Justin's Angel-137

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Justin looked at him, Michael handing over the picture.
Justin's eyes looked down at it, both of his blue eyes widening in shock.
He almost dropped the picture, struggling to hold it.
"No way, Mico! That's unbelievable!"
Everyone saw the shock on Justin's face.
They all got up, crowding around Justin, staring at the picture.
All their eyes went wide with wonder, staring at something shockingly remarkable.
It was the picture of the four family members standing in front of the living room fireplace.
Christina had taken it for Michael.
Michael and Justin stood in front of the fireplace, holding Darian and Shauna, the picture showing the love of a family.
What was more shocking was what it showed around them.
On Michael's left side stood Nana, and her daughter, Diana, Michael's mother.
Both had wide smiling faces.
On Justin's right side stood a young woman, smiling as well.
She was young, beautiful and her smile was warm and happy.
"Dat's Mommy!" Shauna said, everyone looking down at her in Justin's lap.
"She look happy." Darian said, sitting beside his sister.
"She is, Darry. She was with us that morning, her love and theirs wrapped around us. They were all there beside us, their love in our hearts." Michael said, smiling, with tears in his eyes.
Beside Serena was Ramone, Michael's father, a prideful smile on his face.  A few feet away stood Daniel, his smiling face staring at all those beside him.
Everyone stared at the picture, lost in the realization of what it showed.
Love. Deep, unending love surrounded these four parts of one soul.
"That's unbelievable, Michael! So unbelievable!" Justin said, staring at the photograph.
Michael smiled, his mind on the other photograph hidden in his journal.
And the surprising new truth that it revealed.

Chapter 137

New Beginnings, Destined Love

The Tavarro-Timberlake family members all left later that day.
They parted with hugs, kisses and tender goodbyes.
They'd all talked at length about the picture and its value to Michael.
To Michael, it was a picture of his complete happiness.
His real and heavenly happiness.
His departed family and his real family.
They all saw that in the smile he wore that day, and all day.
Michael told them all about the twins' upcoming birthdays in two weeks and how he and Justin wanted them all here to celebrate that event.
Everyone promised they would return for that special occasion.
What they didn't realize was it was going to be a very different celebration.
In a very moving way.
They all left, the family alone at last.
"We're finally alone, Mico. Let's get going on returning to our family bliss." Justin said, as they watched the car drive out of the gates.
Reporters still hung around that entrance, taking pictures of the leaving vehicles.
Michael sighed, closing the door.
He walked with Justin into the living room, looking at the picture now sitting on the mantle.
"That's truly extraordinary, Mico. To think we have them around us, fills my heart with happiness."
"It fills mine with more, love. With so much more."
Justin smiled, kissing his lover, their two angels in their arms.

