Justin's Angel-136

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


The judge banged her gavel, looking around the murmuring room.
"Well, this changes everything. Due to the exceeding revelations we've just heard, I see no cause for this writ to be further discussed. The legal guardianship of Justin Timberlake and Michael Tavarro still remains in effect. Case dismissed."
Everyone cheered, Michael quietly whispering in Will's ear.
Will stood up.
"Your honor, we wish to issue our own writ of action."
"And what writ would that be, Mr. Preston?"
Will smiled widely.
"Mr. Timberlake and Mr. Tavarro wish to petition the court for legal adoption rights for Darian and Shauna Jacobs."
The judge smiled.
"Please submit it immediately, Mr. Preston. I would give my blessing on that."
The judge smiled, walking quietly from the room.
Justin shook Will's hand, kissing Michael's cheek.
The two men turned around, their angels leaping into their opening arms.
Everyone saw the four smiling faces.
Michael started walking, Davison Wallgrave standing in front of him.
Their eyes met.
"Congratulations, Michael." The man said, looking at him, extending his hand, Michael shaking it.
"God walks with all of us, Davison. Just be sure of the path you walk. He forgives only they that walk with love."
Davison's face went white, releasing Michael's hand, sitting down again in his seat.
The man looked totally defeated.
"We go home, Dada?" Darian said.
"Yes, Darry. We go home." Justin said in tears.
Shauna snuggled against Michael's chest, her head nestled in his armpit.
"Me like being in your arms, Papa. Where I belongs."
Michael's face showed a look of eternal bliss.
"I love it too, my angel. Let's go home."

Chapter 136

Everyone walked out of the courtroom, guided back into the waiting room they'd first sat in.
The two fathers were hugged and kissed by all their family and friends.
Darian and Shauna giggled when they were kissed, their small bodies snuggled against their fathers' chests.
"Awesome, guys! That was unbelievable! " Joey said, his smiling face bringing a smile to Michael's face.
Darian climbed into Lance's arms, the little boy laughing, Justin smiling.
Shauna climbed into Josh's, both men sitting down on a bench, the little ones smiling at everyone.
"Mikey, how on earth did you ever figure it all out?" Trevor said, smiling at all four of them.
Michael's eyes lowered, Justin's arm going around him.
Michael's head raised, looking around at everyone.
"I entered her mind the moment I walked into the courtroom. For my children, I walked over the line of decency. I had to know what was going on. For them."
Michael's eyes were on his two little treasures, both little ones smiling up at him.
"You do good, Papa." Darian said, Michael's face changing into a wide smile.
Justin kissed his cheek, Michael smiling at him.
Everyone in the room felt Michael's feelings in regard to what he'd done.
"You did good, Mico. For our children's love, no greater risk could be given." Justin said, looking into Michael's golden eyes.
Michael smiled, kissing Justin's cheek.
Chris patted him on the back, Vicky smiling at him.
"You are one of a kind, Mikey. To see what you did in there, not only for your children, but for their grandmother. You gave that woman a new life, Mikey. You opened her soul to seeing the truth."
Michael nodded, Vicky kissing his cheek.
Justin smiled, looking at Michael.
"Michael spoke the truth. We are going to do all we can for her. She deserves to know her grandchildren. To see her daughter's legacy."
Lynn teared up, hugging her son.
Michael smiled at the touching moment, Randall's arm going around him now.
"Your love is unending, Michael. You did good son."
Michael teared up, Randall hugging him.
They parted, Shauna's little arms stretched up to her Papa.
Michael smiled, picking his daughter up out of Josh's lap.
Everyone chatted a bit, the room taking on a happiness and a refreshing breath of normalcy.
"Ok, Mikey. One question." Chris said, folding his arms.
"Ok, Disco Chrisco. Shoot."
Chris rolled his eyes, seeing Michael's mirthful gleaming eyes.
"Tavarro, I'm trying to be serious!"
"You, Kirkpatrick? Unbelievable!" Michael smiled, sticking his tongue out at him.
Everyone laughed, seeing Michael's mood now happy and joyous.
"Sorry, Chris. Ask away."
"That lawyer. What made him turn white with shock? He looked utterly defeated when he sat down. Your words weren't that threatening."
Michael looked quietly at Chris, the man staring back.
In Michael's eyes, Chris saw a quiet calmness.
"I felt in him his own hidden truths, Chris. And I learned his greatest shame."
"What was that, Michael?" Nick asked, Trevor sitting beside him, both men quietly looking at Michael.
Michael sighed, looking at his daughter in his arms.
"Davison Wallgrave gave his own child away when he was a mere child himself. I won't go into the details, but that loss haunts his soul. Because he walked away from the greatest love he would ever have. That child he gave to his own brother. And he hasn't spoken to him in forty years. I felt all that inside him. He's masked that loss in a cloud of righteousness and faith. The only problem is that that faith he believes in isn't the true faith. It's a false God he measures his life against. His life has been a falsehood buried in the God of brimstone and sanctimonious faith. That was what I told him as I shook his hand. In his mind, my words were the truth he wasn't prepared to hear. I told him he has only one recourse to change his life. To walk the path of God's love."
Everyone looked at Michael in awe.
"And I gave him hope. For there is only one path he needs to walk. And that is the path to his forgotten son."
Michael smiled, Shauna looking up at him.
"To have your child's love, it is the greatest path we can walk. For God walks with us on that path. And now Justin and I can walk that path, watching our loving angels grow and spread their love."
Everyone smiled, feeling the deep, emotionally charged love emanating from Michael.
"Let's go home, Jus. Our angels need a nap."
Justin smiled, picking up Darian, Lance smiling up at him.
The door opened, Will and Terry walking into the room.
"It's a complete madhouse out there, guys. The press has the results and they're staking a claim on you. They want you to make a statement."
Michael looked at his lover, Justin's face showing concern.
"Alright, Will. I'll make a statement, and so will Justin. But our children stay here. Lance, Josh, can you two look after them?"
Lance beamed, his face wide with a loving smile.
He stood up, Darian jumping back into his arms, as did Shauna.
Josh smiled, seeing Lance's love for these two special angels.
"You're going to make one hell of a dad, Lance." Michael said, smiling.
Lance grinned, Michael quietly looking at Josh and him.
"A picture will show the greatness of your love."
Lance and Josh smiled, not sure what Michael was talking about.
Michael turned looking at Terry.
"Thanks for everything, Terry."
Terry blushed, looking around at everyone.
"I don't know what you mean, Michael."
Michael smiled, walking up to her.
"Thank her for me, Terry. You've got quite a wonderful person there."
Terry looked shocked, staring at Michael.
Everyone looked confused.
"When did you sense the truth, Michael?" She asked, looking emotional.
"When Shauna called her Denny."
Terry blushed, looking at the little girl.
"We like her, Terry. She nice!"
Chris' face was showing a look of deep shock.
"You're sleeping with the judge?!!!"
Joey groaned, slapping Chris upside the head.
Terry blushed, Michael's arm going around her.
"I know the reasoning behind your not telling us. Your dedication to finding the truth. And your responsibilities in regards to ethical and moral standards."
"I had no sway in this Michael, I was just as shocked as you when I found out she would be the judge. We both agreed that we wouldn't divulge our relationship. We both are too responsible to allow our feelings  to ever get in the middle of our careers. She intended always to judge this fairly."
Michael smiled, hugging her close.
"Thank her for all four of us. And we want both of you to come to dinner soon."
Terry smiled, nodding her head, Justin hugging her next.
"Tell Denise thanks. For giving me my family again."
Terry smiled at him, feeling his utter happiness.
Justin broke his hug, smiling at Michael.
"It's time, Jus. Let's let the world see our love for our angels."
Justin nodded, looking into Michael's golden calm eyes.
Michael talked to Paulo and Lonnie, making their plans for their angels' escape.
"Let's get this done, love. Then we'll be back home with our angels."
Michael smiled, taking his hand in his, walking out of the room.

