Justin's Angel-143

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Michael looked at Justin, his blue eyes staring at him.
"Are you making us a foursome of love so that they'll be there for me if you leave?"
Michael stood up, standing at the railing, silently looking into the darkness.
"I love them both, deeply. And yes, Jus. I have thought of it. Josh once loved you deeply, Jus. Lance loves Josh and he loves you. You need love, Justin. If I'm taken from you, I want to know that you'll be taken care of. That you'll have someone to love you as you need to be loved. I know in my heart that those two would welcome you into their hearts, and love you for who you are. And with that it would be in all ways."
Justin stood up, pulling Michael to him.
"My God, Mico! I don't want them! I want you! I need you and only you! They are my friends and I love them dearly, but they're not you. Only you give me all I need. How can you think that they would make that sacrifice?? They are soulmates!"
"Because they love you, Jus. And I love you."
Justin pulled Michael tightly against him.
"You are all I need, Michael. Only you. If you leave, no other can fill that loss."
"Oh, Justin! The thoughts of you being alone crush my heart!"
"But Michael, I won't be alone. I'll have our angels, and yes I'll have Lance and Josh, my dearest friends. And all my other friends. But most importantly, I'll have you in my soul, my mind and my heart. You once promised me that you would never leave me. And I know you are a man of your  word. So I have no fears or terror of you going. If you must leave, I know you'll be with me always. And I'll go on, living life."
Michael looked up, kissing him deeply, the two lost in their love, it flowing through their hearts and souls.
"I'm sorry for trying to manipulate your life, and theirs. You're right. You are mine, and mine alone. I won't let anyone take you from me. And I'm going to try with everything I have to stay with you."
Michael smiled, looking into his blue eyes.
"It's time I told you part of the truth I saw on the Hallway of Truth. I make you a promise here now, my love. That after this final confrontation, I will return to your loving heart in a real way. You and I will grow old together. Our nights will be filled with the passion we live now. Our days with our love entrenched in our hearts. I tell you the truth, Justin."
Justin looked into Michael's golden eyes, seeing his deep, loving truth.
"One day in the distant future, I will kiss you in a garden of beauty. And it will be long after the confrontation."
Justin smiled, looking so happy at what Michael just told him.
Justin hugged him to him, feeling Michael's soul meld with his.
"What's bothering you about that vision, Mico? I feel some concern." Justin said, raising his head, staring at him.
Michael looked a little confused, looking up into Justin's blue eyes.
"I don't know if I'll be myself then, Jus. In the vision, I had blue eyes."

Chapter 143

Josh woke up, hearing a noise.
He got up, looking down at Lance who was sound asleep, his naked chest in full view.
Josh smiled, pulling on his boxers, walking out of their new bedroom.
He walked across the hall, finding Noah sitting up in his crib.
"Hey, little buddy. You're up early."
The little boy smiled, raising his arms.
Josh picked him gently up, the little boy snuggling against his naked chest.
"You okay, Noah?"
"Yes, Daddy. I just woke up, felt alone."
"You are never alone, little man. Daddy and Papa will always be here."
The little boy smiled, his little hand rubbing Josh's face.
"Me so happy. Me wuv you."
Josh kissed his forehead.
"Papa and I are happy too, little man. For we have an angel to love. You are going to be so happy, Noah. For we will love you completely."
Lance smiled, standing in the doorway.
He'd woken upon Josh's leaving the room.
"Don't I get some lovin'?" he said, Noah smiling and raising his head.
"Wuv you too, Papa!"
Lance smiled, walking up to the two, kissing Noah's cheek.
"Love you, Noah. Love you, my Josh."
Both smiled, Josh kissing Lance, Noah's hands on both their faces.
"Me likes here, Papa. Me smells so many new smells. Wawa, trees, flowers."
Lance smiled, taking the boy into his arms, Josh smiling.
"It's a wonderful place, Noah."
"Uncle Mikey give us this. I wuv him."
Lance smiled at Josh, Josh smiling back.
"We all do, Noah. Mikey is our angel, our special angel."
"He save me."
Lance looked down at the boy, Josh also looking at Noah.
"From what, Noah?"
"From being sad. Me have you now."
Lance and Josh exchanged looks, Noah smiling.
"Me hungy, Papa."
Lance smiled, walking downstairs, heading for the kitchen.
"Let's feed our little man, Joshy."
Josh smiled, following his family.

After breakfast, and a jovial Noah's non-stop chatting and laughing, Josh sat beside Lance on the couch, Noah playing on the floor in front of them with blocks.
"Do you think the others are up?" Josh asked.
"It's after eight now. Some may be up. Why?"
"Something's popped into my head. I think we need a meeting."
"A meeting? For what?"
"For love, Lancy. For love."
Lance smiled, intrigued.
"I'll call Joe, Trevor and Paulo. You call Chris, and Zach."
Lance agreed, Josh picking up the wireless phone from the end table.
Josh hung up a short time later, telling Lance what their answer was.
Lance smiled, taking the phone from him.
Noah sat now in his Dad's lap, Josh pulling his pajamas off.
"Me put on fun shirt?"
"Sure thing little buddy. Let's go."
Lance smiled at Josh, Josh taking the little boy upstairs.
He returned a few minutes later, both wearing Mikey's yellow shirts and both wearing navy shorts.
Lance smiled, hanging up the phone.
"Everyone will be here in a few minutes. So what's going on?"
Josh smiled, sitting down beside him, Noah climbing into Lance's lap, Puffy  hanging from his right hand.
"The plan is simple, sweetie. The party for the kids is today. How about a party for the bigger kids tonight?"
Lance smiled, liking the idea.
"Nice. So what's the theme."
Josh smiled.
"We have a responsibility, Lance. The responsibility of best men."
Lance's eyes widen, a smile bursting on his face.
"Awesome, Joshua! Of course! A bachelor party! We're all here, all their friends. Perfect timing!"
Josh smiled, a rapping coming to their door.
"Come on in, guys."