The week flew by, Justin having a few interviews, as well as some Timberlake Foundation meetings.
Michael and Trevor worked on Michael's foundation, and the mounting requests they'd received for donations.
Justin remained civilly quiet in his interviews about his family's newfound happiness.
Their angels' privacy foremost in his mind.
They received a lot of requests for family interviews, all politely turned down.
Michael had a book signing in L.A. mid-week, Justin remaining home with the kids.
But all three were with Michael in his mind every minute of their separation.
Lance and Josh came over Wednesday evening for supper, Justin showing them the photograph, which now was framed and sitting on the mantle.
They all sat in that room after dinner, relaxing on the couches.
"That's truly unbelievable, Michael. To see them there with you, surrounding you. It's God's work."
Michael smiled at Lance's comment, hugging his friend.
"It's love's work. Pictures have a way of showing the love of a moment, the destiny of our souls."
Lance smiled, Michael kissing him on the lips, Josh and Justin smiling at their tenderness.
"Our men are showing their love, Justy." Josh said, smiling at his best friend.
Justin leaned in, kissing Josh tenderly on the lips, the man returning the loving kiss.
"Mmm, might as well show our own, Joshy." Justin said, breaking the tender moment.
Josh smiled, Justin laying his head on Josh's shoulder.
"So guys, you're coming with us Friday night to San Francisco?" Michael said, Lance sitting beside him.
"Yes, of course, Mikey. We want to see the wonderful miracle you've helped create." Lance said, kissing Michael's cheek.
Michael smiled, Lance smiling back.
"Father Derrick says it's truly remarkable how clean and new everything is." Josh said, Justin's hand on his chest.
Justin's fingers were playing with Josh's necklace, touching his smooth chest.
Michael smiled at the tenderness of the two friends' intimacy.
As did Lance.
Neither felt jealousy or uncertainty.
In front of them sat two longtime friends, who found in each other a brotherly love.
Justin leaned up, kissing Josh again on the lips, then setting back against his chest again.
"Yes, he's deserved that for so long. To think of the years he struggled to give all of those children hope, including myself. He truly is a loving man."
Lance saw the tears in Michael's eyes for his uncle, Lance snuggling against Michael.
"We all love him, Mikey." Justin said, smiling at his lover.
Rachel walked in, the two little ones running in front of her in pajamas.
They ran at Josh and Justin, the two men breaking apart and lifting them up into their laps.
"All bathed and ready for bed, my angels?" Justin said, Darian snuggling against him.
"Yep, Dada. Unky Josh and Unky Lance tuck us in?" Darian said, the two men smiling.
"For sure, little buddy!" Lance said, standing up and walking over to the two men, Darian leaping up into his uncle's outstretched arms.
Lance smiled, the little boy kissing his cheek.
Josh stood up with Shauna, the little girl contentedly smiling.
"Be right back, guys." Josh said, the two men walking out with Rachel, heading upstairs.
Michael got up, walking over beside Justin's couch, climbing on top of him, Justin laying flat on the couch.
They kissed deeply, Michael feeling Justin's hardness against his own.
Michael lay on top of him, his head resting on his chest, Justin's arms wrapped around him.
"Someone's feeling amorous." Michael said, pushing his lower body against Justin's.
Justin blushed, and moaned lightly, Michael raising his head and kissing his moist lips again.
"Josh get you all hot and bothered?"
Justin blushed redder, Michael smiling.
"Lance did the same to me, sweetie."
Justin smiled, kissing him lightly again.
"They are two beautiful men, Mico."
"Yes they are, Jus. And they're our dearest friends. We can love them in all ways."
Justin smiled, feeling only contented happiness in Michael's soul.
They lay there clinging to each other, until Josh and Lance walked back into the room.
"Awww, look Lancy. Two other little ones need to be tucked in. Rachel said to say goodnight to both of you." Josh smiled, looking at his two dearest friends.
Michael smiled, standing up, walking over to him.
He pulled him into his arms, kissing Josh deeply, Lance smiling.
Josh kissed back, savouring Michael's tasty lips.
While they kissed, Lance walked over to Justin, laying down on top of him, replacing Michael.
Justin smiled and hugged his friend to him, Lance feeling warm in Justin's embrace.
They looked into each other's eyes, then they kissed.
Josh and Michael broke their kiss, looking down at their lovers.
They briefly looked at each other, then smiled.
Both men sunk to their knees beside the couch.
Justin and Lance broke their kiss, staring into their lovers' eyes.
Michael leaned in, kissing Lance gently, Josh looking into Justin's eyes.
Justin smiled, pulling his friend to his waiting lips.
These kisses were more intense, more fulfilling.
While Michael and Lance kissed, Michael pushed Josh's body toward Justin's.
The four men became lost in the moment, their hands gently caressing the faces of the ones they kissed.
They broke apart together, staring at each other.
Michael was the first to start laughing.
Then Lance, then Josh and Justin.
They all laughed loudly, looking at each other with wide smiles.
"Well, that settles that." Josh said, smiling.
Justin grinned, looking at his best friend.
"Yep, that settles that."
Josh smiled, standing up, sitting down beside Lance who'd climbed up off of Justin.
Josh put his arm around Lance.
Michael got up, sitting in Justin's lap.
"I guess we can safely say that all four of us love each other deeply. But not in all ways." Michael said, smiling.
Josh looked at Justin, a tear in his eye.
"I was so in love with you, Justin. I thought I could never want anyone more than I desired you."
Justin nodded, seeing Josh's true feelings in front of him.
"But I was wrong. You are incredibly sexy, and so beautiful. But you're not my Lance. I didn't feel the sensations I feel with him. I can't be with you in the way I need to be with him."
Lance teared up, kissing Josh's lips.
"I feel the same way, Joshy. Michael is all I want and need. You too are incredibly beautiful, as is Lance. But you're not my Mico. Only he can ignite the fires of my soul."
Michael smiled, seeing Justin's singular love for him.
Michael leaned over, kissing both of his friends on their lips, then kissing Justin deeply.
All four smiled, looking at each other.
"So what just happened here?" Justin said, looking at everyone.
Michael looked at him, then at Josh and Lance.
"We all took a chance at seeing what we wanted from our friends. We all felt each other's love. And found the greater love in our soulmates. I love you, Josh and Lance. You two will be my greatest friends. And if need be, I will be there for you in all ways. But Justin is my soulmate. In him, I find all my desires fulfilled, all my needs taken care of." Michael said, looking at all three.
Justin teared, kissing Michael again.
"So, does this mean I don't get to taste Josh and Lancy?" Justin said, wearing his pouting face.
"Well, there's nothing that says we can't watch them. Although they both have kinda skinny asses."
Everyone laughed, Josh and Lance tackling Michael, knocking him off the couch onto the floor.
They started the onslaught of their tickle fight, Michael's rich laughter filling the room.
Justin beamed, seeing the happiness in his lover's eyes.
His lover.
No one else's. This, tonight, proved that. Michael didn't want anyone else. He needed only him.
Justin smiled, pushing Lance off Michael, and then tackling Josh.
Josh burst into laughter, Justin's fingers under his shirt tickling his underarms.
Michael panted, smiling at his friends.
They all stopped, panting hard.
"Man, us old farts tucker out fast." Josh said, panting.
Michael laughed, tussling his hair.
"Speak for yourself, old man."
Josh laughed, sticking his tongue out at Michael, only to have his mouth covered with Lance's, in a kiss of tender love.
The four laughed and talked, climbing back up onto the couch.
Justin felt a hidden stare in Michael's watching their friends, as if he was deep in thought about something.
"So what's up next for our two loving friends?" Michael asked, smiling at both of them.
"Well, my album comes out shortly, you're both coming to my party in a couple weeks, right?"
"We are, Josh." Justin said, smiling.
"Great. Then after that, Lance and I are thinking about setting a date." Josh said, smiling.
Michael and Justin both grinned.
"After that comes the home and kids. We want a family. Seeing Darian and Shauna`s beauty and sweetness, we want our own kids." Lance said, Josh kissing his cheek.
Michael looked quietly at both of them, Justin smiling.
"So when were you thinking? Of marrying, I mean."
"We're thinking late September, maybe October." Lance said, smiling at Michael.
"A fall wedding can be quite beautiful." Michael said, staring at Lance.
"You two must be so excited, only a month away!" Lance said, Justin and Michael both beaming.
"Yes, I can't wait." Michael said, staring into Justin's blue eyes.
"We need to throw you two a bachelor party, or something." Lance said, Josh agreeing.
"Well most of our weekends are busy, the only time would be the weekend before the wedding. And that Monday we leave for Spain for the week." Justin said, smiling at Michael.
"We'll see what we can arrange." Lance said smiling.
"Great. Our best men will take care of us." Michael said, everyone smiling.
They all chatted together, Lance and Josh listening to all the wedding plans.
Lance became lost in all the beautiful details.
The evening came to an end, the four friends parting with deep kisses and hugs.
Justin cleaned up in the kitchen, Michael going to their office.

