Justin's Angel-147

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


A few hours later, everyone was packed, heading away from the lake in the three rented vans.
"A revealing, although wonderful weekend, my love." Justin said, Michael beside him, Lance driving their van, Josh in the passenger seat.
Michael nodded, their two little ones and Noah asleep in their car seats behind them.
Chris and Vicky sat behind them, looking at their friends.
"Thanks, Mikey. For what you've given us. A new hidden retreat of love and a new deepness to our friendship." Chris said, Michael smiling at him.
"You're welcome, Christopher."
Vicky and Chris both smiled, cuddling together.
Justin looked into Michael's golden eyes, seeing a contented happiness there. He knew that many unanswered questions remained in regards to Daniel. But he felt Michael's happiness that Daniel was indeed his brother.
"Let's go home, Jus. Let's go forward and live life."
Justin nodded, the van pulling into the local airport.
A short while later the jet lifted off, soaring into the setting sunshine of the evening sky.
On a quiet hilltop, overlooking a beautiful lake, a solitary figure stood, looking at the speck that was the aircraft streaking across the sky.
"Go forward, my child. Forgiveness lays in all of us."
The man walked back, looking at the boulder in the center of the clearing, a woman seated there, smiling back at him.
Ramon and Diana Tavarro's images faded into the evening breeze.

Chapter 147

Paulo dropped the bags beside the stairs.
Justin was at the alarm console, Darian in his arms.
The little boy was sound asleep, snoring softly.
Michael had Shauna in his arms, his little angel also asleep.
Justin disarmed the house, closing the console lid.
"Home sweet home." he smiled, Michael smiling as well.
"Yes, it's wonderful to be here."
Paulo smiled, watching the two men head upstairs to put the kids to bed.
Paulo picked the suitcases up again, following them.
It had been a long flight, with stops in Chicago and New York.
Justin's family had a connecting flight back home to Florida through New York, and they'd dropped Zach and Christina in Chicago.
Justin had been in tears leaving his little princess, Becky hugging both of them goodbye.
"See you at wedding, Uncle Jus. Me being flower girl, remember?"
"How could I forget my little princess?"Justin had smiled, kissing all three.
"Bye, Uncle Mikey. Thank you for savings me." she'd said, Michael hugging her gently.
"You're my little princess, I love you Rebecca. We'll be here for you always."
Justin smiled, seeing Michael's love for the little girl.
"See you soon, unkies." she smiled, Christina and Zach hugging them goodbye as well.
They'd all parted with hearts of love.
Paulo dropped the suitcases in front of the bedroom doors, Michael and Justin walking out of the children's room, their little treasures in bed.
"Up for a drink, Paulo?" Justin asked, smiling at him.
"Thanks, Jus. But I'm heading over to Jake's. You two need some time alone as a family. See you in the morning."
Justin and Michael both smiled, hugging him.
"Say goodnight to the other gruesome threesome for us." Michael smirked, Paulo smiling.
Justin and Michael walked him to the front door downstairs, Justin locking it behind him.
"I'm not tired, Jus. Let's go out onto the patio and relax. Can you start up the Jacuzzi?"
Justin nodded, Michael heading to the kitchen.
Justin did a quick survey of the downstairs, everything as it should be.
He walked out onto the patio, starting the Jacuzzi.
A few minutes later, Michael walked out, finding Justin relaxing in the bubbling water, smiling at him.
Michael had a pitcher of margarita on a tray, setting it on the hot tub's edge.
He quickly shucked his clothes, Justin smiling, his eyes scanning every exposed inch of skin.
Michael glanced at his watch, seeing it was almost two.
The darkness of the night made the bright patio seem like it was surrounded by deep blackness.
