Justin's Angel-146

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Lance and Michael sat down on the couch, smiling at each other.
"Thanks, Lance. For all you did tonight. This was all your idea, and it means so much to both of us."
Lance smiled, kissing Michael's cheek.
They looked at each other, their lips meeting in a tender kiss.
"Hey, save some for me, lover." Josh said, smiling beside Justin.
They both stood beside the couch.
The two broke their kiss, staring up at their lovers.
"How are our angels?" Lance asked, Josh smiling.
"All three are snuggled together peacefully sleeping." Justin said, Josh's arm now around him.
"I envy them. To be so close and loved." Michael said, smiling.
Josh and Justin looked at each other, smiling.
The two men sat down on the couch, in the laps of their soulmates.
"That better, love?" Justin said, kissing Michael's lips.
The two twosomes relaxed, being close to their soulmates.
"Well, we should be heading home." Lance said, Michael smiling at Lance calling the cottage home.
"Listen. Noah's asleep. Why don't you two take the spare room? That way we'll all be here for them in the morning. No use waking him up and moving him. He's right where he wants to be." Justin said, the other two agreeing.
The four got up, hands together with their soulmates.
They walked upstairs, parting in the hallway.
"Night, guys." Josh said, smiling at the two half-naked men.
"Night, Josh and Lance. We'll try and keep it down. But Justin is a screamer." Michael smiled, Justin blushing.
"So's Joshy, Mikey." Lance said, and winked.
The four laughed, then looked into each other's eyes.
They all hugged each other, and kissed each other goodnight.
They parted as friends, nothing more.
Friends for life.

Chapter 146

Justin woke up hearing someone moaning.
He looked around their bed, Michael gone from beside him.
He looked at the clock on the nightstand, reading nine o'clock.
He stretched, yawning a bit.
He smiled, remembering Michael's passion at the end of the evening.
They'd fallen asleep in each other's arms, both satisfied greatly.
Justin sat up, then stood, his naked form on display.
He scratched himself, going into his mind.
"Mico? Where's my man? Love ya."
A few moments later, a soft voice entered his mind.
"I'm in the living room playing with the kids. Love you more, my angel."
Justin smiled, stretching and walking out of the bedroom, heading to the washroom.
He yawned, walking into the bathroom, stopping dead in his tracks.
What lay in front of him, shocked him speechless.
Lance and Josh were in the tub, the shower running. The curtain was pulled back, Josh sitting on the edge of the tub, Lance on his knees in the water, deep throating him.
Both men were lost in their passion, unaware that Justin had just walked in.
Justin stood in shock watching Lance's loving ministrations to Josh's center.
Justin couldn't speak, lost in the scene in front of him.
Josh was moaning, his eyes closed.
Justin took in every inch of Josh's toned body, seeing the water running down his smooth chest between his small hard nipples.
Lance's hands were all over Josh's stomach and below his shaft, pulling on his balls.
Josh opened his eyes, looking around.
Josh's eyes fell on a stunned, naked Justin standing in front of them, his cock fully erect.
Both men gasped, jumping back, Josh almost slipping in the tub, Lance grabbing him to stop him from falling.
Justin blushed deeply, then stuttered.
"I'm... I'm ... so sorry... I didn't know.... door unlocked."
He turned, fleeing the room with great speed.
"Oh God, Josh! Justy saw us doing that!"
Josh pulled Lance against him, holding him close.
"It's alright, Lance. It's nothing to be ashamed of. It's unfortunate Justin saw it, but it's okay. He knows we make love to each other. He does the same with Michael. Don't ever be ashamed of what we do. I'm proud of what my angel does to me. Actually, if you hadn't noticed, Justin was more than turned on. We must be doing something right!"
Lance shyly smiled, kissing his man's soft, moist lips.
"I can't believe we forgot to lock the door!"
Josh smiled, pulling Lance to him.
"As I remember, we were pretty heated by the time we made it here."
Lance smiled, handing Josh a towel.
Josh smiled, climbing out of the tub wet, walking to the door.
He turned the lock, turning around and smiling at Lance.
He returned, climbing back into the tub, sinking to his knees.
Lance smiled, then gasped, Josh joining with Lance's desires.