Justin finished the small cleanup, then locked everything down.
He walked into the office, finding Michael sitting at his desk, staring up at the mirror on the wall.
"Everything's locked up, love. Time for my sweetie to lay by my side."
Michael looked up at Justin, Justin seeing tears in his eyes.
Justin was beside him, kneeling in front of him.
"Are you okay, my love?" Justin's voice showing concern.
Michael hugged Justin to him, Justin feeling something surprising.
"I'm more than alright, Jus! I'm so happy!"
Justin smiled, relief showing on his face.
"What's got you so happy, Mico?"
"Two things, Jus. Two unbelievably wonderful things!"
Justin nodded, Michael turning to his desk, pulling out his journal.
Justin looked at it, wondering what Michael was going to read to him.
"I have something to show you, Jus."
Michael opened the journal, pulling out the photograph.
He held it in his hand for a moment then handed it to Justin.
Justin looked into Michael's tearing golden eyes, then looked down at the picture.
He gasped, staring at it with shock.
He stared at it for a long time, taking in every little detail.
He looked up at Michael, his own blue eyes wet with tears.
"Oh, Michael! Does this mean what I think it does?"
"Yes, Jus. He's bringing them their joy, and their future."
Justin beamed, hugging Michael to him.
They both were tearfully joyful at what this photograph represented.
"When do you think it will happen?"
"Very soon, Jus. Very soon. Let's go to bed, my tiger."
Justin smiled, the two talking about the photograph as they walked upstairs.
They walked into the bedroom, Justin taking Michael into his arms.
"You said two things were making you happy. What was the other one?"
Michael lowered his head, Justin lifting it.
"You want only me, Jus. Tonight, you showed me that I alone possess you. That I alone will be your only love."
Justin saw the tears of joy in Michael's golden eyes, his own love staring back at him. For Michael now was filled with Justin's love.
"I am just as awed and joyously happy, Michael. For I see now that you feel the same for me. For little, shy, insecure, basket case me."
Michael smiled, kissing Justin deeply.
"You're mine, Jus. Every beautiful, insecure, crazy, breathtakingly desirable inch."
Justin beamed, his arms pulling Michael closer.
Michael smiled pushing away from Justin, sitting down on their bed.
"Take your clothes off for me, my tiger. Let me see all of you."
Justin smiled, pulling his shirt up over his head.
His broad, smooth, muscular chest came in view, Michael scanning every bronzed smooth inch.
"So desirable, so intoxicating. Lose the pants, lover."
Justin smiled, his fingers on his waist quickly.
He dropped his pants, stepping out of them, removing his socks.
"Turn around slowly, my sexy beauty."
Justin nodded, slowly turning, Michael admiring his firm, cloth-covered butt.
"So beautiful. Stand still, my love."
Justin stopped, Michael rising from the bed.
He stood in front of Justin, his hands slowly brushing against Justin's chest, his fingers brushing his hardening nipples.
Michael looked down, seeing Justin's boxer briefs steadily filling.
"So beautiful. So warm and inviting is your skin."
"Taste all of it, my love."
"Sit down, Jus."
Justin saw a look of intense desire in Michael's golden orbs.
Justin sat down where Michael had just been sitting.
Michael smiled, pulling his own shirt off.
Justin's eyes zoomed in on his taut, hairy chest.
Every night Justin had lain against that downy soft chest – and every moment he stared at it – it became more beautiful.
Michael removed his pants and socks.
Justin stared at him as he stood, seeing the tented briefs.
"You excite me, my tiger. This is because of you." Michael said, his hands stroking his center.
Justin's tongue went across his lips, Michael seeing his need.
"Come to me, my lover. Drink of my life's desire. My love is here for you."
Justin was against Michael in a heartbeat, his hands pushing his briefs downward, Michael stepping out of them.
Justin lips were on Michael's, the kiss heated with desire.
Justin removed his own briefs, and his fingers wrapped around Michael's heated shaft.
"Oh God, Mico! Never have I needed you as I need you now!"
Michael pushed Justin backward, the two falling onto their bed, Michael on top of Justin.
"Tonight, my love, I am yours in every way you desire. Flood my soul with your passion, soothe my body with your touch and your lips. Take me, for I am yours always!"
Justin was in tears, pushing Michael over, their bodies as one.
"I want you so much! I'm going to take all of you! You are mine! Mine to fill my soul with!"
Michael's lips were on Justin's, the two feeling a newness to their touches.
Tonight was the beginning of a sexual awakening.
The awakening of their one singular soul of love.