"A dark night. I think we'll get rain tonight." Michael said, climbing naked into the tub.
He nestled in front of Justin, Justin wrapping his arms around his lover.
Michael leaned back, feeling Justin's wet chest against his back.
"Ahhh, that feels so good! Just what I needed!" Michael sighed, Justin kissing his neck.
"Do you want to talk about it, Mico? Or do you want to wait for tomorrow and daylight?"
Michael sighed, knowing Justin had felt his mood.
"There's not much to say that hasn't already been said, Jus."
Justin tightened his hold on his Mico, knowing Michael's deep feelings.
"I always thought he was so good, so kind and loving. This proves even he wasn't perfect."
"You don't know the full story, Mico. Your father loved you, you know that in your heart. And he loved your mother. We saw that in that hospital room."
"Yes, I felt it and saw it. But the truth can't change what's happened. My father sired another son to another woman. And I know in my heart that my Mom didn't know."
"I'm sure she knows now, Michael. And the last time we saw them, they were deeply in love. Whatever happened, she forgave him."
Michael nodded, tears in his eyes.
"Daniel was my brother. Do you know what that means to me, Jus? I loved him so much, and I could have had the brother I'd always longed for."
Justin kissed his neck, his hands rubbing Michael's shoulders.
"You had that brother, Michael. Fate led Daniel to your arms. You received the brother you wanted."
"Yes, and fate took him away from me just as quickly."
Justin felt Michael's sadness at losing Daniel.
"Yes, but now your brother has a chance at a new life. God has given him the gift of love, a family's love. Josh and Lance will love that small child, will nurture and raise him in a house of love. I envy Noah Daniel. He'll be so happy."
Michael smiled, looking back into Justin's blue eyes.
"Yes, Daniel will have the life I always dreamed of for him. I'm so happy for him."
Justin smiled, Michael leaning in, kissing him deeply.
Justin felt his desires rising, Michael pushing back a bit.
"I feel your passion, my love. Is it okay if we don't make love tonight?  I want to talk to you for a while, then just fall asleep in your arms upstairs in our room of love."
Justin smiled, kissing him gently.
"It's perfectly okay, my love. Sounds like heaven to me as well."
Michael smiled, turning a bit in the water, snuggling against Justin's chest, laying his head in its familiar place.
"I've done the math, Jus. Daniel was over seven years younger than me. That means whatever happened in regards to his birth happened when father was in Spain."
Justin nodded, tightening his arms around his lover.
"All roads lead to Spain." Michael said quietly.
Justin trembled a little, Michael looking into his blue eyes.
"I know  your mind has been thinking on that, my love. On the precious time we have left."
Justin sighed, looking back.
"In two weeks, we return there. Then we're married. Then two weeks later, the finality of all this happens. I sense in you no worries in regards to that last stand."
Michael smiled a small smile.
"That's just it, Timby. I don't feel it's the last stand.  I feel it's a new beginning. A new beginning for all of us."
Justin smiled, feeling the calm, relaxed soul against him.
"You know something more, don't you?"
"I've been charged with a great responsibility, Justin. A responsibility to myself, my family, and my God. I aim to achieve all that I must. And I will with you beside me, my love."
Justin smiled, leaning in and kissing Michael deeply.
"I'm getting cold, Timby. Let's go to bed."
Justin nodded, the two climbing out of the hot tub. They quickly dried off, turning off the lights and walking upstairs.
They checked on their angels, then walked into their bedroom.
In a few moments they both were together, laying against each other in the darkness of their bedroom.
"I love you, Timby." Michael said, his head on his lover's smooth chest.
"I love you always, my angel." Justin said, both closing their eyes.

