everyone waiting.
"Hello, everyone." She said smiling.
Michael relaxed a bit, smiling at her.
"Hi, Terry. How are you doing?"
"I'm great, Michael. How are our angels?"
Michael smiled, feeling her relaxed manner, not sensing anything wrong.
"They are angels of unbelievable happiness. We love them so much." Michael said smiling.
Justin introduced her to everyone, the ones who didn't know her shaking her hand.
Terry smiled, Justin bringing her a drink, Terry sitting between them.
"What brings you down from San Francisco, Terry?" Justin asked, smiling at her.
"Before I say another word, I want to thank you, Michael."
Michael smiled, looking into her eyes.
"You don't need to thank me for finding love. Your own heart found that."
Terry stared in shock, looking at him.
"How did you know?"
Justin smiled, knowing full well how Michael knew.
"Call it a hunch. I see its newness in your eyes."
Terry blushed, and then smiled widely.
"We met on the cruise to Hawaii. She's so special and giving. She's opened my heart again. I never thought it possible. She lives here in L.A. I'm staying with her at the moment. While I'm in town."
Michael smiled, kissing her cheek.
"Anything's possible where love's concerned."
Justin kissed her now, Terry telling them all about her trip and the woman she'd met.
"You'll have to bring her over for dinner. She's sounds so nice." Justin said, Terry agreeing.
"She wants to meet you and your angels. I told her all about you. She was awed by your whole story."
Michael saw her face change a bit, sensing something.
"What do you feel nervous about telling me, Terry?"
Terry looked around, looking at Justin then Michael.
"Something's going on, Michael. What it is, I'm not sure. Denise, my new friend, is doing some checking for me, but I know someone's been doing checks into the kids' backgrounds. And they've been at Father Derrick's. He wanted to tell you himself, but I was coming up here anyway, so I told him I'd talk to you."
Justin felt Michael's emotions unraveling.
"Calm down, Mico. Calm down."
Terry looked at Michael, seeing his face had changed.
"What the hell's going on, Terry?" Michael's voice was determined and focused now. Terry thought she saw a faint glow in his golden eyes.
The buzzer for the front door went off, Rachel walking into the house to answer it.
Justin got up, standing beside Michael, putting his arm around him.
"It's here again, Jus. I feel it again. That feeling."
Justin looked worried, the patio door opening.
Rachel walked out, a young man following her.
She looked at both of them with troubled eyes.
"This man is from the sheriff's office. He's here to see you, Justin and Michael."
Both men were now standing.
The man walked forward.
"Mr. Timberlake? Mr. Tavarro?"
Both nodded, the man handing Justin a paper.
"Consider yourselves served." He quietly said, giving the paper to Justin then leaving the way he came, Rachel following him.
Justin looked at Michael, seeing his emotions visibly now on display.
"Read this, Terry." Justin said, wrapping his arms around Michael.
Terry opened the paper, scanning its contents.
She looked up at both of them, her face showing shock.
"It's a summons to appear in court on Monday. For a hearing in regards to Darian and Shauna's guardianship. And the possible rescinding of that guardianship."
"What!!!" Justin said, his face showing shock.
"Calm down, Justin." Josh said, at his side now, Lance beside him.
"What's this all about, Terry?" Lance said, looking at her with worry.
Terry stared at Justin and Michael, her face showing a sadness that hadn't been there before.
"It's their grandmother, Doris Jacobs. She's filed for legal rights. She's wanting to take them both from you."
Michael's world came crashing down.
Justin felt it instantly, wrapping his arms around Michael tighter.
"No! Never! Not my Darry and Shauny!! They love us!! They're ours!!" Michael said, his voice cracking with emotion.
Justin felt the hurt in Michael's soul and the rising anger.
"Calm down, Mico. We'll fight this!"
Michael pushed away from Justin walking toward the house.
Michael stopped, turning around, his face laid bare with his emotions.
"I can't lose them, I just can't!!"
