Justin's Angel-139

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The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Lance and Josh both looked at each other, their souls telling each other the truth.
"He need search no further, or feel no more troubled thoughts. We want to help him, Father. We want to give him our love."
Father Derrick's face changed into a large smile, then he looked serious again.
"This child has special needs, my sons. Are you up to that task? Are you willing to be there for him in every way?"
Lance smiled, looking down at the child.
"He's in my heart now. I'll never do anything less than everything for him. For our little Noah."
Father Derrick nodded, standing up again.
"I'll talk to Terry. This child needs both of you. I'll be back, I'll go find our friends."
Lance smiled, snuggling against Josh's side, the little boy snuggling between the two of them.
The priest left, Josh looking up into Lance's green eyes.
"Looks like we're starting the family a little earlier." He smiled.
"Life is about faith and love, Joshua. God's directed us to this little child because he needs our love. And we both have faith in each other to give him all of our love."
"He'll have it, my love. He's in my heart now as well."
Both smiled, snuggling together, the little boy safe, in the center of their love.
Two floors below, Michael stood quietly by himself in a quiet corner of  the garden, looking down at the photograph in his hand.
Tears ran down his cheek, a smile of contented happiness on his face.
He looked at the photograph, saying only one sentence softly.
"Thank you, Daniel."

Chapter 139

Father Derrick found Terry with Denise in the garden, quietly talking to both of them.
Lonnie and Rachel looking at the three talking, sensing something going on.
Justin saw it as well, giving Shauna to Tomas, Darian playing with Seth in a flower bed.
Justin walked over to the corner of the garden seeing Michael quietly sitting.
"Everything okay, my love?" Justin asked, sitting down beside him.
"Everything's perfect, Jus. It's happened like it's supposed to."
"So they've met?"
Michael smiled, nodding.
"Three hearts have united. It's up to them now."
Justin beamed widely, hugging his lover.
Michael chuckled, feeling Justin's deep happiness.
"God, Mico! This is unbelievable!"
"It's destiny, Jus. The destiny of love."
Michael smiled, standing up, walking towards the priest and the two women.
Justin smiled, following.
"Michael, I need to show you something." Father Derrick smiled, the two women quietly looking at him.
"I always like looking upon new families with deep love."
Father Derrick stared at him, a look of awe on his face.
"You know?"
Michael smiled, Justin's arm around him.
"Yes, uncle. We both know."
Terry and Denise were both looking at them with surprise.
Michael walked up to them.
"This was destined to happen. Upstairs, two men have found the love of a child. That child needs both of them. In every way. And what they'll get back in return will make all their sacrifices worth it. That remarkable child's love will fill their joined soul. For that child will be loved in so many ways. By them, and by all of us. Let's make their dreams come true."
Terry smiled, seeing the deep love Michael was showing his friends. And the support they'd have from him and Justin.
"Please let this happen, Terry. You gave me and Justin our happiness, let's let them have theirs."
Terry smiled, Denise smiling as well.
"I was just telling Father Derrick that I thought it was a very good idea. But there are some conditions."
Michael nodded, listening to the young woman talk.

Lance now had Noah in his arms, the little boy cuddling against his chest.
He'd woken up laying against Josh's beating heart.
Josh had quietly talked to him, Lance quietly listening.
"Where other man?"
"I'm right here, Noah."
Noah's head had turned seeking out the source of the calm voice.
"You know my name now?"
"Yes, Noah. Father Derrick told us all about you."
The little boy's head had sunken down, a soft tremble going through his body.
"You no like me now. I damaged."
Lance's heart had almost stopped with emotion.
"Oh, Noah! Of course we like you! You're a little angel!"
"I blinded." he said, Josh seeing the tears in his little brown eyes.
"We know you can't see, Noah. That doesn't make you damaged. You feel so much more with your other senses. Your heart is a lot bigger, more full of love. Josh and I would like to take care of you. Would you like to be with us? To let us take care of you?"
The little boy's head raised up, his hands searching for Lance's face.
He felt the wetness on his cheeks.
"You cry for me?"
Josh rubbed the little boy's back, his own eyes glistening with loving tears.
"We'll care for you, Noah. We'll always feel deep love for you. We love you, little angel. You've entered both of our hearts."
"Mommy left me alone in that cold place. She said me no good. She no want me. How can you wuv me?"
Josh had visible tears in his eyes now, hearing the innocent hurt in the little boy's soft voice.
Lance gently took the little boy into his arms.
The boy instantly felt the love emanating off the man who held him.
"Your mommy was wrong, Noah. You are good. And we love you with all our hearts. We will raise you with our love. You'll always be safe with us."
"Me no want to be alone again. Me want wuv."
Lance kissed his little cheek, the boy snuggling against him.
"You have that starting right now. Josh and I aren't leaving you. You'll never be alone again."
The little boy smiled, laying his head against Lance's chest.

