Justin's Angel-145

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Justin walked up to his lover, Michael's eyes scanning over his toned, glistening body.
"That outfit is beyond beautiful, love."
"So is yours, sweetie. Black is your colour."
Both smiled exchanging kisses.
To Michael, he was a vision of Indian beauty.
"You can stay in my bunkhouse anytime, my lusty brave." Michael purred.
"And my teepee is always open to a lusty cowpoke like you. I want to play with your longhorn."
Everyone groaned, Justin laughing.
Chris rolled his eyes.
"Be careful, Chrisco. This Indian hasn't got any scalps yet." Justin smirked, Vicky holding in her laughter.
"Better forget it, Little Brave. That man's going bald." Michael said, smiling at Chris.
Everyone laughed, Chris giving both of them a familiar salute.
"Leave the cowboy alone, guys." Joey said, smiling.
Lance handed both Justin and Michael a glass of wine, everyone raising their glasses.
Lance asked for quiet, turning to his friends.
"Tonight, my friends, this party is for you. A celebration of your upcoming nuptials. We've all watched you grow together as a couple, both of your souls of love uniting as one. And here, today, we see your total joy and love for each other. Bless both of you on the journey ahead. So everyone, raise you glass to Michael and Justin. Two hearts of happiness, one soul of love."
"Michael and Justin!!" They all cheered, both men in tears.
Lance and Josh hugged them both.
Joey smiled, then shouted:
"Alright!!! Party time!!!!!"

Chapter 145

The music blared from the stereo, invigorating the dancing couples.
Justin was dancing with Josh, the two laughing, Justin's arms around his friend.
Michael sat talking with Vicky, smiling at his man dancing.
"Your man's enjoying himself, Mikey. How many drinks has he had?" Vicky said, smiling.
"Four vodkas and a shooter. But who's counting?"
Vicky laughed, Michael winking at her.
"It's his night of happiness, I begrudge him nothing."
Vicky smiled, kissing his cheek.
"I still can't believe crazy skinny little Mikey Tavarro has bagged Justin Timberlake. All my college girlfriends are so jealous. I get e-mails from them all the time."
Michael smiled, staring at his dancing Indian brave.
"Tell them I feel like I'm the luckiest man in the world."
The song ended, Justin running across the dance floor, jumping into Michael's lap.
"Man, this is one heavy warrior! Cut down on the buffalo chops, sweetie!"
Justin laughed, his lips on Michael's in seconds.
"That's what making me fat. My cowpoke's delicious love."
Josh laughed, sitting down beside Vicky.
"We're dancing all night, Mico. Hope you've got strong feet."
Michael smiled, kissing his lover again.
He tasted the alcohol on Justin's breath, Justin smiling.
"I'll rub my cowpoke's feet if they get sore. And I still haven't played with his longhorn!"
Michael laughed, gently dumping Justin into Vicky's lap.
"Sorry, Lustin' Little Brave. This cowpoke needs to dance. Come on Joshy."
"That's Sheriff Chasez to you, cowboy."
Michael laughed, pulling Josh up to his feet.
Justin smiled at his man's happiness, Vicky laughing at him in her lap.
"My, this is one foxy Indian I have!" she said, Justin laughing.
Vicky slapped his butt, Justin jumping and laughing.
"Where's your old prospector?"
Vicky laughed, smiling back.
"He and Joey are in the kitchen, they were hungry."
Justin laughed, moving and sitting down beside her now.
"Justin, you and I haven't talked much lately. I need to say something."
Justin smiled, remaining quiet.
"I want to thank you for the happiness I feel in Michael. In three short weeks, the two of you will be married. I think you're going to be the happiest man on the planet, Justin. Michael loves you so much, and you are all he'll ever need."
Justin smiled, hugging her tightly, kissing her cheek.
"I am the luckiest man in the world, Vicky. My heart is full of Mico's love."
She smiled, hugging him again.
She saw Justin watching his man dancing, seeing the love in his eyes for Michael.

Josh smiled, Michael's arms around his waist.
"Having fun, Mikey?" Josh asked, smiling at his half-naked friend.
"Having a blast, Joshy! Thanks for all this!"
Josh smiled, staring at Michael's glistening chest.
Michael smiled, his hands tightening around Josh's waist, the two close and intimate.
"So where's your Indian brave?"
"Little Lance Twofeathers is dancing over there with Christina." Josh said, pointing.
Michael looked over seeing Lance laughing with Christina, the two having a ball.
Michael smiled, looking back at Josh.
"That's one hot little Indian you have."
"So's yours Mikey. Those outfits totally sexify our beautiful men."
Michael smiled at Josh, seeing Josh staring at Justin. Josh blushing a little, as he turned, Michael's eyes staring at him.
"It's okay, Josh. I know what that outfit does to me, I can imagine it does the same to you. Justin is beautiful."
Josh smiled, looking at Justin laughing with Vicky.
"Lance's beauty feeds my soul, Mikey. But Justin's beauty is breathtaking. And for you alone."
Michael smiled, kissing Josh gently on the lips.
"I wish you'd dressed as an Indian. Your sleek beautiful form needs to be displayed."
Josh blushed, Michael's hands running up his tightly covered chest, the white material tightly covering Josh's muscular chest.
"But then again, sometimes hidden beauty can be even more intoxicating."
Josh blushed, Michael feeling a small tremor go through Josh's body.
Michael laughed at Josh's obvious nervousness.
"Relax, my friend. To love you would be a joy. I envy Lance. And Jus fills my soul completely."
Josh smiled, relaxing immediately, Michael's wide tender smile soothing Josh's mind.
Josh's arms went around Michael, pulling him closer.
"I envy Jus even more."
Michael laid his head on Josh's chest, the two dancing slowly to a slower song that had just begun.
Josh smiled, feeling the warmth of Michael's body against his, and the warmth of Michael's love in his heart.
Lance, who was slow dancing with Christina, looked over, smiling at the tenderness he saw in the two men's embrace.
Justin, who was sitting across the room, smiled, seeing his lover and his best friend as one.

