Justin's Angel-135

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Doris Jacobs knelt in her garden, weeding the flowers before her.
A large cluster of red carnations.
Jerome sat at the patio table, munching on a plate of french fries.
"I never understood your love for flowers. This yard looks like a funeral home. All those gaudy funeral flowers. It's just morbid."
"These are beautiful flowers, Jerry. They make my heart soar with God's beauty."
"God's beauty? That's even worse! You need to think about life, not the afterlife!" he said, sneering at her.
He could never understand her religious fanaticism.
Their lawyer was just as bad.
But Jerome held his tongue. If they could use that angle to make this work, so be it.
"Okay, tomorrow's almost upon us. You know what you need to do?"
Doris sighed, smelling the flowers in front of her.
"I know what's required of me. It doesn't make it any easier."
Jerome shook his head, sighing.
"I still don't understand your reluctance! Your daughter hurt you, your husband left you! It's time to get something back from that! It's time to get what you deserve!"
Doris stared at the red carnations.
Then she turned, Jerome seeing her steely gaze.
"Only God will give me what I deserve."
"Oh, and what's that? Riches and contented twilight years?" he smugly said.
She rose, walking up to the table.
"You know this is wrong!"
Jerome grabbed her arm, Doris wincing in pain.
"Please, that hurts!"
"You listen to me, Dorry! You'll sit in that room and you'll behave! You'll do as the lawyer says! Play the faithful grandmother, and do it with zest! Got it?"
Doris nodded, Jerome letting her go.
"I'm sorry for that roughness, Dorry. But we have to do this. We need this money! They'll get their kids and we'll get what we need."
Doris nodded, turning her back to him, staring down at the red carnations.
Her thoughts were on one moment in time, and its terrifying consequences.
"What I need is death."

Chapter 135

Of Red Carnations and Hidden Secrets

Justin awoke, rolling over in their warm bed.
It was empty, no sign of his lover.
He looked up at the clock, reading five thirty.
He stretched, looking out the open balcony doorway.
Michael sat naked on the wicker couch, looking out into the backyard.
Justin got up, quietly walking to the doorway, looking out at him.
Michael turned, his eyes red and puffy.
Justin sat down beside him, Michael moving into his arms.
"Care to talk to me about it, Mico?"
Michael remained quiet, then sighed.
"I hate this, Jus. It's just not me."
Justin hugged him a little closer.
"What's not you, Mico?"
"I know how to find out what's going on. But to do it, I have to invade her mind. I'm not sure that's the right thing to do."
Justin felt Michael's feelings, kissing his cheek.
"I know your soul, Michael. Its incapability of hurting. I feel how it's bothering you. But you need to think of something more important. Our love for those two little angels. Isn't that worth it?"
Michael looked up into Justin's eyes, seeing their shining blueness.
"My love for them is worth any risk, Justin."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael's forehead.
"I think you just gave yourself the answer."
Michael smiled, laying his head back on Justin's smooth chest.
"Justin, my love. There's something else you should know. Something I've sensed."
Justin looked down at him, feeling a sense of reluctance in Michael.
"Yes, my love?"
"Will has a crush on you. I felt it in him."
Justin looked surprised, Michael sitting up.
"I didn't know, Mico. Honestly, I haven't been with him that much."
"Relax, Jus. I know that. I know it's not of your doing."
Justin smiled, feeling Michael's unchanged love.
"I accepted a long time ago that people, both male and female, would desire you. It's not that hard to see why. You're beautiful beyond desire. As is your heart."
Justin nodded, looking into Michael's golden eyes.
"There is no one on this earth that would ever change the desire I have for you, my love."
Michael smiled, looking back at Justin.
"I know that now, Jus. I've felt that complete love you feel for me. There isn't a jealous thought in my mind. You are mine, forever. No one can ever destroy that love."
Justin teared up, pulling Michael to him again, kissing him deeply.
Justin sighed, looking into his eyes again.
"I wish I could say the same, Mico. But I still feel deep down inside me that hidden spot of jealousy. To me you are beyond beautiful. I still can't believe you want only me."
Michael sighed, looking into his blue eyes.
"Jus, I don't want anyone else. Because no one can ever come close to what I feel from you. Sex means nothing to me. I don't want sex. I want love. For that's what you give to me. Complete love. Love in all ways. No one will ever come close to that need. I've felt that ball of uncertainty and jealousy inside you, I know it may always be there in some form. All I can do is show you that I want only you."
Michael leaned closer, whispering in Justin's ear.
"Love conquers all."
Justin smiled, Michael licking his ear, his hands tweaking Justin's nipples.
"Thank you, Mico. Thank you for loving me."
Michael smiled, kissing Justin's tender lips.
"You're welcome, my tiger."
Justin smiled, looking quietly into Michael's loving golden orbs.
"So what do we do about  Will?"
"I think that's up to you, Jus. I feel no jealousy. I trust you completely."
"Thanks, Mico. I'll let him know the truth."
Michael smiled, taking Justin's hand in his.
"So, my tiger. How are you doing? This is going to be a roller coaster of a day."
Justin nodded, lowering his head.
"I think this is going to be the hardest day of my life."
Michael lifted his head, looking into his blue orbs of love.
"Think of only one thing, Jus. Think of holding both of them in your arms here at home tonight. For that's where they'll be. Here with us, tonight and always. Today, I'm going to confront the truth and against that our love for them, and their love for us will prevail. I think I know what the truth is. The carnations were the first clue."
"Carnations? The red ones?"
"Yes, Jus. They hold the truth, or the beginnings of the truth. I only have to touch her, to see it all."
Justin nodded, knowing Michael was talking of his gift.
"Do you need part of mine, Mico? For I will give anything you need."
Michael smiled, kissing him gently.
"You have given your love, Jus. That's all I'll need."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael deeply again.
Michael felt Justin's urgency, his desires flooding his mind.
"Mmmm. My tiger's getting amorous. Come, let's return to our bed."
Justin grinned, pulling Michael up with him.
The two walked back into the room, climbing into their bed.
Justin lay on top of Michael, their lips together in the commencement of their passion.
And for over an hour and a half that passion flowed in all ways.

