Justin's Angel-134

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Justin returned to the living room, seeing Michael standing at the fireplace, looking at the pictures on the mantle.
Michael took one down, the one of all of them at Christmas time.
"A short six months ago, I felt so alive in this new home. I felt so loved. And that love has increased everyday, Jus. It's been six months of hardship, loss and determined love. And throughout all of it, you alone have stood by my side."
Justin put his arm around Michael, staring into his golden eyes.
"I love you, Mico. It's the place I'll always be."
Michael leaned in, kissing him deeply.
"You'll never know the depth of my love for you, Jus. And I'll spend every day increasing its depth for you and our angels."
Justin smiled, Michael returning the photograph to its sacred place.
"Love. It's the core of all things, Jus. And soon, it will be shown in some surprising ways."
Michael looked down at his ringed fingers.
"In a few weeks I will give myself to you in the sight of God, Jus. We will be one in his eyes."
"I can't wait till that day, Mico. For you will be mine forever."
"I already am, Jus. I already am."
Justin teared up, Michael kissing his lips lightly.
"Let's go play with our angels. Time grows short. The red carnations will bloom swiftly."
Michael smiled, walking with Justin out of the room, Justin's mind on what Michael had just said.

Chapter 134

Saturday morning found Michael waking up under the weight of a blanket of love.
On his left side, Justin's head lay upon his chest, his lips close to his left nipple.
On his right side, Shauna's small head lay in the crook of his neck, one arm wrapped around his neck.
Her other hand was on top of Justin's head, resting in his hair.
Darian–the lightest of the three–lay on top of Michael, his feet dangling between Michael's legs.
Darian's head lay on Michael's stomach, his hand on Justin's face.
Michael smiled, seeing their need to touch Justin.
To feel his youthful love.
In many ways, Justin was more a big brother than a Dad. Because he could lower himself easily to their youthful glee.
In him, they'd found the perfect brother, and gleeful playmate.
Michael sighed, feeling the closeness of the three that mattered most in his life.
Here he lay in the early morning sunshine, his thoughts on everything he'd gone through.
He smiled, remembering all that he'd learned deep in the dark bowels of the Tavarro home.
He'd learned all in regards to these three, what they represented to him.
And how and when he'd have them forever.
Michael felt the warmth from the cross that lay against his chest.
The cross given to him with love and faith.
The gift from his soulmate.
Michael looked down at Justin's sleeping face.
"I love you in all ways, Jus. Soon, I'll show you how wonderful my love is."
A tear shimmered in his golden eyes, Michael squeezing them shut.
"Have faith in all that you've learned, Michael."
Michael smiled, hearing the voice deep in his soul.
"Why does this all have to play out this way? Why can't I forgo the path to get to the summit?"
"Your life's journey has more meaning to others than to you, Michael. You know that in your heart."
Michael sighed, knowing the reasoning in the voice's gentle words.
"You have radiated your love to so many needing hearts, my friend. From that first moment you gave it to him."
Michael looked out towards the balcony, seeing the sun gleaming in the morning sky, its rays warming his face.
"For him this was all done. Why was I chosen?"
The voice felt Michael's need for that answer.
"He chose you for the soul you possess, Michael. For we all felt its giving, loving center. And he picked you for just that. For from you, strength, hope, courage and unending love will spread like rain on the wet faces of mankind."
"I don't care about all that. All I care about is what's here with me right now. My family. My love."
Michael heard gentle laughter and sensed a smiling face deep within his soul.
"These three are you, Michael. They are your soul and your life. And they will radiate from you forever."
Michael smiled, that sentence lifting his troubled heart.
Justin murmured against Michael's chest, snuggling closer.
Michael watched as his blue eyes opened, staring at the hand that lay against his nose.
"Mmmm, looks like our angels have been needing us."
Michael smiled, his hand rubbing Justin's nude shoulder.
"I brought them in around four. Shauna was awake and called out to me. They needed our closeness."
Justin smiled, gently turning the small boy over, Darian murmuring but not waking.
Justin raised his body, his head moving up to Michael's, his fingers remaining on Michael's chest, tweaking his left nipple.
Justin's lips found Michael's, a tender kiss of love exchanged.
"Morning, lover. Love ya with all my soul." Justin said, Michael smiling as the kiss broke.
"Love you with all of mine, my singing heart."
Justin smiled, stretching.
"So what's the plan for today?"
"The next two days are about our children, Jus. Making them happy and making them feel loved."
Justin smiled, looking into Michael's golden eyes.
In them, he saw peaceful happiness and contented love.
"You look so contented, Mico. Like nothing's changed in your world."
"Nothing has changed, Jus. I'm in the center of your love. Right where I need to be."
Justin's eyes filled with tears, Justin sitting up now.
Michael feeling his inner soul completely.
"I promise you here and now, Jus, that these two loving drops of joy will be ours forever. Nothing is going to stop that. What happens Monday will prove that. They are–and always will be–our son and daughter. And shortly, they will be ours in all ways."
Justin looked down at Michael, and at two other sets of blue eyes that were now opened and looking at him just as intently.
"Don't be sad, Dada. We's not leavin'." Shauna said, smiling at him.
Justin's heart filled with tearful love, Darian climbing on top of Michael's chest, and leaping into Justin's opening arms.
"Me and Shauny love you, Dada. We stay right here. We make you happy."
Justin was crying now, hugging the small wonderful child against his chest.
"Mommy said you's going to be our family now. Mommy never lie." Darian said, his voice full of determination.
Justin smiled, kissing the boy's warm cheek.
"She's right. Papa and us going to be with you forever." Shauna said, looking into his blue eyes.
Michael smiled, sitting up, kissing Justin's cheek, Shauna doing the same.
"So, my two little rays of sunshine, what would you like to do today?" Michael asked, looking down at their smiling faces.
"We do anything?" Darian asked, looking up at his Dada.
"Anything your heart desires." Justin said, smiling at Michael.
The two little ones looked at each other, Michael sensing them talking to each other.
Darian looked back up at both of them.
"We want to walk and run in the sunshine. We see park and animals?"
Justin smiled widely, Michael smiling as well.
"For our angels, anything."
Both smiled, clapping their hands.
Michael looked at Justin, Justin looking back.
"I think our angels are getting tired of being cooped up. Maybe it's time to take them into the real world."
Justin's eyes changed, Michael kissing his cheek.
"Don't worry, love. They have us for protection. We can't keep them hidden from the world, Jus. They need to see it all."
Justin smiled again, snuggling against Michael's shoulder.
"You're right, Mico. Our love will protect them. Okay, kiddies. Bath time then breakie. Then we tackle the world."
Both screamed with glee, climbing all over Justin, he falling back in the bed, Michael smiling.