Justin was disturbed from the beautiful view by a hand rubbing his head.
"How's Justin Little Brave doing?" Chris said, Joey beside him, both carrying wineskins.
"Fantastic, Chris! Doing fantastic!"
Chris smiled, grabbing Justin's glass.
"You need a topper, Justy."
Justin smiled, taking the full glass back from him, half downing the liquid.
"Wow! That's strong!"
Joey laughed, taking a slug himself, tipping the wineskin over his head.
"Mmm, pure vodka. Warms the soul!" Joey said, starting to cough.
Chris and Justin laughed, Justin drinking more from his glass.
Vicky looked up at her lover, Chris winking at her.
She shook her head, knowing he and his friend were going to show Justin a good time.
Chris looked across the dance floor, seeing Josh and Michael dancing.
"Looks like your sweetie's found another."
Justin smiled, looking up at Chris.
"He's in the arms of my best friend. It's one of the safest places he can be."
Joey smiled, seeing no jealousy in Justin's eyes.
Vicky saw the deep trust in Justin's smile. And her eyes went to Lance, seeing him smiling at Josh and Michael.
"The four of you are like Jake's foursome." Vicky smiled.
Justin looked quietly at her.
"No, Vicky. Our foursome is different. Love is a part of it, but not physical love. The heart of ours is the bond of friendship and trust."
Everyone smiled, reading Justin's comment for what it was.
"But damn, seeing the four of you going at it, would be every gay boy's dream come true." Vicky smirked, Justin bursting into laughter.
Chris rolled his eyes, that making Justin double over in laughter.
"Aww, Chris, too much of a visual effect on you?" Joey said, laughing as well.
"It's making me sick!" he said, faking throwing up.
"See yourself in a mirror, Chris?"
Chris looked up seeing Michael and Josh standing in front of them. The dance had finished.
"Ha...ha, Tavarro."
Michael stared at Chris, folding his arms.
"So when do I get to dance with you, Christopher?" Michael said, smiling at him.
Vicky looked surprised, as did Joey.
Josh and Justin were holding in their laughter.
Then Justin looked at Michael, seeing his determined look.
This was serious in Michael's eyes.
Josh picked up on it too.
Chris was staring at Michael, seeing no joke in those golden eyes.
"You are my dearest friends. All of you. On this night in which your love for us is celebrated, I want to celebrate in all ways with all my closest friends."
Chris looked shocked by what Michael had just said.
"That includes you too, Joe."
Joey looked equally shocked, Kelly coming up to him, wrapping her arm around him.
Zach came up, putting his hand on Michael's shoulder.
"Include me in that circle, my friend. And I want a slow one."
Michael smiled, seeing the love in his childhood friend's eyes.
Chris smiled, seeing the deep love between the two men. He took a deep breath, looking into Michael's eyes again.
"I'd like a fast one, Mikey." he said, Vicky looking at him with a smile.
Michael smiled, grabbing Chris' hand, pulling him forward.
He and Chris walked towards the dance floor, an upbeat song playing.
All the dancers on the floor smiled, seeing Chris begin to dance with Michael, the two men smiling at each other.
"Not in a thousand years would I ever imagine seeing this sight." Joey said, staring in awe at his best friend dancing with another man.
Kelly kissed his cheek.
"Mikey's love has entered Chris' heart. That man can change the most unchanging soul."
Everyone smiled at her words, knowing the truth in them.
They all smiled, watching the two men laughing and dancing on the dance floor.

So the night progressed in its merriment and fun.
Michael, true to his word, danced with everyone in the room.
Joey actually loved it, feeling Michael's happiness flood the two of them on the dance floor.
Justin sat or stood watching his man's happy heart flood the hearts of all their friends.
When Zach and Michael danced, Christina and Justin danced beside them, both with tears in their eyes.
Zach and Michael were embraced in a connection of faithful friendship, both feeling their partner's love.
Justin danced several dances with his lover, Michael's soul full of love and happiness.
Tonight, it felt like Michael's mind, heart and soul were finally one.
One of happiness and peace.
And all night, Justin's desires for his lover simmered.
The outfit he wore sent Justin's heart racing.
Seeing his tight, muscular form on display, his hairy manliness so evident and desirable, sent Justin's heart racing.
For the briefest of moments, the two had stolen away, to a private corner, to taste their heated lips of desire.
"Oh God, Mico! I have been watching you all night, seeing the movements of your body and feeling the heat of your desires across the room." Justin had said, Michael's body against him, the two snuggled on a loveseat in a dark corner.
Michael had kissed him deeply, his fingers rubbing his right exposed nipple.
"And I have felt your lust, desire and need all night, my brave. Tonight when this is over, I will quench my own needs for your beautiful smooth body. I am taking you for hours."
Justin murmured, lost in the delicacy of Michael's needful lips and fingers.
They'd been almost at the point of full-out desire, when Lance jumped on top of both of them sitting on the couch.
"Can I join this heated moment?" Lance said, smiling and laughing.
"Damn, Bass! My man's got me flowing! Get your skinny ass off of us!" Mikey smiled, winking at Justin.
The two men laughingly dumped Lance onto the floor, Josh standing above all them.
"Now is that any way to treat the host of this party?" he smirked.
Michael winked at Justin, both moving fast.
They both tackled Josh, pulling him down on top of Lance.
"Hey, Mikey! Time for some tickles!" Justin said, tickling Josh.
Michael laughed, tickling Lance, the two soulmates screaming with laughter, their friends on top of them.
"Hey everyone! Gay orgy in the corner!" Chris yelled.
The four stopped, looking over at Chris, who was doubling over with laughter, Joey by his side, laughing as well.
"Man, that boy never learns. He just loves being wet." Michael smiled, the other three looking at him.
He smiled at all three, winking.
"This night has to end with a Chris moment."
All four laughed, knowing Michael had something brewing.