The door of the nursery opened, everyone walking into the room.
Michael and Justin wore wide smiles, seeing their best friends with the little boy.
Lance looked up, his eyes sparkling with joy.
"Everyone, this is Noah. We want him to be our little angel."
Josh smiled, standing up, Justin hugging him.
Shauna smiled in Justin's arms, Josh looking at her.
"You got kiddy now, Unky Josh?"
Josh smiled, kissing her cheek.
"Hopefully, Shauny. Noah needs our love."
Justin set his daughter down, Michael also putting Darian down, the two little ones walking up beside Lance, looking at the little boy in his arms.
"Hi, Noah. I'm Darian. This is Shauna. We be your best friends."
The little boy smiled, reaching out his hands, each little one taking one.
"It okay, Noah. We like you very much. You no see, but we be your eyes."
Everyone looked surprised, wondering how the little ones knew that Noah was blind.
The little boy grinned, Darian putting his little hand to his face.
Noah smiled, rubbing Darian's cheek.
"Hi Darian. Hi Shauna. I like yous too."
Everyone smiled widely, seeing the instant companionship the three now shared.
Noah's head went up, looking around as if he was sensing out someone.
"I feel angel." He said looking around.
Everyone looked puzzled, surprised by his comment.
Lance looked up at Michael, Michael smiling quietly at him.
"There is an angel here, little one. He's my guardian angel."
Everyone looked at Michael, the man quietly walking up to his children.
He kneeled down, between them, smiling.
"Hello, Noah. My name is Michael. I'm Lance's best friend."
Noah smiled, his little hands going out, wanting Michael to pick him up.
Michael smiled, gently picking up the little boy, Noah laying his head against Michael's chest.
Lance and Josh both smiled, seeing the little one's instant liking for Michael.
"You angel?" The little boy asked, his hand playing with Michael's golden cross.
"Yes, little Noah. I am Justin's angel."
Justin teared up, smiling at his lover, quietly walking up beside him.
The boy raised his head, looking up at Michael's face.
"Justin? Who he?"
"I'm right here, little one. Michael and I are Darian and Shauna's parents."
The boy smiled, his hand going to Justin's face.
"Will Lance and Josh be mine?" The little boy asked, his face serious.
Michael smiled, kissing the little boy's cheek.
"Yes, they want to be. And we'll make sure they are."

Father Derrick smiled at Michael holding Noah, sitting down beside Lance and Josh.
Terry and Denise sat down across from them, smiling at the two men.
"I see you've taken a great liking to Noah, and he's taken an even greater liking to both of you."
Lance smiled, Josh's hand going in his.
"We'd like to take care of him, Terry."
Terry smiled, Denise smiling as well.
Then Terry face became serious.
"That is a serious undertaking, Lance. Noah is a special child, with special needs. Are both of you willing to devote everything to his caring, his special needs?"
Lance looked up at Noah, snuggling quietly in Michael's arms.
"Noah's entered both our souls, Terry. We've created a special bond with him. We both loved him instantly. And we've both felt the need to help him. To love him and be there for him. We'll both spend the rest of our lives making him happy. We love him."
Josh teared up, looking at Terry.
"Lance and I have felt for a while now a special something missing in our lives. When I held that child, felt him against my body, it was as if that something entered my soul. That something was a child's needing me. He's part of us. Was always meant to be a part of us. Please, we need him, we need his love."
Lance put his arm around Josh who's eyes showed his true loving feelings, Terry smiling at them both.
"Touching words, Lance and Josh. I will be honest with you. Father Derrick and I have been deeply worried for this child. No one seemed to want him. He was abandoned by his own family, and no other family wanted to take on the responsibility for his caring and life. That you two would want that, and so deeply, speaks greatly in my view. I think Noah's given his answer, as you both have. I'll allow the boy to stay with you both. After an allotted time, if I and Father Derrick feel that you warrant his love and he yours, then we'll talk of  guardianships and then adoption. Agreed?"
Both men smiled widely,  Lance's smile breathtaking.
"Agreed with both of our overflowing hearts." He said, smiling up at Noah.
He stood up, walking up to Michael.
Noah looked up, sensing Lance there.
Lance's heart stopped, a sob threatening to overtake him.
Noah climbed into his open arms, Lance hugging him gently to him.
Josh was by his side, his arm around his lover.
"Yes, Noah. I will be your papa and  Josh will be your daddy too."
Josh kissed the little boy's cheek, Noah's hand going to his face.
"I be with you, Daddy!"
Josh kissed him again, wiping his eyes.
"Yes, little Noah. Daddy and Papa are taking care of you."
The little boy smiled, snuggling again against Lance's chest.
Michael stood in tears, Justin's arm going around him.
"It's all come true, Mico. All that we saw."
Lance and Josh looked at their friends, everyone else looking in surprise.
"What did you see, Jus?" Josh asked, staring at Justin.
Justin blushed, looking at Michael, Michael releasing his hold on him.
Michael reached into his inside coat pocket, pulling out a photograph.
He looked at everyone, sighing.
"This photograph was taken the day we returned home after our hearing. It shows something beautiful. It shows your future, my friends."
Michael handed the photograph to Josh, everyone crowding around them.
It was the picture Michael had taken on the patio, Lance sitting in Josh's lap, the two showing deep love and happiness.
Everyone stared in shock at what else showed in the photograph.
Behind Josh and Lance, a smiling Daniel stood.
And in Daniel's arms was a  child–a smiling child.
He had black curly hair, and Latino features.
Staring up at them from the photograph was Noah.
"So it's all tied together. Daniel was at the core of all this?" Father Derrick said, smiling at Lance and Josh.
Michael looked at his friends, Josh telling everyone of his dream, of Daniel's walking with him.
Justin smiled, sensing in himself the feeling of having Daniel's love.
"I guess he watches over all four of us now.  We four really are of one soul!" Justin said, smiling at Lance.
Lance looked at the child in his arms.
Noah had a small contented smile on his face.
Michael leaned down, kissing the child's face.
"This is a moment of destiny, my friends. Daniel has guided you to this child, for he was always meant to be your child. Take him in your arms and love him, Lance and Joshua. For in him you will find the greatest love. The love that he shall return. Noah, I'm certain, is special. My Jus and I will be there for you in all ways. And our children will be his dearest friends."
Shauna and Darian smiled up at the two men.
Lance was in tears, Michael kissing his, then Josh's, cheeks.
Michael turned, looking at a shocked Terry and Denise.
"I think it's time the two of you learned all about me. Come, let's return to the garden and talk as friends. Let's leave the family to its happiness."
Michael picked up Shauna, walking quietly out of the room.
Justin leaned down, Darian climbing into his arms.
He looked at Terry and Denise.
"What just happened, Justin?" Terry asked, her voice trembling.
"You just saw the gift of Michael's love."
Everyone smiled, leaving the new family to themselves.
Denise looked at Terry.
"Who's Daniel?"