He went through the doorway, disappearing into the house.
Justin lowered his head, then looked up at Terry.
"How can she do this to us??"
Justin's tears were falling, Josh wrapping his arms around him.
"Michael and your angels need you right now, Jus. Go to them. We'll talk with Terry. We'll come up with something." Lance said, Justin nodding, Josh rubbing his back.
Justin walked into the house, heading after Michael.
Josh put his arm around Lance, Lance looking at Terry.
"What's going on? I thought she wanted nothing to do with them?"
"I thought that also, Lance. That was what she herself told me. This totally surprises me, too. It's just not right."
Lance nodded.
"Josh, call Johnny. We need our law team in on this. There's got to be something we can do."
Terry nodded, Josh pulling out his phone.
"It may be a hard fight, Lance. She's their grandmother. And Michael and Justin are gay. That works big time against them."
"We'll do all we can. And Justin and Michael will fight to the end. They love those angels. We all do."
Terry smiled, hugging Lance.
"I saw that the moment I saw Darian in Justin's arms."
Lance and Josh smiled, Josh talking on his cell.

Justin walked into the nursery, finding Michael sitting in the rocking chair.
Their two angels were in his arms, Michael quietly humming, both sound asleep against his chest.
Justin saw the tears that had fallen down Michael's cheeks, and the wetness still in his eyes.
"They're mine, Jus. I won't let anyone take them from me." Michael said quietly in his mind, Justin's tears falling now.
"Neither shall I, my love. I'll fight to my last breath before I let them go."
Michael nodded, Justin seeing his eyes glowing.
Michael stood up, gently laying the two kids in their bed, Justin's arm going around him.
Michael's head fell against Justin's chest, Michael sobbing quietly.
Justin held him for a long time before Michael finally spoke.
"Why do I always bring hurt into my life? Why does it always follow me? Can I ever be happy?"
Justin felt Michael's heartache and self-loathing.
"You aren't to blame for this, my love. Whatever's going on, we'll get through this. I'll spend my last cent to keep our sweet angels with us. I love them so much, Mico. I can't lose them! I can't!"
Michael now felt Justin's strength letting go, Michael pulling him into his arms now.
Justin sobbed, Michael holding him.
Michael looked down into the crib, watching his two angels sleep.
He closed his eyes, centering his mind.
He heard the voice, its quiet tone calming his soul.
"Never, as long as I hold a breath in my body, shall they leave my side. For in them I have life." Michael quietly said, Justin looking up at him.
Michael's face showed a man of determination and conviction.
"Let's go talk to Terry, Jus. Let's get our side going on this."

They talked for a long time, everyone giving advice and encouragement.
Johnny was stopping by in the morning with one of their top lawyers.
And they all picked up on Michael's charged determination.
They had three days to find out what was going on.
And Michael knew where he'd find the truth.
But he kept that information to himself, buried deep within his own thoughts.
All he had to do was get close.
And he'd have what he needed.
Michael sighed, Justin looking at him.
"Tired, love? It's been a long day." Justin said, his arm wrapped around him.
"Yeah, Jus. Tired of being the magnet of pain."
Lance looked at Michael, seeing his tearing eyes.
"Michael, you are not a magnet for pain. You are a beacon of love. And so much more shines out of you. For that, all of us are eternally grateful."
Everyone voiced the same sentiments, Vicky's arm going around him as well.
"We've all fallen in love with those angels, Mikey. There's no damn way in hell anyone's taking them away from you. This bitch here is gunning for blood!"
Chris rolled his eyes, Vicky leering at him, Chris looking away.
"Thanks, Vicky. But it's not through anger and hate that we'll win this. It's through love and calmness."
Lance looked at Michael, seeing his changed attitude.
"You planning something, Mikey? You seemed more energized and centered."
"I know what to do in regards to this. I just need to find out the truth. And one person holds that."
"Doris Jacobs?" Terry said, looking at him.