The two men walked out with Will through the front doors, Lonnie and Paulo by their sides.
The circus had upgraded to a free-for-all.
The noise was unbelievable.
As was the flashing brightness of the surrounding cameras.
Will guided them through a mass of police officers and a surging mass of reporters.
Behind the reporters, in the edge of the brightness, the two men saw a lot of screaming, joyous fans.
Their screams and steady clapping brought a smile to both men.
They moved in front of a dais, the two men surrounded by reporters and police.
"If everyone would quiet down, we'll get this started." Will said in a calm, edgy voice.
The crowd gradually calmed, the only sound the clicking of cameras.
"Thank you. My name is William Preston. I am the lawyer for Justin Timberlake and Michael Tavarro. Today is a day of great vindication for my clients. Today they've regained the guardianship of their little angels."
The crowd went ballistic again, the clapping and cheering loud and raucous.
It took a few moments for it to all calm down again.
Justin and Michael remained calm, Lonnie and Paulo scanning the crowd and reporters.
"Justin and Michael will be making a statement. Then taking a few questions. Michael?"
Michael smiled at Will, moving in front of the dais, Justin beside him.
"Thank you, Will. On behalf of myself and Justin, we want to thank you, Will, for all your hard work. Will's right. Today is a day of great happiness for all four of us. We, in the eyes of the law, are a family. The four of us love each other deeply. No law or zealous denial of our love for these two angels will stop this family from being together. I, myself, feel this is the happiest day of my life. I have the love of my children and the love of my man in my heart always. Thank you."
The crowd exploded again, Justin kissing Michael's cheek.
Michael smiled a truly heartwarming smile, the cameras capturing every moment of it.
Justin stood beside Michael, leaning into the mike.
"Thank you all, all our fans out there. Thank you for believing in what we stand for. For love and family. This, like Michael said, is the happiest day of my life. My Darry and my Shauny are ours in all ways but one. And shortly, they will be ours in all aspects of law and faith. Michael and I are legally adopting our two angels, and in a few weeks Michael and I will stand in front of God and unite our faith and love in a commitment ceremony."
The crowd went into shock, then the cheering took on a thunderous tone.
Michael looked surprised, but his face changed to a smiling mass of tears.
Justin was telling the world of his deep love for the three that meant everything to him.
His Mico, Darry and Shauny.
His family.
Justin turned, pulling Michael against him.
"We'll take a few questions."
Every hand was in the air, all the reporters anxious to be singled out.
Michael pointed to a young woman in the front row.
"Where are the two little ones, guys?"
"They have left here with their grandparents, Justin's folks. They will not be in this spotlight. Justin and I both feel they need to have a normal life. They are not stars or celebrities. They are two little bundles of childish innocence. And that's what they'll remain."
"Yes, the man with the ballcap." Justin said.
The reporter smiled.
"Justin, are you and Michael saying you're getting married?"
Justin smiled, Michael feeling his calmness.
"Yes, Michael and I are getting married. In the sight of God's love."
Michael smiled, feeling Justin's newfound openness. The image of Justin Timberlake was gone. Standing here was only Justin.
Michael's hand went in his, the two smiling for the world to see.
"We are in love, and the next step is a commitment for life. Our love is for life." Michael said, Lonnie and Paulo smiling behind them.
"One more question." Justin said, pointing at a woman trying to get his attention.
Justin nodded at her.
"A lot came out in this hearing. Murder and abuse. What will happen to the children's grandmother?"
Michael looked at Justin, Justin smiling.
"Michael and I are going to do everything in our power to help Doris Jacobs. She was the victim here, as was her daughter. Spousal abuse cannot be tolerated. The same goes for any abusive relationship. People need to be helped, and they need to find that help readily. And find the happiness everyone deserves. My  Michael is testimony to that . His foundation is seeking to help those people. I commend him on that struggle. The struggle he had all his life. I love him for being here, and for having the courage to go on. In a short time, his love will be mine forever in the sight of God. Thank you all."
Justin and Michael both smiled, walking away from the mike, heading forward down the courthouse steps.
They were followed by a mass of reporters, the small group surrounded by policemen.
It took them five minutes to walk a short, five hundred foot walk to their waiting limousine.
They climbed in, the vehicle surrounded.
Michael sighed, Justin sitting beside him, breathing heavily.
"Man, that was claustrophobic! What a crowd!" Paulo said, Lonnie nodding.
"You okay, Mico?"
"Yes, Jus. I'm fine. I'm in the arms of your love."
Justin smiled, the limousine beginning to move slowly.
"Let's go home, Jus. Our angels are waiting."
Justin's face beamed with happiness, Michael snuggling against his chest.