Two hours later, after breakfast, two little angels were ready and eager to have fun.
Michael had changed them both into shorts, t-shirts and running shoes.
The attire of young exploring children.
Justin and Michael were attired the same, knowing it was going to be a day of gregarious fun.
Lonnie had packed the SUV with necessities, including a boxed lunch for them all, made by Rachel.
They both were tagging along, Lonnie as bodyguard, Rachel just as a helping friend.
Lonnie wasn't too sure about this outing, not liking the exposure of his friends to public interaction and scrutiny.
"Lon, relax. We've got Mikey on our backs. We are safe." Justin said, smiling as he wrapped his arm around his friend's shoulder.
"OK, Jus. I see your point. But I'm on guard, too."
Justin smiled, smacking his shoulder.
"As always, big man."
Lonnie smiled, opening the door for Michael who carried Darian, Rachel carrying Shauna.
The two little ones were strapped into their car seats, Michael and Justin climbing in beside them.
Rachel climbed into the front seat, Lonnie smiling at her.
"Where to, guys?" Lonnie asked.
Michael looked down at Darian.
"Zoo, Papa! We wants to see animals!" Darian said with glee.
"You heard the boss, Lon. Animals Ho!!!" Michael said with laughter, Justin smiling as well.
Lonnie shook his head, driving the vehicle through their front gates, Jim waving goodbye to them as he closed the gates.