Terry and Denise learned who Daniel was, quietly sitting in the garden with Michael, Justin playing with the kids nearby.
When Michael looked up, after finishing his story, he was met with two tearing faces.
Denise pulled Michael into a hug, Terry rubbing his shoulder.
"God walks with you, Michael. The love that you give is God's love. That was totally unbelievable! All that you've done for everyone! You are so giving! And all the pain you've suffered through!" she said, Terry smiling at Michael.
"I always knew that there was something more to you, Michael. That something wonderful lay at the center of you. I now know it's love. You are love, in its purest form."
Michael blushed, Justin smiling from where he stood.
He knew that Terry and Denise were praising his man.
"I am me. The me I've always been. I am only happy seeing others happy."
Both women smiled.
"We both owe you our happiness, Michael. Somehow you guided us to each other. Thank you. Thank you for giving me Terry." Denise said, kissing his cheek.
"I did nothing. Your loving hearts guided you to each other.  All I did was suggest she go on holiday, destiny brought you together.  As it did today with those three upstairs."
Terry smiled, kissing Michael's cheek.
"I want this to happen, Terry. Those two men upstairs need that child's love. And he needs them even more."
Terry smiled again, patting his shoulder.
"I saw that the moment I saw Noah in Lance's arms, Michael. I'm going to do all I can to make that vision remain true."
Michael smiled, looking over at his lover and his children.
"God has given myself and Justin our beautiful treasures. Lance and Josh now have theirs."
"You said that Noah was something more, Michael. What did you mean by that?" Denise asked, smiling at him.
"Noah is God's special gift. A gift for someone special." he said, standing up as Justin came walking over.
Shauna was in his arms, yawning. Darian walked beside him, his hand in Justin's, rubbing his eye.
"Looks like our angels are all played out. We should take them upstairs to the nursery again. Maybe they can catch a nap." Michael said, smiling.
Justin went to go with Michael, Michael picking Darian up, and Shauna climbing into his arms as well.
"You relax, my love. Stay with our friends. I'll put these two to bed. I'll stay with them."
Justin smiled, watching Michael and their kids walk into the orphanage.
"That man is unbelievable, Justin. All he's done, all he's endured. I've never met anyone like him." Denise said, looking at him with tearful eyes.
"He's one of a kind, my Mico is. The best, most loving kind." Justin said, a large smile on his face.