Justin woke up, laying on top of Michael.
He felt the chill of a light breeze blowing across his back.
He turned his head, seeing the balcony door open.
He shivered, realizing they were both naked, with no blankets.
He smiled, remembering the intensity of their passion.
All the blankets and half the sheet lay strewn across the floor.
Justin sighed, lifting his body gently off Michael, Michael's arms wrapping around him, not wanting him to move.
"Don't move, Jus. Your body warmth feels so good."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael's lips, Michael's eyes slowly opening.
"It's cool, Mico. I was just going to grab the blankets to cover us."
Michael murmured, releasing his hold.
Justin leaned down to pick up the blankets, Michael looking at his bubbly tush in full view.
Michael's hand went to it, his fingers sinking into the center, Justin moaning.
"My God, Mico! You're still on fire! You still desire me?"
"Justin, I will desire you in my sleep. Your body is my food, my need."
Justin rolled back over, Michael's hand leaving its warm center.
Michael smiled, Justin on top of him again.
Michael looked up, staring into Justin's blue eyes, feeling all of Justin's love inside him.
"I think right now, my lover boy needs sleep. It's only five o'clock. Sleep my love. And I'll make you breakfast in a few hours."
Michael smiled, closing his eyes, wrapping his arms around Justin's body, both of them covered in a warm blanket.
"I love you, Jus."
"Love you more, my angel."
Michael smiled, his eyes remaining closed.
Justin sighed, moving a little, snuggling now against Michael's side, his head on Michael's downy chest.
He lay in silence, feeling Michael's relaxed breathing, knowing he was sleeping.
Justin's mind flashed back to the picture Michael had shown him.
He smiled, remembering the contents of that beautiful picture.
"The welcomed angel of love. They will be so taken with him." Justin softly said.
"Yes they will, Timby."
Justin looked up, Michael's golden eyes shining.
"Do you know who he is?"
"Yes, Jus. I know all about that angel. He is something special."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael's nipple, Michael shuddering.
Justin remained quiet, Michael closing his eyes again.
The two fell asleep, Justin content with what he'd seen, Michael lost in his hopes for the future.

Thursday flew by, a day of rest for everyone.
Justin and Michael spent most of it with Darian and Shauna.
In the pool, playing in the backyard, and snuggling in the beds upstairs.
Rachel saw the happiness of the foursome, the early week drama forgotten.
Will had called on Wednesday, Justin and Michael had acquired him as Doris' lawyer.
Will was touched that they had that much faith in him.
He took the statements from both men, it regards to what they knew.
He told them that he was issuing a writ to have her case heard as soon as possible.
Michael had hired a therapist to help her, knowing she needed help dealing with all of her issues.
Will saw the deep caring compassion in both men.
They held no ill will against the kids' grandmother.
They only wanted to help her.
Will dropped by again late Thursday, with a note from Doris Jacobs for Michael.
Justin wrapped his arms around Michael as he opened it and read it aloud.

Dear, Michael.

