Justin's Angel-141

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Everyone quieted down, all eyes gazing at the foursome in the center of the patio.
"Welcome, everyone, to our little celebration. The celebration of two little angels' day of happiness. Tomorrow is Darian and Shauna's third birthday!"
Everyone clapped and yelled, the two little ones beaming with wide smiles and giggling laughter.
Justin picked them both up, the two nestled in his strong arms.
Michael smiled at both of them, seeing their joyful smiles.
"We'll be celebrating that occasion tomorrow in a special place. Today, we'll be celebrating something else. And Sunday will be a day unto itself."
Justin felt a brief flash of sadness cover Michael's heart, then it was gone.
"Today is a day of celebration for something else. Something dear to my heart. Something I never had.  Love. Today I'm celebrating love. The love I feel in each of you. My family and my friends. Today is my day of thanks. My thanks to all of you."
Everyone smiled, lost in Michael's narrative voice.
"I wanted to do something special for all of you. Something that means something deeply to me. I hope you will all sense in your hearts what this means to me. "
Everyone nodded, tears in a lot of eyes.
"So, if you'll all indulge Justin and me, we're going to take all of you on a little trip."
Justin kissed Michael's wet cheek, seeing the tears on it.
"Paulo, Lonnie, and you guys. Let's get the vehicles loaded. The plane leaves in an hour."
"Where are we going, Mikey?" Lance said, Michael smiling at them all.
"You're all going on a voyage into my heart."

Chapter 141

Michael's Heart

Michael smiled, watching all his friends and family laughing and talking.
The Tavarro jet streaked through the afternoon sunshine, cruising toward its destination.
Justin was playing with the kiddies on the cabin floor, Seth and Tomas joining in.
Noah was laughing loudly, Becky tickling him gently.
Michael smiled, Vicky sitting down beside him.
"How are you doing, Bimbo girl?"
"I'm doing alright, Mikey Masturbator!"
Michael smiled, missing their sassy banter.
"Thank you, Michael."
"For what?"
"For being there for me. For seeing the truth in Chris' love."
"You couldn't have thought any less of his love. I saw it openly. I knew he would be so happy."
Vicky smiled, looking at her lover talking with Joey.
"He's so in love with me. I never thought I'd have that kind of man."
Michael kissed her cheek.
"He'll be there for you and your family, my pet. His love is only measured by your love."
Vicky smiled.
"With the baby coming, I want to ask you a favor, Mikey."
"Anything, my pet."
"Tigger's missing you, Michael. He sits around all day, with a sad look on his face. I'm sure Darian and Shauna would love a cat. He's so gentle now, so sweet. He doesn't need to feel lost in a house with a newborn."
Michael smiled, his thoughts going back to Vicky and he raising that special cat.
"I would love to have him, Vicky. My angels would love him dearly. I'll ask Justin, but I'm sure he won't object."
Vicky smiled, patting his arm.
"I'll bring him over next week."
Michael smiled, the two friends chatting happily.
Lance and Josh looked over at Michael, smiling to each other.
"I wonder what's he's got planned. He's always so in tune with us all."
"It will be magical, I have no doubt of that." Lance said, Josh kissing his cheek.
"How are you doing, my love?"
Lance looked at Josh.
"I'm the happiest I've ever been, my Joshua. Noah is an angel. Every moment I spend with him fills my heart with his love. It's now mixed with yours. I'm totally happy. And everyone loves him so much."
"As they love you, my angel. I'm the same, Lance. I have you and Noah. It's all I'll ever need."
Noah's little head went up, his head moving around.
"Right here, Noah." Josh said, the little boy getting up and walking towards Josh's voice.
Justin smiled, seeing the boy heading right for Josh.
Josh took him into his arms, sitting him on his lap.
"How ya doing, buddy?" Josh said, the little boy smiling.
"Me having fun with my friends."
Lance and Justin smiled, hearing Noah's happiness.
Noah climbed into Lance's lap, snuggling against his chest.
"Me likes it here, Papa. Me stays with yous always."
Lance teared up, Josh rubbing his shoulder.
"Yous no care me blinded. Yous loves me." The little boy said, a wide smile on his face.
Justin had tears in his eyes, listening to the little boy's innocent words.
"Yes, my Noah. Daddy and I love you. You're not going anywhere. You're staying right here in our hearts."
The little boy yawned, as did Darian.
"Looks like the kiddies need their naps. Come here you little monkeys." Michael said, Darian running to him, giggling.
Shauna walked with a smile on her face, Noah at her side, after being set down by Lance, their small hands together.
All three climbed up onto the couch with some help from Michael.
They snuggled against him, Michael laying back on the couch.