Michael smiled, looking around his backyard.
All around him were his loved ones.
All except Uncle Silas, Zach and his grandfather.
All three had called when they'd returned home a few short hours ago.
Justin lay in a lounger, his two angels asleep on his chest.
"Your man won't let them go, Mikey." Trevor said, smiling at him.
"He hoped for this moment all day. It was a dream for him. That they'd return here with us. I will always try to make Justin's dreams come true."
Trevor teared up, Nick's arm around him.
"How are you two doing, my friends?"
Nick smiled widely.
"I'm doing fantastic. Just finished another album, working on another television show."
"Awesome, Nick! Good luck."
Nick smiled, Trevor smiling.
"And you, Trevor? How goes the life of renewed love?"
Trevor smiled widely.
"It goes damn near fantastic, Mikey! My Nicky's my life!"
Michael smiled widely, seeing their love so open and free.
"I'm happy for both of you. Your love is beautiful."
They both smiled, Joey shouting at them to join him and Chris in the pool.
"Go ahead, guys. I see another twosome of love that I should help."
Michael rose up from his chair, walking over to Lance and Josh who'd walked out of the house carrying trays of beverages.
"Here, I'll help guys."
Lance smiled, Michael taking a tray, Lance walking over to Justin, giving him a glass of lemonade.
Michael set the tray down on the patio table, where Lynn, Randall, Lisa and Father Derrick were chatting.
"Thanks, Michael. My son seems to be in heaven." Lynn said, smiling, her eyes on her son.
They all looked over at Justin, the man smiling down at the two little treasures asleep on his chest, his arms around both of them.
"He's where he's always wanted to be. Surrounded by his playmates."
Father Derrick smiled, Michael sitting down beside him.
"So, uncle, how goes the orphanage?"
"It's all ready, Michael. The dedication is next weekend. You and Justin, of course, must come. This is your dream."
Michael smiled, kissing his uncle's cheek.
"Wouldn't miss it for the world. We're already booked and ready."
Father Derrick smiled, returning the kiss on Michael's cheek.
Lance sat down beside Michael, smiling.
"God, Mikey. Those orphaned children will have such care and hopeful futures."
Michael smiled, looking into Lance's green eyes.
"Some more than others."
Lance's brow furrowed in confusion, Josh looking down at Michael.
"Mikey, is something going on? That's twice we've heard you saying something unusual today when you've looked at us. There was that earlier remark about pictures?"
Michael smiled, standing up.
"Good idea, Joshy! Don't move! I'll be right back!"
Michael walked into the house, everyone looking quietly after him.
Lance and Josh exchanged looks.
"You two must come, too. To see the beauty of your friends' giving hearts." Father Derrick said, Lance smiling.
"Of course, Father Derrick. Michael's love always needs to be honored."
Everyone smiled.
A short few minutes later, Michael walked back out of the house, smiling.
In his hand he carried his camera.
"Everyone relax, I want to take some quick pictures. Of my loving family."
Everyone smiled, relaxing as Michael walked around.
He took pictures of the guys swimming, Jonathan and Stevie hamming it up for the camera.
Michael laughed, taking even more of Becky and Christina, seeing their love shining.
Michael then turned and took a picture of Justin, relaxing in quiet solitude with his angels.
Justin looked up at him smiling.
"Hey, my angel."
"I've just captured a vision of family beauty."
Justin smiled, looking down at their angels.
"We should put them to bed, Jus. The sun might burn them."
Justin smiled, Michael leaning down, kissing his upturned lips.
"They're okay, Mico. They're here where they belong."
Michael smiled, seeing what Justin wanted.
"Ok, love. A little while longer."
Justin smiled, closing his eyes.
Michael continued taking pictures, looking over at their parents' table.
"Okay, Lancy and Joshy. I want a picture of you two together, in each other's loving arms."
Josh smiled widely, pulling his chair back.
"Sit in my lap, love." Josh smiled at his lover.
Lance smiled, sitting in Josh's lap, resting his head on Josh's chest.
Michael smiled, taking the picture.
Lance smiled, sitting up.
"Two lovers, deeply in love." Michael said, looking at both of them.
Both men smiled widely, Michael seeing the picture of his vision.
He snapped the picture, smiling widely.
"And so we now go forward. The path is taken. I should start the barbecues."
Michael sat his camera down, heading to the barbecue pit, Josh looking at Lance, Lance shrugging his shoulders.