Upstairs, Nora was playing with the three smaller children in one of the bedrooms.
Noah sat on the floor between Darian and Shauna, the three little ones laughing as they played with blocks.
"Having fun, little angels?" Lynn asked, walking into the room, then sitting down beside Nora.
"We happy, Gramma." Shauna smiled, Lynn smiling at the tender name.
"You've got some wonderful grandchildren here, Lynn." Nora said, smiling as well.
"Yes, my son's children are so special." she smiled, lost in the beauty of the two little angels playing before her.
All three children stopped suddenly, looking up and around.
Then Darian and Shauna looked at Noah, Noah nodding.
Noah bent forward, positioning his blocks in a long line, then on both sides of the line.
The other two helped him, the three finishing their work quickly.
Nora and Lynn exchanged looks.
They stood up, looking down at the item they'd made.
They looked down, seeing Noah had made a wooden cross.
"Why a cross, my little treasure?" Lynn asked, smiling at him.
Noah looked up, staring at her with his lifeless brown eyes.
"For his love."
Nora and Lynn exchanged confused looks.
Shauna looked up at her grandmother.
"Gramma, Becky's going to fly."

Outside in the upstairs hallway, Jonathan, Stevie and Becky were playing a happy game of soccer.
They'd been playing for half an hour, Jonathan smiling at his two little playmates' laughing smiles.
Lynn had asked her stepson to play with the little ones, the fun downstairs not really meant for them.
Jonathan had no qualms about doing it, loving his brother and the little girl.
Becky loved Jonathan, seeing a smaller Justin in him.
She considered him now her big brother, stating that to him.
That had warmed his heart greatly to the little angel.
They laughed and played, Jonathan gently kicking the ball between the two of them, both kicking the ball around.
A couple of times the ball had gotten away from them, Jonathan quickly capturing it.
Becky and Stevie now stood on both ends of the hallway, Jonathan smiling as he kicked the ball to Stevie.
Becky stood in front of the overhanging balcony, above the living room.
Stevie kicked the ball back to Becky, Becky stopping it and kicking it to Jonathan.
Jonathan laughed, smiling, and kicking it again to Stevie.
Stevie smiled widely, hitting the ball now a little harder, and off center.
It careened past Becky, who turned and ran after it.
Jonathan in the last moments of their excitement saw where the ball was heading.
"No, Becky! Stop!"
The little girl didn't hear him, her mind on capturing the ball that was rolling ahead of her.
At the same moment, Lynn and Nora came running out of the bedroom, seeing the look of terror on Jonathan's face.
They all focused on the little girl, who was climbing over a railing after the bouncing ball in flight.
"No!!!" Lynn screamed, the little girl turning, then slipping, tumbling into the open air.

Downstairs moments earlier, three souls felt a wave of impending doom.
Tomas was cuddling on a couch with Seth, his hands under Seth's shirt, their lips together.
They'd just finished dancing with Marco and Emile, the beauty of the two young men igniting their own desires.
Tomas stood up in a shocking flash, Seth staring at him.
"What is it, love?" Seth said, having felt the shock in Tomas.
He stood up himself, wrapping his arm around Tomas.
Paulo and Jake looked at them both, sitting on the couch beside them.
"I don't know, I just felt a flash of something. A warning to have my gift ready."
Seth looked concerned, then heard the scream.
Tomas looked up.

Michael and Justin sat on a couch, snuggling.
Michael suddenly sat up, staring ahead, his golden eyes glowing.
Josh and Lance–sitting across from them–saw his eyes immediately.
They both sat up as well, sensing something.
"What is it, love?" Justin said, sitting up, his arm going around him.
"Not tonight! No! It was supposed to be later!" Michael said, standing now.
Justin was on his feet in a flash about to put his arm around him, when his own mind went blank.
In his mind he saw a vision, his blood running cold.
Then the vision appeared again, this time different.
Justin immediately knew why.

Christina and Zach were laughing with Randall and Paul, all drinking from their glasses of wine.
"A beautiful evening. The happy twosome looks extremely happy." Christina said, smiling.
They all smiled looking towards their friends.
Zach looked surprised, seeing his two friends standing and Michael's eyes glowing.
Then they all heard the scream, looking up.
Christina saw her daughter falling, her own scream cutting through the music.

Michael saw it as it he had seen it in his vision.
The death of his little princess.
He also knew the sacrifice he'd taken unto himself.
He saw her falling, his body now moving into action.
Michael moved forward.
But he felt someone against him, slowly turning around.
Justin had him in his arms, holding him tightly.
"No, Mico. It's the Carrier's destiny."

Tomas heard the scream upstairs, then looked up, seeing the blond child on the balcony's rail.
He saw her slip, and fall.
That little angel of Christina's.
His little cousin.
And then he heard Christina's echoing scream.
He remained still for only the smallest of moments, the gift igniting in his mind.
Seth felt Tomas leave his arms, his lover becoming airborne.
Everyone in the room stared in shocked silence.
Tomas was moving through the air, his body flowing upwards.
Little Becky landed in his arms, the child crying.
They were both suspended seven feet off the ground.
Tomas wrapped his arms around her, the little girl immediately feeling his protective love.
She calmed immediately, Tomas slowly sinking downward.

