Justin's Angel-140

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Noah looked around hearing many voices, snuggling tighter to Lance's chest.
"It's okay, Noah. All our family is here. Your new grandparents, and all your new uncles."
Noah lifted his head, looking slowly around.
"I have family now?"
Diane was in tears, seeing the beauty of this small child.
"Yes, my angel. I'm your new gramma."
Noah smiled, his hands going out, Diane taking him into her arms.
Karen Chasez was in tears, her arms around Diane, both mothers smiling at their sons.
"An angel of love. That's what he is!" Karen said, Josh in tears, seeing his mother's love for their new son.
"How did you get here so fast, Dad?" Josh said, hugging his father.
Roy looked at Michael.
"We flew first class in a Tavarro jet. Man, what a ride!"
Lance and Josh looked over at Paulo and Michael.
"We have three jets, guys. They needed to see their new grandchild. That's it in a nutshell." Michael said, smiling.
Paulo chuckled, Michael looking at him.
"Your surprise is behind you Paulo."
Paulo looked confused, turning around, Jake turning also.
Leaning against the livingroom doorway was Marco and Emile.
"All three jets were in use today."
Paulo and Jake were in tears, hugging their loving friends.
Michael smiled, Justin's arm going around him.
"You never cease to amaze me, love."
"Love needs to be shared. And seen."
Michael smiled, taking Shauna from Josh's arms, Josh kissing his cheek.
"Michael, we love you."
"Tell me something I don't know." he said, smiling widely, hugging his best friends.
They all were hugged by all their friends, Noah snuggled in Diane's loving arms.

Chapter 140

Justin woke up against his lover, Michael's arm around him.
His head lay on Michael's chest.
Justin smiled, snuggling closer to him.
Michael's steady breathing signaled Justin that Michael was deep in sleep.
Justin lay there, quietly looking at his man.
To Justin's blue eyes, Michael was a vision of angelic beauty.
He smiled, his hand running through Michael's chest hair.
Justin smiled, sighing with happiness.
Last night had been wonderful.
They'd stayed all evening, being there for Lance and Josh.
Justin smiled, remembering the happiness emanating off Lance and Josh's family.
The happiness of welcoming a new angel into their midst.
Justin's own two angels had seemed to bond deeply with the little boy.
Shauna was by his side always, helping him find things, talking to him as a friend.
The little boy seemed happy beyond measure.
Justin smiled wider at that thought.
Noah was a treasure, even if he was handicapped.
Lance and Josh showed such love and caring with him.
Justin felt in his heart that this child was meant to be with them.
As were his own angels meant to be with him.
He looked at Michael's sleeping face, kissing his cheek, Michael murmuring.
He knew in his heart that Michael's love had united them all.
Destiny and fate were joined to this man.
His man.
Michael moved around a bit, his head snuggling against Justin's own.
His golden eyes opened, staring into Justin's blue orbs.
"I must be in heaven, I'm staring into an angel's eyes." Michael said, his hand pulling Justin forward, their lips meeting.
"Morning, my angel. Love you." Michael murmured, kissing him deeply.
"Morning, my Mico. Love you more."
Their morning ritual complete, the two snuggling together.
"Home again. Thank God. Our angels are not up yet?" Michael said, running his hand along Justin's cheek.
"It's quiet all round, my love. We're the only ones up."
Michael smiled, pushing himself on top of Justin.
"Me and the pop star. Naked in bed together, alone. What a dream!"
Justin smiled, feeling Michael's hardness against his own.
"Me and a man of famous words, naked and close. I'm in heaven." Justin said, Michael kissing him deeply.
"I have an idea, my horny angel."
Justin smiled, Michael's hand going downward wrapping around Justin's center.
Justin moaned, looking with lust into his lover's golden eyes.
"How about a swim, my love? A morning swim of desire."
Before Justin could respond, Michael was up on his feet, walking towards the doorway.
Justin watched his naked beauty, gazing at his beautiful ass and smooth back.
"I'll be in the water, waiting for my man." Michael said, turning around, his eyes full of lust.
Justin smiled, rising out of the bed, his hardness swinging ahead of his moving legs.
Justin walked onto the back patio, seeing Michael floating nude on the water.
Justin smiled, running across the stones, diving into the pool, coming up out of the water beside his lover.
Michael wrapped his arms around Justin, his legs wrapping around his center.
"You are so beautiful, my Timby. Make love to me, take me to our center."
Justin's lips were against Michael's, both feeling their rising passion.