Justin smiled, walking through the trees.
He'd just left this spot earlier in the day.
The spot of revelations and love.
He knew he walked in dreamland, scanning around the clearing.
It was empty of life, only a small breeze blowing across the hilltop.
Justin walked to the edge, looking down upon the lake.
The crystal clear water was smooth and calm, almost glasslike.
"The calmness of early morning."
Justin turned, smiling at who sat behind him on the boulder.
"Nana!" he smiled, seeing her smiling back.
Justin walked over to her, Nana's arms opened wide.
He hugged her tightly, the woman smiling, rubbing his back.
"Hello, angel."
"I'm so happy to see you! Mico's been so worried about where you've all gotten to!"
"Yes, my boy. We've been very busy. But tell him we've all been beside him."
Justin nodded, looking at her with a smile.
"All except Daniel."
Nana smiled, a tear in her eye.
"Yes, loving Daniel. He's gone on to his reward."
Justin sensed a sadness in Nana.
"What's wrong, Nana?"
"I'm worried, Justin. Worried for Michael."
Justin tensed up.
"Relax, my child. Don't get upset or worried yourself. What I mean is that I'm concerned about Michael's reward."
"What do you mean, Nana?"
"What she means is that we still don't know how all of this is going to turn out for Michael."
Justin looked up at the new voice, seeing a man standing on the clearing edge.
Instantly, he knew who this man was.
"Augustus, this is Justin." Nana said smiling widely.
Justin stood up, looking at the man standing in the morning sunshine.
"Hello, young man. It's a great pleasure to meet you."
Justin smiled, the man walking up to both of them.
The man walked with a grace of calming beauty, his face that of a handsome man.
Justin saw Michael's looks in that face, the hereditary genes of his man.
"It's a pleasure to finally meet you, sir." Justin said, bowing his head.
The man smiled, his hand going to Justin's shoulder.
"My grandson and my wife speak highly of you, son. I see all that you are in your blue eyes of love."
Justin blushed a little, the man smiling.
"You were right, Helena. He truly is loving."
Justin smiled, looking at the lady as she stood.
"Yes dear, he's been in the center of Mico's love."
Justin's smile was wide and loving.
The man looked at him, staring into his soul.
"To be there would be the greatest gift of God."
"It is that, sir. His love is the greatest gift I've been given."
Both elder people smiled, seeing the love radiating off of Justin.
"Our time is short, Justin. We've come to talk to you for a reason."
Justin nodded, staring at both of them.
"Daniel's path is set, his reward given. His life now begins with love and happiness. It's Michael's path that concerns us now."
Justin remained still, letting the man's deep voice encircle him.
"My grandson holds within him the greatest love of destiny. He's on a mission of singular reasoning. We've just learned the depth of that quest. Soon, a greatness of love shall show itself. And you will be in the center of it, Justin."
Justin looked surprised, and confused.
"What do you mean?"
"It's time you knew the truth, my son."
Justin turned towards the new voice.
A few feet away stood a young man of immense beauty. Tall, handsome and radiating love. His painting hadn't done him justice.
Adrian walked the short distance to Justin, the two people standing beside him, bowing with respect.
Justin wasn't sure what to do, starting to kneel.
"Do not kneel to me, my son. Stand proud in front of me. For it is I who should kneel before you."
"Before me? Why? I am nothing special."
Adrian's hand went to Justin's shoulder, Justin staring into his golden eyes. Deeply golden like Michael's.
"You are the most special of beings, Justin. You are his love. A love of destiny."
Adrian lowered his hand, smiling at Justin.
"It is time you knew the truth of what the past was, and what the future may be."
Justin nodded, lost in the love he felt radiating off this man.
"Sit, my son."
Justin sat down on the boulder, looking around at the three people surrounding him.
Justin saw Adrian's eyes glow a little, and his face take on a seriousness.
"It is time you learned the truth of what Michael's up against."