Thank you for giving me my life back.
Doctor Merrill has been a big help.
We've only met twice, but I've already unburdened my soul to him.
And now William tells me you and Justin have faith in my surviving this.
I have always thought that my life was a judgement of pain.
Your interference in my life has shown me the truth.
He was the source of that pain, it wasn't me.
With that truth, maybe I can have some peace of mind.
Thank you for all you're doing for me.
I can't believe that you'd want to, after what I'd tried to do.
But William explained to me your reasons, as you told him.
My daughter was right, Michael.
In you and Justin, she saw a special love. A love that my grandchildren deserve.
And I will not ever take that love from them.
You have my word on that, written herein.
I wish you both the happiness of their love.
Even a disillusioned person like me could see the loving tenderness of those two angels.
Enjoy their love, Michael. All three will keep you happy.
Thank you for wanting me to be a part of their lives.
I'm not sure if that's best, but I'll leave it to your discretion.
Thank you for giving me peace, Michael.

With heartfelt thanks, Doris.

Serena came to me in a dream last night.
Her love is in my heart again.
And God loves me.

Michael closed the letter, looking at Will and Justin.
Both had tears in their eyes, feeling the deep gratification in Doris' words.
"You did good, Mico."
"I did what had to be done, Jus. She needed peace in her soul."
Justin hugged Michael tightly, Will wiping his eyes.
"The case is going well, Michael. Her husband's body was removed from her backyard. We have a good case for self-defense. What with the abuse and child abuse. She has a good chance of getting a reduced sentence. She may even get a stay of absolution. She could be released under controlled care."
Michael nodded, Justin smiling at him.
"Darian and Shauna need their grandmother in their life. She needs them just as much. We'll try all we can to make them find each other's love."
Will shook his head, smiling.
"You're a remarkable man, Michael. A giving, caring man."
Michael blushed, Justin kissing his cheek.
"And this letter seals your angels' fate. She's given her blessing for your legal adoption. It should fly through now. Judge Sheridan had stamped her approval on it."
Michael and Justin both smiled, Will seeing their happiness.

Friday saw the group packing up and heading to the airport.
They flew to San Francisco in the Tavarro jet, Paulo, Jake, Lance and Josh on board.
Lonnie and Rachel were there as well.
Marco and Emile were still in Spain, staying with Alberto until Sunday.
Michael saw in Paulo and Jake's eyes their missing the other half of their foursome.
Michael smiled, seeing the depth of their combined love.
They landed, driving to their hotel suites downtown.
"So where to first, Mikey?" Lonnie asked once they were all settled in.
"Well, our angels are napping, so it's going to be a little while before they're raring to go."
Lonnie smiled, sitting down beside Rachel, Michael smiling.
"With all that's happened lately we've neglected our friends, Jus. How are you two doing?"
Rachel and Lonnie looked at each other, Lonnie smiling.
"We're nothing short of completely happy." Lonnie said, Rachel smiling.
"Awesome!" Michael said, smiling at both of them.
"And Jonas has taken a real shine to Lonnie. Those two are inseparable."
Lonnie grinned, Michael and Justin seeing the happiness in their friend's face.
"It's so nice to see you smiling so widely, Lon!" Jus said, Lonnie laughing, leaning in, kissing Rachel's cheek.
"I have this vision of beauty to thank for that. And you Michael."
Michael blushed, shaking his head.
"Leave me out of your twosome, Lon. Your love is yours. I see two people in love. That's what's important here."
Everyone smiled, Lance and Josh walking into the room.
"Where are our angels?"
Michael laughed, Lance blushing.
"Find your own!" Justin said, sticking his tongue out at both of them.
Michael smiled, getting up, hugging Lance.
"They're your angels whenever you need them, Unky Lance."
Lance smiled, kissing Michael's cheek.
"So what's on the agenda?" Josh asked.
"Man, is everyone bored?" Michael said, folding his arms.
Everyone chuckled, Michael's face changing into a smile.
"I don't know about you guys, but I think we need some flowers."
Justin beamed, knowing exactly what Michael had in mind.
"Once the little ones are up, we'll go visit the newest flower shop."
Everyone smiled, agreeing wholeheartedly.
"Speaking of the angels." Justin said, hearing the voice in his mind.
He got up, walking into the bedroom.
"Man it's amazing how you four communicate." Lance said, sitting down beside Michael.
"It's the voice of love." Michael said, smiling at him.
Lance nodded, hearing a surge of running feet.
Two little bundles of joy ran out of the bedroom, Justin on their heels.
They ran right into the arms of their uncles.
Lance and Josh picked up the little angels, all four smiling.
"Sleep well, little ones?"
"Yep. We dream of Papa. And another angel."
Michael smiled, looking quietly at them.
"Another angel?" Lance asked Darian, smiling down into his face.
"Yep, silly. Daniel!!"
Lance looked at Michael, seeing him lost in thought.
"They're seeing Daniel now?"
"Not seeing him, Lance. Just dreaming him. You must know that Daniel watches over all of us."
Lance nodded, smiling down at Shauna in his lap.
"What did Daniel say?"
"Nothing much. He said you'd be happy."
"Me?" Lance said, looking down at her with surprise.
"Yep, you. I'm glad, Unky. You seem lost."
Lance blushed, Josh putting his arm around him.
"I'm not lost, Shauny. I'm happy."
"Good! You be more happy!"
Everyone smiled, feeling the deep happiness in the two little ones.
"On that note, let's go see our flower children."
Everyone laughed at Michael's humor, Justin and Michael picking up their angels.