Justin walked into the living room, now fully dressed, seeing Michael playing on the floor with Noah, Darian and Shauna.
Noah sat in Michael's lap, the little boy happily playing with Puffy.
Justin smiled at him, Michael noticing the redness around Justin's cheeks.
"You okay, love? You look a little flushed."
Justin leaned down, kissing Michael deeply on the lips, Michael feeling the desire in that heated kiss.
"Morning, Muffin."
"Morning, Cupcake."
The kids giggled, watching both men.
"Morning my angels. Morning Noah!" Justin said, sitting down on the floor, kissing his two little ones and Noah.
They all greeted him, smiling widely.
Darian dropped his truck, climbing into Justin's lap, Shauna climbing up as well, a doll in her hand.
"Morning, Dada!" Darian said, Justin smiling down at him.
Justin looked back up, Michael still staring at him.
"You okay, Jus?"
"Yes, Mico. I'm okay."
Michael nodded, seeing Justin's flushed look.
"How did our angels sleep last night?" Justin asked, tickling both of the little treasures in his lap.
"We slept great, Dada! Noah's sleeps with us." Shauna said, smiling at Noah.
Noah smiled back, looking around.
"Where Papa and Daddy?"
"They're in the shower, Noah. They'll be down shortly." Justin said quietly, not looking at Michael.
Michael stared at Justin, remaining quiet.
The two men played with the children, waiting for Josh and Lance to come down, then all of them would head to the Lodge for brunch.
A few minutes later, Josh and Lance walked down the stairs, Michael smiling at them.
Both smiled back.
"Morning guys." Michael said, Justin looking up at them, then looking away quickly, concentrating on Darian in his lap.
"Morning, Mikey." Josh said, walking up to him, Noah's arms already in the air. Lance followed behind Josh, leaning down and picking up Shauna.
Josh smiled, lifting the little boy out of Michael's lap.
"Morning, my little angel. You having fun?"
"Yes, Daddy! Unky Mikey picks me up with his angels! Plays with us this morning! We's having lots fun!"
Josh smiled, kissing his little boy's cheek.
Lance kissed him as well, Noah's little hands on both of their faces.
"Papa's face itchy. "
Lance laughed, rubbing his cheek against Noah's, Noah giggling.
"Thanks for looking after him this morning, Mikey." Lance smiled, Michael standing up also.
"No problem. All three little angels were awake at the same time." he quietly said, Justin looking up at him.
"What time was that, Mico?"
"Around six thirty. I gave them all some juice and toast. That will hold them over till brunch."
Justin got up, putting his arm around Michael.
"You should have woke me, I would have helped. How much sleep did you get last night?"
Michael looked away, then at Lance.
"There's coffee, if you'd like some."
Justin followed Michael into the kitchen, Lance and Josh following, the three little ones in their arms.
They all sat down at the table, Michael putting cups of coffee in front of them.
The three kids played on the floor, rolling a rubber ball between them.
"So what happened upstairs?" Michael said quietly, everyone looking a little blushed.
No one answered him, Josh looking at Justin, Justin looking down at his cup of coffee.
Lance stared at Michael, wondering how he knew something had happened.
Had Justin told him?
Had Justin told him about what he'd been doing?
Lance trembled a little, blushing redder.
Michael saw his look, sitting down beside him, putting his arm around his shoulder.
"Don't be embarrassed, my friend. I'm pretty sure I know what happened. Justin walked in on the two of you being intimate, probably in the shower. Am I right?"
Justin's head flew up, staring at Michael.
"You all forget, I sense your feelings. Justin came down feeling deeply embarrassed, and I might add, a little turned on. His kiss was full of desire."
Justin lowered his head, Michael's hand going into his.
"And you feel embarrassed more, Lancy. Your man doesn't. Josh actually feels happy."
Josh smiled, his eyes staring at Michael.
Lance looked at Josh, looking confused.
"Why do you feel happy, Joshy?" Justin said, looking at his best friend.
Josh looked at Michael, Michael smiling and nodding.
Josh sighed, taking both of Lance's hands in his.
"I am happy because this morning, I stood in that bathroom upstairs with two visions of unbelievable beauty. I stared at both of you, both of you naked and highly aroused. And all my heart and soul fell in love with my Lancy all over again."
Lance looked at his man, tears forming.
"Lance, my love. I saw Justin, my once desire, naked and aroused, and he didn't excite me like you do.  He didn't ignite my passion the way you do. It's you, I now know with all my heart. You are my soulmate, Lancy. You and you alone are all I need."
Lance fought his tears, leaning across the table, kissing Josh deeply.
They broke their kiss, both looking at Justin.
Justin had tears in his eyes.
"I'm sorry for what happened. The door was unlocked, and I didn't expect to see both of you in there."
They both smiled, Michael smiling at all three.
"It's alright, Jus. No harm was done." Josh smiled, chuckling a bit. "So, what do you think of us?"
Justin blushed a little.
"I think you're both damn fine. But not as fine as my Mico."
Everyone laughed, Justin blushing a little more, but smiling.
"Can I go to the washroom now?" Justin asked.
Michael kissed his cheek, smirking.
"Run before you make a mess."
Everyone laughed, Justin giggling, then racing out of the room.
Michael turned, looking at his two friends.
"I'm sorry I missed the show."
Both blushed, Michael smiling and standing up.
He left the two together, cleaning up around the kitchen.
Noah pulled on Josh's leg, Josh pulling him up into his lap.
Darian and Shauna got up, starting to walk back into the living room, being met by their Dada.
"All dressed and ready, angels? We're going for brunch up at the Lodge. Papa's cooking."
"Yay!!" They both clapped, Justin smiling at them, then at Josh and Lance and Noah.
He turned, looking at his lover, Michael quietly standing at the kitchen counter, his arms folded.
"All ready to go, Mico?" Justin said, feeling a sadness deep behind Michael's facade.
"Yep. I need to start cooking. It's almost nine thirty."
Michael grabbed a bag off the counter, walking quietly into the living room.
Josh and Lance got up, walking up to Justin, Noah in Lance's arms.
"He seems quiet, Jus. And it's obvious he didn't sleep much last night. Is he okay?"
"He's Michael, Josh. You all now know what this day is to him."
Lance rubbed Justin's shoulder, Josh nodding to his best friend.
"We're all here for him today, Jus. In any way we need to be."
Justin smiled, kissing the cheeks of his best friends.

