Justin's Angel-144

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Vicky nodded, Justin getting up, walking towards the kitchen.
Vicky remained quiet, lost in her own thoughts.
"I know who he's thinking about. He can't hide it from me, I've seen the look before." Vicky thought to herself.
Chris sat down beside his fianceÚ, kissing her cheek.
"Everything okay, my sweet?"
Lance and Josh, as well as Joey, sat down beside them, all looking at the two talking.
"Michael's hiding it very well, even Justin doesn't know."
Lance raised an eyebrow, looking concerned.
"Hiding what?"
"What tomorrow means to him."
"Tomorrow? Is it a special day or something?" Joey asked, looking at her with caring concern.
Vicky looked around at everyone.
"Tonight we have to make both of them feel very happy. This surprise party for them has to go over big. For tonight Michael need to laugh and forget his worries. He needs to see all our love."
Chris put his arm around her, sensing her worry.
"What is tomorrow, Victoria?"
Vicky looked at him, then all around the table.
Chris kissed her cheek, feeling her concern, his arm going around her.
"Tell us, Vicky?" he said, looking quietly at her.
"Tomorrow, it will be three years since Daniel died."

Chapter 144

Justin looked at the three cakes sitting on the kitchen counter.
"Awesome, Mico! They all look so delicious and beautiful!"
"One for each of our precious angels."
Justin smiled, kissing his cheek.
"You've made it a very special day for all three of them." Justin said, looking into his golden eyes.
"They deserve no less. Help me carry these out, my love."
Justin smiled, picking up one of the cakes, seeing it was Darian's.
"Let me light the candles, Jus." Michael said, lighting all three cakes.
Lance walked in, Justin smiling.
"Just in time, Papa. Grab your son's cake." Michael said, smiling.
Lance smiled, looking at Noah's cake.
"Aw, Mikey. It's beautiful."
Michael smiled, carrying Shauna's cake.
"On a count of three."
Michael walked to the door, counting three.

"Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday, dear Darian, Shauna and Noah!
Happy birthday to you!"

The three men sang, walking into the room, everybody joining in.
Josh stood with Noah in his arms, Randall and Lynn holding Darian and Shauna.
Darian and Shauna's eyes were wide with glee seeing the cakes their fathers carried.
"Me got car cake, Noah! My cake wooks like a car!!"
"Mine a Barbie Cake. Me got princess cake!!" Shauna shrieked, Vicky and Lynn smiling.
Lance sat his son's cake down, Josh smiling widely.
"Noah, you have a big teddy bear cake!" Josh said, Noah smiling.
"Puffy cake!!!"
"Yep, little man. Puffy cake!" Michael said smiling.
"Okay, my angels. Time to blow out the candles, and make a wish."
Josh sat Noah down in his lap, the cake in front of him.
"Blow on the candles, Noah. There's two of them, one for each year of your life."
Noah smiled, leaning forward, taking a deep breath then blowing forward.
Both candles went out, everyone screaming and clapping.
"You did it! Yay Noah!!!" Lance said, kissing him, then kissing Josh.
Noah giggled, putting his hand right into the cake.
Michael laughed, as did a lot of people.
"That's it little man. You know what you want!!"
Noah giggled, licking the icing off his hand.
"Come on Darry and Shauny. Let's blow out those three candles each."
The two little angels grinned, blowing their candles out easily.
Everyone laughed and clapped, the two grinning widely.
"We all get our wishes, Noah!" Shauna said kissing his cheek.
Noah smiled, moving his head around a bit.
"Me got wish. Me got wuv."
Lance smiled, Josh rubbing his shoulder, both men's eyes full of tears.
Michael smiled, cutting the three cakes.

Everyone ate the delicious smaller versions of love cakes, Michael smiling, seeing all their blue auras.
He also saw the golden auras around Paulo, Marco, Christina and Tomas.
His kinsmen.
He smiled, realizing he was surrounded by family as well as friends.
Inside his mind, deep down, his thoughts were on someone else.
But those he buried deep, not wanting Justin to know.
Not on this day, this day for his children.
Michael smiled, looking at his two little angels eating their birthday cakes.
Inside him, joy flooded his soul, thinking of all he now had.
"Thank you, Daniel, for being part of all this." he quietly thought, a single tear running down his cheek.
Vicky was watching Michael, seeing the happiness spread across his face.
She smiled, seeing what this day meant to Michael; here, now, sitting with his two kids and future husband.
"Okay, kiddies. You've had your doggies, you've had your cake. I wonder what's left?" Michael said, smiling at the three slightly icing-covered faces.
Darian and Shauna looked at each other, then at Noah. Shauna whispered into Noah's ear.
Noah's face took on a wide smile.
"Presents!!!!!" All three squealed, everyone laughing.
"Yep! Time for gifts of love!"
Justin had a wide grin on his face, everyone starting to get up, walking over to the large table where a large amount of presents were piled.
Michael, Justin and Lance took their three angels over to the couches, sitting down on two of them.
The three little ones eyes were wide with glee, Noah hearing all the people moving around.
"Where everybody going?"
"They're all getting their presents for you, little angel." Lance said, Noah sitting in his lap.
"For me's?"
"Why of course, Noah. Everyone's gotten you a present. You're part of their family."
Noah smiled widely.
Lance looked up, seeing Josh walking toward them, his arm full of wrapped boxes.
In front of the children, large piles of boxes and bags piled up, everyone sitting around, drinking coffee and watching the parents with their children.
"Okay, little ones. Dive in!!" Michael smiled, all three reaching out for a gift.
Everyone smiled and laughed watching the kids tear through the gifts and treasures.
All three kids were awed and overjoyed at what they'd received from their extended families.
Lots of toys, stuffed animals, clothes and trinkets.
Everyone had quietly slipped into town that morning, to pick up gifts for the new birthday boy Noah.
That little boy was overjoyed when he felt all his new toys and gifts his fathers showed him.
"Wow, Daddy and Papa. Me have so much!"
Lance and Josh smiled widely, seeing their son smiling so widely.
Michael smiled, kissing Justin beside him.
"Our treasures are spoiled. But isn't in wonderful?"
Justin smiled, kissing Michael back.
"Time for the big ones, Mico?" Justin asked once all the gifts had been opened.
Michael nodded, Justin's face changing to a gleeful childlike smile.
"Okay, little ones. Time for your final birthday surprise." Justin said, the three looking at each other.
"Line up together, my kiddies." Michael said, the two men lifting their little toddlers down.
Lance put Noah down, Darian and Shauna both taking one of his hands.
Justin winked at Michael, then disappeared outside through the front door.
"It will be just a moment, my angels." Michael said, smiling at their eager faces.
Justin returned, smiling.
"If everyone will follow me, we'll see the last surprise." Justin beamed, his face so happy and excited.
Michael smiled, looking at his lover.
"Follow the big child, everyone."
Everyone laughed, the three little ones at the head of the line, their parents right behind them.
Justin opened the front doors, the little ones stepping outside onto the front porch.
Justin guided them over to the front steps, the three looking down into the front yard.
Darian and Shauna screamed with delight, Noah sensing something wonderful.
In the front yard sat three small tricycles.
"Bikes! We gots Bikes, Noah!!!" Darian screamed, everyone smiling widely.
The three little ones were carried down into the yard, each child shown his new bicycle.
Darian's was blue, Noah's red and Shauna's pink.
Noah was beyond happy when he touched his, Lance helping him climb into the small seat.
"Me got bikie, Papa! Me can drive wound!"
Lance laughed, as did Josh, their little boy beginning to move the tricycle.
Darian and Shauna drove all around the parking lot, Justin chasing them.
"Looks like your three kids are beyond happy, Mikey!" Joey said, his arm around Michael's shoulder.
"Yep, all three." Michael smiled.
Josh was walking behind Noah, guiding him gently around, the small boy laughing.
Paulo put his arm around Lance, Lance wiping a tear from his eye.
"Your boy is beautiful when he smiles and laughs, Lance." Paulo said with deep love.
"Yes, Paulo. And he'll smile all his life."
Paulo smiled, nodding in agreement.