Justin woke up, looking around.
He stood on the balcony of their bedroom, naked and in the sunshine of early morning.
He glanced back into the room, seeing Michael sound asleep in their bed.
His body lay half uncovered, his chest lifting and falling.
Justin glanced out into the sunshine, looking down on the backyard.
His hands rested on the balcony's railing.
Both trembled a little.
His mind was on all that he'd learned.
The truth of what was, and what may be going forward.
He knew in his heart why he'd been chosen to know this truth.
For his love of Michael.
For his being Michael's soulmate.
Together, they must go forward to that destiny.
A tear ran down his cheek, a deep breath exhaling from his chest.
"For our love and our faith, my love."
Justin took a deep breath, then turned walking into his bedroom.
He walked to the bed, sitting down gently.
The clock read seven o'clock.
Their angels would be up soon.
He stared down at his lover, watching him sleep.
"I love you, Mico." he said, kissing his forehead.
Michael smiled in his sleep, murmuring.
Justin smiled, seeing his love shining through.
He quietly got up, walking out of the bedroom.

Michael woke up, stretching the length of the bed.
He found himself alone.
"Where is my love, my heart and my passion?"
Justin's voice entered his mind.
"I am in the kitchen with our angels. I love you, Mico."
"Love ya more, Timby."
"Get showered and come down when you're ready. I'm making breakfast."
"My lover's a regular Julia Child. Be right down, sweetcheeks."
Justin's smile filled Michael's heart.
Michael sat up, yawning and scratching himself.
He got out of bed heading for the bathroom.
After a quick shower, shaving and dressing, Michael walked into the kitchen.
Justin was at the stove, cooking.
"Morning, my Timby. Love ya." he said, kissing Justin's turning lips.
"Morning my angel. Love ya too."
Michael smiled, walking to the table, kissing the foreheads of his two little angels, seated in their high chairs.
"Morning, Papa. Dada's making us hashies!" Darian said, Michael smiling.
"My angels deserve their favorites. Happy to be home, little ones?"
"Yep, Papa. We's happy here."
Michael smiled, Justin smiling as well.
"Sit down love, I'll bring you some coffee."
Michael sat down between his angels, giving Darian his juice cup, which had fallen onto the table.
Shauna sat quietly drinking her bottle, it half finished.
Justin brought Michael a coffee, kissing his cheek.
"Thanks, dear. Back to the stove, my wifey."
Justin laughed, slapping his shoulder.
Justin returned to the stove, shutting it all off.
He carried three platters back to the table, full of hashbrowns, eggs and bacon, as well as pancakes.
"My, my domesticated angel pulled out all the stops. Feeding an army are we?"
Justin smiled.
"My men eats like horses."
Michael laughed, as did Darian.
Justin put two hashbrowns and a pancake on Darian's plate.
"Hot, Darry. Let it cool a moment."
Darian nodded, licking his lips.
"Someone's eager for his daddy's cooking."
"Me wants too." Shauna smiled, Justin smiling, giving her her breakfast.
They all sat together, eating and talking, all four smiling.
Michael sighed, basking in the joy of family life.
"Isn't this wonderful, Jus? Just the four of us together."
"It's heaven, Mico."
Michael smiled, watching his lover's smile.
"So what's on your mind? I feel a quietness behind the love."
Justin looked at him, blushing.
"I was in the clearing again last night, Mico."
Michael nodded, remaining quiet, watching Shauna eating.
"Nana and Augustus were there. As was Adrian."
Michael looked up at him.
"Adrian was there?"
"Yes, Mico. I finally met him. He's beyond beautiful. I see his beauty in your looks."
Michael shyly smiled, awed at Justin comparing him to Adrian's classic beauty.
"What did they talk to you about?"
"About Daniel, and you, my angel."
"What does that mean, Jus?"
Justin quietly looked at him.
"I've been asked to remain quiet, my love. Adrian requests it of me. He's asked me to do something."
Michael quietly looked at him.
"Alright, Jus. I'll abide by his secretiveness. I've dealt with that before."
Justin nodded, looking into his golden eyes, seeing his unending love there.
"Michael, Adrian told me some of the past, and some of the future. Trust me in knowing when to reveal it."
Michael leaned over, kissing Justin's lips.
"I trust you in all things, my love."
Justin smiled, the two returning to their angels.
"We play today, Dada?" Darian asked, chewing on his hashbrown.
"Yep, we have the whole day to play, little ones. Just us four together."
The two little ones screamed with joy, Justin and Michael smiling.
They finished breakfast, Michael standing up.
"You go out back with them, Jus. I'll clean up in here and join you after."
Justin smiled, lifting Darian out of his chair, Michael setting Shauna down.
Both little ones headed for the patio door.
"Looks like we're going to be exhausted after today, Jus. They look like they're raring to go."
Justin laughed, walking towards them, opening the patio door.
He blew a kiss at Michael, then walked with the two little ones out onto the patio.
Michael sighed, picking up the dishes and heading towards the sink.
He quietly cleaned up, washing the dishes alone.
He felt the voice enter his mind.
"So, I sense the fear in you, you've hidden it well."
"What fear?"
"The fear of Justin's involvement in this. I sense you're not happy with that."
"I love him, I want him to have no part in this."
"You two are combined under one soul. He is part of you, Michael. He will share all things with you."
"I don't want him sharing this. I know my destiny, and I know his. His destiny is foremost in my mind. I'll do anything to see that happen."
The voice inside him took on a lighter, happier tone, sensing Michael's loving heart.
"I'm amazed at what I sense in you, Michael. The deep, unending love you have for him. It touches my heart."
Michael smiled, sensing a smile entering his soul.
"I love him. It's as simple as that."
"And he loves you. I sense that when you join in your special place."
"You know of that? You've watched us?"
"No, Michael. Those moments are yours alone. No one is allowed in that singular place."
Michael closed his eyes, sighing.
"Will the end justify what I've done?"
"What you've done is between you and God, my child. His word is his own. His love is greater than all of us."
"Justin may hate me for what's to pass, and what has passed."
"Justin will deal with that in his own way. Take heart, my friend. You've seen the final picture. The blueness of your eyes will proclaim the truth. And his love will be there with you."
Michael teared, looking out the kitchen window.
He saw Justin chasing Darian and Shauna, the two driving their tricycle around the back yard.
"For him, I'll live forever."
The front doorbell rang, Michael having just finished the dishes.
He walked down the hallway, opening the door.
What stood there made him smile.