Chris and Joey screamed.
Everyone laughed, looking at them.
"Okay, boys! Calm down!" Vicky said, smiling at her excited Snookums.
"That's a wonderful idea, Josh. It's been too long! So how do we do this?" Joey beamed, Kelly shaking her head.
"Well, here's what I've come up with." Josh said, sitting down on the couch.
They all listened, Chris and Joey smiling.
"Finally, fun time! I'm going to get Mikey wrecked!" Chris said, grinning ear to ear.
Paulo shook his head, laughing.
"You know for a fact that alcohol doesn't affect Michael. He's shown you that already."
Chris pouted, Joey deep in thought.
"Okay, then. Justin is fair game though."
Chris grinned, Vicky looking at him.
"You know Michael won't let you get your hands on Justin."
"You leave Mikey to me." Lance said, everyone looking surprised.
"Justin is our dearest friend. He's getting married. This night should be a blast for him, and for Michael. It's our job to see that they have fun. The kids will be taken care of, it's a night for adult fun. We love both of them, and we'll see them both happy."
Everyone smiled, all giving Lance a thumbs up.
Lance smiled, looking at Josh.
"I'll take care of Michael. You bunch take care of the Lodge."
They all smiled, putting their heads together.

A few minutes later, Josh and Lance's phone rang, everyone quieting down.
Lance picked it up, standing up.
"Hey, Mikey. Yeah sure, that's cool. In thirty minutes? Okay, we'll meet Justin there."
Lance hung up the phone, smiling.
"Justin is taking the kids swimming at the Lodge's beach. Mikey wants to know if Noah wants to go."
Noah raised his head, the boy playing with Vicky on the floor.
"Me swim in big lake, Papa?"
"Yes, if you want, Noah."
"Darry and Shauny coming? Stevie and Becky?"
"Yes, Noah. Uncle Justin is taking them all swimming."
"Yay!. Me wanna!" Noah said, standing up.
Everyone smiled hearing the happiness in Noah's voice.
"Mikey's looking for some help to do some preparations for the party. He's called around and I was the only available person he found." Lance said.
Everyone smiled.
"Guess we should head out. We've all got our assignments, people. Let's synchronize our watches!" Chris said, Christina laughing.
"Okay, Maxwell."
"Maxwell?" Chris said, looking at her.
"Yeah, Maxwell Smart. You're both on the same wavelength."
Everyone burst out laughing, Joey putting his arm around Christina.
"You are definitely Michael's sister. It's always the quiet ones." he laughed, Kelly and he walking out of the cottage, laughter filling the morning sunshine.

About a half hour later, Lance, Noah and Josh drove down to the beach in front of the Lodge, seeing Justin waiting for them with Christina, Randall and Jonathan.
Becky and Stevie were playing in the sand, trying to make sand castles.
They all hugged each other, sitting down in beach chairs.
"Go swim, Dada?" Darian said, looking out at the immense lake.
"One sec, Darry. Noah, you ready too?"
Noah nodded, Lance taking his little t-shirt off.
"You hang on to me, Papa?"
"Yes, my little angel. Papa be right there with you."
Josh pulled off his shirt, taking Noah for a moment while Lance pulled his off.
Justin smiled, his shirt already gone.
He picked up Darian, Josh picked up Shauna, Lance carried Noah. Christina carried Becky, Jonathan walked with Stevie.
They all walked out onto the soft sand, wading out into the water.
The three men stood together, feeling the coolness of the sparkling clear water, their little one clinging to them.
"You're not going to like it unless you get into the water, Darian." Justin said softly, kissing his cheek.
Noah smiled beside them, jumping into the water in front of Lance.
It was only about a foot and a half deep.
The little boy screamed with laughter, Lance smiling at his son's courage.
Darian smiled, jumping in at the same time.
All three shrieked and laughed.
"It cold but wuvs it." Noah said, laughing.
"Real lake water is usually colder, sweetie." Josh said, watching Shauna begin to swim, pushing with her legs.
The three kids laughed and splashed each other, Lance laying back, submerging himself.
He lifted up quickly, sucking in his breath.
"Gosh, that is cold!" he said, Justin and Josh laughing, but both looking a little nervous.
Lance smirked, watching the three kids.
He looked at his lover and Justin.
"Come on babies. Hit the water."
The kids laughed, standing up to their mid chests in the cool water.
Josh and Justin took a deep breath falling backwards.
Both came up at the same time, gasping.
"Very refreshing!" Josh said, holding his chest.
Lance and the kids laughed, everyone now totally wet.