"There, that's got it." Justin said, smiling at Darian.
He'd just finished with the small blue bow tie on the boy's neck.
"Looking sharp, my little man!" Justin said, the boy smiling in front of the hall mirror.
He wore a tiny blue suit, complete with white shirt and bow tie.
"Me look like Dada on stage!" Darian said, Michael smiling.
"Yep, a regular little Timberlake heartbreaker."
Justin beamed, kissing Michael.
Shauna sat on the stairs, wearing a blue dress with lace trimmings.
"Both our angels look beautiful." Michael said, picking Shauna up.
Everyone walked into the hallway, watching the four together.
Michael saw their worried looks and courageous stares.
Michael smiled at them all, Vicky smiling at him.
"Time for some pics, Mikey!" Vicky said, Michael's camera in her hand.
"Yeah, lets get a family portrait." Lance said, his own camera in his hand.
Michael smiled, walked toward the living room.
The four stood in front of the fireplace, Justin holding Darian in his arms, Michael holding Shauna.
Everyone took pictures.
Trevor and Nick smiled at them, their cameras flashing.
The four together looked beautiful.
Justin wore a dark navy suit, with a cream tie and navy shirt.
Michael wore all black, his gold chain hanging from his neck, over his black tie.
Everyone smiled, seeing a family in front of them.
"The four of you look so good together." Christina said, smiling, tears in her eyes.
"A real family." Randall said, smiling at his son and Michael.
"That's what we are and will always be, Dad." Michael said, everyone hearing his calm determined voice.
"Got that right, babe." Justin said smiling, the two little ones smiling.
Everyone took their pictures, Michael then handing Shauna to Justin.
"I'll be right back, Jus." Michael said, walking out of the room.
Justin saw him walk toward the kitchen.
Everyone looked confused.
Justin heard the patio door open, then close again shortly.
Moments later Michael walked back into the room, smiling.
"I have what I need. Let's get this over with. The sooner it's done the sooner our lives can continue." Michael said taking Shauna back from Justin, walking towards the hallway.
Everyone looked at Justin, then they all walked out of the room, following a concerned Justin.

They all piled into three SUV's, provided by Jive.
An escort of two motorcycle cops and a black van had been provided as well. Everyone knew the circus awaiting them downtown. Half of it sat outside the gates of their home.
When they drove through the gates–Jim and Ryder waving goodbye–they saw all the reporters and cameramen.
Justin and Michael sat apart, their two little ones between them, sheltering them from the glaring lights.
The windows were tinted, only dark shadows captured in the photographs.
Michael was keeping them safe, as he said he would.
"There are even more downtown, according to Johnny." Josh said, looking at his friends.
"We'll be okay. We don't have to go through them do we?" Justin said, looking at Josh and Lance.
Lance quietly looked at both of them.
"Unfortunately, yes. They've made no provisions for private entrances. There is crowd control, but you'll be open to cameras and reporters. My advice is to say nothing, just walk forward and get in as fast as you can."
Justin and Michael exchanged looks, Michael nodding.
"We'll screen the kids, Paulo and Lonnie will screen us." Justin said, Paulo nodding.
The rest of the drive was relatively quiet, the two little ones talking quietly with their dads. Everyone smiled at their closeness.
They pulled onto the street where the courthouse was, awed at what they saw.
A circus was pretty much what was in full view.
Network trucks were everywhere, people mobbing in groups.
The front of the courthouse was swarming with people.
The three SUV's pulled up front, policemen standing everywhere.
Barricades had been set up, reporters standing behind them, all eyes looking at the vehicles.
Michael saw cameras already going off.
Lonnie was the first one out of the first vehicle.
He walked along, talking to people in all three vehicles.
Lonnie stood outside Justin's vehicle, waiting.
Justin and Michael undid the seatbelts of their little ones' car seats, the two angels climbing into their arms.
"Sweeties, outside are a lot of people. There will be bright lights, and shouting. Dada and Papa are going to hold you close. No one is going to touch you." Michael said, smiling at them.
They both smiled back.
"It okay, Papa. We ready." Shauna said, sitting in his lap.
Michael smiled, looking at Justin.
"Let's go."
Paulo nodded, opening the door.

To say it was a madhouse was an understatement.
The screaming and shouting was unbelievable.
Paulo and Lonnie walked in front of the foursome, Josh and Lance behind.
The two kids were in the center between Justin and Michael, in their arms, their heads against their chests.
They could all hear the shouts and encouraging words from rows of Justin's fans.
Signs were everywhere, words of written support.
The reporters in front were loud and unending with their questions.
"How do you feel Justin? Is this the end of your happy family?"
"Are you adopting them if things go your way?"
"Let's see the kids, guys!!"
"Stop and speak, Justin. Stick up for your kids!"
"Are you going to pay for this to go away?"
All the questions were ignored, the group walking slowly forward.
The flashes and bright lights were almost blinding, Michael not looking anywhere but ahead.
And so they entered the building, leaving the mass of journalists behind.
They all sighed a sigh of relief once they'd entered the courthouse.
An officer was waiting there for them.
"Heck of a circus." He said smiling.
"Got that right." Paulo said, smiling at the man.
"Please follow me. You're in courtroom 17B. This way please."
They all followed the man, the two little ones now looking around.
"You okay, sweeties?" Michael asked, smiling at them.
"We okay, Papa. Where gramma?"
Michael sighed, hugging Shauna to him. Lynn smiled at him.
"She's here somewhere, Shauny."
"She sad, Dada." Darian said, the two men exchanging looks.
"We know, sweetie. We know." Justin said, Michael looking surprised.
Justin looked at him, as they walked.
In their minds, they talked.
"I felt her as soon as I walked into this building, Mico. I felt her sadness."
"I feel it too, Jus. I didn't think it would be this strong a feeling. Even our angels have felt it."
"Yes, Papa. We feel it. She really sad. You make her better?"
Michael smiled, kissing Darian's cheek, Shauna smiling.
"I'm going to try, Darry. I'm going to try."

Ten minutes later, they all sat in a waiting room, waiting to be called for the hearing.
The kids were playing on the floor with Rachel, Michael pacing quietly.
Justin sat with his Mom, Dad and Lisa.
The NSyncers sat all together, everyone silent.
An officer walked into the room.
"The courtroom is ready. Only the immediate family and close friends are allowed in. No outsiders or reporters. You have complete privacy." The officer smiled.
"Thank you." Justin said, Darian climbing into his arms.
"You already have friends waiting." The officer said, smiling again.
They all followed the officer down the hall, walking into a large courtroom.
There were a few people sitting and waiting.
Trevor and Nick sat together, standing when they all entered.
Johnny Wright, Timbaland and Cassi all stood smiling.
Michael smiled at seeing Terry, seated behind their assigned front table.
Beside her sat Father Derrick, Tomas and Seth.
Michael smiled, his cousin and uncle walking up to them.
"We're here to bring you support, Mikey." Tomas said, hugging him, then Justin, kissing the kids' cheeks.
"Thanks, guys. It's appreciated." Michael said, Father Derrick hugging him.
"Wouldn't be anywhere else, my son."
Michael smiled, his uncle making way for Seth.
Seth hugged Michael tightly to him.
"You gave me life, I give you all my love and faith. They are yours in every way."
Michael teared up, hugging him again, Justin at his side.
Will was waiting at the table, smiling at them.
Everyone sat down, Seth and Tomas sitting behind where Justin and Michael would sit.
Rachel sat down beside Terry, the two little ones climbing down into Seth's and Tomas' lap.
The little ones both smiled at Justin and Michael, both men kissing them tenderly, then going to their seats at the front table.
Michael's eyes looked toward the right side of the courtroom.
Sitting at that front table was Doris Jacobs.
Her eyes were staring right at Michael.
Her brother Jerome sat beside her, looking around, his eyes focusing on Justin.
On Doris' other side sat a man of around fifty, white hair and a trimmed white moustache.
Her lawyer, Davison Wallgrave.
Michael watched him, feeling the immense smugness emanating off the man.
Michael sighed, looking forward, his mind calming.
All their friends and family were now seated behind them, Michael feeling all their love.
He smiled, Justin quietly looking at him, his voice filling Michael's mind.
"You okay, love?"
"Yes, Jus. I'm ready for this. And I don't have to touch her now. I feel it all now, it's right there for me to feel."
Justin looked surprised, looking over at the other table.
He saw the woman holding a rosary in her hands, her eyes closed.
"So what's wrong with her, Mico?"
Michael turned, looking into his blue eyes.
"She's mistaken murder for self-preservation."