The next hour was a happy time for everyone.
Everyone relaxed outside on the porch, watching the three kids playing with their dads out in the sunshine.
"Mikey and Justin seem totally happy." Lynn said, watching her two sons.
"Tonight's going to make both of them happier." Vicky said, looking at everyone.
Everyone told the others about their plans.
The older ones smiled, Nora and Silas volunteering to watch the kids.
"Thank you both." Chris smiled.
"And we'll decorate the Lodge again. But how do we keep those two engaged lovebirds occupied?" Nick said, Trevor sitting in his lap.
"Well, I'm taking Mikey into town later, just the two of us going. Josh is taking Justin jet skiing, Joey and Chris going along. Those three will keep Justin busy. That gives you all time to decorate and set it all up. I'll bring Mikey back to his place after supper, Justin and he guided from there by Josh and myself." Lance explained.
Everyone nodded, a lot of smiles covering the front porch.
They discussed it a little more, until Michael walked up onto the porch.
"Those two are going to tire me out! Now they have wheels!"
Everyone laughed, Lynn putting her arm around Michael.
"You've made all four happy today, son."
Michael smiled, watching Justin being chased by Darian and Shauna on their bikes.
"Yep, all four. But the big ones getting his own power bike this afternoon. Right, Chris?"
Chris looked at Michael, Michael smiling.
"Justin told me about you four going jet skiing. Awesome idea. He needs to bond with his mates."
All four men smiled, Lance walking up onto the porch with Josh, Noah in Josh's arms.
"And you and I have a date with memories, my friend." Lance said, Michael smiling at him.
"Yep. Me and Bass are going to stroll through my old haunts. Care to come along, Zacky?"
Lance nodded at Zach, Zach agreeing.
"Awesome Mikey! We'll turn the town on its ear, as we always did!"
Michael laughed loudly, everyone smiled at his enthusiasm.
"We'll let's not keep you then. We ladies can clean up the mess. How about you three get moving? That way you have all afternoon." Nora, said picking up some cups, Silas helping her.
"Thanks, Auntie Nora." the three men said together, Nora laughing.
"Why do I feel like I've gained a flock of angels?"
Everyone laughed, Nora smiling widely.
Justin walked up onto the porch, his two little ones walking ahead of him.
"We wuvs bikes, Papa! They's great!" Shauna said, Michael kneeling down to their level.
Both hugged their Papa, Justin smiling.
"I'm so glad, angels. But you have to be careful on them. No speeding, or running down Dada."
Justin laughed, holding it in.
"For sure, Papa .We be's very careful."
Michael smiled, standing up and kissing Justin.
"Lance, Zach and myself have been kicked out, love. We're going to go into town for a tour."
"Great, Mico. You need to have some fun with your best friends. That's what I'm going to do, too."
"Yes, so it seems. I think they're plotting." Michael said, winking at Vicky.
She blushed, Chris' arm going around her.
"Yep, Mikey. We're plotting. Plotting on how to thank you for all this."
Michael teared up, looking around.
"Being here, with all of you is all the thanks I need. Living life with all of you around me is the greatest dream come true for me."
Everyone teared up, Michael smiling at Lance.
"Let's hit High Falls. I'll show you where Zach was deflowered. The cows haven't been the same."
Everyone burst into laughter, Zach blushing red.
"Oh, God! He's in one of those moods! God help us Lance!!!"
Michael laughed, hugging his childhood friend.
"Come on Zacky! Let's stroll down memory lane! And relive our joy!"
Zach smiled, kissing Christina and Becky goodbye, Lance doing the same to Josh and Noah.
Justin pulled Michael to him, their kiss deep and loving.
"Until later, my angel." Justin said, Michael smiling and kissing his two little angels goodbye.
The three men walked down to the vehicles, climbing into one of the vans, Michael driving.
Justin watched the vehicle leave, Vicky putting her hand on his shoulder.
"Your man's beyond happy, Jus. And I need to tell you something."
Justin turned, looking into Vicky's moistening eyes.
"You don't have to tell me, Victoria. I know what tomorrow is."