Michael moved around the kitchen, stirring, flipping and frying different things.
Nora and Lynn walked in, seeing all the food simmering and already cooked.
"You've gotten a head start on us, Michael." Nora smiled, Michael turning and smiling.
"Ladies, must I turn on the pirate again? Please go out and relax with everyone else. I've got this all under control."
"Michael, we should help. This is too much for even you." Lynn said, looking over his shoulder, watching him flipping pancakes.
"I'm almost done, everything's pretty much cooked. The buffet table is set, so please, go talk with your men."
The two women looked at each other, Lynn nodding.
They both sensed that this was therapeutic for Michael, a way to busy himself.
"Okay, Michael. But we're doing the dishes."
Michael smiled, nodding quietly.
They left him alone, walking out into the living room.
Everyone was in the living room, relaxing and waiting for the meal.
Lynn sat down beside Justin and the kids on a sofa, Shauna climbing into her lap.
"He won't let us help. And I see what you mean."
"You've picked up on it too?"
"Yes, Jus. There's an underlying sadness behind his eyes. But he's keeping busy, that's the best thing for him."
Justin nodded, as did Nora, who'd sat down beside Silas.
"Three years. It just seems like yesterday. I remember Helena and me coming down for the funeral. We'd met Daniel earlier, Michael had brought him up here to meet us." Silas quietly said.
"I didn't know Daniel had been here, Silas?" Justin said, surprised by that fact.
"Yes, Justin. Vicky, Michael and Daniel spent a weekend at Helena's. That young man was so nice. So giving. A younger version of Michael, Helena had called him."
Justin smiled, agreeing with that fact.
"There was such promise in him, such unbelievable greatness." Vicky said quietly, Chris' arm around her.
"Tell us more about him, Vicky." Justin said, Darian playing with the buttons on Justin's shirt.
"Well, you've all–or most of you have–seen him in person. He was exceptionally handsome, but his beauty was in his words and voice. And his caring heart. Helena was right, Silas. He was another version of Michael."
"He didn't have any other family, besides his murderous father?" Marco asked, Emile thinking the same thing.
"Not that we were aware of. Michael put his obituary in the paper, but no one came to his funeral. There was just us, all the kids he knew from school, and Nana and Silas. Such an angel should have had more."
"He had enough in your and Michael's love." Justin said, Vicky smiling, wiping her eyes.
Lonnie, who'd been listening quietly, felt his own feelings inside.
"I don't know how important this is, or even if it is. But I did a background check on him. Remember when you asked me to find out all about Paul and Victor Ortiz, after Michael's shooting, Jus?" Lonnie said, looking at Justin.
"Yes, Lon?"
"Well, I don't know if it's anything, but Victor Ortiz wasn't Daniel's father."
Everyone looked surprised, Lonnie blushing a little.
"What do you mean, Lon?" Paulo asked, looking interested.
"Victor and his wife adopted Daniel when he was just a baby. They raised him as their own. Although Victor didn't raise him very well. He should have left him alone. Someone like him didn't deserve children."
Rachel hugged Lonnie against her, feeling his underlying anger.
"Nothing else, Lon?"
"No Jus. I didn't pursue it any deeper. Victor was dead, so I didn't think it meant anything. Do you think it does?"
"Not to us, Lon. But it would have meant a lot to Daniel." Vicky said, smiling.
"It's kind of nice knowing that beast wasn't his father. Daniel wasn't spawned off that monster." Vicky said, Chris smiling beside her.
"So what can we do for Mikey today, Jus?" Joey said, his voice filled with love for Michael.
"All we can do is keep his mind off it. He wants to go up to the clearing later, before we leave. Alone."
"I don't think that's a good idea, Jus. That spot means a lot to him, and he always thought so much up there. But his mind will wander up there." Vicky said, a few people agreeing with him.
"I can't stop him, Vicky. It's his sanctuary. We all know what it means to him. I think he wants to go there to sort some things out. I won't stop him from doing that." Justin said, everyone hearing the love in his voice for his Mico.
"I understand, Jus. I'm sorry. He needs to go there." Vicky said, Justin smiling at her.
Michael walked out of the kitchen, looking at everyone, all their gazes turning to him.
"Brunch is almost ready. We're having it upstairs on the balcony. It's such a beautiful morning. I'll need many hands to carry the food."
Everyone got up, following Michael into the kitchen.