Justin gently shook Michael's shoulder, Michael's golden eyes opening.
"We're almost there, Mico. Everyone's trying to figure out what's going on. They'll clue in shortly."
Michael smiled, stretching.
His two angels were gone, Michael seeing them sitting in their grandparents' laps, drinking juice cups.
"So, my angels left me for sugar. How sweet."
Lynn smiled, winking at him.
"Those two wouldn't leave you for anything, Michael." Lonnie said, smiling at him.
Michael smiled, sitting up.
He saw Noah in Josh's lap, his little hands wrapped around a bottle.
"Is everything ready, Michael?" Justin said, Michael picking up his cell phone.
"I'll just double check."
Justin smiled, Michael making the call.
A few minutes later, Michael hung up his phone, smiling.
"It's all ready. I hope they love it."
Justin kissed his lips tenderly.
"And why wouldn't they? It's your heart, my love."
Michael smiled, heading for the washroom.
Justin followed.
"I think Mikey's a member of the Mile High Club also." Emile smirked, Justin tussling his hair.
"Got the right. He's the president." Justin laughed, everyone smiling.
Michael went into the small bathroom, surprised to see Justin wanting in also.
"I don't need an audience, my love."
"You need something more."
Justin shut the door, the small room very confining.
"Go ahead, angel."
Michael smiled, turning to the bowl.
Justin waited, letting Michael finish.
Once Michael had finished and washed his hands, two strong arms circled around him.
"I love you, my angel. Today most of all."
"Why today, my Timby?"
"Because today I feel your total happiness with life."
Michael smiled, turning, pulling Justin against him.
"I am happy in life, because you are in my life."
Justin teared, Michael kissing him deeply, laying his head on Justin's chest.
"It's going to be a breathtakingly beautiful day, Jus. And I'm so happy you're by my side."
"Wouldn't be anywhere else, my Mico."
They held each other, Justin's hands starting to roam.
Michael felt his desires heightening, his center pressed against him.
"My tiger wants to hunt. In such a confining space, the passion must be contained. Close you eyes, lover."
Justin sighed happily, as Michael opened Justin's shirt, his hands going to his belt.
Justin's eyes closed as he felt Michael sinking to his knees.
A smile of true happiness flooded his face, as Michael began his passion.

About twenty minutes later, the two men walked hand in hand back to their seats.
One look from Emile, and he was on the floor in laughter.
Justin looked confused, Marco beside Emile now, Paulo and Jake roaring with laughter.
Everyone in the room looked at the two, laughter erupting everywhere.
Lynn and Lisa were blushing, holding in their's.
"Okay, what's so funny?" Justin said, folding his arms.
Michael looked around at everyone, seeing them all hysterical.
He then looked at his lover, seeing no hickey anywhere.
Then he saw it.
He felt himself losing control, but managed not to laugh.
In their confinement and rush, Justin had forgotten to zip up. A large piece of his underwear was sticking out of the zipper hole.
"Babe, Timby's threatening to free himself." Michael said, standing in front of him, his fingers doing their work.
Justin blushed deep red, lowering his head while Michael concealed his treasure.
Michael kissed him on his lips, Justin feeling his love.
Michael turned, seeing everyone regaining control.
"What can I say? Justin's center needs room. It's his own gift, that threatens to explode in happiness."
Justin beamed, seeing Michael defending him.
Everyone smiled, seeing it as well.
"My tiger's love can't be contained. And believe me, he's is damn near fantastic."
Justin beamed, hugging his man tightly from behind.
"You see what this man does to me."
Everyone smiled, watching the two lovers sit down, their children climbing into their laps.
The pilot came on the intercom, informing everyone of their imminent landing.
Everyone began to get seated, buckling in.
Justin smiled, feeling Michael's excitement.
And feeling his happiness.
They put their hands together, their two little ones sitting between them.
All four smiled, ready for the day's joy.

They all exited the plane quietly, all of them on pins and needles, not knowing what to expect, or where they were.
What greeted them surprised most of them.
Uncle Silas stood on the tarmac in the mid afternoon sunshine, smiling widely.
Behind him stood three minivans.
He was dressed in shorts and a golf shirt, a large box of flowers in his hands.
Michael and the others walked up to him, Michael hugging him gently.
"Hello, my boy! Welcome home!"
Everyone smiled at Silas, the older man smiling back.
"I have a bouquet for each of these lovely ladies. Would their gents kindly hand them out?"
Randall smiled, taking the box, handing Lisa one of the small bouquets.
"Flowers for the flowers of motherhood. Vicky being the newest." Silas said, smiling at her.
Vicky smiled, Chris handing her a bouquet, kissing her cheek.
"How are you, Silas?" Lynn asked hugging him, a floral bouquet in her hand.
"I am very well. Michael's given me so much to do. For all of you. My heart and body feel wonderful."
Michael smiled, hugging his uncle tightly.
"Idle hands and such."
Silas smiled, winking at Michael.
"Alright, Mikey! We're in your hometown. Nice idea. Having your little ones' birthday party in your own childhood home." Chris smiled, genuinely happy.
Michael smiled, walking to the first minivan.
"Let's go everyone. Time for a ride of happiness."
Everyone smiled, climbing into the vans.
Justin, Lance, Josh and their three kids as well as Chris and Vicky climbed into the first one, Michael driving.
Silas commandeered the second van, Joey driving the third.
Once everyone and their bags were all loaded, Michael led the way.
The three vans pulled out of the airport, Michael cruising down the highway.
"So what, the house is all decorated?" Chris said, smiling.
"Just relax, Chris. I think you'll like what Mico's done." Justin said, looking back at his friend from the front passenger seat.
"Yeah, Unky Chris. Papa's making us all happy. Wewax." Darian said, pride showing on his face.
Justin laughed, smiling widely at his son.
"You tell him, Darry!"
Michael smiled, his eyes on the road ahead.