Michael smiled, pulling up in front of the high school.
"So this is the place of our enslavery. The high school of hell!"
Zach laughed, jumping out of the car.
"It wasn't that bad, Mikey." he said, Lance climbing out of the back seat.
Michael smiled, getting out of the vehicle.
The three men walked around, Michael and Zach pointing out different areas.
The gymnasium where they had phys-ed. The auditorium where Michael was valedictorian in their senior year.
"He was the highest graded in class. Mr. Education!" Zach smiled, Michael looking up at the building.
"I was a loner, Zach. School was an escape, the work a joy for me."
Zach's smile faltered a little, his arm going around his friend.
"You were intelligent and book smart, Mikey. You deserved the grades you received. I was always proud of you for that."
Lance smiled, seeing Zach's pride in Michael on full display.
They continued walking around, Michael leading them through the fence onto the football field.
"And here Zach shone the greatest. Mr. Track Star!"
Zach smiled, Lance looking at him.
"Zach was state champion. Three years in a row."
Zach blushed, looking around. Lance stared in awed wonder.
"I loved to run. To feel the ground on my feet, the focus in my mind. I now know what you meant by escape, Mikey."
Michael smiled, his friend smiling back.
"Wow! I take it you were fast?"
"The fastest, Lance. Zach could have gone on to glory, even Olympic glory."
Zach blushed redder, Michael's hand on his shoulder.
"Sometimes the sacrifices we make in life are for the better. Yours was just that, Zachary."
Zach smiled, looking into Michael's golden eyes.
"I never regretted it, Michael. My life has been the greatest. I'm fulfilled in what I do."
Michael and Lance both smiled, seeing the truth in Zach's face.
"You were always destined to be a doctor, Zach. From the first moment I looked at your hands I knew."
"You knew when we were only ten?"
Michael smiled, kissing his cheek.
"Yep. Anyone who can masturbate as fast as you could, I knew would be good with his hands."
Lance burst into laughter, Zach looking totally shocked.
Michael joined Lance, both almost doubling over with laughter.
"Ha..ha. Very funny, Mikey. As I recall, your sheets always vibrated faster than mine."
Michael laughed, slapping his back.
"So true, Zacky. My friend of jacking off."
Lance blushed, both men looking at his embarrassment.
"Relax, Lance. We were pubescent teenagers, free with our innocence. And we loved each other greatly." Zach said, Michael smiling.
"Besides, Zacky had more girls running after him than anyone. If the back seat of his father's Chevy could talk."
Zach laughed, smiling.
"It would say, these seats need wiping down."
Michael laughed loudly, looking around.
He focused on one spot. One spot from him past.
He'd walked there with Justin, the night he'd returned home after Nana had died.
Zach saw where Michael was looking.
"I've come so far, Zach. So far from this spot."
Lance looked at Zach, sensing the mood had changed.
Michael walked over to the spot, quietly looking around.
Zach and Lance walked over, Zach putting his hand on his shoulder.
"The past is just that, Michael. The past."
"It was on this spot I first met Paul, Lance. Here is the spot where he knocked me down."
Lance put his hand on Michael's other shoulder.
"I'm okay. It doesn't bother me anymore. You're right, Zacky. The past is the past. I have a life of happiness now. And Paul has found peace."
Zach looked at Lance.
"That man never deserved peace, Michael." Zach said, releasing his hold on Michael.
"Everyone deserves peace, Zach. Even him."
Zach shook his head, walking over to the bleachers, sitting down.
Michael sighed, looking at Lance.
"Come on, Lance. I need to make something right."
Lance nodded, not sure what Michael was alluding to.  The two walked over and sat down beside Zach.
"Out with it, Zacky. I know you've carried something deep in your heart for a long time."
Zach looked at Michael, Michael seeing the pain in his eyes.
"I failed you, Michael."
Lance looked at Michael, seeing his friend's eyes glued to Zach's.
"How did you fail me, Zacky?"
"I need to tell you something, Michael. Something that may hurt you."
Michael looked at Zach, Lance's face showing concern.
"Tell me, Zach. Nothing will change how I feel about you."
Zach stood up, walking in front of the bleachers, turning and staring at his friend.
"I did something wrong, Michael. I kept my mouth shut when I should have told you."
"Told me what, Zacky?"
Zach lowered his head, then raised it, tears in his eyes.
Both of his friends could see the raw emotion in Zach's eyes.
"Two weeks before you went to that cottage with Paul, before you were raped, I walked into the locker room at school. It was after school, mostly everyone had gone home. The gym was empty. I'd returned to pick up some track equipment I needed the next morning for a track meet in Albany. What I saw there totally shocked me."
Michael was staring at Zach.
"What did you see, Zach?" Lance asked, looking concerned.
"I saw Paul with Frank Jackson and Peter Phillips. The three were in the shower naked, and they were having sex."
Michael stared at Zach, quietly watching him.
"I saw the real man Paul was, Michael. I saw your boyfriend cheating on you, right before my eyes. And I was too much of a coward to tell you. I saw the love that was in your eyes for him. So I remained silent. Because I didn't want to hurt you. I didn't want to see you hurt. So I kept my mouth shut and let you walk into that nightmare! I let you be hurt a thousand times worse! I'm so sorry, Mikey! I'm so sorry I failed you! At the greatest time I failed you!!"
Zach was sobbing, on his knees now, crying his heart out.
Lance could see the pain in Zach's eyes, in the truth he'd just revealed.
Michael stood up, walking to his friend.
Michael sank to his knees, taking Zach into his arms.
Zach cried against his chest, Michael holding him in an embrace of love.
"Oh, my dearest Zachary! Don't torture yourself with the past. What's done is done.  Let me ask you a question?"
Zach broke from Michael, looking into his loving golden eyes.
"Do you honestly think I would have believed you?"
"I don't know, Michael."
"I loved Paul with all my heart,  I thought he was the one.  I wanted him to be the one. I have to admit that I was deeply in love with him, although I didn't at the time know it was a sham. I was blinded by false love. Nothing you would have told me would have swayed that feeling inside me. It might even have cost me my friendship with you. For that reason alone, I'm glad you didn't tell me."
"But, Michael, I could have stopped you from going there."
"No, Zach, even you couldn't have done that. That was my destiny, I believe."
Zach cried, Michael looking towards Lance.
"Zach, I always sensed that you knew the truth about Paul. I knew you didn't like him. Even before he did that to me. And I felt your guilt after what happened. But along with that, I felt something more. Your love. That was a greater gift. Your love for me never changed. In fact, it grew.  And kneeling here today, with you in my arms, I feel the greatness of your love. I love you Zach. No matter what you feel you've done, what you feel you hadn't done. Let go of the past, Zach. I have. I have my Justin now. He's healed my heart and soul. And that soul now fills with my love for all of you. You are and always will be my Zacky."
Zach smiled, seeing Michael's unchanged love for him.
Both men stood, Zach pulling him into one more tight hug.
"I love you Mike."
"I love you, Zacky."
Lance smiled, seeing their bond of friendship strong as ever.
"So let's continue our tour of memories. Come on Lancy, let's hit the town."
Lance smiled, the three walking back to their car.