"Yes. I don't know what her reasons are for doing this now, but I have a hunch. Do you know the judge yet?"
"We won't know that till Saturday at the earliest."
"Do you have any sway in this, Terry?" Michael said looking at her directly with a stern gaze.
"It depends on the judge and the terms of the petition. I'll find that all out on Saturday. Until then, I suggest you talk to your lawyer and find the best defense. One thing you have going for you is all these wonderful character witnesses." Terry said smiling around at everyone.
"But once the judge talks to Darian and Shauna he'll see that they love us, that we are the best thing for them. Am I right?" Justin said, looking at her with hope.
Terry sighed, looking at both of them, everyone else quietly listening.
"The children are not the issue here, Justin. The issue is the best care and loving home for them. He may not even talk to them. It's up to his discretion and it's his final decision. We can ask for that, but most times it's not used. I'm sorry I can't be of more help."
Justin sighed, his head lowering, Michael sensing his feelings.
"Father Derrick will definitely be here."
Michael smiled, loving his uncle.
"Father Derrick will give his views on all this, I guarantee that." Terry said, Michael smiling again.
"I'm sure he will."
Terry smiled, seeing the tiredness in Michael's golden eyes.
"Right now, I think you need rest, Michael. I know sleep is the last thing on your mind, but you need to be refreshed and ready for this. I'll stop by again tomorrow to see both of you. I'll talk to Denise and see if she can find anything out."
"What does she do for a living, Terry?" Josh asked.
Terry looked around at everyone.
"She was a lawyer. This is her area of expertise."

Michael stretched his arms, walking up the darkened stairs.
Justin, he knew, was in their bedroom.
The two had seen all their friends off, then spent an hour in the nursery, quietly watching their angels.
Justin had gone into their bedroom, Michael walking downstairs, locking everything up.
He now was walking upstairs, to be in the arms of the man he loved.
He walked into their bedroom, finding the room darkened and the bed empty.
He saw the balcony door open, walking out into the cooling night breeze.
Justin stood at the balcony rail, looking up into the starry night.
He was shirtless, wearing Joe Boxer pajama bottoms.
Michael wrapped his arms around him, Justin sinking back into his embrace.
"You okay, my love?" Michael said quietly, Justin laying his head on Michael's chest.
"I've gotten everything I've ever wanted in my life, Mico. I've worked hard for it all, with a lot of determination and hard work. But those two angels and you are the greatest things I've ever been given. Without you three in my life, I have no life. You said it yourself, Mico.  For in you, I have life."
Michael hugged Justin closer, Justin looking out into the darkness.
"We need them, Mico. They are a part of us. No one has the right to destroy what we've achieved."
"No one does, Jus. And no one will."
Justin turned, looking into Michael's golden eyes.
In them, he saw deep love. And a stone-crushing determination.
And then they changed to white.
Then blue.
And then hazel.
And finally they returned to their usual golden brown.
"We are all ready. For what must be done."
Justin raised his eyebrows in confusion, not sure what Michael was referring to.
Michael looked deeply into his lover's blue pools of love.
"I've been given my answer, Jus. The reason for this is now clear. Don't worry, Jus. Have faith in me. I'll see this finished. And we'll have our angels forever."
Justin smiled, for the first time after a long, hard evening of doubt.
For in Michael's gaze, he felt a deep truth. And a reassuring love.
"I believe you, Mico. And I have faith in you."
Michael smiled, kissing Justin gently and tenderly.
"Let's go to sleep, Jus. You look exhausted."
Justin nodded, Michael guiding him into the bedroom, pulling back the covers, the two removing all their clothing.
They wrapped themselves around each other, Justin's head on Michael's chest, he needing the closeness the most.
Michael held him, giving him all his love, Justin slowly slipping into slumber.
Michael remained awake for a long time after, his mind centered, the voice loud and strong.
"Calmness is needed, Michael."
"But we know what needs to be done!"
