Justin's Angel-142

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The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


The new porch looked out onto the lake, a large dock floating in the water below them.
The kiddies were helped up onto a couch, looking outward.
"We swim in lakie, Dada?" Darian asked, his eyes wide with wonder.
"Yes, little ones. Dada and I take you swimming there. But you mustn't go near the water without us. Understand?"
"Yes, Papa. Lake too big for me alone." Shauna said, smiling out at it.
"Me sacred of so much water. Little me float away." Darian's eyes wide with awe.
Justin held in his smile, kissing his son's cheek.
"Papa and I will keep you safe, little ones."
Both smiled up at their parents, being lifted into their arms.
"It truly is a spot of heaven, Mico. You've done so much goodness here today."
Michael smiled, looking out towards the east. He saw all the cottage roofs.
Then he looked to the west, towards the untamed woods.
"It may only be beginning, my love. I have some other ideas."
Justin smiled, kissing his cheeks.
"I'm all ears, my love."
"Later, Jus. The phone's about to ring."
As if by fate they heard the phone ringing.
Justin smiled, walking back into the living room.
He returned a few minutes later, smiling.
"That was Josh. Lance is crying, and Josh is half bawling."
Michael smiled.
"Time for us to make some visits. I sense they all want us to see their happiness. I feel it in their hearts."
Justin smiled, the four walking back into the house.

Chapter 142

The foursome walked out of their cottage, hopping into their golf cart.
Michael smiled, Justin driving, the kids in his lap now.
They drove down a new road running along the water's edge.
The kids looked out on all the clear water, blue and so beautiful.
"Lots wawa, Papa."
"Yes, Shauna. Lots of water. We'll take you swimming tomorrow."
Both smiled, snuggling against their father.
The cart came up a small incline, a cottage ahead of them.
Justin smiled, seeing the beauty of the spot.
The wooden sign hanging by the path read Hearts of Love.
The four smiled, seeing Josh and Lance sitting on the front porch, Noah in Lance's lap.
They got out of the cart, walking up the pathway, flowers planted along its stone walkway.
The cottage was surprisingly large, its looks deceiving.
Josh stood up, in Michael's arms immediately.
Justin smiled, his two angels smiling up at their fathers.
"Oh, Mikey! It's such a wonderful little place! A sanctuary for my loved ones!"
Michael rubbed Josh's back, feeling his heartfelt emotions.
Michael looked at Lance, his green eyes full of  tears.
Noah gently climbed off Lance's lap, his two little friends hugging him.
"Me got new place! Daddy and Papa say we come here for fun."
Michael smiled, Lance standing looking at him.
"So, Lancy. Do you like it?" Michael asked quietly, staring into his green eyes.
"Oh, Michael!" he said, falling into Michael's arms.
Michael smiled, hugging him gently, his hands stroking down Lance's back.
"A heaven on earth it is! So warm and loving! I love it! I simply love it!"
Josh hugged Justin, Justin kissing his lips.
The four smiled at each other, Michael breaking his hold on Lance.
"So give us a tour."
Lance smiled, taking Michael's hand, Josh sitting down with the kids.
"Go ahead, Jus. I'll watch the trio of sunshine."
Justin smiled, following Lance and Michael.
Justin was surprised to see how cozy and homey the cottage felt.
Michael had the place decorated in similar styling as Josh's home back in L.A.
Lance pointed out pictures Michael had put on the walls.
Photographs of Lance and Josh, Michael, Justin and the kids.
There was a bedroom for Noah, across the hall from Lance and Josh's. And one extra bedroom.
It was a small haven of love for the new family.
They all walked back out onto the front porch, Josh smiling up at them.
"It's so homey and cozy. A little love nest for you three." Justin said, sitting down beside Josh.
"Yes. A love nest for all three of us."
Justin smiled, Noah playing on the floor with Darian and Shauna.
Lance sat in Justin's lap, the kids giggling.
Justin smiled, kissing Lance's cheek.
"Michael, this is all so amazing. You paid attention to all the little details. The photos, modern art that Josh and I both love, the decor and furniture so perfect. Even the fridge is stocked with food we both like."
Michael smiled, sitting in Josh's lap, Lance smiling.
"This must have cost you a fortune, Mikey. If all the places are like this, it must have been staggering to do!"
Michael kissed Josh on the lips, silencing him.
"All this cost me was my happiness. I wanted this for all of you. For you two especially. I love both of you almost as much as I love my Jus. We are a foursome of love."
Lance and Josh were in tears, both kissed again by the two men who were in their arms.
They broke their kisses, Michael smiling.
"Right now, I need to get up. Something is poking me in my ass."
Josh blushed, Justin laughing, Lance smiling.
"I have the same feeling, Mikey." Lance said, Justin looking surprised. Michael burst into laughter.
"I think yours is bigger Lance."
Josh looked shocked, Michael smiling at him, lightly kissing him again.
"But the one under me I believe would be just as beautiful."
Josh smiled, feeling Michael's deep loving words.
Michael smiled, standing up, everyone seeing the tell tale tent in his pants.
"What? It's obvious what all three of you do to me. It's called love."
All four smiled, Lance standing with just as visible a statement of love showing.
"Okay, we need to calm down, or jump in that cold water." Michael said, everyone chuckling.
Michael smiled widely, all the other three seeing the contented happiness on his face.
"Justy, I think we need to get going. More cottages of love to visit."
Justin nodded, standing up, all four smiling at his desires openly laid.
Josh smiled at his best friend, Justin leaning down and kissing him tenderly.
"Come on angels, time to visit our next family." Justin said, Darian and Shauna looking up.
"We stay here and play with Noah?" Darian said, Justin smiling at his son.
"Of course, little man. If that's what excites you."
Darian nodded, as did Shauna.
"OK sweeties. Lucky yous. It's so exciting here." Justin said, staring at his bandmates.
Everyone smiled, Michael kissing his two little angels, Justin doing the same.
The hugged their friends, gentle kisses exchanged.
"We'll be back in an hour or so." Michael said, the two hopping back into their cart.
They waved, Lance and Josh standing on the porch, their arms around each other.
"Did you feel it, Josh?"
"Yes, Lance. I felt it. Justin and Michael's total love for us."
Lance smiled, kissing his lover's cheek.
"We have just as great a love for them."
Josh looked into Lance's green eyes.
"But no greater love do I have, than my love for you, and our Noah."
Lance smiled, kissing him tenderly, both feeling their desires heightened.
"Calm down, my tiger. We're babysitting."
Josh smiled.
"Great, I can play the babysitter's boyfriend. Let's make out on the couch."
Lance laughed, walking over to the kids.
"Who wants juicy?"
All three clapped and cheered, Lance smiled, staring into Josh's blue eyes of love, then walking into their new cottage.