They lay together on a blanket, the morning sun warming their bodies.
Justin's hands ran down Michael's body, Michael looking into his blue eyes.
"You are amazing my bronzed god. Your passion is still as strong as our first night together."
Justin smiled, lightly kissing his lips.
"As is yours, if not more passionate. Every time seems like a new beginning."
Michael smiled, snuggling against him.
"I love this, Jus. Just you and me alone, together like this. Don't get me wrong, I love our angels, they are our life. But these special moments, you and I alone, make my heart soar with happiness."
Justin rose up a little, looking down at his Mico.
"Then we'll have to arrange more. It fills my heart with happiness also, Mico."
Michael smiled, a voice filling both of their minds.
"Papa? Dada? We wants up."
Justin smiled, looking into Michael's eyes.
"Be right up, angels." Michael replied, pulling Justin down to his lips.
They kissed tenderly, lost in their love.
"Our angels await. Time for life, my love."
Justin smiled, standing up, giving Michael his hand.
They wrapped their arms around each other, walking back into the house.
Upon reaching the top of the stairs, both men froze.
Standing in the hallway, looking totally shocked was Rachel.
Her eyes were as big as saucers, scanning both naked men.
She was staring at  both of them, her mouth hanging open.
Michael smiled, not moving.
Justin was trying to cover his nakedness, as well as Michael's.
Rachel blushed, her head moving so she was looking at the wall.
"I'm sorry guys. I didn't realize you were up already." She said, her voice a little shaky.
Michael smiled, walking over to her.
"It's okay, Rach. I was up earlier, Justin brought me down. As you saw, we're not 'up' anymore."
Justin looked shocked, blushing with redness.
Rachel looked surprised by Michael's mirthful comment.
"Good morning, Rach. It was such a beautiful morning that Jus and I decided on a morning swim. Don't be embarrassed by what you see. I hope it looks like two people in love."
Rachel turned, looking into Michael's eyes.
She saw he wasn't ashamed of hiding anything.
"It does look like that. Forgive me for intruding, Mikey. I'll let you both continue."
Michael put his hand on her shoulder.
"Now, Rach. We told you that there would be times when Justin and I would be showing our love. Don't be shocked by finding us like this. Hell, you should be honored. How many people get to look upon such an angel of beauty?" Michael said, looking at his Justin, who was now smiling.
Rachel smiled, her body relaxing, quietly looking over at Justin.
"I'm most fortunate. I see two this morning." she said, smiling.
Michael smiled, walking back over to Justin, taking his hand, Justin smiling back.
"Our angels are up. Time to bask in more sunshine."
Rachel smiled, watching the two naked men walk into their children's room.

A half hour later the two fathers, fully clothed, walked into the kitchen carrying their angels.
Rachel looked up from the stove, smiling.
"Morning, Darian and Shauna." she smiled, the two little ones smiling back at her.
"Morning, Rach." Darian beamed, Shauna leaning from Michael's arms, kissing her cheek.
Michael smiled, walking over to the table, setting her into her high chair.
Justin did the same with Darian, Michael handing them both juice cups.
The two men sat down at the table, Rachel putting food on the table.
"So what's on the agenda for today, Mikey?" she asked, sitting down.
"Well, believe it or not, it's a day of relaxation."
"Awesome! Playtime!" Justin said, smiling at his kiddies.
The little ones clapped their hands, Michael smiling at all three.
"How about we call Jimmy? Would my angels like to play with him again?"
Darian's eyes sparkled, as did Shauna's.
"Noah, too?" Shauna asked.
"Of course, my angels." Justin said, Michael smiling.
The two little ones were clapping and gleefully screaming.
Michael pulled out his cell phone, Justin walking up to the house phone.
A few minutes later, both smiled at each other.
"Looks like it's going to be a kiddie's day."Justin smiled.
"Yep, all five of you."
Justin blushed, Michael kissing his cheek.
"I love the big kids."
Justin smiled, going to the table to tell his angels the good news.

Michael smiled, sipping his lemonade.
Julia sat beside him, the two watching the kids playing.
Jimmy was screaming and laughing, Shauna and Darian chasing Justin, Jimmy running behind them.
Christopher was laughing, as he tackled Justin, both falling down, the three kids climbing on top of both of them.
"Jimmy seems a lot happier." Michael said, Julia smiling at him.
"It's like he's a new child. More energetic, loving and happy. We have you to thank for that, Michael. You and your angels."
Michael smiled, patting her arm.
"The only one to thank is Jimmy himself. He's the one who's made all the difference."
Julia teared up, wiping her eyes.
"We were fully prepared to look after his special needs. We loved him that much. But to see him now, healed and just like any other little child, our hearts are so joyous."
Michael smiled, watching the little boy.
"And he's got two new friends in Darry and Shauny. Always."
Julia smiled, looking around the back yard.
"This place is unbelievable. It's so big and yet still feels so homey. I can't believe I'm in your home, yours and Justin Timberlake's."
"For us this is home, our home. Just a place for us to escape from our careers and hectic schedules. What you see here today is the real us. So just relax and enjoy our company. We're enjoying yours."
Julia smiled, taking a sip of her lemonade.
Her calming senses were rattled again when she saw who was walking out onto the patio.
Lance and Josh walked out of the house, Noah in Josh's arms.
Julia was looking at them with wide eyes fascination.
"Yep, it's really Lance Bass and J.C. Chasez." Michael chuckled, patting her arm.
"Noah!!!" Darian screamed with glee, running across the lawn.
Josh knelt down, his little boy sitting in his lap now.
Darian kissed Noah's cheek, the little boy smiling, touching Darian's face.
"Hi, Darry. We play again?"
"Yep, Noah. We got other friend here too. He's special like you."
Josh and Lance smiled, Noah climbing out of Josh's lap, Darian taking his hand.
He slowly guided him across the lawn, Noah giggling at the grass touching his legs and toes.
Shauna hugged Noah, as did Jimmy.
All four sat down, giggling and laughing.
They began clapping their hands, Darian helping Noah get started.
All the adults watched, marveling at their immediate closeness.
Michael introduced Christopher and Julia to Josh and Lance, Julia blushing a little, but calmer.
"Your son looks just  like you, Mr. Chasez. I didn't know you were married?" Christopher said, smiling at Josh.
Lance blushed, Josh putting his arm around his lover.
"Lance and I are not married yet. We're engaged. And Noah is going to be our son. We're adopting him."
Julia smiled, Christopher blushing.
"Forgive me. I didn't know."
"It's hard not to see, sweetie. Look at their eyes, full of love." Julia said, smiling.
Both singers smiled, everyone sitting down.
Lance and Josh calmed Julia's nerves by talking and laughing with her all afternoon.
She quickly found out they were all just happy young men, with calm, relaxing attitudes.
The kids played together all afternoon, Rachel making lunch for everyone, Jimmy leaving with his parents in the late afternoon..
The day turned out to be a loving, happy, childlike one.