They all carried plates, bowls and pans of food upstairs, Michael having set up a long table upstairs on the balcony as well as tables for sitting.
Warmer pans and different utensils were all laid out, Michael directing everyone where to put everything.
He had it all set up, asking everyone to sit where they'd like.
Everyone sat down, Michael smiling quietly.
Justin and the kids sat at one table overlooking the lake, with Josh and Lance and Noah.
The three kids were in highchairs, smiling and giggling.
Michael looked around, seeing all his friends and family.
He stood in front of them, smiling.
"I'd like to say something, before we eat."
Everyone nodded, the balcony quieting down.
"Justin my love, please come up here."
Justin smiled, getting up and walking up beside him, Michael putting his arm around him.
"Justin and I want to thank you for the wonderful evening last night. It's entered both of our souls as a night of wonderful memories. We'll cherish them forever, as we will all of your love."
"Yes, we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts." Justin said, everyone smiling at the couple.
"So, Jus. You being the head of my household, I'd like you to say grace."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael's cheek.
Everyone bowed their head, Justin's voice carrying across the balcony.
"Dear Lord, thank you for the bounty we are about to receive, lovingly prepared by my Mico. Take us all into your heart of love Lord, give us all your love. We thank you for all that we have received these last few days from the love of your child, Michael. His love and happiness have made this weekend a happiness we'll all carry in our hearts. Thank you, God, for loving us and bringing us together to share our love and yours. Amen."
Michael smiled at Justin, Justin seeing a small tear in one of his golden eyes.
"Let's eat, everyone." he quietly said, Justin and he heading towards the table.
Everyone got up, heading towards the buffet table and Michael's feast.

An hour and a half later, everyone sat and stood around, contented and filled.
Michael's food was exquisite and unbelievable.
"Michael, those omelets and hashbrowns, the best!" Joey said, rubbing his stomach.
Michael smiled, leaning back in his chair.
He looked down from the balcony on the dock below the lodge, seeing Jonathan and Brianna with the five little ones.
The kids were feeding small bits of food to a group of ducks that were floating on the water.
Justin smiled, seeing his treasures clapping and giggling.
"Awesome meal, Mikey! I see why Justin's showing love handles!" Chris smirked.
Justin smiled, Michael rubbing Justin's stomach.
Michael remained quiet, looking out onto the lake.
The ladies had removed all the food, having just finished the dishes.
Everyone was now relaxing on the balcony, a light breeze blowing across it.
"On the air of life, the changes of love are carried." Michael quietly said to himself.
Tomas, who sat in Seth's lap at the next table beside Michael, smiled.
"From The Final Love. Daniel's final words."
Everyone looked at Michael.
They'd all finally read both of Michael's books.
They knew the meaning of Daniel's parting words. That love can change.
"You okay, Mico?" Justin said, rubbing his shoulder.
Michael stood up, looking around at everyone.
He leaned against the balcony.
They all sensed Michael wanting to say something. They all quieted down, Lonnie setting down the coffee pot he'd been taking around filling up their cups.
He sat down beside Rachel, everyone now looking at Michael.
"These past few days mean more to me than any of you will ever know. I've walked the shores of this beautiful lake all my youthful existence, but never have I felt the love I've felt here these last few days. Last night, well, actually early this morning, I walked from one end of this community of love to the other. And at every small cottage I felt rejuvenated love. I felt all the love each small household possessed, each beautiful place of love."
Everyone was beginning to tear, knowing of what Michael spoke.
Justin sensed that Michael hadn't slept last night at all.
"My coming back here now, resurfaced some of my painful memories. In town where I'd first met Paul. Here at this lake where I'd almost ended my own life because of the pain I'd held within me. On the left side of this lake is the spot where destiny changed my life is so many ways. And that spot is now surrounded by love. By the love I feel in all of you. I don't fear this place anymore, I don't fear the loneliness and heartache anymore. Your love has healed me."
Everyone was in tears now, Vicky looking at Chris, seeing his eyes running.
"Today, as you all know, is the anniversary of the day that Daniel died. I know Vicky's told you all, how could she not with her loving soul?"
Vicky smiled at Michael, Michael smiling back.
She sensed no anger in that look.
Justin stood up, standing beside his lover, his arm around him now.
"I feel all of your love for me, all of you wanting to help me on this difficult day. Know in my heart, that all of you have. Your love, the love you've shown me from the first day I met you, has and will help. I thank you for that love, it fills my heart with happiness. And I want to tell you all something else, something I now know I can."
Justin put his arm around Michael, sensing some deep truth about to be revealed.
"There is only one person in my life that I now feel I truly have failed. And that person was Daniel."
Everyone looked shocked, Justin the most.
"How did you fail him, Michael? You did so much for him!" Justin said, looking into Michael's golden eyes.
In them he saw pain. A deep pain that had been hidden for years.
"Justin's right, Michael. Daniel's life took on a new meaning, thanks to you." Vicky said, rising up and walking up to him.
Michael looked at his friend, seeing her love for Daniel in her eyes.
"I'm not talking about his life, Victoria. I'm talking about his death. I knew, Vic. I sensed it just before it happened. My gifts told me and I did nothing."
Vicky put her arm around him as well.
"I failed him when he needed me the most. I should have done something when Victor walked out of that darkness, I should have protected him. Instead, I let his own father shoot him."
Justin hugged Michael tighter, feeling his self-loathing.
"Michael. You didn't help him because you couldn't. You didn't know the true magnitude of your gifts, or what you were capable of. Destiny intervened and Daniel was lost. Nothing you could have done could have changed that."
Michael stared into Justin's blue eyes, seeing his unaltered love.
"I failed him because I didn't have the courage to act. God's given Daniel his well-deserved gift. No thanks to me."
Michael walked away from his friends, going downstairs.
Vicky and Justin looked at each other, Vicky heading towards the stairs.
Justin stopped her.
"No, Vicky. He needs time. Let him go." Justin said quietly, his mind on what Michael had said.
"What gift has Daniel been given?" Paulo asked, looking at Justin.
"I don't know, Paulo. Michael's keeping something from me." Justin said, quietly.
"I know he must have a reason, Jus." Lynn said, patting her son's back, now beside him.
Justin looked down on the dock, seeing Michael joining the kids. Michael sat down on the dock, Shauna climbing into his lap, Darian standing beside them.
"I know, Mom. I just wish he'd let it all out. It's bothering his soul, something is bothering him."
"All you can do is love him, son. He loves you." Randall said, Justin smiling.
"That I have no problem with, Dad." Justin smiled, walking towards the stairs.