The three vans drove by the exit to High Falls, continuing their journey.
"Well, Chris. We just drove by High Falls. So we're not heading to Nana's." Vicky said, looking ahead at Michael.
"Then where are we heading?" Chris asked, looking around.
"You'll see soon enough, Chrisco." Michael said, Justin putting his hand on top of Michael's on the gearshift.
Two vehicles back, Zach was pointing out the same thing to Seth and Tomas.
"I know where we're going!" Seth said, smiling.
"Where, Sethy?"
"To the lake."
Zach smiled realizing the same thing.
He hugged Christina closer, smiling at her.
"Mikey's taking us to the lake. He's having their party there. What a wonderful idea! We go to the place where Michael felt the happiest! Awesome!"
Christina smiled, snuggling against Zach.
In the middle car, Lonnie was asking Silas the same question.
"Ok, Uncle Silas. What gives? We're heading to the lake. I remember this drive from January. Even if it's not snow-covered now."
Silas smiled, looking at Lonnie in the passenger seat beside him.
"Michael came up with a wonderful idea, everyone. Just relax and enjoy it. His heart flows today, with a love I never thought I'd see in it. I'm so happy for him."
Everyone smiled, Lynn patting Silas' shoulder from her seat behind him.

A short half hour later, Michael pulled his van onto the entrance to the road leading into the lake.
Justin was surprised to see a gate ahead, cement columns on both sides of it.
"That's new, Michael." Chris said, his eyebrows furrowed in interest.
"Yes, it's become necessary." Michael quietly said, stopping, removing the car keys from the ignition.
He got out, going to the gate, unlocking the gate and pushing it open.
He climbed back into the van, moving forward, stopping a ways ahead, the other two vans pulling through.
Lonnie got out of Silas' van, helping Michael close the gates, Michael locking them.
"Have there been problems here, Mikey? That the reason for the gate?"
Michael remained quiet walking back to the lead vehicle.
Lonnie looked at Silas, Silas looking away.
Lonnie sighed climbing back into his seat.
The vans moved forward.
Justin looked around, seeing all the rich plant life and thick forests of tall trees.
"A beautiful place, my love."
"Yes, Jus. A spot of heaven on earth."
Lance smiled, handing Noah his Puffy.
"It is beautiful, Michael. I've always loved camping and the outdoors." Josh said, Lance agreeing.
"You're all welcome to come here anytime, my friends." Michael said, Justin looking at him.
"How big is the lake, Mike?" Chris asked, smiling as he looked out of his window.
"It's four miles from north to south, two and a half east to west. It's big. And deep. And the fishing is fabulous."
"I didn't know gay boys fish?" Chris said, smirking.
Justin rolled his eyes.
"Why wouldn't we, Chris? All those thoughts of holding soft worms, reminds us of something."
Justin, Josh and Lance burst out laughing, Chris' mouth hanging open.
Vicky shook her head, closing Chris' mouth.
"You are so gullible, Snookums. You always know he'll top you."
Chris nodded his head, then smiled.
"Doesn't it hurt putting a hook through it?"
Everyone groaned, Chris laughing.
"The man keeps trying to bait me, love. I think he likes fishing too." Michael said, smiling.
Justin laughed, Chris blushing.
Michael winked, Justin feeling his continuing happiness.