Everyone stared in wonder, watching the man with the child in his arms, his feet finally touching the floor.
Christina was by his side in a flash, Zach right behind her.
Becky was in Christina's arms, the woman sobbing, holding her tightly.
Zach was crying, hugging Tomas to him.
"Thank you! Oh God, thank you!" he sobbed, Tomas rubbing his back.
Everyone crowded around them, Lynn and Jonathan running down the stairs, Nora following.
Noah was in Lynn's arms, Shauna and Darian walking down the stairs slowly, their small hands in Nora's.
Justin released Michael, Michael staring at him.
They both talked in their minds, Justin kissing him tenderly.
Nora walked up to them, Darian and Shauna climbing into their waiting arms.
Lance took Noah from Lynn's arms, the little boy smiling.
"Becky okay?" he asked, Lance looking at him with surprise.
"Yes, Noah. She's okay. Tomas saved her."
Noah smiled.
"His wuv save her."
Michael remained quiet, his golden eyes focused on the little boy.

Everyone gave Christina and Becky space, Christina sitting down with her child in her arms, Zach sitting beside her.
"Me fly, Mommy. Me sorry, me fall."
"It's okay, sweetie. You're okay."
Christina looked up at Tomas, the young man blushing.
He saw the looks everyone was giving him.
Seth put his arm around the newest hero, Tomas feeling his love.
They'd all heard of his special gift, but to see it in front of them, deeply moved all of them.
Justin and Michael walked over, setting their little ones down on a couch beside Lance and Noah, the three little ones smiling up at them.
"The Carrier soars to new heights." Michael said, everyone turning and looking at him.
They all saw the tears in his eyes as he looked at Tomas.
Justin's arm was around his lover, all of them seeing his love there for him.
Tomas walked up to his cousin Michael, tears in his eyes as well.
"This was you in some way, wasn't it?"
Michael looked at him quietly, then sat down in a chair, not saying anything, his head lowering.
Justin stood beside him, his hand on Michael's shoulder now.
"Stop the music, Chris. You all need to hear this."
Chris walked over, turning the stereo off.
The room was now in complete silence.
Michael's trembling voice entered the silence.
"It wasn't supposed to happen. It was supposed to be stopped." he quietly said.
Justin squeezed his shoulder.
He looked at Christina and Zach, then at Tomas.
"What just happened wasn't supposed to happen. In the Circus of Magica, Michael sacrificed his own well-being to stop this."
Zach and Christina's eyes moved to Michael, whose head remained lowered.
"This was the change of destiny Michael had asked of Adrian. Becky was destined to fall to a tragic end. Michael asked Adrian to change that destiny. The pain Michael now carries, was his sacrifice. He did it to save her. His little princess."
Zach and Christina were in tears, now knowing what Michael had done for their daughter.
Justin looked at Michael, seeing his shattered state.
"Michael, in his heart, felt that this wasn't supposed to happen at all. He'd asked for it to be changed completely. And it was changed. But only one part was changed. Tomas' intervention. That altered the final outcome. Tomas saved Becky, because Michael asked for it."
Justin smiled, looking around at all the tearing eyes.
"I know it's true because I saw both visions, in my mind, moments before it happened. I held Michael back because I knew the true vision. Tomas was to save Becky, not Michael. If Michael tried he would have failed. The Carrier changed destiny, with Michael's love."
Zach got up, walking over to his friend, kneeling in front of him.
He raised Michael's head, seeing the tears in his golden eyes.
"Thank you, Michael. For saving my child."
"She's my little princess, she's part of me. I love her, and I love all of you. I'm sorry Zacky. I'm sorry it had to play out. I asked for it to be changed completely, not to be altered."
Michael sobbed, Zach folding him into his arms, his tears flowing as well.
"Destiny was averted, Mikey. You changed destiny for her. For our little angel. Thank you for loving her, for protecting us all."
Justin was in tears, Christina by his side now.
Becky climbed into Justin's arms, smiling at him.
"I love you, Uncle Justin."
Justin was in tears, kissing his saved little angel.
"I love you, Rebecca."
"Unky Mikey save me again?"
"Yes, angel. Uncle Mikey saved you."
Becky looked down at her father hugging her uncle.
"Thank you, Uncle Michael."
Michael broke the hug with his best friend, standing up, the little girl climbing into his arms.
"You're welcome, princess. Promise me you won't try to fly again."
"I won't, Unky. Me want to stay here. Me have to stay here. You needs me."
Michael's tears continued to fall, hugging her gently.
The room was filled with gentle laughter, everyone looking over toward the couch where the little ones were.
Three little angels sat together, laughing.
Lynn walked up to her sons, looking over at the small children.
"Justin, something's going on here. Just before it happened, Noah built a cross upstairs, then Shauna said Becky was going to fly."
Michael walked over, kneeling in front of the three little ones.
"My little angels. You knew Becky was going to fly?"
"Yes, Papa. Noah builds crossy to makes her safe. Unky Tommy makes him flys to catches her." Darian said, Michael looking at them with surprise.
Justin looked totally shocked, kneeling down as well.
"You both knew this was going to happen? Who told you, sweeties?"
The two little ones laughed, looking over at Noah.
"Noah did. Silly!"
Everyone stared at the little boy, as he climbed up into Lance's lap, snuggling against him.
"Sweetie, you knew Becky was going to fall?" Lance asked, stroking his boy's black hair.
Josh sat now on the armrest beside the two.
"Yes, Papa. Me learns it from Adwean."
Lance looked at Michael, Michael looking at Noah.
"Adrian told you, Noah?"
"Yes, Unky Mike. He says me build cross to make Becky safes. She be caughts by flying man. Unky Tomas."
Everyone looked on in wonder.
"But I was with you, Noah. Adrian didn't talk to you in the circus."
Noah looked around, putting his hand on Michael's face.
"Angel friends talks to me, Unky. Many friends."
Michael stared in wonder at the little boy, Noah smiling at him.
"These children are very special, Justin." Lynn said, looking at her grandchildren and Noah.
"We's five of truth." Noah said, everyone looking on in puzzlement.
"Five of truth?" Lance asked his son.
"Yep. Darry, Shauny, Becky, and Stevie and me's."
The five children giggled, Michael looking around at all of them.
"What does that mean, Noah?" Josh asked tenderly.
Noah's hand rubbed on Michael's cheek, wiping away a tear.
"We's here to saves Uncle Michael."
Michael stared at the little boy, Noah hugging his body against Lance.
"Me tired, Papa. Me sleeps."
Lance looked at Michael, Michael taking Shauna into his arms, Justin leaning down and picking up Darian.
"Let's take them into the downstairs bedroom, and put them down for the night." Michael said, walking towards the rooms.
Lance and Justin followed, everyone watching them leave.