Justin stopped the cart just after the cottage disappeared from their view, taking Michael into his arms.
They kissed with an abandoned passion, both lost in their desires.
"Wow, Timby! That was fantastic!" Michael said, pulling back.
Justin smiled, running his fingers along Michael's cheek.
"Being so close to them heightens my passion for you."
Michael smiled, kissing him again, slower and more tenderly.
"Yes, I felt the same. It's so wonderful. To be that close to their love, and only desire yours."
Justin teared, Michael's head now on Justin's shoulder.
"I love them both so much, Mico. But you I love completely."
"I feel the same, Jus. I feel the same."
Both smiled, Justin starting the cart again.
Next on Justin and Michael's tour was the Four Corners of Heaven.
They pulled up in front of the cottage, smiling at a touching scene.
On the front porch Jake sat on a lounger, Emile in his lap. Marco sat beside them, Jake and he kissing.
Emile was running his hands under Jake's t-shirt.
"Well, looks like you three have found a spot of happiness!" Michael said.
The threesome smiled, Emile standing up.
He wore only shorts, his compact chest on full display.
Jake and Marco wore the yellow t-shirts, although Marco's was half pulled up his chest.
"Hope we didn't interrupt anything?"
"No, not at all. We were just relaxing." Jake said, smiling.
Michael smiled, Justin winking.
"Great, just in time for the floor show."
Everyone laughed, Emile picking up his t-shirt.
"Sorry Justin. That's a private show." Paulo said, smiling, as he walked out of the cottage.
He wore only shorts, his bronzed muscular chest shining with a light dusting of sweat.
Michael smiled as Paulo walked down the steps hugging his cousin.
"Thank you, Michael. This place is beyond beautiful. So secluded and homey. We all love it." he said, his voice full of emotion.
Michael hugged his cousin, looking at the other three smiling at him.
"I wanted to capture your love in one spot. A retreat for the foursome of love."
"It's all that and so much more, Mikey." Jake said, walking down and hugging both men.
"Let me see then." Michael smiled, taking Justin's hand in his.
They both followed Paulo and Jake, Marco and Emile hugging them both when they walked onto the porch.
"Thank you, Michael." They both said, Marco in tears.
"Your love just keeps giving." he struggled to say.
"You need only the love of these three angels, my Marco. In this place, the four of you can be yourselves."
All four smiled, Michael walking into their new cottage.
The theme was obviously Spanish.
The colors and decor rich in Spanish flavor.
As in Lance and Josh's, pictures of the foursome, single and together were hung on the walls, as well as Spanish art and other family pictures.
They were shown the four bedrooms, one containing a large king-size bed.
Justin smiled, thinking of what would be contained in that room.
A foursome of fire and passion would live here, this room being the center of their passion.
"To be a fly on this wall." Justin said in Michael's mind.
"Calm down horndog. I'm going to have to relieve some of that pressure."
Justin smiled, feeling a tingling in his center.
"We can't believe you've done this, Mikey. To give us this place, a sanctuary for our love." Jake said, tears in his eyes, as all of them walked back out onto the porch.
Michael smiled, kissing each of the four, Justin doing the same after him.
"You four are in love. A love that's special in my heart. I wanted you to know that I feel the four of you are now my brothers. And to each of you I give my life, my love and my happiness. This is only a token of that unending love. So enjoy it, love each other, and try not to let your passion destroy the place."
The four smiled through his words, laughing at the end.
"We'll try, Mikey. But Jake is such an animal." Emile said, rolling his eyes.
Everyone laughed, Michael looking into Jake's blue eyes.
"The older ones usually are. They thrive on the youthful love. They just suck it up."
The four smiled.
"Dinner's at seven, in the Family Lodge. I'm cooking." Michael smiled, the two leaving.
They hopped into their cart, looking back at the porch.
Emile was being kissed by Paulo, Jake and Marco laying on a lounger together.
"Passion floods the hearts of our brothers." Justin smiled, Michael looking into Justin's heated eyes.
"Come on Tigger, we need to stop for some flooding of our own passion."
Justin beamed, the cart taking off down the path.
They stopped in a secluded spot, Michael's hands going to Justin's waist.