Tuesday morning found the lovers separating.
Justin had meetings with his former bandmates, *NSync back on track.
There was going to be a photo session, and then the band was going over Michael's songs as a group.
They had to pick twelve out of the thirty Michael had given them.
Justin couldn't wait for that, wanting to see his lover's music come alive within the five of them.
Michael had a full day himself.
First up, a doctor's appointment for the twins.
Their first as new residents of Los Angeles.
Through Denise and Terry, Michael had found the name of a good pediatrician.
Then Michael had a meeting with Harry Sanders that afternoon, his family lawyer having flown in the night before.
Justin and Michael parted in the driveway, Justin kissing his angels in their car seats.
"We'll drop by after our appointment, Jus. So the kiddies can see their father at work." Michael said, smiling.
Justin beamed, looking at his treasures.
"Awesome! My babies can sing for us!"
The two little ones giggled, waving goodbye to their Dada as Justin climbed into his Viper with Lonnie.
Rachel and Paulo were going with Michael in the SUV.
Michael smiled, watching his lover disappear through the front gate.
Michael saw more reporters still outside their front gate.
He sighed, climbing into the backseat with his children.

"Well, aren't they treasures?" Dr. Matheson said, smiling at the two little ones sitting on the table, their father beside them.
"That they are, Doctor." Michael smiled.
"Well, everything seems okay. In fact they are very healthy."
Rachel smiled, sitting on a chair quietly watching.
Paulo sat quietly in the waiting room.
Michael and Dr. Matheson had talked at length about the children's history, Terry having provided Michael with their personal medical files.
"With all the trauma and hardship they've both gone through, I'm greatly surprised at their wonderful condition. There are no scars, or physical abnormalities. They're both in excellent shape."
"And they always will be. They're my gifted angels." Michael said, Darian and Shauna smiling up at him.
"And so well-behaved. They took no tantrums or fits while I removed samples."
Michael had sat beside them while the doctor had done blood work and other tests.
Both children had remained calm, even happily smiling.
Rachel thought it was Michael's calming love that kept them happy.
Justin had popped into Michael's mind a couple of times, wanting to know how they were doing.
Michael had smiled, telling him everything.
Michael felt his lover's happiness, the little ones giggling in their minds.
"Well, that's enough for now. I'll have the tests back next week. But from what I've seen, they are in perfect health."
Michael smiled, the doctor giving both of them a juice box.
"Orange juice for two healthy angels."
The two giggled, Rachel helping them put the straws in.
"What, no Lolly?" Michael asked, smiling.
"Juice is healthier,  Papa." Dr. Matheson said smiling.
Michael blushed, nodding in agreement.
"Well, Michael. I'll call you if anything turns up. Otherwise, I'll see you two again in a month or so. Take care, little ones." the doctor said, smiling at the kids.
"Bye, Dockie!" Darian said, the man smiling.
"Simply wonderful." he said, walking out with them to the waiting room.
Paulo stood up smiling, Darian jumping into his arms.
"How did it go, little man?"
"Me perfect, Unky Polo!"
Paulo laughed, Michael smiling.
"Yes. Just like Papa."
Rachel smiled, Michael thanking the doctor, all five of them returning to their car.

Michael smiled as the elevator opened, walking towards the recording studio.
They'd been inundated with friendly welcomes downstairs.
All the record label's staff were fluttering around the children, happy to finally see them in person.
Michael felt instantly the friendly atmosphere in the building.
He now knew why Justin felt so at home here.
And why he'd remained under this label.
It felt like a family of friends.
The recording assistant guided them into the recording studio, all five of them were shown into a comfortable room, finding Lonnie waiting.
Lonnie got up from his chair, smiling at them all, a wide smile directed at Rachel.
Ahead of them, behind a glass wall, Michael saw the members of *NSync in the recording studio. They appeared to be in heated discussions.
Michael thought they were arguing about something.
Rachel sat down beside Lonnie, Shauna in her lap.
Paulo had Darian, Michael walking forward, tapping gently on the glass.
Justin turned, a wide smile immediately appearing on his face.
Everyone looked up, smiles breaking on all their faces, the discussion forgotten.
The guys all waved, following Justin towards the door.
They entered the room, Justin hugging and kissing Michael.
"Glad you're here, babe. How are our angels?"
Michael looked at Justin, Lance and Josh picking up the two little ones.
"They're in perfect health. No problems."
Justin smiled widely, kissing him again.
Justin felt something was bothering Michael.
"Awesome, Mikey! That is greatly surprising!" Chris said, Michael looking at him with a steady gaze.
"It's not that surprising, Chris. They are like myself. They heal themselves."
Everyone looked surprised, Darian smiling at his Papa, Michael smiling at his son.
Lance kissed the little boy's cheek, Darian giggling.
"Where Noah?" Shauna asked.
Josh smiled down at her.
"He's home, playing with his Grandmas. They're bringing him here for lunch. But for now, I have my other angels to play with."
Shauna giggled, Josh smiling widely.
Everyone smiled, seeing the two little ones happy.
"We should get back to what we're doing, guys." Joey said, Michael looking at him quietly.
Michael folded his arms, looking at everyone.
"Okay, what was the argument about?"
Everyone looked at each other.
"How did you know it was an argument?" Chris said.
"Because I saw it in all your movements and faces. What's going on?"
Justin sighed, his arm still around Michael.
"We've picked the twelve songs for the album, Mico. But we're debating who should be singing what. One song's got us all in a funk."
"Your Silent Heart." Michael said quietly.
Everyone looked at him in surprise.
"How'd you know it was that one?" Josh said, intrigued.
"Yeah, we've been arguing about who should sing the solo." Chris said.
"And what have you decided?" Michael asked.
"Well, Curly and Josh think it should be Curly. Chris and I think it should be Josh. Lance won't give a committed answer. Wimp!" Joey said, staring at Lance.
Lance blushed, Michael quietly looking at him.
"Come on guys. let's go. Now." Michael said, walking through the open studio door.
They all saw the determined look in Michael's eyes.
Everyone looked at each other, Lonnie smiling.
"Looks like your man's going to decide for you, Jus. I'd move if I were you five." the large black man said, grinning.
The five singers shrugged their shoulders and walked back into the recording studio.