They came over a rise in the road, Justin seeing the left turn heading to the cottage. What surprised him and everyone else was the new road on the right.
Michael turned right, heading down the new road.
"Where are we going, Michael? Where does this road lead?" Lance said, looking back towards the cottage.
"All roads lead to happiness." Michael said, Justin suddenly feeling Michael's nervousness.
Justin squeezed his hand, Michael looking into his blue eyes.
Michael's soul relaxed, a smile forming again.
They drove a short distance, coming up a small hill, a wondrous site in front of them.
Everyone's eyes widened, seeing a structure of beauty.
Michael stopped the van, shutting the engine off.
"Welcome to paradise!" he smiled.
Everyone got out of the van, the other two parking beside them.
Justin lifted Darian out of his seat, Josh picking up Noah, Lance smiling as Shauna climbed into his arms.
Everyone piled out of the other vans, all of them looking at what stood in front of them.
Michael smiled, his vision alive in front of him.
Before them stood an immense chalet-style building.
It stood two stories tall. Long, large, wooden logs visible.
"Wow, Mikey!! That's one beautiful cottage!" Randall said, staring up at the impressive building.
Michael smiled, walking forward, carrying in his hand a leather satchel.
"Come in, my friends. Welcome to the Family Lodge."
They saw a sign at the beginning of the front walkway.

The Tavarro-Timberlake Family Lodge

Everyone smiled, all of them walking behind him and Silas.
Justin walked with Darian in his arms, smiling widely.
They all looked around, seeing the beautiful log work and intricate design details on the framework.
Flowers filled the window boxes, beautiful roses.
Seth and Tomas' eyes widening with happiness at the natural beauty of the yard work and surrounding areas.
"It's so beautiful." Seth said, Tomas' arm around him.
"Like walking in natural beauty."
Michael smiled, walking onto the front deck, a large deck of rich cedar wood.
At least twenty different chairs and loungers–as well as a couple of tables–covered the large deck.
"Let's go inside." Silas said, Michael smiling.
Michael walked up to the double doors, opening the right one.
What hit him first was the smell.
A warm, loving smell of home cooking.
Everyone caught a whiff of the aromas also, Joey smiling widely.
"Food! I smell delicious food!"
Michael laughed, a white-haired woman walking out to them from another room.
"Hi, Nora." Michael said, hugging his old neighbour.
"Welcome to your lodge of love, Michael." Nora Swanson smiled, everyone walking into the main room.
They all stood in awe, looking around.
It was a large room, massive in its size and height.
A large stone fireplace stood in the center wall, couches and chairs surrounding it.
The room was filled with things of wonder.
A pool table, bar, tables for cards and secluded, comfy corners for reading and just snuggling.
"This is the heart of the Family Lodge. The family room." Michael said, smiling.
Silas put his arm around him, smiling as well.
"So, Michael, close to your vision?"
"Dead on, Uncle. Dead on."
Silas smiled wider, Michael hugging him.
"It's perfect, Uncle. So perfect."
Justin set Darian down, the little boy running into the room, Shauna following.
"It big, Dada! Real big!"
Justin smiled, Darian climbing up onto a large couch.
"Me like house."
"We all do, sweetie." Lisa said, smiling at Michael.
"I've got lunch ready in the dining room, come everyone when you're ready. " Nora said. "Silas, give them a tour."
Silas smiled at Nora, Nora smiling back.
Lynn looked at them both, remaining quiet.
"Sounds like a plan." Silas said.
Michael nodded.
"This, as Michael said, is the family room. A large room for everyone to enjoy. Games, music, and quiet relaxing fun."
Chris and Joey walked around the room, their faces in awe of all they saw.
"What a room, Michael!" Lance said in wonder.
"It's a family room. And you are all my family. It's yours for whenever you want it."
Everyone smiled.
"Let's get the full scope of all this. First, the downstairs."
Silas walked over to the fireplace, opening a wooden panel.
Inside were a lot of dials and controls, all marked.
He hit a few switches, all the drapes opening, everyone looking out through the large picture windows onto a beautiful view of the front yard and the lake.
"Wow!" Josh said, putting his arm around Lance and Noah.
"What a view, sweetie."
Justin wrapped his arm around Michael, who looked out into the crisp clear blueish green water.
"Welcome to Lake Tavarro."
Everyone turned looking at him.
"This originally was called Struthers Lake. My Nana had it named after me, a short time after she brought me home. She saw my love for this place, seeing it as a part of me. As the heart of me. I loved her for that. And for so much more."
Justin tightened his hold on Michael, Michael smiling.
"Let's look around. Lead the way, Uncle."