Ten minutes later, Michael leaned over a snoozing Justin, Michael picking up his daughter gently, Shauna not waking.
Justin woke up, staring into his golden eyes.
"Time these lobsters were put to bed, sweetie."
Justin chuckled, lifting Darian into his arms, the small boy murmuring, then snoring again.
"Like father, like grandfather." Lynn and Lisa said, both laughing at each other, Randall blushing.
"Hey, it's a Timberlake thing, okay? Right Dad?" Justin smiled, standing up, Randall smiling back.
"Yep, a true sign of a Timberlake. That boy's a Timberlake."
Justin beamed, Michael smiling.
"Let's let them sleep for a couple of hours before supper. And we can have some fun." Michael said, Justin raising an eyebrow.
"Some fun, Mico?"
"Well, Jus. How long has it been since we had some fun with Chris?"
Justin beamed, kissing his cheek.
"Aww, Mico. He's so gullible."
They both laughed walking into the house.

They walked into the nursery, putting their little angels down into their bed, Justin wrapping then gently in their small blankets, their stuffed bears beside them.
He gently ran his finger along both tiny cheeks.
"Love you, my angels." Justin said softly, Michael's arm around him.
He felt Justin's deep love for them, and his inner feelings.
"They're back where they belong, Timby. Back in our home, and always in our hearts."
Justin looked up, smiling at him, his eyes filling with tears.
Michael pulled him close, Justin's head buried in his chest.
Justin gently cried against him, Michael's arms wrapped around him.
"My greatest dream has come true. I have all of you forever."
Michael teared up, lightly humming, calming Justin in his arms.
"Always, my love. Always."
Justin pulled back, wiping his eyes.
"I feel your inner feelings, Mico. Your deep hidden feelings."
Michael looked a little surprised, lowering his head.
Justin lifted it, looking into his golden eyes.
"You were prepared, weren't you? You knew all that was going to happen, not when you walked into that courtroom, but even earlier. That's why you picked that carnation from our flowerbeds outside. Am I right?"
Michael nodded.
"I had another vision last night, Timby. I saw everything."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael's cheek.
"That's why you were so strong and determined this morning. You knew it would all work out."
Michael smiled, pulling Justin close again.
"Yes, my love. And I've seen something else. Something wonderful."
"What's that, my love?"
"It's a surprise, Jus. I think it will be amazing. Our loving family will rejoice in its newness."
Justin raised his head, looking deeply into his golden eyes.
"I feel a deep happiness in your heart, Mico. It must be something truly beautiful?"
Michael smiled.
"He truly is."
Justin remained quiet, Michael breaking their closeness.
"Let's go back downstairs, I have an idea about what we can do with one Mr. Kirkpatrick."
Justin chuckled, seeing the mirthful gaze of Michael's gleaming eyes.