Justin sat down beside Michael on the dock, watching their children laughing and giggling.
"Duckies hungy, Dada!" Darian said, climbing into his lap.
"You keep feeding them, little man." Justin said, Darian throwing out more crumbs.
Michael smiled at his lover, Justin smiling back.
The two sat beside each other, a child in each of their laps.
Michael's head fell on Justin's shoulder.
"Sorry, my love. Sorry for bringing a damper onto this day."
"You have nothing to apologize for, Mico. We all know what this day means to you. We're all here for you, me most of all."
Michael teared up, Justin putting his arm around him.
"Papa okay?" Shauna said, snuggling against Michael's chest, Darian looking up at him as well.
"Yes, little ones. I'm okay. Just a little sad."
"You play with duckies, Papa! They's make you happy! Make you not think about Daniel so much!" Darian said, throwing out more food, the ducks quacking.
Michael was shocked but smiled, throwing out some as well, the ducks gobbling it up.
He knew his kids were something special, indeed.

Lance and Josh came walking across the dock, Noah's head lifting from Jonathan's lap.
Lance smiled, sitting down beside Jonathan, Noah climbing into his lap.
"Yep, little buddy. You having fun?"
"Yes, Papa. Me's feeding the ducks!"
Josh smiled, looking at Michael, Michael smiling back.
They all sat together, Zach and Christina joining them as well, all the adults watching the kids with the ducks.
Becky and Stevie laughing in front of them.
"What time does the plane leave, Jus?" Michael quietly asked.
"Around seven, Mico. We'll be home around midnight."
Michael nodded, looking at Lance and Josh.
"Can you guys watch the kids for a bit?"
"Sure thing, Mikey." Christina said, Michael standing up, handing her Shauna.
"Let's go for a walk, my love." Michael said, looking at Justin.
Justin nodded, Darian climbing into Jonathan's empty lap.
"You two angels be good, Papa and I will be back soon."
"Okay, Dada!" They both said, their eyes turning back to the swimming ducks.
Michael and Justin kissed them both.
Michael took Justin's hand, the two walking down the wooden dock, towards the cart path.