"Yes, we do. But only when it's time. You know the truth of what I'm saying."
"And her? What will this cost her?"
"It will save her soul, Michael. And ease her pain. And bring her final peace with her past."
Michael talked within his mind, the voice calm and reassuring.
"You need sleep, Michael. And you need their love close."
Michael nodded, closing his eyes.

Michael woke up in a strange place.
He was in a garden, a small, well-kept garden.
In front of him was a cluster of flowers, overflowing with red carnations.
He saw the darkness of the night, not sure where he was.
He saw a house in front of him, a small stone dwelling, older in its style, but clean and well-lived in.
A light was on inside the house.
Michael walked forward, looking into a window.
He saw a woman sitting in a wing chair, looking down into a photo album.
She looked tired and restless.
Michael couldn't make out the pictures too well.
She sighed, looking out of the window, staring right at Michael.
Michael froze, the woman not moving.
Then she returned to the album, flipping pages.
She hadn't seen him at all.
Michael now knew it was some kind of vision.
He walked to the door beside the window, walking right through it.
He walked into the homey room, seeing a lot of knickknacks and antiques.
What surprised him the most was that there were no pictures anywhere.
He looked over at the woman, the woman not acknowledging his presence.
Michael walked over to her, looking down at the album in her trembling hands.
The pictures meant nothing to him.
Family pictures, a man and woman, and a small girl.
Michael looked at the woman's face, seeing a resemblance to someone he knew.
He sat down on a chair, looking at her.
Doris Jacobs' looks were apparent in Shauna's young face.
The same facial features, nose and eyes.
The woman set the album on her end table, leaning back into the chair.
She stared upward, sighing.
"Why am I doing this? To ruin others to benefit from my own mistakes." She quietly asked, to who Michael wasn't sure.
Michael got up, walking around the house, looking in every room.
The home was simple, no real extravagant furnishings or flashy decor.
The modest home of a middle-aged spinster.
Michael walked into her bedroom, seeing it spotless and neat.
A cross was hanging over the bed, a Madonna sculpture on the nightstand.
Michael felt the religious devotion of this lonely woman.
On the nightstand lay a leather book.
Written on it was a single word:  Diary
Michael looked at it, staring at it for quite a while.
He knew in his heart that if he looked into that book, all the truths of this ordeal would be revealed.
Is that why he was here?
To find the truth?
To find something to give them knowledge?
He sighed, his eyes moving away from the book.
He couldn't go against his grandmother's teaching. The right to privacy and the acceptance of people's right to that privacy.
He walked out the room, returning to the living room.
He stopped, staring at what lay in front of him.

Michael looked at a touching scene of quiet sadness.
Doris remained in her chair, her eyes closed, stroking a rosary that was in her hands.
Across from her sat a young woman, who quietly looked at her.
"Mama, I'm here with you." The young woman said quietly.
"Serena?" Michael said, his voice breaking the hushed atmosphere of the room.
Serena Jacobs looked up, seeing Michael standing in the doorway.
"Yes, Serena. It's me."
"What are you doing here?"
"I don't know. I just awoke here. Is this a vision, or a dream?"
Serena looked at her mother, seeing her not moving while they'd talked, still stroking the beads.
"This isn't a dream, Michael."
Serena stood, looking at him, smiling.
"It's nice meeting you, Serena. Your angels talk often of your loving soul."
Michael saw the beauty of her smile. And the beauty of her looks.
"My angels are happy. I've seen their smiles. I have you to thank for that. You and Justin."
Michael smiled, looking at her with gentle kindness.
"They are treasures of love. We love them very much."
She smiled, feeling his truthful soul.
"They always were. And you two have given them a life of happiness. Thank you for loving them."
Michael smiled, walking closer to her.
"It was so easy to do. They are so wonderful."
Serena smiled.
"I've known that for a long time. Their love is their greatest gift."
Michael smiled, seeing her contented face.
"How are you now, Serena? Is your soul at peace?"