They walked back outside, seeing everyone relaxing.
Joey, Kelly, Trevor and Nick were playing water polo against Paulo, Jonnie, Vicky and Chris.
Lance was sitting at pool side, his feet dangling in the water, playing referee.
"How many times has Chris tried to cheat, Lancy?" Michael said smiling, sitting down beside him.
Lance laughed, looking into his golden eyes.
"Three times. But that's just Chris. He plays to win."
Josh chuckled, laying on a lounger a short distance away.
Justin sat down beside Josh, his friend smiling at him.
"Hey, Chris!! Stop the underhanded throws!" Michael yelled, his friend turning to look at him.
"Shut up, Tavarro! It's perfectly legal."
"Yeah, but it's not fair."
Chris saluted him, Michael shaking his head.
The game ended a short time later, Chris' team victorious.
He climbed out of the pool his arms in the air.
"I am the champ!!"
"More like chump." Joey said, rolling his eyes, climbing out of the pool.
Chris folded his arms, looking at his friend.
"What's that supposed to mean, loser?"
"Last time I checked you were part of a team. You weren't playing by yourself." Michael said, standing up.
Paulo, Jonathan and Vicky smiled at him.
"Well, yeah. But most of it was my doing."
Vicky rolled her eyes, sitting down beside Christina, who had Becky and Stevie in front of her playing jacks.
"God, Chris. Does your ego know no ends?" Joey said, Kelly handing him a towel.
"Hey, I'm good. What's not to be proud of?"
Michael laughed, looking at Justin.
"And what are you laughing at Mikey?" Chris said, staring at him.
"Vicky says you're average."
Chris blushed, looking at his girlfriend.
"Keep me out of this." Vicky said, looking at Michael.
"Tavarro, I'm tired of bettering you."
Michael laughed, Justin smiling.
"I know it's hard work, Chrisco. Too bad you don't succeed."
Joey laughed, as did Trevor and Nick.
Chris' face turned serious.
"OK, Tavarro! That's it! Let's get it on! Pick a challenge!"
Michael smiled.
"How well do you know your friends?"
Chris looked around, looking at everyone.
"I know them all well. What are you getting at?"
"Care for a challenge? A blind challenge?"
Chris looked at him with interest.
"OK, and what exactly does that consist of?"
"You and I will be blindfolded. Each of our friends will kiss us. It's up to us to guess who we're kissing."
Chris looked uneasy.
"Mikey, I'm not letting guys kiss me."
Michael folded his arms, staring at him.
"They're not guys. They're our friends. I guess Chris Kirkpatrick isn't as open as he's bragged he is."
Chris blushed, feeling trapped.
"Of course.... I... am. I have nothing but respect and love for all of my friends."
Michael smiled, Chris relaxing.
"Glad to hear it, my friend. So, up to the challenge?"
"OK Mike. I agree to it."
"Lance, you'll be the judge?"
"Certainly, Michael."
Chris pulled on his shirt, and his sandals, quietly waiting.
Kelly walked into the house, returning with two small towels.

Michael and Chris were lined up back to back, Kelly putting the towels around their heads, covering their eyes.
"See anything, Michael? See anything, Chris?"
"No, blind as a bat." Michael said.
"Complete darkness here. Let's get to this. And no special gifts, got it Tavarro?" Chris said, feeling nervous.
"Got it, Kirkpatrick."
"Okay, Chris. Here is your first kiss. You have to say who you think it is."
Vicky walked up, quietly, kissing Chris tenderly on his lips.
"Chris?" Lance said.
"My Vicky."
Chris beamed, Michael remaining still.
Justin stood up, walking up to Michael.
He kissed him tenderly on his lips, then backed away.
"Michael?" Lance asked.
"Easy! My Jus."
"Oh, wow. So hard!" Chris murmured, folding his arms.
"OK, boys. A little harder."
Lynn walked up to Chris, gently kissing him on the lips.
"Hmm, it's a woman. Soft lips. I'm guessing because of her perfume, Lynn?"
Chris grinned, his chest expanding, a smile on his lips.
Rachel walked up to Michael, quietly kissing his lips.
"Hmm, it's a woman. Soft lips. I'm guessing because of her perfume, Rachel?"
"Way to go Tavarro. Follow the leader!"
Michael laughed, butting his ass against Chris'.
"You'll only lead me to embarrassment, Kirkpatrick."
"Ha...ha. Follow me and you'll be a champion."
"Yeah, but who needs all that wetness?"
Chris groaned, everyone holding in their laughter.
"Is this another ploy to throw me into the pool?"
"I guarantee you, Chrisco, I will not throw you in the pool."
"Okay, boys. Let's continue." Lance said, nodding to Lisa.
Lisa walked up to Chris, lightly kissing his lips.
"Hmm, I smell her perfume. Lisa?"
"Correct, Chris." Lance said, looking towards Josh.
Chris beamed as Josh walked in front of Michael.
Josh leaned in, kissing him deeply, Justin smiling.
"Mmm, nice. I'm guessing from the sweetness of his lips, Josh?"
"Ewww!" Chris said, Lance shaking his head, but smiling at his friends.
"Correct. Still tied."
Justin pointed at Trevor.
Trevor blushed, walking up to Chris.
He nervously looked at Nick, Nick smiling back at him.
Trevor smiled widely, leaning in and lightly kissing Chris' lips.
"Hmmm. Weird. Very soft lips. But strange smelling perfume. Christina?"
"Wrong, Chris."
Chris' shoulders slumped.
"Who is it?" Chris asked.
"It's me, Trevor."
"Ewwww! Your lips are too feminine!" Chris said, wiping his mouth.
Trevor blushed, Nick's arms going around him.
"They're to die for, love." Nick said, kissing him tenderly.
Lance smiled, Joey walking up to Michael.
He leaned in lightly kissing Michael's soft lips.
"Hmm. Masculine lips. Very rugged breathing. I'm guessing Nick?"
"Wrong, Michael. It's me, Joe."
Michael nodded.
"Quite the masculine kisser, Joe. Kelly's got a real man." Michael smiled, Joey smiling wide.
"Thanks, Mikey. Tell me something I don't know." Kelly smiled.
"Tavarro, you're just getting cheap thrills! Boy's probably got a woody!"
Michael shook his head laughing.
Justin leaned in, whispering in his ear.
Michael smiled removing his blindfold.
Everyone smiled, sensing something coming.
Michael leaned over, whispering in Lance's ear, Lance grinning.
"OK, Chris. Here's your next one."
Michael walked over in front of Chris, Vicky shaking her head, imploring him.
Michael smiled, leaning in, and deeply kissing Chris.
Everyone watched seeing the intensity of the kiss, and Chris' reaction.
He looked lost in its intensity.
Michael pulled back, Chris sighing.
"Wow." Was all he said.
"OK, Chris. Who is it?" Lance said, trying to hold in his laughter.
"Don't try and pull one over on me! That's my Vicky! There was too much love in that kiss!"
Michael smiled, pulling off Chris' blindfold.
Chris stared at Michael standing in front of him, a few inches from his face.
"My kisses have the greatest love. And that was a hell of a cheap thrill. And look, no woody!!!"
Michael leaned in kissing him again, lightly.
Chris' face took on a look of deep shock, the man backing up.
But in the shocking reality of the moment, he forgot where he was standing.
Chris backed up, falling backwards right into the pool.
The splash sent water flying everywhere.
Everyone burst into laughter, Michael smiling.