Michael sat at the piano, looking down at his music sitting on the piano's ledge.
Justin shut the door, the five men surrounded Michael, looking at him with concern.
"I'm disappointed in you, Lance."
Lance looked shocked, Josh looking at him.
Michael raised his head, his eyes boring into Lance's green eyes.
Lance lowered his.
The other guys looked troubled, and confused.
"You know what this song needs, Lance."
Lance raised his head, looking at his four friends.
"This song needs me."
Michael smiled a small smile, the other four men staring at Lance.
"This is my song. That's what I feel. I just didn't have the guts to tell you. Until now. Thanks, Mikey."
Michael smiled, looking at Josh.
"Why didn't you tell us, Lance? We would have listened to your views."
"Josh is right, Lance. And I want to tell all of you something." Michael said.
All five sets of eyes were on him, Michael sighing.
"The five of you are a group. A group of loving friends. When one of you has an idea, he should tell it to the others. It's called teamwork. Hashing out your ideas together. That's what made you five so great. You worked as a team. As one identity. Lance, you forgot that. But now it's in the open. I trust all of you will talk to each other. I remember the day I gave you these songs. I told you all that I had a lot of faith in all of you. In all that you mean and will be together."
The five looked at each other, feeling in their hearts Michael's deep meaning.
"Today, when I walked into this room and saw the five of you arguing over my music, that hurt deeply."
All five lowered their heads, Michael wiping his eyes.
"I gave you these songs to unite the five of you. As brothers, friends and musicians. Lance saw the truth in this song, but didn't feel the courage to voice that opinion. And that was wrong. The five of you were always in synch with each other. That needs to come back if this is to work. I felt in all of you a deep desire to sing together again. To unite in your love for each other. I still feel that love, that desire. You just have to look into each other's hearts and souls to find that truth. I'll leave you all to decide how much you mean to each other."
Michael got up, Justin taking his hand.
Michael looked into his eyes, seeing the shedding tears. He looked around, seeing five sets of wet eyes.
"Michael.... we..."
Michael kissed  Justin's cheek, smiling.
"You all need to talk. We'll give you some privacy."
Michael walked out of the room, the five looking at each other.
Michael walked into the other room, closing the door.
In front of him stood Johnny Wright.
The man's eyes were full of tears, as were everyone else's in the room.
"My God, Michael! What you said to them! The depth of truth and love you spoke of!"
Michael looked into the man's moist eyes.
"They need each other, Johnny. In every way. They just need to find that need again. How about you give us all a tour of this wonderful place? The group needs some time alone."
Johnny nodded, everyone following him out of the room.
Lonnie was last to leave, turning and looking into the other room.
He saw five men hugging each other, a group united.
He smiled, shaking his head.
"Mikey, you are good."

Johnny showed them all around the building, everyone surprised at how much was going on.
They watched several artists recording, seeing photo sessions going on.
They met several artists, musicians and recording industry personnel.
An hour later, they headed back to the recording studio.
They saw Karen and Diane walking towards the room ahead of them.
Noah was in Diane's arms, his head coming up as if he sensed someone.
"It Noah!" Darian shrieked, the little boy smiling.
"Darry? Shauna?" he said, Diane taken by surprise, turning around.
"Noah!!!" Darian said, running ahead of Michael, Shauna in his arms.
Diane bend down, Darian at Noah's side in a heartbeat.
"Hi, Darry. Me seeing Daddy and Papa."
"They heres. We see them. We back from Docky."
"Me not like Dockers. They hurt."
"No, Noah. They make feel better. We like Dockie Matheeson." Shauna said, Michael smiling.
"Hello, ladies." he said, kissing the two mothers' cheeks.
Everyone exchanged greetings.
"So, how is the new refreshed group doing?" Diane asked, Noah, Shauna and Darian standing together, talking to each other, their hands together.
"We were just going to find out." Johnny said, smiling.
Everyone walked into the recording studio.