They came back out about half an hour later, their little angels asleep.
Zach and Christina had taken Becky into the other bedroom, Lisa carrying Stevie.
All the children were now sleeping, everyone sitting down.
"Wow, that was a different moment." Nick said, Trevor in his lap.
Michael looked around, seeing everyone looking at him.
"Okay, everyone. Enough with the stares. What's happened, happened. I was just as shocked as all of you. And what's going on with the kids has me just as perplexed."
Justin put his arm around him, Michael smiling.
"There is obviously something else at work here, something magical." Justin said.
Christina stood up, walking to her brother.
She wrapped her arms around him, kissing his cheek.
"What happened here was your love protecting us all as usual, Mikey. You've risked your own happiness and health for my child. You carry pain for my child. I'll never forget that, brother."
Michael smiled back at her.
"You're my sister. I love you and Becky. And that crazy husband of yours."
Zach laughed, seeing Michael's humor trying to diffuse the emotion of the moment.
Everyone smiled, watching this man of giving love.
"I love all of you. I now know that I'll be warned if any of you are in danger. That's what that vision of Becky was to me. A warning to do something to change it. I'll do the same for all of you."
They all teared up, Justin seeing all their love for his man.
"Okay everyone. This is supposed to be a  party! We still have to shave down the future newlyweds!" Joey said, Justin and Michael looking at him.
"Excuse me, Fatone?" Michael said, folding his arms.
"If you think for a moment that I'm allowing that, then make your move." Michael said, glaring at him.
Joey looked at Chris, then Lonnie.
Michael smirked, watching all the men standing up.
Justin moved in front of Michael, Michael smiling.
"You have to go through me to get to my man." Justin said, Michael laughing.
Justin turned looking at him.
"Sweetie, that's their plan. Take you out first then tackle me."
Justin blushed, the men charging at them.
Justin screamed, Nick and Trevor, as well as Jonathan tackling him, Paulo and Jake jumping on board.
Lonnie, Joey, Chris and Lance and Josh ran for Michael, Emile and Marco joining in.
Within moments all seven were flying around, landing on their asses, Michael's quick graceful moves putting all of them out of commission.
Michael then dove onto Nick, side flipping Trevor.
Michael pulled Jonathan off Justin, who'd almost lost his loincloth.
Paulo and Jake were knocked over by Michael in the rush, Jake landing on top of Paulo.
Michael lifted his lover up, backing them both into a corner.
"Okay, boys. I think you need to regroup." Michael smiled, helping Justin fix his attire.
Justin smiled, seeing the protective stance Michael stood in.
Lance was laughing, Josh helping him up off the floor.
"Okay, Mikey. We get the drift of your words and actions. We'll behave." Lance smiled, Michael smiling back.
"Okay, my best man. I'll take your word that you won't attack my boyfriend or me."
Lance nodded, all the others reluctantly nodding.
All the older ones laughed, seeing Michael's protective love.
"Turn the music on again, Chrisco. I want to shake it with Lynn." Michael said, smiling at his future mother?in?law.
Lynn laughed, taking Michael's hand.
"Lead on, Mr. Welk!!"
Michael laughed, a hip song flooding the silence.
Everyone smiled, watching him head for the floor, Justin smiling at his Mom's hip moves.

They all danced and laughed for a while, the previous drama with Becky over.
Christina danced with Michael, words of love and thanks exchanged.
Zach kissed Justin, Justin a bit surprised.
"A thanks for what you did, Justin."
Justin blushed, kissing him back.
"She's my princess too."
Zach teared up, hugging him tightly.
The evening progressed, everyone having lots of entertaining fun.
Around one, the elder members of the group said their goodnights.
Nora, Silas, Paul and Lynn carried the three little ones back to Justin and Michael's cottage, Lynn volunteering to stay with them until their parents came home.
She expected it to be a while later.
Becky and Stevie, as well as Jonathan went to their cottage with Randall and Lisa.
That left only the younger members of the family.
The dancing had died down, everyone relaxing and just talking out on the upstairs balcony.
"This place is beyond wonderful, Mikey." Trevor said, sitting between Nick's legs.
Everyone was staring up at the starry sky and full moon.
"That it is, Trev." Emile said, cuddling in Marco's lap, Jake and Paulo sitting beside them, Emile's legs across their laps.
Jake was massaging Emile's bare feet.
All four were dressed as Indians, Marco's fingers running down Emile's nude chest.
"Looks like their teepee's going to be full tonight." Chris smirked.
Marco smiled at Chris, Paulo smirking.
"Always room for one more, Chris." he said, licking his lips.
Vicky burst into laughter, Chris looking at her.
"And that's funny?" he said, she still laughing.
"I may take you up on your offer, Marco. Seems my woman doesn't want me."
Everyone smiled, seeing Chris' now more relaxed mood around all the gay men.
"I'll always want you, my Snookums." she said, Chris smiling and kissing her tenderly.
"That was a close one." Emile whispered to Marco, everyone hearing.
Michael burst into laughter.
Justin smiled, seeing Michael's mood again joyous and festive.
"Okay everyone, we're getting too mellow here. What should we do?" Josh asked, Lance's hand under his shirt.
Michael smiled, seeing everyone mellowing out.
He stood up, smiling.
"How about a nice refreshing moonlight dip?"
Everyone smiled, liking the idea.
"Sounds great Mikey." Chris smiled, Michael patting his shoulder.
"Okay, everyone. We'll all go back and grab our suits, meeting on the Lodge's beach. There's Tiki lamps for lighting, we can have a beach party, with a big fire and a wonderful swim."
Everyone nodded, getting up.