"It was until this happened."
"What's going on here, Serena? Why is she doing this? "
Serena looked down at her mother.
"She feels that she can make amends for her failure. For her failure with me. But she's got it all wrong. And I now know the truth. But no matter the truth, I always loved her. And I still do. "
Serena looked up into his golden eyes.
"I've seen and heard of your greatness, and giving love, Michael. You are the talk of heaven. Your Nana loves you, Michael. Her love is unbelievable. Her hand guided my angels to you and Justin."
Michael smiled, a tear running down his cheek.
"I know. Justin's Mom made me realize it was her doing."
Serena smiled, looking at her own mother.
"She's a remarkable woman, Helena is. As is your own beautiful mother. They've welcomed me into their sisterhood of love. I only wish Mama could see I'm okay. And know that I've forgiven her. I think that's what she's looking for."
Michael looked into her blue eyes.
"What does she need forgiveness for, Serena?"
"I cannot tell you, Michael. My past is my own. As is hers. She is the only one that can release that pain."
Michael saw that Serena was beginning to be transparent.
"My time is almost gone, Michael. If chances are taken, then she'll see the truth. And God will forgive her."
Serena's image faded, as did the room and everything.
Michael awoke in the early morning light, standing in the backyard.
He looked down into the pool, which lay in front of him.
Floating in the water was a red carnation.

Justin woke up, finding himself alone in their bed.
He heard giggling, and splashing.
He stretched, climbing out of bed, walking nude towards the bathroom.
Inside he found Michael in the tub, their two angels laughing in the water with him.
Darian was splashing Michael, Michael laughing now.
"Morning, Mico. Love ya." Justin said, leaning forward, kissing Michael's lips, Michael returning his words of love.
Justin kissed Shauna and Darian's wet cheeks.
"Morning, my little ones. Love ya both."
"Morning, Dada!" Darian said, smiling at his Dad.
"Morning, Dada. Papa's being silly."
Justin laughed at Shauna mirthful expression.
"And what's he been doing?"
"He says we'll grow potatoes in our ears if we not wash them?"
Justin held in a laugh, looking at Michael's smiling face.
"Well then you'll always have to wash them. Or we'll be making french fries in your ears."
Both kids laughed, Justin smiling.
"Any room in there for one more duck?" Justin beamed, Michael smiling.
"Always room for one more."
Justin smiled, climbing into the tub, lifting Shauna onto his knee.
It was a large sunken tub, more than enough room for all four of them.
They all laughed and played. Well Justin and the kids did anyway.
Michael washed them all, making sure they were all clean, all three feeling his loving touch.
Justin and Michael dried each other off, then dried the two little ones.
A half hour later all four walked into the kitchen, the aromas of a wonderful breakfast filling their nostrils.
"Mmm, someone's been cooking up a storm. Morning, Florida!" Michael said, smiling.
Rachel chuckled, then all out laughed.
"Morning, Maude!"
Justin looked confused, Michael laughing now.
"Old television show, Jus. Well before your time."
Justin just shook his head, chuckling.
"Well, old-timer. That's true."
Michael folded his arms looking at him.
"We are the same age, cutie. So that makes you an old-timer, too."
Justin blushed, Michael kissing his cheek, Rachel smiling.
"I have a weakness for flashy, exciting, drop-dead gorgeous old-timers."
Justin beamed, kissing Michael back.
They all sat down at the table, Rachel laying out the food.
"And how are you two doing this morning? Sleep okay?" Rachel asked them, looking quietly at the kids.
"It okay, Rach. We knows." Darian said, sipping his juice cup.
Justin looked shocked, staring up at Michael, who was walking to the table with the coffee pot.
"Know what, sweetie?" Rachel said, smiling at the little boy.
"We know Gramma's wants us." Shauna said, looking at Michael.
Michael sat down with a stunned look on his face.
Justin now knew he hadn't told them.
"How do you know that, my angel?" Justin said, filling Shauna's cup again with juice.