Justin chased the two kids around and around, the three laughing and squealing.
They didn't hear the patio door open, or see the people sitting down.
"Okay, who wants to meet the newest member of our family?" Michael yelled, the three turning and looking at him.
Darian and Shauna screamed, climbing off their trikes.
Justin smiled, seeing Chris and Vicky sitting on the patio.
"Kitty!!! We gots kitty!!" Darian screamed, running forward, Shauna running also.
Justin ran after them, laughing.
Tigger sat in Vicky's lap, staring towards the incoming missiles of love.
Justin helped his little ones climb the patio steps, both children looking in awe at the cat sitting in Vicky's lap.
Michael knelt down beside the two little ones, smiling.
"Little angels, this is Tigger. Papa and Aunt Vicky raised him from a little kitten. He's going to stay here now, with both of you."
Both little ones clapped and shouted hooray.
"Go ahead, Shauny. Pet him, he loves to be petted."
Shauna's eyes went wide, her hand gently and slowly going forward.
She put it on top of his head, Tigger closing his eyes and purring.
Michael smiled, seeing his instant liking of the child.
"He likes you, Shauny. He's happy to meet you."
Shauna giggled, Darian's small hand going to the cat's back.
Tigger purred, meowing softly.
Both little ones giggled more, Tigger jumping down onto the patio floor.
Shauna and Darian sat down on the floor, Tigger rubbing up against them, then climbing into Shauna's lap, Darian petting him.
Justin smiled, as did Michael, both sitting down beside their friends.
"Welcome home, Tigger. Thanks, Victoria." Michael said, a tear in his eye.
Vicky smiled, kissing his cheek.
"Tigger always was more yours than mine, Mikey. I'm glad he's back with you and your angels."
Michael smiled, looking at Chris.
"I'm glad you have your own big Tigger to cuddle with."
Justin laughed, Chris rolling his eyes, but smiling nonetheless.
"But then again, Chris is hairier than Tigger." Michael said, his face dead serious.
Vicky burst into laughter, Justin right behind her.
Chris stared at them, his face looking shocked.
Then he looked at Michael, staring into his golden eyes.
"What can I say, Mikey? Between you and me, she's pulled most of them out."
Vicky stopped laughing, Michael bursting into laughter.
Michael put his arm around Chris, smiling and laughing.
"She's a real hair-pulling  screaming wench. But man, you're going to be bald with her hand slapping!"
Chris laughed, Vicky glaring at them both.
"Christopher! Mikey's not the only one who can throw you into the pool!"
Chris blushed, Michael smiling.
"Sorry, dear."
Vicky stared at both of them, one on each side of her now.
Her hands were like lightning, both men slapped on the head.
Justin was on the floor, laughing, his two angels giggling, the cat staring at him.
"Ouch. Nuff said." Michael said, rubbing his head, Vicky smiling in triumph.
Chris rubbed his, looking at her.
Vicky smiled, kissing him gently.
"I am as I am, Snookums."
Chris smiled, putting his arms around her, kissing her deeply.
"Yep, and I love it all."
Michael smiled, Justin climbing back into his seat, smiling.

Chris and Vicky were invited for lunch, the four friends talking amongst themselves for a while.
Justin and Chris then played with the kids in the back yard, laughing and jumping around.
Vicky and Michael talked about old friends, and news from Chicago.
Michael's cell phone went off while they were talking, Michael answering it.
He talked for a while, Vicky quietly waiting, Tigger in her lap sleeping.
He hung up, putting the cell phone down on the table.
"That was Will. Doris' hearing is tomorrow. He's coming by later this afternoon to get our written statements."
"How's she doing, Mikey?"
"She's doing alright, according to Will. She's making great progress with her counselor, and she seems contented. Will thinks the court will favor her plea of self-dense. She may come out of this with commuted time."
"That's great, Mikey. If she's freed, will you allow her any contact with the kids?"
"Yes, Vicky. Justin and I have both talked on that. We want them to know their grandmother. I know the deep meaning of a grandmother's love."
Vicky nodded, patting his hand.
Michael sighed, looking towards Justin.
"Justin met with Nana last night in his dreams."
Vicky looked towards Justin.
"How is she?"
"Justin said she was as loving and kind as ever. She told him she's been busy, as have my parents. What they're doing I know not."
Vicky watched him, seeing his golden eyes looking at Justin.
"Out with it, Mikey. I see a little concern in those eyes. You haven't told me what's going on."
"Justin and I talked last night about my father. What yesterday's revelations mean."
Vicky put her arm around him.
"I, as well as everyone else, was floored when we read that book, Mikey. To think that Daniel really was your brother. It warmed my heart when I figured that out. I've forgotten what it means in regard to your Mom and Dad. I'm sorry that that part was revealed."
"I'm just trying to figure out how it could have happened. I remember the deep love they shared when I was a child. The deep love of a twosome of destiny.  I can't believe that he cheated on her."
Vicky sighed, looking at her best friend.
"We don't know the underlying circumstances, Mikey. Until you doľor if you ever doľdon't judge your father too harshly. From what I saw for just a few moments, he seemed to genuinely love your mother."
Michael smiled, looking up at her.
"Justin said the same thing. I guess I should listen to both of you."
"Listen to your heart, Michael. The truth lays in there."
Michael smiled, kissing her cheek.
"Hey, get your lips off my woman!" Chris said smiling, sitting down beside her.
"Up for a swim, love? Your little niece and nephew want to swim."
Michael smiled, looking towards Justin and the twins.
"Okay, love. All three of you can go swimming. But not for long. I'm cooking doggies in a bit."
The little ones clapped, Justin heading towards the pool house.
"We'll change and be right back." Chris said, Vicky grabbing her bag she'd carried in.
Michael smiled as she dumped a waking Tigger in his lap.
"Tigger boy, it's just you and me. Love ya, bud."
The cat purred, snuggling against his lap.