Chris wiped his face, the spraying water soaking it.
He saw Justin ahead of him, his jet ski flying through the water, the young man smiling with excitement.
Joey was beside Josh on their own machines, both soaking wet and laughing, following the other two skiers.
All four had been on the lake for over two hours, enjoying the wetness and exhilarating speed.
Justin had been the wildest and most excited of the four, his jet ski almost flying at times.
Justin headed for shore, flying through the churned waves, finally pulling his machine along the dock in front of the Lodge.
Vicky sat in a lounger, Christina by her side, Kelly laying on the dock, sunbathing.
"The water's fantastic. And your men are pussies."
Kelly laughed, sitting up.
"No, Justy. You are a speed maniac and our men are tame compared to you. I don't know how Michael handles your enthusiastic energy."
"I know how Michael does it. Remember the three headboards." Vicky winked, Christina laughing.
Justin blushed, pulling his body up onto the deck.
His wet body gleamed in the afternoon sunshine, wet trunks clinging to his body.
"Man, you've really buffed up, Justin. " Kelly said, smiling.
"Michael likes me buffed. I gym it every chance I can. I have to look good for him."
All three smiled, seeing Justin's loving smile.
"Our little Justy's so in love. It's truly remarkable." Kelly said.
"Why would you say that, Kell? I've been in love before."
Kelly blushed a little, Vicky smiling.
"Justin, Britney and Cameron weren't love. They were great friendships and close personal relationships. But they were only liaisons, on the road to happiness. You and Michael are love, Justin. We all see that now. You've changed in so many small ways. All for the better I might add."
Justin smiled, sitting down beside Kelly, the woman putting her arm around his wet shoulders.
"The Justin Timberlake persona is gone, Justy. Here, now, before all of us, is only Justin. The Justin Michael brought out, the Justin we've always loved."
Justin smiled; Kelly, Vicky and Christina all kissing his cheeks.
"Thanks everyone. And you are right. Michael has changed me, on the outside and on the inside. He's changed my whole world. And in a short three weeks I'll marry him! I just can't believe it!"
The three women smiled, looking at each other.
"So, I'm sure you're going to make that day wonderful for him."
"Yes, it's going to be his day. A day for the love of my life to shine brightly. I've got it all laid out. Some wonderful surprises."
Justin began talking to them, the three listening in heightening excitement.
All three were in tears listening to Justin go over his plans.
"Oh, Justin! He's going to be moved to tears!"
"He's my Mico. It's my way of showing him my love."
The other jet skiers pulled into the dock, Josh the first one up onto the dock.
"Timberlake! You are nuts!" Chris said, shaking his head.
Justin laughed, smiling at his best friends.
"Why thank you! And I thought I was just fantastic!"
Josh laughed, sitting down beside him.
"I'm sure Michael would say something about your reckless disregard for safety." Chris said.
"You're just mad that you couldn't keep up, old-timer."
Joey laughed, Chris glaring at him.
"You're just lucky Jonathan wasn't out there with us. Your younger brother would have trumped even you."
Justin blushed, nodding quietly.
"Yeah, I'm sure he probably would have. Guys, when did we get so old?" Josh asked, Justin smiling.
"We're not old, Josh. Let's just call ourselves the new and improved N*Sync."
All four laughed, as did the ladies.
"Man, can you believe this? We're sitting here in all this beauty, gathered together by your man. All of us in love and loved in returned. Who'da thunk it?" Chris said, Vicky kissing him as he sat down on her lounger in her arms.
"Bathing in the rays of Michael's love." Josh said quietly, missing his Lancy.
"So what's the big set up?"  Justin said, looking at his friends.
They all looked away, Justin smiling.
"My Mico was right. You are planning something."
They all blushed, Justin standing up.
"I know it will be beautiful."
They all smiled, Justin looking at them all.
"I've planned something of my own."
They all looked up, Justin given their undivided attention.