And so the twosome continued their tour of their families' new abodes.
They'd stopped for a heated session of passion, Michael taking Justin's desires into himself, both men satisfied with each other's love.
At each cottage they found the joy and happiness Michael had hoped to find.
Trevor sobbed into Michael's chest while Nick hugged Justin.
Their small cottage, Justin felt, was the most intimate and loving.
That was in part because both gifted men felt the passion they'd just missed.
Trevor and Nick had made love in their new cottage, and Justin and Michael had felt it seeping off the walls.
At Zach and Christina's, Justin had openly cried when Becky called he and Michael her favorite uncles.
She'd kissed both of them, Justin holding her the whole time he was there.
One of the most touching scenes for Justin was when they visited Joey's.
Joey had hugged Michael for a long time, the two finding a newness to their friendship.
Michael had always felt that Joey had seemed the most distant of the bandmates.
Lance and Josh were closest to him, because of their deep foursome of love. Chris was close too because of his relationship with Vicky, Michael's best friend.
But Joey seemed left out.
Michael felt a blush of shame cover his soul, Justin squeezing his hand.
"Joey, I want to apologize to you." Michael said.
Joey's eyebrows raised.
"Apologize for what, Mikey?"
Michael looked into his eyes, seeing only friendship there.
"You and I don't know each other as well as I'd like. I've spent so much time with Lance and Josh. And Chris has always been around because of Vicky. You and I haven't bonded as much."
Joey smiled hugging Michael again.
"I know, Mike. I'm sorry for that as well. But you and I run in different circles. We have different lives, that don't cross as often as either of us would like. But I still love you, man. For all you've done for all of us, myself included. Don't ever think that I don't love you. I do. "
Michael teared up.
"Of all my friends, you have the most grounded soul, Joe. You have all you need in life. A loving wife, a happy child, good friends and family. You have all that I've ever wanted. I now have that also. And I have your friendship."
Joey smiled, leaning forward.
He kissed Michael deeply on the lips, Kelly and Justin surprised.
"You are someone special, Michael. You don't hide your love. Hell, I just kissed you. But it was something more. I kissed a loving friend. I love you, Mike. Always."
Michael smiled, Joey looking into his golden eyes.
"But for the love of God, don't tell Chris!"
Michael laughed, hugging his friend.
"Man, Jus. There's some delicious men here."
Everyone laughed, Joey turning and hugging Justin.
They parted, Joey kissing him now.
Justin parted from his lips, feeling a deep love emanating off Joey.
"Damn, you're right, Mico!"
Joey smiled.
"For men, you two aren't bad. But my Kelly's got both of you beat."
Kelly smiled, hugging her husband, kissing him tenderly.
"She always will." Michael smiled.
So the twosome drove around seeing all the special little spots of love.
Justin's parents both hugged them both, tears flowing.
Chris and Vicky were totally shocked by what they'd been given, Chris in tears, unable to say hardly anything.
"Wow, all of this was worth this. I've silenced Chris Kirkpatrick!" Michael said, Vicky and Justin holding in their laughter.
"I'd leave, honey. He'll get his wind back soon." Vicky said, Justin and Michael laughing.
They went to leave, Chris pulling Michael into a deep hug, Justin and Vicky in tears.
"Thank you, Michael."
"You're welcome, Snookums."
Chris parted from him, his face calm and serene.
Michael smiled, seeing the love in his eyes.
At Tomas and Seth's they found both young men moving plants and flowers.
Michael smiled, hugging both who were shirtless, sweat gleaning off their torsos.
They both blushed, lowering their heads.
"What's wrong, guys?"
"Don't be mad at us, Mikey. The place is beyond wonderful. It's just..."
Michael lifted Tomas' head, looking into his brown Spanish eyes.
"Just what?"
"The flowers are all wrong. They're beautiful, but they're not us."
Michael laughed, his loud laughter ringing through the hanging trees.
"My friends! My dear, loving friends! What did I give you with your keys?"
Tomas looked at Seth.
"You gave us the deed to this place."
Michael smiled, Justin smiling as well.
"Yes, Tomas. It's your place. You own it. Outright and completely. You make it what you want it to be. And all of us will bask in the beauty that you show."
Both young men smiled widely.
"It's a beautiful cottage, Michael. With extra rooms for when Kev and Greg come down. This is going to be a house of deep happiness." Seth said, Michael looking into his blue eyes.
"Thanks, Mikey! Thanks so much!" Seth said, tears falling, hugging Michael tightly again.
Michael smiled at Tomas.
"You're both welcome. And I want to thank you."
Both looked confused.
"For what?"
Michael smiled, looking at Justin.
"For wearing no shirts. Justin's desires are rising again. I'm going to get some more!!!"
Justin laughed, blushing, covering his center, the two young men smiling widely.
"Want us to touch you, Jus. Get you all hot and bothered?" Tomas said, running his hands across his own chest, licking his lips.
Michael burst into laughter, the young men smiling at his wonderful happiness.
"It's okay, boys. I'll take it from here." Michael said, leading Justin towards the cart.
Both men smiled at each other, then waved at the young men amongst the flowers.
Up next, the two contented lovers visited Lonnie and Rachel's little hideaway, both instantly in tears, hugging both men.
"Thank you, Michael. To think that you think this much of us!" Lonnie cried, wiping his wet eyes.
Michael smiled, looking at the large, strong man.
"You're welcome, Longford."
Lonnie laughed, Rachel smiling.
The final stop was Silas'.
The cottage was small and beautiful, and the closest to the Family Lodge.
"Thanks again, son. And thanks for having faith in me to take care of all this."
Michael hugged his uncle, kissing his cheek.
"I knew you were looking for a purpose in your heart again, Uncle. And I see in your eyes the love you have for this place."
Silas nodded, the two hugging him with genuine love.
Everyone along the way was informed about dinner, the twosome finally driving back to Josh's cottage.
When they arrived there, walking into the cottage, they were met with a wonderful sight.
Lance lay on the couch in the living room, three angels asleep in his arms and on his chest.
Josh smiled at his friends, all three looking down on the sight.
"They love him so much." Josh said, Justin's arm around him.
"A foursome within a foursome." Michael said, kissing Josh's cheek.
Josh looked into his golden eyes, then into Justin's blue ones.
They all saw their combined love for each other.
"Well, we should head back to our place, and take a nap. Mico's doing dinner, so he needs to head up to the lodge. I'll stay with the kids."
"Leave them here, Jus. They look happy just where they are. You spend some time with your best friend. I'll see you at the lodge when dinner's ready."
"Okay, love." Justin said kissing his cheek.
It was already five o'clock.
Michael left, walking up to the lodge.