Seth closed the register, thanking the man holding the two dozen Tavarro-Timberlake roses.
"Thank you, please give your wife our congratulations."
The man smiled, thanking him, walking down the aisle.
Tomas smiled by the door, priming the bouquets he was working on.
"Do you sell beer here?" A voice said, Tomas turning and about to say no.
He stared up into two golden eyes.
Tomas' arms were wrapped around Michael, Shauna pressed between the two cousins.
"And our angels!!" Tomas said, breaking the hug, kissing Shauna's cheeks, the little girl laughing.
Behind Michael, Justin stood beaming, Darian in his arms.
Tomas hugged them both, kissing both of their cheeks.
"Hi Unky Tomas!" Darian said, smiling widely.
"Hey there sport! How's my little man?"
"I'm great. Shauna's great!"
Tomas smiled, hugging Paulo, Jake, Rachel and Lonnie, as well as Lance and Josh.
Seth, who was helping another customer, turned, seeing the group standing at the door.
His smile lit up his whole face.
Michael gave Shauna to Tomas, running up the aisle, jumping into Seth's arms.
"Sethy!!! My flowerchild!!!" Michael screamed, Seth bursting into laughter, Michael kissing him deeply.
The woman standing beside him looked on in shock.
She looked at the group at the other end of the shop, zoning in on Justin.
"Oh, my God! That's Justin Timberlake! And you're Michael Tavarro!"
Michael smiled, nodding at the young woman.
"I'm a huge fan! Of your work and your roses!"
Michael laughed, shaking her hand.
"The work is mine, the flowers are Seth's. He's the floral artist."
She smiled, Seth grinning.
"Ms. Danvers loves the roses, Mikey. She runs a hotel downtown. We supply her with fresh bouquets for all her rooms."
"Awesome, Sethy! I knew you'd branch out!"
"Branch out? God, Mikey! The business is flying! We've hired two more employees!"
Michael smiled, hugging Seth again.
Justin and the others walked down the aisle, Justin shaking the young lady's hand, giving her an autograph, Michael also doing that while Justin hugged Seth.
"A pleasure meeting you both. I'll talk to you soon, Seth. Kudos on your celebrity friends. And I'm ordering forty more Tavarro-Timberlake centerpieces for the banquet rooms."
Seth grinned, thanking her.
"Awesome, flower boy!" Justin grinned, Darian climbing into Seth's open arms.
"Jared and Sharon will be here in about fifteen minutes. Would you all like to come back home and have dinner with us?"
"Fantastic idea, Sethy! I'd love that!" Michael said, Justin agreeing.
"Cool. We'll get out of here and Tommy can pick up some extra food. Barbecue sound alright?"
"We have doggies?" Darian asked, his eyes widening.
"For my little buddy, of course!" Seth said, Darian squealing.
"My boy loves his doggies." Justin said, Darian smiling at his father.
"Dada makes the best doggies."
Justin grinned, beaming a wide smile.
"Yes, I love Dada's doggie." Michael said, licking his lips, everyone groaning.
Justin alone was beaming widely.