Two hours later, Justin sat down beside Michael on a bench, watching him watching their kids.
Lonnie and Rachel were giving them seeds to feed the exotic birds that were in the cage in front of them.
"Man, I've never seen so many animals. And the kids loved them all. Did you see the looks on their faces when they saw the tigers? It was priceless." Justin grinned.
Michael smiled, kissing his cheek.
"I have the same look when I look at my tiger. He's magnificent too."
Justin beamed, smiling seductively at Michael.
"The prey he catches makes him roar."
Michael winked, Justin chuckling.
"Tonight, my tiger. Tonight you can hunt again. And the prey will be easy to catch I think."
Justin felt that feeling of desire flow through him, Michael's seductive voice always doing that to him.
Michael smiled, looking around.
He saw a young couple of around twenty five quietly watching them. The man was whispering in the woman's ear.
They had a stroller, a small boy of about two in it,  the child looking towards their kids and the birds.
The man smiled at them, the woman looking towards the kids who were throwing seeds into the cage.
The man rolled the stroller forward, the woman walking with him.
"Excuse me, we don't want to intrude. But we just had to say hello."
Justin looked at Michael, Michael smiling at the couple.
"No intrusion, please sit down."
The woman blushed, the man offering her the seat.
She sat down beside Justin.
"Your two kids are beautiful, and they look so happy." she said, Justin smiling at his angels.
"That they are."
"We saw you on television the other night. And we wanted to thank you."
Michael and Justin both looked puzzled.
"Thank us for what?"
"For making adoption and love central in your talking that night. To your showing the world that anyone can adopt a child if they have deep love in their heart. We both saw that in both of you. Those two angels are lucky to have you two as parents."
Justin smiled, Michael looking quietly at them.
"Is this your son?"
The woman smiled, the man practically beamed.
"Yes, this is our little Jimmy. We just finalized our adoption papers yesterday. He's now ours completely."
Justin and Michael both smiled, seeing the deep love on both their faces.
"Congratulations to you both. He, too, is beautiful." Michael said, the small boy still staring toward Darian and Shauna.
"My name is Christopher O'Connor. This is my wife Julia."
Michael and Justin both shook their offered hands.
"How long has it taken for you to adopt him?" Justin asked, Michael sensing his reasons for asking the question.
"Almost seven months. But only because we had a tough fight." The man said, his face changing.
"I'm sure you don't want to hear our story."
"Yes, please we do." Michael said, smiling at the man.
"Julia couldn't have children, a hereditary problem. But we both loved children. Adoption was a natural course for us. We were interviewed and then shown some deserving children. This little man was shown to us, and here we now are. We fell in love with him immediately, mostly because we knew he needed love more than others. You should know, Jimmy's a special child. With special needs." Christopher said, Julia looking up at her husband with pride.
"We both fell in love with him the moment we laid eyes upon him. His problems didn't matter, his loving heart had entered ours." she said, smiling, her husband's hand on her shoulder.
Justin looked at the little boy, seeing him staring out into the sunshine.
"Jimmy's deaf, and he can't talk. But that hasn't changed our love for him. It's made us love him even more." Julia said, Christopher smiling.
Michael and Justin exchanged looks, looking out at their own children.
They saw them laughing and clapping their hands, Shauna talking to Darian.
"I don't envy you the struggles ahead. But I see in both of you love and courage. And both will help Jimmy immensely." Justin said, smiling at both of them.
"Anything is possible if you have love in your heart. We have Jimmy's." Christopher said, Michael smiling at them.
"And he has yours." Michael said quietly, a smile on his face.
They both smiled.
"We just wanted to thank you for talking about adoption and love."
Justin smiled, Michael looking at him.
Darian ran toward them, Shauna following closely.
Lonnie and Rachel quietly looking at the couple with the stroller.
Michael introduced them all, Darian quietly looking at Jimmy.