The group swam in the pool, Michael starting the barbecue, watching them all having fun.
Vicky and Chris played with the little ones, Justin smiling at their loving care.
Darian and Shauna were fish at heart, loving the water.
Marco walked out of the house, Jake's hand in his.
"Hey guys. Just in time for lunch."
Jake smiled, rubbing his stomach.
"I told you we played it right."
Michael laughed, looking behind them.
"And where are the other twosome of this loving foursome?"
"Paulo and Emile were stopping by Josh's to see if they wanted to join us."
"Cool, my home is always yours. Make yourself comfy."
Marco smiled, Jake running his hands under Marco's shirts.
"Comfy, but not too comfy."
Both men laughed, sitting down at the patio table, waving at the group in the pool.
"Up for a swim, Jewel?" Marco asked.
"You go ahead, Blue."
Marco smiled, getting up and heading towards the pool.
He pulled off his shirt, dropping his shorts.
He wore a bikini bathing suit under his shorts.
Michael smiled, watching Jake looking at the young man.
"His beauty is intoxicating, Jake."
Jake blushed and smiled.
"That it is. I can't believe he's a part of my soul."
Michael smiled, sitting down beside him.
"So, how are things going with all four of you?"
Jake smiled, looking into his golden eyes.
"It's like nothing I could ever have imagined, Mikey. Paulo and I are deeply in love, but are hearts are filled with their love as well. And now our souls are beginning to fill with it as well. We've been talking amongst ourselves. We're about to go forward to the next level."
Michael smiled, looking into his blue eyes.
"The four of you want to be one soul?"
Jake looked at Michael with surprise.
"How did you know?"
Michael put his hand on top of Jake's.
"I've felt it in all four of your souls, Jake. In Emmy's, Polo's, Blue's and Jewel's."
Jake smiled, looking toward Marco.
"We've only ever made love as separate twosomes. Soulmates alone."
Michael smiled, patting his hand.
"And now the time may have come for all four of you to join in that special way. Don't be ashamed of feeling that longing for them, Jake. Paulo feels the same. As do Emile and Marco. You all feel the same need for the other three. This may just be the next stage, the next step to becoming one. I and no one else can judge you for that. The love I feel from all four of you is worth anything and everything."
Jake smiled, seeing the love radiating off this man.
"I remember a time when the four of us stood naked together, Mikey. That day I thought that maybe we four would be that foursome of love."
Michael smiled, kissing his cheek.
"Justin and I are soulmates, Jake. We need only each other. You four are a different kind of soulmate. Double the greatest, if you will. I'm happy for all four of you. In whatever way you become one."
Jake smiled, looking again at Marco.
"They all excite me so much."
Michael smiled.
"Can I be truthful with you, Jewel?"
Jake nodded, looking at him with love.
"I envy all four of you. Not the physical love, although that would be unbelievable. All four of you will make each other's passions and desires intense. What I envy is the togetherness of your love. You'll never feel the loneliness of your lover having to be away. Each of you will have the other remaining two to comfort you. It's so magical."
Jake smiled, agreeing with Michael.
"Yes, none of us will ever be alone. Marco and Paulo will never feel that loneliness again."
Michael smiled, standing up again.
"Go join your young friend. I'm going to start lunch."
Jake smiled, walking towards the pool, Marco sitting on the pool's edge smiling up at him.
Jake removed his shirt and shorts, baggy swim trunks under them.
He sat down beside a wet Marco, smiling at him.
"And what were you two angels talking about?"
"The joining of souls."
Marco smiled, Jake kissing him.
"Let dive in and find a secluded corner." Jake said, jumping into the pool.
Marco smiled, following him immediately.
They swam to the far end, the others smiling after them.
"Looks like those two are in love." Chris said, swimming with Darian in his lap.
"Love comes in many ways, Chris." Justin said, smiling at him.
"Four together. The combinations are endless." Chris said, Vicky rolling her eyes.
Justin laughed, watching the two swimming away from them.