They all went to their respective cottages, Michael and Justin returning to theirs.
Lynn and Paul were sitting on the couch sipping hot chocolate, when they entered.
"Hi, Mom. We're all going swimming and having a beach party. We're just grabbing our suits." Michael said, smiling.
She smiled at Michael, Michael reaching for the phone.
Justin headed upstairs, Paul and Lynn watching Michael.
He winked at them, calling his first accomplice.
"Hey, Lance. Better take two swimming suits each. Wear one and bring the other one for something else. I have a wonderful idea brewing and I will need all of your help."
Lance agreed, Michael calling everyone else, telling them the same thing.
Justin returned a few minutes later in his swimsuit, seeing Michael still on the phone.
He looked at his parents, both shrugging their shoulders.
Michael hung up, grabbing his swim trunks from Justin's hand.
"Better grab two more, Jus. One more for each of us."
Justin raised an eyebrow, looking at him.
"I've come up with a little entertainment of my own, Timby."
Justin smiled, seeing the mirthful gleam in Michael's eyes.
"Sure thing, sweetie. I'll go grab them and you can change in the bathroom."
Justin ran upstairs quietly again, Michael walking into the bathroom.
A few moments later he returned, picking up the phone again.
"Hey, Chris. Mikey here. I just talked with everyone, they're all being slowpokes. We'll all be down on the beach in about twenty minutes. Take your time."
"Sure think, Mikey. Gives me time to ravish my woman."
Michael heard Vicky groaning in the background.
He hung up, smiling at Justin who'd just walked back into the room.
A few minutes later, Michael and Justin said their goodbyes to Lynn and Paul, climbing back into their cart, steaming away towards the beach.
Lynn looked at Paul, Paul smiling, both standing in the cottage doorway.
"I think there's going to be a wet fish by the end of all this." Paul stated.
Lynn laughed, smiling at Michael's enthusiastic wave goodbye.