The little boy looked at Darian, smiling.
Darian smiled back at Shauna.
"We play with Jimmy?" Shauna asked, the couple exchanging looks.
"Jimmy doesn't play that well, sweetie." Julia said, smiling at the little girl.
"Jimmy can play good. Watch." Shauna smiled, putting out her hand toward him, Darian smiling at his sister.
Jimmy smiled, taking it, climbing out of his seat.
The three kids smiled at each other, walking over to a grassy spot a few feet away, sitting down on the grass.
All the adults stared at them, Julia and Christopher exchanging shocked looks as Julia stood up.
"Chris, what's going on? He's never shown this kind of eagerness or happiness. He's not interacted with anyone!"
Michael quietly watched the children sitting together.
Jimmy was smiling, the two other children exchanging looks.
Everyone stared in wonder as all three began to clap their hands together, playing some kind of game.
Darian laughed, Jimmy smiling widely.
And what happened next, made Julia sink back down onto the bench.
Jimmy began laughing.
A soft gentle laugh, Christopher staring in wonder.
"He's laughing! I've never heard his laugh! It's so beautiful a sound!"
Julia was in tears, Justin's arm going around her.
"He's happy. See? That's why he's laughing." Justin smiled, all of them watching the little boy.
The three played the game, three smiling and happy faces shining in the sun.
Then they were awed by a touching moment.
Shauna hugged the little boy, then Darian did as well.
The boy smiled at both of them.
He got up, the other two getting up with him.
The three walked back, smiles on all their faces.
"Papa, can we play with Jimmy again?" Darian asked, his eyes wide with hope.
Michael looked over at Christopher and Julia.
"Certainly. If it's okay with Jimmy's parents?"
Both looked at their own son, surprise registering on their faces.
"You'd really want us to interact with you?" Christopher said in wonder.
Justin shook his head, sighing.
"Listen, guys. We're normal people. The celebrity image is just that. An image. We're just a happy couple raising two wonderful angels. Who I think just found a new playmate. So what do you say? I think it would do Jimmy even more good."
Christopher and Julia both smiled, saying yes.
Michael smiled, giving Christopher his cell number.
The three kids looked at each other, Shauna looking up at Justin.
"It's okay, sweetie. Jimmy can come over and play with you, whenever he wants."
Both of their angels clapped their hands, shrieking with glee, Shauna whispering into Jimmy's ear.
"What's she doing? Doesn't she realize he can't hear her?" Julia asked, looking concerned.
"They don't know. We never told them, remember?" Justin said.
Shauna leaned back, Jimmy's face showing a wide grin now.
He ran up to his mother, climbing up into her lap as she helped him up, hugging against her.
What happened next totally shocked everyone.
"Tanks, Momma." The little boy said, snuggling against her.
Christopher sank to his knees at their side, lost in shock.
Julia's face went white, Justin's arm still around her.
The little boy smiled up at her, tears flowing from her eyes.
"You talked, Jimmy. My little boy talked?"
The little boy nodded.
Christopher stood again staring down at his son. He leaned down, the boy climbing into his arms, his head now resting on his father's chest, his eyes staring at Shauna and Darian.
"He heard you, Julia. He can hear!" Christopher said in wonder.
"That's unbelievable!" Lonnie said, staring at Michael.
"Don't look at me. It wasn't me." Michael said, looking at his own little angels.
They both raised their heads, smiles etched across their faces.
Julia and Christopher exchanged looks, everyone now turning toward two laughing children.
Shauna and Darian smiled at everyone, their hands entwined together.
"Come on Dada! We go play in park!"
Justin broke the silence, standing up.
"It's been a pleasure meeting you both. And congratulations on adopting such a loving child. Darry and Shauny are going to love being his friends. Please give Mico a call and we'll set something up."
Everyone shook hands goodbye, Christopher holding his son still in his arms, sitting down on the bench with his wife.
They all parted, Jimmy climbing into his mother's lap, looking at the people leaving.
"Bye, angels." He said, smiling.
Julia was crying, Christopher's arm around her, his own joyful heart full of happiness.