Chris returned to the surface, staring at all his laughing friends.
"God, why do I always end up wet??" He screamed, his face showing shock and confusion.
Michael smiled down at him, offering him his hand, Chris taking it, Michael helping him out of the pool.
"Hey, I promised I wouldn't throw you in the pool. I never said anything about you doing it yourself!"
Everyone laughed, Joey patting his back.
"Chris, you walk into it every time! Mikey, that was too much!" Joey said, laughing.
Chris lowered his eyes, Michael smiling at him.
Michael put his arm around him.
"Chris, I want to tell you something."
Chris nodded, feeling embarrassed.
"I did that because I love doing this with you. You're one of my best friends."
Chris smiled a little more, Vicky smiling also.
She saw Michael's love for her lover.
"I need to ask you something as well, Chris."
Chris looked up at him, staring into his golden eyes.
"You liked me kissing you, didn't you?"
Everyone looked a little surprised, Vicky smiling still.
Chris looked around, seeing everyone staring at him.
"You are a fantastic kisser, Michael. I didn't sense your masculinity at all."
Michael smiled, kissing his cheek.
"That's because it wasn't meant to be a kiss of sexuality. It was a kiss of love. Those kisses hold no gender or no testosterone agenda. They are given with love. That was what that kiss was. The same kiss I give to Lance, Josh, Paulo and Jake. My friends of love. The only greater kiss is the one I have for Justin."
Chris smiled, seeing what Michael was showing him.
"Thank you, Michael. For including me in that circle of friends."
Michael smiled widely.
"Now we just have to get Joey lined up."
Joey's face dropped, backing away.
"Hey, Mikey! Thanks, but keep your lips over there. I'm your friend, I don't need kisses to prove it."
Everyone laughed, Michael smiling at Joey.
"Well enough said, Joe."
Joey smiled, Chris grinning.
"Why the tongue though, Mikey?"
Michael groaned, Chris bursting into laughter.
"You wish!" Michael said, his laughter filling the backyard.

After the hilarity of their fun, everyone cleaned up for a wonderful dinner, Josh and Michael having barbecued steaks and chicken.
The kids had woken up just before supper, Justin bringing them back down.
Michael quietly saw Justin's need to be close to them, sensing his feelings.
Everyone sat down, three tables joined together on the back patio.
"If you'll all allow me, I'd like to say grace." Michael said, smiling at all his family from the head of the table.
Justin sat at the other end, his two angels on both sides of him, sitting in their grandparents' laps.
Everyone nodded.
Michael stood, lowering his head.
"God, blessed are we to be here today, basking in the happiness of our and your love. This is a special moment in our lives. Today, we are joined here to give thanks for your guiding hand. Two little treasures of love have been returned to us, we have them now always in our hearts. But it's a more wonderful moment for me. For today, you have given me back my life, my love and my hope. I am complete again, and always will be. In the darkness of my despair, the shining light of their love fills my eyes with happiness. Thank you, God, for all we now see before us."
Michael was in tears, sitting back down.
Everyone was tearing and openly crying, Michael staring across the table into two blue eyes of life.
"I love you, Mico."
"Love you Papa." The two little ones said, Michael now crying.
Justin got up, walking to the end of the table, taking Michael into his arms, Michael crying into his chest.
"We're home as a family again, Jus. We're home."
Everyone smiled, seeing the touching moment, Justin holding his lover tightly.
"Yes, my love. We will always be a family."
Michael smiled, wiping his eyes.
"I'm sorry, please everyone, eat and enjoy all this wonderful food."
Everyone smiled, Joey grabbing a bowl of pasta.