Everyone arrived at the beach, Michael and Justin having lit all the Tiki torches.
Blankets had been spread around and chairs set up.
Everyone showed Michael their second pair of swim trunks, Michael smilng.
He quickly got them all together, telling them what he'd planned.
Everyone laughed and agreed to be in on the idea.
They all relaxed and remove their shirts, and robes.
Everyone walked down the beach, diving and swimming into the water, all of them carrying their second pair of trunks.
Michael spotted Chris and Vicky's cart pulling into the parking lot.
"Get ready everyone, time to see how good your acting abilities are!"
Everyone laughed, smiling and winking.
Chris and Vicky walked onto the beach, everyone waving.
"Come on in, the water's surprisingly warm." Josh said, Michael smiling at him, seeing his nude torso in the moonlight.
Chris and Vicky smiled, removing their t-shirts.
They both walked out into the water, Chris diving in, Vicky slowly submerging herself.
They all swam around, laughing and splashing each other.
Paulo and Jake were cuddled together, sharing a moment of tenderness, Marco and Emile doing the same.
"Man do we have to see that, even here in the water? You boys ever take a break?" Chris laughed, smiling at the four.
"They're in love, Chris. Seems to me I've seen you and Vicky doing the same." Michael said, smiling on his back, floating.
Chris smiled nodding, Vicky at his side, kissing him.
Michael smiled, winking at Lance.
"Man all this water feels so refreshing. Only one thing feels better." Lance said, Josh swimming beside him.
"What's that, my love?"
"That's swimming nude, my Joshy." Lance said, Josh smiling.
"I'm game for that, although our friends might not be." he smiled, kissing Lance's lips.
"Hey we're all friends here, nothing to hide. Right?" Zach said, Christina smiling at him.
Chris had been listening to the conversation, Vicky as well.
Chris watched Michael smiling and swimming around talking to everyone.
"Um, guys? Isn't that a little personal? I don't know if I need to see Joey's ass." Chris said, Michael swimming near him now.
Joey laughed, giving Chris a friendly salute, Kelly smiling.
"I'll have you know Joey's ass is damn fine!" she said, Michael laughing.
"Come on Chris, don't be such a prude!" Paulo said, smiling at him.
Chris looked around seeing everyone agreeing with Josh and Lance's idea.
"Hey! I'm not a prude! Okay, I'm game! Mikey? You and Justin go first. Let's see your skinny asses." he said, staring at him as if challenging him.
Michael smiled, nodding.
God, he loved it when a plan came together.
"I'm not ashamed of what I have, and I'm damn proud of Justin." he said, smiling.
Justin smiled, hearing Michael's prideful words.
Michael moved around in the water, then pulled up a pair of navy swim trunks.
Justin did the same, waving his over his head.
Chris smiled, looking a little surprised that they'd do it so easily.
He watched the others moving around, showing off their trunks and bathing suits above their heads.
Christina smiled, waving her two piece bikini, her body under the water, only her neck and head showing.
Paulo dove under the water beside Justin and Michael, re?emerging a few moments later.
"You are damn fine, Justin. You too, Mikey. " he smiled, Justin beaming.
Michael smiled, swimming towards shore.
He walked out of the water, carrying his swim trunks, his naked ass on display.
Everyone watched him, a bit surprised at his nakedness.
Michael bend down by a chair, picking up something.
He turned back, his swim trunk covering his center, a mesh bag in his hand.
"I'll collect all the suits, so no one can cheat."
He walked out, submerging himself in the water, putting his own suit in the bag when he came up for air.
He smiled at everyone, moving through the water.
Michael swam around collecting the swim trunks from everyone, putting them in the mesh bag he had in his hand.
He finally had them all, swimming up near Chris and Vicky.
"Looks like it's just you two left." he smiled.
"You came with a bag, Michael? You were expecting this?" Chris said, looking at him.
"No, Chris. I carried drinks here in this bag. Relax buddy, you're getting too paranoid."
Chris took a deep breath, lowering his hands.
He pulled off his swim trunks, Michael smiling at him, taking them from him, putting them in the bag as well.
"Hell, Mikey's seen my body. And I've seen his skinny ass before." she smiled, undoing her bikini under the water, handing him the two pieces.
He smiled, depositing them in the bag as well.
"That's everyone. We're all now naked with each other. And we're all relaxed and calm. No hidden desires or inclinations. Although I've always been turned on my your hairiness, Chrisco."
Chris rolled his eyes, splashing water at Michael.
"Dream on, gay boy!" he laughed, he and Vicky swimming out deeper in the water.
Everyone smiled, swimming around for a while, keeping their distances from each other.
Chris smiled, feeling very relaxed and open.
The nudeness of his body felt very refreshing.
Hell, seeing Michael nude had instantly relaxed him.
He had no fears or worries. This wasn't some colossal joke aimed at him.
Michael seemed genuinely relaxed and happy.
Vicky swam beside Chris, the two snuggling together.
They kissed, and began touching each other.
Chris' desires ignited, Michael watching him from a distance.
The timing was perfect.
He winked at Lance.
"Damn, this water is getting colder! I'm freezing, Joshy!"
Josh swam beside him, smiling.
"Me too, lover. Let's go in."
"Yeah, us too, Marco." Paulo said, Emile and Jake agreeing.
Zach and Christina agreed, as did Lonnie and Rachel.
Justin looked at Michael.
"Yeah let's all go in and make a campfire. And get warmed."
They all began heading towards the shore, slowly.
"Coming Chris and Vicky?" Christina said, swimming away from them.
The two lovers had been distracted, their desires ignited.
"No, we're fine here."
Everyone smiled, swimming away.
Chris whispered into Vicky's ear.
"Time for us to see a bunch of naked asses."
Vicky grinned, both looking towards their friends swimming away.
Chris saw them getting up, now standing in the water, walking towards shore.
He and Vicky both froze in shock.
Everyone of them wore swimsuits.
They all turned, looking out at the couple.
Everyone's laughter could be heard all along the beach, the two in the water staring inland in shock.
Michael stood in the center of their friends, waving a mesh bag of swimsuits.
"The old switch and bait!" Justin laughed, almost on his knees with laughter.
Chris was turning three shades of red, Vicky just as red.
"Michael "Pencil Dick" Tavarro! You give me my swimming suit back right now! Of all the underhanded, dirty tricks! I'm going to crush your nuts in my bare hands!" Vicky said, shaking her hand at him.
"Why Victoria! Such language from a lady!" Michael said, smiling at her.
Everyone was bursting with laughter, Michael's joke a roaring success.
"This is impossible! I saw you naked on the beach, Michael!" Chris said, staring at his friends.
"Yes, Chris you saw me without a swimsuit. That was my contribution to this joke's success. Justin had my second one in his hand, I picked up the bag on the beach. Everyone else showed you their second suit. They all had their first ones on the whole time."
Everyone was laughing, high-fiving each other.
Then they all clapped and cheered Michael's name.
Michael smiled, removing Chris' and Vicky's suits from the mesh bag in his hand, putting the bag of extra suits down.
He smiled at everyone then proceeded up to his knees in the water.
"Well, Chris? What do you say? Am I the master, or what?" he said, smiling at his naked submerged friends.
Chris looked at Vicky, Vicky blushing and nodding.
"Yes, Tavarro. You are the master. I concede victory to you."
Michael's joyous laughter filled the air, everyone smiling at his happiness.
"It never was a contest, my friend. Your love of jokes and merriment has filled my heart to overflowing. Don't ever change, my friend!"
Chris smiled, feeling the deep love in Michael's words.
"I won't, Michael. Now can we have our suits, please?"
Michael smiled, but remained still.
"Well, see, here's the thing, Christopher. I need a sign of your good faith."
Chris' brows furrowed.
"What do you mean, Michael?"
Michael waved the two suits in his hand, smiling at him.
"I need you to walk out of that water, and take these back."
Chris' eyes widened.
"Damn you, Mikey! That's not funny!" Vicky said, staring at her friend.
Chris looked at Michael seeing no scheming or threats in his golden eyes.
"I know you wouldn't hesitate, Victoria. Let's see what Chris is made of!" Michael smiled, remaining still.
Chris looked at his girlfriend, Vicky looking at him.
"Stay here, my love. I'll get our dignity back."
Chris swam forward, looking around at everyone.
Everyone had calmed down, their laugher fading out.
Chris took a deep breath, standing up in the water.
He was still waist deep, Michael a few feet ahead of him.
He stared into Michael's golden eyes, seeing his love shining.
Chris' fear left him, seeing his friend waiting.
He didn't hesitate, walking forward, his body coming out of the water.
Everyone smiled, and shouted, Chris oblivious to it.
He stood in front of Michael naked, Michael handing him the suits.
Vicky, swimming in the water, saw her man standing in front of Michael, his bare ass facing her.
"Thank you, Michael."
Michael smiled, putting his hand on Chris' naked shoulder.
"You're welcome, Chris. And to show my faith in you, and yours in me. I join you in your courage."
Michael dropped his trunks, letting them fall into the water.
Everyone on the beach stared in surprise, Michael's naked ass again in front of them.
Chris stared in shock, Michael smiling at him.
"There is nothing between us now, Chris. We stand as one. Friends in every way."
Chris smiled, staring at Michael's openness.
He smiled, turning and walking back out to his waiting lover.
"But geez, Chris! You need to shave your ass!" Michael said, smiling.
Everyone burst into laughter, Chris diving into the water, coming up beside his lover.
Vicky smiled at him, kissing him gently as he handed her her swimsuit.
Michael smiled, leaning down again, mooning everyone on the beach as he pulled up his trunks.
"Looks like there's two full moons tonight, Jus." Joey said, everyone–including Michael–bursting into laughter.
Chris and Vicky were laughing as well, putting their suits on in the cooling water.