Justin and Michael walked along, their hands entwined.
They stopped at different places, looking at the view, or smelling flowers, or just looking around.
They sat down on a bench, in front of their own cottage, the water in front of them.
"This place is so beautiful, Mico. So natural and wonderful. I love it."
Michael smiled, kissing his lover's moist lips, the two becoming lost in the kiss.
"Thank you for last night, my love. Your lovemaking was unbelievable as always." Michael said, Justin smiling.
"I had so much to work with, so much beauty."
Michael smiled, laying his head against Justin's chest.
"How are you doing, my love?" Justin asked, his fingers stroking Michael's longer hair.
"I'm on edge, Jus. I have to go up there alone. I sense your not liking that."
Justin looked down at Michael's now upturned eyes.
"I hate to see you alone, my love. You've been so alone all your life. Let me go with you. I should be with you always."
Michael kissed his lips, feeling the moistness on them.
"You are always with me, my Jus. You know that."
"Why do you want to go up there, my love?"
"Because I have to come to terms with some things. Some things I didn't realize. Some things that I've learned in the Hallway of Truth. I have to think it all through."
Justin's brow furrowed.
"What are you keeping from me, Mico? I sense it has to do with Daniel."
Michael looked out onto the water, forming his words in his mind.
"I've learned the truth about Daniel, Jus. The truth of who he now is."
Justin stared at Michael, not understanding what he meant.
"What do you mean, Mico?"
"I'm happy for what he's become, for what he now has to look forward to. I just wish I could have done more."
"You're talking in riddles, Mico. Please tell me what's going on."
Michael leaned over, kissing Justin's waiting lips, the two feeling their love bonding.
"I will, Jus. But first I have to reason it all out in my heart and soul. That's what this journey is for. A moment of clarity on the edge of life."
Michael stood up, Justin rising as well.
"I'll be a while, my love. Please don't worry. I love you."
Justin took him into his arms, kissing him deeply, giving Michael as much of his love as he could.
Michael broke from the kiss, feeling his heart filled with Justin's love.
"A gift to carry on your journey."
"I carry it with me always." Michael said, releasing his lover.
Michael and Justin walked to the cottage, Michael releasing his hand, looking at Justin, smiling.
Michael turned, walking away from him, around the cottage.
Justin slowly followed for a bit, then stopped, watching Michael ascend the path behind the cottage.
He watched him walking until he disappeared over the hill.
Justin walked into the cottage picking up the phone.
He dialed, then waited.
"Hello?" Lynn said, answering the phone.
"Hey. He's left. Get everyone together. Come on over."

Michael walked into the clearing, through the hanging boughs of the two large spruce trees.
He looked around, taking in the quiet beauty of the small place.
He remembered the last time he'd come here, the day Justin had proposed.
All the baskets of flowers were gone, only the one familiar large boulder remaining.
He walked across the clearing, sitting on the boulder, looking around.
The place hadn't changed in all the years he'd been here.
It remained the same, the one constant in his turbulent life.
He sighed, closing his eyes.
He listened to the silence and all the quiet sounds of nature.
He let his mind go, searching it all for everything he knew.
All the visions, ideas and words he'd accumulated throughout his life flew through his mind.
He opened his eyes, looking out on the scenic beauty of this place.
He got up off the boulder, walking to the cliff's edge, staring out at the lake.
He could see the roofs of the new cottages he'd had built, they becoming a part of the landscape now.
The Lodge was in full view, Michael looking across the lake, seeing the other side as it had always been.
Forested and untamed.
His eyes led themselves downward, Michael staring down at the deep water below him.
Tears ran out of his eyes as he looked into that cold, dark, unyielding water.
A shiver ran down his back as he remembered that dark night of loneliness.
He sighed, closing his eyes, going over it again in his mind.
He sobbed, sitting down on the edge of the cliff, tears flowing, his body trembling.

How long he sat there he knew not, only opening his eyes when he'd finished searching his mind.
He wiped his eyes, standing now, looking out again at the natural beauty of this place.
"I've come full circle. Now comes the last part."
He turned, looking into the clearing.
He spotted something sitting on the boulder.
He looked around seeing no one.
He walked over to the boulder, seeing a small black book laying on top of the stone, a golden cross etched in its cover.
Beside it lay an old pen, black and sleek.
He picked it up, and the book, feeling the richness of the black leather surrounding the book.
He knew what it was.
A bible, old and weather-worn.
He looked at it, opening the front of it, seeing the name written there.
He sat down on the boulder, reading all the names written after the top name.
Tears ran down his cheek, the truth now settling into his soul.
He saw the one blank line above the first name written.
He knew what was required of him.
He wrote quietly and steadily a name on the top of the list.
He closed the book, holding it in his hand.
Michael set the pen down beside him, watching as it vanished into the air.
He sighed, looking up into the heavens, seeing the clearness of the mid-afternoon sky.
"Welcome home, Daniel." he quietly said, tears flowing from his eyes.