Two hours later found them all relaxing at Seth's home, drinking on the back patio.
Seth and Justin were running around the lawn, playing with the kids.
Tomas had been cooking on the barbecue, Paulo and Jake had been inside making salads and other things.
"Father Derrick will be over shortly. He'd told me to call him when you'd arrived." Tomas said, walking up to the set table with a tray of chicken and steaks from the barbecue. Hot dogs were ready for the kids as well.
"Great. How's he been doing, really?" Michael asked Tomas, making room for the tray on the table.
"Well, he's tired, that's a given. He's been there every day for long hours. The move was time-consuming, getting all the kids settled into their new rooms. But, all and all, he's happy. He's talked nonstop about what you two have done for him."
"No greater man needs more help. It's my life's mission to see he gets it." Michael said, Justin kissing his cheek.
Tomas smiled seeing his cousin's deep love for the priest, their great uncle.
"And he's really eager to marry you two." Seth said, walking up to the table carrying Shauna, smiling at them both.
Michael smiled, ruffling Seth's blond hair.
Paulo and Jake walked out of the house carrying salads and potatoes.
"So how are you two doing? The shop looks fantastic."
"We're doing great, my eagle's love soars high." Seth said with deep happiness, Tomas' arm around him.
"And I sense he's soared in another way." Michael said, staring into his cousin's brown eyes.
Justin looked quietly at Michael then at Tomas.
Everyone exchanged looks, confusion on their faces.
Tomas' face blushed, his eyes looking at his cousin.
"You know, don't you? Perhaps you always knew."
Michael blushed now, looking with love at him.
"You were always meant to find out for yourself–as I had done–the sanctity of the gift."
"What are you talking about, Mikey? Tomas has a gift?" Paulo asked.
Michael looked around at everyone, nodding at Tomas.
"A couple of weeks ago Seth and I were painting at the shop. Seth was on a scaffold painting the ceiling. I was across the room, working on something else. Seth slipped and fell off the scaffold, backwards. I saved him by catching him in my arms."
Lonnie looked confused.
"How could you do that if you were clear across the room?"
Tomas looked into Seth's smiling face.
"I flew across the room."
Everyone looked totally stunned, all except for Michael.
"My eagle soars to new heights. That gift saved my life." Seth said, Tomas kissing him tenderly.
"How did you do it?" Justin asked, looking at him with love.
"I saw him falling, and all I said in my mind was that I needed to get to my Sethy. My feet lifted off the ground and I moved like lightning across the room, Seth fell into my arms about seven feet off the ground."
"Amazing." Rachel said, looking at Michael.
"Truly amazing." Paulo said quietly, looking at his cousin.
"What does this mean, Michael?" Tomas said, looking back at him, seeing his cousin's concern etched on his face.
"It means that you have been given this gift for one purpose. You really were not flying, Tomas. You were propelling yourself forward with your mind. That is the gift you possess."
"What is the purpose of his gift?" Lance said, Michael looking at him quietly in deep thought.
"Four people will be needed for me to achieve my goals in regards to the final outcome of the confrontation. Four unique people."
"I am one of them?" Tomas asked, looking in awe at his cousin.
"Yes, Tomas. You are one of them. You are the Carrier of Truth."
"Carrier of Truth? What will I be destined to carry?"
"Me, Tomas. You will have to carry me. Twice."
Everyone looked worried now, sensing some danger in all this.
"The first time will be in faith, the second in love."
"You are my cousin and my brother. I carry your love inside me. I can carry your body in any way necessary. I love you." Tomas said, tears in his eyes.
Michael stood up, hugging the young man to him tightly.
"I love you too, Tomas."
The two parted, Michael looking around.
"Do not be afraid for me, this is my destiny."
Everyone smiled,  Michael looking at Josh.
"Joshua is the second of the four. He is the Singer of Truth. One day soon, he will sing a song that will give the world hope. It's beauty will take your breathe away."
Josh smiled, Lance looking at him intensely.
"Michael has given me the song, Lance. I will sing the song when it's needed. Its beauty will make you weep."
Lance hugged his lover, feeling his deep love for Michael.
"I understand, my love."
Everyone smiled, seeing the their love shining deeply.
"And the other two?" Father Derrick asked, stepping through the patio doors, having heard the conversation.
Michael smiled widely, walking up to his uncle, hugging him tightly.
"Welcome back, nephew. It's so good to see you." Father Derrick returned the hug, tears in his eyes.
He walked around hugging everyone: Justin, Paulo and Lonnie, as well as Lance, Josh and Rachel.
The two little ones kissed his cheek, Father Derrick saying a blessing over both of them.
Michael quietly watched him, seeing the tiredness in his eyes.
"Please continue your conversation. Who are the other two?"
"They are the Commander of Truth and the Guardian of  Truth. I know who they are, their fate will be revealed when necessary. These four shall be my cornerstones of faith and hope. Together we will stand strong."
Everyone nodded, knowing Michael would not divulge their identities until the allotted time.
"But enough of the future and its magical beauty. We're here to celebrate the opening of a new house of love. Father Derrick's house of love."
Father Derrick smiled, hugging his nephew again.
"It is a beautiful house of love. Built with the help of two angels of mercy."
Justin and Michael both blushed, everyone seeing their discomfort with this.
"Love is given freely, Father. It comes from the heart." Justin said.
Father Derrick smiled, looking at both of them.
"The  children want to thank you tomorrow. They've planned something special. Please take it with grace and humility."
Both men smiled, nodding.
"Everything's set. The opening begins at ten with a ceremony and then a luncheon and entertainment. I'll give you a guided tour of everything. Right now, my tummy's grumbling. I hope Seth's made his killer barbecue chicken!" Father Derrick said, smiling at Seth.
"Always for you, Uncle." Seth grinned.
The priest smiled, hugging the young man.
"Why I don't think anything will make me happier than your delicious chicken. Well wait, maybe one thing."
Father Derrick looked at Michael and Justin.
"The only thing that will make me happier is the moment I unite you too in wedded bliss."
Michael looked at Seth, who's face registered shock.
"I-I just told them that a little while ago! A-About your eagerness to marry them." Seth stuttered.
"What can I say?  It's going to be a day of great joy. For myself, and for everyone." Father Derrick smiled.
They all sat down, the food abundant and the conversation entertaining.