Michael was in the Lodge's living room, Nick and Trevor finishing the final streamers.
"Looks awesome, Mikey. The kids are going to be blown away." Nick said, his arms holding the last piece, Trevor above him taping it to the ceiling.
Nick was smiling, Trevor's ass right in front of him at face level.
Michael had been watching the two, seeing their flirtatious movements.
The two were deeply in love.
"Thanks guys, I appreciate this."
"No worries, Mikey. The drill sergeant volunteered us." Trevor said, laughing.
"I must thank Lance."
They all laughed.
As if hearing his name, Lance walked into the room, smiling.
"Looks awesome, Mikey!" He said, smiling and looking around.
"Thanks, I had your volunteers to help."
Lance blushed, everyone laughing.
"Thanks for being so organized, Mr. Bass." Michael said kissing, his cheek.
Lance smiled, making eye contact with Nick.
"If there's nothing else, Mikey, Trev and I'd like to skip into town, do some looking around. We have some gifts to buy."
"Sure thing guys, but don't forget, the party starts at noon. Doggies for everyone."
"For sure, Mikey. Save six for me." Nick said, Trevor smiling.
"I think you'll need only five. I think you'll sample one shortly."
Trevor blushed, Nick smiling widely.
"That one's the best." he said, his arm around Trevor's slim chest.
Lance and Michael smiled, the two other men waving goodbye.
"You can see the deepness of their love. You did good as always, Mikey."
Michael smiled, looking around his finished room.
"So, Lance. The kids enjoying the lake?"
"Yes, Mikey. It took us forever to get them back out of the water. Noah's part fish. Josh and Justy are building sand castles with them."
"Cool. Keep them busy and this will be a big surprise. So what do you want to talk to me about?"
Lance looked at Michael seeing him staring at him.
You couldn't hide anything from Michael.
Lance sat down on a couch, Michael sitting down beside him.
"I want to know what's going on. I've sensed a new feeling in you, Michael. Lately, you've been trying to unite the four of us in a very loving way. What's going on?"
Michael sighed.
"Josh picked up on it too?"
"Yes, Mikey. We both talked about it last night."
"I'm sorry, Lancy. Justin saw it easily, too."
Lance smiled, putting his arm around Michael.
"You're trying to make us love Justin more, so that he'll have us to care for him if you leave. Am I correct?"
Michael stared into his green eyes.
"Man, you three are so in tune with each other! Yes, Lance. That's what I was hoping would happen. My mind can't fathom my Justin being alone after this. I thought he'd have both of you to love him. I'm sorry for trying to manipulate the three of you. Justin and I had a long talk about it last night. I now know that he wants only me, that's all he's ever wanted. I'm sorry for trying to come between you and Josh with this. That never was my intention."
Lance hugged Michael to him, kissing his forehead.
"Michael, even you can't come between Josh and me. We are soulmates. Nothing can change that. We love Justin, and we love you. We'll be there for him if destiny forces us to be. We love him. But we pray with all our hearts that you'll be safe. God can't take you from us. It just wouldn't be fair."
Michael smiled, hugging his friend.
"Thank you for being here for both of us. We both love you two deeply."
"We know. We're a foursome of love."
Michael smiled, looking at his best friend.
"So, everything's ready here?"
"Yes, ahead of schedule. Just the food to prepare. Joey's volunteered to man the barbeque. Dogs and hamburgers."
Lance smiled, hugging his friend.
"Then you're mine late this afternoon after this is over, Mikey. You and I are going to tour your hometown. I want to walk in the footsteps of your youth."
Michael smiled.
"That sounds like a great idea, Lancy. But first, our children need to bask in the happiness of their families."
Lance smiled, looking around at Michael's imaginative decorating.
"I sense a lot of childlike wonder in you, Michael. The kids will love this."
Michael stood up, looking over by the fireplace.
"My Nana did this for me on my tenth birthday, the first one I spent with her. It was a day of love. Our children will have that love today. Today they'll have a Child's Gift."
Lance was in tears, standing beside his friend.
He saw the look in Michael's eyes, the look of forgotten happiness. Of the thoughts of a day of past joy.
"She's with you in every way, Michael. This shows that."
Michael smiled, walking with his friend outside.