Michael and Justin exchanged looks, climbing into the vehicle.
"Was it you, Jus? " Michael asked him in his mind.
"Wasn't me, Michael. I didn't do anything."
Michael and Justin looked at their two little treasures, now buckled into car seats.
"We like Jimmy, Dada. He going to be fun." Darian said.
"He going to be friend, now he okay." Shauna said, smiling.
The two men exchanged looks, Lonnie and Rachel staring into the back seat.
"You helped Jimmy hear and talk?" Michael said in wonder.
"He do it himself, just need hand. We help." Shauna said, playing with her doll.
"Unbelievable!" Lonnie said, staring back at them .
"They're gifted too, Michael?" Rachel said in wonder.
"We knew they were telepathic, but this?" Justin said, shaking his head quietly.
"They are as they are. Our angels." Michael said, smiling at both little gems.
"We go park, Dada? Me want to play on slide." Darian said, Justin smiling.
"Heading there right now, sweeties."
Michael nodded, Lonnie pulling the vehicle out of the parking lot, driving away.

Three hours later, in the mid afternoon, they returned to their home, the kids sleeping in their car seats.
They'd played their hearts out on the swings, slides and monkey bars at a local park.
They had their boxed lunch on the grass, looking at the beauty of nature.
Michael carried Shauna into the house; Justin's arms full of a contented, sleeping Darian.
A soft snore emitted from his mouth, Lonnie chuckling.
"Like father, like son."
Michael laughed, Justin blushing.
"The Timberlake men all do it. I've heard Dad doing it too." Michael smirked.
Lonnie laughed, Justin smiling. Michael considered Darian a Timberlake.
They laid the twins in their bed, both sound asleep.
They walked downstairs, arm in arm.
"We'll wake them  in a few hours. How about a poolside supper, then the kiddies can swim?"
"Great idea, Mico."
Justin's cell went off, Justin quickly answering it.
Michael remained quiet, as Justin talked.
He hung up shortly, looking at him.
"That was Will. He's popping by in about half an hour. And Terry's coming, too"
Michael nodded, the two walking into their office.
Justin sat down on the couch, Michael sitting down beside him.
"Will says he's completed all the background stuff. He wants to go over everything. Terry's talking to us about our stand in this."
Michael nodded, quietly looking at Justin, Justin lowering his head.
"Alright, sweetie. We need to talk about this."
Justin looked up, seeing Michael's caring gaze.
"They're just like you, Mico. They're gifted just like you."
It was Michael's turn to look away, his eyes going to the mirror hanging beside the desk.
"Yes, Jus. They have the gifts that I have. Maybe even more. I don't know the depth of their gifts. But I feel it there nonetheless. How does that make you feel, Jus?"
Justin took Michael's hands in his, looking him squarely in the eyes.
"It makes my heart soar with happiness, love. My kids are special, just like the man I'm about to call husband."
Michael teared up, Justin wiping a tear from his cheek.
"A few months ago, I wouldn't have wished this upon anyone. But I know now what I possess, and I feel what they possess. They are part of me and you now, Jus. They are our family. And I, like you, will love them regardless of anything magical, or mystical about them. They are, and always will be, our treasures. Our angels."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael's moist lips.
"I agree completely, Mico. They are ours. Always."
The two talked for a few minutes, Justin and Michael both agreeing on what they wanted and expected.
"So, this has been a special day." Justin smiled.
Michael nodded, getting up, walking over to his desk.
He searched through a drawer, pulling out a small black book.
He said down beside Justin again, grabbing the phone.
"Who are you calling, Mico?"
"I'm calling Uncle Silas about something. Then I'm calling Harry Stenson. He's my lawyer, Jus. I'm going forward with some things. I need to tell you what I've decided. And what I've already done."
Justin nodded, looking into Michael's golden eyes.
In them he saw a deep happiness, and a sudden surprising nervousness.
"I'm making a surprise, Jus."
Justin's eyebrows lifted, quietly nodding to Michael.
Then Michael told him what he'd planned.
What Michael told him, shocked him greatly. Michael was doing something spectacular.
"That's unbelievable Mico! Everyone will be so surprised! It's totally unbelievable!"
Michael smiled, kissing his lover.
"I wanted to show them what they mean to me."
Justin nodded, quietly leaving Michael to call Uncle Silas and Harry.
Justin returned about twenty minutes later with a bottle of water for Michael, finding him at his desk, writing in his journal.
"How did it go, Mico?"
Michael looked up at Justin.
"Harry's coming down on the seventeenth. He's got papers for me to sign, stuff like that. He's fully aware of what I want to do."
Justin nodded, smiling at him.
"Uncle Silas said it's going good. It's almost finished. He's behind the idea too."
Justin smiled, looking into Michael's beautiful golden eyes.
"I can't believe you've done this. And kept it so hidden from me."
Michael blushed, Justin kissing him gently.
"I'm sorry, Jus. I just wanted it to be a surprise. But I was always going to let you in on it. It's from both of us."
Justin smiled, running his fingers through Michael's wavy long hair.
"This is a beautiful idea, Mico! Everyone will be totally floored! How do we spring this on them?"
Michael smiled, pulling Justin down into his lap, Justin snuggling against him.
"Our angels' third birthdays are on June 23rd. How about we have a party for them?"
Justin beamed widely.
"Awesome idea, Mico. That way all of them have to come."
Michael smiled, kissing Justin deeply.
"Your heart is so giving, Mico. You'll make them all cry."
Michael nodded, sighing.
"All of them are my family, Jus. I do this for them because of what they mean to me ."
Justin nodded, kissing him deeply.
"They are with you in all things, Mico. As am I."
Michael nodded, kissing him deeply. Their hands explored each other, a knock coming to the door.
Michael sighed, Justin standing up, smirking.
"Never enough time, my love. Come in, Rach."
Rachel walked in, smiling at them both.
"Terry and your lawyer friend are here, Justin."
"Thanks, Rach." Michael said, adjusting himself.
Rachel remained quiet, looking at Justin, then smirking to herself.
She sensed she'd interrupted some passion.
She walked back out, Justin looking at Michael.
"Think she knew?"
"Jus, you raised all the flags."
Justin looked confused, Michael pointing.
Justin looked down, seeing the telltale sign in the front of his pants.
"Oh, gosh!"
Michael laughed, pulling him into his arms.
"Don't ever change, my love. You are so refreshing and so real."
Justin smiled, Michael kissing him.
They walked out to their waiting friends.