Zach and Lance were laughing, watching Michael fight with his sundae.
They sat in Mama Dalton's diner, feasting on sundaes.
"This damn cherry keeps evading me." Michael said, pushing it around in the half empty bowl.
"Man, you lost your cherry to Justin a long time ago." Lance said, Zach bursting into laughter.
Michael looked up in surprise, Lance laughing now.
"Bass, you're getting twisted! I like it!" Michael said smiling.
Lance grinned, Zach smiling at him as well.
"That's because of you, Mikey. I owe my new persona to you. You've opened my life to new moments of happiness."
Michael patted Lance's hand, the cherry popping into his mouth.
Zach smiled, looking around.
This had been one of their favorite hangouts when they were teenagers.
They'd shown Lance the high school, all the local fun spots, all their hidden secrets, ending up here in their old watering hole.
Mama Dalton had passed away a few years ago, her daughter and husband now running the restaurant. Michael and Zach had gone to school with her, she greeting them when they'd entered.
Pleasantries and chit chat had been exchanged, her husband taking Michael's picture with his wife.
"Didi's changed little. Still a happy cheerleader."
Michael smiled, looking over at her chatting with her husband.
"Yeah, same bubbly personality. I give her praise for taking over for her mother. She always loved this place."
"Yep. And she's kept it the same as always. The homey atmosphere plays well here."
Michael smiled at Zach, sensing his feelings.
"They say you can't go back. I think they're right."
Zach and Lance both looked at Michael.
"You have to admit that we feel lost here now, Zacky. We don't belong here. Our lives have drawn us away. Oh sure, it's nice to return and walk our old haunts. But they're just memories now. Good memories. We can't relive them, only keep them in our hearts. What matters now is what we have now. You and I both have families, Zach. We'll let our children know of our youthful happiness here, but they'll have their own memories of their own happiness. We gave them one today. And we'll give them lots more ahead. So I think we should go. Life is about living in the present, keeping the past in our hearts, but walking forward in our present happiness."
Lance and Zach smiled, lost in Michael's truthful, meaningful words.
"I've one stop left to make." Michael said, smiling.

They stopped in Nana's front yard, Zach now driving.
Michael got out of the passenger seat, walking up towards the house.
"You guys stay, I'll be just a few minutes."
Zach and Lance leaned against the car, nodding.
Michael leaned down, pulling out the key from the flower pot, walking up the front steps.
He unlocked the front door, walking into the silent house.
He walked from room to room, listening to the quietness, looking around in silence.
"So many memories, so many little corners of happiness." he said to himself, walking upstairs.
He looked in his old room, smiling at its unchanged look.
"She loved me, it shows here in all she left unchanged."
He smiled, walking room to room, lost in his memories.
He walked out into the back yard, sitting under the tree on the bench.
His favorite spot with Nana.
"Thank you for all you've given me, Nana. For all this and so much more. I'll carry it in my heart, always."
He smiled feeling a slight breeze move across his face, like a gentle kiss of love.
He smiled, sighing inwardly.
"But now life leads me in another direction. All of this will be a memory. But it will be with me always. Goodbye, Nana. Goodbye home of my youth."
Michael got up, walking around the house, back to the front yard.
Zach and Lance looked up, Michael locking the front door again, returning the key to its hiding place.
He walked back to the van, smiling at both of them.
"This was my home of youth, my house of love.  I shall always carry its love in my heart."
Zach smiled, looking at the old house.
"A home of memories. I'll carry them as well."
Michael put his hand on Lance's shoulder.
"Okay, Lancy. I take it you've seen more than enough."
Lance nodded, Michael smiling.
"Then let's get back to the lake and your surprise."
Lance stopped, Zach looking surprised as well.
Michael laughed, walking around and opening the driver's door.
"You forget, I feel the happiness of your souls."
Both men looked at each other, Michael's smile remaining.
"I don't know what you've planned, but it will be beautiful. Come on, let's go home."
The two smiled, shaking their heads, climbing back into the van.

Justin was walking along the road, towards their cottage.
The van pulled alongside him, Justin smiling.
The driver's window went down, a beautiful smile coming into view.
"Hey, sexy. Need a ride? What's a fine treat like you doing lost out here in the wilderness?"
Justin smiled, leaning into the van, kissing the driver's moist lips.
"I'm walking on heaven's clouds. And I think I just bagged me an angel."
Zach and Lance laughed, Michael's lips again attached to Justin's.
"Zach, you take the van back, Justin and I can walk home."
Zach nodded, Michael getting out of the van.
He smiled, glancing over Justin's smooth naked body, only the wet shorts hiding his treasures.
"See you in a bit, boys. Josh and I will be picking you both up later. No snooping!" Lance said, from the back seat.
The two lovers nodded; Zach reversed the van, turned and drove back towards Lance's cottage.