Justin looked up, smiling at his lover walking across the sandy beach, Lance at his side. The two were laughing and chatting.
Justin caught a flash of movement behind the two men, someone running right towards them. Then, in an instant, he saw Michael lowering his body in a fluid movement of speed.
Chris went flying over Michael's prone body, rolling across the sand, coming to a stop about ten feet in front of Justin and the kids.
He lay in the sand, sputtering dirt out of his mouth.
Michael stood erect again, smiling, Lance staring in awed wonder.
"Tsk, Tsk, Chris. You know better than that."
Chris groaned, Joey shaking his head behind Lance.
"I told him it wouldn't work. The man thinks he's unstoppable." Joey said, holding in his laughter.
Michael smiled, walking up to his friend, extending his hand.
Chris reluctantly took it, standing up.
He wiped sand off his shirt, disgusted that he'd failed.
"Don't feel bad, Chrisco. There's no possible way that you can sneak up on me now. My gifts are too finely tuned now. They are heightened always. I have no say in it now."
Justin looked at Michael feeling his acceptance of that.
"Damn, Tavarro! I'm going to get you yet!"
Michael smiled, seeing all the dirt on Chris' clothing.
"This time I'll give you fair warning. Take your wallet and keys out of your pants Chris."
Chris looked confused, seeing Michael looking towards the clear lake behind him.
It dawned instantly on Chris.
"Now see here, Mikey!! You are not putting me in that lake."
Everyone smiled, seeing Michael's determined eyes.
"Chris, you know it's only fair. Your plan failed, you now must suffer the consequences."
Michael pulled his shirt off, his golden skin on full display.
Chris backed up, looking for an escape, his back to the water.
He saw the futility of that escape.
He sighed, pulling out his wallet, keys and stuff, throwing them on the sand.
"Come and get me, Tavarro."
Chris took off, running down the beach, Michael in hot pursuit.
Everyone laughed, sitting around and watching the show.
It didn't last long.
Michael tackled Chris about a hundred yards down the beach, the two rolling in the sand.
Michael was on his feet in a flash, picking Chris up in his arms, heading out into the water.
Justin was laughing heartily, seeing his lover in the midst of his fun.
Chris was screaming, begging Michael to stop.
When Michael was waist high in the water, he flung Chris forward, the man flying through the air, hitting the water hard.
He screamed, Michael smiling widely.
A large splash covered his body, the cold water hitting him instantly.
Chris came up for air, gasping.
"Dammit, that's cold!"
Michael laughed, diving into the water.
He emerged right in front of a swimming Chris.
"Thanks, Chris. Love ya man. You always make me smile."
Chris looked at him, his face reluctantly changing into a smile.
"Glad I make you happy, Mikey. But does it always have to be at my expense??"
Michael smiled, hugging his friend in the water, kissing his cheek.
"Sorry, Snookums. Forgive me?" Michael said, batting his eyelashes.
Chris laughed loudly, nodding. Then he splashed water at Michael, Michael laughing.
Chris swam toward shore, everyone smiling and standing up.
Michael remained in the water, swimming around in the cool waves.
Justin smiled, seeing Chris walking up to them.
"Your man is downright twisted, Jus."
Justin smiled.
Chris smiled back, shaking his head.
"Let's hope he never changes."
Everyone smiled, seeing Chris' love for Michael, and his mischievous twisted mind.
Vicky handed Chris a towel, Chris drying himself.
"Watch the kids, guys. I'm going to join my angel in Lake Tavarro's soothing waters." Justin said pulling his shirt off again.
Vicky smiled, watching Justin run down the beach into the water, then dive, heading out to Michael's swimming form.
Chris shook his head, laughing.
"We all better turn our heads. This could get R-rated."
Everyone groaned, sitting down again, shaking their heads.
Chris grinned, Vicky stopping him with a deep kiss.
Chris sighed, looking into her eyes.
"Don't browbeat love, darling. Or you'll never get it again."
Chris nodded, feeling Vicky's admonishing, loving tone.
"Sorry, sweetie."
"Love ya, Snookums."
Chris smiled, kissing her again.
"Speaking of R-rated. I think I'm going to Ralph!" Lance said, Josh and Joey laughing.

Shortly after eleven, all the bathers and relaxing friends returned to their cottages, to get ready for the imminent party.
Michael had walked back up to the Lodge, giving Justin some instructions before he began heading to their cottage.
"Dress them both nice, Jus. I'm going ahead to get it all ready. Meet you at the front door at noon."
Justin kissed him deeply, Michael kissing his angels.
"See you in a few minutes, my little drops of sunshine."
They both smiled, Justin driving away.
Michael returned to the Lodge, setting up his final details.
At five to twelve, everyone began arriving, all being asked to sit on the front porch until everyone was assembled.
All their gifts were taken by Michael and Silas and put inside.
Michael chatted with Silas quietly, the two nodding and smiling.
At noon, everyone was there, waiting on the guests of honor.
Justin and the kids arrived at the same time with Lance, Josh and Noah.
Darian and Shauna were dressed in matching khaki shorts and Hawaiian shirts.
Noah wore a Hawaiian shirt and navy shorts.
Everyone clapped and shouted, the three little ones smiling widely.
"Happy Birthday little angels." Lynn said, kissing all three in their parents' arms.
Everyone kissed them, and touched them, the three feeling deep love surrounding them.
"See Noah, we's wuved." Shauna said, the little boy smiling widely.
"Yep, we's gweatly wuved."
Everyone smiled, the front door opening.
A smiling Michael walked out, dressed in a colourful outfit.
It resembled a circus' ringmasters uniform.
He smiled at the three little angels.
"Welcome children of birthday happiness! Welcome to your party of love!" he said, everyone seeing the happiness on his face.
"Come children of all ages! Come into a room of wonder!"
Nick and Trevor smiled, remembering all the decorations they'd put up.
When the two walked into the room, they were totally stunned.
As was everyone else.
The three children screamed and laughed, Michael smiling widely.
The room was decorated with streamers and balloons, as Nick, Trevor, and Lance had seen and hung.
Three rings were laid out to represent a circus.
Everyone picked up on the theme.
That alone would have been beautiful but not for what now made it breathtaking.
Throughout every inch of the room, Michael's magic was on display.
Bright lights moved everywhere, in different shapes and sizes.
The walls were covered in magic light displays.
A picture of a horse on one wall, the horse moving. An airplane flying around the room, bright flourescent pink in color, a train moving around the room at the top of the ceiling.
All bright and colourfully displayed in magical lights.
Everyone oohed and ahhed, lost in the beauty of Michael's gifted surprise.
Different moving pictures on the walls changed into other scenes: wildlife, people dancing, circus pictures and so many others.
"It's visually stunning, Michael. So childish and wonderful." Trevor said, awed at what he saw.
"I wanted the kids to see and feel the beauty of their dreams and imagination."
His two little ones had eyes big in awe and amazement.
"Awesome, Papa!" Shauna said, looking up at all the changing lights.
Michael smiled at his two angels, then looked at Noah, whose head was moving around.
Michael walked over to Lance, smiling down at Noah in his arms.
"Little Noah, do you sense anything?" Michael asked, the little boy lifting his head, on his face a joyous smile.
"Yep, Unky Mikey! I feel the wuv!"
Michael smiled, kissing the little boy's cheek.
"Then come and bask in something new."
Michael took Noah from Lance, smiling at his friend.
Josh put his arm around Lance, watching Michael.
"Darry, Shauna, follow Papa." Michael said, tenderly.
Darian and Shauna left their Dada, Justin smiling at what he felt in Michael.
Michael and the three little ones stood in front of the fireplace, Michael smiling.
He sat down on the fireplace's hearth, the three little ones climbing into his lap.
"I am your father, dear Darry and Shauna. And I am your uncle, dear Noah. Today, I give you a gift of love. My grandmother gave me this gift on my birthday. It is called A Child's Gift. It is the gift of children's dreams. Bask in its warmth and in its surprising wish."
Everyone remained quiet, waiting for what they felt might happen.
What happened next totally shocked them.
Michael looked up at everyone, his eyes now white and glowing.
In a heartbeat, all the colored light displays that he'd designed around the room moved, streaked across the room, surrounding the foursome.
They became cocooned in a circle of flashing beauty.
It was similar to the Christmas Tree of Love, but different in a singular way.
For the four inside the circle had instantly vanished.
All that was now shown in that circle was a deep whiteness.