Paulo and Emile arrived a few minutes later, Lance, Josh and Noah in tow.
They all greeted Michael, then headed to the pool.
Noah was swimming with Darian in moments, the two boys laughing wildly.
Paulo and Emile dove into the pool, once they discarded their clothing.
They swam to the other two of their foursome, Jake and Marco lost in a kiss.
Paulo saw Marco's hand in Jake's lap under the water, it sliding underneath his swim trunks.
Paulo smiled, Emile looking on as well.
Both men felt their desires growing.
Jake and Marco broke their kiss, looking at their lovers.
"Hey guys. When did you get here?" Marco asked, Emile and Paulo laughing.
"We've just been swimming here watching you two." Emile said, Marco blushing.
Jake smiled, looking at Paulo.
They all looked at each other, Jake smiling.
"Michael told me that he's sensed all of us having the same feelings. And if we look at each other we can all feel it too."
They all nodded, looking at their soulmate, then at the other two.
"It's time our two twosomes of soulmates became one foursome of souls."
They all smiled, knowing what that meant.
"I love you, Polo. And I love you, Blue and Emmy. My love knows no bounds in regards to all of you. I want to show all of you that love, that passion and that need. I am open to everything with all three of you. Will all of you love me?"
All four joined, all three kissing Jake.
They all felt the newness of what they felt in their hearts now.
"I said it was time, just not now guys!"
The four looked up, seeing Michael standing on the pool's edge, smiling down at all four.
All four blushed, Michael chuckling.
"Lunch is ready, calm down a bit and join us when you're ready."
They looked around, seeing everyone had gotten out of the pool and were all sitting on the patio, all eyes on them and Michael.
"Sorry, Mikey. We got sidetracked." Paulo said, smiling at him.
"Yes, the tents show your thoughts."
All four were now blushing redder, covering their submerged centers.
Michael laughed, walking back to the patio.

Everyone enjoyed Michael's wonderful lunch, the kiddies diving into their doggies.
Shauna ate lunch with Tigger in her lap, the little girl sneaking him scraps.
"Don't overfeed him, sweetie. We'll get him some regular cat food." Michael smiled.
Shauna nodded, smiling at her father.
The foursome of love had calmed down, their passion put aside.
They all knew that tonight would be the turning point in their relationship.
Michael caught their glances at one another, smiling to himself.
Justin's hand went in his, the two talking in their minds.
The meal finished, the group relaxed around the pool and patio.
Lonnie and Rachel walked in a short time later, followed by Will.
"Hey everyone." Lonnie greeted, Rachel beginning to pick up the lunch plates.
"Relax, girlfriend. You're still on holiday. You can do that tomorrow." Michael said, Rachel blushing.
"Okay, boss." she smiled, sitting down beside Lonnie.
"Hi, Will. You're early." Michael smiled, asking him if he had lunch yet.
"Yes, I did, Michael. Thanks, but a cup of joe would be great."
Michael smiled, heading into the house with Vicky, both carrying the dishes.
"So, how's Doris' chances, Will?" Justin asked, Will smiling at Justin's directness.
"It looks good, Justin. We've been granted a liberal judge, that helps big time."
Everyone smiled at Justin's relaxing face.
"Great to hear. Michael and I both want her to have every advantage."
Will nodded, Michael returning with a cup of coffee.
He sat down in Justin's lap, Justin smiling up at him.
"That's good to hear, Will."
Will smiled, realizing Michael had heard everything.
"Yes, and her spirits have changed greatly. It's like she's another woman."
Michael smiled at hearing that.
"After the trial, if her sentence is commuted, I want you to bring her here, William." Michael said, everyone looking in surprise.
Michael looked around at everyone.
"Doris is Darian and Shauna's grandmother. We can't fault her for the life she was forced to lead. Justin and I both want her to feel the love of her grandchildren. And to do that, she needs to spend some time with them."
Everyone nodded, awed by Michael's giving heart.
Even Will was surprised.
"Michael, that's so unbelievable!"
"That's who we are, Will. We're a family. And we take care of each other." Justin said, Michael kissing him tenderly.
Michael got up, leaning over towards Josh, whispering in his ear.
Josh smiled, looking at Lance.
"Will, I'm having a record-launching party on Saturday night. You're more than welcome to come."
Will looked surprised, looking at Josh.
"Wow, thanks Josh. I'd like that. But I'm not much for celebrity hobnobbing."
Justin laughed, Will looking at him, his cheeks blushing.
"Will Preston, celebrity lawyer, afraid of celebrities."
Everyone laughed, Michael patting Justin's arm.
"Don't embarrass him, love. He's just saying that celebrity glitz and glamour don't impress him much. I know exactly how he feels."
Will smiled, looking at Michael.
"You work with them enough, you see all the falseness and gaudiness of it."
Michael smirked, Justin blushing.
"Present company excluded, of course." Will said, looking worried.
"Nice save." Chris smirked, everyone laughing, Will as well.
"Thanks Josh, I'd love to come. And Michael, I should be going. Let's adjourn to your office and I'll take your written statements."
"They're all ready to go, we won't be long guys."
Everyone nodded, Will, Justin and Michael going into the house.
Everyone left mid-afternoon, Justin and Michael spending the rest of the day with their kids.
The day was a day of family happiness ending in a passionate moment of deep love for the two parents.