"Alone at last." Michael said, his hands going to Justin's naked chest.
They embraced, a deep kiss of love, Michael's fingers rubbing Justin's hardening nipples.
"How was your trip down memory lane, my Mico?"
"Interesting, and revealing. And with a sense of finality. Onward to new memories."
Justin smiled, kissing him again, the two walking forward, hand in hand.
"How was your afternoon with your friends?"
Justin smiled remembering their fun and closeness.
"Loving and close. Thanks for that, Mico."
"Don't thank me, thank your friends. This was their idea, Lance's really."
Justin nodded, the two seeing their cottage ahead.
"Where are our angels?"
"They're with Mom and Nora. Nora and Mom have watched them all afternoon. Mom says they've been driving their bicycles nonstop."
Michael smiled, the two walking up onto the porch, and into the cottage.
Once inside, Michael pushed Justin down onto the couch.
"Mmm, my Mico's in need of some loving."
Michael stared at Justin, gazing over his body.
"Seeing you in those damn wet shorts, the fabric clinging to every smooth inch of your butt and center, I'm beyond need, Jus. I want you. And I'm going to have you."
Michael's hands went downward, attaching to the wet cloth.
In one motion he pulled the shorts down Justin's legs, throwing them onto the floor.
Justin moaned, Michael staring at his nude body.
"My temple of beauty needs to be cleaned." Michael said, his head lowering.
Justin gasped feeling his shaft enclosed in the wetness of Michael's mouth.
"Oh God, Mico! That feels so good!"
Michael murmured, continuing his desires.
Quickly Justin felt the edge of abandonment, his center exploding in a flurry of trembling emotions.
Michael drank all that he could take, feasting at the fountain of his love.
Justin trembled, his body shaking as Michael moved upward, their lips again touching.
Justin tasted himself on Michael's tongue as it entered his mouth, savoring Michael's still vibrant desires.
"Turn around my love. Let me feast on all of you."
Justin moaned, his body moving on its own.
He turned over, Michael's hands running down Justin's glistening back, finding the crevice at its end.
His fingers entered that heated center, Justin trembling.
They rubbed his center, Justin bucking against them.
In a matter of seconds, those fingers were replaced with a wetness Justin knew to be Michael's tongue.
Michael feasted on Justin's heated center, savouring the taste of his man.
Michael's tongue had Justin moaning and trembling, his desires ignited again, his hardness in Michael's hands.
Michael stroked him, feeling Justin's desires on fire again.
Michael backed up standing, looking down at the offered gift in front of him.
"You are my future and my present. Our own memories will be the dearest in my heart."
Michael sank forward, entering Justin's body.
Justin gasped, feeling the weight of Michael on top of him, and the hardness sinking deep inside him.
"Yes, yes! Oh God yes!!" he screamed, Michael feeling Justin's abandonment.
They made a heated love, both lost in the electrifying charges of lust sparking through their bodies.
Michael switched halfway through, flipping Justin over and sitting down on his throbbing shaft.
"Oh God, I'm filled with your love! Oh God my Jus! Take me to that center!"
Justin pulled his man's lips to his, kissing him with lust, his center sinking into Michael.
They continued, both lost in each other's musical center of love.
Both exploded, Justin inside Michael, Michael all over his own chest.
Justin licked all the wet hair, savouring Michael's elixir of desire.
"Oh God, Mico! Fantastic! Absolutely fantastic!!"
Michael panted, and fell on top of Justin, Justin's strong arms wrapping around him.
"Being with you is heaven, my love. Thank you for always igniting my desires."
Justin kissed him, trembling against him.
"Thank you, Mico. For being such a fantastic lover."
Michael looked into Justin's eyes, a tear falling.
"Thank you for just loving me."
Michael's head fell against Justin's head, a sob issuing from him.
Justin held him gently, letting Michael cry.
"What's wrong, my love?"
"It just was so hard, walking through my past, feeling its finality."
Justin held him, kissing his forehead.
"She's gone, Jus. My Nana will never brighten my heart again."
Justin sat up, pulling Michael up with him, Michael clinging to him.
"I walked all through her house, not feeling her at all. I haven't felt her in a long time. Just like I haven't felt Daniel or my Mom and Dad. They're all gone."
Justin felt now Michael's hidden sadness, he'd hidden it very well.
"I'd forgotten what coming back here might mean to you, Mico. The memories and the sadness. But you did it anyway to make all of your family happy. That shows me how loving your soul is."
"I love all of them, Jus. I wanted this for their happiness. I didn't care about my own feelings. I thought I was strong enough now to face them. I guess I'm not. I'm still little scared Micky Tavarro."
Justin hugged him to his chest, their naked bodies as one.
"You aren't that boy any more, Michael."
Michael looked up into Justin's blue eyes, seeing the deep love shining back.
"No, I'm not. I'm happy now, I have you and our little angels."
Justin smiled, feeling the sadness evaporating from Michael's heart.
"I'm proud of you, Michael. Proud of how far you've come, since the first day I met you. That young man was lost, in pain, and had deep hurt hidden within his soul. The man now in front of me is strong, determined and happy. He's filled with loveľmy love, his children's love, and all our family's love."
Michael smiled, kissing Justin's moist lips.
"I am happy, Jus. Your love makes me happy."
Justin smiled, those words meaning so much every time Michael said them.
"So am I, Mico. So am I."
Both snuggled together, feeling their happiness with each other.
The phone beside the couch rang, Michael picking it up.
"Hello. This better be important." Michael said, Justin licking his neck, moving downward.
"Why Mikey. Aren't I the most important person in your life?" Josh said, laughing.
"Take a number, sexy. I rank you in the top ten. What's up?"
Michael held in a moan, feeling Justin's lips wrapping around his growing shaft.
Josh felt a sexiness in Michael's voice, it suddenly dawning on him.
"I haven't caught you at a bad time, have I Michael?"
"It's never a bad time being naked with Timberlake."
Justin chuckled, continuing his ministrations, his fingers slipping between Michael's legs.
Michael groaned, not able to stop.
"Oh shit!! You two are doing it!" Josh said, Lance looking towards his lover, Chris and Joey turning their heads.
Michael regained control of his voice, looking down at Justin's upturned eyes.
"My tiger's about to claim his prey, what do you need Josh?"
Josh was red faced, Lance taking the phone from him.
"Hey, Mike. Just wanted to let you two know we'll be picking you both up in twenty minutes. Is that enough time, lover? Or do you need my help?"
Michael started laughing, Justin lifting his head.
"Lance wants to know if we need his help?"
Justin laughed, taking the phone from Michael.
"Thanks, Lance. But I can take it from here."
Lance laughed, Justin smiling at Michael.
They talked for a few seconds, Justin hanging up the phone.
"We have twenty minutes, stud. Let's hit the showers." Justin said, standing up, Michael seeing his hardness right in front of his face.
Michael leaned forward, licking the knob of Justin's erect cock.
"Race ya love. First one there gets to top!"
Michael pushed Justin backwards, sprinting towards the stairs.
Justin was up in a flash right on Michael's tail.

Michael buttoned Justin's shirt, the blue silk clinging to his torso.
They kissed gently, their love close and personal.
"My man's beauty is shining through." Michael said, his hands running across the silk-covered chest.
Justin looked at Michael's own silk-covered torso.
The blackness of the material exposing his trim tight torso.
"My black angel looks fantastic."
Michael smiled, kissing his lover tenderly.
The broke apart, their hands still remaining together.
"So what do you think they've cooked up?" Justin asked, walking with Michael to the front door.
"Probably some kind of party or something, like a thank you party."
"Cool. They all love you so much, Babe."
Michael smiled, his eyes gleaming with happiness, his earlier sadness gone completely.
They walked out onto the front porch, waiting for Josh and Lance.
"This place is beyond beautiful, Mico. I see why you love it so much."
Michael walked to the railing, looking out at the lake, then up towards the hill behind the cottage.
"I want to go up to the clearing before I leave tomorrow, Jus."
Justin smiled, wrapping his arms around Michael from behind.
"Sure thing, Mico. We'll take a walk up before we leave."
Michael turned, looking into Justin's blue eyes.
"It's my sanctuary, Jus. I'd like to go alone."
Justin stared into Michael's blue eyes, nodding.
"Alright, my love. I love you."
Michael smiled, kissing him tenderly.
"I love you more, Timby."
The two stood together, looking out at the setting sun over the lake.