"Judge Sheridan is fair and unbiased." Terry said, smiling at Michael.
"She's one of the best." Will said, looking over some papers.
They all sat on the back patio, drinks on the table.
"That will work in our favor." WIll said, pulling out some notes.
"She's done some high level abused adoption cases. She talks to the children personally, that in itself is unique. And it definitely is a plus on our side. But there's still the undeniable issue that Doris is blood relations." Will said, opening another folder.
Michael nodded, Justin's face somber.
Michael put his hand in his, Justin feeling his encouraging love.
"Is that the only reason she could win?"
Will exchanged glances with Terry, both looking at them.
"They have a good lawyer, Michael. Davison Wallgrave. He's taking their case for only one reason."
Michael sighed, getting up, looking out into the backyard.
"The same reason we'll always have to fight. Their belief in God's judging us."
"Yes, Michael. He's highly visible in the Moral Majority right wing. He's a Bible thumper's best friend." Will said, looking at Justin, who was looking toward Michael.
Michael turned looking at all three of them.
"All my life, I've run into their types. Shoving the Bible down my throat, trying to make me walk the right path. Well guess what? I am on the right path. I am on God's path, his path of love. So they can save their saving words for someone else."
Michael's eyes seemed to cloud with anger, Justin getting up, putting his arm around him.
"The world is full of Miles Sanders', Mico. You told me that yourself. Don't let them intimidate you, love. Their ignorance is just that: ignorance. You have the heart and courage to face them."
Michael smiled, nodding.
"I know I have, Jus."
They both sat down again, Will looking at Michael.
"Who's Miles Sanders?" Will asked, Michael smiling.
Michael told both of them the story of his first real confrontation with hatred when he was a teenager. The neighbor who had cursed him down.  And Nana's moving words that Michael had adopted as his own beliefs.
"Your grandmother was a strong woman, Michael. She taught you the value of self-worth." Terry said, smiling at him, Michael wiping a tear away.
"Yes, she was. And yes she did. I won't let their bigoted minds destroy my faith or my beliefs. And I'll show them that my angels have God's faith, too. So let them come. I can stand against anyone."
Will smiled, looking at Justin.
"And what about you, Justin?"
"My faith and my beliefs are identical to Mico's. I have faith in both of us standing strong. We have to, for our angels."
Terry and Will both smiled now.
"We'll do all we can, for all four of you." Will said, opening another folder.
"Okay, we've done all the checking and searching we can. And we've come up with nothing more. Jerome Andrews, as we said before, is deep in hock. Doris lives on a modest income from her working as a nurse, which she retired from last year. She owns her own home, and has no other dependants. Myself, I can't see how she expects to raise those children. She doesn't have the means or the ability to do it. That's why it all points to extortion to me. They'll draw you along for a while, then offer you some kind of deal for the kids. That's what it's looking like to me." Will said, closing the folder.
Michael frowned, folding his hands in front of him.
"She's doing this for forgiveness. I sense that inside her. For what she did to her daughter, she seeks forgiveness. And her brother is playing on that vulnerability in her. He's using her to better his own life."
"Forgiveness for kicking her daughter out when she became pregnant?" Terry asked.
"That's part of it. But I sense there's more to all this." Michael said, quietly looking at his hands.
The two rings lay together, their closeness making them appear as one ring.
Will sighed, putting all his papers together.
"Hopefully, Monday we can find out what's going on. But I need you both to realize that this may not go as we hope. It's a precarious tightrope that you walk. That judge could pull the rope right out from under you."
Terry remained quiet, not looking at them.
"You need to understand something, Will. Justin and I love those two with all our hearts. They are ours. No court, no law, no false accusations can take that from our heart. And we'll fight to keep them with all we have. So be prepared for that eventuality. We're in this to the end. We have to be. They love us, and we love them. It's as simple as that."
Will nodded, looking at the deep determination in both men's eyes.
"Understood, Michael and Justin. And I'll be with you both every step of the way."
Michael smiled, Will smiling back at them both.
"On that refreshing note, I'll take my leave. I'll be here first thing Monday morning. You have my number if anything else comes up." Will said, standing, both men shaking his hand.
"Thanks, Will." Michael said, the man smiling back.
"I need to go, too, Michael and Justin. Denise is expecting a home-cooked meal when she gets home. I don't want to disappoint her." Terry said, smiling, Michael winking.
"You have to bring her round. We're both dying to meet her." Justin said, smiling also.
"You'll meet her shortly. She's dying to meet both of you."
They all parted, Justin seeing them out.
When he returned to the patio, he found Michael sitting on the pool's edge, his feet dangling in the water.
Justin sat beside him, wrapping his arm around him, Michael's head going to his favorite spot.
"Why does it always come around to bigotry, Jus? Why can't they see that we have love in our hearts as well as faith?"
"Because they refuse to see past their ignorance, Mico. You told me once that everyone has a path to follow. That on that path, they are shown the trueness of life's faith and love. Some people can't see the truth in front of them. So they walk forward in ignorance to that truth. We're the lucky ones, my love. We've seen the beauty of truth, in all that we now have. No one can hide that from us. It's in our hearts of love and faith."
Michael smiled, looking up into Justin's beautiful blue eyes.
"When did you get so understanding and wise, my angel?"
Justin smiled, tightening his hold on the angel beside him.
"I fell in love with an angel. That's when it happened."
Michael pulled Justin against him, kissing him deeply.
"Dada! We get up?"
Justin chuckled, hearing the voice in his mind.
"Right up, angel." He replied back, Michael smiling.
"Relax, Mico, I'll bring them down." Justin said, breaking their touching embrace.
"Hurry back, love. I want to cuddle with all three of my angels before supper."
Justin beamed, both hearing gentle laughter in their minds.