Silas walked them around the chalet, showing them all the attractions, and other interesting sights.
He walked them into the dining room, a large sunny room, with almost completely glass walls . It was like dining in the outdoors.
There was a large table for all of them.
It was fully set, waiting on the lunch Nora was preparing.
Next to the dining room was the large new kitchen. Nora smiled, all the women oohing and ahhing over all the latest kitchen gadgets and stuff.
"Fully loaded. We don't have to rough it." Michael said, smiling.
Everyone smiled, Silas walking them through the three bedrooms downstairs.
The kids all climbed on the beds, laughing.
Noah laughed, Darian and Becky tickling him.
They walked upstairs, finding six more bedrooms, as well as three washrooms.
On one end of the top floor you could look down onto the family room, like an overhanging balcony.
"This is beautiful, so beautiful. We're going to have a ball here this weekend." Chris said, smiling.
Silas showed them the other end of the upstairs floor.
On that end was a large balcony.
Everyone walked through the french doors, looking out onto the beautiful lake about one hundred yards away.
A large dock was sunk into the water, several boats tied up to it.
Everyone realized that the lodge sat on a large peninsula, three sides of it surrounded by the lake.
Seth and Tomas looked to the left shore and the right, looking confused.
"I see other roofs, Mikey?"
"Yes, there are a few other small buildings dotting around the landscaped shore. This is a big lake. Room for lots of stuff. Those boats down there are for use by anyone. Please use them when you want. "
Michael smiled, looking around himself.
"On the edge of beauty a soul finds peace."
Seth smiled at him.
"From Daniel's Mission."
Michael smiled.
"Truer words I'll never write. This place was always my inspiration. I wrote most of that book here, lost in the beauty. Let's have some lunch, then we'll take a look around outdoors. I'm famished."
Everyone agreed, Chris looking quietly down over the right side of the balcony.
"Coming, Snookums?" Michael smirked, Chris rolling his eyes.
"What are the golf carts for, Mikey?"
Paulo and Jake walked over, looking downward.
Below them were two garages, with a group of white golf carts lined up in front of them.
"For getting around, Chris." Michael smiled, heading towards the door.
"You built us a golf course?" Chris said, his eyes widening.
Michael laughed, almost doubling over.
"Man, Kirkpatrick! You think you're that good?"
Chris blushed, Justin smiling.
Michael continued laughing, walking inside.

They all sat down to a wonderful meal, Nora having outdone herself.
"This looks so delicious, Nora." Silas said, pulling out her chair for her as she sat down.
Everyone smiled, Lynn looking on quietly.
"Yes, Nora. It's beautiful."
"I remembered how Michael loved my old-fashioned Swedish cooking. I've made you all your favorites, Gumby."
Michael laughed, Zach laughing as well.
"Gumby?" Justin said, raising an eyebrow.
"I'd completely forgotten that! I was Gumby, Zacky was Pokey!"
Zach blushed, everyone laughing.
"They watched that show every day at my place, snacking on cookies. They came to my place after school, I taught them skating and ice hockey."
Zach smiled, as did Michael, their minds flashing back to those cozy winter evenings.
"And every moment is a memory in my heart." Michael said, smiling at her.
Nora teared up, Michael smiling.
"Since this is your day, your gift to us, would you say grace, Michael?" Silas said, smiling at him.
"No, Uncle. For all you've done for me in the last few months and weeks–and for all you've done throughout my life–I would be honored if you would say it on this special day."
Silas was in tears, nodding slowly.
Everyone bowed their heads, Silas standing up.
"Lord, we, your loving servants, have gathered again under your hand of love. We gather today to celebrate love. The love of a special man. Who today gives us back his love. Michael brought us all together to thank us. And, we, today thank you, for letting us walk with this man, in his devotion of love. This spot holds the heart of Michael, the part he lost once. Now he has it again, wrapped in the love of all of us. And, we, here today bask in each other's love and in yours, dear God. We are thankful for all we have, and all we shall receive today. Bless you and bless all of us with love. We break bread together to show the heart of family, to show the love of family. God bless all of us. Amen."
"Amen." Everyone said.
Silas sat down, everyone raising their heads, looking towards Michael.
Michael was smiling, his hands together. No tears were in his eyes. Only a large smile covering his face.
And everyone felt the love radiating off his face.
"Let's dig in! Pass your delicious meatballs, Nora!"
Nora smiled, handing Michael the large dish.
An hour later, everyone sat around the family room, sitting in the chairs and laying on the couches.
"Man, I am stuffed!" Joey said, laying on the rug in front of the fireplace, Kelly laying beside him, Brianna laying on top of Joey.
"Dad, you are never stuffed!" she said, Chris smirking.
Michael had disappeared after lunch with Silas, saying they'd be back in half an hour.
That was forty minutes ago.
"So this was Mikey's big surprise. A family vacation place for all of us. Awesome." Chris said, smiling, looking around.
Justin remained quiet, Darian laying in his lap, Shauna laying on the couch beside him.
"But there's only nine rooms. If we're all here at once, like this weekend, it's still going to be a tight fit." Randall said, Lisa rubbing his stomach.
"Yeah. But there's the cottage too. There were four or five bedrooms there. We can make it work." Lance said, remembering his and Josh's wild afternoon quickie after Justin's proposal.
Josh smiled, remembering the same moment.
He kissed Lance's lips.
Lance smiled, cuddling against him, Noah sitting in Josh's lap.
"This lodge is beautiful, Justin. What a wonderful idea Michael had. We all know how much this place means to him. His sanctuary and his hideaway. Now he'll have his family here with him also." Vicky said, smiling at him and his little ones.
"Yes, Vicky. In a very loving way."
Vicky quietly looked at him, sensing more in his words.
"I sense this isn't everything. What else has my sneaky Mikey got up his sleeve?"
"You're about to find that out, Victoria."
Vicky looked up seeing Michael standing in the doorway, Silas behind him.
They both wore shorts and a golden yellow t-shirt.
On the left side of the t-shirt was written two lines of text in blue.