"Nana told us. This morning. She said Mommy talk to Papa. He fix it."
Michael almost choked on his cup of coffee, Rachel patting his back.
"What's she talking about, Mico?"
"Jus, last night I had a vision. I awoke in Doris Jacobs' home. She was there looking in old photo albums. And she didn't know I was there. I walked around the house, then returned to her. And Serena was sitting there beside her, a ghost trying to talk to the living. We talked, and then she disappeared, and I woke up outside by the pool. There was a red carnation floating in the pool."
"What does that mean, Mico?"
"I don't know, Jus. But there were clusters of red carnations in her back garden. I saw them there. One must have came back with me. I really was there, Jus."
"For what reason, Mico?"
"To talk to Mommy." Shauna said looking up at Michael.
"She loves you both, my angels. And she's happy." Michael said, both little ones smiling at him.
"We know, Papa. Nana says she's with her and your mommy."
Michael smiled, kissing her cheek.
"She is, Shauny. And she's happy knowing Dada and I are looking after you."
"We wuv you Papa. And we wuv Dada."
Justin fought his tears, Michael controlling his own.
"We love you." Both men said, Rachel wiping her eyes.
"So what does this all mean, Mico?"
"I'm piecing that together, Jus. I think we'll find out on Monday."
Justin nodded, looking at the two little ones.
"Don't worry, Dada. Papa's our hero. He'll make it all better."
Michael's eyes filled with tears, hearing their loving words.
"I'll do it always for my angels."
Both little ones smiled, diving into their toast.
Justin looked at Michael, taking his hand in his.
"We both will, my love."
Rachel smiled, the five finishing their breakfast.

"Justin, calm down!" Johnny said, Justin flopping down on the couch beside Michael.
"Getting worked up isn't helping, love." Michael said, rubbing his knee.
"I just don't like where this is going." Justin said, folding his arms across his chest.
"Johnny's trying to help, Jus. Let's talk to the lawyer and go from there."
Johnny had arrived after breakfast, the three having a meeting in the office.
Rachel had taken the kids out to the pool with Lonnie, knowing it best they didn't hear the discussions.
Johnny had laid it straight for them, from what he'd learned from the lawyer team at Jive.
"Gay couples haven't got a lot of rights under California law, Jus. You need to realize that. It's going to take a lot of money to get anywhere with this."
"All it's going to take is faith and love, Johnny." Michael said quietly.
"Do you have a rabbit under your hat, Mikey? Can you make her disappear? I don't think even your magical abilities can help us here."
Michael lowered his eyes, Johnny realizing he might have overstepped his bounds.
"I'm sorry, Mikey. I didn't mean that to sound like it did."
"It's okay, Johnny. I see your view on this. And you are right. We have an uphill battle ahead of us. But we
have something else. Something I've had all my life. Hope. And Courage."
Justin looked up at Michael, seeing his determined eyes.
The lost, lonely Michael was gone.
Here sitting beside him was a determined man. A man on a mission. And outside, playing in the pool was Michael's mission. Their two loving drops of sunshine.
"All my life I've fought to struggle to go on. To fight all the pain and hurt that almost overwhelmed me. To this point in my life. I'll not stop now when I need the greatest hope and the strongest courage. Those two little ones need us to fight for them. To fight for their love and their happiness. And Justin and I will fight always for that. Because we love them."
"Well spoken, Mr. Tavarro."
Michael turned, looking at a man who'd walked into the room.
He looked around thirty five, elegant and handsome.
Michael and Justin stood up, Johnny walking up to him.
"You're late, Will."
"Sorry, traffic was backed up, an accident on the end of the freeway."
The man walked into the room, shaking Michael's hand, handing him his card.
Michael looked down at it, reading the name.

"William S. Preston, Esq."

"Call me Will. I heard your words of wisdom and heartfelt truth, Mr. Tavarro. You'll need more than that to convince a judge you're worth those kids' love."