The door by the left side of the judicial bench opened.
"All rise. This court is now in session. The honorable Judge Sheridan now presiding." The bailiff said, everyone standing.
A woman of around thirty walked into the room, smiling at everyone. She smiled, walking to the bench, sitting down.
"You may all be seated."
Everyone sat down, the judge putting on glasses.
"Alright. This case is now before us. The case dealing with Darian and Shauna Jacobs. Child Guardianship and Child Betterment. Are all defendants present?"
Will stood up.
"Justin Timberlake and Michael Tavarro are present, your honor."
Davison Wallgrave stood up.
"Doris Jacobs and Jerome Andrews are present, your honor. Bless this day for God's intervention."
The judge looked over at the lawyer, staring at him.
"I'm well aware of your involvement in this case, Mr. Wallgrave. Please keep God's involvement in this out of this room. I'll have no Bible-thumping or glorifying of witnesses. Understand?"
The lawyer looked shocked, Chris and Joey smirking behind Rachel and Tomas.
"But your honor, this is about God and his intervention." The man said, staring at her.
"This case is about child betterment and child care. God has nothing to do with this. What we're deciding here is who is best to care for these children. Nothing else. Please continue with your opening arguments. Then I'll hear the Timberlake-Tavarro arguments."
The lawyer sighed, looking at Doris and Jerome.
"Very well your honor. Let me begin then."
The man stood up, walking toward the table seating Justin and Michael.
"These two lost children have been living in a den of unimaginable faithlessness. It's time for them to be freed from such evil. From the wanton lust of these two degenerates."
Michael stared at the man, the man staring back.
"That's not true! They've been surrounded by love!" Lance said, standing, staring at the man.
"Order in the court! Sit down young man!" The judge said, banging her gavel.
Lance lowered himself, Josh taking his hand in his.
"Mr. Wallgrave. Kindly keep your views to yourself. Or you'll find yourself with a defamation suit leveled by these two young men. Hearsay isn't acceptable here. If you have proof, show it. And I want no more outbursts."
The lawyer's face changed, Lance nodding. The lawyer continued.
"Your honor, they're gay. Openly gay. That in itself is more than enough proof. How can two men show infants love and caring? They're more interested in touching each other. Only child abuse can come from such decadence."
"Enough, Wallgrave! Or you'll pay for those biased remarks!" Will said, now standing.
"Order! Both of you come here, right now." The judge said, both lawyers glaring at each other.
They met in front of the bench, the judge looking down at both of them.
"This case is not a soapbox for you to stand on Davison. I'll not have you browbeating defendants with your biased attitude. This is about two children. God's place in their lives will be allotted by their worthy parent or parents. Understand?"
"Your honor, I'm only speaking from God's position."
"No, you're not. You're speaking with your own agenda. And I warn you, I'll not stand for it. One more outburst like that and I'll hold you in contempt. As for you, Mr. Preston, you have every right to proceed with other suits against Mr. Wallgrave if he persists."
Will smiled, nodding.
"I'm sure he can hold his tongue. I won't issue any other threats."
The judge nodded.
"Continue, Mr. Wallgrave."
The lawyer sighed, walking back to his table, looking across at Justin and Michael.
"This case is about the welfare of two children under the age of three. Infants in the eyes of the law. The best person to care for them is their loving grandmother, and great uncle. In them, they can find love and faith."
Wallgrave sat down, Will chuckling.
Will stood up, looking around at everyone.
"Loving grandmother and great uncle? Seems to me if they were so loving they'd have been in those same children's lives a little earlier. Where have they been the last three years?" Will began, looking towards Doris Jacobs, she staring straight ahead.
"The mother of these two little ones found more faith in strangers than she did in her own family. So, in a letter written in desperation, she left them in the guardianship of two men who showed them deep love. And the child welfare institutions of San Francisco deemed that guardianship valid. All necessary documents were filed."
Will sat down, the judge looking at some papers before her.
"Thank you both. I'd like to hear from Teresa Matthews, the welfare officer in charge of this case. Please step forward."

Terry got up, smiling down at the two little ones, walking up to the witness stand.
"Please sit down, Miss Matthews."
Terry smiled at the judge, sitting down.
"You were in charge of the infants' cases as well as the mother's welfare case?"
"Yes, your honor. I have known them from the moment of their entering this world."
"I see. So you've seen all their growth and dealings with both sides of this issue?"
"Yes, I have."
"I have here the letter written by Serena Jacobs, attesting to her decision to leave them to Justin and Michael. Don't you think it strange that she would entrust them to strangers?"
Terry looked at Michael and Justin, then sighed.
"At first, yes. Then I decided to investigate all of them. Both sides of this equation."
"And your final analysis was to grant guardianship to Justin and Michael. Interesting. Why that decision?"
Terry smiled, looking up at the judge.
"In them, I saw real love and deep caring. Their interaction with both children was nothing short of parental love. I felt both were in very good hands."
Michael and Justin both smiled, Davison quietly listening.
"Did you contact the remaining family members of Serena?"
"Yes, I did. I went to Doris Jacobs home, myself. She turned me away at the door. Her exact words were that she wanted no interaction with heathen children, brought out by Satan."
Justin looked over at Doris, her face unmoving, her hands stroking the beads they held.
"Interesting." Judge Sheridan said, writing notes.
"Are you, in your experienced career, satisfied with the guardianship as it now is?"
Terry looked at Justin and Michael.
"Yes, your honor. In them, I see a family unit. Four people in total harmony with each other. I've done this job for ten years. And in all that time, I've never met a family more happy and centered. This was my best yet."
Justin and Michael smiled, Wallgrave shaking his head..
"You may talk to the witness, Mr. Wallgrave." Judge Sheridan said.
"Personal reflections are admirable, Miss Matthews, but in court we need only the facts. Isn't it true that you yourself benefitted from this union? Didn't you recently go on a cruise, suspiciously soon after meeting the defendants? Did they pay for that cruise?"
Terry looked shocked, as did Justin.
"No they did not! I paid for that trip myself. I hadn't had a vacation in over two years. I felt I needed a break."
"Interesting that it so easily coincided with the sudden guardianship given. Very interesting." Wallgrave said.
"Your honor, I can show you receipts of my own funds purchasing that trip. Michael had only one involvement in that trip. It was his suggestion that I needed the vacation. His caring heart felt my tiredness and fatigue. That trip healed my soul in many ways."
"So you're saying you were tired and fatigued. Perhaps that tiredness caused a lapse in judgement? That resulting in this travesty called a guardianship!" Wallgrave smiled.
"Now see here! I am totally qualified to decide what is right and what is wrong!"
"Calm down, Miss Matthews." Judge Sheridan said, looking at her quietly.
Terry calmed down, sighing.
"That's all your honor, for now. As to her meeting my clients, Doris herself will reveal the gist of that meeting." Wallgrave said, sitting down.
"Thank you, Miss Matthews. You may return to your seat."
Terry looked up at the judge, quietly looking at her for a moment, then went back to her seat.
Michael smiled at her as she passed, Terry trying to force a smile.
"Next, I'd like to hear from Justin Timberlake."