Michael woke up, wrapped in a blanket of love again.
He looked at the three angels surrounding him.
Justin had sat in the nursery last night for over an hour just looking at their two treasures.
Michael had found him there after he'd locked up the house, everyone having gone to bed.
"We need to sleep, love." Michael had said, kissing his cheek over the crib.
"Aren't they beautiful, Mico? Don't you see the beauty of their innocent faces?"
Michael smiled, feeling all of Justin's loving feelings.
"No greater beauty have these tired eyes seen than my three angels."
Justin looked up at him, smiling.
"It's been an emotional day, Jus. I think it needs to end with love."
Justin smiled, looking into his lover's golden eyes.
"Let's take them into our room, and fall asleep surrounded by their love."
Justin beamed, lifting Darian up into his arms.
And here, now, in the early morning, Michael lay surrounded by his three angels as he had all night.
He smiled, looking over at the clock.
It read five o'clock.
He sighed, feeling the warmth of Justin's body against his left side.
Shauna lay on Michael's chest, Darian snuggled between Michael and Justin, Justin's arm around all three of them.
Here was Michael's world.
He smiled, his mind full of thoughts and ideas.
He thought about a lot of things, some things he'd discovered and others he'd begun to envision.
He smiled, gently moving Shauna off his chest, laying her on his right side.
He gently pushed Justin onto his back, Darian now laying on top of his chest.
Michael sat up, moving Shauna over against Justin's body.
Justin's arm instinctively wrapped around both of them, Michael quietly looking down at the three of them together.
He smiled, seeing Justin's caring love for their two bright stars of love.
Michael climbed out of bed, pulling on his robe.
He quietly walked out of the room.

Michael walked into the office, walking over to the desk.
He sat down, flicking on the desk lamp, a soft glow filling the shadowy room.
He picked up the phone, dialing the memorized number.
"Morning." A calm voice came over the line.
"Morning, Uncle. How are you?"
"Michael. My son. I am very well. Is everything okay?" Silas said, smiling at hearing his loving voice.
"Everything's fine, Uncle Silas. We didn't really have privacy to talk last night. Is everything arranged?"
"Yes, Mikey. It's all set. Your friends are going to be totally awed. You won't believe it yourself, my son."
Michael smiled.
"I have envisioned it, Uncle. I know it will match my dreams."
Silas smiled, awed at the beauty of his nephew's giving heart.
"So we'll be up on the twenty-third. See you then, Uncle. Love ya."
"Love you too, Michael. Take care."
Michael smiled, ending the call.
He opened his laptop, his fingers tapping on the keyboard, the laptop coming to life.
He sat there thinking, his mind sensing out what he'd felt yesterday.
He attached the camera to the laptop, downloading the pictures.
After a few minutes, all the pictures were downloaded and saved.
He printed them all off on the house computer's laser printer.
Michael went through all the pictures, staring in shock.
Two pictures stood out for a very apparent reason.
He stared at them, lost in their reality.
After the initial shock, he set both pictures down.
He disconnected the camera, closing the laptop.
He sat quietly, his mind full of thoughts.
He picked up his leather journal, opening it and looking at the last entry.
He picked up his pen, the words beginning to materialize in his mind, flowing onto the paper with every gentle stroke.
After he finished writing, he placed the two photographs into the journal, closing it.