Justin and Josh left the sleeping foursome inside, walking out onto the porch.
Josh sat down on a large overstuffed couch, Justin looking at him.
Josh patted his lap, Justin smiling.
Justin lay down on the couch, his head in Josh's lap.
Josh played with Justin's curly hair. Justin was letting his hair grow thicker, small curls now visible.
"What a wonderful day, Justy. Your man's outdone himself."
Justin smiled, looking up into Josh's blue eyes.
"Can I ask you something, Josh?"
"Yes, Jus. Go ahead."
"Do you regret that you and I didn't connect all those years ago?"
Josh looked down at Justin, seeing the beauty of his face.
"No, Jus. Not now. There was a time when you were all I longed for. But now, I've found something more in Lance. He is my everything."
Justin smiled, running his hand along Josh's hairy arm.
"Michael is my everything as well. And you and Lance are my best friends. I've been thinking about something. I feel something in my heart."
Josh looked into Justin's blue eyes.
"What do you feel, Justin?"
Justin sat up, laying his head on Josh's shoulder, Josh putting his arm around him.
Lance, who'd woken up, gently lay the three kids together on the couch.
He walked out onto the porch having heard the beginning of the discussion between the two friends.
He remained quiet, smiling at the love he saw there.
"I feel like Michael's leaving me."
Josh hugged him tighter.
"He's drawn the four of us together, I believe for a singular reason. That I'll have you two to be there for me when he's gone. That you'll both be here for me and my angels."
Josh felt a tremble in his heart.
"I don't know what to say to that, Jus. But I know he talks of the life you four will have. About you all being together."
Justin stood up, looking out off the porch at the lake in front of him.
"He'll be with me always, I just don't think it will be physically."
Justin turned, looking into Josh's blue eyes.
He then saw Lance standing in the doorway, looking into his green eyes.
Lance crossed the floor, taking Justin gently in his arms.
"Oh, Jus. Michael will not leave you, for that is my prayer to God. God has given him to us, given us his deep love. How can God take that away?"
Justin smiled, kissing Lance's cheek.
"Promise me you two will never leave me."
Josh was on his feet, both men hugging their friend tightly, Justin's eyes full of tears.
"Oh, Jus! We'll both be here for you always!"
Justin sobbed, the two holding him tight.
They looked up into each other's faces, Josh kissing Justin tenderly, Lance kissing his cheek at the same time.
Justin felt wrapped in a circle of love, lost in its comforting embrace.
They slowly parted, staring into each other's eyes.
"Michael's love is in all our hearts. Whatever this confrontation results in, I believe with all my heart he'll remain with us. I have to believe that." Josh said, Justin seeing the sincerity in Josh's blue eyes.
Justin smiled, the three sitting down on the couch, Justin in the center of their love.

Michael busied himself in the kitchen, Nora smiling at his energized youthful happiness.
"You seem to be walking on a cloud, Michael."
Michael smiled, working on the stew he was cooking, adding onions.
"I am. I'm in heaven, surrounded by all my angels."
She smiled, sitting down at the counter on a stool.
"I envy you." Nora said, smiling.
Michael smiled at her, sensing her quietness.
"What's wrong, Nora?"
"I'm all alone, Michael. My children have gone off to their own lives, seeing them only on holidays if I'm lucky. Now that your grandmother's gone, I sense a feeling of loneliness and old age coming upon me. Helena was my last dear, close friend."
Michael sat down beside her, hugging her gently.
"I'm sorry to hear that, Nora.  I knew you and Nana were very close. I can imagine your loneliness. You've always been so happy, having so much joy in your life."
She smiled, kissing his cheek.
"Oh, I'm still happy. And I still have all my clubs and meetings. It's just, I'm like Silas. Wandering in a house that seems bigger than I need. My daughter's been telling me to sell and move to warm Florida with my sister. "
Michael smiled at her, kissing her cheek again.
"Don't, Nora. Florida would suck the life out of you. You are a northern girl. Raised in the coldness of life but flooded with the heat of kind, warm love. This is where you belong."
"That's a kind thing to say, Michael. You always had a way with words."
Michael smiled, looking into her blue eyes.
"And I sense there's something else keeping you here."
She smiled, Lynn walking into the room smiling.
"Something smells divine!"
Michael stood up, grabbing a spatula, pointing it at both ladies.
"Tis me stew of desire! Only I know its secret! Tis me treasure! Avast ye wenches! Stand back from me kitchen! Or be prepared to walk the plank!" Michael said, mimicking a pirate.
The two women burst out laughing, Michael smiling widely.
Lynn smiled at her new son.
"Seems Captain Loveheart wants us to leave. Let's go Nora. And grab that bottle of wine. We might as well feel good. Yo ho ho and a bottle of Chardonnay!!"
Michael laughed, the two women walking out into the living room.