Everyone looked at Justin, his eyes looking at Silas.
Silas smiled.
"Helena only used this gift once, even she wasn't sure of its full reasoning. But the day she used it, Michael's young heart healed. Whatever he found in the Child's Gift made him a happy little boy. What Michael's now doing with it, and how he knows to summon it, I'm not sure. But I know he does it with love."
Justin smiled, watching the large ball of flashing love.
Soon, everyone heard laughter flood the room.
They recognized the voices as Darian, Shauna's and little Noah's.
Justin smiled widely, knowing Michael was showing them something wonderful.
A few moments later, they heard a small child crying.
Lance trembled, knowing it was Noah.
"He's crying! My baby's crying! I have to go to him!"
Josh was moving as well, Silas and Justin walking in front of them.
"Wait! Believe in Michael. Let him do this. Trust in him to keep them safe." Justin said, putting his hands on both of their shoulders.
Both men looked deeply emotional.
They all stopped, waiting.
In moments, they heard Noah's gentle, joyous laughter flood the room.
Noah now was extremely happy.
Lance and Josh exchanged looks of relief.
Silas moved back, everyone looking at the circle.
Justin stood between his two friends, his arms around them.
All three watched the circle of whiteness, surrounded by spinning colours.
It instantly doubled in size, the white brightness almost blinding.
Then it was completely gone, disappearing in a splash of sparkling light.
Where the circle had been, Michael now stood with Darian and Shauna at his sides, their little hands in his.
Noah stood in front of Michael smiling.
All three children wore smiles of immense happiness
Everyone smiled, seeing the four back safe and sound. Michael remained quiet, not moving.
Noah smiled, a smile that took everyone's breath away.
He was looking around the room.
Then he looked right in front of him, sensing two men staring at him.
"I happy, Daddy and Papa. Me sees circus!" the little boy said, running toward his shocked parents.
Lance and Josh were on their knees, the small child leaping into their arms.
Justin stood behind the united family, looking a little surprised.
"Me saw animals!" the little boy said, shrieking with happiness, everyone stunned into silence.
Lance was crying, looking into his little boy's eyes when he pulled him back.
Their brownness was the same shade they'd always been.
"You saw animals, Noah? What do you mean, angel?"
"Yes, Papa. I saw animals and I saws Darry and Shauny. Uncle Mikey helps me sees them."
Lance was sobbing, Josh at the same level of emotion, both kissing and hugging the little boy.
Everyone was in tears, crowding around the little boy and his parents.
Darian and Shauna ran to their Dada, Justin picking them both up.
Michael remained where he was, smiling quietly at everyone.
Everyone was chattering and hugging the little boy, Noah quietly smiling.
Justin set Darian and Shauna down, the two little ones hugging Noah, the little boy smiling.
"Me got two good friends. Me wuvs you two."
Everyone teared at the smiles on the three little faces.
"We saw circus Dada! We saw animals and stuff. Papa took us all to the circus!" Darian said, his face a vision of complete happiness.
Everyone smiled, looking towards Michael, who hadn't moved.
Justin smiled down at Darian, he and Shauna hugging Noah.
He then looked at his lover, sensing something not quite right.
Michael still hadn't moved.
His quiet voice filled the joyful room, everyone quieting down.
"The Child's Gift is a gift for a child. It shows them their imaginations and their dreams. Darry and Shauny always loved the circus, so there the gift took them. Their greatest dream realized. Little Noah wanted a special thing, his greatest wish. So this he was given, if only for a moment in time. I haven't the power to heal him. I'm sorry my friends."
Everyone saw a tear in Michael's eye.
Lance and Josh stood up, Noah now in Josh's loving arms.
"Thank you, Michael. This gift you gave him, it's beyond love." Lance said, tears falling, walking towards Michael.
"Stop, Lance."
Lance stopped, feeling the trembling in Michael's voice.
Justin felt it too.
"What's wrong, Michael?" Justin said, advancing also. Everyone had picked up on Michael's changed voice.
"This gift came with a price. I am paying for it now."
Justin looked concerned, advancing quicker.
"Stop, Jus! Please!" Michael's thick voice filling the room.
Justin stopped, seeing the fear in Michael's eyes, and feeling the finality in Michael's voice.
"I now must receive my judgement. For crossing the line of faith."
Justin felt his own body trembling, slowly edging toward Michael. Michael's hands went out, Justin feeling the wall of air.
"Do not touch me while I am in the white light of justice, anyone. For it could hurt you deeply. I will not give you this pain. It is my own."
Justin looked shocked, feeling nothing coming from Michael, as if he was now completely sealed off.
Then everyone saw the white glow around Michael appearing.
Michael closed his eyes, his face a mask of deep pain.
Instantly he was totally surrounded by the white glow.
His body seemed to stagger, then collapse onto its knees.
Justin meant to go forward, Josh grabbing him.
"Wait! You heard Michael! Do not touch him!"
Michael remained on his knees, everyone seeing his gasping for breath, his fighting to hold in a scream.
Then his head raised, his eyes opening.
Justin sank to his knees, seeing the pain in his golden eyes.
Then they changed to ice cold blue, then burning hazel, Then glowing white.
Then Michael fell forward, collapsing on the hearth.
Justin broke from Josh the instant he saw the white glow vanish from around Michael.
Justin took him into his arms, looking into his face.
Michael's eyes opened, their golden shine back.
"It's okay, Jus. I'm okay. I just need a moment to control this pain."
Justin picked him up, carrying him over to a couch, laying him down.
Justin was sitting beside him, his hands going over Michael's body.
"Are you okay, Mico? Are you hurt?"
"I'm okay, Jus. Just a little tired. I'll be okay in a few moments."
Justin closed his eyes, feeling the hidden pain instantly, trying to push it away from Michael.
Everyone had crowded around, Darian and Shauna lifted onto the couch beside their fathers, Lance and Josh standing looking down on Michael.
Michael and Justin both opened their eyes, Justin's showing tears.
"Okay, Papa?" Darian said, kissing his cheek.
"Yep, little man. Papa's okay."
Darian smiled.
"You give Noah eyes?"
Michael smiled, knowing the two little ones knew what had happened.
"Yes, Darry. I gave Noah eyes for a moment."
Lance was in tears, sensing something miraculous in that statement.
Michael looked at Noah.
"Why you do it, Unky?"
Michael sat up slowly, the little boy stretching his arms out.
Michael took him into his arms, Justin watching the two, as well as all the others watching them.
"Because I love you. As I've always loved you."
Lance looked confused, as did Josh.
Michael sighed, everyone seeing him almost back to normal, his golden eyes calm and full of their usual love.
He looked into Lance's green eyes, seeing deep happiness there.
Lance and Josh were in tears, Michael looking around.
"The Child's gift is just that. A gift for a child. A moment of imaginative love."
Justin looked at Michael, Michael kissing his cheek.
"Nana used it once, for myself. To make me happy that first birthday I spent with her and Uncle Silas. It is an old family gift."
Silas smiled, remembering that day and Michael's joyous smile.
"When I went into it that first time, I saw not a circus, but my place of sanctuary, a spot of heaven for me. That gift led me to my own sanctuary. It made my first dream come true."
Everyone smiled, still sensing more.
"But for me, now as an adult, I used it for something else."
Justin felt concern for what Michael was saying, squeezing his hand.
Michael smiled, kissing his cheek.
"A person is only allowed to use the Child's Gift once. I went against the laws of the gift. But for a very good reason. Even though I knew it might cost me dearly."
Everyone remained quiet, looking at the man before them, a man with a giving heart.
"It only works with a child at its center. For to God, a child is the greatest gift. I was lucky to have three in my arms." Michael said, kissing the three little angels.
"You said it's a gift, Mikey? Is it a part of your magic?" Lonnie asked, his eyes full of awed concern.
"It is God's gift, Lon. A gift from God to his children of love."
Everyone sat down, all looking at Michael.
Michael looked down at Noah, the little boy looking up, smiling towards him.
In those small eyes, Michael saw the returned darkness.
"I sat with our children in the circus of love. Watching my two angels lost in the excitement of the different animal acts. Little Noah sat between them, feeling the love radiating off his little friends' visions. And a man walked up to me."
"What did this man say, Michael? Who was he?" Lance said, staring into his golden eyes.
In them, he saw an acceptance.
"He told me that he was the ringmaster of children's wishes. That he was in charge of the circus Magica."
"The ringmaster of wishes?" Justin said, putting his arm around Michael.
Michael nodded, looking down at his hands. The marks on his palms seemed to glow faintly. Everyone saw that.
"He told me that he had entertained thousands of single children over thousands of years. Never had he met a threesome so united." Michael said, everyone looking at the three.
Darian and Shauna sat in Justin's lap, both smiling at Noah, Noah smiling against his father's chest.
"And then he told me that I should not be there. That I didn't belong in wishful dreams."
Justin's hand went to Michael's shoulder, Michael smiling.
"I looked into that man's eyes and then I laughed."
Everyone looked surprised, Michael pulling Darian into his lap, his son smiling.
"You always bewong with us, Papa."
Michael smiled, looking at the three little ones.
"Noah started crying, my angels comforting him. They'd all heard the man's words."
Everyone remembered hearing Noah's crying.
"Funny thing was, the man I knew. That's why I laughed."
Everyone looked confused, Michael looking around at them all.
"It was Adrian."
Justin looked into Michael's golden eyes, seeing happiness there.
"My ancestor has a heart of mirth and wonder. And a great love of children. The Child's Gift is his own. A gift he has given to generations of needful children. My ancestor gave my children their joyous circus of love."
Everyone smiled, hearing Michael's happiness at that.
"The children calmed once I told them who he was, how loving he was. Little Noah even smiled."
Lance smiled, hugging his child a little closer.
Michael stood up, Justin taking Darian from him, watching Michael's every move.
Michael seemed back to normal, smiling.
"Once the kids went back to watching the circus, Adrian and I talked. He told me what was to come to pass. In regards to why we were there. I was the gift, I was Noah's gift. Through me, Noah would be allowed to see for the briefest of moments. For one reason only."
Michael knelt down in front of Noah, the little boy reaching out his arms.
Michael took him in his arms, the little boy smiling widely.
Lance and Josh were in tears, looking at Michael's deep love for the child.
"What was the reason, Michael?" Randall asked, smiling at him.
"To give him hope, and to show him love. To show him the real love he feels around him. The love of his two new playmates. Darry and Shauny. If he could see their smiling faces, their joyous laughter, he could see what life is. A journey of love, friendship and living life."
Everyone was in tears, Michael looking down at the little child in his arms.
"And so Adrian and I both sat beside him, both of us touching his closed eyes. And then Noah opened them."
Noah smiled, looking around.
"Me saw dem, Unky. Me saw Darry and Shauny. Theys bewtiful. They be my friends forevers."
Lance and Josh sobbed, Noah looking towards them, sensing their emotions.
"Don't crys daddies. Me's happy like this. Me feels more now. More wuv."
Lance got up, walking up to his son and Michael.
"Tank you, Unky. Tanks for givings me this."
Michael was in tears, hugging the little child to him.
"Happy birthday, Noah."
"Yes, happy birthday, son." Josh said, Noah going into his arms.
Justin walked up to Michael, their two angels in his arms.
"Happy birthday, my little angels."
"Thanks, Papa. Circus fun!!" Darian said, Michael laughing, kissing his cheek.
Noah smiled, cuddling against Lance's chest.