They saw the five bandmates busy recording.
Michael smiled, seeing the five men singing, Josh at the piano.
Lance was singing solo, his bandmates watching him sing.
They joined in on the chorus.
Everyone listened, lost in the beauty of the song.
Michael sat down, his eyes on his man.
Justin was smiling, looking at Josh and Lance, his voice joining his friends'.
Michael smiled, hearing the perfect harmony of their one voice.
Lance finished the song; his, rich, deep voice the perfect tempo for the melody.
The five smiled at each other, Chris looking into the other room.
Michael smiled at him, his eyes full of tears.
Chris pointed, all five now looking at Michael.
They bowed as one, a silent thank you for Michael's loving care.
"You did  good, Mikey." Johnny said, sitting down beside him.
"I said what needed to be said. They did what needed to be done."
Everyone smiled, turning again as the group ran through the song again.

An hour later, the large group were together in their favorite neighbourhood restaurant.
"You were right, Mikey. Lance was the perfect voice for that song." Josh said, kissing his lover's cheek, Lance sipping his coffee.
"It wasn't my doing, Josh. It was Lance's song all along."
Lance smiled, putting his hand on Michael's.
"Thanks, for giving me the insight to see that I could do it."
Michael looked into his green eyes.
"You can look into your own heart, Lance. As all of you can. And when you do, whatever you find there will be added to the group as a whole. We all heard a beautiful song today. There are eleven more songs of beauty in all of you. The world will rejoice when it hears all of them."
All five men smiled, Diane and Karen looking at Michael with awe.
Michael cut Darian's hotdog in half, the little boy picking up the first half.
"Me love doggies, Papa."
Michael laughed.
"Like father, like son."
Justin smiled, looking into his golden eyes.
The two of them had talked with deep love in their minds. Justin had been deeply moved by what Michael had shown them today. That their hearts were together, and their love was strong as ever. They'd realized that when they'd talked after Michael and everyone had left.
As a group, they looked into all their own hearts, talking all things through.
Here, now, five brothers were together again.
Michael's love for all of them had worked wonders again.
Justin fed Shauna some fries, the little girl smiling.
"So we're going to be in the studio all afternoon, love. We want to finalize this song and start the next."
"That's great to hear, Jus. Harry called a little while ago. He's here and meeting me at two o'clock at home. We'll be there when you're done."
Justin smiled, kissing his lover.
"Smoochie." Noah said, sitting in Lance's lap beside Michael.
Michael smiled, kissing the boy's cheek.
"Smoochie for Noah." Michael said, the little boy smiling.
"Rachel was talking to us about Dr, Matheson, Mikey. He sounds like a wonderful doctor. We're going to book Noah an appointment. We need to get him checked out."
Michael smiled, pulling out a card from his pocket.
"Thursday at ten o'clock. I took the initiative."
Lance smiled, Josh shaking his head in wonder.
"You take care of all of us, Michael."
"It's my mission in life, Joshua."
Everyone around the table smiled, Michael's golden eyes changing to blue then hazel, then back to gold.
"You okay, Mico?" Justin said, putting his hand on his shoulder.
"Yes, Jus. I'm perfectly okay. Well, kiddies, we should be heading home."
Justin smiled, feeling Michael's calm manner, letting go of his shoulder.
Everyone looked at Michael, looks of shock on their faces.
"What?" Michael said, suddenly feeling like the center of attention.
"Your eyes, Mikey! They changed color!" Chris said, his eyes wide with amazement.
Michael looked at Justin, Justin nodding.
Michael sighed, rubbing his eyes.
"It started when I was in Spain. Grandfather says it's a sign of my destiny, my being the Messenger."
Everyone nodded, still looking at him.
"And it's turned me into a freak." Michael said, starting to get up.
Justin put his hand on his shoulder, stopping Michael.
"Nothing will ever make you a freak, Mico. We all see you as you are. A loving, caring man. Nothing else."
Everyone agreed, all those around the table smiling at him.
Michael smiled, Shauna hugging against him.
"My Papa's great. He the best!"
Michael teared up, Darian voicing the same opinion.
"There you go, Mico. The angels have spoken."
Michael smiled widely, kissing his lover.
"Yes they have. Thanks, little ones."
The two children smiled up at their parents.

"I'll bring the car around, Michael." Paulo said a few minutes later, getting up and leaving.
"Take care, my angels. See you soon." Justin said, kissing them both tenderly.
"If you don't mind, Michael, Karen and I would love to come home with you. Noah wants to play with his little friends."
Noah clapped his hands together, Darian and Shauna smiling.
"Certainly, ladies. You're most welcome."
They all smiled, hugging the guys goodbye.
"You boybanders are all invited back to my place for supper. Okay?" Michael said, all shaking their heads in agreement.
"I'll let Vicky know. She can go directly there." Chris said.
"Cool. My crazy toots hasn't been over in a while."
Chris laughed, smacking Michael's shoulder.
"She's been real moody, Mikey. Maybe you can talk to her?" Chris said, his face suddenly serious.
"Is she okay?" Michael said, sensing her out in his mind. He felt her calmness and happiness.
"Yes, she's just been quiet. It's so unlike her."
Michael smiled, nodding.
"Okay, Chris. I'll talk to my Vicky."
Chris smiled, hugging him.
Everyone walked out with them, all of them climbing into the SUV.
Justin, Josh and Lance kissed their angels goodbye, the car driving away.
Josh put his arms around Lance and Justin.
"We'll have them in our arms soon enough. Right now, we've got to get back to Mikey's beautiful music."
Everyone smiled, walking back towards the recording studio.