Lovefest 2007

Michael smiled, Silas walking beside him.
He carried a box in his arms.
"Cool t-shirts guys." Chris said, smiling.
"Thanks, Chrisco. As you can read, this is the Timberlake-Tavarro Lovefest. An annual festival of our joined love."
Everyone smiled, liking the idea.
"That's so awesome, Mikey! I love it!" Trevor said, Nick agreeing.
Michael smiled, Silas setting the box down on the coffee table.
"Inside this are t-shirts for everyone. Please take one. Blue for girls, yellow for boys."
Everyone smiled, getting up, Silas handing out the t-shirts.
Justin pulled off his shirt, his smooth chest on display for only a moment.
It soon was covered in yellow.
He smiled, helping Darian and Shauna put on theirs.
The ladies disappeared into the bedrooms, shortly returning all wearing blue.
The writing on theirs in yellow.
All the men pulled their shirts off, all their beautiful chests on display.
Michael smiled, looking around at all the visions of male beauty surrounding him.
"Blue and golden yellow. Wonder what that symbolizes?" Emile said, smiling, looking at his Marco who looked stunning in a tight yellow t-shirt.
"The colors of our love, Emile. The colors of our love." Justin said, kissing Michael's cheek.
Michael smiled, looking around at all the blue and yellow.
"If everyone would sit down together as couples, I'd like to give all of you something." Michael said, everyone sitting down around him.
Michael picked up the satchel he'd carried in earlier, looking around.
"I hope all of you like this wonderful Family Lodge. It will be the core of this wonderful place."
"We love it, Mikey. We were just talking about it actually. It so big and beautiful." Marco said, smiling.
"But even as big as it is, it's still not going to hold us all." Jake smiled, Paulo's arm around him, Marco and Emile sitting on the floor in front of them.
Michael smiled, looking into everyone's smiling eyes.
"This is the Family Lodge. It is for our families and friends, when they visit us. It never was intended for us."
Everyone looked confused, Michael opening the satchel, pulling out a bunch of large envelopes.
He walked around, handing different people an envelope, asking them not to open them just yet.
He gave out an envelope to very specific people.
Lance, Joey, Chris, Zach, Lonnie, Trevor, Randall, Lynn, Paulo, Tomas, Justin and the last one to Silas.
In total, twelve envelopes were handed out, Michael's hands now empty.
He stood in front of the fireplace, looking at each and every person in the room.
Silas sat with Nora, smiling at him, waiting for Michael to continue.
Silas wasn't surprised that he had an envelope.
For ten minutes, Michael had talked to him about the last envelope and why he now held it in his weathered hands.
"Each of you that has an envelope represents something deeply to me. You represent love. The love of your own twosome, or family unit. Lance, Josh and little Noah; Joey, Kelly and Brianna; Chris, Vicky and their soon-to-be little treasure; Lonnie and Rachel, new friends of love; Zach, Christina, Becky, and the two twins to come; Randall, Lisa, Jonnie and Stevie; Lynn and Paul; Tomas and Sethy; Paulo, Jake, Emile and Marco, foursome of love; Nick and loving Trevor; and finally, Uncle Silas, caretaker of my heart."
Everyone smiled, Justin's eyes full of tears.
"And the greatest loves of my destiny, Justin, Darry and Shauna."
Michael was tearing, his eyes wet as he stood in front of his lover and his two little angels.
"I wanted to do something special for all of you, all my families of love."
Michael walked over to the large windows, looking out on the lake of his youth.
"This lake captured my heart when I was only a child. Here, in its beauty, I felt safe. I felt happy. A hidden happiness of truth. For here I dreamed, and here I felt hope. Upon the top of that hill, I found my sanctuary, a place to dream and hope for one day of love. A day I thought would never enter my life."
Michael turned, his face covered in tears.
"That day is here. It began the day I met my Justin. I am now surrounded by love. The love I have from all of you. My true family."
Everyone smiled, a lot of tearing eyes showing.
"This place means so much to me. How much, you'll never know. For here the truth lives. And I want all of you to have a piece of it. Please open your envelopes."
Everyone cuddled together, each group looking as they began opening their envelopes.
Paulo opened his, surrounded by his three loved ones.
Inside his envelope was a folded paper, and four sets of keys. The keys were on brass keychains, a pewter  fob on one edge. Written on each was the same name.