Justin looked at Michael, Michael smiling.
Justin took his place in the witness stand, quietly waiting.
"Mr. Timberlake, could you tell me in your own words what Darian and Shauna mean to you?  What it's been like being with them?"
Justin smiled, looking at his little angels, sitting behind Michael.
"Happiness. Total complete love. Every day that they have been with me has been a day of immense happiness. They have been so loving, bringing out so much love in Michael and me."
"And what would it mean to you to lose them?"
Justin's face changed, his eyes glistening.
"To lose them would rip my heart out. And my soul. I love them so much. In such a short time, they've become my family. I love them so much."
Judge Sheridan smiled, Justin wiping his eyes.
"Noble words, Justin. But do you think that you and Michael have more love to give them than their own grandmother?"
"Yes, I do. They love us. Not her. They don't know her. They love us so much. To take them from us would do them so much harm. Please don't do that."
Judge Sheridan wrote some more notes.
"Mr. Wallgrave, you may talk to the witness."
"Mr. Timberlake. You are gay, correct?"
"Yes, I guess I am. If that's what you want to believe. "
"You are or you are not? Which is it?"
"You think I am, so be it."
"Your honor?" Wallgrave said, his anger evident.
"Please answer the question truthfully Justin." Judge Sheridan said, looking at him.
Justin looked at Michael, staring into his golden eyes.
"I love Michael Tavarro. Yes, I'm gay. He's my life."
All his friends were smiling, hearing Justin's true soul finally spoken.
His mother and father were smiling, tears in their eyes.
"That took courage, Justin. I commend you." The judge said, Justin nodding.
Wallgrave shook his head.
"So being a gay man, you know God is against you?"
"Mr. Wallgrave!" The judge said.
"It's alright, your honor. I'll answer his comment." Justin said, looking up at her.
The judge nodded, looking at Davison Wallgrave.
"Last time I checked, God was loving. I believe God is loving. I love, so therefore he must love me. All gay people love, so therefore God must love them."
"Foolish words from a disillusioned man! The Bible quotes that ..."
"Mr. Wallgrave, you've been warned. Chose your words carefully." The judge said, staring at him.
The man's face changed, sighing.
"The law states that a loving family must consist of a father and mother. You two are neither. Don't you think they deserve the warmth of a mother's smile?" The man said, looking at Justin.
"They had the warmth of a mother's smile. They loved their mother very much. And they find the same in Michael. To them, I am a playmate, a big brother. I've always been a kid at heart. Michael knows that. So he lets me play the part of big brother. He plays the part of mother and father. In him, they find a deep caring love and a bonding soul. In me, they find mirthful love."
The judge smiled at Justin, the lawyer shaking his head.
"So basically Michael Tavarro is raising three little kids. How tough for him."
Justin's face changed, realizing he's walked right into the man's trap.
Michael sat up in his chair, staring at the man with glaring eyes.
"No further questions your honor." Wallgrave said, smiling to himself.
"Thank you, Mr. Timberlake."
Justin nodded, returning to his seat beside Michael, Michael's hand going in his.
"Now I'd like to hear from Doris Jacobs."

Doris stood up, Jerome looking up at her, she staring down at him.
Doris took the witness seat, looking around the courtroom.
She still clung to her rosary beads in her right hand.
Judge Sheridan put down her pen, folding her hands in front of her, looking at the woman.
"Mrs. Jacobs. Why do you want custody of your grandchildren? You've read the letter your daughter left, it was shown to you. Correct?"
"Yes, I read it. Serena always had fanciful ideas. Her head was always in the clouds. Real life brought her dreams no fruit. God has her now."
"You still haven't answered my question. Why do you personally want custody of your grandchildren?" The judge said again, looking at her.
Doris looked at Jerome, his brown glaring eyes searing into her mind.
"Because they deserve a family. A real family of love. I raised their mother with love, I can raise them in God's love. Maybe they can have the joyful life their mother had, until she walked away."
"Walked away? My notes said she was kicked out by you because she was pregnant." The judge said, looking at her notes.
"I didn't know she was pregnant until a week after she left. She called me to ask me to send her clothes to a home for unwed mothers. I put two and two together."
"I see. Do you believe that now, at your age, you can give them all they need?"
"All they need is love. God's love and mine. Both shall get them through everything."
The judge nodded, looking at Will.
"You may talk to the witness, Mr. Preston."
Will stood up, Justin and Michael looking up at him.
"Mrs. Jacobs. Why did you say to Teresa Matthews that you wanted no contact with those same two children less that two months ago? You called them heathen children. Spawn of Satan. Why the change of heart?"
"I was confused that day. I didn't know who she was talking about. I hadn't even known their names. I had had no contact with Serena from the day she left. I didn't even know the children were born, until I saw the two of them on television talking about my daughter's death." Doris said, pointing at Justin and Michael.
"Come on, Mrs. Jacobs! You can't honestly believe that you didn't know who she was talking of! She told you all about them. So why now the change of heart?"
Doris' hands tugged at the beads, her eyes closing.
She opened them again, looking at the two little ones, staring at her from their seats.
"I thought I could make up for my own loss. For losing Serena. For losing my life."
Will looked at her, then looked at the judge.
Michael tugged on his arm, Will leaning down, Michael talking to him quietly.
Will stood erect again, looking at Doris Jacobs.
"No further questions at the moment your honor."
"Very well. Thank you, Mrs. Jacobs. You may step down."
Doris left the witness stand.
"We shall take a lunch break for an hour and a half. Then I want to talk to the children." Judge Sheridan said, smiling at the two little ones.
"Court is recessed. Commencing again at two o'clock."
She banged her gavel, leaving the courtroom.