Nora sat down, Lynn pouring them both a glass of white wine.
"So what do you think of Michael's big surprise?" Nora said, taking her glass from Lynn.
"Totally unbelievable. The boy never ceases to amaze me."
Nora smiled, looking at Justin's Mom.
"He's amazed me all his life. I've never met anyone with such an attitude toward life. Even in his darkest hour, he never gave up on life."
Lynn nodded, looking towards the kitchen.
"It must have been so shattering to see him in that bleak, tragic time."
Nora patted her arm, looking at Lynn.
"To see Michael at that time took the joy out of my heart. He was so hurt, physically and emotionally. It was as if his life was ripped out of him, only a shell of a broken man left. And then one day, he changed. The light of hope and courage was in his eyes. And I've seen that look now replaced with a deeper look. A look of total happiness and love. It's truly a miracle what your son's done for him. And it's brought even more happiness to Silas' heart."
Lynn smiled, looking at her.
"Why haven't you told Michael?"
Nora lowered her glass, looking at Lynn shyly.
"We don't hide it very well do we?"
Lynn smiled, patting her knee.
"Anyone who looks at you two can see it. I'm surprised Michael hasn't."
"Silas thought it wrong at this time. Michael's so happy, and he's planned so much into all this. We didn't want him to feel any sadness this weekend."
"Now why do you think this would be felt as sadness? Michael loves both of you."
Nora smiled, looking towards the kitchen as well.
"And he loved his Nana completely. Silas believes that his being with me now would upset Michael. I know Michael knew of the close relationship Helena and Silas had. We all knew of it. Silas and Helena loved each other dearly. In a very close, personal way. Silas wants Michael to remember that closeness. My being with him might interfere with that. He doesn't want to hurt Michael for anything."
Lynn seemed lost in thought, putting her arm around her.
"I think Silas needs to think of his own happiness. Michael would understand that."
Nora teared up, wiping her eyes.
"He's such a kind, loving man. And we're both so alone. My husband has been gone for almost fifteen years. It's been a long time since I've felt the love I feel now for Silas. We started out as friends, and now we've found in each other a greater happiness."
Lynn smiled, knowing of what she was speaking.
"Michael would be very happy for you both. You know that."
Nora nodded, looking into Lynn's deep loving eyes.
"Try and tell Silas that. I love him enough to let him decide what he feels is right."
Lynn nodded, raising her glass, Nora raising hers.
"Here's to stubborn men, with loving hearts."
Nora smiled, the two ladies clinking glasses.
Neither heard the kitchen door quietly closing, or the sound of Michael's gentle crying.