The Four Corners of Heaven

All four looked surprised, Paulo unfolding the paper.
It was a deed, to a place called "The Four Corners of Heaven".
Paulo looked at Michael, Michael smiling.
"You hold in your hands the keys to your own small paradise here on this lake. All around this lake, eleven new cottages have been built. One for each small group of love. Please Paulo, you start. Give us the name of your new paradise."
Paulo was in tears, looking around at everyone. The four of them stood up as one soul.
"The Four Corners of Heaven."
Everyone smiled, knowing what that meant.
Lance smiled, lifting his keys, Josh and Noah smiling as well.
"Hearts of Love."
Justin smiled, Joey standing.
"Fatone Fields." he said, smiling.
Chris stood, looking on with tears, Vicky standing at his side.
"Laughter's Edge."
Michael smiled, seeing Chris' happiness at the name.
Lonnie stood, his eyes full of tears, half sobbing. Rachel had her arm around him, tears in her eyes as well.
"Friends' Lair." she said softly.
Michael and Justin both smiled, Justin wiping his eyes.
Zach stood, smiling, Christina in tears, Becky grinning.
"Warren's Haven."
Michael smiled, feeling his old friend's loving gaze.
Randall and Lisa stood, Stevie and Jonathan smiling.
"Father's Reach." Randall said, in tears.
Justin's face was showing deep love, tears flowing.
Lynn stood, Paul smiling.
"Mom's Loving Arms."
Lynn was sobbing, Paul holding her tightly.
Trevor and Nick stood, smiling, Trevor raising their keys.
"Trev & Nick's Nook."
Michael smiled, looking at Tomas and Seth.
Seth stood proudly, Tomas' arms wrapped around him.
"Gardeners' Way."
Silas was standing, his eyes full of tears.
"Uncle's Heart."
Justin was the last one to stand, looking at Michael.
"We have the original cottage, Jus. The cottage of my grandfather."
Justin smiled lifting his keys.
"Destiny's Love."
Everyone smiled, tears flowing.
Silas walked up to Michael, hugging him tightly, sobbing.
"This shall be your home, Uncle. The spot of heaven you deserve."
"How did you know, Michael?"
"I felt it in your heart. You've felt so alone, rambling around that big old house. And I know of your love for this place, its natural beauty. You are so like me, Uncle. You need the freedom of this."
Silas wiped his eyes.
"I'll stay here, caretaker of all of this."
Everyone smiled, seeing Michael had sensed his uncle's feelings.
"We'll close up the house. It's not the same without her." Michael said, Silas nodding.
Nora was in tears, seeing Michael's loving gift to his uncle.
"No worries, Silas. You're still not far from all your old acquaintances." she smiled, Michael smiling as well.
Lynn wiped her eyes, smiling at Michael's obvious naivety.
Michael looked around, smiling.
"So, to answer your previous question, Chris, the golf carts are for each of you, for each household. A means of transportation between cottages."
Chris smiled, grinning at Joey.
"And that means they're not race cars." Vicky said, Chris blushing at being caught.
"Okay, love."
Michael smiled.
"All the cottages are connected with a phone system, you can call anyone, and the lodge here also."
Everyone smiled, loving what Michael had created.
"I've created our own little community here. A family retreat. Each of us will have privacy but still contact with each other. A place to escape the realities of life, either alone or as a group.  I was hoping it could be a spot for celebrations. Christmas, Easter, special moments."
Everyone teared up.
"Wow. Christmas with snow and cold weather. Sounds like heaven." Marco said, everyone agreeing.
Randall walked up to Michael hugging him tightly, then his son, both men tearing.
"Michael, we are speechless. What you've done here, bringing all of us together. In this special place. I know–as we all do–that the years ahead will be filled with a happiness we've never known. Our love will meet here often and our hearts will grow from it. Thank you, son."
Michael sobbed, Lynn taking him into her arms.
"I love all of you! I have all of you here with me! I'm so happy!"
Justin sobbed, feeling Michael's happiness.
Everyone surrounded him, Michael being hugged by all of them.
He was kissed by everyone, some kisses deep and loving.