Everyone silently headed out of the room, Michael glancing towards the right side of the room.
Doris met his eyes, Michael smiling at her.
She lowered her eyes, Michael turning away.
Jerome stared at Justin walking behind Michael.
Everyone walked out, Justin and Michael carrying their kids.
They were all directed to separate lunchrooms, everyone talking quietly as they sat down.
Will walked in a few minutes later.
"Well, that went as well as I expected. The only refreshing change was the judge's putting the kibosh on Davison Wallgrave's rants. He's out front at the moment in all his glory in front of the cameras. Let's check the news. Judge Sheridan's going to roast him after lunch if he goes off."
Lonnie flipped on the television in the corner of the lunchroom.
Paulo walked in with fast food orders for everyone.
Lonnie found the local news, the camera going live in front of the courthouse.
"Hello, Jason Morten live in front of the L.A. courthouse where Davison Wallgrave, lawyer for the grandmother of the two children embroiled in the Timberlake custody battle is about to address reporters. Let's listen to the lawyer's remarks."
The camera panned from the reporter, showing Davison Wallgrave standing in front of a mass of reporters.
"The case is progressing nicely. We've heard from the grandmother, a stout Godly woman who has so much love for her lost grandchildren. She was denied her daughter's love, now hopefully she can have the love of her grandchildren."
"She would never be denied that." Michael said quietly, giving Darian his french fries. Justin looked at Michael, feeling his quiet calmness.
Michael felt Justin's feelings.
"What we have here is a fight for God's lost children. They live at the moment in a den of evilness. Two gay men have no right to raise those children. I'm sure those lost little ones have seen no endless visions of debauchery."
Justin's eyebrows furrowed, Michael patting his knee.
"If our love is debauchery, bring on the vestal virgins."
Justin couldn't help but laugh, others laughing as well.
"Mico! That's sadistic."
"Oh I don't know, I'm all up for some good old-fashioned debauchery. Wouldst thou like to adjust my accocraments?"
Justin was bursting with laughter, everyone smiling at Michael's lightening Justin's mood.
"Feeling better, love?"
Justin nodded, kissing Michael's cheek.
"Thank you, love. Yes. And I'm sorry."
Michael put his arm around Justin, Shauna and Darian looking up at them.
"Sorry for what?"
"My talking didn't help things much. I basically told them you're taking care of all three of us. That doesn't look good. That was stupid of me."
Michael's arm left Justin's waist.
"Justin! I'm sick of this conversation! You are not stupid! Do you want to know what I heard out there?"
Justin nodded, his head lowered. Lynn and Randall quietly watched Michael talking to Justin.
Michael raised Justin's face, looking into his eyes.
"I saw a man laying his heart out to the world. He opened up about his sexuality and his unending love for two angels of love. You told all of us your true feelings. That you are in love with all three of us. And I wasn't any more prouder of you then at that moment. For in front of me was the man I loved, showing his love to me."
Justin was in tears, Michael kissing him deeply.
"Kisses, Dada!" The two little ones said, Justin tearfully kissing both of them after he parted with Michael.
"I love all of you. Thank you all."
Randall walked up to his son, putting his arm around him.
"Michael's right, Justin. All of us are proud of every word you said it there. I'm proud to call you my son."
Justin teared up, hugging his father.
Michael smiled, looking over at Lynn, she smiling back. Then he looked at Lonnie.
"Turn that television off, Lon. We don't need to hear that hateful nonsense."
Lonnie grinned, the television blacking out.

Michael sat talking with Tomas and Seth, Josh and Lance talking with Father Derrick.
Trevor, Joey and Nick had left, going for a breath of fresh air with Chris and Vicky.
A large outdoor balcony was on the same floor as their lunchroom.
"So, I hear the opening was a resounding success!" Michael said, smiling at Seth and Tomas.
"Yes, it was fantastic! So many customers! We've been given some huge orders! We're doing three weddings and two bar mitzvahs! We've hired another worker."
"Awesome guys!" Justin said, smiling at both of them.
"Thank you for the flowers, guys. I think I figured out their meaning." Seth said smiling.
Both men smiled, Michael looking at Tomas and Seth.
They'd sent two dozen white roses for opening day.
In the middle was a plush eagle, with a blue rose in its mouth.
"The eagle represents Tomas, the blue rose myself." Seth said, taking Tomas' hand in his.
"I will always be the flower of Tomas' bird of love."
Michael smiled, nodding.
"Yes, my young friends, but something more. Tomas' love will always soar when he has the beauty of your heart, Seth."
Seth teared up, hugging Michael.
They quietly talked, Tomas and Seth filling them in on their day of happiness.
"I need to use the washroom, Michael. Back shortly."
"Okay, Jus." Michael said, smiling at Darian who sat in Father Derrick's lap, Shauna in Randall's.
Justin walked out of the room, Will following his movements.
Jonathan sat down beside Michael, smiling.
"How goes it Jonnie?"
"It goes good, Mikey. I'm sorry this has happened to you. My niece and nephew belong with you and Justin."
Michael smiled, putting his arm around him.
"Thanks for being such a supportive uncle. Darry and Shauny love you very much. You're going to be a great uncle."
Jonathan smiled, Michael looking at Will who walked quietly out of the room.
Michael's mind focused on Justin's mind, the two talking.