Harry Sanders arrived promptly at two, Michael hugging him.
"Wonderful to see you again, Michael. Where are these treasures I've heard so much from Silas about?"
Michael smiled, walking him out to the patio.
Harry smiled, seeing the two little angels playing with Noah on the lawn, Karen and Diane with them.
Michael introduced Harry to everyone, the three little angels smiling.
The two men walked back to the patio.
"They're beautiful, Michael. So happy and smiling." Harry said, Paulo handing him a glass of water.
Harry thanked him, sitting down at the patio table.
"They've beyond believing, Harry."
Harry smiled, setting his portfolio on the table.
"So how are things going, Harry?"
Harry folded his hands in front of him, smiling at Michael.
"I talked to Silas on Friday, we took a tour of everything."
"How does it look?"
Harry smiled, patting the young man's shoulder.
"It's unbelievable, Michael."
Michael smiled, Harry opening his portfolio.
Michael put his hand on top of it.
"We'll do that in the office, Harry. Come with me."
Michael excused themselves from everyone, Karen and Diane smiling.
The two men walked into Michael's office, sitting down on the couch.
Harry opened the portfolio, pulling out some photographs.
"Here you go, Michael."
Michael took the photographs, looking through them all.
His face widened with a smile.
"It's perfect, Harry. Silas did an amazing job."
"He had you to guide him. It's your vision, Michael."
Michael smiled, looking up at his mother's mirror hanging on the wall.
"Yes, my vision."
"It's all ready, Michael.  Silas will be setting up your final request this Friday."
Michael smiled, Harry going back into his portfolio.
He pulled out some other documents.
"Here are all the legal documents. I trust you personally want to hand them out?"
Michael smiled, nodding.
"You did this quickly, Harry. Thank you so much."
Harry smiled, Michael smiling back.
"Your grandparents would be awed at your generous soul, Michael. As am I."
Michael smiled, looking at the man.
"They gave me this for a purpose. I've found that purpose."
Harry smiled, Michael picking his laptop up off his desk, sitting back down beside him.
Michael turned it on, finding the file he was looking for.
"Here is what I've come up with. Can you organize it into a written document?"
Harry scanned the file, nodding quietly.
"Send me the file, Michael. I'll look it over and go from there. You're sure on this? You are still young."
"Harry, I have a family now. A reason for this. For their future, and my own happiness."
Harry nodded, Michael sending the file to Harry's email.
"Done. Let me know when you've finalized it. I'll look it over then."
Harry nodded, the two men beginning discussions on Michael's newfound charities.

An hour later, a tapping came to the door, Harry just closing his portfolio.
Rachel popped her head in, the two men standing.
"Are you staying for dinner, Mr. Sanders?"
"I'm sorry, but I have a flight out in two hours. I have appointments in the morning."
"That's too bad, Harry." Michael said with genuine affection.
"Your vast empire needs constant attention, my young friend."
Michael smiled, hugging the man, Harry smiling.
"I'll be in contact, Michael. Enjoy your angels, and your surprise."
Michael smiled, Rachel showing Harry out.
Michael sat down, putting the documents away in his desk drawer.
After a few minutes, a gentle tapping was heard on the door of the office.
"Come in." Michael said, the door opening.
Vicky walked in, Michael smiling widely.
He got up from his desk, crossing the room, arms stretched out, ready to give her a big hug.
"Vicky! My crazy toots!" he said, hugging her tightly.
"Hey, pencil dick. How goes my Mikey's joyous life?"
Michael smiled, then froze suddenly.
He backed up from her, staring in shock.
Vicky stared back.
"Oh, my God, Vicky!!!"
Vicky looked surprised, then quietly sat down.
"You and your damn gifts!"
Michael recovered his shock, then sat down beside her.
He put his arm around her, looking into her tearing eyes.
"I take it this is a surprise?"
Vicky nodded, wiping her eyes.
"And Chris doesn't know?"
Vicky looked into his golden eyes.
"How can I tell him he's going to be a father?"
Michael smiled, kissing her cheek.
"He loves you, Victoria. I feel that deep in my heart. And this will make him so happy."
Vicky looked at him, Michael hugging her gently.
"And how do you feel? Chris told me you've been moody. I take it this came as a big shock to you."
"We'd been so careful, always using protection. I wasn't expecting this."
Michael smiled, looking into her eyes.
"God gives us all surprises. That's what life is. A series of surprises."
Vicky smiled, seeing Michael's deep love shining through.
"I've thought long and hard about it, Mikey. I want this child. I've watched you and Justin, seeing the joy in your eyes with your two angels. I want that joy, that deep sense of happiness."
Michael smiled, kissing her again.
"Parenthood is wonderful, Vicky! And I know in my heart that my crazy toots would make one fantastic Mom!"
Vicky smiled, hugging Michael.
"The first thing you have to do is tell Chris, Vicky. He has a right to know. I'm your best friend, my angel. I'm here for you always. In every way."
Vicky teared up, kissing Michael's cheek.
"God, Michael! Who would have thought us two crazy misfits having children? We always seemed to be so carefree. So much has happened. Chris has taken over my life. His love is inside all of me. And I want to have his child."
Michael smiled, looking into her happy face.
"You just told me all I needed to hear, Mommy."
Vicky smiled, then laughed.
"Thanks for being here for me, Uncle Pencil Dick."
Michael laughed, tears coming into his eyes.
"Oh Vicky, I'm so happy for you!"
Vicky smiled, wiping tears off Michael's cheeks.
"I'm going to need you so much, Mikey. I need my best friend's shoulder to cry on. To handle me when all these hormones get  going."
Michael smiled, kissing her forehead.
"I'm here for you in any way. As is my Jus."
They hugged again, lost in their close friendship.
"Come on, Mikey. Let's go play with your kiddies."
Michael smile, walking out of the office, arm in arm with his best friend.