Lance, Josh and Michael stood smiling down at a scene of peaceful beauty.
Noah was sound asleep, wrapped in a cocoon of love.
Darian was on his left side, Shauna on his right.
All three were sleeping, Shauna and Darian's arms crossed over Noah.
"They look so peaceful. So totally contented. They've taken to each other so easily." Josh said, Michael gently kissing him on the lips.
He turned, kissing Lance in the same way.
They both felt Michael's deep love.
"They love each other unconditionally. Noah now has a brother and a sister to care for him. It doesn't surprise me. His new fathers and I are dearest friends. Our love filters down to them."
Both men teared up, putting their arms around Michael.
"Isn't life magical? This morning, we didn't know anything of him, and now here he's in our hearts. We love him so much. He's an angel."
Michael smiled, hearing the deep happiness in Lance's voice.
"The joy of family, of fatherhood. It is indeed magical. Tomorrow, little Noah will wake up in a home of love, with two men who'll give him all he needs."
Both men smiled, Michael lowering his head.
They both sensed a deepness of acceptance in Michael.
"Will the two of you promise me something?"
Lance looked at Josh,  Josh looking back at him.
"Anything, Michael. We love you." Lance said, Josh repeating it verbatim.
Michael raised his head, smiling.
"Will you both promise to love my children as you'll love your own? Darian and Shauna love both of you greatly. With my Justin's and your love all through their lives they will be forever happy. And now they have Noah, their little friend and brother of love. I can face the future knowing that they'll have your love."
Lance was in tears, Josh's eyes wet as well.
They both sensed an acceptance in Michael's words.
"Lance and I love both of them, Michael. They will always have our deep love. And now they'll have Noah's."
Michael smiled, looking into Josh's blue eyes.
"Your life ahead will be amazing, my friends. As will mine and Justin's. We now have the heart of fathers, our love has doubled."
Everyone smiled, looking down at the three sleeping angels.
Michael smiled, looking at Noah.
His mind was on the happiness he felt from this child.
The hidden happiness of Daniel's gift.

Everyone spent the afternoon at the orphanage, basking in Father Derrick's happiness.
Lance and Josh returned to the garden a few hours later, carrying Noah.
A lot of the children quietly looked at him, wondering why he was in Lance's arms.
Tina, the young girl who'd carried Noah across the dais when all the children were handing Michael and Justin their roses, walked up to Lance and Josh.
"Hi, I'm Tina. Why is Noah with you?" she asked shyly.
Lance smiled, Josh smiling up at her.
"Noah's coming to live with us. We're going to be his guardians." Josh said, smiling at her.
The little girl smiled widely.
"That's awesome!!" She beamed, then her face changed.
"You will be good to him? He's special. I was worried about him. I'm leaving next week with my new parents. I was sorry to leave him alone."
Lance smiled, looking up at her.
"I'm happy you've found a new home. And never worry, Noah will be in a house of love."
She smiled, leaning down, kissing the little boy's cheek.
"I'm happy for you, Noah! They are nice!"
The little boy smiled, kissing her back.
"Tanks, Tina. You happy too!"
She smiled, quietly walking away.
Noah snuggled against Lance's chest, smiling.
"Me happy for Tina. She be happy."
Josh smiled, running his hand gently down the child's back, Noah purring.

Around seven, everyone said their goodbyes to Father Derrick.
He hugged all of them, Sister Margaret as well.
It came time for Michael to say goodbye again.
"We always seem to be parting, my angel." Father Derrick said, smiling at him.
"But we always return to love one another, Uncle." Michael said, tearing up.
Father Derrick hugged him tightly.
"Thank you for all this, Mikey. You've done so much good."
Michael sobbed against his uncle, holding him tightly.
"I'd do anything for you, I love you so much." he said, Justin patting his shoulder.
They broke their hug, both wiping their eyes.
"You truly are amazing, Michael. Again, today, you totally surprised us with your loving heart. Take care, my child. Love all those around you. Your life only gets better."
Michael smiled, nodding to Justin.
Justin hugged the priest tightly, Father Derrick kissing his cheek.
"See you in a little while, in Spain, my friends. On the day of your uniting."
Both men smiled, that moment in their dreams.
Lonnie and Rachel had disappeared for a while, having now returned.
Rachel smiled at the new fathers, gently kissing the little boy.
"Looks like we've increased the size of this family." she said, the little boy smiling at her.
Lonnie smiled at Rachel's caring way with children.
"I picked up what you asked, Michael.. We're all set for the newest angel." Lonnie said, smiling at him, guiding them all to the waiting limousine, Paulo on guard as well. The reporters had thinned, but they still were numerous.
Everyone climbed in among the flashing cameras, Justin showing Lance how to strap Noah into the new carseat Lonnie had picked up.
The three angels all sat together. Justin, Lance, Josh and Michael sitting across from them.
Tomas and Seth waved goodbye, Kevin and Gregory waving as well. The four were going back to Seth's to relax, Gregory and Kevin staying for the weekend.
Michael's group was heading back to the hotel, leaving the next morning.
Everyone waved goodbye, the press continuing to snap pictures, their friends ignoring them.
The car sped down the road, leaving the new orphanage behind.