Michael smiled, breaking from the group, their love almost overpowering him.
"Alright. Time for all of you to see your new homes."
Michael grabbed the satchel again, pulling out sheets of paper.
"Here is a map of the area, showing all the cottages. Each one is named. If we go outside and take the carts, you can all look them over."
Everyone smiled, picking up their keys and taking a map.
They all walked outside, Michael leading the way.
"I think that first, each group should see their own cottage. I've designed them all with each of you in mind. I hope you like what I've done. You're more than welcome to do what you want with them if they're not to your liking. You all own them individually."
Lisa hugged Michael, looking in his golden eyes.
"Knowing you, Michael, they will be just what they should be."
He smiled, everyone hopping into their golf carts which were named after the cottages.
Paulo and Jake's place had two carts, for the two couples.
Randall and Lisa two as well, one for the boys.
Everyone looked over the maps, smiling as they started their carts.
" Welcome to Tavarro Lake Sanctuary, everyone!" Michael said, smiling as he pulled his cart towards their cottage, Justin sitting beside him, the kids in his lap.
Darian and Shauna shrieked with glee, riding away in the cart.
Everyone smiled, seeing the family together.
"Let's go look upon Mikey's love." Josh said, Lance beside him with Noah, Josh starting their cart.

Michael pulled up in front of his grandfather's cottage.
Justin smiled, seeing the wooden plaque hanging from a post.

Destiny's Love

"Isn't that the truth?" he said, kissing Michael's cheek.
Michael smiled, getting out of the cart, Shauna climbing into his arms.
They walked as a family up onto the front porch, Justin smiling at the newness of the place.
The cottage had been repainted, and extensive work done on it.
They walked in, Justin's face in shock.
The whole insides had been remodeled.
It was still the same living room, the fireplace refinished, lots of room, but new furniture had been added.
The kids got down, running around the room, laughing.
"Nice, Papa. It ours?"
"Yes, sweeties. This is our home away from home."
They giggled, Michael taking Justin's hand, guiding him around with the kids.
They walked into the remodeled kitchen, all new appliances added.
"The place needed a makeover. It was beginning to show its age."
Justin smiled, the two heading back out through the living room and upstairs.
They found a bedroom for the kids, across the hall from their bedroom.
The room was almost identical to the kids room at home.
"They should feel at home here, too." Michael said, Justin kissing his lips.
They walked into their room, formerly Silas and Nana's old room.
"First thing I fixed was the door. Can't have our treasures coming in when they're older, disturbing our passion. For now, they're always welcomed."
Justin laughed, squeezing Michael's hand.
There were two extra bedrooms upstairs, in case of an explosion of visitors.
"For Poppa and others if they visit or the Lodge is full."
Justin smiled, hugging him.
They walked back downstairs, Michael leading Justin to the back porch.
"We tore down the back porch and added a room, Jus. Hope you like it."
Justin smiled, Michael opening the door.
Justin's eyes went wide, staring around.
They'd walked into a mini studio.
"Mico, this is awesome!"
"It's all state of the art. Timba helped me set it all up. The man knows his business."
Justin smiled, tears in his eyes.
"It's beautiful, Mico."
"Well, I figured I know you pretty well, as I know our Josh. The two of you relaxing here in this place, it would start your creative juices flowing. You might as well have an outlet for that."
Justin teared up, seeing how well Michael did indeed know them.
"This is beyond beautiful, Mico."
"There's an office over there, for myself and you. So I can be creative too."
Justin smiled, Michael leading him into the office, then back out onto the side porch.
Justin saw another entrance to this porch off the living room.
The new porch looked out onto the lake, a large dock floating in the water below them.
The kiddies were helped up onto a couch, looking outward.
"We swim in lakie, Dada?" Darian asked, his eyes wide with wonder.
"Yes, little ones. Dada and I take you swimming there. But you mustn't go near the water without us. Understand?"
"Yes, Papa. Lake too big for me alone." Shauna said, smiling out at it.
"Me scared of so much water. Little me float away." Darian's eyes wide with awe.
Justin held in his smile, kissing his son's cheek.
"Papa and I will keep you safe, little ones."
Both smiled up at their parents, being lifted into their arms.
"It truly is a spot of heaven, Mico. You've done so much goodness here today."
Michael smiled, looking out towards the east. He saw all the cottage roofs.
Then he looked to the west, towards the untamed woods.
"It may only be beginning, my love. I have some other ideas."
Justin smiled, kissing his cheeks.
"I'm all ears, my love."
"Later, Jus. The phone's about to ring."
As if by fate they heard the phone ringing.
Justin smiled, walking back into the living room.
He returned a few minutes later, smiling.
"That was Josh. Lance is crying, and Josh is half bawling."
Michael smiled.
"Time for us to make some visits. I sense they all want us to see their happiness. I feel it in their hearts."
Justin smiled, the four walking back into the house.

End of Chapter 141

And did you clue into that surprise?
I hope you were as surprised as Michael's family.
I always had this idea in mind, Michael's giving his heart to his family.
They now have a place of gathering, a place of hidden openness.
A place to be just themselves.
In essence, his sanctuary becoming theirs.

Up next, the twins' birthday party, and a surprise for the giving couple.
Then Michael's day of reflection, ending with a surprising truth.

Onward through the paths of Lake Tavarro, and Michael's sanctuary of love.


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