Justin walked out onto their back patio, his four friends following.
All five were laughing and chatting away.
Michael looked up from his patio lounger, smiling widely.
He saw five friends in synch with each other, their auras of blue brightly shining.
Vicky, who was beside him, with Shauna in her lap, smiled up at the five men.
"Looks like *NSYNC is back in action!"
Michael smiled, Justin leaning down and kissing his cheek.
"Miss me, loverboy?"
"With ever part of me, sexy." Michael said, pulling his lips to his.
Chris rolled his eyes, leaning down and kissing his lady.
Vicky smiled, breaking the kiss with tenderness.
"We have to talk, Snookums." she said, Chris looking briefly at Michael.
Michael smiled back, Vicky getting up, giving Shauna to Michael.
She took Chris' hand in hers, smiling at Chris.
"Can we use your office for a little while, Mikey?"
"Sure thing, Victoria."
Vicky smiled, the two of them quietly walking into the house.
Everyone watched them, all eyes turning to Michael.
"What's going on, Mikey?" Lance said, his arm around Josh who was holding Noah now, Diane and Karen smiling at their sons.
"Life is going on, Lancy. Life and happiness." Michael said, Shauna snuggling against him.
Justin sat down beside Michael, Darian in his lap.
"Something feels different, Mico."
Michael smiled, everyone seeing his happiness.
He closed his eyes, a large smile crossing his face.

A few minutes later, the air was shattered with a loud scream.
Everyone jumped, most of them on their feet in seconds.
They all heard the scream coming from inside the house.
Within seconds Chris came running out of the house, his face covered in tears.
He picked Joey up, spinning him around.
"I'm going to be a Dad! I'm going to be a Dad!" he sobbed, everyone looking totally stunned.
Chris set Joey down, his best friend hugging him tightly.
"Oh, Chris! That's unbelievable!" Joey said, tears in his eyes.
Lance, Josh and Justin were at his side in seconds, all five in a group hug, Chris still crying.
Michael stood up, Shauna and Darian sitting on the lounger.
Vicky walked out of the house smiling, her face covered in tears.
Everyone looked at her, Chris focusing on her.
"Thanks for ditching me, Snookums."
Chris was at her side, his arms wrapped around her.
"Are you okay? Sit down, sweetie. Don't get excited."
Michael smiled, seeing the caring side of Chris on full display.
"I'm having a child, Chris. I'm not ill."
Chris blushed, smiling at her.
"We didn't finish our talk, Chris."
"I'm sorry, my love. It's just the most unbelievable news I've ever heard! You don't know what this means to me!"
"You're not upset? Not shocked? I didn't know how you'd take it."
Chris took her in his arms, smiling at her.
"I love you Victoria. And now we're bringing a new life into the world. A life that will feel all of our combined love."
Vicky was in tears, kissing Chris tenderly.
"I love you, Chris. I'm glad it's your child that I'm having. That child will be loved."
Chris smiled, kissing her deeply.
"I'm beyond happy, my love. We're having a baby. A little Victoria. Or a sweet little Christopher."
"God help us all! Not another Chris!" Michael said rolling his eyes.
Everyone burst into laughter, including Vicky.
Michael's humor shattering the tension.
Justin walked up to the two of them, his eyes full of tears.
"Can I hug the Mom to be?"
Vicky smiled, Justin hugging her tightly.
Everyone walked up, the couple being hugged and kissed.
Justin sat down on the lounger with his little ones,.
He looked at Michael, seeing the joy in Michael's golden eyes.
"Love you, Mico."
Michael smiled, looking into his blue ones.
"Love ya more, Timby."

The rest of the week flew by quickly, the family together in all ways.
Vicky spent most of Wednesday with Michael and the kids, Justin having meetings and studio time.
Their friendship had advanced to a new level, the friendship of new parents.
Lance and Josh's family went home Wednesday, Michael taking care of Noah while the guys did their studio sessions.
The Tavarro-Timberlake home was filled with the joyful, playful laughter of children.
Before Michael knew it, Friday morning was here.
Michael woke up early, letting Justin sleep.
He checked on the kids, both sleeping peacefully.
He quietly walked out onto the patio, with his laptop.
He worked on the notebook for a while, finally closing it, and then smiling.
His third book was finished.
He got up walking down to the pool, sitting on the edge, his feet dangling in the water.
He looked down at his hands, opening his palms.
The two marks still remained on his palms. The marks from the Stone of Vengeance.
He closed his eyes, deep in thought.
"All is set, Michael. All is as it should be. The future will now play out." The voice in his head softly spoke.
"This was my choice. I did it for him."
"I know, Michael. And God, in his unending love, gave you a special gift in thanks. Shortly you will have the greatest love that you deserve."
"I already have that love. A ceremony will only confirm it in his eyes."
"God already knows of that love, Michael. And God smiles."
Michael smiled.
"I'm so tired. So tired of the inevitability of all that must happen. I see the need for the sacrifice, for the end result. Justin must know of all that's destined. I won't let him walk into this blind."
"He will know. For he shall tell him."
"I should be the one. It was my choice. I only hope he can forgive me for doing it."
Michael felt a warmth flood his mind and body.
"Take heart in life and love, Michael. Your choice moved the heart of God.  God answered that choice with the love you now have in your heart. Justin was the reply of God's love. If anyone deserved Justin's love, it is you Michael."
"I love him so much. He's my everything."
"And he always will be. As will your little ones."
Michael smiled, hearing music playing. Music that he'd heard a long time ago.
On a dark hurtful night, standing alone in the darkness.
"Your little ones are awake, give them your love. Justin's stirring also. Go to your family. And make your friends' hearts burst with joy today. They love you as well."
Michael smiled, standing up, walking back into the house.