Everyone sat around the campfire, the darkness of the night now around them completely.
The moon had gone behind some clouds.
"A wonderful end to a surprising day." Justin said, Michael wrapped in his arms, the two laying in a chaise lounge.
Michael agreed, watching the blazing fire.
They both wore their ball caps again, the ones Lance and Josh had given them.
Everyone smiled, snuggled with their mates around the warm fire.
They were all feeling a little tipsy, having drank all evening.
"Thank you Michael, for these last few days. It's been so wonderful." Rachel said, Michael smiling at her.
"That it has, Rach. That it has." he said, Justin's hug tightening around him.
He also felt Justin's center against him, knowing the night would end with passion.
"Well, everyone, as much as I hate to say it, I am tired. I think I'll call it a night." Zach said, Christina getting up with him, both staggering a little.
"Yeah it's after four. We should all concede exhaustion." Paulo said, everyone agreeing.
Justin helped Michael close off the fire, drowning it in water and sand.
"Brunch in the Lodge at eleven, everyone. I'll understand if you beg off." Michael said, seeing all the couples close together.
He knew it would be a night of loving passion for quite a few.
"We'll all make it, Mikey. Just to make you happy." Vicky said, smiling at him.
He smiled back, a tear in his eye.
"Goodnight, everyone."
They all hugged Michael and Justin, leaving for their cottages.
Michael and Justin walked to theirs, Lance and Josh walking with them.
They were going to pick up Noah at Michael's cottage.
All four were shirtless, the night still surprisingly warm.
Michael saw all four of them glancing at each other, taking in the beauty of their bodies.
"Thanks for this evening, guys. It's meant a lot to Jus and myself." Michael said, putting his arm around Lance's naked shoulders.
Josh put his arm around Justin, his best friend smiling at him.
"It's meant just as much to Lance and me, Mikey." Josh said, smiling at his friend.
The four stopped staring at each other.
Lance leaned in, kissing Michael tenderly, Josh doing the same to Justin.
The four stood still, awash with their love for each other.
"Is that a rocket in your pocket, Lance?" Michael quietly said, Justin bursting into laughter.
All four now laughed, Lance smiling.
"Yep, a rocket of love. Only Josh can make me lift off."
Michael laughed, Josh taking Lance into his arms.
Justin took Michael into his, staring into his golden eyes.
Michael kissed him tenderly then turned, looking at their best friends.
"Our foursome is united as always. Thanks my friends. For everything."
Everyone smiled, walking forward to the cottage.
Once there, the four smiled, seeing Lynn and Paul sound asleep on the couch.
Lynn woke up as soon as she heard the door shut.
"You're all back? What time is it?"
"Time to go home, Mom." Michael said, kissing her cheek when she got up.
Lynn shook Paul, the man stretching and standing up.
"Night, Dad." Justin said, hugging his stepfather.
"Night, guys. See you tomorrow." they both said, Michael telling them again about brunch.
The two left, Justin and Josh going upstairs to check on the kids.
Lance and Michael sat down on the couch, smiling at each other.
"Thanks, Lance. For all you did tonight. This was all your idea, and it means so much to both of us."
Lance smiled, kissing Michael's cheek.
They looked at each other, their lips meeting in a tender kiss.
"Hey, save some for me, lover." Josh said, smiling beside Justin.
They both stood beside the couch.
The two broke their kiss, staring up at their lovers.
"How are our angels?" Lance asked, Josh smiling.
"All three are snuggled together peacefully sleeping." Justin said, Josh's arm now around him.
"I envy them. To be so close and loved." Michael said, smiling.
Josh and Justin looked at each other, smiling.
The two men sat down on the couch, in the laps of their soulmates.
"That better, love?" Justin said, kissing Michael's lips.
The two twosomes relaxed, being close to their soulmates.
"Well, we should be heading home." Lance said, Michael smiling at Lance calling the cottage home.
"Listen. Noah's asleep. Why don't you two take the spare room? That way we'll all be here for them in the morning. No use waking him up and moving him. He's right where he wants to be." Justin said, the other two agreeing.
The four got up, hands together with their soulmates.
They walked upstairs, parting in the hallway.
"Night, guys." Josh said, smiling at the two half-naked men.
"Night, Josh and Lance. We'll try and keep it down. But Justin is a screamer." Michael smiled, Justin blushing.
"So's Joshy, Mikey." Lance said, and winked.
The four laughed, then looked into each other's eyes.
They all hugged each other, and kissed each other goodnight.
They parted as friends, nothing more.
Friends for life.

End of Chapter 145

And so the bachelor party ends, with a few surprises.
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His love for the little girl overshadowing his own pain.

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