The next day was another day of immense joyful happiness for the foursome of love.
The two young men spent the day with their angels.
They saw and heard the happiness of their small hearts, their gentle love filling both with a contented happiness.
They didn't leave their home that day, for one singular reason.
The news had broken.
And their front gates again were a haven for reporters and journalists.
The world had learned of the court appearance, and what it meant to the famous duo.
Josh and Lance were surrounded by reporters as they drove through that morning, having been invited for the afternoon.
"Man, it's on the news everywhere. I can't believe the publicity you guys are drawing." Josh said, sitting in Lance's lap on a deck chair by the pool.
Justin was sitting beside them, Michael in the pool with the kids, all three smiling and splashing.
"How's Mikey doing, Jus?" Lance said, Justin smiling.
"He's centered and calm. I think–no I believe–he knows what's going to happen. That's why he's so calm. And that's keeping me calm. His calmness is a sign to me that everything's going to be okay. It has to be."
Josh got up, sitting down beside Justin, putting his arm around his friend.
"It will be, Jus. Michael's giving soul will win this. It's always comes out on top."
Justin smiled, nodding.
He looked at his best friend, and the love of Josh's life.
"Thanks for being here for us, guys."
Both men smiled, both kissing Justin's cheek.
"We wouldn't be anywhere else."
"Hey, keep your hands off my man!"
Lance smiled seeing a wet Michael standing in front of them, two little bodies wrapped around each of his legs.
Lance scanned Michael's taut, sleek form.
The man was stunning when wet.
Lance smirked then quietly spoke, his face serious.
"Look, Josh. A Spanish Greek popsicle."
Josh burst out laughing, as did Justin, Lance smiling.
"Good one, Lancy. Care for a lick?" Michael said, smirking.
"I better beg off, Mikey. One lick wouldn't be enough. I'd end up eating all of it. Something that delicious would go straight to my thighs."
All four were now bursting with laughter, Michael sitting down beside Lance, slapping his shoulder.
The two little ones stood in front of the four, not sure what was so funny.
"My God, Lance! That was priceless! I do believe the quiet, bashful boy is gone! I've created a monster!" Michael said, laughing heartily.
Lance looked into Michael's golden eyes.
"What you've created is a man with a healed heart, and a heart now filled with love. Thank you, Michael."
Everyone smiled, hearing the deep love in Lance's voice for Michael.
"And that man is unbelievable." Michael said, kissing Lance on the lips, the little ones smiling.
"Papa, we want kiss Unky too."
Lance smiled, leaning down, scooping up both little wet angels.
"Give me some kissies, my wet angels." Lance said beaming, the two giggling as they kissed his face.
Josh smiled, looking at his lover's joy in holding the twins in his arms.
Justin looked at Lance also, but his eyes were mostly watching Josh.
"Your man would make a great father." Justin said, Josh smiling.
"I know.  We both would."
"You both will, soon." Michael said, his eyes staring into the pool.
Josh looked at Michael, as did Lance.
"You looking into the future again, Mikey?" Josh said, smiling at him.
Michael raised his head, smiling.
"In both of you there is so much love. So much giving love. That love will overflow to a special child. I feel that deeply in my heart."
Lance and Josh held each other's hand, smiling at Michael.
"Thanks, Mikey. Thanks for giving us this joined love."
Michael teared up, smiling at his own lover.
"I didn't give you that, guys. You both gave that to each other. I'm the lucky one. I got to see it grow and blossom. And now it's beautiful."
Michael stood up, smiling.
"Come on angels. We need to get changed. Our family's coming soon."
The two little ones climbed off Lance, Michael taking both their little hands, walking into the house.
Lance looked after him, then looked at Justin.
"He seems so different, Justy. Like he's totally in the center of his own happiness. It's unbelievable."
Justin nodded, looking at his best friends.
"Ever since Spain, he's been a different man. Whatever he learned there has changed him. And that makes me happy. He's so happy now. So focused. I love him so much."
Both smiled, seeing Justin's heart laid open.
Justin's cell went off, Justin answering it.
He hung up shortly, standing up.
"That was Lon, they're on the way from the airport. I better get changed myself. Be right back guys. Can you start the barbecue, Josh?"
"Sure thing, Jus."
"Thanks. "
Justin smiled, walking into the house.

Justin walked into the bedroom, Michael smiling at him as he pulled on a black t-shirt.
Their angels lay on their bed, looking up at both of them.
They both looked sweet, dressed in identical shorts and t-shirts.
"Lonnie called. They should be here in ten or fifteen minutes."
Michael smiled, tucking his shirt in.
Justin pulled his off, his smooth chest coming into view, Michael staring at him.
Michael sat down on the bed, Shauna snuggling against him.
Justin dropped his shorts, standing in only his boxers.
He smiled at the three on the bed, walking to the closet.
Michael's eyes followed him, looking at the stunning man in front of him.
Since the day they'd met, Michael had lost no desire for Justin.
His form–masculine and beautiful–still sent his blood pumping.
Justin, in fact, had toned more, his body more sculpted.
Michael smiled, sensing he'd had a part in that.
Their active sex life and his wonderful cooking had toned Justin's body to a vision of beauty.
"Keep staring and we'll never leave this room, love." Justin said, smiling at him as he pulled on a pair of black jeans.
Michael smiled, Darian climbing off the bed, running to Justin.
"Up, Dada."
Justin smiled, pulling on his t-shirt, leaning down and picking up the child.
"Darry all set to have more fun?"
Darian smiled, snuggling against Justin's neck.
"Me wuvs family! All so much fun!"
Michael and Justin smiled, Michael standing with Shauna in his arms.
"Let's go have some fun, then!" He said, the four walking out of the room.
They met them all at the door, the two young men and their angels.
Lynn took Shauna immediately, Randall taking Darian.
"How's my boy??" Randall said, kissing his cheek.
"Me good, Grampa!" Darian smiled, Randall smiling back.
"Oh my, Mikey! They're growing fast!" Lisa said, Michael kissing her cheek as she hugged him.
Justin, meanwhile, was hugging Christina, her own angel climbing into Justin's arms.
"Hi, Uncle Justin! Miss me?" Becky said, Justin's eyes full of glistening tears.
"Always, my princess."
Christina smiled, hugging Michael.
"Zach couldn't come, Mikey. He's swamped at the hospital. But he wanted to tell you he'd call later. He loves you both, too."
Michael smiled, hugging his sister tight.
"Missed ya, sis."
Christina was in tears, everyone watching them hug tightly.
"I had to come, Mikey. You need your family around you for this. We're all here to stand up for you."
Michael wiped his eyes, smiling at all of them.
"We can't lose with all your love here with us."
Jonathan and Stevie ran at Justin, tackling him, Michael bursting into laughter.
The three other smaller children were on top of him momentarily also.
"Help me!! I'm in an angel pile up!!"
Everyone laughed, seeing all the children on top of Justin.
"Looks like the kids are having fun. How about the adults? Let's go out onto the patio. Josh has started the barbecue." Michael said, all of them leaving the kids to play.