Hours earlier, four men returned to Jake's condo, Paulo making all four a delicious late supper.
The four smiled at each other, tender touches being traded.
They all sensed the moment might be upon them.
After a joyful loving meal, the four retired to the living room, the two twosomes staring at each other.
Jake made the first move.
He took Marco's hand in his, looking into his blue eyes.
"I love you, Marco. And I love you, Emile. I want to show you how much."
Jake pulled Marco into his arms, kissing him deeply.
This kiss was a first for them. The deep passion in that kiss entering Marco's soul.
Marco returned the kiss, Emile and Paulo looking on.
Paulo's hand found Emile's, the young man looking into his green eyes.
"I love you, Polo."
Paulo smiled, kissing the man tenderly, the two joining together.
The four remained together, lost in the freshness of the new openness they felt.
Marco broke the kiss, stepping back.
Jake looked at him, smiling.
"I love you, Jake. But I love Emile more."
Emile broke from Paulo's tenderness, staring into Marco's blue eyes.
"I love you just as much, Marco. I can't do this."
Jake and Paulo stared at both of them.
Then the four smiled widely.
"Well, I guess Michael was wrong." Jake said, the other three surprised.
"Michael wrong? Has that ever happened?" Paulo said, looking at all three of them with a mirthful smile.
All four burst into laughter.
They looked at each other, Paulo's hand going into Jake's.
"Marco, you're right. You love Emile, because he's your soulmate. You love the two of us in a different way. And I love Paulo just as much. He is my soulmate, soon one day to be my husband. I now know in my heart that this can't happen. We love our soulmates too much to break that vow of sanctity. We are a foursome of love. And we'll be here for each other always."
The four agreed, the two twosomes kissing deeply.
Jake's phone went off on the end table, Paulo picking it up.
"Hello, Polo. I'm never wrong. Put me on speaker, Polo."
Paulo looked surprised, the other three looking at him.
Paulo hit the button, Michael's voice filling the room.
"I sense now that the four of you have reached the plateau of your love. And all four of you sensed the deep truth in that moment. Paulo and Jake are one, Marco and Emile are another. The bond of love the four of you feel is in truth one soul. One soul of love and friendship. But a separate bond is built into each of you four soulmates. The bond of love. The love of eternity. Nothing and no one can break that bond. I sense you've all shown that to each other. But the four hearts in this room have great deep love to give the other three. Nothing needs to change in the four of you. You are a foursome of love."
Everyone was in tears, looking at their soulmate.
"Goodnight, my friends. Bask in your love for each other. Give your passion to he who owns it."
The phone went dead, Paulo putting the receiver back on the phone.
"That man is unbelievable." Jake said, Paulo smiling.
"It's time for bed, lover. Come on guys. Let's call it a night." Paulo said, taking Jake's hand in his.
The four smiled, walking down to the bedrooms.
All four walked into the same room.
They quickly removed their clothing, climbing into the bed.
The two sets of lovers joined together, lost in the singular passion they felt connecting with their soulmate.
They touched the others, making their love known, it adding to the love of their soulmate.
The two sets of soulmates made love to their partner, their voices of love ringing into the night.
And a foursome of love and friendship was unified.

On a hill in upstate New York, a man walked in the moonlight.
He'd walked slowly along the paths below, viewing the small cottages, staying away from the one near the lodge, its lights telling him that someone remained there.
He'd made his way up to this clearing, having been told by his leader where to find it.
He looked around, looking out onto the lake, sitting down upon the boulder.
"A warm, inviting solitude registers here." he softly said, his golden eyes looking around.
"I see why you held this as your sanctuary, Michael."
He stood up, walking to the clearing's edge, looking downward.
"To jump from here would have been your death." he pondered, then sighed.
"Soon, my friend. Soon you and I will meet. And truth and faith shall combine."
The young man looked out into the growing darkness, looking down at his hands.
One had a tattoo across the back of it: a cross within a cross.
The other looked scarred and weather worn.
In his good hand he held a cane.
He felt the pain in his joints, the agonizing pain.
He'd survived great peril and dangerous paths to arrive at this point.
"I follow you, Messenger. Your destiny awaits. I follow you to its end."
He limped out of the clearing, the moonlight fading behind clouds.

End of Chapter 147

A chapter of family home life and resonating love.
The foursome of love is united in only one way.
Deep love and friendship.
Their soulmates their own.
Who is the man standing on the hillside?
Why is he following Michael?
What does this mean?

More questions and their underlying meanings ahead.

Have faith that life will be lived.


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