Joey walked up, putting his hand on Michael's shoulder.
"Then if that was God's love, why were you given pain at the end?"
Michael sighed, looking around.
"Adrian and I talked of other things. I requested something from him. He told me that for what I had done, I would have to suffer.  For wanting this, my marks of pain would be returned. That I would have to take unto myself that pain again. For I have asked to change destiny."
Justin moved beside Michael, lifting his shirt from behind.
On his back the long slash mark had returned.
Justin was in tears, seeing Michael's mark of pain returned.
He lifted Michael's right hand, everyone seeing the scar on the back of his hand.
"What have you done, Michael? What have you changed?"
"I have given Noah his wish, Justin. For this I did with love. That beautiful child deserves to see the love he now has. The love of his friends, his parents, our dearest friends. Noah was destined to go through life without seeing that, I just couldn't let that happen."
"There's something more behind this, Mico?" Justin asked, looking into his golden eyes. In them, he saw Michael's resolve not to say what that was.
"Yes, Jus. That one day may be shown. Until then I will go on. The pain in my heart always. But I will bear it. As I have long done."
Justin wrapped his arms around Michael, feeling that pain deep within his heart.
"Oh God, Michael! What you've done for Noah! How can we thank you??" Lance said, his emotions under dubious wraps.
Michael kissed Lance's cheek, putting a finger to his lips.
"No thanks are needed. I was given my thanks watching your son's eyes widen with happiness at that circus."
Lance smiled, Noah moving forward, kissing Michael's cheek.
"Oh, Michael! Why, on this day of happiness, must you be given that pain back?" Josh said, his eyes full of tears.
Michael smiled, wiping Josh's face with his gentle fingers.
"Acts of defiance and resolve lead to punishments. I carry that now. But I carry something greater. Love and complete happiness. And you're right, Joshy. This is a day of happiness. And I am happy. My children celebrate their birthdays. They all received the Child's Gift. Noah got a special gift today for his birthday. The vision of his surrounding love. Let's enjoy this day everyone. My pain is my own. But it's surrounded by your love. That eases my pain always. So show me your love and happiness today and always and I shall live life."
Everyone smiled, Michael picking up his hat, which had fallen on the floor.
"Okay, everyone. Enough of these dark thoughts and silent concerns. Onward to the next part of this day. Little ones, come on and let's have fun. Uncle Silas, is it ready?"
His uncle smiled, wiping his teary face, nodding.
"This way everyone. Time for some outdoor fun for our angels, all five of them. Let's go to the farm, little ones."
The three little ones clapped and screamed, Becky and Stevie clapping too. Michael lead them towards the side doorway.
Everyone smiled, seeing their joyous smiles.
Justin felt Josh's arm go around him.
"Is he okay inside, Jus?"
Justin smiled, Lance's arm around him as well.
"He's happy as always. That hasn't changed. I sense the pain deep down inside him, but he's right. Our love will soothe that pain. Mine most of all."
Everyone smiled, Justin walking forward, all his family and friends following, a lot wiping tears from their eyes.