They both heard the horns, seeing two golf carts coming down the pathway towards their cottage.
Michael and Justin both smiled, seeing decorations on both carts.
Flowers were strung across their roofs, and on the front of them.
Josh drove one, Lance driving the other.
The parked in front of the cottage, both men getting out.
Both were dressed in matching navy shirts and black dress pants.
"Why look, Mico. Twins!"
Both men laughed, Justin and Michael walking down to the carts, looking at all the decorations.
On the front of the carts were flowery signs, Michael and Justin both reading them.

Justin and Michael

Both men smiled, Josh smiling back.
"Stevie and Becky did the signs. Their contribution."
Justin teared up, Lance smiling at Michael.
"If you two would join us, we'll get this underway."
"Get what underway, Bass?" Michael smirked.
"Why your night of love, my angels." Lance said, climbing back into the cart.
"Mikey, you're with me."
"How could you, Michael?" Justin said, faking indignation.
"Hey I'm a sucker for blonde singers."
Justin smiled, Josh patting the seat beside him.
Justin climbed in beside his best friend, the two carts turning and heading back towards the Lodge.
"So what's up?" Justin asked Josh, Josh smiling at him.
"Let's say Lance and I have a responsibility towards you two. You've entrusted in us a great honor. And we both mean to see it carried out."
Justin raised an eyebrow, remaining quiet.
In the cart behind them, Michael was smiling at Lance.
"Something tells me a lot of this is your idea, my friend."
Lance smiled.
"Tonight, you and our dear Justin will see our love, and feel our happiness at what's to happen."
Michael smiled, kissing Lance's cheek.
"So this is about both of us?"
"Relax, Mikey. Just go with the flow."
Michael smiled, resting back in his seat.

A few minutes later, they arrived at the Lodge, Michael seeing it all lit up inside.
"You two are requested to remain here for a few moments. Someone will be out shortly to greet you."
Justin and Michael climbed out of the vehicle, Josh and Lance walking up the steps and into the Lodge.
Michael walked over to the edge of the parking lot, looking out onto the lake.
The dock was empty of people, all the jet skis and boats docked.
"A peaceful night, look how calm the water is."
"The calmness before the storm." Michael said quietly, Justin looking at him.
"I do believe when we walk into that Lodge, the storm begins. The storm of happiness."
Justin smiled, wrapping his arm around his lover.
They both turned when they heard the door of the Lodge open.
Randall and Silas walked out, both smiling.
They both wore old style looking clothes, like frontier clothes.
They walked down the steps, smiling at the two young men.
Randall hugged Michael, Silas hugging Justin.
"Welcome to a night of love for the couple of honor."
Both young men smiled, not sure what was going on.
Randall stood in front of Michael, smiling at him.
"I am Justin's father. My little boy has grown up into a remarkable, strong, independent, talented young man. I've had the honor to watch him grow, to see him mature. There were times when maturity wasn't often seen in my son."
Justin blushed, staring at his father and Michael.
"But that all changed when you walked into his life, Michael. In you, he found his soulmate, his love and his happiness. I want to thank you for giving him that."
Michael was in tears, as was Justin, Randall hugging Michael again.
"Thank you, son." Randall said, breaking apart from his new son.
Silas stood now in front of Justin, smiling.
"I am Michael's uncle. His remaining family here. I have been with him through all his youthful years, seeing the love and beauty that's developed into this wonderful man. His life was a journey of hardship and pain. All his life, he fought for life and happiness. He's found both in you, Justin. "
Michael teared up, watching his Uncle Silas' moving tribute.
"In you, he's found love, hope, happiness and faith. And now he embarks shortly on a lifelong bond with you. A bond of healing love. Your love, Justin. For that, I thank you. For making my young friend so happy. Thank you, Justin."
Silas hugged a tearing Justin, Justin hugging him back.
"It was so easy to do, Silas. So easy to give him love." Justin said in tears, Michael wiping his eyes.
Both older men put their arms in their younger friends' arms.
"It's now time to go forward to an evening celebrating this union. Your friends await you."
Justin and Michael smiled, walking with their family.
They walked up the steps, entering the Lodge.
Standing at the doorway were Josh and Lance, holding hats in their hands.
Both men wore black robes, hoods over their heads.
Randall and Silas hugged them both, walking into the living room, the room not visible to Justin and Michael.
"Welcome, our dearest friends." Josh said, smiling.
Both men smiled at him.
Lance then walked forward, smiling.
"Tonight is about the two of you, our dearest friends. Michael, you moved us these last few days with your loving gifts to us. And standing beside you was your Justin. His love was ever present in all that you have given."
Both men smiled, nodding.
"In a short three weeks, you two will stand before God and acknowledge and bind your hearts to each other."
Josh smiled, walking beside Lance.
"We have been given the great honor of being named your best men. You both entrusted in us your faith in our standing by you. We will always stand by you. And we are both beyond happy to stand beside you as you wed."
All four were fighting tears, hearing also crying coming from the room just beyond them.
"Welcome to your last night of debauchery and excitement. Say goodbye to your bachelor lifestyle in style and merriment. Welcome to your last party as bachelors, guys!"
Lance put the hat he held in his hands onto Michael's head, Josh donning his on Justin's.
Both men smiled, seeing their friends so happy.
Michael read the writing on the front of Justin's hat.
"Michael's Man."
Justin read out loud the writing on Michael's hat.
"Justin's Angel."
Both men took the hats off, looking at them, then returning them to their heads.
"Walk this way, to your doom!" Josh smiled.
The four walked forward, Josh and Lance letting Justin and Michael walk ahead.
They walked into the living room, stopping in their tracks.