Everyone gathered at the Family Lodge again just before six thirty, all walking into a warm room with a roaring fire going in the fireplace.
"Beautiful." Nick said, Trevor's arm around him, the two snuggling in an overstuffed chair by the fireplace.
Joey acted as bartender, giving everyone before-dinner drinks.
Michael remained in the kitchen, working on his finishing touches to his first meal at the Lodge.
Justin kissed him, Michael telling him to entertain their friends.
Justin felt a quietness about Michael, keeping his thoughts to himself.
Everyone relaxed, Justin listening to all of them relaying their wonderful reactions to their new cottages.
"Man the place is so beautiful. Chris has his own pinball machine and video games. I have a deck to sunbathe on. It's simply a wonderful little cottage." Vicky said, smiling.
"And there's extra rooms for the children in the upcoming years." Chris beamed.
Michael walked into the room, smiling, his meal almost ready.
"Didn't we tell you, Chris? One is the limit. We can't risk more than one of you beasts running around."
Everyone laughed, Vicky shaking her head.
Chris smirked at Michael, then smiled.
He got up, walking up to his friend.
"Now, you don't mean that, Michael."
Michael smiled, looking into Chris' eyes.
"No, I don't Chris. You and Vicky will be blessed with a house full of love and happiness. There will be a large brood."
Chris beamed, Vicky standing beside him now.
"Michael, we want to tell you something. We've decided that if it's a boy we're going to call him Michael. If it's a girl it's going to be Michelle."
Michael teared up.
"As wonderful as that sounds, Chris, there's already going to be another Michael. My sister Christina is calling her twins Michael and Justin."
Chris smiled at Christina, Vicky smiling as well.
"Beat us to the punch, eh Christina? Okay, then how does this sound. We'll just reverse it. Joseph Michael Kirkpatrick."
Michael smiled, looking at both of them, then at Joey who looked totally shocked.
"Sounds perfect. And congratulations to both of you."
Chris looked confused.
Michael smiled, whispering in Chris' ear.
Chris' face changed, then he looked at Vicky.
Their eyes met, staring at each other.
"Oh hell, Vicky. I just opened my big mouth."
Chris got down on one knee, looking into her surprised eyes.
"I don't have the ring here, I wanted to surprise you when we got back. My own mouth, as Michael just pointed out by my calling our child Kirkpatrick, spoiled that. But I have my love here for you, always. You are my everything. And the timing couldn't be better. I love you, Victoria. In front of all my friends, will you marry me?"
Vicky was in tears, the room in silence.
"Yes, my Snookums. With all my heart, I love you. And yes, I'll be your wife."
Everyone cheered, Chris standing up, taking her into his arms, kissing her deeply.
Michael stood quietly, tears running down his face.
Justin walked up to him, his arm going around him.
"Two people who deserve each other's love."
Michael smiled, looking around the room.
Everyone was hugging and congratulating the young couple, Chris and Vicky beaming.
Vicky looked at Michael and Justin, walking up to them.
Justin hugged her, kissing her cheek.
"Congrats, little mama!" he said, Vicky smiling.
Justin hugged Chris, the two locked in a tight hug of love.
Vicky looked into Michael's golden eyes.
"I lay on death's door, in a hospital bed the day the two of you found your love. But even where I was I could feel your love for each other. I only want to wish both of you happiness, Vicky and Chris. You most of all, my Victoria. Under that brazen, tough, independent woman's exterior, beats the loving heart of my dearest friend. Today I'm totally happy for you. Congratulations, my dearest friend!!!"
Vicky sobbed, hugging a sobbing Michael to her, Chris crying openly as well, Justin patting his shoulder.
Everyone remained quiet seeing two friends in the height of their loving happiness.
"Thank you, Michael. But, geez, my pencil dick, have some balls! Quit weeping!!
Michael laughed, breaking his hold on her, beaming at Chris.
"Congratulations, Chris. Take her! She's all yours! Thank God!!!"
Everyone laughed, Vicky slapping Michael's head.
"Ouch!! Watch the do!"
"Oh please, Mikey! Justin's worn half those locks off with all the pounding you two have been doing. I'm positive it wasn't a loon I heard earlier."
Chris burst into laughter, Justin laughing as well.
Michael smiled, Justin running his fingers through Michael's wavy hair.
"We've gone through three headboards." Justin smiled, Michael laughing.
Everyone else laughed.
They all chatted, Michael getting everyone's attention.
"Okay, everyone. Let's have a toast." Michael said, wiping his eyes.
Everyone raised their glasses, smiling at Michael.
"I call this the Family Lodge. For here our family will gather in times of happiness. Tonight, we just saw a special moment of that happiness. Here's to two of my dearest friends. Love shines in both of your eyes. The love of soulmates. Today, you embark on the path of united souls. On that path, you'll walk with the new child you've created. And all three of you will walk together as a family. Congratulations, Vicky and Chris!"
Everyone raised their glasses, the couple kissing again.
Joey walked up to his friend, hugging him.
"Joseph Michael?"
Chris smiled, looking at his best friend.
"Yes, Joey. You are my dearest friend. I had to honor your love."
Joey teared up, hugging his friend again.
"Well everyone, let's head in for dinner. It's all ready." Michael said, Justin taking his hand, the two walking into the kitchen.
Everyone else heading into the dining room.

The meal was a happy occasion, everyone dining on Michael's rich cooking.
Three bowls of his stew, rolls and four dishes of lasagna disappearing throughout the meal.
For dessert, he fed them all apple and peach cobblers, Justin purring with pride.
Michael's peach cobbler was almost as good as his grandmother's.
Michael still hadn't met Justin's grandparents, although Justin and he had both talked to them on the phone on numerous occasions.
They would be at the wedding.
They had all welcomed Michael into their hearts, Justin's new lifestyle not an issue with them.
They loved their grandson, showing their deep pride in him.
After dinner, everyone relaxed in the living room.
Chris, Paulo, Joey and Jake playing pool.
Others just relaxed or cuddled in different areas.
Justin's parents and Nora, as well as Lonnie and Rachel all sat down to play cards.
Silas begged off, instead going upstairs and out onto the balcony, to relish the night air.
Michael and Justin played with the kids, Lance and Josh snuggled on a couch, watching their little Noah giggle and laugh.
"All ready for tomorrow, Noah?" Michael asked the little boy.
"What tomorrow?"
"Why tomorrow is Darian's and Shauna's third birthday!" Justin smiled.
Noah clapped his hands, looking around for his fathers.
Lance sat up, Josh still holding him.
"Yes, Noah?" Lance said, the little boy walking towards his voice.
Noah touched Lance's knees, smiling.
"Me gots to get pessents for Darry and Shauny. Me wuvs them and they needs to sees my wuv."
Darian and Shauna both got up, walking over to Noah, their parents all smiling.
"It okay, Noah. We knows you wuv us." Darian said, both children hugging the little boy.
All the parents had tears in their eyes, seeing the love the two angels had for Noah.
Shauna looked up at Josh.
"When Noah's birthday?"
"Noah was two on May twentieth, sweetie. It was a few weeks ago."
Shauna turned looking at her parents.
"Papa, we wants celebate Noah's birthday too. We missed his day!"
Michael smiled, Justin in tears, seeing the tenderness in their two angels.
"That's a wonderful idea, Shauna! Dada and Papa agree with you. What do you say, Noah? Want to have a birthday party?"
"Me never haves one. Wow!" The little boy said, smiling widely.
Lance smiled at Justin and Michael, Josh grinning.
"Well then, Noah. For tomorrow only, it's going to be your birthday too."
The three kids laughed and screamed, everyone looking towards them.
Lance filled everyone in on what was going to take place, everyone wholeheartedly agreeing.
Michael smiled, seeing the joy in all three kids' faces.
He looked around not seeing Silas, seeing Nora sitting with Lynn playing cards.
"Excuse me, Jus. I have to have a talk with someone."
Justin looked at Michael, seeing determination in his eyes.
"Sure sweetie. Hurry back."
Michael kissed him, walking towards the stairs.