Outside they couldn't help but smile at Michael's next surprise.
Michael had outdone himself again.
In front of them were corrals. A mini farm set up. Three farm hands smiling at everyone. And behind those corrals were different animals.
The five little ones were screaming and laughing with joy.
Ponies for riding, little lambs for cuddling, ducks and chickens, geese, and birds to feed. A dairy cow for milking.
"Welcome to farm life. I learned of this at a tender age, thanks to my Nana."
Silas and Nora smiled, remembering Michael's love for animals.
Everyone smiled, seeing what Michael was giving the little ones.
He was giving them his own childhood. The childhood he'd had with Nana.
"Your man's totally unbelievable, Jus." Vicky said, kissing his cheek.
"He's my Mico. I sense even more to come."
They all smiled, Lance carrying his boy in the pen now, putting little Noah on top of a pony.
"Wow, Papa. Me widing!!!"
Lance smiled, then laughed, holding onto his son, the farmhand walking the pony around.
Justin picked up Darian, he now sat on top of another pony, Shauna put behind him by Michael.
"Him big, Dada! Me his cowboy!"
Justin and Michael both laughed, everyone smiling.
Little Noah looked over at Michael.
"Thank you, Unky. For me sees everyting."
Michael looked into the little boy's brown eyes.
"You're welcome, angel."