In front of them were all their friends and family.
Everyone was dressed in cowboy and Indian outfits.
Justin and Michael burst out in laughter, seeing their friends looking totally out of character.
Lance and Josh pulled off their black robes, revealing the same frontier attire.
Lance was dressed as an Indian, his smooth chest on display.
Josh dressed as a cowboy, in a tight white suit.
"Welcome to the Timberlake-Tavarro Hoe-Down!" Everyone cheered.
Both men smiled widely, their faces covered in wide smiles.
Behind everyone hung a banner, both men smiling at its written words.

Justin and Michael
Cowpokes Forever

"Awww, guys this is wonderful!" they both said, seeing their little ones dressed in cowboy and cowgirl outfits.
The two little ones ran at their parents, both picking them up.
"Me cowboy, Dada!" Darian said, Justin smiling widely.
"Me cowgirly, Papa! And wook at Noah, he Indian!!" Shauna laughed, Michael seeing Noah in Paulo's arms in a feathered headdress.
"Yep, you're all little pardners."
Everyone laughed, circling around the men, clapping and cheering.
Josh put his arm around Justin.
"Hmmm, seems a couple of cowpokes are out of costume."
Justin and Michael exchanged looks, Joey grabbing Michael gently, Vicky taking Shauna.
"This way, my friend." Joey smiled, wearing a chief's headband and buckskins.
Michael looked towards Justin, seeing him being led away by a cowboy-attired Chris.
Everyone smiled, waiting for the returning men.
"They totally walked into this blind! Awesome idea Lance!" Lynn said, Lance smiling.
"Zach told me how he and Mikey always played cowboys and Indians, and we all know Justin's love of Frontierland at Disneyland."
Everyone smiled, the idea perfect.
Joey walked out, smiling from one of the bedrooms.
"May I present Michael Tavarro, New York's first gay cowboy."
Everyone laughed.
"I'm not coming out in this, Joe, it's scandalous."
Joey laughed, walking back into the bedroom, pulling a reluctant Michael out into the living room.
Michael blushed, hearing the whistling and taunting.
He wore a black leather vest, no shirt underneath, and skin tight black leather shorts. A black cowboy hat donned his head.
"Wow, sexy baby!!!" Marco and Emile chirped, Jake whistling.
Michael's face was blushing red, his hands trying to hid his near nakedness.
Lance walked up to him, smiling.
"Howdy, pardner! Ain't you a pretty young filly?"
Michael burst into laughter at Lance's cowpoke accent.
"Want to brand me?" Michael said, sticking out his tongue.
"Later, boy. The irons are heating up."
Michael's eyebrows raised, everyone laughing.
Chris walked out of the other bedroom on the other side of the room.
"May I present, Justin Little Brave. Him looking for white man!!"
Justin walked out of the room, into the living room.
Michael's breath caught in his throat.
Justin wore a covered loinskin over his center, and a bone chest necklace. Leather bands were tied on his forearms, his muscles standing out on his arms.
He wore a head band on his forehead, two feathers standing up.
The rest of his body was naked.
"Wow." Michael said, staring at his lover.
Joey smiled, people smiling as well.
The two men were guided together, Justin staring at Michael's near naked form.
"Wow." he said, everyone smiling.
"I just said the same thing."
Lance and Josh walked up, smiling at their friends.
"Welcome, our dear friends, to your night of happiness. This was all Lance's idea. He thought the theme was perfect. We all agree." Josh said, smiling at his lover.
Everyone clapped, smiling and grinning.
"Out here in the wilderness, the two of you beginning your married lives soon. The dawning of a new age of happiness. A new frontier ahead of you. Welcome to a night of fun, my frontier friends!"
Everyone clapped, gathering around the two men.
Hugs and kisses were exchanged, Michael's eyes following Justin's.
"Where did you get these costumes?" Michael asked Lance.
"Zach brought them all up from town. They were all from the high school."
Michael looked at Zach, his friend smiling.
"Lisa Carter and I are still good friends, Mikey. She let me borrow them this morning from the drama club."
Michael smiled, looking over at Justin.
"Well I know two outfits that aren't going back."
Zach laughed, everyone around them laughing as well.
Darian pulled on Michael's naked leg, Michael leaning down and picking up his little boy.
"You and Dada look funny, Papa. You look naked!!" he said, everyone laughing.
"Yes, Darry. Thank Uncle Lance and Uncle Josh for that. I think they did this more for themselves."
Lance and Josh blushed, Michael laughing out loud.
Justin walked up to his lover, Michael's eyes scanning over his toned, glistening body.
"That outfit is beyond beautiful, love."
"So is yours, sweetie. Black is your colour."
Both smiled exchanging kisses.
To Michael, he was a vision of Indian beauty.
"You can stay in my bunkhouse anytime, my lusty brave." Michael purred.
"And my teepee is always open to a lusty cowpoke like you. I want to play with your longhorn."
Everyone groaned, Justin laughing.
Chris rolled his eyes.
"Be careful, Chrisco. This Indian hasn't got any scalps yet." Justin smirked, Vicky holding in her laughter.
"Better forget it, Little Brave. That man's going bald." Michael said, smiling at Chris.
Everyone laughed, Chris giving both of them a familiar salute.
"Leave the cowboy alone, guys." Joey said, smiling.
Lance handed both Justin and Michael a glass of wine, everyone raising their glasses.
Lance asked for quiet, turning to his friends.
"Tonight, my friends, this party is for you. A celebration of your upcoming nuptials. We've all watched you grow together as a couple, both of your souls of love uniting as one. And here, today, we see your total joy and love for each other. Bless both of you on the journey ahead. So everyone, raise you glass to Michael and Justin. Two hearts of happiness, one soul of love."
"Michael and Justin!!" They all cheered, both men in tears.
Lance and Josh hugged them both.
Joey smiled, then shouted:
"Alright!!! Party time!!!!!"

End of Chapter 144

A chapter of reflection and blossoming happiness.
I hoped you liked the party theme.
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