Silas leaned on the balcony's edge, staring out into the darkened skies.
So many stars filled the sky, a large moon bathing the balcony in moonlight.
"The angels are all singing tonight." Michael said, Silas turning to look at him.
"Isn't that what you always told me, Uncle? That the stars in the skies were angels smiling while they sang?"
Silas laughed, remembering his telling Michael that one night on a camping trip they'd taken with Zach.
"Yes, Michael. The angels are singing. And I saw an angel smiling brightly today."
Michael smiled, walking up beside his uncle, putting his hand on the shoulder of the older man.
"The night is so peaceful here. So quiet and deep. One feels like one is on the edge of the world. That in the darkness we feel the echoing of our souls."
Silas smiled, listening to Michael's deeply moving words.
"Your grandfather's voice echoes in your own, Michael. Your gift of words came from him."
Michael smiled, looking into his uncle's grey eyes.
"You loved him very much. All your life. You've told me that."
"He was a giving man, Michael. He gave me life. You are so like him."
"And you loved my grandmother even more."
Silas turned, looking out onto the black, dark lake.
"We never spoke of it, but I always knew, Uncle. I always knew of your deep love for her. And her deep love for you and my grandfather."
"I loved them both equally, Michael. And they both gave me their love."
Michael looked into his grey, loving eyes.
"I know, Uncle. And I sense it was in every way."
Silas looked down, Michael raising his head, seeing tears in his grey eyes.
"I loved them both so much, Michael. They were my everything."
Michael took him into his arms, holding him tight.
"But their love for each other was separate, wasn't it?"
Silas smiled, his mind lost in the past.
"Yes, Michael. They were soulmates. But they still had giving souls that gave me so much of their love. For that, I've always been grateful. They were both beautiful in body and soul."
Michael smiled, looking up into the heavens.
"And now they are together for eternity. Your heart's love with them forever."
Silas nodded, looking up as well.
They remained silent for a few moments.
"I'm disappointed in you, Uncle."
Silas turned staring into Michael's eyes, seeing deep determination and love in those golden orbs.
"In what way, Michael?"
"For not believing in your heart. For not living life."
Silas lowered his head, looking away from him.
"Come with me, Uncle." Michael said, walking back across the balcony, heading towards the stairs.
Silas sighed, following, not sure what was wrong between him and Michael.
He followed him down the stairs, Michael then walking into the living room.

Michael smiled at Justin sitting with the kids.
He walked over to the card tables, smiling at Lynn and Rachel.
"I hate to bother your game, but I need to talk to someone."
Lynn smiled, nodding at Michael. She saw the look of truth in his eyes.
"Nora. I need to know the truth."
Nora looked up at Michael, seeing Silas behind him looking somewhat shocked.
Unbeknownst to the people at the card table, Noah started walking toward Michael's voice.
It was only when Noah started tugging on Michael pants that he was noticed.
"What is it, Noah?"
"Are Siwas and Nowa gonna do kissies now?"
Now, everyone at the card table was shocked, Nora & Silas turning white.
Everyone stopped what they were doing, Jake missing his pool shot in surprise at Noah's innocent voice.
The room went silent, Michael picking up little Noah.
"Well, let's find out, little man!"
Nora looking up at Michael and Noah.
"Y-Yes, Michael. I love your uncle dearly.  But Noah?  How?"
Michael smiled widely, a tear in his eye.
"You see, Noah is special when it comes to feeling things.  Especially love."
"Wow." was all Nora could manage.
Michael smiled and turned looking into his uncle's stunned face.
"And you, my Uncle. Do you love Nora?"
Silas remained silent, Michael looking into his eyes.
"For God's sake man, speak with your heart!" Lynn said, Justin looking at his mother.
Silas looked into Michael's golden eyes, seeing only love.
"Yes, Michael. Nora and I love each other. I love her dearly."
Lynn smiled, everyone else standing in silence.
Michael put Noah down, watching him run to his fathers, navigating the room with surprising ease.
Michael then walked up to Silas, touching his shoulder.
"You didn't have to hide it from me. I love both of you. I'm happy that now, in your loneliness, you've found someone to grace your heart. I love you, uncle. I'll always be happy if you're happy."
Silas sobbed, hugging his nephew tightly.
"I thought you'd be mad, for what I meant to your grandmother. For what you thought we had."
Michael stroked his back, gently holding him.
"What you had with her was special. But you are alive, Uncle. You need to go on living life.  And I now see in Nora's blue eyes that giving light of life. I couldn't be more happy for both of you."
Silas smiled widely, breaking the hug he held with Michael.
He walked over to Nora, taking her hand, Nora standing.
"Looks like the cat is out of the proverbial bag, my dear. Shall we shock them with a kiss?"
Nora smiled, Silas kissing her deeply, their arms enveloping each other.
Lynn was in tears smiling at Michael, Michael bowing his head.
A small voice was then heard.
"Yay!  Me wuv kissies!!" came the voice of Noah, followed by the sound of his little hands clapping.
Everyone laughed and joined in the clapping, Silas and Nora blushing as they broke apart.
"Long live senior love!!" Chris said, everyone laughing, Vicky shaking her head.
"Watch us boys. We'll show you a thing or two." Silas said, winking at Nora.
They both turned, looking at Michael, who smiled back at them.
Nora walked up to him, Michael hugging her tightly, kissing her cheek.
"Welcome to the family, Aunt Nora!"
Nora laughed, tears in her eyes, kissing the young man who smiled back at her.
"You've got another mother to look after you, Gumby."
Michael smiled, hugging her again.
"On that note, I think it's time Justin and I retired. It's been a long day. And our angels need their beds."
Shauna and Darian hugged Noah good night, the little boy kissing both of them.
Justin picked up Darian, Michael picking up Shauna.
Everyone began breaking up for the evening, retiring to their cottages of love. Silas stayed to close up the lodge, Nora's hand in his.
Everyone drove back to their cottages, small lanterns lining the pathways, so everyone could find their way.
Justin and Michael put their angels to bed, the two little ones asleep almost as soon as they were in their pajamas.