"I am worth it, Will. And it's Michael."
"Well said, Michael. Hello, Justin."
Will shook Justin's hand, smiling at him.
"Hi, Will. How are you?"
"I'm well. Let's see if we can get you two feeling better. Let's take it from the top."
Will smiled, sitting down, opening his briefcase, setting out a small tape recorder.
"OK, boys. Hit it. Tell me everything. Leave out no details. I want to know everything from the first moment you laid eyes upon those two children."
Justin started, Michael quietly listening, and watching Will take notes.
An hour later, after a coffee injection, thanks to Rachel, Michael finished the story.
"Very interesting. It seems strange that now, at this time, she suddenly wants them. Very strange. I'm wondering if money's a factor here? Maybe she's taking your prize then at the last moment offering it back at an increased price."
"You mean extortion?" Justin said, looking at Will with surprise.
"In a way, Justin. She knows from all the publicity how much you two love those two little ones. And last night's interview would have been the icing on the cake. Both of you showed a lot of love for them both last night. I saw it in both your eyes. My bet's on extortion. You are both immensely wealthy."
"If that's what it is, I'll gladly pay her, just to keep them." Justin said, Michael quietly looking at him.
"Jus, our angels are not something to be passed around to the highest bidder. I will not pay for their love."
Justin blushed, Michael taking his hand in his.
"I'm sorry, Mico. I see your point completely. Forgive me?"
"Sweetie, there's nothing to forgive. I know how much you want them, and that you'd do anything to protect them."
Justin smiled, Michael kissing his cheek. Will blushed, looking away.
"It's remarkable."
Michael looked at Will, smiling.
"What is?"
"That Justin's gay. And he's found such a loving man."
Justin smiled, wrapping his arm around Michael.
"Yes, he's remarkable alright. And I'm totally in love with him. I hope that's okay with you, Will? I know we've only dealt in legal matters, but I hope you can deal with this."
Will smiled.
"I am perfectly fine with it, Justin. And to tell you the truth, I always kind of suspected."
Justin blushed, Michael grinning.
"Babe, that poker face of yours gives you away, always."
Justin blushed more, Michael kissing him again.
Will smiled, not looking away now, seeing the closeness and love both men shared.
"Okay, I've done some background checks and research, it's been an early morning for me. Doris Jacobs was not the only signer of the first applications for a writ. She had a co-signer. A man by the name of Jerome Andrews. Research brought up the connection. He's her brother. I believe he's the driving force behind this. And a back ground check on him, brought up some deep financial woes. The man is in hock all over town. To him, this may be the meal ticket he needs."
Johnny nodded, his arms folded in deep thought.
"What of her past? Her relationship with her daughter Serena?" Michael quietly asked.
"Well, Serena was kicked out of her home at seventeen, less than four years ago. Her father left almost at the same time. His whereabouts are unknown. Nine months after she was kicked out she gave birth to the twins. She was residing at a home for unwed mothers at that time. About a year and a half ago, she got into drugs, several men of dubious standing going through her life. A year ago she met one Steve Armitage, the same man who murdered her. The kids were taken from her for a time, until she detoxified. Then a few months later, she was killed. And that's where you came in."
"Can you find her father? To see what happened between Serena and Doris?" Justin said, Michael remaining quiet.
"We'll try, but it looks doubtful in such a short time. He's come up as a blank on the computer lists. It's like he's totally disappeared."
Michael thought for a moment, looking at Will.
"What do you believe are our chances, Will?"
Will sighed, looking at both of them, then Johnny.
"Right now, at this moment, forty to sixty percent. Unless we come up with some dirt on this woman, the court will favour her. But we could buy some time with some things I can find. Character witnesses against her, financial worries, stuff like that. I'll do my best, but I'm against a clock here. Let's hope something comes to light.  But the flowers may not bloom in your garden unless we have the light of truth on your side."
Michael face took on a look of shock, no one noticing it, except Justin.