Justin stood at the sink, washing his hands.
Michael's voice had just quietly finished, the door of the washroom opening.
Justin didn't move his head in its direction.
"Hey, Will."
Will looked surprised, blushing a little bit, smiling at Justin.
"Hey, Justin. Need to use the facilities."
"Sure thing, Will. Lots of room in here. But first, if you're not in too much of a hurry, I'd like to talk to you."
"Um, sure. I can wait a moment."
Justin smiled at him, throwing the paper towel out of his dry hands into the garbage can.
He leaned against the sink smiling at the man.
"First off, Mico and I want to thank you for all you're doing for us."
"It's my job, Justin."
"I know that, Will. But you're going beyond that job. And it's greatly appreciated."
"You're welcome, Justin."
"And we know what's going on, Will."
Will looked at Justin quietly, Justin feeling his nervousness.
"Relax, my friend. We don't fault you for having a heart. Or for the way you feel."
"The way I feel?"
"Will, I know you're attracted to me. Michael sensed it first, and I've sensed it too."
Will blushed, looking towards the door.
"I thought I'd hidden it so well. I'm sorry Justin."
Justin put his hand on Will's shoulder.
"You have nothing to be sorry about. So, how long have you felt this way?"
Will reluctantly looked into Justin's eyes, seeing only friendship there, not hatred or mockery.
"Pretty much since the first day I'd met you. I'll resign after the hearing, Jus. I can't be around you if you know this."
Justin's brow furrowed.
"You shall do no such thing! Michael and I will not hear such talk! You are our friend. This changes nothing in that regard."
"Justin how can you say that? Of course it changes everything! How can I be your friend when you know I am attracted to you?"
"For one very simple reason. Mico trusts me. Completely. And I trust him. That's how deep our love is, Will. We are soulmates, in every way. There can't be anything between us two other than friendship. I'm sorry for that, Will. But it's the way it is. Mico is everything to me, nothing or no one can ever change that."
Will nodded, his head lowered.
"You must think me a fool."
Justin lifted his head.
"I think of you as a friend. Do you see me laughing? I am deeply honored that you'd feel that way about me. That will make you a great friend. For you already love me."
Will smiled, looking at Justin in a new light.
Here, in front of him, he saw a young man deeply in love. In love with a wonderful man.
"Why can't I find that kind of man, Justin? You are so damn lucky."
Justin smiled, patting his shoulder.
"Yes, Will. I am very lucky. But there is a man out there for you. Michael told me that himself. And my Mico's always right. Trust in your heart and he'll walk into your life. Are we okay now, my friend?"
Will smiled.
"Yes, Justin. We're okay. Thanks for not hating me. And thanks for you and Michael wanting to be my friend. I'll take great comfort in your friendship."
Justin smiled.
Will looked at him confused.
"How did Michael know I felt that way?"
Justin smiled.
"My Mico is an extraordinary man, Will. He's love in its purest form."
Will nodded, smiling.
"I'll let you do your business."
Will smiled, walking into a vacant stall.
Justin smiled, talking quietly to Michael in his mind.
Justin grinned feeling Michael's radiating love.
Justin walked to the door about to pull it open when it opened inward toward him.
Into the room walked Jerome Andrews.
Justin stared at the man, the man staring back.
"Are we alone?"
Justin looked toward the stall, knowing full well Will was able to hear his voice.
"I was just leaving."
"Wait. I need to talk to you."
Justin stopped, then backed up.
"I have nothing to say to you. I am needed with Michael and our children."
"You're really attached to them little brats aren't you?"
"They are not brats. They are little angels. And they are mine and Michael's. Why are you doing this?"
The man laughed, folding his arms.
"Why do you think, smartass? I'm in this for one reason alone. One reason I cajoled Doris into doing this. For the money. And I see in your eyes the longing for them. Davison tells me we have a damn good chance of winning. And where will you be then? Alone and childless. Maybe we don't need to go that far."
"What are you suggesting?"
Jerome grinned.
"How does one million sound?"
Justin's eyes widened, but in his mind he smiled.
"You'd relinquish your claim to them for one million dollars?"
"Apiece, Timberlake. Each of those brats is worth that. For all the trouble they've been to Doris since the day their slut of a mother coughed them out."
Justin's brows furrowed, glaring at the man.
"We can work this out Timberlake. A private transaction between us two. You get the kids, I get the money. No one the wiser."
"You'd sell them like furniture? What if I go to the judge?"
The man put his hands on both sides of the sink, standing closer to Justin.
"Oh! Since it's just you and me here, who's going to believe you? It's your word against mine! But a gentleman's agreement is just that. An agreement between gentlemen. I know you'll pay, I see the need for them in your pussy eyes."
Justin glared at the man.
"Oh and one other thing." Jerome said, grabbing Justin by the arms, pushing him tightly against the sink.
"You and that prick you call a boyfriend seem to think you're so high and mighty. Well guess what? You're just a pair of high class sluts. You'll pay to keep them, and I'll sell them. But on one further condition. I've never been blown by a celebrity faggot. Why don't you get on your knees and do a good job."
The man started pushing Justin downwards.
"Let go of me, you bastard!"
"You love it, slut. And I will get what I want."
The door of the stall burst open wide, Jerome jumping back in shock.
"Not if I have anything to say about it!" Will said, walking out of it.
"What the fuck? You knew he was there!!" Jerome said, glaring at Justin.
Justin stared at him, smiling.
"I never said he was or he wasn't. All I said was that I was leaving."
"And you're doing just that, Justin." Will said, putting his arm around his friend.
"See you in the courtroom, Andrews." Will said, ushering Justin out of the room.
Jerome stood in silent shock, his face white.
Once in the hallway, Justin leaned against the wall.
"You okay, Justin? I can have that man arrested for assault."
"I'm fine, Will. He didn't hurt me. But he spilled his guts, that's the big plus."
Will smiled shaking his head.
"You're one of a kind, Timberlake."
Justin smiled, patting Will's shoulder.
"Let's get back."

They all sat again in the courtroom, the room silently waiting for the judge's return.
Michael quietly stared to the right side of the room.
His eyes were on Jerome Andrews.
Justin had told him everything.
And Justin had felt Michael's immediate anger.
But Justin's love had calmed Michael quickly.
They'd quietly discussed what had happened.
Now, here, sitting at the table, Justin's hand was in Michael's, Michael feeling his deep love.
And Michael felt Justin's calmness.
Michael's eyes turned to Doris Jacobs.
She sat quietly, her hand full of beads.
Michael put his hand into his coat pocket, feeling the item hidden there.
He'd walked out into his own backyard to pick it up, it now ready for its moment.
Judge Sheridan walked into the courtroom, everyone rising.
"Please sit down. This session is now in order."
Everyone sat down.
The judge opened her papers, smiling out at everyone.
"Next up, I'd like to meet the two angels this drama is wrapped around."

Darian and Shauna smiled up at the judge, sitting together on pillows in the witness chair, Rachel standing beside them.
"Hello, little ones."
"Hi there!" Darian said, smiling up at her.
"Hi, Judge Sherwidan." Shauna said, smiling also.
The judge smiled.
"How are you two doing?"
They both smiled, wide grins on their faces.
"We's okay. We's happy!"
"And what's making you so happy?"
"Dada and Papa. We have fun with them. They's taking care of us. We's luv them." Shauna said, Justin and Michael smiling at them.
The judge smiled, looking down at both of them.
"Do you both know what's going on here today? What's going to happen maybe?"
They both looked at their fathers then across the room at their grandmother.
"We's being decided on." Both little ones said.
"Decided on?" The judge asked surprised.
"Yep. Either Gramma or Dada and Papa. Who gets us." Darian said.
The judge nodded, seeing the kids knew exactly what was going on.
"And how does that make you feel?"
Darian looked up at her, his blue eyes wide and staring.
"No one luvs us more than Dada and Papa. And we luvs them. What's the probbum?"
The judge chuckled, hearing the innocent reality of their world.
"Yes, what's the problem?" The judge said, smiling at them.
"You two are so wonderful."
Darian and Shauna both stood up on the chair, Rachel gently holding their backs.
Darian reached up, staring into the judge's eyes.
"Don't take us from them. We luvs them. Mommy gave us to them. They ours now."
Justin was in tears, Michael rubbing his back, his own golden eyes gleaming.
The judge was deeply moved by the innocent words spoken with such love by the little boy.
"Thank you both for talking to me, little ones." the judge said, patting his little hand which still lay on the edge of the bench.
"Tank you, Denny." Shauna said, a warm smile on her face.
The judge looked shocked, the two little ones climbing into Rachel's arms.
Michael and Justin exchanged looks. Rachel returned to her seat, Tomas and Seth taking the two little ones from her.
The judge sat quiet for a moment, then focused again.
"Alright. I've read all the depositions from all the family and close friends of Mr. Timberlake and Mr. Tavarro. A lot of admirable words of love and kindness. I've also seen all the financial and background reports on everyone dealing with this case. I believe I have everything I need to decide this case."
Davison Wallgrave smiled, folding his arms.
"I only have one other person to talk to. I'd like to talk to Michael Tavarro."