Michael sat there in silence for a while, his eyes closed, until he heard a soft noise behind him.
He sighed, opening his eyes and turning around.
He smiled, seeing all his family and friends.
Everyone stood in a semi circle, surrounding him.
"I knew you'd all come. I sensed your love as you walked up the hill."
Justin smiled, walking up to Michael, seeing the book in his hand.
That surprised him, knowing Michael hadn't come up with anything.
"We're here as a collective soul, Mico. Our love is here for you on this day."
Michael smiled, looking at everyone.
Each person carried a flower, even the little ones.
Justin smiled at him, sitting beside him on the boulder.
"We're also all here to honor the memory of Daniel. Even though we didn't know him personally, we know what he meant to you."
Michael smiled, seeing what they were all trying to do for him.
"Thank you, thank you all. I sense your love and good will for me, and for my Daniel."
Vicky smiled, sitting down on the other side of Michael.
"He was a brother to you, Michael. And a dear friend to me."
Michael smiled, kissing her cheek.
"We want to give you something, Mico." Justin said, handing him the flower he held. Vicky did the same.
Michael took the two flowers, then watched as everyone else came up to him, handing him their flower.
Michael took them all, a bouquet forming in his hand.
Each person gave him their flower, kissing him or hugging him.
Even his little ones gave him a small flower, Michael kissing their cheeks.
Last to come were Noah, who was in Lance's arms, and Josh.
"Flower for you, Unky." he said, Michael's eyes filled with tears.
"Thank you, Noah D."
Noah smiled, Lance smiling and kissing his cheek.
Josh kissed him also, Michael taking their three flowers.
They walked back to the others, Justin and Vicky remaining beside Michael.
Lance stopped, looking back towards Michael.
"Noah D?"
Michael looked at Lance, his green eye staring back at him.
Then Michael looked at Noah, his little head resting against Lance's chest.
Michael stood up, walking to the clearing's edge, looking up into the sky.
He turned smiling at them all.
"This day was a day of sadness for me for the last few years. Because of what was taken from me. Daniel's love was taken from me. He was my brother and he was robbed of my love, as I was robbed of his. But today my heart is full again of his love. For I know what God's given him, and what he's given me. He's given me life."
Justin walked up to Michael seeing the book still in his hand, feeling Michael's happiness.
"What's going on, Mico? I sense joy in your heart, but also sadness."
Michael looked into Justin's blue eyes, seeing his love flowing.
"When was the last time you talked to Daniel, Jus?"
Justin looked at Michael.
"Not since the last dream I had with him, before we left for Spain."
"Have any of you seen or felt him in your minds?"
Everyone shook their heads no.
Michael smiled, looking at Lance and Josh.
He looked down at the black book in his hand.
"Daniel's left my side. He's no longer my guardian angel."
Justin looked shocked, putting his arm around Michael.
"I can't believe he'd do that, Mico! His love for you would never make him leave you!"
Michael smiled, hearing the truth in Justin's words.
"I know that, Jus. But his love for someone else would."
"For who, Michael?" Lance asked, Michael staring at him.
"His love for God, Lance. God has given Daniel a precious gift. For all Daniel's giving love, for all his giving soul, for all he's done for me, God has given Daniel a beautiful gift."
Justin saw the happiness in Michael's eyes, and the love also.
"What has God given Daniel, my love?"
Michael lifted the book, smiling at his lover, then smiling at someone else.
That person's eyes were glued to the black book, with the golden cross upon it.
"God has given Daniel life."
Everyone looked confused, Lance staring at Michael in awed wonder.
Michael walked forward towards his two friends, Lance and Josh.
He stopped in front of them, smiling, the black book in his hand.
He extended his hand, the book in it.
Josh looked at Michael's tearing eyes.
Josh's hands gently took the book from Michael`s.
Josh and Lance looked at the book, seeing the golden cross upon its cover.
"This is a family bible. Handed down from generation to generation. If you look in the front of the book, you will see that lineage of the family this book belongs to. I have added a new name to this book for a singular reason."
Everyone began to gather around the three men, Justin now again at Michael's side.
Josh looked at Lance, opening the book.
They all looked at the book, shock registering on all their faces.