The all walked out of the elevator, Lance and Josh heading to their room.
"See you later, guys. We're going to call room service and just have a quiet evening with Noah."
The little boy was in Lance's arms, quietly smiling.
Michael smiled, following them.
Josh and Lance didn't notice that everyone was following until they reached their door.
"Something wrong, guys?" Josh asked, looking concerned at everyone.
"No, Joshy. Just waiting for you to go into your room." Justin said, smiling.
The two men looked at each other, then opened their room door.
They walked into the room, looking around in total shock.
The room held a treasure trove of gifts.
Large stuffed animals, little outfits of clothing, toys, and a lot more.
In the center of the room stood a large wooden crib.
Michael put his arms around both of them.
"Surprise, my friends. For little Noah. He has to start off as a Chasez-Bass with all the trimmings."
Both men were in tears, looking at all the beautiful things.
Michael smiled, Lonnie and Rachel smiling as they stepped forward.
"Michael sent us out all afternoon shopping. He wanted to surprise you."
Lance and Josh hugged Lonnie and Rachel. Then they both kissed and hugged Micheal, Noah giggling.
Lance and Josh wiped their eyes, walking over to the couch, sitting down.
Lance handed Noah a stuffed bear.
"This is a new teddy bear, Noah. And he's yours."
The little boy smiled widely, hugging the stuffed animal against him in Lance's lap.
"He so soft! Me call him Puffy!"
Everyone smiled at the tenderness of the boy's joyful smile.
Shauna and Darian climbed up onto the couch beside Noah.
"Wow Noah, you got lots of new things! Papa and Dada buy you lots! Papa loves you just like he loves us! Dada too!" Darian said, Justin and Michael smiling and looking at the little boy.
"Tank you, Uncle Michael and Uncle Justin." The little boy said.
Both men were now in tears, Josh standing between them both.
"Yes, thank you, my loving friends."
"He's a part of our family now, Joshy. We'll love him forever."
The little boy beamed at Justin's loving words.
"Alright, everyone. I think the new threesome needs some alone time. We'll see you in the morning guys. If you need anything, you know where we are." Michael said, smiling at everyone.
Lance smiled, getting up, bringing Noah over to the freshly made crib. He set him down gently in it, Noah laying on his back, smiling.
"This is soft, Papa." Noah said, Lance smiling down on him.
"All angels sleep on clouds, little man."
Lance hugged both of his dearest friends, tears in his eyes.
"Thank you both for everything, but mostly for..."
Michael put his finger to Lance's lips, silencing him.
"You need not thank us for that, Lancy. You and Josh have a love that Noah was destined to find. God joined you together. Thank him, as we all do. Goodnight my friends."
Michael smiled, everyone quietly leaving, Michael the last one to leave, smiling and closing the door.

Josh walked out of the bathroom, wearing only a robe.
Lance sat on their bed, the crib beside him.
His eyes were glued to the small child sleeping in the crib.
Josh smiled, seeing Lance's deep fascination with the little boy.
It matched Josh's own.
And both felt their love overflowing for this special little angel.
Josh sat down beside Lance, both now looking at their sleeping angel.
"He looks so sweet when he sleeps." Josh said, Lance smiling.
"Like an angel. He sleeps just like you, Josh. His hand on his chest. He head cocked to the left. He's a regular Joshy junior."
Josh smiled, seeing Lance's attempt to make Josh happy.
"Thanks, love. You don't have to build him up, Lance. I love him just as he is. A special little boy who needs both of us."
Lance teared up, kissing Josh's cheek.
"He does need you, Josh. Almost as much as I do."
Josh smiled, moving up the bed, wrapping his arm around Lance, putting his chin on his shoulder.
"We need to sleep, Lance. Staring at him all night isn't going to help us in the morning when he'll need us."
Lance nodded, sighing, moving in the bed, laying down, Josh snuggling against him.
"I know I'll be awake half the night, needing to be ready if he needs me." Lance said, Josh smiling.
"There are two of us, sweetie. We're both here for him. Relax, if you don't hear him, I will."
Lance smiled, snuggling closer to Josh.
"What a wonderful day! So unbelievably wonderful!" Lance sighed, Josh hugging him tighter.
"The first of many. Welcome to family bliss, my sweetie. I feel so loved."
Lance leaned into Josh, kissing him deeply.
"You are loved, my bigger angel."
Josh smiled, kissing Lance's nose.
"As are you, my blonde angel."
Lance smiled, closing his eyes, Josh's eyes closing as his head fell on Lance's shoulder.