Will leaned in talking to Michael, Michael talking to him.
Michael stood up, walking toward the witness stand.
He passed by the table where Doris and Jerome sat waiting with Davison Wallgrave.
He stopped in front of it, pulling from his pocket a red carnation.
He sat it down in front of Doris Jacobs.
Doris' eyes zoned in on the red flower resting in front of her.
She lifted her head, staring into Michael's golden eyes.
In them, she saw a light of deep flowing love.
"A flower to redeem your soul."
Michael turned, walking to the witness stand.
His mind was flooded with Justin's voice, the hidden voice deep inside him, and the voice of his own conscience.
He sat down, closing off his mind quietly to everyone.
His eyes focused on Justin, their blueness sending all their love.
They then turned to Doris Jacobs who was staring at him, her face white with shock.
Davison Wallgrave looked utterly confused, as did Jerome.
The judge looked down at him, having seen the incident with the flower.
"Mr. Tavarro, that was a giving gesture. You are a remarkable man. To give someone against you a flower of friendship. Very remarkable."
"I am a giving man, your honor. But it wasn't a flower of friendship. It was a flower to unburden a soul."
The judge nodded, looking confused.
"I've read your life's story, Michael. Very courageous and strong. Here, now, I think may be your greatest trial."
Michael remained still, quietly looking at his two angels in Seth and Tomas' laps.
"The trial of love so to speak." Michael said softly.
The judge smiled.
"What do Darian and Shauna mean to you?"
Michael smiled a wide warming smile, everyone in the courtroom feeling its warmth.
"They mean life."
"Yes, your honor. Life. My life. I've walked this earth for twenty seven soul-crushing years. Every hurtful pain etched in my soul. But in the last eight months, that soul has been turned inside out. Healed in every way first by Justin's love. And then by the love of two little treasures of beauty. The first moment I held Shauna in my arms, my true soul came to life. She and Darian–as well as my Justin–are three parts of my soul. Three parts of love. Without them, I am nothing. With them I am everything. Everyone who knows me has called me a giving man. A man of deep love and truthful heart. I am all of that, but I am something more. I am me. The real me. And only three people know the real me. My Justin, my Darian and my loving Shauna. They are me and I am them. We are one. We are a family."
Everyone was in tears, Justin's face a wet mask of them.
"And here, today, someone wants to destroy that family. To destroy all that I now have. I can't let that happen. I know the truth of why this is happening. Why she and her brother are doing it. And the underlying thing we must remember is love. For that's the core of all this. Isn't it, Doris?"
Michael's tearful eyes were staring at Doris Jacobs.
She was staring back at him, her face covered in tears.
"What's going on here, Michael?" The judge asked seeing something transpiring right before her.
Michael stood up, looking up at the judge.
"I will explain it all if you'll let me talk to her?"
Davison Wallgrave was on his feet.
"Your honor!! This is highly preposterous! My client doesn't wish to have any communication with this man!"
Doris looked up at her lawyer, then back at Michael.
"I will talk to him. I can be strong against him."
Everyone murmured, quietly talking among themselves.
The judge banged her gavel.
"Silence, please. Your client just waved your counsel, Mr. Wallgrave. Unusual as this is, I will allow it. You may talk to the defendant, Michael. But heed my words. Keep it civil."
Michael smiled, walking down and across to the table.
He stood in front of Doris and Jerome.
"First off, you need to know the truth of Jerome Andrews' involvement in this."
Jerome looked nervously over at Will and Justin, both staring quietly at Michael and him.
"Go on, Michael." The judge said, quietly watching him.
"A short time ago, in a washroom on this very floor, Jerome cornered Justin privately to talk to him. Unbeknownst to him, someone was in the same washroom, using the stall facilities. There, in that quiet secluded room, Jerome laid out his reasons. Money. The root of all evil was his desire. He proposed to Justin that he would stop Doris' case for the sum of two million dollars."
Everyone gasped and talked, the judge banging her gavel again.
"In essence, he was willing to sell the children to us for two million dollars."
"Is this true, Mr. Andrews?" Judge Sheridan said staring at him.
Jerome stood, staring in anger at Michael.
"It's all a lie, a fabricated lie! I wasn't in any washroom with Justin Timberlake! He's making this all up! And I know that Preston didn't see anything!"
Michael smiled at him, glaring in triumph.
"I never said Preston's name. How did you know it was him that heard everything? Not unless it was all true. Not unless you were in that washroom, bargaining for my angels."
Jerome stared in shock at Michael.
Then he lunged, grabbing Michael by the throat.
Michael grabbed him, flipping him over the table, onto the marble floor.
"You will never touch my Justin again!" Michael said, glaring at the man laying on the floor.
Two guards separated Michael from Jerome, their hands pulling Jerome to his feet.
"Is this true, Mr. Preston?" The judge said, staring at the lawyer.
"Yes, your honor. Mr. Andrews offered Justin Timberlake that amount for the children. He was trying to extort money from him in return for the children. I heard it all from my indisposed location."
The judge nodded, staring at the man.
"This is a serious charge, Mr. Andrews. Extortion is a criminal action. Guards, take Mr. Andrews away. He'll be dealt with later."
Jerome was guided out of the room, his eyes staring back at Michael.
Michael stood quietly, the judge looking around, focusing on Wallgrave.
"Were you aware of Mr. Andrew's doings, Mr. Wallgrave?"
"I assure you, your honor. I had no idea of what he was planning. I am only on retainer for the defendant Mrs. Jacobs."
The judge stared at Doris Jacobs, the woman meeting her eyes.
"And you, Ms. Jacobs? Were you aware?"
Doris looked at her for a moment, then down into her own hands.
"Yes, I was aware. It was his initial idea for me to pursue this. For the money. Jerome is a good man, albeit a misguided one. He was only thinking of my welfare, of my needing to get something back from all of this."
Michael quietly walked up to the table picking up the red carnation, putting it in her hand beside the rosary.
"But you needed something more. You needed forgiveness."
Doris looked into Michael's golden eyes, seeing so much love there.
"Why are you doing this?" She said softly.
"To bring you peace. She loved you."
Davison Wallgrave quietly looked on, sensing inside himself some kind of radiating light beaming off this young man in front of him.
Michael turned staring into his older confused eyes.
Davison saw it immediately.
The light of God's love in Michael's golden eyes.
Davison lowered his eyes, his mind in confusion.
Michael looked back at the judge.
"Your honor, I have pieced it all together very easily. I beg the court's indulgence in bringing this all to light. It's needed to cleanse someone's soul from the burden it carries."
The judge looked at him.
"Continue, Michael."
Michael nodded, looking around at everyone who loved him, quietly returning his attention to Doris.
"The clue was the red carnation. And what it symbolized to Doris. A secret. The marker of a secret place. And a secret burned into her heart."
Michael walked around the table, sitting down beside her.
Michael took her hands in his, looking into her brown eyes.
"Unburden your heart, Doris. Don't let it linger there any longer. Serena knew. And I need to tell you something."
Doris nodded, never wavering from his golden eyes.
"She has been beside you since the day she left this earth. Her love has been with you always. I've talked to her, she's told me this herself. And I've seen it myself. The night you sat alone, lost in your albums. Lost in your soul. She and I sat beside you, wanting to help. I'm offering that help now."
Doris sobbed, Michael taking her into his arms.
"The truth? You want the truth? What I did? Why I did it?"
"Yes, it's time, Doris. Unburden it. No one can fault your reasons. Least of all me."
Doris wiped her eyes, looking at the judge, then at Michael.
She took a deep breath, then began to speak.
"Forgiveness I have needed, forgiveness I have sought. I did a terrible thing. I destroyed my family."
"No, it was not you. It was always him. It was his lividness and his evilness that did that. You were only a victim."
She turned, looking into Michael's eyes.
"You know, don't you?"
"Yes, Doris. And Serena knew as well. She told me that she still loves you. She knows why."
Doris' tearful voice continued.
"My husband was abusive. An abusive monster. But I believed with all my heart he was my atonement. My justice for some deep evil I had done."
Michael put his arm around her.
"The night that Serena left, was the worst night of my life. For that night, I saw the monster he really was. And what his judgement must be."
Michael looked up at the judge, seeing her intriguing gaze.
"I know what happened, Doris. Your husband raped your daughter, didn't he?" Michael said.
Everyone stared in shock.
And Michael felt Doris' heartache letting go.
"Yes, my little innocent Serena. He defiled her innocence. She was only a child of seventeen! And he raped her. His own daughter! I should have known. I'd seen the signs. His looking at her. His wanting her in that way. The way I'd ceased to need him. So my not giving myself to him made him do that. He raped my daughter because of me. My little Serena. He raped her, and then he threw her out of the house."
Doris sobbed into Michael's chest, everyone remaining quiet.