Randall walked into the kitchen, finding Michael finishing his breakfast preparations.
"Morning, son. Guess I'm the first one up."
"Morning, Dad. Yes, everyone else is still sleeping. I'll get you a coffee."
Randall smiled, sitting down at the table, Michael joining him with two cups of coffee.
"Thanks, Mike. You're up early."
Michael nodded, smiling at him.
"I've always been an early riser."
Randall smiled.
"Michael, can we talk?"
Michael nodded, quietly waiting for Randall to continue.
"I've wanted to talk to you for a while now, yesterday's events making this talk more needful."
Justin was walking into the room, just catching the last words of his father's sentence.
He stopped, quietly leaning against the door frame, his two angels in his arms.
All three looked at the two sitting at the table, both oblivious to their presence.
"I've never been more proud of my son than I was yesterday, Michael. Yesterday, my son showed his soul to everyone. We all saw his open love for you and for your two little ones. I wanted to thank you, Michael, for giving my son your love. It's made him into a wonderful man."
Michael smiled, patting Randall's hand.
"Your son was always a wonderful man."
"Yes he was, Michael. With no thanks from me. I wasn't there for him when he needed me the most. Through his teen years and growing adulthood. Today, I feel so lucky to have him in my life, and to have his love. It's small compared to the love he has for you three. But it's his love nonetheless. I treasure every moment I have with him. Thank you for including me in your family, Michael. Thank you for loving me."
Randall was in tears, Michael hugging him close.
"Oh, Dad! You will always have a place of deep love in my heart and even more in your son's. We both love you deeply. Justin loves you completely. Don't deny yourself his love, it's always been there. And it always will be."
Justin was in tears, Shauna and Darian snuggling closer to him, Justin feeling their love.
A hand went to his shoulder, Justin turning, seeing Lisa and Lynn standing beside him.
They both took a child, Justin wiping his eyes.
"You are in your son's home. Here, you'll always be welcomed. Justin and I both need your fatherly love. I lost my Dad a long time ago. I'd like to think that I can come to you as a father for advice and just for love." Michael said through his tears.
Randall hugged him close.
"Oh yes, Michael. Always I'll be here for you. I can't replace your Dad in your heart, but I'll be here in any way you need me."
Michael smiled, feeling the warmth of Randall's giving love.
"Thanks, Dad."
"No, Michael. Thank you. I guess I need to have a talk with my son."
"You just did, Dad." Justin said.
Randall turned, looking at his son. Randall stood, staring at his son.
Justin walked into the room, falling into his father's arms, Randall wrapping his arms around him.
"I love you Dad. Those words of love, so moving. You'll always have my love." Justin said, hugging his father with tearful love.
Randall looked at Michael, Michael smiling at him.
Justin's words filled Michael's mind, their bond of loving thoughts.
Lynn and Lisa walked into the room, seeing the touching scene.
Behind them walked Jonathan, Stevie, Christina and Becky.
"Let's all sit down, as the true family we are." Lynn said, Lisa agreeing.
Everyone sat down, Michael bringing all the food to the table.

They had a relaxing breakfast, the conversation happy and joyous.
Everyone picked up on the normalcy of the four family members interacting with each other.
Two fathers feeding their children.
"You look so much the family, Mikey." Christina said, Michael smiling.
"You'll have to email me those pictures that were taken yesterday." Christina said, taking a sip of her coffee.
Michael lowered his eyes, remaining quiet.
"Something wrong, Mico?" Justin said, sensing something.
"Just a moment, Jus. I'll be right back."
Everyone looked at each other, all eyes looking at Justin.
A few moments later Michael returned, carrying the set of photographs.
He handed them to Christina, one photograph remaining in his hand.
Everyone looked at the photographs, smiling at all the beautiful moments captured on film.
Justin noticed the one photograph still in Michael's hand.
"Can I see that last picture, Mico?"
Michael looked up at Justin, staring into his blue eyes.
Everyone saw the tears in his golden eyes.
"Alright, Jus. But it may surprise you. It doesn't surprise me. I knew they'd be there."
Justin looked at him, Michael handing over the picture.
Justin's eyes looked down at it, both of his blue eyes widening in shock.
He almost dropped the picture, struggling to hold it.
"No way, Mico! That's unbelievable!"
Everyone saw the shock on Justin's face.
They all got up, crowding around Justin, staring at the picture.
All their eyes went wide with wonder, staring at something shockingly remarkable.
It was the picture of the four family members standing in front of the living room fireplace.
Christina had taken it for Michael.
Michael and Justin stood in front of the fireplace, holding Darian and Shauna, the picture showing the love of a family.
What was more shocking was what it showed around them.
On Michael's left side stood Nana, and her daughter, Diana, Michael's mother.
Both had wide smiling faces.
On Justin's right side stood a young woman, smiling as well.
She was young, beautiful and her smile was warm and happy.
"Dat's Mommy!" Shauna said, everyone looking down at her in Justin's lap.
"She look happy." Darian said, sitting beside his sister.
"She is, Darry. She was with us that morning, her love and theirs wrapped around us. They were all there beside us, their love in our hearts." Michael said, smiling, with tears in his eyes.
Beside Serena was Ramone, Michael's father, a prideful smile on his face.  A few feet away stood Daniel, his smiling face staring at all those beside him.
Everyone stared at the picture, lost in the realization of what it showed.
Love. Deep, unending love surrounded these four parts of one soul.
"That's unbelievable, Michael! So unbelievable!" Justin said, staring at the photograph.
Michael smiled, his mind on the other photograph hidden in his journal.
And the surprising new truth that it revealed.

End of Chapter 136
And so the foursome of soul-filled love are home again.
Surrounded, it seems, by their family–real and heavenly.
What does the other hidden picture show?
Is it an omen or a vision of something to come?
Why does it bring a smile to Michael's face?

Aren't I devilishly evil in my leaving things hanging??
You'll just have to return for the next revealing chapter!!

Hugs, Angel.

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