They spent the afternoon relaxing, catching up on news.
Everyone quietly listened as Justin and Michael told them what had happened since their last meeting.
Joey, Kelly, Chris and Vicky had all arrived an hour later, fighting their way through the paparazzi.
"Man, Jus! This is a free-for-all! The press is all over this place! It's on all the channels! The entertainment shows are chomping at the bit for any news! That courthouse tomorrow is going to be a zoo! They're already setting up there!" Chris said, shaking his head in disbelief.
"I know, Chris. And that worries me."
Michael put his hand in Justin's.
"No one is going to bother us, Jus. We'll go in, do what we have to do, then get out. Our angels won't see any of that. I'll take care of that."
They all saw Michael's determined face, and his calming manner.
Justin had received glances from everyone all afternoon.
They'd all picked up on the change in Michael, and Michael had picked up on everything.
Michael sighed, called for Josh to come over from the barbecue.
Josh pulled off the steaks he'd been cooking and walked over.
"Okay everyone. I need to say something."
Everyone nodded, Michael looking at his two angels, both sitting in their grandparents' laps.
"I want all of you to know that tomorrow it begins. Tomorrow, my family needs me. In all ways. And tomorrow I'll show you what they mean to me. For tomorrow I'll fight for all three of them .These three are my heart, my soul and my life. And I'll fight always for them. It's going to be hard, but it must be done. You all have been looking at me all afternoon, sensing a newness in me. There is a newness. It's the newness of acceptance. For I've seen my future and what it holds. This is just the beginning. And it will be a glorious beginning."
Michael walked over, taking Justin's hand in his.
Justin stood up, Michael wrapping his arm around him.
"Tomorrow, my love, we will triumph. For our love and our hearts will never separate from these two angels."
Shauna and Darian smiled, both extending their arms.
Justin and Michael both picked them up, the four standing together as a family.
"Before you stands a family. A family built on love, hope, faith and courage. Nothing will ever destroy this. And I'm just the man to see that done."
Michael's eyes were full of tears, everyone standing.
All four were wrapped in a hug of family love.

Doris Jacobs knelt in her garden, weeding the flowers before her.
A large cluster of red carnations.
Jerome sat at the patio table, munching on a plate of french fries.
"I never understood your love for flowers. This yard looks like a funeral home. All those gaudy funeral flowers. It's just morbid."
"These are beautiful flowers, Jerry. They make my heart soar with God's beauty."
"God's beauty? That's even worse! You need to think about life, not the afterlife!" he said, sneering at her.
He could never understand her religious fanaticism.
Their lawyer was just as bad.
But Jerome held his tongue. If they could use that angle to make this work, so be it.
"Okay, tomorrow's almost upon us. You know what you need to do?"
Doris sighed, smelling the flowers in front of her.
"I know what's required of me. It doesn't make it any easier."
Jerome shook his head, sighing.
"I still don't understand your reluctance! Your daughter hurt you, your husband left you! It's time to get something back from that! It's time to get what you deserve!"
Doris stared at the red carnations.
Then she turned, Jerome seeing her steely gaze.
"Only God will give me what I deserve."
"Oh, and what's that? Riches and contented twilight years?" he smugly said.
She rose, walking up to the table.
"You know this is wrong!"
Jerome grabbed her arm, Doris wincing in pain.
"Please, that hurts!"
"You listen to me, Dorry! You'll sit in that room and you'll behave! You'll do as the lawyer says! Play the faithful grandmother, and do it with zest! Got it?"
Doris nodded, Jerome letting her go.
"I'm sorry for that roughness, Dorry. But we have to do this. We need this money! They'll get their kids and we'll get what we need."
Doris nodded, turning her back to him, staring down at the red carnations.
Her thoughts were on one moment in time, and its terrifying consequences.
"What I need is death."

End of Chapter 134

And so we ready ourselves for the drama to follow.
What is Doris' meaning?
Why is she doing this?
Will they get what they want?
Will Michael's strong convictions triumph over them?

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