Justin sat with Michael out on the back porch, both cuddling on a swinging couch.
"A wonderful day, my love. How did you find out about Nora and Silas? Through their feelings?"
"No, Jus. I accidently heard Nora telling Lynn her feelings. Now that I think about it, I was clueless to what lay right in front of me."
"To tell you the truth Mico, I saw the two looking at each other, in the way we do."
Michael smiled, kissing Justin's cheek.
"It shocked me at first, then I felt happiness for Silas. I knew he loved my grandmother, but she was in love with her soulmate, my grandfather. Silas told me that he loved them both dearly. In all ways."
Justin looked surprised.
"You mean, Silas, your Nana, and Augustus were......"
Michael smiled, kissing Justin's lips.
"A threesome of love."
Justin smiled, marveling at how loving Michael's grandparents must have been.
"I now feel that Silas needs someone, he's all alone. And Nora is a dear woman. They both love each other."
Justin nodded, looking out on the silent, dark lake.
"Michael, are you doing that to me? With Josh and Lance?"
Michael looked at Justin, his blue eyes staring at him.
"Are you making us a foursome of love so that they'll be there for me if you leave?"
Michael stood up, standing at the railing, silently looking into the darkness.
"I love them both, deeply. And yes, Jus. I have thought of it. Josh once loved you deeply, Jus. Lance loves Josh and he loves you. You need love, Justin. If I'm taken from you, I want to know that you'll be taken care of. That you'll have someone to love you as you need to be loved. I know in my heart that those two would welcome you into their hearts, and love you for who you are. And with that it would be in all ways."
Justin stood up, pulling Michael to him.
"My God, Mico! I don't want them! I want you! I need you and only you! They are my friends and I love them dearly, but they're not you. Only you give me all I need. How can you think that they would make that sacrifice?? They are soulmates!"
"Because they love you, Jus. And I love you."
Justin pulled Michael tightly against him.
"You are all I need, Michael. Only you. If you leave, no other can fill that loss."
"Oh, Justin! The thoughts of you being alone crush my heart!"
"But Michael, I won't be alone. I'll have our angels, and yes I'll have Lance and Josh, my dearest friends. And all my other friends. But most importantly, I'll have you in my soul, my mind and my heart. You once promised me that you would never leave me. And I know you are a man of your  word. So I have no fears or terror of you going. If you must leave, I know you'll be with me always. And I'll go on, living life."
Michael looked up, kissing him deeply, the two lost in their love, it flowing through their hearts and souls.
"I'm sorry for trying to manipulate your life, and theirs. You're right. You are mine, and mine alone. I won't let anyone take you from me. And I'm going to try with everything I have to stay with you."
Michael smiled, looking into his blue eyes.
"It's time I told you part of the truth I saw on the Hallway of Truth. I make you a promise here now, my love. That after this final confrontation, I will return to your loving heart in a real way. You and I will grow old together. Our nights will be filled with the passion we live now. Our days with our love entrenched in our hearts. I tell you the truth, Justin."
Justin looked into Michael's golden eyes, seeing his deep, loving truth.
"One day in the distant future, I will kiss you in a garden of beauty. And it will be long after the confrontation."
Justin smiled, looking so happy at what Michael just told him.
Justin hugged him to him, feeling Michael's soul meld with his.
"What's bothering you about that vision, Mico? I feel some concern." Justin said, raising his head, staring at him.
Michael looked a little confused, looking up into Justin's blue eyes.
"I don't know if I'll be myself then, Jus. In the vision, I had blue eyes."

End of Chapter 142

Interesting ending. What did Michael mean he had blue eyes?
I hope you've enjoyed Michael's surprise.
And his helping all his friends with their loving hearts.
Silas is now contented, as is Chris and Vicky.
Michael's giving heart uniting so many.

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