Michael sat in bed, finishing his last email, this one to Zach and Christina.
He smiled, looking at all the news he'd related to them.
They'd be bowled over by the final surprise of the day.
He smiled, hitting send.
Justin was sitting on a chair beside the kids' crib, wearing only boxers, looking down at their angels.
"All finished, Mico?"
"Yes, that's the last one. All the family and friends are caught up with all the excitement."
Justin smiled, adjusting the blankets in the crib, smiling at his lover.
"The kids are down for the night. Now comes some lovin' with my sexy writer." Justin said, climbing into their bed.
Michael smiled, shutting his laptop off.
He set it on the nightstand, cuddling down under the blankets, Justin snuggling against him.
"A remarkable day, Mico. So much happiness and joy. Noah's a special little boy."
Michael smiled, looking into Justin's misty blue eyes.
"Yes he is, my love. As special as Darian and Shauna."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael's moist lips.
Michael felt the warmth of Justin's body against him.
"I'd so love to taste you for hours, my Timby. But we need sleep. And I don't want our angels seeing your gorgeous ass in the air."
Justin laughed, climbing on top of Michael, staring down into his mirthful, smiling face.
"Well, we can always hide under these blankets."
Michael felt Justin's desires against his own rising ones.
"Sounds like fun. Almost like being in a tent. I already see you've put up the pole."
Justin leaned down, kissing him passionately again.
"You raised that pole, Mico. As you're so good at doing."
Michael smiled, pulling his lover down to his needful lips.
Justin pulled the blanket over himself, the two disappearing under its concealing cover.

Lance woke up, springing up in bed.
The room was in semi darkness, Lance looking towards the crib beside his side of the bed.
It was empty.
He turned, seeing Josh gone.
He stretched, looking at the clock.
Five thirty it read.
He climbed out of bed, wearing only black boxer briefs.
He walked out of the bedroom, walking into the living room.
A light was on, Lance leaning against the bedroom doorframe.
On the couch sat Josh, Noah in his arms laying against his naked chest.
The two were having a quiet discussion.
Lance remained still, listening.
"So, little man, don't fret. Papa and I will help you get around. At the moment we're in a hotel. Today, we're going to our home."
"It big?" The little boy asked, playing with Josh's leather necklace.
"It's roomy and cozy. A real fun place. You'll love it."
The little boy smiled.
"I like Papa. I like you!"
Josh smiled, Lance smiling also.
"We like you, Noah. And you'll have Darry and Shauny to play with. They live real close by."
"Me like thems all."
"You'll find our home very nice and cozy. You'll learn where everything is. "
"I'm sorry me blinded."
Josh teared up, kissing the little boy's forehead.
"Noah, don't every be sorry for that! You are you! A special child!"
Noah smiled, lifting his head.
"Morning, Papa."
Josh looked up, Lance looking surprised.
How had the boy known he was there?
"Morning. Noah." Lance said, walking over to them, sitting down beside Josh.
Noah reached out, Lance letting him crawl into his arms.
"How did you know I was here, Noah?"
"I felt you. I felt love."
Lance and Josh exchanged looks, Noah smiling.
"You can feel me and Josh in the room?"
The boy nodded, looking around.
"Window open. Feel wind."
Josh looked across the room, seeing one balcony window was raised.
"That's wonderful, Noah. You are so special."
Noah smiled, his hands roaming across Lance's face.
"You handsome, Papa. Daddy is too."
Lance smiled.
"Yes, Noah. Daddy is very handsome. And so are you."
Noah beamed, Josh smiling.
"Where Puffy?"
Josh picked up the stuffed bear off the coffee table, Noah snuggling against it in Lance's lap, closing his eyes.
"I woke up around five, he was sitting in the crib. I brought him out here so you could sleep some more, love."
Lance kissed his lover, Josh smiling.
"I woke up twice during the night. He slept right through." Lance said smiling down at the little boy.
"Yep, he seemed really happy this morning. No crying or anything. He's seemed to have adapted to his new surroundings very well."
The little boy smiled, Josh seeing he wasn't sleeping.
"We go home, Papa?"
"Yes, Noah. You're coming home with us. Forever." Lance said, Josh kissing him.
The child giggled, both men smiling.
"You kisses lots. Me like kisses too."
Josh smiled, kissing the little boy's cheek, Noah smiling.
Lance did the same, Noah hugging against him more.
"Me happy. Me no feel alone anymore. Me got yous two."
Both men held in sobs, feeling the little boy's sudden happiness.
"Yes, my angel. You got us two." Josh said.
Josh and Lance stayed on the couch, their new child with them, all three basking in the newness of their family love.
"We got some calls to make, Lancy. Mom and Dad, your parents."
Lance smiled.
"I'll call yours, you call mine."
Josh smiled, picking up the phone.