"How's Kevin, Seth?" Justin asked, feeding Darian a piece of chicken along with another hot dog.
"He's doing good. He's got a new teaching position at a high school. He and Gregory are doing great, I think it's getting really serious."
Michael smiled, Seth smiling at him.
"Another twosome united with your love, Michael." Father Derrick said, Michael smiling.
"It's my mission in life. To make people find love. Look at all I've done so far."
The couples around him smiled, feeling his touch on their hearts.
"And soon the couple of the moment shall unite forever in God's love." Lance smiled.
"Yes, very soon." Michael said, smiling at Justin.
"We have our vows ready, Father. Michael and I will recite our own." Justin said, Michael smiling.
"Wonderful idea, Justin. Michael's words bring joy to everyone's soul. On that day, they will be very moving I believe." The priest said, smiling at Michael.
"They will come from my heart, given to the joy of my heart." Michael said, staring at Justin.
Justin teared up, smiling at his lover.

After dinner, everyone relaxed, Justin and Michael walking through Seth's garden with the kids.
"Lots of flowers, Papa." Shauna said, looking at all the colors of beauty.
"Yes, sweetie. Uncle Tomas and Uncle Seth are florists. Flowers are their job."
The little girl grinned, running her fingers through a patch of irises.
Justin smiled, Darian playing with a small pail and shovel he was carrying.
"Me go plant flowers. Make pretty flowers."
Justin laughed, helping the little boy dig in the dirt.
They walked around the tree, finding Josh and Lance sitting on the bench in front of it.
Both were locked in a deep kiss, Lance's hand under Josh's shirt.
"Oh look, Justin! Wildlife!"
Lance nearly fell off the seat, Josh grabbing him to stop him from falling.
"Damn, Mikey! You scared the gosh out of me!" Lance said, holding back, seeing the kids present.
"Dada? Lance and Josh kissing. They in love like you and Papa!" Darian said, laughing.
"Yep, little one. They are deeply in love." Michael said.
"Good. Me and Shauny need playmates!"
Lance looked shocked, Josh's eyes widening in surprise.
"You two need kiddies. Make you happy like Dada and Papa." Shauna said, smiling.
Michael and Justin smiled widely, Michael walking up to his friends.
"Sorry for our intrusion, my friends. We'll leave you to return to your intimacy. Love ya both." Michael said, guiding his kids and Justin along the path leading to the back patio.
Michael turned at the last moment, blowing both of them a kiss.

Lance looked into Josh's eyes, smiling.
"Those angels seemed so set on us having some kids, Joshy."
"Yeah, and I sense something more behind that. Those two are something special. It's like having two little Michaels watching you."
Lance smiled, almost thinking the same thing.
A thought passed through his mind, looking into Josh's blue eyes.
"To be blind is to not see. To live with blindness is to see so much more."
Josh looked puzzled, not sure what Lance was saying.
"What do you mean, Lancy?"
"I don't know, Josh. That phrase just popped into my mind."
Josh put his arm around him, kissing his neck, Lance feeling Josh's renewing passion.
"I have this feeling that something spectacular is going to happen."
Josh raised his head, looking into Lance's green eyes.
"I have that feeling every time I look into your beautiful face."
Lance smiled, kissing Josh with abandonment, their passion on its own path.
Neither realized that fate and destiny were about to collide with their world of joyful bliss.
And Michael would be front and center for his vision to bear fruit.

They all left Seth's at around eleven, Justin and Michael carrying two sleeping bundles into their hotel suite.
Justin undressed their little treasures, Michael tucking both into their bed.
A large crib was set beside their own bed, their angels close and safe.
Justin and Michael quietly walked out onto the balcony, cuddling in a chaise lounger in the open night air.
"Tomorrow is the day, I believe, Jus."
Justin looked at his lover, seeing the contented look of happiness on Michael's face.
"So soon, Mico? You're that sure?"
"Yes, Jus. He's very close. Tonight, he lays in his bed, dreaming of a future of happiness. The darkness of his mind will be healed with a spectacular love."
Justin smiled, and hugged Michael close.
"I'm so happy for all of them, Mico."
Michael sat up, taking Justin's hand in his, looking into his blue eyes.
"There's a surprise centering around him, Jus."
Justin looked at Michael waiting for him to continue.
"He's a special person, Jus. And I can make him whole."
"He needs your help, Mico?"
"He's not who he appears to be, my love. He's someone more."
Justin stood up, feeling deep concern now.
"Who is he, Mico? He's not in league with Fredrick, I hope?"
Michael's head raised, Justin seeing tears in Michael's eyes.
"He's the total opposite, Jus."
Justin looked shocked, staring at his lover.
"What do you mean, Mico?"
Michael smiled, cuddling into Justin's arms, Justin feeling Michael's deep happiness.
"I mean that another angel walks among us."

End of Chapter 137

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