Michael held her, feeling her unleashed heartache.
"You loved your daughter so much. And you hated him so much for what he'd done to her, and to you. He'd destroyed your family."
"Yes, he'd taken her from me, and then he'd wanted more.  And the night after she'd left, he'd come after me. He'd threatened me with death if I didn't give into his needs. So I did. He raped me, again and again. I just lay there, letting him do it. Because he now was charged with desire. From her innocence he'd gotten lust. And then he told me what he wanted me to do."
Michael rubbed her back.
"He wanted you to bring Serena back."
Doris looked up into his golden eyes.
"Yes. He wanted me to bring her back to be his. To be his! It took me a few days to find her. And then I learned what had happened. That she was with child. With his child. She'd become pregnant from that evilness that he'd done to her. That inside her was the spawn of his evil."
Doris stood up, walking across the aisle, staring at the two little ones looking up at her.
Everyone quietly watched her, seeing her emotions laid bare.
"But look at them. See the beauty of their souls. How could such loving beauty come from such evil?"
Michael was beside her now, his arm around her.
"God's love shows in many ways, Doris. Serena's life, her love for you, and her love for life is etched in their souls. The evilness of her father is nowhere to be found. They are images of her love. The love she always had for you."
Doris looked up, staring at his loving golden eyes.
"I killed him, Michael. I murdered him in his bed the night I found out what Serena told me. That monster tried to rape me again that night when I told him the truth. He told me he would cut the child from her, that he wouldn't see it live. He was going to kill her! I had to do it! I had to do it!!"
Doris sobbed against him, Michael wrapping his arms around Doris, holding her tightly.
"It's alright, Doris. It's alright. Your heart is cleansed. Go forth with her love in you. She loves you, always. As do her children." Michael said, Doris parting from him, looking again at the little ones.
"Mommy love you, Gramma. She love you." Darian said, the woman sobbing, Michael's arm around her.
She looked around at the judge.
"I buried him in my backyard, under a carnation plant. We were married with red carnations. It seemed only fitting that they cover his evilness."
The room was silent, the two guards walking up to Michael.
"You are their grandmother, Doris. You have every right to see them. And Justin and I will do all we can to help you."
"Why, Michael? I don't deserve it."
Michael put his hand on her shoulder gently.
"You, above all others, have a heart of love. God and your daughter have forgiven you. Go now, with their love in your heart."
Doris smiled, a genuine smile of peaceful love.
The guards gently walked her out of the room.
Michael sat down beside Justin, Justin's arm going around him.
The judge banged her gavel, looking around the murmuring room.
"Well, this changes everything. Due to the exceeding revelations we've just heard, I see no cause for this writ to be further discussed. The legal guardianship of Justin Timberlake and Michael Tavarro still remains in effect. Case dismissed."
Everyone cheered, Michael quietly whispering in Will's ear.
Will stood up.
"Your honor, we wish to issue our own writ of action."
"And what writ would that be, Mr. Preston?"
Will smiled widely.
"Mr. Timberlake and Mr. Tavarro wish to petition the court for legal adoption rights for Darian and Shauna Jacobs."
The judge smiled.
"Please submit it immediately, Mr. Preston. I would give my blessing on that."
The judge smiled, walking quietly from the room.
Justin shook Will's hand, kissing Michael's cheek.
The two men turned around, their angels leaping into their opening arms.
Everyone saw the four smiling faces.
Michael started walking, Davison Wallgrave standing in front of him.
Their eyes met.
"Congratulations, Michael." The man said, looking at him, extending his hand, Michael shaking it.
"God walks with all of us, Davison. Just be sure of the path you walk. He forgives only they that walk with love."
Davison's face went white, releasing Michael's hand, sitting down again in his seat.
The man looked totally defeated.
"We go home, Dada?" Darian said.
"Yes, Darry. We go home." Justin said in tears.
Shauna snuggled against Michael's chest, her head nestled in his armpit.
"Me like being in your arms, Papa. Where I belongs."
Michael's face showed a look of eternal bliss.
"I love it too, my angel. Let's go home."

End of Chapter 135

How's that for a surprise??
And the end result is the angels staying with their Dada and Papa.
I wouldn't let it work out any other way.

A lot of drama that ended with a ray of hope.
Onward we go to more happiness. . .and the looming evil.

Keep the faith, Angel.

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