At breakfast, everyone enjoyed the vision of a contented new family.
Noah sat in Josh's lap, Josh feeding him breakfast from his own plate.
"Me wuv eggies, Daddy." The little boy said, Lance smiling at him.
Darian sat in Lance's lap, the little boy talking to Noah.
"We's got pools to swim in, grass to run on and swings and slides. Dada plays with us lots. You's be our new playmate, too!"
Justin smiled at Lance, seeing their two sons' budding friendship.
"Me never swims. Not know how." Noah said, smiling at Darian.
"It's okay. Your Dad teach you. He taughts me and Shauny."
Noah looked up towards Josh's face.
"You teach me too, Daddy?"
"Yes, Noah. Papa and I'll teach you how to swim. We'll teach you all you need to know."
The little boy giggled, Darian laughing.
Shauna sat in Michael's lap, eating her cereal.
"Darry's got a new boyfriend." She said, Lance and Josh  looking surprised, Justin looked shocked.
Michael held in his laughter.
"That's right, Shauna. Darian and Noah are going to be best boy friends. And you're going to both of their best girl friend."
Shauna giggled, then smiled.
"Me gots two boyfriends already. Me going to be very happy."
Everyone laughed at the innocence of the little girl.
"You're going to be a heartbreaker, that's what my little blonde angel will be." Justin said, smiling at her and Michael.
"Just like her father." Michael said, Justin smiling into his golden eyes.
Rachel smiled at the little ones, looking then at Lance and Josh.
"Noah seems to be so well-behaved. How was he last night?"
"He was good, didn't wake up till early this morning. And once I picked him up, he calmed down immediately." Josh said, Noah eating some toast.
"That's because he knew he was in the arms of someone who loves him." Michael said, Lance and Josh smiling at him.
They all quietly chatted while finishing breakfast.
After breakfast, everyone returned to Michael's suite.
"So now you go home. And the real adventure begins." Michael said, looking at the little boy who now sat in his lap.
Noah smiled, his little hands playing with Michael's watchband.
"Yes. I can hardly wait!" Lance said smiling, Josh's arms around him on the couch.
"We called our parents, they're all flying down tomorrow."
Michael smiled, remembering Lynn and Lisa's immediate trips.
"The grandmas are on their way! Run!"
Josh laughed, Lance smiling.
"They'll all love this little treasure, as much as you both do, guys." Michael said, both men smiling.
Justin walked into the room, Darian and Shauna running in front of him.
He'd changed them, Darian and Shauna having been a little energetic at lunch, the result all over their shirts.
"All better, Darry?" Lance said, the little boy hugging his knee.
"Yep, Dada cleans me all up!"
Justin smiled, sitting on the couch armrest beside Michael.
"Dada? We's play with Noah now?" Shauna asked, sitting on the carpeted floor in front of her parents.
Lance and Josh exchanged looks, Michael smiling.
"It's up to Noah, sweetie. Want to play, Noah?" Michael tenderly asked.
Noah looked up at him, his head moving around.
"Yes, me like that. But me not good at stuff. Me no good."
Lance teared up, feeling the sadness in the little boy.
Michael lifted the little boy up, kissing his cheek.
"Darry and Shauna love you, Noah. They'll never think that of you. They only want to laugh and play. And you do, too."
Noah smiled, kissing Michael's cheek.
"Okay, Uncle Mikey! Me play and have fun."
Michael smiled, getting up and gently setting the little boy down with Shauna and Darian, who both smiled at their Papa.
Both of the little ones leaned over to Noah, kissing his cheeks.
"Hi, Noah. We's both here. We show you how to play with us."
The little boy giggled, the four parents sitting quietly, watching the three little ones.
Their friends sat around watching also.
Darian handed Noah a couple of blocks, his small hands taking hold of them.
"We build house, Noah. Make it look good. You help us."
Noah nodded, smiling with happiness.
The three children began building a structure with the blocks, Darian and Shauna both patiently telling Noah where to put his blocks.
All the adults smiled, seeing the three kids playing with happiness and joy.
"Doing good, Noah. You awesome at making house." Shauna said, Lance smiling at her giving the boy encouragement.
The little boy clapped his hands, laughing loudly.
Michael smiled, seeing the three happy children.
"It's amazing, love. They're so patient with him." Justin said, now sitting in Michael's lap.
"Yes, love. The three are going to be so happy together. "
Justin smiled, kissing his lover's lips.
"Yes, patient and so tender." Josh said, watching Noah's happiness.
Lance snuggled against his man, smiling widely.
"Look how happy he is. He's never had this before. I sense the deep happiness in his heart."
Josh smiled, kissing Lance.
"He'll have that all his life. From them, and from us."
The two smiled at each other, quietly watching .