Noah Daniel Chasez-Bass
parents:  adopted Joshua Chasez, Lance Bass

Noah Mario Ramirez  
parents: Lylia Ramirez, Mario Ramirez

Daniel Jeremiah Ortiz  
parents:  adopted Maria Vergaro, Victor Ortiz

Daniel Jeremiah Tavarro
parents: Felicia Cortez, Ramon Tavarro

Felicia Louisa Cortez  
parents: Lorabella Fontagno, Horace Cortez

Horace unknown* Cortez
parents: Margo Cortez and unknown

Michael walked back to the clearing edge, staring back at everyone.
"Michael, this doesn't make sense." Josh said, staring at him, as was everyone else.
Michael sighed, looking down at his hands, seeing the scar on his right hand.
"It makes perfect sense, Joshua. Do you see the name of Daniel's father? His real father?"
Justin walked up to Michael, looking into his golden eyes.
"It was Ramon Tavarro. Your father, Michael."
"Yes, Jus. Daniel was truly my brother."
Josh walked up to Michael, staring at him.
"Why is Noah's name in this book, Michael?"
Michael looked at Josh and then at Lance and little Noah.
"Rachel and Lonnie, could you take Noah and the other kids down for a bit? We need to discuss something they shouldn't hear."
Rachel looked at Lonnie, Lonnie nodding to her.
They took the children, walking back out of the clearing.
Michael watched as Lance stood now beside Josh.
"I'll try to explain this all, Josh. So that you all can understand. The only way to really explain it is to say the truth."
Lance and Josh were looking nervous, visibly shaken.
"Noah is Daniel, Josh."
Josh staggered, sitting down on the boulder behind him.
"That's impossible!" he gasped, looking shocked beyond belief.
Michael walked up to him, putting his hand on Josh's shoulder.
"Noah Ramirez died that night in the church's vestibule where Father Derrick found him, Josh. His mother had abandoned him to fate. And a little child, as small and unloved as he was, couldn't survive that harsh climate. The child was dying before he was even left there in the coldness of that night. God took him into his warm embrace, and God did something more."
Lance sat down beside Josh, staring at Michael.
"Our little Noah died that night?"
Michael put his hand on Lance's shoulder also, looking at both of them.
"No, Lance. Your little child of love was created that night. Noah Daniel was born that night. God has given Daniel a wondrous gift. He has given Daniel life again. For the unselfish love that Daniel gave me, God gave him this gift. God has placed Daniel's soul into that small unloved child. And that was the child that Father Derrick found that morning. A new child of hope. My Daniel will now have the life he was always supposed to have. A life of love and happiness, of joy and laughter. I'm so happy for him, he has the two of you, my dearest friends, as his parents. My Daniel's life will now be full of love. He'll have all that I wanted him to have. Thank you God, for giving him his dreams. For giving him the two of you."
Lance and Josh were crying, looking at their friend.
"That's so unbelievable, and yet believable. We both know that Noah Daniel is a special child, in all that he does." Josh said, Michael smiling at him.
"Noah is Daniel, the love of Daniel. No wonder he's such a child of love. He has felt your love before, Michael. As we both have." Lance said, Michael tearing up.
"Noah doesn't sense who he is, guys. God has designed it that way. There's no reason that he needs to know."
Both men nodded, standing up and hugging Michael.
Everyone else nodded their agreement.
"We will give Daniel the life he deserves, Michael. The life you wanted him to have."
Michael cried, everyone moved at the joy they felt in Michael's devotion inside them.
They all hugged Lance and Josh, and Michael.
"Why was Noah born blind, Michael?" Josh asked, Michael looking at him.
"I don't know God's reasoning for that, Joshua. All I know is that this child is special, as special as Daniel was."
Josh and Lance smiled, kissing him again.
Justin's arms were around his lover when Rachel walked back with Noah, Lonnie carrying the other two.
Lance took the child into his arms, Josh wrapping his arms around both of them.
"It okay, Papa? What wrong?"
Lance smiled, kissing his child's cheek.
"Nothing is wrong, Noah. You're right where you're suppose to be. Wrapped in all our love."
Noah smiled, Josh kissing him as well.
Lonnie and Rachel were quietly told what was happening, both staring at Michael.
Everyone smiled, Justin hugging Michael against him.
"How did you know all this, Mico?"
Michael looked into Justin's eyes.
"I figured most of it out when I saw Daniel in the photograph with Noah. I sensed it had another meaning as well. When I came up here today, the bible was waiting for me on the boulder. I sensed the truth, deep within myself."
Michael walked up to the edge again, looking down into the water again.
Justin was beside him again, his arm around him.
"How can Daniel be your brother, Mico? He was seven years younger than you. That would mean...."
Michael looked into Justin's regretting eyes.
"That would mean my father cheated on my mother."
Justin's arms tightened around Michael.
"I don't know how this is, Jus. But it is. The truth is written right there in that bible. I've never heard the name Felicia Cortez. I have no idea who she is."
Michael lay his head against Justin's chest, everyone quietly watching them together.
"We'll find out what this means, Mico. Someone must know. Maybe Alberto or we can find records."
"The truth will become known, Jus. Of that I have no doubt."
The two remained together, staring out into the lake.

A few hours later, everyone was packed, heading away from the lake in the three rented vans.
"A revealing, although wonderful weekend, my love." Justin said, Michael beside him, Lance driving their van, Josh in the passenger seat.
Michael nodded, their two little ones and Noah asleep in their car seats behind them.
Chris and Vicky sat behind them, looking at their friends.
"Thanks, Mikey. For what you've given us. A new hidden retreat of love and a new deepness to our friendship." Chris said, Michael smiling at him.
"You're welcome, Christopher."
Vicky and Chris both smiled, cuddling together.
Justin looked into Michael's golden eyes, seeing a contented happiness there. He knew that many unanswered questions remained in regards to Daniel. But he felt Michael's happiness that Daniel was indeed his brother.
"Let's go home, Jus. Let's go forward and live life."
Justin nodded, the van pulling into the local airport.
A short while later the jet lifted off, soaring into the setting sunshine of the evening sky.
On a quiet hilltop, overlooking a beautiful lake, a solitary figure stood, looking at the speck that was the aircraft streaking across the sky.
"Go forward, my child. Forgiveness lays in all of us."
The man walked back, looking at the boulder in the center of the clearing, a woman seated there, smiling back at him.
She rose up, Ramon taking her in his arms.
Ramon and Diana Tavarro's images faded into the evening breeze.

End of Chapter 146

Interesting, very interesting.
Some revealing surprises.
Noah is Daniel.
And Daniel is Michael's real brother.
Who is Deidra Cortez?
What does this mean?
Very informative, yet puzzling.

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