Justin opened his eyes, staring into four blue ones.
"Morning Dada!" Shauna said, Darian giggling.
"Morning , sweeties."
Justin sat up, the little ones crawling into his lap.
"Where's Papa?"
"He cooking beckfast." Darian said.
"He say we stays with you. He bring beckfast."
Justin smiled, kissing both of their cheeks.
He played with them, the two little ones laughing.
The bedroom door opened, Michael walking in with a large tray covered in food.
"A feast for my loved ones." he smiled, setting the tray on the bed.
He leaned over the tray, kissing Justin deeply.
"Morning, my angel. Love ya."
"Love you more, my beauty."
Michael smiled, sitting down beside Justin.
"Why breakie in bed, my love?"
"It's a special day, Jus. A day of happiness. The happiness of our family's joy."
"They're going to be blown away."
"We have three days to enjoy their love, my Jus."
"They should be arriving in about an hour. Their flights are in by nine."
Justin smiled, diving into the food Michael had prepared.
Michael helped the kids eat, everyone close and happy.

By eight thirty, people started arriving.
Lance and Josh were the first ones, Noah smiling in Lance's arms.
"Welcome, my friends." Justin said at the front door.
"Hey, Jus. Guess we're the first ones."
"Yep, as always." he said smiling, seeing the suitcases in Josh's hands.
"So what's going on? Where are we going?"
"That's a secret. And a surprise. Just put your bags here. There's going to be a few."
Both men looked at each other, Josh setting down the suitcases.
"Mikey's on the patio with the kids. Go on out. Once everyone's here, and we're all organized, we'll be on our way."
They all walked out onto the patio, Michael smiling as Noah jumped into his arms.
"Hi, little Noah."
"Hi, Uncle Mike. Me wuvs you."
Michael smiled, kissing the little angel.
"So, what's the big surprise? Something to do with the kiddies birthday tomorrow?" Lance asked, hugging Michael.
"Why, it wouldn't be a surprise if I told you!"
Lance rolled his eyes, Michael laughing.
At nine, Paulo, Jake, Emile and Marco showed up, hugging their friends.
"How was last night, my friends?" Michael said, smiling into Marco's blue eyes.
"It was wonderful, Mikey. Absence makes the heart's love radiate."
Michael smiled, hugging him again.
"Enough said, my friend."
"Poppa sends his love, Mikey. As does Matty."
Michael smiled, looking at Paulo's smiling face.
"The Tavarros are together in all ways."
The rest of the clan arrived shortly after nine thirty.
All Justin's family, his parents and brothers.
Zach, Christina and Becky, along with Nick and Trevor, and Tomas and Seth arrived next.
Joey, Kelly, Brianne, Chris and Vicky arrived last.
Everyone hugged Chris and Vicky, hearing their wonderful news.
Noah met all his close new family, Becky and Stevie being very gentle with him.
"I likes all these peoples, Daddy." Noah said, Josh kissing his cheek.
"They're all our close friends and family, Noah. Now they're yours."
Noah smiled, Lance rubbing his cheek.
"Me so lucky. Me happy."
Everyone smiled, hearing the tender happiness in the small child.
Michael looked around the patio, seeing all the people who meant the world to him.
He nodded at Justin, Justin leading their two kids to the center of the patio, Michael joining him there.
"Attention, everyone. Michael has the floor."
Everyone quieted down, all eyes gazing at the foursome in the center of the patio.
"Welcome, everyone, to our little celebration. The celebration of two little angels' day of happiness. Tomorrow is Darian and Shauna's third birthday!"
Everyone clapped and yelled, the two little ones beaming with wide smiles and giggling laughter.
Justin picked them both up, the two nestled in his strong arms.
Michael smiled at both of them, seeing their joyful smiles.
"We'll be celebrating that occasion tomorrow in a special place. Today, we'll be celebrating something else. And Sunday will be a day unto itself."
Justin felt a brief flash of sadness cover Michael's heart, then it was gone.
"Today is a day of celebration for something else. Something dear to my heart. Something I never had.  Love. Today I'm celebrating love. The love I feel in each of you. My family and my friends. Today is my day of thanks. My thanks to all of you."
Everyone smiled, lost in Michael's narrative voice.
"I wanted to do something special for all of you. Something that means something deeply to me. I hope you will all sense in your hearts what this means to me. "
Everyone nodded, tears in a lot of eyes.
"So, if you'll all indulge Justin and me, we're going to take all of you on a little trip."
Justin kissed Michael's wet cheek, seeing the tears on it.
"Paulo, Lonnie, and you guys. Let's get the vehicles loaded. The plane leaves in an hour."
"Where are we going, Mikey?" Lance said, Michael smiling at them all.
"You're all going on a voyage into my heart."

End of Chapter 140

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