Half an hour later, Lonnie walked into the room, smiling at all the kids on the floor.
Josh and Justin had joined the other three, all five laughing and playing.
"We should be going soon, guys. If you want to make the scheduled flight."
Michael walked out of the bedroom talking on his cell phone  Paulo behind him carrying their suitcases, Lonnie taking them from him.
"Okay, you five little treasures. Time to get ready to fly home."  He said smiling.
Noah clapped his hands together, climbing up into Josh's lap.
"We go home, Daddy?"
Josh smiled, kissing his cheek.
"Yes, little angel. We go to your new home."
Noah laughed, and smiled.
"Me happy, Daddy. Me like Shauny and Darian. And Unky Justy and Mikey."
Josh smiled widely, Lance walking into the suite with their bags.
"All set, guys. The hotel's sent all our gifts on to the airport to be loaded onto the plane. This is all that's left for us to carry."
Josh smiled, standing up with Noah in his arms.
Lance walked up to his two men, kissing both of them. Noah climbed into Lance's arms, smiling.
"Time for you to put your little jacket on, Noah."
"Okay, Papa."
Lance sat him down on the sofa, gently putting the small jacket on him.
He then lifted him back into his arms, Josh putting on his jacket, waiting beside Michael and Justin.
Lance smiled, everyone smiling back.
"It's time for the newest angel to fly to L.A. And to his new home of love." Michael said, everyone smiling.
"Let's go home, Joshua." Lance said, Josh putting his arm around him as everyone walked out of the room.

Justin drove the SUV into Josh's front yard, Paulo driving behind him in a rented van.
They'd needed it for all of the gifts Michael and Justin had bought the new family.
"Welcome to Casa del Chasez-Bass. Home of love." Michael smiled, sitting in the front passenger seat.
Lance and Josh smiled in the back, looking down at their angel, sitting in a car seat between Darian and Shauna.
"We're home, Noah. We're finally home." Lance said, kissing his forehead.
"Yay, Papa! Is it big?"
"It huge, Noah!" Darian said.
The little boy giggled, his hand on Darian's chin, Darian smiling.
"Just like our home. Big and bootiful!" Shauna said, Michael and Justin smiling from the front seat.
Justin parked the vehicle, everyone getting out.
Lance picked up Noah, Shauna climbing into Josh's arms.
Darian climbed into Justin's, Michael smiling at the three men.
"Where's my kiddie?"
The three kids laughed, Justin smiling.
"Guess we'll have to make one more, for a quartet."
Michael rolled his eyes, Justin laughing.
Michael walked ahead, stopping at the front door, turning around.
Justin winked at him, Michael smiling, looking at his two best friends.
"Today, you walk into a home. A home blessed with a new child. A child of innocence and blossoming love. His heart will be filled with your love. Your hearts will fill with his love. I stand here today in complete happiness, seeing the joy in both of your eyes. And all those around you and in your large extended family will be here for you in every way. So I have nothing further to say than welcome to your new home, Noah."
Lance and Josh were in tears, Michael smiling and opening the front door.
He walked in, the three family members walking into their front hall.
They stopped in total shock.
The room was full of people.
All their family, all their friends.
Joey, Kelly, Vicky and Chris. Lance's parents and Josh's family as well.
"Let me at that angel." Diane Bass said, walking to her son, looking down at the small child in his arms.
Noah looked around hearing many voices, snuggling tighter to Lance's chest.
"It's okay, Noah. All our family is here. Your new grandparents, and all your new uncles."
Noah lifted his head, looking slowly around.
"I have family now?"
Diane was in tears, seeing the beauty of this small child.
"Yes, my angel. I'm your new gramma."
Noah smiled, his hands going out, Diane taking him into her arms.
Karen Chasez was in tears, her arms around Diane, both mothers smiling at their sons.
"An angel of love. That's what he is!" Karen said, Josh in tears, seeing his mother's love for their new son.
"How did you get here so fast, Dad?" Josh said, hugging his father.
Roy looked at Michael.
"We flew first class in a Tavarro jet. Man, what a ride!"
Lance and Josh looked over at Paulo and Michael.
"We have three jets, guys. They needed to see their new grandchild. That's it in a nutshell." Michael said, smiling.
Paulo chuckled, Michael looking at him.
"Your surprise is behind you Paulo."
Paulo looked confused, turning around, Jake turning also.
Leaning against the livingroom doorway was Marco and Emile.
"All three jets were in use today."
Paulo and Jake were in tears, hugging their loving friends.
Michael smiled, Justin's arm going around him.
"You never cease to amaze me, love."
"Love needs to be shared. And seen."
Michael smiled, taking Shauna from Josh's arms, Josh kissing his cheek.
"Michael, we love you."
"Tell me something I don't know." he said, smiling widely, hugging his best friends.
They all were hugged by all their friends, Noah smiling in Diane's loving arms.

End of Chapter 139

And so the new family is now home.
And Michael has surrounded Noah with his new loving family.
This threesome has a hard road ahead.
But love and happiness will shine from all three hearts.
Michael will witness it all, and deal with what needs to be done.

Onward to Michael's moment of love.
His surprise for everyone.
And a surprise for him and Justin.
Love will reign shortly in abundance.

Hugs and joy, Angel.

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