The five little ones were in their glory.
Justin led Becky around on a pony, the little girl smiling and laughing.
Stevie held the lambs in his arms, feeding them from a bottle.
The three littlest ones fed all the birds and rode the ponies several times.
All of them giggled and laughed as they tried their hands at milking the cow.
For over an hour the kids were lost in the wonders of all the animals and their surroundings.
"Okay everyone, the animals will be here all afternoon. How about some food for our starving farmers? Doggies!!!" Michael said, Joey smiling from the barbecue pits.
"Yay!! Doggies!!" Darian screamed, dropping the duck in his arms.
Michael laughed as Darian wrapped his arms around Justin's leg.
"Me eat more than you Dada!!!"
Justin laughed, picking up his son.
"No one eats more than Dada, son!!" Michael said, kissing his cheek.
Justin smiled, seeing Michael smiling back.
Justin's mind was definitely set on talking to Michael later. But here, now, he felt the pain gone from Michael, replaced with deep happiness and love.
They smiled, walking into the Lodge with their children.

The party was in full swing, the little ones having a ball.
They all dined on dogs and burgers, as did all the adults.
Michael sensed everyone individually looking at him, choosing to remain quiet about it.
He knew they were concerned for him, their love on full display.
He smiled often, to reassure then all of his continuing happiness.
At times, his thoughts turned to tomorrow, and what that day meant.
The return of all of them to their hectic lives, and something more to himself.
Justin kissed his cheek, seeing Michael lost in his thoughts.
Michael returned to his love, smiling.
"Sorry, was thinking of someone."
"Who, my love?"
Michael smiled, looking around at everyone eating and laughing.
"Be right back, Jus. It's time for the cakes. I'm going to get them ready."
Justin smiled at him, Vicky sitting down beside him, looking at her best friend as he walked into the kitchen.
"You okay, Jus? Is he okay?"
"We're fine. His pain has lessened, I don't sense it on the surface. But something's on his mind, or someone. Of that I'm certain."
Vicky nodded, Justin getting up, walking towards the kitchen.
Vicky remained quiet, lost in her own thoughts.
"I know who he's thinking about. He can't hide it from me, I've seen the look before." Vicky thought to herself.
Chris sat down beside his fianceť, kissing her cheek.
"Everything okay, my sweet?"
Lance and Josh, as well as Joey, sat down beside them, all looking at the two talking.
"Michael's hiding it very well, even Justin doesn't know."
Lance raised an eyebrow, looking concerned.
"Hiding what?"
"What tomorrow means to him."
"Tomorrow? Is it a special day or something?" Joey asked, looking at her with caring concern.
Vicky looked around at everyone.
"Tonight we have to make both of them feel very happy. This surprise party for them has to go over big. For tonight Michael need to laugh and forget his worries. He needs to see all our love."
Chris put his arm around her, sensing her worry.
"What is tomorrow, Victoria?"
Vicky looked at him, then all around the table.
Chris kissed her cheek, feeling her concern, his arm going around her.
"Tell us, Vicky?" he said, looking quietly at her.
"Tomorrow, it will be three years since Daniel died."

End of Chapter 143

And so the little ones celebrate their birthdays.
And so little Noah has had a moment of seeing love.
Will it be his last?
What had Michael done to receive such pain?
What is Michael not telling them?
The anniversary of a loved one's death can be a sad day.
Let's hope Michael will feel all the love he needs.

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