Then he relaxed again, staring at Will.
"Thank you for trying to help, Will."
Will smiled, looking at Michael with genuine affection.
"Well, I guess it's true. The real Michael Tavarro is something spectacular. Johnny was right."
Johnny smiled, looking at Michael.
"Yeah he's that alright! And he's been holding out on me!"
Michael looked confused.
"I saw the show last night, Michael. That voice! Good God! It was unbelievable!"
Michael's smile wavered a little, Justin putting his arm around him again.
"Mico's voice is that of an angel. He sings of his love for all things."
Johnny shook his head, still not believing Michael couldn't see what he possessed.
"It's a crying shame that a voice of that talent is not being heard." he said, Will nodding as well.
"It will be heard, Johnny. Every time that I  am moved to sing will be a moment of intense love. For my Justin and my Darry and Shauny. Their love will make me soar in music. The music of my love."
Justin smiled, hugging Michael close.
"On that sentimental note, I should be going. Lots of leg work to do. It was a pleasure meeting you, Michael. I'll keep you both posted on what I unearth. Including the judge's name tomorrow. Don't worry, try and relax this weekend. Monday will be time enough to worry."
Both men nodded, Will shaking both of their hands, Justin hugging him, Will was surprised but hugged back.
Will stared into Michael's golden eyes, seeing their depth of steel, awed by what he saw there. A steely determined soul, bent on getting what it needed. And Will sensed it was the love of the three people he loved most.
Will picked up his briefcase, Johnny looking at both of them.
"You both should know that last night's show blew the roof off everything. We've been swamped with phone calls, e-mails and stuff. Larry King said it was the highest-rated show of his yet. The press is revving up again, and when this trouble leaks out, it will be pandemonium. I want you both to be prepared for Monday. It's going to be a full-fledged circus at that courthouse, mark my words."
Michael sighed, Justin's hand in his.
"We'll be alright, Johnny. Michael and I will weather this storm. And our angels will be protected."
Johnny smiled, nodding.
"I'll try and pop in over the weekend. Will's right. Try and relax, clear your mind of all this. Spend the weekend with what matters most. Those two angels out there. Darian and Shauna are what you need. Both of you."
Michael and Justin both hugged the man, Justin showing them out of their home.
Justin returned to the living room, seeing Michael standing at the fireplace, looking at the pictures on the mantle.
Michael took one down, the one of all of them at Christmas time.
"A short six months ago, I felt so alive in this new home. I felt so loved. And that love has increased everyday, Jus. It's been six months of hardship, loss and determined love. And throughout all of it, you alone have stood by my side."
Justin put his arm around Michael, staring into his golden eyes.
"I love you, Mico. It's the place I'll always be."
Michael leaned in, kissing him deeply.
"You'll never know the depth of my love for you, Jus. And I'll spend every day increasing its depth for you and our angels."
Justin smiled, Michael returning the photograph to its sacred place.
"Love. It's the core of all things, Jus. And soon, it will be shown in some surprising ways."
Michael looked down at his ringed fingers.
"In a few weeks I will give myself to you in the sight of God, Jus. We will be one in his eyes."
"I can't wait till that day, Mico. For you will be mine forever."
"I already am, Jus. I already am."
Justin teared up, Michael kissing his lips lightly.
"Let's go play with our angels. Time grows short. The red carnations will bloom swiftly."
Michael smiled, walking with Justin out of the room, Justin's mind on what Michael had just said.

End of Chapter 133.

I hope I didn't shock anyone with this twist of fate.
I won't go into a discussion on gay rights, or today's beliefs.
I'm from a place where gay rights are entrenched in our laws.

What I'm trying to show is the way that love can weather any storm.
Four parts of one soul are being threatened.
All four will unite to save that soul.
And protect the love they share.
More drama coming up ahead, beginning with the meeting of justice.
Hang on, you're in for a hell of a surprise.

Hugs, Angel.

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